The 100 Episode 4×12: The Chosen

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

This episode… was incredible. It was the ultimate in moral ambiguity, and I went back and forth with myself wondering what I would have done. There literally is no choice that is good or bad. They’re all awful. Which is the least awful? I don’t know. But one was made in this episode. Actually, several were. All intense. And with the season finale less than a week away, this penultimate episode delivered on Every. Single. Level.

The Chosen

I mean, honestly, we knew what this was in reference to. I just… whew. What do you do when you are forced to cull more than three quarters of your population? That’s the thing: On the Ark, they sacrificed the few so the many could survive. That was always Jaha’s jam- sacrificing the few for the many. But here, this is different. This is sacrificing the many to save the few, so I understand Jaha’s feelings. I understand the people’s feelings. The odds are decidedly not in their favor.

The main thing that makes this exponentially more difficult (and Jaha shares the same thoughts in this episode) is that these people all already thought they were safe. They’ve been told they’re going to die, then they’ll be safe, no wait, they’re not safe, then safe again… now no, sorry, just kidding, most of you have to die. Can you imagine the psychological torment here? Jaha’s methods may suck, but I understand his feelings, the feelings of these 360+ people.

Of course, it’s equally easy to see Kane’s point. They revolt, they all die- so isn’t it better that 100 of them live? So yes, it makes sense what Kane is saying, but when you’re literally fighting for your life, I can see the allure of Jaha’s message. I know that this is an unpopular opinion, and I don’t really quite know what Jaha’s motivation is (though I do suspect it has a bit to do with power, at least) but I understand why the people want to listen to it. These folks are desperate, and some probably feel that they’d rather die fighting to live instead of melting outside with no chance.

But the lottery… I said it before and I’ll say it now, it was never going to work. Nor was it even “fair”, as Kane tried to make it. Chance is never fair. Luck is not fair. At least when Clarke was making the list, she was considering the best chances for the future- a lottery takes all elements of logic and reason out of the decision, and it would make me uncomfortable.

Kane gets the lottery rolling, and Miller’s dad gives up his spot to give Miller an extra chance in the lottery. It’s fine, I only sobbed for an hour or so. Then, seemingly touched by his sacrifice, Abby tells Kane that she, too needs to make a sacrifice.

Look, Abby, this is a nice offer but you’re the damn doctor. So.. your life kind of is, sorry to break it to you.

The Rover Ride to ALIE Island

Abby tells Raven on the radio that someone will be coming to get her- they need her, as she’s good with both engineering and computer technology- and Bellamy volunteers, because of course he does. And because you know Clarke can’t miss out on a road trip of doom, she says she is coming with him. Which makes Bellamy give her a dirty look, and frankly, made me chuckle.

They get suited up to go, and Abby tells Clarke she’s a good guy. This sounds suspiciously like a goodbye, which I guess Abby kind of thinks it is? And then who walks into the airlock, but our (smart and realistic) friends Murphy and Emori. Look, Murphy knows that a lottery is his only chance of living, and that Emori’s are slim to none and slim just left town. So they need a ride to ALIE Island, because they’re going to hole up in Murphy’s lighthouse bunker as long as possible. And they’re just cute, okay?

Murphy being sweet will never get old.

So off they go, with radiation suits, to get Raven, which is apparently a 10 hour Rover ride each way? Where the hell is ALIE Island!? South Carolina? I need a map. Anyway. They only have 23 hours until the death wave, so the Rover’s license plate should have said “CRASH”.  And it is eerie as fuck honestly. The sky is red, everything is covered in snow, and it’s just… foreboding all around. Bellamy and Clarke make up, which thank goodness.

But because Bellamy has been driving for a grand total of like, 4 months, he is ill equipped to deal with multi-tasking, and should basically keep his eyes on the road. Not on Clarke, as much as we all want him to give her all the adorable looks. Because shit like this happens:


Which is bad on a good day, but on Apocalypse Eve? It’s kind of the worst timing to have your first accident. Or was it an accident? Looks like our friendly neighborhood Grounder jumped in front of the Rover on purpose, basically as bait. Because once Bellamy gets out of the Rover, it’s a massive Grounder attack, and the gang finds themselves woefully unarmed. Until their armor shows up.

Echo’s back, back again. 

I knew she wasn’t gone for good. And holy shit, between her and the poor, sick horse, the snow covered with blood, the sky looking like blood…. damn, the atmosphere was on point. Echo wants to crash Murphy and Emori’s Lighthouse Love Nest (because that wouldn’t be the most awkward 5 years ever). But now, they have no ride to… well, anywhere. They’re running out of time, and when Bellamy radios Monty, he is already almost to Polis. I also knew that Monty would somehow be Raven’s ride, so this is pretty epic for me, prediction-wise. Anyway, while this is happening, they realize that Emori’s suit has been ripped in the attack. So Murphy wants to fight Echo for hers (their spare), but Bellamy talks him down and Clarke gives Emori hers, because might as well test that Nightblood theory after all, I guess.

The Decisions of the Champion

Things for Octavia have been… hectic, to say the least. She told Skaikru that they had twelve hours to decide, and when she sees them next, their time is nearly up. The Grounders have collected all the Skaikru people, ripping them from the beds they’d already settled into, which in itself was heartbreaking.

Kane starts to explain the lottery thing, which goes something like this:

Kane: “Clans blah blah something most of you will die, may the lottery odds be ever in your favor.”

FYO Dad: “But you don’t know my life! You are ‘essential personnel’, so you don’t even give a fuck!”

Kane: “Shhhh that’s totally untrue, except for that part that’s mostly true. But also unity and survival and such!”

Crowd: “But lotteries are a terrible way to decide people’s fates, right?”

Kane, muttering to himself: “Maybe I have a gambling problem…”

Then, some asshole Skaikru men decide that Niylah isn’t their people, and they’re going to throw her out to give Skaikru an extra spot. (Nice call on getting the hell out of there, Murphy and Emori.) But O isn’t about to let this shit slide.

Aw, look, it’s my Octylah crackship coming to fruition! ?

Jaha tries to sway her, telling her they’re her people, to which she retorts that he is the reason she hid under the floor for 16 years, the reason her mother was floated. She then stands in front of Skaikru tells them all that they must pick 100 people, or they all die. She explains that the 11 other remaining clans have chosen, and Skaikru must do the same.

After she leaves with Niylah, Indra tells her that she needs to keep her word. If Skaikru doesn’t decide, they all die. Octavia looks unsure, and I don’t really like how far Indra is pushing her at this point. I know Indra is a badass, but this is Octavia’s decision at the end of the day. But Indra does have some good advice, because it is Indra after all.

The Sacrifices

Jaha begins executing his grand plan to take over the food stores, I guess, to gain leverage over the Grounders? Idk, this plan sounds all sorts of shitty to me. But Kane sees him being shady as fuck, and makes Jackson take over the lottery readings. To which Jackson does an amazing job looking like a deer in the headlights, because legit, that is what a person would feel like. (I am so freaking excited to see Sachin getting more air time, I feel like he has been woefully underused, and I am hoping that is changing now, especially because Milkson!)

“Um, can I say ‘hell no?'”- Jackson’s internal dialogue, definitely.

So while Jaha is telling Kane about his plan to… I guess get everyone killed because it sounds like an awful plan, FYO Dad starts leading the rebellion in the Lotto Room. This is when he takes the bowl from poor Jackson, smashes it, and everyone starts chanting “fight”. Good times, that isn’t going to alert the huge Grounder army.?  Anyway, Kane and Jaha get into a… scuffle over what to do next. It seems like Kane is finally getting through to Jaha, and the scene cuts. I legit had no idea what was coming next, and then… damn.

It took me a few seconds to even grasp that they had gassed their entire population. Octavia opened the door, assuming she’d be facing an unruly mob, and may very well order the execution of her entire people. Instead, she saw Kane and Jaha take off their gas masks and more than 300 people unconscious on the floor. Kane and Jaha quickly discuss how they’ll pick the people, and Kane reminds him of Clarke’s list.

And yes, it is the smartest plan. But that doesn’t make it hurt any less. It was like the culling, yet somehow worse, because these people didn’t volunteer (except Miller’s dad, I guess), and they will wake up and realize they’ve been chosen to die by their own people. Watching Grounders carry hapless bodies from the bunker gutted me. It gutted Kane and Jaha, too. The acting of both men was outstanding. You could see the pain in their eyes, in every move they made. And Kane had to tell the Grounders who stayed, and it was really emotional.

Jaha, for his part, keeps his promise to FYO Dad to take care of FYO Kid and it nearly kills me. I sobbed when Jaha picked up that sweet child, and I just…. no words. The aftermath of this will be unquestionably heart wrenching next week.

No, you’re ugly crying.

(As a side note, the lovely song that accompanied this whole awful task is called Through the Eyes of a Child by Aurora. Beautiful and haunting, I have bought it because of course I did.)

The New Plan

Monty and Harper are on their way because they’re fabulous, but since they were so far away, the group has missed the window to get to the island and back before the death wave. So they have some decisions to make, when their new heroes arrive.

“Hey look, it’s Monty, who didn’t slam his Rover into a tree”- Clarke to Bellamy, probably.

Raven has all but given up hope when she sees that the Apocalypse Day clock has ticked down to less than 10 hours. Because she knows that means there is no way, not under the best of circumstances, that they can make it back to the bunker that quickly. But then who shows up?

