The 100 Episode 4×13: Praimfaya

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Are you still crying? I am (shocking, I’m sure). Praimfaya has come and gone. Look, I won’t lie, I had trouble even concentrating the first time I watched it because I was so freaking scared the whole time. But damn, you have to appreciate this Delinquent-centered finale. It was quite epic, and I loved  the relationships and character focus, while still being the action-packed show we’ve come to love. Honestly, I will never not be impressed that this show’s writers can deliver both insanely strong characters, relationships, and plot episode after episode. 

I’m also pretty much gutted that we have to wait EIGHT MONTHS to know anything. And worried because damn, six YEARS is a long time. 

Prepare for Launch

We pick back up where we left- ready to rocket back to space. Bellamy is making contact with the bunker, telling Octavia where they are, what the plan is, and saying their goodbyes. It made my heart happy and sad all at once, as usual. Bellamy gives O the talk she really needed to proceed as a leader in the bunker. And they’re finally, finally back to where they were- maybe even better than before, because they’re more equals now. Bellamy sees O as a full-fledged leader in her own right, and it’s kind of everything.

But then the radio goes silent. Not only can Bellamy not finish his conversation with Octavia, but Clarke can’t say goodbye to Abby at all. She is understandably devastated, and it’s heartbreaking. But Bellamy is there for a hug, and it is perfect, of course.

No, you’re sobbing.

Spacekru needs to get ready to go ASAP, though. There’s only 90 minutes for them to get the rocket ready to launch. Which is a little weird, because didn’t they start with 9 hours when they got to Raven? They should have probably started working on this already? Though Raven did say that the radiation accelerated, so maybe they had less time than they thought. So she explains a bunch of sciency ways they can die, and how nearly impossible it will be, and Bellamy asks her what they need to do, because enough freaking out, let’s get on with getting to space.

So everyone gets a job, and off they go to try to get off the ground in 90 minutes. I am sure nothing will go wrong ?

Meanwhile, in the Bunker…

Indra is there to give Octavia another pep talk. I love their dynamic so much. Are Gaia and O going to be actual sisters by the time this is over? I hope so. “Mommm, Octavia ate the last of the algae tarts!” Here for it. Also here for as many Indra pep talks as a 42 minute show will allow.

Anyway, O is still concerned about her ability to lead, but between Indra and Bellamy (her fam, I swoon), she is able to go out and deliver a message to the bunker. She tells them it’s going to suck, but they’ll make it, which is nice.

We do at least get a few glimpses of people who are in the bunker. While we didn’t see Kabby, this was a Delinquent narrative after all, so I am glad that we saw Miller rounding out the remaining Delinquents. And standing by Jackson, obviously. They showed us a glimpse of Niylah and Gaia, too. Probably so I can continue to ship Octylah in the off-season. Also, I saw a Grounder in a cable knit sweater and it made my night.

But after that, Praimfaya hits Polis, and we see complete destruction on the camera in the lab. It’s awful, and I hope all the Bunker Rejects were dead before this hit. Maybe Mr. Miller led a gathering expedition to the woods to make Niylah’s Jobi Tea. In my head, she shoved the recipe in his pocket as the Grounders took them out the door.

Overdue Delinquent Bonding

We start this episode of Space Bonding with Monty and Murphy, who somehow in four seasons have never interacted with each other. That is… almost impressive? Anyway, they get to go to the Lighthouse Bunker to get the oxygen tank together. And since they have never spoken, and Jasper’s death is still fresh, Monty is still pissed at Murphy from that time a year ago that he wanted to kill Jasper when he was speared. I get it, because Monty is definitely still reeling from the loss. But luckily, Murphy simply isn’t that same guy anymore.

So they get there in a reasonable amount of time, locate the tank, and all is going just swell, until neither of them could get the wires out with their big ass radiation gloves on. So because Monty is a true hero, he says “fuck radiation”. Ha, just kidding, it’s Monty, he says shit like “Bob’s your uncle”, but he is still badass.

Of course Monty may never regain use of his hands. They looked a hot mess, literally.

Murphy doesn’t want Monty to use his hands to pick up the oxygen tank, but Monty insists. Murphy can tell he’s fading, so he tries to get Monty to chat about girls. I feel like this is the most adorable slumber party ever, and I want all the Murphy/Monty moments in the future.

I mean, then Monty passes out in the snow, but it’s fine because Murphy is awesome and is going to save him. Best. Slumber Party. Ever.

Bellamy also has a little bonding moment with Echo too, as she is scared out of her mind. And while it seems twisted, I like Echo so much more because of her fear, because of her vulnerability. For a hot second while she was playing with swords and paint, I was afraid she was going to kill everyone. But no, just herself, and my heart broke for her. She’d been so devoted to Azgeda, to Roan, and now without them, and the thought of going into space, it was just too much. But Bellamy talked her down, and she rejoined Spacekru.

The Head and the Heart

As it was screamed all over the place, I think quite a few of us knew that Bellarke was going to be separated in this finale. It didn’t make it hurt any less, I assure you. But they at least gave us some truly lovely and epic Bellarke moments to cry ourselves to sleep at night during the eight months of torture we’ll be undergoing until Season 5. There was The Hug, and now there is The Talk.


But then, shit takes a serious turn, because Clarke is convinced that Abby’s premonition from Becca/ALIE was right. Which… Clarke, hi, you never actually died in that premonition. You just got a case of the Radiation Pox. Regardless, she wants to tell Bellamy stuff and I fucking can’t okay? I sobbed while making these GIFs so you had all better appreciate the hell out of them.

Nope, not okay, never will be okay again. 

Decisions & Sacrifices

With only 53 minutes remaining, Raven faces a catastrophic problem that could derail everything. The communications system is down, which means she cannot open the door of the Ark remotely, and there is no way to get inside with no power on the Go-Sci Ring to open the door. She gives up, tells the computer to stop the launch sequence. Clarke tries to talk her down, but it’s no use. This is a problem for Bellamy to handle, and I love that.  I love that this show plays to the strengths of every character.

This triggers a memory in Raven, of how ALIE actually was on the Ring, when Raven and Monty were in Arkadia trying to activate the kill switch, but ALIE transferred remotely from Polis to the Ring. Raven now has a plan, but it involves Bellamy and Clarke walking a mile to some kind of satellite thingy. Only Murphy runs toward the lab, freaking out because he has carried this crazy heavy tank, and also Monty is passed out in the woods. So we knew how this would go down: Bellamy helps Murphy, and Clarke runs alone.

Clarke gets to the satellite tower with no time to spare. She might have made it back, but if she wants to turn the power on, she has to manually do it from the top of the tower. She will not be able to make it back, not even close. So she decides so save friends and sacrifice her own life. Clarke has been making the toughest choices since the moment she arrived on Earth, yet this one was almost easier in a sense. She got to make the choice about her own life instead of someone else’s, and it was clearly a no-brainer for her.

And speaking of choices, Bellamy now has to decide whether to go without Clarke. Raven tells him they’re out of time, and they have to go now, or not at all. Even Emori begs them to wait, and it is so heartbreaking. Monty looks at her empty seat, and it is so awful. Too awful. Even Murphy looks like someone ran over his puppy. None of this is okay. But the worst is when Clarke watches the rocket launch. I cannot even imagine that kind of feeling.

She gets down just as the death wave closes in, and shuts the lab door, but she’s been quite radiated, and I was so scared, because I legit don’t think anyone on this show, even Clarke, is safe.

Spacewalk to the Ring

And… we’re back where it all began. Of course, not without problems. Raven gets to take her spacewalk, and Emori and Echo looked like actual Santa Claus just landed in space, which was fun. But their oxygen level is critical, and it takes Clarke several more minutes to get the dish straight. Bellamy has unwavering faith that Clarke will get it done, and again, gutted. By the time they get inside, they have basically no oxygen left and are forced to share. Bellamy needs Monty to tell him what to do, and luckily he is able to connect the oxygen and then pass out. But when the oxygen starts up again, all our little Spacekru lovelies are okay.

Also here for Murven becoming a thing.

Bellamy is looking out the window, much like Jaha did when he was alone up there in Season 1. He even found the empty Baton bottle. #ThanksJaha Then, Raven comes to talk to him. Every minute of this broke my heart into pieces.

This is the song played in that scene, by Tree Adams, which is on the official soundtrack and makes all the tears fall on my face.

Six Years, Seven Days Later…

Shannon: I really, really do not want a 5 year jump. I can’t handle it, okay?

The 100: Roger that. Here, have a 6+ year one instead.

Shannon: I am not amused.

Definitely not okay.

When I saw that on the screen… my jaw dropped, and I don’t think it ever picked itself back up? My heart dropped too, because why is Clarke still alone? Where are my babies? How must she have felt, mostly alone in the world? We don’t even know when she found Madi, only that they’ve been together for some time and are now very close. Oh, and she talks to Bellamy Every. Single. Day.

Also can we just appreciate Clarke’s look here for a second? Great, you may return to your tears.

But then! Then something is coming down from the sky! And just when I think this show doesn’t hate me and exist on my tears, it’s not Spacekru. NOPE. It’s freaking prisonersFrom a ship with name Eligius Corporation on the side, a ship called Gagarin.

That’s not going to be a huge problem or anything. 

Clarke looked so hopeful, got Madi up, and then… NOPE. Sorry, no happiness for you today.Of course, this ship was not random, as nothing ever is really. Anyway, the Eligius Corporation was mentioned in both Echoes and The Tinder Box. Abby and Jackson have this little chat in The Tinder Box:

Jackson: Abby, listen to this. According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as Nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company.

Abby: Mining?

Jackson: Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given Nightblood to protect against solar radiation.

Abby: Hmm. Nice of her to share that with our ancestors on the Ark.

 So… we are left with that. No Spacekru, no Bunkerkru, just Clarke, Madi, and a ship full of unknown prisoners (or their descendants). And no, of course I am not okay.

Season 5

I’ll just be sobbing in the corner for the next 8 months or so if you need me. I seriously can’t with my emotions. I know this is probably not a particularly stable response, but shhh. Let me drown in my feels. Okay. A few things:

  • The only people we saw (in more than a quick flash) in the bunker were Octavia and Indra- because like I said, this was a Delinquent centered episode. And I love that they didn’t exclude O in that narrative. But beyond that? We’re in the dark as much as Clarke is. Did Abby forgive Kane? Do they have seven Kabby babies? (I mean, I know she’s…older, but she probably has a few good eggs for Kabby babies, right?) Did Octavia have to sacrifice even more people so they could stay in the bunker? Is this what happens to Jaha, or did he start another riot?  Did Miller freak the fuck out when he woke and his dad was gone? Are he and Jackson married yet? I hope so. Did Indra start a little convenience store in the bunker, which she makes the Skaikru children run for her? Does Niylah sell her shampoo line there? I need answers!
  • Similarly, we don’t really know where Spacekru is, just that they’re probs still in space? Last we saw, they survived. But they seem to have no radio contact, at least with Earth, because I can’t imagine they’d be able to contact the bunker and not Clarke, considering she’s above ground. Their relationships could be drastically different than when we left them. And also, Bellamy thinks Clarke has been dead for 6 years and my heart cannot handle it. But you know he moved on. So… bets on whether it’s Echo or Raven? (Sure, he and Raven have a history, but Becho has been setting up since Season 2. Plus, Tasya was just promoted to main cast so… )I just know that Clarke know realizes how much Bellamy means to her, and now he is the one who will be with someone else.
  • Who is Eligius Corporation going to be? I mean, are they young, old, male, female, friend, foe, or all of the above? I need to know these things. Are they their own society at this point? They’re all nightbloods, so I don’t know why they didn’t come back before now. Maybe they had a similar fuel conundrum as Spacekru.
  • Can we please not spend the entire season waiting for a reunion? Because I can’t. Eight months is long enough to have my poor heart in pieces. I just hope we still feel like we “know” these characters after all this time.

What did you think of the finale? Of Season 4 in general? It has definitely been my favorite season so far. Even though I may not make it through the next 8 months… 

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  1. Six years! I mean that is a long time, I’m wondering what their reason is for going that long. The call between O and Bellamy ws of course so awesome-SO nice to see them back the way they should be- and yes more Indra pep talks. And she’s not talking about swords or blood! It was nice too to see Niylah- they made sure to show her. Hmm. I wanted more bunker… and I think my favorite line might have been when Monty said a year in space with John Murphy? I should have drank the tea.

    I wondered what Clarke was going to say when she told Bell she needed to tell him. I was like, are we getting THAT moment? Alas not to be. And then she gets to the tower and IS ALREADY AT 10 MINUTES. She was so screwed from the get-go. I was kinda mad about that lol. Bellamy having to leave her was maybe one of the worst feelings I’ve had watching this show, and yeah Clarke seeing the ship leaving while she’s up on the tower was a close second. Man… and when six years and seven days popped up on the screen I actually said are you fucking kidding me?? I mean we talked about five, and they went even farther. It seriously as a viewer made me actually feel like we left that whole world behind, 4 seasons of character development, and we’re in all new territory now. They can make these characters different anyway they want and use the flashbacks to show us how they got there… that’s kinda scary…

    Clarke looked so positive there, so hopeful. Like she had come to terms with things over the 6 years. I mean seriously, when do we ever see her smile? She actually looked at peace, sort of. I am glad to see her armed though, I kinda hope she’s like Mas Max badass so when she meets… whoever the fuck Eligius is… she doesn’t have to take any crap.

    YES why didn’t they show us the ramifications of the Great Gas cull? I mean they’ll probably spend half of next season showing us all those things, but gah I need a hint, throw me a bone writers! I can’t see Jaha not being a problem for 6 YEARS. I want to see Indra’s store. Is Niylah running a tea shop? As for Eligius, the hypersleep part makes me think they weren’t just in orbit but maybe way out, even at the asteroid belt? Or the moon? Where exactly were they mining? So maybe that’s why they just got back. What if they know nothing about what’s happened since they left earth after first Praimfaya?

    Tasya was promoted? Well that solves that. We know they’ve been building her up but they must have plans… now we get to debate for 8 months the possibilities chart of who is with who! Which of course they want us to do, cruel bastards. What if Recho happens and Bellamy… waits for Clarke? What a moment that would be. What’s my girl Harper like after 6 years? I kinda always thought her and Monty might be temporary, they just don’t seem to fit to me, but now… who knows?

    • I kind of wonder too what their reason was! I mean, it could have just been slightly over 5 years? I get that they want to build the tension, of the whole “why has it been a year without Spacekru coming back?” and probably “hey is everyone in the bunker dead?” but.. we also know better than that so I am not sure.

      I loved that Monty line too! And then later when he says to Murphy “I may not hate you” and Bellamy says “Give it time”. DEAD ?

      Clarke really WAS screwed- because it took her 15 minutes to get there, so how the hell could she get back in 10? Guess we know Clarke would not be a track star? And I guess, in a sense, I am glad she got separated from Bellamy, because he wouldn’t have survived like she did. TOTALLY agree about Bellamy leaving her being the worst feeling. Especially because he thought she was DEAD.

      And YES- that is my biggest fear, that we’re going to come back in Season 5 and be basically starting over again? Like.. they could be entirely different people. They probably WILL be. It is scary. I think that is why I was so damn against it, because that is a lot of time, and then they were like, okay, have MORE time. NO. We wanted LESS time, not more! I could have even dealt with a year but… these characters were what, 17-23, most of them? Six years after that is just… totally different person, especially considering they’ve spent those years in complete isolation with a small number of people.

      I agree, she DID look at peace! But I really need Spacekru to come back, and I think she does too. And her mom is still underground. I seriously cannot wrap my head around her and Madi being completely alone for so long. It makes me anxious just thinking about it! I mean, she was 18 when Praimfaya happened. I was lucky if I could take care of myself at 18 in like, a non-apocalyptic setting? And here she is not only surviving Praimfaya, but taking on the role of a MOTHER.

      I am PISSED about not seeing the Rejects. I need closure, and they better do a flashback. Jaha was DEFINITELY a problem, there’s no question. I mean, think of how many times he was a problem in like, 10 months ? Wonder who he started riots with now that FYO Dad is dead ? Indra’s store is probably the best, because Indra would be sure it was. And Niylah should be running a tea shop. HEY maybe that’s what she makes her haircare line out of!

      I think they were out far- farther than any human had been, apparently. It is from the asteroid belt, so that explains the hypersleep I guess. I assume they DON’T know much about Earth, but I wonder if they heard Clarke talking on the radio? It seems like probably the only way they’d know where to land.

      And YEP Tasya is main cast now! Which was a good move, but I think they also need to promote Chelsey, Jarod, and Luisa, because they’ve had bigger characters for longer than Echo. They DO want us to spend the next 8 months trying to pair people up because they are EVIL, I have decided. Recho SHOULD happen. I am so torn on who they’ll pair Bellamy up with. I feel like as much as we WANT him to wait… he won’t. I also think Monty and Harper will break up. But I also can’t see them with anyone else? Except Minty, but now that Miller and Jackson are a thing, I think that works better anyway. I also am VERY here for Murven, but I don’t know if I see Murphy and Emori breaking up? There’s such a finite number of couplings up there! (Unless they just go with space orgy… ha.)

