The 100 Episode 4×05: The Tinder Box

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

Ah, The Tinder Box. I have such mixed feelings about you, as an episode. This was basically me for 43 minutes: Anxious… Anxious…Anxious… Anxious… “Oh. That’s it?”  I’m scared because our casualties so far have been Nyko, a fake chip, the Ark, and maybe Roan’s dignity. But no MAIN CHARACTERS. I’m so terrified.

Octavia Rides Again

Her survival is unsurprising, since we knew that she warned Arkadia about Azgeda coming. But of course, we didn’t know if she was actually going to be safe. Then she takes a spill off Helios (tbh, I wondered how she had stayed up there so long to begin with) and along strolls someone into the woods to pick her up. Because apparently, there is quite a significant flow of traffic in the random-ass woods that lead from “edge of cliff” to Arkadia. I have to assume she was super close to home, otherwise why/how would Ilian have ever found her?

Why did no one question this? Like, Ilian just happened to be heading for a stroll outside of Arkadia? Which we know to be a full day’s ride from Polis, where he was last seen, and who knows the hell how far from Trishanakru’s home base. We’ll get to that later.

Anyway, Octavia is home, and she tells Clarke about Azgeda coming. And then O gets whisked away to surgery, because of course. Then Clarke is able to meet with Miller’s Dad (YAY for more Mr. Miller) to devise a strategy for dealing with this, since no one can locate Kane. Miller’s Dad wants an attack, but Clarke explains that maybe she can figure out what the hell happened, since last she heard, they were allies.

Monty agrees, but using Pike’s logic, which Harper promptly calls him out for. Never change, Harper.

The Tinder Box

Ugh, so this ends up just being a pissing contest between Roan and Clarke. She’s like “boom, bitch, element of surprise?” And he fires back with “I have your husband and stepdad”. So they’re at an impasse, obviously. Echo wants war, because of course she does. I think she has some serious problems, and maybe a death wish. And guess who else has a death wish? That’s right, folks, Riley! Because of course he does. Even though Roan had shit-all to do with him being kept prisoner, he attended the Charles Pike School of Grounder Relations®, and wants to just kill whoever the hell he wants, consequences be damned.

Monty tries to talk him down, with a little speech about how this is a Tinder Box. Hence the title. It works. Monty is being reasonable, and he thinks he gets through to Riley.

Only Monty forgot that Riley gives zero fucks about everyone else’s safety. Rookie mistake.

Only since everyone in the guard was born yesterday, they let Riley be stationed alone with a loaded weapon on his enemies. He gets the slip on some guy named Costa (who I approve of, more of him please, only maybe don’t trust this rando next time), and Monty charges in to negotiate. This is awesome. We can also have more ballsy Monty ANY DAY, thank you. I love it. He and Bellamy convince Echo to warn Roan, and Monty becomes the new hostage, and Bellamy goes for a walk in the forest with Echo. Who up until thirty seconds before, he thought killed his sister. Who he would literally die for. Just saying.

Sidenote though, when Bellamy figured out that O is alive, my heart did a little dance. His eyes lit up, it was adorable and magical.

Raven in the Sky with Nightblood

Please be singing to the tune of The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds right now with me. If not, I am not sure we can all be friends anymore.

We open at Becca’s lab with Abby and Jackson fighting because they have no freaking clue how to recreate Nightblood. Luna is “sleeping”, apparently with Murphy, Emori, Miller, and probably Jasper and Jaha who are MIA this episode. Nap time at the lab, y’all! Raven, meanwhile, is hallucinating that she is floating in zero G. That’s got to be healthy. Until she starts seizing, and Abby and Jackson run to her, and Abby could not be sweeter and more loving and caring and I have a feeling their relationship is going to kill me when one or both of them inevitably die.

I’ll just be over here weeping if you need me.

