**Spoilers, if you aren’t caught up with the end of Season 4!**

Lest ye feared that a whole month would go by without me shoving The 100 in your face... here’s my monthly The 100 post to help ease the pain of the hiatus. (And I do mean my pain, just so we’re clear.)  It’s been two months since Praimfaya, but it feels like we still have so long to go. Because we do. I also figured that at the end of my ridiculous posts, I would share any news that popped up during the past month about the show. Because why not?

Now, as any fan of the show knows, the powers that be are usually pretty good about not leaving a ton of loose ends around for us. But alas, some are bound to slip through the cracks. I always held out hope that I’d again see some of those characters whose fates lingered in the unknown, but since Praimfaya happened, I doubt they’ll be heard from again.

And sure, we could say that Praimfaya killed them all, but what fun would that be? Exactly none. So instead, I offer you my versions of what happened to these poor souls.

Kyle Wick

Affiliation: Skaikru, Station Unknown

Last Seen: Episode 2×16 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2

Last Known Whereabouts: Arkadia, apparently being scarred for life by an emotionally unavailable Raven. 

The “Real” Story: After returning from Mount Weather, Wick tried to nurse a broken, despondent Raven back to health, but she’d have none of it. He fought the good fight for about six weeks before he may or may not have made a racist comment on Twitter and got fired threw in the towel. Brokenhearted, he left Arkadia to write poetry in the wilderness. Alas, this is not where young Wick’s story ended.


Affiliation: Skaikru/Farm Station

Last Seen: Episode 4×02 Heavy Lies the Crown 

Last Known Whereabouts: Arkadia, post- Farm Station rescue; fighting with boyfriend Nathan Miller over the decision to rescue the captives. 

The “Real” Story: The actual real story is that the actor who plays Bryan got a lead on some other show, and no one wanted to kill him after the whole Clexa backlash. But Idk why not because Milkson is so much better anyway. I digress. Here’s a story. 


Affiliation: Skaikru/Factory Station

Last Seen: Episode 2×05 Human Trials

Last Known Whereabouts: Walking into Arcadia (then Camp Jaha) with Bellamy, Octavia and Monroe as the only survivor of the Factory Station landing

The “Real” Story: I refuse to believe that Sterling’s death, Monroe getting shot, and ultimately, Finn shooting an entire damn village was for a character who’d simply vanish. So she doesn’t, in my headcanon.

All the Reapers

Affiliation: Grounder, Multiple Clans

Last Seen: Episode 2×15, Blood Must Have Blood Part One

Last Known Whereabouts: The Reaper Tunnels; being used as fodder for an alliance between Clarke and Lexa that ended with Lexa’s betrayal and no further information about the fate of the Reapers

The “Real” Story: The reapers were a huge plot point for two full seasons,  and the reason that the alliance between Skaikru and the Grounders ever even happened. So… what happened when Lexa made that deal with Dante anyway?


Affiliation: Nomadic Grounder/Frikdreina

Last Seen: Episode 2×04 Many Happy Returns 

Last Known Whereabouts: The Dead Zone with his parents; Watching his new pal “Theelo” getting beaten upside the head by some random Grounders

The “Real” Story: No way does Zoran die. Because he was awesome and wanted to save Jaha even if it killed him, basically. And I think Jaha thought his mom was going to let Jaha be a member of the family, tbh.

Macallan, aka Shawn Mendes

Affiliation: Skaikru, Station Unknown

Last Seen: Episode 3×01 Wanheda Part 1

Last Known Whereabouts: Getting the crap kicked out of him by Jasper while playing the piano in Mount Weather

For your listening pleasure.

The “Real” Story: 


So, we hadn’t had much news lately, but then Comic Con happened! To be fair, we didn’t really get a ton of news, but I think it was just the right amount of information to tide us over and/or come up with theories as we impatiently wait until January/February for Season 5! First, you might want to take a gander at the Sizzle Reel, for it is epic.

Now, what did we learn, you ask? 

  • Eligius is from pre-Praimfaya. Pre-Praimfaya the first. Yeah, apparently these people are the actual prisoners- not descendants of them, but them. They’re basically… us, actually. Considering that the first Praimfaya was in 2052, they had to be in space before that, so… you do the math. They’re literally us. But criminals. Legit criminals too, apparently.
  • Speaking of, there will be three new “big” characters– assuming at least some from Eligius. I want to know the details.
  • Abby is alive! Yep, our girl made it, confirmed by Jason! Now, you have to wonder: Did ALIE-itis not have as dire an effect on her, or did Sinclair visit her hallucinations too? The world may never know..
  • There will be relationship shakeups. This isn’t really news, per-se, but it gives us lots of fun things to speculate about. #TeamMurven
  • Flashbacks will definitely happen. Thank goodness, I don’t want to miss all the 6 years!
  • Spacekru will be back on Earth early on in the season. Seriously, I could not have taken a drawn-out reunion.
  • There are NO Spacekru babies! But seriously, what are their contraception secrets? They should share them with the rest of the class.
  • Octavia will be much darker, and have to “reprimand” Bunkerkru in a creative way. Um, that is scary, because fuck, how much darker can she get!?!
  • The little patch of green that Clarke finds is an “Eden”… and there isn’t enough space for everyone to play nicely. So expect that to be a big old problem.
  • Bellamy’s relationship with Echo will  “dictate a lot of who he becomes as a person”. Look, Becho is happening whether we like it or not (and I know, we do not). But maybe if we accept it now, it will hurt less in the winter.
  •  Raven will learn to fight. That is badass and needs no further explanation.

Have you ever thought about what happens to these characters? Do my headcanons satisfy? How about the news from SDCC? Are you intrigued? Who do you think will get together/break up? Who’s dead? Let’s talk!

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  1. It’s here (yay)! Ah, so THAT’s where Wick went lol. Had no idea. Sadly I didn’t know about the Tweet thing. But wait Sienna can call Greg the gorilla? He’s found! I always KNEW he was out there- somewhere- waiting to be useful again. Die Wick! Nice story BTW- love it! Are you doing 100 fanfic? Maybe you should be ?!? And.. the wonder horse? Noooooo…

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious. I had almost no recollection of Caspian and denby, but nice write off for those three. Mutant bear yes!! “an entire second bear coming out of the left side” I almost lost it. And nicely done with Mel! That was touching, her and Millerdad. Of course fYODad got tased because of course. Did they really just “lose” her character??

    You know how I feel about the Reapers, so that was my favorite story . 🙂 You saved a Reaper! And Indra did it. How on earth did they just drop that storyline like a hot potato? Instead of wasting S3 on the CoL we coulda had something like that! Indra could have even opened a casino or gaming room in her Marriott and Murphy/ Emori could have ripped everyone off. You know Murph can play cards, and if he’s the “house”?

    So… S5. I really wanna know why “Eden” survived- what is about that area? And Eligius- can’t WAIT to see this angle. We need new blood (since the old ones keep dying lol). Octavia- one of my biggest questions. And Becho- I think ever since he freed her from that cage I suspected they would get together, and always hoped they wouldn’t because Bellarke obviously. Guess we’re gonna see…

    I want more stories!!!!

    • AW thank youuu ??? We’re praying for Helios to make it, but it doesn’t look great. And yes, Sienna has a very special bond with Greg the Gorilla. As for the Wick tweeting debacle, there are two camps: One who says he IS a piece of crap (and there is a rumor that he said something shitty to Lindsey too, but I don’t think she ever publicly addressed it? At least, not that I could find) and another that says his Twitter was hacked (and there IS some evidence that it was, but also no one knows if that is the cause of the tweets? Idk). So… I needed two endings, of course 😉 If he doesn’t suck, I assume he starts a romantic relationship with Sienna (this is a special ending, that only you get to read about because I just made it up now). They emerge from the bunker, baby in tow, and a really pissed off teenage Zoran.

      It’s funny because I wrote these as I watched Season 2, so there’s probably a pretty strong bias toward those characters. Caspian was the one who led the anti-Jaha rebellion in the Dead Zone- and no one ever mentioned the group that went back to Arkadia with him again!

      YEP, they really just “lost” Mel, which made me mad. It was like she was just there to kill off Sterling and to make Finn less likable? That was NOT supposed to get so… dark. Originally, it was going to be like, a Jobi party. But then Miller’s Dad got in the mix and well… I told you I got carried away 😀 And I am still low key mad that we never got to see the pissed off people outside the damn bunker!

      And YES- one Reaper is still alive in the bunker! Seth’s fate is to be determined, I guess. He is SUPER strong- like, Lincoln levels, and also really smart, which is why his body and mind survived in tact. My hope is that he helps Indra rebuild the Marriott, since Polis has literally nowhere for people to stay. MAYBE the other two survived too- maybe Reaper blood is akin to nightblood! There’s a theory! Oh YES Murphy must be involved in ANYTHING Indra does- mostly because I want to see those two working together again more than just about anything else. And Kane and Jaha LOVE the lottery, so i can see gambling being a nice side business.

      I have never written fanfic- well, I guess until now, because that is basically what this is? I have never actually posted ANYTHING I have written fictionally, so I will admit that it was pretty nerve-wracking. They were all supposed to be a LOT shorter- but again, carried away, because it’s The 100.

      Season 5 GAH I need it NOW. DID YOU SEE that Episode 1 is called “Eden”!?!??! We have a TITLE. I am so excited. So I think that means we are going to get those answers SOON- why Eden survived, Eligius, etc. Well- I think Raven might know, anyway. And do you think the Gagarin intercepted Clarke’s messages to Bellamy? OR do you think Spacekru is with them?

      Octavia is going to be HUGE I think- sounds like she’s going to have changed the most, kind of? Because she was badass but broken last season, maybe this season, she’s badass and like… cold? I hope that she can regain a little bit of the girl with the butterflies and the hair bows, though. ME TOO, about Becho and the cage- it was kind of clear that they lingered on it TOO much- and then with her coming to “warn” him in Ye Who Enter Here, and betraying him, of course. I am so worried about Bellamy being more like Season 1 Bellamy. And I do not want. I hated when they made him an ass for awhile in S3, and I really don’t want a repeat.

      Okay I am going to answer both comments here, just because… well, then we won’t have to scroll down to the bottom of that other one anymore ??

      Again, thanks so much! I feel so much better about posting it now. And yes, a lot of it was supposed to be kind of tongue-in-cheek, well, except for Mel, which got serious somehow hahah.

      Westmoreland… yeah, I just saw him, he looks *maybe* 65? Not. Buying. It. And yeah, they definitely could have done 6 or 7 with NO problem. Do you think Tatiana has had enough? It must be SO much work for her- especially since she produces and shit too. I do really like this season though, so that’s good. At least it will hopefully go out on a high note. Still, I don’t want the end to be here! ???

      Mt Weather was… oddly luxurious! I find it funny, that dining room and such. It was so damn FANCY- they all dressed up for dinner and stuff. Look, if I am stuck in a damn bunker forever, I’m wearing shitty, comfy clothes until the end of time. I just watched where Pike and Farm Station are eating in that dining room and Octavia almost has a stroke. I don’t even blame her, she watched ALL those people die there and Pike has NO respect. I am sad they blew it up too- I feel like it could have had SO much more purpose? I almost wonder if they did it knowing where they wanted to go in Season 4- it would have been impossible for all the drama over Praimfaya if there was a perfectly legit bunker next door!

      OH I hope Jaha gets to meet Eligius, because they LOVE YouTube… since they are from OUR FREAKING TIME. They can teach Jaha alllll about early 2000s tech ? I wonder if Jaha and Gaia will team up again- it seems like she is able to translate a lot of the crap from Cadogan’s symbols, that could be fun, and maybe they can find a way out!

      • Ooh Eden- I like it! I wasn’t sure about Spacekru coming down w/ Eligius, but the more I think about it, it makes the most sense. How else are they gonna get down? And then you can immediately have the Clarke/ Bellamy reunion and at the same time set up the conflict over how to handle the Gagarin people. I mean I’m kinda living for that reunion, you know? They better not blow it! If they get the reunion out of the way and get to freeing the bunker, then they can take their time w/ the flashbacks, seems like, and it won’t be all fuck all rushed at the end. Do you know how many episodes we’re getting?

        I don’t THINK they’re gonna go dark w/ Bellamy again? I hope not, too. Going to the well one too many times. Especially after six years of being separated from Clarke. They want to show he’s grown, developed, hopefully? And if Becho DOES happen, there should be some interesting sparks between Clarke and Echo! And what will 6 years of ruling with Indra as her #2 do to Octavia? You might be right about the coldness thing.

        I would seriously like to see more of your writing, 100 or otherwise. So share!! 🙂

        Okay Orphan Black. Yeah Westmorland sucks. I do think other than him they are going out on a high note. This last episode was killer. But Helena is AWOL. Predictions for how it will end? Helena killing Westmorland and having her babies lol? An HEA for Cophine (yes please)? Maybe Scott will find love and we’ll find out where Angie went! I’m not sure if Tatiana was getting tired of it, it’s gotta be exhausting, but I don’t really know? They better have another dance party is all I can say!

        • I like it too- especially since the more I think about the Battle for Eden, the more I like it. And I agree- it DOES seem to make the most sense, especially since Jason teased that we wouldn’t have to wait long for the reunions to happen. Though… it can’t be THAT easy, can it? I mean, I know a lot of people assume they’ll be prisoners on the Gagarin, but… again, seems too easy. And I agree- there is SO much that they need to get to this season, dragging out the reunion would NOT help with that. I don’t know how many episodes yet, sadly. I really want 16, but.. Idk, based on when they start filming, if I had to guess I’d guess 13.

          I REALLY hope they don’t have dark/unfeeling Bellamy. I agree, it IS going to the well too many times. We’ve been there, done that. I REALLY hope that he is the voice of compassion this season- it’s his time, tbh. Especially with both Clarke and Octavia not exactly being the most reasonable- and O being extra dark. I really hope that she starts to find her way this season though- she can’t be crazy-dark forever, it just isn’t who she is. I think Clarke will EXTRA hate Echo this season. I think that (and I hope I am wrong) seeing Bellamy with Echo, plus the 6 years of reflection, is going to make her realize how much she loves him. He was already there, obviously, but spent 6 years getting over her death. So I think that will have to play itself out. It’s part of why I am afraid of what he’ll become- because I worry that he will have closed himself off a bit after “losing” Clarke.

          And thank you, that is really sweet of you- I will have to, you know, write stuff first of course hahah. I have so many half finished things, it’s rough. I feel like I can never come up with a good enough plot, or at least, a good enough ending? It’s like my stakes are never high enough, and it frustrates me.

          I am so mad at freaking Donnie and Alison for making me kind of like them in Episode 3. But also, WHY did Aynsley and her husband come back? Does it mean anything for the plot? Because it felt REALLY out of place. Like, I need more clones, not those randos! I REALLY wanted Art to kill that bitch, too. Whatever her name is, his “partner”? And Cophine BETTER have an HEA. Also YES where is Angie!? I hope Scott finds love, too, I really like him! Oh, if there is not another HEA dance party, I will be pissed. We NEED one, where all the OTPs live happily ever after and dance in Felix’s weird apartment. So the 8th episode is on tonight, yes? I will definitely be caught up to watch it live next week!

          • That’s a really good point about Bellamy. I hope they don’t go with the old I still love her but I’ve been with Echo and it wouldn’t be fair to her to leave for Clarke. Oh fuck that Bell get over it, the whole fucking cosmos knows you’re supposed to get with Clarke. I’m afraid the writers will fuck this up. I mean 6 years is a LONG time to mourn someone, especially when you’re in close quarters? Oh and did you see that fan art on Twitter today with Bell looking down from space at Earth, and you could see the green Eden? Man that had the feels. Sometimes that fan stuff is better than the CW’s own promo.

            You know it’s hard to put yourself out there, but judging from your stories in this post I think you’d get better reception than you think you would? I know it sounds corny, but yeah… I mean you can kinda tell when people can’t write (and that sounds bad, but you know what I mean- you can tell) and I didn’t get that from yours at all. In fact I was like ooh that’s badass.

            I missed tonight’s Orphan Black I was at a venetian festival watching a bunch of boat people have an electric boat parade. It was fun though. 🙂 But now I gotta watch it. I saw some stuff on Twitter, it sounds like SOMETHING happens so I gotta watch ASAP. And it’s a Felix ep too, I think?? I don’t know why they felt the need to revisit the Harper Valley PTA thing with Donison, it’s like their giving each clone a dedicated episode to strut their stuff and it feels kinda disjointed, I wish they’d just throw em all together in one last ditch fight w/ Neolution, but having said that I do think the season is good. But they are definitely bringing EVERYONE back, seems like. I mean we didn’t really NEED Krystal back, strictly speaking… and Angie , if Art’s gonna have a bitch partner why not Angie??

            • I hope they don’t go that route either. But… remember Gina? (I mean, probably barely because she was also known as “Plot Device”. But still.) And Niylah, who Clarke seems to really only care about as a FWB? I am afraid too, honestly. Six freaking years. UNLESS he knows she is alive? We assume he doesn’t, but they’ve fooled us before hahah. And YES, I saw that fan art! Whoever does that is SO damn talented, it is really impressive. What would we even do without the super creative fans not only tiding us over, but playing into ALL the Bellarke feels? (And I agree about the fan art being better- The CW should straight up hire some of these people! They did do a poster contest, and some of the entries were incredible!)

              And that is seriously SO nice of you to say. It IS kind of scary- I often wonder how authors have the guts to do it at all, you know? Because for them, it isn’t just our community, it’s… everyone, everywhere. Writing makes me feel VERY bad about ever posting negative reviews hahah. And thank you!! Yes, I do know what you mean- I had this friend and she would ask me to read over her papers in college and I would just be like…. no, I have to rewrite this. And then I just felt like an asshole, but sometimes, it just isn’t going to happen.

              The Venetian festival sounds VERY fun- definitely worth missing Orphan Black for (especially since you can see that any old time hahah). I’m glad you had a nice time 🙂 I think something happened too, actually- I was on Twitter for a few minutes and I saw the hashtag trending, and I knew I needed to stay away hahah. Also, YES to Felix!! I am so excited to get to it now! He better be JUST. FINE.

              I agree, it seems like they wanted to give them each one last… Idk, character defining/growth episode? But some of these people could have stayed gone and I would have been perfectly okay with that. I wonder if the actress who played Angie just needed to leave, so they pulled a Bryan, and gave him someone new? It does feel like she is the Riley of this season tbh ??

              • That’s…a good point. They’ve shown their not above playing fast and loose with relationships. I do remember Gina- er I mean Plot Device. 🙂 That’s partly why I frown on becho so much- it’s like, exactly HOW MANY significant others is Bellamy going to have before Bellarke, you know? I mean come on people. At some point it gets ridiculous, like she’s last resort just because they won’t acknowledge their feelings??? And yes Clarke does what she wants apparently when the need arises lol. Those two… they need to sit the fuck down and smell the roses. And… yes I hope Bellamy is like “my heart belongs to her until I get down there and see with my own eyes that she’s not here”. Just like how she’s talking to him every day. That would be pretty amazing…

                I still haven’t watched Orphan Black. Maybe tomorrow? I had Game of Thrones tonight and a recap to write so I’m kinda dying over here what happened on OB. I’m getting a little nervous because it seems like they have to kill someone fairly important to make it, you know, feel like they earned the victory (assuming they, um, are victorious???) . I mean I hope not, but there are an awful lot of clones…

                Agreed about angie. I know I saw her in something else at some point so she’s probably one of those actors who does different shows, and they had to write her out (or just ignore her like Bryan lol).

                • I just hope that you are right and they don’t use it as the SAME damn plot device- because yeah, at this point, it IS just an excuse to keep Bellarke apart. Like- if they are not “there” yet, FINE, I can live with that. But shoving all these other relationships at them seems a little lazy? The irony is- Becho actually *wouldn’t* have seemed lazy, considering their prior connection and the 6 years in space, if they hadn’t done the SAME THING with Gina. I would die of happiness if that is what Bellamy did in space. That’d be absolute perfection.

                  Honestly, now that I am thinking about it, the entire first half of Season 3 was such a complete clusterfuck. Like- Jason has even said that he screwed up with the way the Pike thing was handled. Gina came literally out of nowhere, they blew up Mt Weather for shits and giggles, and then turned Bellamy into a douchecanoe but only for like, 3 episodes total? It was so WEIRD. Season 3 actually feels like two separate seasons to me. The first half which was just bonkers, and then the second half that had a plot- even if I didn’t LOVE the ALIE plot, at least it was heading somewhere? In defense of the show though, I think they had their hands tied a TON by Alycia and Ricky’s departures.

                  And oh, I agree wholeheartedly about OB needing to kill someone kind of big. I am really scared about who it is! I worry it’ll be S, Idk why. It just better not be Cosima, she’s my fave. Or Felix, obviously. I just got to the part where he is going to Switzerland (but… WHY?) with Adele of all damn people. And Delphine is still supposedly in Sardinia? I feel like the actress’s schedule has GOT to be to blame for all of her random disappearances on the show. I just saw the… Idk, the dude in the woods that Mud brings supplies to. SO messed up. And also.. HOW the hell did Coady survive that explosion? NOT. BUYING. IT. I mean, if she survived, why the hell not Paul? Not cool, OB. Plus, I didn’t need Coady back in my life, you know?

                  Speaking of, that bit with the mental hospital was so unbelievable. I was just shaking my head, because come ON. Sarah looked like a convict, not a PhD student! HA Angie went the way of Bryan. I guess that means I will need to come up with an alternate ending for her, too. Maybe Donnie accidentally kills her, too. ???

                  • Exactly. If not for Gina (here today, gone tomorrow lol) then Becho would have felt earned, totally agree.

                    I think you’re right, the departures probably took everything off the wheels, and it probably didn’t help that Jason and Ricky had… issues. Whatever they were. Early S3 was whacked. What is it with S3’s? Orphan Black got whacked in S3 too, at least for me. Speaking of, I watched last weeks episode finally tonight. Wow! All I can say. F’ed up shit goin down. But a Felix- centered episode and you’re gonna love it, because… Felix. He has his art opening. Great episode.

                    I know I didn’t need Coady either. And both helena and Delphine are two of the best parts of the show, they need to be used more. Unless, like you said, Evelyn Brochu’s schedule is screwed up. The island shit with freakazoid dude in the woods is super creepy. Mud is dumb. And Cosima MUST LIVE, Fee too. I actually really like Art too even though they don’t give him much to do.

                    Sarah looked like shit, no doubt. That would never have flown, that stunt. I thought the same thing. Dang you’re almost caught up! Yes you need to solve angie for us . She is missed kinda. Donnie should never have a gun. Although he sorted Leekie I guess lol? Episodes seven (the end) and eight- dang is all I’m saying. EPIC

                    • YEP that’s the thing, it just feels so inauthentic- like, why does Bellamy keep getting into these ridiculous quasi-relationships when we KNOW he loves Clarke? Of course, Gina was more about provocation for him to team with Pike than about Clarke, but I think it was twofold- because he had the sads about Clarke leaving after Mount Weather. (Which…. fair.)

                      I have a bit of a theory about Ricky. I love him, he is great, but I also think he played up the thing with Jason too much. Like, I think Jason was in the wrong, but I also think Ricky was- there’s no way Jason would just randomly act like a douche to ONE cast member- and the rest of the cast seems to like him well enough. I think Ricky knew that American Gods was in the works, and he did probably have issues with Jason, but… yeah.

                      And I agree about Season 3s! It wasn’t my favorite part of Orphan Black either! I should go look at all the shows I have liked and see if this is just some kind of curse hahah.

                      OH and episode two has a title! Lone Survivors. Which seems… ominous.

                      I am excited to get to the current episodes- though the wait for the last one will be pretty evil hahah. I got to the one where Cosima and Delphine have to dress in the old timey clothes. Delphine looked RIDICULOUS. I am glad that Cosima went the tuxedo route hahahha. I couldn’t believe that Delphine had to go away AGAIN. Now she is in Switzerland. Taking a damn European tour while everyone else is… well who even knows what they are doing.

                      I was SO upset when Westmoreland shot… I forget his name.. Not a Bear. Like NaB was so SAD and scared, and then Cosima went to him to comfort him, and BAM, he’s dead. Westmoreland is creepy as fuck. And I still don’t understand why Mud is around. Or why her name is Mud. And seriously, WHY don’t they use Helena more? I get Evelyn’s schedule being an issue, but Tatiana’s clearly is not haha. I like Art too- I wish they’d give him a bigger part too. I think they kind of went overboard on characters for sure. And I hated Angie, but at least she made sense to the damn plot! This new lady… nope. I think I am starting 6 tonight, so I am almost there! This is the last episode I have to watch on my phone (which is oddly nice, though I could live without the ads) because I DVRed the rest!! Exciteddd!

  2. Clarke leaving after Mt. weather was the start of the bad. Why wouldn’t Bell go for Gina if Clarke, who he loves (and begged to stay, if I remember) leaves. she should have turned to Bell for support (and him to her) in dealing with their Mt. Weather guilt. I think she really hurt him when she decided to leave. And you know I wondered about Ricky, I remember at last year’s panel or whenever he was still on the show, and he just seemed… IDK, kinda off? Like I chalked it up to him having a quirky sense of humor, and maybe that’s all it is, but maybe him and Jason just didn’t click? You’re right, the rest of the cast doesn’t seem to have these issues.

    Lone Survivors huh? I like! I wonder if that’s referring to Clarke and Madi?

    Not A Bear lol- I like it. I keep thinking of him as Dr. Moreau dude. But yeah that was brutal, just shooting him. And Cosima really sold that, her reaction. Tatiana is amazing. I think Westmorland is lame and after watching the most recent episode it seems even less likely. Like the Neolution board are pretty ruthless and I just don’t see this old fuck on an island having the control, you know? The board and Ferdinand/ Rachel seem like way more plausible masterminds to me. And who named her Mud? Seriously, I know WTF? Helena is SO being wasted this season, I mean you know she’ll be big at the end but still… and oh man you’re gonna LOVE episode 8. Fucking killer.

    You’re watching on your phone? Oh my gosh I’ve never done that! Although some of the phones now probably play better than my TV lol. Seriously I watch on my computer a lot because my TV sucks. And oh yeah- that dinner with Cophine was ridiculous. I mean with Rachel there and susan and… sigh. Made NO sense why they don’t just restrain Cosima and do whatever they want to her. Like I said before just sweep up all the clones. They want Kira, grab Kira. They obviously don’t fear police. I know that would sorta be the show ha ha but I wish it was more realistic. I mean they’ve been trying to kill Sarah for how long or capture her and she just lives at S’s place going about her business!

    • SO. We are getting 13 episodes. I am not surprised… but kind of bummed. The good news, however, is that there is “no current talk” of S5 being the last season. So… I’ll take it.

      And YES- Bellamy DID beg Clarke to stay after Mt Weather. OH! I just remembered this! Okay. So you know when Clarke is leaving, and she says “I bear it so they don’t have to”? I think (and this is just a theory, but I feel like, 98% certain about it) she is talking directly TO Bellamy- like she will take the guilt of what they did so he doesn’t have to. Just… when you rewatch it (and you will 😉 ) keep it in mind and let me know. It just… hit me. The way she said it, the tone, the look she gave him, his response. GAH.

      Erm. Anyway. She DID really hurt him, which is why I think he took up with Gina to begin with- get his mind off of her altogether. You know, now that I think about it, maybe her “death” will lead him to go a different route? Like- with Gina, he was trying to say “screw Clarke, I don’t need her” because he was mad. But he’d never be mad at her sacrifice. That panel must have been SO awkward after Ricky’s departure! I feel like- he was feeling a little… “big” for the show. And again- not condoning Jason’s bullshit either, they are both grown ass men who should have been more professional but… You know, I read this “confessions” thing in Cosmo, and it had the “Celebrity Confession” section, and Ricky was in it. And he was… kind of gross? Like, he had spent the night with this girl, and they didn’t even know each other’s names, and when she left, she said something about him being some soccer player- she didn’t even know who he was- and Idk, the whole thing felt really icky. And then when he left The 100 but then ended up on American Gods like, the next month… it was shady. And tbh, I hated how he trashed the show, like it was “less than” American Gods in all the promo. Like, hey, your coworkers are really fucking proud of it? Hate Jason all you want, but come ON.

      Tatiana IS amazing- I kind of want to know what she is like in real life, because holy shit, these characters are all so damn different and complex! How does she do it? Krystal was back- she’s such a piece of work. I couldn’t BELIEVE that Mud did that to Susan, too! What the HELL, just because he told her she didn;t have to wear a bell around her neck!? REALLY? And as fucked up and twisted as Ira and Susan were… is it weird that my heart kind of broke for him, finding her like that? Ira was really starting to grow on me, tbh. He was not as… devoid of morals as the rest of Castor. And I even almost liked Susan? In a “least of the evils” sort of way, I suppose. I am sure I’ll find out for sure tonight when I watch episode 7 (HOW am I almost done?! SOBS.) but did Ira die too? I know he was glitching but then he started bleeding and gahhhh.

      I did- I had to watch all of S5 on my phone so far! I have never actually done that (and now I sound like my grandma bwhahah) because it seemed so little? But my laziness won out (as in, I would rather be in bed watching it than on my laptop at my desk- or, heaven forbid, move my laptop TO my bed, the horror), so I went for it- and it shockingly was not awful! You are right, the phone was much clearer than my shitty old TV! But… the ads are not my friend, so I am back to the TV. Really, I should just invest in a new TV. A smart TV perhaps!

      And seriously, some of this show requires a suspension of disbelief for sure. Obviously NONE of the baddies mind killing people. And the clones are like, a dime a dozen at this point and Cosima knows wayyyy too much. They all REALLY love Kira, too. You’d assume at some point, someone would have thrown the kid under the bus ??

      • Ooh it’s official?? I wish we’d get more eps, but yeah if there’s no talk of a final season, I’ll take it! Do they ever talk about how many seasons they’d LIKE, ideally? Like I know some shows the producers have a 5 season plan or whatever- have they ever indicated anything like that? And I think she very well may have been referring to Bell when she left- it’s like that did something to her and instead of coping together w/ Bellamy, she had to tromp through the woods *cough plot device the writers wanted her to go be lone wolf Wanheda cough* . It would have made SO much more sense for them to cope w/ that together, growing closer, so that kissy time could happen… er, yeah. getting carried away. 🙂

        Ricky did seem full of himself, I definitely thought that when I saw him interacting w/ people at the panel. Like he was too cool for school you know? That is icky about the one nighter. I’m sure he thinks he’s hot shit- maybe he was toxic on the set?

        I think it’s kind of amazing how Tatiana keeps Sarah the same, more or less, as she was at the beginning. Okay she’s not sleeping in trash cans and ripping people off, but she’s still rough around the edges, and she turns around and plays Cosima to the hilt, or alison. Ira and susan were a mess, but Susan is definitely the lesser evil compared to Coady??? Who is just not right as a human being at all? I was actually pulling for Susan to off Westmorland, how cool would THAT have been? Of course they couldn’t give us that. I think you’re right about Ira. 🙁

        I need a smart TV. I watch practically everything on my computer now, it’s quite sad. And I hear you- I mean I love S, and I know she has some kind of “past” but apparently that past allows her to get help whenever she needs it, to the point where her and sarah live at her house even though Neolution has been trying for months to kill/ capture them. And they hide out and do genetic work under a comic store and Neo can’t “find” them. Delphine knows how to get there but no one, like, follows her. They can find them in Iceland but not across town, I guess. It’s all fucking ridiculous really!!!

        • YEP, it’s official. I agree, I can live with 13 if it means we get more seasons. And no, as far as I know, Jason’s kept the number of seasons pretty close to the vest. Every time I have heard him talk about it, he’s quite cryptic. I remember him saying that he didn’t have a backup plan in Season 4- had it been cancelled, that would have been it. Which would have filled me with rage? But he also said he was quite confident that it wasn’t, so I have a feeling he DOES know and isn’t saying.

          Clarke leaving was absolutely a plot device, but I guess it was okay in the end. But I remember being VERY pissed at the time. I think when the seasons are new, and we have to wait weeks, even months for resolution, it seems endless, but when I rewatch it’s like “eh, they saw each other a couple episodes later” haha. It WOULD have been great watching them deal with it together, but alas, we knew they’d never make Bellarke THAT easy ?

          Ricky DOES kind of give off that vibe? And like- I don’t want it to be true, of course, because Lincoln is one of my absolute faves. I don’t think he is a complete ass, but I think you’re right about him thinking he’s hot shit. And the fact that random strangers have one night stands with him probably just exacerbates this hahah. And I think it was mostly icky because he didn’t even know her NAME. Like how the hell much of a connection did you have if you don’t even know each other’s names?! Maybe I am being judgmental but.. meh hahah.

          Tatiana IS amazing, I cannot even imagine! It must take a lot to get yourself into a character like that, and she does it with like, 3927 clones! SAD about Ira. When I saw his grave next to Susan’s I was definitely a wee bit teary. Poor bastard. Coady needs to GO. Is she… is she trying to make a Leda-Castor hybrid baby? Why the fuck else did she want Mark’s “sample” after giving Rachel what appeared to be a crazy invasive gynecological exam? Like when I start feeling bad for RACHEL, you know shit is messed up.

          Speaking of! I KNEW that Rachel was going to poke her own damn eye out as soon as she saw the tablet but… DAMN that was graphic. I kind of watched through my fingers when I knew it was coming because NO. I also figured that was what she was doing with Kira, but it didn’t make me love it any less. I am surprised she was so coherent after all the vodka though. I’d be on the floor. I really felt for Kira and Sarah too- Sarah was SO damn helpless, and poor Kira… GAH. I am so excited to watch episode 8 tonight but also really sad because… it’s episode 8 already!

          Smart TVs are not even that expensive anymore, I definitely need to get one. Right now I have a Fire TV stick, and it’s good because I can watch Netflix on it, and Amazon Prime of course, and pretty much any other app (except BBC America, go figure), but I could be MUCH lazier if I just had a smart TV ?

          And SERIOUSLY- why can they track them all day every day, but then NOT kill them? Especially when they tried to find them and had a straight up SWAT team in there- but they couldn’t do that any OTHER day so far? Fishy, for sure, but still VERY entertaining.

          • I wish we could have like an alternate version where they make different choices, where Clarke didn’t go off but her Bellamy got together and ran everything. Might have been boring but with Raven and Murphy dating there would still be SOME excitement, as you know Murven would be a very tempestuous relationship! Ah to dream…

            Sounds like Jason up to this point has been pretty confident that he’ll get renewed. I know a lot of shows really agonize over that. I don’t really follow ratings so I don’t know how successful The 100 is considered to be, but I’m assuming it does pretty well? 12 Monkeys is another show I LOVE but I don’t know if anyone watches it lol, but it’s having a final 4th season next year, so between that and Orphan Black going away I need to find a new show! Do you have anything else you really like on netflix?

            I don’t know WHAT the fuck Coady is up to, she’s crazysauce. And yes the eye thing was AWFUL. Man I had to look away, there’s something about eyes I CANNOT just watch that and go ho hum. Brutal. Episode 8 is a trip and then… 2 left!! Gah I’m sad. It will be so weird not having any more Orphan Black, like EVER. I really want to know what the deal is w/ Kira- like are they going to explain why she can sense the sestras, does she have psychic abilities? If they just leave that unexplained I’m going to be irked. Will Sarah and Art be a thing (I doubt it, but maybe?). Do one of the big three die? Whatever happened to Mud and the rest of the islanders? They revolted, set shit on fire but what happened after? Seems like they would go up to the house and kill Westmorland- it’s not like they can leave the island (I haven’t seen any boats?) So many questions…

            What do you think if the Fire stick? I just have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sling TV oh and HBO Now but that’s only until Game of Thrones is done then bye bye cause their selection is crap!

            • But… S ????? Nononono. I did not want to be right! I wanted S to be happy with her “chickens’ forever and ever. I was straight up sobbing- what the hell will they do without her!? Kira will be beyond devastated, S was basically her mother too. And freaking Gracie?! Did they have to shoot Gracie in the head?! Mark is going to kill Coady, I hope, in retaliation. FUCK, I had assumed they had a nice little HEA. At least we got a mini-dance party? Still, I may not recover from S dying. Also, now I have to wait like you do for the next episode!

              I cannot handle eye stuff either! Like, I am okay with any other shit that happens- I may not love it, but I can handle it- but never, ever eye stuff. I have so many questions too! I mean, Westmoreland and Coady could not have taken on all those people alone. No way. And you’re right, Cosima took the only boat. It BETTER not be left unexplained- same with Kira. Though maybe there just IS no explanation? Like maybe it’s just… not even something scientific, but something more… idk, “spiritual”? I seriously do not understand how this will end in two episodes, and I am NOT okay with it.

              I will be starting 12 Monkeys next, yes? Where do I find such a thing? I think I shall try the Syfy app. WAIT, I can’t watch it on the damn Syfy app? Why the hell do I pay for cable then!? I may have to actually pay for Hulu and I am not happy. But I also want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale so… As for shows I like… UGH. I just rewatch The 100 😉 I do watch Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix! I watch ummmm… This is Us! (It’s kind of weepy though hahha) Timeless is really good. I am terrible at shows.

              I like the Fire stick actually! It is cheap, and it has basically every streaming app you can think of- including all the ones you use. I mostly just use Netflix and Prime, but I know they have the rest. And I might do the Hulu thing, and they have that too. It’s such a cheap and easy way to watch all the shit on an actual TV, so I am a big fan, I recommend if you are looking for something like that!

              I want an Alternate The 100 too! I say, after the show is done, we kidnap Jason, and make him tell us ALL his secrets. And if he doesn’t know, he can make shit up. He won’t be a prisoner, we will treat him very well and such, and he’ll be free to go once ALL the questions are answered. Where are the Reapers? Where did Bryan, Wick, etc go? What REALLY happened with Ricky? Where is Hair Clip girl? Hair clip Dad had better not have died in vain, Jason. And then ALL the “what if?s”- What if Murphy hadn’t shot Raven? What would have happened to O if Ricky hadn’t left and Lincoln hadn’t died? What if Bellarke was canon from the start? What if Abby and Jaha had stayed a “thing”? What if Raven really HAD been Finn’s mom? What if you told us who Bell and O’s dad was? So. Many. Things.

              The 100… it’s moderately successful. Definitely for a CW show. But they did lose a LOT of viewership after Lexa. BUT they’re also hugely popular on Netflix, and they have a pretty rabid fanbase. And I think doing 13 episodes cuts the cost. It’s certainly doing better than a lot of CW shows, and I know that critics were raving about S4, so… fingers crossed! I need a Season 6, I think. I am not ready for it to end!

              • I know… S. Man that sucked, I’m glad she got Ferdinand though. And maybe she’s still alive? I mean I know it’s a long shot, but…? Helios, where are you? Take S to the hospital, stat. And I was pissed about gracie too. Give the poor girl a break! I’m seriously hoping Helena unwinds on whoever that evil chick is. We haven’t had any badass Helena vengeance yet this season? And yes Mark killing Coady would be so satisfying. I would cheer.

                Kira- I kinda like a mystical/ spiritual angle, since why would being clones give them an ability to “feel” each other? Maybe it’s best if it’s left unexplained… I just hope they talk about it some, and don’t just ignore it. And there a re a LOT of loose ends to clear up, I’ve been thinking all season that they’re moving awful slow, with all these plot threads in play. IDK… and I need to know what happened on the island.

                You’re gonna watch 12 Monkeys? YAY!!! There’ll be two of us! Ha ha seriously though I’ve heard certain fan sites say it’s the best SF show no one’s watching, so I think it just flies under the radar? I mean it starts out like a run of the mill SF time travel show, but at least for me the characters are awesome. Jennifer is AMAZING, and Olivia is a kickass villain. Plus there’s all kinds of shades of gray, which I love. The sad thing is it’s not on Netflix (like why, everything else is) but I do think it’s on Hulu. So if you end up getting Hulu… let me know what you think!!! Ha ha no pressure!!

                I used to watch Chelsea Handler but it’s been a while. She always cracked me up. And Timeless I don’t know about- will check it out. I just finished Shetland on Netflix- it’s slower paced but it’s a Scottish crime show, I love the accents and the scenery is amazing! Marcella was another Brit show I liked. I’ll have to look into the Fire stick but I need a new TV, mine is old and sucks and the sound is terrible. I need to get a flat screen.

                Those questions- YES. Spill Jason or we’ll give you the City of Light pill lol. Man thinking of Lincoln and O together, Bellarke being canon without all this bullshit, the Reapers naturally… 🙂 SO many awesome what if’s on this show. And I remember the backlash about Lexa, but I never really knew if they actually lost a ton of viewers. Yikes. And it’s probably the only CW show I watch, other than Riverdale. I used to watch Arrow and all that shit, but I just… can’t. I’m so over it.

                • Oh I was SO glad that she got Ferdinand too. He is fucking psychopath! I mean- bad enough how he killed MK, but to do that to RACHEL? We DO need Helios! But of course she’s dead, and Ilian is dead, and so… S is dead. ?? I am not okay, nope nope. I hope Helena does take them out- but she is also SUPER pregnant at the moment so who knows? But GAH Gracie was just a kid basically! Poor Mark- even if he DOES kill Coady… he’ll be dead soon too as the last Castor with no cure. And what will he even have to live for? This is really depressing!

                  I am fine with them leaving the Kira thing as an unknown, like Cosima saying there is nothing in her genes to explain it, etc. But they NEED to tell us what happens to the island. Maybe the clones should all take over and make it one big dance party where everyone gets a nice HEA.

                  I actually read an article like that about 12 Monkeys! (and funnily enough, The 100 and Orphan Black were on the same list!) It IS only on Hulu, which is like… ugh. Because I pay for the damn Syfy channel so… why can’t they let me just watch it? Like, you have to watch new episodes there, right? Annoying. But I am going to do the free Hulu trial, and then probably just keep it because meh. I mean, unless I NEVER use it after the shows I want to watch haha.

                  I adore Chelsea! I liked her other show better, tbh- the one that was on E!, but she’s gotten very political which i kind of love- she has people come on a lot and explain some of the shit that is happening, and it’s great. It’s definitely a more… responsible show than her last one was! And you have a lot of time to catch up on Timeless, it isn’t coming back til 2018 either. And oh goodness, YES you need a flat screen! They’re so cheap now too so that’s good! (You’d probably need one if you wanted a Fire TV stick too, because the port that they use is mostly in newer TVs)

                  OH good call, we drug him! Tell him it’s the chip! And then explain that he must take it since he made us suffer through more than a whole season with the CoL bullshit storyline ??

                  I think the loss of viewers was a combination of things- yes, the “kill your gays” backlash (which I STILL stand by that not being what they did AT ALL, but I also see why people were mad- the timing was… unfortunate, though they didn’t have much choice, it was the actor’s choice after all!) then Lincoln’s death and the backlash of the Ricky-Jason feud, PLUS the ratings for S3 were really not good compared to all the other seasons. Let’s be real, S3 just wasn’t the best. The only other CW show I watch is Jane the Virgin, which is fun. But other than that, I don’t think I have watched the CW since… well, since it was The WB and like, Dawson’s and Felicity were on ? I do want to watch Riverdale at some point too though.

                  Speaking of the show, I had this REALLY weird dream about Eligius. They’d intercepted Spacekru, but it wasn’t JUST Spacekru, Kane and Abby were there, and Clarke. And me. I was there. And Eligius was… strange. They made us break off into specialty groups, to do tasks we’d be good at? Idk, I was training to be an Eligius Lifeguard, apparently. It was weird. And Kabby wanted to start to revolt, but Bellamy was like, into being there. And then I woke up.

                  Almost time for Orphan Black! HOW is it almost over?! Didn’t I JUST fall in love with it? SOBS.

                  • It is depressing. MK’s death was brutal, like… damn man did they have to do it like THAT? And Gracie, that’s just not right. Yeesh. Ferdinand is horrible. Was horrible hopefully lol. And yes I think they should make the island Clone Island, where all clones are welcome, and every night is dance party night. Dance or go home.

                    Yeah I’ve been watching the new Monkeys episodes on SyFy through Sling, but the cool thing with season three was they released the whole season over one weekend, so you could binge it just like Netflix. Which I of course did! I hope they do that with season 4! But I agree- that’s annoying. They should let you watch older episodes, I don’t get that.

                    It sounds like I’d like Chelsea’s new show. And Timeless I looked up last night after reading your post- it sounds right up my alley. Time travel, changing the past… and it looks like they visit cool eras? I wil be streaming it to check it out. I apparently can’t get enough of time travel shows. I mean some of my favorite shows (besides The 100) are Monkeys of course, but also Continuum (which Richard Harmon was in) and Travelers. You’d think I’d get burned out since those premises are all fairly similar, nut nope. And now Timeless! But I’ll be watching it. 🙂 I just started Van Helsing too lol. I’m hopeless…

                    Riverdale is good. A bit cheesy and I never thought it lived up to its potential, but it’s snarky enough that it’s worth a binge. And I love Betty and Veronica, they’re awesome. And Jughead. And Cheryl- fuck she’s awesome!!! She is SUCH a bitch and I love it. She makes that show. They keep hinting they’re going to go in a supernatural direction, maybe in S2, but I’ve determined that the showrunner keeps hinting that but is afraid to actually do it, so it may not happen? But there are hints… and I wish they’d go there. And yeah that perfect storm of factors probably did result in viewer loss, makes sense. The kill your gays thing never made sense to me either though, because hello- Alycia was leaving either way, right?? Although after watching Fear the Walking Dead maybe she should have stayed w/ The 100!

                    “And me. I was there.” lol that cracked me up. See you want to live in that world??!? Although TBH at times I do too… cool dream though! Less than 5 minutes to go. I’m typing this bad boy all nervous for Orphsn Black to start. Is S alive????????

                    • So, did you watch the episode yet!? I am nervous to say anything in case you haven’t. I think I CAN say that the Helena backstory stuff was… unnecessary? Like ONE episode left and you’re doing flashbacks from the 90s!? Honestly, I am glad that they waited until the 3rd to last episode to kill off S (even though I wish they hadn’t at all) because the show is NOT the same without her. And I don’t know HOW they are going to tie everything up in like, 42 minutes. NO idea.

                      I seriously don’t get why I cannot watch them ANYWHERE except places where I have to pay for them, even though I already pay for the damn channel! This is confusing. And I was going to do the Hulu thing (and I probably still will, but I want to read Handmaid’s Tale first. Eh, maybe I should just be “that person” who watches the show without reading the book haha) but then… I can’t even watch Season 3! I can watch S3 literally NOWHERE.

                      Timeless is fun! I was on the fence for the first few episodes but then it got really good. When they cancelled it for a minute, I was sad. And then when the internet demanded its return and they actually listened… well, that was quite a moment haha. I do want to watch Continuum at some point, and I did watch the first like, 2 minutes of Travelers once but I was having a The 100 meltdown and needed to rewatch it 😉

                      I have been told by Val and Holly that I *must* watch Sense8, but I am waiting until their finale thing happens. And I started watching 3% on Netflix, but that was right before S4 of The 100 started so… you can imagine what happened there. It was really interesting, and I do want to continue it, but the subtitles did get a little annoying. (Is there a #SpoiledAmericanProblems yet? There should be.) And Riverdale! I feel like it is probably… like the old shows of The WB/CW, where they were almost guilty pleasures? I can live with that!

                      I have heard similar things about Fear the Walking Dead! I mean, I thought Alycia was incredible as Lexa- so it definitely isn’t a lack of acting prowess. Though I feel like they almost would have had to kill her eventually anyway? No way could everything last season have worked with her there! BUT her death is also the reason we got stuck with Riley and also why I had to make a two-bodied bear eat Bryan, so there’s that.

                      I DO want to live in the world of The 100! I know that seems REALLY stupid but like- here, what do we really live for? Our lives have become… really uninspiring, mundane. For the most part, of course. And not that I am itching for Praimfaya but there’s a certain satisfaction to saving your people. ALSO, to basically know every single member of the human race is kind of cool. Walking around here with 7 billion people, and we’ll know what, a few hundred? Maybe a thousand? That’s weird.

                      OH speaking of The 100. Jason popped up with THIS little gem today, and I feel like we must analyze it: “In an interview at SDCC, Jason said that he’s aiming for a big left turn at the end of s5, that could create another 5 years of material”. Look, I love this show a LOT. Maybe too much. But… I don’t know how I feel about this particular statement. Does The 100 need 10 seasons? Probably not. Would the main characters even still be PART of it? What the hell is a “major left turn”?! I am not okay with this information and will now be paralyzed with fear until May of 2018. (Here is the full video, if you are so inclined https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVjNoJfEKNM )

  3. I don’t either, one episode and they have all this stuff out there. Helena about to give birth! Although I loved how she disposed of Coady. Slamming her head repeatedly into the utensil table was quite badass, I thought. I hope she’s dead. And I agree about the flashbacks… it did eat up valuable minutes. I would rather have had Mark go out with a bang than a whimper, that was disaapointing. He and gracie were shortchanged if you ask me. And S IS dead. Not a surprise, but I was hoping…

    Also I thought if Frontenac is so badass that he is taking out board members around the world, seems unrealistic that Art and felix can get the drop on him. Like he wouldn’t have badass assassin/ guard types around? It’s like sometimes Neolution is badass and then other times they’re easily dispensed with. And the fact that Westmorland has like 5 people left but is somehow having people killed all over the world… I’m calling bullshit. Seems to me the board would be doing the killing, with their presumed resources??

    Wow I’m kinda bitching about this aren’t I?? But I did like it!!!!

    I’ve always said these networks should make it EASY to watch their shows, not hard. Especially in this day and age?? A lot of shows I’ve just ended up buying per episode at amazon, which sucks. I had to do that with Black Sails it wasn’t on Netflix or Hulu and starz made it hard to watch. I mean fuck Starz I’m not getting a subscription to that for one show. Although by the time I paid $2 per episode I probably spent more? But I don’t care. 🙂

    I don’t get the 12 Monkeys S3 thing. Why do they make it so hard??? I’m gonna try Timeless. I watched 2 episodes of Van Helsing and I’m like eh. Not grabbing me. Continuum is one of my favorite shows mainly for the characters- i like how as the show progresses you can see why Liber8- the bad guys- are doing what they’re doing, and maybe they’re not bad guys- except they do bad things? Plus it’s fun to see Richard Harmon act just like Murphy lol. I think I watched one episode of Sense8, but I didn’t really give it a try, and people like it? So maybe I should try again. And I think guilty pleasure describes Riverdale quite well. 🙂

    Fear the Walking Dead is pretty much whatever, I watched through part of S2 I think? It’s been a while. Alycia does very little on that show, they don’t use her nearly as well as The 100 did. She’s so much less assertive, it’s weird. Bad writing. And there would be something cool about saving the world regularly, and having conclaves and high speed chases and batshit crazy gorillas would certainly be more exciting than going to work. So I can see that. What would be really cool is if they would invent like real virtual reality, where you could live in The 100 world for like days or weeks and it would be almost fucking real. Like the OASIS in Ready Player One. That’s what I want to do lol. Screw reality.

    OK so I watched that video and I’m like… noooo. Not another huge transition, isn’t the time jump enuff??? I don’t know WHAT he’s saying there, but hopefully it’s just him part;y talking out of his ass about 10 potential seasons and he’s not REALLY going to do something drastic. I don’t really see 10 seasons, the cast is pretty large to keep together, but if they can go 7 or 8 I would be happy!

    • I liked that she killed Coady too- talk about badass, killing a bitch while in labor with twins bwhahahha. Mark WAS a bummer. I hoped that something would at least come of his death- like he’d die while trying to rescue Helena or something. Lost opportunity, honestly. Like… Idk, it wasn’t a terrible episode, but I felt a little underwhelmed, especially considering it’s the penultimate episode of the whole series! I agree about Neolution- is it all powerful or is it easy to outwit? It really cannot be BOTH.

      See, the buying per episode thing is something I am flat out refusing to do. This is why I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones even though I know I will end up being spoiled and sad. It’s just… That is $20 per season, for the shortest season! So upwards of $30, and then multiply that by all the seasons and just… NO. Especially when I pay for a whole bunch of other shit anyway. Eventually it will be on one of the services I pay for, and I will watch it then. It makes me so MAD because it seems like a huge ripoff. The only show I pay to watch is The 100- I bought all the DVDs- because I KNOW I will watch them multiple times. But I am not going to pay a shitload of money for a show I may not even LIKE.

      I am salty about 12 Monkeys because I had planned to watch it next! I seriously might email the Syfy people and have them explain to me why I pay for their damn channel if I can’t watch the shows that are on it. Ahhh your experience with Sense8 is how I felt about Stranger Things! I watched 1.5 episodes and just… I don’t get it? Though I didn’t really give it a chance either, I suppose. I might try Continuum. Or maybe I will wait until after Orphan Black is totally over, because I am in mourning a little, tbh. I finally find another show that I really like, and BAM, it’s over.

      I have heard the exact same thing about FtWD! That Alycia is woefully underused, that it isn’t that great all around. Which makes me wonder why she chose it? Maybe she already had a contract with FtWD?

      I LOVE the idea of living in The 100 world (or any awful fictional place haha) for a finite time. But you know, I think the thing about those shitty worlds is that when the characters finally DO get to live peacefully, they (and we as the viewers/readers) appreciate it so, so much more. We take our peaceful mundanity for granted, really. But the allure mostly I think would be having a real impact on the world. Whereas in our world, so few people can really say they’ve done that.

      ALSO- 5×03 is called… Sleeping Giants!! That sounds pretty great, tbh! And yes- I really, REALLY hope that the video was just Jason bullshitting for the cameras. I have heard that a lot of people say they’ll stop at episode 100, which would be, Season 7 I think? I don’t want another drastic change. This damn time jump still may be a mess, so no, we don’t need anymore nonsense. They start filming in a WEEK though, so we should at least see a few pictures or something soon!!

      • Helena killing Coady was like the highlight, nothing else much happened? And does it seem like they’re trying to make Westmopland all nutty and vicious all of a sudden, like they realize their big bad is just some old guy lol? FFS Coady oozes more nastiness than he ever does. And Neolution felt so small and not threatening in this one? It definitely goes back and forth.

        I totally get that! Paying per episode sucks. Stranger Things is funny- it’s good but to hear people talk it’s like the greatest show ever. I didn’t think it was THAT great, I’d give it like a B+. I mean it’s good, but I like plenty of shows more. Continuum I’m just a fanboy for. I mean it’s not perfect, don’t get me wrong, but that show and I just clicked. But I really liked Kiera and some of the characters. I like Dark Matter too, some people do, some don’t. Orphan Black I am going to miss… FtWD is lame, at least up through the point I watched.

        Great point about the fictional worlds, I totally agree. I’ve often wondered, since I read for escapism, why am I trying to ESCAPE to a fucked up world o dark lords or apocalypses lol? Shouldn’t I be reading some cozy little book about sunshine and rainbows? But I think we do, some of us anyway, yearn for something more, something to do that means something. So we gotta live vicariously… 🙂

        Ooh a week? Yes! They are building out story soon ha ha. I wanna go! I can be a, um, story consultant or something, or maybe they need a janitor? And S;eeping Giants? What’s THAT all about? Any speculation? Think they’re talking bunker or someone/ something coming back to life, symbolically? Hmmm……

        • Gah YES, that seems to be exactly what they’re doing with Westmoreland and I don’t get it! Now he suddenly doesn’t have hair, and wants to kill everyone!? Like… I know he isn’t above killing obviously, but it almost doesn’t seem authentic. And I agree, Coady (well, the woman who plays- played, I guess is more accurate- her) was SO much better at being convincingly evil. This finale needs to be EPIC.

          Did you watch the whole season of Stranger Things? Does it get better, or if I didn’t like the first few, will I probably not like the rest? I also don’t get the people who are like “it is such a great 80s throwback”. Like what the hell were YOU doing in the 80s, because I was definitely NOT in the same place? I really want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale- I almost don’t want to even bother reading it first so I don’t know what to expect? That seems like cheating though ?

          So, our REAL world is starting to sound more and more like Praimfaya. We may not have to worry about virtual reality. But I think more and more people DO seem to gravitate toward even more messed up worlds than our own? Which, to be fair, is getting increasingly harder to do. I swear, if Trump gets us killed before we get to see Bellarke… ?

          YESSS one week! I am still waiting to hear that I am needed on set for my breakout acting role. So if they call, I will put in a good word with the writing and/or custodial staff ? I cannot wait to see the sets and such, at least! It’s going to be HARD not searching for spoilers though since I am so used to stalking the hashtag and all the websites for info.

          As for Sleeping Giants, yeah, a lot of people think it is about the bunker. And since that is the first episode that Isaiah is scheduled to be in, I’d say the bunker is a perfect guess. It’s weird though- does this mean we’ll see NONE of the bunker people until episode 3? Or will we get to see some of them? Will they just tell us that Jaha bit it, and we get the backstory in Ep 3? I DON’T KNOW and I want to know all the things! The good news is, within the next few weeks we should at least find out who the new cast members are, so that’s something!