      • YES that Bellamy line was awesome. I love it when Bell brings the humor. And six years is a fuck of a lot of time- I mean I was pretty different at 23 than I was at 17? Now multiply that times a million given the circumstances lol. My biggest fear is that the intervening time will leave Bellarke farther apart, rather than closer together. They’ll probably have a big emotional reunion/ hug, and then almost immediately events will start pulling them apart. And that will piss me off…

        I know. Imagine trying to run a bunker with Jaha in it fucking around every 5 minutes. I mean you could never trust him! And he’s a sneaky bastard too. I’ll bet he finds something in there, you know that cult looked like a creepy bunch. I’d love to be in the writers room as they pitched ideas for the bunker. And I hear ya on the rejects.

        So Tasya is main cast and Chelsey isn’t? That’s kinda irritating, although I guess I’m biased. 🙂 It feels like she’s earned it. And yeah if Bellamy KNEW Clarke was alive, I think he’s wait, but not knowing… or assuming she’s not… it’s not very realistic that something doesn’t happen. I mean people are people, and six years… and I like how you put that! “finite number of couplings” ha ha Things could get very interesting lol. How wild would it be if Monty is with someone ELSE, Harper is with someone ELSE, they could mix up all those relationships? I like Recho! What about Mecho? Echo could horn in on Murph, maybe her and Emori then get into Grounder knife fight for John. Another conclave lol. Winner gets the Skaikru dude. Oh my gosh the fanfic possibilities!!!

        • I LOVE funny Bellamy. I am rewatching it now (shocking, I know hah), and Episodes 1-5 Bellamy was such an ASS! Also, why did everyone on the Ark have insanely slicked back hair? I KNOW. Eligius stopped by and dropped off oil barrels, and our clueless little sky people had no idea what to do with it! (I really want someone to have a previous connection to Eligius haha.) But seriously, Kane, Shumway, Bellamy. It was a bad look.

          And exactly- I was definitely a very different person at 23 versus 17. And I was only at like, college, not the apocalypse. I also agree about Bellarke. It WILL be different, especially if (as Jason hinted) Clarke is going to be doing weird shit because of Madi. No one cares about Madi. We don’t know her. So that will piss us off even MORE.

          The bunker flashbacks are going to be EVERYTHING. Kind of dying at the thought of Jaha running around ordering everyone around like he is in charge, when he is like, the LAST person in charge? Like the garbage crew is probably ahead of him in line for… whatever O is. Champion? Indra said we can’t call her Heda, so… I mean, I am not going to defy her. And that cult WAS creepy. I feel like they were assholes too. I mean, they locked a lot of people out. Also… where the fuck did they GO? Did they never use the bunker?

          And YES I am kiiiind of salty on behalf of Sachin, Chelsey and Jarod? Jarod has the most amount of appearances by a non-main cast member, and Chelsey is of course second, Sachin right behind her. (To compare, Miller has been in 35 episodes, Echo 13. Which is kind of bullshit.) Especially since they lost 3 cast members, couldn’t they promote more people? This better not be someone shoving Becho down our throats.

          Um, I LOVE the idea of Echo and Emori fighting over Murphy! Though can you imagine his EGO, my goodness. Now, we could also watch Echo and Harper fight over Monty, and you KNOW the whole time, Monty would be thinking “I wish Jasper was here for this” ? I want them all to fight, because… well, you would fight with the same 6 roommates in a stupid space ring, right? “Murphy, stop putting your fingers in the algae butter!” (Old school Real World reference hah) That’s it- they need to straight up be like Real World: Spacekru. They all just hook up and fight, and have political arguments. “Octavia is OBVIOUSLY the best Heda”. “What about ROAN?” “He was never a legitimate Commander” “LIES. FAKE NEWS.” Boom, we have Season 5.

          • “Fake news” lol. that made me laugh! Yeah they gotta be fighting. Bellamy and Raven would seem to have the most leadership qualities but I can Echo getting in people’s faces, she can be aggressive. And Murph and Emori HATE authority lol. Someone might be dead when they come down! But yes fighting over mating- I would be SO down with that. Echo is gonna want some action and she might not care if her choice is “with” someone else, you know? Good thing Harper has Raven, because I can’t see her bonding with either of the Grounder chicks. Although maybe I’m wrong? What if Harper comes down all face paint like an Echo protege? Rumba!

            I would love if there was a connection to Eligius. Jaha could be like oh yeah those guys, I know em lol. Or Kane. Maybe they had dealings or something, or just know OF them. And yeah the slicked back hair- um, no. It must be weird going back to seeing asshole Kane! I should do it just for that. And yeah fuck Madi. Nothing against her but she’s a frickin plot device. Clarke doesn’t need to be a frickin mother figure. Half their energy on this show seems to be finding ways to keep Bellarke apart. And yeah where did the cult go? Why didn’t they use the bunker? That’s a creepy thought. Oh and I want to know what Jaha is doing in that bunker. He’s probably causing trouble RIGHT NOW…

            • You have a really good point about the fighting. These are REALLY headstrong people. Echo only takes orders from Roan and he’s dead. The last time Bellamy tried to “lead” Murphy, he ended up strung up in the drop ship. None of this bodes well. Umm I now NEED mini-Grounder Harper in my life. That would be a great storyline for her! I do think they’d clash though in likelihood.

              I saw someone who wanted an Eligius person to be O or Bellamy’s dad, which would be fun in theory but probably doesn’t make much sense. I like the idea of Kane and/or Jaha knowing of them though! Especially if they had tried to make contact before, that I could buy.

              It’s SO weird going back now. Some of it’s fun, like the unfortunate fashion and hair choices. Some of it fucking HURTS though, like seeing Jasper full of hope, and he and Monty bro-ing out.? ::whispers:: you should do it toooo. Speaking of, I read that only TEN characters from the pilot are still alive which is… wow.

              Madi is SUCH a plot device! Might as well have called her Gina ? And YES- they do spend wayyy too much time keeping Bellarke apart. Which… I do understand, because then what the hell do fans obsess over? But it’s still annoying because it messes up more than just them.

              The cult… maybe they never made it there? I hope we get more info on them too. And you KNOW Jaha is causing trouble. Bet he opened up a shittier, lower quality convenience store to try to put Indra out of business. ? He makes his adopted son, Wells the 2nd, run it, but Wells is like “dude, we know you’re not my dad” but Jaha still makes him play chess and write notes to Clarke. Wells runs away to Kabby, who rename him Jake.

              • Wouldn’t it be awesome if Harper went all Grounder? Like O? Man if I saw her in face paint… dang. I know it’s probably not going to happen… and I see clashes definitely in Spacekru’s future, I mean Murph and Emori already feel marginalized, how can that get better especially since presumably they don’t have a lot of skills to add to the equation? Is there anything more dangerous than a frustrated Murphy?? 🙂

                When you think about it this Eligius thing is the first glimpse we’ve had of pre-boom Earth in a way (well I guess ALIE/ Becca were too) and it made me wonder- who WERE Jaha and Kane beforehand? Were they important govt officials, or just Ark leaders selected by the govt, or ?? They could play with that in a way that they could plausibly know of the Eligius mission.

                It’s funny, when I watched the first season and Jasper got speared, I remember imagining these huge sasquatch- like creatures lol. And when we saw Grounders they WERE pretty rustic with the face paint and furs and less than friendly demeanors. It would be interesting to go back and relive those moments…

                Love that about Gina, maybe I’ll start calling her Mina! Or I’ll just refer to her as Plot Device. Poor kid. And I wish they would let Bellarke get together and show them meeting challenges as a couple, I think that would bhe so cool. You could still do relationship drama, and there’s always Raven too for the whole who does she want to be with thing. I know I’m just wishful thinking now, but in my headcanon they get together, STAY together FFS, and they help O rule until the gorillas come. *smirk* Then all bets are off.

                Lmao at Jaha/ Wells, I just about spewed Coke as I was reading that. Jaha’s Joint IS a shittier version of Indra’s- questionable quality goods. Like some Army surplus dump, or like a bait shop lol. Wells the 2nd!!!! He’d probably grow up to be another Pike. And Jake? Wow. Although I have infinitely more confidence in Kabby’s parenting skills…

                • I feel like we need a new Grounder. Because O is basically Queen of the Grounders at this point, so does she even count? It’s also kind of ironic that a Skaikru person (because as much as she pretends she isn’t, she IS) ended up being Grounder Queen. Actually, I am not sure how I feel about it? Like I love it, because it’s O, but it kind of seems… unfair for the Grounders. Granted, had they not all KILLED EACH OTHER, they wouldn’t need Sky Champions, so there’s that. My point is, Harper needs to go to Grounder make-up school or whatever the hell they do. Monty would be all sputtery, and she’d get pissed off at him. I think we found our first relationship casualty.

                  Hmmm. That is an interesting question about Kane and Jaha. Well, we know Jaha was an engineer, so if anyone would know about them, I’d assume it would have been him- both an engineer and Chancellor. But he’s probably dead, so there’s that. I think they were voted to the Council though? That is how it seemed, especially with Jaha saying he could appoint Diana until the next vote in Season 1, then the vote with Pike and Kane… so yeah, I think the people elected them. But I do think they’d be the most likely to know stuff too.

                  I thought that the Grounders would be… apeish? Especially because when Finn was tracking, he said that they were bipedal “animals”, so I was definitely expecting some kind of cheesy apes hahah. I am SO glad it didn’t go that route (I actually hated the first two episodes, and almost didn’t keep watching because I thought it was cheesy. That would have been a mistake.)

                  Bwhahah “Mina”. I mean, it IS just an excuse for Bellamy and Clarke to fight, right? I swear, if SHE does anything stupid like Bellamy did with Pike, I will lose my shit. You have a very good point about them navigating things together, I like that idea! Raven really needs someone. Like- okay, she doesn’t *need* someone (she is awesome, after all) but she deserves some happiness. I feel like they also need to address Jasper’s death a LOT more. O and Raven were both pretty close to him, and we only saw Monty giving any fucks.

                  Jaha’s goods are TERRIBLE. He tries to replicate Niylah’s shampoo but he ends up melting everyone’s hair. And he sells random shit that Cultkru left there- used socks, creepy “bibles”, dried up nail polish from 104 years ago, and something he touted as coffee, but really just made a miserable week in the bunker bathrooms back in ’52.

                  Wells the 2nd is shit out of luck no matter how you look at it. I mean, he is the son of FYO Dad after all, so he was headed for therapy regardless. Now, he’s Jaha’s son, so again, ALL the therapy. Then when Jaha bites it, he goes to Kabby, who are probs busy acting like twenty year olds on their honeymoon or something. Maybe they’ll just name him “Griffin Kane”. They call him “Griff” for short, and he has completely replaced Clarke. He’s blonde, so that works, and then Abby has him following Jackson around so Griff can be a doctor. Kane, on the other hand, wants Griff to train with Indra and O to become a proper warrior. Griff just wants to eat popcorn in Indra’s gift shop because he is, again, the actual kid of FYOD, so… yeah.

                  • “headed for therapy regardless” *snort* oh my gosh from FYO Dad to Jaha- that kid’s fucked. Therapy’s gonna be all like fuck this, I can’t fix this kid. He’s whacked. Game over. But yeah maybe Indra could channel him into some kind of warrior… he’ll want to riot all the time like FYO Dad so might as well channel his aggression lol.

                    Jaha’s products are clearly unacceptable, and Grounders don’t like to be gypped so he may come to bodily harm. They’ll have to shut him down at some point. He probably found a bunch of Cultkru medallions or something and passes them out but they’re creepy AF and people start to question his predilection for all things cultic. It’s sad really… Indra’s place would be booming though I would think, with Niylah lending her retail expertise- we’re talking artisanal cheeses, gourmet meat counter, Jobi tea for those who are starting to feel bunker phobic- drink so much and you’ll just sleeeep mannn… that’ll free up food for everyone else, you know? Win-win.

                    I now want Harper to go Grounder. Seriously though some of Skaikru deciding to go native would be a fun plot element. I mean they’re all going to mix now right? Or will the grounders become more like Skaikru? Somehow I doubt that. And Jasper needs a proper memorial, absolutely. I hope they show that on Spacekru. And you know, you’re right- hadn’t thought about that, but yeah a Skaikru woman taking over as queen. I’m surprised someone’s not saying Skaikru savior trope on display! Probably someone is on Twitter. Oh, I got it! Monty is so busy w/ Raven doing engineer stuff that he neglects Harper and she gets close to Echo when Echo teaches her how to apply war paint. Real close if you catch my meaning…

                    • You’re probably right, therapy isn’t an option. Look at Jasper. I assume anyone who tries with FYO Kid will be like “Nah, have some Jobi Tea”. And imagine if the Grounders found out Jaha was selling them crap! That is it, that is why he is dead. And seriously, WHY is he so obsessed with cults? I can just see it.. Career Day 2120 on the Ark. His mother, ummm Maude Jaha (that sounds like an old lady name, right?) asks proudly “Thelonious, what do YOU want to be when you grow up?” “Well Mom, either an engineer or the instigator behind a cult that partakes in mass suicide.” Maude whispers to Frank Jaha (his dad, obvs) “I predict he will become Chancellor.”

                      WELL. There IS the Grounder in the cable knit sweater (he’s above, if you missed him). Soooo… maybe they are becoming more similar? Which is kind of scary actually because Skaikru are, as a whole, really fucking stupid. I want a nice mix- Harper as a Grounder, sure, but also some old, scruffy Grounders deciding to become accountants or something useless. I could live with Hecho! (Literally anything other than Becho, tbh. And I can’t see Harper with anyone else so… might as well!) But poor Monty. No one but Harper is going to look at him as more than a little puppy. A smart little puppy who talks like an 80 year old man. I need more Monty in S5, now that I think of it.

                      And YES! That is how it felt- like a Skaikru savior trope but… that can’t actually be a thing? It isn”t like Skaikru is of one race or background so… but it DOES feel wrong in some way! And if there is no Jasper talk, or at least some flashback, I am going to be PISSED. He deserved better. Still not over it.

  2. I’M STILL SO GODDAMN ANGRY, SHANNON. I really cannot believe they went the predictable route. C’mon show, you can do better!

    I did absolutely love how delinquent-focused it was too, though! MY BABIES. THEY’RE ALL GROWN UP. *SNIFFS* I loved the Bell and O talk, they were both crying, and you could feel the emotions and love they have for one another. It just broke my heart that they had to say goodbye when they were finding their way back to each other. But something I just thought about, when O talked about wanting to leave on the roof of the Mt. Weather entrance, Bellamy supported that. And it was almost a reversal here, where Bellamy was the one leaving, and Octavia was the one sending him off with her love and support. *dies* Also super appreciated Indra being there for O. She’s a new leader, and it’s scary, but she’s going to be the freaking best. (Who else wants her to name herself the Queen, ANYBODY???)

    Monty and Murphy talking about their girlfriends was the best. But also, I completely thought Murphy would leave him for good. I REALLY WAS EXPECTING IT. He’s changed so much. Still a survivor but one that TRIES and puts others first sometimes. Which is why it got to me that Emori was broken up over leaving Clarke behind, too. They’re so much alike, yet they do really care about these people. At least a little bit.

    I’m here for a Bellamy/Echo team up, but absolutely NOT for a romance. Nor one between him and Raven, sorry everyone. Not that he doesn’t deserve to find happiness (since he, you know, thinks Clarke is dead and all), but it would seem just UGH I don’t know, not genuine at all since there’s not much of a choice up in space? Again, though, I just think this was a shitty decision on the writers’ parts. Like, did the radiation really move that fast? They had more time, I’m sure of it. Clarke didn’t HAVE to get left behind.

    I AM curious how they’ll play this, but fuck it still hurts. I’ll let the Bellarke moments we got in the finale (and in season 4) tide me over until then. And anyone who keeps saying they’re platonic is lying to themselves. Literally nothing about them is platonic. I’M STILL FUCKING MAD.

    Also, I was five minutes late linking up to TTT tonight because I was so focused on this comment. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY.

    • It’s hard because… WAS it predictable, or do we just think so because we knew ALL the spoilers? Which, by the way, I am still salty about. Like WHY was it all over Twitter!? I don’t even think you know one of them yet, actuallY! I can’t imagine you’ll avoid it for the entire hiatus but.. we’ll see 😉

      Our babies ARE all grown up. Do you kind of wonder if they hired all 30 year old actors KNOWING this was their plan? ? I have been thinking about this. And OMG I did not think of that parallel but it’s true, and so saaad. How can Bellamy and O be apart for 6+ years?! It’s almost as bad as Bellarke. Almost.

