Who is this person?

I decided that I would answer questions (that no one actually asked me). It is kind of like I am talking to myself, but shhh.

So, uh, who are you anyway?


That isn’t very helpful. 

Sorry, you really didn’t specify the context. I write the things around here. And I like you for stopping by. Unless you just said “this blog is the worst and this girl is pissing me off”, in which case, I take it back.

Okay, well, what is this blog about?

Books. Bookish things. Anything really random that I have to get out of my head. I guess the two words that are most appropriate are “bookish randomness”.

What kind of books, specifically?

Young Adult, generally. And before you get sassy, I realize I no longer qualify as “young”. But I like it. And I read pretty much any genre, as long as it isn’t too fluffy. Too much fluff makes me queasy.

Why a book blog, anyway?

I ask you, why not a book blog? Because I like to read, and I like to share opinions, and I like to discuss these things with this amazing community.
 (In case you didn’t know, they’re kind of the best.)

What else do you do?

Like, in life? I wrangle two small humans for half the day. Don’t worry, I spawned them myself. Then I do this blogging thing. There’s reading, of course, and not nearly enough TV watching. Also, not enough sleeping.  Never enough sleeping.

Can you tell me some things you like so I can decide if we are compatible?

 I mean, okay, but I am sure we will be. I like The Hunger Games series, The 100 (the show), traveling, which I wish I got to do more of, sleeping (see traveling), spending money I don’t have on books and bookish things, and you know, doing this blogging stuff.

Okay, thanks. Any last words before I get the hell out of here? 

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  1. Hi Shannon. It’s nice to meet you. I found you via Twitter. Your blog is too perfect though. I love the design. I’ll be doing some more snooping around though. =)

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