          • Yeah Westmorland sucks. They’ve killed off all the good villains so whatever they do I hope it works. Did Enger just replace that one detective chick? Because we never found out where she went (pulled a Bryan lol).

            I did watch all of stranger things, and IDK if it gets BETTER? From my prspective, having watched it months ago, it kinda runs all together? I thought it started out kinda scary, with the missing kid and the whatever it is that’s on the loose, and as it goes they get into the mysterious company and all the interdimensional stuff. Winona Ryder’s character gets all spastic and somehow communicates w/ this other dimension through the walls of her house of the Christmas lights or something. I did like Eleven, the little girl who is weird. I guess I’d try one or two more and see what you think? I will say this- the stranger Things S2 trailer looks AWESOME, so if you watch it and agree then you might want to power through S1 just so you know what’s going on? Maybe. Oh and if the kids annoy you a bit, you’re not alone. Everyone raves about the kids but they’re dumb and got on my nerves lol.

            The world scares me. I’m reading Emma in the Night right now and it’s about narcissistic personality disorder and man if that doesn’t describe T to a tee! Which is kinda scary when you think about managing crises. What really scares me is someone like that could WIN. You’d think I’d be over it, but I just think why didn’t anyone stop him? I was reading an article the other day talking about how all the people saying “you can’t disenfranchise his voters” were wrong- you CAN if they’re voting in someone who’s unfit. The party apparatus should have stopped him, even if their voters got all pissed. I mean it’s not like we have pure democracy anyway, there’s gerrymandering and voting restrictions, they’re suppressing minorities, so fuck em if they wanna cry about rigging the results.

            Ooh the sets! I can’t wait to see. I fear that I will be amenable to spoilers at this juncture, because what if something happens to me before next year? Ha ha see I can rationalize it! I must live for today so yes spoilers. And I need to know all about the bunker. What is Jaha up to??

            Ah yes- the new cast members. I hadn’t thought of that. Can’t wait to see what these Eligius assholes are like.

            Wish me luck- I’m going to try Timeless tonight!

            • Oh Angie definitely pulled a Bryan, no doubt. I could have her eaten by a two-bodied bear too if need be?

              I suppose I will give it another episode or two- maybe I just was not in the mood for it? I love that you don’t like the kids- aren’t they like, the main focus of the show? ?? I mean, I feel like I am missing out a bit by not watching, so I guess I can try again.

              I hope you liked Timeless! It gets better as the season goes on, too- takes the actors a few episodes to get their chemistry settled, but the premise was great from the start, I thought.

              I feel you, I am not over it either. I never WILL be over it, because no matter what happens next, we have to live with people who thought this was a good fucking idea. And now he is just… well I think Pike handled conflict better. You are SO right about the whole pure democracy thing- the electoral college assures that we don’t have one anyway! If it WAS a pure democracy, we wouldn’t be in this bullshit mess. And like- why am I feeling like I fucking AGREE with NK? We should NEVER agree with NK, but… I want to Kane-style tie Tr*mp up in a Rover and deliver him to NK, and be like “okay, truce?”

              I… cannot do spoilers, even though I really, REALLY want to? Though with the damn world in peril, maybe I should hah. So. New info! First of all, you HAVE to read this: http://the100writers.tumblr.com/post/164003816802/from-script-to-screen-411-the-other-side You’re welcome.

              Next, Madi has apparently likely been recast? Which… weird. Usually they’d just kill a bitch. But alas. THIS is Madi now, at least most people think. She is definitely on the show, at any rate. And she also confirmed that her voice was the one in the sizzle reel, so. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7380180/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

              Isaiah is heading to Vancouver in a week, which means we are definitely going to get Jaha closure. I won’t lie, I am still really sad to see him die. I love getting all this info though, it’s like freaking Christmas!!

              • Ooh Orphan Black fanfic? Now THAT would rock. 🙂

                The kids ARE the main focus, but if I remember right they’re kinda stupid? Although Eleven is kinda kickass. Maybe the serious one is sometimes okay, I think he’s the one that befriended Eleven. I don’t know, it’s been months since I watched it so I’m a little fuzzy. I know Winona Ryder needs to chill, maybe a few more cigarettes or a vodka would help

                Yeah I’m sure the people on Guam are loving his big mouth at the moment. SMH I saw something on Buzzfeed News today about what the Europeans think of him, and the observations of some who’ve met him. It’s pretty sad. He literally doesn’t know anything.

                Oh my gosh are you serious? Another person she LOVES? That’s what I’m talking about. Is that for real? And *sputter* Madi’s been recast? Who’s this Lola Flanery chica? Well that was quick. I’m still not okay with all this Madi stuff… sigh.

                Jaha yes!! As much as I dislike the guy, I still want to see him go out well, you know?

                • Hhahah I have a feeling we are going to need a LOT of fanfic to sort out all the missing people when the show is over. What ever happened to the trans clone anyway? Angie, trans clone, I’m sure there are more missing people. And only one episode left, so…

                  I feel like Eleven was kind of decent but since I only watched the first (and a half) episode she was barely around, so. It was mostly just those kids doing weird shit and I was like… meh.

                  I saw the same thing about the Europeans! I feel like, guilty almost because we are dragging them down with us, and that seems really unfair. And now he is just escalating things even more. I seriously feel like he doesn’t even care what he is in the history books for- he’s such a narcissist that he’d be FINE with being the guy that caused the damn apocalypse because at least HE was the guy, you know? Because that is the only explanation- either that or he is legit brain dead.

                  YESSSS. It is 100% real, direct from The 100 Writers account! EEP. I am so happy. I mean, at least if we face Praimfaya, we know that Bellarke was canon 😀 And I am shocked that Madi was recast too! I guess she was on some ABC show and so they recast her with this Lola person. I guess it doesn’t matter but.. ugh, you know. I am SURE they are going to use Madi as an anti-Bellarke device after he and Echo break up and/or she dies. (Do you notice that people never seem to break up, just one of them dies?)

                  Jaha needs his redemption moment, no question! OH! And I had a thought about the whole “left turn that would enable more seasons” thing! WHAT IF…. it is the rest of the WORLD? I still feel like that Egypt scene wasn’t a throwaway- they really don’t DO throwaways- so… where the hell is everyone else?

                  • I thought I read somewhere that the trans clone died, but I’m not sure? Are there supposed to be more clones as yet undiscovered? I can’t remember. I sorta thought after MJ died it was just the ones we know were left, but… ?

                    Eleven gets better although she does spend a lot of time eating waffles. I think the show kinda spins its wheels a bit until it gets all batshit at the very end. Lot of build up and Winona Ryder having a fit about everything. It does have kind of a cool end though.

                    I think he is a narcissist and he’s one of those people that just bullshits his way through everything, but now he’s found something that actually matters and his bullshit is obvious to all. Except his idiot supporters apparently. I went through a phase where I couldn’t believe his supporters, then I tried to understand why 35% give or take of the population voted for him- surely it can’t be as simple as they’re idiots or misinformed- and now I’m swinging back towards- they’re just idiots. Because they gave us this. Them and the Republicans. The only silver lining to any of this is he can’t get anything done- so much for the dealmaker. So even as we fear he’ll get us into war, at least he’s too ineffective to get rid of Obamacare so far. I think it’s hilarious that the redneck assholes who voted for him have their party controlling the gov’t and they can’t pass anything.

                    Good point, relationships on The 100 (or the 12 or however many are left lol) end in death, not break up. So get together at your own risk delinquents! And you’re probably right- I can’t otherwise think of a real reason for Madi? I mean why exactly are they going the motherhood route? Other than to delay Bellarke. It’s so unnecessary. We should writer an alternate scenario where Bellarke HAPPENS and then we show how bitchin it could be with them together. Maybe Bellarke go off to found a new colony and leave Kabby or O in charge of the existing place, and we could have two teams out there. Then it’s back to the delinquents vs the world or whatever, I don’t know. But it could work!!! Squeeeee

                    You know that would be super cool. I always wondered about that Egypt shot too, like did they just think it was a cool image or were they hinting something with the pyramids in the background? If there are other places and survivors… that gives you a lot more to play with. Yes I like it!!! And clearly that writers Twitter feed is something to watch they’re crafty little tricksters aren’t they?

                    I watched the first Timeless. Not bad! And Leekie is in it!! Or was- not sure if he reappears? And the chick from Flash. Except she died. Still I’m kind of into it, I love that they changed time and now it’s all fucked up. That’s what Continuum did too- they just didn’t save everything all the time, instead it got all fucked up and they had to scramble. Looks like Timeless is going in that direction.

                    • How the hell did he die? Did I miss this? ::Googles Tony:: So, the Wiki lists his status as alive, but I have no idea if that is true. ALSO- what happened to CAL!?!? He’s Kira’s damn dad and he disappears!? But I still want Sarah and Art to get together. HOW is this going to work in one damn episode?

                      I mean… waffles are good, so who can really blame Eleven? ? Winona Ryder is just… not my fave in general, which is probably part of the reason I was not too hesitant to quit hah.

                      The 35% HAS to be idiots? I have tried to come up with other reasons but seriously cannot come up with any. Like, even the selfish assholes have to understand now that he is straight up going to kill us all? Did you hear that he is now threatening Venezuela? I just don’t understand how NO ONE is stopping him. Honestly, imagine if you’re in congress- how are you NOT stopping him? I’d do ANYTHING I could.

                      https://twitter.com/The100writers/status/896136499493720064 <---- Figured you'd enjoy that 😉 I am SO EXCITED that filming is happening! It is SO sad that there are only like 12 of them left. It's crazy. Someone posted this great Madi theory on Twitter though- about how Bellamy shouldn't be mad that Clarke puts Madi first because he understands because of Octavia, so, fingers crossed! I just need Bellarke to happen too, I feel you! Yeah, I feel like Egypt had a point- same with ALIE talking about the whole world in regards to Praimfaya. Especially because- imagine the bunkers in Europe especially! There has to be people there. And the "world" in the Eastern US is so limited after Praimfaya, so it kind of makes sense. That Twitter feed is FAB- they post scenes every week, and also if you follow Aaron Ginsburg (@DrLawyercop) he posts behind the scenes pics and such a lot! (And he;s just funny in general) I am glad that you didn't hate Timeless- it was my turn to be worried hahha 😀 And I did NOT notice Leekie- which shows how much I pay attention. I have to rewatch the episodes before the new season. Some of the episodes get really amazing, especially historically speaking. I am DEFINITELY watching Continuum now. I will start after Orphan Black ends, so we can chat about that too! Will you be watching OB when it is live tomorrow? Just so I don't spoil anything, of course! I am going to watch it after it DVRs probably- and Rashika is here (from Xpresso Reads) and we are going to have sushi because I have not had sushi in ages and also I love sushi. I may also be drinking some wine.

  4. omg Shannon, this is SO GREAT!! YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!! I’m sorry I’m a terrible and lazy friend and didn’t comment on/read it sooner.

    Sienna and Zoran’s story gave me unexpected FEELS, SHANNON, IT’S NOT NICE. I hope to fuck both of them found someway to survive. And eh, who cares about Wick anymore? jk, I don’t care if he survives too. Though, he’s a good last meal for Greg (because of course you’d put him in here somewhere, you are #predictable).

    I waited for Greg to show up again in Bryan’s story, but I’m proud of you for going the less predictable route. :p omg I guess it’s a fitting ending he dies saving people? It’s okay, though. We’ve got Milkson.

    OH HELLO AGAIN MEL I FORGOT ABOUT YOU, THE GIRL EVERYONE /HAD/ TO SAVE EVEN THOUGH SHE WASN’T AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER AT ALL AND THAT ONE KID WHOSE NAME I FORGOT DIED TRYING. And then I read your ending and started to tear up over Miller’s dad bc I’ll never get over it. I like that it was a hopeful, peaceful one! You should write for the show, tbh. 😉

    Polis Marriott LOLOLOLOLOL

    HOLY SHIT PLOT TWIST. I was not expecting that ending to Shawn’s story. Hahahaha omg Shannon. I love how they all laughed bc Murphy. I love Murphy.


    • AWWW thank you, love!! You are most certainly NOT a terrible or bad friend, shhhh. I am glad you read it at all 😉

      Zoran NEEDS to be alive. I am so pissed that they bring a sweet kid around and then he pulls a Bryan. No thank you please. Tbh, these were ALL supposed to be funny/lighthearted, but then I sat down and they got… sad. I don’t even know HOW Mr Miller got involved, I just… Idk, I feel like he deserved a bigger farewell than being dragged outside by Grounders? And yes, MEL! Why did we never see her again!? She was just “way to get rid of Sterling”. Also, poor Sterling. Maybe I should have done one for him- he could have survived that fall, Octavia did ?

      The Polis Marriott is one of several Indra-run businesses. She also has a Subway, and Murphy is the head Sandwich Artist 😉

      And dude. No one is okay with Becho. But I’d bet serious money that Becho is happening.

  5. He’s alive??Ack- shows what I know. Check the damn wiki once in a while Greg *grumble grumble* And I sadly do not know about Cal, either. Too many loose ends. I can’t believe the finale is TONIGHT. In a few short hours. Nooooo… I’m getting all depressed.

    Yeah the Congress has proven they can’t regulate him, anyone who thinks at this point they can successfully govern is nuts. I love how he’s feuding with McConnell now! They’ve enabled him and he doesn’t hesitate to trash them. You know I read something a while back that said that in the old days the party system and the conventions were supposed to weed out nutcases like him, the smoky back rooms where deals were made. I don’t know if that was ever true, but it said the party elders should have come together and denied him the nom, even if it meant Hillary won. Put principle over party- which of course is the opposite of what they did.

    Oh my… Chelsey is looking… quite nice. Love the hair! Thank you BTW 🙂 A cute pic of those two. Clearly I need to get w/ the program and follow those Twitter feeds! And yes I think Bell would be okay with Clarke & Madi- he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would let that get in the way. In fact they’d make a good team if she HAS to be there *grumble grumble* lol. I hope hope hope they don’t do that “I can’t be in a relationship right now because Madi has to come first” ugh that would be SO tired and cliched. Just stop. Because of course she’ll still use Niylah when she needs some (assuming they dig Niylah out that is). And how cool would it be if people were hiding IN the pyramid? Okay that’s goofy maybe but hey you never know? Totally agree- I want more pockets of survivors. I’m sure Trump had bunkers made for him to hide in after he started World Wars III through V?

    I did NOT hate Timeless. and when I saw Leekie (he was right in the beginning) I was like “Leekie!!” ha ha. I was looking at the episode synopses and it does look like they do some fun stuff in terms of eras they go to. I’ll be definitely watching, nice to get in on the ground floor and not be 3 seasons behind or something. And yes I will be watching OB live tonight, I’ll try not to squee spoilery bits all over Twitter. Cool that Rashika is there! Wine and sushi sound quite lovely. 🙂

    I am so geeked you’re gonna watch Continuum. It’s okay if you don’t like it though, I don’t really expect everyone to be as crazy about it as I am. But I think you’ll love Garza. She is so badass… oh my gosh I can’t even. I’m sure we’ll be talking garza. 🙂

    • In fairness, it IS weird that he vanished yet didn’t die, so it’s reasonable to have assumed so. I am going to watch OB now (live) too! And then I can throw random observations at you during the commercials ? But I am also so sad that it is over. Ooooh I think they are giving us a dance party at the end!!

      COADY IS ALIVE!?? That bitch will not die! YESSS ART! Hits Not-Angie and then “You’re a shitty partner” ?? Art had better be okay. What the actual fuck is Westmoreland DOING? He has officially lost his shit, yes? He just killed that doctor for funsies? I still don’t understand why anyone listened to him to begin with tbh. I love Helena and Art as a team, although poor Art did NOT sign up for midwifery, I assume. YESSS my babies just took out Coady!! (Fingers crossed that it took this time.) DAMN Sarah. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanted her to kill him, of course! That was kind of fabulous. Also where is Felix? This is the last time I get any Felix, and I NEED IT. I am glad that there are some S flashbacks though, I miss her. The birthing scenes are kiiiiind of gutting me though, the parallels between S helping Sarah, then Sarah helping Helena… yep, crying. It’s pretty much perfect.

      Omgggg Helena lives in the Hendricks’ garage?! I am dead. Donnie and the babies is too cute! And Alison, my heart. Bwahaha there’s Tony! OMG. Oh. My God. It’s Helena’s dream shower!! Sarah is still SO broken though, it’s really sad. Oh I am DYING at Rachel- “this is Yousef, the Uber Driver” bwhahahha. Holy shit, 274 Ledas!? Helena named the babies Arthur and Donnie. Oh, that was amazing. But whyyyy didn’t Sarah and Art end up together? That is my only complaint really. I loved that they let them LIVE for a little, you know? At least we know Cophine is happy! SO what did you think!?

      Yes, I do believe that WAS the point of a two party system- to weed out maniacal dictators and such. Nice job, US. I am so disgusted I don’t even know. I mean, none of us should have to spend our days wondering if hate groups or nuclear war will be the top news of the day. This is fucking disgusting. And the “president” didn’t even bother to give any fucks about the damn white supremacists. Hell, he enables them. I feel like throughout history, in every conflict like this there has always been a hero, you know? Someone who finally stands up to the wrongness. But here…. I worry that everyone is too cowardly to be a hero. Perhaps we’ve come to the point where we can no longer save ourselves from… well, ourselves. Ugh.

      I agree, I like Chelsey’s hair! I think one of the first things we will actually end up knowing is what they all look like 6 years later, since they can’t exactly hide that! Though I wonder if Chris was hiding his on purpose in that picture? Either way, they won’t be able to hide it for long. And Marie’s hair is short now too- Idk how short Octavia’s will be (I know there was talk about it being REALLY short) but she could always doo wigs too. I REALLY hope they don’t use Madi for that purpose. Especially because unlike Plot Device (ermmm Gina) we won’t be rid of her in a few episodes, so that could be a long term Bellarke stopper. No thank you. And yeah, good point about Niylah- though I am really hoping that Niylah and O have gotten together in the 6 years in the bunker. Though it WILL be weird seeing O with anyone other than Lincoln. I am still never going to be over Lincoln’s death. Ever. I wonder if the pyramids could withstand Praimfaya, because if so, I like that idea! (And I seriously hope that Trump is narcissistic enough to think he doesn’t even need bunkers. Because then BYE.)

      I wonder if Timeless will have more than 2 seasons. I honestly doubt it, which is unfortunate. But… could happen, I suppose! I am still mad at myself for not recognizing Leekie though! And I definitely plan to watch Continuum! I need something new because I am sad about the end of Orphan Black!

      • Oh good we can discuss. 274 Ledas? Sheesh they were pumping the clones out FFS. And yes Westmorland was like crazysauce, but I thought it was kinda anti-climactic the way he was- what- strolling around outside the med thing and Sarah somehow shoots him blindly? IDK, but it was nice to see her bash his face in with the air tank. Sweet!! And Helena giving birth- gah!! Frickin Art lol WAS so in over his head!! I was surprised Coady was alive, frankly, but Helena sorted that nicely. And I feel more than ever that Westmorland was a dud as the big bad. He was more annoying than threatening. THose birthing scenes with the Sarah/ S flashbacks… yeah that well done.

        Helena living in the Hendrix’s garage is the absolute best. It looked cozy- kinda? Cophine are together- check. That was a biggie for me. Sarah WAS messed up but I lovewd how the last scene was her and Fee taking Kira to the beach. So she apparently kept the house?? I was afraid they would kill Helena off after she gave birth, so I’m glad she lived. On balance I guess I was a little disappointed, only because they final showdown seemed a bit rushed (plus all the good villains were already dead) and then they went right into Sarah’s funk, which was kind of a downer, but it was good character development for her, so maybe I’m wrong? lol

        It was nice to see them all hanging out. Can I have Alison’s house? And I like how they’re all so tight now, Art’s kid even and they’re all hanging out. I could watch a show based on their get- togethers and backyard BBQ’s I think. A little disappointed no Sara/ Art though, agree. I kinda wanted Rachel to come in and reconcile, which is probably dumb, but IDK I even wanted her to have a HEA, I must have been drunk. Oh, and I do NOT need to see Donnie shimmying down AT ALL EVER AGAIN. Just stop Orphan Black!!

        I’ll miss it though frickin big time.

        Can you believe that shit in VA? I saw that car video deliberately drove into the crowd. WTAF is happening in this country? These people love him, they even come out and say they’re doing it because of him. What more do people need to hear???

        Yup. I’m really wondering what the initial pitch for the Madi character was- did they want to thrust Clarke into motherhood situations, and for cripes sake why? Was it just to giver her a companion dependent on her or something else? And chris DID have his hood up *hmm pondering* methinks there are changes afoot. O and Niylah- I wholeheartedly approve. Sorry clarke- sometimes people gotta move on. Just, you know- not you and Bellamy lol.

        I should rewatch Continuum (ducks because hasn’t rewatched The 100 yet and Shannon is throwing garbage at me). Can’t wait to see what you think!

        • I do agree about Westmoreland. Like… he clearly lost his shit, and was coming unraveled but it WAS sudden. Tbh, I am GLAD they didn’t drag it out though? Here’s my thought- I think that if they’d had more time, it could have been longer. But since they were working with such a finite number of minutes, I am REALLY glad they didn’t spend the whole time chasing that old fool. Because I fully agree with you about him being more annoying than anything else. The birth scene gutted me. It was really well done. I loved Art’s reaction, and the flashbacks were so perfect. I won’t lie, I low key held out hope that S would somehow pop back up. But alas.

          I think the Sarah depression thing DID feel very authentic- especially since she really lost the most of anyone- and gained the least, really. I mean, Cosima got her cure and Delphine, Alison and Donnie got… well whatever that strip tease at the end was (in addition to it being wholly unnecessary, though I felt like it was almost a running gag at this point, so I guess I can live with it), Helena having her babies AND a stable home, and even Rachel probably getting some peace- and a new eye that wasn’t a camera hahha.

          You always want Alison’s house hahahha. Maybe now that they’re done with it, they will give you the set 😀 Is Art raising Charlotte now too? That was really cute. This was why he and Sarah needed to end up together, they could have raised all 3 girls together, it would have been so cute. In my mind, that is how it goes down. The beach scene was fabulous! I loved that Fee and Sarah were raising Kira, trying to maintain normalcy. And yeah, it looked like they were keeping the house, and I think Felix painted a mural? I approve. I DO wish there’d been more Felix overall in the episode. And more Cosima and more Scott. Especially since Scott was a main character by the end, and the poor dude got no closure! I also wanted a reconciliation with Rachel, but I guess that was pretty authentic, too. I am going to miss it a lot too- but I am still very glad that you got me hooked on it! 🙂

          The shit in VA is so awful, I want to throw up. Like… I am not surprised, which is honestly an even sadder commentary, but I am fucking disgusted. And then Trump doesn’t even condemn this complete bullshit, when even his own party is condemning it. Like we have spent the week worrying about legit nuclear war and then goddamn Nazis. How is this 2017? It is getting worse instead of better and I simply don’t understand. I will never understand what someone has to gain by actively hating someone else.

          I feel like the Madi thing is going to be complicated. Because she isn’t even really *that* young? It’s not like she is some helpless toddler, you know? She looked about 14, I assumed, but I am also terrible with that kind of thing so who actually knows. My point is, Clarke didn’t raise her. So I get that Clarke feels a love for her and a duty toward her but… OH. SHIT. I just realized something! Madi is the ONLY natural-born Natblida that we know about. Maybe THAT will be the angle! Like- Madi versus Octavia for who gets to be the rightful Heda? Maybe it will be less maternal and more… protective? And wanting Madi to like, earn her “rightful” place? THAT would certainly pit her against the Blakes. Yikes.

          Clarke and Bellamy are never allowed to move on, obviously. I am not even sure I am ready for Octavia to move on tbh. Lincoln’s death has been the hardest for me to get over. OH speaking of. I need a topic to post for my monthly “The 100” post. I have one in mind for September, but for August… I’ve got nothing. I could do deaths? Ranked by awfulness? I don’t know, I need some ideas, if you have any!

          And I will not throw garbage because it is only August. Now, if we have this same conversation in December, all bets are off and you should absolutely be ducking 😉 I think I will start Continuum tomorrow. And I will of course let you know my thoughts!!

          • Yeah the S thing… I REALLY wanted her to survive, but I guess someone big had to go. I always assumd one of the big three (Sarah, Alison or Cosima) and maybe Helena would die, but I’m not complaining- I’m glad they lived. The birth scene was very well done. Good point about Sarah- she was the closest to S (along w/ Felix) so she did lose the most. I guess if she WASN”T upset it wouldn’t have really taken S’s loss into account.

            I know- I love their house. Or their set ha ha. Art and sarah w/ their blended family would have been super. I could have used more Felix. And other than the one episode Alison didn’t really have a lot to do this season . Likewise about Scott, I liked that dude. It’s one of those shows where I could watch them paint the living room or go shopping and just listen to their repartee, I don’t even need evil companies cloning lol. It’s the characters, just like on The 100. And yay I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

            That… is alarming about Madi. And I do feel like they struggle sometimes with how to differentiate Clarke and O- they’re both strong, they’re both leaders now but you can only have one leader? That could be the catalyst to get them at odds again. Let’s hope not. I’m the same on O. Lincoln loomed so large over the first few seasons that it’s weird still that they’re not together! That’s why it’s hard to ship her now- no one feels right. I guess six years may change that though?

            Ooh topics. I like deaths ranked by awfulness, that’s classic. How about best or worst places to live? You know, like the Ark, Mt. Weather, ALIE’s place, Polis etc? Could be fun. Or best fights. I still love tha throwdown in Mt. Weather when the delinquents fought back and they had that all-out melee in their little dormitory or whatever it was. Toughest decisions? Lots to work with there.

            Ooh maybe times someone was WORSE than Murphy lol. Jaha throwing that guy overboard comes to mind. 🙂 I mean it’s not every day Murph-man is shocked . Okay I’ll stop- this is way too fun.

            Whew! I have a little time yet. 🙂 And you’re right, I must rewatch before the new year because, duh, new season and you know how it seems so far away but then like at some point it’s gonna be like days away and we are gonna be PSYCHED. Can’t wait (except for it being winter). Eff that. And yes spill about Continuum- the good, the bad, the ugly. :):)

            • Yeah, they really did have to kill someone off, sadly. I kept being afraid it would be Cosima (I guess cause she was my favorite) but I also feel like S spent her whole damn life protecting Sarah and Felix and then Kira, and she never got to have ANY peaceful family time and that seemed so damn unfair.

              And YES same! I definitely would have been FINE with more character stuff, which I guess is extra hard with a 10-episode season and like, 384 clones. Alison was kind of boring this season, especially that dumb episode with Aynsley, so I suppose I am glad that she was in the background.

              That’s the weird thing about Lincoln- and really, ALL the deaths. For us watching, it has only been a few months since say, Jasper, or Roan, or whoever died, but for the characters, it will have been more than 6 years. I hope they can find a good balance with handling it. I think it’s especially strange with Lincoln and O, because he was such a HUGE part of how she eventually became the Champion. Like- had Lincoln not died, she’d not have been Skairipa, which means she’d never have wanted so badly to fight, and without Lincoln, she wouldn’t have decided on Wonkru either. So even though it’s been 6 years, it feels inauthentic to remove him from the narrative. Same with Jasper, honestly. Especially since Monty has been existing (we presume) in basically a vacuum with the same 7 people who ALSO loved Jasper.

              Filming started!!! Bob has a beard so I guess that is a thing now. Episode 2 is officially called “Red Queen”. Which, I think is Octavia + The Blood of the Bunkerkru. It’s curious though because Red Queen is a book. Sleeping Giants is a book. And I assume if we looked, there’d be a book called Eden.

              I really like Best Fights and Toughest Decisions, thanks! i think I could make those work. I had been thinking of something along those lines- something like the worst things they’ve had to do to survive, so I think that would definitely work! Thank you! 😀 (The places to live would be fun too- I have to come up with a good spin on that, because I think they are ALL the worst places hahha.)

              Seriously, I do not like that in order to finally have The 100 back, we have to deal with snow. No one asked for that. But… you can rewatch it to take your mind off of the snow. Or, be like me and just never stop rewatching it. (Which, I won’t lie, is probably not the best life choice? But I am fine with it.)

              OH! Isaiah just tweeted! GAHHHH this sounds so much like what Richard said at SDCC and I am so excited and also scared. Isaiah: “Re-read Episode 501 – Eden and Episode 502 – Red Queen and all I can say is…y’all ain’t ready” (But I AM ready, I promise!)

              • I thought several times that Cosima would get the ax. I mean they had her disease as an excuse so I was geeked that she made it. I never expected Helena to survive either. And around mid-show I wasn’t even sure I liked S, she seemed kinda shady with all those covert connections she had, but by the end I loved her character. I almost thought too they were gonna write Art out when they stopped using him much, so again nice to be wrong!

                Hmm good point about books. I know there’s a new Charbonneau book out called Dividing Eden, so if that becomes a title we know something’s up lol. It would be quite interesting if they used YA book titles as episode names. 🙂 I like it though, O’s gonna get her hands bloody! Which I probably shouldn’t celebrate, but… we have to have drama right? And that tweet! Eden and Red Queen- so we have Clarke and maybe Spacekru in Eden and definitely Bunkerkru in Red Queen? these tweets are gonna kill us.

                Ooh can’t wait for the post! You’re right about places, do any of them not suck lol? Probably not. 🙂

                You know what we need? A Three Dark Crowns show. :):)

                • I was certain that Cosima was a goner! I am very, very glad I was proven wrong. I almost felt like Helena was safe though. Idk why, I just got this vibe that they weren’t going to kill her? I agree about Art too, I felt like he was going to die just to like, add guilt to Sarah basically. Glad we were wrong about them all, honestly! Except poor S hahha.

                  Ah, Dividing Eden is pretty good, they should have used that- especially since it sounds pretty relevant! OH speaking of, they cast a “flashback Madi” who is in episode 1! Also, kiiiind of weird that every Spacekru person has been all over Twitter… except Luisa. Think Emori’s dead?

                  I have decided to incorporate POLLS into my post, so I am getting excited. Now I just need to find time to do it. I have been such a blog fail lately. At this point though, the world is so damn unhinged that I am not even mad at myself for being a blog fail. Because who has time for blogging when you’re staring at the news in sheer disgust and bewilderment, also wondering if ever in history anything has been quite so flat out insane?

                  I would definitely watch a Three Dark Crowns show! OH! Speaking of, I watched the first episode of Continuum! I don’t think I fully understand what was happening in the future, but I liked the idea of her being thrown back in time. Also, here for Baby Richard. Shumway was a real piece of work too. (He will always be Shumway, I don’t even care what his character’s actual name is. Shumway is still an asshole hahha.) I liked the stuff with Alec too- how he is somehow still alive in working in 2077! OH but the way she was able to jump right onto the police force? NOT buying that for a second.

                  • Hmm, curiouser and curiouser about Emori… ya know it makes sense that something would go wrong up there and someone buys it. I mean , 6 years????? and no screw ups. Not likely. And “flashback Madi?” Why would they be going into HER past she’s so young already? Unless… guess we’re gonna see another kid lose their parents maybe lol?

                    Okay I’m looking forward to polls, absolutely. Because voting is fun (even if RL it doesn’t matter *smirk*) I hear you though, it’s depressing. I was reading about the chances of civil war today, that was charming.

                    Does Murphy look young or what??? I rewatched episode 1 lol. Just to be fresh you know. 🙂 You know how when you love a show and then you rewatch (not the 100 of course) and you see all the flaws? That was me last night. 🙂 I was like aww I miss this show but dang that’s kinda lame lol. It does get better though. the first few are always rough. So whos’s Shumway? *looks up Shumway* Fuck me that’s Chen????? Oh shit I NEVER realized. And Chen is badass in this show ha ha. Frickin sweet. See?? These actors are are in all the shows I guess!

                    I know that’s the weakest part of the show. And she ends up as his partner and it’s cute but ridiculous. That Asian woman who gave her the side eye has been in a ton of shows too. It’s going to be interesting to see if I like the show as much on my second go- around. But at least I’ll know what you’re talking about. And I get to see Garza again.

                    • AH I have an Emori update! Luisa tweeted today that she is back on set filming and that “Emori has made friends” bwhahah. Not that it even means she’s alive but… let’s hope so. Just for the sake of drama, and I like her character, even after the whole Fake Baylis thing. Oh and as for Flashback Madi, I think they plan on showing us how the hell Clarke actually made it out alive, and how she found Madi. I feel like I even remember someone mentioning them doing that, so I think that’s why.

                      Polls ARE fun. I feel you with the voting thing though. It’s like, I keep asking myself, what more could I have done? What can I do NOW? And I have zero answers. It sucks, a lot. It’s like, will the civil war take us out, or the nuclear one? Fun times. I honestly don’t even have the motivation to blog at the moment. My mind is so consumed with this bullshit that I have zero creativity to come up with ANY posts (as you can tell, since I could not come up with a The 100 one hahah).

                      Baby Richard made my LIFE. Even though there was only a quick scene of him. And I was so confused because Shumway’s REAL last name is Chen, so when you said Chen… and yeah, I looked it up and his show name is Chen too and now things make sense. I cannot BELIEVE you forgot Shumway! Nevermind, I am back to throwing garbage, rewatch ASAP ? If it helps, I promise that a rewatch of The 100 won’t let you down! And I am sorry that you saw the flaws, that sucks. (Oh but you will definitely see The 100’s flaws because… damn the Pilot was hokey.)

                      I figured they were headed into some kind of partner situation. But I still don’t buy it. WAIT. TIME OUT. Garza is SIENNA!??!?! Did you know this!? Because this kiiiiind of changes everything. I don’t know WHY, mostly because half of this damn post we are commenting on is about Sienna? Also I still hold out hope for Sienna? Now I cannot wait to get to this part!

  6. Oh good Emori’s still with us. Cause I like her a little bit? Yeah Bayliss wasn’t cool but she IS a scrounger and that’s all she knows? Girl from the wrong side of the tracks and whatnot.

    It’s depressing. I saw this video that VICE did on the alt-right people from Charlottesville and it’s disturbing. I think it’s at Vox. They are coming out of the WOODWORK- who knew there were so many? Scary times indeed. It’s a cultural civil war even if it never becomes a real civil war you know? Just two different worldviews. and Trump is basically revealed now as an alt-right supporter- as if that’s a surprise. seriously have the last two days been fucking bonkers or what? Impeach!! What does he gotta do you know? It’d be funny if it wasn’t.

    *ducks garbage* You know I have binged so many shows on Netflix I wonder who else I’ve missed? We get a little more richard coming up, he has a nice turn as a maybe villain? I like the shades of grey to him. And Sienna? I drew a total blank when I read that, and then I feverishly looked up Sienna (even though yes you talked about her above but I didn’t make the connection)- it is Garza!!! Woot! Kinda embarrassed I never put that together. Actually I may have at the time when that episode aired and thought ooh Garza but honestly I totally forgot. Wow. Man these shows do cross pollinate lol. Anyway Garza is pretty active on this show and she has her moments. So we have three at this point who’ve been on both shows…

    • I like Emori too, I mean, aside from the Baylis thing- I just rewatched A Lie Guarded (RIP Nyko, you beautiful Grounder, the last freaking connection to Lincoln that we had left) and you could see how much ALIE’s bullshit still hurt her- how “Frikdreina weren’t allowed past the line”. So.. yeah, I would love to see how she fares when she is around people who could not care less about her hand, and who care about who she is on the inside more than anything else.

      Ugh, I cannot watch the videos honestly, it is just… sickening. And I know that is probably cowardly of me, and it’s a privilege to be able to NOT look at them but.. yeah. The thing that I think is most concerning to me- which is saying a LOT in this particular climate- is that I am SO afraid for everyone to eventually slide back into “normalcy”. Because every time the asshole pulls shit like this, he sets the “things that will shock the American public” bar higher and higher, and it takes even MORE disgusting behavior for there to be outcry. I almost feel like it’s his plan? And YEP- how is he even getting AWAY with this!? I think that it is SO completely unprecedented and absurd that no one knows how to even handle it. I mean- if they tried to impeach him, would he even LEAVE? Or would he just refuse? It is THAT batshit crazy right now. And then Barcelona… goodness.

      OH I bet you have missed tons of them then! Especially some of the more minor characters. Like Sienna, who I cannot believe you did not remember! Though in fairness, I saw her picture from the show and she does look VERY different as a Grounder hahah. I think those are the only 3- because I looked the characters up 🙂

  7. Nyko still pisses me off, I liked him. So maybe they are all going to make it down… I guess that’s good. They must have stories they want to tell for each one…

    Barcelona now too WTF? But yeah… somehow he gets away with stuff. Like any of the other candidates if they would have spoken about women like that or mocked a disabled person or- you name it, any of the shit- and they’d be gone, drummed out of the race. Somehow he gets a pass?? IDK how that happened, I guess it’s like self- policing norms and he broke em, and it’s just expected he’d be “done” but he keeps going, and no one is empowered to stop him. Anyone else would have quit in disgrace. So someone has to push him out, and n one has the balls to do it. And that Pence with his goo-goo eyes is about the smarmiest looking dude I’ve ever seen. Supposedly so Christian and he goes along with it. Whatever.

    I also worry that this is going to be normalized. Like are all races in the future gonna be like this, because the lesson is no one really does anything? And you know with all this talk of slavery and monuments it got me thinking about the Electorial College- it’s like impossible to get rid of because red states would never go along, but between that (and we’ve been bitten by it twice now) and all this other Confederate/ racist/ whatever bullshit STILL going on in 2017- we’re prisoners of that fucked up system. I mean Republicans would have APESHIT if their guy won the popular but lost the EC, you know? Fucking riots in the streets. Hillary should be in there right now. So the fucking Founders weren’t exactly perfect, and that’s what the right fears- that we’ll look at things and not just from our 4th grade history textbook. They ARE afraid all the statues will come down, because it was all slavery back then.

    Wow that was a rant lol. Oh one other thing- I read this really cool article about the antifa and how they literally saved people’s asses in Charlottesville- here’s the link. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2017/08/what_the_alt_left_was_actually_doing_in_charlottesville.html

    She does look different as a Grounder, but still… man. I think I recognized her at the time, but totally forgot. Jennifer Spence is another one who I KNOW I’ve seen somewhere, but IDK. Looks so familiar!

    Totally unrelated but did you hear about the HBO thing where they released the next GoT episode early in like Spain and a few other places? OOps. I watched it lol. Fucking awesome from a show perspective, kinda ridiculous from a book perspective, and my recap is all written! And it comes out on Sunday. Nothing like working ahead! 🙂

    • I feel like there was almost no REASON for Nyko’s death, even? Maybe the actor needed to be elsewhere, but Idk.

      CASTING ALERT! This dude- http://tvline.com/2017/08/18/the-100-spoilers-season-5-cast-jordan-bolger-zeke-shaw/ has been cast as “cocky space explorer Zeke Shaw” and I am SO EXCITED. There have been hints that he may be a love interest for Raven, but Idk if that is authentic or just speculation. Either way, he sounds fun! And I also LOVE the name Zeke! We kind of need a few new dudes since they keep killing them all. (Though I won’t lie, this makes me VERY nervous for our beloved female characters. Think about it- the major deaths, especially last season, have skewed VERY heavily to the males. Nyko, Ilian, Roan, Luna, Riley, Jasper, Miller’s Dad… all but ONE was male. And we know Jaha is likely gone too.)

      I don’t really understand why people were okay with his brand of awful, because you are so right- had ANYONE, seriously any other person, behaved that way, they’d have been laughed out of the primaries. What was it that made it “okay” for the voters? Was it that he was rich? Or famous? Or had been on their televisions? I have NO idea. I actually think I hate Pence MORE if that is possible. Because look- I don’t like Donnie, obvs, but I also think he is really fucking twisted, maybe even has some kind of actual disorder. He’s toxic and horrible but like, we knew that going in? Pence… Pence is goddamn shady enough to SEEM like a legitimate member of the human race, only he IS NOT. You’re right about the eyes, too- he gives me the heebie jeebies.

      I definitely have those concerns- especially when we hear about a new unqualified celebrity wanting to throw their stupid hat into the ring. Like, NO, asshole, did you not JUST SEE how that worked out? I think you’re really spot on about the EC and the statues, too. Sadly, these people don’t WANT things to have evolved past the 1700s, which is just freaking mind blowing to me. And I cannot wrap my head around how they think that the rest of us are stupid enough to fall for it. Like, they seem legitimately shocked when people don’t agree with an antiquated system based on the repression of MOST of the damn people who live there.

      I feel you with the rant. I am so OVER THIS. OH and can we PLEASE talk about the people who think that ANYTHING will change because Bannon is gone? Um, hi, are you new? He didn’t CAUSE Trump to think this way- hell, Bannon himself said he disagreed (not that I believe him, but at least he had the mental wherewithal to say it?) Will this ever end?

      That article was… wow. I mean, I am not necessarily surprised, but I am… grateful, I suppose is a good word. And angry, on their behalf. There IS no “alt-left” which is infuriating. I read a tweet somewhere that said something about the”alt-left” being so dangerous, throwing health care and equal rights in everyone’s faces hah. And in EVERY video I have seen, it is quite clear who the aggressors are.

      Jennifer Spence seems like a name that I KNOW I recognize but when I looked her up I didn’t find anything. Maybe there is someone with a similar name- I mean, only like 83 billion girls were named Jennifer in the 70s and 80s, and here I am insisting that I know her when I definitely don’t ?

      Speaking of, I am SO glad that they finally talked about the Seattle cop thing- the way they fixed it was MUCH more believable! I felt so bad for Kiera when she realized she wouldn’t be going home anytime soon. GAH, tugged at the heartstrings!

      And YES I did hear about the GoT thing! What is WRONG with the employees at HBO? They are such a mess! And that is really impressive that you have your recap done BEFORE a show airs ? I am glad it was good from a show perspective at least! One of these days, I will watch it. And probably be spoiled looooong before, but I am trying really hard hahha.

      • Yeah Nyko’s death actually shocked me? At the time. Zeke looks cool- a cocky space explorer. But wait I thought the Eligius people were criminals who were in cryo sleep sent to mine asteroids- has that changed I wonder? Now they’re talking space explorers, which I kinda like, maybe I had the mining part wrong? Either way he looks like a good love interest for Raven! And I like thje name Zeke too. 🙂

        Yeah it does make ya nervous, doesn’t it? That’s kinda why I thought they might kill off Emori in space, but I guess not. Fingers crossed . I’m SO curious about the space crew now. If they’re not just criminals then it opens up more possiblities, like that at least some of them are good and not just villains for Clarke to oppose. To me that’s a lot more interesting.

        Pence… yup. Trump is bad but he’s dumb and like a wind up toy that can’t stop, I agree he has something wrong w/ him. Pence though is “normal” and just has bad views. Maybe as a Christian he thinks he’s there in case someone has to rein in Trump, but he hasn’t done a very good job yet? And he was nobody before being picked- they say he was probably going to lose his governors race in Indiana, so he basically got lucky and is now close to being President. Not bad for somebody who was heading for irrelevancy. And the statues- IDK, but I don’t really care about statues? I mean, sure history and all that, but if black people don’t want to have to see Confederate statues all over the fucking place, can ya blame em? So I don’t care if they tear em down. They’re just fucking statues! I don’t know if people are insecure or are just pissed the Confederacy lost or what the fuck it is, but going to war over statues? If you can’t celebrate your “culture” without symbols of slavery then I guess we’re just not that advanced. Times change, move the fuck on.

        I am actually looking forward to Bannon gunning for Trump’s people. The more infighting there is the less likely Trump’s agenda succeeds. Bannon is the guy for a lot of the base Trump vote- the alt righters are already freaking- and if that leaves the more moderate (I use that term loosely) people whispering in Trump’s ear, then good. Let em fight. Bannon will be pissed he got tossed out and he could be a real prick to Trump going forward. I look forward to that. 🙂 But yeah you’re right there’s no controlling Trump.

        And yes it’s clear who was doing the instigating! What video is Trump watching lol? I thought about sending him the VICE one lol, where they’re on there SAYING what they’re gonna do. SMH. Glad they were there though.

        Yeah that was tough for Kiera- I remembered… not a lot from those early episodes. I forgot all about that aborted try to go back. And I think the other members of Liber8 would have killed Kellogg before letting him stay in the past, but that’s just me. I think I’m going to try to rewatch the whole first season as time allows- I’m curious now to see how it holds up a second time. And I ALMOST started The 100 the other night, but I knew I’d be binging the Defenders this weekend so I held off. Soon though!

        The GoT episode was great if you only watch the show, because lotsa cool shit happened lol. As a book reader first though it’s so ridiculous as a lot of that will NEVER happen in the books. But I just have to divorce the two in my mind. 🙂 It is nice having my recap done…

        • Nyko’s death shocked me too- I think because it was so sudden and random? And also, why did no one like, check on him after? Rude. Nyko deserved better. I agree, Zeke sounds FUN. And no, you were right about the mining! That was to be their punishment for being criminals, I think? My theory is that clearly they were in the cryosleep for a long time- maybe even when the world ended, no one had any way to like… wake them? MAYBE- maybe it was set to wake them after 100 years or something if it malfunctioned! Anyway, after they woke up and realized no one was in control, why on earth would they still mine? They wouldn’t, they’d overthrow whoever was in charge and do whatever they wanted. Like explore space. And maybe hijack Spacekru, who knows.

          I think that while they are all supposed to be criminals, not every criminal is the same, of course. So even though some might be straight up baddies, I highly doubt that they will all be. This show is wayyy too morally gray to fall for that. I am also still not convinced that all of Spacekru is alive, but I guess if they *were* up there for 6 years, as long as they had food, water, and oxygen, there isn’t really any reason for anyone to have died? They’re young and healthy, so.

          Pence is creepy. That is it. He is awful and wrong and creepy and I hate him. He really IS a nobody, and there is a reason for that- his views are disgusting. And you are right- he is VERY close to being president. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. At this point… it’s just so disheartening that I want to scream.

          As for the statues, AGREED. It’s like if Jewish people had to look at statues of Hitler all day! It is beyond fucked up. WHY are we celebrating these people, who were very clearly on the wrong side of history? Like- what the hell kind of country even MAKES statues for the LOSERS OF THEIR OWN CIVIL WAR? And they bitch about “culture”, but… do you really want to celebrate your “culture”‘s most disgusting mistake every day? And if that answer is yes… then you and your damn culture have fucking problems.

          I want Bannon to go after him (and the whole WH, tbh) SO. BADLY. I have no love for him, of course, but damn, if he wants to take him out, yes PLEASE. I agree about the infighting too. Plus, when Bannon’s looking reasonable, it’s time to reassess (RIP Jasper- please tell me you remember that quote bwhahah) but I think Bannon might be ballsy enough to actually spill. And I hope he does. It would be incredible. And then we can go back to despising him like normal 🙂

          SHUMWAY DIED!?! Shumway’s track history on shows is… abysmal, tbh. ?? He made it a bit longer in The 100, at least- til Day Trip! (Ep. 8 hah) ALSO. Can I ask… WHY do these dudes have such terrible aim with a damn gun? Shumway and Carlos must have shot 2873 times and NO ONE was hurt. That is sad.

          I don’t know WHAT to make of Kellogg. I kind of like him? But I don’t trust him hah. I agree with you though, I am shocked that they let him live! Though, in fairness, they DID try to blow his ass up the next episode (or at least, it looks that way so far hahha).

          I feel like I will never both read AND watch GoT? I mean, I do have the first two books, but I refuse to read that many pages if George is never going to finish. So I will wait. And since the show is almost over… looks like I’ll do that first? Idkkkk. Tough call. Because I am sure the books are better. But… yeah. ALSO! I am almost back to Season 1 of The 100 (I know, I know!), I probably have a week left, so I can start over too- and then on one of these rewatches, you can join me ?

          • Rude. There’s no other way to describe how Nyko was treated. I mean I know they’re in a fucking hurry lol but geez. He was like a nice Grounder (or at least reasonable) before it was trendy for grounders to be like, you know, not completely savage? I mean Jasper FFS got introduced to Grounders rather rudely, didn’t he?? They kill all the good ones off… and that makes sense for Eligius. At least they got to cryo sleep through all of ALIE’s bullshit. Lucky ducks!

            I actually would like for there to be a casualty up there, kinda, just because there has to be some high stakes or it gets a little ridiculous after a while. I mean REALLY that shit aint flying, it was so out there how they made it up there, but I’m not dissin my show because I love it, but… yeah. As long as it’s not Bell or Raven or Harper or Murphy… hmm I guess that leaves Echo and Emori. And I kinda like echo now… I guess maybe I don’t want anyone to die lol.

            Ha I love how you said that about statues. Because yeah… statues. Who gives a shit? Maybe I’m just not “patriotic” enough but I know shrines and historical monumnets are important and all, but not more important than PEOPLE? And lol about Bannon too- exactly. The fact that he went back to Breitbart so quickly tells me he’s gonna take shots at some people. Speaking of, have you ever been to Breitbart? Oh my gosh what a horrible website!!!!! Crazy town. And can you imagine the shit Mueller is probably digging up? I can’t wait for THAT report to come out…

            I think I remember that fight you’re talking about. Yeah they shoot like stormtroopers… can’t hit the broad side of a fucking barn. I feel like Shumway comes back at some point but it might be flashbacks… IDR it was like two years ago and I’n only on ep 2. I got sidetracked by Defenders… which was a trip BTW. Although kinda dumb at times- mixed bag. Anyway Kellogg is funny because he’s just out for himself, but he’s not too bad? He’s like chillin in the present making some money, which happens a LITTLE fast if you ask me, but whatever.

            The books are better. 🙂 Although I’m biased because people love the show and I sorta tolerate it, I’m pretty critical of it a lot, so maybe I’m weird? Because most people are like GoT (the show) rulezzzzz… and I’m like read the books people. There’s just so much depth they can’t get to on the show, although that’s true of pretty much any adaptation I guess. What’s really weird though is a lot of characters in the books are alive, even though they died on the show, and some characters arc’s are totally different. So they are two different things at this point.

            Are you watching the 100 over and over?? Your fan devotion puts me to shame. Alright Defenders is done I’m gonna try to watch S1 this week, or at least the first few. Don’t kill me if I fail, but I’m gonna try. I need to re- touch base with asshole Bellamy and Murph anyway…

            • Right? How dare they do that to Nyko! And tbh, it didn’t serve ANY plot point to kill him off either. And I feel like it was extra sad because there are so few Grounders left that we know! They have killed off EVERYONE except for… Indra and Niylah? And Gaia, but we hardly know her anyway. I feel like they need to cast a few new Grounders for S5. I wonder how long Eligius WAS in the cryosleep for… did they miss all of ALIE? This Zeke dude looks pretty young (the actor himself is only 22 or something equally ridiculous) so they couldn’t have been awake for long- certainly no more than 4 or 5 years.

              I DO get what you mean about the stakes- it was SO unlikely that they’d make it up there (though, I suppose if one of them died they probably all would have in that situation!) I think it’s safe to say that Skaikru isn’t dying up there, so you’re right, it’d be Echo and Emori- and they didn’t promote Tasya to kill her in episode one, so. If there’s a death, it’ll be Emori. Though I kiiind of don’t want them to go that route because what if it just makes Murphy regress to S1 Murphy? I don’t have time for that.

              YES- you are spot on about people being more important than statues. Like does anyone actually CARE about statues even? Once I took a picture with one in Russia but that is because it was some kind of demon lion thing and it was funny. Otherwise, no one cares. And you KNOW that the only reason these racist assholes care is because they want to piss off POC, which is more appalling than the statues themselves. Breitbart… I am scared of it. Okay so I did the thing. I opened it in an incognito window in Chrome because… I don’t know hahah, I didn’t want it in my history ?? And DAMN. I mean, I knew it would be bad, skewed, but… DAMN. They’re accusing refugees of smuggling child porn across the border? The stupidity leaves me actually speechless. They also claim that the people protesting the Nazis should be labeled as terrorists, so. How do people believe this shit!?

              Oooh I have heard a LOT about Defenders lately! I assume it was good? I hope so, at least! And yeah, the fight was the one where Shumway made Kellogg take him to Kiera, and then Carlos comes in and Kellogg sneaks out the back while the rest of them shoot like kindergartners. Seriously, the worst shooting ever. It was smart for Shumway to make Bellamy shoot Jaha, tbh. I guess he knew from his death in Continuum that he wouldn’t have been able to hit the broad side of a barn ?? I kind of adore Kellogg though, he’s my fave so far. And Alec. Not sad that Shumway is dead, he was an asshole.

              I assume the GoT books ARE better because like, 99.999% of the time books are- The 100 notwithstanding. But… they’re SO. LONG. And yes, I realize that I read a ton but… if I am going to read 10,000 pages, I am going to need to know how it ends, basically. With the show, at the very least I am guaranteed an ending? If George ever finishes them, I promise to read them 😉 It’s so funny because it seems like HBO LOVES to do that with shows- make the characters wholly different, and then just go straight off the rails. I think it’s good in a sense, because it IS easier to separate the book from the show? Like with True Blood, they were just two different entities to me, too, so I am assuming that GoT follows that same path.

              I umm… yes, I watch The 100 over and over. This is NOT something to be proud of, I think it’s an actual sickness? But you should rewatch, you know, like a normal person 😀 I feel like maybe in the fall when more shows come back I’ll calm down with the rewatching- i don’t even watch it *every* day now, but.. close hahah. Also. I did a thing. THIS is my plan for my September (or maybe October, Idk, it’s taking awhile!) The 100 post-

              • WE do need more Grounders. I think they went overboard with the deaths. Kinda weird to me they kept Emori but ditched Roan, Luna, Nyko… although yeah she’s Murphy’s GF but still. And yeah I think I agree- as much as I feel like Emori is not really essential at this point, I do NOT want to see Murph regress. Gah that’s the last frickin thing we need.

                Brietbart is a mess. I go there sometimes just to see what the other side is reading lol, and because I want to know what they’e saying. The scariest thing there is the comments- no matter what article you read, the comments are 100 x worse. Like all the angry knuckle dragging racist white people are there spewing, it’s quite depressing at times.

                Defenders was… yeah good. Not amazing but good. I really like Jessica Jones and her supporting cast, it was nice to see them again, that’s not a bad show if you’re ever looking for something to binge. Defenders started out strong and fizzled a little towards the end? But it’s good enough. Shumway was an ass, no doubt. I forgot he had Bell shoot Jaha. See when I rewatch S1 there are going to be so many things I forgot it won’t be funny. And I kinda like Kellogg too. If you like Alec wait til season 2, hoo boy .

                Game of Thrones is like the same for the first five seasons or so- you know mostly- but then when they got past where George is in the books it all went kinda crazy. Characters dying that are totally doing other stuff in the books, whole plotlines ignored, and I get that they have to because otherwise the show would never end lol. There’s too much. But yeah it’s pretty different at this point, although I think the broad strokes will be similar. And it sucks because I’ve read through the series now 3 or 4 times, but the last time I took extensive notes (like pages) so I never have to do it again- I think I got just about everything covered! Plus there are so many fan sites and theories now that if you DO miss anything, somebody’s got it covered. 🙂 But I totally hear you, how do you start a series that may never get completed??

                Oh my gosh what have you done? That is AWESOME. I must know more- but I will wait patiently because clearly this is going to be a fun post. 🙂 Are there stories to go with???

                • It does seem really weird that they killed ALL the damn Grounders. Especially since they’d become such a huge part of the show, especially Roan. I kind of wish his death had had a wee bit more fanfare. ALSO. I was so mad at Emori about the Fake Baylis thing but I rewatched those episodes (shocking, I know) and really watched their fight, and even though he wasn’t Baylis… he DID try to kill her. He punched her, AND tried to slit her throat, and she hadn’t done anything, so. I feel less bad about his demise hah. And YES- I want Murphy to evolve somehow, even if it’s not in the direction we hope.

                  I could NOT read the comments. I had to draw the line there haha. I think you are right though, that it IS better to be informed. I just… it makes me sick. So you are braver than me to look. It’s so hard because reading that shit, we just KNOW that you’re never going to change someone like that’s mind.

                  I still do want to watch Jessica Jones… someday. I feel like I need to be in the right kind of mood? But I need to watch that certainly before Defenders. I think I am on a sci-fi kick at the moment, so I might as well just go with it hahah. OH in Continuum, the old guy just popped back in- literally. I don’t know what his malfunction is, but I feel like I like his storyline better than the whole “Shumway shoots at everyone” thing. But I don’t trust Old Guy. He is being shady as fuck to Travis, and I also don’t trust Sonya either. I do wonder though… I mean, I assume that the Liber8 people aren’t *all* bad. Like… I feel like Kiera will find out that she isn’t the good guy? (Maybe there are no good guys ?)