      Also YES about Murphy/Monty! I thought he was going to leave too, especially when he told Monty he was sorry! I LOVE new Murphy. And Emori’s sadness… that killed me. Even Murphy looked ready to cry. And I agree completely about Bellamy/Echo/Raven. Totally inauthentic. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t be totally angry if he just like, slept with one of them once or something, but a full-blown relationship? NOPE. Because he wouldn’t get over Clarke easily. GAH this show. I am mad too. Even Jason said that their relationship is the heart of the show. Come on people! Damn 8 months.

      And yes, that does make me happy 😀

  3. I mean, is Jaha seriously gonna raise this kid? What was FYO Dad thinking? He’s going to be a junior cultist lol. Wearing one of those creepy ass medallions and muttering to himself… I wonder if Jaha will make him work in the junk shop. Seriously they need to find somebody- ANYbody- to raise that poor kid. Maybe Indra will stage an intervention. Then the kid can be a proper Grounder instead of a cultist…

    “Career Day” lol. From engineer to floater-in-chief to heroic sacrifice to fanatical chipper to scrap detail to savior to Gas culler- he had a LOT of roles!

    I missed the Grounder in the sweater when I watched! Wow Wonkru’s really happening. I guess with their tech Skaikru would be appealing to some of the Grounders. Their sweaters too. I like Hecho the more I think of it. And yes we need lots of Monty in S5- they’ve played with amping up his role at times the last two seasons, maybe next time he can be even more crucial. I do think him and raven will make a good team. And when you think about it, he’s been pretty dang adaptable. I mean he had to shoot his own mom! Plus deal with Jasper. Guys had a shit story arc really… well except for Harper.

    It does feel kinda weird having O over the Grounders. Like they should have their own leader- but then again she identifies as a Grounder now I guess? I don’t know. So many thoughts. And they are Wonkru- but I’m not sure that’s going to really hold? Indra’s going to pull her onw way and Kane/ Jaha may pull her another? What will she do? Gah why must we wait?

    • Honestly, I think FYO Dad showed his incompetence by asking Jaha to begin with, right? Though, I DO have to give Jaha some props, because Wells was kind of awesome, so he had to have done something right? I bet Indra stages an intervention. Maybe they’ll grab all the kids and train them to be the next Champion! It’ll be like nightbloods but just with… regular blooded people? But yeah, Jaha has had a LOT of roles in his season. Don’t forget “desert-adventurer/sea monster sacrificer”. Good times, good times. (Incidentally, speaking of The Culling- I watched the episode of it last night and I was so sad until I realized- holy shit, we now have to differentiate between freaking CULLINGS, what has this show done to us!?)

      The Grounder in the sweater, I didn’t see him until I was making GIFs. It was hard to get a good screenshot of him too, because the camera kept panning away quickly. But he is there, I assure you, and it is too funny. I really think shuffleboard and show tunes are next.

      I like Hecho too! I mean, I don’t think there’s a chance of it happening, but… why not dream? I think Monty needs to stand on his own this season, he has a TON of potential. He has had a terrible story arc- always Raven’s backup, Jasper’s sidekick, Jaha and Kane’s… whatever the hell he was there. Never the leader in his own right, and I want to see it! Because he IS adaptable- he has worn so many hats during this show. And I still don’t see much chemistry with Harper either, so I wouldn’t be heartbroken if that ended.

      I think it would have been worse had O NOT basically called herself a Grounder beforehand. But I also think it says a lot (in a good way!) about the Grounders that they accepted her even though she was born Skaikru. Wonkru won’t hold. It’s great in theory, and in the situation they were in, but people will always find adversaries. My hope is that Wonkru can come back together and do whatever they’ll inevitably need to do against Eligius. I hope Indra plays a big role this season in the Wonkru drama. And the waiting is RUDE. It has only been a week. And there’s probably a good 30-40 to go. Depressing.

      • Oh my gosh so true- there are multiple instances of cullage. What does that say of us?? WE love the show where human beings are frequently culled in horrible ways lol. And we’re like MORE! MORE! I forgot about sea monster sacrificer! Man he’s a dick! I totally forgot about that… he can be cold as ice… but yeah Wells was cool. I guess any parent can be awesome and terrible at the same time.

        I would love Indra to grab the kids and make them little Grounder pups. And yeah I don’t see the chemistry either, sadly. I mean they’re fine together but it just doesn’t… click for me, you know? They just LOOK wrong. Notice how we talk about these people like they’re cattle lol, to be arranged in relationships that are to our liking! But hey somebody has to get this straight, right? I don’t think they know what to do with Harper but she’s gotten just popular enough maybe that they don’t want to axe her? And there are so few of the delinquents left… I’m glad she’s been a survivor.

        Agree about Wonkru. How can it last? But what will it be that drives em apart? I need leaks dammit even if they have probably barely started the writing lol. And it IS rude. They should just stay in continuous production and provide our entertainment, it’s not like they need lives. Although if I had to be on the edge of my seat year round that might not be healthy.

        • I think… it probably says something not so great about us ? And I am over here rewatching the damn thing, like “YAY time to watch everyone die again!” Jaha really WAS cold sometimes. Maybe he hit his head on the missile ride down to the dead zone. Before that, he didn’t seem cold- like, sure he floated people, but not because he wanted to. But with the sea monster, he’s just “BYE Craig, Murphy rows better”. When Murphy is appalled by your behavior, it’s time to take a good, hard look in the mirror.

          They’re like Sims. We can just pick them up and move them to the relationships that make more sense. (If only. Maybe that is kind of how writing the show is- they get to be all “DANCE, puppets!” and the characters just bend to their wills.) But they do seem wrong together, I can’t even fully explain why. They’d better not get rid of Harper! There are so few people left. And I get that this show doesn’t really spare people but… at what point does it become a completely new cast? They need to leave some people we care about!

          I kind of agree that maybe the hiatus is good in a way. Because they honestly could not keep up the intensity, and you know the quality would suffer. But still, doesn’t make the wait any easier. As for Wonkru, anything will make these people fight with each other. One of them will say the sky is blue, another will disagree, and BAM, you’re back at war. My money is on Jaha, of course. I feel like there needs to be more of a reason to kill him than straight up necessity of resources? He needs a more dramatic exit, I think. I’m already sitting here thinking “who else is going to die in Season 5?” which is absolutely ridiculous. I’m also pretty salty on behalf of the other cast who didn’t get promoted! I was sure we would hear about more promotions and then NOPE. Sad.

          • LOL I know! This. “When Murphy is appalled by your behavior, it’s time to take a good, hard look in the mirror.” Can’t really add to that- about says it all! I forgot about that but I don’t know how- because at the time I was like slackjawed. I couldn’t believe even JAHA did that. Damn.

            I mean it was funny in a cold way. And yes- we need a SIMS 100 edition. How frickin sweet would that be? Mixing and matching people around. And yes the writing- I wonder if the cast ever think “that’s not my character” but it’s not really up to them, but deep down they think the writers screw up their characters? I’ll bet they do… 🙂

            I think you’re right about Jaha. He can’t stay out of trouble. I would love it if somehow they sent him out to scout, or maybe he went on his own, somehow before the rubble got all piled up, or there’s another exit or I don’t fucking know, but somehow he’s out and wandering around- that could explain him not in every episode but maybe he finds Clarke or something? After she’s in trouble with Eligius lol. I like the idea of Jaha causing trouble but also being the one who saves their ass from time to time, so it’s like a mixed bag with him ya know? Can’t live with him, can’t shoot him!

            I know about promotions. I just saw yesterday that Skeet Ulrich was promoted on Riverdale and I’m like if Riverdale is promoting people, why can’t The 100 take care of their people, going on five seasons??

            • Jaha did a whole host of awful stuff in the middle there. He tried to kill Lexa when he thought she was just some servant girl, he left Murphy in the damn lighthouse for what, 86 days or something crazy? No way he was chipped that whole time either. And he seemed so… chill on the Ark. Like, “I shall save you all and sacrifice myself”, and then “wait, I shall save this fake baby too!” And then he hits Earth, and BAM, he wants to kill everyone and mess shit up.

              I definitely bet actors feel that way. I mean, how can you not if you’re spending half your time pretending to BE a character? That must be really hard, especially since they’re all creative minds, you know? And I won’t lie, I have absolutely thought of making The 100 Sims, but then I get lazy, it seems like a LOT of work haha. But think about how fun it would be to make them all fight and work at mundane, shitty jobs, and then all hook up, then fight some more? One of these days hah.

              I LOVE the idea of Jaha going out like that- finally sacrificing himself for real. Because up until now, he has TRIED to sacrifice himself, but to no avail. He really is a mixed bag of a character, but I think that’s what makes him believable. No one is going to believe that someone is ALWAYS that willing to lay their life down for others, and tbh, after Season 1 I was rolling my eyes at all the times Jaha tried to off himself “to save his people”. And frankly, Jaha owes Clarke a save. She’s saved his ass wayyyy too many times.

              Seriously, The 100 NEEDS to promote people. At first I hoped it was one of those things where they don’t want to tell us because it spoils that the character is alive/will be alive but.. they already did that with Isaiah AND Tasya so… guess they aren’t going that route.

              OH, funny story- so I went on Twitter before, and someone I follow retweeted about this big old fight that a bunch of The 100 fans were having, and guess what it was about? The savior trope! They’re all arguing over whether it is harmful, but the people who are trying to say it IS have no real reason because the Grounders aren’t one group and it was kind of hilarious to read, because it’s a bunch of people yelling over two fictional groups of people ?

              • Ha Twitter! I could get in so much trouble on there… good thing I stay away from all that controversy. But that’s funny- I know right? It’s a SHOW people. Course I’m one to talk. 🙂 And I’m not surprised they’re fighting over that. I just saw too that Rainbow Rowell is already getting heat for taking over Runaways- I saw one article that a POC should write Runaways. And I’m not saying it would be bad for a POC to write it- I just think RR is a pretty damn good choice and even SHE can’t catch a frickin break! If they had put a white guy in there I’d be like yeah, you need to diversify. But RR and Runaways- that seems like a dream match.

                Anyway sorry for tangent. I want a 100 SIMS game- if you make it I’m buying it. I’d be horrible to my SIMS though- they’d all be relationship- flexible because I’d move em around. OK Bellamy you’re over here tonight lol- okay wait maybe not Bellamy cause we KNOW Bellarke is happening and they’re being nice and mongamous over in their little house. But everyone else lol. And we could have a Conclave. TO THE DEATH! And cheat, like Echo did. Can you imagine one of those MMO games for the 100? Oh my I would disappear from the blogosphere because I’d be playing non stop. Like that Korean guy or whatever who played for 80 hours or something and died. I would totally be a Grounder. But what clan? GAH choices!

                I forgot about a lot of that Jaha shit. Man he gets his hands in a lot of pies! I forgot about Lexa… and that was weird how he was with ALIE for 86 days And yes sacrificing himself for Clarke would be like him passing the baton to her almost. I mean I know Kane is chancellor but I think Jaha kinda looms over everything, as evidenced by RIOT instigation. I kinda feel like Clarke and Bellamy will (if they don’t already) loom over the group like that too…

                • Ah, Twitter! Now people are fighting over who is selling ARCs from BEA, which is special. I want to say like, unless you are the author… why are you so worked up? I stay out of it too, because who has the energy for such bullshit? And I agree with you about RR too- I saw that and was so confused, because I thought she was well liked, and now people are screaming about her. It’s like, no one would be good enough. Because while I am 100% here for diversity, I don’t wholly get the uproar about RR. And I feel really bad for her- imagine sharing what has to be some of the best news of your life, and then have everyone screaming that you’re the one doing it. Awful.

                  Speaking of, Mt Weather was really white. I umm am already on Season 2, and I feel like the only non-white person was Dr. Tsing? Lots of old white people. Probably all Trump supporters (I mean, Dante DID call the Grounders “savages”, yikes).

                  YES- every other The 100 Sim can be in some kind of large polyamorous group, but Bellarke can just be their parents or something. Um, now I want a game to play! I would absolutely play forever. Someone would probably have to remind me that I wasn’t actually there. I don’t know if I’d want to be a Grounder, or Skaikru… ? I mean, my personality is more Skaikru-like I think. But playing Grounder would be way more fun.

                  I definitely am going to need Jaha to pass the baton- especially since he DRANK the whole “Baton” on the Ark, leaving Bellamy and Raven with an empty bottle. Rude, Jaha. Maybe that empty bottle of old ass liquor is what made him think he was hearing babies hah. I agree that Jaha is still a kind of de facto leader. How the hell did Kane become Chancellor again anyway? I mean, I like this idea- Think of the possibilities: The people vote for a shitty candidate (Pike/Trump). It was a bad decision, and so Octavia murders him. And then they go back to the old Chancellor (president) without question (Kane/Obama). Here for THAT happening IRL. And just like O walked out of the tower, I’m pretty sure they’d let that person, too ?

                  I do kind of wonder what will happen when Bellamy, Clarke, and even Raven come back to the group as legitimate adults. Kane won’t be able to pull the “kids” card on them ever. Bellamy’s pushing 30 these days. And they’ll all have been leaders of their own groups, so it could be quite tricky coming back together with all the leaders trying to push their ideas through.

                  • I think that’s right about the leaders. As much as the time jump PISSES me off, I have to admit it’s getting harder to imagine Bell and Raven and some of the others as teens lol. But now especially after the time jump, yes they are going to be adults and they will have earned their place since they’re the ones that make things happen anyway! Very good point. And TBH I wasn’t even sure who WAS chancellor for a while, it either wasn’t really mentioned explicitly or I missed it. I even thought maybe Jaha was? He was sure acting like it FFS. But then they said Kane and I was like why is Jaha shooting his mouth off then?? Someone tase him!

                    Mt. Weather was absolutely Trump country. Say you’re helping people (the poor) and “help” them by draining their blood lol. And some old crazy fucker in charge and his idiot son (man this sounds familiar). And that batshit crazy guy must be Bannon. The way the crowd followed Pike too reminds me of Trump voters (seriously he’s drowning in scandals and like 44% of the country is like oh he’s doing great! We like a guy who has the impulse control of a flea and doesn’t like to read. Seriously some Americans PREFER the dumb guy to a smart candidate? Who are these people??

                    I saw some of that ARC stuff on Twitter. I ws only on for a few mins today, but… yeah. I mean I get the issue and yes the authors and publishers are probably pissed but why is everyone acting like the Twitter police? And the RR thing- I mean how is she not a fabulous choice? Does everything have to be a crisis? And I’d like to see a POC writer rather than all the fricking white guys Marvel employs but Rainbow doesn’t deserve it…

                    • I wasn’t sure about the Chancellor thing either, I had to look it up! Idk how it reverted back to Kane since he was never actually elected? Because technically, I think Abby was still the last Chancellor, not Kane? Because when Abby gives him the pin, he says “we can’t keep passing this back and forth, we need a real election” or whatever, and that is how Pike ends up Chancellor. Kane IS the ambassador for Skaikru, but I don’t think that makes him Chancellor. I will pay close attention during my rewatch. Because Kane actually doesn’t make sense, unless Abby deferred to him?

                      Jaha DOES need to be tased. I just watched the episode with Zoran, and it makes me so confused about my feelings for Jaha! He straight up sacrificed himself for this kid (he didn’t know they were going to take him to Lexa, he thought they’d kill him) and he was SO KIND- when Zoran told him to run, he was COLORING a CHESS BOARD to teach the kid. How can you hate that!? Also, I had some really strange dreams about Jaha, namely that he was my college swim coach. So… yeah, I am watching wayyy too much of this show 😀

                      Also, agreed with having trouble looking at them as kids (probs cause most of them are in their 30s at this point hah). As much as I HATE the time jump… I do really understand it too. Still, I’d feel better about it if I didn’t have to wait 8 months.

                      It is frightening that The 100 predicted our shitty country’s future before it happened hahah. They ARE all eerily similar- Mt Weather, and Pike’s People. I remember thinking about the parallels with Pike too- because it was just a bunch of angry people who were too stupid to realize that Pike was going to get them all killed, and then the rest of the people like “SHIT we want to get off this ride, I didn’t sign up for this fuckery!”. And seriously, I did NOT sign up for this fuckery. I don’t understand ANY human being who is not part of the elite, wealthy, able-bodied cis white male, elderly upper crust LIKING this piece of shit. Just… how!? They can’t even give reasons either. It’s still like “well, he is going to make America great again”. No assface, he is making us the laughing stock of the goddamn world, but thanks for playing. (I am clearly bitter and angry haha)

                      I get the anger about ARCs… if you’re involved. Honestly, at this point, with all the bullshit happening in the world, is it really “horrific” that someone sold an ARC? It’s like, if someone is stupid enough to pay $200 for an unfinished book… sounds like they deserve to be ripped off ? I hate the Twitter police. Like, find something to do with your time, people. As for RR, AGREED- I mean, it’s still progress! And I could understand if they ONLY ever pick white people, then yeah, be pissed. But at least it’s finally a woman, at least it’s movement in the right direction. Plus, she;s very established with a big fan base, it makes sense! (And yes, I think everything DOES have to be a crisis. Someone could tweet “oh it’s a nice day”, and the police would start screaming that it’s cloudy in Toledo or something and how dare someone say something. It must be exhausting to police ALL the things. ?