But they’re pretty impressed that Raven knows how to make Nightblood. Admittedly, less impressed when they realize they can’t replicate Zero G conditions. But then back to impressed when Raven is like “BOOM, Spaceship!” and out pops a spaceship with some weird Star Wars-esque music in the background. Hokey as fuck, but whatever. Raven is excited to go back into space, but Abby has some news.

I mean, she does have a point. She’d be equally dead if she did nothing, so… 

Jackson, the voice of reason, is like “hold up Abby, you had the EMP used on you too…” and Abby is like “nah, can’t hear you” with her fingers in her ears. #Reasonable. Raven is basically saying she’s down with dying if she needs to, she won’t let her people die, especially if she will die anyway. Which is really just good sense, let’s be real. And then, Abby who is still visiting the State of Denial, sees some fun stuff.

Wow, Raven got a much more pleasant chat with ALIE, no?

Who Invited Riley to This Show?

Okay, so I admit, this Riley business had me puzzled. But then I read Meg @ Cuddlebuggery’s recap. And guys. She explains it all. Scroll down to “The Riley Issue” (I mean, read the whole thing, it’s a good recap, but for our purposes, scroll down). See, he isn’t supposed to BE HERE. I knew he didn’t make any sense. ::Grumbles:: It was like… “Farm Station and blond hair, sure, he’ll do!”. No no no. Holly said, in reaction to this new information- “Like Meg said, it doesn’t work because we have no attachment to him”. Exactly. I just yelled at my TV “come on Monty, just shoot him already!” because I give zero fucks if he lives or dies. In fact, maybe death is the better option. Because then I can be done with him.

Now, I don’t know what to make of Bryan. The show he is on (called Beyond) has just been renewed for a second season so… I can’t imagine that he is long for this show. But think about it- how much more EPIC would that scene have been if it had been MILLER’S DAD versus MILLER’S BOYFRIEND with MILLER caught in the middle? Only about a million times, is the answer. Also, it would have made infinitely more sense for BRYAN to be trusted to be alone with a weapon than RILEY. Even the damn characters joke about it.

“Ain’t We a Pair?”

On one hand, I like that Clarke and Roan made up again. On the other… it’s getting old, is it not? He’s like a middle school girl who can’t decide if he wants Echo to be his BFF or if he wants Clarke to. Which one will he invite to the slumber party? Biting my nails here, guys. Who will get the honor of playing Barbies with Roan? 🤔

Anyway, they venture off to their cave, dodging Riley bullets, unbeknownst to them, and come up with a new plan. Why not share the Ark? Because clearly, no one will mind losing 50 slots, they were so easygoing when they found out there were only 100. 🙄

It’ll be fine, because they’re blood brothers now. Or something.

I also love how Roan is like “I am the King, I do what I want”. Except no, Roan, you don’t. You do what Echo wants, what Clarke wants, even what your mom wants by insisting on wearing that ridiculous crown, and I have no reason to believe that your people aren’t going to call bullshit on this alliance just as much as Skaikru will to Clarke. Even though they’ll literally be fighting over a pile of ashes, but I digress. None of these assholes are reasonable so I expect nothing less than ridiculousness.

The Other Tinder Box (aka, Arkadia)

Ilian, you stupid bastard. Look. I don’t hate Ilian. In fact, I still have hopes that he can be Miller’s new boyfriend because that will make him not hate Skaikru, and also, I like him more than Bryan, which is probably saying a lot. Wait, that isn’t what this section is about, sorry.

I actually don’t dislike Ilian as a character, but I dislike his actions/plot. He waltzes into Arkadia, which I do understand since he had O. Obviously, they’d have let him in. And I even get him being able to slip away in all the mayhem, I do. But what I don’t understand is why the hell he even wanted to blow up their home to begin with? What does that solve? I know he hates all technology but come on, dude. Bigger fish.

I do like that he didn’t want anyone to die. In fact, he kind of straight up risked his life to save O and Niylah, even though he was the reason their lives were in jeopardy anyway.

