Snark From the Ark: “The 100” Episode 2.8 “Spacewalker”

Ever since season two’s premiere, Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight  have been obsessing over The 100. Flailing and fangirling and ranting over Twitter. Some might say we’re addicted, but we’re okay with that. The 100 isn’t a show you can just forget about after you watch an episode. And it’s been known to cause some of the most passionate shipping in TV history. Whether you’re Team Finn or Team Bellamy or Team Lincoln, it doesn’t matter. The show is about more than romance; it’s about survival, the blurring lines between right and wrong, and hope and love in the face of disaster. And this is what has had us hooked since season one, among the craziness that is the twisted plot and the amazingly portrayed character relationships. And our obsessing over the show led to the greatest idea in the history of ever. Snark From the Ark, a feature in which we recap the episodes and get more people addicted to The

Welcome to this week’s Snark From the Ark! Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight are mildly obsessed with “The 100”, and need to flail and fangirl after every episode. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the fun! As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So either watch the episode, or use this to catch up! Also, I haven’t gotten around to changing my little icon button, so enjoy the look of the past design one last time, on account of my lack of time/laziness. **Update: I am still too lazy to change the design. I’m not even sorry.**

SERIOUSLY… ALL the Spoilers Ahead. DO NOT READ THIS until you watch, or unless you’re cool with spoilers. You’ve been warned! 


Okay, so your thoughts on last week’s episode?




square Well. I have very few coherent ones.

Just mainly a lot of dumbfounded “what the hell just happened?!”
I may have had to rewind the DVR to see if my eyes were tricking me.



I never saw that ending coming!



squareNope, me either. Especially when Raven started eyeing up Murphy.  I was sure my prediction was going to be right.





My mind went in a completely different direction!
I thought Raven would sacrifice herself for Finn.




I did too at one point, when they were showing the flashbacks of how HE sacrificed himself for her. I was convinced she was going to repay the favor, hence why we hadn’t seen much of her.
But then when she went for Murphy… I figured she had just found a better way.


Yessss. And you know how he always called HER Spacewalker? I was all OMG IT’S GONNA BE RAVEN. THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT RAVEN. I CAN’T BREATHE.I tweeted about it and ended up being wrong. But omg, I was scared the whole time.



Ohhhh! I hadn’t thought of that! That is a good catch! NOW, Finn goes back to being the good guy, which is nice, but he is gone which is even nicer.




title5That was actually a beautiful sacrifice. I’m glad he had a good ending. I still liked him, even after everything.



Me too. It ended up perfectly. Of course, Clarke now needs serious mental health counseling.
And the next episode? Remember Me? It. Will. Be. Brutal.




I was honestly not expecting that. UNTIL she started walking over and I knew. I knew she would use that sketchy knife.



I didn’t even know then. I figured she’s stab Lady Leader, and then chaos would ensue, and we would only know that SOMEONE was dead.




I could see it in her eyes and her expression and when she kissed him goodbye.
But I am SO nervous how this will affect Clarke!



squareIt is going to put Bellarke on hold for sure.




Grrrrr. That makes me upset.
Though, I do understand. I do.




squareAnd Raven is going to be so, so pissed.

Oh, I bet they fight!  Bellamy will be in his glory.




Yeah, she’s gonna wanna kill Clarke. Like ASAP.

Everyone else understands why she did it. But Raven won’t.

I think Raven’s gonna go crazy now. Or at least give everyone hell for it.
Maybe Wick can console her with some napping.
Oh my precious Bellamy. I didn’t get like anything with him in it in the last episode. My heart hurts because of it.




He was pretty much useless, in fact.
The girls were coming up with all the plans and Bellamy was… there also.




title5Stop it, Shannon. It wasn’t his fault, okay? Stupid 100 writers didn’t want to give him any lines.
The episodes always need more Bellamy. Remember when they were full of him in the first season? I NEED THAT BACK. Well, not asshole Bellamy back. Just more of him.



Yeah, I want him the way he is now, but in a larger quantity. He should have been stepping up somehow. Though I guess the focus really couldn’t have been on him, because it was so much backstory about Raven and Finn. Now that I think about it, you are right- they DID prep us for a Raven-Finn “who’s dying?” finale.



They did! And then they took it away!
Also, I don’t know, I feel like they were giving Clarke and Raven the leadership role because they both love Finn and would do whatever it took to save him.



squareI think so too. I am actually kind of surprised that Raven even let Clarke take the lead. I guess with her leg, she had no choice.



