The 100 Episode 4×11: The Other Side

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! Also, maybe I should put some kind of trigger warning for… well, end of life choices/suicide. 

This episode has a completely different vibe than Die All, Die Merrily did. So different. Ironically, it felt more urgent. I feel wholly unsettled after watching it, and there was decidedly less of the uplifting message at the end of Die All, Die Merrily. Though some of it remained, the primary emotion I felt in this episode was rage. And tears, as you do. Also, Greg @ Book Haven made such great points about the parallels in this episode, the choices between life and death and how people deal with them, so check that out!

“You know what? I must have missed the election that made you Chancellor again.”

I was thinking it and then Bellamy said it. Because seriously, who died and made Jaha Chancellor? NOT KANE, fuckers. I seriously cannot help but wonder if this is all part of Jaha’s master plan: To lock Kane out so Jaha has full power again. I mean, he has been trying to get power back since the minute he landed. He even had power, for most of Season 3, through ALIE. And when he didn’t have it in Season 2, he got his fucking panties in a bunch and led a whole bunch of people to their deaths in the desert because of it. So… maybe this is his way. I wouldn’t put it past him at this point.

Honestly, I think that Clarke is so damn unsure of herself at this point, that she let Jaha take the lead, and he grabbed it. But either way, they’ve now tased Bellamy into submission (thanks a lot, Miller, go float yourself) and Clarkha (literally don’t know who is running the show at this point anymore) is thinking that someone who is more worried about self preservation than Bellamy’s pleas should guard his door. So Clarke lets Miller and Rando go, and leaves Murphy there by himself which… is weird to me, especially considering how she just betrayed Murphy, and I was hoping he’d make her pay, but alas.

Jacapo Sinclair, How I Have Missed Thee!

When I saw Alessandro Juliani listed in the guest starring credits, I basically did some kind of excited dance in my bed. I miss Sinclair so much. I wish he was here. He is reasonable, and he totally would have helped tase the shit out of Jaha if need be. Anyway, he was here to help another lost soul: Raven.

We start at Becca’s lab with more of Raven talking to Figment Becca about how she can best spacewalk herself to death. But she starts hearing another voice. And this one is way better, tbh. But then she has another seizure, and whose hand is holding hers, whose face does she see as she passes out?

YASSS Sinclair!!! 😀 

Guess who is not amused at Sinclair’s presence? Becca. Because when Raven wakes up from her seizure, she finds Becca has been… taken care of. I love it. Sinclair does not have time for her bullshit, and frankly, neither do I. Raven doesn’t need to take a spacewalk, she needs to get to the damn bunker.

YEAH! He died because… I think because the writers hate us and want us to suffer?

Anyyyway. Sinclair plants the seed of not dying in Raven’s head. Which, finally! He tells her that she can use some of her genius brain to find ways to survive instead of ways to float herself. And they come up with some kind of crazy plan that involves Raven… freezing herself to death and then restarting her heart? I honestly don’t follow this plan at all and think it’s weird but whatever, if it saves Raven, I’m down. But Becca is not, because suicide, y’all! 

Seriously writers, I will give you cookies if we can have him back. Please?

Of course, Becca tells her all the reasons that spacewalking to death is so much better. Like, how Raven will still be in pain in the bunker, and basically the same bullshit she’s been repeating for weeks. So Raven has thought this through, and she has decided what she wants.

That’s my girl! 

So they get to work making an ice bath and hooking up defibrillators from the med kit, and I still think that this is not something that would work in actual life, but again, I do not care. I just want Raven to not die. And I also don’t want Sinclair to go away again, but I guess we can’t have everything. So Raven is ready to… stop her heart so she has a chance to live? And it’s kind of tense.

No, you’re ugly crying.

So anyway, the thing works, hooray! Raven is back and better than ever. And she radios that she is alive. Now, I did not notice this during my first two watches, but while making GIFs, you can hear someone in the bunker, and it sounds like Bellamy, saying “of course we’ll go for Raven”. So they know she’s there! We shall see what happens next week, but someone’s ass better be grabbing Raven!


I had hoped that Murphy would have been not a selfish assface, but I guess we can’t always get what we want, can we? I still kiiiinda held out hope when Abby came to Bellamy’s… whatever he was in. I hoped Murphy would jump on board. But he didn’t. So Bellamy chokes him and Abby injects him with some sleeping shit and call it a day. But of course they need to get into the “main office” which is basically… Jahaland. I think he moved in, pretty sure I saw his old crusty t-shirt and a school picture of Wells on the desk.  So Abby has to go take care of him. She pretends she wants a polite chit chat and he is patronizing as fuck.

Of course, this is a two man operation- one person from Jahaland, one person at the actual door. So Bellamy heads to the door. I honestly don’t even understand why Clarke was milling around, because about 10 minutes before this she was in bed with Niylah? But she sees the door open and no Murphy outside it. She finds him taking his Abbamy-induced nap. And heads for the door, as you do.

So off he goes to the other side. Get it? 

Honestly, I think Clarke was glad this happened, because it was out of her hands. She was never going to shoot Bellamy, and his calm demeanor means he knew it too. This was just a way for Clarke to get the burden off of her, and Bellamy and O are fine with picking up the pieces. Also, they have a reunion!

YES! The Blake siblings are BACK- and I think for realsies this time!! 

Yu gonplei ste odon, Arkfest 2150.

Fuckity fuck fuck, this is not how I wanted this to go down. I know people all over the interwebz are pissed about this whole Death Party situation but… did anyone really think it was going to happen any other way? First of all, these kids weren’t getting into that bunker anyway, at least the majority of them. But we’ll get into that later. Let’s start with the catalyst, and the last post in which I will ever have to say his name: RILEY.

Am I horrible for crying for 99% of this episode, yet just casually watching as Riley died? Look, it was no secret that I thought his character was the worst, and I am not sad he is gone. I still don’t understand the point of him, or why he was even there in the first place, and now that he’s gone, I guess there was no point? If you can think up a reason for his existence, please, let me know!

Anyway, Monty is planning to leave soon, because he is actively trying not to die, in sharp contrast with his buddies at Death Party. Riley had apparently overdosed, which gives the other party-goers a super idea: To replicate whatever Riley did.

Guys. Death Party, huddle up: Did we not all know that Riley’s ideas are the actual worst? Just get in the damn Rover with Monty, okay?

Monty tries to talk to Harper, get her ready for leaving in a few hours. He’s telling her all kinds of crap about the suits and the Rover, but she could not possibly care less, because she’s on her way to Death Party. But Monty still has hope that she’s coming with him. So what’s a girl to do?

