The 100 Episode 4×01: Echoes

I am just so happy, guys. I mean, sure, the end of the world is looming close, both in the world of The 100 and ours, but I mean… at least it’s time for Season 4! Maybe it will give us a few tips for dealing with the aftermath of the end of the world, hmm?

Anyway. Who is excited for tonight’s episode? The title itself is fabulous: Heavy Lies the Crown. Yes PLEASE. But before we get to that, how about a little recap of what happened in the season opener? I have watched it twice, but by the time you read this, it’ll probably be three times. Don’t judge. Or do, frankly it doesn’t matter. I wrote down some stuff in my rewatch (the first time was basically just me clutching a throw pillow yelling at my TV in either elation or anger, depending on the scene), and I figured these are the points we shall talk about!

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 


Let’s talk about something for a quick second: The first season premiere was called Pilot but that’s cause all shows are. The second is The 48… and it was about The 48 obviously. The third is Wanheda. Again, self explanatory. So when I saw “Echoes”… well, I had a pretty solid feeling that Echo would be Kind of a Big Deal in this one.  And even though I don’t like Echo much, I do love being right, so I will take it for now.

I didn’t mind her in Season 2, when she helped Bellamy kill Lovejoy (though, sad, because of the preschool kid, gahh), and even when she backstabbed him in Blood Must Have Blood… well, she kind of had to, because of Lexa- she’d just gotten out of a cage, so I don’t think even Bellamy blamed her.

No, he definitely didn’t, because when she came running in Ye Who Enter Here, warning of threats and junk, he was the one who convinced Pike to trust her. And then she killed his plot device girlfriend. And I seriously think that her betrayal, mixed with all of Bellamy’s emotions, were just… the last straw. He trusted her, and she betrayed him every chance he got. So yeah, I kind of always blamed Echo for Pillamy happening.

And now here she is again, wreaking havoc all over Polis. First, her dumb ass almost got Roan killed. Maybe that is what she wanted, tbh. I don’t know. But she is an idiot. Then she tried to convince Roan that he should take up his mother’s cause. Has she just met Roan? He hated his mother, for she was a despicable person, and until I see otherwise, Roan has been somewhat reasonable and seems to not want to kill of all of the human race so… bad move, Echo.

Then she tells Bellamy that she’ll “let their children live” if Skaikru surrenders? First, what children? I am still impatiently waiting for that Linctavia baby to pop onto the scene. Second, like they’re going to be like “okay, fine, we will let you keep our imaginary children to probably torture/enslave and let you kill all of us”?! REALLY Echo? And THEN! THEN she has the audacity to try to HIT ON BELLAMY? Bitch PLEASE. Can she be taken out by some radiation or Skai Ripa Octavia or something soooooon? Sooner than ALIE? Great.

Good, let’s keep it that way. 

Long Live the King

Gah, one of my favorite Lexa lines ever:

I miss Lexa, tbh. Especially seeing this ragtag band of assholes trying to run Polis. Like, come on, this was the best that the past 97 years could come up with? It’s like our country: We had this awesome dude in charge, all like, trying to keep us alive and shit, and then he has to leave to be on another TV show Teach Them How to Say Goodbye, and we end up with actual garbage fire. Not that Roan is necessarily garbage fire, but Ontari sure was. I mean, she beheaded kids. We have… well, you get the gist. Maybe Jaha can do us a solid too… ?

So now Roan is finally in charge, and not running through the woods frolicking with Bellarke. Clarke (and Abby, but she is a bit of a blubbering mess, tbh) save Roan, of course, since they are like, some kind of MacGyver doctors. And he wakes up at juuust the right before Echo starts pulling an Ontari and beheading folks. (That was my one complaint for this episode- there were a few moments that were a bit too convenient, especially for this show that doesn’t usually take that route.)

SO he becomes King For Realsies. And he gets to wear a really stupid looking crown. If I were king, my first order of business would be to abolish that shit. Just saying. But when Clarke gives him the chip (we’ll come back to that, no worries), he doesn’t just become King of Azgeda, he becomes almost a de facto Heda, at least until another Natblida is found. I wondered how they’d make him in charge, since it was clear that he would be IMO.  Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see where he goes with this, but at least he is starting out by ignoring Echo, which I approve of.

Also, he and Clarke have an exchange, and I am happy to see that our dear King Roan is a fast learner 😉

Seriously though, this crown is stupid.