  4. You’re RIGHT, that’s how Pike happened… that ass backwards election they called. Something fishy there methinks. I remember that conversation now, kinda. Continuity error lol! caught em playing fast and loose. 🙂

    I wonder what hurts more, a taser or a shock baton. Maybe they’re about the same. anyway yeah Jaha has his moments, I’ll give him that. He can be super cool like he was to Zoran. But a college swim coach? You know I can kinda see him in that role, beside the pool with his whistle and all that. He might be a good coach?!? I can see it. 🙂 Although if you’re dreaming the 100… hee hee. I dream about shows too, don’t feel bad.

    It’s just like a nightmare that never ends. And the kicker is most of the people who voted for him have NO idea what he’s doing. Like all these environmental regulations and stuff he’s rolling back, Interior Dept stuff and EPA stuff, all across the board- but you know, it’s the stuff Joe and Jane voter don’t pay attention to- they don’t even know how much damage their vote is causing. I mean it’s staggering- -wants to let climate change go unchecked, insults European allies, wants to cut benefits to poor people- Meals on Wheels fucking came to my grandma’s house before she died when she couldn’t cook anymore (she lived 2 hours away), and some asshole Republican said Meals on Wheels doesn’t really do anything. What a fucking moron.

    Anyway… I’ll move on. And lol I agree- if someone is paying that much for an ARC it is kinda hard to feel sorry for em? I mean come on. There are things to fight about and raise awareness, absolutely, but these dogfights that happen on Twitter… ugh. And yes with the London stuff and everything it’s hard for me to care about ARC selling ATM. It’s like people must feel they NEED to be offended by something??

    • I will be rewatching that soon enough, and we will have answers! I tried looking it up too, but there doesn’t seem to be a ton of info. I just watched the one where Kane has Byrne give Abby 10 lashes with the shock baton, and damn, that seems painful. Jaha was, by the way, a terrible swim coach. He kept making us play weird pool games, and I had no idea what it had to do with swimming? I know I am watching too much of something when I am dreaming about it haha.

      OH! And I’m at the part where Clarke tells Lexa that she can fix Reapers, and I am all kinds of salty because we NEVER KNOW what happened to them! I think this calls for a spinoff. “We Were the Reapers”, only now, they run the Polis Marriott, because Clarke “fixed” them behind the scenes. And I guess they made it to a bunker. Maybe there was one in the Marriott, idk. But I need to know what happened to them. Also, why did they initially show them with jacked up faces, and then suddenly… they look like Lincoln? Who is basically the opposite of “jacked up face” in the dictionary.

      I totally agree about the voters not having a fucking clue. My idiot brother is a quasi-Trump supporter (I say quasi because tbh, I think it’s mostly an act) and my dad and I have gotten into actual verbal fights with him and he has NO IDEA. His reasoning is.. non-existent. Just “because we need change”. Really? The irony is, there is literally NOTHING wrong with his life. He makes a shit ton of money, lives in a nice house, has full medical and retirement benefits from his company…. so why? GAH those assholes who want to cut Meals-on-Wheels…. you have to be an actual monster, right? My grandma got them too, and a few of her friends in her old-people high rise. And she became friends with the people who would bring them to her- one even came to her funeral! And the irony is, Assface is spending more money on bullshit like golfing, and none of his moron supporters seem to care about THAT. I just keep waiting for him to say something dumb enough to hang himself (and his friends, because I don’t need his asshole VP to be in charge either) but it seems like NOTHING is ridiculous enough for someone to step in.

      And YES- that is exactly how I felt about the ARC thing- first it was the awfulness of Manchester, now London, and we have this piece of shit riling up our allies, so you know, I can’t really get too worked up over an ARC on ebay. Can’t. Like, if you can’t wait a month or two for a book… well, you have problems. And if you need to spend all your time policing shit, then you might have even bigger problems. People DO feel like they need to be offended by stuff. If I was an author and people sold my books on ebay, I’d report it, because it’s shitty, but then I’d move on because I can’t control people. And I think that’s what authors generally do. Why random bloggers get into the mix I will never understand. The people selling them do not care what someone says on Twitter. They obviously know it’s wrong, but don’t care. And I don’t get why people can’t just report it and move on- it’s like they need some kind of internet cookie- “LOOK AT ME, I did the right thing!”. No, go away.

      • Oh my gosh that’s right- Kane had Abby shocked!! And now they’re Kabby. That’s awkward. Man the stuff I forget… and I can see Jaha as a coach making the team do weird Zen breathing or meditation or something totally unrelated to swimming lol.

        The Reapers are a missed opportunity for some serious post- apoc creepiness, I mean cANNIBALS. I guess their story value was over after Mt. Weather went boom, for the writers anyway, but I wish they would have rolled with that a bit. I would cheer if they showed back up, somehow. I mean Octavia was stabbed and feel off a frickin cliff, then staggered around and sorta rode a horse- and is fine. Surely they can find a way for the Reapers to survive… 🙂

        My mom sadly voted for Trump. I hate even admitting it. She’s very religious (which is fine) but she’s one of those worried about the Supreme Court. I was like mom what about everything else?? lol and my aunt told me at the time that we “needed a change” too. I bit my tongue to keep the peace but I was thinking change from what? Staying OUT of warsr? THAT’s change we need? Man I just couldn’t… I was thinking recently that the last Republican president started the Iraq war, which we are still feeling the results of and now Trump tells the world we’re not going to do shit about climate change. It’s like they’re determined to run us into the ground. And people VOTE for them.

        I love too how the Iraq war killed like hundreds of thousands of people- which no one EVER talks about- and yet religious people vote Republican and act like Obama was some horrible person. Oh and remember when Republicans hated Russia? Yeah me too. 🙂

        Inter net cookie- lol. So true!! Like they’re the white knight of blogdom or Twitter lol…

        • Kane and Abby have such an interesting history, I love it. (Also, this is why you need to rewatch 😉 ) I just watched Spacewalker, that gets me EVERY. TIME. And I was logically fine with Finn’s death, but I think Raven actually makes it hardest? Erm, anyway. Jaha just made us film these weird pool games to put on YouTube, so it was REALLY weird. Like there wasn’t even any actual swimming? Meditation or something at least could have been helpful. He is being useless as usual. Probs ended up culling half the damn team ?

          The Reapers NEED to be a thing. Because YES, cannibals! Any story anywhere is instantly more horrific and yes, interesting, when people are eating each other. Because it is morbid and messed up. I feel like the story didn’t have to be over either, because they could have used them for more of an antagonist group, or even for leverage for Skaikru over the Grounders. Anything! They dropped the ball on that one, tbh.

          I’m sorry about your mom. That has to be really hard. Because like, at least my parents hate what my brother says? My mom straight up cried because she said she couldn’t believe that he would think that way. My mom is actually really religious too, but she;s much more liberal than most of her cohorts. I know she said that most of the people in her church voted for him, and I just… ugh. Honestly, I don’t think I could keep going there? But it’s so different with family, because what do you DO? You obviously aren’t going to not talk to your mom over it, but it’s a really tough pill to swallow, I’m sure.

          The irony of Republicans is that they CLAIM to be “pro-life”, yet the only lives they seem to care about are unborn ones? Like you said, with the wars- how many people- especially young people- were killed in them? How many have come back wounded, either physically or mentally, often irreparably? And then there’s the whole not wanting to help anyone who is having a tough time. So okay, have ALL the babies, and then let them live in poverty forever? It boggles my mind.

          And even MORE ironic is that Obama is such a classy family man. He adores his wife and daughters, and they are all such amazing influences. And then we have… this fucking disaster. Who thinks assaulting women is fine, whose wife can’t even be in the same state as him, who calls people racist slurs. Good times. I honestly don’t understand the Republican end game- is it just to keep ALL the money in the same 1% of people forever and ever? I assume, anyway. UGH. I seriously don’t know how this can continue.

          Unrelated, I keep toying with the idea of doing a Season 4 recap, but by the time I get around to it, it may be Season 5 😉

          • Maybe Jaha should be a water polo coach? And yes when half the team, um, vanished there were whispers but no one could prove what he did with them. It’s a scandal. There were rumors they went to practice outside and there was a monster or something, and he had to make hard choices… or maybe they were easy choices, like how good can you row?- but nothing was ever proven…

            I always did Mt. Weather was a really cool facility, and was surprised they just blew it up. I mean I know it would be hard for Skaikru to use it- bad memories after all- but still. It was a pretty nice base and with Praimfaya they had to write in a bunker that in some ways is remarkably similar, so… yeah. And then they could have continued with Reaper fest. 🙂

            Thanks. I don’t talk about it with Mom, don’t want any hard feelings. And we live in a very Republican county, so it’s hard sometimes because I have people here I really like but I know statistically they probably voted for the guy. 🙂 I just have to kinda ignore it lol. I do NOT know why all the churches/ religious people are so Republican. I mean okay the unborn, got it, but like you said- everything else. And they’re so anti- poor! Like we have this bootstrap philosophy in this country and I get being self reliant and I’m blessed to have a pretty good life, but anything about helping others is “socialism” and I just don’t get that. Over in Europe health care is a right and if you even mention it here you’re a communist! SMH. I think Republicans have a lot of people convinced that this or that wouldn’t work here or is un- American. And that Europe is fucked up. Um, Europe’s looking pretty good these days…

            I think Obama was classy too. His problem was he was too nice. He should have played hardball more, but he kept trying… and the Republicans were so openly determined to deny him any victories, any chance to actually govern in a bipartisan way. And yet they’re the “values” party? It’s weird. FOX News and conservative talk radio and a lot of that where they just bitched about Obama EVERY day for 8 years…really convinced people he did bad stuff.

            • Jaha SHOULD be a water polo coach! Because that is basically just… kicking and punching people under the water. My college got a team my junior year, and none of us had a CLUE what we were doing, so Jaha would fit right in! Plus, he would love to start riots. I think the key is, to kick and attack people without the referee noticing? Because I got kicked out of a LOT of games. (Not like, banned, but you have to sit out for however the hell long.) Like, we played coed, and these dudes would kick me and I’m like fucking NOPE and would just pummel them? When I guess I should have been shadier. But I was not good hahah. I needed to stick to swimming 😉 DYING at “he had to make hard choices… or maybe they were easy choices, like how good can you row?” ??? Because that was so fucked UP! I’m almost on that episode and I am low key excited to see him chuck Craig into the water.

              I agree, I wish Mt Weather had been used more- especially the damn tunnels. Besides, sure they blew up PART of it, but the whole thing wasn’t blown up, right? I don’t think it could have been? It’s just too big, and too underground? And the Reapers are so confusing- I just watched where Lincoln betrays Bellamy in the tunnels, and I am so lost, because how did he take another dose but then not need to be saved again? And there was some kind of Reaper Leader, and how does THAT work? At first they just showed them as messed up cannibals? I feel like they made a few mistakes with them so they just wrote them off. SAD.

              I think it’s great that you can just NOT talk about it with your mom. Because of course you don’t want a bad relationship. Does she ever try to talk about it, or do you both agree to disagree? I really don’t know how I’d function in a super Republican area, it must be really hard. I know the town I live in is probably 50/50, but my county is Democrat. There are a lot of elderly people here and I think that is probably why the town is more Republican. Like, I don’t understand, and never WILL understand, a church who doesn’t want to help people. Isn’t that supposed to be the point? Like, at my mom’s church, she used to make me go as a kid of course, and even when I was home from college and shit. But they’d make me so mad because there would be so much preaching about God loving people and whatever, and then two seconds later, the minister would be condemning some group, and I just wanted to get up and yell “hypocrite!” because come on.

              The bootstrap thing pisses me off SO. MUCH. My dad subscribes to that little theory, even though he supported Hillary and liked Obama. He just doesn”t get it, honestly. Like, he went to college when it cost like, $40 a semester, and got a high paying job when he was 21, and just assumes that everyone can do that. And I have tried like, a million times to explain that A) He is a white man from a middle class family so of COURSE he had opportunities; and B) it is no longer 1969 and a college degree doesn’t equal a salaried job. The thing that gets me is no one WANTS to be poor. No one is sitting around like “hey, I really don’t want to be able to afford rent this month”. So why people are so anti-poor behooves me. And it CAN happen to anyone, which I think people have this denial over.

              Europe DOES look good! I went to Northern Europe about…7 years ago I guess, and people there were just so… happy. Like, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, I wanted to move in. They have some of the best quality of life, why wouldn’t Americans WANT that!? (Russia, however, was a real piece of work. VERY interesting, yet as scary as I imagined hahah.)

              Fox News makes me want to vomit. I love how Republicans say they have “values”- but they have one VERY small set of values, and don’t understand that our people don’t all subscribe to their old school Christian patriarchal system. And since it IS a value system rooted in ONE religion, it shouldn’t be allowed to govern us. But alas. I hate that Obama was so villainized by Republicans. It’s what started this deep partisan rift, IMO. And I will never be convinced that it wasn’t in large part because of the color of his skin, which is fucking sickening. It’s sad to think how far we really have to go as a country- the whole world is so much more progressive than at least half of the people here.

              • Oh my gosh water polo… I had no idea it that rough. Our high school has water polo and I’ve seen practices when I’ve been at the pool but they’re always on the other side so I never paid that much attention. That’s crazy. Jaha’s team would be as mean as a snake lol.

                I need to see if Youtube has a video of Jaha throwing craig over. I would laugh my ass off to see that again. And I think you might be right about the Reapers. We kept seeing them like eating people or they had people in some cart, but we never (unless I forgot) really saw much MORE of them did we? And was the Leader all like okay you get this leg, and you no no put that down, SHE gets the thigh you get the arm… leadershipchallenges Ewww I know…

                Mom has made little comments. When Obama was still in she’s say things occasionally like Obama did this or he’s not christian and I’d just sigh and say no that isn’t true, but it doesn’t matter. You can’t really change someone’s mind, I’ve learned. It’s worse now though because she voted FOR Trump and seems to think he’s a Christian, which I about fell off my chair. She listens to CBN though so I’m sure she’s warped by all that. And the sad part is- she thinks I don’t get it. And yes my grandpa went to work for GM at a young age and had a house, built a cabin, a boat, went to Florida every year, and my grandma never worked. They had a middle class life on his income. It’s not like that anymore- yeah some people make good money but the blue collar guys can’t just go into GM and make $40 an hour anymore and work there for 40 years. that world is gone. And all this talk about bringing COAL back? Are we like stuck in a time warp? Who would WANT to bring coal back, you always hear about those guys having like black lung disease and shit.

                It’s funny this came up, I was just reading this article yesterday, about Trump voters realizing the Republican health care bill is BAD for them and deciding to stick with Republicans anyway, because that’s what you do. Apparently. This is why you can’t reach these people.

                I’ve been reading a book about Finland’s system, and yeah no place is perfect, but the more I learn about the Nordic countries the more impressed I am. The way they do health care, their taxes are so simple you don’t need to drop $400 at H&R Block to do em, etc. I would pay more taxes for a system where the govt covers everybody, I’m sure that system has hiccups too but running health care as a for profit industry, and letting insurance companies deny people and make money off illness- I don’t get it. I think I’d move to Europe in a heartbeat at this point. It just seems like so many Americans are dumb? Like what if Obama had given away secrets in the Oval Office? To Russians? Or if he had fired the FBI director investigating him? Would the Republicans have lost their fucking minds or what? They’d be in the streets w/ guns probably. But Trump did it so no big deal.

                FOX News is a sewer. I mean Obama had his faults, who doesn’t, but they are SO partisan and hacks like Hannity spend EVERY SHOW slamming him, twisting things. I can’t even watch it for more than 5 minutes. But if you watch FOX only and get all your news there you WOULD think Obama was awful because that’s all they say. That’s why I think FOX has been one of the worst things for our country because people watch it and then believe that stuff. And eventually we get trump.

                There really are two Americas. When Obama was elected I was like wow, a black president. In my lifetime. It actually happened, but I think there were a lot of Americans who were horrified and spent 8 years hating him. And yes for some it was his skin color. And so now they’ve got their guy. And you’re right- half our country are like unaware of policy, don’t care, and like Trump because he “tells it like it is.” Yeah if you’re stuck in the 50’s. So I just don’t get it, America seems so backward now?