Oh, just rip the poor lad’s heart out, why don’t you?

Reshop, Jasper. May We Meet Again

This is killing me. Monty finds Jasper, looking out the window at the moon, which is now appearing red from the radioactivity. When Monty realizes that Jasper has purposely overdosed on the Jobi tea, he is upset and fights with Jasper, begging him to stop, to let Monty help. And then… well, I can’t word properly, so here:

I just… no, it is too sad for words. 

Look, I know a lot of people are not thrilled with the show for having this group kill themselves. I understand. But I also think that it is realistic as hell. Think of Jasper’s history. Could you go through everything he did, and keep fighting? A lot of these characters can, but some just couldn’t. And they knew they didn’t necessarily have a spot in the bunker; in fact most did not. So for them to choose this instead of radiation? It’s honest. It is what would actually happen. It was authentic to Jasper as a character, and while I fucking hate it, I understand it. Hopefully, he finds his peace.

Monty then realizes that they were all going to do this, and he hopes he isn’t too late to find Harper. But when he gets to the main room, everyone is dead. He is frantic, running and checking every body, but they’re gone. When the best thing ever happens:

Thank goodness, how much more could Monty even take?

Octavia for Heda

She is legit the only reasonable one left. Bellamy too, maybe. Abby. I don’t know, I am so mad right now at so many of these characters, I don’t even know where to start. But anyway, Octavia has won the conclave, Kane has made friends with all 1100 Grounders who are coming to play Bunker Buddies, and so I think O needs to be in charge. They respect her, and they listen to her, because not only did she win the conclave, but she has shown that she respects them as a people, values their culture, and basically treats them like human beings. Whereas Clarkha… well, you know. Anyway, Octavia is ready to let her new besties see their fabulous digs for the next half decade or so.

She said it in Trigedasleng of course, but I couldn’t find the actual words anywhere. Sorry.

Of course, Clarkha is suuuuper excited about the news that only 100 of Skaikru will be staying in the bunker. Actually, I think we might be back to just Jaha at this point, because even Clarke seems to have grasped that the jig is up. And finally, finally, someone stands up to Jaha and tells it like it is.

Well, damn. Good, I hope this continues. 

The Chosen

THE HELL, Skaikru?! We’re back to the lottery bullshit? Didn’t we all agree like, 8 episodes ago that it was a shitty idea? Because it was then, and it is now- actually, it is an even worse idea now. At the end of this episode, they talk about how they need to prioritize doctors, engineers, etc. And they DO! Clarke spent half the time worried that if Skaikru isn’t there to run the technology, no one will be able to, and she’s kind of right. So why this lottery bullshit again? Throw the randos out and let’s start playing Bunker Games! 

Let us discuss the feels. Are you having them? What did you think of this episode? Are you also filled with rage at basically everyone? Did Sinclair soften the blow? Are you pretty salty about Jasper? Let’s talk!

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  1. Oh my gosh this is awesome… you captured all the pivotal moments. Seeing the GIF’s takes me right back. I love that you led with Bell telling Jaha off. It’s funny how few people have stood up to Jaha over the years- really only Murphy that I can think of. Who will really tell him off. I think Bell frankly has the stature at this point to do it, and the fact that Miller and the redshirts deferred to Jaha infuriated me. And that Clarke would stand there and watch Bell get shocked. Um, no. I mean Jaha fucked up huge with the CoL, and they’ve been forgiving him this season- but now he takes charge and they’re all like, okay. I don’t think so.

    YES to Sinclair! So nice to see him again, he is missed. And yes that whole frozen/ defib plan was bizarre- lol don’t try this at home kids- but fuck it yeah it saved Raven so we’re all good. 🙂 And bonus- no more Becca! Seriously if I never have to see or hear Becca/ ALIE again I will be so thankful. Enough with all that bullshit.

    I know right about Clarke? One minute she’s in bed with Niylah and the next she’s running around all over? FFS they were all over the map with her in this episode- I think the writers are trying to shoehorn her behavior in and it doesn’t feel natural. Maybe they don’t know what to do with her anymore besides have her say inane shit like “what I have to. Like always” Oh fuck off Clarke (or the writers who gave her that shit dialogue). And honestly, she needs a vaca from life or death decisions, let Bellamy and Octavia take the reins now. Totally agree.

    And Death Party you know- I give em credit for doing it, I thought they might back off on the collective suicide thing, but they went there. I kinda laughed when Jasper was all like “if we get the dose right”… I mean Riley’s dying/ dead and Jasper’s all like hmmm… I have an idea.

    About O- I think she should be Heda too. By mixing in the bunker they really are all one clan now, and she has earned the right to lead them. You said that well. They know she respects their culture, yup- unlike anybody else in Skaikru lol. I feel like Jaha is going to pull some nasty shit, but hopefully they can handle him. As long as Bellarke, Raven, O, Kabby and Indra make it I’m good. Oh Monty and Harper too. And I do like Niylah… I do think at this point if they don’t arrest Jaha on the spot and neutralize him, they’re nuts.

    Aww, thanks for the shout out! And you know, you’re right- I had a lot of rage in this one. At Clarke, at Murph, Miller, and mostly Jaha. The only time I got warm fuzzies were Sinclair and Raven’s faith in Bell. 🙂

    • Aww thank youuu! And RIGHT? Why won’t anyone call him out? Like he is the FORMER Chancellor- the key word being “former”. There’s a reason no one let him be it again, because he nearly chipped the entire population! I feel like in Kane’s absence, Abby should have been Chancellor Pro Tempore. But noooo Clarke takes that role, because of course she does. Which I could even live with if SHE had been the one making decisions, but deferring to JAHA of all people? No. Just stop. He should still be sorting scrap metal somewhere.

      I agree about Becca/ALIE. I am over them. I was SO GLAD when ALIE was “killed” last season, and then they bring Becca back and she is as annoying as ALIE! And YES with Clarke. I don’t understand what they are trying to do here? I mean, unless they WANT her to be annoying and shitty, in which case, they’re doing a fabulous job. But the timing of it all does NOT add up because it looks like it took a very short amount of time for Abby and Bellamy to open the door, so why did Clarke even GO to see Niylah? Maybe it was all just so we knew Niylah was alive? Weird, regardless.