All her best friends (and that one Azgeda girl who tried to kill everyone)

This moment was so freaking epic. So many of the delinquents back together! Whatever’s left of them, anyway. This is when Clarke unveils the plan she left us hanging for back at Monty’s Rover: Space. Yep, these kids are heading back to the Ark! Raven Reyes is not about to let some death wave stop her. I am so glad she is back!


Seriously, how are we here already!? This season was so fast. Why you only 13 episodes, Season 4? I feel like… how am I supposed to wait until next year? And also, didn’t this season just start? But okay, I guess… we’re really doing this space thing? And what is going to happen in Season 5? Time jump? Just… how?

And for the record, I am not okay with a time jump, and here’s why: We’ve been watching this show for 4 seasons. Those four seasons cover approximately 7-8 months on the ground. And think about how much has changed. To do a five year jump is almost inconceivable, I feel like we’d be watching a different show? I just need to know all the things right now. And everyone knows what the chances of that happening are. I’d have a better chance of getting into the damn bunker. ?

Let us discuss the feels- again. Because I am having SO many of them.

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  1. I don’t know how you do these but man they bring the whole episode back. Have you ever noticed there is almost no down time EVER on this show? I think that’s why it’s so intense- you know, some shows have conversations and quiet moments, but on this show it seems like every conversation lol is about how to SURVIVE the crisis happening in, oh, about two minutes! I mean you get no rest! Not that I’m complaining… but this show is never, like boring?

    Okay on to your recap. I… do not think I would have done what Kane and Jaha did. But I don’t know? You can argue they played God and just made it easier for themselves to separate parents from children, etc, without fighting. But you can also argue what gives them that right? On a show full of bad choices this might have been the worst yet? And it’s not like I have a better idea. What should they have done? Beats the shit out of me! And I totally see Jaha’s point! As hard as I was on him before, he sold that- and you have a good point, if I was one of those people I’d probably want to fight to live, rather than just go out and be incinerated? Or at least if you have kids get them onboard (thankfully they seemed like they were doing that – saving the kids- either way). So yeah… and the lottery is wacko, because while it might SEEM fair, you gotta have certain skills, what if your engineer doesn’t make the cut and nobody can fix shit, or whatever, you know?

    I loved that look Bellamy gave her when Clarke said she was going. Like, bitch, who asked you? And man was Echo’s horse fucked up or what? And I won’t even get into Bellamy getting in an accident. But yeah 10 hours by ROVER- so like walking or by horse takes forever? We never rally got the impression of that before did we? Oh, silly me. Details. 🙂 And you know, Kane’s speech wasn’t exactly inspiring, as much as I love the guy- I was like no that ain’t gonna work. And FYO Dad called him on that shit. And “No leader ever does” by Indra almost gave me chills. So on point and nice to see her recognize that O survived by any means necessary, she doesn’t judge her for having help during the Conclave. As hardass as Indra is, I LOVE her now and she is so interesting.

    Kane and Jaha… it all comes down to them. Man that was intense. That scene with the gas masks and everyone out… it was tough seeing grounders carry people out, and when Kane said “he goes” you knew it was breaking him, and it was hard to watch too.

    Oh and Bellamy pretty much killed Harpy by calling them after he wrecks the Rover (I mean we know they survive but he doesn’t know that yet)- which kinda sucked. They were ALMOST to Polis. although with gasageddon going on maybe they’re better off? Raven fucking rocks. And I totally agree- no time jump. Ugh. I want to see them in the NOW trying to make it- and sometimes the whole flashback thing (cause they’ll have to show us what happened) irritates me, like in season 1 on the Ark and shows like Arrow (ugh- fuck that). But… we;ll see. Oh and guess what? I read the spoilers. Weee!!!!!!!!! I… have no impulse control.

    • Aw thanks! I am glad 😀 They’re not hard, but they are time consuming. When I first started they were hard, but once I got the hang of it, it’s not too bad. This week’s only took me about 2.5 hours, so not bad! And it would have been shorter but the program I use to crop the video into GIF format kept freezing. Um and SERIOUSLY about the down time- there is NONE. Like, at all. The only time I even catch my breath is fast forwarding through the commercials on the DVR. And I kind of love that. It’s a short season which sucks, but at least it is non-stop!

      And I agree- could I have done what they did? I mean… maybe, if I knew that O was coming and about to kill every person in that room? It was kind of brilliant of Kane, actually. But damn, the levels of responsibility… they quite literally just played God. People accused Clarke of that in the past but… Jaha and Kane actually DID IT. But I definitely agree, what other choice WAS there? Because if O and the Grounders had entered that room to chants of “Fight! Fight!”… well, we know what the outcome would have been. And they had Clarke’s list but I don’t think they completely stuck to it? Because Miller AND Mr. Miller both weren’t on the original list, right? ::Goes to check original list:: Nope. No Millers. Also, whose clan does Octavia count as? I need more details (as always).

      And YEP that is why the lottery is never okay. Like I would rather someone be like “hey pal, you’re not super useful so bye” instead of “sorry that your luck sucks”. Like, keep me or don’t, but at least give me a reason? And for the sake of the future, yeah, sorry, you need doctors and engineers and farmers, and all KINDS of people, which is why the list was always a better option. Except if you had no marketable skills, which I guess is your problem.

      Yeah, I need to see a map, ASAP. And also, I need to know other things. For example, in the promo, O says “We are all that is left of the human race”. I mean, first of all, she’s wrong, but second of all.. there are bunkers elsewhere. Why do these people assume that the US Eastern seaboard is the ONLY place anyone survived?! And I am still going to need to know what happened to the Reapers. I mean, I have a story in my head, but no. I want real answers.

      Kane’s speech at the start was so lame. He was like “look, not even I can spin this shit as good so.. fingers crossed!” I hate FYO Dad on the whole, but I understood him then for sure! Kane gets up there, knowing he’s safe, and then tells everyone else good luck basically. I’d be PISSED. Holly yelled at me and told me I had to go sit in the corner because I said I understood Jaha and I don’t think this made him a villain ? But seriously, I don’t! Like, I get it. I don’t necessarily think he was RIGHT, but I get it. I am glad they saved the kids, too. But then… Idk, you kind of have to wonder if, just straight up reasonably speaking, they won’t be more of a drain than adults? Either way, I am glad they stayed.

      I agree, I love Indra too. I just don’t want O to like, look back and think she pushed her too far, too hard. And then have their relationship struggle because of it. And omg- Kane during that scene. Ian just like… blew my mind. The pain was palpable. And Isaiah did a phenomenal job too- especially in the scenes with the kid, and with Kane. You could see how Jaha like, crumbled at the end, knowing he was out of dumbass plans. His eyes just showed defeat, it was remarkable.

      Well- neither Monty or Harper was on Clarke’s list so… I think Bellamy probably SAVED them both. Because even if they had gotten there before or after gasageddon (which I love btw hahha), I don;t think there was a spot for them. At least this way, they have a Rover and a radio and a spaceship apparently. I really can’t wait to see this play out. Looks like from the promo we’ll be spending more time with Space Invaders than in the bunker, so I hope it’s good.

      And NOOOOO. You read the spoilers!? WHY? Seriously, no control, none! I have been actively staying away from Twitter because I am afraid to read any. And Tumblr. And like, any social media that might spoil something. Like, yes I want to know now, but… I enjoy having mild strokes during the actual episodes 😉

      • Yeah no one had better criticize Clarke for playing God again unless they’ve talked to Jaha and Kane first lol. And maybe Kane most of all- assuming it was his idea? Because Jaha was gonna fight, so I’m assuming anyway that Kane pitched this idea and Jaha said… okay. And the cynical part of me says Jaha’s eyes lit up and he was like ooh we can be assholes again. YES! Okay not really.

        LOL yes if you’re unskilled, or not the RIGHT skills, SOL buddy. That would suck. 🙂 Good point about survivors. I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah there’s so many Grounders (12 frickin clans) that it seems likely there are maybe LOTS of survivors around the world. In fact we saw someone getting fried in Egypt wasn’t it? Other doomsday cults that hid or more Mountain Men types. and yes the Reapers! they were so terrifying it’s a shame we never see ’em anymore.

        It’s tough w/ Jaha. I see Holly’s point cause frankly I hate Jaha and always have, but at the same time I can kinda see why he feels like HE found the bunker, Skaikru felt safe and now 2/3 of em have to die and he’s like bullshit. But he’s also not the leader and Kane and Octavia are and he’s undermining them, so yeah. Who is HE to make that call? There’s no right answer maybe.

        I was actually surprised Jaha gave in. And I know exactly what you mean about Indra. She’s gonna have a lot of power now as O’s right hand… can O and Kane co- exist as leaders? And yeah I guess you’re right about Monty and Harper- they probably wouldn’t have made the cut (maybe Monty because tech?) I am so curious to see how they pull off this space thing.

        And yes… I have buyer’s remorse 🙂 but I may save myself a heart attack lol. I’m kinda glad I know?
        And it’s only one thing. I know NOTHING about bunker aftermath, just the space crew twist… which we will be talking about lol. And what else can they do to me? Oh wait…

        • OH! I just found out where ALIE Island is! Apparently, it is off the coast of New Jersey! So holy shit, that WOULD be a 10 hour Rover ride. How the hell did Jaha ever find that place?! Also, now the snow on the drive makes a lot more sense. Since Polis is likely Baltimore. That is seriously a long drive. Even like, in my regular car on actual highways? Anyway. (This is what I spent time doing instead of anything moderately productive. Oops?)

          SERIOUSLY, Kane is probably the MOST guilty of it- and you know, the culling was his idea too. So basically he has this playing God thing down to a science. And you’re right, no one better say ANYTHING to Clarke. So far she has saved Raven, Emori, Monty, Harper, Echo, and Murphy and that is just on one Rover trip. So back off. And when she killed lots of people, she only did it when she was about to lose everyone she knew. So.. yeah.