I was surprised too. I thought for sure Raven would be all over it.
But you know? I really enjoyed having that backstory on Raven and Finn?
HOWEVER. Why have so much backstory on Finn and RAVEN if you let the ending be all about him and Clarke? That made no sense. I mean, I know Raven wouldn’t have been able to kill him. But still.


Right! That was my issue with it. Unless it was showing us Finn’s true character, and Raven just happened to be part of the story? Maybe that was their angle?




Maaaaybe. But it didn’t feel like it.




No, it didn’t. And to be honest, I would have liked Finn and Raven’s relationship to have mattered more in the end.




Like I said, I was totally prepared for a Raven-Finn smackdown on who would be sacrificed. I was not expecting it to be Clarke.

Just no. I wanted the ending to be about Raven and Finn. Sorry, Clarke.



I mean, you risk death for someone, and then BAM, you’re in love with someone else?I wanted them to end up like, really loving each other, no matter if it was romantic or not.




 title5I mean, I know he supposedly wasn’t in love with Raven anymore, but she was his family.

And I know that the leader knew Clarke, but I thought Raven should have gone. 




I just don’t buy that you can be THAT enamored with someone and then like, only months later be completely out of love with them and in love with someone else entirely.
I agree. Raven should have. They knew her well enough.




Not to mention, there are different types of love. So it’s not like he still didn’t love Raven.




Very good point. And frankly, he knew Raven better, no matter how you slice it. He was only in Clarke’s presence for what, a few months max?




Exactly! And she knew him better than Clarke.




Yes! Clarke barely knew him at all. Except biblically.





But I do get it. Sort of. I mean, Raven would have not been able to kill him, and so he would have been cruelly tortured.
And I don’t think the writers really wanted her to take his place.


squareThat is true. She never would have done it. She would have started a war.





 title51And then they would have lost all of that peace and been back to the beginning.
Still, though, they could have done it with a goodbye from Raven. She could have gone with Clarke or something.



squareYes, Raven should have had a chance at goodbye. Maybe she will get one in the next episode.




 “Remember Me” sounds like it will be all about Finn. Again. Can’t we just leave him be? 




I bet it isn’t though. I bet he is like, in the heads of everyone as they make decisions.
Like they try to make decisions that show that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.



Like actually making peace with Grounders and moving forward with this attack on Mt. Weather?




Yep. In the preview they showed them all sitting around that table, discussing crap.




I bet THAT will be filled with tension and hostility, especially if Raven is in the room. 




Oh yes. Because she now kind of hates BOTH sides. I bet Bellamy will be key in bringing her and Clarke back on good terms.



Oh yes, because apparently Bellamy is the peacemaker now. Who would have thought?
Okay, but we have to talk about that stupid half-assed plan of the Ark people giving Finn a fair trial. Did they really think the Grounders would be okay with that? Obviously, they were in denial.
Sure, they needed to explore all options. But seriously.



Well, come on, the Arkian adults are not exactly known for their reasoning skills or common sense
Plus, wouldn’t THEY just have to kill him? How is that helping anyone?



Exactly! He MURDERED 18 people! He would have been put to death.
They would have just prolonged the inevitable.Unless, of course, they’d planned on not ever doing it. Which would make them hypocrites and bad people and WHY DO WE GIVE A FUCK ABOUT FINN.



That sounds like Arkian logic to me!




They had probably hoped that with the war on the Mt. Weather people, they wouldn’t have had to do it.



 Yeah except the Grounders never would have HELPED if they hadn’t killed him. Morons. I am glad Clarke and company never, ever listen to them.






Bwahaha. I love that no one except Raven seemed to remember his spacewalking stunt either. I mean, they still think it was him! And yet they’re willing to keep him and sacrifice hundreds of others? But they won’t help the 47 kids at Mt Weather?
You know, the 47 kids who didn’t go on shooting sprees?





But I really loved those flashbacks and how we saw that he had only been making a dream of Raven’s come true. It made him seem like season one Finn.
The 47 with whom we have no idea what is happening to them.



 Oh absolutely! I am so, so glad that we got to love him again in the end. It made his death so much more meaningful. And of course, made me cry so much harder.



 title51You cried? Well, I must be heartless because I didn’t. Maybe if it had been Raven saying goodbye I would have felt more sadness.



I am a crier. I did, and not just at the end. I cried through the flashbacks too.
I’m pretty sure I cried during a Toyota commercial




What else happened in this episode that is worth mentioning?
Maybe the meeting between Abby, Jaha, and Kane?
It’s just like the old days!




