The 100 Episodes 3×09 “Stealing Fire” & 3×10 “Fallen


Welcome, welcome! In case you missed last week’s recap, here you go! 

 Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! 

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking photos and video from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show. And whoever on earth knows how to make GIFs. Which I vow to learn one day.

Now, let’s do this! Episode 3x:09 Stealing Fire

I hate this fucking episode. There, I said it. What else can I even say? I just want to rage out on it and pretend it never, ever happened. I mean, I guess I will deal with the other nonsense first. And then just dissolve into a puddle of my own tears. Sound good? 

Ontari, I think I hear Ice Nation calling…

First, Clarke and Murphy have some time to… decompress, if you will. Murphy has become so human-like, you’d almost swear he was a real boy!

In seriousness, I freaking adore him this season. 

Clarke and Aden share a couple sweet moments remembering Lexa too. He assures her that any of the children who are chosen will be loyal to Clarke and Skaikru, because those were Lexa’s wishes.

Obviously this isn’t going to end well. I liked what little I knew of Aden, but it’s pretty clear that a young child isn’t going to end up with a lead role on this show. But instead of him just not becoming commander, he had the misfortune of Ontari’s arrival. She shows up with Roan because she has Nightblood, whatever that even is, and claims that she wants to be included in the choosing of the next Heda. Okay, sure, we can work with that. Except oh wait, she has another plan…. 

Let’s set this straight: She. Beheaded. All. The. Children. 

So… she’s crazy as fuck, right? Well, good thing Titus has a plan! It isn’t the best, especially for Titus, but here’s the gist:

  1. Give Clarke the Commander chip and send her to Luna (who if you may recall, leaves at the beach or something. I picture Club Med, no?)
  2. Stick Ontari with… Murphy? Ooookay then. So, not the plan I would have chosen. But I think Murphy intrigues Ontari, and she seems to be a difficult person to surprise, so I guess that is good news for Murphy. He also seems to almost understand her. But hopefully not quite, because that’d be messed up. 
  3. Kill self in the bloodiest, grossest way that I did not even know was possible on network television. He then proceeds to gurgle for a while, stumble around the room, fall backwards into a bathtub, and then choke on his own blood some more. Good times in Polis as usual.

Back at the Camp of Horrors….

The three fellows sentenced to death would prefer to not die. As you do. So there’s another plan, because shit, they always work so well! I don’t even understand the whole plan, but Octavia comes in, and Bellamy is sequestered by Indra, and Kane, Lincoln, and Sinclair are going to escape out a window or some nonsense with the people who helped them (because Pike will know they’re traitors by this point). 

I’m going to go ahead and guess that’s a no? Also, Harper is kind of my favorite right now. 

Kane wants Abby to stay out of it (Kabby FTW!) but of course she isn’t going to just go ahead and let Pike kill these guys (especially since she clearly has feelings for Kane, but I think she would have done the same for anyone). 

So as they finally break free from Pike, and are basically out the window. But Monty’s Fucking Mom alerts Pike. Can I tell you how much I hate Monty’s Mom? Like she has to be my most hated character ever. Anyway, Pike announces that he’s going to kill the rest of the Grounders if they don’t turn themselves over for execution. Most of the party is out the window already, and Kane beckons for Lincoln. But you can see it in Lincoln’s face that he is never going to go. (Plus his mom spoiled it on the Twitter soooo…) Octavia has no plans of letting him go alone. So he injects her with some crap that makes her go limp, and Kane carries her off and it is about the worst thing I have ever seen. 

Reshop, Lincoln kom Trikru.

GAH I cannot do this. I can’t. You know what happens basically. Use the GIFs to piece together the rest.

No one can handle this kind of pain. Not even technology. 


 Episode 3x:10 Fallen

JALIE takes control, Jasper holds the fate in his hands?

Raven is being quite beastly and trying to fight off ALIE. ALIE taunts her by saying that she never will be able to. ALIE cannot even fathom why Raven would want her gone. 