                  Oooh wow, they kept it the same(ish) for THAT long!? ANd THEN went off the rails!? That is… intense actually. I guess they really had no choice (they’d have actors who aged decades in between seasons hahah) And DAMN- you have read those huge ass books THAT many times?!?! That is impressive. Like, my level of The 100 devotion impressive 😀

                  And YESSS I am so excited to start my little The 100 Sims! Those are the only ones I have made so far- it is SO time consuming! There will definitely be a story- I figure it’s going to be the game version of fan fiction? Like, if The 100 was in regular society hahah. Of course, other people think they should be involved too- like Holly, and Val- so I am trying to decide whether it is MORE fun with random, not-real characters, or not. So yeah, it is going to take a long time but hopefully it’ll be funny in the end!

                  • Roan’s death was a little too low-key. I would have liked more. Or for him to survive, but I suppose with him being a king that would have been problematic. And fake Bayliss was trash, no doubt. Good riddance creep. And re: the comments- yup. Those people are committed to their view and it’s useless to try and reason with em. You just have to outvote em I guess!

                    I think there are no good guys is kinda apt. Like Liber8 do bad shit but their cause is good- I mean that old guy fucker blows up a bldg in the very beginning of the first episode! So they’re terrorists I guess, even if they mean well. And Kiera is a “good guy” but she’s fighting for the fucked up status quo, so… yeah. I like that about the show, especially later in the series when she starts to doubt. Travis I think is super committed but not ALL bad, and Garza is complex because she clearly likes to blow shit up but I feel like she’s got an inner core of humanity too? Maybe somewhere in there. Her and Kiera play off each other nice, later on. Sonya has an interesting dynamic too… I hate the old guy though, Kagame that’s his name. He bugs the fuck out of me.

                    It IS kinda like your 100 devotion. Every time I re- read em I have to block off like three weeks or a month because they take a while to get through. But I’m so glad I did because there is legit stuff I didn’t catch like the first two times that pop up and I’m like, really? No wonder there are so many fan/ theories sites. But hopefully I’m done with that. I think I’ve got it down now and never want to wade through em again lol. Although the chapters are short and I like that. Something about every chapter being a different POV keeps it hopping.

                    SIMS!! Yes do they all live in one house? Oh you have to share stories as you go along. Like updates on their love lives and hobbies or whatever. I don’t even know what Sims DO- I’ve never played, but I think they do random pre- programmed stuff right? Like form relationships, go places… I love the idea of them all doing their thing? Is this like online or is it single player game.

                    Are you gonna have Lexa and Lincoln? And I assume Riley will NOT be making an appearance??

                    • It’s so funny because I am at that point in the rewatch where ALL my friends are going to die, and I’m just looking at the screen like “I miss ROAN” and “But Ilian was a NICE GUY” and “BUT… JASPERRR”. (Tbh I am still not really heartbroken about Luna- I feel like EVERY action Luna took was selfish, but that’s a whole other story.)

                      I just don’t understand HOW to outvote them, you know? Like- if you can’t change anyone’s minds… how do you change the vote? The whole thing is confusing and fascinating. I wonder if there’s an actual area of study devoted to it- like, Political Psychology? It sounds half an awesome career, half completely infuriatingly frustrating.

                      Yeah I feel like Liber8 doesn’t understand that the ends don’t always justify the means. And yeah, I think that makes sense- Kiera has good intentions but is on the wrong side, but I can’t figure out WHAT Liber8’s intentions are. Because even if Kagame has good intentions, I feel like at least half of them just want to shoot people and blow shit up? I mean, NO WAY can you tell me that Shumway gave a crap about humanity or whatever. At the moment, Sonya irritates me, and I wish Garza was more involved, because right now she’s just “Zoran’s mom doing asshole things in an old truck”.

                      Ooooh short chapters IS a win! I think you really DO need to reread stuff to fully catch everything. And rewatch- from experience hahah. I imagine there is so much fodder for fans, which is fabulous. Do you really think you’ll never read them again?

                      SO my Sims will have multiple houses- the first house is the picture above, and the only ones I’ve made. BUT there will be more. Definitely Lexa and Lincoln! AND Riley because I can make him SUCH an asshole! (There will be at least one house called “Deadkru” bwhahah.) They are somewhat automated, but also somewhat controlled by the person playing- I think you can actually adjust the level of autonomy, but I think I’ll just let them go in this game because I don’t have time to tell Jasper to shower every day or whatever. (I actually haven’t played this version yet- I hadn’t played in AGES- probably at least 10 years- but when I had this idea… well, I had to buy the newest version ?)

                      OHHHH! CASTING NEWS! “Power and Love Actually actress Ivana Milicevic will be playing Charmaine Diyoza, one of the “mysterious criminals” aboard the prison ship.” Here she is- http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0587431/ This certainly is a motley group aboard the Gagarin!

  8. Luna was kind of a bitch at the end, and except for that one moment where I thought her and Raven bonded on the island, I was pretty ambivalent about her? And that would be tough to relive those moments- like I’m gonna start S1 this week but even thinking ahead to when like they drill their bone marrow lol at Mt. Weather, I’m like do I want to watch THAT again? Poor Harper and Abby… or Finn because rthhfgghgfhutdfgv!! I think it will be tough to watch!

    And I so agree. Like I have friends who are staunch conservatives, and I often wonder- what happened to make you such a stick in the mud? I mean conservatives don’t like anything, ha ha even the definition of conservative is hates change- you know, more or less. :):) I’m just naturally more liberal. But yeah- older people vote that way and whites apparently FFS but younger people skew more Democratic, so… when old people die off and the demographics change enough we’ll get better results??? IDK!

    I think Liber8 evolves a bit over time. Clearly Shumway was just asshole alpha. And Garza is quite pleased to blow things up lol. But then there are times when they seem to genuinely care about their mission too, so you do see some of that play out as it goes. Garza does get more involved and there’s more to her. And this is a spoiler I guess but there’s a time (maybe S3?) where her and Kiera fight together and it’s the bomb.com. Love those two together.

    So here’s the thing on GoT. I probably will never re- read the first three, but I’ve done so several times. Book four is the weakest but still good, and I’ve learned that there are a lot of things in there that I never caught, little hints. and book 5 is just amazing. So there is a chance I may reread 4 or 5 someday, but I kinda doubt it. I did just reread 5 a few months ago. It was fun I recapped each chapter on the blog. And I have my notes. 🙂 I summarized each chapter so it’s like a Cliff Notes version if I need a refresher. So I just need Winds of Winter and will probably read it at least twice- I’m gonna take notes right from the get-go. 🙂

    I love that idea. I should get Sims. I could do a GoT Sim, or maybe one of my other shows. Hmm… pondering. I love how they just do stuff. Deadkru is awesome. I hope you do updates because this could be SO fun.

    Ivana Milicevic- interesting. I can’t wait to find out more do we call em prisonkru or Gagarinkru or ?? lol.

    • Okay, I shall share my Luna thoughts. Here’s the thing: everything Luna did, since we first met her, was for selfish reasons. She refused to become Heda to save literally everyone, even after she saw what ALIE would do. Won’t kill… except to save HER ass. THEN, she only shows up to Arkadia because SHE is sick. Only comes to ALIE island because she thinks Skaikru will kill HER. Runs when SHE had enough. So for her to be an asshole at the end, to kill everyone for funsies? It makes sense to me.

      Oh it IS tough to watch- especially when you know what comes next? Like, especially those few episodes where people aren’t totally filled with dread and hate and doom, because you know what is coming. Finn is actually one of the worsts to watch because he was SO damn optimistic, and so badly wanted peace and then… well, we know how that ended.

      I have to ask- is it really hard to still BE friends with your conservative friends? Because honestly, I don’t know if I could do it? I had a few friends from college who were Republicans, though I’ve mostly lost touch with them now, but if I hadn’t… I don’t know if I could get past that. Which maybe is shitty of me, but.. Idk. My best friend in college was a Republican actually, but I found her to be SO hypocritical because she was pro-choice (like VERY pro-choice) and like, claimed to want equal rights (her brother is gay, etc) but… then she’d vote for these old white Republican men and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

      I DO hope that the Republicans will die off! Which is another shitty thing to think about hah. But even though there ARE young Republicans (like those asshats at the rallies and such) I feel like they’re definitely overpowered in number by FAR.

      Shumway was SUCH an asshole hahah. I want to see the dude get to play just some nice fatherly type one of these days hah. OH! So, I have a question! When Kellogg’s grandma died and he didn’t… are they going to explain that? Because I will be PISSED if they don’t. I also kiiiiiind of loved when Kiera was talking her own grandma out of aborting her mom ? Though I was a *little* perturbed that the only reason she didn’t abort her own son was because the father proposed? Like really, girl? You can’t make up your own mind? Glad that there will be more Garza interaction, too!

      Holy CRAP, you summarized each chapter!? Yep, this is definitely on the same level as my The 100 addiction ? Taking notes from the start is a good plan- I mean, how can any human remember everything in a book that size?! Will you rewatch the show ever? Since I know you like the books better!

      Yesss, get The Sims! I KNOW, you can make an Orphan Black one and make Sarah and Art get together! I worry because when I used to play, I remember it being a HUGE time suck and so I need to try to not get carried away. The real problem is that there is no… real end point, I guess? So it’s hard to know when to stop hahah. I will definitely update you, too! 😀

      Ooooh good question! I think we call them Prisonkru because it has a nice ring to it! I find Ivana’s casting interesting because she is SO different from Jordan, which really means that these Prisonkru people could be literally ANYONE.

      • Prisonkru works, I like it. And agreed- if we keep on this way it should be a diverse group. And did you see that little blurb where it said she would go head to head with some favorite characters. She’s a badass!

        Okay good points about Luna. I had not realized how she was all that way, but I’m sure on a rewatch I’ll be watching her closely. Knowing how she ends up… and yes it IS hard to still be friends with certain people. I mean on the one hand I try not to let politics affect lifelong friendships, but on the other hand when you can’t even imagine their worldview lol- especially when our upbringings were SO similar. How do we have such different views??? I’m sure they wonder the same. The thing that gets me is a lot of poorer or rural folk would probably benefit more from Hillary policies than Trump’s, but they’re blinded by their hatred of her. Same with oldsters- they vote Republican and R’s are the ones who want to cut their Social security or Medicare. Kinda dumb???

        I think they do explain the Kellogg thing, but not totally sure. See I need to rewatch! Otherwise I sound like a dummy- pushing a show but then not remembering things lol. I’ll watch a few tonight. 🙂 And yes more Garza is good. It still kills me seeing Murphy like in 8th grade or something… oh and something happens I think in S2 or at the end of S1 and it upends things, so then you really start getting into the ramifications of all the changes they’re making.

        I did, I summarized em all. Hardly anyone read those posts because #whocares ha ha but I enjoyed doing it, and along with my notes if I’m ever tempted to reread I’ll just go back and read those. I love the books but I don’t want to go through all five ever again! I will probably not rewatch the show, I actually don’t love it *looks around furtively for show-only assassins* and it has even pissed me off at times with things they’ve done, so yeah I have no desire. I know people buy the DVD’s and all that, but I don’t care- and even though so many people rave about the early seasons, I;m like meh. The production was so basic in the beginning becasue yeah it’s expensive, but it just didn’t FEEL like GoT to me, so it was easy to not get too worked up. Plus casting issues made me cold too.

        I may get the Sims, I’ll have to look and see if I can run the latest one. Orphan Black would be the BOMB. S is alive, dammit, in my world ha ha. And Felix? Pssh the fun I could have with that boy, and Helena woot! Felix will have a dump apartment like in the show and Helena will live w/ the Hendrixes, I like that. And they’ll all go to the beach or the fairgrounds or something. #cloneclub

        The problem with games is they ARE a time suck. Like a few years ago I was playing Star Wars The Old Republic online, and lately I was thinking I kinda wanted to play again- but all my free time goes to blogging now, when would I play? So I’m kinda holding that off. I’ve never played Sims though, I might talk myself into that…

        • She does seem badass! Both of the new characters do, so far. I am worried about Clarke too, I read this article that talks about her being colder and only caring about Madi, and I am NOT here for that. At all. As for Luna… yeah, I mean, I guess it could just be my interpretation of her, but on my 8237th rewatch, it just…. Idk, fell into place?

          I think it’s really great that you can separate it honestly. Because of course you don’t want to like, cut all your friends out of your life. I am kind of glad that I drifted apart from my friend before this all went down (she moved to Texas about 6 years ago, so we really haven’t stayed in touch too much- the occasional “happy birthday” or whatever) because I don’t know that I could have still even talked to her. It’s funny what you said about upbringings because hers and mine were very similar, even though we didn’t meet until later, and I always wondered what the difference was- what made her family conservative and mine liberal, you know? And YES- the people who Hillary could have and would have helped the most (or close to the most anyway) voted against her. And you are right to say it was because they hated her, but… I will never understand WHY they hated her? She wasn’t making fun of the disabled, the sick, the dead veterans. She didn’t assault women, threaten people who disagreed with her. So just… WHY? I think that is why I am so angry at Republicans- it isn’t like their policy contradicts mine; I don’t care about that sort of thing when it comes to friendships. I care that their moral compass is wildly skewed if they could actually vote for such a monstrosity, for someone who cares so little about other human beings.

          Seriously, how old IS Little Murphy supposed to be? He got all pissy at Alec last night for tattling on him bwhahah. It really was classic S1 Murphy too. “Stay the hell away from me!” ? It was fabulous. I also loved when they confetti-bombed that lady, because she jumped and it was funny (evil in reality, but funny as hell on a show haha)

          Aw that sucks that the show has been rather disappointing. Especially when you love the books so much, it is hard when the adaptation doesn’t live up. It’s good that you wrote all those posts too, for reference! And even if no one reads them… meh, it’s helpful to you! AND I bet someone, somewhere does read them and is glad you wrote them, even if they didn’t happen to comment!

          YESSS S would definitely be alive. Like Jasper is alive in my game (I didn’t have the heart to put him in Deadkru. I couldn’t.) And ohhhh the Hendrix house would be magnificent! Imagine how fancy you could make it! With Helena in the garage, obviously. Felix would have Dance Parties every night, and the whole neighborhood would come over!

          It is such a time suck, and I feel you with the free time issue. That is why I tell myself this is for a blog post hah. But still, I can’t manage to find the time to bother, which is why it is taking so damn long. Also because it isn’t the kind of thing you can do for 30 minutes and then stop? Whereas blogging can be, if you need it to be.

          • I am not down with colder Clarke, that seems so incongruous with her calling Bellamy like EVERY day. I mean I get 6 years is a long time, with only one companion (a needy one), but come on, IDC, they have history- and not just Bell, but with all of em. I hope they don’t get carried away with that. sigh. Just like when she left Arkadia and went on that stupid walkabout- they just manufacture reasons to make her the outsider, only to have her come in from the cold at the end of the season. Stop already writers!

            I honestly think a lot of people (besides just being naturally conservative) are informed by FOX News and talk radio, to the point where they HATE the left. I mean people like Hannity and Rush don’t just discuss issues, they ATTACK and tear down anyone they don’t like- which is mostly everybody- so when people hate Hillary I think for a lot of them it’s because they’ve been told she killed people at Benghazi or she’s a traitor becasue of her email sloppiness or whatever. And everyone reads their own stuff, so conservatives read conservative stuff and they never see the other side. It’s all I can think of. I also think there might be a knowledge issue? Like you and I and people like us know all the stuff he did becasue we follow news, but I’ve talked to Trump supporters (even my mom) who didn’t really know he mocked the disabled reporter. They were like huh? And that astounded me! Doesn’t everyone know? But if you get your news from FOX or CBN, maybe they didn’t cover it??? FOX covered Charlottesville WAY different than other networks I imagine!

            I like little Murphy. He’s like fuck you Alec lol. And the confetti :):) I’m about to start episode seven so I’m working my way up. And The 100… maybe tonight! I’m gonna sneak em in.

            I think someone was reading them (maybe 2 or 3 people) because after I was DONE someone mentioned somewhere they were going to miss my ADwD recap posts! And I was like you were reading them?? Yay!! ha ha

            I may have a field day with the Hendrix house. Maybe some secret tunnels for clone escapes and a bigass pool for pool parties, and… who knows? Maybe an island of mutants lol. Felix’s apt would be awesome to design? And yeah same here- those games don’t really allow for short playtimes… if I play online I can lose 2-3 hours in a snap. Hoe many episodes can I get through in that time???!???

            • I agree completely, I hope the article was wrong. Half of it sounded like conjecture, so here’s hoping. And YES- why are they so damn hellbent on making her an outsider!? I don’t get it! Especially when there are plenty of tough choices (actually THE toughest) that happened when they were all together. I hope they don’t take this Madi business too far either, or I will be PISSED.

              That is a really good point about the whole lack of information. Because I know you’re right- even people I know who don’t watch stuff like FOX, etc, still didn’t know half the shit he did. I get the people watching the conservative shows, I guess, but I will NEVER understand why people of ANY party would be willingly uninformed. It’s so easy now, too, but I still see tons of people ALL the time who have no idea what’s going on in the world. And that group of people absolutely could have swayed the vote.

              How old is Alec supposed to be, anyway? I’m so confused. Is he like, in high school? Older? I have no idea! Also. Can we please talk about Carlos sleeping with a murder victim and then pronouncing himself lead on the case!? That was SO. STUPID. Why would he do that!? Kiera was so much smarter. Also, why is her husband such a douchecanoe!? Cheats on her, then lies about it? Not cool, bro.

              Aww! See, I knew people would be interested in them! They’re certainly a good resource! Um, the Hendrix house will be AMAZING- even more ridiculous than on the show hahah. OOOOH mutants! I am on board! OH. This is what I spent all of last night doing:
              I do wish they had more hair choices, ripped clothing, and weapons. ALL the weapons would make this much better.

              • Yup. The cynic in me thinks Madi is a plot device to keep Clarke at arms length. UNLESS she is a bridge to some new plot point- like were her parents someone important, why did only she survive?- then maybe, but if they don’t explore that it will be obvious she’s just a plot device. And I’m with you on the voter thing. How can you not see news? Every time you go online you see headlines, FFS. And some people are just scum I think? I was looking at Breitbart again and the comments section of the article was … vile. Like you know how people on the internet turn into assholes, right, but this… was like hate. Or total contempt. They HATE anyone who doesn’t think like them. Seriously if you want to know how vile some of these people, go read a Breitbart comments section. It’s like,,, really bad.

                I have no idea how old Alec is, lol. What I wanna know is how he lives on this nice horse farm and has like a trillion dollar rig in the barn. Okay he’s boy genius but still. And Carlos… SMH. I forgot what a dunce he could be. Although they did some tricky camerawork in that shower fight, no? :):):) Oh and I guess I never noticed first time around but why are there so many Greg’s on this show??? Kinda weird. I also forgot how ruthless Liber8 were. Remember when I was saying maybe they’re not all bad? I must have felt that way after S4, but rewatching these… they’re assholes lol.

                Deadkru!!! Love. Okay there’s Lexa and Lincoln… is that Nyko?? Woot. Sinclair, Wells… is that Finn? Ack there’s a couple I don’t know? *embarrassed* who’s the long haired dude third from the right?? Roan? And where do they hang out? Not the City of Light surely *joke*. Seriously awesome.

                I was thinking about Orphan Black. In addition to the hendrixes, I could do DYAD and have people being experimented on…

                • So okay, here is a question I have about nightblood breeding: If all the Nightbloods are killed in the Conclave except the Commander… and we KNOW Lexa didn’t have any children… HOW do we still have Nightbloods? Like- how was Madi a Nightblood if her parents weren’t? And if they WERE, then they’d be alive, right? Because yeah, unless they were somehow vital… what IS her damn purpose?! What clan is she even from? Maybe THAT will have something to do with it- like, HER clan in the bunker will want HER to be Heda? I really think that may be the “thing”- O versus Madi as Heda when the bunker opens. But look, 12 year olds probably shouldn’t be the commander. Damn it Clarke, this is why we can’t have nice things.

                  OH you are spot on about some people being scum. No question. I think that is the worst part, personally. Like, I hate even thinking that those kind of people exist? I wonder like “what would your mother think of you saying that shit?” because… just HOW do you become such a terrible human being? The comments… I am scared to look. I am too tired for vile right now hahah. When I need to rage against them, then I will make myself look.

                  Um, GOOD POINT with Alec! HOW does he have all that tech? Ilian would be PISSED. Because I don’t care how good of a manure scooper you are, that does not pay for the kind of stuff he has down there. OH! And I was thinking the same thing about the shower scene! I kept wondering if they’d… mess up. And wait- there is more than one Greg!? (I didn’t want to say “why is Greg a douchecanoe?”, that seemed rude ?) Only a handful of names in the future? So Liber8 really is just assholes? That makes me kind of sad, and a little worried about myself because I kind of don’t hate them? I mean, sometimes, when they’re killing everyone named Lily Whatever, but when they made that lady fake blow up? Loved it.

                  So, there’s (L-R) Lexa, Sinclair, Lincoln, Finn, Roan, Ilian, Luna, and Wells. Seriously though, they needed WAY better hair and clothing choices. I mean, I had to put Lexa and Roan in the same damn outfit! The Sims is not made for post-apocalypse, apparently. Jaha will be bummed that he can’t play on his iPad in the bunker. I hear Indra’s convenience store gets free wifi, though she’s pretty strict about you having to consume algae tarts or algae tea to use it. Typical Indra.

                  Ohhh DYAD would be fun! And THE ISLAND! You could get VERY creative on the island. You could see how old and grizzled you could make Westmoreland! OH! And you have to make Tony so we can learn his fate. And Cal! Poor Kira, found a daddy for 6 minutes, then lost him. Angie! See, you can have a whole group of Lost Orphans!

                  • There are a lot of things I don’t get about Nightblood, TBH, although now that I’m rewatching maybe I’ll be fresher on all the stuff I’ve forgotten? You could be right though, if she’s the LAST Nightblood (course isn’t Clarke a NB too) then yeah it could be a challenge to O, good point. Hmm. Seeing O in the first four eps just blows my mind how far that girl has come. To be the leader now… wow.

                    Yup. Like do people really believe those things or are they just trying to be all badass on a comment board, you know? Sadly I think some of them really feel that way. Which is scary.

                    I keep waiting for an explanation on Alec’s set-up. 🙂 And wouldn’t the police take an interest when they inevitably searched the barn after, you know, a fertilizer bomb when off and his freakin stepbrother just turned into terrorist dude? Hmm.. And yes Kiera’s husband is Greg and in the last episode I watched last night there was a Greg Moritz on episode 8. I was like really?? I actually enjoy the Liber8 group a lot- when Garza asked Alex if she was pretty I just about snorted . Only thing I can think of though is they must soften em up a bit as the show progresses- I know after I was done I was kinda sympathetic to some of them, although at this point in my rewatch I’m like they’re pretty ruthless! Still I like the team dynamics. And Kellogg and Kiera, going for a night cruise in his new yacht- how about that combo huh??

                    Clearly there needs to be a Sims post- apocalypse version! They should license The 100 and Orphan Black and shit like that- I’d buy em! That’s a nice group- I heartily approve! And can’t wait to hear about their exploits. I wonder how Wells would get along with that group. He may have to lighten up a bit, I imagine Lexa and Roan might throw some good parties? And Indra I would totally expect to run a tight shop! Man if you shoplift from her joint you might lose your fingers. And if the perp is a Skaikru we sadly may have to go to WAR.

                    Yes the island! Where DID Cal go? Back to Iceland? Angie and Tony for sure. Maybe all the Lost Orphans go to the island but beware! there be mutants on the prowl bwahaha! Does the game allow violence? Probably not, but I’d love to have mutant sims hunting clones. What is wrong with me?

                    • If you catch anything about Nightblood, definitely share! I think Clarke isn’t allowed to play Heda because she was made a nightblood instead of being born one? At least, that’s what everyone seemed to be bitching about at her (insanely brief) Ascension Ceremony. I just don’t quite understand how non-nightblood parents can produce nightblood kids? Like- think about how they tried to kill any and all Frikdreina babies because they wanted to eliminate birth defects from the gene pool. By that theory, they’d be effectively killing of Nightbloods from the gene pool too, right? And even if it IS some kind of strangely recessive inherited trait (like say, two brown-eyed parents having a blue-eyed offspring, which is possible, but not super likely, statistically) HOW the hell would the Grounders know this? Science is not exactly their forte. I also may be overthinking this… ?

                      You’re so right about O in season one. She is definitely the most changed, by far. I mean, she’s dancing and chasing butterflies for goodness sake. By Season 4, she’s beheading dudes for shits and giggles.

                      I think a lot of them DO feel that way- and these are things they WISH they could say in public. The scary part is, this presidency has enabled them to do just that, which is why we are seeing violent riots. (Sidenote: This has gone on for about 7 months now, is NO ONE going to do anything to get rid of this jackass?)

                      Yesss, I watched episode 8 last night and realized there was another Greg. Seriously, there have to be more than like, 5 guy names that they could come up with. And shouldn’t Kiera have been a wee bit wistful? Maybe “awww that dead guy has the same name as my husband from 2077”? Though, to be honest, I don’t think she gives very many fucks about him in general? She seems to care wayyyy more about the kid (which, good, because the kid didn’t cheat on her and lie).

                      YES why is there no post-apocalyptic Sims? Or, at the very least, the ability to make my own? I mean, if they at least gave us some kind of expansion back with swords and a lot of black clothing. Wells is going to be VERY confused. Because he never even MET Grounders. And he’ll be hanging out with them. AND he is going to be lost because Finn and Lincoln are going to be bros. I am going to make sure that bromance gets under way ASAP. And Wells will be so jealous because he thought he and Finn were bros. And Finn will have to say “dude, you got shanked on the third day, what was a guy to do?” Oh Indra would totally kill a guy for stealing an algae tart.

                      Seriously Cal, you don’t get to disappear from Kira’s life! I honestly don’t know if it lets you be violent toward another Sim. I think you can slap them and such- but Idk about actual killing? I kind of hope you can though, because what is The 100 without some really ridiculous and useless murder? I am here for clone hunting, I miss that show!

  9. You’re not OVER thinking it lol you’re just thinking about it, and clearly the writers are happy to play fast and loose with their ideas! I don’t think THEY even know how it works, TBH- they’re just winging it. They’ll sketch it out as much as they need to for story purposes but I don’t think they have like a comprehensive guide to Nightblood rules? I think that’s why it comes up occasionally but it’s like they don’t really know where to take it. I’m definitely gonna pay more attention to that stuff this time tho.

    I love seeing O so carefree. And I felt bad for Atom- he falls for O, gets strung up, then killed by the fog. That sucked. I had totally forgotten about him. And Trina and Pascal. I forgot a lot! And you forget too just how big a role Finn had. Pretty fun reliving all this. 🙂

    I think Kiera’s thing is the kid too. That’s who she seems to really miss, and you can’t blame her since hubby you know was an ass. I’ve always kinda thought too that yeah she wants to go back, but she doesn’t seem as desperate as I would be? Like it if were me I’d be like Alex figure this thing out I want to go home like next week- don’t be dragging this shit out for months. You know? And the whole cover identity thing is so ridiculous. I mean I do love the show but there are flaws. I do think Liber8 are much more interesting w/ Kagame gone, I like the jockeying for leadership.

    And good point about the bros. I kinda like how Finn/ Wells were sort of competing for Clarke’s attention and just before Wells died I think he accepted that Clarke was clearly for Finn, but she knew the truth and could be his friend again. If Wells had survived it would be interesting to see if he and Finn had continued to develop that friendship. But… no crazy eyes Charlotte had to shank him down- which frankly I love cause it’s SO out of left field and that’s what I love about S1. You never know WHAT the fuck is going to happen!

    We definitely need a post- apoc Sims or expansion packs or something. Maybe a creature pack with different monsters and shit. How fun would it be to have monsters hunting down clones?? Or have monster pets? The possibilities are endless.

    • Hahha I DO think you’re right about them winging it! Because the first time they even showed it was with Ontari, and I was SO confused- I didn’t understand why Clarke was covered in oil? And they never fully explained it, just that Becca made it, and the flame kills you without it. And then later, it helps metabolize radiation. But I feel like they need to tell us, because I am questioning their knowledge of basic 9th grade genetics at this point.

      UGH Atom. I never know WHAT to make of him, because at the end, he blew off O just because Bellamy tied him up. Which, I get, of course, but that was so unfair to O. On many levels- unfair of Bellamy, and unfair of Atom. Also, have you noticed that EVERY PERSON Octavia has ever had ANY romantic interest in is dead? Just saying. Niylah needs to watch her back. OOOH yes, Trina and Pascal! I thought they’d end up being “bigger” but nope, just deader ? ANd YES- Finn was such a huge character! Even listed ahead of Bob in the credits, which says a lot. I wonder if they’d known from the start that they were killing him off? I feel like they did, and used him to majorly throw us off haha.

      YES, I agree SO MUCH about Kiera! Like, she was upset the first few minutes, and now she’s got a new job, and she’s dining with Kellogg on yachts and shit… she should be more… disturbed about this? I get why Liber8 is not in any hurry, but Kiera has so many resources at her disposal, but she doesn’t seem all that interested in them either!

      Wells could have been a great character- though Book Wells was the WORST, which is why I was never *that* mad that he died. But yeah, I think that they had to get rid of him to make Bellarke a thing anyway. AND I think that kind of made the show stand out- like, damn, they went there, they killed off a MC in episode THREE, and had a little KID do it. So Wells’s death was a good sacrifice.

      I feel like we should market this Sims expansion pack. Why let a super rich company profit from our amazing ideas? MONSTER PETS would be the best! And then they could eat all your enemies! Perfect!

      • Yeah good point, we thought Orphan Black was bad lol. I feel like if they have an overarching idea and they dribble out bits of it and it makes sense, okay, but my gut feeling is yeah they’re winging it. 🙂 It would be cool though if they have actually have it thought out, and it is kinda fascinating to wonder what Becca was up to…

        I thought Atom was a jerk at first, then I warmed to him when he seemed decent to O, then yeah he blew her off and I was like dude just tell Bellamy you wanna date his sister, he might kill ya but don’t diss her. Ugh. And yeah all her relationships end in DEATH. Girl has shitty luck. It’s funny too because I did NOT remember Atom, like at all. So yeah I didn’t realize how much stuff still feels NEW.

        I agree about Wells- it certainly made me stand up and take notice. Like, they went there? Dang no one is safe. And they proved it again w/ Finn. I didn’t really think they were going to kill Finn or torture him to death, but nope- he’s a goner. I was like dang.

        The Sims clearly needs to expand. We need a space Sims, a post apocalyptic Sims, a fantasy one. They should be licensing Hunger games, Star Wars, whatever? The 100 obvs…

        • OOOH so while I watched the S1 finale of Continuum last night (which, by the way, was pretty great), I realized all KINDS of fun things! Ready? Okay. So, the guy who plays Jason (the “time traveler” but really crazy person?) is Vincent Vie, Maya’s dad! And if THAT isn’t epic enough, in real life, he is STERLING’S dad. (And you prob know who Sterling is because of the Season 1 rewatch!) Also. Are Kiera and Kellogg like… a thing that is happening!? Because I won’t lie, I did NOT see that coming? She seemed to have the feels for Carlos? Personally, I would have picked Kellogg, because Carlos is kind of just a pretty face without much going on in the head, you know? But Kiera seemed zero percent interested in Kellogg, and frequently makes the swoony eyes at Carlos, so.

          They are probably winging it, although a lot of the stuff in this show IS really well thought out. I feel like we will get more Becca flashbacks in S5 anyway, considering she was the one that made Eligius nightbloods and such. Maybe that’s how we’ll find out.

          I didn’t like Atom at all. Like- I low key wanted her to be with Jasper at the start? And Atom just was such a damn follower. But then I felt bad after Bellamy strung him up and then he died. But I was also glad that he died, because it provided awesome development for other characters (i.e., the moment we knew Bellamy was mostly all talk, the moment Bellamy respected Clarke, the moment we knew Clarke was basically the leader…) And yeah- he could have even told I NICELY- “hey, I can’t make out with you in radioactive gardens anymore because your brother will legit kill me”. O is reasonable.

          I agree, I did NOT think they were going to kill either Wells or Finn- especially Finn, honestly. Who kills a main character like that!? (And then I knew, oh wait, The 100 does, after that.) I was sure that someone would save Wells, or that Finn would escape, etc.

          Seriously, this is a hugely untapped market for The Sims. I feel like fans would LOVE to be able to play games as their favorite characters?

          • Ooh sweet the finale, I did too. 🙂 I was baffled by Kiera/ Kellogg the first time around too, like did she just sleep with him? Yup she did. I thought she missed her family lol. Girl has needs though, but then she like tells him it’ll never happen again- and then at the end she goes for a night cruise with him. So did she like- STAY? You know #yachtsex?? I think it’s a little ambiguous?? She does sorta make eyes at Carlos but I like that they don’t rush into anything there. And can I just say how much I hate agent Gardiner?

            That’s kinda wild about Jason! See these dang actors… 🙂 He’s Sterling’s dad IRL??? No shit. Wow. I’m a couple episodes into S2 and Alec’s girlfriend just showed up, so you’ll meet her soon.

            “O is reasonable” lol. Yeah he didn’t handle that well. Oh well it’s all radiation blisters for him now. Cya Atom! People die horribly on this show, don’t they? I just watched episode 5 last night where Raven came down, and that damn Bellamy threw the radio in the river and left her there! I love the guy but man he’s kind of a jerk and I go from liking him to not likin him over and over. Of course I like him in the end, but back then… he was a yo-yo! And Kane is already starting to develop from moustache- twirling villain to someone a little more nuanced. And it’s weird cause I don’t hate Jaha yet. So when did it happen? I’m not sure but I’m waiting for that moment to come, and it will be interesting.

            Ditto about Finn. I liked him and Clarke together, frankly, and it’s SO umconfortable when Raven basically says ooh Finn we’re together let’s reacquaint heh and Clarkie is like oh fuck I just slept with the dude last night. Awkward!!!!! Cause I kinda thought Finn legitimately was falling for Clarke, even though he has feelings (love?) for Raven, and sometimes life happens like that, maybe? It’s such a delicious mess.

            • YES I had no idea either! I mean, I can’t imagine she went for a night cruise and did not sleep with him- especially the way they talked when they met up again in S2. I felt so bad because he seemed to genuinely have feelings for her and she blew him off- and not even nicely! The hell, Kiera?! This is one of like, 2 people who are on your damn side. (Also, laughing at the #yachtsex hashtag, I can’t imagine that trending, considering the exactly zero people I know who can afford a yacht ? .) I hate Gardiner too- why does he care so much? Like, go away. ALSO not surprised that Garza killed the mayor- I love how chill she is about it. BUT I could not believe that Sonya straight up tried to kill Travis! These women do not let romance get in the way of their endgame. And Alec has a girlfriend!? This should be interesting!

              GAH Episode 5. Twilight’s Last Gleaming kills me EVERY. TIME. Because of hair clip dad. Like, 99% hair clip dad, at least. People DO die horribly- come to think of it, the First Culling was probably about as merciful as it gets? OH! Here is a question, speaking of: When they float people, what happened to them? They showed Jake getting sucked out of the airlock and he screamed, of course, but like… how long would they live after being floated? Until they ran out of oxygen? Or like, die immediately? This has always bothered me.

              And YES! I liked Finn and Clarke too! I was sure I was the only person ever, because everyone else seemed to hate them, but I loved them. Because yeah, I definitely sensed more of a platonic love between Finn and Raven, but something more with Finn and Clarke.I did feel SO awful for Clarke, because yeah, she thinks she has found some kind of Great Earth Love and then dude’s damn GIRLFRIEND comes floating on down. Ironically, Finn and Raven is one of the few relationships that didn’t end because someone was killed.

              Bellamy, I waffled with him for SO long. I don’t think I liked Bellarke until at least the beginning of Season 2- probably when she was so desperate to see him at Camp Jaha (bwhahahha remember when THAT was a thing?) and he reciprocated. By then, Finn had gone off the deep end.

              And I never fully hated Jaha, so you definitely need to tell me what that moment is. Maybe it’s when he feeds that guy to the sea monster? Or when he locks Murphy in the bunker until he’s literally seconds away from killing himself? (Though, in fairness he was certainly chipped by that point.)

              • Alec DOES have a girlfriend. Woot! And Kiera and Kellogg- I just don’t know. I don’t think THEY know. You never can really trust him, but at the same time he HAS saved Kiera’s bacon a few times? Garza is just stone cold. Full stop. I’d want her on my team… 🙂

                I don’t know about floating! I think you die pretty quickly, but I’m not sure it’s immediate. I’ll have to look that up, you got me curious. Pretty horrible though, I can’t believe Abby would do that. I mean I like Abby- a lot- but that just doesn’t sit right. Same with Kane- love the guy now but it’s almost a bridge too far how much he’s changed. It’s like Murphy- how can he go from being SO bad to just like, gruff and curmudgeonly but basically with a heart of gold? Watching S1 where he and Abby hate each other (or at least she hates him, I assume) to where they’re now lovers and together- it’s a stretch. I’d forgotten just how far they’ve taken these guys.

                The First Culling is horrible. Hair clip dad- yeah that’s got the feels. His poor daughter. And I never really felt Finn/Raven like I do Finn/ Clarke. I mean yeah I’m all Bellarke now but if Finn had lived… hmmm. Course they ruined him when they had him shoot all those people. Camp Jaha- oh my gosh I have THAT coming up! Yeah Bellarke seems so natural now but back in S1- not so much! Although already she’s like the only person he’ll listen to, which is great foreshadowing.

                I can’t remember what made me hate Jaha, but it must have been in the first two seasons because it was in full swing by S3. I’m very curious to see how I feel this time. What if I *gasp* don’t end up hating him this time? That’ll be weird!!!!

                • Does Alec find his girlfriend on this weird yacht… party (tbh, “party” seems too tame and/or nice a word, but whatever) that Kellogg seems to be having? Yeah, I agree, he isn’t fully trustworthy obviously, but he also seems to have her general welfare at heart? I agree, I would want Garza on my team, too- and most certainly NOT on any kind of opposing force, for I would be screwed. I don’t even totally understand what happened on the episode I watched last night, with Travis and the van? Is there a third group? And OH! I laughed SO HARD when Carlos was like “what if GARDINER is the mole!?” all surprised. Like come on, no shit Sherlock, of course he’s a damn suspect. I like Carlos, he’s a stand up guy, but man is he stupid sometimes.

                  I had to google space death, because I was just too curious. https://www.cnet.com/news/what-happens-to-the-unprotected-human-body-in-space/ Sounds… less than pleasant.

                  So, okay. Abby and Kane, this is hard, but I feel like I can rationalize it all, to an extent. Abby, I feel, didn’t really have a huge choice? Like- she could have agreed with Jake, and just left Clarke an orphan. BUT I feel like she tried to appeal to Jaha to save Clarke, knowing she couldn’t change Jake’s mind? Now, Kane- he didn’t seem to be friends with these guys, so I don’t think, in his mind, the death of Jake Griffin, who he probs just saw in a terrorist way, even registered, since Jaha floated him.

                  With the Kane trying to float Abby thing, that’s harder to rationalize, clearly. But I have two thoughts on it. 1) The Pilot is such a hot mess. I mean, they had that rando on there who was a MAIN CAST MEMBER, yet all she did was yell at Kane once and give Abby a quick hug. So I take everything from the pilot with a grain of salt. 2) I think they were setting it up so we’d THINK that Kane was the one who arranged for Bellamy to shoot Jaha, or at least was part of that group. The way they had him tied to Shumway, the way he refused to bend at all, I think that was for shock later. PLUS, it’s part of his development for Jaha to impart on him that “the law” isn’t always the most important thing. I think this IS who Kane was all along… he just had to learn to lead, which he was doing a shit job of on the Ark.

                  That all said… some guy tries to float me twice and shock lash me within a span of a month, I’m probably not going to jump into bed with him at the Polis Marriott. But clearly Abby and I have different opinions on such things.

                  Hair clip dad kills me. I was going to do a “Where Are They Now?” for Hair Clip Girl, but I just couldn’t because that story chokes me up every single time. Yeah, Finn/Raven seem SO platonic to me- almost… sibling-esque? Which is gross. Like, I straight up cringed during their post-op tent sex situation. It seemed so wrong on so many levels. Whereas with Clarke/Finn, it seemed legit.

                  I kind of love the Bellarke foreshadowing so early on! It was so subtle, too- I never noticed it until I wanted them together! I don’t think Clarke ever fully forgave Finn for ANY of the shit he pulled- not the cheating on Raven and not telling Clarke, and definitely not the murders. I mean, had he lived, I don’t think they would have ever been together, so killing him was for the best.

                  I kind of hope you end up not hating him! I know I am one of the only people ever who doesn’t hate him, but I don’t. He is the damn hero of S1, and his story is just so complex. You know, I don”t think that the vision of Wells in DNR is a coincidence, either. I think it’s part of his story. I really think that the Wells thing haunted him more than he even let on. I can’t even blame him really for ALIE, because he was just trying to help- and then he was chipped, yeah, but he lost his damn son. AND I think he loved Abby, too. So seeing her and Kane getting cozy probably wasn’t helpful either. I really hope he gets a good sendoff.

                  • Lol Carlos is not the brightest bulb for sure. And Alec’s girlfriend is someone he meets in a cafe, not one of Kellogg’s floozies (ha). Love that word floozy. There is a third group which you’ll be hearing about soon, but if I remember right the Travis episode was Liber8 (you’re talking about the helicopter right)?

                    Okay yeah space death… wow. So you would lose consciousness and then die and your body would eventually freeze. Poor Jake. So there’s a of dead floatees um, floating for lack of a better word, outside the Ark lol. Nice! Would suck if any of em, you know, bumped into a window or something *snort*. Oh look what’s that? Ack!!!!!!

                    Re: Abby and Kane. Okay last night I watched episode 6 and Abby told Clarke that Jaha was supposed to talk Jake out of it, not float him, so now I understand that Abby thought she was doing the right thing. Kane is harder. He was such a dick, but then last night in 6 he was SO remorseful about the culling, he’s got that nice mom, maybe he’s not such a dink. But then yeah the force lash- almost as if he’s a good guy who sometimes makes REALLY bad decisions or just has poor judgment. IDK, it’s a TV show so fuck it but I do struggle a little more with old Kane/ new Kane. I like who’s he’s become though so I just headcanon it as he wasn’t as bad as the show led us to believe in S1!!! 🙂

                    You know this is only the 2nd time I’ve watched these??? The torture session with Lincoln was tough. They really got some acting out of that group. And fucking Miller looks so young! “Get out of my way Miller” Clarke tells him and he’s like grudgingly moving- she’s already got that authority sometimes you have it or you don’t. And the way she told Bell to “do it” even as Octavia was like nooooo- another hint of tough Clarke foreshadowing. Love it!!! The Grounders to looked so scary out there in the woods, almost like animals- spearing poor Rosa- I loved how freaky they seemed in the early days.

                    I’m trying to remember what made me hate Jaha and I’ll just have to keep watching and see. LAst night when Abby said Jaha was supposed to talk Jake out of it, not float him, I thought why would J do that? Is there a jealousy factor there with Abby? I remember vaguely how he remained aboard and was trying to find a crying baby or something- that’s pretty selfless- so I’m really curious to see how I take to Jaha 2.0. Also the whole Diana council subplot- I remembered NONE of it, so clearly this rewatch is good for me.

                    Oh and I was surprised to see (shouldn’t have been I guess) Sinclair show up on Continuum, although he’s just a CMR program manifestation it was still cool to see him again…

                    • BWHAHAH “Kellogg’s floozies” because YES, that is exactly what I wanted to call them too! ?? (It is a fabulous word- I love retro words) I think I saw her last night (maybe?) if she was with Alec and his friend, doing weird shit with eye drops? But I was way too tired and had to stop watching, so I guess I’ll know for sure tonight! And yep- the helicopter thing was what I was referring to! I couldn’t tell, because I still can’t figure out what the hell Sonya’s deal is- though I adored the flashback of her and Travis!

                      And SINCLAIR shows up?! MY HEART. I am so happy to see him again, even if it’s technically 4 years ago Sinclair. I’ll take it.

                      Okay YES- that was my exact thought on the dead people! Like, every so often, a few of them would just… dead-float past your window!? THE HELL kind of monsters are these people?! No wonder Charlotte was a basket case, she probs saw Mom float by while she was eating dinner or some shit! Sick sick sickos!

                      I think that in the first few episodes, they wanted us to feel like some people were the “bad guys” and some were the “good guys”… just so they could turn it around and be like “HA you viewers know NOTHING”. Because I think they showed so LITTLE of Kane, all we saw was the logic-driven, “survive at any cost” guy. But in reality, that wasn’t him at ALL, just the image he was trying to show. Idk, I probably spend too much time psychoanalyzing fictional characters 🙂

                      The Lincoln scenes are AWFUL to watch the second time honestly- even worse because you KNOW the outcome. When he says to O “There’s only one way this ends”, it GUTS ME, because as it turned out… he was right. Even if not at THAT moment, eventually, that was his fate. And yes, baby Miller was such an asshole too. I like how he is now- like, he’s still got that dry sense of humor, and he still can be tough when he needs to, but he also shows his softer side. And YEP- Clarke getting people to listen to her when they listened to NO ONE else (sometimes not even Bellamy!) was huge. I love how she commanded respect- and it really did foreshadow the whole Clarke being “born for this”, like the Grounders think.

                      Okay, confession- I was SO GLAD when Roma was speared! She was such a bitch to everyone, and she’s sleeping her way around camp (oooh we can call her a floozy too bwhaha) and I did not like her. Then, I felt bad for slut shaming her, but to be fair, I also slut shamed Bellamy. I was just glad I didn’t have to hear her attitude anymore. Oops?

                      In regards to Jaha and Abby, it WAS originally written for him to be in love with her. There were several meaningful looks- in the flashbacks with Jake (when they’re watching the soccer game) you can see Jaha’s jealousy, and he gives Abby a few longing looks. Then, he sides with her in the first vote for the culling. So yeah, I think he does have feelings for her, but he knows she doesn’t reciprocate (I won’t lie, this always made me feel so bad for Jaha- he never found anyone on Earth, not even a really close friendship). I think he DID try to talk Jake out of it before floating him, too- but I also think Jake would never have backed down. I honestly get why they did it, especially without ANY plan in place. And yeah- first he sacrificed himself so they could all go down, since someone had to launch manually. THEN, he tries to save the baby. Tried to kill Lexa to save Kane. Just over and over again, he tried SO damn hard. I think that’s why i can never hate him.

                      Speaking of… Isaiah filmed his last scenes and has left Vancouver. SO. SAD. I know I am like, the only person who is sad, but STILL. And THEN, Marie posted a picture of her covered in blood on the set. So… you have to wonder if that was Jaha’s death scene. I still hope that he went out in a blaze of redemption. I feel like O definitely kills THIS guy- https://twitter.com/The100S5/status/902585917147361280

                      OH and the Diana subplot… I hated that nonsense. And I was glad when Mt Weather killed them all. #NotSorry

  10. Word of the day- floozies! Okay I think Sinclair shows up around episode 5 or so- they’re all jumbled in my head, but soon. I’m on like S2E10 and the last two have been crazy- I think you’ll like where the tail end of S2 goes. It’s getting a little crazier as S3 gets closer . And I like Julian Randol stuff. And the garza episode. And yeah Alec does that ridiculous eye thing with Emily in the coffee shop- talk about two dweebs lol. It’s cute though, I kid.

    So last night Diana (bitch) launched the pod and it crashed- oops. I am loving the Unity Day party- everyone was having fun (except the ones meeting Anya- they had to work 🙂 )Anya was kinda weird, I remember. So here’s my question- did Jasper act rashly by firing into the trees, or were the archers gonna hit Clarke? I kinda think Jasper got carried away, but the archer dude did make a hand signal, so maybe they were gonna kill Clarkie? What do you think? And S1 Lincoln was so cool. And what’s with Jasper’s goggles- like why does he always have them on? Speaking of, Jasper was so fun in S1. I cracked up how the whole group was high on jobi nuts. And there were still so many delinquents lol- before they all get killed! I enjoyed the party though, it’s like death Party without the death!

    Totally agree about Clarke. Oh my gosh who was Roma sleeping with? How did I miss that?? I have noticed Bellamy working his way through the 100 though lol. I laughed so hard when Clarke went into his tent and the floozy was like bitch what are you doing here? I had to play it back just to hear it again. And what’s up with Grounder spears being like missiles in S1? Both Roma and Jasper went like flying through the air when they were hit. Sheesh.

    that makes a lot of sense about Abby/ Jaha. I do remember that look while they were watching the game. And if he did try to talk Jake out of it- do they ever actually say it? Probably not huh? I like to think he tried… the alternative is not good.

    Aw that’s sad about Jaha. I won’t say yay O.o but I will say he tries to do the right thing, I think, and one thing I’m remembering from the rewatch is how fucked up the adults were! Yeesh send me down in the dropship with the kids, the adults are a mess. Diana, Shumway, Kane half the time, Abby’s the only one with her shit together and Jaha’s trying to save the people, so I’ll give him that. And O covered in blood? Woot! What the heck is a Delphi delegate? That’s not one of the clans is it?

    Is Diana still alive at Mt. Weather? See I hardly remember her! Well I’m on like episode 10 tonight so I’m getting closer to my beloved S2 ha ha. Oh and can we just talk about how beautiful the area is where they’re filming? I LOVE S1 with the landing site and all the mossy trees. Awesome.

    • HOW do you watch these so quickly? I am impressed and also kind of jealous hah. I like Julian too, of course, because Baby Murphy. I think I finally saw Alec’s girlfriend! When he was having coffee with Kiera. Who is kind of full of herself sometimes? Like, she thinks ALL the males on the show are just in love with her, and while she’s right, I am still rolling my eyes a little hahah.

      Unity Day WAS fun. I mean, until those kids and Vera Kane got bombed, that was less fun. And yeah, Anya WAS weird- I remember thinking that she had some kind of physical disability because she walked so strangely but then the next episode she was fine and I was SO confused! As for Jasper, I honestly don’t know, but it has always bothered me, too! Like- was he imagining the signals? OR did they really just plan on killing everyone? Because with the Grounders, you never actually know! But Jasper also had a bit of a (well earned) paranoia when it came to Grounders. I suppose we may never actually know?

      S1 WAS fun- you see all these little happy moments, which let’s face it, are mostly gone now. Along with all the damn Delinquents. Jasper really was adorable in S1, I wanted him and Octavia to get together (until Lincoln came along, anyway) and I am so sad that we never got to see any closure in their relationship. OH and Roma WAS that floozy in Bellamy’s tent when Clarke and Finn were looking for him! She and Bree (who later tries to “dance” with Bellamy and offs herself at Death Party) were engaged in some kind of situation with him when he found out that Raven’s pod landed, and he left them. In fairness, it took me several rewatches and a confirmation from the Wiki to realize that she was the same girl ? And yeah, the flying spears thing was a little silly, I wholly concur.

      They didn’t say it about Jaha and Jake, but I honestly can’t believe he wouldn’t have tried? And when he did eventually float him, Jaha looked like he was going to burst into tears, so I don’t think he took the decision lightly. And yeah, the adults are a disaster in S1- it’s no wonder they killed the damn Ark. Like, Diana was so damn narcassistic, she just HAD to be the one to take “her people” to the ground, that she ended up getting them all killed. What a sociopath she was. Diana died on the Exodus ship, along with everyone else- but in S2, Monty realizes that the crash wasn’t just an accident, but that Mt Weather jammed the Exodus ship system somehow, causing them to crash.

      Delfikru is a Grounder clan! I figure, he’s going to stand up to O, and she’s going to have to kill him to show who is boss, you know? OH. You know what we don’t know? Which clan Madi is from! That could get interesting. I also definitely agree about the area being gorgeous! I would love to go to Vancouver one day, especially based on the scenes from The 100!

      Oh, and episode 5×04 is called… Pandora’s Box! THAT is intriguing. It could be so damn many things. How is it still like 5 months away?

      • Yeah that’s Emily. And Kiera yeah may be just a BIT full of herself, true. 🙂 Although at least they haven’t gone there w/ her and Carlos- thank God. Not sure I could handle that. And, um, the reason I’m watching them so fast is because I have literally done nothing else this week except watch these shows- like 3 episodes a night lol. My reading is for shit cause whenever I have time I just watch one more. Andf then, you know, maybe just one more…

        That’s interesting about Jasper, and I like the ambiguity. I personally think he should have held his fire, but who knows? They mighta killed Clarke. And a situation like that- pretty nervy. Roma was the girl in Bell’s tent? See I missed that. And the second one (cause bell’s gotta have two lol) was Bree- okay. Makes sense. I love how there’s just people milling around everywhere, I really miss the delinquents when there was still like 50+ of them. It’s too bad in fact the adults had to come down when they did- I could have had another season or two of kids vs Grounders vs wilderness. Although I gues Mt. Weather took care of all THAT.

        Mt. Weather jammed the Ex ship?? Oh my gosh forgot THAT too- for cripes sake. They really were bastards, at least the old guy and his son. Okay Delfikru, that theory makes sense. Octavia obviously goes off on somebody, yeesh. I saw the pic and she’s like covered in blood! Woah… I can’t wait to see how her and Indra coexist. And the locations in S1 are just amazing.

        PAndora’s Box? Sounds like the shit is gonna fly in that one…?

        • Ohh I saw much more of her last night and I LOVE HER. She is cute and smart and quirky so basically a perfect match for Alec. And SINCLAIR! I only saw a few minutes of him- mostly because I was determined to watch it until I saw him hahah. He seems like a real pain in the ass (I mean, if he were real, anyway) so definitely not like “real” Sinclair. Kiera is… not doing well. i LOVED the reemergence of her former partner though! That was EPIC. And I might have shed some tears. Hahahha I have done the “just one more episode” thing too- it’s hard not to when they’re all so damn available!

          I agree that Jasper should have held his fire- but the ambiguity works too, because it kind of does sum up the Sky People’s entire relationship with the Grounders. And yep, it was Roma! And I think I didn’t like her because she was so damn rude to Clarke and Finn- especially when they were trying to SAVE EVERYONE on the Ark. And she’s worried about her modesty? Like, hi, you’re naked in a tent with half the damn Delinquents, and also, you’re outside, so maybe put on a shirt? and she wanted them to knock? IT’S FABRIC. I’m not saying she deserved to be speared, but… fine, I am saying that. Bree didn’t bug me nearly as much, because she wasn’t being rude to people.

          It WAS fun having all the Delinquents roaming free, doing dumb shit. Though I kind of wonder if it would have gotten old watching more of them? I’d never have been able to keep track of them all, and probably wouldn’t have cared about most of them. But I also could have lived without the adults for a bit, they were SO STUPID when they came down. I wanted to spear Kane myself for at least the first 3 episodes of S2. I hope we get more survival/wilderness stuff this season. I assume we WILL, at least in the form of Clarke and Madi flashbacks?

          And YEP- I guess the same thing that they used to block the signal somehow crashed the ship? Monty figures it out in S2, and I think Raven does too, so watch for those clues, I am sure they explain it better than I could haha. I didn’t even hate Dante? (I seem to have a real problem with trying to find the good in all the people ?) But Cage, yeah, he was the absolute worst. NO redeeming qualities with that guy. At all. Or Dr. Tsing, honestly.

          O covered in blood is so epic! I think Indra is going to get frustrated with her from time to time. But I think they’ll ultimately have each other’s backs? I could be off base. I feel like Indra probably pushes O too far, and then O just… breaks. And Indra is like “oh fuck, I broke the Champion, oopsie”, because then O goes all rogue. I’m glad they are including this Delphi dude, because the only Delfikru person we’ve seen so far is the girl who died super fast in the Conclave, so I like that they”re including more clans! Even if it is just for Octavia murder fodder.

          • Kiera’s old partner was a nice touch. And I like Emily too. Alec is getting on my nerves at times though, and so is Dillon. Have you met Escher yet? I just watched the S2 finale tonight and it was intense! Lots of changes. Oh and I like Sinclair MUCH better than that snarky ass CMR hologram whatsit IDK what it was. Ugh really?

            Exactly. the relationship between Grounders and Skaikru has been fucked since day one, and it totally exemplifies that. Missed opportunities, misunderstandings, flares that apparently land in villages… you know. Stuff like that. Geez you can’t even have a little fun and send a flare up once in a while, why do Grounders gotta be so uptight? 🙂 And lol about Roma- that’s too funny. YES the adults are SO aggravating when they come down, the security services… I remember being very invested in Clarke and Bellamy being in comand, which is so unrealistic but I don’t even care because I HATE the adults at times? I mean not hate, but they’re so… dumb!

