The 100 Episode 5×13: Damocles Part Two

Sigh, I love this show. It ruins me on the regular. My feelings, well, they are all over the place. And now I must endure a long hiatus and really, no one wants that. Regardless, I will try to put together a few coherent thoughts about this truly game-changing finale.

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

“If I can’t have this valley, no one can”

If that doesn’t just sum Paxton McCreary up, I don’t know what does. This dude is so abhorrently selfish that he would literally end planet Earth as opposed to letting Wonkru into the valley. For… reasons? Like he doesn’t actually have any legitimate reasons, which is part of what makes his actions even harder to stomach. He wasn’t trying to save his people, or some other such cause that could have been viewed as moderately noble. Nope, he just wanted Wonkru dead.

Speaking of Wonkru, we open with them trying to figure out how not to get killed by a missile. Which is smart, because death sounds bad. Miller is finally showing some actual human emotions/regret/cracking under the pressure of the aforementioned missiles. Seriously, it’s really quite lovely to get a chance to see this vulnerable side of him, outside of Mackson. But then! Roverkru shows up, and some of the gang is hopeful. Some… are more realistic.

I really, really do not.

And since Wonkru is a proper mess, they aren’t even sure who, if anyone, they should follow. I mean. I kind of get why Octavia had to tell these people to eat. She probably would have had to order them to even if it wasn’t Human Jello. But luckily, Madi has gotten some super convenient plans from Lexa and Becca and whoever else, I guess. I don’t understand them at all, but everyone seems somewhat keen to follow them. Only… what will Blodreina do?

Look at our little Blodreina, making good life choices again! 

So they’re off to fight! There are some kind of plans that involve the Rover, Murphy getting shot a couple times, Echo playing Katniss again, Bellamy blowing something up maybe? Honestly I watched this three times and I still seriously do not get this plan. But it seems to work because wooo the army is ready to march!

It’s a fun game of  Strikheda Says. 

And Clarke has come to get Diyoza out of her jail cell. Diyoza, meanwhile, is confused because Clarke has been on every single possible side of this war, and whose is she even on now?

I mean, fair. 

Clarke hopefully tells Diyoza her plan, which is to put a gun to her stomach (and unborn baby, naturally). She figures this is the only thing that may sway McCreary, who is currently torturing Shaw by pulling out his actual teeth. And he’s juuuust about to… crush his legs I guess? Idk, it looked awful, so Raven agrees to fly the ship. Honestly, I don’t know what her plan here was? I know she wouldn’t have missiled all her friends but… yikes.

Anyway, McCreary dropped The Missile of Damocles once he realizes that he cannot beat Wonkru. Diyoza had begged Clarke to shoot him, I am not sure why she didn’t, before he could launch the missile. Because fun fact: There’s no stopping that bad boy once it’s been launched. Oopsie. But Clarke engages in a fake-out, where McCreary thinks she’s going to be cool with nuking the whole Valley as long as she’s in the ship, so she tells Raven to fly. But she gives the teeniest, tiniest nod to Raven, who I guess still trusts Clarke after all that betrayal, making Raven a better woman than me. So Raven shocks McCreary, Shaw shoots him, and Clarke stomps on his effing face. Such a team kill, this was.

That’s some badass communication right there.

Praimfaya Deja Vu

This was like a cute mini-Praimfaya, except not actually cute because it is destroying the planet. Raven is getting the ship ready for launch, and wow, we have been here before. Spacekru and Clarke realize they’ve been here before too- only this time, looks like Clarke is not planning to miss that launch. I was so afraid that someone would be left behind again- maybe for good this time?

Especially since Murphy has been wounded during the Rover gunfight, and he cannot even walk. There are no more stretchers left, and Murphy’s about to just… give up. It’s sad, especially since it is Murphy, the one thing he does best is survive! But it’s now Monty’s turn to return the favor and carry Murphy through an apocalypse. Oh, the fun these two have! Emori stays to help, because she isn’t leaving the man she loves behind- yes, her words exactly. So cute, these two, but it worries me that it always takes an apocalypse to bring them closer? Anyway, I was really worried about them making it, they seemed very far behind the rest of the gang.

Because it wrecked him the last time, Clarke.

Meanwhile, Bellamy is talking Madi into not killing all of McCreary’s army, even though they probably deserve it. He reminds Madi of what happened when The 100 were the “criminals”, and they too attacked the people who’d already been living on Earth. Granted, it isn’t the same, but I see his point. Especially since there are barely any humans anymore. Madi agrees, grudgingly, but then tries to play matchmaker because I think she wants a new Daddy?

He is “Captain Daddy” after all…

Clarke’s in a tizzy because Abby isn’t on board yet, and half of Bellamy’s “family” is nowhere to be found. Abby is refusing to leave because she’s trying to fix Kane. Only… Abby, if you stay there, you both die. I guess she figures that out, because O helps her get Kane to the ship after a little scuffle over whose fault the eating of humans was. (For the last time, it was neither of your faults, blame ALIE.) And finally, finally, the last of our missing Spacekru members hobbles into the clearing, and no one is getting left behind, woo! Clarke gets to pull her lever again, and Raven sets off!


 Deciding the Fate of the Human Race (Again)

This particular space landing went much better than the last one. People are milling about, and of course, Bellamy and Clarke have a date to decide the fate of everyone remaining.

If this were a drinking game… just saying.

Diyoza and Octavia overhear that fates are being decided without them, and they have a cute moment. After waiting all season for these two to meet, it’s quite fun to see how similar they are- and even better for Diyoza to openly acknowledge it. I know some people thought it was crappy that these two leaders weren’t invited to Decision 2156, but they had made some really questionable decisions lately and frankly, I wouldn’t be down with either deciding my fate, so. At least they can commiserate!

