The 100 Episode 4×10: Die All, Die Merrily

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- especially for this episode, friends.

Well then. I have lost the ability to word. Sorry. If you watched it, you get it. I cried literally from the start to the finish. I was scared, but for some reason, I just… sobbed. Even when I had no reason to- I think I legit was so scared I cried. And then it turned out being justified. Because along with being the best title of an episode, it was also probably the most well-crafted, most epic one to date. 

Let the Conclave begin

Ah, here we are, at the start of the last battle for the bunker, in which all 13 clans will pull their very best from the Career pack… erm, warrior, to fight to the death until only one clan is left standing. I’m going to be real here: This plan lacks common sense. Some of these clans only had like, a few dozen people left. Some only had one pissed off sea bitch left. There had to have been a better way, though I really doubt anyone would have listened to reason if this point even if someone had found a bunker that could fit every last one of their asses in, they’d all be like “nah, I hate everyone, let’s fight”. Clarke gave one last go at an alliance with Roan, but he declined because SWORDS.

We also were given some truly great Indra-Octavia moments that just showed how important their relationship was, and how genuine. Indra cares for O as much as she does her own daughter, and honestly, this family that was created for Octavia is just blowing me away. Not one of them, not even Bellamy, is there because they have to be- they’re there for her because of her– and the effect she has on all of them. She was the girl under the floor, and now she’s become so much more. We’ll start with Indra though, because frankly, that is where my tears started.

So Gaia has what has hands down been her most important, and most well done performance to date. I was on the fence about her character, but she pulled it off in this episode. As fleimkepa, she quite literally kept the flames of each clan’s warrior, snuffing them out as they died. It was intense. And she announced each competitor, including some surprises: Ilian kom Trishanakru, and Luna kom Flokru. I really don’t know what I thought would happen with Trishanakru, but… not Ilian.

And I knew Luna would be there because previews, but everyone else was shocked as fuck because there is no other Flokru to save. And she has no plans to save anyone, she just wants the human race to die. So… yeah, that makes a ton of sense. I guess then she’d just murder-suicide Clarke and herself? What if they found some other little Natblidas running around? Poor planning, Luna.

Gaia’s like, “excuse you?” 

Anyway. So, the Conclave begins! Basically there are no rules, just stay in Polis and try not to die. Kane and Bellamy are the ambassador and adviser to Octavia and so they have some final strategy meeting. I like that they didn’t do a sappy goodbye here- it was better for O’s focus, and it gave her a good place to start. It was like… well, it was like when Haymitch told Katniss to get the hell away from the bloodbath and to the woods, tbh.

I… don’t think anyone died merrily?

I mean, they looked very… unmerry while they were dying? Dying is probably never a good time, but being speared by Finnick Luna’s trident has to be a rough way to go. And that was the gist- swords, spears, and an errant arrow from Echo. Why the hell was Echo there, you ask? Good question! The answer, of course, is “because she is an asshole, but at least she’s loyal I guess?”.

But Bellamy figured it out because he is the best character ever. So he fights Echo, and then Roan finds them. Bellamy tells him what’s going on, and since they were on their way to a pretty solid bromance, and Echo isn’t exactly looking innocent, he banishes Echo, and tells Bellamy to run. But before he does, they have their glorious last Bro exchange and it is everything. 

No you’re sobbing.

Anyway, Octavia and Ilian meet up several times. At first she tells him that she isn’t the girl he needs her to be, and to get lost because she will kill him if he gets in her way. But Ilian was never here for Trishanakru, no matter what he said to O. He was here for her. He knew he didn’t have a chance- and he knew she did. She couldn’t love him, and he knew it, but he couldn’t help love her. That I believe. And in the end, he died for her. He died saving her, fighting off warriors for her. And she ended it for him when he was struck with one of asshole Echo’s arrows. And I am crying just thinking about it.

Pretty sure all the tears have destroyed my laptop at this point. 

And Then There Were Four

Look, I think we all knew it’d come down to the big guns. Sure, they threw a rando in, but she was gone by the time the words came out of Gaia’s mouth. This battle was always going to end up between Roan, Luna, and O. And anyone who thought differently has clearly never watched a show or movie or read a book, basically. Now, I will say that I was fully expecting some kind of Hunger Games deal, like how Katniss and Peeta both won? Because I never, ever thought they’d kill off Roan. And certainly not Roan and two other pretty big characters.

Roan proposes an alliance while Luna kills our redshirt from Whateverkru, and O agrees. Deep down, at this point I was hoping for yet another rebirth of the Skaikru/Azgeda alliance, but in hindsight, I am glad they didn’t go down that route again. I think O and Roan would have finally taken out Luna, but the black rain started. That black rain has the darnedest timing this season, no?

Anyway, O runs, and she shouts to Roan to run. And look, Roan is not a stupid dude, but his pride and stubbornness got him killed at the end of the day. Octavia is also proud and stubborn, but she is smart and she had enough self control to put her pride aside for a hot second so she could live. Roan went down fighting, but what could he really do against a Natblida in black rain? He had no chance. So yes, Octavia left him, because if she didn’t, they’d have both died, and Luna would have been the winner. But you could tell she didn’t want him to die like that.

Octavia kom Skaikru, Victor

Once again, O’s quick thinking and intelligence serve her well as she sets a trap for Luna. Add to it that Luna is basically unraveling and giving Octavia a very pointless monologue about why she’s going to kill her so… yeah. Octavia tells her that there are people worth saving. And then you know, impales her. When O wins… I don’t know, it was just such a bittersweet moment. For her, too, you can tell. She comes back to the tower, medallions of all 12 fallen clans in hand, to give to Gaia. And she isn’t pleased, she isn’t the Octavia from just a few episodes ago. She has learned more about herself in this day than she had in a long time.

And as Indra prophesied to Kane, Octavia isn’t going to just take the bunker for Skaikru. She’ll share. Kane isn’t sure how that is even going to work, because there isn’t enough room, but I am HERE for this Octavia, this Octavia of the people. Does this mean she gets to be Heda now? Because I am here for that, too. She deserved it all along- she always felt like she didn’t belong, that she wasn’t Skaikru, or Trikru. It’s because she transcended it.

Is there some kind of “Octavia for Heda” campaign I could join and/or make bumper stickers for? ?

