Ooooh boy, it is finally time for me to get my shit together and write this! It’s been forming in my head since August and the “End of Book One” from Damocles 2. Of course, I told myself that I needed to rewatch the whole series before I could do this post justice, but if we’re being honest it was probably just an excuse to 1) Procrastinate and 2) Watch the series again. (Sidenote: I have been writing this for literal months so I hope you guys have a nice time strolling down memory lane!)

So I did, in fact, watch the series again. Obviously I was going to regardless, but I refused to do this post until I was finished. The biggest takeaway? This show is awesome. I know a lot of people didn’t love Season 5, but I am not among them. I loved it, and I loved it even more after rewatching the whole thing. So now it is time to discuss some of the highlights (and maybe a lowlight or two, who can tell?) of Book One, before Season 6 (and I guess Book Two?) starts on April 30th!

I decided to do this with a “best of” type list- with the top 5 of each, naturally, though they won’t come from all five seasons, necessarily! Let’s get to it!

**I feel like it goes without saying but the level of spoiler is off the charts. Do not read unless you are caught up, or just fucking love spoilers I guess?**

5. Die All, Die Merrily

This episode legit combines my two favorite things in the world, The 100 and The Hunger Games, and wow, did they nail it. It has all the amazingness you could ask for: Death, betrayal, heroic sacrifices, and the most badass Osleya ever. And okay, like half the cast died, but again, sacrifices! It was one of the most tense 42 minutes I have ever sat through and I freaking love it.

Plus, it was the Lincoln-themed episode we all deserved, let’s be real. The bonds of every character were tested in this episode. Some strengthened, some withered, and some goddamn broke, and it was powerful as hell.

4. The Chosen

Because just when I thought Season 4 could not possibly outdo itself after Die All, Die Merrily, it did. Twice. I think Season 4 is, as a whole, my favorite. So far, anyway. But yeah, like, I figured the season would have to take a dip after DA,DM? Nah fam, it was fine. In The Chosen, the tension is beyond amped up. No one doubts that O will kill Skaikru if she has to. Bellarke and Memori crashed their Rover, so we don’t know what’s going to happen to those guys and Echo, or Raven, or Marper. Literally everyone’s fates are up in the air.

And then…. then the decisions come and they’re mind-blowing. Like, didn’t see any of this coming, and oh, the terrible choices these people have to make in the name of survival. The end(s) of the world is brutal.

3. Blood Must Have Blood Part 2

I thought for literal years that nothing would ever beat this episode. (I mean, did you see Season 3? Not that it was bad but… not my fave either.) The end of Season 2 was just badass in a way that I could never have imagined. Bone drilling, betrayal, sea monsters, AIs in mansions, genocide… BMHB2 had it ALL.

Irradiated girlfriends… see, everything!!

2. Praimfaya

Ah, the end of the world…. you know, again. And it is the delinquent-focused episode I never knew how badly I needed. These kids have been through so much in like, seven months (yes, that is it- 200 days!) on Earth, and seeing how much they have grown and changed is awesome.

And even though we knew that our faves would be separated (thanks, spoilers) and that there was likely going to be a huge time jump… well, no one anticipated quite how huge it really was.

1. Damocles Part 2

Ooooh it’s a divisive choice for number one, y’all! I know not everyone loved Season 5, and you recall that I am not among them. I also thought that this finale was basically perfect. So feel free to debate in the comments, but like… it’s perfect okay? Between the race to Eligius IV, the new decisions that faced them, Clarke kicking McCreary’s face in… it’s just good stuff.  I have heard grumblings that Monty and Harper didn’t actually get an HEA, and fine, but does anyone? No. Because life always ends. But Monty and Harper got to be together, raise a son, and save every single person they love, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t get a lot better than that.

Plus, look at these heroes.

5. The First Culling, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”

This was the moment that I knew that The 100 was legit. Don’t get me wrong, there were hints! They killed a main character and a little girl by episode four, so I was hopeful. But the thing about the first culling is that they could have easily had the Ark see the flares. Only… they didn’t, because they wanted to show they hey, sometimes stuff isn’t going to work out and this is the kind of junk these people are going to have to do to survive.

Plus they threw in their now-signature bittersweet, gray morality. It was the episode that hooked me for life. #RIPHairClipDad.

4. The Second Culling, “The Chosen

Because honestly, who thinks they’ll have to number the goddamn cullings?!?! That in itself is a shock, right? But also, I just never saw that coming. Ever. It was harsher even than the first, because at least those guys had volunteered, had chosen their fate. In this culling, these people thought they were safe, then not, then safe, and basically yo-yoed back and forth until they were thrown out of the bunker against their will. And yet, it really was the thing that needed to be done, which is what made it so utterly compelling.

3. 6 Year 7 Day Jump, “Praimfaya”

Okay we all knew that a five year time jump was happening because well, common sense and also spoilers. But when a whole other year passed!? What the what now!? We then had to wait eleven freaking months to find out what the heck had kept our faves apart more than an extra year.

2. Dead Earth/125 Year Time Jump, “Damocles Part 2″

When Clarke and Bellamy woke up from their cryo-nap, they were expecting it to be ten years in the future, heading back to a nice, lush Shallow Valley. Instead, they find out that more than a century has passed and by the by, Earth is officially dead but hey here’s a new solar system, ‘kay?

Oh right and also their besties had a baby who is now biologically their elder, so. 

1. Clarke & Bellamy Actually Pull the Lever, Blood Must Have Blood Part 2

Look, I kept waiting for something to save them. Or someone. Maybe Kane’s marrow negotiations would work! Maybe Jasper really would save them all! Maybe Lexa would regret her life choices and come back. The genocide was just awful and jaw-dropping, made even worse that these were wholly innocent victims, children among them.

5. Echo kom Azgeda

I mean, girl tried to kill Clarke, Octavia, and Abby. Did kill Bellamy’s girlfriend of apparently exactly 3 months, Gina. Among others. Banished by the King of Azgeda himself. She’s damn lucky that the powers that be needed an excuse to keep Bellarke separate and/or have been planning this since the stupid cage ?

4. Emori

I mean her damn parents left her to die. She lost her brother about 34 seconds after we meet her. And, her only ally is John freaking Murphy. But our girl is a fighter, okay? When she’s stuck in space, she could wallow. She could cling to her man. But what does she do? She learns how to become a badass STEM bitch, and sorry not sorry, Emori deserves to survive til the last.

3. Abby Griffin 

Every season, Clarke had lost someone insanely important to her. Wells. Finn. Lexa. So when Season 4 rolled around and there were issues for the Chip Removal Machine™ patients, I would have sworn Abby was a goner. And then when she was addicted hard core in Season 5… well, you get the idea.

Hopefully Season 6 can be a new beginning for Abby. I think she’s off the pills, yeah?

2. John Murphy

I mean, the joke is always about him being a cockroach but come on sometimes those little dudes get stepped on too! Murphy has been hanged, tortured several times over by several different groups, held prisoner (again, several times), but that isn’t even the bananas part. He killed and maimed so many people that it is an actual miracle that none of these people (including his own people) have offed him yet.

And good thing because holy crap what would life in The 100 world be without Richard Harmon and his epic portrayal of John Murphy? He made me fall completely in love with a character I straight up hated and if that isn’t acting chops then I don’t know what is.

