The 100 Episode 5×08: How We Get to Peace

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Oh hi, just another episode of The 100 Season 5 that is freaking nailing it. This is a good one. A really good one. Mostly because it delivers on a lot of storyline fronts, basically neglecting no one. 

How We Get to Peace (in Shallow Valley)

This is a great title because everyone in the episode has their own ideas of how they can actually achieve peace. The first people we see who want to get to peace are Kane and Diyoza. Kane of course has had his share of making bullshitty decisions in the name of saving his people. Sacrificing the few for the needs of the many, only for the many to whittle down to the few. It’s a really moving conversation that he and Diyoza have. And it seems to show his loyalty. When he speaks about the war, he uses “we”, and I don’t think it’s just to convince Diyoza he’s on her side- I feel like he genuinely is.

So while Diyoza hopes that some of her problems (namely, McCreary and Octavia) are somewhat taken care of, they head out to some field or another to contemplate the future. Well, Kane does, but to his surprise, Diyoza wants all of the same things. She just happens to be a little more realistic in their chances of achieving them. While they’re dreaming of the future, Diyoza shares her pregnancy news with Kane.

Well that sounds like a real nightmare. 

Then they have a cute gushy conversation where I think they name Diyoza’s baby Hope? Idk but if this isn’t romance brewing, I don’t know what is. I find myself almost feeling a little sad for Diyoza that she thought she could have a hot second to dream about her kid being bratty at school (that is kind of what she was dreaming of, right?) because actually all of her problems are littered around the East Coast ready to stroll back into her life. Gosh, doesn’t a pregnant Colonel have enough problems to deal with?

How We Get to Peace (in Polis)

Goodness, do we ever get to peace in Polis? Does Octavia even know what the meaning of the word is anymore? Idk, but Bellarke and Indra do! And these three teaming up is the trio I never knew I always needed. Just three level headed folks who love Octavia too much to kill her, but know for damn sure she needn’t be in charge anymore.

Their plan involves getting rid of Kara, and I am immediately on board. Because every plan to get rid of Kara is a plan I love. And, they’re not just getting rid of Kara, but the worms too! Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Of course, this requires some shady business, as always. And Monty. They’re getting the Mt Weather Genocide Band back together for a super quick reboot, I suppose, though Monty isn’t really down.

Reunited and it feels like crap?

Don’t you just love how they pull zero punches anymore? There’s no “but it’s for our people!” it’s just “yep, bitch needs to go” and I love it. I mean, it is to save a large number of people, but still. Monty isn’t tickled, but he agrees. Mostly I guess because he doesn’t want to see everyone in Shallow Valley become worm food, which, fair.

I could watch this all day, tbh.

Only oopsie woopsie, Wonkru wasn’t planning on using the worms at all! Nah, they were going to infect everyone with worm eggs! So not only was the plan for naught (except to kill Kara which is never a waste if you ask me), but Octavia knows that Kara wouldn’t have gone into Worms ‘R Us to begin with since the eggs were loaded up. So… she knows that it’s a setup. And she wants Clarke to pay.

Raven’s No Good Very Bad Day

Poor Raven. As usual, things are just not going her way. First, her bestie had her crush shock collared and tortured. As if that wasn’t enough, now said bestie wants to just off the poor bastard altogether. Raven puts her foot down with a firm no, but also doesn’t trust Echo (especially since the aforementioned collaring and torturing). So she runs to her beau to warn him. Shockingly, he isn’t tickled to see her.

“Okay, fine, you got me, I’ll listen”

But she’s gotta run, because she’s needed… elsewhere. And yay, it’s her good pal Abby, who is trying to make a cure for Prisonkru but needs some kind of engineering! Talk about an overdue reunion, I was so happy to see these two reconnect- as was Raven. Let’s face it, Abby’s been like a hybrid mom-mentor-friend to Raven, and it must have been hard without her. Raven isn’t tickled about making the machine, but if it will keep Abby “safe” (read: stocked with drugs, unbeknownst to Raven), she’ll do it.

And because she’s awesome, it works! Only… she can’t wake up Abby to tell her. Why? Because Abby’s all high and shit. And this makes for a very cranky Raven. She’s about to destroy the machine, once she realizes that Abby’s life isn’t in danger.

I suppose their next reunion will be far less warm and fuzzy.