      I am SO glad they went there- I agree, I give them credit too. Because of COURSE people would do that. Like, it would shock me if they didn’t. Especially with Jasper’s… misery. He knew he wasn’t going in the bunker, nor did he want to. Like I know people are pissed that they didn’t have him “choose life” or whatever the hell, but… in real life, not everyone chooses life so… why would this be any different? Jasper was a fragile soul from the start, and then it was like- he was arrested, in Juvy for a year, sent to Earth, speared by a Grounder on like, Day 2, almost dies, legit STARTS the Grounder war with his dumb gunshot, has to make the dropship go boom, killing hundreds of people, is then captured by Mt Weather and has to fight for his life and all his friends, THEN his girlfriend gets killed. Well… shit, if he WASN’T contemplating ending his life I’d be confused. A lot of these characters are strong. Jasper wasn’t. He was supposed to die in the Pilot for goodness sake! That was kind of tangent-y, sorry, but I just hate the flack the writers are getting for this. I mean, BEST case for Jasper was that he was going to live in an underground bunker for 5 years. And in all likelihood… he wasn’t getting to do even that.

      YESSS! That is the thing- if this WAS the “final Conclave”, then O won, and as such, earned the right to be Heda. Gaia would SO give her the chip, and all she needs is a little of Clarke’s bone marrow, and she’s set! I mean, if anyone is “every clan”, Octavia is. I think those people will make it. I hope. Most of them? I mean, they have killed off THREE main characters this season (if Jaha is really dying), so I don’t know how they could kill off more. Plus, they need secondary characters to promote to main cast now that they have like, 4 people left ?

      I don’t even know WHAT to expect from this penultimate episode. I mean… there’s 24 hours til the death wave, so I guess we’re to assume that this will focus on that 24 hours? And then Praimfaya will be… well, actual praimfaya happening ? (I would laugh REALLY hard if it doesn’t come and everyone just sits there and the radiation doesn’t kill anyone and then THOSE people attack the bunker for not being chosen or something hahahha)

      • Exactly. It’s too fast. One minute he’s a pariah, they told him to sort scrap AND HE WENT- he’s knows he’s in the fucking doghouse- the next he’s all taking over this office and barking orders, and Clarke meekly nods assent. Fuck that! The only thing I can think is he did find the bunker, so maybe they’re deferring to him because of that- but still it didn’t feel like an earned moment to have him as overlord again. And Becca- I remember thinking maybe she’ll be the reasonable one, and help Raven find some miraculous tech up in space- nope she’s just bad news. So fucking good riddance.

        I think the Niylah thing was just to show that her and Clarke get in bed together. It was like to remind us, token diversity moment? I could be wrong, but it didn’t accomplish much… they didn’t argue, they just had Clarke looking sad and Niylah was like stroking her hair or some weirdass thing…?

        Very good points about Jasper, and I agree w/ all of it. His humor will be missed, but it makes sense. And lol I remember him getting speared and he went flying like twenty feet, I remember at thew time thinking well he’s fucking history, so hey he got like extra seasons anyway! And this gives Monty a chance to be someone other than half the comedy relief duo, you know? Especially with where he’s apparently going with Harper. He may be almost like raven now in terms if importance and his tech know-how.

        O is Heda. I think it’s earned. You know I used to think of her as kinda flighty, a second tier character, but she has changed SO much. It totally feels like she has earned this- both the actress and the character. And as bad as it was to lose Lincoln, I don’t think she would have made this if he was still around. They are taking her to the next level. Not that I’m excusing how they apparently treated Ricky- who knows what happened there- but yeah O needs to own leadership. She’s got great support with Indra, Kane, Abby and Bell. What about Clarke? Should be VERY interesting to see where THAT goes… 🙂

        I know. I think it’s going to breakneck balls to the wall tension, with Harpy and Raven trying to get there, Jaha pulling his shit, and who is rabble rousing Skaikru in that promo? You know when I write my reviews I usually haven’t watched the promo yet, for some reason, but now I have and they’re talking about rising up- seriously Skaikru never stops! I mean sure they’re not gonna be happy about getting booted, but man… these last two epsidoes might be bad. Friend against friend? I’m worried… 🙂

        • Oh that’s such a good point about him finding the bunker! I hadn’t thought of that but it makes sense. Hell, it’s the ONLY thing that makes any sense, because this is dumb. You’re so right, it’s not even almost enough to forgive his past transgressions. Especially from Clarke, who had to nearly die to right his wrongs. So frustrating.

          Sadly,I think you’re right about Niylah. Like “see, we didn’t off the f/f couple this season!” In a way I get it, but frankly, they didn’t deserve the backlash to begin with. This show is all kinds of diverse.

          I miss Jasper already. I know a lot of people didn’t like him anymore, but I think I always will. He was so great in the beginning, so hopeful,and earth broke him. Also, everyone I shipped with Raven has died. So that isn’t great ? I was sure Rasper was a possibility! You know, I can’t help but wonder if Raven might’ve been the one to talk him out of it. Though it’s probably more authentic this way (doesn’t mean I have to like it ?) And I think Monty will have a much more complex character arc going forward, too. Especially now that Raven lost her upgrade haha.

          I agree about O, she never would have found this deeper strength had Lincoln lived. I mean, I still wish he was alive, but they did the best possible thing with the situation. I hate that a shitty thing (whatever went down with Ricky and Jason) changed the plot, but alas. Clarke had better not be shitty to O! She fought when no one else would or could. Clarke could only “save her people” with shady, backhanded cheating. This should be very interesting indeed.

          Seriously, these next two episodes are going to be so intense! WHY is Skaikru causing trouble again? They’re outnumbed with 1100 Grounders, to 400 annoying sky people, what do they think is going to happen?! The Grounders could, if they wanted to, overthrow the whole damn bunker and fling out every last member of Skaikru if they wanted. So Jaha needs to calm the fuck down in a hurry. I am worried too!

          • Yeah Clarke and Jaha teaming up is about as likely as… IDK what, but not very likely! Maybe in a way Jaha leaving is good- I mean how many times can you go to the well with the fanatic I’ll do anything to stay in power guy before someone just offs him? I mean it would get repetitive if he pulls ths bunker stuff, is defeated, and then next season is causing trouble AGAIN. So maybe they’re going all out with the Jaha bad guy thing, and you might be on to something when you mentioned him redeeming himself at the end? That would be a nice way for him to go, and with him leaving they are really culling the cast. This could be a totally different show next time.