                • I had no idea water polo was that rough either! The caps have little ear protectors because apparently people were… biting each other’s ears. Like, Mike Tyson style? Messed up. I much preferred swimming in a lane with rules and you know, less chaos. But it was definitely a good way to stay in shape in the offseason. PLUS, you would definitely be able to row with the arm strength, so Jaha would have less reason to feed you to the water monster. I wonder if that thing had a name… apparently no, just “water snake”. Did you know there was a 2-headed horse?! I had no idea! I see it now, in the picture
                  Two Headed Horse

                  The Reapers were SO confusing. They were eating people at first- and then by the time Lincoln went back the second time, they seemed… more civilized? Laughing WAY too much at the idea of them assigning body parts for consumption too. Were they all men? I feel like I didn’t see any women. Also, thought it was weird that they harvested Bellamy, he was strong. Unless Tsing sensed that he was a Sky Person? But you’re right- after Bellamy got into the mountain, we really don’t ever see the Reapers again, do we?

                  Oh, here is Jaha being an asshat:

                  Sigh. I am sorry that your mom makes those comments. I just don’t get it. On one hand, at least she believes in something, I guess- even if it is misguided? I can *almost* understand when people do that, at least. Like, granted, they’re dealing with inaccurate information, but you figure that the people who are telling her this shit are people who she believes in, so I am more mad at the people who perpetuate this bullshit in those cases. And yes- that is how my grandfather was, able to work at some local places after the war, and my grandma didn’t work because she got injured, but they were fine on his salary. Now, that is not an option. And my brother works on the railroad (which again, not exactly a 21st century industry) and doesn’t understand how jobs like that are so hard to come by. Coal was HUGE here, but like, 100 years ago. And so, so many people died. NO ONE around here wants coal to be a thing again, because everyone has stories of mine accidents and cancer and all kinds of bullshit. Coal is such a terrible option, it’s almost laughable- if these assholes weren’t serious.

                  That article… is terrifying. Because it is people just blindly following any dumbass who wants their vote- no matter what the consequences are. I’m reading about these people, and I just want to yell “are you THAT stupid?” because… come on! I didn’t have health care before the ACA because my job was per diem, and I could get shitty benefits but only with a $10/hr pay cut. So it was like, have benefits or pay the bills. And now, it’s like, okay, they’re just going to cut it all off. And instead of health care costing $400/a month, it’d cost me about $2k. If it would even happen at all, tbh. So I have to assume the same holds true for these people. And the thing is, since the ACA has been in existence, so many NEW jobs don’t offer health coverage. Plus, anyone who works independently (like all the authors who write the books we love!) don’t get insurance. It’s such an absolute clusterfuck.

                  And I agree, I would absolutely pay more taxes if it meant that healthcare companies were no longer able to price gouge and bankrupt people. I really think that is one of the reasons that Republicans don’t like the ACA- makes it harder for their buddies (you know, the higher-ups in health care who I am SURE line the politician’s pockets) to earn billions in bonuses and shit. And you’re 100% right- had Obama done ANY one of the things Trump has done, he would have been impeached so fast our heads would have spun. But with Trump, he can literally shout about the shit he pulls on Twitter and everyone’s like “haha okay, carry on”. NO! It is all kinds of fucked up.

                  FOX is disgusting. There is no other way to put it. My dad watches it because… I think he likes to yell at his TV? He claims it is to be informed, but I think he just wants as much ammo as possible to get into fights with people about why Fox is the devil ? And of course, Obama wasn’t perfect- no one is. And I get that people didn’t always agree with him. I did, like, 99% of the time haha but I do understand, politically, that people would want changes. But THIS? No. The first election I was old enough to vote in was 2004 (because I missed it in 2000 by like, a week, and I was sadddd) and I went to John Kerry rallies and shit, I was into it. And when Bush won, I was bummed. Because I didn’t agree with him politically. But I also respected him as like, a human? And he was pretty fucking stupid sometimes, but I still thought he was moderately capable of being president. Which I think Republicans aren’t understanding here. It isn’t that we don’t like Trump’s policies, or something- it’s that he is an actual security risk to our country, and flat out incapable of being president. And his “values” go against everything that I thought America stood for, so there’s that.

                  There ARE two Americas, and it is terrifying. People disliked Obama, but I didn’t understand why- their reasons always seemed so insignificant. And now, with Trump, people have SO MANY reasons to hate him, and I still can’t figure out why anyone would support him. During and after the election, I tried so hard to read stuff written by his supporters- not because I’d ever agree, but because I wanted to understand where they were coming from. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, and I still can’t. None of the pieces I read seemed to have any actual pros for Trump- they were all just written as anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, anti-Democrat pieces, and to me, that is NEVER enough to justify voting for someone who is racist, sexist, classist, and so anti-human rights as him. And the big question is, what will the political landscape look like in 3-4 years? Will people’s minds change? Will some of the Republican voters die off? I really don’t know what is going to happen if this severe partisan divide continues.

  5. Oh my gosh you found the SEA MONSTER spot. Yes!!!!! I’m adding it to my Sunday Post cause it’s awesome. I just watched it and giggled- HE JUST THROWS HIS ASS IN. And Murphy- Murphy of all people- is like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I love love that scene. 🙂 And between that and the 2 headed fucking horse, maybe I was wrong- they DO show some fucked up mutant shit once in a while. That sea monster was pretty badass… good grief the teeth on that thing. Poor guy . Giggle

    “Because you can row.” Dang Jaha.

    Water polo sounds crazy. Screw that. And yeah the weird thing for me is people on the other side BELIEVE their stuff. So you can’t convince or find common ground, because they’re convinced WE’RE wrong. So yeah two Americas. We don’t even acknowledge the same facts anymore. All the traditional news sites talk about Trump like he’s completely dysfunctional- and he is- but the conservative sites are all like, no big deal. I honestly wonder, if you’re FOX or Breitbart, is there ANYTHING he can do where they’d say okay enough? I’m starting to doubt it.

    I couldn’t believe that article either. It’s like we vote republican here and even if they take my health care I’m gonna vote for my guy (who’s been there since 1981 I noticed) and I’m like, are you stupid?? Partisanship trumps your health care? And for all the ACA’s problems how many lives has it saved because people had coverage that might not have? I totally support health care for all, even if it’s only Medicare for all or something. It’s one of the irritating things about this country that it’s not even ON the table whereas in Europe and even frickin Canada it’s like just accepted, and they’ve moved on. What is about America that makes half our country want everybody to have as many guns as they want, but not guaranteed health care? I didn’t like Bush and thought he lied about the Iraq war, but yeah he believed in what he was doing, somehow, and compared to Trump he looks like a choir boy. I never thought we’d get a WORSE president than him lol.

    I did the same thing, I read breitbart for a while, just to see. And you’re right, it’s mostly not pro- Trump but anti- everything else, especially Obama and Clinton. It’s like they’re obsesses with convincing us they’re evil. I mean a guy went into a pizza shop in DC with a gun because Hillary was running a sex ring with kids under the pizzeria. Can you imagine being so dumb you believe that and take your gun with you to check it out?????????? I mean it’d be hilarious if it wasn’t. And I never got why people hated Obama either- he didn’t take everyone’s guns away like they said, he tried to keep us OUT of wars (wouldn’t values voters WANT that?), he tried to help people. Some of it had to be racism and some of it was Hannity and Rush and those guys NEVER LETTING UP. Their listeners just believe it? I’ve never understood.

    • That scene is such a favorite, because it’s when you know that Murphy has grown so much, but also because you know Jaha has officially lost his fucking mind. And also because it is hilarious hahah. I watched the episode last night, and I can’t figure out WHEN Jaha was chipped- or WHY he let Murphy nearly die in the damn bunker for 86 days. We never do find out, do we?

      I still need more mutant animals. There have to be some left! And why didn’t I get to see any in Seasons 3 and 4?
      Were there any? I don’t remember… I still don’t understand what Clarke and Madi have been eating, either. There are so many questions! Did any animals survive? What about plants? They need to tell us this shit. It’s important.

      I also seriously wonder about the far right media. It makes NO sense to me. These people aren’t all stupid, they can’t be, so what is their endgame? Are they just figuring that they’ve hitched themselves to this wagon, so they might as well see it through? None of it makes any sense to me. It seems like as he makes more and more of a mockery of the entire system, someone would be like “hell no, I am getting out of here while I can”. It isn’t even like he’s a politician, someone who’s supported the party for years. It doesn’t make sense on ANY level for conservatives to keep backing this horse. Yet, they do. No matter what he says, does, tweets, they’re all there defending him to the damn death.

      And is it just because that type of person, like from the article, will vote for the Republican candidate even if it’s Satan himself? Those people were… shockingly ignorant. I wonder what will happen if/when they DO lose health care? Will they still think he’s “doing the right thing”? Or will something happening to THEM personally change their opinion? It seems so damn selfish, when it’s all out there- no one cares if he destroys the entire country, as long as their job is intact, as long as they’re okay.

      I totally agree, I thought Bush was the worst president ever, but he’s George freaking Washington compared to this asshat. But that was the thing with him- I think he really DID think he was doing what was best? Even though I disagree wholeheartedly, I don’t think any of it came from a place of malice with Bush. Perhaps ignorance and refusal to let go of antiquated ideas, but not malice.

      I am half laughing, half shaking my head about the guy at the pizza place. Of all people to have a sex ring! ? I don’t understand the levels of stupid! I think a big part of it is just believing and not questioning anything that people hear. My grandmother does that ALL the time- she hears some nonsense on some show, and like, repeats it to everyone she knows and accepts it as gospel. And then we’re like “no, that was said by some fucking racist, Obama didn’t sell white girls to Nigeria” or whatever complete bullshit she started spewing on any given day. Idk who she would have voted for, she actually fainted on her way to vote and ended up in the hospital (she’s fine now so it can be funny- this is not dead grandma- though in that grandma’s defense she would have definitely been pro-Hillary if not for the being deceased part) and I was low key glad (after we knew she was okay) because I was so afraid she’d vote for Trump. And when I would try to talk to her, it was “but Hillary has EMAILS”. REALLY? Because Donald Fucking Trump (that’s totally his middle name, right?) lies, cheats, spews hate, and grabs women, but sure, emails. ?

      I feel like Obama was way more moderate than even Democrats thought he’d be, and you’d THINK that would have pleased the Republicans, but the truth is, I think we’re so far past actually working together. It’s like, there used to be some kind of cooperation and compromise, and now it’s just an all out partisan war.

      • They did get away from mutants in S3 and 4. I like a more post apocalyptic feel rather than just some grouchy Grounders. There should be some terrifying radioactive beasts lol. Although Praimfaya probably wiped out most animals, sadly. Or did it? This safe zone where it’s all green- if people survived animals had to also. And you’re right- what the fuck are Clarke andMadi eating for SIX years? Gotta be more than berries… and what WAS Jaha doing for 86 days? Just strolling around the CoL by himself? When DID he get chipped? I think there’s a lot we don’t know!

        I’ve lost all respect for the Republicans because they defend anything he does. It’s weird too cause they say Trump used to be a Democrat, donated to the Clintons in the past, and used to have more liberal positions, but he chucked all that said he was a Repub and they all fall in line? If you think about it, he has TAKEN over that party. they have all hitched themselves to him. It’s like a complete lack of political courage. I now know not to expect anything from those Republicans.

        The other thing is I think a lot of it is just worldview. They honestly believe their worldview. I was just reading another article that talked about why the religious right don’t want gov’t to help the poor. They quoted the Bible to say if you don’t work, you don’t eat. They don’t believe people should lay around and get welfare. Well okay I can get on board w/ that, but come on- people are disabled, mentally ill, there aren’t enough jobs (especially if they’re unskilled- crap, college graduates are working as baristas FFS) but they don’t get it. It’s that bootstrap thing again- they think everyone just needs to suck it up. They think if someone is really in need the church or local charities should give em a hand up, not the gov’t. And I guess I just disagree. Churches do good stuff but they can’t help EVERYBODY. Kids are gonna be in poverty… and I think it’s like an American thing. It said conservatives who believe that God has a plan for everyone are much more likely to oppose unemployment benefits and gov’t assistance, while over in Europe I guess the same belief doesn’t necessarily indicate those political views. So there seems to be an American component to this? Which explains a lot of Republicanism? I don’t know.

        And yeah it might not get better? You know if Clinton had won they would have investigated her for everything- the emails, Benghazi yet again, anything they can find. It would have been maddening. I think a lot of it goes to FOX and talk radio radicalizing voters- the politicians know they have to be hard line or they’ll get a primary challenge. and heaven forbid they stand on principle *rolls eyes*. Repubs and Dems used to disagree on policy but they would go play golf, socialize and they would compromise at the end of the day. That’s all gone.

        • They really did get away from the mutants! Clarke kills that panther or whatever in Wanheda 1 but it doesn’t look messed up at all. What fun is that!? Yeah, we definitely have to assume that MOST of the animals are dead but… you figure that some survived the first Praimfaya, so some probably survived this one? Especially, like you said, in the green zone (or ALIE’s 4%? It better be. Someone needs to mention that, I have been holding onto hopes for that for over a year now haha). And if animals didn’t survive, how did berries and such? I mean, in the beginning she could have raided Murphy’s bunker, there was still food in there. But they said there was only like, 5 months worth of food, so she couldn’t have used it for that long. And then adding Madi into the mix, even less food. Maybe Madi had some stored? (Well, Madi’s dead parents.)

          There is SO much we don’t know about Jaha’s time in the mansion! I mean, it’s clear that they only let Murphy out when he was about to die- they probably had cameras even. It’s way too coincidental otherwise. But he was so… calm when Murphy came, so we have to assume he’d been chipped for a little while- though why spend SO long in the mansion instead of venturing out to find CoL residents? I have so many damn questions that will probably never be answered. Add to to the list of Reapers, Bryan, Wick, and Zoran’s fam.

          The part about Trump having been a Dem SLAYS me, because it is so abundantly clear that he knew he’d have an easier time getting the Republicans to take him in. Probably because of money, let’s be real. They’ve obviously sold their souls. He HAS taken over- his “values” (because he obvs has none) are not even theirs- but they could not care less. It is really a sad commentary about how little they care about the people they claimed to care about, the causes they swore to fight for.

          You’re definitely right about the worldview thing. Which honestly makes me MORE mad, because it’s so damn privileged and elitist. To not know what it’s like to struggle, to be mentally or physically incapable of working, to not be able to find a job because your background simply didn’t allow you the education and experience… it’s disgusting that they are so blind to the world around them. The biggest thing that gets me about the Bible passages and church stuff is that there is supposed to be a very distinct separation between church and state, and every damn “solution” these morons throw out involves ONE religion. Theirs, of course, which goes against everything we’re supposed to stand for. I think other countries are MUCH better able to separate their religious beliefs from political ones. And if churches can help people, sure, that’s lovely, have at it! But churches simply don”t have the financial fortitude to make a huge difference, and anyone who thinks they can serve the general population on such a huge level is simply out of touch. Like, my mom’s church can barely afford to stay afloat, they can’t help everyone they want to. They were begging people for money to fix a leaky roof, there’s no extra for like, hiring the jobless or some shit. And I hate to say that someone’s opinions are wrong, but in this case… they’re, well, kind of wrong? I mean, their opinions aren’t wrong, but the information they’re using to make their opinions is most definitely skewed at best. And I feel like the right just keeps digging in its heels, burying its head further in the sand, so there is no opportunity for progress.

          I do wonder what kind of situation we’d be in had Hillary won. The problem is, she’d still have been working with a Republican Congress, so it might have been a real fucking mess too. Because no matter what she’d have wanted to do, she’d be blocked at every turn. But at least they’d have SOME accountability, where now, there’s none. NONE. It’s just a fucking free for all, rights being taken away left and right, with no one bothering at all to try to stop it. How bad does it have to get before someone steps the hell in? Our very own Praimfaya? You’re so right about FOX and the conservative media at large- they’ve done a grave disservice to this country. Because yes- there used to be levels of cooperation- like you said, they’d be friends outside of the Congress floors- but now, nope. It’s gone so far that these people can’t even be civil, or even worse, ethical.

          • You’re right, those are all kinda plot holes! Why is there a green zone in THAT spot? Will they even explain it? But after thinking about the stuff you listed, they probably won’t. I guess most viewers aren’t obsessing over these things like we are lol and they know they can slide it through. 🙂 And we’re like uh-uh, slow your roll mister- we need REASONS. 🙂 And I’m with you- explain the 4%!!!!!!!!!

            I love how we’re talking politics now ha ha. We need to vent! And yeah churches can’t do it. I mean our church does stuff like donating food but they’re on a budget- they can’t replace disability or Medicaid or whatever programs the Repubs don’t like. It’s just stupid. Betsy DeVos the education secretary is from this area. Her and her husband have their name on everything- the arena, children’s hospital, you name it- it’s all Devos this, DeVos that. they’re very generous but they also want to get back to this society where churches do everything, not gov’t. Church should be the center of life. That’s sorta their thing. And I’m sorry but no, first separation of powers like you said, but also it would never work. Maybe at an 18th century village level lol, where bunch of people help each other, but in modern cities where millions need help? It’s silly.