The Lincoln mentions and throwbacks were about enough to do me in. This is his vision. This had been his vision forever. And in Octavia, it came to fruition, and I don’t think there is anything greater than that.

To the victor goes the spoils?

Hahahahah no. In the middle of the conclave, someone… well, they stole Bellamy. Drugged him, with the foggy shit from Mt Weather. And where did he end up? The bunker. Miller is marching around telling people where to go, and Clarke and Jaha are like, besties suddenly, and Bellamy wakes up, and of course wants to know what the actual fuck is going on.

And then of course, Octavia and the others get to the bunker to realize they’re locked out. Look, I don’t even blame Clarke for taking the bunker, honestly. She saw Luna fight; she knew there was a high likelihood she could win. She told Roan as much, yet he wouldn’t agree to an alliance. So I get taking the bunker. But keeping and locking the bunker are very different beasts. Especially since her people won. Like, why didn’t they have some kind of communication set up, and keep locking it as a very last resort, had Luna won? She went wayyy too far, and now by not unlocking it, she has gone just…. cataclysmically far. And did the others know? That is my biggest question, and one I hope to get an answer to very soon.

The Other Side

Does this mean that we’re going to see THE OTHER SIDE of the bunker? Maybe meaning… what the fuck is wrong with Clarke and Jaha’s minds? And there is no way Abby is on board with this, right? Or has she had too many strokes and doesn’t even realize that Kane and Octavia and Raven are all still out there? I am hoping like hell for a Bellamy/Abby team up. OH and what happens to Echo now that Roan is dead? No one but Bellamy knows he banished her… ?

What did you think of Die All, Die Merrily? It is hands down, for me, the most epic episode in The 100 history, tbh. What the hell is going to happen in the damn bunker, guys!?

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  1. Awesomeness. Definitely the best episode ever. I mean THREE big character deaths and probably the biggest twist too. And Clarke and Jaha pulling a fast one on basically ALL Grounders… I mean, what else could they do to top this? Wait, maybe I shouldn’t ask?? I was disappointed Roan turned Clarke down, especially since later he did ally with Octavia, and since this was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back for Clarke. Skaikru had little hope at that point so Clarke I guess ws like fuck it, desperate times and all that.

    there’s something about Indra, that actress had made me love a character that I hated at first and had no use for. I mean, okay fierce Grounder right, dime a dozen. But somewhere along the line I ws like… fuck yeah, Indra. And those moments she had with O in this one- priceless. They’re what make this show, not all the fighting crap. That’s why I love her relationship with Kane too (even if it is in tatters a bit ATM). Gaia was good here! And Luna was badass even if she was a pacifist like 2 minutes ago. Now she’s death machine alpha, good grief. So much for Sea Mechanic *sigh*

    This is definitely making me want to read The Hunger games, BTW. Just saying. 🙂 I’ll miss Roan and Bell too… they could have had so many more good moments. Heck even Roan and Clarke… they had chemistry. And Echo… I’m just wishing she was still in that cage in Mt. Weather. Although she did look badass in that mask! And what will Octavia do now since she knows Echo killed Ilian? Rematch possibly? Also Ilian… man, that’s tough. That moment when he took the arrow… I was like, fuck.

    Stupid black rain. And the Octavia story arc= outstanding. She has come full circle now, the loss of Lincoln and seeing Roan go down, and being the only one who could stop Luna… and she does. I saw someone say this week she is queen because she won the conclave, and I was like yeah. She’s not the pissed off little girl anymore, she might make a pretty damn good Heda! And can we just say Jaha looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying himself when he tells Bell “it was her idea?” Like look, I’m not the alpha asshole here, I’m just the beta asshole! And I loved that Miller was like directing traffic lol. They’re all settled in, frickin bloodbath going on outside and Skaikru are all like hey check out our new digs man. where’s the gameroom and shit? Buncha a- holes!!! And yes! They could absolutely have opened the door once Octavia was victorious. O’s in a tough spot now. What will she do? They basically wrote her off and THAT’s gotta hurt. And Clarke and Bell- will Clarke come to her senses and save the day with Bell (and maybe Abby?) or will they go down to the wire opposed (she DOES have a gun on him in that promo, but I think she’ll fold). But if I’m wrong… ack. And the sad thing they might feel they have to top THIS episode, so who knows what crazy shit will happen next??

    Awesome recap Shannon.

    • You know, I was wondering the same thing in regards to Roan NOT taking the alliance with Clarke, but then making one with O. I wonder if it was because O was a fellow warrior? Or maybe Bellamy made him rethink his stance on not caring if anyone survived- I mean, to hear a brother talk like that about his sister…. Roan wasn’t an unfeeling man, maybe he realized what was on the line? But it WAS the last straw for Clarke, no question.

      And seriously- what the hell CAN they do to top this!? I mean… you can’t have your most epic episode in history reserved for episode 10… right? It’s scary!

      YEP for Indra for me too! When we first met her, I rolled my eyes HARD. Because she was just so willing to kill ANYONE and Lexa had to keep talking her down. But I’ll be damned if she hasn’t become one of my favorite characters. I really hope O doesn’t lose her too- I don’t think she can take much more. And SADDDD about Sea Mechanic. 🙁 Or Roan/Luna. Or half of my crackships basically. ?

      Good point about O and Echo- Bellamy will undoubtedly tell O what happened with Echo and Roan and him. She is NOT going to be okay with it. Though… admitting Echo was there also admits that Bellamy was there so… I bet they don’t do a damn thing about it, and make some kind of shady truce. I actually felt bad for Echo, even though she did kill Ilian, just because it showed how much she really did care about Roan. Her face when his torch was extinguished… oh the feels. I was so heartbroken for her even though I was pissed- I mean, he banished her, but she didn’t even leave, she waited for him.

      As for O… I seriously think that this episode was SO necessary for her. And I hope that now, she can heal. You know, after she gets into the bunker. Is it bad that I kind of hope she tries to throw Clarke out? ? I agree too about Jaha- he did look WAYYYY too smarmy when he said that to Bellamy. Like “oh, you thought Princess was good? Yeah, she’s just like me”. Fuck him. For real. I liked this season’s Jaha, until now. Because Clarke at least had the decency to look upset, like it was a decision that pained her. Jaha’s over there like “hahha suckers, Skaikru wins”. I think Clarke will fold too- I think this will be the time she finally realizes that BELLAMY is right- and will acquiesce power to him. Which would be HUGE in their story arc, too. ANd SERIOUSLY- even if Miller and everyone didn’t know what was happening… did they not realize that ONE OF THEIR OWN was out in a battle for THEIR CLAN, risking her life? Along with the goddamn Chancellor!? Is THIS Jaha’s move? To become Chancellor again? Because I swear it would be over Abby’s cold, dead body. And if they kill off Kane… omg I will revolt.