            I’m going to miss Jasper too. I mean I’ve been pretty hard on him the last two seasons but I used to like him a lot and I feel for the guy. You’re right about earth breaking him- never thought of it like that, but yeah. Everything that has happened to him has been bad, and everyone has their breaking point. Rasper would have been interesting although I have trouble shipping Raven sometimes- IDK why. Nobody seems like a good fit to me? That’s why Sea Mechanic had me so intrigued- I could see that one. But ha, no. 🙂 And Raven and Monty will make a good team tech- wise.

            I wonder if we’ll see the core team come closer together. They’ve thinned the herd, so to speak, and with Monty and Harper together, and Monty and Raven being the only tech- heads (unless I’m forgetting someone)- wouldn’t it be cool to see the core group function as a really tight group (under Octavia heh heh) and not all be separated for a change? And yes, as sad as the Lincoln thing was, who woulda thunk Octavia would be Heda at this point? This show is so hard to predict and I love that!

            Skaikru is going to do some bad shit, I can feel it. Those rabble rousing scenes were not good. And since they’re outnumbered they may do something really nasty? Oy…

            • Honestly, I think you’re right about Jaha leaving. He really has NO storyline at this point other than “Good Jaha versus Stupid Jaha” (because I don’t think he was ever evil, just…. misguided? And maybe a little power-hungry). I can’t see him forming any real relationships- even friendships, because he is so…. distant with everyone. Idk. I think a redemption death is the best way to get rid of him, because in the end, he always DID want to save his people, you know?

              Jasper… I feel like I would have BEEN Jasper? I mean- not to the extent of Death Party, but in brokenness? I don’t know how great I’d be at post-apocalyptic Earth either- just because of how cushy life has been? And it kind of was on the Ark too- they didn’t have it that bad up there, really, aside from the absurd laws. They had doctors, and entertainment, and shelter, and comforts… so I always felt for Jasper. I just loved the dynamic between Jasper and Raven last season, when he would have done ANYTHING to get her unchipped. It was the first time since Maya that he was like, feeling ANYTHING. Raven IS hard to ship with someone though, I agree. I think because she IS so badass that it makes it hard to picture the softer side? Plus, she shuts people out a lot, so I think I have trouble seeing her actually open up to most people. Which is why I liked Rasper- I think she would have been vulnerable with him. Same with Luna, but alas. They’re all dead now.

              That is SUCH a great point about everyone coming together! I need that. NEED. It has been wayyyy too long- since Emerson, really- that they’ve all worked together. I think you’re right about the tech people too. Raven, Monty, and then Jaha, but we know that Jaha won’t be a factor, plus we have not actually seen him DO anything tech-y? And with O as the leader instead of Clarke would be SUCH a nice change of pace. Clarke has been leading for too long- and it hasn’t gone great ?

              And YEP, agreed about Skaikru and the bad shit. That dude in the preview… is that FIVE YEARS OLD Dad (the one who made that dumb speech about killing Ilian)? Who smashes the bowl? Also… did you notice Clarke is wearing something… weird looking when she hugs Abby? It looks like a prison jumpsuit? Also, random side note, Kane REALLY needs a haircut when he gets into the bunker. Like, desperately. He’s looking scraggly.

              • Yeah Kane get a frickin haircut. Abby’ll sort him out hopefully once all this end times nonsense is over. Assuming they live lol. Okay I re- watched the promo and Clarke looks like she’s in a radiation type suit? Where the fuck is she going?? Out to get Harpy and Raven, or something else? And yes they’re smashing the lottery bowl apparently and Jaha looks like he’s leading a rebellion- and going up against Kane. Ye gads what next? And… yes that prick Five Years Old Dad is who that looks like *sigh* There always has to be a Pike/ Riley type doesn’t there?

                And yeah the more I think about it, if Jaha’s leaving then he probably will go out in a blaze of redemption. Which will be nice to finally resolve the dichotomy of him- he’s a frickin yo-yo. Good guy/ bad guy. And he’s lookin bad in the promo. o.O

                I notice O looks like she’s leading an armed group of Grounders too, so it’s looking like civil war in the bunker? Weee!!!! Can’t we all just get aloooooonggg?

                • Hahahha I was thinking that too- he’ll get to his little bunk with Abby and she’ll be like “OUT until you get a shower and deal with this mess” as she just gestures to his entire being ? (Don’t you kind of wish we’d get a few of those “real” moments? It would be so fun!)

                  Seriously, where IS Clarke going? She’s absolute shit at driving, as we’ve seen, so I can’t imagine they’d send her alone, and I REALLY don’t think Bellamy wants to go on a long Rover ride with her at the moment. And they have radios, so she must know that Death Party is… well, dead. So hmmmm… ?

                  It DOES look like Jaha versus Kane and I am NOT here for that. Especially when it seems like people are siding with Jaha. Nopeity nope. Seriously, WHY is there always some random asshole? We JUST get rid of Riley, too. I knew Five Years Old Dad would be back. I wanted to be wrong, but alas. I think I saw what could have been a 5 year old KID in the promo too? At least if he showed me he actually HAD the kid… I also seriously want to know how kids have been living unseen in Arkadia for 6 months. ?

                  AGREED. He needs a… final redemption. I just hope he can admit that he was wrong for a hot second before the radiation destroys him. You know, I have to wonder- what are the people who aren’t in the bunker going to do? I know it’s awfully macabre, but I can’t help thinking about those people just… sitting around waiting to burn to death? I can’t even wrap my head around it. They should head over to Death Party and scavenge the Jobi Tea, honestly.

                  That IS going to be how it is- a war. I was thinking that it was dumb for the sky people to even think they could do it but… they DO have guns in the bunker, don’t they? But that would be so stupid, because they could end up with holes in the bunker and then… back to everyone being dead. (And to answer, no, they will never get along, it seems. Sadddd.)

                  • I SO hope Kabby make it. No last minute heroics requiring them to die, etc. More worried about Abby though, as we’ve discussed. But a little worried about Kane too… and yes let’s see some domestic moments with Kabby, or the other couples. Maybe Harper showing Monty how to tase someone lol.

                    Ha ha about Clarke. Nice. Yeah she always has to have some frickin mission. Sit your ass down, girl, have a frickin mocha and let Octavia run things. Just slow your roll missy. I didn’t notice the kid! No shit, where have all the brats been?? They just throw whatever shit in there SMH. FYO Dad needs to die, there’s ALWAYS a rabble rouser or malcontent, good grief Skaikru are like terrible. No wonder they follow Jaha! They’re like Trump supports lol.