So she stomps back into the church and tells Echo that fine, she can go ahead and kill NotZeke. But as long as she promises that he won’t suffer. Then, she tells him all about how her mother was an alcoholic and cries in his arms and tbh, it doesn’t seem fair to do that when you’re trying to kill the dude?

The Mamas Versus the Papas

Things for little Hope are off to a rocky start because her mom and (assumed) dad aren’t having a great time getting along. In fact, Diyoza basically told Murphy to go ahead and kill McCreary, because she has zero fucks to give. I am paraphrasing, as you do. She figures that if McCreary dies, his people will just… accept her leadership.

And I don’t know if they will, but Murphy solving one problem and Clarke taking care of the other sounds nice to me too, Diyoza. But she’s also clearly not giving Murphy enough credit either. And when McCreary wakes up, he realizes that he too hadn’t paid Murphy enough mind.

Never underestimate the cockroachiness of John Murphy.

But McCreary thinks he has a way to get both himself and Murphy what they want. And for McCreary, letting go of Raven as a prisoner is a no-brainer. He hasn’t a need for her, but he does need back in Diyoza’s camp. So Murphy goes along, and he and Emori become McCreary’s “prisoners”. And waltz back into camp.

Meanwhile, Diyoza is pleased as punch that Abby has solved her little medical dilemma by curing Vinson. Until she gets word that McCreary has been spotted. She tells Abby to keep a lid on the cure and hands her a bottle of pills to buy her silence. Good news for Diyoza, Abby will do literally anything for these pills so she basically has nothing to worry about there. And we see that Diyoza is totally, viciously fine with letting however many men necessary die- as long as McCreary is one of them.

I mean, same, Vinson.

“Will you still love me if I’m just a farmer?”

Can we all agree to let the record show that Monty Green will never be “just” an anything, farmer or otherwise? He can stop fighting and killing if he wants. But he’ll always be much more, and we’ll always love him. And so will Harper because he’s her only storyline. I digress.

Monty has been having this crisis all season long: Does he even deserve to live if he’s taken so many lives to get to this point? Harper is actually quite wise in this scene. When he worries that he may say no and someone he cares about will die, she doesn’t dismiss it. She agrees that it’s a real possibility. And if that doesn’t seem like foreshadowing…

But she’s right: He’s always had a choice. And choices have consequences. He thinks he can live a life of peace, and farm algae, but this isn’t a world where that’s often possible. I have a feeling that we’re going to be seeing a big looming morality crisis for Monty (and maybe Harper) when they have to make some tough decisions.

Omon gon oson

Okay we can totally stop pretending that they aren’t eating their fallen Wonkru members, right? That. Is. A. Kara. Patty.

Bellamy bursts in during dinnertime, and O sends her war chiefs or whoever the hell they are to bed. I guess they have school early the next day, Idk. And she and Bellamy have a chat. Of course, she can’t have thought that Bellamy would be okay with her trying to kill Clarke, right? But I guess she does, because she seems peeved that he even brought it up.

She said loooooove! And the fandom explodes!

So Bellamy opts for a different approach. He wants them to share a Kara Patty, how sweet. Trying to do some kind of childhood throwback, I guess. Reminds her how he and Aurora used to share their rations since she was living under the floor and such. But O doesn’t want to take this particular stroll down memory lane. She’s only in if Bellamy says the magic words: Omon gon oson. All of me for all of us. And he does because he clearly has a plan. They chow on some Kara, and Bellamy tells O how much he loves her. It’s super cute until she starts to choke.

And I don’t know about you, but I high key wondered why he wasn’t saving his sister. Shouldn’t he give the Heimlich a go or something? But then. Then he confesses: He’s dosed her with some of Monty’s Coma Cakes! Which, if you ask me, is better than eating Kara anyway. She looks at him, terrified and betrayed, as he lowers her gently to the ground.

I also daresay “This is how we save our people”

Song of the Week:

This is called “Killing Machine” by Tony Crown. And I mean, it’s perfect for all the obvious reasons: Kara’s death, Octavia wanting to basically kill without a second thought. Mostly the latter, tbh. She’s willing to ruthlessly kill Clarke, knowing how many people would be devastated, including (especially?) Bellamy. Octavia is a killing machine, and would be completely fine with the decimation of everyone- and everything- in the valley. 