And um, how is he not dead, speaking of? Why did Roan, Echo, Kane, Bellamy, Miller’s Dad, Clarke, WHOEVER THE HELL not kill him when he came strolling out of there and everyone was like “ILIAN DID IT”?

Instead, they just stood by, dumbfounded, and watched their home (and backup for survival) go up in flames. The look Echo and Roan exchange is freaking priceless.

The best “oh shit” faces of the night.

And the Blake sibling plus Clarke reunion? The only reason I didn’t throw shit at my TV at that point. I mean, what about all their stuff? What about Lincoln’s notebook and Jasper’s goggles? Guys, I am attached to these props! Come on!

Forgiveness. Can you imagine? Sing it with me… 

My HEART 😭 😍

We Will Rise

DAMN YOU, WEEK OFF. No one asked for this. Alas, it gives my buddies Erica, Holly, and I some time to get our collective shit together and actually chat. Not just me screen-shooting my DMs from my phone. Well fine, maybe I will still do that, but it will be an actual chat.

Also, I feel like the “missing” flame is going to come back into play soon, especially with a bunch of Nightbloods running around (if it comes to that). I just hope that it isn’t another excuse for a fight between Clarke and Roan, especially since it was O who let Gaia and the flame go. Which also was stupid, but that is an issue for another time.

So, what did you all think of the episode!? Did it kind of end a little anti-climatically for you too? Do you understand why/how Ilian is still alive? Where’s Bryan and why can’t we get rid of Riley!? Let’s talk! 

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  1. Ooh good your post is up. 🙂 I just stopped by to check and here it is. So I have questions. Is Clarke like a full doctor now? She just “goes into surgery” lol. And they just left Ilian standing there, with free rein of the Ark??? WTF people? Talk about security frickin lapse. And yes- Harper. Is it me or was she especially hot in this episode? It was me? okay… 🙂

    “Charles Pike School of Grounder relations” lmao. SO. TRUE. they actually put Riley up there? You know when Monty was scoping Riley across the way, I might have said “shoot” . Like once or twice. Shoot him Monty!! Not that he ever would, but man… oh wait you just said that. Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought that! and yes, when Bellamy realized O was alive… moment.

    So… what’s this about Riley? Alright I’m heading over to Meg’s right after this because I need an explanation. And yes Clarke and Roan is getting SO old… although they do play off each other nice. They did the same thing w/ him on Black Sails, he had this on again/ off again relationship with Eleanor on that show. Anyway the cave was kinda cool.

    I LOVE that look Roan gives Echo. I laughed- he’s like does any of this shit ever work? Welcome to The 100, my friend. All fucked up all the time. I kinda wanted Ilian to die in the ‘splosion, but he’s obviously got a role to play (your idea about Milian is intriguing). And… the Ark is gone. Which is kinda huge. What will be the home base now?

    • BWHAHHA right!? When she said she’d be doing surgery I was like “hold up, I don’t think that is allowed!”. I actually went back to rewatch because I *hoped* she meant someone else would do it but… alas, no, she apparently just does all the things now. Makes lists, performs life-or-death procedures.. jack of all trades, that one 😉

      As for Harper, actually NO, it isn’t just you! She looked… definitely different, in a good way. And I also noticed that Raven did as well- like extra pretty? Maybe they got a new hair and makeup person or something? OR maybe they prettied everyone up just so we’ll think they look extra shitty when the radiation comes 😂

      YESS- I wanted Monty to shoot SO. BADLY. It would have been a great storyline… for Monty. Is that bad? I don’t even care, he needs to go. I agree with you about Clarke and Roan playing off each other nicely- they do have a certain rapport that works. But it’s also getting old just as a plot. The cave WAS great! Why have we never seen it before? Maybe Skaikru will have to live in it now, and we see lots of it 😉

      I wanted Ilian to die too- at least he would have been like “I sacrificed myself to get rid of technology!” because I swear, if he just starts blowing up ALL the places (like Becca’s lab) I am going to be pissed. It’s too… easy. Like they need more plot that “one guy is mad so he kills humanity”. Especially because I don’t see Ilian as that much of a badass, so it seems almost inauthentic? Milian needs to be a thing because I will RAGE if they try to make Ilian and Octavia a thing. RAGE.