            That’s why I think the Europeans in a lot of ways have a better system. They don’t have all this angst over healthcare and they’re not gun crazy. What society has constant gun killings (in SCHOOLS) and says- no, we’re not going to do anything about that. After all we have a right to guns. No restrictions. Bummer about the kids. I mean God bless the Founders, but between the 2nd Amendment and the electoral college- thanks a lot!! 🙂 Just imagine, without the electoral college we would have had Gore and obvs Hillary would have won, because, you know, she did. Popular vote anyway. What other country makes the popular vote winner LOSE the election???

            And yeah it would have sucked if Hillary won in some ways, they’d be frothing at the mouth. But at least we wouldn’t have to worry about nuclear codes. 🙂

            • And another question- where IS the green zone? And how… how did it happen? I mean, they’re not far from Polis according to Clarke, but did you SEE the map of the death wave!? Nowhere on that map was a big old Death Lull! I mean, it was straight up inferno from Arkadia to ALIE Island and back! Green space my ass. And if others viewers don’t need to know these things… well they’re clearly not good enough fans.

              Well. I figure, current US politics will probably LEAD to Praimfaya, so we’re not too far off base ? In seriousness, venting IS good. Betsy DeVos is a straight up train wreck. It would make me stabby to see her name on shit. I mean, I know they’re probably donating money and that’s nice, but they also HAVE a lot of money, so. And it IS silly! Because no one HAS to go to a church, and that’s kind of what these fools are saying. And even so, there aren’t resources. That society is LONG past, and these people who can’t see it are so freaking delusional, I can’t understand it. Honestly, I will never understand ANY group of people who want to go back in time. Progress is a GOOD thing, people. There’s a reason why we as a species have moved past certain ways of living- because they didn’t work anymore, we found better ways, etc. I mean, we could go back to before penicillin and have people dying of minor infections, too. That was something we used to do. But we don’t anymore because it would be fucking stupid. Just like this current Republican bullshit.

              GAH the electoral college. I really wish we could go smack someone in history over that little gem. We are so damn backward in general. I wonder if it’s our relative isolation on the continent, or… why? WHY do American people behave like this? Why do they love guns so much? I will never get that. Why do people want weapons hanging out all over the place? It seems like a no-brainer, especially after things like school shootings and such. But again, it’s all pro-life until the life is actually born ? Then everyone can go ahead and kill and starve and attack and belittle everyone else and it’s FINE. I am so sick of the hypocrisy.

              HA right, even if they did harass Hillary and tried to impeach her or something, then Kaine would have had the codes. Still out of the hands of Dumb and Dumber. Can you imagine the peacefulness though? Like, not having to worry that your “leader” is embarrassing you all over the world? That he’ll accidentally tweet the nuclear codes, ALIE style? It would be so mundane, so wonderfully boring. Sigh.

              • Yeah that green zone… I’m kinda calling bullshit on that unless they give a good reason. There has to be a reason. Some fuckery of Becca’s? Which I admit could be cool, but the show generally tries to stay realistic so how plausible would it be?

                Yup. Exactly. They want to go back to this old fashioned way of life, which of course is impossible because the whole population isn’t WHITE anymore (and which no doubt explains deport-a-rama) so it’s just such a waste. And those of us who don’t WANT that have to put up with a country that makes no progress. I mean we can’t have high speed rail because it would cost too much to build. They don’t want gov’t to do anything. Notice how they STAY in gov’t though and exploit all the riches that flow their way!

                To me the 2nd Amendment is something guys wrote when they were carrying muskets around and feared redcoats. Um, time to move on. Sure, keep your hunting rifles, who cares, but when school shootings occur and we aren’t allowed to restrict ANY weapons- that’s just crazy. And the electoral college- oh my gosh how many times are going to go through this?? We are backward. Seriously like everyone in CA voted for Hillary lol, she won like what, 3 million MORE votes- but nope she lost. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

                Oh what a different world it would be if Hillary had won. I mean I’m kinda sick of the Clintons too, don’t get me wrong, but she is clearly competent and smart, it was a no- brainer. And it’s not like the Dems have anyone else that seems worth a damn. Although I’m liking this Kristin Gillibrand from NY… she seems tough. But I guess 44% of the country had had enough of a smart leader- and God forbid we elect a smart WOMAN. That must have been too much. After all, EMAILS.

                • We need a reason. I am not here for plot holes. I also wish we could get some new info on Season 5, I am dying here! Where are the new main cast!? I am not okay. It’s been less than 3 weeks into hiatus and NOPE.

                  UGH that is the most ironic/hypocritical part- these douchecanoes spend their whole careers taking taxpayer money and using it to live much more lavish lifestyles than 99% of their constituents. Which no one even really begrudges them, until they decide that we don’t need healthcare, or living wages, or basic human rights. Then fuck them.

                  YES! I totally, 100% agree with you about the 2nd Amendment! It was a totally different time- people had to kill their damn food! But now? There is straight up NO reason for people to “need” weapons unless they plan on killing each other, and I frown upon that, so. And the electoral college is just mind bogglingly stupid. 3 MILLION more votes and yet… she lost? No, she didn’t lose, actually. By the definition of winning versus losing… no. But by America’s stupidity, SURE.

                  And I really do think a big part of it was that she is a woman- and not just a woman, but a woman who doesn’t take shit from some asshole old Republican man. And they couldn’t handle that. So sure, instead of voting for the competent woman, why don’t we elect the orange dude with probable brain damage? Have you ever watched Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix? She swears he has syphilis, and spends so much time listing all the symptoms that she is sure point to him having syphilis, and I die laughing every time. I wonder if another woman will be able to run so soon, or if the Democrats are going to try to kibosh it? It makes me sick that it comes to that, but.. ugh. And no one seems to be stepping up to take on that potential candidate role, which is concerning. Sidenote, Kirsten Gillibrand looks eerily like my doctor? I mean, I like my doctor a lot, I’d vote for her 😀

                  • The democrats are all old! I honestly don’t know who they should run. I mean Bernie and Biden are in their 70’s. Where are all the rising stars? That’s kinda why I like Gillibrand- she’s not ancient and it seems like she doesn’t take any shit. And if they have no one who’s young and can galvanize people, and they run some old person, will they lose again? I hope they do run a woman though.

                    I do think, weirdly enough, that they should leave Trump there and not rush to impeach. I mean the Republicans won’t go along anyway, so why waste the time? Pence would be more organized and he and those dipshits in Congress would work together to blow stuff up. Trump is too chaotic and keeps hurting himself. It kinda cracks me up that even though they’ve done some damage, considering the fact they control everything they STILL can’t get anything done. That should be a clue to people.

                    The sad thing though is 44% (or whatever) of the people voted for him. I mean the electoral college is a joke and everything else, but the main thing- people voted for the guy. People like him. That’s what scares me. 🙂

                    I am hoping we get some season 5 news soon! When do they usually start filming the new season?

                    • They ARE all old! It’s kind of terrifying? I mean, I feel like sure, you CAN probably be president at 70, if you’re in good health and are mentally still with it. BUT Bernie is 75 now, which means 79 by the next election, and sorry pal, that isn’t going to work. Ditto Joe Biden (he’s 74, but close enough). And I like Joe Biden- and not just because he is from here haha. But if you’re going to be in your damn 80s by the time your first term ends… that isn’t going to work. Think about how much “young” guys like Obama, Bill Clinton, even GW Bush, aged while in office- and then throw that on an octogenarian! Gillibrand is pretty young- only 50 now, which I think is pretty normal. I mean, obviously experience is important (or I mean, it was to the majority of us), but being fit to do the job is too. Like- I WANT a woman to run, because frankly, I think it’d be a good change. BUT I am so damn worried that this ass-backwards country will never elect a woman, and I cannot handle another 4 years of this complete and total bullshit, so I quite literally don’t care WHO it is, if they get elected. Which is a pretty damn sad commentary, but that’s where we are I guess.

                      I also agree with you wholeheartedly about the impeachment. Here’s the thing: Trump’s nonsense hurts the Republicans every day. Whether they admit it or not. They’re so busy putting out his social media fires that they don”t have as much time to harm the country even more. Plus, I don’t think anyone takes him seriously. Pence IS an actual politician, and would get WAY too much shit done- I’d be wearing one of those Amish dresses by the end of the week with that piece of shit. And Pence would keep his mouth shut, and yeah, like you said, be able to pass stuff, because he actually knows the rules and/or would follow them. Pence is fucking terrifying, and I’d only want Trump gone if they were able to get them all out. Otherwise, I cannot even fathom a country with Pence. Drug sniffing dogs would be attacking birth control and shit. I shudder.

                      You’re right- a LOT of people did vote for him. Which I can’t wrap my head around either. It’s like- if you look at the people you’re in a room with, half of those assholes voted for him! And you’re supposed to just… exist with these people? I can’t. I get ragey when I see people with Trump stickers, and I feel like it should be okay to just run their cars over with mine? I mean, I guess the law doesn’t agree, but still 😉

                      I *think* Season 5 starts filming in August? I think we’ll get a lot more info at Comic Con, so in a few weeks- I mean, they kind of almost have to announce who will be in the cast before they start filming, since it will be easy to figure out if someone is NOT there. And hopefully they’ll tell us how many episodes and such too. I feel like I want 16 but the season really did work this year with 13, as much as I hate to admit it. Watching Season 3 now, it was REALLY drug out- the whole ALIE thing especially.

  6. You had me at “eggs for Kabby babies”! LOL!
    Unless they all got injected with birth control there should be many babies running around! Also, I fear that either Raven or Echo will have… ahem intimate moments with Bellamy on the Ark. And for a reason I hope Bellamy has a beard after six years on space.

    • I know that there WERE birth control implants on the Ark, because Jackson mentions to Abby that there were some removals (presumably when the one kid per customer order was listed) when they first landed. BUT, even if they have some kind of IUDs, they can’t last THAT long, right?

      I think a lot of people want to see a Bellamy beard bwhahah. And you KNOW he is going to have had some kind of relationship with one or both of them. UGH. Like, I wouldn’t even care if it was just… something to occupy their time in space, but I don’t need him in a serious relationship. Because yes, BELLARKE!

  7. Yeah Bernie and Joe are way too old- sad really. And you’re right- I think it’s time for a woman, and I’d love to see it, but after this election… it makes you wonder. Would half the country not vote for her because she’s a woman? And the job is so stressful, presidents really do age. There’s really no way these 70- somethings could ever do it. Kamala Harris seems pretty with it too, but a name like Kamala… here we go again with the racism, right? Oh and this was fascinating- I hate to be that annoying person who shares articles constantly lol, but this really verifies what we already know. Google sees all ha ha!

    Pence would be like Little House on the Prairie times. You gotta call your parents Ma and Pa and you get a whippin if you talk out of turn. Guys are gonna split wood and be men, dammit, and women better have supper hot and ready when the man is done with his workin. Do we have to give up electricity? Sadly we probably do. Television is completely unacceptable these days- there will be three channels (all controlled by FOX News probably) and at 8:00 everybody sits down and watches Leave It To Beaver. Seriously though, yeah.

    LOLOL when I see a Trump sticker I automatically assume the person in that car is an asshole!

    The 100 panel at Comic- Con should be interesting! I don’t usually pay much attention to the panels but I will this year! And agree I think a shorter, tighter schedule is maybe better. Although I don’t know why shows like arrow get 50 episodes. I mean that shit goes on forever… I used to slog through those seasons and finally I was like, WTF am I doing watching this shit? Ugh.

    • I ADORE Kamala Harris. Can I just vote her into all things right now? Seriously, she is so perfect. But YEP- I agree completely about the sexist/racist issues. Which is such complete bullshit, but clearly not something we’re past as a country. It’s infuriating, and I have no idea how it can be fixed. That’s the worst part- it doesn’t seem like there is ANYTHING you can say to people to make them less hateful.

      That article is scary- and also makes total sense. Looks like people in both our states were real pieces of shit- which ended up being about right. Like, I am horrified by this, but it is at the same time unsurprising, if that makes sense? Because obviously it doesn’t SEEM like nearly half our country are racist and awful- but they HAVE to be because… well, we’re living with their choice. Also- the guy who studied this sounds SO much like me haha- where he says- “Yeah, I did say that I thought Trump was going to win very, very early, but I’m not sure if that was based purely on the data or just because I’m a total pessimist. I always have been fairly pessimistic about this kind of thing”- that was me! Only without the data! I remember talking to friends and I was saying that I just didn’t feel confident about Hillary winning, even though I wanted her to more than anything, and they were like “no, you’re being dumb” but NOPE. Just pessimistic ?

      I also found the voter turnout aspect of it VERY interesting. I also love how it talks about people lying about what they care about and it is SO. TRUE. Because let’s be real- no one is going to publicly say this shit, but CLEARLY there are people out there who are like, behind closed doors, saying “nah, I don’t give a shit about sick people or orphans or puppies” or whatever. I know I have been guilty of it- like I have always cared more about the people-focused stuff, and like, I say I am concerned about environmental shit, and I am, but in a more abstract sense? I mean, I’d straight up fight for human rights, but I’d maybe sign a petition about global warming. I am sure that’s bad, but it is what it is.(Maybe I am secretly hoping to be in The 100, idk. ?)

      The abortion thing is fucking TERRIFYING. And that IS what will happen if abortion rights are taken away. People won’t stop having them, they’ll just be having unsafe, back alley abortions that can kill them. And I HATE, hate, hate that people think there is such a thing as “pro-abortion”. No one LIKES the idea. No woman would take that decision lightly, I assume. But unless you are in that position, no one has a right to decide that for someone else. ESPECIALLY considering that these fuckfaces are trying to take away medical care and education resources and basically any kind of help anywhere ever. (Sorry that was a little ranty haha)

      YESS Pence would totally be Little House! He would probably send every woman a mandatory 1950s Housewife Kit® as soon as he took office. It contains an apron, two twin beds, red lipstick, aerosol hair spray, and a tin of quaaludes. Definitely FoX News is the only channel- but they have a block of shows like Leave it to Beaver for sure… and what was the one with the racist dude? All in the Family! Lassie maybe, though I think Lassie was a female dog and I don’t think Pence is here for badass female dogs.

      I don’t usually pay much attention to the panels either, but last year I started to, because I realized that they would be telling me shit hahha. I am so on the fence with the seasons being longer or shorter. I mean, it’s only a 3 episode difference really, so i guess it would be okay either way. I still have 4 more ALIE episodes to slog through. Did we even need Perverse Instantiation Part 1? But I agree- some shows do NOT need all the episodes. And I think The 100 would have way less emotional impact and excitement if it was a long season. I think 16 worked, but I also think 13 this season worked. Maybe it depends on the storyline? Maybe they don’t even know yet. (Also, Arrow sounds awful hahah.)

      • Oh my gosh fuck Arrow lol. When I first got Netflix I was all curious and started watching it and Flash, but it got so effing tedious and then I watched the Marvel Netflix shows and couldn’t go back. The Marvel stuff like Jessica Jones are so much grittier.

        Kamala’s the bomb. I saw the other night McCain who’s like 1,058 yrs old cut her off and they’re telling her how to question a witness. Fuck them. The voter turnout thing is DEPRESSING because she won the pop vote but could have won outright if people would have jusy SHOWN up. Seriously WTF? And yeah nobody likes abortion but like any procedure let the woman and the doctor work it out. I thought they didn’t LIKE govt interfering? And frankly I think they should let states decide- if liberal states want to allow it, that’s their business, and if conservative states want to restrict it, same thing. The voters of those states should decide. Although I would feel bad for women in those conservative states if they took all their Planned Parenthood and other stuff away, which they seem determined to do. Why are they fucking w/ women?? They don’t care when women and kids get shot up in a school but family planning- oh my gosh we gotta outlaw all that shit.

        “two twin beds” lol. No doubt. Goodnight John-boy! And All in the Family!!! Archie Bunker was such an ASS I mean he was so hilariously ignorant. Sadly I think we have a lot of Archie Bunkers still around… and Lassie! I bet Sunday night family movie is a double header- Lassie and Benji. Remember Benji? And then maybe Old Yeller? Followed by an Elvis 1950’s movie for the adults after, you know something w/a little kick. 🙂

        • So definitely skip Arrow and The Flash, got it 😀 I have heard great things about Jessica Jones, though I have never loved Krysten Ritter. Not even sure why. I feel like I *should* feel a kinship with her since she went to the same high school as my dad (and literally NO ONE is from there) but alas. Besides, I still have like, 20 shows to watch when I finally stop watching The 100 over and over.

          DYING @ “McCain who’s like 1,058 yrs old”. Because RIGHT? I love how he has been randomly making NO sense when he questions someone too. And to tell Kamala what to do? No, fuck you asshole. I am impressed that these women can keep their cool because I feel like I would be screaming in the face of these old men. And YES- the worst part is that SO many of the eligible voters who DIDN’T vote would have voted for Hillary. Which is so fucking DUMB. Why not just go vote? It takes like 5 minutes, and we would not be stuck with this lose-lose situation.