Only it was McCreary, the slimiest reptile of all, who did it in.

Apparently, there was a reason that everyone spent so much time in cryosleep before: The ship isn’t exactly equipped to house a lot of people for a long time. And they’re figuring they’ve got about ten years to kill. So they decide: Cryosleep it is! They let Madi “decide” but honestly I think they were just being nice. Like they’d have said “okay, cool, we’ll all just die” if she hadn’t agreed?

“Whew, the middle-schooler said humanity could survive!”

There are some sweet moments as everyone gets tucked in. Madi and Clarke say nighty-night, while Madi’s name reads “Madi Griffin” (how precious). The Blake siblings have… a tough moment. Bellamy isn’t ready to forgive Octavia yet, no matter how desperately she wants him to. In fairness, it took her until an actual apocalypse to forgive him for his role in Lincoln’s death, so. At least he’s softened a bit toward her, and I kind of like that he was honest despite what O wanted to hear. I think they go to sleep on a very satisfactory note.

Sweet dreams.

The Farmers Will Save the World

Clarke wakes up first, followed by Bellamy. At first, I thought maybe there was some sort of attack, and they’d set themselves to wake up under such circumstances? This is mostly from a book I read in which that very thing happens, but anyway. They exchange a cute little “hey, haven’t seen you in what I assume to be ten years” greeting, when some dude walks in. And scares the bejeezus out of them, because hello, wouldn’t it scare you? You know every last soul in this ship and here’s a different person altogether. So how did a different person get on the ship?

Existing ship people made him!

When Jordan adorably announces that he is Monty and Harper’s son… my mind was blown, of course, but I still didn’t fully understand the ramifications of what that meant. Until they want to know how long they’ve been asleep, and Jordan breaks that particular news.

Didn’t see that coming.

Jordan explains that “Dad” left them a video. And we proceed to watch Monty (and Harper) telling Bellamy, Clarke, and Jordan all about their life on the ship. Smol Algae™ saved them, by providing a food source, and Marper finally got the peaceful, happy time they so desired (and so deserved). Monty and Harper pop onto the screen, Harper radiant as the sun(s), pregnant, and just full of happiness. It is, hands down, my favorite moment of this show so far. They tell Bellamy and Clarke that they’re naming the baby, boy or girl, Jordan, after Jasper, and my heart cannot handle any more emotions.

I’m fine, my tears are just flooding my house at this point. NBD.

Monty pops back in to show us Jordan Jasper Green, and he is just beaming with pride. It’s another brilliant moment, and he tells Bellamy and Clarke that he cannot wait to see their faces in eight years. Only… as we know, that doesn’t happen. The Earth is still not bouncing back, and Monty isn’t really sure why. A couple decades later, a much more somber Monty and Harper come back, to tell them that Earth is likely never rebounding, and that they’ve just put Jordan in cryo. It’s devastating for them, and for Bellamy, Clarke, and Jordan.

Here’s the part I find fascinating: They could have, theoretically, put themselves in cryo and popped out every so often to check for changes or what have you. But they made a decision, and that was to save their son, to save their friends, to give them a chance at a real life. So Monty gets to work. Until Harper dies, which… guts me. You knew it was coming, of course. And she was older- 73, as it turns out, longer than really anyone we’ve seen on this show. But did she know that Jordan would have a planet to live on? That their lives saved everyone else’s? I need for her to have, because I wouldn’t wish the pain of not knowing on anyone, let alone a precious soul like Harper. I assume she did- perhaps that is why she felt ready to let go, because Monty showed her the beautiful new planet, and she knew that her baby and her friends would be just fine.

As Bellamy and Clarke take it all in, see the new planet, hear Monty’s words, they realize their friend isn’t coming back. But Monty has told them, shown them, that he and Harper indeed lived a good life. And by all accounts, it was. They spent all their time with the person they loved the most. They were able to check on their friends and make sure they were safe. They raised an awesome son together. And then, they saved the damn world. It is a Happily Ever After in a series that nearly never gives them out, and frankly I can’t think of a more deserving duo. Then, Monty gives them his final plea, his last lesson, and for his memory I do hope that they can do better.

If Monty did not leave a Post-It telling Octavia that the farmers did save everyone after the warriors destroyed an entire planet… I’ll be bummed.

Now Bellamy and Clarke grapple with so many emotions: The realization that 125 years has passed, that two of their most beloved friends lived long, full lives while they were asleep and have sadly passed, that their son is telling them about what happend. They look out over the new planet with the literal weight of the world on their shoulders. For there lies so much possibility in this new world, but it’s also more unknown that Earth ever was.

Random Thoughts:

  • END BOOK ONE!? What even!? Jason explains this in some interviews, if you’re interested. I kind of like the whole idea, though I won’t pretend it didn’t scare me a bit?
  • Truly, I don’t think anything has made me sadder on this show that Chris and Chelsey not coming back. As lovely as the story turned out, on a human level, they will be so, so deeply missed.
  • Idk what happened to the other 4%, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that McCreary ruined that too. #ThisIsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThings
  • Going into cryosleep sounds a little scary, yeah? I mean, I’d obviously do it given the alternative, but it must be mind blowing to wake up from a nap 125 years later. I cannot wrap my head around it, and I would be terrified. 
  • Let us briefly discuss the Bellarke Situation™. Okay, I have seen all kinds of shenanigans floating around the interwebz, all about everyone’s favorite (or least favorite, depends on your side I guess) “non-romantic soul mates”. Look. Here’s my hot take on the whole thing: If Bellarke becomes canon, does anyone think Jason (or anyone else involved with the show) is just going to say in an interview “yep, they’re totally going to be screwing by episode two”? NO, because why would they ruin the show like that? I still think- or perhaps hope is a better word- that Bellarke may be endgame. Nothing Jason said in any interview I’ve seen makes me think anything different. He says they’re platonic for now. For now. Because he isn’t going to share any spoilers. He gave vague answers about everything he didn’t want to talk about because that’s his actual job. If this had been the real finale and nothing was addressed? Okay, yes, I’d be mad too. But there is just so much time left to deal with it- you know, maybe when the world isn’t ending (again).