                    Yeah that’s not a pleasant way to go. I’d be hurrying to the nearest jobi patch too, stat. Jasper may not have had it so wrong… and yes Skaikru have guns. Sigh. If they kill Indra I’m going to scream- and I’ll be out for blood. I hope if Skaikru start shooting grounders, seriously I hope the Grounders just wipe em out. Not the innocents, but any asshats that are shooting. So sick of skaikru’s BS at this point…

                    • Um, I would legit pay money to see Harper teaching Monty how to fight! Like, an entire episode of it actually. And YES Kabby needs to make it honestly because all the other adults are generally pieces of shit. And I know that really, the kids are leading them, but they still have to appear to have some older people with their heads NOT up their asses. Plus, I didn’t get enough Kabby for my liking, I need more than ONE scene.

                      There is a “sneak peak” on YouTube and it is Clarke in what is definitely a radiation suit (so good call there!) but I am trying SO hard not to watch it. I watched one before and it spoiled the whole first 1/3 of the show. But RIGHT? Like, Indra has to have set up a GrounderBucks by now, so Clarke should mosey on over, shell out a few Apocalypse Dollars, and buy something, read a book. I think Bellamy has a copy of The Iliad. ? I’m sure he’d let her borrow it if she’d just stay the hell out of the way.

                      FYO Dad DOES need to go. And then Bellarke can adopt FYO Kid, and then all will be right with the world ? But OMG they ARE like Trump supporters! Gross. They don’t even understand what they’re fighting about, they DON’T understand how much privilege they were born into, and they are selfish as fuck. So yep, typical Trump supporters.

                      If Indra dies, I will be screaming too. Because NO. They cannot take her away. Plus, she is the only Grounder left we even know? Since they killed off all our friends in the Conclave. Not that I’m still bitter or anything 😀 I would be fine with a wiping out of Skaikru- at least the ones who are causing trouble. Which is basically the people we don’t care about, thank goodness. But the Grounders almost HAVE to kill them if they start shooting, or they’ll destroy the bunker. I hope it doesn’t come to that. But how the hell are they going to get the Jahaians out of the bunker?

    • That is because unlike SOMEONE I know, we actually watch the show and appreciate its nuances. Also, you KNOW it is “the bunker”. It’s always the bunker, Val. Since you finished your game, and you have some free time, might I suggest giving it another shot? ?

  2. That’s the thing- how is this little civil war going to play out? Oh and I just went over and watched the sneak peek lol- impulse control Greg!- and oh my $%^& did you watch it? Not just the Clarke one but the Octavia/ Indra one? DAMN!!! That one is serious. I can’t say though, but if you’ve seen it then we must discuss! I watched it again and Indra is BADASS. With a capital B. And explanation points. Man… and the Clarke one seems to indicate where she’s going.

    I think they’re going to make people take sides.

    Good thing it’s on tomorrow (today lol?) because I must see it now! I think these last two are gonna be intense!!

    And yes I want to see Harper training Monty. Or Miller training Jackson! (although I’m still a little miffed at Miller. Jerk). And yes Trumpers= Skaikru lol. Or some of Skaikru anyway. I cannot believe the DAILY scandals that are erupting and like 80% of his people are like I’m okay with that. You keep thinking something will finally go too far for them, and nothing.ever.does. Which is fucking scary??? Or are they just tuned out?

    • GAH you have zero impulse control it seems ? But… now I can’t *not* know. So apparently neither do I. Oops. Okay so I watched the Clarke one. So she IS taking a rover ride with Bellamy!?! DAMN. And WHY does this sound like Abby saying goodbye!? Now how am I supposed to wait til tonight like a normal person? I can’t! Okay. Watching the next one.

      DAMNNN. This is definitely intense! I LOVE me some Indra. I love that O is like… a little nervous too, I feel like that is very authentic. Did you see Jackson and Miller in the one? It looked like Miller was hurt? The hell is even happening!? (I am pissed at Miller too, but not enough to want anything to happen to him!) Sidenote, are they just going to legit pretend Bryan was never a thing? Cause I need more closure, even though I never liked Bryan. I like pot holes even less.

      It IS scary. I don’t get it, honestly. Like, his approval rating reached historic lows, so what does his party think they’re accomplishing by standing with him at this point? He’s seriously getting people KILLED now with his complete and total disregard for protocol and frankly just downright common sense. So I mean, them standing up for him is basically saying “I care more about my popularity with reality TV host than human beings lives”, and I hope every one of their asses gets voted out by the constituents whose trust they have stomped on. Just like Jaha 😉 (But no seriously, kind of like that hahaha)

      • I know! I have none. I see spoiler alert and I’m like reading it, impatiently brushing aside the pesky spoiler warnings lol. I.must.know. Don’t even get me started on movie spoilers- I was like this plot blows 6 months before the new Star Wars movie came out, thanks to ye olde leakers. 🙂 But anyway…

        That … looked like a goodbye?!? Eerk. I’m kinda sick of Clarke always having to go at the LAST minute on a life or death quest- and Bell is going? they’re going to give me a heart attack on this show. Although… if they’re together surely they won’t kill both, so they’re both safe? Or… they wouldn’t would they??? I can’t take any moments if one of them gets fried or something…

        Okay so some of those spoilery videos had like script pages at the end- did you see those? If they’re legit then things are going to happen… quite differently than I thought. Oy. And Indra… oh my gosh she was ON in that clip. When she said to Octavia to basically say the word and the grounders would take care of it, I was like woah. Girl ain’t playing. There’s going to be WAR it looks like in the bunker. I’m not sure how I feel about that? I might feel a little bad for Skaikru (I mean the women and children especially, not assholes like FYO Dad- and yes suddenly we’re talking kids because where did THEY come from, as you pointed out)- I mean, you’re in the bunker, assigned a fucking room FFS, and then all of a sudden they’re going to boot 300- some of them back out. That would suck. But I don’t know what else you do- the Grounders have a right to live too. What a choice!

        Bryan *rolls eyes at this show* I guess they’re just going to ignore him? Man Miller didn’t waste any time moving on did he lol? Dang dude. Take a day. I do hope they address it though because it’s pretty ridiculous. They’re not going to pretend Jackson WAS Bryan all along are they? *snort*

        • I stopped watching the videos when I was afraid they’d get too spoiler-y, so now I’m glad stopped haha. I’m trying to not find too many, but I have heard a whole bunch of rumors. I’m very nervous about how this is going to go down. And after I watched the clips, I had a strange dream about the bunker, with Echo shooting at O, and Bellamy and Clarke having to stay in their own bunker that was like, 100 square feet. It was weird and random but it’s now canon in my head ?