          YES, I feel like… if all those people could survive, how did people not in other places? Especially places that were less irradiated? Because like, you know there were spots that didn’t get hit immediately, and had quite a bit of time to figure out survival. So I don’t buy that there aren’t any Russians in a bunker in Siberia or some shit.

          I get the Jaha hate. I do. But… I don’t know, I mean, did you hate him even in Season 1? Because I didn’t. I liked that he saved Abby, and tried to give the kids the benefit of the doubt before the culling, then sacrificed himself, and he lost Wells, idk. But then obviously I hated Seasons 2-3 Jaha, but I liked Season 4 Jaha again. Even with this, because I DON’T think there was a good choice. Like, I think his biggest flaw is that he cannot change and adapt, honestly. He is so… stuck in this past narrative. Of where all Grounders are bad, and the decisions they had to make on the Ark. But wanting the people he has spent his whole life with to live? I can’t call him a bad guy over that. I just can’t. I was surprised he gave in, too. I seriously wondered if Kane was going to kill him! Since we know he is not long for this world.

          And YES! Indra DOES have a lot of power again. ACTUALLY- this reallllly mirrors Indra and Lexa when we first met them. I wonder about Kane and O, too. I think they CAN, because they have in the past, but it’s weird because the roles are reversed? But I don’t think Kane is as power hungry as the others, so hopefully it’ll be okay? I mean, it won’t because it is The 100, but you know.

          Monty didn’t make the cut! Which is crazy to me. Clarke put Jaha on the list because he was a more experienced engineer, but he is also in his mid-50s so… bring Monty, dumbass. Plus Jaha is clueless about Earth stuff. I am VERY curious about how space is going to work. Because we saw what was left f the Ark when Jaha abandoned ship- it was literally just the control room, unless we missed something?

          CRAP, so I am going to have a heart attack? I mean, it’s okay, I am kind of looking forward to it, as weird as that is hahha. But I am so SAD that this is the last episode already. And they’re probably going to leave us with something completely jaw dropping in the last 2 minutes that we will have to worry about for the next 8 months. Because of course they will.

          • Did you find a map? You know I’ve always kinda not thought about “where” they are too hard, even though wasn’t Tondc like Wash DC? and Polis I originally thought might be Indianapolis w/o the Indiana part lol but then I realized no Indiana is WAY too far from the coast. It’s weird because when Jaha went on his vision quest he was like in a desert and shit, so to me it was just like this post apoc wasteland that I didn’t think too hard about. But then when the rig showed up and then the islands it made me realize okay this has to make some kind of geographic sense, they’re on the eastern seaboard somewhere? Is Polis Annapolis?

            I don’t really get a lot of the Clarke hate I see. She’s made tough choices but it’s not like she’s an asshole or anything, why do so many hate her? And there have to be survivors elsewhere, I wonder if they’ll ever introduce any. What is space crew comes back and lands somewhere ELSE? Eek.

            I’ve hated Jaha since day one unfortunately. I think when he floated Clarke’s dad I was like fuck him. I couldn’t believe Abby turned him in, and I wasn’t fond of her and hated Kane too. I came around on Kane though as they moderated him… and I actually like Abby now. Jaha though I didn’t even start to like until this season… he seemed to have moderated too. BUT I have never rewatched the seasons either… I know? If I rewatched, knowing where things go, would I feel differently about Jaha? It’s very possible (and maybe I should do that!)

            See Kane to me has moderated in the sense that even though he’s Chancellor again he realizes that it’s different now, they don’t have to be tyrants like they were on the Ark. Floating somebody for ridiculous things. And Jaha sometimes (to me anyway) doesn’t seem to get that, he has that fanatical streak sometimes. That’s why I honestly didn’t think Kane would reach him. I was glad to be wrong. I would like to like Jaha because yeah, Isaiah can act and if he was not always pissing me off I could really like that character!

            That’s what I thought too, they really made it seem like Jaha was in a very limited space when he was stuck up there. IDK if they’re just playing fast and loose now… and Monty wasn’t on the list? I guess I forgot that. Dang Clarke.

            Yes, it’s kind of shocking? But so totally within the spirit of the show too, you know? It totally seems like a 100 cliffhanger lol. Assuming that what I read is even right. But it seems to line up with all that message board talk I saw going on… I’m not sure how I feel about it although it’s not the way I would WANT them to go… but we’ll see. It’s gonna be intense! And I’m going to miss this season because I’ve LOVED it, with all the gritty Grounder stuff and Roan and secret bunkers and all. I think S2 is my favorite but this is a close second. Which season is your fave?

            • So I DID find a map, after you asked if I found a map, because I realized that was actually a good idea, so thanks! I am going to try to attach it, because I think I can do that from my actual WP dashboard. Hopefully this works: The 100 Map It’s from Tumblr.

              I am moderately disturbed to be living on the boarder of Azgeda and the Dead Zone? But also, I am very excited to see how far the clans extend! It makes sense too, if you think about it. And no, the writers confirmed that Polis isn’t Annapolis. It’s Polis from Polaris, and people are pretty sure it’s Baltimore because there is a Bank of America building that looks like it could be the tower?

              I agree too, I don’t get the Clarke hate AT all. No one else is stepping up to make the hard choices! I love how they villainize her, but NO ONE else wants her job. Oooooh Space Adventure” Europe Edition! I like it! Or Africa! I bet those guys didn’t get nuked too hard, so it makes sense that there’d be survivors there. Australia too, probably. ALIE had China fire the first nuclear missiles, and apparently it states somewhere that the US fired back on China, so China is probably a hot mess. And its neighbors.

              They definitely moderated Kane. A lot. I hated Kane in season 1, I hoped he died! And now he is one of my faves, go figure. I didn’t LOVE that they floated Jake, but I also kind of understood it? I mean not on Abby’s part, I think what she did was messed up, but on Jaha’s. I mean, that is kind of a big deal, so I can see why he couldn’t just look the other way. I felt like they ALL could have come to some kind of compromise, but everyone just reacted so rashly- including Jake. Had he calmed down for a second and tried harder to get the Council to listen, maybe they would have? Idk.

              You have never rewatched them!? I mean, I feel like I rewatch them too much probably, but still. You learn a LOT and see a lot you missed when you rewatch- especially after having the knowledge from the seasons, like- you’ll catch stuff that you never would have noticed the first time, because you didn’t know it would be important later.

              You are right, Kane realizes that there’s a shift in how they have to lead, and Jaha has refused, since he landed, to accept that shift. It’s been his downfall from that point on. He just can’t be an effective leader when he is clinging to a set of outdated rules and beliefs. Kane, on the other hand, is willing to learn and adapt and really seemed to relish learning about the Grounder culture, which is why he is a far better leader. Same with O and Clarke, really.

              And NOPE, Monty wasn’t on the list. And he was so sweet, he wasn’t even mad for himself, he was mad for Harper! Very few of the Delinquents made the list, actually. Raven, O, two redshirts, and then at the end, Bellamy and Clarke. And Bellamy and Raven aren’t even technically *part* of The 100 anyway. Now I am curious as to how many of them are even still alive. Bree and Jasper couldn’t have been the only ones at Death Party. So okay, apparently there are no more than 40 Delinquents alive. Not including Bellamy and Raven, but the number is probably lower- these are just counting known deaths. So… not many left.

              I have seen that people aren’t thrilled with the spoilers. But I also wonder if maybe they aren’t wrong, but it isn’t ALL the info? Because seriously, who is leaking all this shit anyway? I am also partly convinced that there are two endings- one if they were going to be renewed for Season 5, and one if they weren’t. Since they film so far ahead of when they find out if they’ll be renewed, it makes sense. It also makes the month long hiatus afterward make more sense. Idk, this is based on nothing but speculation!

              SO many people say Season 2 is their favorite! I get why. I think… so far, this season is my favorite. BUT I have to reserve judgment for after the finale. Because Season 2’s finale was soooo epic. So unless it is a real letdown, I think Season 4 is my favorite. Followed closely by Season 2. The stakes have just been SO high this season. I seriously don’t know what they will be able to do to top this! But I will seriously cry real tears if there is a cliffhanger. Like in Season 1, where they’re in Mt Weather and I have no idea what/where? Yeah, no thank you. At least wrap this storyline up, if there has to be a cliffhanger. Because I can avoid spoilers for a week but if left to my own devices for 8 months.. nope not going to happen, my self control is finite ?

              • No fucking way!! That map is AWESOME. Oh my gosh I need that blown up and on my wall for reference lol. I had no idea the clans extended so far either. So some of those bad boys have come a loooong way! And the Dead Zone explains the desert Jaha was going thru before he got to ALIe- now I know! Oh this is the bomb. I’m Lake People I guess since I’m in Michigan. I wonder who my Conclave representative was? Obviously no one badass enough. 🙂 Oh and ALIE’s place is way in the fuck out by Cape Cod??

                I would LOVE to see what’s happening in africa or Europe, or yeah Australia! Could thee be regions where it’s not that bad? That 4% that Becca was talking about lol… we want to see it!!!

                Yup, I DESPISED Kane in S1. But how could you not, he was so horrible? Talk about a character turnaround. And I do wonder if I would change my tune on Jaha if I rewatched. I just thought they floated people WAY too easily, I get the whole gotta be harsh thing, but I don’t agree with it? Jake could have handled things better, no doubt, but I was so angry at Jaha and Abby after they floated him, I don’t think my opinion of Jaha ever recovered, even though I felt for him when he lost Wells. He was just too harsh for me. It took me a long time to come around on Abby too… I see your point though. I may need to rewatch S1 especially and see if my initial feelings hold up… and I think your insight about Kane adjusting and being willing to learn about the Grounders, and coexist, is spot on.