I love one (1) cockroach.

1. Octavia Blake 

I mean, our girl “died” like three times at least, right? Echo stabbed her and then yeeted her right off a cliff, she tried to use herself as a human shield against McCreary’s gang, and her own brother poisoned her with algae! It takes more than several apocalypses to kill The Girl Under the Floor.

You’re fine, go grab Helios. 

5. Octavia versus The Enemy of Wonkru, “Red Queen”

I think this speaks for itself, but O turning into an even more badass warrior princess than she already was, especially because Jaha told her to, is just epic in itself, but the fact that she took on every person who dared challenge her rule was legendary.

4. Clarke versus Anya, “Many Happy Returns”

Okay it was a wee bit hokey but come on, weren’t you high key thrilled to see these two duke it out? Especially after they walked out as best pals afterward. You know, for three whole minutes until Skaikru murdered Anya because apparently anyone who skipped a shower has to be the enemy. Oops?

3. Bellamy versus Lincoln, “Wanheda Part 1”

I mean, it was cool because of how it signified how far they had come. Also, I will never not watch these two run around shirtless, so. And okay, so it was technically just a training fight but… I stand by what I said.

Here for both the eye candy and the too-short bromance.

2. Clarke versus Echo, “Damocles Part 1”

These two probably need to fight on the reg, because ugh, Becho. But it makes total sense that Clarke has a few bones to pick with Echo. And even the reverse is true. I don’t foresee these women ever being friends (because attempting to kill someone generally has that effect, Bellamy), but I think they could respect each other. Because we’ve seen what happens when they work together- greatness. And also me having to admit that Echo was 150% right. Sorry, not sorry Clarke. Get it together.

1. Lexa versus Roan, “Watch the Thrones

The ultimate Grounder battle, right? I loved how not only did it showcase some of the most fabulous fighting sequences we’ve seen, but it taught us a lot about Grounder culture in general. And Lexa letting Roan live to see another day? Best part of the whole thing, obviously.

5. Finn Collins, “Spacewalker”

Okay, I know this one will be divisive too, but hear me out! Finn was hated by a lot of people by the time of his death. But he was also loved by a lot of people, especially our faves Raven and Clarke. As much as Clarke killing him gutted me, Raven’s near-collapse into sobs gutted me worse. She had no one left but Finn. He was her family. And regardless of what Finn did, he was a guy just trying to do his best at the end of it all.

4. Lexa kom Trikru, “Thirteen”

Lexa was never my favorite character, I confess. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to forgive her after her betrayal at Mount Weather, to be true. But she grew on me a lot. Plus she did try to make amends for her actions, which I respected. I even liked her with Clarke, not necessarily forever, but for the time they had. She was also a great leader, and seeing the Grounders basically crumble under the weight of her loss was tough to handle.

I think even Murphy was crying. This was a tearfest for sure, and fine I cried making the GIF, so sue me.

3. Jasper Jordan, “The Other Side”

Oh, my sweet summer child. Jasper was beyond broken, but I loved that he actually got to live before he died. That the end of the world snapped him into a little reverie on Earth. The thing about Jasper’s story was that it was so real. It was honest. And while it was heartbreaking, it told his story and now I have to go cry bye.

2. Monty Green & Harper McIntyre, “Damocles Part 2”

The only reason I was able to choose between these heroes and Lincoln is because at least Marper got to live a long, relatively happy life and also they saved everyone they knew and loved, so. I would say “saved mankind” but somehow I think that’s false. Either way, I am going to miss these two more than anything, or anyone- including Lincoln- but I can take a tiny bit of solace in how they lived their lives.

Aaannnnd now we’re all sobbing.

1. Lincoln kom Trikru, “Stealing Fire”

This is the one I will never get over. For so many reasons, the biggest of which is that it was so, so senseless. Sure, the previous deaths on this list gutted me, but this one… it never needed to happen. Okay, I suppose you can argue that none (save Monty and Harper’s, I guess) needed to happen but… this was so deliberate, and such a colossal mistake, and Lincoln was just such an amazing character… Add to it that it led to the complete destruction of Octavia, and it’s magnified infinitely.


5. Cage Wallace, “Blood Must Have Blood Part 2”

I don’t know what was better, that he died, or how he died! Lincoln getting some much needed release in the form of Cage’s hand and that god-forsaken reaper stick won’t ever cease to thrill me. Plus Cage was a coward and he would have been eaten by forest animals anyway so Lincoln just did him a solid.

I spared you the amputation mainly because I couldn’t find a video of it and Idk where my DVDs are packed.

4. Carl Emerson: Mount Weather Security Detail, “Demons”

Just saying, had Clarke killed him in Polis, I’d have been spared this entire episode. This is actually one of my least favorite episodes of the series, which is saying something, but also saying nothing because I actually don’t hate any of them, so. Also, glad this asshat got flamed. Though I don’t blame him for wanting to kill Clarke, I do blame him for wanting to kill everyone else.

3.  Paxton McCreary, “Damocles Part 2”

This death will never not be funny. And it will never not be warranted. I am so glad that he is gone and that his daughter will never have to deal with his foolish ass. That said, I did love him as a villain and William Miller has found a fan in me.

2. Kara Cooper, “How We Get to Peace”

Ugh, was she not the worst? And her loyalty was non-existent, literally she was on any side that would mean her own survival, and I was really over her nonsense by the end. Also, who the hell doesn’t like Indra FFS!?

Tee hee, worms.

1. Riley, “The Other Side”

Oh, how many times I begged for Riley’s death. Since the minute he showed up being useless (or a replacement for Bryan? Who knows but either way it didn’t work) I wanted him gone. His larger-than-necessary storyline made no sense narratively, and also he was really dull.

5. All the Delinquents in “Join or Die”

Do you see all my beautiful (mostly all dead) babies? Having them grace my screen- especially the recently departed, like Monroe, was a straight up gift.

4. Shawn Mendes as Macallan in “Wanheda Part 1”

I mean come on, he both sang and engaged in fisticuffs with Jasper!

3. Julia Dominczak as Anthem Singer in “Ye Who Enter Here”“DNR”, “Pandora’s Box”, “The Warriors Will”

Because not only is it cool that they have like, some kind of…. Songstress Laureate of the Grounder community, but she has a lovely voice and I love that they give us the same fabulous lady time and again!

2. Chris Browning as Jake Griffin in “Day Trip”

I mean, mostly because he turns into Dax and calls Clarke a bitch, but also it’s a really sweet conversation until then!

1. Alessandro Juliani as Jacapo Sinclair in “The Other Side”

I always miss Sinclair. And I clearly remember when I saw Alessandro’s name pop up in the opening credits, I did a strange, yet incredibly giddy dance on my bed. I stand by that dance, because his guest appearance was absolutely everything I hoped it would be, and more. He had best make another return this season.

5. Octavia’s Birth, “His Sister’s Keeper”

I mean, we have never seen another baby birth on the show! (Fingers crossed that little McDiyoza’s birth is gifted in S6!) And it’s extra sweet because this is the Blakes’ origin story for goodness sake. Also idk who this little actor-baby is, but damn it’s adorable.