Ah, the good old days, when they were being stupid and yelling at each other.
Seriously nothing else happened in this episode. At all.
It was really good, don’t get me wrong.
But the focus was just on one plotline this week.



 title51And backstory on Finn and Raven, which still makes absolutely no sense considering where the ending went. But whatever. I’m more interested in the new episode and how everyone’s going to cope with Finn being dead.



Agreed. Now that they have killed of a MAJOR character, what happens next?
Something pretty big is going to have to go down to compete with that.



I’m sure the Mt. Weather showdown won’t disappoint.
or a Raven-Clarke showdown. I feel like that’s gonna happen sooner or later.



Oh for sure. It has been a long time coming. Since they both only seem to nap or want to nap with the same two dudes.



 And clearly Clarke needs to nap with Bellamy to catch up with Raven. Make it even, ya know. No other reason..



Exactly. And Bellamy and Raven shall NEVER nap together again. It skeeved me out the first time and I wasn’t even a Bellarker then.



Same here. She just wanted to feel good, but it made her feel worse. And Bellamy didn’t want to tell her no and make her feel crappy about it.



I know, it was kind of sad. Because um, awkward.
Poor Raven. She got dealt a shitty hand all around.








It’s true. I mean, Clarke has her mom, and the admiration of every single human on Earth (and in space, for that matter). Raven is so alone, especially with Finn gone.



And Wick nowhere to be seen.She needs him now more than ever!




Dumbass. He should be there!
But I guess he is an adult, so he was off somewhere with his head up his ass like the rest of them.



Bringing age into makes it sound like Raven and he would be illegal.
OH WAIT. She’s 18. Duh. It was said in that episode. She was older than Finn.



Yep, I suppose Raven was technically the illegal one ;)  Wait, isn’t Bellamy over 18 too?





I’m assuming, since he was in the guard and all.



No, I agree. I mean, that’s what I tell myself about my future romance with Josh Hutcherson, so it’s fine. Age is just a number.







Well, that got off topic quickly! So we have decided the following: 
  • Finn has been redeemed.
  • The adult Arkians are dumber than ever.
  • Raven apparently drew the short straw of life.
  • A lot of cast members had a week off this week.
  • Josh Hutcherson FTW.

Predictions (These are mine, Holly says she’s got nothing, except a Raven-Clarke rumble!) 

  • I agree with the imminent brawl.
  • Bellarke will be on hold for at least a few episodes, save a platonic hug or two.
  • Lots of annoying exchanges between the Grounders and the adult Arkians, with Clarke and company trying to mediate
  • Jasper finds out that they used/killed blonde-what’s-her-name. Plots ridiculous escape that will be immediately foiled.
  • Who will be the Chancellor? Expect a lot of nonsensical campaigning.
  • Clarke will wrestle with her demons, and Finn will appear in flashbacks/dream sequences.
  • Linctavia will have to carry the romance for a few episodes.
  • A new cast member will come into play (I just think they need someone new, especially since they lost a main character).
Your turn: what do YOU think is going to happen in January? And please, by all means, share your theories with us. Because we have NO clue what is going on! And um, how are we supposed to survive the hiatus exactly?

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    • Yes you do! I have heard that the book is VERY different though, so be prepared! I have the book, and the second book, but I am contemplating waiting until AFTER the show ends to read them. I almost don’t want to confuse the two!

  1. I didn’t get their defending Finn so vehemently, I mean yes he used to be a good guy but ‘good’ people don’t just spazz out and murder 18 innocent people including kids. I know this might sound bad, but I was with the grounders, he deserved to die. (Not how they would’ve killed him though) I didn’t see Raven using Murphy coming. I’m starting to like him. I didn’t connect the Raven spacewalker thing, good job. When Clarke went over there I knew what was going to happen. I am not looking forward to watching the adults bicker. I want action!

    • RIGHT!? It doesn’t make an ounce of sense. I mean, I am not big on capital punishment in general, but in this case, when literally the lives of every other person you know depends on it, yeah, he’s got to go! I agree, I am not looking forward to the nonsense that is sure to come!

  2. I love this whole post! To be honest, I haven’t finished Season 1 yet but I do get the feel of what has already happened in Season 2. I keep waiting for Bellarke to happen already. It might spur me to binge-watch the episodes I haven’t seen yet. 🙂

  3. In all honesty, I found this episode a little boring. While the Raven-Finn flashbacks were sweet, it is rather confusing that Raven didm’t then have a bigger role in the episode. And I really felt like the flashbacks more represented the old Finn, and in my mind they didn’t really say too much about the new Finn, so they didn’t affect me all that much.

    And I agree, there was far too little Bellamy in this episode for my liking!

    I also really want the Mt. Weather storyline to advance next episode! You can only take so much of the Arkians arguing.

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