Random Thoughts:

  • Who else is loving these Kiyoza feels!? Heh, thought you’d need longer to get over Kabby? You don’t, because Kiyoza just named their baby together, so. This is when some angry McCrabby sex will help them heal their wounds. Or something.
  • Does anyone else low key forget that Jaha is dead sometimes? I keep thinking “hmm, haven’t seen him in awhile” and then I remember that he’s dead. I don’t know how I feel about it. 
  • Can Echo please save Raven from herself? A true test of their friendship is if Echo realizes that Raven doesn’t mean that she can kill NotZeke. Because if Echo does this, and Raven realizes she allowed it to happen, I don’t think she can forgive herself. Come on Echo, use that spy brain and think of another way mmmkay?
  • We even got random Vinson backstory, that is how awesome this episode was. I mean, I am horrified that he kept the hands and feet of his victims, but I won’t pretend I am not fascinated as fuck too. 
  • Emori not defaulting to Murphy is so badass. Look, she could have taken him back and I’d probably not have blinked, but she didn’t, because she is smart enough to know what a mistake that is. For his part, he seemed… not that upset?
  • Which is because hi, Murphy is in love with Raven. Murphy trusting McCreary to save Raven shows just how strong his feelings are. Murphy would never be in this deep for basically anyone else.

 Episode 5×09: Sic Semper Tyrannis

UGH last hiatus week, friends! This is my favorite episode title of the series. Fine, maybe second, after “Die All, Die Merrily”, but still. 

  • Miller is going to be Bellarke’s next foe, isn’t he? The hints this week are all there: He’s the new leader of Indra’s unit, Bellamy takes a jab at him about the hundred, he arrests freaking Clarke for goodness sake… all these little Miller moments seem like clues that while O’s in a coma, Miller will be leading Wonkru to war. And I am not okay. (Also where the hell is Jackson?!)
  • Speaking of, how are Bellamy and Clarke even still alive after this stunt? I know Indra won’t kill them considering they’re working together, but Miller? Some other guards? What’s the deal?
  • Gaia has the flame engaged. Does this mean Madi will be in power? Clarke? They’re the only two who could be. No one from Wonkru will accept either of these leaders, though. Also sidenote, how the hell did Gaia ever learn the flame’s passphrase? Clarke was the only human who knew after Titus killed himself, right? Right?! 
  • Raven is smart trying to cause infighting. Does this mean she’s given up on the Pilot Death Plot? I sure hope so- especially because Mom and Dad arguing is far more entertaining anyway.

Are you going to make it through this final hiatus? Is Monty ever going to be “just a farmer”? Was Kara definitely in that “food”? Is Miller going to be our new adversary? Let’s discuss!

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19 responses to “The 100 Episode 5×08: How We Get to Peace

  1. Kiyoza in the beginning there might be one of my favorite scenes/ conversations of the whole SERIES. I seriously like those two together, as friends or as more, whichever way it goes. And oh my gosh in Polis- I mean Kara DID have to go, but the casual way Clarke just decides it… man that’s tough. Her and Bell and Indra though- I feel like they’re the triumvirate of doom if they wanted to be. I agree, who knew those three could rock that hard? But… Octavia was going to use worm EGGS to infect people, which I’m sorry is just evil? So she kinda makes Clarke look reasonable???

    I’m a little concerned about that GIF though. You are perhaps enjoying Kara’s demise a bit much hmm? Then again, she was an asshole so… *nods*

    Abby tasering Raven is so… wrong.

    It’s entirely possible that at the end of this series John Murphy will be the last one alive?

    Omon gon oson just sounds like cannibalism, frankly. and Kara patties- right.

    O calling Clarke a traitor irked me. It’s not like Clarke owes Octavia anything- she never officially joined the Cult of Cannibals. It’s just a minor thing, but it bugged me. I also don’t like that O let him eat Kara, um, unawares. that sounded bad on so many levels. But isn’t the whole thing predicated on someone KNOWINGLY making the choice? I thought that weird.

    I honestly feel like they’ve gone off the rails a bit w/ Octavia. She almost SO evil now and I’m not sure it’s earned, even with six years of bunker control? IDK…

    Good point about Echo/ Raven. And I think Vinson is gonna be huge, in some capacity. Is he Diyoza’s secret weapon?