Oh, right.

Jaha suggests that ALIE… “force” her to by bringing back all the pain she took away. So Raven goes into seizures and ALIE takes over her body. Because of course she does. Meanwhile, Abby and Jasper are searching for a way to stop ALIE. Basically anyone who isn’t involved with Kane is now part of the City of Light, save Abby and Jasper. So “Raven” (controlled by ALIE) slits her wrists and ALIE says she will let her bleed out if Abby doesn’t swallow the pill.

So she does. And Jasper finds Raven, and vows to get her the hell out of there. So he does. With a jeep, and ALL of what is left of Arkadia following him in a ALIE/Zombie state. 

FakeHeda Ontari

This is getting silly. Her advisors want to proceed with the “Listing of Names” but she can’t because she isn’t actually the commander of anything. So Murphy decides that she needs a fleimkepa too, since Titus offed himself to prevent her from ascending (well, that and he had given her flame away, but whatever) so why shouldn’t some random prisoner be her fleimkepa?

That is oddly sound logic… so there’s that?

Then things just get weird when Ontari gets naked again. And she wants Murphy, obviously. Even though he looks like he hasn’t bathed in months and is chained up. Good times. Now, there’s a lot of controversy around this scene, a lot of people saying that Murphy was raped. And I just don’t agree. He waffled- he didn’t know if he wanted to do that to Emori, but you could see he was thinking about it. And then when Ontari started like, pushing him kind of, I swear there was like, this grin and look in his eye like yeah, he wanted to do it too. Maybe I am wrong, and if I am wrong, then hell yes it was rape! But it isn’t on my DVR anymore, so feel free to discuss this further below.

Into a Cave, Out of a Cave. 

Kane and his execution preventers are hiding out in a cave. Conveniently, it’s the same cave that Indra had kept Bellamy locked up in. Family reunion time! Oh wait…

Who could blame her?

But Bellamy knows how badly he has screwed up. He won’t let anyone stop her and just takes hit after hit. He knows that she needs to break down, and it’s like some kind of humanity is back in him. But then, the radio sounds. Why, it’s a call from Monty! 

Oh dear. So Kane and Octavia head out to meet Monty, using Bellamy as leverage in case it’s a trap. Is it a trap? Even though Monty’s mom told him to run? 

It’s freaking Monty’s Mom, of COURSE it is a trap. I hate her so much. Monty is betrayed. And now Pike wants to take his prisoners back to Arkadia. And Here’s Bellamy offering to lead him to the cave. What the hell, Bell?

Jus drein jus daun.

That silly Bellamy, fooling Pike. Such rascals, the lot of them. Bellamy drags them to the Grounder border, and then lets all hell break loose. Then Kane and the Blakes stop the Grounders by explaining that they are there to deliver Pike. For of course, Blood Must Have Blood. 

Guess who’s back? Back again? Clarke is back, tell a friend.

Welp, this should get interesting in a hurry….  she jumps in and they are on their way! 

So, what are they going to do to Raven? Is she going to get the Commander chip? What about Pike? Is he really going to die, or does Ontari not really give enough fucks, and wants him to destroy his own people and save her the trouble? What do you make of all this?

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10 responses to “The 100 Episodes 3×09 “Stealing Fire” & 3×10 “Fallen

  1. Emma Rose

    I was so pissed off what ALIE did to Raven! I was literally screaming at the TV and my husband TRIED to tell me to calm down. How can I calm down when they were doing such horrible things to her??? And Abby…I wanna punch Jaha in the face so much. I just hope he doesn’t end up as chancellor again or everyone is royally fu* ked. Plus, Monty’s mom needs to die.

    • I was furious too! I couldn’t even watch, I had to keep looking away. Jaha is such a mess. As chancellor, all he did was killed people basically, whether by accident or on purpose, it was still a mess! And Monty’s mom… NO WORDS. She is not winning mother of the year this year ?

