The 100 Episode 3×07 “Thirteen”


Welcome, welcome! In case you missed last week’s recap, it was over at Amber’s house. You may want to read it, because it’s very funny, and if you have seen this week’s episode, you will know why you need laughter back in your life. Because this one is not going to be funny, folks. 

 Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! Like, our SPOILERS have spoilers this week. It is kind of a big deal. 

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking still photos from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show.

Now, let’s do this! Episode 3×07: Thirteen

In which I will never be okay again. 

Look, this episode gutted me. That’s the bad news. The good news is that aside from the fact that I may never stop crying, it was really well done. I was scared even from the start, because Amber had told us that Twitter was already losing their actual shit.thirteen

But then it ended, and I understood why they were losing their shit, and I could not form  thought in the head any longer.


But, we have so many feelings. SO MANY. 


In which Holly and I sob, and Amber is an emotionless cyborg.

Baby Got Backstory

Before we get to all the tears. We finally are getting the story of how this hellhole came to be! I was so excited for this because I love a good history lesson. Even a fictional one. 

Meet Becca. She’s the one closest to us. Those two in the background are her coworkers. Oh yeah, and they’re just have a nice look-see at the world ending. No big.

Certainly the right time for an “Oh SHIT” moment. 

Our good pal Becca invented ALIE. But ALIE was sick of Becca’s shenanigans and went rogue. And not Sarah Palin style. Apocalypse style. But guys! It’s cool. She has a plan. ALIE 2, of course! The coworkers are like “Bitch please, no one is trusting you again. And by no one, I mean all seven humans still in existence. Which you caused.”

Sure lady, you keep telling yourself that.


Oooooh right. Incidentally, we got more of that guy from The Bunker Diaries.

Anyway. So, she locks everyone out, refuses to float ALIE 2, and basically gets her entire station blown to smithereens. She doesn’t even seem sorry? She escapes, after uhh inserting ALIE 2 into her own neck? Because that’s what normal people do. Then she grabs the last ship to earth and waves to all the people she’s going to kill.. again. It’s kind of her “thing”, no?

Ah, Home, Sweet Hell Hole! 


I suppose these will be questions for another episode. Really, they don’t want to give away all the answers at once! 

Clexa, At Last and the Last

We didn’t have a lot to say about this because… well it was really sweet and then it was really awful and the feels. 

Clarke is getting ready to go back to Arkadia, because of the usual Grounder/Skaikru nonsense, but she wishes she didn’t have to. Because Lexa.

But she doesn’t have to leave at that exact moment so…


MY. FEELS. Alycia Debnam-Carey is just so good in these scenes. Like, epically good. 

I shipped the hell out of it, for as long as it would last, and I knew it couldn’t last forever, but I had kind of hoped for longer than three minutes?

Murphy vs. Titus 

Titus thinks that Murphy knows stuff about ALIE, or ALIE2, or who even knows what. So he beats the actual hell out of him. That’s not very nice. But Murphy never stops being Murphy, because who else tries to piss off the dude beating them up?

But really, Titus wants Clarke out of the picture, because he thinks Lexa is distracted. So he uses a very abused Murphy as bait to lure her in. As you do when you’re a batshit crazy old man who thinks that a computer chip is religion.

And this happens. 

May We Meet Again

I’m just gutted here. So I am going to use mostly GIFs because I cannot word. 

I cannot. SOBBING.

“In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey on the ground. May we meet again.”
– Clarke

In the end, Lexa realized that Clarke had been right all along. 

And… words fail me.

The Aftermath

When I was sure that I was just going to sob my face off, the show threw a curve ball. As usual. 

Um, WHAT NOW!??! 

So of course we have questions. And lest we forget about our friends in Arkadia… what the hell is going to happen next week!?!?


Are you super sad too? Did you ship Clexa? Did this episode break your damn heart, and then leave you reeling? Do share! 

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13 responses to “The 100 Episode 3×07 “Thirteen”

  1. I am the oddball out because I never really was a fan of Lexa, but she definitely started to grow on me. Though, with that being said, I was still so upset when she died. I still cried. The thing that pisses me off the most is that I ship Clarke and Bellamy, but you can see how Clarke chose…obviously Lexa. Now that Lexa is out of the picture they are going to try and push her and Bellamy together and that’s not what I want. She should have chose Bellamy as is, not because her other lover just died. Like, she doesn’t have a choice or whatever. I definitely think Lexa deserved more, she could have battled it out…or something…but I can see how the writers kept it like this so they could show us the A.I. without so much chaos going on.

    This episode was just so freaking crazy and next week is going to be so insane. I agree, the “you’re dead to me” is happening next week.

    • I didn’t like her last season, but I loved her this season! I think because like, I knew Bellarke was not happening, and she and Clarke had this… bond. I don’t know, I just started to really love it, even though I knew it was temporary and would break my heart. I think Clarke was not going to be with Bellamy now regardless. Because of just where they are in their stories. SO, I think it worked out well in that respect- PLUS hopefully they give her AND Bellamy time to grieve for their respective lost partners. Even though Clarke will need longer to heal from Lexa, Bellamy is going to need time to heal from all the shit he did with Pike. AND he and Clarke are going to have to repair their friendship first too.