          And I agree, I think it’s going to be awful- I mean, think about Monty and Harper, getting there thinking they HAVE spots in the bunker! But if Monty doesn’t get one, that’s bullshit because without him they’d never have found it. And the people who already moved in? Yeah, if it were me, they’d have to physically throw me and my shit out of the bunker, so I get them being pissed. Which is on Clarke and Jaha, because they should have never commandeered the bunker to begin with. It IS an awful choice, and one that would have been a hell of a lot “easier” had they not already moved in and thought they were safe.

          Miller DID move on quickly! Haha dying at the thought of them pretending Jackson WAS Bryan bwahaha. I would not put it past them, honestly.

          So… will I find out any of these spoilers tonight? Because now I obviously am dying not knowing!

          • So… you may have already seen it??? I have not, I’m gonna watch on after midnight or whenever the hell they put it on. So of course I daren’t go on Twitter lol. But I am itching to know what is happening!!! The suspense kills me. I love that dream BTW- awww Clarkie and Bell. What is your subconscious telling you? get cozy Clarke and Bell!

            I hope someone tells Jaha that when he bitches. Like YOU caused this Thelonious you dipshit. And thanks a lot Clarke for enabling him. Sigh. My concern is with Clarke and Bell going on a field trip that there is less people there to counter Jaha and FYO Dad- what side will Kabby take? I’m assuming Octavia’s, but what if ALL of Skaikru rallies behind Jaha? That’s a touch call for Kabby to make. Course this has probably all happened already lol…

            If they just pretend Bryan doesn’t exist and Miller and Jackson are just together, I’m going to laugh so hard. Cause yeah I like them together, but the whole Bryan thing… come on guys really? And I saw in one of those clips that Miller and his dad were together- the 2 generation security dudes I guess. Which side will they take? Probably Jaha’s… grr.

            Okay won’t be long… now…

            • I… I am shaking right now I cannot even type. So The CW better have it up ASAP because… holy shit. I have lost the ability to word. And well, I cannot do much wording since you have not seen it haha. And you definitely must avoid Twitter. And all the social media, just to be safe.

              Seriously, I think they’re going with the “Bryan who?” plan, because… well, they still haven’t addressed him or his whereabouts and it’s ummm kind of the last minute?

              Also, get ready to have the feels for FYO Dad. I can’t believe I am saying that. But THE KID. And Miller and his dad. And Kabby. KABBY. Okay I cannot properly respond to this because you do not have all the information, and I have too MUCH information so… watch it. And then you must tell me what the HELL is going on with Octavia, and whether Indra is like, using her as a puppet. And then also… the new… situation. And Abby. And FYO Dad. And whether Jaha or Kane was right- or whether there even IS a right, because honestly after watching this episode…. this was the most well done “gray area” I have EVER seen. There just… is no right answer. Also, Isaiah and Henry’s scenes are soooo well acted, holy shit. Like, blew me away. OH! And a few things I thought would come back into play just TOTALLY DID and I am excited that I wasn’t totally off the mark for once ?

  3. Zounds. What an episode. I’m not sure where to start. Okay… Kane WTF??? I thought they were going to fight (him and Jaha), and then Octavia goes in and… That was quite the sight. Had a very Mt. Weather feel! But you know what? I LIKE it. I mean, Kane and Jaha both used to made decisions like this cause they thought they HAD to- so it’s kind of full circle that they’re doing it again? And when Jaha picked up that kid- heartbreaking. Same when Kane “No she stays”- wow. And having Miller’s dad taken out but Miller stays. And Clarke’s list! They’re using it. I did not see THIS coming at all. Gassing their own people and then choosing survivors… man.

    And Octavia and Indra were all just like, damn. They didn’t say anything! Indra who was pretty cold in this one was probably thinking damn I don’t have shit on these two. Speaking of Indra, yeah. She was pushing O hard. Is she using her or really think she’s doing the right thing? I think you can go either way, but the thing is Indra is a grounder and at the end of the day they’re different. Indra’s always been a hardass. I actually kind of liked how she told O just to give the word, and she would handle it all- but at the same time Jaha made me see his side too, and I felt for Skaikru. It’s like you said, there is NO right answer. It’s all choices, and no matter what they choose there’s going to be regret and guilt and all that.

    Going back to space? *sputter* so apparently those spoiler script pages were accurate (and they pertain to next week). I just glanced at them though, I didn’t want to know too much, but I might go look again lol. I think we see where this is going… 5 year gap, one group in the bunker, the other up top. But if Clarke doesn’t go… does Bell hook up with Echo???

    I felt for Octavia… she sold that as she contemplated fighting Skaikru. Kane actually swaying Jaha, which was a twist- I expected it to go down to fighting, and instead Kane and Jaha- together- made the call. They’re going to decide (with Clarke’s list). I think it works, which is totally different from is it right??

    No Bryan lol. And when they were all chanting “fight, fight” I felt like I was in an assembly. Niylah is safe (yes!) . This comment is all over the map, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll have processed it all!

    • I sobbed when Jaha picked up the kid. I mean, I even felt awful for FYO Dad, which… I never thought I would. But FYO Kid was even worse. And Miller’s dad!?!? GAH because on the original list, neither of the Millers made it. So that is interesting- I wonder whose spot Kane grabbed. Him making Abby stay… oh I was SO relieved but it was heartbreaking too. I did NOT see the gassing coming AT ALL. I had no idea what even happened at first! And I am so excited that the list came back into play. I had a feeling it would. Just because it was so hard for Clarke and everything.

      Do NOT look at the spoilers! You will ruin the show! And how is Clarke not going!? Why wouldn’t she go!? HOW!? No no that is not okay. NO Bellamy and Echo. No no no. And NO 5 year jump. I am so against this. It doesn’t make SENSE. The characters will be completely changed in 5 years, can you even imagine? Plus… how do you age the whole cast 5 years? No. I said NO. (Because clearly everyone cares what I think about a show that was filmed 5 months ago ? But for the record, I am against it.)

      I felt for Octavia too. I liked that she was putting her foot down, and standing up to Jaha but… I didn’t like how it (yet again) felt like an “us versus them” thing– only with Indra trying to put Octavia on the Grounder side. Like, I think Indra meant for it to be helpful? I hope, anyway? But it was just like… lay off for a second, let her make her own decision.

      I really liked that Kane and Jaha came together. And Kane is STILL doubting his decision, but there was absolutely no good choice here. And what happens to those extra spots for Clarke, Bellamy, and Raven? I mean, that could have been more people saved. What would they have done when Monty and Harper showed up? I mean… there is just so much going on here.