            I will be totally scouring S2 for clues! I’m getting close now and it will be interesting to see if it stays my favorite on a rewatch. I’ve enjoyed S1 way more than I thought I would, so… who knows??? I’m watching w/ subtitles on now so I don’t miss any dialogue. Cage is the son right? The one doing the drilling? If Dante is the old guy, yeah I think he meant well but didn’t he have a secretive, kinda sadistic side too? I’ll find out soon!

            I feel like O has a reliable ally in Indra and I hope nothing screws that up. You don’t think Delfikru dude is a potential love interest do you?? Are we getting any hints about where she’s going to find love? Besides, you know my headcanon of her and Niylah. 🙂

            • Nooo I don’t think I have met Escher? I actually thought Escher was made up, so I am apparently really, really confused. I enjoyed not-Sinclair though- I liked that Kiera had to address the kid, it seemed like she was kind of glossing over it, so I am glad they did that. (Plus, by the end the CMR was kind of… “Sinclair-y”, all wise and cheering for her to pass.) ALSO. BETTY is the damn mole!? After Kiera bailed her out!? DAMN. I did not see that coming, I must say. Pretty clever, too- making Kiera do the dirty work!

              BWHAH I love that, the uptight Grounders mad about the flares. But SERIOUSLY- the Grounders’ biggest problem is that they always, always jump to conclusions. Which is what the Sky Adults do too, hence why there was never any damn hope for peace. Like, obviously be on alert, check out the situation, have your weapons ready, but maybe not kill a bunch of kids because of a damn flare? I had very mixed feelings about Clarke and Bellamy being in charge too, because I DID understand why the adults were hesitant (it would have been crazy unrealistic if they hadn’t been!) but Clarke and Bellamy had also fought the war already, knew what they were up against, knew GROUNDERS. So yeah, the adults were being stupid, no question. The irony is, they could have probably kept themselves in power had they just let Clarke and Bellamy be in the loop, have some input, etc. But because they shut them out, they kind of showed that they weren’t fit to lead. Assholes.

              I liked S1 SO much more after I rewatched it! S2 is still really good, I think. S3… well, it’s a mixed bag. I’m not nearly as frustrated with it as I was watching live? So I guess there’s that? And there is some REALLY great character and relationship development. BUT, bingeing does really show how it’s messy- how different from S2 AND S4 it is. And yep, Cage is the son. I think they had initially made it seem like Dante would be the “big bad” but in reality, he wasn’t, he was much more complex (as most leaders in The 100 are). Dante was never really bad- tried to save the 48 MANY times- but in the end, he does choose to help his people. And Cage was so spoiled and whiny and entitled, I just hated him.

              I don’t *think* the Delfikru guy would be a love interest? Certainly not for O, he seems far too old (she is one of the youngest of the Delinquents, too, so) No hints about her love life (I am still holding out hope for Octilyah too) but there was this little nugget from Bob today- “Octavia’s story for S5 is pretty devastating”.

              And oh, THERE’S MORE! Via Bob: “the characters have changed so much in season five, and [Bellamy] shifted a lot from who he used to be.” And THIS- “Bob Morley accidentally let it slip that Bellamy CANNOT hear Clarke’s radio, and that everyday that passes is hard to handle”

              THEN, Richard said this, which I mean, I am SO here for that-
              Fan: We wanna see Cannibal bunker.
              Richard: You might get your wish.

              CANNIBAL. BUNKER. I need it in my life.

              And I made this! One more to go!

              • You’ll probably meet Escher soon, he plays a big role in the tail end of S2. Wait til you get to the finale! All I’m saying… 🙂 And wouldn’t it be cool if Sinclair was like the personality of the suit, and showed up from time to time? Betty as the mole- I liked it. Again, the finale…

                Okay we need to talk Murphy because he MURDERED the dude last night that was gonna hang him. Flat out suffocated his ass- which I had totally forgotten. Murohy is EVIL. Oh my gosh WTF? I remember now having the same reaction the first time around. Like damn, that dude’s messed up. Which just seems to justify Bellamy’s reluctance to keep him around, even as Clarke talks about 2nd chances. Seriously though, we just talked about Murohy and if he is a psych or sociopath, but this?? It’s hard to go from this to the guy he is in S4. Is he still just a killer deep down? And if he is, to be stuck with him for 6 YEARS in a tight environment. I just don’t think they’re going to make him be that Murph anymore, and I need to withhold judgment because maybe they address this, but… man. That was fucked.

                Oh and Kiera/ Garza fought together last night, and it was glorious. S3 E1. The best. A good night of TV lolol.

                Oh my gosh I HATED Cage- like more than anyone ever. Him and fucking Emerson. Gah. And S1 I am having a blast with. The whole bridge thing last night- I loved how scary the Grounders were back then, running through the trees. Although I’ll admit I kinda wanted a pitched battle between delinquents and Grounders- I know the DQ’s would be SO overmatched- but just when things get bad Lincoln arrives and saves Octavia and turns the tide. Or something. IDK. 🙂 Course I know they do get all incinerated so I guess there was a battle, I just need to get there.

                What is the deal with Octavia and S5? Between being covered in blood and that comment from Bob- yikes what are they gonna DO to her now? I’m getting a bit worried here. Bellamy “shifting?” Not hearing the radio. Man they better not screw Bellamy up. And cannibal bunker? YES I am down with that. No food baby- time to do what must be done! Ewww I know, gross. That has to be why O has such trouble? She has cannibals to deal with? Grounders, or Skaikru, or *gulp* both?

                Bunkerkru- nice!

                • YEP saw Escher last night! He seems like a piece of work already. I am so glad that Emily is not what she seemed, too. I had a feeling she was in it for a connection to the tech! WHY couldn’t Sinclair have been there ALL the time? So sad. I was thinking about Kiera’s tech today when I was driving and composing a blog post in my head, and I thought “you know, if I had Kiera’s eye situation, I could have this damn post done already”, and then I got low key mad at our current technology. I am excited for the S2 finale, I am getting close! I can’t believe she told Carlos, too! And that he believed her as quickly as he did, tbh. They could have made that drag a bit more, but alas. Carlos is a simple fellow, so I am not surprised that he was game.

                  YEP he murders Connor and Myles. Just because they took PART in the hanging. I think (you’ll be on that episode soon, if you haven’t already gotten there) that he kills Myles just because he helped TIE THE KNOT. The hell!? And then he uses all their gunpowder after he almost kills Bellamy… good times. Yeah I don’t quite understand how he went from THAT to… human? Like, all the other stuff I could almost get past, but killing Connor and Myles.. that was harsh. I really wonder what the hell is going to have gone down on that ship over the course of 6 years. Looking back, I think it is surprising that no one floated Murphy in the 6 years hah.

                  Cage is absolutely the WORST villain on the show, in my opinion. Because like- even Pike, who did some REALLY shitty stuff, did it with like, the intention to protect his people (and a severely misguided sense of who the Grounders even were). No, Cage is hands down the worst. Because he KNEW there were other options! He knew! Clarke AND Kane told him that they could freaking donate, he knew that they had medical knowledge, but he was so damn power hungry that NOPE, he had to kill everyone instead. Fuck that guy. “The first dose is the worst” <--- Lincoln, and the best use of an echo line EVER. And yeah I wish Emerson had just DIED, it would have saved us from so many stupid pointless S3 plots ?? I think... I mean, there WAS a battle! I won't tell you what happened but... the thing that turned the tide wasn't really Lincoln's idea 😉 You do just need to watch it again- it's actually pretty badass! So yeah, I think O is going to be a MESS this season. Which... is saying a lot because she was already a mess? I also think that we WON'T like Bellamy when the season starts? Like, I have already resigned myself to wanting to stab half the characters basically. But I am hoping that the reunions not only help make up for it, BUT help the characters kind of... re-find themselves? And YES I am SO HERE for Cannibal Bunker. I swear, if that isn''t a thing I am going to be PISSED. Someone better be eating a Jaha sandwich when February rolls around. (Honestly, i don't think it says anything positive about us that we are THIS excited for characters to be consuming each other? But I mean, I can't help it, so there it is.) Also... there is a new character! Dubbed the "Season 5 Big Bad". His name is William Miller, and he's been cast as "villain Robert McCreary". http://tvline.com/2017/09/04/the-100-season-5-william-miller-cast-villain-robert-mccreary/

                  So, guess we know who the big asshole of the Gagarin is. The question is, will he REALLY be an asshole, or just appear at first to be the bad guy? (Like Roan, Lexa, Anya, etc.)

                  • Oh my gosh Murphy did it AGAIN!!! Just choked that guy out. I forgot about that, but I did remember the rest. And fucking Reapers!!!!! As soon as they went in that tunnel I was like YESSSS motherf- well, you get the idea! Seriously that was the bomb . I guess I didn’t think Reaper tunnels showed up til S2.

                    I totally want a CMR. And “Carlos is a simple fellow” lol. True dat. You know who I like? Betty! She’s a conniving little badass and I LOVE that she’s the mole. And Emily is a trip. The S2 finale is pretty good and it kinda ups the game- I can’t say anything but things are a LOT different afterward.

                    And yes it was a fucking KNOT! Murph is a one-man wrecking crew FFS. No wonder raven hates him so much and for so long. And yeah I remember when Lincoln kills Cage, and look forward to enjoying it again! I remember the first time thinking oh no you better not let him live! Then Linc showed up and I was happy.

                    I have We Are Grounder Part 2 tonight and then on to S2. Yay! And a “Jaha sandwich”? Wow Shannon that’s actually pretty awesome, I like it. What a way to go! They obviously have a cannibalism thing going on somewhere in that writers room, going back to the Reapers? I say they indulge it. Although I still want there to be Reapers somewhere, even though I’m sure they’re moving on. Although if Reapers WERE somehow a part of the story I would of course heartily approve. 🙂 But if not I have S2 to enjoy!

                    So… we have the big bad? Interesting… I like the look of the guy, he could be a good villain. I wonder too, since this show loves shades of grey. I have to say I’m REALLY intrigued by the whole Gagarin plot. The Grounders were so mysterious, then the Reapers were, and Mt. Weather was so evil at its core, I guess I;m ready for some NEW villains to show up.

                    Oh and last night when Lincoln told them to run, he said go to the eastern ocean and find Luna. I was like woot Luna mention – little did he know she would go on to be angel of death lol. And THEN on the 100 wiki page it says “possibly survived” under her entry. Whaaaaaaaaa???????? Oh oh oh and when Linc rescued Clarke- how about that apocalyptic death horse he was riding? Like it’s head was all fucked up! I miss that stuff.

                    • YEP and Myles seemed so damn harmless! PLUS he had just been attacked by Grounders FFS! Goodness, I love watching these old episodes! I love the angst of the whole Clarke/Finn/Raven mess! And yesss the Reapers! Though- you have to let me know if the Reapers seem… different from S1 to S2, because I feel like they are a bit different. Less savage in S2, somehow?

                      I am so excited to get to the finale! I am quite excited that we got to see Old Man Murphy (even though it’s obviously not Richard hah). I was so PISSED at Alec’s mom for lying. And of course, that Julian got out at ALL was annoying. Liber8 has itself inserted to literally everything.

                      Lincoln showing up to kill Cage is such a great moment- because not only does he kill him, he does it in such an epic way. PLUS he had just formally abandoned his clan to help O, which is badass. AND he resists the Red, which is damn near impossible.

                      I want Jaha to straight up sacrifice himself to be dinner. GAH can you imagine how dark that will be? (Not Jaha saying “eat me, friends” but like, the whole idea of eating other humans in general.) I can’t even see some of the characters being okay with it. Like Abby and Gaia aren’t going to eat a Jaha Footlong, even if it means starving to death. But also… it might be the only option? WHy isn’t it February?

                      Yeah, I think I like the idea of a new human villain. There hasn’t really been one since… Ontari and Pike, I guess? ALIE and a damn radiation storm were the villains for so long! BUT at the same time, I really liked that Praimfaya was the “bad guy” while everyone else…. was a complete mess because there were no good choices. I guess they can’t exactly do that forever though, can they?

                      So I of course like, RAN to the Wiki after you posted that about Luna! (Also, YES- who would have thought that the “savior” to the east would have been the one who wanted the whole damn species to die?!) and YEP, there it is. APPARENTLY, the actress has been saying she might not be dead? But I can’t tell if she’s just being like, cheeky, or if she is serious! Because… WhAT? We saw O stab her, saw her bleed out. She’d never have just LET O go on as the winner and take the bunker and such. So I am going to assume that these people are just grasping at straws. Plus, if anyone has survived, PLEASE let Roan come out of the Art Supply Store! And YEP that horse was messed UP. I hope that Clarke and Madi have some kind of jacked up wolf as a pet or something. Something had to survive… I guess? Maybe? They had better explain it, either way!

  11. Poor Myles! Just a frickin kid- although to be fair, they’re all supposed to be kids! He looked like he was about 14 though lol. And yes after being shot with arrows twice! Kid can’t catch a break. And Clarke/ Finn- it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t all Bellarke, but yeah. Her and Finn kinda worked. I’m in my happy place now because- Reapers. And Mt. Weather. I love that place, with all the tunnels and piping- I just watched S2E1 where Clarke makes a run for it. So cool. I will definitely takes notes on Reaper savagery. And oh what is the deformed dude in the woods that we see when Linctavia are heading for his village? Is it a mutant???

    Old Man Murphy was kinda odd. But did you get the factory slaves episode yet? We learn more about Murph… er Julian in that one. I like that they keep him around. Kiera has to not only worry about Alex and his wishy-washiness and Liber8, but now Julian too. I love it when he goes on TV… that’s upcoming too.

    A “Jaha footlong”? You’re killing me here. What condiments are being provided? You know to mask the taste of FLESH. Of all the shit they’ve been through, to go through this now. It’s too bad Clarke or Finn aren’t around to tell them how to do it. I mean they saw the Reaps keeping them alive in the carts til the last minute, then “tenderizing” the meat by pounding the shit out of it (apparently? or was that just them killing someone brutally?) so you know, they’d have pointers.

    So I’m in S2 now and I love how Clarke just doesn’t.give.a.fuck. She wants to get out. And meanwhile Kane comes down and thinks he’s in charge, and arrests Bellamy for (justifiably) wanting to beat the shit out of Murph. Man that rankled seeing Kane acting that way after the DQ’s have been through so much, and Bell has been leading. And I made it through S1 w/o any Jaha hate! So it must be S2 when I started disliking him? I know it was before S3. So he must do something when he gets to the ground? I guess I’ll see. Oh and Linc said they were almost to the sea, but they’re at his village and earlier he had said it was 120 miles to the sea (or I guess Bell said that). So do we know why Lincoln has his little cave SO far away from his village?

    That Luna thing… man. If she came back? I agree, I’d rather have Roan. How in the fuck could she survive? I would LOVE for Clarke and Madi to have some mutant pet. Yes please!!

    Oh and I about spewed my beverage when some guy over the radio yells “it’s game over man!” I love that they referenced that! So then I had to go find this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ycDWywGls

    • I JUST got to the factory slaves last night but then I had to stop because I was tired. WOW, that was some horrible shit! That poor woman (well, all of them, but especially the one we saw!) who just was in DEBT and was basically killed for it!? The worst part was watching her KNOW her fate, and then becoming a robot. I mean, it was completely messed up, but I am kind of glad they went there? Makes the stakes higher, anyway. I am excited for more Juliphy, and I’ll be watching that very soon!

      Yeah Myles really did look extra young and naive. He said what he did to get locked up, right? I forget, but I am almost on that episode, so I guess I’ll know for sure! I really was a fan of Clarke/Finn in the beginning- I even almost hoped she’d give him another chance after the whole Raven thing, but I am glad it turned out the way it did. It’s almost like Clarke and Finn was a puppy love, and Bellarke (and even Clexa, really) was the real deal.

      I LOVED that Clarke never trusted Mt Weather and tried to run from the start. Honestly, this is why she is in charge and Jasper is… well, dead. They bought Jasper with cake, while Clarke saw right through their bullshit. And I have NO idea who the mutant guy was supposed to be- I couldn’t tell if he was a Reaper, or just some poor unfortunate dude with a severe deformity. I wish they’d told us! Why do they never tell us the fun stuff!?

      The Jaha Footlong™ comes with all the condiments that Indra usually has in her Subway. Sadly, her full-time sandwich artist is busy in space, but she made Gaia take over. She has a delightful algae bloom dipping sauce that *almost* keeps you from vomiting up your former Chancellor. If that doesn’t work, you can down it with some Monty’s Moonshine, which Niylah sells in the general store. Ew seriously, the Reapers WOULD have pointers. Did they really EAT those people from the carts!? They didn’t even seem… fresh? Like, the ones in the bottoms of the cart. Ew, I think I am grossing my own self out now haha.

      Oh, first few episodes of S2 Kane makes me SO MAD. The hell, dude? You KNEW that Murphy was a goddamn problem on the Ark, everyone is TELLING YOU what he did, and he’s like “now Bellamy, we don’t solve violence with violence” like Bellamy is some kindergarten kid getting his hair pulled. Murphy killed two people, and almost killed Raven AND Bellamy, and then nearly killed them ALL by using all their gunpowder AND telling the Grounders everything. And Kane thinks he knows ALL the things about Earth because he has slept there once and saw a tree and a half. NO Kane.

      Yeah, I don’t think it is even possible to hate S1 Jaha? I mean, dude spent the WHOLE season self sacrificing, and then ends the season being doomed to asphyxiate by himself in space. Now, his decisions DO get questionable around mid-season 2. Maybe he hit his head when he landed? Maybe it was Garza’s bugs? We don’t know what she fed him. Could have been anything, knowing her. (I’m not going to be able to watch that now and NOT think of her as Garza, because yeah.) But I assume you REALLY start to hate him when he gets a whole bunch of people killed in the desert and then throws that guy to the sea monster. Or leaves Murphy in the bunker for 3 months. Or chips thousands of people. Who can tell, really?

      Lincoln’s cave IS kind of far from his village, I am not sure why. I don’t think they ever really even said? Maybe he was sent just to spy on the Delinquents, and just holed up there? Because yeah, they’re not that close to the Grounder villages in general, but Grounders always seem to be… popping up all over the place. I don’t think they really had the distances mapped out all that well in the beginning, tbh.

      Clarke and Madi MUST have mutant pets, or at the VERY least, mutant dinners. But who wouldn’t want them to have some kind of jacked up cat that they knitted a sweater for because it’s a mangy mess and all its fur fell off and it has five paws? And yeah, Luna needs to be gone, because there is simply NO redemption from trying to eradicate the human species. Roan though… I’d LOVE to see him fighting these Gagarin people!

      I also had NO idea that the “game over” thing was from something else! That is funny!

      • Ooh cool. So… is Julian a mass murderer, or was he justified in “killing” the factory drones since they weren’t really thinking people anymore? Almost like a 100- ish dilemma, no? I can’t wait to talk the finale with you, because… craziness. Not rushing you though 🙂

        I don’t think we find out what Myles did? He like asks Clarke do you wanna know what I did to get arrested but then something happens and they never get an answer? If I remember right. And yeah I think Clarke would have given Finn another chance- she even tells him “I can’t lose you again” when he’s going to go get the medicine from Lincoln’s cave. But her and Bellamy work better. 🙂

        Exactly. I loved Jasper back then, but yeah he WANTED to be saved, and you can’t blame em after what they went through, but Clarke was just a fighter and never gave up. I love that about her. And the mutant guy- just like the skull they found, and other things- I love that there are eerie things out in the wilderness, but I’d like to see more of them? Or yes get an explanation.

        “vomiting up your former Chancellor” lmao. I think I’d need the moonshine- or some Jobi nuts. I’m not sure vinegar and oil, or some black olives, are gonna do it. This requires further steps. Algae bloom dipping sauce though- I’d try it. Wonders of the sea. Adds a new meaning to cold cut combo though, I would say. And extra meat lol.

        Yeah Kane. Ease up dude, I know being on earth is a trip and you’re feeling all in charge but FFS he was irritating! And Jaha- agree. it must be somewhere in S2 that he lost me. I like that Garza has come through some time/ space wormhole and is now living on earth with a child. We all have to grow and change after all. But it would be like her to feed Jaha some mind- addling bugs. Just for shits and giggles. When does the trip to the CoL start? Cause you might be right, maybe that’s when I started hating him. Although I know it’s not the sea monster thing, cause honestly… I love that. :):)

        Yeah I never got why Lincoln had his own cave, but apparently answered to Anya? Doesn’t really matter, because his cave was kinda cool. Plus lovenest for him an O. Oh and I’m imagining this hideous yet pitiful mutated cat with half it’s fur gone and three eyes or something, and it gives off this piteous fucked up meeoorrw and you can’t help but love it. Maybe it glows in the dark? That way they have a nightlight. Ditto on Roan!!

        Okay have you SEEN Aliens? Tell me you have. Because if not… clearly you must . And I love this too- why don’t you put her in charge? It’s just his delivery- I laugh every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tQXrw1-hPc

        • Yeah so I was NOT mad at Julian for killing them? Like- they definitely weren’t actual humans with any kind of thought process anymore. And if it was me… I would rather him “shut me down” to prevent it from happening to others. I don’t know if it’s just my love for Murphy blinding me, but I just cannot see Julian as a bad guy? I think part of it is it’s such a moral grey area, but also, he doesn’t seem like he is just going to kill people for funsies. I think what he did was justified- at least with the info I have at the moment. Plus, you could tell he didn’t LOVE the idea of killing them, but they couldn’t even function as humans anymore, and he DID save that guy who they were about to “turn”. So yeah, Team Julian. Kiera was WAYYY out of line when she almost killed him. OH! So I was so excited last night to get to the finale- I didn’t even watch The 100!- but after I watched episode 10 (which I assumed would be the finale)… it went to episode 11 hahah. Their seasons are weird! I looked it up afterward, and yeah, it’s weird. So I should get there soon- probably tomorrow?

          OHH yes, I think you are right about Myles! Clarke and Bellamy definitely work better- it’s almost like Finn divides Clarke- the post-Finn Clarke is so much more serious, has so many decisions and fights. Whereas when Finn was alive, he almost took a little of that pressure off of her sometimes. But the world was different then, too.

          Oh I totally agree about Jasper! I think he was just SO damn relieved (and also swooning over Maya) that he was willing to believe just about anything. Jasper was just too pure for that world. Seriously though, people get mad that Jasper fell apart but like… maybe it actually says something positive about him that he WASN’T able to just… keep going with all the horrors he saw? Like- maybe it isn’t “better” either way- whether someone is strong enough to keep going- it just… is who they are? OOOH yeah the SKULL! That is another mystery! I guess they can’t give us in depth explanations for everything, but… yeah, please identify the random species that we can’t decipher.

          Maybe you need to have Buffalo Jaha? Sriracha Jaha? Jaha Cordon Bleu? The worst part, in seriousness, is that if they DO have to resort to this, they probably have no OTHER supplies either, so they can’t even make him… edible. Have you ever seen or read any stuff about the Andes plane crash in 1972? They resorted to cannibalism, and I seriously don’t know what I would do in that situation. Which is why it makes the bunker thing even more interesting, if they go there. Talk about an awful choice.

          Kane was SO irritating. I think he was all giddy that he got to be Chancellor. I loved Abby’s line to him- “You weren’t elected Chancellor, Marcus. You only got the job because Thelonious beat you to redemption.” ? Because… YEP. BWHAHAH that IS nice- its like, Garza overshot 2077, and ended up in the mid-22nd century. I mean, she DID turn Jaha over to those dudes who wanted to kill him for money, so… yep, sounds like the same Garza! Oh, he leaves to find the CoL in…. 2×10, Survival of the Fittest (this is also the one with the gorilla, yay). I thought he’d left earlier than that but then I had to check.

          Well- I think Lincoln just had the cave to have a cave? Anya was the Trikru leader at the time, so it makes sense why he followed her. But it was SO confusing because it showed Indra almost as Lexa’s Second, which we know later she isn’t. Maybe after Anya’s death, she is sent to be the Trikru leader? And yes, the cave was badass either way. If I were stuck in that hellhole, I’d want my own cave.

          YES! That is exactly how the cat looks in my head! Like a cross between the two-headed deer and Buttercup from The Hunger Games! OH it NEEDS to glow in the dark. All cats should, tbh. I… have not seen Aliens. I have not seen many movies, I am generally a movie fail. HAHAH I like that line though- and telling from Hudson’s clear inability to operate under pressure, perhaps the little girl SHOULD be? She seemed down.

          • I keep going back and forth on the factory drone thing. Like they’re not really human anymore, and that’s on the corporations, but at the same time the sheer scale of it- ending all those lives- I don’t know. Would I be able to do it? I’m not sure. And it’s clear the corps have portrayed it as a war crime so Kiera and everyone else I imagine thinks he’s just a terrorist. But frankly seeing what the corps themselves do (and frankly Kiera sees this stuff firsthand, but stays loyal?) it’s hard not to be Team Julian??That’s what I love- the Liber8/ Julian people do horrible things but they’re on the side of the people? And Kiera is WAY out of line- I mean she was going to legit kill him, and I don’t see her as a killer like that. She’s like Kane I guess- I like her but then they occasionally write her in such a way that I don’t see it as in character? Like Kane tonight. Shock lashing Abby, but THEN decides to lead a mission to pursue peace w/ the Grounders. If he would have thought of that BEFORE lashing Abbs he could have saved her some pain! Or if the idiot would have just sent a team out to find the fucking kids, which seems to me is what anyone with a brain would do. Agh!! I mean he lashes her then makes her Chancellor. WTF?

            The finale is a trip. Just saying. Although you can probably see it coming… and Finn. Tonight he executed the grounder and I think this is when they fucked his character up too. The guy who didn’t want to shoot anyone just shoots the guy and is all like, extra- strength Murphy now. I mean even Murphy’s like that dude is fucked up! I love The 100 but they make some harsh right hand turns at times with characters- like Kane is an asshole, then he’s not, then he is, then not. And now out of nowhere Finn is like fucking Rambo.

            The skull was so cool. I just like that they have all these mutants and strange animals running around, it’s too bad Praimfaya had to burn all that away. I love the lush forests- I hope that’s its not all ash outside of the Eden valley, that would suck. And how come we never see the irradiated glowing butterflies anymore? That stuff all added texture. 🙂

            I did hear about the Andes thing, and… IDK. I like to think I would never do that, but what happens to people in that situation? I mean if you’re hungry you’re hungry lol. Kidding. I hope?? And the lack of condiments is a problem. I like buffalo wing sauce myself, and I wonder sometimes where all our “meat” really comes from- this is like taking that to whole new level *snort* I used to like their spicy Italians but that takes on a whole new meaning post- cannibal lottery. Or #cannibalcull.

            Oh totally unrelated but have you ever seen those videos where they show what REALLY happens with like cows that fall over and shit in processing plants? They shock lash them too! And use like forklifts to get their asses up. I shouldn’t make light of it but we are kinda fucked up as a society. At least no cows were harmed in the making of Jaha soylent green patties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IKVj4l5GU4

            Garza is next episode. I see it on the little “next episode” thing. And Jaha came down in a missile? I forgot how silly that was. Maybe that’s part of why I started to dislike Jaha- the whole baby/ Wells thing, then the missile nonsense, and he gets all mystical and goes off on the CoL – I think that’s where my dislike started. Maybe more the storyline than actually him? I hated what they were DOING with him. And yay for the gorilla! Clarke and Lexa vs the gorilla- can’t wait!! Also- yes Abby’s line to Kane was priceless. You know I’m liking Abby a lot more this time around too.

            I’m in my glory now. In the last two episodes I’ve had Reaper tunnels, Indra, people upside down being drained for blood, Grounders in cages… I’m loving it. Bell and Murphy working together again. The creepiness of the whole Mt. Weather arrangement. And Clarke and Anya jumping out of some tunnel down a waterfall- there’s an almost identical scene coming up on Continuum in S3 involving Kiera and garza. You’ll probably be like oh that’s familiar when you see it!!

            Oh my gosh dude you need to see Aliens. In the dark late at night. Ok maybe not that cause you’ll freak. No it’s not really scary but it IS intense. I don’t like the Alien movies as a rule but I love that one. Seriously you must watch. And Hudson is the MAN.

            • Yeah I guess I get why Kiera is so mad- but maybe she needs to start realizing that everything they’ve told her is NOT true? I agree, I don’t know if I could do it either- though it’s almost like one of those impossible The 100 choices, like the cullings. Like- if you could save ALL the people in the future by killing these… however many thousand now, I think I could do it? I’d be SOBBING and probably be haunted by it forever and need copious amounts of therapy but… in the end, knowing that no one will have that done to them again would be worth it.

              Okay so I have a guess as to who Jason is. I say he’s Alec’s SON, not his dad. (I’ll find out tonight if I am right 😉 ) What the hell happened to Lucas by the way!? OH and I was so glad that Travis didn’t kill Sonya in the end. Like- at first I wanted him to, but damn, they have some good chemistry and I like it too much to want her dead. Also, I have been really liking Carlos more! He has been stepping up and like, having a mind of his own? More of that! I want Escher to die. And freaking Emaya (that is what I am calling her, as an Emily-Maya hybrid) like- look, I know she doesn’t have much of a choice, but UGH I hate what she is doing to Alec. I don’t blame her as much as Escher though. Fuck that guy. Also, Dillon, I used to like him and now I do not.

              KANE, he is such a damn mess when they get to the ground. The more times I watch it, the more convinced I am that he was operating with some brain damage. I mean, did he even have a chance to belt in before launch? I don’t get what he thought he’d accomplish by shocking Abby, then 10 seconds after making her Chancellor? Like- why are people going to listen to someone who had just been tied to a goddamn tree and shocked!? Idiot.

              Finn. It is SO sad to watch Finn go from trying EVERYTHING for peace, to shooting people at random. You know- I kind of wonder if it’s because EVERY attempt he made at peace failed, but when he turned the Reapers to the Grounders in the finale… he finally got a bit of a win? So it kind of showed him that maybe force DOES get results? I don’t think it’s *just* the loss of Clarke that makes him go so crazy, though that’s part of it.

              OH speaking of Praimfaya destroying stuff! I read somewhere that the area around the dropship *might* be Eden! So maybe it isn’t as gone as we think it is? I feel like it can’t be ALL ash outside of there? But maybe the water is tainted or something? I am so lost on how they are going to build this new world.

              I am straight up picturing some Grounder of Italian descent being made into a “Spicy Italian” at Indra’s Subway and it is so wrong but so funny ?? Buffalo sauce can probably mask a LOT of stuff. Though I hope we can have our Jahas boneless, because Jaha with bone seems extra messed up. I like super hot wings, too, and I feel like that would mask the… human even more. (Also #cannibalcull, DYING, that is so perfect. That is what we will call it if it happens, no question!) One woman in the Andes crash held out like, much longer than the rest of them, but she eventually caved. And then was killed by an avalanche. Which…. talk about a bad day. I don’t think I could do it either, but I also don’t think I’d be all that great at surviving in the Andes in general? So it might just never come to that.

              Wow, we ARE fucked up. I always have this moral crisis where I feel like a real asshole for eating meat, but then… it’s so yummy. So I just try to block it out until the next time I see a cow or something, then I can feel like an asshole again. That soylent green thing is so fucked up. I feel like we’re about… two natural disasters from turning to that though?

              Yeah, the missile thing WAS kind of stupid. I don’t know all the actual physics behind it but it seems ridiculous. Many Happy Returns is one of my faves though- I just love Zoran and Sienna-Garza SO much. And Jaha, DAMN is he great in that episode. All the feels. I DO agree that his storyline got kind of dumb in S2. I wonder what possessed them to DO that. Especially since they aren’t usually so… out there. I did like when Jaha kind of took Murphy under his wing. You know, until he almost kills him, anyway. YAY I am glad you are liking Abby. She is such a badass.

              Murphamy when Murphy is NOT being a psycho is my fave. They work so well together! Seriously, S2 is pretty fabulous with the “awful shit humans are capable of” stories. I do LOVE Mt Weather- I wish we got to see more of it. And the tunnels! I was so shocked that Anya and Clarke survived that jump. There’s another WWYD question- do you think you could have jumped? I think I probably would have, just because… guns would be a more certain death? But damn, that was high.

              OH I am excited about this waterfall in Continuum! I have noticed a few things that felt similar- which is NOT Continuum’s fault, as they were there first! But nor was I unhappy, because I love The 100, so seeing similar stuff is just fun.

              I was kind of intrigued by Aliens! So perhaps I shall- but yeah, I don’t know about in the dark alone when I will need to sleep hahah.

              • The thing I don’t get about Kiera is… if she wants to get back to her family, that means she wants the corporate future relatively unchanged right, cause otherwise her future as she knows it won’t exist? So… get on Alec’s ass to fix the time machine and go the fuck back. Fuck Liber8- if they change the future at least she’ll be with her family in the meanwhile. She has to know changing all this shit will fuck things up??!?

                Travis & Sonya rock. Seriously I like everyone on Liber8 (well maybe not Lucas) even if they are homicidal maniacs. I mean there are some people who just can’t work in an office, you know? Can you see garza going to a cubicle job? Nah she needs violence. If you’re liking Carlos more you’ll like him in S3, things happen to make him question everything. Escher is a prick. And Jason- heh.

                Kane… sigh. But Major Byrne needs to die! She is SUCH a bitch! And I just watched the cliff rescue- poor Sterling. I love how they always have people bounce off rocks first, before they hit the ground. You know, to accentuate the fact that they’re fucked. So what happens to Mel? Does she fade away or does she reappear? I don’t remember. And they just shot Anya, dumb shits. I remember hating Byrne and the security forces- it’s all coming back to me now! 🙂 And Finn… cracked me up when he was like we’l come back for Mel. Like she’s just gonna hang out down the cliff for a few hours or DAYS. Although you can totally get why he’s in a hurry- Clarke could die any moment, as far as he knows. I’d feel the same way. Meanwhile little does he know Sarah Connor… er Clarke is all over fuck fighting anya, Reaper tunnels, back to the dropship… she is covering a lot of ground!

                “Don’t worry Bellamy- I won’t drop you” has to be one of my favorite lines of ever.

                Ooh I like it about the dropship, it is such a cool set after all. Oh and now that we have Spacekru- so when Jaha left the ring is still up there, so I guess there’s more of the Ark in orbit then I thought. That makes more sense. This rewatch is clearing so many things up lol.

                Yeah hot sauce covers many sins. Although having to pick bones out- that’s damned inconvenient. At least Indra runs a damn Subway- nothing against Jimmy John’s, but you can’t get anything on your sub there. I remember the first time I went to a JJ I was like where’s the olives and shit? And they were like no can do. We had a Quizno’s and you can get all kinds of shit on your food there, but the one here went out. How does a sandwich joint go out?? The Reapers don’t seem to have any of these issues tho, maybe I’m over complicating things.

                Soylent green KILLS me. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are there, we just don’t know it yet. Bodies go in, food comes out. And yeah I’ve thought of going vegetarian so many times, but I like meat sometimes. I mean tacos? Putting a bunch of veggies in there ain’t cuttin it. But I do feel bad cause I always think about the factory farmed cows and chickens and shit. I am eating less meat though- maybe it’s a start?

                So Sienna mentioned the City of Light and that’s the first mention right? So some Grounders are clearly looking for it as far back as mid- S2. I wonder how word spread? And the dead zone- do we know where that is in relation to where the Skaikru is? Ooh and yes I think I would have jumped! Because Clarke knows she’s in deep shit if they take her back, I think she has no choice. Mt. Weather and all those tunnels are so the shit. LOVE!!!

                The waterfall is Continuum looks almost the SAME! Multiple tunnel openings, it just looks the SAME! You’ll be like oh that’s Mt. Weather! And Aliens is kinda dated- I mean it’s mid 80’s you know- but it’s a trip. Although you’ve already seen the best parts? Hudson has a unique perspective on things.

                • So I watched the S2 finale, and damn, you were not kidding about its epicness! Damn, I don’t even know where to start! I did not expect Emilaya to die! And now I cannot wait to find out if she STAYS dead- or if Alec can change the past. I kind of hope he can save her, mostly because I want to know what will change in the future. But what is his deal anyway? I can’t figure out if he was really on Escher’s side, Kiera’s side, or just playing both of them to go save Emily. Because I know he misses his dad and such but… if your dad wants you to kill all your friends or whatever the hell Escher wants, well, sounds like you’re better off without him?

                  SO excited that Carlos realized Betty was the mole! I was like “aw look, our little boy is growing up and make decisions with his brain!” And I was equally excited that Betty took off with him! But WHY did they go to Alec’s mom and Julian!? I cannot wait to watch tonight because I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. (I now totally understand why you love this show by the way- I liked it of course, but now I am like, all in hahha.) OH is Travis really dead?! WHERE DID SHUMWAY COME FROM!? Is Kagame alive too!? So… Lucas *wasn’t* losing his mind!? And I was right about Jason, yayyy.

                  I agree about Kiera- I feel like she almost doesn’t know WHAT she wants? Like- half the time she’s screwing over her friends to get back to her family, and the other half of the time, she’s making decisions that all but guarantee she’ll NEVER get back to them- or at the very least, she’ll have changed ALL the things and they won’t exist. Kiera has been pretty stupid lately. Hopefully she can help free herself and Liber8 from Mt Weather. (Idk what to call it at the moment, and frankly, it looks like Mt Weather so there it is.)

                  I was so happy when Byrne died. Except, rude of the gorilla to eat her arm. At least she did save Clarke in the end? OH and I liked Byrne for a hot second when she put Jaha in the stockade when Abby told her too. That was kind of brilliant. GAH I felt so bad for Sterling. I always liked him, idk why- maybe because he just seemed like a normal dude? Either way, ouch. But also, why was he so stupid? (Again, part of the normal dude allure? ?) But so Mel. Mel is above! Read the post, it tells you all the details on Mel- real AND imagined in my head 😀 She fades away after they bring her back to Camp Jaha, which is annoying because it seemed like that plot should have been a wayyy bigger deal.

                  Finn was almost funny when looking for Clarke, because you’re right- Mel wouldn’t have lasted 5 more minutes, let alone 5 hours! He was SO obsessed. I can’t even tell if he was that desperate for Clarke at that point, or just plain old desperate in general, thinking he failed everyone? But yeah, I kind of didn’t blame him either, because he obviously loved her- wouldn’t anyone feel the same? But at least everyone else came to their senses! PLUS, I honestly don’t know if I’d have gone down there, knowing what happened to Sterling. And yeah, Clarke got SO badass in S2!

                  Yeah, I am not 100% sure how much was up there- the Go-Sci Ring I *think* is it, BUT I think that’s also pretty big? That is where the prison was, and Earth Monitoring, so there has to be a pretty decent size chunk for them? I hope the dropship survived too!

                  Okay, confession: I have never had Jimmy John’s OR Quiznos. There are Quiznos here now, but I just never felt the need? And I think the closest JJ is in State College (where Penn State is) but… you’re in State College so why eat JJs? I feel like one of the two Quiznos around here closed too- maybe they’re just failing like, as a chain? I don’t want to have to pick out like, Jaha phalanges or whatever, so yeah, boneless is best. Random- do you have a favorite hot sauce? Because I have a pretty serious obsession with Tapatío, and I highly recommend as an accompaniment to any human or non-human dish.

                  Tacos are my jam. I could never be a vegetarian, also because of sushi. And fine, chicken. I give up, I just can’t do it. You know, the weird thing about the soylent green IS that you’d never really know. It would be easier from a government standpoint to lie and have non-hungry people. Not that I’d want to be lied to but… well, maybe I would? Like- if it’s die, eat the people, or not KNOW you were eating the people… yeah, I’ll take the third option.

                  YEP Sienna is the first person to mention it! So we can blame Garza for that entire debacle hahah. I think the way people found out about it is (and this is mostly a guess) that some Grounders (Frikdreina, I guess) followed ALIE’s drones, and SHE told them about the CoL? BUT the real question is… why didn’t ALIE chip the Frikdreina? Was the tech ON Jaha’s missile? And yeah- the Dead Zone is like, northeast of Arkadia- like, Arkadia is in probably Virginia, and the Dead Zone is around NJ/Delaware.

                  OH a few things I noticed in the last episode that were fun! When Clarke and Finn are trying to save Tris, they have FIFTY DOLLAR BILLS on the floor- it looks like they’re making like, beds out of them? I died. Also, why are Clarke’s ears pierced? Do they have a fucking Piercing Pagoda on the Ark? It makes NO sense. And who like, has to fight to the death with freaking EARRINGS in? That seems like a recipe for disaster.

                  I am SO EXCITED for more Mt Weather-like tunnels and dams! That is so FUN. And yeah, Aliens is old, but I missed ALL the movies, so. But if the best parts are 2 minute long clips, you have me reconsidering 😉

                  • I feel like the end of S2 really upped the stakes on Continuum. But the kicker is… when Alec goes back he starts a new timeline, and so Carlos and Betty never go to Julian in this new timeline because it’s now a week ago. Which pissed me off because I was thinking Carlos/ Betty and Julian teaming up? I WANT that like right now. That could have been so fucking awesome, but then it doesn’t happen. I kept hoping they’d go back and show what happened in the old timeline. I don’t know why but the idea of Carlos going to Julian- and Betty on the run from the cops AND Liber8- just seemed so cool. Or would they work WITH Liber8 because Julian has links to them? Oh the possibilities were endless.

                    And yes Emily! Although I hated Alec for going back and fucking over Kiera- I thought that was a douche move. I mean I get that he wants to save Emily, but make another time machine and do that- I think the first priority has to be send Kiera back, especially since his evil future self did this to her in the first place. Plus he totally lied and betrayed her. S3 gets fucking crazy with 2 Alec’s running around.

                    I’m so glad you’re liking the show. I was a little worried you’d be secretly like dude this sucks lol. Honestly the police “case-of-the-week” angle is not that interesting to me, but the moral dilemmas and Liber8 and the time travel conundrums were what I liked. And Julian frankly. Not only Richard Harmon playing him but he’s like the x factor, future Alec is the bad guy and Kiera is the somewhat deluded good guy but Julian is like the guy that can go either way, and I love that. And Shumway is huge in S3. The freelancers too- at first you think they’re bad, then maybe they’re good, but… well after the S3 premier you’ll see what I mean. They’re like Julian? One big gray area.

                    Travis is really dead but new timeline so… it’s a week ago now. Mind twisty. Kagame as far as I know is dead, but he shows up in flashbacks. And I LOVED them all imprisoned… that was so cool.

                    So they did nothing with Mel? Okay I went up and re- read- you are right, they can’t just DROP her! Not after poor Sterling (he WAS just a regular dude). Your ending though is pretty kickass. Her and David- nice way for them to lead the poor culledkru. And the gorilla ate Byrne’s arm?? Ooh I don’t remember that!

                    “any human or non- human dish” lol. And phalanges? Ewww good one I personally like Frank’s Red Hot wing sauce, but I’ve had Tapatio and I love it. If a restaurant has Tapatio on the table I know I’m in good hands ha ha. I used to eat at Quizno’s when I worked by one, but it’s been a while. Subway’s right around the corner so if I do get a sub it’s usually there. And I couldn’t go without tacos or beef on nachos, you know? What would be the point? Oh and I loved that line when Lucas got out of the psych ward, and he told Garza he missed sushi. She’s like we’ll stop on the way. Just so casual, I love her.

                    Oh and the weird thing about soylent is there IS a company called Soylent now, in California I think. They make like meal replacement drinks. Seriously. Why would you call your company that? Kills me.

                    Did ALIE recover Jaha’s rocket sled, er, missile? See I was gonna originally when we first talked about rewatching, I was gonna do seasons 1 and 2 but I figured I’d skip 3 cause I hated it? But now clearly I’m sucked in and will be rewatching all the way through end of 4. I feel like I have to at this point to get the full experience- and apparently I’ve forgotten like everything FFS? Which does not speak well of my retention abilities?? Although to be fair I watch a TON of shows and I often wonder how I remember anything? So yeah I’m keen to see again how all the ALIE stuff unfolded and see what I missed…

                    Piercing Pagoda lol. So true. And the freelancers complex is awesome, with all the dripping tunnels and shit. you’re in for a treat cause Kiera and Garza… well you’ll see. One of my favorite scenes ever. And Mt. Weather- I know I’ve said it a million times, but that place was HUGE, apparently? Those white corridors Clarke and dante were walking down, and then that storeroom or wherever that went on forever and had all the stored art and stuff. Why’d they have to blow it up??? Aliens is worth a watch, I just like the Hudson clips cause he’s like classic. I think there’s other ones, sprinkled throughout the movie. And it’s intense!

                    • Oh NOOOO. I had not thought of that! I wanted to see how that played out, too! Those 3 teaming up (and throw in Alec’s mom, because why the hell not) would have been SO epic! OH and so Travis is not dead either! Convenient for him.

                      And YEP, I was pissed at Alec too. Like he’s the only person who ever lost someone? It was such bullshit. Though also… I have been torn because Kiera has been REALLY fucking demanding of Alec, you know? BUT he wasn’t just messing things up for Kiera, he messed literally EVERYTHING up! Escher is dead!? I mean, I’m happy, obviously. But still.

                      Do we find out who killed… Kiera 1? I mean, had she NOT come back, Alec would have straight up killed her- and like, I know he was crying, but he still didn’t seem to regret his decision which is kind of bullshit too. I felt bad for Carlos too, his brain couldn’t handle two Kieras. And WAIT- both Alecs exist for a long time!? Damn… that is going to make things very dicey.

                      And yes- that is what I love about it too, the fact that your mind gets constantly blown by this time travel stuff- and definitely how there’s really no “good guy” at all- just people with different priorities, really! I do love Julian. He’s much more complex than Murphy even. Not that it’s a good thing or a bad thing, he just is. I still don’t fully know what to make of him. And YES- I wasn’t sure what to make of the Freelancers, because on one hand, they’re locking people up in cages and killing people and stuff, but also… wanting to protect the timeline from assholes isn’t really wrong, so… yeah. Ooooh, Lucas gets out?! That’s fun! Bwhahah nice of Garza to take him for sushi ??

                      I usually end up at Subway too, though it isn’t my favorite- I think because I just want like, meat and cheese? And it doesn’t make sense to pay for it when I can just buy it from a store hah. And yeah, tacos without meat is not even worth it! OH! I JUST saw the Soylent company on Twitter! Someone was talking about it, and I was… confused. But yeah, some kind of meal replacement drink. Looks gross, tbh. And sounds grosser. And right- a quick google search would clear up why you’d want a new name. Idiots.

                      Aw thanks! Mel’s ending was supposed to be funny- they all were- but I got too… involved I guess, and I was still kind of salty that David Miller didn’t get a bigger sendoff. AND I was salty that we didn’t see Culledkru die, tbh. FYO Dad could still be out there, we don’t know! Yep, the gorilla ate Byrne’s arm! But Clarke thought it was Lexa’s guard who had been chasing her. Which is why she was going to kill him, but then Lexa leaves him as Pauna bait so they can escape!

                      Yeah- when Jaha gets to Becca’s mansion, ALIE tells him that she’s been waiting for him, and she said that he “brought something” for her- he is confused of course, and she takes him to the missile. But I have no idea how she got it, unless she hired someone to bring it back?

                      YAY I am glad you’re going to rewatch the whole thing! I think you’ll find that you won’t hate S3 as much as you did the first time. I think part of the reason I hated it so much was that the awful tension with Pillamy seemed to last SO. LONG. And then ALIE lasted SO. LONG. But when you’re rewatching, it’s like, 2-3 days of each and you’re done, so it doesn’t seem so bad- plus there IS good shit in there, it is just masked by the frustration with the storyline haha. Oh, and I don’t retain stuff AT ALL. The only reason I know any of this shit is because I literally don’t ever stop watching it ? (Maybe that is unhealthy, now that I say it hahah)

                      You are so right- the Freelancer place WAS just like Mt Weather! I was pretty bummed that no one jumped though hahah. OH! In the original timeline, do we know if Garza DID die? Because I was SO PISSED when they told Kiera she was dead! I also didn’t believe them, but then Kiera went back and freed her, which was also fabulous. I want them to work together more!

                      And yeah- Mt Weather WAS huge! I don’t even think we saw even a fraction of that place. I also don’t understand how the WHOLE place was blown up? I mean, that doesn’t even seem possible, especially since Raven and Sinclair survived only like, 10 feet away. I call bullshit. Maybe Roan is in there. With Ilian. And Nyko. And Sinclair. Who else do we need back? Jasper, even though no one will agree with me. And bring Garza and Zoran back! Aliens probably IS worth a watch, because it is one of those movies that everyone has seen, but not me because I am a movie failure. 😀

  12. I really liked Travis dying in the elevator shaft, so yeah I was not happy about that do- over. I mean I like Travis, but come on- people need to die (and stay dead) to keep us on our toes. 🙂 And my biggest beef with the new timeline is that missed Carlos/ Betty/ Julian opportunity. That would have been sweet. Alex- I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of the two Alec’s in S3 because… I have thoughts. Of course! You will too because it gets… interesting. And yup- Escher is toast. No do- overs for him.

    You do find out who killed Kiera. Just about all the answers (not all, but close) are evident by the end of S3. And it is twisty. Kiera feels like she has to pick an Alec and I changed my mind a couple times, depending on what they did. As for Julian- yes he is an important part of the show and if anything they should have used him MORE. I think maybe they didn’t know entirely where to take him, but late in S3 (this isn’t really a spoiler) Sonya wants him to step up and lead the revolution as Theseus- even if he does it a different way, without killing, and I wanted them to play that up even more. Like HOW does Julian/ Theseus decide to go about it? And I remember now my somewhat contradictory feelings about Liber8- because in S3 the waters get muddied and you can agree with their goals even though they do horrible things to reach them. You’re right- there are no clear- cut good guys.

    I think the freelancers are fascinating too because same thing- protecting the timeline is good. But they shoot anybody that gets in the way and don’t really give a fuck. Um, bad? lol

    I’m not super fond of Subway either? Like there’s one or two things I’ll get there, but I’m not like loving it? And their whole “eat fresh” thing- I’m not a Subway expert but I’m sure it’s not exactly “fresh”. Like they rip open these bags that have been trucked in from who knows where, and mass produced- yeah I’m sure that’s fresh. Although, I will say… Indra’s stuff probably IS fresh cause she’s a Grounder and she hunts for her shit. So you’re probably good there- at least until Bunkerkru happens. Now that they can’t hunt… well we know how that’s gonna end.

    Yeah we could have seen Culledkru and their final moments. I agree. Out of respect for Millerdad. And I’m looking forward to gorilla time! Especially if Byrne gets savaged. I think you’re totally right, BTW- binging is different from watching weekly. S3 might mostly suck but there are good things (sea monster sacrifice among others) and by binging I can just get through it and move on to 4. 🙂 Plus I’ll pick up stuff I missed, like missile acquisition by ALIE.

    Garza did die in the original timeline. Kiera rescues her and that’s new -timeline Garza. Everybody is new timeline except original Kiera and original Alex. And they do have a few moments together in S3, although nothing like that ASS KICKING stairwell fight in S3E1. Which I assume you’ve seen. I’m finishing up S3 now and there is so much that happens.

    I would love for some of Mt. Weather to still be there. I mean Roan didn’t have to die- maybe he somehow staggered off and found healing berries or something and he’s all better. Nyko could have survived- maybe the drones on ALIE island have healing abilities? Man I’m really reaching now but dammit they’ve killed off too many good characters! And yeah Garza and Zoran- sure they were chipped but they’d be free now and wandering somewhere- maybe they fell in a pit that leads into Mt. Weather ha ha. And the Reapers found a stash of red so they’re still down there and maybe Roan and Nyko fight them occasionally. Garza would help. Maybe Mel is there- she was culledkru and screamed nooooo I won’t die just because the writers forgot me, and falls into the pit too just before Prainfaya.

    • I liked Travis dying in the elevator shaft too- though I am kiiiind of glad he isn’t dead? He is a good quasi-villain, in that I like him and hate him all at the same time. So I am pretty glad he isn’t dead. Though if he did have to die, I liked him dying via badass elevator Kiera haha. I DO agree about the people staying dead- it lowers the stakes if every damn person is coming back to life. Travis and Garza, okay because of the timeline, but Shumway!? (I legit don’t know what his name is, nor do I care, he IS Shumway, sorry.) He didn’t need to be back! You know- when I thought about it, the time he was missing from Continuum coincides PERFECTLY with the time he’d have been filming The 100, but did they have to fake kill him off? Just have him be… missing! OH and the Carlos/Betty/Julian thing was a HUGE missed opportunity. From the looks of it, Carlos won’t even get to be the one to find out Betty is the mole. That was Carlos’s ONE moment of brilliance in the whole series so far, and one of the Alecs robbed him!

      YAY I want all the answers! I stayed up too late last night watching because I was “just one more episode”-ing ? I have gone back and forth between the Alecs so many times already, and I am only on episode 4! Right now, I like crotchety, jaded Next-Week-Alec better. Last-Week-Alec is just too damn moody for me right now- and I feel like he could more easily be convinced to get into shit he should be. PLUS, NW Alec now knows the repercussions of messing up the timeline- might make him think twice.

      I like that Julian is a bigger focus. And I also agree that they haven’t seemed to be sure where to take him. I wonder if Richard filming The 100 had something to do with that, too? Like maybe they had certain plans, but as he became a bigger character, they had to improvise? I LOVE that Julian doesn’t just do whatever Liber8 tells him to, and while I don’t know ALL the stuff Theseus ends up doing, I still say he’s justified with the chipped slave thing. And YES- same with the freelancers! Because- I get they want to keep the timeline, but isn’t KILLING PEOPLE going to mess up the damn timeline too? Like, I feel like the Freelancers are kind of in over their heads and don’t know what the hell to do about it, so they go off without thinking?

      Bwhahah SAME about Subway. I only eat buffalo chicken flatbread, and only if like, other people want it and I am forced to deal. It’s not something I’d ever seek out. OH and I knew someone who worked there, and it is NOT fresh, it’s all in packages and they just dump it into those little metal containers. Yum? Indra’s is VERY fresh. Fresh algae, fresh human… and well, that’s about all she has to work with, so yeah. But pre-Praimfaya, yeah, she had fresh supplies daily. Her Yelp rating is going to go WAY down in that Bunker.

      ::Whispers:: Sea Monster is in S2, so you’ll get to it sooner than you think 😀 And yeah- the gorilla is one of the most ridiculous, yet one of the most satisfying moments of the show. It’s so STUPID, but you can’t help but kind of love it anyway. I think that without having to wait WEEKS, months even, for Bellamy to get his shit together, for O to kill Pike, for Clarke to terminate ALIE, for Raven to get unchipped, etc, it makes S3 feel MUCH more watchable. For me, it was the whole “GAH why are they doing this to my baby Bellamy!?!?” for months that made me stabby. But when you KNOW he comes to his senses, it doesn’t make you cringe as hard.

      I did see the stairwell fight! The new timeline thing is mind boggling because it raises so many damn questions that we’ll obviously never have answers to. Like- is Kiera ultimately the same person in both? How does that even work? I get why our little snowflake Carlos is so confused, when even Kiera and Alec don’t really know.

      ROAN IS FINE. That is the lie I’ll be telling myself. Especially Nyko- honestly there was ZERO need to kill Nyko. HOLY SHIT, GREG. I just googled the dude who plays Nyko, just to see if he is going to be in something that made them kill him off…. and HE IS IN CONTINUUM TOO. He plays Marcellus, who I don’t think I have gotten to yet? Says 2015, so must be Season 4! (Also, he looks SO different from Nyko, probably because he doesn’t have a Grounder-Santa hybrid beard IRL?) Okay sorry. Anyway, I was thinking about how much I want some of the deaddies to come back, but really, most of them wouldn’t work in the story the way it is (Lexa, Finn, Lincoln, Jasper) BUT. Roan kind of would, and so would Ilian, Nyko, Sinclair, definitely Garza and Zoran. Mel for sure! I bet they are ALL in the Mt Weather Pit. The 100 could SO get away with that too because they don’t pull shit like that often! (Giving them the side eye about O falling off that fucking cliff with a sword wound and then climbing on Helios, who is also apparently some kind of genius horse. ?)

      • It was a pretty good death for Travis (and he even bounced off stuff on the way down) but yeah I like him- he and Garza have a good dynamic. Sonya too really. And that’s amazing that the time lines up on shumway. Oh and I saw Sinclair on continuum again last night! But it’s only for a minute, and right at the end of S3. And I wasn’t really happy to see Chen (Shumway) back again either, but he does play a role in the endgame. I SO wanted to see Julian working with Betty and Carlos (mostly Betty but Carlos can tag along too I guess).

        Oh my gosh I went back and forth on the Alec’s of S3, so don’t feel bad. You will probably change your mind at least once, maybe twice. 🙂 Although TBH it felt a bit manufactured with some of the drama- like it seems out of character for Alec to do some of that stuff, and I hate it when character development takes a back seat to “we need him there so we’re writing him that way.” I guess on my rewatch I’m seeing more flaws than I did the first time around lol.