      And we still have NO idea where half the damn cast is! And there are only 3 episodes left! Where is Raven!? Still working on her spacewalk? Is Abby okay? Are Jackson and Miller an official couple yet? Did Bryan get floated offscreen? Will Monty convince the Death Partiers to get in the Rover? How about all those other clans!? And holy crap- they are back to 12 clans again, Flokru is officially no more. ?

      And thanksss!! 😀

      • It is scary. Makes you wonder what they *gulp* plan for the finale. And I think you may be right about Roan- it could be he was all eff you Clarke because he was sick of every agreement being shredded, but when the shit hit the fan he knew he needed help against Luna. Plus you can make a good argument that Bellamy DID impress him with what he said. I think you’re on to something there.

        I want Sea Mechanic! Cause it’s like the best ship name ever. But roan/ Luna might have been badass too, since who knew Luna was a Terminator? They have seriously pared the cast down though FFS. And yeah… I see what you’re saying about echo. I was so pissed at her after she stabbed O and all her shenanigans, but she’s just a Grounder lol. They all seem to do that shit. 🙂 But with roan gone now there’s a chance to really do something interesting w/ her character. What if they actually try to get her and Bellamy together? I know, I know, crazy talk, but… they’ve done weirder things??

        Agree about O. She went so dark, and Lincoln/ Pike… I seriously wondered if she would come back or just be ninja girl forever. Now they can really develop her again and she can contend w/ Clarke for a leadership role, which could be VERY interesting. And yes Jaha- can he ever just NOT be a dick lmao? I was starting to like S4 Jaha too but you know… I would never trust that motherf’er because he is ruthless AF. Which is kind of entertaining. :):)

        And I know- between Jaha being like all looking at maps and shit and Miller telling everyone to get cozy and explore their new home, I was like- fucking Skaikru. Can you be any more horrible? The Mountain Men almost don’t look that much worse at this point. And I NEED to see what Abby’s role is in all this. If she doesn’t go apeshit about them screwing over Kane I’m gonna be MAD. Speaking of… where is she? Is she at the bunker? Miller obviously arrived so Murph and Emori must be there, right? And yes what is happening at Death Party Weekend? This show is killing me…

        • Right? I feel like this is not… not going to end well, if the FOURTH to last episode had us losing 3 big characters. I think you’re right about Roan being sick of Clarke’s bullshit too- I mean, how the hell could he not be? Plus, let’s be real- I think her trying to become Heda REALLY pissed him off, because he was probably thinking that had been her plan all along, and that she didn’t care about how sacred that was to their people. At the end of the day, O was another Grounder, when Clarke clearly wasn’t.

          Sea Mechanic WAS a perfect ship name! Okay, here’s another: Raven and Murphy’s would be “The Cockroach and The Raven”, so there’s hope. And I DO think there is a chance that Echo and Bellamy will be a “thing” even though I REALLLLY don’t want it to happen. At all. Because Bellarke, even though I am pissed at Clarke at the moment. Like parts of Echo’s character I like, how she fought SO hard for Roan and such, but the betrayals… they aren’t great. And I don’t trust her inside that bunker, either. Though I am sure she’s going to end up there since she’s the leader of Azgeda now, right? (OMG she is the damn QUEEN OF AZGEDA, isn’t she!??! ???)

          OMG I LOOOOOOVE the idea of Octavia versus Clarke for power! LOVE. Here for that! And with Clarke’s shitty decision making… people would probably be for it too. And with Bellamy on her side… oh man, this could get goooood. And SERIOUSLY- I wanted to like Season 4 Jaha. Hell, I DID like Season 4 Jaha! You know, I think the biggest problem with him is, he NEVER lived among the Grounders. He was there for what, 20 minutes before he headed to ALIE Island? He spent THREE months there, and came back chipped. So he has NEVER really interacted with them, knows nothing more than the nonsense ALIE told him, which was… who even knows? So he has no connection, no reason to want to save them maybe? But still, it’s cold. It’s WAY worse for Clarke though- she lived among them for a LONG time- both as Wanheda in hiding, and with Lexa at Polis. She knew Grounders aren’t bad people.

          Abby is in the bunker- I am like, 99.9% sure? Because Clarke said she was there to Kane and Bellamy, and she’s in the preview talking to Jaha so… plus, they all went straight to the bunker after Becca’s lab, and she was with that group. But she’s FIGHTING with Jaha so… I think that means she is not okay with the plan. And yes, you’re right, Murphy and Emori are there- wonder how Emori snuck in though, kind of impressed that they even let her tbh.

          Like.. how are we going to see a resolution for this in only THREE EPISODES!? I just… it’s just so much to unravel in…. 126 minutes (I might have used a calculator for math I could do in my head, but shhh 😉 ) So there are… 3 groups in play right now, 4 if you count Raven, right? You’ve got Polis Outside Bunker, Polis Inside Bunker, Arkadia Death Party… and is that it? Is there anyone NOT in Polis, or did all the clans end up there? Speaking of, where are they staying? Indra must have a hotel and conference center. The Polis Marriott or something. ?

          • That’s a great point. Roan could respect O because she was fighting, and adopted the Grounder ways, whereas Clarke keeps trying to “save” them (and then her people screw it up lol. skaikru=fail?) You know they have flirted with the Bellamy/ Echo thing in the past, haven’t they? Imagine that happening… in the bunker… with Clarke and O in close quarters. Who kills who lol? And.. IS Echo queen of Azgeda now?? Gah that’s… messed up. And her in the bunker… might as well throw a grenade in there.