      It was worse than the culling, honestly, because at least in the culling, the people made their own choice. But here… goodness, it was awful to watch the Grounders take all those basically lifeless bodies out of there to die. I just couldn’t. I was glad Niylah was safe too- especially because EW to a bunch of MEN harassing this girl who was just following the rules same as everyone else. I LOVED O for that, and it makes my Octiylah ship much closer to being a real thing haha.

      And when Bellamy crashed the Rover… oh my goodness! At first I thought he hit a deer! I knew he was going to crash, because the whole scene was just… foreboding. And I KNEW Monty and Harper would pick them up- I was literally screaming at my TV “But I saw Chelsey Reist’s name in the credits, I KNOW THEY’RE COMING….RIGHT? They HAVE TO BE.” And Echo! I knew she wasn’t gone for good! The whole scene was incredible though- she looked so vulnerable- like back when she was in the cages in Mt Weather- and the red sky, and the snow, and the sick horse, just WOW. Murphy and Emori are just… I love them so much. His protectiveness of her is so… I don’t even know, it is just so lovely and unexpected of Murphy.

      And the BEST moment is when Raven thinks it’s over and then the whole motley group (and seriously, how freaking random IS this group?) shows up and takes off their suits! GAH! Monty giving Clarke Jasper’s suit, my heart. There was just so MUCH to take in during this episode. Like so many huge things, but then so many little things too. Certain looks on people’s faces, and anguish, and love, and my goodness. I watched it again last night because I couldn’t even process it all. And now I am terrified for next week too. Because if this episode was intense… what the hell is the finale going to look like?!

      • You know it’s powerful I think because it makes us, the viewers, think what would WE do? Like making an arbitrary decision to save someone- Kane choosing Abby- you totally get it because let’s face it, wouldn’t we do the same? We’re gonna pick the loved one, that’s just the way it is. Nice to see Miller make the cut in spite of last week’s tomfoolery. And the gassing- GAH! When they walked in and there’s two dudes in gas masks and everyone else is laid out- I was like WTAF is happening here? And the kids- imagine growing up knowing your “leaders” chucked your dad out but let you stay. No resentments there! And yes the list! Clarke chooses, dammit!!! Because any wrenching decision that involves death, let’s face it- Clarke has to be in on that action. It must be like an iron clad rule of the writers room??

        The spoilers- agh. OK I didn’t look again, BUT I was reading EW’s recap and in the comments… people are talking about Clarke staying behind like it’s a given. Is this like a spoiler that has already permeated the fandom? They seem to be debating the 5 year gap and Clarke is alone in the world? But I’m with you- NO 5 yr gap. Is it too late???

        Good point about the extra spots. I can see Kane opening the hatch and saying “we got three more. First come first serve” lol. But yes they advertised the Kane/ Jaha conflict, and then they… gassed everybody together. See you can’t keep two floaters-in-chief down for long, they will once again play God ha ha. seriously I love Kane now, but yeah…it’s these two again making that call. Full circle?

        Octiylah! I am down with that. Especially after Niylah said she appreciated O fighting for her. O just made an ally, at the very least. O, Niylah and Indra would be a formidable group. Oh and never let Bellamy drive cause he can’t keep his fucking eyes on the road. Seriously you have less than a day to go 10 hours and back and you hit a tree?? because you’re googly eyeing at Clarke. I mean yeah they made up that’s cool, but still… you’re not exactly on a nice smooth highway.

        I LOVED when they all showed up, putting their lives on the line (and potentially spending 5 years in space) for Raven. But next week is going to be… pssh. Crazy. And going back to the Ark? Whuzzat?? I don’t think I like that- I wANT them all in the bunker, stop splitting the group, but at the same time this COULD be kinda cool, with that group (and like you said, how random is that?). I didn’t see Monty and Harper going up with them coming at all…

        • YEP I agree with you completely. People are always going to choose their “own people” in that situation. I mean, think of it this way: If someone walks up to you, says only one person out of three can survive and one of them is your friend or loved one and the rest you barely know? Of COURSE you pick your loved one. Even though, yeah, logically I am sure Kane knows that saving Abby means that someone ELSE’S loved one or friend will die. In this case though, Kane also has the fact that Abby IS needed in that bunker to back him up. I know Jackson’s a doctor too, but… Abby is THE doctor. I didn’t know what was happening at first either! When O and Indra were looking and around, and she held up her hand to tell them to stop I was like… what just happened!? And then when Kane and Jaha walked in my jaw dropped because I realized what that meant. That was… wow, I did not see that coming AT ALL. And I do love that the list made it back into play (mostly because I predicted it would and I love being right 😉 ) but seriously, why does Clarke have to be in charge of killing ALL the people?

          First, good job not looking at spoilers, YAY! Second, I agree about Clarke, I have seen the same thing several times today, and I wasn’t even looking for it- it was just in my Twitter feed and in people’s recaps, like you said. I guess it IS just a well-known thing but GAH it sucks. I HATE that decision honestly. Bellarke apart for 5 years? WAIT. Hold up. If Clarke is alone… I mean, there was no way she’d make it to the bunker before the death wave. So I am guessing that she can’t go on the rocket because either there isn’t enough room, or someone has to stay on the ground for something, and she volunteers (because of course she does, but also, Nightblood). So the nightblood must WORK. Which means… she can go the bunker and make everyone ELSE nightbloods. Right? So they wouldn’t need to wait 5 years? That would be extra shitty for everyone they just chucked out of the bunker though.

          LOVE Octiylah! I have liked this idea since Niylah was helping O after the fight with Echo. But not yet- O is definitely not ready for any romance yet. But this would also keep Niylah out of Clarke’s bed yayyy! And RIGHT with Bellamy and the accident!? He really was googly-eyeing her ? Which I mean, I loved, but not when he hits a fucking TREE! And right- it is icy and terrible terrain and he has been driving for what, 3 months? At 3 months of driving, I am pretty sure old ladies zoomed past me on highways. Good thing Monty was there, I assume he is a responsible driver.

          I think it will be SO crazy with that group in space. I mean… Echo and Emori have never been in ANY situation like this before. And UGH- so they go up to space and Becho happens (NO. NO. NO!) and then Monty and Harper, and Emori and Murphy, and Raven… sits in the corner by herself!? I do not approve (and also, fucking JASPER, he could have been there for Raven so now I am extra mad at him and also extra sad). Lindsey said in some article that the finale is going to “stress you out”. And like, I am already stressed out so I feel that? I also think if they DO do a time jump, we’ll know next week. Like- remember how the first season ended with them IN Mt Weather to set up Season 2? I think this will be the same. I hope. Maybe. Just tell me what is happening because January or February or whatever is just WAY too far away to make me crazy with wondering.