4. Becca Pramheda’s death, “The Warriors Will”

Because it opened up a whooooole new can of worms (pun not intended, but I’ll take it). Like who knew that they met? I figured Cadogan was on Eligius III or something. And why on Earth or Sanctum would he want to kill Becca anyway? Because of ALIE? Or just cause Cadogan’s nuts? Is he going to pop up in the story of Sanctum? So many questions.

3. Clarke finding Jasper’s stuff, “Eden”

This is so loaded for both Clarke and us as the viewer. It’s about Jasper, but it’s more. It’s all that Clarke has lost. It’s about the people she knows she’s lost, the people whose fates are up in the air. It’s basically Clarke looking back at the person she was- and probably feeling a shitton of emotions about Jasper and the others who are gone, too.

2. Everything in “The Dark Year”

The Dark Year was gloriously messed up from start to finish. Okay, we knew that the cannibalism thing was happening, but it was still so utterly mind-blowing that it didn’t matter. Octavia having to straight up force people to eat their families?! That is just next-level bananas. Even for this show. And I am so, so glad that we got to see it all go down.

Talk about “no good choices” ?

1. Delinquents and Pike in “Join or Die”

Here’s where Mike Beach and The 100 Writing Room make me not hate Pike and wow that was an accomplishment. Pike being in an impossible situation and doing everything in his power to help the kids. The kids being… goodness, just being kids. Murphy being Murphy. And then back to the present where it all led to the most insane threesome of Pike, Indra, and Murphy locked in a cell was just… bonkers, and also incredibly sobering.

5. Carol of the Bells by Mykola Leontovych, “Fog of War”

Apparently, this was just some placeholder music that just… worked. It was eerie and weird so it stuck? Okay, I’m in!

4. State of the Art (AEIOU) by Jim James, “Gimme Shelter”

I just love everything about this scene. The music works because it gives me the feels. And also, I just think it’s an amazing montage all around.

3. Add it Up by The Violent Femmes/Shawn Mendes, “Wanheda Part 1”

This makes me happy. Which is rare on this show, let’s be real. They were just like, hopeful, having fun, like they should have been able to do had the world not kept ending.

2. Through the Eyes of a Child by Aurora, “The Chosen”

If this doesn’t make you sob… you are a monster who has no soul and I am sorry but I can’t help you.

1. Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Raign, “Blood Must Have Blood Part 2”

Ooooh this song. It’s perfect. Everything about it. The drums give me chills. The words bring tears to my eyes. The whole thing makes me sob, and for all the best reasons.

It goes without saying that “Whatever the hell we want” wins everything.

5. “For all its faults, Earth really is beautiful.” –Jasper Jordan, “The Other Side”

4.  “Here’s the takeaway: You have to be willing to die to really live. I am.” –Raven Reyes, “The Other Side”

3. The Traveler’s Blessing, Various

This is just beyond lovely. And the fact that it has lead so many beloved characters to death…. well… no you’re crying. Here’s an English version:


And then I made one too! But in Trig, because I fiured it was a nice way to combine the cultures of the show into one. Especially since there’s been crossover- Clarke saying it to Lexa, Lincoln saying it to O, etc.

(It’s on S6, too!)

2. “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” –Bellamy Blake, “The Four Horsemen”

Because he obviously doesn’t want to leave Clarke behind- and he literally cares more about Clarke’s life than she does. It’s also hella foreshadowing.

1. “Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim” — Lincoln kom Trikru, Various

I uhhh also may have made a print of this? And one day, I really want to get a tattoo of it. It’s super meaningful for so many reasons.

You can buy this too hahha.

Lincoln was the best of well… basically everyone. He wanted peace and nonviolence, but he was also willing to fight for what was right if he had to. And above all, he never, ever stopped believing that things could be better. And he wanted the same for Octavia.

5. Abby Griffin & Raven Reyes

I mean, back in the days before Abby shocked her and made her do horrible things, obviously. I loved that Abby could be there for Raven- not as some kind of surrogate mother, but as a friend. And likewise, Raven never became some weird Clarke-replacement for Abby, either. They just treated each other like two badass STEM women who knew all the things and ruled the world. And I hope we can get back to that.

4. Lincoln & Nyko kom Trikru

They. Were. Brothers. And I will say it, they both deserved better. As pissed as I am about Lincoln’s death, wow I have a chip on my damn shoulder about Nyko’s. Dude barely got a farewell! Did he get a proper Grounder funeral? I am salty as fuck guys. These two taught every damn person how completely human Grounders are. Damn it.

God, I miss these heroes. 

3. Octavia Blake & Nathan Miller

Ohhh look at this underrated duo! Remember back when Miller wanted to keep O from Lincoln, and only wanted to beat the hell out of him for funsies? And then remember when he teamed up with O to try to save Lincoln and then literally became O’s right-hand-man? Yeah me too, why does no one talk about how epic these two are?

I imagine chatting over tea, “remember back in the day when I used to follow your brother?” and they all have a good laugh.

2. Marcus Kane & Indra kom Trikru

What did we do to deserve this unlikely duo to delight us on our screens? It’s a blessing. Kane and Indra show that two people can overcome any preexisting bias. They also show that it is completely possible to set hate aside. And they’re literally willing to die to protect each other and that is the kind of friendship I am living for.

1. Monty Green & Jasper Jordan

Gah, only the best friendship in the history of friends. These guys have been bros since the womb. There’s got to be a prequel somewhere about Hannah Green and Jody Jordan (that’s Jasper’s mom, in my AU) being best friends since their school days on the Ark, getting pregnant, having boys at the same time. Hannah has a hard time mourning the loss of Jody after she died when Diana Sydney bombed Unity Day. Anyway I made up that story so I don’t have to cry about Jasper and Monty right now. You’re welcome.

5. Bellamy Turning on Pike, “Fallen”

I know Kane wanted to know why Bellamy was turning on Pike. But Bellamy turned on Pike long before this moment in Fallen. He turned when Pike sentenced Kane to death. I know it, you know it, and Kane probably knows it. He just didn’t have the chance to do anything about it until that moment, because he had been chained in a cave. We knew he’d come around.

4. Everyone Makes It Onto Eligius IV, “Damocles Part 2”

Because look, I was sure someone’s ass was toast. Injured Murphy. Cannibalized Kane. Jonesin’ Abby. Whatever, I was so afraid that someone was going to miss the boat. And then they didn’t and I was so happy, so very happy that all my babies were safe(ish). I mean, they didn’t stay that way, but who ever does on this show?

3. Rover Ride, “Wanheda Part 1”

We went over this more above, but this is just pure joy in the midst of darkness and I love it so much.

2. The Gang Rescues Raven, “The Chosen”

She thought all hope was lost. That she had saved herself for nothing. She’d die alone on the island. And then the Rescue Squad comes in and her face lights up. It’s the best.

1. Pregnant Harper, “Damocles Part 2”

Do you see how happy these two are? Those smiles are worth everything. They make the pain that has consumed them for the last six-plus years worth it, because they brought them here. I cannot word anymore because my eyes are suddenly filled with a mysterious salty fluid goodbye.