            Octavia vs Clarke in season 5 (or even before) would be AWESOME. Octavia has stepped up and Clarke is still like “I mean well but I end up killing people” so that would be an interesting dynamic. Octavia’s actually done something to SAVE people without the horrible choices Clarke’s faced, so I don’t know who I would back. I trust O more, you know, and I’d always be suspicious of Clarke because… well Clarke… but I know she means well too. And she’s had the hard calls. And I just want Bellarke too. 🙂 My personal canon endgame is Bellarke and Octavia running things, with Kane in an elder statesman role (and fuck Jaha lol). And Indra representing Grounders. 🙂

            And Jaha- yeah. He probably still thinks of them as savages (and frankly I did in the first two seasons – to some extent). Jaha was Mr. Vision Quest all that time and yeah he doesn’t know them as anything other than competitors for oxygen I suppose! Fabulous point- hadn’t thought about that.

            I hope Murphy pulls some shit i the bunker lol to upend Jaha and Clarke. He would enjoy that role. :):):)

            Polis Marriott lol. Fine accommodations. Although the skywalk to the convention center is sadly down for maintenance (like the rest of Polis). Repair time indeterminate (millenia perhaps?) They’ve got a book one night get two free though ATM- end of the world special. Great rates.

            And seriously though- this is one of those shows I find IMPOSSIBLE to predict. Which is one of the things I love. Most shows you can more or less have a feel where they’re going, but this one- NO CLUE. Raven, Death Party- I don’t know WHAT those people are going to do.

            • Seriously, maybe down the road we will find out that the literal translation of Skaikru is NOT “Sky Clan” but “Human Failures who Fell From the Sky because they are Failures”. I mean… it’s true. And YEP they really have flirted with the Bellamy/Echo thing- several times, really. Which in this show doesn’t ALWAYS mean something, but… it can. (Like Sea Mechanic meant NOTHING, sobs.) But seriously, Echo in the bunker would be BAD for business. Especially for 5 YEARS. I… honestly don’t understand how this is going to work. Not just with Echo but with EVERYONE cooped up in there for 5 years- especially Grounders, they’ve never been stuck somewhere like that.

              I LOOOOOVE your personal endgame! Like- Clarke just finally taking a nap somewhere after some rendezvous with Bellamy, Kane and Indra leading the place with O as a liaison. YEP, here for all of that. Jaha needs to be put in whatever the post-apocalyptic version of an old age home is. Indra probably has one. Called like… Polis Pines (modeled after Shady Pines in The Golden Girls, obvs), where all the elderly go to be taken care of. He can teach chess to all the old Grounders. Win-win.

              And I agree- I DID think their behavior was savage- especially at first. But that is why Jaha should have NO SAY, because he doesn’t know anything about them! You’re right- all Jaha has EVER cared about has been oxygen, which if you think about it, is a little weird. And I STILL don’t know what to make of Wells appearing in DNR. Maybe he really is losing his mind.

              I REALLY want Murphy to help Abby and Bellamy. I think he would, too- because remember when he told Emori that he was “working on Abby”? AND even though he pretended to not care, her saying that she had faith in him all along DID make him look really happy. So I think he will be Team Abby- and probably Team Bellamy for that matter, especially because Clarke did just try to kill Emori for a hot second. I am all about seeing Murphy help them out. No one would expect it either, he could totally sneak people in!

              BWAHHA nice, I might have to pay a visit if the rates are so low. I mean, plus, if at the end of my stay (which is also the end of days) I don’t want to pay, what are they going to do to me? Is Indra’s pool still open? I was hoping for some of those cocktails that Ontari made Murphy, too. Maybe Jasper can bring some drinks from Death Party. Honestly, Polis Marriott sounds WAY more fun.

              I love not being able to predict it either! It makes for a LOT of fun- because even if I spend time guessing/overthinking… I will probably never be right and it is so entertaining! I swear, if Raven floats herself and no one (Abby especially) gets to say goodbye, I am going to be PISSED. Is it Wednesday yet?! I need answers!

              • Do you think they’re going to do the 5 year gap? I think they have to if they go into the bunker and then Praimfaya fries everything, but what if they have a surprise up their sleeve and there’s a way that people can survive (besides Nightbloods I mean). Like another sanctuary or some kind of area where the storms don’t hit? Iffy I know but I’m wondering… will Raven find something in orbit that makes a difference? There’s gotta be a reason they’re sending her up there??

                Yes I think that’s a nice cozy arrangement *smiles* the council of smart people can also include Monty and Raven, Miller can be head of security, Harper can maybe be his second in command, and Jasper can keep living large and mixing the drinks. All win.

                How cool would it be if Murphy ended up being the catalyst for saving the day? Talk about an arc almost as epic as Octavia’s. The untrustworthy shit that they drove out ends up coming through. And I’d like to see him and Bellamy sorta be buds… kind of a callback to S1 but under VERY different circumstances! Like they’ve both grown up so much…

                • I REALLY hope they don’t do the 5 year jump. Like- we have been watching this show for 4 seasons, and those 4 seasons have covered about a 6 month time span. 6 MONTHS. And think of how much things have changed! We wouldn’t even recognize the characters after 5 years! I think there HAS to be another way to survive. The Raven theory is a good one! I am still holding out hope for the 4% of Earth that ALIE said WOULD be survivable- maybe Raven somehow finds that out from Becca in space or something! But then… how would she land? Hmmm…

                  YES can we PLEASE get a council of reasonable human beings? Though maybe the show wouldn’t be as exciting if the people running things weren’t constantly making terrible decisions ? Do Jackson and Miller get together? Because if so, I am IN.

                  I think Murphy and Bellamy teaming up to SAVE the people would be PERFECT- like a complete 180 from their first days on Earth. And I think they’d both do it too. Murphy is hardly the asshole he pretends to be outwardly. And Bellamy has shown how much he has changed of course. I think we got a preview of that in Perverse Instantiation Part 1, when they literally had to team up to save their loved ones, so it COULD happen! I would LOVE for it to.

                  • I do NOT want a 5 year jump. You’re right, the last 6 months or so have been crazy, they can’t just skip ahead 5 now and when we rejoin the group they’re all farmers or some shit like that. Uh uh, don’t do it people. I like the 4% idea- that works for me *rubs hands together gleefully). I want MORE mutants (freakass deer, batshit crazy gorillas, etc) and maybe Praimfaya could give us that? Less fire, more muties??

                    Jackson and Miller- yup. Bryan? Who’s Bryan? I don’t see no Bryan. 🙂

                    I would love for PI Part 1 to have been a little teaser of Murph and Bell working together. Plus having him back with the group would be awesome. He could snark with Clarke (and Raven… hmmm chemistry perhaps??) – oops sorry Emori that you had an “accident” lol guess we need a new love interest- and he’s such a wild card he NEEDS to be back in the mix. Besides he’s the only one who tells Jaha to fuck himself. Which we CLEARLY need more of!