    What did Gaia do w/ the flame? I missed that? But the fucking website kept glitching and I think I lost a few minutes of the show? Dammit. lol

    Poor Jaha. OK next.

    • I think that “triumvirate of doom” should be their official group name, I love it!! TOTALLY agree about the Kiyoza conversation- I almost wanted to just share the whole clip because how do you even pick points to make a GIF of!? And yeah, no matter how their relationship ends up, putting them together was one of the most genius decisions of the whole series- actually, Diyoza in general was, as was hiring Ivana to play her- she’s perfect! You know, I think you have kind of the perfect point here- Clarke and Bellamy are awful for what they did but because O is so BEYOND awful, they DO seem reasonable! Like if this was any other season, Bellarke would look like the villains! But what the hell can you do when Blodreina’s acting so messy!?

      I DO enjoy Kara’s demise! Hell, I’ll watch it again after I post this response 😀 They DID make me feel *almost* sorry for her- because it was a terrible death but mostly because she was chatting up Monty 2 minutes before she died hah.

      Abby.. wow there is NO coming back from tasering your second daughter. You just can’t. Makes me VERY nervous for Abby the rest of the season honestly.

      Kara’s going to be back in The Dark Year, so I am REALLY hoping we get some cannibal answers!

      YES YES oh my goodness, YES. That pisses me off too! Like- I love the way she phrased it because of Bellamy loving Clarke but Clarke is NOT a traitor, and neither was Echo! I mean, to Roan maybe, but Octavia isn’t thinkng about Roan anyway. Neither Clarke OR Echo owes Octavia or Wonkru a damn thing, you are SO RIGHT. PLUS- couuldn’t they say the same thing about O? She could be a traitor to Spacekru if we’re playing THAT game! Especially because she owes Spacekru a hell of a lot more loyalty than Spacekru owes randos in a bunker. Especially Monty, Harper, Murphy, Emori, and Echo- they were all going to DIE because of O’s decision! Talk about a traitor! You also make a very good point about eating Kara without knowing, because yeah, it IS the whole thing of “choosing” to sacrifice- thuogh the people in the arena didnt exactly have that choice either. So basically O is just a HUGE hypocrite at this point. All around.

      Idk, I think it IS kind of earned, and I think we will see how. I agree that we don’t really know yet but… 6 years with the right personality (which I think she has) and the right influences and instigators (Kara and Miller, anyone?) ANd the right level of desperation (clearly she has that!) can lead to that kind of shift for SURE.

      Vinson really has to be bigger than what we’ve seen. I THINK he is solidly on Diyoza’s side, which may be a weapon for sure. He’s also under the radar so I could see that helping her.

      OH so Gaia didn’t do anything in this episode- but in the preview for Sic Semper Tyrannis, she has activated it, though I don’t know if it is for an ascension?

      Poor Jaha. At least he isn’t in a burger though, win for him!!

      • Yes! I mean seriously- putting Kara in there but ripping the suit- ensuring she’d be a human incubator basically- is cold AF. In fact I may go on a limb and say it’s the worst thing Clarke has done? Because… Mt. Weather and ALIE had to be done, basically, but this… you can argue there are other ways, and it’s just so cold blooded. Mt Weather and ALIE were high pressure, decide NOW situations almost, whereas this was… premeditated. IDK. But Octavia is WORSE lol.

        “I’ll watch it again” lolol. I might too… although they DId seem to be showing Kara in a sympathetic light, sorta, with Monty there? They play with us on this show…

        Abby… *sputter* how DO you come back from that? Like I’m sorry I tasered you down but… I really love you but I need my pills MORE. Yeah that’s tough. They are going hard on Abby this season.

        Right that traitor line was SO dumb. I just rolled my eyes so much. And when O cried out and Bell covered her mouth – I was like dang, he DOES love Clarkie. Although O is so bad she has to go even if he didn’t. I mean not killed necessarily (although- are we gonna lose O?) but just taking her out of the picture for a while?

        A lot will depend for me on how they sell it, which I’m sure the Dark Year is all about. And yeah maybe- I mean 6 years of food shortages and Kara’s influence- who knows what could develop? 🙂

        Ah got it.

        So they had Kara turned into patties already. they had a secret worm lab. Regular little shop of horrors in that bunker huh? I wonder who’s doing the um meal preparations??