        Julian is a much more effective villain (or sorta villain) than Alec and I think he’s a better actor too. Continuum’s fourth season got cut short so I think I read where they wanted to do more things, including with Julian, but couldn’t because they had to wrap it up. I love that feeling that Liber8 needs him more than he needs them, you know? And the freelancers- ugh. I won’t even go there. I LOVE the idea of them (and their hideout’s pretty cool) but they just seem… muddled? The whole Traveler thing awful. I do kinda like that Chen is mixed in with them though? I guess that gave them an excuse to keep him around!

        Ha Indra’s Yelp rating- so true! And she’ll be PISSED! She’d be like one of those businesses that challenges every bad review- she’ll be like meet at the square and we shall duel to see who’s right. And yes she has exacting standards! If they HAVE to eat Jaha strips or whatever she will be the one in the kithcen I’m sure, supervising. Maybe she knows a secret Grounder recipe. Herbs and spices to mask the human. Like at Thanksgiving when some people stuff the turkey- she’ll stuff the Jaha lol. And I am totally NOT surprised it’s not fresh. It’s pretty ballsy tho, if you think about it, for a company to use that slogan when anyone can SEE them grab a bag and fill the tray, you know, when the tomatoes or “roast beef” run out. Like I guess we just give all these companies a pass for their blatant lies? Like when restaurants say they make everything “in- house”- sure they do! Like the guy out back with a smoke hanging out of his mouth by the trash dumpster is “cooking” and preparing all those meals from scratch- fresh ingredients. Uh huh. lol

        Sea monster is in 2?? Wah I have my timelines all screwed up, I thought that was 3! And all I remember about gorilla is him chasing Clarke and Lexa (I think?) all over some building or something? IDK, I shall happily see very soon tho! I may have to re- evaluate 3.

        Yeah the timeline is crazy. I saw the wiki or somewhere call it as 1st timeline- where Kiera’s from. 2nd timeline- when she and Liber8 went back. 3rd timeline is now in S3, when Alec went back a week it destroyed 2nd timeline and created 3rd timeline. I’m so glad they didn’t keep two Kiera’s around because that would have been a MESS. It’s an interesting take- instead of worrying about time paradoxes, they just go with if you go back in time you just created a new timeline. Bam game over. So in theory Kiera’s timeline that she left is basically fucked at this point? Can she go back to it?

        Fucking fuck really? Sorry but that KILLS me! I just watched Marcellus today (I’m in, um, S4). Man that’s awesome. When he first appears I thought oh that dude’s pretty grizzled and shit, he looks like a seasoned time warrior you know, but I had no idea I was looking at NYKO! You gotta wonder do these people all hang in the same bars and shit on friday night? Oh and the bitch chick from Orphan Black- the one we kinda hated who was investigating Sarah- I think she’s in it too. She looks… familiar. And yes- they could get away with the pit of champions. Those who survived the writers room lol. Helios has to be down there too. You’re so right about O and the cliff tho- I mean while they were at it why didn’t they just have Helios sprout wings like a fucking pegasus, you know? Like Clash of the Titans and shit.

        • SINCLAIR! This makes me so happy. He should always be with Kiera, because he would make her days better. I agree, I think that the Liber8 group works best when they’re all together- like they need all of them to make a cohesive unit. So I guess Travis can live. So I saw his family last night, and I am so confused because… he and Sonya are definitely a “thing”, right? Do they explain HOW Shumway lived? Because I guess if they explain that, I can live with his dumb ass too. I’m still salty that he tried to kill Bellamy. Not cool. I don’t care what show it is haha.

          OH! This question has been bugging me for awhile now- where the hell is the rest of the damn world? How is Vancouver suddenly some kind of damn violence and upheaval mecca? The fuck is the rest of Canada doing? What about the US, we LOVE to stick our noses into other countries’ business. Why aren’t we pissed at all these random acts of terror? I mean, I know it’s a show obviously but still.

          I am really annoyed with CEO Alec at the moment. He’s being a shithead to Emily, meanwhile Future Alec is busy seducing her on the regular. I *think* he may have told her now though? I really hope so because poor girl has to be confused! I am glad that Carlos got to still discover Betty being the mole though! Carlos needed a win- but can we PLEASE talk about why he is drinking out of a brown paper bag with Dead Kiera? That is messed up. Maybe Carlos needs Sinclair more than Kiera does… ?

          Yeah, I saw that the 4th Season is super short. What happened? Did they get to like, fully wrap it up at least? That sucks though. Obviously Richard is a better actor. Not that I’m biased or anything ? But wow, Alec is going to be a villain? Or, quasi-villain? That is sad. Honestly, I think they made him too much into the “nice young kid” for villain to ever work. At least they started Julian out as someone who could go either way.

          Oh wow, so there are 3 timelines? But then…. in theory, aren’t there just infinite timelines? Gah, I don’t think my brain can comprehend this. Because… what happens to all the other yous on all the other timelines? No, that is messed up. So in this particular instance, there are 3 of everyone? One if Kiera had never come back, one when she did, and one when Alec did? And that’s just the ones that Kiera knows about. Mind boggling, really.

          Oh, you KNOW Indra will be pissed about Yelp. She’ll be like Monica on friends, who kept making the reviewers retry her food because she couldn’t accept a bad review ? Though a duel would be MUCH more fun. That’s how Jaha dies! Stuff the Jaha, so gross yet… I still want it to happen? I bet she does know some great Grounder tricks. And if she doesn’t Niylah will!

          And yeah, I think so many companies rely on consumers being really stupid and unquestioning? Gullible, maybe? Seems mean to say, but it’s true. Because they can say pretty much anything- “fresh” can’t really be defined. So yeah, as long as they don’t blatantly lie, they can twist it however they want. And restaurants can get around the “in-house” thing by making just ONE part of the finished dish in-house. So if they like, boil pasta, and everything else is from a freezer, they can still say it. So stupid.

          The sea monster is the very end of S2- maybe even the last episode? And yeah, the gorilla chases them around what I guess are the remains of a zoo? There are cages and shit, and that is how they finally escape him. But first he is just roaming around the woods, which is where he starts his massacre.

          You are on S4 already!? Damn. I am so far behind! I think I can catch up a little tonight though because I am too tired to do much of anything except watch shit hahha. How far are you on The 100? I’m at… Inclement Weather (ep 2) I think? I think that they must all be *kind* of friendly? For there to be so much overlap and such? Ooooh which one from Orphan Black? Angie, or Not Angie? I will have to look it up! I try not too look *too* far ahead because when I was searching, a page popped up telling me Emily was killed, which is shitty because I was NOT looking for spoilers.

          Bwhahah Helios sprouting wings would have made it no more ridiculous than it already was- at least they could explain it away, like “because radiation”. There’s no legit reason for O to have survived ANY of that. And YES- I like the idea of those who survived the writers’ room! They’re filming episode 4 now (Pandora’s Box, eep!) and Ian did an interview, said he’s going to direct again this season which is fabulous.

          • Ha Shumway will always be an asshole. 🙂 And they do explain how he’s brought back, I think late in S3. And yes Travis & Sonya- I don’t think we see his family again, oddly enough. Guess terrorism was more important. And I know EXACTLY what you mean about Vancouver- hello?? You just KNOW the US would be all up in that shit!

            CEO Alec is a prick. No question. I was so pissed at 2nd timeline Alec (the one who went back) because he fucked over Kiera, and I thought 3rd timeline Alec (CEO Alec) would be better, but he turns into a jerk too. Mayhe that’s why 2077 Alec is such a bad dude- he’s just bad all the way around! Which turns the Alec/ Julian dynamic upside down- maybe Julian is actually the good guy??? And YES Carlos brown bagging it with a corpse- that seemed- wrong? Or weird at the very least. I thought the same thing.

            They do wrap everything up in the fourth. Not like they wanted to with the shortened season, but they at least take care of all the big questions. My understanding is Showcase took forever to renew, but finally did for a shortened season instead of canceling it after the third. And yeah that’s what I thought too- it just seemed out there how they wrote Alec, but who knows? I’ll be curious to see what you think after you’ve finished S3.

            The first timeline is Kiera’s original one. When her and Liber8 went back that created 2nd timeline- the moment they appear a new timeline is created, branching off from the previous one. And when Alec goes back he creates a 3rd timeline (and, oops, destroyed the 2nd timeline, as you saw, because apparently with NO Alec in the 2nd it caused big boom). Not sure why but fuck it lol. So when Kiera appears in 3rd timeline there’s two of her- although not for long, as you’ve seen. It is kind of a mindfuck, for sure. And is there a 4th timeline? Ha ha you shall see!

            And that’s why I think Kiera going back is kinda screwed up. She left the first timeline, is now in the 3rd timeline – can she really go back to the first one?? I’m not sure she can.

            Yeah I wouldn’t give Indra a bad review, that won’t go well. And Niylah- are you the one who told me that the actress playing her is Harmon’s sister? I’m sure you did, but I just remembered seeing that or hearing it somewhere when you mentioned Niylah. Vancouver must be Canadian actor central.

            I think with restaurants most of us just don’t want to really know lol. It’s kinda scary to think about!

            So I have sea monster and gorilla coming soon, Yes! I’m going to sneak one in tonight, Lexa just demanded Clarke turn over Finn. Lexa was so badass. I know I’ve said it before but they so underused her on Fear the Walking dead (maybe it’s better now), but after seeing her as Lexa… yeah. So nice to see her badassness again. And Indra was particularly ferocious in that first meeting with Clarke!

            Oh and… I think I found my hate Jaha moment (sorry!!!!!!) When he tries to take the chancellorship from Abby and make them all leave (and he mentioned the City of Light- I wanted to throw food at my screen) I was like fuck no, don’t even go there. But he doubles down. I think that did it and was why I hated him by S3. Him wanting to just leave and come back “later” for the kids- uh uh. I was all Abby on that one. But I’m gonna try to keep an open mind this time. 🙂

            I’m on S4E3 of Continuum and S2E8 of 100. And yes I think it’s Angie. I was gonna look and forgot. And Emily being killed? I honestly don’t remember that, but I’ve only got 4 episodes to go so it must happen soon. I will say she has some great fight scenes coming up, I forgot how much I liked S4. S4E2 is killer.

            I still can’t buy O basically being gutted AND falling off that cliff… man they’re just out of the realm of possibility on that. Still I like her even more now that I’m rewatching- her character is one of the better ones. And Ian directs? Nice. Episode 4… I WANT it. All the spoilers. You were so right about rewatching though- it’s all so fresh now. One thing I’ve noticed- I’m not done with S2 yet obviously but I’ve already decided I like S1 more. that might be my favorite now, when everything was so new. I love the Grounders and all that we learn, and Lexa, but I liked it so much whey they were this mysterious unknown threat. And no adults lol.

            • The Travis family thing is SO random. I mean, I get why he leaves them, to keep them safe, but I am not really sure what the point of showing them to us was? Weird. Maybe they’d planned to get into it later but were cut off. And yeah- the more I think about Vancouver, the more pissed I get! Like, every character is basically operating under this “Vancouver is everything” assumption. ALL the geniuses just happen to congregate there? Look, it’s a lovely place and all, but if you asked me gun to my head where time travel originates, I won’t be answering Vancouver.

              DAMN…. you have such a good point about Alec! Because yeah, right now, EVERY Alec sucks. So obviously it can’t be the timelines’ faults, it’s that Alec is a douchecanoe. Especially when CEO Alec cut Kiera off! I wanted to smack him! I really need CEO Alec to die now. He can join Dead Kiera in Carlos’s basement or wherever the hell they all are.

              I am glad that they did give it enough time to end. Nothing is worse than a show just being cancelled on a cliffhanger. OH. So guess who else you should be seeing soon in S4!? TASYA. Echo is a Freelancer! AND Gustus is in S4 too- you’ll soon be watching Lexa kill that poor bastard (though he tried to kill Raven so fuck him actually). Also- a FOURTH timeline!? That would be kind of amazing. So…. here’s a question- what happened to the… second timeline I guess? The one where Liber8 and Kiera were in cages and Emily was dead? Like- Kiera left that one, but what happened to it? There are now no Alecs and no Kieras. And no Emily, for that matter. Does a new timeline erase the one before it? Or could Kiera go back BEFORE she and Liber8 went into her original timeline, then go forward to be back in Timeline 1? Do you see how confused I am!? ?

              YEP I did tell you about Jessica and Richard Harmon! The first time they ever interacted on The 100 is in 4×12, The Chosen, when Murphy is looking for Emori when the Grounders are forcing them into that room to kill most of them. Fun fact 🙂

              I never, ever want to know what happens behind the scenes in a restaurant. I shall be blissfully unaware of what goes on until the end of days.

              Indra was SUCH a hard ass when they first meet! She wanted to kill Clarke AND Abby right off the bat! And probably anyone else she came in contact with too. Kane, I assume. She has mellowed a LOT. And I get why Finn died, why Lexa needed him to. Honestly, nearly any society would have killed him. Though to me, it never seems okay to decide to kill another person- makes them no better than the murderers, but I suppose that’s a whole other issue.

              Ah yes. Jaha wanting to abandon the kids (again). I mean. He’s made it clear that he gave zero fucks about them when he sent them to die? I guess- from his POV, he saw how brutal the Grounders could be, and figured he could try to (and maybe not succeed in) saving 47 kids, OR he could save the 500+ people who were at Camp Jaha. So… I get it. As always, I see his point even though I probably would have chosen differently.

              Holy shit you’re almost done with Continuum! HOW!? I was going to try to watch 2 episodes last night but I forget that The Challenge was on and I wanted to watch it before I saw too many spoilers haha. So I just watched 305. OH and the Emily dying thing was just I guess when whoever shot her on the roof killed her? In the second timeline? But it spoiled me before I saw it! And you’re on Spacewalker!!!! My heart will always break. Mostly for Raven, tbh. But for Finn and Clarke too.

              Octavia is definitely an amazing character- and certainly hands down the most changed character. From dancing with butterflies to massacring ALL the people… yeah. YEP, Ian directed The Other Side (Jasper’s death episode). And he’s doing another in S5, which is fabulous! He said that Kane and Abby don’t change much they “just get older and slower” ?? Which is hilarious. And I am so grateful that SOMEONE will seem familiar!

              I do get that about S1. I will say, I liked it SO much more rewatching it. I think not only did I miss a lot of REALLY significant stuff the first time or twenty (ha), but just seeing the changes the characters and world go through is phenomenal. I agree, the sense of mystery is pretty fabulous too. Plus all our friends aren’t dead. And yeah, the adults NOT being there was good- though I think by mid-season 2 that shit has calmed down a lot. I also can’t believe I am saying this but… I think the 13 episode seasons DO work better?

              OKAY so news from S4 time! JAHA. IS. BACK. He’s in Vancouver filming again, so he isn’t on anyone’s dinner plate just yet- unless he’s filming more flashbacks? I don’t know. I also wonder if this means that Bunkerkru and Clarke/Spacekru won’t be reuniting right away? Maybe THAT is what Pandora’s Box means? ALSO. You will appreciate this- Isaiah LIKED ONE OF MY TWEETS. And so now I’m dead.

              • Alec IS a douchecanoe. I just watched an episode last night and he told Kiera she was selfish for wanting to go back, and I’m thinking- dude your effed up future self sends her back, when she has like a ten yr old kid, to fix HIS mistakes- oh and the group of terrorists he sent her back WITH will try to kill her non stop. She just wants to go home- and SHE”S selfish? Yup douchecanoe applies I think! I’m not much of an Alec fan by the end, sadly.

                Tasya is a Freelancer? Nice. And Gustus- hmm don’t remember him. But I just watched S2E8 tonight- that was tough to watch again with Finn and Clarke and Raven- wow. But yeah I should be getting to Gustus soon then sounds like. And I am enjoying S2 again but honestly I think I like S1 more? Just a smidgen. For one thing Finn wasn’t a killer. And does anything beat asshole Murphy? Not really. 🙂 Oh and Abby just needs to remain chancellor because she’s got more sense I think than Jaha and Kane combined. I’m liking Abby a lot more this time around. Ooh and Raven decked Byrne in this episode! Fuck yeah lol.

                Okay the 2nd timeline was destroyed after Alec went back a week. Remember when the Freelancers sent Kiera back in time, in that big round thing, and everything was shaking and going to shit- that was the timeline collapsing. Which I did not entirely catch my first time through. I kept thinking let’s see what’s happening back in 2nd timeline, and wondering why they never went back- but that’s because it’s gone. So Alec basically destroyed a timeline by going back. Nice huh? I think Katherine said something about with no Alec in the 2nd timeline, it was going to fall apart because he’s so important, or some such bullshit. And I’m not sure exactly where and when Kiera can go back to, they don’t really say but as we get close to the end in S4 they start talking about it. So it is possible. I think just 2nd timeline is off limits since it’s gone.

                As for me I think it’s sad that 2nd timeline is gone- I wanted to see Julian and Betty become buddies. sigh.

                Indra is SUCH a hard ass. Yes I just watched Spacewalker!!!! and she basically wants to kill everyone. That’s why I was never crazy about her at first, but as she mellows and her and Kane develop a friendship (I’m looking forward to seeing THAT again) I started really liking her. And I get it about Jaha- when you put it like that, he is putting 500 people ahead of 47. Makes sense. But the kids would never go for that- that’s the beauty of the show, both perspectives make sense and we sympathize with both. It’s all about choices. Just like Finn in spacewalker. And when Jaha tells Abby they’ve done it before (sending the 100 down originally), and she replies but that was a different time, a different chancellor, I think that sums it up. Abby wants to try a new way, even though Jaha’s way makes more sense for the most people? But she doesn’t want to use that calculation anymore? I love the conundrum there, and I think the reason I stopped liking Jaha was that he was capable of going to that cold place- leaving the 47, chucking some dude over the side to appease the sea monster- there’s a ruthlessness there. Abby and Kane seem to get over it, and he doesn’t? Although Kane was recently force lashing Abby lol. So… maybe not. 🙂 Isaiah IS an awesome actor and brings that guy to life, no question.

                I have been watching the fuck out of Continuum, lol. Two more to go! And then I’m gonna binge The 100 I kinda can’t wait now to get to S3? I love that Kane and Abby won’t change much? I feel like since they have come so far, that makes sense? And so true about Octavia- I think she’s suffered more than just about anyone (well I guess Clarke and raven are in there too)!

                Isaiah liked your tweet? Girl that’s what I’m talking about. Yeah that would be a happy dance moment. 🙂 I have to say Pandora’s Box has me WAY curious. I have a feeling the reunion won’t be right away? I hope they do it by episode 5 or thereabouts at the latest- any later than that and the characters will be separated for too long, seems like? I don’t really want them to dual track for the whole season, I like it better when everyone is mixing and interacting.

                • The hell is with Alec?! I mean- how is KIERA selfish for wanting to just go back where she came from, but it’s all FINE for Alec to go alter the whole damn world!? Man, he is pissing me off. I am also a little salty at Kiera for handing Time Travel Alec over to the Freelancers. She KNOWS they’re not going to be nice to him. And SHUMWAY killed her? I mean, I am not surprised, he tries to kill all my faves, so it was bound to happen.

                  Ohhh Gustus will be in the next episode then! The one with Creepy Ghost Eyes Finn! Try not to have nightmares about him, by the way. I think I actually like non-asshole Murphy better (or well… less of an asshole Murphy, let’s be real), so that is another way which S2 wins. But then S1… yeah, Finn is a peacemaker, Linctavia is just like… HAPPY. And the “villain” is more gray honestly. Like, I never hated-hated the Grounders, and in S2 I very much hate Mt Weather by the end. I like a gray villain so much better. I also cannot stand S2 Lexa- S3 Lexa was SO much better. But also… the stakes and choices in S2 are just SO freaking epic. It’s probably a toss up for me, honestly.

                  OH speaking of S2, I found a plot hole while watching last night! So you know when Kane gives Abby the Chancellor pin? Where the FUCK did he get that thing from!? Wouldn’t it have been, Idk, ON JAHA? Because they weren’t on the same station, so none of the mains at Camp Jaha- Kane, Sinclair, or Abby- could have even retrieved it.

                  Abby is a better Chancellor… at first. But Kane gets better faster? Like- he is the one who first acknowledges that Clarke probably should be leading them, and that the Grounders are going to listen to her more than them. So while I agree with you NOW, by the time Kane comes back, I think he has learned so, so much about the Grounders as a people, and he is ultimately better. Plus, in S4, Abby tries to cull herself, so I am glad she’s not in charge.

                  OOOOOH THAT is what was happening when they sent Kiera back!? I didn’t quite get that! Was it just.. too paradoxical, to have no Alec in the future? But then, couldn’t the timeline have just changed? I’m mad, I feel like there should have been at least 5 seasons of this show to like, get all the answers. Damn whoever cancelled it! I am so sad that I am getting close to the end.

                  I agree, I wasn’t a fan of Indra at first, but I warmed to her VERY quickly. I had some back and forth thoughts on her- I liked her when she took O under her wing, but then was pissed when she wanted O to leave her damn brother in the tunnels. BUT then she let Lincoln go, so I was okay with her again. And then by S3 when she and Kane were BFFs I was 1000% Team Indra of course. And have never stopped hahha.

                  And YES- I think that IS the beauty of the show. And I do understand why people are pissed at Jaha, I do! But I, for some reason, can’t seem to fully hate ANYONE? Like, I didn’t even hate Pike at the end? Which… is saying a lot because I wanted to stab him myself. But I feel like (even in real life, I suppose) no one is all good or all evil, and my mind insists on trying to “see where they’re coming from”. Which isn’t always a good thing, but that’s why I basically hate NO characters ever hahah.

                  Honestly, my favorite thing about Abby is that she is wholly unapologetic for her choices and beliefs. Like with Jaha, and how she told Kane she never agreed with him, etc. She is just… she is a fabulous role model. Especially for women, and I dare say especially for women who are a bit older and like, have antiquated views of how women should fight back. I’d be proud as hell if she was my mom!

                  And yeah, Jaha DID (does?) have a ruthlessness. But then you think about Kane versus Jaha in the bunker, and it was kind of the opposite? Kane was the ruthless one, but he was also right. So it’s almost like Jaha can’t win hah. AND I love that S4 Jaha spent so much time atoning. That was fabulous and necessary.

                  GAH you only have TWO episodes left!? If I wasn’t so damn behind with blogging, I would have more time to watch. I need more time! Maybe I need the time travel device, I’ll just keep restarting a day until I am caught up ?

                  I am really glad that they’ll be (mostly, I assume) the same- though I REALLY want a Kabby baby! And Ian had a point, like, they ARE older and they’re stuck just hanging out under there, I guess there isn’t a ton that is going to change for them, other than the more mundane things? At least, compared to say, Clarke or O or Bellamy.

                  Yeah, I was giddy over the Isaiah tweet liking! Almost as excited as when he followed me on Twitter to begin with bwhahah. I think that Clarke and Spacekru will reunite first, and maybe they’ll help her to free Bunkerkru? I agree- they cannot be separated for more than a handful of episodes. Even 5 seems like a lot since it’s only a 13 episode season again. It’s so weird to think that at least a couple episodes are probably fully finished already.

                  Oh, apparently they are filming at some kind of large stadium today? Which… is weird, because what the hell are they doing there!?

                  • Yeah Alec is a class A jerk basically. I was a little shocked Kiera turned him over to the freelancers, TBH, although I kinda liked it because someone finally yanked his chain . He couldn’t “tech” himself out of his cell lol. But I think she was hasty for picking him to give over- just because he had a gun. I mean 3rd Alec is no walk in the park either!

                    Ah THAT’s Gustus- got it. He was just fighting Kiera lol. Yeah him and Marcellus- and I was wrong, the woman I thought was on Orphan Black AND Continuum wasn’t. It’s Kyra Zagorsky and she was on Travelers, that’s where I saw her before. For some reason she reminded me of Angela DeAngelis (Angie). Oops.

                    Ha, good catch on the chancellor pin. And yeah you’re probably right about Kane. I mean I like him a LOT by S4, if not S3 actually, so yeah you have a good point. He does learn a lot about the Grounders, and anyone who can make friends with Indra is doing something right! I might just be pissed at him now for being so boneheaded earlier with Bell. 🙂 But he’s already mellowed so much. And he tried to give himself up so Jaha could live.

                    Yes I think the issue is Alec created the time device, so when he disappeared from the timeline there was no one to make the device that his future self would use to send everyone back, so kablooey! That’s what I got from the wiki anyway, it’s not so clear on the show. They talk surprisingly little about how Alec basically destroyed an entire timeline, you know????

                    Same here on Indra. And TBH that’s a good way to look at it, I always try to see the other person’s point of view too (which is why I don’t understand Trump voters lol), because yeah people are nuanced. Jaha certainly is. So I get it. That’s one of the reasons the show is so awesome- these characters are not pigeonholed easily . The whole City of Light thing does kinda feel like something that Jaha would go for- he seems to have that idealistic streak, that predisposition, even if he has had to do tough things. Maybe he thought finding it would be HIS atonement for all the Ark stuff, and for sending his son to die- and then when it goes bad, the poor guy has to atone in S4, like you said, for REALLY screwing things up! I guess in some ways he can’t catch a break.

                    I couldn’t agree any more about Abby. Fabulous character. Her and Kane actually make a great couple too, it’s amazing to watch the progression from S1 to where they are now!

                    I finished Continuum last night. 🙂 And… I have thoughts. Because some of it I remembered, and some I didn’t. In a lot of ways it’s like The 100- these characters have a mix of qualities. Liber8 seems to have a bit of a redemption arc in S3/ S4, but at the same time they don’t sugarcoat that these are stone cold killers. They’ll still do whatever. They’re not bad or good only. I can’t wait to see what you think of S3 and S4.

                    Kabby baby! Kabby baby! It must happen! I wonder too about the stadium. You know as I’ve been rewatching I’ve wondered where all the structures are- yeah you have a statue at TonDC, and you have the tower and some other bldgs at Polis of course- am I missing anything? I know the rig was out there, and Becca/ ALIE’s places- but where are the CITIES? Even if they have been mostly swallowed up by the forest, 98 years isn’t really enough time for that is it? No way. So I don’t know if Praimfaya destroyed bldgs along with like trees and stuff but maybe they’re going to show us more ruins? they need to.

                    • YES that was exactly it! Had she made a more… informed decision, I would have been fine with it, but it seemed so RANDOM. And tbh, I liked gun-toting Alec more anyway. I mean, yes, please threaten CEO Alec, for he sucks! I watched two episodes last night! The one with the Gleaners (which was kind of fun, a whole episode of flashback!) and then the one where Betty dies. WHY did they kill Betty!? That was rude. But Kiera had some fabulous character development that episode, so I was a fan.

                      Have you watched Travelers? I want to, I think. If it’s good hah. And wait- was her name really Angela DeAngelis?!!? BWHAHAH. I just watched Many Happy Returns, and I could NOT handle going from Garza to Sienna. My mind could not compute Garza with her little Grounder baby. Betraying Jaha… well, that was more her speed 😀

                      I saw a poll on Twitter today, like “who was the best Chancellor”. Abby is winning the poll (and somehow Pike has more votes than Jaha? Which… WHAT!? ?) and I had to go with Kane. Because while Abby was not a BAD Chancellor… imagine if Clarke, Kane, and Bellamy hadn’t pushed her into almost every decision. She was a wee bit clueless when it came to those Grounder-relation decisions.

                      OOOOOOOH this all makes SENSE now! I hadn’t realized that Alec created the device! Because how could there be time travel without the device, and then how did he leave if he never existed to make the device… yeah, that makes sense why it would have collapsed- it’s flat out impossible. That is so crazy to think of, I love it! I agree though, I wish they’d gotten into it all more. You’d think there would be a lot of ramifications for the implosion of an entire timeline.

                      Oh, I think you nailed the reason Jaha was so damn determined to find the City of Light. He feels so guilty about Wells (which you can tell when he talks to Sienna, especially) and he feels even guiltier that he ends up in the stockade while Abby refuses to flee- he’s certain more of his people will die because he wasn’t there for so long, because he couldn’t convince Abby, etc. I think his real downfall was that he lacked knowledge of what was going on around him- he was working with half the information in EVERY situation. I mean, had he known what the CoL was, he’d never have been looking, had he known that the Grounders were willing to help, etc. Basically the problem of the adults for the entire first 2-3 seasons (looking more at Farm Station in S3, of course).

                      Oh, and I feel you with the Trump voters- I have tried SO. HARD to get it, and nope. I can’t! I just can’t wrap my head around it, and the longer it goes on, the more ridiculous they all seem to me. I have to assume they’ve all suffered brain trauma, because it’s the only situation that sounds reasonable ?

                      Oh, yes, Kabby is fabulous! I am glad that they found each other. I think having Abby makes Kane an even better, more empathetic leader. And I think he helps her lead by giving her insight into what others are thinking. They work perfectly. And they definitely have chemistry! And they had BETTER HAVE BABIES.

                      GAHHH you’re DONE!? I mean… so far, on 308, I am Team Liber8. I don’t agree with their methods of course, but I also REALLY fucking hate the future that Kiera lives in? So… I kind of get it, most of it anyway. We’ll have to see what happens in these last few episodes, see if it changes my mind!

                      It’s a good question about the cities/structures. I think smaller ones (like regular houses and such) would have easily been destroyed by Praimfaya, but you’re right, HUGE forests couldn’t have grown that quickly. Likely small wood patches. And yes, large piles of rubble, no question. Though, I think some of the locations are a bit more remote, like rural Virginia? You can see the Brooklyn Bridge when Jaha lands in the Dead Zone- it’s buried by a lot of sand, but it;s pretty clear. I concur, we need more ruins!

                      I have heard speculation that since Marie and Jessica were filming, and what looked to be Grounder extras, it’s probably the location for the bunker. I guess they would need a pretty big space to work with! Also, title for Episode 5 has been confirmed! Shifting Sands. Which, speaking of ruins… sounds like it could have something to do with some of the shitty rest of the world!

  13. Noooo, not Betty! That’s what I said when that asshole shot her. Jerk. Highly rude, I concur. Garza should killed that idiot. And see if we would have stayed with 2nd timeline she’d probably be hanging w/ Julian and being badass, so boo to the writers! And the Gleaners (sigh)- they’re killing me on this show. So future Alec at some point in the future decides to wipe out an entire community, BUT we’re supposed to believe just a few years later (presumably) he’s having second thoughts and sends Keira and Liber8 back to fix his mistakes? After a lifetime of douchebaggery he suddenly gets all reflective? That’s like Trump suddenly deciding to be a human, you know?

    Travelers is awesome lol. What is it with me and time travel? You’d think I’d be sick of it (and maybe I am after binging Continuum again)- but seriously, Continuum, Travelers and 12 Monkeys are three of my fave shows, and they’re all time travel. But they all handle it differently, so I guess it stays fresh. I tell myself. 🙂 And the nice thing about Travelers is it’s on Netflix, and is only one season (S2 starts in October- yay!) And yes angela DeAngelis- is that awesome or what?

    I can’t believe anyone would vote for Pike. Must be Trump supporters. They’ll vote for any POS apparently. I would have to go with Kane or Abby- that might be a toss up but Kane might edge her, for me? I’ll know better after my rewatch- I’m on S2 E10 so she’s still running things, but really Clarke is now. Speaking of… damn. I hardly remembered this episode! Bye Gustus . And damn Raven at the tree getting cut… geez the Grounders are effin savages, as we have discussed. I’m actually surprised Lexa stayed leader as long as she did- she’s too nice for Grounders lol. I mean she’s hard but not like those bastards, good grief.

    Exactly about Alec. Dude goes back a week to rescue his girl, with NO thought to the conswquences apparently, plus it screws Kiera over, and he’s known Emily how long? A few weeks, maybe months? For that he basically destroys a timeline? I mean sure he didn’t know that was going to happen, but they have this guy figuring ANYTHING out in like 2 seconds, so maybe… he should have?

    Yes! Those crucial weeks when the kids were the only ones down there, they learned SO much and then the adults come and it’s already gone to shit and they have no time to get up to speed, but they start making snap decisions. Well they slowed their damn roll lol after Finn! And somehow Clarke has a connection to Lexa. I love it when Kane tells Abby that Clarke is basically the leader now.

    I heard on the news that they’re burning their MAGA hats because of DACA. They feel betrayed by Trump! Knew it was coming! He’s all ego and Chuck and Nancy are schmoozing him- not that I want them to get TOO cozy with him, but the Republicans are pissed and I love it. They control the gov’t and can get NOTHING done. It’s awesome. Although they are making a mess at the EPA and other places, and that’s Trump putting bad people there. But still… I read something that said that Trump has trouble making small talk with McConnell and Ryan, there’s no prsonal connection, and with Chuck and Nancy they get along. They were having a good time over Chinese food the other night apparently. I am laughing my ass off.

    I AM done! And it’s weird, I feel like I should have more to watch? I’m pretty much team Liber8 too, although their methods… yeah. But how can you not like Garza and Travis, right? I think a flaw of the series that has really stood out for me this time is- Kiera needs the corrupt future to return to right, if she wants to be with Sam? But Alec sent her and Liber8 back to CHANGE it, so he basically destroyed her life and any chance she has with her son. Cruel. So I hate Alec. And Kiera vacillates between wanting to get home,and kinda… settling in. I mean especially at the end, she seems to waffle and the people around her are like giving her shit and I’m like fuck all of you, let the girl g home! You know? Seriously though I can’t WAIT to compare notes, after you finish S4 there are so many variables to discuss.

    Oh I missed the Brooklyn Bridge! Crap, I need to go back and scope it. I probably did see it and wasn’t paying close enough attention. Yes Bunkerkru! Jessica- I need more Niylah. Come on writers, let’s have Nictavia? Octylah? What’s their shippy name gah???And Shifting Sands? I like it. Conjures images of something buried coming to light… ooo

    • Um. What the fuck did Alec just do!? To Dead Kiera’s body!? That was so messed up I cannot even handle it. I just…. he drilled into her damn head! Just went in, flipped her rotting, frozen body over and… went to town. Just for his own stupid personal gain!? Like… okay, he was acting like an ass before, but this takes the freaking cake. And Carlos! Get your shit together, man! Not only is he (once again!) sleeping with suspects, but now he is drinking and driving!? And calling Alec to like… be his bestie? Bad life choices, Carlos. Bwahah also, DYING at “That’s like Trump suddenly deciding to be a human” ??? But seriously- seems like he goes completely downhill as a human being after S2? So yeah, I am totally lost on what made him change. I am also VERY curious as to how Jason is… okay again. There’ so much happening!

      Well let’s be real, time travel in general is fascinating. And I think it translates onto the screen VERY well- better than a lot of genres. I watched like, 5 minutes of Travelers once, but I was still in mourning over The 100 being over, and I just wasn’t ready yet hahah. But now I am clearly doing okay with new shows, so it might be time. OR I try Hulu for 12 Monkeys and The Handmaid’s Tale. Decisions, decisions.

      It’s seriously scary how much the whole Pike thing mirrored Trump and his dumbass minions. I think the only real difference is that Pike legitimately thought he was doing the right thing but was too damn misguided and stubborn to figure out what was really happening. Whereas Trump just cares about no one but himself. I think if I had to pick in S2, my vote would be Abby, but from S3 on, it’s Kane, no question. And yeah, Raven being cut was AWFUL. But the one good thing that came from it was that I think she finally understood why Clarke had to kill Finn. I honestly don’t think she’d ever have forgiven her otherwise. You’re right about Lexa, too. I am surprised that not only did she last as long as she did, but it was her own idiot Fleimkepa who ended up taking her out. Because yeah, I can imagine that the Grounders, as a group, were PISSED.

      I think Finn’s death was so pivotal on the show. It was like, in that moment, EVERY person, adult, delinquent, or other, knew that shit just got real. Everyone’s innocence was lost that day. And Clarke became… next level Clarke. Things even changed at the same time for the kids in Mt Weather. Idk, it was pretty intense.

      I did hear that about the hats! I mean- first, yes, FINALLY. But I am also pretty surprised that these morons even understand DACA? (Not that I’m complaining! It’s just… I assumed they’d ditch him over something more selfish?) The irony of Trump is that during most of his damn life, his “ideals” (I use the term very loosely) swayed left. He’s got an immigrant wife and a buttload of baby mamas, something that with ANYONE else running as a Republican, the party would have been up in arms about because of it’s damn “Christian” (another term I’m using loosely) ideology. It’s all so fucking ridiculous!

      I am SO bummed that there are only a few episodes left! Now that I am watching it, knowing the end is near, I am pissed! Because there are soooo many opportunities for character development that they’ve laid out- like Carlos’s meltdown, for example- that I know are going to get pushed aside because they were forced to rush. I agree about Kiera too. Like- obviously she wants to see her kid but… will her kid even exist? This is TWO freaking timelines from where she left him, so. He very well might not, and who knows if that is worth the risk? Talk about a horrible decision! Like, yeah you want to do whatever it takes to get home to your kid, but also what if he isn’t even a thing in this timeline, and she’s stuck in the future with NO ONE? Like- what if they’ve destroyed the damn world and she just has to chill on an abandoned planet for 60 years? I don’t know what the answer is! I’m excited to discuss it too- and of course, know how it all ends! 😀

      Let me try to find the bridge… Here, you can see it around the 1:15-1:20 mark! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4W-KDPgkN0c&index=15&list=PLQMahZhyV8SKzR3FRDcc7t_uuhUjMzFoQ

      Speaking of Jaha… https://twitter.com/IWashington/status/908870329807679488 I guess that’s official then. ?? I know I am probably one of three people sobbing, but STILL. I’m sad. And Octylah is their ship name! I need it! We deserve Octylah. Hell, Octylah deserves Octylah! And yesss- wonder if the “buried thing” will be Bunkerkru! Still though, we HAVE decided we don’t want to wait til episode 5 for a reunion, hmmm. This is the longest hiatus ever. Do not like.

      • I know, right? Let’s see I need her CMR so I’m gonna just drill into her skull, you know, a bit. Guy’s freakin whacked. I basically hated both Alec’s by that point, I just hated 2ndAlec a little less. And I have seen nothing to convince me that future Alec suddenly had an epiphany and decided to “fix” things. And if you DO want to fix things, why send Liber8 back? And frankly sending Kiera incredibly selfish because he destroys her life. So my take on Alec is pretty much he’s a selfish douchebag, even after his decision to make things right.

        I like both Travelers and 12 Monkeys so I can’t be much help, they’re both good. 🙂 I think 12 Monkeys is a bit deeper, and has good humor, but it’s also got 3 seasons behind it, so yeah. The fourth season is gonna be the last. I can’t wait to see what you pick. 🙂

        I totally agree about Finn’s death. And Raven- you’re right, she realized then that what Clarke did was a mercy. And I hadn’t thought of that, but YES- inside Mt Weather Jasper and the kids are forced to get harder too, to survive. Everything ramps up. I just watched Survival of the Fittest and YES for homicidal maniac gorilla! There’s Byrne with her arm ripped off! And fuck you Quint- glad the gorilla got him. Oh and Lexa called him Pauna? Is that like the Grounder term for gorilla?

        Yeah I’ve never been able to understand why Republicans went to Trump. The only thing I can think of is partisan identity over ideology, so people identify as Republicans no matter what. Even though he USED to be liberal- ish. I saw a fascinating study that showed that evangelicals and other Trumpers totally changed their views on Putin and stuff like that. The groups that polled as having the dimmest view swung over to having a positive view after trump became the nominee. So people are not really (generally) swayed as much by firmly held convictions as they are by personality (he’s a straight talker- wooo) and party loyalty. So when he said he could get away with just about anything, he was right re: his supporters. There’s almost no bridge too far.

        And seriously the people burning their hats are SO convinced that demographic changes spell doom that they don’t even care about kids that were born here. It’s frightening to think their vision is held so strongly that they would deport kids. I mean there have been times I’ve thought maybe it would be a good idea to tighten up immigration a bit, after all there’s such a backlog now, people wait years, but it’s not something I obsess about and I would never deport Dreamer kids, you know? But some people are like the country has to be their 1950’s white fucking way.

        Exactly! What if poor Kiera goes forward in time and is like all alone in a dystopian wilderness? Ha ha with Pauna running around? Seriously though the end gets pretty crazy, I am so looking forward to your reaction when you finish! If it were me, I would have tried to get back immediately and urgently, because I kind of subscribe to things happen for a reason? And she never volunteered to be Captain Time Warrior, so asshole Alec should have never sent her back against her will. But others might think she has a duty or responsibility to do the best thing for the most people, so… it’s fun to think about. 🙂

        There’s the bridge! Man it’s like almost buried, the scene there with the dead zone is so cool. Oh and Jaha set off for the CoL tonight- ha ha here we go! Although I don’t really hate him yet? Other than his tiff with Abby I haven’t really been pissed at him, so… the rewatch is forcing me maybe to reevaluate my Jaha hate? Just a little though. 🙂

        I saw that tweet! Does that mean sayonara Jaha? Sadly it sounds like it does. It is kinda hard to imagine the show w/o him! And some people on that tweet are talking #TeamAdult? Seriously? I’m sorry, I have to TeamDelinquent all the way. There’s just no other possibility. After all, other than Kabby what adults are left??
        And yes I like Octylah, that works.

        Indra was badass tonight. We’re going to hunt because the sky losers have no FOOD. And Indra was fucking hungry. She probably caught that boar by herself with one hand while her warriors struggld to catch up. She must have so much fun in that role.

        • Oh Alec has pissed me off for GOOD. He is using HIS OWN SON as some kind of freaking lab rat, and Jason is either going to kill someone else or get himself killed in a damn hurry. THEN. Then he jacks Kiera’s CMR!? No. NOT OKAY. I mean- that is why they all don’t know how bad he’s gotten! I feel like 2077 Alec just brought them all back to fuck with them at this point, because wow, he sucks. I agree with you, selfish douchebag. And I don;t even think he sent them back to right any wrongs, it was probably just some other selfish bullshit.

          OH and I was thinking about the underutilization of Julian, and I am pretty sure it’s completely because of Richard becoming main cast on The 100. So… oops? I feel like I might go with 12 Monkeys, just because there are more seasons of it? And if Travelers is having more seasons, I may be better off to just wait.

          Yep, Pauna is the Grounder word for gorilla- or whatever the hell that guy is. Because I think he’s like, Maximum Gorilla. You know, gorilla on steroids? (Or radiation, whatever.) Quint was such a shithead. Why would killing Clarke help anyone anyway> It would just start another war. It’s like he subscribed to Titus Fleimkepa’s school of inter-clan relations. Do you like that I decided that was his last name? Now it’s Gaia’s last name too because I said so.

          Yeah- I think that ANYTHING he says goes because he calls himself a Republican? It kind of makes you wonder what would happen if some old white liberal guy (because come on, you KNOW with these people it has to be an old white guy) sauntered in and called himself a Republican… would they accept THAT? Because I’m just saying, Joe Biden could and should use this in 2020. Then we’d win either way ?

          And yeah, I mean, tightening immigration is one thing- it is a numbers game at the end of the day- but that certainly doesn’t mean refugees, or kids that were freaking BORN here. It means maybe making some stricter laws for FUTURE immigrants. GOD he is so fucking stupid. Did you see him today, taking jabs at both Hillary AND North Korea? So it’s like- you can be an asshole and get us all Praimfaya-ed at the same time. Nice work, assface. And look, the 1950s don’t sound great. So Idk why the hell we want to be back there anyway? There was nothing on TV, we were in the midst of the damn Cold War… there’s no internet. Things change, and it’s good. WHY are these people so insistent on staying stuck?

          GAH I cannot wait until the end! The whole thing is blowing my mind in a good way- I LOVE the twisted thoughts that come with the concept of time travel as a whole, and I love that it’s dealing with them head on instead of pretending they wouldn’t exist. The whole new guy… what’s his name, Brad? Idk we’ll call him… Bearded Roomie. Anyway, BR and his whole NEW future on this random ass timeline has me shook! I cannot believe BR killed Dead Kiera! Not Shumway! What the hell IS Shumway’s deal though? Like- when is he even from? Speaking of- did they like, reincarnate him after he was SUPER dead? That’s nasty and messed up. I almost felt bad for him. It honestly seems like Kiera WOULD have gone back to a Pauna-infested dystopia after what BR tells us- if he is to be believed. I don’t know what I would have done as Kiera. I mean- initially, of course I;d have wanted to go back ASAP. But now? I really don’t know, because like, I get she wants to see her kid, but… her kid probably isn’t a thing in this timeline. But then how do you not at least TRY? UGH the freaking conundrum!

          YEP, I definitely didn’t notice the bridge the first… 3827 times I watched it ha. I actually only noticed it when I was looking for info on where the Dead Zone was, and someone mentioned seeing a bridge, so I went back and looked. I am currently ripping all the DVDs so I can make GIFs. Or videos. Or neither, if I am being fully honest with myself ?

          YESSSS less Jaha hate, this is progress 😉 I mean, you’re still going to be pissed at him from time to time, because it IS Jaha after all. But maybe you can be sad with me when he dies, which apparently he already did technically if he is saying goodbye on Twitter. I am definitely Team Delinquent too, but I do like the adults. I don’t get how anyone could watch the show and be fully Team Adult though? And yeah- Kabby and Indra are basically IT. And well… guess these Gagarin assholes.

          OH I love that! When Indra is like “yep, these assholes can’t even catch dinner”. It’s fabulous! I almost wonder what would have happened to Skaikru without the Grounders- they certainly never could have fended for themselves. It’s times like this, when they need each other, that I love their interactions most of all. I agree too, I think Indra must be one of the most fun roles to play on the show. It’s funny, I watched her in True Blood, and she plays this meek, kind of crazy drug addict-turned-churchgoer, and it was SO crazy to then see her as the most badass Grounder ever hahah.

          • Yeah sadly if they were trying to make Alec sympathetic they sure fucked that up, didn’t they? lol and yeah that makes sense about Julian. He’s looking better and better isn’t he? Compared to Alec. I like his character more and more as it goes on. And the last thing he does on the show- will be fun to see what you think. And yay! If you do 12 Monkeys I might just have to go back and rewatch some of them since it’s been so long.

            I like Pauna. And doesn’t he show back up at some point? I hope so- he’s probably getting hungry in that room they locked him in. How rude. Although judging from his blood spattered “lair” he wasn’t a very fastidious eater, for cryin out loud. Geez- MANNERS. And ha ha Fleimkepa works for me. Good name. Titus was kinda alright until he wasn’t.

            I did see the golfball tweet, and honestly… I laughed. Is that awful? Not because I liked it, but it’s so DUMB. I mean a grown man he’s like fucking 71 and he’s retweeting some juvenile ass thing- I mean here’s a guy who called her a crook when he’s the biggest crook around, he lost the popular vote to her, and he keeps attacking her. What’s he afraid of? He has no impulse control, is all I can think. Most people in his position would be like I’m president even though I lost the pop vote, I’m gonna shut up about it and move on. But he keeps going back to her. Weird.

            The 50’s would suck, as you point out. No internet! Where’s my effin blog?? What I’m supposed to hang out at some malt shop and eat French fries and watch fucking Lassie on a black and white TV… wait they didn’t have Lassie even, what did they have Leave It To Beaver? Fuck that noise.

            I know! I don’t know what the deal is with Chen, by the end I don’t know WHO’S side he’s on, although they do clear him up a bit. I think he plays both sides but his goals are more in line with the freelancers actually- he seems to want to fix time as much as he can. Especially with what happens in S4. Bearded Roomie- love it! Does Carlos by chance seem a wee bit jealous?? And you saw that BR killed Kiera- so you must be pretty far along? Chen I think is 1stChen’s consciousness grafted onto like 4thChen’s body? At least that’s what I took from their explanation. Seriously Continuum should be a drinking game. New timeline- drink!

            TeamDelinquent all the way! I mean Kabby rocks and Indra’s badass, but the kids pulled the lever, and unleashed mini- Praimfaya at the dropship, and killed ALIE- they deserve the credit. 🙂 Indra IS the most badass Grounder ever. And oh my gosh Lincoln took the RED and Bell got harvested. Gahh!!!! I forgot- poor Lincoln is gonna be so consumed with guilt, right? I have forgotten so much of this stuff. But man am I loving Reaper-mania. Bell gets to meet Echo. Delinquent #resistance is coming! Yay for violence!!

            Oh I was thinking about something. What if the City of Light had been a real place? like, a market town or a Polis- type place beyond the dead zone, where people WERE accepted regardless of clan. Like maybe a neutral ground? Of course there’s be evil or something underneath, I mean you gotta have something to do, but would that have been cool? Jaha could have led people there, and maybe some would go and some wouldn’t? Maybe the eastern Grounders have no clue what it is. Maybe something like this only a lot bigger. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0anay

            Maybe it’s called the City of Light because they have electricity somehow, or in some way or other it’s all lit up at night hence the name. It would take on a legendary significance after a while? I would love to see some thing like that.

            • Um. I finished Season 3 last night. And holy SHIT. What just happened?! Sonya’s dead?! CEO Alec (i hope) is dead?! Where the fuck did the Robocops come from!? When did Kiera fall into Insta-Love with Bearded Roomie!? Kellogg is the big bad? I am just… damn. I legit almost responded at 4am, but I had hoped I could form coherent thoughts by now, but apparently not so much. Is Dillon dead? Because if Sonya sacrificed herself and that asshole lives… I will be pissed.

              YES Carlos seems a bit jealous. And tbh, I don’t blame him! He’s been playing it cool, taking it slow knowing that Kiera hasn’t been ready for anything. And then BR shows up and BAM, they’re playing house in some cabin “to the north”. Like people, Canada is a big country, please be more specific. (Incidentally, after watching this AND The 100, Vancouver is on my bucket list.) OH! And watching Kiera and ECHO fighting? Made my damn day. Seeing Nyko pop into the end of S3? Even better. But the BEST? Kiera, BR, Less Crappy Alec, Carlos, Emily, and goddamn LIBER8 THEMSELVES kicking ass together? Hands down the best moment of the show so far. ??

              Nope, Pauna was one and done. Unless you count my story in which Garza is able to summon Pauna at will. Sad though, he could have been used more, but I guess his presence would be less shocking. He could have been someone’s mascot, just saying. Bwhahha no, he did not have manners at all. Probably because he had no other gorillas to teach him the ideals of a polite society. Also, he probably had better table manners than half the Grounders 😉 Agreed about Titus. I even was fine with his initial suspicion of Clarke, because he was just looking out for Lexa. I guess he redeemed himself in the end, though.

              No, it isn’t awful to have laughed. It is awful to like, normalize it, but that isn’t what you did. I saw a tweet about the whole Sean Spicer Emmy nonsense that was so perfect. It said (and I am paraphrasing) not to be mad at yourself for laughing- it’s human response to laugh, it’s supposed to be a funny show, your response is going to be to laugh. But if, after your initial chuckle, you don’t realize how fundamentally fucked up it is, then you’ve taken the step toward normalizing it. Laugh because you’re human, but then be pissed that the Emmy producers normalized him just for a laugh. Same in the golf video case. It IS laughable. Like- I think of it as like, if my dad were to do that, and I cant’ even fathom it, you know? He’s 70, and it’s like… never in a billion years. You nailed it with the impulse control. Because look- we all have people in our lives that we don’t like, that just get under our skin. But normal human beings don’t post shit like that. And the worst part is, he isn’t just a “normal” person, he’s the president of the freaking country, and should be held to an even HIGHER standard than me or you but NOPE, free passes abound. It’s mind boggling.

              Yeah the 50s sound awful. We clearly cannot watch The 100. Or Continuum or anything else. Because WE would be their 2077? Yeah no. Bwhahah yes, malt shop and Leave it to Beaver (which I always found mind-numbingly boring when it would be on Nick at Nite and shit hah). I guess i could live with a poodle skirt, they’re kind of cute, but those ugly black shoes look uncomfortable as hell. And I don’t have time to make my hair to those weird swoopy-curl things. So pass.

              I am here for making a drinking game of Continuum. Every time Carlos defies every law of policehood, every time Kiera waxes poetic about 2077, every time someone tries to convince Julian he’s Theseus and Julian scoffs (double shot!) every time Bearded Roomie is cryptic, every time a Freelancer is clueless, every time Dillon is shady as fuck, every time Kellogg is smarmy…. This could get messy. And same with The 100! Every time someone says “I had no other choice” (or any variation thereof), every time some Grounder wants a war, every time someone goes on a power trip, every time Bellarke shares a non-platonic look… yeah, again, we’re going to be on the floor.

              AGREED, the kids made the choices that I don’t think the adults ever could have. They were just too used to ruling the world they knew to adapt to the changes of the new one. In fact- of ANY of the adults, Jaha was really the only one willing to take a risk, to think outside the box to find a solution to Praimfaya. We joke about him, but he DID save 1200 people basically because he insisted on finding that bunker. GAH that episode where Lincoln betrays Bellamy suuuuucks. I remember when I first watched it, I didn’t even fully understand the plan, so I wasn’t sure he had betrayed him. But yeah, he takes the Red, and Bellamy is harvested- though tbh, wouldn;t Bellamy be a Reaper too? I mean LOOK at him. And Tsing didn’t seem to know he was a Sky Person either, so that can’t be why.

              I always wanted the City of Light to be real- and YES that picture was what I thought too! I was SURE it was Las Vegas. And THAT is what it looked like, except bigger, like you said. I was so damn certain and it was going to be EPIC. Like the wild west! I was so bummed when it was just… ALIE. I think my saltiness was part of the reason I hated that storyline so much honestly haha. And yes! I figured it was named after Vegas, and someone had just dubbed it that because of all the lights, or even saw a sign that said it! ANd my theory was, they had gotten electricity somehow from the Hoover Dam and in my mind it was SO FABULOUS. I feel robbed.

              • Ooh you’re done w/ 3. I know- fucking Sonya?? I kinda liked her. Actually I like all the Liber8 people, in different ways. Kellogg works best for me as an opportunistic rogue, not a big bad or super duper evil guy, you know? So I had an issue w/ that. CEO Alec IS dead, thank goodness. HATED him by the end! Although I hate all the Alec’s really.

                Kiera and Echo was the bomb. I just saw Echo today too on The 100 so I’m getting my share of Tasya this week. Yes Nyko! My man lol. And everyone coming together! Did you get the Kiera/ Garza/ Travis team up? I absolutely love Kiera working w/ Liber8. 4am?? Binging are you? 🙂

                Aww no more Pauna. Rats. Too bad they couldn’t unleash him into Mt. Weather- THAT would have been entertaining. Or the Reaper tunnels. Okay I’m up to episode 16 and I’m having all the feels I did the first time around- I’m pissed at Lexa, I hate emerson w/ a PASSION, Jasper is kicking ass, etc. Dang he killed that guy with an axe. Does Fox survive/ show up again? I felt bad for her but thankfully Bell rescued her. There’s Jason from Continuum lol. I’m STILL not buying that Clarke would leave the village without warning SOMEBODY- if she’s so adamant about saving the 44, I don’t see her sacrificing Octavia and Kane. I get the whole can’t give away our inside man thing, but no… I’m not buying that. I do like that Indra figured it out and was like *shrug*. lol.

                I also call foul on the deal between Lexa and the MM, because they had the door open and they had the numbers- we’re always hearing about how the Grounders will turn on their leaders if they’re weak. Here I think after getting them all hyped up and ready to fight, they’re literally there, and Lexa says nope, we got our people back, let’s go. I honestly think she should have faced a revolt there. Oh and how in the shit does Bellamy wander around the place, carrying food trays around , everyone knows everyone but somehow overlook him, and he doesn’t get caught? That’s kinda iffy as well. Although he did kick a bit of ass in Mt. Weather. 🙂 I’m almost there- the lever pulling! And sea monster.

                So when they’re in the minefield and they see like northern lights or whatever the fuck, is that from the solar panels? Just reflected light, or is something else causing that? And Jaha is sounding suitably fanatical at this point!

                Wow- I agree with that whole paragraph! Nicely said. My mom is 71 and she doesn’t even know what Twitter is lol, let alone would she ever retweet something offensive like that, so… yeah. There’s just behavior standards and maturity, quite frankly. Like you said, what 70 yr old man does that? It’s like a teen maybe, but the president?

                50’s hair!! No doubt. Would I be a greaser or a soc? Clearly my knowledge of 50’s culture comes exclusively from Grease and Back to the Future. No I’ll pass as well.

                Best drinking game ever. I would add every betrayal on The 100, but we’d be wasted. I loved it though when Lexa said “you care for him” or something like that to Clarkie- Bellarke hint! And she’s all like no I just need his help. Yeah right girl quit lying! Julian (or Murph) for that matter scoffing is definitely a double shot. That’s like the best thing he does, that little scoff thing. I loved it in the desert when that one dude is like telling jokes and Murph is all like STFU. He kills me.