                Interesting about the 100 survivors. Now I kinda want to go back to Mt. Weather and rewatch those scenes where they fight off the Mountain Men… or try to. I wonder how many of those people would be recognizable to me. I guess it makes sense about the list, it’s not like Clarke could just fill the list with Delinquents and have it be taken seriously.

                I do think the spoilers (at least what I’ve seen) are only part of it. What I saw were leaked script pages on youtube, and they say NOTHING about the bunker. It’s just Clarke/ space crew stuff. There might be more out there but I’ve spoiled myself enough lol, I’m standing down. 🙂 So I’ll still be surprised with whatever they do in the bunker. And frankly that’s the storyline I’m more interested in after last week. Cause the aftermath you know… what happens when Abby wakes up? How do Kane and Jaha operate under Octavia now? So many fun possibilities. Is the gassing a done deal or does something else happen?

                I don’t want to say too much but from what I’ve seen the space crew part might be a partial cliffhanger? But again the spoilers I saw didn’t necessarily affect ALL of space crew? So like you I hope it doesn’t get any crazier than that cliffhanger- wise…

                • Your Podakru conclave Champion was Guara. Guara was one of the final four actually- my Champion juuuuust edged out yours, and Luna killed them both! What a bitch. I guess I should be Team Echo now? (Hard pass, even though I DID like her in this episode.)

                  I *think* ALIE Island is a little bit south of where this map puts it- I find it hard to believe that they could get the Rover to Cape Cod in 10 hours. I have read New Jersey, off the coast. Which makes more sense, because they definitely drive through Trikru land, but I have never seen them enter the Dead Zone? So Southern NJ would fit that much more accurately. But seriously, people are travelling from like, Oklahoma and Nebraska and shit?! That is impressive. Especially on horseback and/or foot. And I presume the ride there isn’t exactly enemy-free.

                  YES the 4%! Where is the 4%, and why is no one looking for it!? Like that would have solved a lot of problems, and we could have taken some kind of fun Monty and Raven led trip in an airplane! But maybe Bellamy would have crashed that too… ?

                  Definitely rewatch! I think my feelings for Jaha changed a lot when I rewatched- especially after I was so pissed at Season 3 Jaha! But I think I really did like him in Season 1. This was before I knew (thanks Abby!) that there “are no good guys” and I assumed Jaha was a good guy. But then this show was awesome and full of moral ambiguity and this is why we love it. I also am SUPER lenient with characters in general. Like I didn’t even fully hate Pike? I tried, but like, I also felt a little sorry for him. Obviously I HATE lots of his decisions, but I don’t think he ever wanted to be that horrible, the Earth just had that affect on people.

                  SO few of The 100 are left. I mean, in Mt Weather, the main people were Jasper, Monty, Miller, Harper, Fox, and then a plethora of redshirts. Most of the people we know were still on the outside, I think. Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Murphy, Finn, Sterling, Monroe, and then Clarke escaped. Fox died in Mt Weather, Sterling died on that cliff, Monroe died in Season 3… and at least 5 of the other Delinquents died at Death Party (guess it lived up to its name after all?) And you’re right, had it JUST been Delinquents, Clarke would have had no credibility. Especially since a lot of them don’t even have any useful skills.

                  GOOD, I am glad you are avoiding them! You don’t have much longer to wait now, so try to stay strong 😀 I am SO interested in what will happen in the bunker- I agree, it could be more crazy than Space Adventure. Though tbh, what I am MOST looking forward to in Space Adventure is seeing Emori and Echo in space. Because honestly. But I NEED to see the fallout from Kane and Jaha’s decision. And what the hell will happen to Jaha! Like.. they can’t exactly reopen the bunker doors without 360 REALLY pissed off sky people beating the hell out of them. So if Jaha dies… why? And Abby, will she be pissed? What about Miller? I bet they are furious. And they won’t be the only ones! What will Octavia do when they start fighting? GAH I cannot wait!

                  I mean, I know there will be SOME form of cliffhanger- assuming that it will pertain to next season, so that makes sense. There could never NOT be one, really? Like even in Season 2, which had the nicest “wrapped up” feeling, they still ended with Clarke leaving, Jaha meeting ALIE, and Murphy in the Lighthouse Bunker. I don’t think they can set Season 5 up without some cliffhanger moments, but like…. at least tell me what’s happened with Praimfaya!

                  • Guara huh? Final four? That’s not so bad… “What a bitch” lol. So true… killing our chances like that. Good thing for Octavia! And yeah I think NJ makes more sense. So is the rig in Boat people waters then? I guess it would be, that must have been their capital. I wonder if they will TELL is where the 4% is, like why would they mention it, or was it just a throwaway line? I kinda hope not…

                    I am seriously considering a rewatch over the summer. Because clearly there are things I’ve forgotten/ missed. And man, people like Finn seem like SO long ago lol. And that savage little girl who killed Wells?? Not to mention S1 Bellamy and his “wild crew” mentality- that might be fun to revisit. 🙂 You might be right to give characters a little more slack. I mean good people do bad things, right, and let’s face it the Earth has been hard on these people. And Jaha I think has tried to do the right thing, I think he and Kane were doing what they thought they had to on the Ark.

                    Yeah there might be some tough times in the bunker when Abby and Miller wake up. And the kids without parents?!? And yes Jaha. And great point about Emori and Echo! They’re gonna freak. You know I thought there was a good chance one or both of those two might have bit the dust by now, but it looks like maybe they’re heading into S5? Wow. Whoda thunk?

                    Yes I hope they show us Prainfaya and the aftermath- at least tell us if there’s going to be a 5 yr gap, I hope they aren’t all coy about it. Like if Praimfaya hits and the screen goes dark- um, fuck no people, that’s not the way. They gotta give us something… other than the spoiler that I know about, I’m hesitant to make any other predictions? I never know w/ this show!

                    • I hope it wasn’t a throwaway line. They’re usually pretty good about not doing that but you never know. I mean, Raven has that big old map, you’d think they could tell something by that? Or maybe that 4% was just too far away, and they didn’t know if they’d be able to survive there? It could be like, Antarctica or something I guess.

                      Yesss do the rewatch! It’s fun if nothing else, and if you still hate Jaha… well, that’s okay too hah. I think they both really WERE just trying to do what was right, but in S1 I think they were a little power hungry. More than now, anyway, when they really ARE fighting to live. I think it’s ironic, because before they knew how dire it was, they were all like “we need to do whatever we have to to keep our people alive” and floated everyone and their mom (literally). But then the shit hit the fan and I think that was sobering. OH and when you rewatch, tell me if you think Charlotte (the little girl) looks like a complete sociopath. Because Idk if that is what they intended, but that is how she comes off to me!

                      I am glad that we got more of Echo and Emori- I agree, I thought they’d be goners by now too. But I hope they aren’t, especially Emori, because I think that’d be the return of Extra Shitty Murphy. And YES those poor kids! I assume there are only a handful of them- because they had only 20 spots for both kids and “essential personnel”. So no more than 8-10? But still, how awful!

                      SERIOUSLY, I will be so pissed if it is Praimfaya and then dark! No no no. I feel like it won’t be? In the promo, we see Clarke like, NOT in sepia-filter? So I assume that is post death wave? (They kind of gave that away, didn’t they?) I can’t make predictions at this point, because I have NO idea! Except one- Clarke needs a lever! Maybe the lever makes the rocket go to space? And she doesn’t know if nightblood works, so she could be condemning herself to death? That is probably my only guess.

  2. I’m confused because my email told me that you linked to a youtube video of a song I liked, but clearly you didn’t. That’s kind of the only reason why I came here. But I was misled

  3. You know I’m not usually a fan oif Mondays lol but lately it means we’re getting closer to Wednesday, so yeah. 🙂 Although after this week that will be gone. How can the season be over already? Man. Oh and I can tell you right now Charlotte is a sociopath! But I’ll rewatch just to make sure. 🙂 That is still one of the most WTF moments of the show for me, when she did that! I about fell over.

    And yes Murph would probably be an absolute bastard if Emori croaks- you’re right about that. That alone is good reason to avoid it! Plus they’ve gone to that well enough times (exhibit A: Jasper). And if they can make me like Echo well then they’ve done it again ha ha. Although I’m already halfway there…?

    Clarke DOES need a lever. And only seconds to decide. You know, the usual. Although if Clarke is staying behind we might get our wish???

    • HA SAME! I am like, too giddy for this. Scared, too- and kind of sad. I hate when seasons end. Even as a kid, I would get super sad when like, Full House was off for the summer hahha. Like, 13 episodes seems so short. I could have lived with the usual 16. Will S5 only be 13 too? I am avoiding looking up anything about it because the synopsis will probably be spoilery for Praimfaya. But I really need it to go back to 16.

      Bwhahahah! I love how you’re just flat out saying Charlotte is fucked up ? When I had only watched it once, I never really knew if she was just… a little kid who had gone through way too much in her life and was overwhelmed? Or if she was a legit sociopath, but after rewatches, I lean toward the latter. The creepy ass way she says “I’m sorry but I had to” to Wells as he died… I shudder. Like Bellamy says “face your fears!” and she takes it as “Kill Wells for REASONS”?!