Also,  pro tip: If you feel like searching for pictures of Roan in Black Sails because Greg mentioned that Zach plays a good pirate on it… Well, either beef up your safe-search settings, or be prepared to see a LOT more of the King of Azgeda than you thought you would… ? (I mean, you do you, I won’t judge. I didn’t exactly stop scrolling, tbh.)

The Fallout

Oh, we knew this was coming. Remember all those people in the City of Light, killing for ALIE, willing to die, thinking they’d live on as some kind of strange computer program? Yeah, bad news for them, they’re all dead. And their families? PISSED.

But here’s some steps in the right direction: Jaha. Took. Responsibility. That’s right friends, Thelonious Jaha said that this whole mess was his fault. And just like old times, Kane assured him that he wasn’t solely to blame. Pretty glad that their dynamic is back in action, tbh.

But it’s all fine because Kane and Indra reunite. It’s good. It makes us happy. When Abby dies, I can ship these two, right? ?

Oh, and Murphy and Emori make a pretty brief appearance. Murphy delivers a solid bit of snark all while showing respect for Indra, so that is a win in my book. But then he leaves when Kane asks him to help protect Bellamy, which is a really dickish thing to do. Especially since he just snuck out, and didn’t bother to say “nah, hard pass on keeping Bellamy alive, I have somewhere to be”. That is cowardly, Murphy.

Clarke tells her mom about how she loved Lexa, but of course, since Abby is her mom, she already knew. It was such a sweet moment. And Clarke gets a chance to grieve, which she missed while trying to save everyone.

But someone else took notice of this exchange. Actually, two someones. And I have no idea if Bellamy realizes that he is in love with Clarke yet but… Kane sure as hell knows it.


Then Clarke and Roan talk, as I mentioned. He is wearing the silly ass crown, so Idk how she is taking him seriously, but she does. And she wants his help to save everyone. He is hesitant. But then she offers him the flame, and when he sees what it takes for her to do that, when he sees her heart break as she hands it to him… well, I think that is how she won him over. But it is also how she finally got a but of closure with Lexa, and let go as much as she can. It was a really powerful moment, and her sacrifice is lost on no one.

Meanwhile, back at Arkadia…

I kind of always wondered how in the actual hell Raven knew so much about computers suddenly. I mean, of course she’d have some knowledge, because she was a mechanic and such, but to all-out destroy ALIE? But sad when the only person I have to ask the tough questions for me is Jasper, you know?

Questions going forward? Likely. 

Hanty’s back, y’all. So maybe don’t eat before we talk about this. Okay so I don’t like them together, but I do enjoy that they do have a little “Define the Relationship” talk, because hey, those exist in a post-apocalyptic wasteland too!

Also, meet Raven Reyes, Mood Killer!

Now, I get that she had to tell them this but… yikes. Anyway, they go to find Jasper, only Jasper is planning to… end Jasper. Look, it is probably wayyy too triggering to get into, and I am also not making any graphics for that reason, but if you need a good cathartic cry, well, I’m your girl:

Erica and Holly had some thoughts about Jasper, too. I liked those thoughts, so I shall share them!

Don’t worry, we will be talking more later, I promise 😉
Leaving Polis

Bellamy and Clarke head back to Polis after Roan reinstates Skaikru as the 13th clan, because they want to help Raven & Co figure out how to not die. Abby, Kane, and Octavia stay behind in Polis, I suppose since O can kill anyone who looks at them funny, Kane is technically the guy with the coalition brand, and Abby… is there to have Kabby sexy time scenes. Whatever, I am just glad that Bellamy and Clarke are heading out together for once. (And I won’t turn down some Kabby scenes, tbh.)

And this is why we love Octavia. 

Honestly, one of the best parts of all of this is that Abby and Kane finally freaking get it. They know that they aren’t in charge, that they have a role to play, same as everyone else. And I love it. They’re so far removed from the power-trippy know-it-alls from Season 2, and I am giddy happy.

And can we please talk about how the dynamic of Bellamy and Clarke has changed? These two used to just as soon spit on each other as save the other, and now… well, now they are basically a team, wholly and completely.

And then some people die a really shitty, painful death in a desert somewhere, but let’s end this on a high note, shall we?

Heavy Lies the Crown

What’s next? I have no idea. I also watched zero sneak peeks, because Vlora inspired me when she said she doesn’t watch the promos for fear of spoilers. She was kind of spot on, because so much of this episode was in the Season 4 Trailer. I did, however, watch the quick promo, because I am only human after all. Also, I am so confused by what is happening in it, so I do not feel spoiled at all. Here it is, friends!