          • Lol about Clarke and killing ALL the people- I know right? Geez… and I didn’t see it coming either. AT ALL. I think that has to be one the more shocking moments of the entire show? Jaha and Kane at odds and then gas everyone together. And I hate to be nitpicky but the way they did made it look like they made the plan and did the gassing and everyone fell down AS O and Indra were walking to the room. That is one quick gassing! I mean I know not to let realism get in the way of some good drama, but that’s pushing it. Still… damn. And kudos on the list. 🙂 I’m so glad they brought that back!

            I am wondering that too! About the nightblood thing. If the bunker people can be made into nightbloods and can come out, they’ll all be rebuilding while the space group spend who knows how long in space trying to find a way back down? And realistically how many ways can there be to go up and down from fucking orbit? They’re smoking crack in the writers room again. And YES- wouldn’t it be a bitch if they could have saved all the people but they’re all incinerated now because they didn’t KNOW? Fuck.

            Oh yeah I forgot about Niylah tending to Octavia. Nice. That works. I had not really thought of them before… but I do like it. And it gives O someone to lean on besides Indra, who lets face it isn’t exactly warm and caring lol. I’m torn on whether I would rather have them IN the bunker for 5 years or have them out – I’ve heard there’s going to be flashbacks of the bunker during the gap, so maybe the Clarke nightblood thing DOESN’T work? I’m so confused…

            I definitely don’t like the space thing tho. Just no. Unless it’s super temporary. Yeah what’s Raven supposed to fucking do? And is it me or does that little capsule look too small for all those people (even if Clarke DOEs stay behind)???

            • I’m seriously starting to think that Clarke has some bad karma or something, because everywhere she goes, bad shit happens. Bellamy should have been like “listen up, it’s Apocalypse Eve and you need to NOT be in the Rover so I can actually make it to Raven”. Then we would have just seen him and Raven 20 hours later, no biggie.

              I agree, how did they get the timing THAT close? There’s no way. But yeah, for dramatic purposes it worked haha. And I have NO IDEA how any of this is going to work. Because if Clarke isn’t in the bunker OR space, nightblood had to have worked, right? And YES- how the hell are they getting back down!? They even said that fuel to get back “sounds like a 5 year problem” but that’s kind of stupid because I don’t think you can make gas in an abandoned space station, even with the dream team of Monty and Raven ? While I love the idea of space… it still sounds far-fetched, tbh. And I agree- we saw inside that rocket when Raven was going to make nightblood in space (which was a giant fail) and there was like, ONE seat? And yeah- those same seven people in space for 5 years… that sounds really boring, someone is likely to float themselves.

              Indra is like, the opposite of warm and cozy, so I agree, O needs someone a little more… calm. Stable. That sort of thing. Even of just as a friend, for now. And I am kind of glad that we don’t know how it will all happen. I feel like there have been SO many spoilers everywhere in the past couple days, and some of them are like, cancelling each other out, which is good, because I am back to not knowing anything ?

              • Apocalypse Eve… lol. Love that. And yes- Clarke stay home. Is abby out of her mind? I mean, 24 hours, 20 hour round trip, what if something goes wrong, and she lets her go? I mean I know Clarke’s a big girl now, doesn’t need Mommy’s approval, but come on. It SO looked like a good bye?? and let’s just say that you know there isn’t a lot of experience with radioactive death waves, what if estimates are wrong and it gets there SOONER? While they’re tooling around on their road trip? We overlook these things because of our love of the show lol, but for cripes sake…none of them should be going ANYWHERE. I mean even a flat fucking tire and it’s game over.

                Nightblood and Clarke. I do NOT have a clue where they’re going with this. You’re right though- no bunker, no space- then what? Would nightblood work for everyone and that’s the tragedy of it, that they discover too late? Or is Clarke gonna have some special x factor thing that makes her special? Which would seem a little snowflake-ish. Gah. And is Gaia all done? Indra doesn’t exactly seem to be grieving lol… maybe she gets a quick cry in between raiding armories and getting ready to kick Skaikru ass.

                Spoilers… I have not been on Twitter ALL day. I’m just not. Although it helps that SyFy released the first four episodes of 12 Monkeys S3 tonight, so I have something to distract me. That fucking show too… but anyway, yeah I’m bracing myself to lose someone big if they’re gonna hit us with that in the finale. Abby? Not fucking RAVEN I hope? I think she’s safe, after the whole ice bath thing they wouldn’t kill her would they?
                Too many fake outs for that to happen? Echo maybe, but the fact they’re keeping her around so much makes me think maybe they’re grooming her for S4? I just don’t know…

                • OMG I was JUST thinking about Gaia! When the show goes on hiatus and I want to cry because what do I even do, I plan to make a post telling my own stories about what happened to all the randos who went MIA. (Spoiler: Bryan was mauled by a BEAR. Sadddd.) I assume Gaia is alive and safe? I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be chosen by Trikru anyway, as both Indra’s daughter, and a woman of child-bearing age? But they could tell us! I hate all the random people who just… vanish.

                  And good work staying spoiler-free! I am trying also, it is so HARD. I feel like so many of the spoilers have gotten out of hand, so I don’t even know what is real anymore. It does show Clarke hanging out by herself in the wilderness even in the regular promo though so… who the hell knows? I am scared. I don’t *think* Abby or Raven will die (because Lindsey has already shot promo photos for Season 5, and also, Paige is one of only TWO older adult cast members left, just my hunch).

                  I think Echo is safe too. Again, why have her show up just to kill her? I hope there is no “special” thing about Clarke. Maybe they CAN’T open the bunker? Like maybe opening it for her, even if it could save them, during the death wave would immediately kill them all? So she just wanders around? But I think if that IS the case, she will meet some other survivors or something. Or the time jump won’t really be 5 years? Like maybe after the actual death wave they can come out and be cured? But maybe it’s still like, a couple months? All totally random guesses haha. Glad that 12 Monkeys is back, so you have another show to watch!

                  • Aww, poor Bryan. At least the GORILLA didn’t get him. I don’t remember, did they ever actually kill that thing? But I like your idea, I would totally read that!!

                    I read… the spoilers. Yes. Last night. I am now corrupted. But I see your recap is up, so I’ll head over there…

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