    In addition, I will say that I am glad it isn’t canon yet? This is coming from someone who hopes it will be- but when you have characters in an epic ship like Bellarke get together mid-series… it jumps the shark. It’s inevitable; it gets boring when the ship sails. So I’d much rather wait, and potentially be rewarded later, than have a ship that I end up getting bored with. Plus, this just wasn’t the time. They were hardly on speaking terms for goodness sake. Clarke left him to die. After he helped chip her kid. These two need to hug in front of a new planet for a bit before anything more happens. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. 
  • Why did Monty and Harper only have one kid? I get it from a show perspective- no one needed 13 mini-Marpers running around next season. But in reality, wouldn’t you at the very least try to give Jordan a sibling? Like, in case you die and the poor kid ends up alone on a ship full of strangers? I feel like someone should have given a quick reason why they didn’t, at least. Because now I am wondering endlessly and I will never know.
  • Why didn’t Lexa ever get any extra handy battle plans? I mean- she defers to Clarke quite a bit in regards to Mount Weather, she fights Azgeda without knowing all the deets. Just seems… a little convenient that Madi suddenly knows how to win a war against an enemy that none of the other Commanders have ever encountered, but okay.

Song of the Week:

It took me a long, long time to find something that would do this beautiful episode justice. That would showcase both the enormity of what happened, but also the personal love and relationships, especially of Monty and Harper. I knew it was this, Saturn by Sleeping At Last, at first listen.

Season 6

I’ll just be crying ’til April if you need me. Maybe after that, who even knows with this show. The good news is, we will be getting fed much sooner than we did last year! Filming starts in just a couple weeks, so I am sure certain news will be forthcoming! Of course, I will have so many questions until then! 

  • Who/what is on this planet!? I mean. It could be anyone. Anything. Gotta assume someone from Eligius III made it down there, right? But was there already life on this planet? And what does it look like? The possibilities for an amazing set are truly endless, and I am here for it.
  • Reverse time jump, sort of? When the six-year jump happened, we didn’t know what had been going on with our chums in that time. Now, everyone has been fast asleep, and they’re waking up as though it’s the next morning, not the next century. This should bring some great character interactions, and a very interesting dynamic as everyone tries to navigate this new world. 
  • Especially considering that basically none of the leaders from the old world are up to the task. Think about it- Jaha, Kane, Abby, Octavia, Diyoza, McCreary… basically anyone who had a leadership role in the past is either dead, or out of power based on popular opinion. And look- I know Madi is Heda, but if they let a twelve year old lead them into an entirely new planet… ugh, please just stick with the council-type situation. 
  • I am giddy excited to see everyone else’s reactions to a new planet. Especially Grounders. Remember how Echo and Emori responded in Praimfaya? Well it’s like that, only next-level, and with even more curmudgeonly Grounders! 
  • And I am both excited and scared of the feels when everyone realizes that Harper and Monty saved their lives and are also dead and oh wait here’s their freaking kidIt will be especially hard for Spacekru, and I think we need to see Octavia dealing with it too. She and Monty had a very interesting dynamic, and I hope they explore some of her feelings about this. And maybe she and Jordan can be buddos, she too only spoke to her own family for most of her life. 

What are your thoughts on the finale? Still crying? (I am, it’s fine.) What are you looking forward to in Season Six? Also, I’ll be back with a Season Five Wrap-Up in a couple weeks, so stay tuned! 

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  1. I was really hoping McCreary would change, but it turns out that he is worse than Pike and all the other villains, maybe even worse than the Mountain Men, who sympathized with the Grounders AT LEAST. BUT THEN HE ALSO SORT OF SYMPATHIZED WITH CLARKE, TO AN EXTENT, SO I REALLY DON’T KNOW. But you know what he’s not? A cockroach.

    Octavia kneeling before Madi gave me this wary, relieved feeling. I watched it twice, and I feel like she’s definitely relieved to have this weight off her and someone she can legit pass the burden onto so she doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. Like, she realized she was in over her head when they went to the gorge the first time and how much she fucked up overall when a) she realized she broke it and b) Bellamy said he wished she was dead. I’m glad she didn’t have to die/be dying for reality to have hit her. XD That would’ve felt really cheap compared to the canon plot we have now. 🙂

    When Gaia helped Madi to let the other commanders into her mind, I feel like she was shocked/got her confirmation that Madi was definitely the commander? I don’t know, I just noticed how she looked at her and watched it a couple times over and over again and was like, “Gaia just got some peace here.”

    Clarke couldn’t move because her guys were gonna shoot her! And if Clarke died, they were all screwed.

    Did you notice how Madi looked to Clarke during Decision 2156, though? Was it for approval, or was Clarke giving her opinion or?! Like, maybe Lexa was all, “Let’s see what Clarke has to say,” haha. But also, I think Madi also could have calculated this being the best route considering what happened down in the bunker and how they’d had to turn to cannibalism. This was another way, and why even chance something like that? But ah WE’LL NEVER KNOW I GUESS?!

    Have you seen Passengers? The ending reminded me a bit of what Passengers could have been if it had not been dominated by men producing it. Like, at least The 100 has writers of whatever gender and, like, focuses on plot more than romance. So.