      I seriously don’t know WHAT the Arkadians are going to do now. I mean, that was there whole home, all their food, their clothes, their EVERYTHING- forget the radiation, how are they supposed to LIVE? All the medicine was in there too- including the anti-radiation meds. This is REALLY a nightmare. I hope that they show that too- that it isn’t just shelter from the radiation, it is a LOT more than that. On the bright side, the list is probably destroyed too 🤔

      • Yeah I guess stabbings through the gut and operating on same aren’t what they used to be. 🙂

        Thank you! I’m glad it wasn’t just me ha ha. Maybe I’m so used to everyone being dirty and having blood all over them from previous seasons- I used to joke about how they always had like dirt and twigs and shit on ’em. There was something different… was Harper’s hair different?

        Yeah Ilian and O would be a travesty. Totally agree. After Lincoln she just needs to be solo. Milian works for me. The guy’s got potential although I can’t imagine he’s too popular at the moment lol. But yeah I’d rather he died. the thing is there are so many characters now he’s taking up oxygen from better characters. We don’t have time for you and your foolishness Ilian!!

        LOL the list! I hadn’t even thought of that. oopsies. All gone. But I know- they have NOTHING (or do you think next week someone will say “oh but I managed to grab this shit just in time” and it will be the meds or something. I almost hope so even though I’d snicker! Welcome to being a Grounder!

        • You know, I think a lot of their hair is different- did you notice Niylah’s? It was more blonde or something, Idk. But definitely different. Wonder what will happen now that their showers and toiletries have been blown to bits? 🤔 I think you ARE right though about someone saving crap from inside. There is no way they’ll be left with nothing- BUT they had better explain it, and not just have medicine and tools all over the place without a “Hey guys, Jaha and Jasper spent the episode organizing our supplies in a shed out back that didn’t get blown up- that’s why no one saw them AND we have all our shit”.

          And YES! This is my problem with Ilian too- it isn’t that he is a BAD character, but he is taking the focus away from characters I actually give a crap about. Same with Riley, only multiply that by like, a hundred. So did you see how Riley is apparently a fill in for Bryan? What IS that!? It doesn’t make any sense! Like- if you subbed Bryan in for those scenes, it would have made MUCH more sense. I would have bought it, even though I am not a huge Bryan fan. But Riley being there was just pure nonsense, honestly. They’d have been better with a rando manning the guns- at least I could believe that!

          • Niylah was looking pretty good too! I’m so shallow. And yeah they’re going to be dirty all the time again- lol. Sticks in their hair and dried blood and shit… and yeah again, where were Japer and Jaha? Hmm… Jaha was conspicuously absent during the evac. But hopefully they salvaged SOMETHING.

            I did see that about Riley/ Bryan. What a shame. It all makes sense now. And it does put that exchange between Bellamy and Monty about Riley not being there in a different light, doesn’t it??? Wow.

            • Well you figure Niylah is probably benefiting from the use of space beauty products, so it makes sense. 😂 But I guess they also have hair dye because her hair was clearly a different color. Which, I can’t imagine being a priority in this situation, but who am I to judge?

              They need to have salvaged some stuff, because I seriously don’t know where these 500+ people are going to go, how they’re going to live. They should all take over Ilian’s village, since he was so quick to burn theirs down.

              And so- I am rewatching the season now (mostly because NOTHING has been on lately) and you can totally see how this was supposed to be Bryan- in Heavy Lies the Crown, he and Miller fought, and then Bryan is all extra mad at Azgeda… it was just PERFECT. Riley makes less than no sense. You can’t just throw a different character in a plot and expect it to work the same!