                    • It would be a disaster. I like the idea of more mutant stuff, though I feel like those took a long time to… evolve? Still, there must be more, and it wouldn’t have killed them to show us some conjoined fish who killed Flokru or whatever. Parasitic head cats or some shit. Yes, why has no one adopted a cute, jacked up puppy or something? Ilian’s dumb sheep even looked normal. What a ripoff ?

                      Bwahahaha seriously, we can just pretend Bryan was never a thing. He was boring anyway, I didn’t exactly notice his absence (unless it was a Riley scene and I wanted to smash my head against the wall ?)

                      I wholly agree about Murphy. AND I know that he is involved in this episode and at least talks to Abby because I accidentally saw a still on Twitter. So… He’s involved, thank goodness. The trio of Abby, Bellamy, and Murphy? That’s unstoppable. And my new dream. OH! I wonder if he and Abby team up with Bellamy, Bell gets O and Kane and Indra (and Echo bleh) And then Abby and Murphy will go find Raven! Emori… gets eaten by one of Ilian’s rogue sheep with scales (half sheep, half trout, olé!) And sure Murphy’s sad but so is Raven and so they “comfort” each other ? And then go on triple dates in the bunker with Jackson, Miller, and Kabby. #Dreams

  2. I can’t say I cried while watching, but I was very on the edge of my seat. The title is seriously the best. I feel like it could have fit a couple episodes ago given the whole, er, Raven/Monty/Jasper/Harper situation.

    Let’s hope not though.

    No one would have listened to reason and let’s be honest, people will always want to watch (Fictional) fights with death and victors. THE GIFS, OMG. THE OCTAVIA AND INDRA CONVERSATION WAS EVERYTHINGGGGGGG. i hope we see more of the two interact next season again.

    I was hoping the whole Clarke/Roan alliance wouldn’t happen because I’m just tired of those alliances and I wonder if maybe she wouldn’t have done what she did at the end if he’d just gone with it.

    Gaia has been a favorite of mine this season, I hope she makes it to the next season…

    I kind of loved Luna in this epsiode. I already told you this, but I don’t blame her for not wanting to save any of those people (at least Skaikru) because NO. They’ve treated her so crappy since they met her. Why would she want to fight for any of them? Though you kind of have to be really selfish and hateful to not want humans at all to go on.

    That line, “You were the girl under the floor.” kills me, especially combined with “Use that. Just like mom taught US.”

    Ugh, feels.

    I’m glad Bellamy went in there even though he was totally risking his life. I have to say, I hated the sappy conversation with Roan he had about O. I love O, to death, but honestly, I’m not sure what makes Bellamy the lucky one? Like I really don’t understand. What has Ocatvia done that imples in anyway that Bellamy was the lucky one? I mean, other than just being related and knowing her and stuff. I don’t know. Just kind of annoyed me.

    Octavia killing Illian reminded of Clarke killing Atom and Finn. It did make me sad, but I’m glad he didn’t last because I was not feeling any possible hope of a relationship between those two.

    Yep, there was never a guess that it’d be down between Roan, Luna and Octavia. That black rain had such timing, I knew it would end up falling because of course, HIGH STAKES.

    It is such an awesome scene when Luna just stands there in the rain with the little “you died” trinket that I can’t remember the name of saying “The king is dead” Like how hardcore.

    I mean, minus the whole killing the king hardcore.

    I love Octavia’s constant “Where do I belong” feelings because they’ve been going since the first season. I knew she’d end up sharing the bunker because how could she not?

    And you know my feelings on Clarke. She sucks and I don’t have time to rant about her but just know, i hateeeeeeeeeeeee her.


    And omg, the people at the door. I bet the radiation kills them all before Bell/Clarke open the door because of course. SOMEONE SMACK THAT DARN GUN OUT OF CLARKE’S HAND. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK? THIS CRAP IS ‘HER’ FAULT. NO ONE TOLD HER TO GO TO THE BUNKER AND LOCK IT DOWN AND CAUSE A PANIC. GOSH, SHE’S SO STUPID. “What I have to, like always.” Yeah, your life is so freaking hard, Clarke.

    Ugh. Her face just irritates me now.

    • I need to know what is happening at Death Party! When I first heard this title, I DID think that would be what this was about. But the actual quote is from “Doomsday is near; die all, die merrily.” – Henry IV, Part I (c. 1597), Act IV, scene 1, line 133. So it makes sense in context and I freaking LOVE IT.

      I agree, O and Indra talks are everything. Indra is the mother O always needed and O is the daughter that Indra was missing. Not that she doesn’t love Gaia, but theyre so different! And I agree- I am glad there wasn’t yet ANOTHER Azgeda-Skaikru alliance. I was over them hahah. Apparently, so was Roan 😉

      Yeah Luna was so… broken, I guess. She always had been. They made her kill when she didn’t want to, and honestly, I don’t think she ever let that go, even when she told Murphy she had. And as for Bellamy’s speech, OMG it was EVERYTHING I cannot believe you didnt love it! He wants her to know how much he loves her- despite everything, despite the fact that she blames him for Lincoln’s death, and that he is like, proud of the woman she’s become. GAH I am tearing up just thinking about it!

      OOOH good comparison with the Clarke mercy killings! You’re so right! I agree that Ilian’s character didn’t really have much of a place to go from here, but it was still sad, because I think O DID care for him- not love, but she did care. And she knew he died for her, I think.

      I LOVED how this was just Octavia’s episode through and through. It DID all lead up to this. She’s just…. so different than the girl we first met. And it has been a hell of a journey for her. I was legit sad that Roan died, but I also don’t know where his character could have gone from here either, at this point unfortunately.

      Clarke… UGHHHH. Like I said, I GET why she took the bunker. But why did she LOCK the bunker? It doesn’t even make SENSE. And I think part of the problem is that she DOES take all these decisions on herself, and then fucks it all up, and then beats herself up and then says she’ll do better next time but she doesn’t DO better, she just does… more extreme, desperate shit. She needs a nap and a stiff cocktail and to let someone reasonable take over.