      I agree, we need to avoid Jasper Part 2. I cannot. I HATED murdery Murphy from S1. Like, now, he can be cold when he has to be, but he also has helped people and is human? But S1 Murphy… WHY would he kill those people? Did he think it would end well? Frankly, I think Murphy is too smart for that shit now. But if Emori dies, all bets are off. And YES I am so close to liking Echo too, which I never thought I’d say- though if they try to shove Bellamy and Echo at me, I will revolt, I’ll be like FYO Dad in the bunker, just screaming nonsense like “BUT BELLARKE.”

      YESSS, that is how it must be for Clarke, and I think that is what will happen. She’ll stay behind because they can’t all fit in the rocket, and her odds are the best because of Nightblood. But I still do not understand why she wouldn’t go to the bunker and get those guys all nightblooded-up? Maybe they just like the bunker now and don’t want to leave. One big happy family. They play Bingo on Tuesdays, and have Friday Film night in the Thelonious Room (that is the room they’ll name after Jaha after he bites it. Could also be known as “Jaha Theater”- run by Indra, of course, with wildly over-priced concessions. Pretty sure Kane is the manager at the concession stand.) I do hope they show us at least a tiny bit of outside the bunker- like what happens to all the bunker rejects, who are currently staying at the Polis Marriott. I need to know that they are for sure dead, because I like closure.

      • What’s up with shorter seasons?? We need 3 more lol, and Game of Thrones did the same thing- they’re only having like seven epsidoes this time? And the shows like Arrow and shit that drag everything the fuck out (seriously I’m over that) go on forever?? And yes Charlotte is a MESS. I was like *sputter*????

        S1 Murphy was horrible, and sometimes I forget how bad he was. He’s one of those characters that they have rehabbed a lot. I was glad when they drove him out, I was like eff you buddy, and then when he comes back I was so rolling my eyes. Like really? Now I like the guy lol. And Echo… I want to hate her (and did after she killed, er, WOUNDED (rolls eyes) Octavia but there’s something about her. As long as they don’t do Becho. I wouldn’t be surprised though, especially if they go five YEARS.

        Speaking of five years, here’s what I think of THAT (just substitute the ten years for you know five) 🙂

        Clarke… sigh. It’s SO the 100 what they’re doing there. And yeah she needs to head for the bunker? What the fuck else is she gonna do? Lord only knows on this show. I like the Thelonious Room, that has a certain cachet to it. All the best events are held there, and Grounders can’t go in there wearing their usual rags. Clean up people! Kane would be great as a manager and Harpy could work the popcorn and soda. Indra would run a mean bingo wouldn’t she? All scowls all the time.

        I hear you on the rejects (love that term). I would laugh my ass off if some or all of them SURVIVED somehow- they find a deep cave or some other nonsense.

        • I do not like the shorter seasons. And GoT only has SEVEN new episodes at a time!? But… why? Is it because George won’t write them any new books to use? Seems legit. I hate draggy shows. You’re right, it seems like shows you want MORE of never have enough, and shows that you’re like, okay, shut up about that storyline please have ALL the episodes. And I get that the show is probably hard to make, so I understand not having a super long season, but I don’t think those extra 3 episodes is asking too much!

          When Murphy came back, I never understood why the hell they didn’t just kill him immediately! I mean, I am glad they didn’t now, but they TOLD him not to come back. And then he just kills two people, uses all their gunpowder or whatever, tries to kill Bellamy, and runs away. And then they LET HIM do that too! I would have shot him through the hole in the dropship and I still don’t know why no one did!

          That Octavia/Echo thing still makes me roll my eyes. Had that been even a moderately less likable character I would have been pissed. But I will never be mad at Octavia NOT dying, so. And NO to Becho. I mean, Gina made me stabby and she was around for 3 episodes and seemed like a lovely girl. I also won’t be surprised if they go there. They kind of have been hinting at it all along. But still, do not want.

          That video is PERFECT. I will seriously be yelling that at my TV tonight if the time jump happens. (Also- TONIGHT! EEP.)

          And in regards to Clarke, that is what I don’t get either! Like, they have radio communication, right? Can’t she just be like “Hi bunker friends, fun surprise, nightblood works! Sorry about the 5k+ members of your clans who just died for nothing, that’s a real bummer.” I like the Thelonious Room too. Definitely sounds classy- you’re right, the Grounders will have to bathe for sure. You know, I have never seen a Grounder engage in any kind of acts of hygiene, which is concerning for the smell in that bunker. If Harpy wasn’t in space, they’d be perfect for the concession stand! That is how they’d earn their spots! “I know we aren’t on the list, but we do a hell of a job with the soda fountain.” Indra would suck all the fun out of Bingo for sure. She’d get pissed at anyone who messed up. She’d move wayyy too fast for people to mark their cards. The crowd would grow listless. The plot of Season 5 could be about the mass casualties in the bunker because a Grounder war started over Indra not enunciating her Bs and Gs enough.

          I SO BADLY want some bunker rejects to survive! And then the bunker clan can come out all giddy, ready to go back to the world, and BAM, they’re looking at all the people they threw out of the bunker. I would laugh really hard if like, ALIE just exaggerated the death wave and it was just a minor problem (as long as you don’t eat the fish and stay away from Egypt, I guess). And Clarke is just strolling around Earth with the rejects. Also, why do we not get to know what happened to the Grounder rejects? This is information I need.

          • George is an ass. There I said it. No okay he’s actually a good guy (I mean, I think) I met him at a signing once and he was super nice. He just seems stuck or something and he admits he’s a slow writer. I just like to occasionally get all pissed at the delay because I’m entitled and I feel like my entire adult life will seriously be spent reading this ONE series. I mean for cripes sake I started this series over ten YEARS ago. I could insert that video again but you get the idea. :):)

            Not to derail this too much into GoT territory but in a weird way I’m kinda glad they’re doing a shorter season though, because A) who knows when the new book is coming so fuck it, just finish the story HBO and I’ll get at least ONE resolution (most likely the book ending will be different anyway), and B) I’ll be recapping the episodes and it’s a love/ hate thing- I love doing them but by the end of the season I’m glad to be DONE doing them lol, and C) the fact that they can finish this story i two more shorter seasons tells me we’re getting close? Even if they are excising huge chunks of the books. I mean winter is coming? Um, like fucking when? It’s been like the longest fucking autumn ever???

            Agree about Murphy. I NEVER got why they didn’t just off his sorry little ass. Of course now we love him, but back then… heh. And I feel like they’ve been hinting at Becho since she was in the cage. Like back in S2 I remember thinking are they gonna hook those two up? Then it seemed like no, but like a bad penny it keeps coming up. Now she’s part of flight crew Alpha and we all know it’s gonna be, um, close quarters up there, and… yeah.

            And yeah I think we’re at the point now with Clarke and others that we daren’t look TOO closely at things or the logic starts to, you know, fall apart. 🙂 Case in point- the nightblood thing. And we’ve seen that grounders have agriculture (nice farm Ilian) and stuff, why are they always a mess? I mean they take the time to face paint. And I love the idea of Bingo Riot! That’s a season I want to get! Civil war in the bunker! Someone would flip a table. Indra better stick to food services.

            Survivors! How awesome that would be. ALIE exaggerating= classic. Ah turns out is wasn’t THAT bad. Psych. Or they could go really batshit and have the rejects be zombified (I know, I know) but just for a minute- imagine Polis full of zombified grounders. Somebody somewhere has to be doing fanfic of this???

            • He seems like a nice guy! I mean, he doesn’t seem like he is doing it to be an ass, I agree. Honestly, maybe if he didn’t make each book a million pages long, this would go a but quicker? I wonder if anyone has mentioned this. “George, you’re old, and you’re not a fast writer… maybe cut this next book down by about 500 pages?” ? I want to read them, one day. I have the first two, but I flat out refuse until the series is finished because I have no faith that he will ever finish them, and I can’t read 6000+ pages and have no resolution.

              I laugh when I hear the “winter is coming” thing because I swear they have been saying that for YEARS? And I don’t know a lot about the show or the books, but it’s funny because like, 10 winters have passed and they can’t get one ? Are they hard to recap? I assume they’re a full hour, since they’re HBO? Again, I want to watch them, but… I don’t have HBO. I assume they’ll be on Amazon Prime one of these days, so I’ll wait. And probably be spoiled in the mean time, of course.

              TOTALLY agree about Becho in the cage! Because we knew Clexa was coming at that point, so I assumed Becho would be too. And I didn’t mind AS much when I figured Clarke would be with Lexa anyway, so Bellamy might as well get it out of his system. But now? No thank you. BUT you also know they’re not going to give us Bellarke until the bitter end, if at all. Speaking of, how many seasons do you think this show will be? I assume more than 5 because they didn’t announce it as the final season, but I’d be really surprised if it was more than 6.

              BWAHAH such a good point about the Grounders! They do spend WAY too much time putting on face paint and getting tattoos. But you’re right, they DO have some pretty decent agricultural skills. And let’s be real- it has only been 98 years- they couldn’t have lost all the skills from before the apocalypse. At most, it’s what, 4 generations since then?

              And I fully support Bingo Riot. I really wish they’d fight over mundane shit once in awhile. Because it’s realistic, and it would be funny, and hell, they love to fight so I can’t believe they’d all just get along. OH and also, how are they feeding themselves in there? I know FYO Dad (RIP) was yammering about the food but… what IS it? And seriously, I don’t think Indra is cut out for anything directly involving people in general. She’s better as the brains behind the scene. And maybe a little bit of brawn, rough up her employees from time to time, of course.