    ?? TBH?? I WAS LIKE, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY HAD A CHILD, YES!” before he even announced, and/but then that made me realize, once he said they’d been asleep for 125 years, that Jordan’s parental duo were obviously dead.

    Is Eden not the 4 percent?

    Also, re: Jordan being an only child. Harper’s genetic condition caught up to her, and depending on what it was, it could have been an underlying condition over the years that they just didn’t notice until it was “too late”, or whatever. Considering she got pregnant once out of the whole series, it’s possible that it could have also messed with her fertility, hence one child. Alternatively, she/they could have realized the repercussions of having a child up in space, and maybe just kept one child as per the laws from when they lived on the Ark (old habits die hard, and wasn’t Monty part of the guard with Bellamy or something? IDR). If I were in that situation, I’d be sooo happy, but also…like, why would I be bringing a child into this? I don’t even want to bring a child into this world in reality, considering all that’s happening. And also they realized that Earth wasn’t coming back, and I think if Earth had come back, another child would have been in the mix.


    And now Bellarke = adoptive godparents of Jordan. That selection, man. I CAN’T.

    • Um did you fan out as hard as I did when William joined our damn Twitter exchange!??!!? Because I am still dying basically. Bwhahah right you are that he is NOT a cockroach! I was sad to see him go but he definitely would NOT have fit into the story in space. Goodness, can you imagine him descending on a new world!?!?

      YESSS I agree completely- Octavia WAS relieved! All I could think was “had you done this 3 weeks ago, you could have been sitting contentedly in Shallow Valley” ? But alas, what fun would THAT have been? Honestly she needed the journey. And yes- you know, I was sure there was no way to move forward with O alive, and i am SO so glad that I was wrong! This feels SO much better- to watch her deal with the ramifications, and become someone new will be awesome!

      Oh Gaia definitely got some peace. Like she was finally serving her life’s purpose, which is kind of epic and lovely. Especially since she didn’t even know if she was going to survive! YES I did notice the Madi looking at Clarke thing- and Clarke nodding to her. I think she didn’t want to make that kind of decision on her own really? Nor should she have had to, she’s a KID. BUt I know they wanted to make sure Wonkru wouldn’t like, throw some kind of Space Riot if Madi didn’t agree ?

      HA I haven’t seen Passengers but I have heard ALLLLL about it, and it was funny because I thought that too! Like- why, movie?

      AWW you knew that he was going to be their kid? I had NO IDEA. I thought he was some… space pirate who boarded their ship while they were asleep haha.

      Well- Eden is definitely AMONG the 4%. But it’s just one spot in the US, it definitely doesn’t account for an entire 4% of the world. And it could have been that ALIE miscalculated (they did state that she was wrong about the time frame) but I wish they had mentioned it! (Mostly because I was so sure it would factor into the story at some point ?)

      It definitely could have been! Harper didn’t die til she was 73 so I doubt that’s it, but they could have been too nervous about Earth. But I feel like… I would have been MORE desperate to have a kid in those situations? So my existing kid wouldn’t end up totally alone? I guess that was what I had trouble with- the whole not wanting your kid to grow up totally alone in space when you were dead kind of thing haha. I just would have loved a quick chat about it basically!

      Apparently, a LOT of people are already shipping the O/Jordan thing. Which… Idk, I guess we’ll have to wait and see, for me right now he is WAYYY too pure for any of these people ? I feel like Monty would never have even told Jordan about O- well, about Blodreina, I should say. All conversation probably ended after the Conclave hahah.

      I knowww I love that they trusted Bellamy and Clarke with THEIR BABY, it means so much- especially Clarke, considering that she barely saw Marper for 6+ years. And when she DID she Monty, she made him kill Kara basically! So yeah, the deep trust is pretty awesome.

      • I think it might be because Clarke is Mama Bear Clarke, and they knew they could trust her to care for a child. XD

        Octavia x Jordan remind me of Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen. BECAUSE ISN’T THAT THE SAME THING? TBH, I’d hate being a writer and having to figure that logic out. XD But he’s also quite like Marper, in his personality, and I think that’s truly beautiful.

        There was something else I wanted to say before, but I forgot it now. If I remember, I’ll come back and add it. 😀

        Something else is that Raven + Shaw are still eh. It feels extremely uncharacteristic of Raven to be into him, like, AT ALL, considering how long it took her to warm up to other people she’s dated?? And now, having gone through this shit since then, it felt cheap. It feels like I’m being forced to watch incest.

        I was surprised William replied to us! Haha. I think he baited us some or something.~ I think I wanted his character to stick around because lately, I like when characters have to keep on living and deal with the consequences. On the other hand, he can’t be trusted and has too many lethal connections; he also threatened Madi, so for Clarke to have let him live would’ve been uncharacteristic. Diyoza looked away like she was upset, but deep down I’m certain she wanted it; I mean, she hid the cure from him, so…

        …ah, I know Jordan is wayyyy older than Madi, but is it bad that I like that ship more than Jordan x Octavia? Also, the casting was brilliant. So excited to see Shannon Kook in something on a regular basis, and he gives off this Peter Pan-y feeling that makes his casting all the more perfect. But WTF was up with this “Lucas” business? Obviously The 100 crew needed to be cryptic to avoid spoilers, but the media really ran with that ish.

        And yeah, I knew he was their son namely because I looked through #the100 for death spoilers (I need warnings!) and the first tweet I saw coincidentally contained the major spoiler that was basically “Monty had his son wake Bellarke up FIRST”. So please don’t consider me a genius in this regard. XD

        • Oh definitely, I am sure the fact that Clarke had you know, not killed Madi in 6 years of caring for her had to count for something hahah.