          You are so right about the lack of concern for women. I don’t get it either- because these guys have to have mothers, sisters, daughters, right? How could they want that for people they claim to love? The Planned Parenthood shit makes me so stabby because abortions are such a small percentage of what PP actually even does. It’s SO damn helpful to women everywhere for health reasons. And the biggest thing that I will NEVER understand is this: So women aren’t supposed to have access to birth control, according to these buffoons- yet they ALSO don’t want to pay for unwanted pregnancies OR abortions, right? So… what do they want women to do? Just not have sex? Okay. Except… that means that the dumb ass old men wouldn’t get to have sex either, and I feel like they wouldn’t like that. I just find it ridiculous that family planning and reproductive health quite literally benefit EVERYONE, and they still can’t get their heads out of their ass (and their bibles, I guess) long enough to see that.

          We DO have a lot of Archie Bunkers around. It’s gross! Because yeah, okay, shit was like that 60 years ago, but why the hell haven’t we been able to move past that when the rest of the damn world seems to have!? And Idk, Elvis is pretty risque 😉 Old Yeller would be required watching for little kids- to show them that “life isn’t fair” or some other old white guy motto. Then they could tell us about how when THEY were kids, they walked 5 miles to school uphill in the snow? I DO remember Benji! And Lassie. My brother used to beg my mom to watch Lassie reruns on Nick at Nite and then SOB the whole episode until she finally had to lie and tell him it wasn’t on anymore hah.

          • I’m not really a fan of Krysten Ritter either, TBH, and she’s kind of an asshole on that show lol, but it (and the other Marvel shows- except Iron Fist which sucked) are light years better than Arrow and Flash. Ugh I can’t even w/ those shows anymore… and she’s from your dad’s high school? Awesome.

            I think McCain’s going senile or something. All these old white guys. Have you noticed how are still trying to repeal Obamacare and millions are going to lose coverage? Seriously… they want to pass something that will cut people off and will probably lose votes because of it. What if the House flipped? But they are so hellbent on repealing because that’s all they’ve talked about they don’t realize how dumb they are. It just totally shows how personal it is for them. Can you imagine having control of all of gov’t and being this incompetent? I mean they can’t get anything done and they’re in CHARGE. It’s kinda funny.

            I seriouly want to live in Europe. We’re just so dumb over here half the time. We always talk down to everybody else (well, not US but you know, America in general)even as people w/ assault rifles shoot up schools, we have no natl health care, it’s 2017 and we can’t even have Planned PArenthood. lol.

            Okay on a totally unrelated note- I just watched Mockingjay Part 2 tonight (finally)!!! What are mutts? Damn they’re batshit crazy. That was an awesome sequence though in the sewers but I was PISSED when Finnick bought it. That sucked. And Coin! Man… so I’ve seen all the movies now.

            I remember Nick at Nite… and oh this might be the longest comment thread of ever? 🙂

            • I have heard that Krysten is an asshole IRL, too. Yeah, she’s from this incredibly small town that my dad (and grandparents were) from which is so weird. We also graduated from high school the same year even though she’s a full year older than me which makes me smile hah. I do want to watch the show, someday, just to see what the fuss is about 😀

              McCain IS going senile! Which is kind of sad for him, but someone needs to stop all these incompetent people from trying to run the damn country! And yes, I am kind of losing my mind about the possibility for the ACA repeal. I think that you are right, and the house WILL flip- because once all their constituents no longer can afford health care (i.e, it becomes personal), they’re definitely going to lose votes. Honestly, sometimes I think that hitting people where it personally hurts them is the only way to get through to this kind of person- the kind who clearly is unconcerned about the rights and welfare of their neighbors.

              I would LOVE to live in Europe at this point. I am so sick of the backwardness of the US. I am embarrassed to live here lately, and that’s sad. We should not still be acting like this in 2017. At all. I was reading this piece (in Vogue, ironically hah) about Theresa May, and how like, she’s a conservative in the UK obviously, but how fundamentally *different* being a conservative in the UK is than the US. Let me find the article because it was so well put. “American conservatives are very much in your bedroom. In Britain that is so fringe-y it’s on the freak show side of politics.” <---- RIGHT? Like what IS this!? It's so fucking twisted, no other Western country behaves like this! YAY I am so glad you watched MJ2!! I loooove that movie. It was so well done! SO sad that they had to make modifications for Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death though. ::SOBS:: I LOVED that they added in a Haymitch/Effie moment. Best stray from the book EVER. The mutts are so messed up. Everyone in that damn world is messed up. NOW, you just have to read the books hahah. I am quite impressed with this comment thread, tbh 😀 (I do have plans to do a Season 4 recap sooooon though!)

              • That is so true! I think some of these Trump people need to see firsthand what their votes cause. It’s just sad they don’t care BEFORE it affects them- you know, caring about your fellow citizens. Like those people in that article- realizing he may take it away and they STILL support him. How can you feel for those people? But it’s part of the backwardness of America I think- we’re such a big country and there are so many rural areas where it’s just all red. I guess it’s just a cultural thing. But that culture is holding us back.

                I’ve heard that too, that conservatism over there is different from here. And it must be, they’re clearly not gun nuts like we have here. Climate change too. Even China is onboard now, how can the quote- unquote greatest country in the world not acknowledge it? I mean it’s crazy. I really do think we’re backwards. I could be a European.

                MJ2 was pretty awesome. It’s one of those dystopians where even though it’s futuristic it’s pretty realistic, so when those mutts hit I was like oh crap. Where the fuck did THEY come from? Like zombies on steroids. Did the Capitol take people and make them that way? They’re in the books, right?

                I was just going to go with the movies but IDK, after seeing MJ2 maybe I will read the books. I want to know more about some things now. It was really well done.

                • Totally agree. And honestly, it makes me even MORE mad at them. Because how can you not care about other people at ALL? Like, it makes me think that they’re straight up shitty people. Like, look, of course we ALL care about things more when they affect us firsthand, but that doesn’t mean you ONLY care about yourselves! But for these people… it does. Which is pretty gross. And it is definitely a cultural thing- but you’re so right about it holding us all back. And if it is ingrained in these people… does it ever end? How?

                  I find it almost funny (you know, if it wasn’t so sad) that countries that used to be like “nope, we give zero fucks” are now onboard. But not us. Because of COURSE we have to be difficult. Like- I almost feel like we are Polaris. Like when they blasted Polaris out of the sky because they were sick of their nonsense? Yeah, America is Polaris. No one wants to deal with this shit anymore. And I don’t blame them! We need to become Europeans really quickly, because honestly, I don’t know how much longer the collective world is going to tolerate us.

                  So the mutts in MJ2- I assume you mean the ones when they’re trying to leave the sewer, where Finnick dies? They’re actually explained like lizards in the book- but bipedal lizards. But they have been programmed to seek out Katniss- though they’ll kill anything in their way, too. So no, not people- animals, I guess, technically? But in the books- in the first book- the dog mutts at the cornucopia actually have the eyes of the dead tributes, so that is fucked up.

                  You should really read the books. I know I am biased (ha) but there are SO many little details that the movie kind of had to leave out, but work SO well to develop the characters and relationships. They aren’t that long either, so it wouldn’t take you long!

                  • I am seriously considering reading them. I feel the same way about Game of Thrones- I’m always pushing the books at people who watch the show and are like satisfied, and I’m like nooooo you don’t understand the books are like 10x better. Ha ha so I imagine it’s the same w/ these. I really need to.

                    And yes I was referring to the mutts who attack them in the sewers. That was such an intense battle scene and really well done I thought. I was like where did THESE things come from lol? And I liked a lot of the supporting characters- Finnick, the Natalie Dormer character, whoever that squad leader dude was… I remember hearing about a Gale/ Peeta debate and I can see why she picked Peeta, it’s clear Gale was a little too ready to sacrifice people and frankly I think that;s what prompted Kat to kill Coin- the fear she would end up being as bad as Snow. I’m so glad Kat survived… but Prim. Man…

                    I just read an article today talking about rural voters and Trump. A big thing for them was hatred of Clinton- and frankly I lay that at the feet of Fox News and talk radio, because all those rural people probably watch and listen to that shit. And cultural issues- I’m sure by “cultural” they mean racism/ anti-immigrant/ anti- gay. Not saying they’re all racist, but of course more rural folks are anti- gay and immigrant because they’re out there in the country and they don’t know anybody like that. To them it’s all scary that the 50’s are gone or something. It really does make it hard for me to understand them. I mean he’s making such bad decisions, and hurting the country, but I guess (and I don’t mean to pick on country people) if you spend friday nights at the tractor pull or wherever drinking Bud Light’s maybe you’re not that into the intricacies of foreign policy or climate change.

                    I mean I’ve known people like that and they think they know everything. And it said he got 60% of that vote, and that 54% of adults in rural America think he’s doing a good job. So there you are. There’s the America of the cities and then there’s red America.

                    • Definitely do read them! And bonus, all THREE of them are shorter than one GoT book 😉 The movies really are fabulous adaptations though- and coming from someone who was a rabid fan of the books, I feel like that is saying something! But like always, there is stuff that doesn’t translate on screen, of course. So READ. Hah.

                      GAH, BOGGS. I shall cry again. I love him so much. Both in the books and the movies. I got pretty giddy excited when Mahershala Ali won the Oscar because I adore him. Also love Cressida- Natalie Dormer did such a phenomenal job. They all did really, the casting was SO on point for the movies. And YES! So glad that you agree about Peeta. He was absolutely the right choice, because yeah, Gale was too much like Katniss, IMO. And I LOVED the Coin thing. That was the happiest I have ever been to see a character die I think. Prim was so sad, but I think I was still too broken up about Finnick to care as much as I should have. As much as I hated her death, it was really powerful to the story, so I guess I can live with it.

                      UGH I agree about the whole anti-Clinton vote, which.. still makes no sense to me. Nor does anti-ANYTHING cultural/religious/sexual and/or gender identity. Just… WHY? Like if you don’t “like” gay marriage, then don’t be IN a gay marriage? I really can’t wrap my head around why someone ELSE’S marriage concerns people. It isn’t their business! Same with religion, cultural identity, all of it. The bottom line for me is that it seems like people in more rural areas (and I KNOW the area I live in is among those) are so damn afraid of anything that is unfamiliar to them, that instead of learning and accepting, they just freak out and yell that they don’t like it. Well, screw you, no one asked you to like it. It makes me really stabby. DYING @ the people drinking Bud Light at the tractor pull though ??? It IS true in a sense, I mean- when I was growing up, there were TWO POC in my class of like, 200 kids. In high school, we had NONE. None in a class of 160. In fact, I was one of only two people who were not Catholic. (Granted, it was a Catholic school, but still hah.) And the other girl was… Catholic-adjacent. (That is a thing, right?) So I guess I can see how people grow up without being around other cultures, but also, I can very clearly see how you get the fuck over it? Like I wasn’t unaware of other cultures EXISTING, I just didn’t know any people from them personally until I was in college? Like- I find people’s differences really great, because I think if we were all the same life would be boring as hell. And it confuses me that others can’t see that. And not only don’t LIKE people who aren’t like them, but then actively campaign against the freedoms for those people! How can they not see how abhorrent that is!?

                      Red America must be a scary place to live. I mean, even here, for our lack of diversity, it’s been historically blue. Though, in the last election, my parents’ county (and the one I grew up in) was red, but only by a small margin. But I think ANY majority being so ignorant and selfish is wayyyy too many. How anyone thinks he can be doing a GOOD job, or even a mediocre one, is beyond comprehension.

                      Did you see today (speaking of beyond comprehension) how he tweeted about (what else) himself, with no mention of the soldiers who had just been found dead? Like- how can ANY veteran be okay with that? No, scratch that- how can anyone with even a fraction of a SOUL be okay with that?

  8. I probably will. Considering that I’ve read the GoT series like 4 times (hides), i don’t really have an excuse lol. The Prim thing I can see- it shocked me in the movie when they dropped bombs on a BUNCH of kids -I mean movies don’t usually go there. I was expecting collateral damage but that… damn. And yeah Finnick. I liked him too. Boggs- that was his name. that guy ws badass. He was the villain in Luke Cage- knew I knew him from somewhere. I was glad cressida made it. And it’s really nice that they got the adaptation and casting so well- a lot of these adaptations don’t work, it’s so cool that they got this right!

    I don’t get the hatred for Hillary. I know there’s Clinton fatigue, I get that, but the visceral hatred? I mean she’s smart and would be a good leader. It;s gotta be that constant drumbeat from Fox News, all I can think of. I mean the people that buy all that Benghazi stuff and think she did the email thing on purpose to be evil *rolls eyes* those people clearly have a Fox news problem lol. And I was reading something today where some people are going to lose their Medicaid and they like didn’t vote and are all surprised. Hillary wouldn’t have done that to them, but they hate her. Okaaayy.

    Makes you wonder, for all his age, would bernie have beat Trump?

    I live in a red county, but Michigan as a whole has been going blue until this year. Again turnout. Hillary didn’t hit Obama’s numbers with minorities. And it kills me that she needed minority turnout to win. What white people can’t vote for a woman when the choice is a serial sexual abuser? What does that say about all the whites FFS? I guess McCain and Romney won whites, but Obama got everyone else- but it blows my mind that if it was up to the whites the Republicans would always win? Gah can’t wrap my head around that!!

    And it just seems like we have so much of that Bud Light crowd, you know? I mean I hate to pick on country folk, but they’re voting Trump. And when they lose their Medicaid expansion or their health coverage and they start whining about it, I’m not gonna give two fucks you know?

    I didn’t see that, but sadly it doesn’t surprise me.

    • Yeah, it was pretty brutal- and the books are even more so than the movies, honestly. And I agree about the adaptation! I was so nervous because I know how badly other movies have bombed, but it was such a pleasant surprise! I think it really helped that the author was given a TON of input too- frankly, I think if ALL adaptations did that, it would go a lot more smoothly.

      I don’t get the Hillary hate AT. ALL. I mean, people say she isn’t warm and fuzzy (which I don’t think is true- I think she is just professional when she is at work, which no man would EVER be penalized for, but of course, because she’s a woman, people say all kinds of shit ?) and it’s like… who CARES? Is she competent? YES. Does she know her shit? HELL YES. Then what is the problem? Those people DO have a Fox News problem. It should probably go in the next DSM, let’s be real. The whole email thing is so DUMB. Look, she’s my dad’s age, and sometimes his laptop fucking confuses him too. Deal with it. I mean, you want to talk about people fucking up on the internet, look no further than President Assface himself. (I still have not said “president” and his name out loud. Or in writing. Nor will I ever.)

      As for Bernie… unfortunately, my answer is yes. Here’s why- as a staunch Hillary supporter since 2008 (yeah, I know hah) I would have absolutely switched my support to Bernie had he won the primary- and I know lots of other Hillary supporters would have too. A lot of the Bernie supporters, on the other hand, were anti-Hillary. And the sad fact is, Bernie’s maleness would have locked it up, I think.

      The turnout thing is HUGE. I don’t even understand how people didn’t vote- in this election of ALL elections. I think the problems were many, but a big one was that I think a lot of democrats thought that Hillary had it in the bag. And she didn’t, of course. And when the Trump people went out and voted, the Hillary people were like “eh, it’s fine” and didn’t bother. The absolute worst for me is that white WOMEN didn’t all vote for Hillary. Here, you have a dude who is abusing women and trying to take away your reproductive/health rights, and you VOTE for him!? I want to slap every single one of those women, tbh.

      I don’t think I ever realized how BAD this all was growing up- I mean, my parents have always been Democrats and Bill Clinton basically reigned over my formative years hah. It was such a frightening wake up when Bush won, and then to see THIS shitshow… wow. I really had hope when Obama won, in our country. I thought maybe things were changing, finally. But no, it was almost like… people were biding their time to bring out all the evil.

      I think that the ACA/medicaid thing will be BAD. Granted, I think it will probably help get him OUT of office in 2020, but until then? I don’t know what will become of the country. I mean- I won’t have health insurance. Which is so fucking dumb- the ACA isn’t some kind of handout- I pay PLENTY for it. So why people hate it is beyond me. I do think it may be a huge wake up call. But at the expense of SO. MANY. PEOPLE.

      On a more fun note…. it’s REAPER LINCOLN!!!! And even though it’s a SDCC exclusive, they *did* say that “most” will be available for purchase after SDCC. I mean, if the writers won’t give us more Reapers, at least we can have Reaper Lincoln ALL the time! 😀

      • I’m actually kinda glad the books are more brutal, which I know sounds horrible, but I mean if they’re gonna have kids fight it’s gonna be bad right/ Or anyone really, for that matter. So it wouldn’t be realistic if it was all sanitized? But at the same time I’m glad they didn’t get all gory and horrible on the show because visual can be so much more affecting than just reading it- I think. for some people- and since kids were gonna see it, it’s nice they kept it relatively clean. Anyway I gues that’s a long winded way of saying I am kinda looking forward to how the books handle it.