              If someone has done that fanfic, I need to read it. Because um… Zombie Rejects? Yes please! Like- the radiation fried most of their brains.. but not the part that controls gross motor skills? I could get on board with that. Miller’s Dad, FYO Dad, Grounders, just shuffling around Polis. That would kill the mood at Bunker Fest in a hurry. The Rejects would feel no pain, so they’d be able to like, use their bodies to open the door, tearing their own limbs off and shit.

              Also, I tried to tell myself I would do something productive in the hour until I can watch Praimfaya… but instead I didn’t. Because come on, how can a person concentrate when it is happening RIGHT NOW? Ten more minutes… GAH!

              • Indra’s people skills- yeah, they’re kind of limited to things like “the sword will decide our destiny” (delivered w/a growl) or “Skaikru has betrayed us all” or some variant thereof, you know? So yeah, maybe she needs to stick to being regional manager for her Subway franchise. “Eat fresh… or die” maybe would be her motto.

                So, um… WTAF was that shit last night? 6 YEARS??? Where’s that 10 years video cause that’s how I feel right now? Clarke is like Mad Max and shit. And Madi *sputter* who the fuck is THAT? So I guess we know there were Nightblood survivors. And… the spoiler I had read ended with Clarke collapsing, so when I saw that she was alright I was very happy.

                Eligius Corporation? Prisoner transport? Okay I gotta give em credit, THAT’S new (and kinda cool). Loved that ship. And man the feels in this one, huh? When Bellamy had to leave her behind… damn. And Clarke clearly got a shitty ass mission because she was out of time by the time she GOT to the damn tower. She had no chance. the minute she went off alone it was like, oh fuck we can all see THIS coming. Bye Clarke lol. And hardly any bunker. I thought it might go half and half, but we got nothing after Octavia and now it’s buried?? Oh and good thing Monty knows how to do everything.

                Realistically I don’t buy the space flight thing, they seriously got a rocket ready to go in 90 mins and even with everything that could go wrong, they made it? But so what this is about the characters anyway, not whatever harebrained tech thing they do. What shocks me is- 5 year gap? They went almost SEVEN?? Gah. Although Rothenberg said they get to play closer to their ages now, and I can see where that might be good. I keep forgetting they’re like 17 or 19 or something, which is… kinda silly when the actors are all 20’s/30’s. Still… that time jump is a lot to get my mind around.

                “tearing their own limbs off and shit”- that made me crack up. I would PAY to see that.

                The Got stuff is not hard to recap, I guess, the biggest thing for me is staying in show mode because I’m a fan of the books WAY more. I’m not always fond of where the show goes with the characters, but since there is no book yet I go with the show just to see where they’re going. The thing is lots of characters that die on the show are alive in the books, and they’ve skipped a lot of plot points, so the books are much richer, as good as the show is. And as far as seasons, I’m assuming The 100 will go at least six, wouldn’t it be nice if we get seven?

                • Bwhahah she really IS like that! She’s good with a quick one-liner about killing everyone. Unless she is talking to O and then she is super wise and motivating. But still about killing people ? “Eat Fresh or Die” is PERFECT! I love it!

                  I need the 10 years video again, because that was seriously my emotional state. NOT. OKAY. I just kept saying “noooo not a 5 year jump” and then The 100 was like “fine, no 5 year jump, have a 6+ one!” I was seriously afraid she was going to die! Because her goodbye to Bellamy was so… final. I need to know how the hell she found Madi- and how the hell Madi survived by herself until Clarke came! I assume that when she said “we” tried to dig out the bunker, it was just the two of them? GAHHH.

                  As for Eligius and the prisoners… Jason said this- “The fans will definitely read into things, and should. These names are not randomly selected. How about we leave it at that.” Also, someone had commented that Becca had something to do with them earlier in the season, so I need to go back and look that up!

                  And YES- how the hell did Raven think she’d get back in time!? That is such bullshit! I definitely thought we’d get SOME bunker at least. But nope. You know, I think they only showed O in the beginning so that ALL the main Delinquents were in this one. Because clearly this was their show. Which was kind of awesome except… I have no answers!

                  The space thing WAS kind of ridiculous but… yeah, I’ll take it, plus Raven got to take a space walk. I was afraid that someone was going to die on the way up there for sure. Echo was probably regretting the NOT stabbing herself for a good chunk of that flight. It IS kind of nice that they get to play closer to their ages for sure, but… will they be the same characters!? That is what scares me.

                  Ooooh that is hard about GoT. I felt that way about True Blood, but then they got SO ridiculously out of line with the books that it just became its own beast. And then the last books sucked and I hoped the show would be better (I guess it was, marginally). But it IS hard when you see characters that you love change TOO much.

                  I DO hope we get 7. With the time jump, it might actually happen. I just seriously don’t understand how we are supposed to wait eight months for answers. Eight. Months. ??? Are they going to tell us what happened to the Rejects, or can we just assume them all dead? What about Jaha? I need to know So. Many. Things. And you just KNOW that after 6+ years of thinking Clarke is dead, Bellamy moved on. I cannot.

                  • Yeah can you imagine Gaia growing up with Indra as a mom? Gaia comes home from school after being bullied, say, and goes to Momma- and Indra just looks at her and quietly says “did you kill them?” And Gaia’s all like… what? lol

                    I just about fell over when it said 6 yrs and 7 months or whatever the frick it was. SHOCKED! And can you imagine Clarke and Madi trying to dig out the bunker and not being able to? How would you leave? More feels. We need to find out what Eligius signifies. Googling soon. And Gagarin hints at a Russian connection? Someone said that they hinted at long term mining operations and maybe that’s who these people are- that Becca sent them somewhere to mine?

                    I did think that ship was way cool though. It had a real sci fi feel to it? With all those weapons bristling on it? And Clarke looked good! She’s got her leathers on and has weapons, seems well adjusted. I’m glad they ended that way because I was expecting them to close with the screwed up Clarke, all radiation burns. Thank goodness they didn’t. But how will the bunker people get out? I vote for them discovering new tunnels that take them… somewhere. And with new Skai people coming down things could get nasty!

                    What is going on in space?? Almost seven years and nothing yet. And does Becho happen, or Bellamy/ Raven (THAT would be interesting if they come down and they’re… together. That would certainly throw a wrench into Bellarke wouldn’t it? They DID sleep together once, granted it was a one off but still… and I did wonder if when Jaha was there alone there was no way to survive, but now seven people can lol. Whatever works…

                    Rothenberg’s comments too about Clarke having an interest in Madi now, almost a parental one, that may not jive with the needs of Skaikru has me worried. Must she always be on the outside? I know they’re not going to give us Bellarke any time soon but would it kill em to just let em be together? They can still have adventures FFS. And Clarke is trying to reach Bell EVERY DAY. If he comes down and is all in love with Raven or *gasp* Echo I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle that.

                    Jaha! I haven’t even thought about that, but you’re right! He’s not coming back but they gave no closure? That must mean he’s doing guest appearances next year, in the flashbacks? Maybe they’ll say he died in the intervening years and show us how. And those comments Rothenberg made about Bellamy maybe not appreciating the things O had to do to lead- what does THAT mean? Yikes.

                    • Okay, I am DYING at the thought of that Gaia and Indra interaction!! I need that in my life. I am picturing Gaia in a uniform with the plaid skirt and shirt, and it says “Grounder Academy” on it. She comes home with a case of the sads because everyone makes fun of her for wanting to be Fleimkepa when she grows up. And Indra has no time for tears, obviously. Seriously, too funny! ??

                      And RIGHT? My jaw is still on the floor. I need to rewatch it, because I was so damn worried the whole time I don’t even think I concentrated enough and now that I am trying to have actual coherent thoughts for a recap, I am coming up empty. I just want to yell about feels and such. SERIOUSLY, Clarke not being able to dig them out must have been HELL. Abby still doesn’t know if she is even alive probably. AND if the Ark made contact with the bunker (which I am assuming is a strong possibility, because Jaha was making contact with them when he was still up there?) then Abby DEFINITELY thinks Clarke is dead.

                      So, as for Eligius, apparently it was mentioned in Echoes and The Tinder Box. Here’s some info- So… yeah. This is not comforting. And yes, they are prisoners who were sent to a mining colony? Are they chipped? Can we PLEASE not go down THAT road again? But I am totally here for a Russian connection!

                      Clarke DID look badass! I love the new look too. I was so afraid they’d end with her covered with the burns too. Because that’s WAS Abby’s “vision”- Clarke was burned, she was never DEAD. Probably because IN the vision, she didn’t have nightblood. But now she does, and a little natblida baby in tow. The ship definitely had a sci-fi feel. And I seriously cried when it wasn’t Bellamy & company. Because whyyyy? I feel like maybe with more people, they can get Bunkerkru out? I mean, if it was just Clarke and Madi and no tech, that will be hard, if not impossible. But a spaceship full of mining prisoners should do the trick 😉

                      You REALLY want more tunnels hahah. And I can’t say I disagree! I do think that Clarke will have to make some kind of deal with the prisoners to help her get them out. Things ARE going to get nasty though, there’s no question.

                      I NEED to know what is happening in space. So badly. I assume that either Bellamy/Raven or Bellamy/Echo has happened. Or IS happening. My money’s on Becho. Unfortunately. It’s just that after Bellamy and Raven slept together, they didn’t seem… interested in ever doing it again? I feel like if there HAD been chemistry, it would have been revisited before now? Whereas they’ve been setting up Becho. ?

