Snark From the Ark: “The 100” Episode 2.6 “Fog of War”

Ever since season two’s premiere, Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight  have been obsessing over The 100. Flailing and fangirling and ranting over Twitter. Some might say we’re addicted, but we’re okay with that. The 100 isn’t a show you can just forget about after you watch an episode. And it’s been known to cause some of the most passionate shipping in TV history. Whether you’re Team Finn or Team Bellamy or Team Lincoln, it doesn’t matter. The show is about more than romance; it’s about survival, the blurring lines between right and wrong, and hope and love in the face of disaster. And this is what has had us hooked since season one, among the craziness that is the twisted plot and the amazingly portrayed character relationships. And our obsessing over the show led to the greatest idea in the history of ever. Snark From the Ark, a feature in which we recap the episodes and get more people addicted to The


Welcome to this week’s Snark From the Ark! Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight are mildly obsessed with “The 100”, and need to flail and fangirl after every episode. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the fun! As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So either watch the episode, or use this to catch up! Also, I haven’t gotten around to changing my little icon button, so enjoy the look of the past design one last time, on account of my lack of time/laziness.


Okay, so I’m trying to remember the latest episode and am having trouble.
I didn’t watch it that long ago, though.



square ME TOO! I thought the same thing, I have no idea what happened.
Honestly, I think it was because not much DID happen.
It was kind of a letdown, no?



I’m just gonna come right out and say it. That episode was boring as hell.
Oh, well, I’m glad we’re on the same page here. 
squareAgreed. I mean, everyone was either being dumb, passive, or both.
Jasper is like “hey guys, let’s just let them take our blood” and everyone is like “yeah, sure, that doesn’t sound creepy as hell”


I’m glad Jasper’s eyes are finally wide open as to the fact that the Mount people AREN’T GOOD GUYS. All they did was walk, get caught in the creepy yellow acid fog, and then… how did it end again?


Jaha came back saying that the Grounders were going to kill all the Arkians
But… the old Mount Whateverian is NOT the evil one?! That was kind of the only highlight of the show.
I didn’t see that coming.
OH and Octavia and Bellamy found Lincoln. In… a parking garage.


Oh yeah, and then they went back to camp like, “whatever, we changed our minds and now we’re gonna spy on the Mount people.
“Let’s just completely forget about our people who could be hurt and need our help.



Well sure, why help people when you can LOOK AT STUFF.




title5OMG LINCOLN IS A REAPER NOW.I’m gonna be honest, that part had my nerves on end, wondering what was gonna happen. 



I know, that was sad. I liked that Bellamy was so supportive though, and wasn’t just like “FINISH HIM”.




OH. Yeah, the “President” might actually have a heart and good intentions? I was not expecting that.

His son, the creepy scientist and doctor Mengele. They make a perfect evil team.
Bellamy really jumped onto the Octavia and Lincoln ship quickly. I honestly expected more resistance.


Yeah, I am confused about that whole group. Are they incestuous? How have they been repopulating?
Me too, but I guess since he is kind of “Bellamy Lite” this season, it makes sense.
Can someone stab Finn already? Him ending up a casualty would not ruin my day.


Yeah, how HAVE they been repopulating if there are a select group of people?!
Bellamy’s character ARC has just been phenomenal.
Okay, seriously, NO ONE said anything to Finn about what he did!! LIKE YOU’RE JUST GONNA IGNORE IT LIKE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.


squareWell, I will say that last season I did not like Bellamy, and this season I am dying for some Bellarke, so they’ve done a good job.
Yeah and then they are telling him “we all have demons”. Um, dude just slaughtered a village.
 I mean, you accidently like, run over a squirrel or something and I can see a sweet little chat. Massacres for no reason? Um, lock him away, don’t take him on a freaking scouting trip!



“We’ve all done terrible things, Finn.” Yes, because mass-murdering 18 people wasn’t the worst thing that happened.
It’s just a “terrible” thing.
I’m literally dying for another BELLARKE moment.


squareAnd how on earth do you want him out in the woods with you!?
As usual, the Arkians make ZERO sense.



You read that article I showed you, didn’t you? (The link, Dear Readers) I think that person is right on Finn’s character.There were a few signs in the first season that he had anger issues and there were signs that he was unraveling.I think that person was right when they said that his character arc has been leading up to this.
I just never noticed.


It’s true. He was shady from the start.I mean, I know he thought he wouldn’t see Raven again, but it sure didn’t take him long to jump into bed with Clarke!
I agree- and I think they didn’t WANT us to notice. Well played, writers.


I actually liked Finn and Clarke, until I found out about Raven. And also when I discovered shippy feels toward Bellarke.
I didn’t become a Bellarke shipper until near the end of the season. Actually, I didn’t even know if they’d become a couple. But I knew they had chemistry early on.
I just never totally believed it with Finn and Clarke.
They really played that well, like with Bellamy’s and Octavia’s character.


I think Clarke was desperate for companionship after Wells died. And I agree, Bellarke had chemistry from the start, even if it was a lot of rage at first.



Hate-to-love. Delicious tension makes for passionate relationships.

 Also, every single episode, I just can’t help but appreciate the badass women in this show. Especially Octavia. She was a brat in the first season but quickly grew on me.
Now she’s like a warrior princess.

squareYou’re so right. The guys are all complete disasters as a whole, and it is the women who save their asses time and time again.



Speaking of the guys being complete disasters:
Monty “what would Clarke do” Green. LMAOOOO.