                It was almost physically painful to watch Lincoln take the red, and Bellamy was like nooooooooooooo inside. Man. But they’re making a statement there about addiction and I like it? Even though it’s horrible, addiction does make you do things. Oh and how much fucking ammo did the sniper have anyway? He was shooting for HOURS before they finally got him. Good grief. I loved it too when Abby told Kane about Clarke and the missile, and Kane said she grew up on the Ark, and Abby realized yeah I floated my husband, so how can I judge? Powerful stuff.

                Vegas would have way cool. I think it would have been awesome to just have this place where people could come together, they played up the place SO much it was pretty lame to have it be an island with a couple houses and a lab. Could have been SO much more. I love that idea of the Hoover Dam! Yeah they should have went out west…

                • Yep, I am on S4E3 now- and I am sad because it’s so close to the endddd. I agree wholly about Kellogg- him being just… selfish dude/comic relief was good. He wasn’t seeming like a bad guy, just kind of looking out for himself. And then BOOM, he’s destroying the damn world. I am worried because I don’t currently hate Living Alec. I did hate Dead Alec though. So much. Oh, and I liked Sonya too- she seemed like she really, really thought she was making a difference, you know? Even if her methods were… not great, I think she had good intentions.

                  Ha I was bingeing! I hadn’t planned on it, but I needed so badly to know what happened! It’s so funny because now I am seeing so many people doing double duty on The 100 and Continuum, it’s great- but then I get mad at them for shit they did on the wrong show. Like, I get low key salty at Nyko for shooting Kiera hahaha. I LOVE Kiera working with Liber8. I want more of it but… I think it would have been inauthentic if they’d done it sooner, so I’ll take it!

                  Yeah Pauna was a missed opportunity, no question! GAH the end of S2 gets me every time. Emerson SUCKS. Not only did he do NOTHING to save his own damn people (and he could have, at least his immediate family, I assume) but then he just carries around this freaking grudge against Clarke- like SHE was being irrational for not wanting him to kill HER friends and family? Like- they didn’t have to kill Skaikru to live- they just wanted to live BETTER, and nope, bullshit. Jasper was AMAZING. I get why he is so pissed at Clarke- after ALL he did to survive and she kills Maya… yeah. OH and no, Fox is dead. Octavia finds her in one of the Reaper bins when Indra leaves her in the tunnels- right before Bellamy opens the door. It sucks because she had HOW many close calls, and then in the end… they killed her anyway.

                  My take on Clarke and the “inside man” isn’t that she didn’t want to blow her chances with Mt Weather… it’s that she was too afraid they’d kill Bellamy. If you ask me, it’s a perfect Bellarke foreshadowing 😀 HOWEVER, I am with you 373% on Bellamy being there and no one noticing. BULLSHIT. There’s only 382 people in the WHOLE MOUNTAIN and you don’t notice a rando strolling around? And a rando with a GUN? There had to be MAX 20 security people- you just don’t need more for such a small population, and noooo Bellamy just strolls right in with them? COME. ON.

                  And Lexa, SAME. These people adore fighting. It’s their fave. And Mt Weather has been killing their people for YEARS- decades, even- and Lexa grabbing a few people from the harvest chamber is good enough? NOPE. What happened to Blood Must Have Blood?

                  Ah, yeah, the light they saw was from the solar panels I think. Probably just a reflection, but in the middle of nowhere, it probably seemed pretty bright? And I think they were all SO desperate that they thought what they wanted to think at that point. Jaha was fanatical- I think he seriously couldn’t face the thought of being wrong and dooming his people. Sometimes, Jaha’s ego gets in the way of rational decision making (like that time he and FYO Dad wanted to take on 1100 Grounders with… veggies, I think?)

                  That’s the thing about his use of social media- it’s like something an actual child would do. My mom said she was watching some linguist analyze Trump, especially in his earlier speeches that he… “wrote”(? Can he even write?) himself, and that he has the average speaking abilities of a 4th grader. And I daresay, ALL the maturity capabilities of a 4th grader. Only, maybe I am being insulting to 4th graders? My dad likes social media, even though he pretends to think it’s stupid and pointless (and we absolutely make fun of him) but he uses it to like… Idk what he does, he will read what people share and then tell us about it snarkily. It’s moderately sad, but it’s also entertaining and it means that I don’t have to be on FB to see the ridiculous bullshit my family members post, yet still get to make fun of it 🙂

                  I don’t know any more about the 50’s than that either- Grease definitely, Happy Days, and like, Marty McFly dating his mom. But I feel like the Greaser look would be really high maintenance? The hair alone- it’d take hours. Plus, would you really want to have to wear a leather jacket in the summer?

                  Oh, betrayal MUST be included, even if it leads to more drinking. (Plus, is more drinking ever really a bad thing? Wait, don’t answer that, after a few episodes, I’d remember why it is hahah.) And YES- Lexa called out Bellarke- I think before anyone else actually did! Even when Clarke tried to blow it off, Lexa was like “no, you care about him MORE”. LOVE.

                  I love the Richard Harmon scoff too! OH! That line in the desert where he says “I will END you.” and looks at Jaha and adds “In a non-criminal way”, with the eye roll. Loooove. He’s such a great actor.

                  I think it was a good call to make Lincoln take the red again too- because you’re right, that is absolutely how a real addiction would play out! And I like that he eventually DID overcome it- with Cage tempting him- but they showed how hard THAT was too. Oh yeah, that sniper must have had ENDLESS ammo- but I guess they haven’t had to use much of it at Mt Weather, since they just use the Reapers to do their dirty work. I kept thinking like- doesn’t that sniper guy have to… Idk, pee, or eat or something? Give everyone a hot second to catch their breath? (Another slightly unlikely scenario, but it was worth it for Clarke to kill him and tell Lincoln “you ARE my people”)

                  The Kane-Abby moment while they are trapped is like… FINALLY. Not only do you finally start to see that they have feelings (squee!) BUT you see that Kane finally GETS IT, he understands the myriad of ways the adults have fucked up left and right. And he does a good job of making Abby understand too. I wonder, how much of Abby’s badassery on the Ark (and then on the ground) was an atonement for floating Jake? Almost seems like it was her wake up call.

                  YEP, I would have loved a place. Atlantic City could have worked too, if we wanted a poor man’s version of Vegas that wouldn’t require walking across the country. It WAS lame- stupid ALIE. Some random bitch in a weird red dress. If she was made to look like Becca… why the weird dress and heels? Maybe they’ll go west in S5! Looking for more places to live or something! THAT would be fabulous!!

                  • Ooh did you like S4E2? I think that’s the one where Garza/ Travis try to kill Kellogg and Carlos rams their car- I thought that was a pretty good episode. And then the dinner- one of my favorite moments! Them all eating together- even Garza- was awesome. And I DIED when Lucas was talking to her and said you know Emily could have been killed too, and Garza’s like so? And Emily’s right there. I actually rewatch that scene over and over because I fucking LOVE Garza. She just doesn’t care.

                    I like Kiera and Liber8 slowly coming together too. The whole “I’m awake” thing- because who would guess that the “cop” character would join with the “criminal” characters? Sure the future sucks, but Liber8 kills people ALL the time- so it kinda has those grey areas, those who are the good guys moments, kinda like- dare I say it- The 100? And now that I know who Nyko and Gustus were it added SO much to the scenes they were in!

                    I saw that about Fox and damn, that was brutal. She just comes down the chute and bam- that’s rude- into the cannibal dumpster she goes. Nice lol. And watching the finale again- I forgot that Monty basically made it possible for her and Bell to pull the lever, so he must carry a lot of guilt too. But really- what choice did they have? They were drilling Abby at that moment. I loved Kane’s line- “what’s wrong with you people?”/ About sums it up!

                    Yeah the Bellamy thing. I could buy him going through the vents and stuff, but taking a food tray to Dante? That seemed a bit much. 🙂 And the thing about Lexa is she broke an agreement to make a new one- an agreement that she put a lot of time into (plus she’s attracted to Clarke, AND plus she made Clarke meet all these conditions)- but then she undoes it and makes an agreement in like 10 seconds with Emerson? After going up on a ridge to kill his shooters? Not the strongest writing the show has ever produced! Although clearly they had to get it so Clarke was alone to make the horrible call. Still I would have enjoyed bloodthirsty Grounders rampaging through Mt Weather. I just really think the Grounders we’ve been shown would not have just walked away on the cusp of victory- I think Lexa might have been challenged, but what can you do?

                    Yeah I’d probably be a soc, I don’t think I could deal with the grease thing. And leather in the summer- that’s no good. Besides I wore polos and shit to school so yeah… although the socs were kinda assholes in the Outsiders (the movie- I never read the book).

                    Lexa has the hots for Clarke AND knows she has feelings for Bellamy… so deliciously complicated there. And yeah Harmon KILLS it on this show. I love it when he finds his way into the lighthouse and starts scarfing down food, he’s got stuff flying out of his mouth and he’s groovin to the music. He can make me laugh without even having dialogue. 🙂

                    YES about the sniper, good grief. Let’s see, Clarke kills him, she kills Dante, plus the lever . I need to start a Clarke kill count. She’s probably killed more than friggin Lexa! And Bellamy helps her pull, plus later w/ Pike- so he has her beat . They’re like a frickin wrecking crew those two!

                    That was truly the beginning of Kabby, I agree. And that’s a great point about Abby’s atonement- I guess Clarke leaving the village puts her in a similar place as Abby, so she kinda has to forgive her- after all the Clarke who would sacrifice all those people doesn’t really have the moral high ground with her mom anymore does she?

                    I kinda groaned when I got to the end and ALIE appeared. I’m gonna start S3 probably tomorrow but ALIe- ugh. But we get Polis and Lexa and everything else so fuck it. Ooh and I almost forgot sea monster- man that thing was nasty. that shot where he’s like pushed up out of the water and the thing is like eating him- damn. Murphy’s like fucking apoplectic- he’s like what is WRONG with you??? I laughed so hard- when you got Murphy questioning your moral character that’s not a good place to be!. But Jaha chucks him over the side. And “you can row.” lol I had to watch several times. 🙂

                    • YEP that’s the one! I get why Kiera didn’t want them to kill her, but… why the hell did she go through all that trouble to save Kellogg? The dinner was FABULOUS, I loved that- they’re like some really messed up family, and it’s adorable! The Garza/Emily/Lucas thing WAS funny- I just wish Emily was like… not weird while it was going on? I still don’t get why Emily left either? Some of these people do weird stuff. Like- what the fuck is Dillon doing?! Half of his freaking face is melted off and he’s like “let’s go work for Kellogg, because why not?” And okay- WHY does Kiera trusted Bearded Roomie? Because… I don’t? I fully get why Carlos is mad. If those two don’t end up together, I am going to be PISSED. I am still seething over not getting Sarah and Art in OB, so this will not stand.

                      Oh, so here’s a question- was there a long time between seasons 3 and 4? I mean, guess it couldn’t have been *that* long, but I feel like Kiera and Carlos look SO much older? Maybe they just had shitty makeup and hair people or something? It just looked like a really drastic change from one season to the next. OH! And Nyko calling Kellogg “Commander”? Do you kiiiind of feel like they threw us The 100 fans a bone there? Because I really do. And another question! Why will no one TELL Julian what he does as Theseus? I mean, he’d totally get it if everyone stopped being so damn weird and vague about it, right?

                      Fox’s death WAS brutal- especially since Clarke rescued them like, 3 minutes later. AND Fox had already had so many close calls. Don’t worry though, you’ll see Fox again soon 😀 And YEP- Monty was just as “guilty” as Bellamy and Clarke- I like that Jasper at least recognizes that, in his ridiculous PTSD blame game. You’ll see some of the Monty issues next season. He definitely isn’t okay. I STILL can’t get past why the FUCK Dante couldn’t convince Cage to try to work something out instead of KILLING them all. I mean, it was Dante that arranged the truce with Lexa- yet when Clarke has a gun to his head, he says “stay the course, Cage”? Really? You’re right, Kane’s reaction sums it up completely.

                      OOOH you know what I just thought of? What if Lexa was kind of pissed because Clarke like, rejected her advances at first? Like- I don’t think that is WHY she’d break the treaty, but it could have been an unconscious part of it? But even so, I still agree- it isn’t what Lexa or the Grounders would have really done. I mean, they could have had it go differently- maybe they wouldn’t have been able to access Level 5, so Clarke would have had to still pull the lever? I think they just wanted it to ultimately be Skaikru versus Mountain Men but… I feel like there could have certainly been other options.

                      So I have never read Outsiders OR watched the movie (I know, I know, but we’ve established that I am shit at movie watching 😀 ) so… I googled it, as you do. And yeah- I mean, the socs do seem like they were the assholes but yet… I’d still be one of them? Not an asshole, I mean, (I hope not hahahha) but like, in the preppy sense? I mean, I wore polos too, because we had to (and the plaid skirts to boot!), but I think 95% of people at private school would fall into the soc category, so.

                      It IS complicated! AND- you know that Lexa knows that Bellamy loves Clarke too. You can see it in her face in S3, I swear. Clarke is the only one who never knows when someone loves her, OR who the hell SHE loves. And yes- I daresay Richard is the best actor of the kids on the show. I mean- they’re all fabulous, don’t get me wrong, but… I really think he has that extra “something”. I loved the bunker scenes- but DAMN, the start of Wanheda 1, when he’s near suicide… that was just… next level. And then when he’s pleading for Emori in S4… yeah, dude has range.

                      I think Bellamy must have the highest kill count? Now- actual like, combat, straight up shot to death, Finn does. But between Mt Weather, the first culling (indirectly), and Pike’s massacre, Bellamy’s is definitely the highest, no question. I assume Lexa has probably only killed a few dozen people directly- BUT the death of every Delinquent is on her orders too, so. They are all really violent people ?

                      I LOVE the conflicts with Clarke and Abby. You’re so right about them being on level ground now, I hadn’t thought of it like that, but YES! Because Clarke blamed Abby for soooo long, for literally every damn bad thing that happened. Not even just Jake. But then… yeah, Clarke out-awfuled Abby no doubt.

                      ALIE made me so mad too. Not only is it a let down, but you know you have 16+ goddamn episodes to deal with her for. She does not even die when she dies, she infects Raven for another 11 episodes! But yeah, there IS a lot of good stuff! I really like the few Clexa episodes. And then Bellamy finding redemption. The whole gang working together to defeat ALIE. Roan being a thing. Seeing the RIG! But then also… LINCOLN ??? And SINCLAIR. I cannot. But especially Lincoln. Though… why the hell did they even kill Sinclair? I feel like it was wholly unnecessary for the plot. (They really should have consulted with us about some of these writing choices, tbh 🙂 )

                      And YESSS Sea Monster! That is the BEST. When Murphy loses the ability to word because of assholery of others.. yep. Time to recalibrate your moral compass.

  14. The dinner WAS fabulous- I wanted to go. Pass me some of that salad! And I think Kiera saved Kellogg only because she still thinks he’s okay- not exactly a good guy but she doesn’t want to just let him die either? Which may be a mistake. After all Liber8 knows him best right? I have no idea why Emily left but it’s totally stupid. And they never explain where she learned to fight like that. Was it escher or did she know all that b4 he hired her? Oh and Dillon- ugh. Sonya blows herself up right NEXT to him- I’m sorry, he’s dead. He never should have come back. Not a fan of him. And yeah I’m not sure the Kiera/ Brad chemistry works- it seems fast?

    I’m not sure how much time between S3 and 4 but my impression was it was like right after. I mean the armored guys appear and Kiera/ Brad are running from them in S4E1 if I remember? I didn’t notice the appearance difference but now you have me curious to go back and look! And there is definitely a reason why he called Kellogg commander, which… I don’t know how I feel about it. We;ll have to discuss this when you’re done. 🙂 Also I feel like the show could have handled Julian/ Theseus better in so many ways- I mean yeah, Kiera knows from history what Theseus did, so why not tell him so he doesn’t do it? Or does, lol, depending on your viewpoint!

    Fox shows up again? Ooh is there a flashback? I just felt bad for her because she was so young- and in the dorm too, some of the 44 are like literally kids! It’s amazing how young some of the 100 were. Miller looks so young! That is kind of a cool theory about Lexa and being rejected- maybe it DID play a role. Heat of the moment and all that. She certainly made a FAST decision.

    Yeah sounds like you’re a soc. 🙂 I am too. And I agree w/ you, I think most of us would be. Ooh you wanna know who the ultimate soc is? This guy. I know you’ve seen THIS movie right. Right??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2j9u7iDwdI Seriously though like preppy- yeah. You went to private school? I never did but one of my friends did, his parents transferred him in like 10 grade or something.

    Harmon is awesome, no doubt. Both pleading for Emori and begging Kiera not to shoot him showed his range, he can turn it on. I’d love to see him in a movie or something, I should check his IMdB I don’t know what he’s done other than these two shows. SO true about Bellamy- we of course don’t know how many Grounders he shot during Pike’s little rampage, I like to think in my headcanon he didn’t really shoot that many, but ?

    Clarke… they’ve almost done too much to her. I mean really… abandoning the village just because Lexa says let’s go, having to mercy kill Finn, then the lever, Dante… and that’s just up through S2!

    I am dreading S3 and looking forward to it at the same time. ALIE of course will be horrible but it will be nice to see S3 again and see what I missed. So many deaths though… Linc, sinclair, Lexa. Ugh. They absolutely should consult us before making these decisions! I will enjoy watching Emerson die though. And more Indra- always more Indra! I feel like they should have done more with the rig- it was kind of a cool location? I wanna see more stuff like that.

    • Awww and then Alec like, wistfully remembering the dinner, when everyone he knew wasn’t dead or missing. WHYY did they kill Lucas?! He seemed like such a pure soul, like he just wanted to help out but was mayyyybe a little confused. Why did Julian move in with Baby Kagame?! Why is Shumway’s friend so creepy? I have so many questions and less than two episodes left. I think you’re right about Kiera and Kellogg but… at this point, she’s killed so many damn people, and she KNOWS he is a legit threat, so… bye. I assume that Old Man Kellogg is trying to bogart Younger Kellogg’s kidney?

      Dillion should have been dead, no question. It also reminded me so much of something from the Unwind series by Neal Shusterman, so that part was fun, but boo that Sonya died. Brad and Kiera have NO chemistry. NONE. Like- I see chemistry with her and Carlos- even her and Kellogg to an extent- but I feel zero things when I see her with Brad. AGAIN freaking Shumway was dancing around the Theseus thing. Just STAHHHP. Like- he says that Julian will kill tens of thousands and then… doesn’t tell him WHY? That is the most important part, Shumway! And yes, please go back and at least look at screenshots of their looks between S3 and 4 so I know if I am losing my mind? Like- Carlos is much more grey, which, that’s life hah but even Kiera, her whole face just looks older? Her hair is really different too, but Idk why that’d make a difference? I think it’s probably just different makeup/hair team or something.

      Yep, Fox comes back (along with Monroe, Dax, Roma, and a whole bunch of other dead people) in Join or Die- you know, the one that makes you kind of NOT hate Pike and then get mad at the show because damn it, you’re trying to hate Pike! Miller DID look really young in those dorm scenes. So did Harper! She has such a baby face in seasons 1 and 2 (which is funny because she was like, almost 30, but still!) – I think it is because they were like… clean? You know, except for the whole “we may be drilling you to death in 5 minutes” thing, they were sleeping, eating, and not being chased through the woods.

      I had a thought while watching the Mt Weather nonsense last night. So you know how Cage blabs on about “the ground is our birthright” (which it actually is not in any way, but that’s a whole different issue- your “birthright” is literally Mt Weather and nothing else, assface), but- at that time, they’re flat out waging a war against both the Grounders AND Skaikru, right? AND had been attacking the Grounders since forever. Then Cage says “this door has not been breached, we have great defenses” blah blah. BUT. If he wants so freaking badly to go outside and OPEN this door that is supposedly his best defense… what the actual fuck did he think was going to happen when he opened it? That the people who his people have been killing for decades were just going to be like “oh hey look, those assholes are here, let’s play nice”?!!? NO. They would have speared the hell out of them. Why.. why and how did he think this would EVER work? I just can’t, it is all so unreasonable. And I want answers.

      I ummmm. I have not seen Pretty in Pink. I KNOW. I’ve seen… parts of it? Such a fail. When I went to college, my friends were so distraught at my never having watched ANY movies that they raided the Walmart $5 DVD section and forced me to watch a few (Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, etc). Here, for reference, I took this Buzzfeed quiz… and my score was 9. It’s downright shameful. https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/how-many-iconic-80s-films-have-you-seen?utm_term=.hgy0O2w8Z#.tuKjRJDkG (You should take it too because quizzes are fun and I am curious 😀 ) I did better with the 90s ones, I got 39 hah https://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/how-many-iconic-90s-films-have-you-seen

      Ah, yes, private school was a trip. I went to public school until high school but my public school didn’t have a swim team so… there you have it. I loved it though, honestly. Which, I guess most people didn’t love high school, but I did. It wasn’t like, some kind of elite school or anything, so the people were chill. High school- yay or nay?

      I think Richard Harmon has done a few other things but not a ton? He was just nominated for some kind of… Idk, Canadian award or something? I saw it mentioned briefly but then was too lazy to look. But it sounded legit. So good for him, he deserves it. I think that SO many of the cast have come a really long way in terms of acting.

      GAH so true- I never really thought of how many Grounders Bellamy actually killed. Damn. Well- we know he saved Indra, AND we know he tried to get Pike to save other injured Grounders. So… let’s just pretend he didn’t kill any. I know! He shot one, realized he was injured, then tried to convince Pike but it was akin to Murphy watching Finn shoot the Grounders- he just couldn’t stop him. There, we’ve saved Bellamy. UGH they have really messed up Clarke, haven’t they? I saw someone on Twitter who is mad that Clarke doesn’t really have many REAL friendships. Which… is actually kind of true? She’s had to take on that leadership role and I think the only person who she feels comfortable opening up to is Bellamy at this point. And now, probably Madi. Which will be a whole other issue, I’m sure.

      Watching Emerson die is the BEST. And Indra and Kane being besties, that is in S3 too! AND you get to watch Monty kill Hannah TWICE, which is pretty epic. Any day Hannah dies is a good day. Possessed Raven is kind of fun. So… it has its moments? OH an in my head, the rig is absolutely still a thing. And can/will be used again. Fingers crossed. They have SO many amazing places, they do need to use them more.

      Episode 6 is called Exit Wounds. People are freaking out because they think it means someone is dead. Well, someone is always dead. I personally think it’s going to be about the bunker people finally getting out of there and having to deal with what went on in there (like you know, consuming Jaha and such) and having to figure out how to deal back in the “real world”. But who knows!

      • Exactly. And I’ll tell you I really hate the warlord Kellogg angle, because I liked him more as a two-timing rogue than the big bad, you know? Lucas’ death kinda gutted me more than any other on the show, except maybe for Betty. He was just trying to help, heck he saved Kiera’s life, and Brad shoots him? I kinda wanted Brad to die at that point. I think Julian and Kagame are connected in that Julian/ Theseus mentors Kagame? I think at the very end they say something about that. Shumway’s friend the Traveler dude is like someone I think they wanted to develop more, but didn’t have time, so in my mind they should have just wrote him out, because he didn’t make sense.

        Sonya was a bummer. And Shumway was SO vague. They were trying to keep him mysterious or something and they just went overboard- we never find out how or why of all people the Freelancers decided to use him, why they “merged” him? Again too many unanswered questions. they needed more time. I remember that episode in the warehouse where they were all together, and THAT was the time to get all the cards on the table, but they missed the chance. Oh and I did notice that Kiera looks… older? Somehow. I mean of course she is ha ha but yeah from one season to the next… I think you must be right, the hair/ makeup crew changed or something?

        Ah that makes sense. Class time. Harper- yes she did kinda have a babyface! It’s so weird how they can look so different just from the way their hair is styled or they’re presented. She doesn’t look 30-ish at all in S2. I think they did a good job with making all these mid-to-late 20- something actors look so young … I mean granted we’re not really buying that they’re eighteen or whatever (well, some maybe) but still.

        You know I never thought Dante’s plan was reasonable. Like I said I think it’s too little too late, if he wanted peace he would have had to do it a lot sooner. With Lexa at the gates I think she should have said eff you dude and invaded. And you’re right, if they tried to live outside the grounders would have annihilated ’em, absolutely right. They would have had no chance. I don’t get it either. And did you notice how they always seemed to have as many security people as they needed? Every time Emerson or cage needed a “team” to go somewhere there was a team available! And really, if you have Mt. Weather, what do you really need to go utside for? I mean if there are bloodthirsty savages everywhere. I just watched S3E2 and Abby is agreeing to reopen Mt. Weather (we know how that goes)- but I’m like yeah, sure, take a field trip now and then (heavily armed), but if I had to choose between Mt. Weather or a tree hut or a teepee or some shit, I’ll take the mountain! Even Pike said that- he was like you got an underground city and you’re not using it??? They must have blown it up cause they knew that didn’t make sense. 🙂

        No Pretty in Pink? Sigh. Tell me you’ve seen the Breakfast Club? Although it hasn’t aged well. And it’s old. But has its moments. That is funny though about your friends. I can see someone saying “I’m on a mission… to show Shannon crap 80’s movies” lol. Ooh quizzes. I’ll be taking those posthaste, and will report my scores in due course.

        High school was like… meh, for me. I didn’t hate it (well maybe a little), but I didn’t love it. But I have a ton of good memories and when I still looked at facebook there were a few high school friends who would reminisce with me about it (mostly music but fun times we had too) so it couldn’t have been all bad?? Do you ever stop and think how much high school like affects our whole life though? I’ve thought that many times, like that 4 year period has a disproportionate impact on the rest of our lives? Good and bad?

        Bell’s kill count could be truly horrifying so I prefer your solution. He tried to stop them and Pike just wouldn’t cooperate. *rubs hands together* There all spiffy and sorted- Bellamy doth be innocent! He just hung with the wrong crowd for a minute. He didn’t teepee the house, he just watched and said uh guys maybe we shouldn’t… and then the porch lights came on and he ran with the rest of them. He’s really quite innocent, I agree. Speaking of Clarke- SO many thoughts after watching the first two of S3 tonight. Niylah and her. Emori showing back up. Ice Nation extends 1000 miles north? Octavia REALLY doesn’t like Linc’s new jacket. Abby has a lot of contraceptive implant removals to do. The inside of the Ark looks really big compared to last season? Where did they get a Rover? So many questions. 🙂 Oh and there’s always a cave when you need one. Thank goodnes.

        Indra and Kane seem like they’re already pals. I guess it’s just assumed in the last three months they’ve bonded. Hannah showed up and I hates her already. In my headcanon Praimfaya just went around the rig and it’s still there, waiting to be used. Oh and I’m trying to figure out the island. It’s off the east coast right? I need to look at a map and try to figure out all this shit. Or maybe it’s better not to…

        Exit Wounds. Wow. You’re probably right, that seems a little too on the nose for just killing someone, naming a whole episode. They’re all about consequences on this show. I like it. I SO want to know what’s happening in that %^&* bunker!! And why Eden or whatever was spared. Have they announced a return date yet?

        • YES. And let’s be real- Kellogg may be a LOT of things, but warlord is NOT one of them. It seems like way too much of a character departure. But no one asked me, as usual. ALSO. TRAVISSSSS. NOOOOO. I have no idea why, but he’s been my favorite Liber8 person from the start. I actually cried when he died. HOW is Brad still alive? Just… how? And why is Kiera still so damn determined to go back to a future which probably is a wasteland?

          I almost finished it last night- I have 37 minutes left (!!) but… I just couldn’t do it. I was sad at the thought of being done. And scared because how is 37 minutes enough time? I agree, they should have written the Traveler out when they knew they’d be cut short. It was so random. And Shumway popping into random places like he’s freaking ALIE or something is weird too. I am also glad that I am not the only one who noticed Kiera’s appearance change. I mean, she still looks amazing, don’t get me wrong! But it’s drastic for just a few months’ difference!

          They really did do a phenomenal job with making the actors look younger. AND you have to wonder- did they intentionally cast 30 year olds knowing they’d be doing this time jump? But then just did an awesome job of making them look younger? Like, when I found out that Marie was in her 30s… I was just beyond shocked! And then it’s so weird when you realize that like- Bob, Zach, and Ricky are all within 3 years of each other’s ages, but their characters seemed to be decades apart! It’s quite interesting really.

          YES all of that about the Mountain! The hell? I *almost* wish we’d gotten to see that bullshit play out. Cage wins, and takes all the idiots outside to… frolic in flowers, I guess? Then five minutes later, Roan and Azgeda come around or something and stab every last one of them. Sure, you’d be a little antsy being inside all the time- but that is all the more reason to be SMART about it. And YES- the guard situation is obnoxious at Mt Weather. Like- just mathematically speaking. They clearly didn’t allow women guards (more proof of their assholehood), and all the guards were men approximately ages 25-40 from the looks of it. Out of 382 people… that’s got to be what, 10% of your population? So EVERY eligible man (not including Cage, apparently) would have to be guardsmen. And STILL it’s only about 40 people. IDIOTS. They were too stupid to live. Clarke was just doing Darwin’s work, let’s be real. And YES! Why the hell did they need to go out to begin with!? I mean- they trained the Reapers to collect the blood drainees, so why go out at all, wasn’t that the damn point? And if their damn door was so strong, they should never have had to fight ANYONE.

          OH! And why were the Grounders even pissed that Skaikru wanted to take the Mountain? They ARE the ones who captured it,, after all. And the whole “our people died there” thing… well SO DID SKAIKRU’S! Not as many, sure, BUT STILL. And again, pretty sure if the Grounders captured a village they’d never be like “ohhh let’s not build a hut here, we don’t want to piss anyone off”. Bullshit. I call bullshit.

          I HAVE seen The Breakfast Club! I enjoyed it a lot when I was younger. And YES- that is exactly how it went, my friends were not amused by my cinematic ineptitude. I had this friend, and he INSISTED on showing me some movie about pairs figure skaters? I don’t even know what it was but he found the VHS for like, $1. I probably even still have it, somewhere hahah. I bet your scores will be like, 10x mine. Easily. As I assume most normal people’s are? 🙂

          Um YES- high school has a VERY disproportionate impact! Probably because that age range is so tumultuous too? And you have to make SO many damn decisions that teens probably shouldn’t be making anyway. Like you know, what to do with the next 60-70 damn years? Work or college or military or… street corner, I guess? Yeah. Not a good idea. I was so distraught at the thought of leaving that I refused to apply to colleges so… my mom did. (I am not PROUD of this, but… I was a kid, so.) My parents were weird about college- they insisted I go at least 2 hours away to… Idk “broaden my horizons”? But I think that when you need permissions slips to attend swim meets, you’re probably too young to be making those significant life choices. I DO love running into people from high school and reminiscing too. That is one thing I miss about FB- I loved when some rando from 10th grade would pop in with a story hahah. At least you have good memories- that definitely means it wasn’t all bad, I’m glad 😀

          Bellamy IS innocent. Why else did no one REALLY make a huge deal out of it after Pike? See? It just makes sense. Kane would have been much madder at Bellamy had he slaughtered all those people. Bwhahah if only Pike had had TP instead of machine guns…

          YES Azgeda is basically like, into Canada! But I also assume very few people could survive there in this situation? Clarke and Niylah… I was fine with it when Clarke was on the run, but then it’s like… okay, you love Lexa, fine. Then stop sleeping with Niylah! And then also, now that Lexa’s dead, BELLAMY is here so seriously stop sleeping with her! Give O a turn. But then Niylah will die so maybe not. Actually- she’ll die either way? Lincoln and Ilian, dead. Finn and Lexa, dead. No matter who Niylah gets with… it isn’t looking great. Maybe we should be more concerned about Bellarke happening…

          WHY is O so anti-jacket, that’s the question. Especially since her people were the ones who took Lincoln in after Indra cast him out and Lexa put a fucking KILL ORDER on him. And if all the birth control is being removed… WHERE ARE THE BABIES? I figure the Rover is from Mt Weather, only explanation I can see- just like Maya’s iPod. And seriously, if I go into the woods RIGHT NOW, I promise you I will find zero caves. Also because it’s dark but STILL. It’s not a thing!

          I think that Kane and Indra worked together (in Clarke’s red haired, panther killing absence) to form the truce? I assume it’s because Indra was there before, so they probably sent her to negotiate. Plus it was inevitable that these two would be besties. Abby is still Chancellor, right? I never could figure out how power ended up back to Kane after Pike’s death though. The rig better still be there! It looked sturdy though- maybe it did survive!

          Okay, a map. I have a map! http://the100theories.tumblr.com/post/139750531769/ofhouseadama-hello-so-as-i-started-delving-into
          But yes, the island is off the east coast- basically off the coast of New Jersey/New York, since NYC is the Dead Zone. Which has to be quite the walk from Virginia? It’s all kind of confusing- though I guess it makes sense that Jaha’s group would run out of food and water. And that the Rover ride would be 10 hours.

          YEP. I mean- I am not saying that someone won’t die, because a lot of times these titles have multiple meanings, but there is no WAY it’s just about someone being shot. That would have to be EVERY episode’s title haha. I need answers too! And NOPE no date yet. I think we’re about halfway through though. Which… seems not great? It feels like a loooong hiatus this time, probably because S4 was so much better than S3 hahahha.

  15. Travis. :(:(:( I liked him too. In fact he’s on Dark Matter and I like him in that, but I think he was more expressive, maybe directed better, on continuum? And dark Matter just got canceled after 3 seasons (and a cliffhanger, natch) so me is not a happy camper. But yeah him and Sonya and Lucas- argh. Kiera I actually think should have went back a long time ago- before they did so many things to change the future? Like S4 hits and all of a sudden she’s gung-ho to go back, and I was like where was this urgency in S2? Because individualist me is like screw Alec, he took me away from my kid, I’m not gonna give up my child to be his time warrior, send me back! I mean yeah the corporate future sucks but she does have her family there, so what do you do? And yeah who even knows if her kid is there to go back to? I’d be like drunk every night because it’s too mind twisty to think about!

    I had no idea Marie was in her thirties? I would have guessed mid- twenties. I knew Zach was a little older, only from Black Sails, but yeah Ricky does seem younger.

    Exactly. If you wanna get some fresh air, fine, build a little garden that’s all closed in or go walk on the top of the dam, breathe the air, watch the birds, whatever, and then go the fuck back in. You know where you won’t get tied to a pole and die the death of a thousand cuts. Yeesh no brainer. And the place literally was huge. I mean the fucking turbine room??? And the tanks of acid fog- there were just so many places. Man move in Skaikru! You are SO right, fuck what the Grounders think. Oh the ceasefire… excuse me, didn’t Lexa fuck Clarke sideways by bailing on her at the last minute? So screw her . I’m shocked they didn’t move in. Pike has a point, they let the Grounders dictate too much what they do. To leave the place empty is kinda stupid.

    Ah good, you’re Breakfast Club enabled. Okay my scores were… 95 on the 80’s one, and 91 on the 90’s one. I don’t know if that’s “good”, as I was taking the quizzes I had seen quite a few but I was surprised how many I had NOT. Like movies that are sort of really well known, and I had not seen them- I think it’s impossible to have seen all of them. And some just looked dumb so there’s that. Dirty Dancing is one I’ve seen snippets of it but never sat and watched the whole thing, you know? There were a lot like that, where’s I’d seen SOME of the movie. Part of it though was we had HBO when I was growing up and they played all those movies over and over, so I saw a lot of them that way. Like instead of doing homework. My parents let me have a TV in my room so I could watch whatever was on (something I would NOT let my kids do lol). Speaking of parents, mine were like super permissive? Like I had friends whose parents were way stricter, but I could basically do… whatever? Not that they were terrible parents, but they just trusted me- a little too much? Which was fine since I wasn’t like running drugs, but if I had been? Hmmm…

    “street corner” lol. Hey is that an option? I could be a beach bum… but then I wouldn’t be able to afford Internet, so I guess no. But yes so many life choices- it’s crazy really. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to do (and I’m still not sure I have) and you just feel so ALIVE during those years. I was watching a show last night (actually it was on in the background) about Vietnam and some guy was like all I wanted to do was join the military and fight America’s enemies- and I was like really? I mean I respect the military, don’t get me wrong, my best friend joined the Marines, but I’m not like the kind of person who trusts gov’t to send me to some half- assed war, ya know? I mean WWII was one thing, but these wars we get in now- like Iraq- fuck that . Plus I’m not getting up at 4 in the morning or whatever the fuck they do. So I was like, no way to that, but some people do choose that and that’s fine. Everybody has their thing. I just feel so bad for those soldiers that get all chewed up over there and they’re like 20 and have barely lived…

    So Azgeda is huge. I wonder if Michigan falls into their territory? Hmm. “Give O a turn.” Classic. 🙂 Truth though. I don’t get either why O all of a sudden wants to go play Grizzly Adams- and has a fucking caniption just because Linc put a jacket on. It’s cold! Kinda weird. She should be happy! And the Rover- that makes sense. I wonder what else Mt. Weather has in their garage? Where do these people get all their gas?? Thinking of the boat ride Murph took. Like that shit’s still running! SMH. And Abby is still chancellor at the point I’m at. Raven and Jackson both just told her she’s basically shit at it lol. She takes a lot of crap in S3 so far!

    That map is amazing but holy… so Polis is farther from Arkadia than Tondc? That surprises me. It took forever to get to Tondc for Linctavia but they seem to shuttle back and forth from arkadia to Polis a lot as S3 and 4 toodle along. I guess I thought they were close… and ALIE is way up? Wow. I see that Michigan is Lake People so I guess that answers that- no Azgeda for us. I like how everything west of the Plains Riders is unknown- going back to our Vegas conversation, I want to know what’s going on in the West!

    This hiatus is a killer. Oh do you have the DVD’s? I was wondering if they have good extras or anything, I’m thinking of getting S1 and S2 (um, not S3 ha ha) and maybe S4 because I’ve never really seen any BTS extras or anything? And are these episode titles coming out as they finish filming them? Or do you think the titles are all decided and they just release them periodically? I should probably pay more attention to this on Twitter…

    • DAMN IT, Dark Matter was cancelled?! That is RUDE- especially on a cliffhanger. There should be laws against that. I had that on my watch list, but it is MUCH worse for you, having invested 3 damn season and not knowing how it ends. I agree that it was weird too about Kiera wanting so badly to go back in S4, of all times. But, I guess had she gone back in S2 there wouldn’t have been much of a show hahah.

      WELL. I finished. And now, I shall provide you with an epilogue of what REALLY happened. So, it ends like it did- Kiera and Alec standing there, outside of Carlos Fonnegra Memorial Park (seriously, trying to kill me much?) looking at Sam and… well whoever the fuck she is. Alec gives his little speech about love, and then he says “Speaking of, you saved us, Kiera. Let me return the favor”. He leads her to his office and produces the ball, set to the date she left, after he sent Kellogg to… Idk, caveman times, what even was that? Anyway. She pops back in, and Carlos sees her, and she runs to him, and they share this freaking epic WWII-Soldier-Coming-Back-From-War kiss. Then, there’s some sappy music, and we see them recreating the dinner- this time, Alec and Emily are happy, Kiera and Carlos are snuggling by a fire or some shit, Julian is there playing with Baby Kagame, Garza is chatting with Jason and Mama Kagame, while looking out the window thinking of all her lost comrades. Shumway is in the bushes, of course, but he isn’t bothering anyone. Everyone is chatting and laughing and then… fade out. And I can die happily from swoony feels or something.

      I’m glad Dillon had a redemption death, tbh. What ever happened to his daughter? Where the hell did Emily come back from? Is Sam the son of Kiera’s husband that she ended up giving zero fucks about? Do we know what happened to Brad? In my story he’s super dead. I did NOT want Kiera to go through that damn portal- I just kept yelling NO STOP at the screen but she didn’t listen.

      Yep, Marie is 31, which… is insane. It’s funny- I had never considered the apparent age difference between O and Lincoln but… there was probably a pretty big one? I saw someone being pissy about it and I didn’t get why, but O is supposed to be like 16 but I think there’s probably different rules after the end of the world and plus who cares, Linctavia is amazing.

      BWHAHAH exactly! And- can you even IMAGINE those prissy assholes being tied to a tree!? Literally ONE cut from some Baby Grounder and they’d pass out. There were women in that mountain who LITERALLY clutched their pearls. And yeah- how did LEXA get to declare the ceasefire!? Skaikru’s main fault between S2-3 was that they didn’t use their leverage. They SHOULD have said “Guess what Lexa? Your dumb ass betrayed us and now we have all our big fancy weapons AND all the big fancy missiles and fog from the mountain. So you attack, and we’ll blow your fucking faces off”. They had SO much fear at their disposal, but Kane was busy having slumber parties with Indra and Clarke was… Idk, having makeovers? I HATE that it makes me agree with Pike a little but… you really can see where he comes from sometimes.

      I think scores in the 90s are good! I mean- you don;t want to have seen them ALL because… like you said, some of them look REALLY stupid. In fact, I was thinking that a few of the ones I DID see were really stupid hahha. I diid have quite a few where I’d seen some of the movie, too. Like, it was on TBS for a week straight. Ooooh jealous of HBO, I remember when we’d get the “free preview” weekends and I was giddy! And then… never ended up watching it ? I had a TV too! My grandparents bought them for me and my brother, I was like 12 so he was 8 or 9? I think my parents were just glad that they didn’t have to watch whatever nonsense we wanted to! Mine were quite permissive too! Do you think it like… worked for you? Like- I was SUCH a goody-goody, at least in high school. So I COULD do pretty much whatever, I just… didn’t? I could watch whatever, listen to whatever, read whatever, etc. I think it kind of works in a sense because shit isn’t taboo, you know? My brother was a bit wilder I guess- though definitely not bad by any means. SO… must have worked for them, I guess?

      I am seriously contemplating this beach bum option you’ve laid out. I have NO idea what I want to do with my life, still. I think part of me is constantly afraid I’ll choose wrong? Which, yes, is dumb. When I went to college, I was SO against it, I kind of just did whatever my parents suggested. THEN, I was too afraid to make decisions, and when I DID, they ended up being shitty ones more often than not. My degree is in business administration- and I HATE business and I have never once used it. (In fairness, the concentration was sports management but… still no.) I spent most of my time working in schools with a kid with autism (after an awesome 3 year lifeguarding stint- because who DOESN’T spend tens of thousands of dollars at college to have the same job they had at 15?) But that isn’t what I want to do either- it’s been more like, eliminating shit I DON’T want to do hahah.

      I feel you with the military. My college had a huge ROTC program, so I knew quite a few people who ended up in the military. And it was around September 11, which… yeah I could not either. I agree with you- I 100% respect any and all people who serve our country but… these wars haven’t been exactly well thought out. And no WAY could I deal with someone waking me up at 4am and telling me to make my bed and shit. No thank you please, I just went to sleep! You are spot on about feeling alive in high school, too- it’s like endless possibilities, you have no idea what the future holds, etc. I think ultimately, I want to do something that makes me feel THAT way again.

      Azgeda IS huge! I think most of Michigan falls in Podakru territory, which is right next to Azgeda (to the west). I live in Azgeda, which sounds legit 😀 BWHAHAH seriously- WHY is O sleeping on the ground outside the fence? Just… why? She wasn’t doing that before Mt Weather, right? And her people saved the day, so…? I don’t get it. I *think* the Rover is solar powered- because when they go to find Luna, there’s mention of it. Because otherwise… I just don’t think that the damn Exxon station is open at the moment. OH! They should have grabbed some of those cars out of the parking garage that Bell and O found Lincoln and the Reapers in! Speaking of- is it just me, or were you wondering why the hell people in 2050 were driving cars made in 2010? The boat though… Idk how a boat could be solar powered? At least Jaha’s they had to row (and we know how well THAT turned out). Abby WAS shit at being Chancellor though, I was glad they called her out. I almost feel like she was better under crisis than the day to day? But she’d obviously be preferable to Pike, so.

      AH I see you found out about Podakru haha. Yeah- I think you will see a bit of the distance in S4, when they talk about the time it takes to get to places. Arkadia is destroyed long before Polis- I think it’s about 8 hours away. Polis is apparently in Baltimore, from everything I gathered. Tondc is.. well, you know 🙂 And Arkadia is likely on the Virginia/West Virginia border- so kind of far out! And YES- see why Vegas needs to be a thing!? OH can you imagine the story THAT could be? The people who live there could be SO flamboyant- so different than everyone who exists, you know?

      OH speaking of- https://twitter.com/The100S5/status/911697493888466944 This is a new set for S5! I assume it’s where Clarke and Madi have been living? But either way, love it! The DVDs DO have extra crap. It’s not a *ton*, but it’s fun- and they’re really cheap, I don’t think I paid more than $15 for any season. BUT at the same time you can probably find the extras on YouTube, too. I can’t figure the titles out honestly. I really doubt they’ve made it through half of filming already- I *think* that what it means is that the actors and crew have received the scripts and they’re starting prep, but I could be wrong!

  16. Dark Matter yeah it wasn’t the greatest show ever, but it had its moments, and I LOVED the premise. I actually will miss it a lot. And I like your version much better, cause frankly… the official one kinda sucked. All of that just to find that her son IS there, but nope you can’t go to him. That pretty much summed up for me how much Alec screwed her over. But what I want to know is- is that 5th or 6th timeline when she goes home at the end? Clearly is not her long- gone 1st timeline. Could Alec send her to a timeline where Kiera died and she can take her place? Okay maybe that’s creepy but they ARE the same person, right??? I like your way- and you’re shipping Kiera/ Carlos. Now they can make a new Sam lol. Garza can teach Mama Kagame to be a commando badass. Shumway lurking in the bushes- ha! Love that. He doesn’t even know why he’s doing it. And Kellogg showing up in olden times? That was kinda funny.

    I don’t know about Emily, I don’t feel like we got a proper resolution of her? Sam is from her old 1st timeline husband. Brad I believe lived on in 4th timeline with Alec, Carlos and the rest- as did Garza (THAT would be interesting). I would rather see Brad dead too, he caused a lot of trouble. And Nealon- the guy who shot Betty? We get no resolution of him. In my headcanon Garza tracked his ass down and wasted him. And that’s funny about the portal! See I WANTED her to go through, for me it was always about her going home? I love how everyone has a different reaction- these watch- alongs are fun! 🙂

    Anyone pissy about Linctavia should go look at Game of Thrones, since Daenerys in that was like 13 or something when she was married off to a fucking barbarian horselord dude. Maybe 14… they raised her age in the show for that very reason, but in the books. Yup just a kid.

    Yeah after that betrayal they DIDN’T occupy the mountain? Um, why the fuck not? Exactly. And you just know some enterprising Grounder is gonna swallow his superstitious fear and go in to see what he can find, so it would have ended up being ransacked or something anyway. They totally should have moved in and told Lexa to fuck herself. Pike DOES have a point.

    I do think it worked for me, the permissive parents thing, because yeah I wasn’t getting into trouble. But sometimes I wonder. Like if I stayed out all night and came home the next day I didn’t really get in trouble? And I probably should have? I mean it was good to be trusted, and for the most part I didn’t abuse it (the staying out all night thing was mostly in college, which is different). But I had a pretty free high school experience, and I think you’re right things weren’t taboo? And I’ve had people tell me yeah but you were a guy, it would be different if you were a girl. I guess maybe it would? IDK. I mean my parents had NO idea what I was doing. I went to parties, got drunk, all that stuff, but never did drugs (I never understood the drug thing)- so I was a good kid for the most part, but they had no IDEA. But we sort of self- regulated in spite of the freedom- so they must have done something right raising us??

    I feel like beach bumming is an underrated life choice? I mean beach, waves, cheap beer- sure no income is kind of a problem- but why wasn’t I presented with this option in my career planning sessions? I was undecided on a major for the longest time so I totally can relate. I ended up majoring in psychology and went pre-law, but law school was like $20,000 a YEAR and I couldn’t afford it, I only went one year. And I didn’t really like it anyway? So yeah. I hate business too lol and that’s what I ended up doing. So life is pretty fucked up sometimes. 🙂 We really need to live like 200 years or something so we have time to figure ourselves out, you know? This short lifespan is bullshit. And it’s great that some people have themselves figured out- my cousin went right into nursing, works at U of M, and her and her anesthetist assistant husband are swimming in money, she just had a plan and went. But not all of us have that? I’m happy for her though, she doesn’t have all the angst and hemming and hawing. But I think all of us are just the way we are and can’t all be easily pigeonholed?

    That’s EXACTLY it about high school. You have TIME. All the possibilities. It’s funny I’ve always loved to write, but you know what they say- you gotta do something that makes a lot of money- so I didn’t do anything with it, and now years later I tinker around the edges with the blog and stuff, but if everyone could do what they WANT to do or their passion is, wouldn’t it all be so much better? Plus everyone would have the benefit of experiencing everyone’s natural creativity. Instead of many of us sitting in cubicles or hating what we do.

    I have no idea why O is sleeping outside. They’re really pushing her Grounder- ness, but come on. It’s like her and Lincoln have switched places. I don’t get either why she wants to go away- if Skaikru is accepting Linc just fine you’d think she’d want to stay (at least until Pike does his crazy). And the parking garage- good point! Like we were talking about before, they need to find more buildings like that!

    There could be so much going on out west. Cheyenne Mtn , there could be survivors there! In fact ALIE’s craziness reminds me of Wargames where they had a computer almost wipe everyone out? And Matthew Broderick’s like 10 years old in it, but I digress. Jason could have had some fun there! And yes Vegas I SO agree. Do Grounders gamble? they probably do about WAR. I wonder if Indra would be down with Vegas.

    I like that set! I should get the DVD’s, for all the shows I watch I don’t get many on DVD, oddly enough, but I feel like I should. The 100 especially. If the apocalypse ever takes the Internet away my DVD player will still work so I can watch… a different apocalypse ha ha! That’s good to know though. Makes sense about the titles. Just think, right now the writers room is creating all the stuff we’re gonna talk about next year when that new season starts. Now there’s a job I could get behind- writing for this show lol!!!

    • The premise of Dark Matter did seem great! And Netflix kept informing me that it is a 99% match for my preferences, so it seemed like a good plan. I am always reminded of the show American Dreams back in the early 2000s- my mom and I watched it religiously and then it ended on a cliffhanger and apparently I am still bitter. Bonus points because Adina was in it!

      Um YES that is exactly what I was hoping would happen! Kiera and Carlos could make a little half-Colombian Sam. Look, I know you cannot just swap out kids but like… 2077 Sam is not hers! It’s her creepy doppelganger’s. And I DO ship Kierlos! I have from probably… S2? When I was glad it wasn’t going to be insta-love. Not like with dumbass BRAD, blech. And yeah, GOOD question- what timeline even IS this?! And is there one where the whole damn world changes because Kellogg was in 163 BC? (I just made that year up, I have no idea when he is- but it WAS funny.) Definitely Mama Kagame needs to get caught up. And then Alec and Emily can have babies who are NOT Jason, and talk about a mindfuck for him!

      I looked it up, and apparently no one fully knows if Brad lived? So wait- the husband wasn’t a “thing” either? I mean, I know he isn’t Kiera’s husband in this timeline but… is he a person? So that Sam could be produced? There are too many timelines for my mind to wrap around. Garza DEFINITELY killed Nealon. Not even because she liked Betty, just for shits and giggles. Garza will be SO bored if she doesn’t get to murder anyone. She also totally killed Brad. Because she needed to avenge Travis. LOOK how much better we made it- you adding a Kierlos baby, now Garza’s back to killing, Shumway confused in the bushes… yep, this works.

      And you DID want her to leave!? I mean- I get why. I do. I just… Idk, the chances were too slim for me. Which probably sounds horrible “nah, I’ll leave the kid in 2077”. But I mean, I was RIGHT hahah, since his mother wouldn’t be ME. Damn it Kiera. I agree though, it is SO much fun to do these watch-alongs 😀

      Oh DAMN, GoT really is fucking brutal! It’s so funny because in the shitty The 100 books, the author is sooooo careful to not have Bellarke sexy times until Clarke is 18 and such. My eyes rolled so much. And even then it’s all VERY fade to black. Being 13 and married to ANYONE is disgusting. Poor girl, I hope she kills him at some point. They should have taken the mountain! Especially since- you have to assume they took care of all the bodies, right? Talk about a gruesome task, no wonder Clarke got the hell out of there ?

      DAMN, they really were permissive! Here’s the thing that got me- my brother was allowed to do that, even in high school. But if I didn’t call, that was not okay. I was VERY against the double standard- especially since I was the good kid! Like- my brother did literally whatever he wanted, and I was at a freaking Chili’s or something with friends. And they KNEW I was trustworthy, and I think it’s almost because they knew they would be okay with where I was? And maybe wanted to be ignorant of where he was? I didn’t even DRINK in high school (seriously, SUCH a goody goody haha) so… yeah. But my brother definitely did, and my parents knew. And of course, when I went to college all bets were off. But even when I came home from college for breaks, they were pretty chill. I’d have friends over and have alcohol (that I definitely wasn’t old enough to have hah) and they didn’t care as long as no one was driving. I think it’s kind of funny that yours really had no idea. Do you think they just didn’t want to know either? Like- my brother went through a pot phase, and his room REEKED. And my parents were young in the 60s and 70s, and definitely knew what pot was (my mom used to do all kinds of crazy shit- like jump out of airplanes, no joke!- so she was always pretty open about that kind of stuff) but they’d flat out pretend they didn’t smell it! When I was in college, my brother blew up a couple mailboxes with his friends and his freedom ended a bit, and it was such sweet justice for me 🙂 And yeah- I definitely think your parents did fine- especially because you KNOW they were permissive and that you had to self-regulate. I really feel like there’s something to be said for that- you know, to an extent haha. ANd it probably depends on the kid, I’m sure had there been trouble, they’d have chosen differently!

      Ahhh your college experience sounds so much like mine! I ended up going to grad school, only for one year too, and deciding… NOPE, no thanks. I had thought for a second that I might want to be a teacher, but that was seriously misguided. BWHAH I love that you hate business and did it too- I mean, love it in the sense that WHYYY do we do these things, you know? I had SO many people talk me into the damn thing- and all I had wanted to do was be a swim coach. Which… isn’t really a career path? I mean- it can be, but it’s SUPER rare to find a full-time one. BUT I could have kept my stupid Spanish major (that’s what I was for 2 years, and I know barely any Spanish, good times) and then done the SAME shit I did after- only not have spent all that extra money. I wanted to do either psychology or history, but my parents were VERY against both- said I didn’t have enough “choices” with them. And since they were paying… well, you know. The irony that I still ended up doing bullshit jobs does not escape me- or them hah. You are SO right about needing 200 years. The weird thing is, society wants us to have our shit together from SUCH a young age. But we’re given no tools to do such. I have to start seriously figuring out what I want to do- or hell, could tolerate doing- and it scares the shit out of me because frankly I haven’t done a great job so far.

      Um I have that cousin too! She’s like, 5 years younger than me so her success is even more annoying sometimes hah. She and her husband are both pharmacists, so yep, very similar! You’re so right about it being a personal thing, too- some people have always known what they wanted, and some people… not so much haha.

      YEP high school is tricky, even college, because they make you think that you have so many choices. “Try everything”, they say. Well yeah, except you can’t do that in the real world. You know, it’s funny that you mention writing, because I loved it as a kid, but I always thought the same- that it just wasn’t a viable career. I have thought of trying to do some freelance stuff just to make some extra money but… I’m kind of scared, because it’s so much of putting yourself out there. But YES- I have always thought that if we all did something we love, the world would be SO much better. Because some people are fine with the desk life! My mom did it and never complained. My dad did it and bitched EVERY day. Who was he helping, in the end, you know? Plus we all have such different strengths- why not use them!? And then it kind of bums me out because I don’t WANT to spend all my life doing something I don’t like but… how the hell does a person figure out what they like without like… living in a van down by the river? (HA I have not seen that in AGES- I wonder if you can watch old SNLs anywhere? ?)

      You are so right about O and Lincoln switching places- even up until the end, he had faith in Skaikru and O…. well, she didn’t. Funnily, they were BOTH right. Lincoln because not everyone really WAS awful and execution-y, and O because some of them WERE and they killed him. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the idea of Cheyenne MtN! I have read a few books that had some settings there (I think Marie Lu’s Legend was? And I’m pretty sure that is The Nut in The Hunger Games, though no one ever said so officially as far as I know.) And it is built for radiation so it would have certainly survived Praimfaya! And we need more people after the threat of Gagarin is subdued. Season 6 plot! I think Grounders SHOULD gamble- I was hoping someone would be taking bets on the Conclave, honestly. Bellamy would have been the only one to pick O, and now he’d be rich. Indra would HATE Vegas. I mean, sure, she’d open a souvenir shop there, she’s no fool. But the excess and debauchery and… well, fun? She’d hate it.