                      And I think the reason Jaha couldn’t survive was because their oxygen situation was a mess, but they brought the replacement from Murphy’s Bunker, so I think that solved it? Not totally sure. And OH. MY. GOODNESS. I read that article too and SAMEE. I thought the exact same thing about Clarke and Madi and being on the “other” side. NOT. OKAY. Besides, why the fuck would Bellamy or Octavia hurt a little girl!?

                      I will be GUTTED when Clarke comes down and Bellamy is with someone else. What if he has a KID or some shit!? You KNOW they are going to turn this the other way- where Clarke now has feelings for Bellamy and HE is now the one in love with someone else. And I can’t. I know we aren’t getting Bellarke yet, but can they please NOT hurt us in the meantime?

                      Apparently, Jaha WILL be back- perhaps if only to wrap up his story- but Jason said that if they didn’t die onscreen, we’ll probably see them again in some way. So, that gives me hope. I assume it’ll be flashbacks too, or maybe he’ll die in the first episode, or even both. If I had to guess though, I’d say you were right, and he DID die, but they’ll flash back to how. Maybe a battle? Maybe they had to kill people to stay alive for more than 5 years? OMG that would be so horrible. You think Kabby are parents by now? And I swear, if Bellamy and O fight AGAIN, I will riot. Or you know, write nasty recaps about it ?

  4. Lmao she’s got the plaid uniform on and some of the, shall we say, “across the tracks” Grounders are all face painted and pierced and shit. I’m sure learning is a high priority in that environment lol. Recess is like an MMA cage match. Electives include advanced face painting, ritual scarring and how to shiv someone properly. Okay I’ll stop…

    Yup Clarke not being able to say goodbye to Abby- you’re right Abby would fear the worst at this point. And what if the Ark and bunker have been communicating? That would be awesome. And I can’t even imagine her not being able to reach them. They’ll probably show that in flashback and it will TOUGH to watch.

    Ooh an asteroid mining colony? I like that they are getting more SF-ish maybe. I hope they don’t do that chipped crap though again, so true. I don’t want to hear about Becca anymore lol. But this cool looking ship came totally out of left field and I like the dangerousness of it- the fact that Clarke has been all alone and now she has to hide and be all Mad Max and shit. This is taking things in a whole new direction after a WHOLE season of engineering talk and trying to escape radioactive weather basically. I hope we get lots of action next season and Grounders/ Skaikru have to team up to take on the newcomers.

    I loved Clarke’s look. And ooh if she works with the newcomers and makes a deal with them to get Bunkerkru out, THAT could be interesting. And YES I do want more tunnels. I’m still hoping the Reapers show back up… I know, I know. 🙂 I think you’re right about Becho- that does seem more plausible. And more drama- Bell comes back, meets Octavia again, and guess what I’m shackin up with the chick who almost killed you. THAT will make for a nice family reunion.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Madi. And I want to know why Clarke says that area is the only green place left on Earth (as far as she knows). Why would that be? There’s something going on there… I know if Bellamy’s involved with someone else Clarke will be gutted, and I’m so sick of that. Just give us Bellarke!!!!!!!! And kids! I thought of that … ye gads. As for Jaha- even though I’ve hated him I’m kinda bummed we didn’t see more fallout of what he and Kane did- because that should have been addressed. I’m sure they’ll get to it next time but with all the plot stuff next season maybe it’s get short shrift? Or maybe it will be HUGE- I hope so. And I can totally see hostilities erupting in the bunker- why else would Rothenberg hint that O has to do bad things?

    • I really want to see this pre-Skaikru world. Can you imagine, all the Grounders thinking that each CLAN was so different they had to fight about all the things? And now, they will probably not even fight with Skaikru as much, since they’re Wonkru. Maybe Kane will teach the kids. Indra is the principal, and Kane is the scruffy, wise but fun teacher. All the kids love him, but his methods clash with administration (ie, Indra). He teaches crazy shit, like “the Earth is round” and “bombs caused the first Praimfaya, not large monkeys with matches”. But alas, the Grounders still show up with their shivs and piercing needles, and Kane starts rapping Gangsta’s Paradise like he’s Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. (I feel like we should NOT stop this narrative, perhaps it will entertain in the off-season?)

      I HATE that Clarke didn’t get to say goodbye. Now, as far as she knows, Clarke is alive- unless, like you said, Spacekru was able to talk to Bunkerkru, in which case, she too thinks her daughter is dead. GAH what if NO ONE has talked in 6 years!? I can’t.

      I agree, I DO like the idea of this prison ship- though I say so cautiously, as we could be here in 8 months bitching about how much they suck. I hope they’re the same as every other group on the show, totally morally gray, good people and not so good people. I think the change is good. It IS a totally different vibe, though I hope there are enough flashbacks that it is a mix of old and new. But I am also REALLY glad that the world is back to normal-ish now. Maybe they can start to rebuild for good?

      The Reapers need to show back up! Although I suppose that *technically* they would likely all be dead because of Praimfaya? Damn, they got an easy out with EVERY “missing” character. Bryan? Praimfaya. Wick, Mel, Zoran… Praimfaya (though I REALLY want to see Zoran again). I’m so torn on whether Becho or Braven will happen- maybe BOTH will! Maybe he was in a relationship with one of them, then they broke up, then he got together with the other. It’s probably like a regular swingers party on the Ark. Unless they’ve been with Eligius for a chunk of the time. And Bellamy has a totally DIFFERENT girlfriend, some random prisoner that hopefully will take the path of Gina. Maybe Echo can kill her too. I’d be game.

      I like the idea of Madi, but NOT if Clarke fucks with Skaikru because of her. Otherwise, I think Madi is the reason she maintained her hope and humanity. And do you think the green space is part of that 4% that ALIE calculated? But where is it? It has to be within driving distance to Polis! And does Clarke sleep in that Rover, or does she have a home? In 6 years, I’d have built at least a shack or something. I hope if there ARE kids, they are Kabby’s kids and NOT Space Kids. I am not here for Space Kids from ANYONE. Our Delinquents have too much going on to be worried about diapers and shit. I think the shit in the bunker WILL be awful. And I think that maybe in order to last, they had to sacrifice people? And maybe O had to order it. Maybe Jaha caused another uprising so she had to kill him, but she didn’t want to? Why do they make us wait SO LONG? Rude.

      (I also had to add a shit ton of words to my dictionary- because this comment looked like one big red line- like Madi, and Eligius, and Wonkru, but I refuse to add Becho. Because NO.)

      • Kane rapping Gangsta’s PAradise would KILL me. Oh my gosh he’d be the cool teacher… but yeah you can’t really teach Grounders so he’s have to just give in. 🙂 Go with it. Although school camp would be interesting. Since they already live in camps (except for Polis) what would they do to go rustic? I shudder to think. And the brave (stupid) kids would probably go fuck with the Reapers… yeah that’ll end well. “Every year some unfortunate kids never come back from camp … we have no idea why”.

        Seriously we should document the ultimate version (i.e. OUR version) of Wonkru life in the off season. And the thought of no one talking for 6 years… that’s an eff of a long time. I mean they’ve been together down on earth for what- months in real time- and now they’re gonna go 7 YEARS? It kinda boggles the mind really. And I’ve been thinking today- why those seven? It can’t be an accident the seven they picked to go to space- WITHOUT Clarke. What are they planning? Why Monty and Harper? And 2 Grounders? Swingers party lol. I have to admit I thought the same thing- I mean 7 YEARS. Something HAS to happen. Becho… ugh. *shakes head no no no* But wouldn’t it be awesome if Bellamy WAITED and he didn’t end up with either Echo or Raven? Is Recho a possibility??

        Bryan… still kills me. They just disappear him and don’t even TRY to explain it away. I mean they could have at least said he wandered off or went on a mission and got ate by a radioactive mutant bear or whatever. At least try. And Zoran… I had to look up because I didn’t remember who that was. This is what happens when you don’t re- watch *hangs head* I never thought of them maybe hooking up with Eligius though. That… is alarming.

        Agree about Madi. Clarke needed someone. And then green space COULD be the 4%. I don’t think there are many throwaway lines on this show, that 4% has to mean something. And it’s right where Becca’s lab is (I’m assuming) and near Polis, where Becca first landed? Hmm. I’m not even going with kids- just no. Kabby maybe… but the space Delinquents? No. And I can’t WAIT to see what is going on in Octavia land. For some reason I’m really interested in what’s going on there- Octavia, Indra, Jaha- that just seems like a combustible mix.

        I agree I’m glad they’ve moved on from the radiation story. I liked it but yeah I want to see them try to rebuild, and fight Eligius. lol

        • Them being “rustic” is scary. Maybe instead, it’d be the opposite: Grounder Camp is just Grounders being all posh in the Polis Marriott, getting facials or some shit. Indra rolls out the sushi, they have some martinis, it’s a lavish affair. The Reapers, I am so sad that we will never know the fate of the Reapers. Tbh, Praimfaya was such a great way to make all the side characters they didn’t care about vanish. I’m pretty impressed.

          YESSS our version IS the best version of what happens with Wonkru obviously. And yeah- they were on the Ground for less than a year, and apart for 6. That is just… not okay. I mean, can you even imagine just straight up having NO contact with anyone you know for that long? I can’t even wrap my head around it. And I agree, there is definitely a reason that those 7 people are the ones in space- and I seriously cannot handle waiting so long to find out! It would be AMAZING if Bellamy waited. And I think he would have if he thought she was alive, but since she thinks she’d dead… GAH. It is all very not okay. I could live with Recho! Though I think those two are WAY too similar to last- but I’d love to see it as a temporary thing!