  2. I don’t really get why Murphy is allowed to be Ontari’s like new advisor, seems like that wouldn’t fly, but I know it’s a plot shoehorn- and they do have a fun dynamic. Ontari’s kind of a trip. And yes Harper is the best. But yeah 3×09 is pretty terrible. So… 3×10. Are all the Arker’s stupid? First they follow Pike, they they al for City of Light. I mean, are any of them worth a shit? Geez… I don’t think Murph was taken against his will. If I remember right he smiled and said “the things I do to stay alive” or something. Nice to see Clarke back- and yeah Monty’s mom, Pike or Jaha, I don’t know who I hate more .Yes I do- Jaha.

    • Yesss exactly! Murphy feebly protested and then smiled! I feel like people read so much into every single action on this show and sometimes it just is not an issue. The whole Ontari thing IS kind of ridiculous, but I guess since she’s kind of in charge…? No idea haha!

      And goodness, you are SO RIGHT about the sheer stupidity of the Arkians. Like maybe they’d be better off wandering into the ocean or something and letting the kids and Kabby take over. Go home, Ark adults. You’re clearly drunk.

      If I HAD to choose someone to hate most… Jaha is more annoying and stupid, Pike is more evil, but I think someone ate Monty’s mom’s soul so…. ?

  3. I LOVE your recaps. They’re frickin’ hilarious. So… a lot happened. I KNEW Bellamy switched sides when he offered to lead Pike to the cave, but I wasn’t entirely sure what he was up to (I’d draw a comparison to a Harry Potter scene here, but I feel like it would be underappreciated so I won’t :D). I still haven’t forgiven Bellamy yet though – I appreciate the thought (sort of? It did end up in more death), but he still went on a killing spree and let Lincoln and the others die, sooooo. And I’m not even going to address Lincoln because WILL THERE BE ANY OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS LEFT BY THE END OF THIS SEASON DAMMIT.
    As to Murphy… that scene made me uncomfortable and I do think it’s rape or at least dubious consent and here’s why:

    – Murphy said no. So… yes, he was considering it, but he said he doesn’t want to because there’s someone else. Whether he’s tempted or not, doesn’t really matter in my opinion (he definitely was), because he still made the decision not to, which means he didn’t consent.
    – He knows she could kill him at any moment (and he’s seen her kill multiple times with little to no provocation) and refusing to sleep with her would have given her a good reason to snap, so there’s a very obvious power imbalance and not of the consensual sort.
    – and yes, at the end he did grin and sort of sarcastically said the things I (we?) do to stay alive as if he was into it, but in my opinion it doesn’t really matter because 1) at that point he already knew he’d have to play along either way and 2) he’s not usually the kind who sees himself as a victim, so I could see him deciding that if he has to do it anyway, he might as well make the most of it, so to speak, and to focus on the part of himself that was tempted. So, like, I could see him not even admitting to himself that it’s rape so he doesn’t have to face the consequences? I mean whatever shitty thing happens to him (and he caused enough of those too, so I’m not trying to defend him generally), he usually tries to shrug it off and make the most of the opportunities he has.

    So yes, I understand why it could be interpreted as him just being into it, and he might have been, but to me it was nonconsensual either way. As to what the writers were actually trying to say, I have no clue.

    • I do see what you are saying about Murphy. I agree that she shouldn’t have threatened him, that’s probably what crossed a line for me. But I guess like, he feebly said no, and then changed his mind to me, and like I said, I could be wrong! But I feel like he’s allowed to change his mind (not like he was married to Emori or even knew if she was alive), and you can tell there’s an attraction between him and Ontari, but I DO wish that she had not mentioned the whole power thing. It would have been much less ambiguous.

      I haven’t forgiven Bellamy yet either. But like you said, everyone else is dead, so I guess he’s better than the adults ?

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