  3. You know The 100 going off soon is gonna kill me, between that and Riverdale finishing up THIS week… I’m going to go into withdrawal. Yeah other stuff is coming back, but these are like legit my favorite shows right now. It’s going to be a LONG wait… they need to have 100 conventions or something. Okay anyway- “conjoined fish”, “cute jacked up puppy” lol love it. Yes to the mutants! But yeah why were Ilian’s sheep normal? That’s disappointing. It’s like they went there with luminous butterflies or whatever and that fucked up deer (good grief that was a mess) but then they totally forgot about nature gone wild. And were the Reapers all killed or are they still out there? Were they just like a small cult, not their own clan or anything? I feel like there’s a lot more of that kinda stuff they can show us.

    I LOVE love the idea of Raven and Murphy “comforting” each other. Sorry Emori. How badass would THOSE two be as a couple? And the triple dates are awesome. Maybe Monty & Harper could go too (does that mean I’m getting used to that duo? I… don’t know). o.O And Clarke and Bellamy can spend the 5 years in the bunker deciding if they want to be together lol. Niylah could run a little cafe in there (and you know, Niylah and Echo are available if Bellarke can’t get their shit together, which realistically they don’t seem to)! Ah the possibilities… but yeah Abby, Bell and Murphy #dreamteam

    • UGH I cannot believe that there are only 3 episodes left. I… don’t even understand. Like, didn’t it JUST start? And then there was a 4 week hiatus? Howwww? Incidentally, they DO have The 100 conventions, but in like, Vancouver. Which… is far. And cold. (Last year it was in January and I don;t even understand.) They had one in Paris too, and Berlin, but again, not exactly a day trip ? I will be going through withdrawal too- so bad.

      It IS disappointing, because in Season 1 there was the promise of all kinds of stuff, and then in season 2 they even showed us humans with the effects of the radiation, and now it’s just… Emori’s hand. That’s all we have. One kind of odd hand. Where did Zoran go? I wish he came back. Maybe he’d make Jaha human again for a second.

      OH! The Reapers! I was thinking about them earlier, it is SO funny that you mention it- but when I was thinking about how badass tunnels would be (and they would) I was like “but wait- where’d the Reapers go?”. So, I think, HUGE plot hole here: Cage makes the deal with Lexa, freeing her people. BUT the only reason that Lexa agreed to team up with Clarke was because Clarke could…. un-Reaper the Reapers, right? Well.. she broke the alliance. Clarke didn’t help her. The Reapers were never set free because they were REAPERS. And then all the Mountain Men died… but the structure was still in use, obviously, until Azgeda and Emerson had it blown up. But they never could have just come and gone from there while the Reapers were alive! But suddenly Lexa no longer cared that they were there? I am angry about this plot hole. Need more info, stat!

      I think you probably are getting used to Monty and Harper, because I am too. Mostly because I like that Harper is more of a badass than Monty and I love it, but also because I think it might be the only thing that SAVES Harper at this point? But she needs to get her shit together before she can go to Bunker Dinner Date. No one needs her dragging down the fun. Raven and Murphy would be epic- all fighting, then… decidedly not fighting, then back to fighting. I love it and I need it.

      I think Bellamy and Clarke NEED 5 years to decide at this point. They are such a mess. Bellamy is clearly going to be all kinds of pissed tomorrow, and I don’t blame him. I bet THAT is when/why he sleeps with Echo! Niylah better open up a shop. I mean, it will house the cafe where the Bunker Dinner Date will go down. Unless Indra wants to run the restaurant, but someone needs to let her in the bunker first ? Is she bringing Gaia? I bet Gaia and Jaha will make them go to Cultkru Church every Sunday. Jaha probably even has his own holiday by now, St. Thelonious Day, in which he makes everyone watch a video he made on that iPad highlighting his best moments as Chancellor. You know, now that I think about it, the off-season could be VERY if we decide to just create our own ridiculous bunker society instead of waiting for the writers… ?

      • Vancouver in January? Gack… what the? they need some right here in the nice Midwest where I can go without spending thousands of dollars lol. Oh well…

        I forgot all about that deal with the Reapers. wouldn’t it be awesome if they showed back up? I NEED that to happen. Otherwise yes- huge plot hole and I can’t believe they let something like that go. Hmm.

        *nods about Harper and Monty* I’m sorta getting used to it? And oh my gosh yes a relationship with Raven and Murph would be a riot- let the snark fly. They would drive everyone in the bunker nuts. And Gaia and Thelonious would probably get along swimmingly- Jaha does tend towards the fanatic… and I still want to know how that fucking iPad works lol.

        We could fan fiction the crap out of the bunker! And they need to put out a map of the bunker so we know where everything is 🙂 I’d love to see a schematic of that bad boy.

        Okay… I’m getting ready to watch the new one. You’ve probably already seen it… I can’t WAIT. I’ve avoided Twitter all night for spoilers lol… here I go…

        • Right? Not spending thousands of dollars would be… well, necessary hahah. Yeah we need to know about the Reapers, because you are right- it IS weird that they’d let something that big slide. Hmmm.

          I think we have to like Harper and Monty now. GAH. Assuming you watched the episode by now? I have feelings. Most of them are stabby. And where WAS Gaia, speaking of? Can we float Jaha? And if Raven and Murphy doesn”t happen I am going to be pissed at this point because all the other people I had in mind for her… well, they’re all dead, so.

          The iPad should NOT work. For so many reasons. I mean, there’s no wifi, unless Indra installed in her Subway, but even then, Jaha shouldn’t have access to it ha. Then there’s the fact that it’s 150 year old technology. And by all accounts, it should be dead. Like anything else that is 150 years old.

          We do need a map of the bunker- or at least to see more of it than the entrance, one little bed, and that Office of Stupidity where Clarke and Jaha call home.

          I assume you have watched it by now, I am dying to know what you thought of it. Um no pun intended. This show, it may kill me.