              • Yeah I wonder if Niylah is selling beauty products at that trading post of hers? It actually looked pretty nice. Niylah’s General Store- candy aisle 3, feminine product aisle 4, ice cream in the back.

                This show always seems to be sharing their actors! And I hate Riley for some reason so he was NOT a good substitute lol. Although I think we’re supposed to hate him… but you’re right, this is so awkward. And I REALLY want to know where they’re going to go now- I kinda LIKE the idea of them not having a base, but I’m not sure I’ll like the alternative. Will it be… the bunker??

                Today sucks because no 100.

                • BWHAHHA DYING @ Niylah selling beauty products! Do you follow Adina Porter (Indra) on Twitter? You should- she is always coming up with ridiculous things Indra is doing when she’s not on the show- starting all kinds of funny businesses and such- it’s hilarious! I like this idea of Niylah’s general store- the hair dye is located just beyond the dried meat, but hopefully not *too* close. All of Skaikru has clearly been shopping in the beauty section. (But seriously- who DOES provide the essentials- like ice cream and feminine products!?)

                  I hate Riley too! And like- not JUST because he is not Bryan (I don’t even like Bryan, so.) I just HATE HIM. And I think we are supposed to be… wary of him? But sympathetic? Which… I am not. I should be because he was a slave or whatever but I am not. Oops?

                  And OMG they’ll have to go back to the Cult Soup Bunker! 😂😂😂 I knew that’d come back around!

                  Today DOES suck. I am so… unsure of what to do. Is Abby okay? Is Raven in space!? Where the hell is Jasper?! And I can’t even spend the next week busying myself making GIFs cause I already made them all. I might have to *gasp* do something productive 😉

                  • I do not follow her but I’m going to. Thank you!! She sounds like she’d be a riot. I need more 100- related humor. And yes- the essentials! EEk I fear they just got blowed up in the Arkage. How unfortunate…

                    And same w/ Riley. It’s not logical, I just.don’ At all. Not sure why. Yeah he was a slave, bummer- why are the other slaves not all like tier 1 characters now? Just Riley, hmm? Oh yeah writers room. lol

                    Cult Soup Bunker is the best. and yes I fear they’re headed back there. That would appear to be an attractive clean up job no?

                    • Ahhh maybe THAT is why they all get so pissed at Clarke- she insists that everyone works together to clear away 97+ years of decaying cult members so they can move in. I mean, I’d yell at her too 😂

                      And that is SUCH a good question- we haven’t seen ANY of the others, even the adorable little girl, who, let’s be real, is the reason Bellamy decided to save them to begin with. He gives zero fucks about Riley, just like the rest of us. Bellamy Blake, the voice of reason. When he said to Echo “I know Riley, I’ll talk to him” what he MEANT was “I saved his useless ass so if he doesn’t listen to me I am going to let you kill him.” That’s what I heard, anyway 😉

                      And honestly, the whole cast is so fabulous- I started following a lot of them, and they just seem like such good people, especially considering their fame. And if you follow Chelsey (Harper) you will get lots of Harper pictures on the regular so, win-win? 😉

  2. I’m really happy that the ARK blew up. It raises the stake and makes everything even more intense. I can see Ice Nation actually working with Skaikru now since they are all in the same boat.

    I was confused at the end of the episode though. I couldn’t figure out if Abby was dreaming or if she is having the same problem as Raven.

    There’s a week off? Darn you CW D:

    • It DOES raise the stakes a lot- even just with daily life. They’re not going to have any medicine, food, clothes, shelter, communication, or technology (outside of what is left at Becca’s lab) so it should be VERY interesting. All the comforts they are used to have been obliterated. I just don’t like how it was done- how did Ilian even know HOW to blow it up, if he knows nothing about technology? 🤔

      Also, you raise a VERY interesting point! I hadn’t thought about the possibility that Abby was just dreaming! Because you’re right- she could have been! My mind just went to worse-case scenario and assumed she was having issues from the chip/EMP. Now I am VERY curious indeed!

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