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Review Policy

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Rating System: I also do half-stars, but I’m sure you can get the gist! 

5sSo amazing, I loved it, want more of it, and am still thinking about it days later. Evoked emotion, and was basically one of my favorite books.


4sReally good book, definitely would recommend. Maybe had a minor flaw or two, but overall, a really great story.


Pretty good, but not my favorite. Still definitely worth reading.


2sWasn’t really feeling it, probably would not be recommending it.

1sDefinitely did not like it. Big flaws and/or completely uninteresting to me. Would not recommend. 

 0sSo abysmally bad or downright offensive, this book should not be consumed by humans. (I don’t think I have ever given a zero star review before, but I’m sure there’ll be a first time for everything!)


DNFI did not finish this bad boy. For reasons. (Yes, I will explain them, as well as how far I made it in the before deciding to call it quits.

4 responses to “Review/Rating Policies

  1. Hello! Love your site. I was wondering if you might be interested in reading and/or reviewing the first book of my Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy, Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset. It’s a fantasy trilogy that crosses genres: it’s done well in Young Adult categories on Amazon, especially Book 3, and could be considered New Adult or even Adult, as well. If you’re interested, I can provide a pdf, epub, or mobi copy for you. Or you can download a free copy for your Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader. My publisher and I have recently released a revised, expanded version of Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset, and I’m looking to generate further interest in it. In case you’d like a little more info, I’m including a link to the book’s Amazon page.
    Thanks for your time, and have a great day!
    Sarah Ashwood

  2. Clarissa Field

    I really like your clocks review system. I’ve browsed several review sites, and I always appreciate a clear and visual message of the book. Most sites don’t offer that.

  3. My name is Karen Glista. I am seeking a book review on my novel:
    Chasing the Red Queen
    Book blurb:
    Donja Bellanger, suffering after the death of her father, finds herself in dire straits when her mom takes a new husband. Forced not only to move to a strange city, but to share a room with her glamorous, new stepsister, Makayla Hampton, her life spirals out of control.

    Makayla lures her from goth to glam, straight into an exclusive club, not only for wealthy elites but Immortal Descendants. Donja crosses paths with Torin Mancini and he’s too damn handsome to be real.

    Torin, who has concealed his identity as a powerful ancient sprit for eight hundred years, sets his eyes on Donja; there’s something about her blood, something he can’t walk away from. He’s not alone. A deadly predator has picked up her scent.

    Stalked, she reaches out to Torin, but the lure of her blood has him on edge. As Torin battles his heart desires and feelings he thought buried and gone, one thing is clear: they have as much, if not more to fear of each other than the predator who would have her life.

    Is love enough? Can she accept him for what he is and better yet, can he control his hungry, hungry eyes?

    A beautiful love story with relentless action, elite battles and steamy moments… unforgettable

    Thankful for your time and consideration. If you would consider, I will send Mobi, Pdf, or hard copy.
    Ya, New Adult

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