      You know, you raise a good point about the DVDs and the internet! They would be a good backup in case of outages. And some of the gag reels are fun- there’s a great one of Bellamy and Octavia in S3 hahah. I think the writers should hire us. We’d obviously be awesome at it, we know all the things. They’d never have to worry about continuity issues. And the fans would be thrilled because… BELLARKE. Speaking of, after no Kierlos on Continuum, I will RAGE if Bellarke isn’t endgame. I could SO see Jason killing one of them in the finale just to be “that guy”. It IS weird that the show is almost completely written though! I think last year by about November the writers were totally done? Speaking of, they need to give us a premiere date sooN!

      • Dark Matter’s premise is pretty dang awesome. They’re all criminals (and you find out later they were pretty bad too) w/ no memory, so they have this nasty rep but are now doing the right things (kinda), and everyone is confused lol. Like where did the homicidal frickin maniacs go?? I think its budget must be lower than a show like The 100 or Orphan Black because it doesn’t look chintzy but it doesn’t look state of the art either- but it is fun. I really like their ship because it’s dark and twisty and IDK- it has atmosphere? But nope, canceled. I did get S1 on DVD actually, it was cheap. I have seen some bloggers bitchin to SyFy about the cancelation on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure it’s done.

        Poor Jason! He’s like a soul lost in time. His mom is a waitress but Alec is like no, I guess I’m not gonna get with her, so I don’t know how many Jason’s are floating along the timeline but maybe he’s the only one? Plus he’s nuts. Poor guy. Speaking of the waitress, even though I feel bad for Jason, it IS kind of creepy to know who your significant other is gonna be and go into the diner like that? Like what would she think when (if) Alec told her he knew? Weird. I think I shipped Kierlos the first time around too, maybe not so much this time cause I knew how it ended? But they have more chemistry than her and Brad! What’s kinda fucked up is that back in 1st timeline, presumably Greg and Sam have no idea what happened to Kiera, unless that future Alec tells them? So they never see her again, which is kinda sad. I think the future soldiers coming back starts a 5th timeline, so Kiera going forward to 2077 is a… sixth timeline? But I think I’m getting that from the wiki or somewhere where they talk about how going back creates a new timeline every time. Just think if the show went with a different theory of time travel, with the paradoxes and it’s all one timeline you’re just mucking it up every 5 mins- what a crazy mess THAT would be! 12 Monkeys operates a little more on that principle actually.

        I think Brad lived in 4th timeline (or 5th actually-lol). Wasn’t he there when Kiera left, and the ones left behind were all standing around? So his original timeline would have went on without him, but he’s stuck in the here and now? You’re right, until Garza kills him. Cause he sucks anyway. Garza is gonna clean up the messes. What if her and Carlos became a thing when Kiera left? They could reminisce about how they once fought in his shower.

        And you have a point- I DID want her to go back, but now that I understand that she can’t (if we’re going with the new timeline every time thing) then that changes the question. Or is going forward different? Did Alec send her BACK to 1st timeline? It seems like it wouldn’t be since there’s another Kiera there? So if she can never go home she might as well have stayed and shacked up with Carlos and just made a new Sam. Kick Brad’s ass to the curb. Argh my brain hurts now?? I did want her to get the HEA though…

        Yeah my parents were. 🙂 And I totally get it- I would hate that double standard too. Especially since you were the good one! Several women friends have told me that if I had been female it would have been all different, people would have called me things, but a guy does it and gets a pass. Yeah it’s bullshit. I have a sister and they weren’t going to give her that kind of freedom, so it’s kinda like your situation? Although she got wild and gave them more trouble than I ever did- it didn’t help that my parents divorced, by that time I was in college and not around that much, but she got the brunt of the emotional angst. It sucked for her really. I do think it’s very possible they just didn’t want to kno about where I was, or just trusted that I would make good decisions. Which I’m not sure I can do, because I’m way more suspicious of the world? If my kids ever tried to stay out all night- fuck that ha ha! Oh and “blew up a couple mailboxes”- that cracked me up. We definitely had times like that. I knew a guy who went out hitting mailboxes with a sledgehammer on back roads- he was driving and the dude with him almost fell out of the damn car at a high rate of speed. Shining example of American youth, we were!

        Oh I gotta tell you this story. I had a friend whose older brother was a total stoner, right? He was really into Pink Floyd- have you ever seen The Wall, where the guy shaves his eyebrows off? So my friend’s brother did that when his girlfriend broke up with him People look… different without eyebrows.

        See it sounds like swimming is what you love, and it sucks you can’t do that? Because loving it, and having done it- isn’t that who we would want training young swimmers?? But I imagine there are only so many positions available. And yes- business! Whatever that is. Here I thought I’d grow up to be a scientist or something cool, and I go to college and end up – in business. Yay! Way to go Greg! And Spanish- too funny. I took 2 years of it in high school and know zip! I love history, and probably should have been a history teacher or something- that’s a subject I can get passionate about- but yeah everyone tells you there’s no jobs, you don’t make any money. So yeah- try everything, but make sure you pick something that makes money! Only later after all that do people say “do what you love.” Oh now you tell me? *snort* Seriously though- I can relate.

        I think so many of us are not doing what we love because we’re told it’s not viable, or maybe it’s NOT viable because the money isn’t there, or whatever- sad really. I hope you do do some writing! Would love to read it. And old SNL’s… hmm. That’s a VERY good question. I wonder if Amazon Prime has them?

        Cheyenne Mtn for S6- we should tweet that to Jason. Betting on the Conclave would have been awesome. Bell would have cleaned up. And Indra- have we ever actually seen her smile? Like not a grimace of satisfaction at the prospect of WAR, but a real smile? I think I’d fall over? Or maybe I have missed that happening- I will be watching now. I’d love to see the gag reels- I think I’m going to order S1 and S2, at least. I really should own those, cause duh. Oh we could write the crap out of The 100! And I’m hoping Jason is the kind of guy who cares about the fans and will give them Bellarke at the end- it would be really shitty not to. I would totally go there if I was a writer. Because I think it’d be awesome to have them facing challenges together- I mean come on, Clarke just about blew a gasket when Roan almost killed Bellamy, she was freaking- it’s obvious they’re in love. Maybe they think it forecloses story possibilities to actually go there, but I think it would open so many more?

        • Bwhahah love that- “where did the homicidal frickin maniacs go” ?? I like the idea that someone TELLS you you’re a crappy evil person but you don’t KNOW you are. Definitely thought provoking! It’s funny, now that Timeless and Sense8 were kind of “uncanceled”, I think people think they can bitch about ANY show and it will be saved. I just wish they’d give these shows a few episodes to wrap up.

          Jason WAS a mess. I think first timeline Alec fucked him up pretty severely. And I almost think that knowing who she was would almost… make the relationship not happen? Because there is no way you’d act the same knowing that she is the mother of your child when you stroll into the diner (WITH said child, no less ha). And yeah- if Alec had told her, then she’d have thought him insane and run away. Okay, so- do these timelines all exist concurrently? Or when a new one pops up, does it replace the other? Can you somehow get to different timelines, like Kiera and Alec? I guess if one went back far enough… though now Alec screwed the whole thing up because someone would have to go back to before Kellogg was. So mind boggling! I LOVE the idea that 12 Monkeys goes into the paradox thing more- I am so fascinated by that whole theory! (I feel like I probably should watch 12 Monkeys next haha)

          I agree about Kiera deserving a HEA- especially since she sacrificed EVERYTHING to save the world and then they’re like hahah just kidding everyone you love doesn’t know you. Because I think you’re right- at that point in the show, they had to have known she would never go back to the first timeline (since that timeline was the one that was all screwed up anyway, right? Like- the one Liber8 wanted to change would not have been changed, it just became a new timeline? Maybe?) I feel like everyone was just ignoring all the evidence that pointed to Kiera not being able to go back.

          Yeah, I do NOT get the girl double standard thing at all. But my parents STILL do it to an extent, over stupid shit. I guess it’s just a generational thing maybe? I remember being younger and my dad would be on the couch and my mom got home from work later than him, yet she still did all the cooking and cleaning, and I often would say something (and then get yelled at haha) because WHAT!? Does he not also have hands and feet in which to move? So I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. It was funny- one time I brought a friend home from college to go to one of my brother’s football games. He was so very gay, and my parents knew this, and they were still like, weird about him staying over. Meanwhile, my brother had his own mini-apartment happening with girls, guys, and whoever else staying over.

          Aw I am sorry about your sister, that sounds really rough for her. I assume she’s younger? I feel like younger kids act out a bit more in general, so add angst to the mix and yeah, definitely a bad situation. Was the divorce hard for you too? Or not as bad because you were away? I know the whole “shit, I hope I am not messing up these small humans forever” is the thing that has been the hardest for me. There was a long time where I thought I was being selfish, but like, it’s probably better for kids to learn that being happy is important too, so.

          OMG it’s funny about the kid with the sledgehammer because that is how it started! But then they didn’t do any damage so one asshole built like, a homemade bomb. My brother was the getaway driver, so of COURSE when the cops were called, whose license plate did they look up? He was SO lucky that he was still 17- he just had to replace all the people’s mailboxes ?

          I am trying to find words for the dude who shaved off his eyebrows but I am laughing too hard at the visual- all high, crying, and taking the razor to his face. Just.. WHY? I want to know what thought process led him to think THAT was a good decision bwhahahah. The girlfriend was probably like “wow, dodged THAT bullet”

          I really do have a soft spot for swimming 🙂 I coached a little bit here and there, but yeah, the opportunities are few. And it’s so random! My college swim coach was like, a history major, and just lucked into the job. Now I have kind of… I guess not given up on it, and in a perfect world, I’d live near a master’s team and just swim myself. But alas. And um, seriously, what IS business!? Like- it seems so open ended? Because most things are businesses but… I also seem to be qualified to do nothing, so there’s that. YESS I thought being a history teacher would be SO fun. I just find it all so damn interesting- and important, because clearly we are doing a shitty job of not letting history repeat. But yep, I got the same line of bullshit, about there being no money in it. And it’s like, sure, but more money that I got lifeguarding! And YES- why tell me NOW that I should “do what I love”?! I am sorry that you can relate- it isn’t fun. Money really is always the bottom line, isn’t it? Because yeah, “have a job you love” sounds great until you can’t pay the bills. And I guess there’s really no way everyone CAN have a job they love, which is sad too.

          I always have wondered if Jason has the whole series plotted in his head, or if he makes it up as it goes along. And ummm HAS Indra smiled? This is a good question! Did she smile when O won the Conclave? I honestly don’t recall. We’ll have to tally it. So you know, a blank piece of paper with Indra’s Smiles on the top. I think Jason DOES care about the fans. He seems to, anyway. I think that’s honestly why he messes with us and tries to pretend that Bellarke is NOT a thing- because if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t care if he spoiled it? (Or maybe that is just my own wishful thinking, but I hope not!) I agree that it could get pretty great- but sometimes when OTPs in shows get together… the show kind of loses the excitement of the whole will-they-or-won’t-they.

          OH and behold, the last of my Sims creations! Now they can start… Idk, can they kill each other? Otherwise I don’t know what they’ll even do https://i.imgur.com/Jqq0hRA.png

  17. It kinda DID make for some fun situations, like when the crew would show up and everyone’d be like shit the Raza crew is here, and they’re like no wait… ooh and I just got a notification from Netflix today that Dark Matter S3 is now available. So I’ll watch the last few episodes that I missed and that will it *sniffle* I think it’s great though that Timeless and Sense8 were both saved. Speaking of Timeless, that’s like the 4th time travel show that I’ve liked. Clearly I have an issue w/ time travel…

    As far as I know all the timelines exist in their own universe. When you go back in time it immediately creates a new branch. So in essence you are never really going back to YOUR past- the minute you show up an alternate timeline begins. That’s why when Alec went back and destroyed the 2nd timeline by disappearing, I think they should have played that up, since didn’t he kill, like, a universe lol? That alone justifies a Freelancer vendetta to get him? That’s why I think there’s no going back for Kiera- her original first timeline will apparently be without her services going forward. and if future Alec knew that when he sent her, it’s makes him the biggest dickhead ever? And yes I like the paradox model better, I think. It makes more sense to me, even though in theory I love the idea of alternate universes too. You should watch 12 Monkeys next ha ha! Then I have an excuse to rewatch em! Especially with the 4th and final season coming (I guess they’ve finished filming in Toronto).

    As for Keira, in a way the whole change the past thing is kinda dumb since if you’re not changing YOUR past, you’re just creating a new, presumably better, timeline than why bother? The present fucked one is just gonna keep going, let the girl have her family, you know? Of course maybe they didn’t know that’s how it would work, but… I’m thinking way too much about this, obviously. 🙂

    The double standard is SO there, and so pervasive. when I was in high school my girlfriend would come over and we’d go downstairs (there was a TV and pool table down there) and my mom never said anything. I mean we could have been sacrificing bunnies, you know? Maybe the incense would have clued her in, but yeah… your comment about the mini- apt with girls lol I had that EXACT same freedom. But my sister- with a guy downstairs or in her room? I’m quite sure that would not have flown! So she got around it by sneaking out, but we won’t go there…

    Speaking of, yeah she’s younger. The divorce was not too bad for me, I don’t think, cause I was older and I knew they were a mess. Mom used to tell me stuff she shouldn’t have, you know, like she needed someone to confide in, and it would have been more appropriate probably for her to go to her sisters or peers, not talk to her kid about it, but at least I knew the drill. so it was a long time coming and not a big surprise? And it’s not like my dad was a physical abuser or anything like that, but emotional abuse? Yeah probably qualifies. He had a hard time showing feelings. It was tougher on my sister because she and my mom were already at loggerheads, and it just got worse. Plus she was already rebelling, sneaking out and being “boy crazy” as my mom called it, well before the divorce, so it wasn’t only that by any means. Are you divorced, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m gathering so from what you said. Obviously I don’t know your situation, but I highly doubt you’re being selfish. Some marriages don’t work, and I think it’s better (and healthier) for kids to have a happy parent than to have one or both parents miserable. Kids pick up on that. And granted we’ve never met but I feel like I know you enough to say you’re probably a phenomenal parent, you obviously care so I wouldn’t worry about that.

    What is it with guys and sledgehammers/ mailboxes?? I swear teen guys are friggin idiots! Speaking from experience lol. A homemade bomb- that KILLS me! BOOM lol. I’m dying here. So much for your mail, fuckers! Oh my gosh I gotta stop I’m laughing so hard I’m gonna pull a muscle. And yes the eyebrows guy- oh my gosh I’ve never seen a worse stoner! And the funny thing they got back together not long after. They were always breaking up and shit… no one was allowed in his room, not even his parents. Lord only knows what was in there.

    I think it’s interesting that teachers coach and sometimes just luck into that primo coaching job that maybe they’re really suited for? Like isn’t coaching its own thing, in some ways- I mean a science teacher COULD be baseball coach, right, especially if they have that interest, but what if they suck? I mean it seems like teaching a class and coaching an athletic team are different skill sets? IDK. I think about these things tho. And business- so true. I mean for all the “business” skills they train you for, clearly you don’t NEED a “business” degree to work in business- since I got a psych degree and I work in business. I laugh at how stupid it all is. History is so important! Like I don’t think most people give a shit about history, and sometimes I think of ALL the knowledge we have of the past, and hardly anyone knows any of it. I mean even in school we just scratch the surface, right? It’s kinda weird to think about all the stuff that doesn’t really get passed on???

    Oh my gosh Indra SMILED in S3E3. When Kane shows up at Polis she has this big smile on her face when she greets him. I hooted! What timing!! They’re like BFF’s. So yeah I watched episodes 3 and 4 and have thoughts. First of all, Bell and Gina had ZERO chemistry. Those scenes were painful. I couldn’t remember if Echo was on the up and up, and nope- she betrayed Bellamy. the guy who let her out of her cage. I think that’s why I’ve disliked her for so long. Clarke actually tries to poison Nia, and Bell kills that guard so they can get upstairs, and Octavia of all people is like you didn’t need to kill him. and Bell says yes I did. And he goes all in with Pike- I mean I know we’ve talked about this stuff before, but I am re- experiencing it again so I need to bring it back up. 🙂 It just feels SO out of character for Bellamy. He even chants Pike’s name, gets them the guns… it’s painful to watch. They were NOT taking good care of his character at this point. But basically at this point in the show he and Clarke will kill without a lot of compunction if they feel it will help the situation. Not even has to be necessary, just if it works as a plan. Not sure how I feel about that.

    Jasper drops the ashes. Oops!!!! And why did Kane and Abby let Pike be on the ballot? Not their finest moment to let him take over.

    Oh and I looked for spoilers last night, but all I found was some reddit crap. Did you see about Bellamy being a pacifist in S5? What??? That seems to be going too far the other way? I’m afraid… that might suck? And I see people specualting about the whole Cadogan/ survivors thing from the cult, and are they out there somewhere in a 12th bunker level somewhere? Although isn’t that what the bunker under the temple is?

    Okay that’s an awesome kru. ALIE looks spot on! Is that Emori second from left? Are you going to unleash them all in one big house, or are there separate habitats? You must provide updates. 🙂

    • Aww I’m sorry that you’re almost done with Dark Matter! I saw it on a list of like “Sci-fi shows you should be watching” which was sad because like, not anymore. And time travel is FUN, so it makes sense that you’d like it! And yeah- that was my thinking, like if they KNEW that Alec coming back destroyed a timeline, what the hell would make anyone think that Kiera’s would be the same? At least Alec did try to talk her out of it? But yeah, he is smart enough that he should have known. Hell, I think even CARLOS knew! It wasn’t like it was a secret.

      Ooooh the 4th season of 12 Monkeys is the last? At least they know it in advance! I got myself a little Hulu subscription like 2 minutes ago so… guess it’s time for 12 Monkeys! DAMN I can get a free month of HBO?! This is tempting.

      And okay YES this is what I was wondering about the whole damn premise of the show- if you can’t actually change the timeline you’re from… why bother? I mean, especially if the only reason those people exist is because they fucked with time anyway? It’s all very confusing and I think they needed more episodes to make it all make sense honestly. Because as it stands, Kiera and Liber8 saved nothing, they just added a bunch of jacked up timeline people!

      That is so funny that your parents were the same way about girls. My mom called my brother’s room his “love den” and I was horrified because ew, that is my brother. And should she even be thinking that way about her son!? Bwhah.

      You know, one of the biggest worries I had was that I’d end up doing something like that, crossing boundaries, you know? My mom’s parents divorced when she was in her 20s and I know she and her siblings were thrown in the middle a LOT. I am sure that the tension going on was hard for everyone in your family’s situation, too. And for some reason, it seems like teen girls and their moms butt heads a lot, who knows why. I did not go through this with my mom so I cannot speak from personal experience, but pretty much ALL of my friends did!

      I mean, I am not legally divorced yet, but it’s officially and unequivocally over. To be honest, it has been for a VERY very long time, but now that it’s actually an official thing, I feel so much better, like a weight lifted. Like I can just… move on with life. There’s still crappy details to work out, but that’s worth it hah. I do think you’re right about kids being better off though. Because yeah, they definitely pick up on it, and what kind of example is that to show them? And thank you so much. That is very sweet of you, and it means a lot 🙂

      Hahhaha my brother did SO much dumb shit so I am going to have to agree about the teenage guy thing! One time, he was showing off with his friends and he jumped off the ROOF into the pool. I almost had a heart attack for real, I kept wondering how to tell my parents that their son died because he was an idiot. And yeah, with the mail- why would anyone even want to DO that? Like, what did it accomplish? SO dumb. I am straight up afraid of what was in stoner guy’s room. Also, who the hell gives their parents orders in their own house!? I’d be like… listen asshole, I pay for this place, I’ll go where I please. The girlfriend… clearly had some issues with low standards hahah.

      YES you are so right about coaches and teachers! Like- my college swim coach NEVER SWAM. And like, he was a nice guy, but he was not good at it! He WAS, however, really good at delegating and our team was pretty good so I guess it worked. Until he got fired for one of his many scandals (he had married one of his swimmers, who was about 30 years his junior, and didn’t get fired over THAT, so it had to be bad- I never did get the full details and now he’s dead so I guess I never will). And yes, teaching and coaching are so very different. We had a few coaches like that in our high school (not my coach, because she was amazing) who literally just got the job because they needed a body to fill the position and I guess the teacher wanted the few extra $K that came with the job? Who knows.

      And that is so true- most of the people I know who work in a business field either don’t have degrees, or have them in something else entirely. Definitely agree about history- we do barely scratch the surface. And the worst part is, we scratch the surface that like, text book authors WANT us to scratch, you know? I feel like studying it, REALLY studying it, would be endlessly fascinating. Yeah, it really is kind of frightening to know that probably 99% of the shit that happens DOESN’T get passed on.

      Indra and Kane! I love that Kane is the only person who can make her smile. And ugh, Bellamy and Gina was like watching siblings kiss. I felt like the actors were like “ew do we have to?” YEP that is why I have hated Echo for so long too! Because she kind of betrayed Bellamy at Mt Weather, but that was at least kind of understandable, but the Polis/Mt Weather thing in 3×03? NOPE. Not okay, cannot be forgiven. It’s funny how O and Bell change roles in S4. OH! It’s because Bellamy lost CLARKE in S3 and O lost Lincoln for S4! See, more proof that they belong together!

      The whole Bellamy/Pike thing did feel inauthentic. Too rushed, especially if we were to believe he was distraught over GINA? Because he literally never mentions her again, so. I assume the whole ease of which they now kill people is probably the writers showing that Mt Weather has… desensitized them a bit? Jasper dropped Finn’s ashes and some of them I swear go in his mouth. And YES- had Kane not been SO obsessed with being “fair”, none of the Pike stuff would have happened. Not Kane’s finest moment.

      Bellamy being a pacifist!? Noooo that is so silly. I hope they don’t get *too* ridiculous on us. I get that people will change in 6 years but… come on. I CAN see him being more hesitant to kill, because I think after the whole Pike thing, he has been. Yeah, I have seen Cadogan theories too. I don’t know. On one hand… how even? But on the other… we did hear a lot about the actual guy- did we NEED all the details just to find the bunker? And yeah- the bunker they are in was supposed to be the Cadogan bunker- though didn’t it look… new? Like people had not been in it for decades? So that could be an angle too!

      Yep that is Emori! I was mad because I couldn’t give her face tattoos. And I WISH they could all be in one house but the stupid game limits you to 8. So there are 4 houses of 8. And I will absolutely provide updates- I hope to be able to mess with them this weekend hahah.

      • I’m hoping Dark Matter goes out well, although I’ve already heard they left on a cliffhanger, no doubt hoping for a S4. Sigh. I’ve really grown to like those characters, so it sucks. And as for Kiera, I think Carlos DID know, maybe, or strongly suspected. Of course I also think he had *personal* reasons for wanting her to stay too. 🙂

        Yeah S4 is it for 12 Monkeys. First Orphan Black, now this. All my shows are ending, seems like. Yay for Hulu! I hope you like 12 Monkeys. It’s darker than Continuum and a little more mysterious? And the time travel is way different! I might have to rewatch now lol.

        Right? If the wiki is definitive and that’s how time travel works on the show, then yeah kinda of a waste. We’re problably not supposed to question it too much! But it really screwed me up when I first watched it because I was all ready for Carlos/ Betty/ Julian and then S3 never went there. I’d never read the wiki then or thought THAT much about it, so I was confused? And kinda pissed? Of course this time I knew, but yeah. Definitely plot holes? So… do you have a favorite character from Continuum? It’s probably no surprise mine is Garza. I just like her attitude, and she can take like someone down like she’s ordering a sandwich. Kills me. I liked Betty (anted her to have more of a role) and Julian (ditto).

        “Love den?” Oh my… 🙂 Did my mom, I wonder, think me and my GF were “love denning” down in the basement I wonder? Or was she just blissfully going about her affairs ha ha? I don’t think I wanna know. SO weird… and I’ve heard that about teen girls too.

        I’m glad you’re able to move on. Life is short, why be unhappy? Life’s crappy enough lol. Absolutely about kids- cause if the parents are miserable then kids probably are too? I think you’re showing them a better way. And you’re welcome! Thanks for sharing part of your life- I’m sure it’s not easy to talk about.

        I know, right about the room?? He was adopted and the parents had no control over him or my friend (who was younger). My friend had girls SLEEP over in his room and they were like whatever. I’d go over there and some chica would be in his bed playing video games- they didn’t care! Crazy. Not all my friends were like that, I should hasten to add. 🙂 But yeah I look back on my teen years now and it was kinda like some bad teen movie?? WAY too much freedom.

        That coach never swam ??? and married a swimmer 30 years younger? Lmao you’re killing me here. What is WRONG with people (in my best Kane voice). I bet there’s a lot of coaches like that though- like you said, got the gig just “because.” And so many businesses I think want to train you their own way, it’s like a lot of jobs don’t really require a degree anyway? Like managers who don’t have a management degree (that was me after college- got hired by a company and ended up managing a dept- with no experience managing people). I think I did okay, but it had NOTHING to do with my education! And now they’re saying that there won’t be enough jobs in the future, college degree or no, so I don’t know what people are going to do. We might just have to all live vicariously in the OASIS…

        Exactly about Echo. I want to like her now, she’s promoted and all that, but man she did some fucked up shit to Bellamy. This show does a great job with grey and complex characters, but occasionally they make a right turn too fast? I think maybe Echo is like that, I mean she almost killed O last season, and if she’s all sweetness and light now, that’s not really earned? Although to be fair with a six year time jump I guess that IS enough time *grumble grumble* 🙂 The bellamy/ Pike stuff- again doesn’t feel earned for Bell to take THAT much of a right turn. I mean he gives up his security role for FAILING to prevent Mt Weather, even though he couldn’t have known, but then he gets it BACK from Pike after killing who knows how many Grounders? Just not buying it. Gina was rather rudely treated, wasn’t she? I mean she sucked, but still… that Grounder stabbed the shit out of her, for starters, then she gets blown up and Bellamy forgets her after 5 minutes. Ouch.

        I hope they don’t overboard with the pacifism thing. It strikes me that he would be loath to kill, sure, but if necessary- he would do it with restraint and regret. If they make him TOO much of a pacifist that just won’t ring true. Hopefully that’s just bullshit and doesn’t really happen. they did say he’s going to be training Raven to fight though, so maybe it is just being blown out of proportion. I NEED to see how the space ring dynamics play out- SO many questions gah!! And Cadogan- yeah they did mention him quite a bit didn’t they?

        I suspect, from what little I know of The Sims, that some unexpected things wil happen? It sounds like there’s quite a lot they can do, and you can control ’em or kinda let ’em do their thing? This could be awesome…

        So I started S3E5 today and it was tough watching Pike’s crew come back from their massacre… and seeing Indra wounded! Ack. Lincoln is in such a horrible position- his lover’s brother just slaughtered a bunch of Grounders. Man that sucks. And Clarke and Lexa were looking so pleased with themselves, riding along back to Arkadia, smiling, and then… war zone. So much for that moment! And Jaha’s back! Time to pass out some happy chips!!

        • Ugh. I kind of feel like mayyyybe shows on the fringe should NOT end in cliffhangers? Like, I know Jason had said that if they hadn’t gotten a S5 (though he was told that it was almost certain they would, so I guess it’s a bit different) it would have ended the same- time jump, Gagarin, the whole deal. Like NO dude, no. Oh and Carlos absolutely had personal reasons for wanting her to stay! Even Old Alec said that Carlos had spent his whole life making sure Kiera’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing- you don’t do that if you aren’t in love with the person. Damn it, I am still mad over ZERO Kierlos. Did Kiera really not have ANY idea he loved her? GAH that show needed another season or two.

          All your shows really ARE ending. I am sorry, that sucks a lot. You needn’t jinx The 100, either 😉 12 Monkeys definitely seems darker! I only watched like, half of the first episode (because WHY did I think it was a good idea to start watching it at 3:30?) but so far I am intrigued. Because PLAGUES! I love plagues! Wait, um, that isn’t right, I don’t love them as in I want one, I just find them endlessly fascinating hah. And YES you should rewatch it, obviously, so we can talk about all the things!

          I’m sure we aren’t supposed to question it, but… did they really expect their audience NOT to? Like- the people who watch time travel shows are probably people who would, you know, question time travel, right? It definitely was a plot hole. I kind of wonder how much of it was because of Richard’s schedule that the little trio didn’t happen. Oops? I don’t know if I have a favorite character! Of Liber8, I liked Garza and Travis the best. I think probably in the end, Carlos was my favorite just because he ended up being really the only genuine GOOD guy, you know? Julian was great too- but like you said, I wished there was more of him. (“Again, thank you Murphy” ?)

          Bwhahah I think your mom was probably blissfully unaware? (I am really just saying this because it will allow you to sleep at night. Because I have always wondered how much parents don’t know versus how much they PRETEND to not know. I was shocked when my mom told me stuff that she knew that I never thought she did.)

          Thank you 😀 I agree, like there is so much shit in life we CAN’T control, so why not take advantage of the things we CAN. And I think especially for my daughter, I don’t ever want to think that she has to like, sacrifice her own happiness for others. Because that is what I had been doing for so long. And maybe someday, they’ll be able to see examples of healthy relationships- that’d certainly be my preference haha. And it is actually kind of cathartic to talk about it, I appreciate you listening 🙂

          HA your friends kind of DO sound like a bad teen movie! But in a fun way. I think that probably, teen movies are just mashups of our most ridiculous antics anyway. That kid’s parents sound like absolute disasters! Did they even WANT to control their kids? That’s just weird.

          My college swim team was messed up. SO messed up. He used to weigh us, that was a fucking treat. Finally the athletic director put a stop to it, but you can imagine that it was awful. He told one of the girls that he was going to cut the brakes on his wife’s car so he could run away with said girl. I mean, he was laughing, but still. She was appalled, and no one was exactly shocked when his wife left him. But he could somehow smooth talk anyone into coming there, it was weird. It seems scarily legit about not having enough jobs, too. Because now, what does a college degree even do? And it’s only getting worse. Now you practically need a degree to work in fast food! It’s funny with business because I think that’s really true- my aunt works for a big company and is in management and she never even had a degree, just kind of.. moved her way along? Eventually the company paid for her to get a degree, so that’s nice I guess. I am sure you did FINE. I think that in business, they have a sense of who is going to work out and who isn’t- like they probably just could tell you’d be better than some rando who happened to have a degree in the field. Because, well, I would look down on any business that ever hired me in a business-y position, despite a business degree, because clearly I am not cut out for it. I’d have to fire someone, and I’d go call my mom and cry in the bathroom or something. Did you have to fire people? Oh that would be so hard. (See? I couldn’t!)

          UGH Echo, honestly. I hope she isn’t completely changed! I doubt she will be. Though who knows what 6 years stuck in space would do to a person? I seriously hope they take turns spacewalking- it’s one thing to be born there, but it’s another to have experienced life on earth and then be stuck up there. I think even if some of them ARE subdued at first, like Echo, it won’t take long for them to kind of revert a bit? Like- if Gagarin threatens Azgeda, you know Echo’s fighting. It’s almost like the 6 years don’t count, especially for Spacekru, because they were very much not in a “real” world setting.

          HA poor Gina. She was really mistreated! And the only time anyone ever brought her up again was Raven… but as ALIE. So yeah, ALIE cared more about Gina than Bellamy. And they made her seem useless even ON screen! Like when Raven and Sinclair were trying to find the shit in Mt Weather, Gina’s all “don’t look at me, I’m just a grunt”. Like poor girl doesn’t even get to have any skills!? The whole Pike thing was such NONSENSE. Why the hell did the others join him, too? Like- I guess Bryan makes sense because Pike saved him, and Monty cause of his stupid shitty mom. But like… Monroe? Why are you there?

          Ooooh I like Bellamy teaching Raven to fight! He, Echo, and Harper are really the only ones who could. And hopefully no one trusts Echo. I don’t think he’ll be a flat out pacifist. Especially with Gagarin being in the mix. I DO think he is not going to like the new, more savage Octavia though. That they’re going to butt heads a LOT. And yeah- I still don’t get how the whole Cadogan thing will play out. We never DO know for sure if he was ever IN the bunker- but then, how did anyone know about it? They’d better answer these questions.

          The massacre scene is the WORST EVER. I hate it so much because it is so damn unnecessary. Like even the Mt Weather thing, they had no choice. But this… was just brutal and awful. And poor Indra is in such a bad way for so long after. Lincoln… that poor bastard! I don’t know how he didn’t just kill Bellamy himself. Or Pike. UGHH and Jaha with the chips. I really, really hate that episode. It might be my least favorite one of the whole series actually. I hate Demons too (3×12) but at least we get a funny Monty one-liner and a Bellarke hug.

          Yep, the Sims… they can go rogue! There’s a thing where you can choose how much or how little you control them, but I have let them basically be autonomous because what fun is it if I tell them what to do? I have too much bias hahah.

          • Continuum did need more time, the rush really hurt it I think with that short 4th season. They had too much going on. And I know cliffhangers are like some kinda TV thing, but I agree SO much- if you’re on the bubble and maybe not coming back, don’t do that to your fans. As for Kiera and Carlos, do you think she loved HIM? I thought maybe, but then Brad happened and they’re like doing love shack. she never did THAT w/ carlos so now I don’t know…

            I, um, rewatched the first two 12 Monkeys. I’m so bad. But I thought if you tried I needed to know what was happening ha ha! So- yeah. Plagues are the name of the game in S1! It’s such a different show from Continuum I’ll be really anxious to see what you think.

            Carlos I think WAS the only good guy. Even Dillon got corrupted, but not Carlos. Good point. Travis was awesome, and I thought Kellogg was a lot more likable early on, when they made full bore villain I think the character lost some of his charm. I also think we needed more on future Alec to really understand what exactly he was doing. They just didn’t have time.

            You’re probably right. 🙂 And your mom may have been paying more attention than mine was? We’ve talked about things at gatherings or whatever and she’ll say stuff “I never knew you guys did that”, so… geez Mom way to be with the program, you know?! She’s great though, she just, IDK, trusted me? Which I should be grateful for, and am. I mean even when I i did stupid stuff I learned valuable lessons, right?

            Anytime. 🙂 And I think you’re so right.

            I don’t know what my friends parents were doing, his dad was a goofy, genial guy- nicest guy- but he let em do whatever they wanted, and his mom just smoked cigarettes and watched TV all day- I think, that’s all I ever saw her do. And both kids were adopted, which I know shouldn’t mean anything necessarily, but I think in this case it had something to do with it? Who knows. So even though I had a lot of freedom too, we were still so different. I drew the line at certain things, and he was more… flexible we’ll say lol. I had other friends who were closer, so it wasn’t like we were super tight anyway, but he comes up a lot whenever the stories come out. 🙂

            I never had to fire anyone, thank goodness. I did have to discipline people, write em up, and it was hard because I had been in their same position and then I had to manage them, you know? And I had a horrible boss, she always wanted someone written up for something, but she didn’t last long, a new director came in and canned her. I was kinda leery of the new director, she seemed like she was gonna be a total hardcase, and I ended up loving working for her. She was an awesome boss. Oh my gosh the coach said that??? Wow, I guess he liked the young ones huh? Man that’s creepy.

            It’s going to be VERY interesting to see Echo and Emori, up there. I was watching episode 5 today with Murph and Emori doing their little thieving thing, and she’s such an opportunist. I really wonder where they’re going with her and why they sent her and Murph of all people into space. Oh and Bellamy HANDCUFFED Clarke. I’m sorry, no. The writers were on crack or somethig when they wrote these episodes- I do not in a million years buy him doing that or choosing Pike over Octavia/ Lincoln. No fucking way. And Raven took her happy chip! Sigh. I know the bad stuff’s coming as I get deeper into S3, and I’m kinda dreading it. So many feels on this damn show. 🙂

            That Octavia pic on Twitter with her covered in blood?? *sputter* what the fuck is THAT? We knew she was going full speed ahead but damn. What’s going ON in that bunker? I was kinda joking about #cannibalkru but now I don’t know? #apeshitkru?

            The massacre… I just don’t even. I mean it’s just straight up murder, and that’s not Bellamy. I know he’s pissed about Gina, but still. And Kane went from force lashing Abby to just standing by while Pike takes over- I mean lets him be on the ballot? No, they shoulda squashed that and threw him in the brig if necessary. But it’s just the third season writing, what can ya do? I’m so glad S4 had better writing…

            Rogue SIMS? That sounds… way too fun.

            • That was always my question with Kiera too- did she love him? Sometimes she seemed to, but then other times, it was more like “good puppy, Carlos”. I really thought she was starting too, especially when she told him about the time travel thing and he believed her. But then yeah, Brad, that was SO damn random. Like couldn’t she have just cared for him without the chemistry-less “romance”? Like I swear she had more of a romantic connection with Alec. I guess we were supposed to believe her devotion to Brad because they’d had some kind of nonsense but… still no. I mean, she slept with Kellogg too, and that didn’t change anything.

              Bwhahah why am I not surprised that you watched them already? I got through almost all of episode 2- and then my stupid wifi cut out with 4 minutes left. So that was rude. It is DEFINITELY darker- that shit with the flowers and dead bodies, damn. And the guy who killed them… he was off the charts creepy! And the older lady who is seemingly in charge of the traveling? She cracks me up. So far I really like it- I even skipped watching The 100 so I could watch the second episode last night!

              They really didn’t have time! I think that makes me the most mad because it isn’t the show’s fault at all. They just had to go wayyy too quickly. I didn’t like the whole making Kellogg into the big villain thing. He was SO much better as a morally gray character (and if you recall, when I started watching, he was my fave!) And yeah, Carlos was the ONLY person who stayed true to his convictions. And had been a decent dude from the start. So he wins.

              I think that trust isn’t a bad thing! Honestly, there are a lot of times I wish my parents had let me make my own decisions and fail, you know? I think there’s something to be said for trusting your kid and allowing consequences to come naturally. It’s funny, there are a few things my mom still refuses to believe- like the thing about my brother jumping off the roof? Even though we have both told her that it happened haha. So I think all parents take the blissfully unaware route at times.

              I almost think it’s extra weird that your friend’s parents were so…, strange when they were adopted? Like- it isn’t like adoptions can be “accidents”, they clearly wanted the kids, so… why be so uninvolved? People are just weird sometimes hahah. And seriously, I bet they make for a LOT of great stories. I think there are always people like that- that are just somehow more outlandish than anyone else? Most of my friends’ lives were mundane, but yeah, I had one friend who I have more stories about than the rest combined.

              I am glad you didn’t have to fire people! It just seems so harsh- even though of course they probably had it coming, still, it’s taking away someone’s paycheck. Even discipline would be hard, I imagine. Especially if they had been peers and then… not so much. I swear, some bosses just love the power trip. Glad the shitty one was let go and that you had a good one! And yes, Bob (the coach) was… a piece of work. Honestly, I don’t even think he understood that he was being inappropriate? He really was clueless. Not that it should be a defense, but yeah. Like when we’d complain to him, he legitimately seemed confused. Once again, people are fucking weird haha.

              I think Murphy and Emori will be VERY interesting in space, because they both have that survivor thing going on. But there is a side of Emori that craved safety, too- remember on the Rover ride, before they were attacked, how she was like, near tears telling Murphy that for once in her life, she felt safe, and she enjoyed the feeling? So she may be less of a wild card than Murphy, even. OH and yeah, that whole bullshit of Bellamy threatening O and trying to arrest Clarke? NO. WAY. And at least they did make him NOT willing to kill Lincoln, when it came down to it, but still, the middle of S3 is such a complete clusterfuck, I cannot even. I feel like it gets better again after Lincoln’s death and Bellamy doing the right thing? But to get to that point is kind of hell haha. And the good news is, Raven is only chipped for a handful of episodes- it seems MUCH shorter while bingeing them!

              Yeah, they went soooo off the rails with parts of S3, I am glad that S4 was better. Kane was confusing, but maybe he just never expected Pike to be SO awful? I mean, who would have guessed, you know? And probably when they were chanting about Pike being on the ballot, had Kane said no, they’d have REALLY hate him? So maybe he thought at that point, his best chance to win was to let Pike on. But honestly, that’s a theory from my own head, and the writers should have conveyed whatever the reason was MUCH better. Same with Bellamy and Gina- because he gave very, very few fucks about Gina at any other time, so don’t tell me he killed 299 people for her, especially when those weren;t even the people who killed her. Like- could I have seen him killing HER murderer? Sure. But random Grounders? Nope never sorry.

              OH! Yes! I love that picture! I also immensely enjoy the funny captions people have made to go with it. But yeah, things are going to be so bad down there I think. I am half-excited, but then also.. what if we straight up hate O now!? Because what the hell is she doing to these people!? I mean- I guess cleaning and grilling your Chancellors CAN be messy, but still. I’ve read theories that she’s beheading people and shit, so who even knows. It’s going to be awful and intense and I cannot wait.

              I just found this site with Sims Mods. And Idk if I can retroactively do it (because I REALLY don’t want to have to remake all these characters, nor do I have the time or energy hah) but if I CAN, this site has face tattoos and badass outfits! So I am going to see what I can do 😀 MAYBE THEY HAVE WEAPONS. A girl can dream.

              • Kiera and Carlos DID have some chemistry, I thought, and while part of me was like oh cool, they’re partners so inevitably they’ll sleep together, and they they didn’t, I kinda liked that they did that, but then they do Brad and I’m like, no. If she’s gonna get with someone, it should be Carlos? Brad’s just a plot point, ooh we need to introduce MORE time travelers (um, why??) so here’s this guy. Pffft. Oh and a Kiera/ Kellogg relationship would be SO interesting!

                I know, right? I laughed at myself. 🙂 Katarina is fun, although someone online asked where she gets all her smokes and I’m wondering that now, since the gas station down the corner is probably not, you know, open and stuff. Or it’s filled w/ savages. Does Cole have to get a carton or two before he jumps back? And I HATE the Pallid Man- the tall dude. Never liked him. Jennifer though is the bomb, as you will see. 🙂 And you skipped the 100 for it? Wow!

                Kellogg *nods* He was one of the best characters, because you never REALLY knew whose side he would take. Completely unpredictable. And I loved that he ws like no I’m not gonna be a freedom fighter, I’m gonna make a shit ton of money, buy a friggin yacht, and live. Y’all have fun with your time wars. What if HE had saved the day or saved Kiera’s ass at the very end, instead of being the big bad out of nowhere? I would have been good with that.

                It’s true, I’ve wondered if they so hands off why did they want to adopt two kids? Even if they had been fab parents they would have had a tough time I never really got that family TBH.

                People ARE weird lol. Some just DON’T get it. Like Trump voters ha ha.

                The Raven chipped thing is tough, and I keep telling myself it’s good for her to go through this because she comes out stronger on the other end. But you’re right binging is SO different- like th absence of Wick really stands out when I’m not going week by week. I had totally forgotten about him before my rewatch! And that’s a GREAT point- Emori had to be hard to survive, but if she was feeling accepted and safe with Skaikru, she might have really been a productive member at some point, really devoted. Maybe they’ll go there!

                And yeah poor Kane- he really was in a tough spot. The Arkadians might have rebelled if they didn’t put Pike on the ballot, which just goes to show somebody didn’t explain the stakes properly to them. If they understood the Grounders were there to protect them from Ice Nation, would they still have voted in Pike? Because if they did then they’re basically voting for war, and screw em. It’s like almost half of America voting for Trump- sometimes people willingly vote for bad people??? And… Jaha shows up in the nick of time, must have been a relief to Kabby, but then he’s absolutely no help. That must have been deflating. Oh and why do I hate Monty’s mom so much? Ugh I just do. And that assfuck who keeps getting in Lincoln’s face- I loved it when Linc beat the crap out of him. Pike’s people are ASSHOLES.

                Beheading? Dang… although from what we’ve seen of Grounder behavior (and arkadians, frankly) she might have to take harsh measures, cause when they all feel trapped- does like civil war break out in there? Do we REALLY get cannibalkru? I can’t WAIT to find out. And Indra’s probably not inclined to put up with any bullshit.

                Weapons. Tattoos. Is this a strictly 100 mod? What if there was a 100 game? Like the online MMO ones that eat your life? Oh my gosh I would play the crap out of that.

                • Yeahhhh I do agree- part of me was kind of glad that they didn’t just go there because they were partners but… then don’t make them have any chemistry! I mean, maybe they didn’t even intend for them to, but the actors just… did? Maybe we ship THEM and not even Kierlos! But yeah, Brad was just… so much no. In fact, I could have done without the whole damn Brad storyline in general. YES- he was just a plot device. Should’ve just named him Gina ? And yes- at least Kiera and Kellogg could have been a fun hate-to-love (or hell, just plain old hate and attraction) storyline. Missed opportunities, sad. YEP, I loved that Kellogg was basically super honest with being too much of a selfish coward for a war. Which is fine, we can’t all fight to the death! I liked that version of him SO much better. He is only a shitty dude in that one timeline though, right? Or two timelines? I dont even know who can keep track of them? I definitely had wanted him to ultimately save the day! That would have been such an amazing character development, for him to have gone from selfish and scared to like, “okay fine, I’ll save you people” hah.

                  Okay I basically almost died when Cole killed Henri! (Idk if that is how you spell it but I am too afraid to look it up because spoilers.) But that was sad- I assume he did it because he saved Henri from death, so he had to kill him to avoid messing shit up but… isn’t he THERE to mess shit up, ultimately? Gah. I liked Henri. And so did Cassie ? But the whole Haiti thing was REALLY hard to watch because shit like that happens all the time. And they weren’t shy about killing people off, damn.

                  The cigarettes ARE a good question! Especially because even if they did find them, wouldn’t they be…. idk, soggy? I don’t totally understand the mechanics there but it’s paper, right? I assume they… go bad? Did you notice the beef jerky that Cole and Ramse (I did cave and look that spelling up) were eating? That made me chuckle. I was with Ramse, I’d have told Deacon to go fuck himself too, who cares, they had beef jerky! Jennifer does seem really badass, and I have only seen her for a small time, I am excited for more of her. I assume Cassie and Cole is a “thing”? Seems like they’re headed there. And also. Why does this Pallid Man person have such yellow teeth? You can be a terrible, psycho criminal while still practicing proper oral hygiene. Just saying, it grosses me out. I suspect it’s supposed to but still.

                  Yeah that was my thought on those people adopting too! Especially because yeah, adopting seems to come with its own potential host of challenges (like the kid wanting to know their own history and stuff, I assume, at the very least) so… yeah, why put yourself in that situation? Trump voters. Ugh. I want to find the people who still support him so I can like, question them, dissect their brains, whichever.

                  UGH yes, Wick. I hate that he got written out like that. They could have had the damn decency to let Pauna eat him or something. I am on the S2 finale, and I am so stabby about Lexa again. Because okay- she said “Their deaths will be avenged. The Mountain WILL fall” like… 32 seconds before she makes the deal with Emerson? And like- here’s what she COULD HAVE DONE: Emerson lets her people come out. She tells her army to stand down. Clarke looks shocked and everything. And then LEXA STABS EMERSON, end of problem. Like come on.

                  I hope we get more Emori and Echo backstory, or just like, more of their personalities in non-life-threatening situations. Tasya has said that we will probably be learning more about Echo, so that’s good.

                  As for Kane… yeah, I don’t know, I mean, they DID know that the army was for protection, that Skaikru was the 13th clan, right? (I don’t fully remember how this went down, I guess I’ll be there soon!) I have always felt it was SO much like our situation now- you have a bunch of assholes who had NO IDEA what was going on, no idea what was at stake, and they voted for the dude that told them he’d “fix everything” even though no one knew what the hell that even meant. THEN, the dude somehow WON, even though everyone scoffed at the mere thought. Then he killed half the damn world. Sounds familiar, yes? And yeah- I imagine seeing chipped Jaha was just the icing on the cake for Kabby. Can you even imagine? You think you’re getting an ally, instead you get a drugged cult leader. Poor Kabby. They have NOT had an easy time of it at all.

                  Hannah Green is somehow worse than Pike and I don’t even know why. But she IS. I think because you expect her to protect her damn kid and instead… she kills a bunch of innocent people. And for WHAT? OOOOH new theory, Hannah was IN LOVE with Pike. (I have no basis for this, just that… that’d be a fun plot twist? Monty calling Pike “dad”. Would have paid to see it tbh.) And those condescending looks Hannah gives to Bellamy and Monty on the regular? I wanted to smack her every time. So glad she died. Twice. And anytime ANYONE was awful to Lincoln I wanted them dead. Fuck those guys. Lincoln is the damn best ever.

                  I feel like they have to go VERY dark for it to even make an impact at this point, so I really think that beheading and cannibalism are valid options. I DO think it will be some kind of civil war- perhaps like the one that was stirring in Polis at the start of S4? Like, the Trikru/Skaikru alliance versus the Azgeda alliance? They seemed pretty split down the middle. And you figure if there is a difference of opinion on something BIG (like said beheading or cannibalism, or even just regular population culling which HAS to happen, considering the circumstances…) I can see Azgeda especially retaliating. Because whatever the Trikru alliance wants will ultimately win with Indra whispering in O’s ear. It should get really crazy.

                  So I ummm went down a bit of a rabbit hole with these mods! I am not 100% sure how they even work, Val was trying to explain them to me because she’s a pretty avid gamer, but I guess they are just like, patches that you download to the game that give you extra shit? I found SWORDS. Yes, swords. And now The 100 can happen. I also made it so that they should be able to scavenge from garbage cans, because again, The 100. We’ll see how they work, but if they DO I promise I will share ASAP 😀 And you know, maybe it’s for the best that we DON’T have a game version of The 100? Because really, would you be able to ever stop? I doubt I would hahah.

                  • Yes the only good thing to come out of Brad’s storyline was Gustus and Nyko showing up. Speaking of which, Travis is on The 100! I watched three episodes today and he’s the commander on Becca’s Polaris. He doesn’t last very long, sadly, but this kills me. Travis on the 100!!! And yes to a – Kierlog??- relationship. He seemed like he was having way more fun in those first two seasons when he was the smartass. And for him to save the day and be the HERO- would have been so fun. 🙂

                    I had a problem with Cole killing Henri too. And then he LIED to Cass about it. I mean I get that he doesn’t think maybe he can tell her, but… fuck that was kinda crazy. That’s the thing about Cole- the show often reminds me that he was just a scavenger dude wandering the wasteland til Katarina hopped him up on all her time serum drugs. He’s not really a hero? I mean he becomes one, but starting out he’ll just shoot people lol, you know? And I liked Henri too.

                    Cigarettes would definitely go bad over 30 some years, unless Cole is bringing em back from Tobacco Joe’s Smoke Shop in the strip mall. But that’s tricky because they keep yanking him back. And yes Cassie and Cole do become a thing, but it takes time. Get it? lol at myself. Jennifer is awesome, but it takes a while for them to build her up. And yeah the Pallid Man is just gross.

                    Lexa- sigh. She died today- thanks Titus. See grounders shouldn’t handle guns. And man it is CREEPY when he takes the AI chip out of her. All those filaments- damn. I LOVE that Grounder religion is all based on Becca’s crazyass AI- that is SO funny. And it’s only been like 97 years but they keep saying “we’ve always done this” and shit like that, and I’m like no you haven’t, you’ve been doing it for 5 minutes you douches. They should really have set this like 200-300 years in the future I think. So the Grounders did really have time to go all savage and the cities to completely disappear. And Lexa keeps being merciful, which is like an about face from end of S2 Lexa, I get that Clarke is changing her or whatever but it’s pretty unconvincing. If Titus hadn’t killed her someone would have probably pretty soon, or challenged her again. Still I love their dynamic. Sleeping with Clarke is dangerous, though- just saying. And you’re absolutely right- dragging her whole army all the way there and then making a deal with Emerson in like 30 seconds- no.

                    Tasya- yeah they seem to like redemption arcs on this show. Bellamy 2 or 3 times lol, Kane, Murphy- why not Echo? As for Kane, yeah, I know the Grounders didn’t do a good job of communicating to Skaikru that they were there as peacekeepers, just showing up, but Kabby should have had a meeting with everyone and said look this is the deal. Communicate! And then if they vote in Pike at least they tried. I think they’re so used to barking orders on the Ark that they don’t know how to communicate with the people. Although to be fair, the Arkadians are portrayed as pretty stupid. In general. Man does this storyline have parallels with Trump! If this was airing right now it would be so on point!

                    Hannah IS worse than Pike! The worst. How did she have Monty?? It was hard enough seeing Monty working with Bellamy/ Pike. I watched the episode where Kane tries to give Pike to the Grounders, but Bell stops him. Dammit Bell! And he shot those two Grounder messangers, just point blank. Straight up murder! WTF were they THINKING in S3 with his character??? Poor Monroe is no longer with us, sadly. 🙁 The Bryan/ Miller moments are funny since he disappears in S4. And Murphy gets tortured again- this is a regular thing for him! Oh oh and Raven BROKE free of ALIE- has anyone ever done that? Jaha hasn’t even, although he doesn’t appear to want to. But somehow Jasper reminding her of Finn helped her break the hold. Although I have to say Jaha and Raven plotting together IS kinda fun to see. 🙂

                    I think you’re right. It’s gonna be bad. I mean they’re showing that pic of her all blood drenched for a reason – to get us ready? I just hope that Indra doesn’t die. I don’t know why but I just like her so much. And I keep wondering if Jaha is going to instigate something, or if it will be more of a Grounder clan thing- like you say maybe Azgeda stirs shit up. I wonder if Jaha and Azgeda ally? Eek. And no doubt! The challenge for this show is how can you go darker than you already have? Scary thought 🙂

                    Swords? And scavenging? That is the absolute best. And you have ALL those characters- I feel like that could be beautiful chaos lol? Will they like pair off? Form relationships? And yeah if there was a 100 game I’d be lost *nods*

                    • Ohhh yeah, good point- I was all for Nyko and Gustus. And Technically, we’d not have encountered Echo either had it not been for Brad. You know, they could have made Brad Nyko and maybe we wouldn’t have hated him. I would have been able to live with Kierlogg for sure! Anything other than… Kiera dies alone because Alec is like 98 and watches someone else raise her son.

                      HOLY SHIT, that is TRAVIS!? I had NO IDEA, how did I not know this!? I am so excited to get to that episode now! No, he definitely doesn’t last long. Maybe we’ll get more of him in a Becca/Gagarin flashback? We can dream, I guess.

                      Yeah, I think him lying to Cassie was even worse than killing Henri. Because like- he could have explained it to her, by that time, she kind of understood, and honestly, Henri probably would have too. Why couldn’t he have just instructed Henri to some remote island to live out his days? RUDE. It’s funny though about Cole not being a hero, because he REALLY is not one- at all. I was so pissed at him last night when I watched because he totally sold Ramse out- though he did end up doing the right thing in the end, so I am kind of assuming (and hoping!) that is the path he’ll end up taking.

                      Maybe Cole must carry a carton on his person at all times. Like, his first stop in any past time has to be the nearest convenient store, THEN he can save the world. I loved when Katarina was drinking with them last night, it was great. Bwhahha I laughed at your time travel joke too 😀 I figured they did because every damn time before the episode they show me an ad of S3 where they legit show them looking longingly into each other’s eyes or some such nonsense.

                      Awww Lexa. I hated when she died. They did such an amazing job of making her so vulnerable with Clarke, and being so kind of Skaikru. You know they did that so her death would hit us harder. And Tutus, so fucking stupid. Just like when Indra grabs Monty’s gun in S4. They need to stop. The AI removal is pretty disgusting.Poor Raven, Clarke, and Abby had to be alive for that shit, yikes. OH I know- it’s so funny because even assuming that Grounders have a shorter lifespan than we do, that’s still only what, 3 or 4 generations MAX? And no one remembers Becca? REALLY? My grandparents told me stories all the time, they’d have probably remembered some random space traveler who became their most revered leader ? And they look so damn SHOCKED when they find out science is a freaking thing. Like hellooooo, were you assholes not JUST in Mount Weather? The hell? The book actually IS set further in the future, 300 years- probably one of only two things the book did better than the show (the other being that they gave us Bellarke, which I will happily rescind if the show follows suit). So it’s much more believable only, the world building in the book was so non-existent that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

                      As for Lexa’s change… I don’t know, I was always on the fence about it. Like- I DO see what you’re saying, it does seem pretty out there but maybe that is just who Lexa is? I mean, she did kind of do some of the same bullshit in S2, so. Plus if she really IS in love with Clarke, she is going to want to protect her, just like she feels she failed to do with Costia. And yeah, i think had Titus not killed her, it would have only been a matter of time. Azgeda wasn’t going to just watch calmly as Lexa ruled ever. Sleeping with Clarke- very bad for one’s future longevity. Hell, I think even just thinking about it, like Wells, is a death sentence. Maybe Bellamy should stay away after all… ?