          • OH MY you know what… this fucking show. Fucking Jaha. I hate him again. And I about threw my phone at the screen when *FUCKING* Miller came in all yes sir Jaha sir. Fuck you Miller lol. They shock baton’d Bellamy? Seriously?? More like Millr should have taken Bell’s side, seems to me. Don’t they all know Jaha’s an ass by now??? And Kane is chancellor? And I thought that older guy (is it Miller’s dad?) was head of security- did they throw him in the brig after he shocked Kane a few episodes ago? Is that why Miller thinks HE’S all in charge? *sputter*

            Okay *deep breath* the bunker is apparently huge. Lots of tunnels (yay) but no other apparent ways in, so I guess we’re not going to get Reapers (boo). Murphy could have freed Bell but didn’t. So I briefly hated him along with Miller. Clarke just sat around making agonized faces like “what do i do” good grief first of all shoot Jaha for starters. Man she was kinda indecisive in this one- like she WANTED to do the right thing but was afraid? And Octavia was AWESOME. “Is that your plan to wait for Bellamy” and she was like- yup. He’ll come though. Fucking awesome. Especially when Indra said ok and backed her up. And even Echo said okay.

            I saw on the internet last night after the show that Jaha is not coming back for S5? Does that mean… you know? 🙂 You just know he’s gonna pull some shit in the last two episodes. But thank God Octavia and Indra (and Kane) got in the bunker. She’s got a shit ton of Grounders in there now, so hopefully they can handle Jaha. Oh and did you notice how the grounders sort of picked their survivors in a remarkably civilized way? Skaikru really is the worst.

            I loved when O said Bellamy has a spot, and you figure the rest out. How could they pick Jaha at this point? And Harper finally came to her senses (she irritated the piss out of me last night)! And did they kill Japer??????????????

            Oh one last thing. The bunker holds 1200 right? O took 100 from each clan (there are 12 clans?). How is there room for 100 Skaikru? Am I embarassingly missing something on the math?

            • I agree. Jaha is the WORST as usual, AGAIN. I cannot with his bullshit. The BEST line of the episode is when Bellamy says “You know what? I must have missed the election that made you Chancellor again.” BECAUSE SERIOUSLY. Like legit who died and made him Chancellor, because Kane is STILL ALIVE assfaces.

              And MILLER. Fuck Miller. Kane was THERE for Miller non-stop and THIS is how Miller acts? I mean, he basically turned into one of Pike’s soldiers last night. And DAMN IT because I wanted Murphy to be a GOOD DUDE and instead they had to drug his ass. I dont think ANYTHING happened to Miller’s dad after he shocked Kane which is not good. But Kane was too worried about Ilian and O I guess? And then Praimfaya. This is such freaking ANARCHY, my goodness.

              Clarke UGHHHHH fuck her too. Like, she wants a cookie for NOT shooting Bellamy? I really hope Kane reminds them all that this is OCTAVIA’S BUNKER and she can do whatever she wants with it, including kicking EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM out. I love that even Echo knew there was no way in hell Bellamy was leaving O to die. I still bet Bellamy saves her. He looked like he wanted to last night, tbh.

              Jaha’s not coming back!? HOLY SHIT. Like for sure? I mean… that makes me really sad on some levels, but also kind of glad because I am sick of his nonsense. You are SO RIGHT about the Grounders picking their people civilly and Skaikru just throwing fucking tantrums all day- because that was basically the preview for next week. It should probs be called “Skaikru’s Tantrum”, not “The Chosen”. I swear, if they have a fucking LOTTERY for real, I am going to throw MY phone at the screen because that is STUPID. And what about Raven, Harper, and Monty? I am so SCARED for all three of them.

              Even though YES I was so mad at Harper for most of last night (til the end). Is… is it bad that I had an evil smile when Riley died? Like I legit cried through most of this episode, except when Riley died, I was eerily calm and I felt like the worst because I was just so relieved? But Monty had such a good point- like they lost their water source over Riley and he offs himself!? That is BULLSHIT. And I mean, sure I guess Ilian could have blown it up but STILL.

              And JASPER. I am so mad about Jasper. Like. UGH I know people on Twitter and shit are up in arms because they think the show was insensitive about suicide and PTSD but… isn’t it kiiiiind of realistic this way? I mean, you really CAN’T save someone who doesn’t want to be saved, and like.. Idk. But I didn’t want Jasper’s arc to end this way. I felt like his character deserved more, a better end at the very least- some kind of closure? Idk. I mean, I don’t think he would have been chosen in the bunker anyway, so I am not totally against him going out his own way before the radiation came (this is more of a euthanasia discussion than a suicide one, IMO) but… I wish he had found some peace before. Maybe he kind of did, I just wish it had been… more.

              And Raven and Sinclair KILLED ME. When I saw his name under “guest starring” I lost my shit. I was like a kid on Christmas hahha. I looooove Sinclair and that was just.. GAH. My heart. But now… how does Raven get out? She’s got physical limitations and such… my only hope is that Monty picks her up. Maybe Jaha sacrifices himself for Monty. That would be a fitting end for him.

              OH and as for the clans- there are now 12 INCLUDING Skaikru- because when Luna died, so did the last of Flokru. So Skaikru, who was the 13th clan, is now the 12th clan.

              I have to rewatch this episode, I feel like there was stuff I haven’t even registered yet!

              • That was the BEST line. I was like fuck yeah, I actually wanted Bellamy to assault Jaha at that point or have him arrested. Instead they arrested BELLAMY the dumb shits! The security people at this point are nitwits and totally out of control- Octavia better do something about that. Put fucking Indra in charge of security at this point. Miller and Murphy were both SO disappointing… and Miller’s dad I don’t think we’ve seen him since that Kane incident have we? Weird.

                Clarke. I’m SO disappointed with where they took her. I’ve always been a Clarke fan even when she did fucked up shit, but last night was the first time I’ve even been really pissed at her character. But it would have been all different w/o Jaha. Without him she probably would have agreed, at the very least, to open the door and let Octavia and them in, even if she didn’t want to let grounders in. I mean O wouldn’t got for that, but my point is Jaha was the hardliner who even CUT THEM OFF when they were talking on the radios. He seriously needs to be ejected from the bunker.

                As far as I know the Jaha news is legit. Here’s a link to EW. I don’t know if the show has confirmed it or not though? Grain of salt I guess.