          I um, have no idea who those people are? But YES Jordan really IS like both of his parents it seems, and I cannot wait to see how that plays out in the new world!

          GOODNESS YES about Raven and Shaw! I feel ZERO THINGS about it, they have the chemistry of two bricks. I love both characters but just NO. They DO feel almost sibling-like, don’t they!? Gross.

          I loved that William was interacting- especially since we were trying to guess if McCreary died (and he did haha). I think that under other circumstances, he might have been able to live, but tthere was NO WAY he could be trusted to not kill Diyoza- or anyone else who pissed him off at any point. So that did make sense for me.

          YEP I think Shannon Kook’s casting really was genius! Because he embodies the lovable smart kid so, so well. I hope that he and Madi become friends though! Because they have a lot in common- both orphans, and he is obviously quite young at heart. The Lucas thing WAS genius! I never, EVER expected that it was a fake name! And the media did run with it, hell, I ran with iT!

          OOOOOH gotcha! I avoid spoilers at ALL costs- last year I got spoiled and was so, so mad hahah. But I know a lot of people need to know and be prepared. I would just… Idk, cry longer? Hah.


        I’m sure Bellarke’s endgame, and I’m fine with that. But I am curious of how him knowing now how much Clarke cares about him, and them now literally having to raise a kid together, is gonna go down. I can really see Madi and Jordan playing pulling a parent trap. XD

        • OOOH that is a GOOD QUESTION. I know in an interview, Jason said that everyone will NOT be waking up at once! But what that means for Echo… not sure! I hope that Bellamy “forgets” about her and it causes all kinds of drama when he and Clarke have like, settled the new world without her ?

          OMG I would love a Parent Trap! I feel like they need to do SOMETHING at least to move them forward? Even if it isn’t a full relationship, it almost HAS to move past “platonic” at this point.

          • Did you find it odd how unbothered by Clarke she was? Like, she saw Clarke as no sort of threat WHATSOEVER, and I didn’t really get that, so I do hope that we at least get some drama like THAT, because that lack of it from Echo just felt so unrealistic. At least Bellamy seemed a smidge jelly (or bothered, to some extent) @ Clarke and Lexa.

            • WOW that is such an amazing point that I had totally overlooked. Seriously, you WOULD think she would have been like “crap, bitch isn’t dead?!” after Bellamy obviously pouted in space over Clarke for a solid half a decade. SO unrealistic. Okay- our new headcanon will be that Echo DID get all kinds of jealous and catty, but she was hiding in the woods while Bellamy was saving Clarke, so we just didn’t happen to see it. I’ll write the scene one day ?

        • OOOOH that IS a good question! I mean- she at least could have told Madi what SHE saw- like in S2 where she said to Clarke “you care for them” and Clarke said “I care for them all” and Lexa said “but he means more to you”. Lexa knew, come on. HOw are we supposed to wait until April for all the answers!?!?

  2. You make a good point about McCreary. WHY exactly did he want to just kill everyone? Psycho? Maybe, but yeah they could have done a better job of illuminating his motivations a bit more. Indra was badass in that moment, BTW. I love seeing Indra fed up. She’s all like fuck off Blodreina, we don’t have time for your horseshit lol. And yeah the plan was super sketchy- they just kinda rammed it through hoping viewers wouldn’t examine it too closely, maybe? That’s my take. Although I will take Echo bullseye- ing bad guys with her Bow of striking every day and twice on sunday. LOVE her right now.

    Clarke stomping on McCreary= wow.

    Man they sure played out the will-everyone-make-it-to-the-ship thing didn’t they? And good point about McCreary’s people. How would you like to start over on a new planet with THAT crew? Maybe they shoulda killed ’em! Not exactly the cream of the crop of humanity there…

    I love that Madi’s like- why aren’t you two together? She called you EVERY DAY…

    It was nice to see Diyoza and Octavia. After figuring one might kill the other, maybe they can be besties?

    Okay this show is gonna feel weird w/o Monty & Harper. I know Harper never played a HUGE role, but come on. Gonna miss her. Not liking that they wrote her out. And their kid? I mean last season we had Madi, now we have Jordan. And as you pointed out, very few of the 100 left. Do we need new characters? It’s already kinda crowded.

    You know how I feel about Bellarke. They need to get w/ the program. 🙂 But a new planet, a new beginning- maybe it’ll happen? Especially since they have Madi to parent and sort of Jordan, in a weird way. Knowing Jason he’ll throw all kinds of crap in their way, but while I agree w/ you in a lot of ways, I do think the show needs to shit or get off the pot, so to speak, with these two at some point. I mean, we’re in S6 now, and there’s probably only a few seasons left… so if they’re gonna do it, they should do it? At least that’s my thinking. And Kabby/ Diyoza? Whatcha think will happen THERE?

    Great song pick. 🙂

    • Right!? I think he really was that crazy tbh. I mean- I guess they never really pretended that he was anything OTHER than a psychopath? So it didn’t seem totally out of left field. They definitely showed that he was kind of a hothead too. Which… is basically the most hotheaded thing any human could do, end an entire goddamn planet.

      Indra was awesome, as always! So glad she survived! The Madi thing WAS convenient, but at that point I think they just wanted to get the battle part over with, which was fine by me so even though it was kind of lazy I am not complaining hah. I loved that Echo moment too! I will make a GIF of it soon- I just didn’t have anywhere to put it in this recap basically.

      Did you see Eliza and William’s adorable Twitter exchange after the episode? She said “sorry for killing you but see you in the morning” or something. Kills me, too cute.

      And yeah- did they need to do the ship thing again? I mean. I didn’t dislike it, but still. I think they were just trying to fake us out, and for me, it worked. You DO make a good point about McCreary’s people. They suck. But do they suck for real, or because he sucked? We can’t be sure I guess. I have a feeling some of them will be a problem next season though.