5. Jaha Lands in the Dead Zone, “Inclement Weather”

I mean, had Jaha landed literally anywhere else on Earth… well, ALIE would have been in her little mansion, unbeknownst to anyone. Thing is, everyone would have died in Praimfaya I guess too? Sure, Jaha’s obsession with the City of Light (thanks Zoran) led us to the clusterfuck that was Season 3’s chip storyline, but it also made it possible for ALIE to warn Clarke about Praimfaya so… you win some, you lose some?

4. The Dark Year, “The Dark Year”

Whoooo boy did this set up a lot of ridiculousness. Okay so obviously Octavia would not have been as messed up as she was (though I daresay she’d still be fairly messed up?), nor would Abby. Kane probably wouldn’t have been willing to die in the pit so quickly. Perhaps Wonkru could have worked out a deal with Diyoza? And you know, maybe McCreary wouldn’t have ended the whole world, but who can tell?

3. Wells Jaha’s Death, “Earth Kills”

This was when the show became real. You knew they weren’t going to tiptoe around the tough stuff. Not only did they kill a main character who was pretty much as close to a “good guy” as this show gets, but they had a little girl do the killing. Obviously the ramifications that came from it cannot be overlooked either. Murphy not only being hung, but then going on his own rampage. Charlotte’s suicide. And basically the end of any illusion these kids had that it would be happy fun time without the adults on Earth.

2. Finn’s Death, “Spacewalker”

See, Finn’s death removed, in one knife wound, the last of the kids’ innocence. Clarke having to be the one who killed him was so complex. It changed how the Grounders viewed Clarke, how Skaikru viewed Clarke, and ultimately how Clarke viewed Clarke. Sure she did the right thing, but in a world where she now knows there are no right things.  Also, holy foreshadowing on the complete bullshit decisions Clarke will be forced to make until the literal end of the world.

Not to mention how it set into motion everything that went down inside Mt Weather. Bellamy’s infiltration never would have happened, and without the alliance between Clarke and Lexa, the Mountain Men would never have been so desperate. Hell, it’s even what lead Jaha to leave, to try to find The City of Light.

1. Lincoln’s Death, “Stealing Fire”

Look, I hate Lincoln being dead. Detest. Utterly loathe. But what it did for the storyline and forward motion of this show cannot be overstated. In one gunshot, everything changed. The Blake siblings underwent (thus far) irreparable damage. Octavia changed forever. Pike’s death. Ilian blowing up the Ark. Then the entire Grounderdom was saved because of Octavia’s dedication to Lincoln’s message. Skaikru was forced to cull (again). Spacekru went to space. Clarke met Madi, who became the (true) Heda. I genuinely wonder what would have happened had Ricky stayed, because so much of this is impossible (or perhaps, illogical) without Lincoln’s death.

5. Clarke Griffin & Lexa kom Trikru

I will fully admit that I didn’t think these two should have been endgame, and the reasons are twofold: One, Bellarke, and two, I think their interests would have never aligned. And Clarke even knew this, when she told Lexa “Maybe someday, you and I will owe nothing more to our people.” Sadly, it was never to be, but I am glad that they got a small moment of happiness. In truth, I wish it had lasted a bit longer, because they absolutely loved each other and had a tremendous amount of chemistry. But I guess in the dark world of The 100, a little time is better than none. Sigh.

Chemistry Exhibit A

4. Eric Jackson & Nathan Miller

These two are everything and I swear I will rage if something happens to either of them. Honestly, these guys deserved to find some damn happiness. Jackson had been playing second fiddle to Abby, was chipped, and woefully underused. Miller had been through the goddamn ringer- finding Bryan, then being betrayed by Bryan, then having Bryan leave to be on another show eaten by a bear. Plus he just deserved better than dull-ass Bryan. I love everything about this pair.

EVERYTHING. No one better touch these angels. 

3. Monty Green & Harper McIntyre 

I was skeptical of this ship when it started. Like these two, really? I was still sort of hoping Minty would sail, and alas, here he was shackin’ up with Harper. But wow did they grow on me, and fast. Their arc at the end of Season 4 gutted me. And my only wish was that Harper would have gotten more of a story in Season 5. But I can forgive it, because they got as much of a happily-ever-after as anyone ever will on this show, so.

2. Abby Griffin & Marcus Kane

Hot damn, these two. I love the whole hate-to-love trope going on here. I mean dude was completely ready to float her, he nodded his damn head to press the button! But he changed, a lot. Otherwise they’d never have worked. Also, can we agree that Jaha was in love with Abby? I always felt a little bad for him watching this all play out, but alas.

1. Lincoln kom Trikru & Octavia Blake

Have I ever loved a canon couple more? Maybe Katniss and Peeta but Idk it’s close, okay. These two were everything. Electrifying chemistry. A perfect partnership built on trust and devotion and common ground. Like it was absolutely perfect and when Lincoln died, obviously a big part of O died too. And you know, all of our hearts, too.

Such goals. 

5. Marcus Kane and Charmaine Diyoza 

Don’t @ me, they have off the freaking charts chemistry. I don’t see them as endgame or anything, but Kabby is irritating at the moment (though I do need Kabby to be endgame, please and thanks), and Kiyoza would be electric.

4. Luna kom Flokru & Raven Reyes

Raven needs someone good and grounded. I thought perhaps Luna could be that person. I will say, in the end I am glad this didn’t happen because Luna turned out to be the selfish coward I thought her in Season 3, but at the time, I shipped it.

3. Niylah kom Trikru & Octavia Blake

Niylah is Octavia’s safe, calm place. Their relationship was woefully underdeveloped last season, and I hope for more in the coming one. Niylah chose to stand by O’s side; O chose to protect Niylah whenever she could. And Octavia is healing now, she just might be ready to love again.

2. Raven Reyes & John Murphy

Okay, so he shot her. She forgave him! In seriousness, it is clear as fucking day that Murphy is in love with Raven. I am not saying he doesn’t love Emori, I genuinely think he does. But it’s like with Finn- he loved Raven yes, but he looooved Clarke. And that is what is happening here. And Raven is busy for the moment but these two have one hell of a history and I am here to see the chemistry ignite. Murphy was straight up going to die for Raven- and I don’t think the importance of that can be overlooked.

1. Clarke Griffin & Bellamy Blake

Do I need to use words? Or is knowing that they are meant to be good enough? The head and the heart.

5. Anyone who uttered the phrase “love is weakness”

Ugh, it is so cliche. And wrong! Because none of these people would have done any of the shit they had done had it not been out of love. Lexa’s love for her people led her to betray Clarke. Clarke’s love for her people made her not want to trust Lexa. Then they both decided they could love each other, and this could go on and on throughout the whole series. Octavia shuns love because she’s broken. But that is because she loved Lincoln so completely. And now, her love for Wonkru is what pushes her on. Love is not weakness, okay? Okay.

4. Cage Wallace not thinking Skaikru would donate bone marrow, “Blood Must Have Blood Part 2″

Kane is literally yelling that they will donate the marrow. It wouldn’t even be hard! Like- I have zero percent doubt that it could have been worked out, but several things would have had to happen: 1) Dante would have had to be alive and in charge and 2) Cage would have had to call off his cronies like Emerson. And since those things weren’t happening… well you see. Cage was wholly unreasonable and he straight up got every last one of his people killed because he had no fucking chill.