          BRYAN. It is maddening, BUT I get why they did it. After the Lexa backlash, they knew they couldn’t kill him off. But that is why the Lexa backlash pisses me off– the SHOW didn’t decide they needed her gone, the actress did! And same with Bryan! (And your story IS what happened, because that is the narrative I have given him too! He was with a hunting party, and a mutated bear ate him! Pretty sure the bear will have two bodies but one head. Stay tuned 😀 ) And Zoran, I am sad that you don’t remember Zoran. Honestly, Zoran was what made me love Jaha as a character. Until that moment I never quite “got” him, but I think Zoran really brings out Jaha’s struggles. And how he has always struggled finding balance between “his people” and just doing the right thing.

          They very well could have hooked up with Eligius. Some people are theorizing that they were stuck without fuel to come back, and they somehow made contact with Eligius and that was how they got back. It’s possible, but I don’t think reunion will be that easy. I do hope Eligius has some way to help Clarke get them down, or get the bunker open, or both.

          There definitely aren’t throwaway lines on this show- which is why I think I was so damn fixated on that 4% (because mostly I didn’t want Clarke alone, but alas). Yeah, it can’t be too far from Polis if she tried to dig out the bunker. Perhaps it’s somewhere in the middle of the lab and Polis? Either way, close enough that people could find her. I agree, I will allow ONE child. One. And I would much rather it be a Bunker Baby than a Space Baby. Because no. Though what DO these people do for birth control anyway? There is a lot of sex and NOT a lot of kids. Maybe Miller and Jackson could adopt one. Jackson is older, settled with his career. Miller can have that farm he always wanted with Bryan, only with Jackson who we all like more anyway.

          I really am starting to think that O had to have people executed. Probably for crimes, but also because they needed more air and food. I think the bunker was quite possibly the WORST place during the 6 years. #ThanksJaha I have to go make like, 400 GIFs now and form coherent thoughts, which… is going to be a problem, let’s be real ?

          • I’m not even doing a recap. I’ll just comment bomb yours lol. I really like this idea of Eligius somehow picking up our Spacekru and getting them back to Earth- they could be like prisoners or something. Or working together but in an uneasy truce kinda way? And is Eligius like prisoners and overseers, or is it just a bunch of criminal miners who broke free? Will be curious to see. And I know about kids. lol we never saw any til they needed some for Praimfaya lottery. Good question about birth control! Because even if the bunker has some I cannot imagine Spacekru does. Or they may just say there was medical shit left up there, which I find implausible but hey… maybe.

            Zoran was a moment for Jaha, I’ll grant you that. I was kinda moved by that kid as I remember. And thinking back I did have some affection for Jaha at that moment, he found someone to care about. Plus he was on his vision quest and felt he had to keep going, so if he encountered the kid now that would be moving I would think.

            Yup mutant bear. Best way to go. I can’t even imagine a bear, the frickin deer scared the shit out of me. Good grief. Crazy looking fucker. 🙂 I wonder if any large animals survived Praimfaya. Seems kind of unlikely, but… will be interesting to see how they handle that. Is everything except the green valley a wasteland now?

            I don’t envy you the GIF making, but I am looking forward to seeing when they’re done ha ha. This would be a tough one to write up… 🙂

            • Oooooh you aren’t doing one!? Comment bombs are always welcome here! 😀 I was hoping to get the damn thing up tonight, but I am too tired, and frankly, it’s emotionally draining, so it is going to have to wait. Plus, I hate to half ass it at the end, especially when I spent so much time on it.

              I am HERE for Eligius picking up Spacekru. Because that means they’d be BACK in episode 1. Even if Clarke has to find a way to get them free from Eligius, it’s better than not knowing. You think any of them died up there? I hope not. And seriously! I know that on the Ark they had birth control implants (Abby said something about it in Season 2 when they were back on the ground), so maybe that is what happened? But would that shit even work after 6+ years?

              I want to know what Eligius is too! Like, this has also been 104 or whatever the hell years in space for them too, right? So, it isn’t the same prisoners Becca was involved with obviously, but their descendants, I presume. This is all so… unsettling. Do not want.

              ZORAN. Zoran gave me life. Like he was just this happy fucking kid in the midst of all this awfulness, and Jaha legit sacrificed himself so Zoran would be okay. And not in his usual martyr-y way, just like, straight up was awesome.

              I feel like… there have to be SOME animals that survived? Because some survived the first Praimfaya too. But can you imagine how jacked up these are!? They’ll be so much fun to see! Something must have survived because how could Clarke and Madi have found food and such? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

              The GIF making is awful. Because this episode was SO full, and so much happened, and I want to talk about all of it, but I am just too exhausted. The good news is, it will be easy to finish tomorrow! This is hands down THE hardest recap I have ever done, so good call on skipping it!

              • Yeah I decided to skip the recap. I love doing them but by the end of the season I get burned out on it. Same with Game of Thrones. Between the 100 finale and the 12 Monkeys finale last week my nerves were all flying high from TV drama lol. And I can totally see where this one would be tough! I hope it doesn’t take too long… 🙂

                Oh my gosh I HOPE no one died up there. I’ve accepted that Echo is probably around for a while so I’m good with her being regular. Harper of course better not die lol. And Raven – goes w/o saying. I guess between them and Clarke they’re the last guard of the delinquents, mostly (excepting Miller) so maybe that’s why they’ve been separated out from Bunkerkru. Octavia has Indra and all the adults, and Clarke, Bellamy and the rest are elsewhere- hmm there must be a reason. 🙂 It’s starting to make more sense? Because how could Bellarke and Raven plausibly be leaders when they’ve already got O? So I guess they keep the important delinquents doing their own thing…

                Great point about Eligius! And 104 years. You’re right, we’re looking at descendants? And I want to see twisted animals! Give us mutants! I feel like that element of the coming back to Earth story has been missed- we’ve had sop much Grounder activity but where are the dangerous life forms? I could go for that, and that would also give it more of a post apoc, sci fi feel. And yeah Clarke and Madi look like they’re in pretty good shape, so food must not be a problem?

                I kinda forgot about Zoran and the people in the desert. Probably not much hope they survived, but it would be cool if they did? You could have survivors migrating to the green valley maybe?

                • I feel like I am the opposite. Like, when the season started I was saying to myself “ugh, I forgot how long this shit takes”, but now, I couldn’t NOT do it. But it IS a lot of drama hahah.

                  I’m actually kind of glad that Echo will be around more, if only because there are SO few Grounders left that we know. After they killed all our friends at the Conclave (or I guess, all our friends killed each other?) I hope no one died up there too. That would be awful. Though… think of how many damn people died in less than a year, how can they manage 6 years with no deaths? I guess in the Ring they can, because it’s only those 7 people. But the bunker? People are dead, no question. If even just from mundane shit. 1197 people did not all survive 6 years in a bunker. I like the thought of the important Delinquents all having jobs! I am so glad that O has a few younger people in there with her though. It would be such a pain in the ass to hear Indra, Kane, and Jaha all barking in her ear all the time. Because you KNOW that is how that went down. Everyone having a different agenda, and not in the spirit of Wonkru.

                  Yeah, like, they can’t STILL be prisoners, but they definitely descended from them. Which makes them more complex than straight up “bad guys”. I approve. I NEED MUTANTS. They took away the Reapers AND the tunnels, we deserve some damn mutants! And YES, Clarke and Madi do look quite healthy! That is a good point! I assume food was an issue at first, but they obviously figured shit out. I assume we’ll get a few flashbacks of that, too.

                  Yeah, I can”t imagine that Zoran and his family survived, especially as frikdreina, because they had no clan to represent them. SAD. I do hope there are at least a couple more survivors, but I guess it’s unlikely. I wonder if most of the natblida kids ended up in the bunker. There were probably only a few really young ones left anyway, after Ontari beheaded them all.

                  • “how long this shit takes” lol so true. Although mine are just like writing a review, more or less- I can’t imagine the effort YOU’RE putting into these babies.

                    Yeah Echo has possibilities. 🙂 I hated her briefly but I’m coming around… as a Grounder she just has different priorities than someone raised Skaikre and I have to remember that. And did she have a thing for Roan beyond just clan loyalty? And that’s definitely true- what’s the attrition rate been in the bunker for 7 YEARS? Those are the flashbacks I’m looking forward to.

                    I have to admit I’m really excited about the possibilities w/ this Eligius thing. When I saw that ship coming down I was all like yay here they come, they made it- and then nope, it’s a fucking prison transport loaded for bear and that changed the whole equation. New survivors. It’s gonna be a long 8 months. :(:(:(

                    Ontari lol. Psycho bitch… she had a thing for Murphy tho.

                    • I… well, I put entirely too much time into it haha. And words! This one was almost 3K words, 54 GIFs, and some screenshots. Ridiculous, really.

                      I hated her too! But I agree, she DOES have a ton of potential, and I love the way Tasya has portrayed her and how the authors have written her. She tries so hard to be ALL badass but… she’s not, and I love it. BUT she needs to step AWAY from Bellamy. I feel like she DID have some kind of feelings for Roan beyond loyalty. Because she stood by him no matter what. And his death really messed her up. Idk if it is romantic feelings or just a mentor/mentee kind of of situation, but she definitely cared for him, way more than she did for Nia.

                      I was SO PISSED when the ship was not Spacekru. I was like “okay, at least they are giving me hope!” and then… NOPE. I mean, I am excited about the possibilities with Eligius, but I would have been more excited for hope!

                      Ontari was a strange one. Did she even CARE about Murphy, or was she just… using her status to control him? I felt bad when she died, but I was really glad too because she was going to be nothing but trouble.

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