      Madi has had enough of the Bellarke bullshit too ?

      I REALLY hope Diyoza and Octavia team up in some way. They’re too funny together not to!

      It IS going to be weird without Monty and Harper! I am SO SAD. I loved them, which is funny because I remember at first thinking they were an odd coupling hahha. And now, they’re like the best! I DID think that this ending was the absolute best one they could have had though. If they had to have one. I like the idea of Jordan though! I mean, he’s 26 so he’s not really a kid in the sense that Madi is. He IS a precious cupcake who must be protected at all costs, however. And yes- there are FOUR of The 100 left. The show is now The 4.

      Ugh, Bellarke. I DO think there needs to be some forward progress this season. In some way. A hug isn’t going to cut it. I am fine with some obstacles, because like I said, I am not looking for an HEA in Season 6, but just… give us something to work with hahah.

      The Kaboza love triangle should be VERY interesting indeed. I honestly hope that Diyoza doesn’t just find new friends, and Kabby goes back to Kabby though- I want it to be a “thing”! Dramaaaa, I want all the drama. Especially since the “kids” aren’t engaged in drama, I would LOVE for the older people to be the ones creating iT!

      • Yes to the Echo GIF! Watching her arrow somebody over and over- I could get behind that. And yes thank goodness Indra made it. Sheesh. I think McCreary would have made a good recurring villain if they had developed him a bit, given him some nuance, but whatever *shrug*. That’s one thing about this show- if you’re the villain you’re probably NOT gonna survive.

        I did not see that but cracks me up… what’s a little head stomp between lovers, right?

        Diyoza and O could be a lot of fun…

        The 4… lol. That’s a tough attrition rate. I don’t know, I don’t really see the point of Jordan, but maybe he’ll grow on me. I’d rather have Harper… and Monty TBH. Of all the people t get rid of…

        I do too. They need to just accept that they are together and get on with it. 🙂 Then they can be split up and be on opposite sides of something as per usual *eye roll* although I’d love to see them sort of be the co- leaders- like maybe part of the council but like first among equals, kind of thing. I know Madi is Heda but whatever. She’s so young, as you’ve pointed out. But one thing about this show- the pace is so fast that relationship development doesn’t really have a lot of time to develop anyway? I mean even if they’re together they’re usually too busy trying to survive? But the fact that they wer there, more or less holding each other, at the end says a lot…

        Absolutely. I would fully support a Kabby break up, I like Kane w/ Diyoza, but yeah- gimme the drama! I hope Diyoza doesn’t get short shrift next season. And she’s gonna have a kid, so how will they handle THAT? Are we gonna have a baby on set- it sure seems like it? Or maybe she’s not due for a while? I didn’t really catch how far along she was, but she’s, um, showing pretty good…?

        • Well especially since she wasn’t trying to shoot Octavia and killing Ilian this time! Damn Past Echo. I really wonder what they’re going to do with her next though. And YES- good point about the villain. Dante and Cage, ALIE, McCreary… though the redeemable ones often are kept around (like in the case of Anya/Lexa with the Grounders- luckily Kane killed that assholey bald one, what was his name, Tristan? at the start of S2). Dante WAS redeemable of course, which is what made his death more intense, but I digress. McCreary… well he would have killed Diyoza I think, which is why he had to go.

          Haha right? I suppose though, when you think of how many people died between the Ark and now… 4 isn’t too terrible! I like Jordan! I think there IS a point- he will be able to see the world through such an innocent lens- one Madi couldn’t even begin to imagine. There’s a place for him. I get that he’s not Harper or Monty but… I am trying to be accepting. And also to not cry again.

          I DO hope that the writers find a way to make some progress without just making Bellarke a thing outright. LIKE- they are kind of something, but then ECHO wakes up and oh shit, what do we do about her 125 years later!? So they’re in this super awkward limbo! Like not full-fledged relationship yet, but also not platonic? That is what I am here for in S6. I DO agree about the end of S5 meaning a LOT. Also, I agree about there not being a ton of time to find love but we have had a TON of relationships so I guess they do find time hah. Probably the only thing that helps them make it through the day, tbh

          Oh she seemed VERY far along? I mean- she was 5 months at one point so… at least 5 months hah. I hope she isn’t just tending to a newborn all season. Actually- wouldn’t it be a bite in the ass if Abby had to care for the kid while Kiyoza went off to make friends with the aliens!? ? Stick Niylah with it, she doesn’t do much.

          • Yeah Past Echo was a BITCH. Remember how I hated her lol? It’s like they slipped something in my food or something. She’s best in warlike situations- you know, channel her aggressiveness- so if they get a hostile reaction on new planet she may be useful! She’s probably not so good at farming and peaceful pursuits, clearly.

            Yeah I hear ya. You’re so darn positive. 🙂 You know me… grumble grumble about all new characters lol. I’m still annoyed about Harper, and Madison for that matter. Good female characters getting the shaft. Thank goodness Indra and Diyoza made it. Surprised O did!

            Exactly. Echo complicates everything, because unless you’re blind everyone Skaikru- affiliated has to know by now they have… something between them. I mean Kane’s mentioned it, O has, I think Jaha did. Echo though maybe doesn’t know, or take it seriously? So yeah… super awkward. and let’s face it, settling a new planet is maybe not the best time to end a relationship and start a new one, so we should gets LOTS of drama. I mean the way they had their arms around each other… that seems more than platonic to me. Bellamy’s gonna have to make a choice- I don’t see Clarke pushing it, she’ll respect that boundary, but where will Bell’s heart lead him? How will Echo react? That’s totally what I’m looking for in S6. I think echo will know where his heart lies and let him go- but who knows?