3. Jasper Jordan calling Harper “low hanging fruit”, “The Calm”

I mean, did he just? 

Is it horrible that I was screaming “girl, forget him, you can do better”? And then beamed when she did? Not that I don’t love Jasper with all my heart, but clearly she made the right choice. She and Monty just worked together.

2. Pike’s entire run as Chancellor

Oh honestly how to even a pick a damn moment? Do I pick where he killed 299 Grounders? Killed Lincoln? Turned Monty’s own mom against him? See the conundrum? The dude did have good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with those, so. But regardless, we need to take a hot second to appreciate Mike Beach, because who the hell else could make me feel even a modicum of sympathy for Lincoln’s assassin? Well done, my man!

1. Octavia Blake, “The Warriors Will”

I mean, this speaks for itself, yes? 

5. All Your Faves

Okay, I dare you to find someone who hasn’t done a villainous thing on this show. Monty killed his mom, helped kill Kara. Jackson tortured Abby under the influence of the Chip. Clarke killed an entire civilization. And sure, you can say they did it for the “right” reasons, but who are we to judge any of that? I bet you Dante Wallace wasn’t singing Clarke praises of bravery when he realized all his people were going to die. So yeah, my point is, every last person on this show is flawed as fuck and that is why we love it.

4. Charles Pike

No one has fallen victim to this particular brand of “doing awful things for the ‘right’ reasons” as much as Charles Q. Pike (I made up the Q and I like it, it stays). Dude genuinely and wholly believed that he was doing what he needed to to save his people. Problem is, had he stopped to listen to literally any of the people who had far more knowledge about the world than he did, he could have seen the truth and just… stopped. His refusal to listen, and his firm belief that he knew more than Kane and Clarke and Abby was what created the monster he became.

3. Ontari kom Azgeda

The sad part here is, she’s just a damn kid, really. I debated whether to give the spot to her or Queen Nia, but I went with Ontari mostly because she beheaded children. I don’t think you can overlook such monstrosity. But make no mistake, this particular devil was bred by Nia, through and through. She treated Murphy like her personal prostitute, she was awful to everyone, including Roan, and again, the beheading of small children is probably the most evil thing anyone has done on a show filled with evil acts.

2. Carl Emerson

This guy, ugh. I mean, he sucked even before Clarke killed everyone he ever knew, so I can’t even just blame that. And to be fair, I wholly understand his beef with Clarke. I’d want to kill her too if I was him, I’m sure. But did he really need to torture and attempt to murder a bunch of teenagers? Like come on dude. Most of them weren’t even there when this shit went down. Like wasn’t Bryan in the airlock? Homie wasn’t even on the show yet.

1. Paxton McCreary

He is the least morally gray villain the show has ever had. Because he is genuinely mostly awful, and William Miller did a delightful job making me love to hate him. He was unapologetically terrible, he was murder-happy, and he literally ended the damn world. No mincing words, McCreary killed Earth. So really how could he not be Number One?

Pot, meet kettle. 

5. All Your Faves

Just as all your faves have been villains, they’ve all also been heroes. Hell, even most of the bad guys have been heroes. Pike tried to help the kids on the Ark, but he also fought side by side with them in the ALIE war too. Bellamy may have helped massacre more people than I could possibly count, but he also saved his people time and time again. Echo’s plan saved all of Spacekru and Wonkru. It was hard to narrow down, and I feel a bit remiss not being able to list all our heroes, like Abby, Jaha (yes Jaha, I said it and I stand by it), Bellamy, Niylah, Jackson, Sinclair… I could go on forever. But this is a short list and I am already cheating so.

4- TIE. Octavia Blake

Wow, now this is a loaded one! But it’s true. Not only did she make the initial Grounder-Skaikru coalition possible, but she brought these groups together over and over again. She saved the entire Grounder race by sharing the bunker. And then she spent an entire third of her life keeping Wonkru alive. All while just being a child herself. Props to our Warrior Princess.

4- TIE. Marcus Kane

Kane made the tough, but smart choices. He made the choices that he knew were right, even in the face of adversity. When Abby didn’t want to trust Clarke, he fought for her. He made allies with Lexa when Jaha would have just as easily slit her throat. He then aligned with Indra when Lexa left them for dead. He would have died before taking the Chip. He wouldn’t let Jaha take the fall for ALIE alone, then fought like hell to keep Roan on the throne because it was what was best for everyone. He supported Wonkru, and led the second culling. And when he needed to, he made a choice about which evil was lesser between Octavia and Diyoza. I can’t wait to see what he has to do in Sanctum!

3. Raven Reyes

Everyone would be dead without Raven. That’s literally all there is to it. She saved them with her MacGyvering over and over and over. Forget Praimfaya, they’d never have even survived the first  war without her blowing up the bridge and then igniting the Dropship ring of fire. I could list all the things Raven has fixed, saved, or destroyed but I won’t be done before Sanctum airs.

2. Clarke Griffin

Say what you will, she’s the ultimate leader. And without the combination of her incredible brain and ferocious heart, no one would have lasted on the ground at all. She brings people together in the worst of times, and she is willing to bear shit so other people don’t have to. Would any other person have been able to make the tough calls that Clarke did? I truly don’t think so.

1. Monty Green & Harper McIntyre

At the literal cost of their entire lives, they saved every last person they loved. They searched tirelessly for a new home for their people. It would have been easy for them to jump into cryo with everyone else, but they didn’t. They saved the freaking world.


I made this list pre-trailer but… it all still stands tbh. 

6. Someone to tell me where the Reapers went.

Actually, it looks like there may be some new kind of Reapers in town planet? Idk, but I am here for it. But I want answers to all kinds of things- Cadogan/Becca, Eligius III, where all those people in Egypt went, etc. I just want to know stuff. All the stuff.

5. New mutant-y junk! 

Okay maybe it isn’t actually a mutant so much as an alien, but can I have some animals with parasitic head twins? Large, imposing gorillas? Or, their alien counterparts. Really, I will take what I can get.

4. The Lost

Oh please talk incessantly about all my dearly departed babies. Monty and Harper of course, but Jasper, Lincoln, hell you can throw Finn a bone and I’d be down. Let’s reminisce. So much.

3. So much cultiness. 

Because we know that both Becca Pramheda and Second Dawn have something to do with this. Why the heck else would these fools be showing up in Madi’s nightmares? Plus what is even going on here? This place looks bananas and I’d be deeply saddened if there are no wackos, let’s be real.

2. All the Marper flashbacks.

Because honestly I will never be able to let go of Chris and Chelsey and I want them on my screen forever and ever until the end of time. Also it makes sense in the story, so I see this as a complete win-win.

1. Bellarke. Or at least, the end of Becho? I shan’t be choosy!

Okay if there’s a Season 7+, I know Bellarke isn’t happening (yet?) and I don’t plan on kidding myself into thinking otherwise. But if someone could kindly excise Becho from my screen, I’d be eternally grateful. You don’t even have to kill Echo, just… get her off of Bellamy Blake, okay?

And finally… look what graced us with its presence while I was taking my merry time finishing this!? How epic does it look? How. Epic? 

Do you agree with my choices? What do you hope for from Season 6? How pumped ae you for NuReapers™? And isn’t the trailer complete perfection!? Let us discuss!