        Hillary. Totally agree. I think when she came out of the senate she had pretty high approval numbers, if I recall, but once she started running for president of course Fox had to savage her constantly. Seriously that channel is just propaganda, and it’s non stop. If that’s all you watch and you’re not discerning, you WOULD hate Hillary and Obama. How could you not lol since they’re doing their thinking for them??

        I was skeptical of Bernie because of his age. And I didn’t think someone who called himself a socialist (not that I’d care but the Bud Light crowd would shit themselves) could win in dipshit America. Maybe I was wrong! He did have enthusiasm, and young people loved him, which kills me. The only cool 70- something lol? At this point I would take Bernie in a heartbeat lol. You’re right though, a lot of his supporters were PISSED about Hillary and the DNC, so yeah. And yes- women who voted for Trump? I don’t even. Course the men should fucking know better too. 🙂

        I thought Obama was HUGE. I mean seriously a black guy was president. Finally a smart leader after Bush. And we get 8 years and then slide down a hole. It’s SO disheartening. The people who voted for Obama and then went for Trump BAFFLE me. How the frick do you do THAT? It’s like why would you vote for the future, and then vote for the past? And the ACA thing- the Republicans clearly fear their base more than they do people they will hurt and the independents. But it’s so disqualfying that they would hurt people just because they are fixated on Obamacare. How can they be trusted as leaders? It’s just mind boggling.

        GTFO. Reaper Lincoln???? Look at those red eyes!!! He’s a cannibal- YES!!! And Aragorn and Arwen look awesome. And what’s the winged snake? I can’t believe they did Reaper Lincoln… :):):)

        • Hahhah I agree! I am glad that the books didn’t shy away- because I almost feel like if they were written today, they may have been… diluted. And yeah, I was okay with it being less awful onscreen, especially since so many of the actors were kids themselves. It didn’t need to go there, visually.

          I just don’t understand what draws people to Fox News to begin with, honestly. Because yeah, I get that the people who watch are often just acting like mindless drones, regurgitating the bullshit they hear, but how do you end up there? By just being too apathetic to bother to form your own opinions? And yes, I think Hillary had pretty solid approval in the Senate and as Secretary of State. So yeah- it was when she became a threat to the Republicans that they decided to rip her apart. And that’s the worst to me- they go for low, low blows instead of just debating politics.

          Young people really DID love Bernie! Tbh, I didn’t really get the appeal? I mean- yes, his enthusiasm is nice, and I DO appreciate that he got young people involved in politics- that is definitely a huge plus. But he was too… out there to ever be elected. But YES- I would take him for sure! And definitely the men should have known better too- but it’s easier to understand, from a purely self-serving standpoint, why they’d be able to not? I mean, assuming that most people vote selfishly (which I am convinced of after this election anyway). But women… if they weren’t voting selfishly, then what the hell were they DOING!?

          I will NEVER understand how someone could vote for Obama and then Trump. NO. IDEA. I mean, talk about opposite ends of… ALL the things. That is what makes me think there are a LOT of people who flat out don’t think a woman can lead, which is fucking ridiculous in 2017 (or, in that case, 2016) when a TON of world leaders are female. I definitely agree about the Republicans fearing their small group of loyal supporters. They have to be only about 30% of the population, so why cater to them? At the expense of the 70%? At first, I assumed these guys only cared about their egos and their jobs, but they’re clearly letting their jobs slip away if they do this, so is it just the ego, the power, the control? What are they trying to accomplish? Because let’s be real- the stupid “plan” they’re trying to pass will unequivocally be a failure. And when a Democrat is elected again, they’ll redo the whole thing, and it’ll probably be a modified version of the ACA. But in the meantime, they’ll have bankrupted the lower and lower-middle classes with ridiculous health care costs. We’ll be digging out of this debacle for DECADES, and it’s going to end up happening anyway- universal health care is the way everyone, everywhere is headed, it’s just a matter of time.

          Idk what the winged snake is but I like it hahah. I NEED Reaper Lincoln though! I love how he has ripped the chains! I never thought there’d be anymore The 100 characters at all, let alone a REAPER!

          • Yes somebody somewhere had their shit together at funko or wherever, to do a REAPER pop. Give that person a raise. 🙂 The red eyes are a nice touch. The only thing that would make me happier than that is if they ever did a two headed mutant deer lol.

            I don’t get Fox News either, never have. It’s always seemed hokey to me and unprofessional compared to other networks. And people like Hannity and O’Reilly just seem so obnoxious I can’t take it seriously, so the fact that people do and watch it religiously just… baffles me. the only thing I can think of is some people are just naturally conservative and and are drawn to that and it doesn’t matter if facts are twisted, some people are going to eat it up. I did see somewhere though that the average age of a Fox viewer is 68- so they’re definitely getting the oldsters. I think younger people get their news online instead of sitting around watching cable, but I don’t really know. Maybe all these red state people ARE watching it. Crazy.

            Another thing I found interesting was someone said that most of these Republicans are in safe districts. They’re red districts and they’ll get re- elected almost no matter what. Sure a few may lose their seats if their district is not as conservative, but by and large most of the seats are safe so maybe they fear the backlash of repealing less than what their base will do if they don’t repeal? Which their base does want because those same politicans have spent 8 years bitching and lying about it. A vicious circle I guess.

            I saw this article today and loved it, maybe you will too. About everyone getting on Hillary’s ass for speaking out. This guy basically says fuck off to that nonsense. 🙂

            • RIGHT? I feel like Funko kind of… understands The 100 fandom? I was shocked that we even GOT them to begin with, and then they made two Lexas, and now a second Lincoln? Now, if they’d make Wedding Bellarke, we’d be set. Oh, and filming dates were announced! August 12-Feb 1. Which is even later than last season and Idk how I feel about that. Or if it actually means anything hahah.

              GAH same with Fox News! I have ALWAYS found them to be so… blatantly unprofessional, and yet… It seems like they can do no wrong- yet if any news outlet sways liberal, they’re called out endlessly. I am so over the double standard. WOW 68?! That is a really old average age. I mean, especially when you figure there have to be younger conservatives in the mix. Maybe they turn it on in like, nursing homes so Fox can count it for ratings- I wouldn’t put it past them haha.

              It’s really frightening that it seems to be a never ending cycle of voting based on… I don’t even know what. Hate? Religion? Stupidity? Laziness? All of the above? But you’re right- there are places that will NEVER change. The Republican candidate can be like “Hi, I’m Ed, and I murder babies and puppies when I’m not in Washington” and they’d be like “well, but Ed has always been my representative so…” ? It’s really gross.

              The article had me laughing because when I started reading it, I was like “but no one said that about Joe Biden…” because I am insanely gullible apparently. I LOVE THIS. Because YES- this, this, this! “Or to be more precise, it was a rule that didn’t exist until Hillary Clinton came along.” SERIOUSLY. I also love how the author talks about ALL our favorite women who should run for president in 2020. Such a win. But seriously, this article is SO spot on, thanks for sharing it! I am like, full of rage right now just thinking about how fucking unfair this country has been to Hillary Clinton. Because she HAS been criticized at every single point in her career and it is bullshit. But you know, I think history will remember her quite fondly, hopefully as a catalyst for change. I am so curious to see how her legacy will shape the future. Certainly, this debacle will be a dark point in our history, that goes without saying. But if something good can come out of it, I hope it’s that she has made such a HUGE first step for women in politics, women in general. And I know it is probably unfair of me, because she is a human being with feelings too, but I wish like hell that she wouldn’t let these assholes keep her silent. I know that’s easier said than done, of course, but my greatest wish is for her to regain her voice- not on a presidential level, that ship has sailed, but just her voice in general as a successful woman who has had to put up with WAY too much crap.

              • Exactly. I was reading about the special election in Georgia where they said the Democrat did better than any Democrat ever has, but still lost because Republican turnout was HUGE. Which was a little depressing, because even with Trump they’re still turning out. He’s apparently not turning off Republicans, which is mind boggling. But maybe it’s not Trump, they interviewed some of the voters and they basically said we’re voting Republican because that’s who we vote for. And… some of the younger people they interviewed said they DIDN”T vote b/c they don’t care. One even said they don’t participate in this gov’t and wish they could secede from America lol. I’m like that’s nice but you’re helping the R’s win ya dipshit!!! THAT’s the problem the Dems have- older people vote and a lot of the kids are like fuck it. So the Dems have their job cut out for them sigh.

                I agree with everything you just said about Hillary. Sure she has faults, who doesn’t, but I think she’s behaved with dignity despite the horrible shellacking she’s taken. No matter what she does or says they’ll either call her shrill or an ice queen- she can’t win. I mean it was so clear in the debates how she was more informed, more poised, I can’t believe anyone could watch those debates and think Trump a better choice. I guess at this point it’s baffling to me how anyone could be a Republican lol?

                Wedding Bellarke- LOVE. And yes the Funko people seem to have fandom down. They even did a facepaint Conan a while back- dunno if you’ve ever seen the old Conan movie but there’s a bloody scene where they have to rescue a princess- I mean someone at Funko actually got that approved. Is that the shit or what? Here’s the pop and a clip. Yes I’m geeking out but I just couldn’t believe funko was THAT awesome. I mean it’s fucking ridiculous but they went there.



                • The Georgia thing was SO depressing! Like, come ON! Apparently, the Georgia people just don’t care who it is or what they stand for, they’ll vote party every time. Which I guess is a problem with America as a whole. And YES- I think a HUGE problem is that young people don’t really take their voting rights seriously, which… how the hell do you MAKE people care? And people who say that they just don’t care and don’t want to be part of the country… that seems like such a cop out to me. That isn’t a choice- but you’re turning down the opportunity to make the choice that you DO have. Idiots.

                  The fact that those debates happened and he still won… the fact that ANY of this happened and he won… I will never understand it. She was SO composed, and professional, and just a born leader. He… well, he made fun of deceased veterans, the intellectually disabled, all women, and any non-white person in general, and alas. I am pretty sure Satan could have run against Trump and I’d have had a #TeamSatan bumper sticker. I fully agree with you, too- I don’t understand how anyone could be a Republican and not be downright ashamed of their party.

                  I watched the clip and saw the Conan Funko, and WOW, they nailed it! I kind of love it even though I am not too knowledgeable about Conan- he looks badass! I mean, Reaper Lincoln is a similar situation, since he’s a damn cannibal hahha. Also- did that one girl just beat the other girl with a SNAKE in Conan?! If so, I approve of her resourcefulness!

                  • I was shocked too by Georgia until I realized like you – some people are just Republicans and they’re going to vote that way even if Snow is the fucking president. They just don’t care. So instead of trying to win Republican voters, I would hope dems would put together a bold agenda- show us a different vision for america, one that doesn’t include cutting people’s health care lol- and then go after the independets., You’re not gonna convince Republicans so fuck it. And stop being so nice!

                    I think part of the problem too is our system. I think the American experiment in democrac worked really well for a while, but in this era with social media and fake news and we’re not even agreeing on the same facts anymore, maybe a parliamentary system like Europe has would be better. Over there you have more parties and they have to make coalitions and if they can’t, you call a new election. And elections last a few months, not two fucking YEARS like they do here, which is just so ridic. It’s like this health bill they put out today- if they tried that shit in a parliamentary system it seems like it’d be easier to fight? I dunno but our system isn’t really working right now… not when the popular vote winner loses. I mean people just blithely go “oh that’s the Electoral College. He lost but he won” and move on. How is that not a fucking SCANDAL??

                    I’m not sure but I think she smacked her with something but it wasn’t a snake? Although there is a snake getting away- that’s really a dude that turned into a snake lol- this is Conan we’re talking about- yeah it’s pretty fucked up. The princess even hisses at her. Snake cults for the win. The best thing about that movie is the music- I saw an orchestra in Europe perform it on Youtube and it was amazing. But I’m digressing… they have a bloody Red Sonja Funko too, with blood all over her. It’s crazy.

                    I need cannibal Lincoln.

                    • The irony is, Snow was actually intelligent, despite being a complete piece of shit. Whereas *some* of them (all of them?) are too stupid for it to have been believable in a damn dystopian. I think your plan would work, honestly- especially if they could somehow convince the disenchanted voters to get off their asses to vote. And is it wrong to low key hope that some of the Republicans die off? It seems awful but…

                      And I totally agree- our system is wayyy too antiquated, and as is typical with us, we resist change. So dumbass Americans can SEE that things work in other countries, yet apparently can’t get our shit together enough to make changes here.

                      The health bill… I can’t with this bullshit. It’s beyond ridiculous. I have been blissfully unaware of the complete clusterfuck that is our country, I drove all day and listened to an audio book (the first time I ever successfully completed one haha) and it was so nice to NOT know, but then I remember, and UGH.

                      TBH, I am pretty bummed that it’s not a snake ? Beating the hell out of someone with a snake is pretty badass. I’m probably going to tell myself it was a snake. Oohhh you know what DEFINITELY could have survived Praimfaya? Mutant snakes! I looked up bloody Red Sonja because I needed to see this and I kind of love her!

  9. Bloody Red Sonja is awesome! And lmao about older voters… I’ve probably, um, thought that too. Like all these old Republican voters- I mean it’s pretty typical for younger voters to vote democratic (if they’re voting that is, FFS) so eventually the tide has to turn? I mean they were saying after Obama that changing demographics were going to favor Dems from now on.. and then this disaster of an election happened.

    You must be at ALA?? Yay- hope you have a GREAT time! And if it helps re: snakes there is a scene where Valeria (she’s badass like Red Sonja) gets shot with a snake arrow and when they pull it out of her it’s a snake. Yeah that movie is all kinds of fucked up lol. Anyway have a blast at ALA!!

    • Seriously, I never thought things would go this far backward. Well, obviously this whole damn situation reads like a cheesy dystopian, so yeah. I don’t understand why people don’t vote if they can. Unless you’re straight up on your deathbed… just no, go vote.

      I am at ALA! It’s been really fun, I’ve seen a lot of people, other bloggers and authors, and of course BOOKS. I also may have obtained a few fun surprises that you will enjoy ?

      And I definitely am on board with snake darts! That has to be the worst weapon to be attacked by ?

  10. I really liked the conversation between Octavia and Bellamy, and the May We Meet Again at the end when both their connections were already cut off. I knew Clarke would survive, because clearly the night blood worked, but fricking hell six and a half years! I did NOT expect that. She also looked so much more mature? I think it’s because she really did look more at piece. Also that is so interesting about Eligium, I did NOT remember that. So they’ve been gone for generations if they just got back? But their ship didn’t seem that big? They’re definitely going to be trouble now that the differences between the clans have somewhat disappeared (presumably).

    Okay, so I was shocked when I first saw the big time jump and it IS super risky. If we think about how much the characters changed just in the little time we knew them, they must just be entirely different people now. But then I’m not completely against it, because it might keep the show fresh. To be honest, I did like this season, but I’m just not as enthusiastic about it as I was when I first started watching it. They need some new ideas and a time jump might help. Then again, the prisoners seem like it’s just going to be the same old problems of different crews not getting along, so idk. I am glad that we didn’t have to watch five years of everyone being locked in a bunker/on a spaceship, because that’s basically the same as a prison show, and meh. I wonder if there were other night bloods who survived that we don’t know about maybe. Also I’m sad that apparently everything but a little fleck of green has been destroyed?? The good thing about just watching it now is that I don’t have to wait 8 months to find out what happens! 😀

    • I LOVE that conversation. It’s so… perfect, especially for them. I honestly did NOT know if she’d survive! I mean- I would have bet on yes, but I also wasn’t *fully* sure? Because it IS this show, after all! She did look so much older, I loved how they did that!

      So yeah, Eligius. I didn’t remember it either, honestly. Because it was such a one-off! But this show is awesome at those. Anyway. I also don’t think that the clan fights are over, either. We’ll see though! i have a feeling they’ll certainly be less so after living together for so long, but will anyone ever really get along? Who knows.

      The time jump… I both love AND hate it. I hated it at first because I hate the idea of missing SO much. Mostly, I worry that the characters will be too different and we won’t recognize them (their personalities, I mean, not physically hah). But then… it IS fresh! And now we’re dealing with people in their mid-late twenties instead of teens. And they’ve been apart FAR longer than they were together, so those dynamics should be epic.

      I do hope there’s a few more random nightbloods too! And yeah- I REALLY hope that Gagarin isn’t just a new “big bad”. That would kind of negate the whole point of a time jump, right? Just to have the same damn people fighting again, just with a few randos thrown in. Honestly, I don’t think they’ll do it, because BORING. And don’t be too sad about the stuff that Praimfaya destroyed, because the new set pictures look incredible!!

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