        • Whoa you think it’s the worst?? I mean. Maybe. I think it probably helps me think it isn’t *as* bad because Kara herself was so damn ruthless. Like- she did so many WORSE things that stopping her almost negates the awfulness of what they did TO her? In a sense, it’s like stopping Cage/the drilling at Mt Weather, since Kara had started using Wonkru defectors as test subjects. But I agree that it was VERY cold. And Bellamy.. well, it isn’t even close for him because nothing he will ever do will be as awful as the Grounder Massacre. And Octavia is definitely worse. No question.

          Oh yes, they wanted us to not *totally* hate her by the end. They absolutely mess with us! I mean, they even made us feel bad about HANNAH by showing her with Monty. Actually, maybe we should worry- anyone who has a scene with Monty will be dead soon. It’s like that nursing home cat who predicts old people’s deaths…

          YEP there’s really nothing Abby can do to make it up to Raven except get off the damn pills and hope Raven is the better person. Like Raven Reyes has about 2 people in life she can ALWAYS count on, and one of them just tased her, so… do the math, Abby.

          I go back and forth on the “Is O going to die?” question. And I really don’t know. Becuase on one hand, she probably needs to. BUt on the other, is it just TOO obvious? Just as long as Bellamy doesn’t die basically ha. And he definitely loves Clarke, but I think taking O out had to be done regardless- he just finally was pushed far enough to do it. I seriously don’t understand how Clarke gets free though, and is walking around camp? Unless Indra was able to make it happen.

          I am excited for The Dark Year! I hope is so beyond horrible! I hope I have nightmares! (Okay maybe that’s pushing it, though I DO really want it to be very messed up, in part because it WILL make a lot of things clearer, and in part because it is just good television.)

          EW I bet they have some poor bastard who has to make ALL the people into dinner! He’s like Wonkru’s version of Monty, but evil. Or suicidal. Maybe the latter.

          • I say worst only because it’s basically cold blooded murder? I mean Mt Weather- it’s either them or Skaikru. They’re drilling her mom for cripes sake. And ALIE was gonna take away everyone’s free will basically, but here? She’s just flat out sacrificing someone when maybe there’s another way, and certainly no guarantee of success? I guess. But… you have a good point about Kara, her experimenting on people does kinda make her like Cage, and it is sort of poetic justice, so… yeah. Gray areas. 🙂 And agree about Bellamy. The massacre is definitely his black mark, and I’m still mad they went there w/ him!

            Ha good point about Monty!

            Raven… IDK. She just probably has zero fucks to give at this point. Murphy injures her, Clarke kills Finn, ALIE fries her brain, and now Abbs tasers her. She must be sick of being a punching bag. She’s even like fuck it with Zeke, telling echo just do it but be quick about it lol. Still, she’s SO tough! She needs a break tho… I saw someone call Recho by the name Spy Mechanic and it totally cracked me up. That would, um, solve the Bellamy problem…

            Clarke just goes where she wants, I guess. Unless O specifically says “grab her”, which I guess she hasn’t yet (but clearly was going to). I was kinda looking forward to a Wanheda vs Blodreina showdown- how does Clarke kill Bell’s sister, even to save her own? Such choices…

            I think… it will be very messed up? You will probably get your wish. And we’ll finally get the answer (hopefully) to how Cannibalrku started.

            Yes! Heck don’t let Vinson anywhere near that operation!!!

            • Yeah I mean, you DO have a point. ALIE wasn’t even bad tbh, she kind of had to save people from themselves. And the only people who died were the people who were fighting in the CoL anyway so she didn’t even kill anyone. And Mt Weather, yeah, I can see that too- mostly because Mt Weather killed THEMSELVES, it could have been some kind of compromise which would have worked out better for everyone, but Cage was too far gone, so. It IS very gray in general. Had it been anyone OTHER than Kara, we’d probably call them monsters. Or maybe had O just been a little less over the edge? I still say to sacrifice one (batshit) person to maybe save everyone is worth it hah. (And ugh SAME about Bellamy- I mean even Indra is still pissed and it’s been like 7 years!)