And get ready for Sanctum, 4 weeks from today!! 

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18 responses to “The 100 Book One (Seasons 1-5) Wrap Up

  1. It’s here! The post to rule all 100 posts! So much to unpack here. Just reading this though reminds me how much I miss some of these guys… Indra, Kane, even Diyoza. What? When did that happen? somewhere along the line I became a Diyoza fan big time. And the fact that Marper are gone will piss me off anew, no doubt.

    Nice wrap up of #moments, BTW. So… many.

    Bellarke pulling the genocide lever still kills me. Well, not me but everyone else lol.

    I can’t believe you showed Octavia falling off the cliff. Your caption is spot on, though.

    Clarke vs Echo. More please. And if only Alicia could channel Lexa on FEAR, she would be in CHARGE.

    Damn this is comprehensive. I need to go get a drink of something while I read through this. Awesome! Oh and I hate to disagree but for me Kiyoza COULD be endgame. You’re right, their chemistry is off the charts, and frankly- screw Abby. I’m all in on Kiyoza now, I think??

    I see you went there w/ Luna and Raven lol. That first GIF… 🙂 And gods if only we could get THIS Luna on TWD…

    “Clarke killed an entire civilization.” Love it!

    Okay trailer stuff. Bell needs to forgive O? And reminds me of Mt. Weather? And where Madi it looks like is being experimented on by… someone? I’m definitely getting some awesome Reaper vibes! I feel better about the trailer after seeing it again…

    • You have no idea how happy this Diyoza thing makes me because remember when I SWORE you would become a Diyoza fan and you didn’t believe me? Always believe me. 😀 She certainly is sparse in the trailer, but I knew she would be, of course.

      Bwhahah you are so right about the lever. I never thought it would get that far, truly. Especially with all the kids and old people and shiT!

      I mean, you think YOU need a drink to get through it, can you imagine how long this took me!? Months, literal months. But #WorthIt. Because I’ll probably never do THIS big of a recap ever again, so. I still kind of want Kabby to be endgame? But I don’t know that I know WHY anymore. Guess we’ll see what happens this season, if all 3 of them make it out alive!

      OKAY but Luna was straight up GROPING HER. I feel so vindicated about my early Luna feelings- she always felt off to me, and she WAS. You’re right, it’s like LunaLite™ on TWD, just like Alycia plays LexaLite™ on Fear ?

      I want to know what is up with NuReapers™ too. (Lots of trademarks in this comment ?) And I agree I definitely got Mt Weather vibes! I feel like there are going to be a TON of throwback vibes which I am completely here for. I wonder if there is going to be some kind of… important difference between Madi and Clarke’s nightblood and the Sanctum people’s? Especially since Eligius III could very easily have had an earlier version, and the stuff Becca used could have been like, 2.0?

  2. Beth W

    This makes me want to rewatch it all again and I only just did that a few months ago. Gah!
    TBH, Raven is the character who grew on me the most. I thought she was going to be a function more than a person, initially, but damnit if she is’t the biggest representation of hope and stubbornness out there (and I think she’s done the least horrible stuff, maybe?). Kane and Indra’s friendship is legit the best, and I will die on the hill of Kiyoza (sorry, Kabby shippers).

    As for the trailer, I have Thoughts.
    First off, please writers don’t do the tropey thing where there’s a perfect paradise that’s Hiding a Dark Secret. And why the hell is it Everybody Blame Clarke o’clock? Like…didn’t we just come from Octavia’s reign?
    Also, I’m on board for chemical crap we can’t explain and didn’t anticipate (like…solar exclipses make the crazy happen?)
    And am I seeing Reapers, different planet edition? (irradiated forest dwellers segregated from the elite nightclub farmers, some kinda experimentation going on)
    But of course, you have Murphy being Murphy, and so all is good now.

    And I just put April 30th in my calendar as The 100 New Season Watch Time. Wheee!

    • Confession time: I NEVER stop rewatching. I mean, I don’t do it every day, but I continuously do it. Because I have a problem. YESS I love Raven toO! I love Raven even MORE when she ends up with Murphy. Goodness I need that to happen. Kiyoza just WORKS, doesn’t it? Like- I still ship Kabby in some ways, but that might just be because I’d feel bad for Abby if Kane left her for another woman? If they break up for some other reason, I’m absolutely game.

      I mean. I think the tropey thing is happening haha. THOUGH I will say I don’t think they’re going to present it as paradise. Because I think that IS too tropey for The 100? I think it’ll be flawed from the start, but they won’t realize HOW flawed. OH the “let’s bitch at Clarke” thing is NOT cool. lIke assholes, weren’t you just singing her praises for SAVING ALL YOUR LIVES? Like yeah she made mistakes but who among you hasn’t? Like oooookay Bellamy, remember the times you massacred over a THOUSAND PEOPLE, most of them innocents? Yeah calm down. I also am VERY on board with Creepy Science Junk™

      YESSSS NuReapers! I want to know alllll about the NuReapers. Because… how? It isn’t like Eligius III and Grounders ever coexisted. Eligius III was obviously WAY before Praimfaya I, since Eligius IV didn’t even know the world had ended, and Becca was in space when it did. GAH I cannot WAIT for the 30th. I wish I had cable, because staying up til like 2am will be hard- but WORTH IT!

      • Ivana

        When did Bellamy massacre over a thousand people? And most of them were innocents…? When did that happen?
        Also, he’s not one of the people who are against Clarke, so what is this about?

        • Ivana

          To elaborate: first off, he never killed a 1000 people (I bet you’re going by the The 100 wiki’s extremely questionable “assign characters every death that they were directly or INDIRECTLY connected to”, which is in some cases only remotely the case (like saying he “killed” people who died in the culling – come on, seriously?), and they’re pretty inconsistent about the latter, anyway.
          Secondly, out of the people he killed, he certainly didn’t “massacre” anyone. Massacre means deliberately, indiscriminately and brutally kill people. Finn did massacre the people in the Grounder village. Bellamy never “massacred” anyone.
          Thirdly, secondly, the only people Bellamy killed that could be called innocent were about 25+ people from Mount Weather who were either children or rebels like Maya. Even most of the civilians from Mount Weather were not exactly innocent. And everyone else that he killed were armed soldiers or guards, people whose jobs were to kill if necessary. None of them were prisoners of war – we know he didn’t kill the wounded Grounder warriors and tried to convince Pike and the other 8 people not to do it.

          So please tell me which “innocents” Bellamy “massacred”, or how you got the number of over 1000.

          • Nah, I was just going by my own estimate- figuring his responsibility for the First Culling, the Grounder War, Mt Weather, the Grounder Protection Team Slaughter with Pike… I mean it isn’t a low body count. Even if you don’t want to give him credit for the First Culling (which I can understand), that’s still about 600-700. I disagree about the Pike thing though- we don’t know how many were wounded (it could have been a very small number) plus NONE of it would have happened had he not joined Pike’s side anyway, so. He ABSOLUTELY massacred the Grounders, by your definition. He killed people sent to protect Skaikru- deliberately, brutally, and so on. Mount Weather… your count seems low tbh. I mean- the soldiers, by the end, were pretty few- remember that Emerson was the only treated one left. I mean- remember all the old people and kids and such- and that doesn’t even take into account the people like Maya, who must have been numerous since the kids were hidden for days.