So, what did you all think of the episode!? Thoughts, theories, flails, freakouts? Let me know!

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8 responses to “The 100 Episode 4×01: Echoes

  1. I will continue in my quest not to be spoiled, so I’ll probably be watching every week instead of waiting until I can binge watch a little (also I can’t wait that long). 😀 I did wonder about Raven! I have a feeling this will be important in the future, but I have to admit I sort of forgot what exactly happened so ALIE could ‘update’ her? I loved Roan, and that he was all like Yeaaaah… NOPE when Echo talked about his mother’s agenda. I thought the bitch please look he gave her when she said his mother was so heartbroken to send him away was a nice touch. I thought Jasper’s reaction after he found out they only had six month to live was more like …seriously? my life is such a cosmic joke… might as well see where this goes and go down with the others! but I do hope he will be less suicidal in the future and start to heal eventually. And yeah Roan woke up at a veeeery convenient time.

    • Well when ALIE took her mind over, in the CoL I guess? But why was ONLY Raven “upgraded”? Is it because Clarke removed the chip? If so, then why wasn’t Abby upgraded too? If Abby becomes a coding wizard, we’ll know for sure 😉

      OH I agree SO MUCH about Roan! It was so DUMB that Echo brought up his shitty mom. His face and snark were awesome throughout. I am so glad he didn’t die! Idk WHAT is up with Jasper, tbh. I hope there is more to that little story arc, and not just “we had filmed this scene last season and don’t want to waste it”. ?

  2. OMG First of all I am so glad to actually be able to comment on this stuff now! Second of all… THIS IS TOO FUNNY DUDE! I think I enjoyed reading your recap better than watching the show because you actually edit in all the smartass things I would say in my head. I used to get like really scared that Clarke was gonna die all the time but then i realized she won’t and basically they are always dying or in a war. WHY DID LEXA HAVE TO GO!? I love her too and you are so right.
    None of this nonsense would be going down if she were there. Ughh Echo go away please!
    On the subject of Roan, he is my man! I saw him as pirate and yes this is good but he was my absolute favorite as Jody in Shameless!
    ❤️Britt @Brittersweet Reads

    • Okay- I just visited your blog, and can we PLEASE talk about how freaking GORGEOUS IT IS!? And also, YOU! You look fantastic! I LOOOOOVE your hair.

      AH HEM anyway, I am SO GLAD you are here to comment too! And THANK YOU for saying that! It does take me so much time to do these, so when someone enjoys them… literally, I have a goofy smile on my face right now, you kind of made my day 😀

      And DUDE- the Shameless pictures are what I stumbled upon in my “Zach McGowan” internet search ??? I am seriously SO glad we are seeing this side of him now- I LOVE his snark, we need more of that!

  3. Okay I know I’ve already commented at length but here I had forgotten some of this stuff. Like some of the Echo backstory. So you’re going through it helped (and clearly I’m in need of a REWATCH). I miss Lexa too, for being such a non factor on Fear the Walking Dead she RULED on this show. *sigh*

    Also yeah LOL you see PLENTY of Zach … I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. They don’t play around on that show…

    You have the Kane/ Indra moment. I could watch that- like all day. And Kane/ Bellamy yeah. And you’re spot on with Kabby- they are supporting players, Bellarke are in charge and they know it. Or even if they don’t- it just seems like everyone has matured and earned this new status quo. Gone are the assholes they were…

    Great roundup!! I can’t wait for E2 (I end up watching it a little later so I can skip commercials) I love where everyone is on this show (except Hanty but it can’t all be good right? )

    • I can watch E2 in… TWO MINUTES. I checked on my DVR to make sure it was recording. Because… I need to watch before I can venture back onto Twitter and such bwahha. I can’t do the commercials either though- takes me out of the story.

      And YAY I am glad it helped! I was almost afraid I was overanalyzing Echo, but I really hate her so I guess it is okay. I was going to make some gifs of the Lovejoy thing, and the Ye Who Enter betrayal but… I had already made 36 for this ONE post and was kind of tired. Plus Kane and Indra was WAY more important. I seriously ADORE them. I loved the Kane/Bellamy moment at the end too (again, I got too tired to go into it too much), I am SO excited to see their relationship heal this season. I am kind of sad that O and Bellamy don’t seem to have a chance to work things out, at least, not yet, with her being in Polis. (Hey, maybe that means more hope that she’ll stay alive so they can fix it!)

      GAH time is up, I get to watch it now, yay! ?

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