            Yeah Niylah can do childcare. Although… when Echo leaves Bell Niylah might be looking pretty good. Those two…??

            • HA well they slipped it in mine too! Because yep, she was AWFUL. Ditches Bell at Mt Weather (which, I guess I could forgive, considering), tricks him AND blows everyone at Mt Weather up, almost kills Clarke, almost kills O TWICE, kills Ilian… I mean come on. Bitch almost killed Sinclair too and tbh I would NOT have stood for that. Yes she should be security detail or something when the welcome committee comes.

              Well. I am only positive when it comes to THIS show, I mean, you saw my rage when it came to Fear! HA now I see we are talking about Madison so YEP. I mean- at least Harper got an awesome write-out, you know? Though tbh if I knew ahead of time that this was the end for her, I would have been MUCH angrier at her lack of story this season. And I assume I will be in rewatch. But also, I am forever on Team Kim Dickens. I mean- Chelsey was supposed to be like, a S1 only character. She was set to die in We Are Grounders 2 actually! So… we can’t be too mad that we got such an epic story for her in the end.

              YES you are so right, EVERYONE KNOWS. You need GIFs? I have GIFs. Jaha “But you? you keep her centered”. Diyoza “the hostage taker and his girlfriend”. O “a traitor who you love”. Kane definitely knows, back in Echoes when he saw that look on Bellamy’s face. If you look at my conversation with Jane above, I told her that it is now decreed that Echo being extra salty about Clarke being alive is now canon, I’ll write up a scene ? I think you are spot-on about it having to be Bellamy’s choice. Because yeah- Clarke has been 100% unattached for you know, 131 years now, so she’s definitely going to be game. But she’s also going to be scared- I mean, look at how her last two relationships ended! She stabbed one, and the other took a damn bullet meant for her! She definitely will respect the boundaries. Maybe *too* much? But I mean- she also cannot make that decision for him, HE has to be the one who like… Idk, gets his shit together and realizes that life is short, and wouldn’t he rather have a story like Marper? Because for Clarke- Clarke deserves someone who doesn’t need to like, DECIDE to be with her, but just… who knows they HAVE to be with her, so I hope that is how this goes. Hell, everyone deserves that. But for these purposes, Clarke hah.

              Echo will either be like, resigned to it, or fight like hell- no in between. On one hand, I feel like she’s too proud to be clingy? But on the other, this is the only “normal” family she’s ever had, and when that ends, obviously the few remaining Spacekru members will be more loyal to Bellamy, and Echo will kind of lose everything again, so that might make her fight. Maybe she’ll try to kill Clarke when she finds out that Bellamy has feelings for her? And THAT will make Bellamy hate her! Ohhh I like it.

              I wish someone would end up with Shaw so we could get him the hell away from Raven. Niylah needs to start stepping up here. I actually didn’t like at ALL where they took her character in S5 so I am hoping S6 is better? I need to start thinking about crackships I want to see in S6 hahah. I feel like I am supposed to be rooting for Memori here but… I need Murven. NEED. IT.

  3. I loved The 100, but This is my last season watching it. I think the show has run its course. I thought when Clarke woke up that it was going to be like the movie The Passengers. That was a mistake or an error in the machines. But I’m glad Clarke is alive because she is my favorite character on the show. I will be reading your recaps for next season.

    • Aww that is sad! I am sorry that you aren’t watching anymore. I will watch until the end hah. I was actually thinking it was going to go in a Passengers-sort of direction too, but I was really glad when it didn’t! I don’t think I could have handled MORE separation for the characters!!

  4. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to come comment here, because I watched this episode last week. I think it might be like reading that last book in a series — reading your last The 100 commentary of the season means it’s really over. LOL!

    Anyway, I was pretty much thrilled with the way this thing ended up. When O finally bowed to Madi, it was the best moment ever—thank goodness she came to her freaking senses! And the whole ending with Marper was so incredibly bittersweet. I guess that’s why they took a bit of a backseat this year—they were preparing us for their demise.

    It will be interesting to see how things go in the next season. I sort of hope it’s not too similar to what we’ve already seen. It seems every season there’s a new “bad” group of people. It would be interesting to see the show go in a different direction and have the world itself be the obstacle. Man vs. Nature instead of Man vs. Man and all that. I just feel like we’ve already had SO many seasons of the MCs fighting against some other group, I kind of hope to see something new. We shall see, though!

    • AW I agree though- WRITING this was hard for the same exact reasons! But fret not, S6 is already filming- I think the hiatus will seem less brutal this year, at least!

      I definitely concur- I think it was PERFECT. Some people are apparently really salty and I just don’t understand. Like- did they really think that Bellarke would randomly get together at the end of the episode? Come ON people, have you never watched a show before!? I LOVED the whole Marper thing- I mean, I sobbed obviously, and I didn’t want them to leave, but if they had to go, it could not have possibly been more perfect (though- would you have died laughing watching Old Monty trying to hang out with the gang again? ?)

      Jason swears it won’t be similar, so I guess we’ll see. I agree, it needs a bit of a shake up in terms of the “bad guys” thing. This season though was interesting because nearly EVERYONE was a bad guy hahha. I suppose it’s inevitable that there will be some tension with whoever or whatever is on the new planet, but I suppose we’ll see! I think that’s why I liked Praimfaya so much- it felt refreshing, even though there was, of course, still fighting, the ultimate battle was with the radiation. Goodness, I love this show!

  5. Beth W

    This is the first 100 episode in a long time that made me weep. DAMNIT, MONTY AND HARPER.