            But regardless, I love Bellamy- my point was just that NO ONE on the show hasn’t done horrible things. And like, sure, they felt that THEIR reasons were the right ones, but… who’s to be the judge of that, I guess? And that is one of the best things about the show for me, the gray morality.

            OH and the Clarke thing is in regards to the trailer, where people seem mad at her for… I guess siding with McCreary for a hot second? Idk, seemed hypocritical to me to be mad at Clarke when every last person has done some horrible junk to save their people ?‍♀️

  3. Oh my gosh, AMAZING post!! I love Octavia so much! I wanted to do my hair all up in braids like hers when she’s with Lincoln for my wedding, but my hubby vetoed that haha. And oh my god… I will never get over Lincoln’s death! I sobbed!

    • Aw thank youuuu! I agree, I LOVE HER. Also Marie is just simply gorgeous, I feel it’s unfair for a human to look like that? ALSO he should probably never be allowed to veto anything involving The 100 hahah. Seriously, I miss Lincoln SO MUCH. ????

  4. Okay, well this was a really good way to get me all excited for Season 6 because I am a fickle being and I need reminders of why I NEED to keep watching (even shows I love). You have picked some perfect moments in this post—hard to believe we’ve already gone through five seasons. And that Season 6 trailer is — just, wow!

  5. Ivana

    Glad to see someone else who’s wondering where the Reapers went!
    And I liked season 5, too.

    There’s a lot of stuff here I agree with, and some I don’t. I agree with more than I disagree.

    My top 5 episodes would be almost the same, except I would have The Other Side instead of Die All, Die Merrily. And the season 2 finale would be my number 1:

    1. Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two
    2. Praimfaya
    3. The Other Side
    4. Chosen
    5. Damocles, Part Two

    My biggest disagreement is actually about the fights – I prefer fights that actually look real,, you can believe that it’s people fighting for their lives (say, Bellamy strangling Lovejoy) and the Lexa/Roan was terrible, IMO – it didn’t look like a real death match at any point, it was all showboating, with both of them waving spears around and spinning around for no reason.

    Favorite ships: Bellarke (I don’t consider them non-canon, because it’s really obvious in canon that they have romantic feelings for each other, especially after season 5), Memori, Kabby… and there are more that are OK, but in general, the show rarely develops romantic relationships well. Marper was fine, once it happened, but it was out of the left field, and Mackson has so far been mostly off-screen. Linctavia was too much “Romeo and Juliet” love-at-first-sight for my taste, though it got better once they were actually together.

    I fully agree with your feelings on Becho, however. And like you, I’d love Nyctavia. But not Diyoza/Kane or Murphy/Raven. I could see Diyoza/Kane happening, much more so than I can see Murphy/Raven, but I don’t want to, since 1) Kabby are one of the few actually well written romances on the show, and 2) there’s already too much Stockholm Syndrome and other messy/toxic setups for romantic relationships on the show, I could do without more.

    Now I can see why people ship Murphy/Raven, but I don’t. Murphy is not in love with Raven, IMO, and even if he were, I can’t see Raven ever falling in love with Murphy. Also, Murphy is REALLY, really in love with Emori. That’s not Finn, torn between two women. I was always glad that the show didn’t go the cliche “bad boy redeemed by the love of a good woman” route with those two, and actually had a much more interesting romance with a bad boy redeemed partially due to love but that of a not-so-good woman, who was actually more of a rogue and a survivor than he was, and has since had character development that people only claim Echo has had (but she actually hasn’t, or has it has only been off-screen).

    • Ahhhh the Bellamy fight with Lovejoy is a GOOD one! See, the reason I loved the Roan/Lexa fight was BECAUSE of the showboating hahahha. I mean- I know it wasn’t realistic (and I agree, I never really feared for either of their lives that much) but I still loved it. Honestly, I think I am probably just too scared during legitimate fights to enjoy them ?

      Oh I think (hope?) Bellarke will be canon too, but for the time being… (plus I didn’t want to jinx it! bwhahah). And I see your point about Murven, but Idk, I have thought those two had chemistry since basically the start of S2. I mean, it was “I hate you and might kill you at any moment” chemistry, but still hah. And I LOVE Emori, don’t get me wrong! And I think he DID genuinely love her- I just think too much has happened since that time, you know? Idk, we can agree to disagree on that one, of course! As for Diyoza and Kane… yeah, I mean, the thing was Kane went willingly the whole time, and she never really treated him like much of a prisoner? That is how I looked at it anyway, I can understand if you saw it differently (another one of the reasons this show is so fun!) but I ALSO agree that Kabby is really handled well. I just can’t see them plodding along drama-free for another couple of seasons, you know?

  6. Ivana

    Actually, I forgot, I majorly disagree with something else as well. I DO blame Emerson for trying to kill Clarke,, and no, he had absolutely no right to any kind of revenge against her for Mount Weather. He was being extremely hypocritical – basically, how dare you defend yourself and your people after we tried to kill you all? It’s similar to the hypocrisy of some Grounders in season 2 (like that super annoying general from 2×10) who were whining because the Delinquents dared to defend themselves and burned their 300 warriors after they tried to kill 80 teenagers (in a surprise attack, after using biological warfare to weaken them). Well boo hoo, sometimes the enemies you attacked because you thought they were weaker and you’ll definitely win prove to be resourceful and kick your as$.

    No one has any right to make Clarke feel guilty for Mount Weather, since she was backed into a corner and had other choice except to let the Mountain Men win and kill all of her friends and family and herself. Does anyone think that would have been a better choice? If no, they should just shut up. I only could understand Jasper, because he was both mentally ill and personally hurt over Maya’s death (and was one of the intended victims of the Mountain Men, rather than a perpetrator). But especially none of the people who caused that situation have that right, and that most definitely includes Emerson.
    But why are you surprised that he tried to kill a bunch of teenagers? He was already trying to do it and OK with doing it throughout season 2.

    Also, very few of the people in Mount Weather were genuinely innocent. Just the children (there were about 20+ of them) and those people who tried to help the Delinquents against their own regime, like Maya (but many of them, like Vincent Vie, the Peters couple, Ms Ryan and no doubt several others who were hiding Delinquents) already got murdered by the Mount Weather guards in 2×15). At least 50-60 of the 300 that were irradiated were guards or leadership or people conducting experiments, and definitely guilty (there were more guards to begin with, but around 50 got killed during season 2). The rest may not have been directly involved, but were hardly innocents – they were aware what was going on, all the time, the “harvesting” and everything, and were OK with that. They sat in the mess hall and had a good time while people were being tortured and drilled and killed in the dorm right next to them.

    • Oh I wasn’t SURPRISED that he tried to kill them! It’s just, for me, what makes him evil. Like- I get what you’re saying for SURE. He 100% was NOT innocent, not even close! But, if someone kills your entire family, I don’t care WHAT the reason they had was. You’re going to want some kind of vengeance. Again, I am not saying it’s RIGHT… just that I completely understand why he’d want her dead. I think it’s just human nature. That said, he is absolutely a villain for all that OTHER stuff that he did. I mean- he DID abandon his OWN PEOPLE when the Mountain fell. And then tried to off a bunch of kids. So yeah, he is awful. So awful. I just think that had wanting Clarke dead been his only sin, I think it’d be understandable. Not necessarily justifiable, but understandable.