              Actually I am completely here for Spy Mechanic! That solves the problem WITHOUT killing Echo! But we all know that Pilot Mechanic is happening, hence the sappy scene at the end hah. I agree, she DOES need a break- though I guess she’s had one in space (kind of?) we just didn’t get to see any of it. THOUGH, to be fair, she was stressed about trying to get them back to the ground, so maybe not so much of a break. Raven should just start screaming at everyone. You are so right- how can she even care anymore? Dark Raven (Raven Raven?) wouldn’t even be shocking at this point.

              But O DID! She had Miller arrest her! So unless Indra gets her out somehow… or maybe Miller frees her so Madi isn’t suspicious while they figure out what the hell to do about O? Knowing that she won’t leave while Madi’s around? How do they expect us to wait a whole other WEEK? Seems mean. I don’t know that Clarke could have killed O, if it came down to it- she even said as much herself. Like unless O was actually attacking Madi or Abby (or Bellamy ha) I think Clarke would have caved.

              CANNIBALISM! I need it. I want it. I clearly have issues. I want someone to throw up. Murphy would have been awesome at gagging when he found out, missed opportunity there.

              Oh lord, Vinson would be the worst- he’d have everyone’s parts in there- Wonkru people walking around without arms, shooting dirty looks at Vinson. Good times!

              • Yeah Kara was pretty much slime. And sacrificing one to save many may be the right call- I mean what else do you do? But still… it bothers me that Clarke would just be like, well she dies. I mean she basically fed her to worms! Which even if Kara was doing the same thing, it’s creepy AF. I would be seriously worried about Clarke at this point if I was there lol! But… they’ve established that that’s who she is, so I gotta roll with it. 🙂 And at least her and Bell have something ELSE in common lolol.

                Good point, I guess she has had a break w/ Spacekru. And yes Spy Mechanic has possibilities!!I could also live with Dark Raven. Vengeful Raven? I-don’t-give-a-fuck Raven? Imagine if raven became a VILLAIN?

                Oh she’s actually in custody? I musta missed that or it slipped my mind. Oy. And I’m not sure Clarke could kill O either- whether just not physically being able to beat her, or just not being able to pull the trigger, so to speak, since she’s Bell’s sister. Probably both. But it would have been (will be?) epic…

                You are worrying me. Heck I’M worrying me cause I want all the cannibalism too. I mean they’re been teasing??? Even the Reapers FFS and that was like 48 years ago…

                Yeah Vinson would have a body part stew going on… come and get your bowl! *shudder*

                • Kara WAS slime! Even in Red Queen, she was about to kill her OWN PEOPLE and every Grounder just… because? So I have no love for her whatsoever. And she would have killed Kabby too. Several times hah. Of course, did Bellamy and Clarke even KNOW Kara’s history? Because it makes it much more heartless if they didn’t, honestly. I mean- the way I look at it is, they have tried to be “good guys” and every time they did, they were basically challenged with a kill-or-be-killed endgame. So they KNOW that if they don’t act, they WILL die. And so I think if Kara’s got to go, so be it. Of course, this brings up Kane’s point, of what the hell will happen if they keep doing this to each other but… gotta live to see another day first, I guess? There’s the real morality question in all this: Would you kill, if you were reasonably sure it was the only way you’d survive? I would.

                  Raven as a villain, oh my! I mean- we got a glimpse of what that’d look like in Nevermore when she was ALIE-controlled, but daaammmnn, she’d make one hell of a villain hahah. She’s too smart, and if she used that for evil instead of good? Game over, everyone.

                  Yep! O tells Miller to take her away, and he does, and that is when she begs Bellamy to take care of Madi, to protect her, and he says he will. I think Clarke couldn’t do it because of Bellamy, and also just because of their past? Remembering Octavia from days gone by as an ally? I don’t know, but I think it would have been VERY hard for Clarke, if she could have actually done it at all. And good point about her not actually being able to beat her- though I think Clarke’s playing it a bit smarter, at least.

                  HA right? I mean- because it makes sense in the story, too though! Why else were they killing so many people right? And what the hell are they eating!? They would not have shown us the food that many times for no reason. It’s clearly a “thing”. Because it is people. Only a few weeks to know for sure!

                  I wonder what Vinson’s next role is. Abby’s ally? A spy for Diyoza? I feel like he’s been too prominent to just disappear- especially since he KNOWS about the cure, that has to mean something!