      I feel like they’re going to give us a different romance- hopefully having nothing to do with Clarke OR Bellamy- to hold us over 😉

      I also think that, contrary to popular opinion, Lexa’s death was handled well. I know everyone thinks she deserved this epic scene, but I liked it better like this- we see her, in her last moments, as loving, and vulnerable, and with so much heart and soul. I really think that so much of that would have been lost in a battle scene. (And now I am crying again.)

      And I am SO scared for next week. My heart can’t take much more!

  2. This episode… I’m glad this post is up so I can vent. Ha ha no it was well done, agreed. Except for like, killing Lexa! I will miss her… so much for Clexa. Bellamy you’re up LOL. And how freaky was it when Titus took the AI thing out of her? Eff that- all twitchy appendages and shit… oh and I totally did not see the date. Cool!

    I hated Becca in record time. The first couple minutes I was like oh poor her, her project went rogue, how awful would that feel to DIE bitch you killed everyone!!! This show makes me hate people 🙂

    I was happy to see on the promo Kane hitting Pike in next weeks episode. Yes!!! Hit him again Kane! And how awesome was it to see Indra and Octavia going out all “I’m gonna kick ass and chew bubblegum”? This season is killing it at the moment after a shaky start. No one is safe on this show. Awesome recap!!

    • Thanks!! I agree with you, the AI thing… WOW. Never in a million years did I see that coming! But in a sense, it was maybe GOOD that the AI thing happened, because it kind of shook me out of the drowning in tears that was happening. Otherwise, I may not have ever stopped crying, basically! ?

      Becca… wow. I didn’t even know what to make of her. Like, on one hand, she seemed kind of remorseful, but then… then she left her friends to die, and I am pretty sure she’s batshit crazy so there’s that.

      And I feel you with the hating of ALL the people. Because in a typical show, there’s about five to six people I do not hate. Usually some combination of Kane, Octavia, Clarke OR Bellamy (usually not both), Lincoln, and pre-Jaha Raven. The only GOOD thing about this episode is that it was Pikeless AND Jahaless, and that is something we need more of.

      I LOOOOOVED the Indra piece! I actually had a really fun GIF to use, but I didn’t even know where to put them in the conversation, since it was such a short snippet, so hopefully I can use it next week! And I cannot WAIT for Kane to hit Pike! Obviously, I want to be the one to punch him in the face, but I guess I can let Kane have this one 😉

      And I am with you- things just got all kinds of interesting! Definitely not boring anymore!

  3. I had to skim the post to avoid spoilers, but I so need to catch up so I can have in on these discussions. You guys are so entertaining, and I want to join the fun! I was actually spoiled on twitter by someone, (I shall name no names, none of you guys though) and I was debating on whether or not I will continue. I’m currently binge watching The Walking Dead, which has taken over my entire life, so I’ll have to wait on catching up on The 100!

    • CATCH. UP. Because the spoilers are EVERYWHERE- Amber got spoiled on Twitter before she got to watch the episode because she’s an hour behind!

      So the BIG thing was spoiled then? UGHHHH Assholes. I seriously hate people. Like, I get talking about the ending of say, Harry Potter. But come ON, this show just aired like, a couple days ago! Give people a chance to catch up! I’ll grab my voodoo doll 😉

  4. To be honest, I’m super sick of Clarke. I kind of just want her to go away. So I didn’t really care when what happened, happened. Although, it’ll make for some good political intrigue – if they go that direction. But Clarke better not become the next commander or I might just give up on this show. I’m sick of seeing her face xD Otherwise, this season is defintely picking up!

    • BWHAHA that is funny! I was sick of her last season, but then when she stopped whining and started actually doing stuff, I was okay with her.

      And WHOA- good point! I hadn’t even thought of that possibility! That would be CRAZY! I want it to be Octavia!

  5. This was simultaneously my favorite and most hated episode of the season. Most heated obviously because Lexa died, but favorite because they handled her death and the romance so well? Or maybe just because Clarke and Lexa had a lot of screen time and they connected all the AI stuff to the grounders’ religion. I LOVE THAT YOU SHIPPED CLEXA EVEN IF IT WAS JUST FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES. I remember talking to you about it last season when you were all NOOO and I was all YES PLEASE. 😀 I… am seriously upset Lexa died. I did think they handled her death well, but I’m just really going to miss her on the show. I loved watching her and she was so badass while simultaneously actually working for peace unlike ANYONE ELSE. I mean, even before Clarke showed up, she made all the clans hug and kiss instead of fight and, even though we never really got to see that and it didn’t seem as big of a deal when it was mentioned first because we didn’t care that much about the grounders then, it seems like it would have been a HUGE frickin’ achievement. And I loved Clarke and Lexa because they were just so well balanced and… IDK it just fit. Plus, they looked good together haha. And then the AI thing what the hell. Personally, I don’t think the writers will just throw Clarke at Bellamy now, they’re way to good for that. Though I guess it proooobably will happen at some point, but right now I’m REALLY not feeling it as opposed to last season.

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