    So, I’m 100% okay with O not being part of the “decide humanity’s fate” thing. It’s clear to everyone that by the end her focus was on retaining power, NOT saving the human race. She was forced to do some bad things to keep Wonkru alive, but that was 4 years ago, and….it’s going to take a lot of work for people to trust her again. Diyoza, on the other hand, should’ve been in that meeting because she was clearly a voice of reason and hope for the future- BUT the only surviving person to know that is in a coma. So…I can see why she wasn’t. I hope she’s included next time.

    So Jordan is….20? The same age (more or less) as the 100?

    And what’s with “End of Book One”? Is that really all the story that’s just the first book??! Do you have links to those interviews, because I don’t know what this is?

    Also, who are Chris and Chelsey?

    I assume Monty and Harper only had one kid because giving birth in space without a doctor or anyone who knows what they’re doing must be scary AF. And it’s possible the experience involved some damage? Or that they did try again but only had a few miscarriages? I dunno, it’s always confused me that, with all the sexing happening for the past 5 seasons, there’s only been two pregnancies in the show (Harper and Diyoza). Maybe Spacekru birth control is just REALLY good and cheap and handily available? I dunno, but it seems like more babies should be a thing.

    My prediction: Eligius III landed and colonized the planet (hopefully, because I’m a scifi nut, there are other hominid species on that planet), and now this mixed crew is going to be having to deal with being the invading force AGAIN. Although, if it was an oil-mining mission, maybe everything is dieselpunk.
    And also Echo not handling it well (I mean, Monty and Harper dead, new planet, etc.) and Murphy being hit harder than he expects by Monty and Harper’s sacrifice, and probably Emori coping by fixing things and them probably splitting up again (long live Maven!).
    At least Madi can babysit Hope.

    But mostly, right now, I need to see the teaser for season 6. When does it begin? 😀

    P.S. Great choice on this week’s song AND NOW I’M WEEPING AGAIN.

    • Ugh RIGHT!? I haven’t cried that much since Stealing Fire with Lincoln ughhhh. I mean- the good thing is that it was SUCH a bittersweet ending, like someone actually got a HEA on this show!? But still, what a gut punch!

      I do agree about Diyoza in a sense- though like you said, no one *else* knows that, especially since Bellamy and Spacekru think she abandoned them and joined McCreary (which I suppose she did a little hah). But yeah O needed a time out. I don’t think she needs to be involved for a bit. And from the looks of it, they leave her nice and frozen while they check out the new planet.

      I think Jordan is 26? Yeah, 26. So yeah pretty much the same age as everyone else! I think the Delinquents are all around 24 at this point. Bellamy and Raven a bit older. (Well- they’re like 150 technically, but still.)

      GAH yes hold on let me find some of the interviews! So Jason explains that this was his “book one” and had it ended after S5, it would have been a fully finished story. Idk, he’s a weird dude hah.

      Chris and Chelsey are Monty and Harper!

      That is a good point about Jordan being an only child. I do wish they’d told us, inquiring minds want to know! Well- in S2 Jackson mentioned something to Abby about birth control implants, so I assume that was their way of controlling population? You think they just made everyone get one at puberty or some shit? But that definitely doesn’t explain why there aren’t actual millions of Grounder kids, so.

      YESSS I love the whole Memori breaking up theory! And I DO think this is going to really hurt Murphy- he formed a bond with Monty that I don’t think he had with any other dudes. (I see his relationship with Bellamy as more of a big brother-little brother thing.) And Murphy had such precious few people, you know? I think Echo WILL be more upset that she thinks- she and Monty had clearly become close. GAH why am I tearing up just thinking about this!? I hope that it isn’t the same old “New Invading Force”- I mean, okay, it IS a little because duh, but I hope the story goes other places, too. I really cannot wait to see who or what they uncover!

      Season 6 should start sometime around April. Which seems SO far away. The trailer didn’t come out until like, February I think last year. It is going to be a dry spell, UGH.

      And thank youuuu! I want to make a Marper video with the song- but it is SO time consuming, so… hopefully one of these days!

      • Beth W

        Holy carp- 24-26?! I mean, it makes sense, but that’s too close to my age. 😀
        Thanks for clarifying Chris and Chelsey- they will indeed be missed! And hopefully on to more career success.
        And thanks for the links!

        Yeah, the birth control implants makes sense, except how’d Harper (eventually) get pregnant then? Hrmmm…
        Grounder kids- I assumed high rate of miscarriage and infant death, considering how war-like the culture is and the hundreds of things that kill you (fog, rain, beasties, other Grounders, etc.)

        April is tooooooo far away. I’ll be waiting with baited breath, for it and for the trailer. And I guess I’ll be keeping my Netflix subscription. 😀
        I bet The 100 is a great show for making fanvids. If I only had the time! *le sigh* If you make any, please share! 🙂

        • YEP! It’s nuts, right? And Bellamy is 29! Of course, still younger than all the actors who play them ? I hope we see more of Marper- they’re supposed to be back in videos- I guess there will be other information from Monty, and the others (especially Spacekru) will be watching videos, etc.

          Well, Jackson told Abby she needed to REMOVE some of them, so I assume Harper just… took it out? With Monty’s, erm, assistance? Maybe it was one of those under-the-arm-skin deals? Because Monty turning gynecologist isn’t exactly romantic hah.

          Oh you’re definitely right about Grounder death rate- but there still should be more, I figure? Though it seems they didn’t value kids the way Skaikru did? Like- Azgeda had no problems massacring Farm Station kids, and they didn’t seem to care to bring any into the bunker? Whereas Skaikru made space for all kids under 16.

          April is WAY too far away. I hope we get SOME new info soon. But they are trying to be so vague, which is understandable because of the new planet. But UGH we need to be fed! And if I ever DO finish it, I will definitely share!!

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