                  • Yes, if there’s a theme to this show overall, I think that’s it? Morality is important but you have to survive to make those choices, survival comes first. And Jason makes them go places and do things they otherwise never would. So yeah… I mean he’s gone places others shows wouldn’t. Killing Finn STILL shocks me, that Clarke had to do it and Raven had to watch… that is BRUTAL. So was Finn gunning down villagers. And Clarke having to kill innocents at Mt. Weather. I think that’s why I respect the show so much- they are forcing people we like as characters to do HORRIBLE things, and then we think about- what would we do?

                    I think Echo may kill Octavia, if Echo survives, and that will be the end of Becho, freeing up Bellarke. I could live with that, maybs. Which is shocking to me since last year I was PISSED at Echo for, um, killing Octavia lol. I’m wishy washy. 🙂

                    • YEP like Kane said, “first we survive, then we find our humanity again”, that kind of is the bottom line. Only, they haven’t exactly done that, have they? Well- Kane has, but he is it. Maybe Monty haha. You’re so right about killing Finn- that was seriously messed up, but also absolutely the most “real” way that would have gone down. You know, I remember when I knew that this was going to be a GOOD show- when in Twilight’s Last Gleaming (1×05) Bellamy throws the radio, Raven recovers it… and they still couldn’t stop the culling. It was like… okay, this show actually acknowledges that not *every* Hail Mary Pass works, that sometimes people just don’t make it.

                      And it DOES bring up all those insane questions- the “hmm what WOULD I do?” situations. And even now I don’t know, years after first watching them. Would I have mercy killed Finn? Probably. Would I have been able to kill everyone in Mt Weather? I honestly don’t know if I could. I could have been Monty-level complicit, but man, that was a tough call. Especially because both Bellamy and Clarke DID KNOW the people they were killing in some instances.

                      DUDE, that is the best theory EVER. And one I could really live with too? This prevents Echo’s death while still definitely being the nail in the Becho coffin. And frankly, I don’t think Echo would even be wrong! Plus, I can see Echo switching to Team Kiyoza pretty soon anyway, so. I LOVE this theory! I am impressed! And nah, you aren’t wishy-washy, Echo was “ruthless Azgeda spy trying to kill our preciouses”. NOW Octavia is “ruthless Blodreina trying to kill basically humanity as a whole” so… you do the math. We just don’t want all the people to die, and frankly, that seems fair!

  2. Good point, I remember thinking that too- wow they actually DID the culling. A LOT of shows would have pulled back. Finn shooting an entire village was another moment- like how does he come back from THAT? Um, he doesn’t lol.

    Same. I’m still not sure I could have killed Finn- at least like that. I mean I know they were going to torture him horribly, but to stab someone you’re basically in a relationship with- man it’s a wonder Clarke hasn’t gone nuts with some of the things she’s had to do.

    Thanks! I rather like it. 🙂 It seals off a lot of loose ends. And I’ll be honest Echo on Team Diyoza makes me smile. Plus I like Echo now. Her being around has added something, a certain spark- with O being batshit crazy now and Jasper gone, and everyone having to be separated for so long, IDK- she just seems to add something to the mix?

    • YES! Yes, I love that they go there on this show, but they also aren’t *too* over the top- it’s like the perfect realistic blend. AND realistic that okay, sometimes people rise up and can overcome shit, but sometimes THEY CAN’T. Like your point about Finn, and Jasper, and hell, even Pike!

      Well, I think it’s BECAUSE of her love for him that she killed him? Which is an awful choice to have to make, but it says a LOT about her selflessness. Because most people I think couldn’t live with it? But she undoubtedly did the merciful thing. (Probably didn’t hurt that she was already starting to have the feels for Lexa too hahah.) And SERIOUSLY how is Clarke still in one damn piece?!?!

      You’re really right- it DOES take care of all the loose ends, and in a really believable way! Like- I can buy EVERY outcome of that scenario. AND it makes sense because Bob said that Bellarke shippers will like the finale hahah. I agree, if Echo joins the Kiyoza band, damn, talk about a team- and if Raven joins? Freaking unstoppable! I DO think Echo has a lot to add- just not as Bellamy’s love interest. And not even just because of Bellarke- but because I think she’s too important in her own right to be in the “just a girlfriend” role. One gripe I DO have with this show is that they aren’t the best at having BOTH members of a couple be important in their own right- not since Clexa, really.