      And yeah, you’re not wrong about the people of Mount Weather either. Thing is, it was literally ALL those people knew- every person, even the oldest among them, was born not knowing any differently. So while I still think they could have risen above it like Maya and the others, it makes a lot more sense why they’d be okay with it. Perhaps not even okay with it, but… unwilling to upset the status quo?

      Also you are SO right about the Grounder hypocrisy! I remember yelling at my screen about that NON STOP hahha. Like it was FINE when they’re doing the killing! ?

  7. WOW I ALREADY KNOW THIS COMMENT IS GOING TO BE LONG. Let’s start with The First Culling because I remember that moment clearly. It was so intense and important for the show moving forward and I’m 100% glad that you mentioned it. Also (lol) I TOTALLY knew that I kinda over-jumped the Best Episode part of the post but that’s mostly because I definitely need to think about THAT some more. It’s super difficult to choose – especially because it would probably be a mix of personal favorites that I loved because of REASONS and episodes that I can objectively say were done REALLY well.

    So, moving on for now: least likely to survive Book One was definitely Emori for me! From the get-go I kinda had this feeling that there was more in store for Murphy, Raven and Abby and Echo would probably survive because of the way they introduced and used her on the show. But Emori? I totally thought they would carve a different path for her and use her possible betrayal/death/sacrifice whatever as a means to further the story/throw it into another direction and/or make Murphy lose faith and do some messed up/emotional stuff. But alas, she is still here! (Which is nice because I like her.)

    The WONKRU FIGHT was iconic. Especially in combination with that lone. “You are wonkru or you are the enemy of wonkru.” Chills, indeed. I also really liked the tiny Roan/Clarke fight sequence from 3×02. Mostly because I like the effect of Clarke’s hair changing from red to blonde after she is thrown into the water haha. The only death that really hurt me and made me cry was Lincoln. I was emotionally drained and kinda numb with Jaspers death because it was just too heavy for me at the time where I watched it and I couldn’t let myself feel the pain but Lincoln? I sure let myself sob when I watched that scene. Like, ouch.

    YES to the classroom (Pike and The 100) flashback! That one was so interesting and fascinating and important to see because we obviously knew that The 100 existed before the first episode but that scene put them into a completely normal situation that wasn’t totally extreme or already doomed/filled with nervousness from the start. We saw them before they were sent to Earth, before the constantly looming pressure they were about to be under while on the ground. It was vital to understand the contrast and change of their situations. LOL I ALREADY KNEW THAT KNOCKING ON HEAVENS DOOR WAS GOING TO BE ON THERE BECAUSE IT’S BASICALLY SO PERFECT FOR THAT SCENE AND MOMENT. AHH.

    Definitely really liked Harper & Monty and adored Octavia & Lincoln. I’m excited to see how Abby/Kane are going to develop in the next season. OKAY NOW TO MY FAVORITE TOPIC OF CONVERSATION: RAVEN AND MURPHY AND BELLAMY AND CLARKE. I have intense and complex feelings about them. I don’t want to get too much into the Bellarke stuff because I would talk for hours and still couldn’t properly articulate how much I love them. I really think it would be illogical to NOT have them end up together — all of the romantic undertones, their interactions, the way they talk about the other, the way other people talk about their relationship, the songs used in their scenes, their dramatic and emotional reunions that could rival scenes from ‘canon ships’, the way they look at each other, the way they react when it comes to romantic scenes with other people etc. — just everything. Doesn’t make sense to me if they are not endgame. All those choices of music, frame work, quotes, themes, tropes — totally linked with romantic couples and not platonic ones. They just add up and add up and at this point it’s just super misleading if it’s not meant to be romantic in the future.

    Raven and Murphy though – not ending up together? only being friends? Totally possible. I would get it if they wouldn’t put those two together but the thing is — I just think it would really work between them. I truly do. Their personalities are so similar, their banter and bickering is equally biting and playful and they are both so sarcastic, funny and sassy. They would match each other in everything. Fierce, protectice. Their interactions just have that special something, you know? You feel the possibility of them in every moment. At least I do. Especially since I’ve started reading fanfiction of them and those stories showed me the potential of them eveN MORE. My heart is set on them, basically.

    *fingers crossed* Wishes for the next season: Echo/Bellamy break up, Raven/Murphy grow closer, Jordan/Bellamy/Clarke bonding, Madi and Clarke spending some quality family time together, for Clarke not be categorized as the Bad Guy for the whole season, Jordan lives through the madness to come (!). I’m not so patiently waiting for another Bellarke hug, too.

    Thank you for your The 100 posts! I’m already stoked for the blog posts to come when the next season starts to air! <3

    • Okay I feel you about trying to decide what the best episodes are! It is straight up embarrassing how long it took me to do this whole post, but especially that question! I ultimately went with the ones that just stuck with me the most!

      I thought the SAME THING about Emori! Especially leading up to coming back to Earth, and all the discussion about how Murphy was going to change and such, I was so scared for her! I just want them to keep exploring her BEYOND Murphy- I love that they made her like, Raven’s apprentice! That was such a perfect choice!

      OOOH I somehow forgot about the Roan/Clarke fight for a second, that is a GOOD ONE! I sob EVERY TIME I watch the Lincoln scene, and the aftermath. It is the WORST. Though I am a crier and I absolutely sobbed at Jasper’s death too. Most deaths on this show have me crying so hard I feel like throwing up, tbh.

      YES exactly that is why I loved that scene so much- it was like they’re just NORMAL KIDS which is nuts by that point because they have killed entire groups of people ? Goodness, Knocking on Heaven’s Door elicits ALL the feels, does it not?

      I agree, seeing what happens to Kabby now that they’re both somewhat healthy is going to be NUTS. I WHOLLY agree about Bellarke. Some people on Twitter and such get so MAD because they arebn’t together yet and I am like… my dudes, the series isn’t over yet! Give it a second! Because I agree with you, there are wwayyyyyyy too many clues to have them NOT add up together. And I am FINE with waiting as long as it eventually happens! 😀

      Yes yes YES I totally agree with this- ” You feel the possibility of them in every moment. ” EXACTLY. You DO! They are so completely perfect in some weird, twisted way. I need them almost as much as Bellarke at this point. Especially because NO ONE deserves true love more than Raven. And I genuinely don’t think anyone loves her or WOULD love her more than Murphy does. I just KNOW he does. He would do anything for her- ANYTHING. And for Murphy, it’s an even bigger deal. There were SO many S5 moments where you can just see how much he loves her and how scared he is and how oblivious she is!

      I think we’ll definitely get a Bellarke hug! Jordan is going to be THE BEST this season, I think. He’s such a precious cinnamon roll! And I know I have seen that people are annoyed at Cllarke but… WHY? Like okay she sided with McCreary for a second, and it was a bad choice, but who the hell are these fools to talk!? They have ALL made crappy choices, at least they’re all still alive!

      And thank you SO MUCH, you have no idea how happy and excited that makes me!! ♥♥

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