Seriously, he must say that line in his sleep.
That would make an excellent drinking game.




So would any time someone looks to Clarke for an answer.



It could get pretty fun. Every time Finn kills an innocent person. Every time Abby talks to Clarke like she’s 7. Every time Jaha or Kane act like a martyr.

Every time the Arkian blonde army lady does something asinine.


Every time Bellamy steals a look at Clarke.Every time Octavia says Lincoln’s name.When they were in the parking garage, it sounded like she was calling a dog:”C’mon Lincoln, there’s a good boy. No, don’t do that, Lincoln. Lincoln, wait, what are you doing? No, bad dog!”SHANNON, HE’S A REAPER NOW. CRIES


Eh, he’ll be okay. You know he will be okay.
Love will lift him out of his Reaper Haze or some nonsense.
Or Octavia will find a “cure”. Mainly because no one wants a bunch of rabid fans at their doorsteps.


 title5It’s just, ew, there was blood dripping from his mouth. THIS ISN’T THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, WHY IS HE DRINKING BLOOD.But seriously, as much as we all want Bellarke and would be pissed if it didn’t happen, it’d probably be even worse if something happened to Octavia or Lincoln.Speaking of, what is their ship name?


Hm. Linctavia?




Is that yours or the actual one?




Mine, I have no idea if there is an “official” one. Off to Google!
Apparently, not just mine.



I don’t care about anything else in this show, I just need Bellarke to happen.



Hahah everyone else dies and Bellarke repopulates the world. The End.


EPIC. I just hope next week’s episode is better than this one.



 So, Holly had to go study and sleep (clearly, she needs to get her priorities straight!) so I will leave you with my predictions for tonight’s episode: 
  • Since it is the penultimate episode before the “fall finale” (seriously, when did that become a thing?), I imagine it will be more of the same mundaneness we experienced last week, with a few decent moments thrown in to entice us for next week.
  • Bellarke will look at each other some more.
  • Arkians will fight over whether they should heed Jaha’s warning and move, or stand their ground. Whoever has the dumbest idea wins.
  • Mount Whateverian Old Man will show signs of some fatal illness, causing Jasper to recruit more blood donors and Monty to grow more desperate to find Clarke and/or ask “What Would Clarke Do?”
  • Octavia will try to figure out how to free Lincoln, but no one will pay much attention to her. Maybe she’ll run away. Maybe Raven will help so she has some point in the episode.
  • Abby will fret over Kane’s whereabouts.
  • Finn will brood and feel sorry for himself, even though he is the one who cuts down entire villages. Someone random will try to stick up for him.
Your turn: what do YOU think is going to happen in next week’s episode? And please, by all means, share your theories with us. Because we have NO clue what is going on! 

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14 responses to “Snark From the Ark: “The 100” Episode 2.6 “Fog of War”

  1. Ahhhhh BELLARKE! THERE WILL BE MORE BELLARKE IN THIS UPCOMING EPISODE, I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES. I do agree that not that much happened in the latest ep, but it was still just as intense! And lol at that picture, it’s kinda true that their motives all lead back to the girls.

    Great post, ladies! <33

  2. Okay, I didn’t read this because I am not caught up on the show, but I just wanted to tell you that everyone’s raving on Twitter convinced me and I started watching the show on Netflix (I’ve only watched three episodes so far, so I have some catching up to do!) Loving it so far!

    • Aw YAY! Definitely do NOT read until you catch up, because we spoil a lot! But I will say, it gets SO MUCH BETTER too. I was on the fence the first few episodes… and then it got amazing! The plot twists are incredible! I am excited that you’re on the bandwagon too 🙂

  3. Yeah, the last one wasn’t the best episode. It took me a moment to remember too! At least jasper finally woke up! I think the old guy at Mount Weather is evil, maybe just not as evil as his son. Lincoln was just creepy! Yeah… Finn kills 18 people and he’s mad she won’t look at him.

    Yes, fall finales are dumb!

    lol @ so Raven has some point in the episode. So true!

    Next week the adults will be idiots of course, but the kids will manage to save them, again.

    • I feel bad for Raven (or I suppose the actress who plays her) because the character has SO much potential, but they seem to be glossing over her on the regular. I think it is because they don’t know what to do with her, since she is so strong and tough and brave but they have Clarke, and now Octavia is all kick-ass, so Raven needs a niche. And fast, because you KNOW someone is biting it in the finale, and I hope it isn’t her!

      I think you’re right about the old guy. I guess in comparison he looks non-evil, but you’re probably more accurate.

  4. Well, I am sorry but my finals take precedence over The 100. Also, I approve of all of your predictions. See? You didn’t even need me for that part.

    (Also, I don’t care that I did the recap with you, I still wanted to comment). I also wanted to let you know that I doubt anyone noticed your icon didn’t match your new design. I should also stop using the word also.

    • Damn it, Holly, PRIORITIES. The 100 > Your Future. I hope you know I am kidding 😉

      I need to make a new button, so when I do, we can just use that, and it will match. Although, it will likely be on your site next week (unless SCHOOL happens 😛 ) and no one will know or care anyway since it won’t have to match my colors. What is my obsession with matching anyway? Off to watch the show!

      • I do know you are kidding! But hey, no school anymore means I can actually like stay up late and make The 100 my priority and write up the recap whenever I want to because I don’t have to study.

        Girl, your obsession with matching is ridic…ulous. 😛 Actually, I’m kind of the same way, though I just don’t like designing things so I don’t care about color schemes matching. Haha.

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