  3. You totally called Kiyoza early on. That’s impressive! But I did figure out right away what Bellamy was up to with the whole food thing—I kept thinking, “What did he just put in that patty? He obviously laced it with something.” Oh, but I didn’t put two and two together to figure out that they’re eating Kara. Just … ugh! And wouldn’t that mean they were possibly getting some of those worms too?

  4. Beth W

    In the vein of “I like science in my scifi”, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how they were planning on invading Shallow Valley using worm eggs. We know the worms burrow or something, and move quickly, and are attracted to human heat signatures like the worst mosquito SCUD missile ever. But eggs don’t move, and heretofore the worms lay the eggs in a human host, where they gestate *very* rapidly, and then eat their way out. So if the goal is to kill Prisonkru, Wonkru would have to somehow get Prisonkru to ingest the eggs…and I’m just not seeing how that happens. Or release them aerially, like spores, over the camp? They lack the tech for that. So…even O’s battle strategies are falling apart, maybe.

    Kane and Dioyza in a happy little haze of peace means….it’ll never happen. 🙁 At the very least, McCreary has to go, and I love how this show will give me moments of hope that characters I love inadvertently destroy by doing the best they can with limited knowledge of everything that’s happening.

    Also, Raven’s moment with Zeke there. Poor Raven…seeing the cycle of substance abuse with her psuedo-mom Abbey all over again. And am I the only one who hopes Vinson starts to hero-worship Abbey and become her bodyguard and stuff? 😀
    (TBH, with the “keep your hands and feet away from his mouth” line a few episodes back, I assumed Vinson had some cannibal tendencies)

    I, too, dig the adult themes around the Murphy/Emori past-tense relationship. This show won’t let us have anything easy this season, and I am 100% on board. People change, and that’s season 5, for better *and* worse.

    • Ooooh that is a GOOD point! I wasn’t sure what the hell their plan with the stupid eggs was- seemed a little silly to me either way. I was just so happy that Kara was dead that I guess I didn’t much care ?

      I really felt for Kane in that moment with Diyoza- like he so desperately wants to live in a NORMAL place where kids can be kids and such, but you’re so right, that just isn’t going to happen. And he knows it, too, you can tell.

      Um that is EXACTLY what I wanted to happen with Vinson! He does in fact have some certain tendencies though- he’s a weird dude hahah. And yeah, I felt for Raven too. Like, she has had a REALLY rough life, and the whole Abby thing was such a gut punch. I guess I can *kind* of see her bonding with Zeke but… eh I still don’t buy it

      YES same, I think a lot of people were mad that the season was so… dark, but honestly it made sense to me to be that way. Jason claims that S6 will be a little lighter (not a ton because it is The 100 but still). I think it NEEDED to be this way.

      • Beth W

        And then they threw away the whole scene of Clarke throwing the eggs into the desert. Way to red herring, show!
        It *was* nice that Kara went out in a karma-like gruesome way, though.

        As much as I wanted Vinson to hero-worship Abby, the end of his story made me realize that maybe he liked feeling useful/needed by someone (since he gets her drugs for her), but probably most of it is that his being her drug mule has meant he could indulge fully in the tasty human nom noms he’s been craving for who knows how long.

        And I agree with you- I like my shows to get a bit dark, when the stakes are high (as long as it is well-written). I had the same thing with the Battlestar Galactica reboot (there was a season that was so dark, one of the stars at a San Diego Comic Con panel said, “It gets very dark. Just don’t watch this season.”). But some more levity or some more sense of wonder would be nice, to break things up.

        • I was so glad/mad at the red herring! Like. Glad because if something THAT stupid had been the end of the human race or something… eye roll. But mad because come ON, why would Clarke do that?

          I still think a part of Vinson loved Abby, in whatever way Vinson is capable of love. Hence his attack on Kane- though I think you are also very correct about Vinson’s usefulness being in jeopardy with Kane back in the picture. It’s probably twofold? I am sad we don’t get more fun with Vinson hahha.

          I agree- I think a sort of balance is most important. And I am mid-Season 4 right now and hot damn did this show get bleak. And it definitely doesn’t let up in 5! So I think it’ll be good to see things through fresh lenses in S6- especially through the eyes of Madi and Jordan!

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