                I LOVED it when Riley died! Don’t feel bad lol. Good riddance POS. And Jasper… I admit I’m kinda glad he’s gone because he’s been (at least to me) an ass and a downer for 2 seasons, but I agree he deserved so much more as a character. I used to love Jasper and seriously though he and Monty were like the heart of the show in some sense- they have tragically underused him for a while now. I was writing my review and went on a bit about how it’s about giving up vs fighting on even when hope is dim, and they wrote him out as giving up which I think is a shame for that character. Whereas they took Raven (thank goodness) in the opposite direction. And Sinclair- YES! I smiled when he showed up. 🙂

                I think Monty picks up Raven and they get there in time. Hopefully they’re selected. It would suck for Harper lol if she finally decides to be saved, only to have them say sorry we don’t need ya. And wasn’t it hilarious how Death Party were all running around in their skivvies? I noticed they managed to get Harper and Bree (I think that was her) with as little on as possible. And thank you! That totally makes sense, Luna was the last of Flokru. Guess I forgot that. I actually think if they go through with only 100 of Skaikru surviving and the rest dying, that’s kind of a gutsy move to make. I hope they do. I can think of lots of people at this point they can throw the fuck out lol.

                This really was an awesome episode. They’re killing it this season.

                • GAH right!? I mean, Miller was on Bellamy’s side since the FIRST EPISODE, WTF!? I know Murphy and Bellamy’s relationship has been strained BUT he hates Clarke SO much more so… why? And I agree with you completely about Clarke. I have defended her even when everyone else hated her actions, but THIS? This isn’t “saving our people”, it’s cowardice. And she couldn’t even follow through, which makes me think that she KNEW it was a bad call from the start, and just went along with it anyway, which is weaker than she has ever been. Usually at least she stands up for what she believes in, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

                  I’m… sad about Isaiah? I mean- I think we are all over Jaha at this point, BUT first of all, leaking that info gives us all spoilers that we didn’t necessarily want, so they probably should have kept their mouths shut. I mean, I guess we don’t know *how* he will die, but still, it kind of sucks that they allowed it to be reported. Like they didn’t even let Zach announce his new movie until AFTER he was dead!

                  I also agree about the Raven versus Jasper parallels- I think it was a good call for this episode. I am trying to write my recap now, and I just… it’s hard! Because I know a lot of people won’t miss the assholey Jasper, but I feel like he should have had SOME closure before he died. It was all just wayyy too fast, even for poor Monty to process. And let’s be real, Jasper brought a bit of levity to an otherwise VERY bleak show, and that will be terribly missed.

                  Harper, Monty, and Raven better all be in the damn bunker. Or I will throw things. Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, Kane, and Abby better be in there too. And Indra. Everyone else can probably go float themselves 😉 I agree, I hope there are only 100 Skaikru left too, BUT I don’t really need it to be a bunch of randos either. So if they could kindly NOT have the randos in the bunker, that’d be super. I mean, there’ll already be 1100 Grounders we don’t know since they killed all our friends last week. I don’t have time to be getting to know a bunch of new characters in Season 5. Basically, I don’t want a bunker full of Rileys, is what I am saying.

                  • Miller- I’m still pissed at him. And Clarke- totally agree. This has plot trumps character all over it. They wanted a standoff and a Bellamy is alone story so they twisted what I think Clarke and Murphy at least would really do. You’re right, Murph is not a fan of Clarke but now he’s all let’s work together. And they use Emori as a pretty flimsy excuse… I mean you can make that case, but I don’t know. I don’t see Murphy making that call.

                    I feel bad I mentioned the Isaiah news, sorry!! I just assumed it was out there when I saw it on EW but when you didn’t know, I was like oh shit. 🙂 I don’t want to be that spoiler guy. It would have been better not to know because we could have been all shocked lol. Although reading the article again I noticed they’re not ruling out guest appearances, it’s just that he won’t be a regular? So maybe he goes into the wilderness but will show up from time to time?

                    Absolutely right about Jasper! Somebody has to smile or crack a joke once in a while! Good grief it’s a grim show. And I honestly don’t know how Monty works w/o Jasper. That must be why they hooked him up w/ Harper, which frankly I STILL don’t see but they seem to be doubling down on it, so… and yeah some closure would have been nice. Too fast and they don’t even get to lay him to rest, it’s just all race for the bunker. I don’t know, I totally get what you mean. He deserved more.

                    Good point about the randos. As it stands there will be a TON of new faces- that could suck? Are they going to develop a whole new supporting crew? Somehow I don’t see that, so maybe something happens. Course other than the main crew we don’t know a lot of Skaikru either. Miller’s dad disappeared, the Death Party kids are gone (guess Bree won’t be showing back up lol) so it will be interesting to see where they go from here. As much as I hate her, imagine the drama if Echo manages to get in there.

                    • I am SO TORN on this episode. I agree with you, I don’t see Clarke or Murphy making those calls… except… it IS such an intense situation, that I feel like almost ANYTHING can be forgiven in the spirit of “holy shit, the world is actually ending”? (Except Jaha, that can’t be bwhahah)

                      And nooooo don’t feel bad at all! Since you mentioned it, I saw it all OVER the place- not just on Twitter, but in like, actual news! I just think that the show should have like, banned him from talking about it honestly. But you’re right- he could NOT die and just show up in other capacities but… I highly doubt it. Tbh, I want his death to be redemption anyway, so I hope this is the end. I hope he sacrifices himself for one of our faves 😀 Like- how he almost did for Kane, only… this time it’ll happen. OH! Maybe- maybe Clarke will try to leave the bunker to make space for someone else, Jaha will push her back in at the last minute and take her place? I LIKE IT!

                      UGH the Jasper thing… I know it is stupid, but I rewatched it and cried again! (Fine, I am crying while making GIFs too, I’ll admit it haha) You are right, I don’t see how Monty works without Jasper. And even in his last moments Jasper was making quips- how can the show survive without that? Those little moments made the awfulness seem a little less awful.

                      I was wondering the SAME thing about the supporting people- because THREE main cast members died/will be gone by the end (Zach, Devon, and Isaiah). That has NEVER happened. In Seasons 1-3, ONE main cast member died in each season. AND we already lost several secondary cast members in Nadia and Chai. And I HIGHLY doubt we’re done with death, unfortunately.

                      I assume Miller’s dad will still be around, I HOPE this means that Jackson starts to get more of a story, AND I bet Chelsey and Jarod get promoted to main cast if they both live (which will make you happy 😉 ) But where is Bryan!? They’re just… not telling us? Bree is dead (Not even a little sorry) bUT I think that Echo WILL be back. Because they almost NEED her drama at this point. She is one of what, 3 Grounders we know who are still alive? Indra, Gaia, Echo… I can’t think of anyone else. Niylah, but what even is she now? She’s just… hanging out in the bunker? Whose 100 people is she part of? I am so confused!

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