                      Ha you are right, they really do love redemptions! At least they’re not afraid to NOT have one too though? I guess maybe it is for the best that Pike was never given his after all. I don’t know that Echo’s will even be a redemption, but maybe… just seeing her as more human? We’ve really only seen her as an Azgeda warrior, so it’ll be interesting to see her in other circumstances. As for the Skaikru leaders… yeah, I think it almost doesn’t even matter what they say to those assholes at Arkadia, they’re too stupid anyway (oh shit, it DOES sound way too familiar). I agree that communication is a big problem, but I also don’t think it would matter much to those fools. It’s funny because when the Pike stuff was first going down, it was when Donnie was first running- in the primaries- and everyone was like “nooo it’ll never happen” and then I would yell “THAT is what everyone said about PIKE”. So now I guess we need… a bearded fellow, a Rover, and a guy who’s pissed that Trump killed his sister’s boyfriend, and we’re good to go? I feel like we can find these key players.

                      It’s so funny though because WHY is Hannah worse? Do we expect more because she is a parent? Because she is reasonable Monty’s parent? I have NO IDEA but she sucks the most and I will defend that opinion forever hah. OH and Bellamy stopping Kane? I low key wanted Kane to just run him the fuck over at that point. He’d probably have lived. Kane was too decent at that point. Bellamy was so infuriating! And then Monroe’s death, man that was a plot device for sure. Because it made Pike and his cohorts feel like they were justified, when in reality, the Grounders only killed Monroe in self defense. Also, do you feel like Monroe never got to have any personality? I knew NOTHING about her. Were she and Sterling a “thing”? I have no idea. The Bryan/Miller thing is hilarious because it sets up the HUGE plot point that turned out to be Riley, go figure. I am still salty at the dude who played Bryan. You think Bryan would have died at Death Party? I’m happy he’s gone because Milkson is SO much better.

                      Murphy goes through freaking HELL in S3. I seriously don’t know how he is so… sane in S4. And no, no one EVER defeated ALIE- not before Raven and not after her, either. And Jaha, UGH, if it weren’t for him, ALIE wouldn’t have been able to even get Raven back. It was kind of sweet that the Finn thing is what brought her back. I mean, they’d been close forever, so I liked that touch. And YES- this is why I was such a huge Rasper fan! She was legit the ONLY person he cared about since Maya. And not necessarily romantically at that point, but it COULD have been, damn it!

                      UGH same, I am always scared for Indra- especially since Adina is on so many different shows and I know it has been hard with her schedule. I think they are definitely showing us bloody O for a reason. I cannot wait until we get some info- a trailer, a premiere date, something. OOOH I like this idea of an Azgeda/Jaha alliance! That is BRILLIANT! Because it’s so unexpected, with the way Jaha has been so hands-off when it comes to the Grounders. Seriously, why haven’t they hired us?

                      YESS I am so excited- I am installing the mods now, and then I shall see if they work in the game. I am a bit nervous because Val said that if they are made shoddily, they can erase my characters but… I think it’s a risk I’ll take for swords and such hah. And YESSS they will absolutely pair off! That is probably the most fun part, anticipating all the really twisted relationships hahah. I was hoping to post this by October but… I really don’t think I’ll have the time, so probably November or December. BUT I promise I will keep you posted and provide humorous screen shots 😀

  18. Yeah when you put it like that Kiera’s ending was pretty much shit wasn’t it? I mean I’m all for a bittersweet ending but that one just plain sucked. And YES!!! I just about fell out of my chair when Travis walks in lol. I was like no effin way!! I would be ALL FOR him showing up in flashbacks. We need more backstory on Becca at this point, I think.

    Cole and Ramse are a fraught relationship. They’re tight as brothers on the one hand but their paths diverge and they go some interesting places. And I had a big problem with him lying about Henri. Probably because Henri was a good guy. I suspect Cassie knows he lied, but I don’t know if that’s just a feeling or if it’s revealed down the line and I’m sorta remembering it? It’s so weird rewatching this one now because kinda like Orphan Black, it’s SO different now then when it started. And Katarina’s pretty awesome. 🙂

    That is such a shame about the book, because I LOVE the idea of it being set farther ahead. I occasionally get that urge to read em, and still may. I think it’s kind of genius actually that the Grounders religion is based on the AI- what a cruel twist for them! Oh and Titus is history- the episode I watched tonight is TOUGH because… Lincoln. I couldn’t even watch it, when that scene came on I was just like okay last two minutes, r done. Not watching fucking Pike do that again! Bellamy has decided to be human again. Kabby kiss for the first time! Oh- and why exactly is there a back alley way into the sacred Flame chamber that some rando can just waltz in through? No guards. But Clarkie has the Flame now, so it’s off to find Luna. Speaking of Luna, she ran away from her conclave and Titus says she was a coward- little did we know then she would be like the badass of S4 conclave and the would-be killer of humanity.

    “Does your mom know you’re here Monty?” OUCH. Dang Harper. That’s especially tough knowing they become loverrrss pretty soon. 🙂

    Clarke’s had a lot of relationships, in a way, when you figure they’ve been on the ground only a few months? Finn, Lexa, Niylah, Bellamy in the background since we know she loves him- although obviously Bell doesn’t count yet- but still. And Niylah I’m not sure is a relationship or just booty time. Plus Wells loved her. She really is the kiss of death though? And yes to the AI- that thing is creepy. I really would like more exploration of just how it changes whoever is selected to be Commander. Knowing Becca and how bad ALIE is, it’s amazing it doesn’t make them worse. I mean Lexa was pretty cool, all things considered. But they’ve been very vague- Titus tonight said it amplifies what’s already there, but given Becca’s fuck up with ALIE I’m skeptical it wouldn’t have more bad effects?

    Bryan would have died at Death Party, absolutely, because asshole. Miller can do better. 🙂 And now is. Although Bryan did come around helping them escape. Poor Monroe never got any development. And I wanted Kane to run Bellamy over too, at that point. Fuck it.

    Rasper would have been interesting? It’s not my favorite ship because I think she overpowers him, personality- wise, but from a dialogue and characterization standpoint it would be a bonanza? I mean they can play off each other pretty good, and those scenes with her and Jasper working together were pretty dang good. You know it’s funny I’m on S3E10 next and I don’t (still) hate Jaha- I’m just ambivalent now. The ALIE stuff is just something to slog through on the way to S4. Whatever it was that made me hate him the first time around hasn’t affected me this time, I guess? I mean he’s not my favorite but I don’t despise him?

    I would love to see Adina on other shows. I bet she’s SO different lol. And Jaha/ Azgeda would be FAB! I don’t know why they don’t hire us, they’re clearly intimidated by our mastery of these characters. I mean who else is gonna give Indra a Subway franchise? Don’t they know what we can bring to this show????

    Yes please do! I am SO anxious to see what decisions these characters make…and what shenanigans they get up to. 🙂

    • YES her ending WAS shit! The more I think about it, the madder I get! Like, realistic is good, I hate when shitty situations completely work out in the last five minutes, but come ON. If she can’t get back to her family, how about a little baby Kierlos. It can even be a girl, so she won’t feel like she’s replacing her son? Little… Carlotta. (That is seriously not a good choice.) Whatever Sam’s middle name was! See, options. Here’s another example of where the writers should have hired us!

      I am so excited to get to that episode now and see Travis! And Idk what his name on The 100 even is, so we will be fine calling him Travis.

      How far have you gotten in your 12 Monkeys rewatch? Because Yellow Teeth told Cassie about Henri. And she is pissed, of course. ALSO. Are they going to tell us WHY Cassie’s death changed Cole’s future? Because I need to know. And the virus is… in that dead person? Is the dead person somehow Cole? Idk how, but Jennifer keeps talking about his eyes, and Virus Guy’s eyes, and I am so confused. In a good way though. It’s funny because even though people come back to life, they’re so up front about it and it’s part of the plotline so it works.

      The book…. okay, it isn’t *horrible*? Like- I don’t regret reading it, I’ll say. It’s just so simplistic. Obviously you know how detailed and developed the show is, and the book just is not. BUT they are suuuper quick reads- you could read it in a couple hours no question. It IS a cruel twist for the Grounders- also funny because they’re in deep denial. Like “nope, uh uh, that’s not technology, this is a spirit!” Like, guys, we know you aren’t that stupid, so stop embarrassing yourselves. Watching the Lincoln scene is the WORST. I hate it so much, I don’t blame you for not wanting to watch it. The only good thing that comes out of it is that Bellamy KNOWS Pike is the bad guy. But still, that would have happened either way. Though sadly, I do think it’s better for O’s character development without him.

      HA I always wondered that about the Fleimkepa’s chamber! It’s so… accessible? Though maybe it’s just like a church would be now, I think they keep those unlocked ? And I think Titus always had the flame but… still. It’s like keeping… Idk, Jesus at a church somewhere and being like “sure randos, come say hi to Jesus”. LUNA, man, she pisses me off. I think she was selfish from the start. Running away all the time, turning her back on everyone, then using her strength for evil. Glad she’s dead tbh. And KABBY! Only good moment of that god forsaken episode.

      GAH I loved that Harper/Monty moment! You think she was extra harsh with him because she WAS in love with him? After watching S2, I have a theory about them! So- you know how they were in the cage at Mt Weather together? And then when Monty sees her in the dorm after they irradiate it, he runs to her first. So my theory is, they both have had some kind of feelings since then, only neither of them acted on it. Monty because… well, he’s Monty obviously, and Harper because that shit is hard, putting yourself out there? And Raven must have noticed little flirtations, which is why she says “finally”. PLUS, Harper was probably so pissed at him because of Pike. ANd then, when the ALIEpocalypse was coming, she was probably like “wait, what the hell am I waiting for, might as well make a move or die not knowing”, and BAM, Marper. The writers really should have shown some indications though. Might have been nice.

      Clarke really DID have a lot of love interests in a very short time! I mean, in about 7-8 months she was in love with at LEAST two people (but 3 because we know better about Bellamy). I think Niylah is not *quite* a relationship, but also more than just a booty call? It’s clear that they care about each other, but also not enough to be IN a relationship, so.. whatever THAT label is hhaha. I want to know the technical aspects of the chip too! HEY speaking of- where the hell IS the chip? Does Clarke still have it? Where did she put it? In herself? Madi? This is verrry curious. But yeah, I think that the reason that ALIE 2 isn’t a monster is because it doesn’t have autonomy? I think it just…enhances natural reasoning- and stores information, apparently. I almost think it just gives the leaders info that Becca wanted to pass about like, how to save themselves and work tech and shit. But that’s an assumption, really.

      HA Bryan reallly would have died. He was probably the accidental death that became Riley. I honestly wonder if Riley would have ever been introduced if Bryan had been there. It’s funny, because only AFTER the Riley nonsense did I appreciate Bryan as a character haha. But Miller DEFINITELY traded up, no question. Now his husband is a doctor, and they can adopt FYO kid and live happily ever after. Or not because it’s The 100, but whatever.

      Oh she DOES overpower him, but that might be why it could have worked? Idk how Raven would be with another strong personality- that’s why I never see her and Bellamy working. She needs someone more.. low key, I think. BUT it would have destroyed Raven to lose someone else she loved, so I guess I’m kind of glad they didn’t go there (or Sea Mechanic, for that matter). YESSSS I am so glad that Jaha is being redeemed a bit hah! That’s how I feel about him too- I won’t be as devastated as when a favorite dies or anything, but he is still a decent dude, made some mistakes, but had a lot of shit to muddle through.

      Adina really is an amazing actress- she can do so many different roles so well! They SHOULD hire us. We clean up their plot holes, we give them sandwich shops, we employ Murphy… this is really a win all around. Their loss. BUt also really, really ours hahah.

      OKAY so I started to play for just a few minutes last night. Octavia does everything with her sword. She was playing video games with it for awhile. Here, she eats breakfast with Monty with sword at the ready. https://i.imgur.com/Acqnlb5.png Raven and Monty seem to be getting quite cozy too. I keep trying to force Bellamy and Clarke together, because of course, but Idk. Clarke wants to be besties with Harper, and I can’t get Bellamy to stop reading. Murphy cooks constantly, and Jasper keeps meandering around the yard and Idk why.

  19. Of all the cameos I’ve seen, that one with Travis showing up surprised me the most! Because I think the first time through I either hadn’t seen Continuum yet, or I had but had just totally forgotten. Either way I was like no way- stop with all these crossovers lol. Kills me. And yeah- Kiera deserved better.

    I am 4 episodes in on Monkeys and was gonna watch #5 tonight but time got away from me! Urgh. So Teeth guy (man he’s gross) told Cassie? Oh shit. I think they do get into why the future changed with Cassie’s death- TBH things are fairly complex, so I don’t remember all the details, but I’ll try and catch up so we can discuss. 🙂 I always wondered too why Jennifer keeps calling him “Otter eyes”- seemed kinda weird but she takes on more importance as the show goes on. Her relationship with Cole is fun- at first he and Cassie are more annoyed with her, I think, than anything else, but as time goes on they realize whoa she’s actually quite important!

    Lol about Kabby! So true- that episode is dark. And I have to agree- as much as I like Lincoln, O is a better character without him? Cause where could they go with them? I guess they could go off together, or stay w/ Skaikru but she wouldn’t have much to do? Now she’s Commander and apparently will be quite bloodstained soon. And I love that the girl who had to hide under the floor is now running things. Ha take that adults lol.

    Yeah Clarke and everyone else gets into that chamber a little too easily, methinks, but it being like church lol hadn’t thought of that! Plus what Grounder in their right mind would fuck with the Flame? Probably not too many. And Luna… yeah. The rig must be coming up soon. Yay!

    I like it re: Marper! And I noticed that too on my rewatch- Monty seemed VERY concerned about Harper in Mt. Weather. That does explain her comment about his mom too. Maybe just a LITTLE nastier than she needed to be?

    Agree about Niylah- gray area there. The 100 needs a term for that transitional state between no relationship and relationship- since Clarke is clearly capable of having multiple love interests at this point? And I don’t know where the chip is! Didn’t Clarke and Roan pass it back and forth once or twice? Okay I looked it up- someone on reddit says Gaia has it in the bunker. So it’s in there with Octavia and Indra and everyone else? THAT could play a role in whatever catastrophe happens in there…

    Miller is definitely doing better. At least Jackson won’t bug him! Although Jackson DID take the CoL chip, but I think they just did that to fuck with Abby. He’s learned his lesson *nods sagely*

    I liked Sea Mechanic before they went all ninja warrior queen with Luna. Sigh. Raven could have souped up that fucking rig so it was like ocean fortress or something, and we could have little outposts all over. Probably too much jumping around of characters though. Raven’s hard cause she’s so badass on her own! Wick just kinda disappears again huh? That’s weird. Although I didn’t REALLY like them together, so I’m not losing sleep over it I guess. I wonder if they’re gonna have her and Bell get a little… close, after they get all sweaty when he teaches her to fight? A little jealousy maybe for Clarke. If something happened up in space it would seem like Bell or Echo are the most plausible choices. Although we have talked Maven, and THAT would be so cool. It’s so hard to speculate, we know so little. Gah hiatuses suck

    Have you seen Adina in other shows then? I would probably try a show she’s in just to see a different take from Indra!

    Oh my gosh I’m jealous, that sounds FUN. That picture is LIFE. O has her sword on the fucking table, that kills me. Their house is NICE. Clarke and Harper hmmm??? *raises eyebrows* I can see Bellamy looking all professorial, in a tousled way, with reading glasses on lol. What’s Jasper doing in the fucking yard? No the SIMS doesn’t have jobi nuts Jasper, STAHP!! I can see Murph as a damn good cook, actually. Maybe he cooks the meals and they all have a feast Continuum style?

    This is genius.

    • Okay I am DYING because first of all, Travis will be 48 this month and hot damn, he looks good. 2nd- He is in ALL of the following: Continuum (obviously hah), The 100, Orphan Black (!!), and Dark Matter. And from the looks of it, probably 87 other shows you’ve seen. Also, it’s funny- I think he has a particular… “Travis expression” that made him stand out as Travis, because he looks very different in regular pictures of him! That is probably why you never noticed before, and this time, it was so fresh in your mind. I am laughing because seriously, they do use the same damn pool of actors!

      YESS watch it! I am starting episode 7 tonight, I think? YEP Yellowteeth told her, and she was none too pleased. It does seem like we’re going to find out, because it may have something to do with Chechnya? OH and is she back with the Ex (I can’t remember his name, he kind of annoys me)? They were acting REALLY chummy, and I could not tell. Cole looked piiiiissed but then he splintered (and now is in aforementioned Chechnya) but yeah I was pissed on his behalf, if she is. Yeah! The Otter Eyes thing (which… weird?) and then she was looking at him and his eyes when she said that the skeleton guy’s eyes looked familiar so… Idk!

      I hate that episode. I think it’s worse than the massacre almost because Pike looked him right in the eye and killed him- knowing that Lincoln had saved their people, knowing that O loved him, knowing all the good he’d done. It kills me every time. And that he went willingly, so he could save his people again? GAH. Gutted. BUT… O’s storyline was getting a little bland, unfortunately. I think it all had to be part of her journey to bring her to a place where she could sort of marry the concept of her fury and Lincoln’s vision. Still kind of salty that there was never a Linctavia baby though. OHHH yes, it is such sweet revenge that Jaha has to listen to HER now. And I’m glad she let him know that she won’t forget what he did to her and Bellamy and their mother.

      Yeah PLUS, the flame is IN a person 99.9% of the time, so it isn’t like there’s usually access to it. AND no one but the fleimkepas know how to work it either. Hahhah maybe they have an “It’s Complicated” status on ApocalypseBook where everyone can share their relationship status. Jaha lets them all update on his iPad whenever someone dies and statuses change. And in regards to Marper, I feel like I like them more after a few rewatches? Like at first… I cringed. But maybe after seeing them in The Other Side, when he almost loses her? Idk, they’ve grown on me.

      Maybe Gaia DOES have it- Clarke tried to become Heda, but then Roan stopped her so… maybe Gaia is in possession. Clarke didn’t really need it after that point anyway, I suppose. So yeah, that makes sense. The interesting thing is, Bunkerkru doesn’t know that there are any surviving nightbloods, so will they even care? For some reason, I feel like they will, just because they’re all obsessed with the damn thing.

      Yeah Jackson taking the chip was kind of out of character. New theory! He was in love with Miller, but Miller was with Bryan, so he tried to take away the sads via ALIE. There, mystery solved. Speaking of the chip, I LOVE how much Murphy hates ALIE and knows, before anyone else, how freaking insane Jaha is. UGH and I got to see the Monty/Hannah reunion. I love that when Farm Station attacked, Kane was speaking PERFECT FUCKING ENGLISH and Pike still tried to kill them. They were driving a goddamn Rover! I can’t with Pike. We should have known right then that he was too stupid to function. Oh and Bellamy and Gina keep popping up. It’s so funny because like- I feel like they wanted us to think that it was some kind of sweet, comfortable relationship, but instead it just looked like someone was making him kiss his cousin.

      OH yes, I liked Sea Mechanic when Luna was singing lullabies and caressing Raven’s boob or whatever. And Murphy- “I creep on myself for the miracle of a horny mistake”, which might be the best line of the whole show. ? GAH the Rig could have been amazing. I still think it could be. I bet it’s still there. That would be a LOT of steel to destroy. I didn’t love Wick either, but I DO wish that he had been properly mauled by a mutated animal at least. Oh i definitely think she and Bellamy revisit their past indiscretions hah. I mean, what the hell are they going to DO up there? Two attractive people, a small space, lots of boredom… plus apparently everyone is infertile, so no need to worry there ? I think if they DO though, they’ll decide it’s a mistake pretty quickly. Those two just could never work out. Now, I definitely think Echo and Bellamy got together. Whether it was hate sex, boredom sex, all of the above… yeah, it happened. No question. I almost hope that Murven doesn’t happen until AFTER they come down. I don’t want to see that in flashback form, I want to actually see it develop! Maybe someone kills Emori, and Raven is a good friend, a comforting presence, until Murphy has grieved long enough and BOOM, Murven. Hiatuses DO suck. I am really over this one.

      Ooh yes, I have! I know she’s in a lot of stuff, but I knew her from American Dreams (though that was awhile ago and I don’t remember too much) and then True Blood, where she plays this shitty, junkie mom-turned-conservative preacher’s wife. It’s a trip!

      Yeah, I think that Harper and Clarke are just friends… for now. You never can tell. I laughed at “The Sims doesn’t have jobi nuts” bwhahah maybe that IS what he’s doing! Murphy IS a good cook, I bet he does cook for the house! ALSO I found some Lexa face paint, so I have work to do! And this is why I cannot get anything else done that I need to do 😀

      • Travis is fucking everywhere! And he does look good for 48. I’ll have to look him up and see what he’s in recently. Bummer they canceled Dark Matter- he was good on that show too. Oh and guess who I saw tonight- I watched episode 7 of 12 Monkeys and the Castor clone guy from Orphan Black is in it! Ha I thought he looked familiar! Oh and yeah I thought Travis looked and acted different in Continuum than he did on Dark Matter…

        So you’ve probably seen the Chechnya episode now. I liked it, I thought it was really effective and kind of sad. Especially when Cassie had to decide whether to… tell him… powerful moment? She sold that I thought. Ooh and Olivia is on the scene now. She’s important later (and she kicks total ASS in S3 so you have that to look forward to lol).

        I’m looking forward to some serious tension between O and Jaha in S5 (for whatever time Jaha has left). Because yeah people were floated and several of the characters have had to deal with what Jaha did to them, but O- living under the floor for 16 YEARS??? – fuck that. I can’t see her forgiving. And if Pike wasn’t already irredeemable after the massacre, he certainly was after killing Linc. I almost wish they’d made him more nuanced, so you could understand his POV and make it even harder for the audience to just hate him out of hand, but once they killed a fan fave that was it. I mean he DID have reason to hate Grounders, since they killed frickin kids for cripes sake, but after everything he learned he should have realized they weren’t ALL the enemy. Oh well…

        ApocalypseBook. I like it. And I like that the chip might be in the bunker. We were discussing Gaia a while back and wondering what role she’ll play in the new season. I can’t believe they’ll just ignore her, since she is Indra’s daughter. I feel like we need more closure there, with the whole chip thing. And the AI apparently givers Heda visions of the ancestors, the prior Commanders, so that could be useful. You know,, if you don’t mind that thing burrowing into your brainstem. Eww…

        So the only Nightbloods at this point are Clarke and Madi, right? Or am I missing someone?

        And is Jaha STILL insane? Like I think it’s accepted that he was a little nuts/ obsessed/ fanatical about the CoL, and he went full bore with it, but now- is he better? I know he’s leaving, but towards the end there with Kane and the 2nd culling, he was anti- Grounder but is he still nuts, is what I’m wondering? Oh, and “I can’t with Pike.” lol SO true- he’s such an ass. What did he think Grounders had a Rover? *snort* YES Bell and Gina looked SO tacked on. It was so forced it’s hard to watch…

        Yeah Wick where’d he go? Was he culled? Hopefully. Bellamy does seem like he could be getting some action up there. I mean nobody likes Murphy (at least initially) and Monty’s kinda busy with Harps and doesn’t seem like a guy to fool around on her, so… that leaves Bell. If it wasn’t for Clarke I’d be seriously considering shipping him and Echo, cause they have that history going back to the cages in S2. Plus it’d be fun to see O have to deal with her brother’s GF being the one who kicked her off a cliff!!?! 🙂 So yeah I guess those two can fool around, but once he gets landside he better get his shit together about Bellarke!

        I may be sold on Murven, I’m coming around on that. It’s not everyone can say that her boyfriend shot her once… I mean, they have STORIES.

        True Blood- never saw it. That does sound a role she could kill it in though. I feel like she’d be a fun actress to watch in other roles…

        Jasper is obsessed with the nuts!!! Er, that sounds bad. And he doesn’t have anyone to make it into tea anyway, or do you have Niylah too? I can see Murphy cooking up frittatas and souffles and being like a chef dude, kinda. He would definitely tell whoever’s shopping to get the organic meat, you know? No MSG. That kinda thing. Raven ain’t cooking, I can tell ya that. She’s out in the garage fixin shit. You know, or hotwiring cable so they don’t have to pay. Hey do they have jobs?

        And YEAH face paint. Maybe Echo dons her death mask face paint too?? 🙂

        • Poor Travis- every show he’s in is like, automatically canceled before its time. He’s like the Canadian kiss of death. And YES I saw that Ari Millen was in the credits of that episode! I thought fondly of the level of creepy he managed to make those damn Castor clones hahahah. And YEP, I teared up at the Chechnya episode. Poor Cassie. I don’t know if I could have done it, honestly. I mean, sure the world is at stake, but for all she knows, it isn’t even fixed. Oooh who is Olivia!? How did I miss her!? Is she the Chechen girl who was helping him? Or did I just blank on someone? Ramse has a KID? Damn.

          I think O and Jaha will definitely have more than once tense moment for sure! I mean, he WAS opposed to everything about her plan from the start. So yeah, I see it happening, no question. If Azgeda was smart, they’d want him in their alliance. Now, the big question will be: Where does Kane fall in all of this? Is he the mediator? Does he choose a side?

          Jason has said that one of his biggest regrets was not doing flashbacks of Farm Station in Azgeda territory, to show how Pike became what he became. I think we see a *little* bit in Join or Die? Like- he didn’t want to turn into this monster, but he’d do what he had to do (or what he THOUGHT he had to do, in this case) to make sure his people survived. Ugh, I cannot believe I am about to quasi-defend Pike, but here we are. So- I think Pike’s problem was twofold: One, he was operating with the tiniest, most subjective knowledge base ever. All he knew of the ground were a few Azgeda warriors who slaughtered his people. And I legit think he was afraid that if he didn’t do something, all of Skaikru *would* die. Which leads us to problem two: His complete inability to put his damn ego aside and realize that other people know more than he does. And when he was able to convince a few non-Farmies that he was right, he assumed that was good enough; some people who’d seen the Grounders agreed with him so obviously he was in the right ? And he was certainly… well, Idk what the word is, but the apocalypse version of racist, because he was so damn unwilling to believe that just because SOME Grounders were ruthless murderers, that didn’t mean they ALL were. He was a mess, he was out of his element and over his head, and I don’t think he was evil. But I do think he fucked up royally and don’t blame O for killing him. Because fuck that guy. His stupidity killed wayyyy too many people.

          Oh I definitely don’t think they’ll ignore Gaia! Especially with all the damn people they killed off, they need some new blood haha. I think O and Gaia will be an interesting dynamic- and the Gaia/Indra one, of course! HA I would be freaked out by the flame in my head, no question! Also- it was supposed to have ALL the past Hedas, but conveniently, Clarke only saw Lexa. It HAS to have a place in S5 though- a whole group of people doesn’t just abandon a religion THAT completely, right? As for the Nightbloods, on Earth, as far as we (and Clarke!) know, it’s just Clarke and Madi. But it’s ALSO all of Gagarin. And whoever else might pop up along the way I guess, depending on how big a part of the storyline they make it.

          Jaha… I don’t think is crazy still hahha. I DO think he is operating under the same handicaps I laid out for Pike, though. Since he was MIA for half of S2, and then chipped for ALL of S3, he’s so damn unaware. Which is why I think he is so much more willing to fight for ONLY Skaikru than anyone else. My thing is, everyone else has made SOME kind of Grounder buddies. Kane has Indra, Abby had Nyko and Lincoln, they like Niylah, etc. But Jaha? He’s wholly unattached. Hence why it’s easier for him to condemn them all to death, I suppose.

          No one knows where Wick went! I mean, except in my story (::points above::) where he and Garza run off together. Abby says something to Raven in Wanheda 1 about pushing Wick away and that was the last he was ever mentioned. So dumb. I’m on Ye Who Enter Here now, and i am moderately looking forward to Gina’s swan song as a plot device, and the reemergence of Echo. And of course, Kane and Indra’s blossoming friendship. I DO agree that Bellamy and Echo wouldn’t be the *worst* ship ever if Clarke wasn’t a thing. Though I still don’t think I’d want it to be endgame? So yeah, if they HAVE to hook up on the Ark, I’ll live with it, but it better end quickly.

          Bwhahah can you even imagine? Telling your grandkids “ah, yes, well, Grandpa shot Grandma, then she lied for him so no one floated him, Grandma tried to turn him into the Grounders in Finn’s place, then Grandma hit him a LOT when she was having strokes from an AI implant malfunction. But it got better when Grandma launched us all into space and we almost suffocated but Grandpa’s girlfriend shared her oxygen.”

          True Blood was… yeah. It was a mess, but a guilty pleasure sort of mess? Adina was pretty awesome though! Hell, the side cast made the damn show. HA Jasper and his nuts. (Wait no not that either.) And oh of COURSE I have Niylah! Not in that particular house, but he could call her up to have some tea! No one has jobs yet, but they will, I think. At least some of the more driven ones will for sure. Jasper… will probably still be wandering around the yard, let’s be real. OH and Echo has SOME white face paint at the moment, but I am going to see if I can work with this new stuff to make it white. If not, I will keep the white she has because… yes, death masK!

          • Olivia is the woman who gave Cassie the tea that made her have visions. she’s like a high muckety-muck in the 12 Monkeys. And Ramse DOES have a kid- clearly you are ahead of me. 🙂 And yeah poor Travis (whatever his real name is lol) must be getting a complex! Although to be fair they seem to cancel everything nowadays. Sure some shows make it to like 10 seasons or whatever but not too many, seems like.

            The Kane question is interesting because he has that friendship with Indra, so will that tilt him towards O? Plus she did win the conclave and I think he’ll want to respect that, at first? But if she goes all crazy on people maybe he’ll start to second- guess? And you know who we haven’t seen interact much (I don’t think?)- Abby and O. How will Abby feel like about O’s actions? That could matter a lot to Kane.

            I pretty much agree with that analysis of Pike! That’s why I think he’s such a perfect analogy for the times we’re in. Trump’s like that- he shoots from the hip, thinks he’s a badass negotiator, but he doesn’t take briefings seriously (apparently) and doesn’t know much, so he embarrasses the country like daily. And he thinks he’s RIGHT. There’s like, no self- reflection? Pike was the same- Kane obviously had more experience with the grounders but he wouldn’t even hear it. Kane tried like three times to talk to the man. So in the end he let that ego kill people.

            I hope not! I think Gaia has more story to tell? And is O going to take the chip then, I wonder? Tradition would seem to indicate yes? But will she go for that? That could cause an issue. And ah yes Gagarin- how could I forget them? Given that we’re getting a bunch more Nightbloods into the story, it seems reasonable to assume that our chip days are not over. 🙂 Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

            So maybe we’ll never have an official result for Wick, but if he was an ass maybe they don’t care- write him out and just ignore him, like Bryan lol and let the fans think what they will. 2nd cullage. Or your result, with Garza- which is probably better than he deserves. 🙂 That works. I don’t think I’d want Becho to be endgame either, although part of me thinks what if Bellamy went Grounder, like O? You know, with Echo living in some village, getting all shaggy? I don’t know, maybe. He’s Skaikru though, can’t really see that. Maybe.

            Murven might be the best enemies- to- lovers ever? Cause yeah, when you put it like that ha ha! And really the two have suffered physically more than about anyone- Raven with all that, and Murph being torture-bait for every Grounder that walks by. I mean Titus worked his ass over, and who knows what all they did in S1 when they apparently beat the living shit out of him? Geez…it’s a wonder either one of them can frickin walk!

            So how many houses do they have? Do they get together for Sunday barbecues and shit? Drinks on the patio? Ooh imagine if they were surf bums and lived on the beach- they could party Point break style (tell me you’ve seen that. The Patrick Swayze version obviously) with beach fires. Oh and is Jasper happy Jasper or post- Maya sad Jasper? Cause that makes a difference. Maybe he just likes gardening or puttering in the yard. He could use his goggles with the weed whacker!

            Death mask is the absolute bomb. She looked BADASS with that.

            • OOOOH okay I know who Olivia is now! Cassie was yammering about that damn forest again when she died. I hope she didn’t for real die though, but who even knows. Cole is back in 2015 again- jumped right in before Aaron and Cassie uhhh got back together I guess in the middle of the kitchen. Awkward. And now Ramse is pissed. And I kind of don’t *totally* blame him, BUT that is because I know that Katarina lied, killed all those people, and burned the damn cure. Which… isn’t great of her. Like I get that you want your kid to be not-dead, but is dooming the future the best way? You are right too, they DO cancel everything, except, ironically, the shit that needs to be canceled because ENOUGH.

              That’s the thing with Kane- I definitely think he WILL initially side with O and Indra, no question. Because he does have that alliance, he does trust O, he has screwed Azgeda over in the past, and he does respect the Conclave. BUT. When O starts eating and/or beheading people… might Kane change his mind? This could be a situation that ends up pitting Kabby against each other actually- because I think Kane might do what needs to be done to survive “first we survive, then we find our humanity again”, whereas Abby wouldn’t even test Emori in the end. So… THAT could be interesting. An Abby/Jaha coalition versus Indra/Kane/O? I agree too that Abby and Octavia interacting would be VERY good. They have always been separate, you’re right! THEN that would also lead to drama on the ground, with Bellamy wanting to take O’s side and Clarke wanting to take Abby’s! This has a lot of potential, I like it!

              The one difference between Pike and Trump (and IMO, it makes ALL the difference) is that Pike really *did* care about his people. And didn’t want them to die, and even as horribly misguided and stubborn as he was, legitimately thought he was doing what was best. Trump… literally could not care less if we all died tomorrow. Nor would he give any fucks who killed us. Like, if they complimented him WHILE killing us, he’d say the next day “nice group, those mass murderers, had really nice things to say about me, too bad all the Americans are dead”. BUT either way, yeah, Pike’s ego, despite intentions, led to a fucking MESS.

              Gaia definitely has more story to tell- I think it’ll be great to see Indra in a new light as a mom, too! And noooo O cannot take the chip, it would kill her! I don’t think they’d want science making her a natblida either, so pretty much… no, she can’t. Whether people will challenge her when they find out about Madi… that is a good question. I expect that part of it will depend on what clan Madi is from? If she’s some random clan, there won’t be much support, so they’ll likely let O stay as Heda. But if she ends up being Azgeda or something? Who knows. But I also think that no one will like the idea of ANYONE from Gagarin having access to it because science made THEM all natblidas too- though if these morons really thought about it, science CREATED night blood, but alas, no one thinks on this show, they just stab.

              OH speaking of clans, I have a question/potential plot hole! So I was watching Ye Who Enter here, and they’re talking about having the summit, and all 12 clans are there, and then Skaikru is the 13th, blah blah. But then…. how and why is Flokru even a clan? Luna is in HIDING FFS- how exactly does she send someone to stroll into Polis for meetings and such? Even more, why does Lexa ALLOW Flokru in her coalition, knowing that Luna is their leader AND a traitor? Luna just goes ahead and follows Lexa’s orders even though she hates violence? None of that makes any sense!

              I just wish I knew if the guy who played Wick really WAS an ass. I don’t want to hate someone based on hearsay! But if he IS, then yes, that is why I amended it so that Garza can feed him to the gorilla. And you KNOW Garza won’t hesitate. And nooooo no Becho I say! And I can’t see Bellamy as a Grounder. He’s just too… Idk, peaceful? Which is odd to say about someone who has about a thousand murders attributed to them, but alas. I just don’t think he could ever live that life. Like, he’d fight if he had to but not otherwise? Whereas Echo will just fight for shits and giggles.

              YESSS they really would be the best enemies-to-lovers! Which is such a great trope anyway, and those two… they just work for me. They can match wits, and I think that is what Raven needs. More than someone physically strong, she needs someone who can like, keep up with her intellectually. And Murphy fits that bill, even if he often uses it for evil 😀 Murphy DID have a hell of a time! Sometimes I forget about the Titus thing! ANd that he was captured TWICE by Grounders. And then Ontari, that was a disaster. Chained up and possibly forced into sex? Yeah, things have been rough for him for sure. They both deserve some happiness. As long as Murphy isn’t an ass to Emori.

              They have four houses so far! I mean, I think they SHOULD get together for barbecues and drinks! I haven’t gotten that far, sadly. But I will, I need to. I think you can buy beachy expansion packs actually! I… have not seen Point Break- any versions. (I know, I know, I need like, a cinematic intervention or something.) Jasper right now, it’s hard to tell? I tried to make him pre-Maya I guess, but Idk if it worked. Maybe the ghost of Maya is haunting him. GOGGLES. He needs the goggles! I wonder if I can find such a beast. I should have had him love gardening hahahha.

              • Yeah Olivia’s all creepy and shit but she’s the bomb later. And I saw a Youtube video of her at Comic-con or wherever and she was so INTO the role, like all earnest and talking in depth about her character. I loved her enthusiasm. Believe me though, you’ll get sick of hearing about that damn forest. I love the show and I’m over it. Ramse is kind of always pissed, seems like? Not initially, but yeah as time goes on. Katarina is problematic because she wants good things, but yeah talk about ruthless. I love how the would-be saviors of the virus apocalypse are a crazy girl, a former scavenger and a mad scientist!

                Yeah we’re on a roll here with Kabby/ O! And let’s face it, Kabby always fight. But if Abby ever allies with Jaha I will smack her. Well not really but you know. Oh and I hate Jaha. KIDDING- but I kinda did today when he played hardball, letting Raven slit her wrists to get Abby to take the chip. Speaking of, evil Abby is kinda badass- in a scary way! Eek. But I’d love to see Abby and O at odds. And hopefully Kabby won’t resort to shock lashing each other. How many shock lashings can a relationship take?

                Oh and O beat the crap out of Bellamy today. Jackson looked evil with that smile on his face since he’s chipped now. It was nice to see Pike go down, and Bellamy changes sides for the 1,430th time lol. Ontari’s a fucking psycho! Man I forgot how fucked up S3 is! Next episode must be the Raven-restrained-at-Niylah’s place episode. Yay! Oh and Hannah sucks. Uses her kid to trap them- and I almost felt sorry for her there. Screw her.

                If it’s only been 97 years, why can’t Ontari name the commanders? There could be, what , like 5 max or something? Again they always act like it’s been hundreds of years and it hasn’t (I’ve got TEN YEARS, MAN from Grosse Pointe Blank in my head again, sigh).

                Isn’t it sad when Pike’s a better choice?? He DID care, but man they lost me when he shot Lincoln. Still he was a good character. “they just stab” lol. That’s the best line ever. Imagine how little fun we’d have if they like talked and stuff. 🙂 And oh yeah I wasn’t thinking- of course O can’t take it. We need to know more about Madi! I’m so sick of Azgeda I hope she’s not one of THEM. Maybe she’s from the western states clan, Las Vegas maybe, and they all decide to go west? Course I guess since they only have a little slice of green land that’s not gonna work. Everything else is still Praimfaya’d I imagine- I wonder how long that lasts. I mean all the cities got covered in 97 years! So shit grows fast???

                Good point about Flokru. Like I said, the quality control/ internal consistency part of the writers room is sorely lacking sometimes. I bet they gave exactly zero thought to that. Although Lexa did seem to have ambivalent or even maybe friendly thoughts towards Luna- I don’t think she hated her- or am I just making that up? Maybe she was just being tolerant of Luna, I mean she could have sent assassins to kill her and presumably didn’t? If she knew about the rig, which who knows if she did? I think she must have though, since Lincoln knew. Wouldn’t she have found out, her or Indra?

                Yeah I can’t see Bell as a Grounder, not really, but it was an interesting thought exercise, imagining him raising little face painted Grounder babies with Death Mask Echo. I’m firmly Bellarke, but the thought of him and O as Grounder siblings did appeal to me for a minute. 🙂 He could be O’s second if Indra ever retires or whatever. Okay I’ll stop.

                Murven is definitely growing on me! They would totally razz the crap out of each other- they can hire us to write their dialogue exclusively. But I would feel for Emori too, so they gotta treat her right. Unless they kill her off *shrugs* that’s standard operating procedure on this show when someone becomes inconvenient. Although they seem to be keeping her around for now- maybe we’ll get Murven as endgame if something happens to her.

                Four houses! I’m getting a whole frat/ sorority thing here and I don’t even know why. Party house! The 100 at college- reality show. Murph pukes everywhere cause he’s always drunk. Class? I ain’t been to class in a month, says John M proudly. Oh and there’s a bash at Emori’s tonight- everyone’s invited. Even YOU Raven, he smirks. she just flips him off.

                You have not seen Point Break?? I am officially intervening – you must watch Point Break. I mean it’s trash, but it’s FUN trash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUe_NfiDTGM

                • Aw I LOVE that she gets so into her role! I think it really shows when actors care a lot about what they do. And it’s fun for fans, of course! Seriously, I roll my eyes at the forest and it hasn’t even been long. And what the hell is Ramse’s deal? I mean- he’s pissed at Katarina for wanting to save HER kid, but then he thinks it’s cool to let billions of people die to save HIS? Hypocrite much? I like him, but I do not approve. And so now, instead of being a dad, he is puking in 1987 Tokyo, so he’s making awesome life choices ? Old Jennifer was a trip! I knew it was going to be her as soon as I saw all the women with guns haha. OH and I am going to HATE Aaron (even more than I already do) aren’t I? He totally screwed over humanity to save Cassie, I presume? Ugh, that guy.

                  I actually *could* see Abby allying with Jaha? I mean, she did when he took the bunker! Granted, she turned on him, but WOULD she have turned on him if Kane hadn’t been out there? OR if she didn’t know for sure that O had won? Probably not. They’ve been on the same side before, I could see it. I wouldn’t like it, but I could see it. UGH I hate when Jaha did that to Raven. Because yeah, it was HIS intelligence, his ability to find loopholes that an AI could not. Even though he was chipped. Which… I guess is why I can’t stay *too* mad? Because he WAS chipped? Evil Abby IS scary haha. I love that Kane knew she was chipped because she jumped all over him, too ? Yeah, I don’t think Kabby needs to fight each other- one of them needs to take a step back, because this isn’t really either of their fights. But… they also probably can’t just live happily ever after with no conflicts because that makes for boring plots, so.

                  UGH O beating Bellamy kills me every time. It’s so damn emotional. It might have made me cry worse than when Lincoln was actually killed. And he just tells her to keep going, ugh. AH chipped Jackson IS creepy! That Hannah scene… I almost liked her for a second, when I thought she was really warning Monty. And then NOPE. But I looooved Bellamy’s plot to get rid of Pike, that made up for it all. I agree, Pike couldn’t be redeemed after Lincoln. Because it was just for power, honestly. He wanted the Grounders to know that he could and would kill them to keep them in line.

                  You know, speaking of Pike, I still can’t figure out HOW he won the election? After the blast, there were about 30 Farm Station survivors, max. Throw in a few Arkadians like Bellamy, Monty, Monroe, okay. But how exactly did he WIN? there just wasn’t enough time for that many people to be NOT okay with Kane and jump on board with this nutcase who wanted to kill ALL the people. These little details make me twitchy.

                  UGH right!? How many the hell Hedas were there even!? Lexa, Becca. You’ve already got two! That’s like us not knowing who was president in like, 1998. “Name the last five Presidents or we kill you.” “Nope, no idea, drawing a blank”. REALLY? I mean, I guess if they all die as young as Lexa there could be close to 20? But no way that NO ONE in Ontati’s inner circle was able to come up with a quick list of them. Good call, that is a misstep too.

                  Bwhahah seriously, I guess them being reasonable WOULD make for quite a boring show? I really hope Madi isn’t Azgeda either. I hope it’s at least one of the lesser-known clans, if it has to be one of the 12. Like.. Ingranronakru! (They’re the Plains Riders, whatever that means, but at least we’d hear about someone new!) As for the west, Idk, there IS 4% of the world apparently survivable? They really need to show us more if it- I refuse to believe that was a throwaway line.

                  YES these are all the questions I have about Flokru too. Lexa did not want Luna dead, from the sound of it, no. I know everyone else really hated her though. As for the rig… I don’t think she did know about it, just because they had all those smoke signals and junk to prevent people from knowing? But then like you said, how the hell did Lincoln know? And Titus knew she was still alive, but not where she was. The other thing is, they don’t even specifically say Luna is Flokru until S4, I don’t think? I could be forgetting that too though. I think they just messed up and figured they’d have to make do- and then kill ALL of Flokru off so they never have to give us answers ?

                  I’d be down for seeing Bellamy PLAY Grounder for a bit. But never really crossing that line the way O did. The Grounder babies thing WOULD be cute, I’ll give you that- but he can just be Uncle Bellamy to O’s Grounder babies. Bwhah can you even see him like, handing O swords and shit? Watching posts for her? I would die laughing.

                  YES we can write ALL the banter for Murven. That would have to be the best job on the damn planet. I do agree that they needn’t be shitty to Emori. But she’s probably going to die eventually, so. I’ll take Murven whenever I get it, be it now or later. I wonder if they could ever even BE endgame though? Like- I like the thought of them, but would they work out long-term, in just a normal life scenario? That I am not sure of.

                  I LOVE the idea of a big college party at The Sims houses! I think that’s almost what I am going for- a “The Real World” vibe? Just an experiment to see what happens when these lunatics come together in NOT the apocalypse? I think there is a party expansion pack too! But Idk, seems like too much work so I will probably just let them run around the houses they have now.

                  So Point Break, this is about… surfing? And apparently partying hah. Loving the music and the clothes- I swear my mom had the same haircut as that one girl for literally all of the 80s and 90s ? And the DRAMA over the surfing has me cracking up! I see what you mean about fun trash 😀 My thing with movies is that I never watch them alone? Like- I see them as a social event, and if someone else wants to watch one, I will, but I never take the initiative on my own, Idk why.

                  • Yeah I’ve seen some of those videos from the cons where the actors are enthused, but man she was working it, like serious character analyzing! I was like woah. Plus I’d never seen her as an actress and she seriously impressed me. Ramse *nods* I actually hate Ramse- I wasn’t going to say anything – but yeah. He’s always felt like an extraneous character and they have to find something for him to do- ergo the whole son thing. Yawn. Not my favorite plot point. And yes- hypocrite! As for Aaron- pffft not a fan.

                    Evil Abby IS scary, but evil Raven? Damnnnn. I watched Nevermore tonight and man that thing is intense. First of all I love Niylah’s little trading post dump, with the fucking tusks (???) out front. It’s kinda cozy? But when they all knew she was going to try and push their buttons, why didn’t they just gag her? I know Clarke tried and she bit her (!!!) but come on, just gag her FFS. Shut her the fuck up geez. Oh and Hannah thankfully is no longer with us. Sorry Monty but not sorry. Although… Octavia can’t handle the middle aged woman? Hmm… and why didn’t Monty just rush her and knock her off O- he was only like two feet away. I honestly think shooting your mom (even if she’s a bitch) is like one of the worst things anyone’s had to do on this show, and yet somehow Monty holds it together. And man Jasper gave Clarke the business- fuck! these people are a mess right now lol.

                    Oh and they went there w/ Bell and the radio- glad that wasn’t forgotten, you CAN make a pretty good case that the 1st cullage happened because Bell chucked the radio in the river. And it was nice to see everyone together, in that group, even if half of them were all fucked up at the moment…

                    And same! Even on my second go-round I thought maybe Hannah was sincere, but then realzed no she’s sacrifice her own son for Pike? Ugh fuck her. And yes Pike’s election is very suspicious, or convenient maybe is the right word. Again this writers room kinda just does whatever they need to get plot from point A to point B!!! Regardless of, um, logic? Although to be fair they’re hardly the only show to do that. But there are times when I just SMH.

                    Yes I think they write the show like it’s been hundreds of years, even though they’ve boxed themselves in officially with the 97 years thing. It feels like we’re 200-300 years in the future maybe? Or even more?

                    Did you see the thing on Twitter today where some dude showed a BTS pic of like a dressing room, and they had Lakekru and Plainskru I think it was? Lakekru would be my zone! And in the background was a world map and China was front and center. I don’t know if that means anything, but !!! Where is the 4%??? Show usssss………………………………….

                    Exactly about Flokru. Again they’re making it up as they go. Mistake? Um, just fucking kill em. There game over man. 🙂 And what was Lincoln’s deal with Luna? I feel like we don’t know everything there. Why did he think initially that they go could go live with her? And if he’s Trikru- Indra’s clan- how the fuck does he know Luna?

                    Unca Bell- I like it! He’s always got candy, and him and Aunt Clarkie are so adorable in their old age. And they’re like legends- even the most hardened Grounders are all like “they kill a lot of people, damn.” And then there’s Indra, their honorary grandmother- she’s the scariest yet coolest grandma on the fucking planet. And when they go to Subway Murphy smirks and gives em free food, and Indra scowls.

                    Good point about Murven- maybe they’re better as NOT endgame? Just a phase for each other. I dunno, must ponder this. 🙂

                    Point break is about surfing, and um, some dudes who rob banks when they’re not surfing *mumbles this sounds like the stupidest movie ever* and Keanu reeves *sigh* but Swayze is awesome in it. And yes their little beach party drama lol. It’s SO overwrought, and totally a 90’s movie! It’s like a guilty pleasure, I love it. And it has like the best chase scene through a neighborhood (including people’s houses) ever. I get the movie thing though, it’s better to watch them with someone? Who wants to watch a movie by themself? I mean I’ll do it, but more with the shows? Cause they’re like 45 mins or whatever- but an actual movie takes a while. Still you must watch it someday. 🙂 Oh my gosh that movie is probably SO meme-able. I must go look…

                    • I love that she was analyzing her own character! It sounds like she isn’t only an actress, but a fan too. She does a good job of being like… low-key creepy, but only when she wants you to know she is. Does that make sense? Like outwardly, she’s normal. But not when she’s being creepy in private hah. Also, FUCKING RAMSE. I liked him at first! Like, a LOT. More than Cole maybe? But now? NOW!? After he almost KILLED COLE!? No no no. And he is basically STARTING the damn apocalypse! (Sorry, that was a lot of caps, but I am fired up!) I also think it’s funny that all the kids in the future are apparently named Sam? And yeah, I am so on the fence with Aaron because I don’t like him, but also, he DID save Cole and Cassie so. Jury’s still out I guess. The whole timeline thing is messing with my head, too!

                      I love Nevermore! ALIE-ed Raven is the BEST, most vicious ever. And Lindsey just does such an amazing job with it- how she makes it ALIE yet still Raven? Genius. So much about that confused me, though- like yeah why didn’t they just… Idk, beat her with a rock or something if they ran out of meds? Sure it’s not the best plan ever, but that’s what they did to Lincoln! And yeah, at the very LEAST gag her. Did they not think ALIE would spill the damn secret about the massacre? That was really dumb of Clarke. I agree about Niylah’s place too, I loved that set. It’s probably gone now, sad.

                      And YES- how could Octavia NOT have been able to take Hannah!? I get that they feel no pain in the CoL but Hannah still only has the strength of an untrained 50 year old woman, whereas O is a practiced warrior 30 years her junior? No that did not make sense. At all. And yeah, Monty probably could have hit her over the head with the gun! Unless he was worried that she’d slip and slit O’s throat. Still, quite convenient. It definitely was the worst choice of the show probably, from a strictly personal perspective. And he had to kill the bitch TWICE hahahha. Ughhh Jasper. Like, look- I get that Jasper was devastated about Maya, I do. But does he not realize that HE would have been dead had Clarke not done what she did? And SO. WOULD. MAYA. Because Cage was never just going to let her live. Also… why did no one inject Maya with the fucking marrow? Seems less and less like Clarke’s fault. ?

                      It was really great to have them all back together, as messed up as they were. Kind of prophetic too, considering the space situation. And Sinclair though. SINCLAIR whose death was not necessary ?? I like that they got back to some of that early shit too. Because at times it feels like it was forgotten, but… NOPE, it definitely wasn’t.

                      I really think that The 100 is better than most when it comes to consistency and believability, but of course it will still have its moments. I do wish they hadn’t said 97 years. Why DID they? Maybe because of this Gagarin thing? That can’t have always been the plan though, right? Maybe so that some things could have still survived? Maybe they figured having Becca’s lab, or even stuff like old cars, would have been illogical 3 centuries later? No idea.

                      NO, how did I miss this picture!?!? Yesss, you would be Podakru! And did I really just predict Ingranronakru?! That is impressive. I must go find this picture. I cannot find it! I tried but alas. If you still have it, link me to it pleaseeee! I mean, CHINA?! This is big! Nothing in this show is random 😀

                      Bwhahah right? When in doubt, either kill them, or pretend they never existed ? I have NO idea how Lincoln would have ever even known Luna. The only thing I can think of with her- maybe she was ALWAYS Flokru? Like, born as Flokru, I mean- so maybe the ambassadors were a thing BEFORE she was in the Conclave, so that when she ran, Lexa just ignored her? That is the only way it makes sense. Still doesn’t explain the Lincoln connection, though. Because if she wasn’t born Trikru, how the hell did he find some rando in hiding hundreds of miles away from his home?

                      Oh you KNOW Indra plays grandma! But not like, butterscotch-toting grandma. More like the grandma that will get you into trouble hah. I had one of each kind of grandma- the crochet-and-cookies and then the road-trip-to-Canada-for-Liquor one. (Ha seriously- when I was 19 we went to Canada randomly one day, just for shits and giggles. This would be Indra, getting the kids into shenanigans, and not apologizing one bit 😉 ) Uncle Bellamy would sneak junk food. And Aunt Clarke would have to attend ALL the career days at Polis Academy. Because she’s famous, of course. Indra will straight up STAB Murphy for giving away food, forget scowls ?? I feel you, I can’t decide if Murven would be perfect or not. There might be like, TOO much heat there, you know? We’ll have to see it, THEN decide!

                      I will admit, I rolled my eyes with Keanu, because honestly, who can take him seriously? But I know he WAS quite popular back then. I get a real case of the sads every time I see Patrick Swayze in anything though. It’s been years, I should probably be over it? I didn’t even like, love his movies (obviously, since it’s me and I have seen nothing) but… it’s sad. GAH those old SNLs where he and Chris Farley do the Chippendale’s skit, classic. But okay WHY do they rob a bank? Aren’t surfers usually… laid back? Or.. Idk, stoned? I will watch it someday, I promise 😀 Seriously though, that is how I feel about movies- I think because maybe they WERE always social things when I was younger? Like you couldn’t just watch them on Netflix, it was like, an ordeal haha. But shows are like THE thing you do when you’re bored by yourself. Maybe the time thing IS the difference! OH I could probably make GIFs of it! There probably are a few good ones, just based on what I saw!

  20. Olivia is the BEST! I found that video of Olivia at Comic Con- great interview BUT there are a few spoilers. Sorry! They’re mainly about the identity of the Witness since she knows who is . It’s worth a watch if you don’t care about spoilers- otherwise watch after S3 lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN2klh7CbLw

    One of the things I love is that she DOES play it so low- key. And Ramse *sigh* I can’t stand him, I wanted to like him, did like him initially, but yeah. He’s dead to me lol. And the timeline thing is so different from Continuum but also similar in certain ways- like they CAN change things but the sometimes they talk about creating new timelines, so I guess they;re doing… both???

    Clarke is too smart to let ALIE get to her like that, that was weak. And I love how when she’s taunting Bellamy all of a sudden the whole fucking place can hear! I didn’t get the impression she was talking that loud! But I like that Niylah didn’t go apeshit, even though she wanted to- they made her a little more nuanced. And I’m not sure I’ve ever felt worse on this show than when Monty realizes he could have saved his mom? Wow. And Raven- they could barely handle her!

    Good point about Maya- why didn’t she get some marrow? Share and share alike Cage! Jerk. And I get that Jasper “loved” Maya, but how long did he know her? A week or two, tops? I mean you’re right, he’d rather have all of Skaikru killed for their marrow (including him!)?? As sucky as it is, it’s kind of a no- brainer. They milked his grief and bitterness a bit much I think.

    Sinclair is great with the delinquents. Fits right in. It is too bad they killed him off. And yes you called it!! I wish I could find it- I went back into my feed but no luck. It wasn’t from the writers room, I don’t think, it was a shot of some props or something with a big map and it said Lake clan and Plains clan- something like that. So go you!! If it’s for real it should pop up somewhere. It was either a tweet or an Instagram pic. Dammit I wish I would have tagged or RT’d it. Shit!!

    Yeah- another plot hole. They must have had some inkling earlier that Linc knew Luna somehow, maybe before they finalized all their clans/ S2 plot/ etc? Didn’t Linc tell O about Luna back in S1? Or was that S2? Anyway… yeah Grandma Indra. Shes does whatever she wants with those little Grounder kids and no one better say anything. She’s definitely gonna teach ’em to hunt, since we’ve already seen how disgusted she was at Skaikru’s inability to feed themselves. And I feel like Indra WILL stab or otherwise kill Murphy over something. Those are two we have not seen interact much and maybe that’s good for Murphy’s health? Still… oh and your Canada grandma sounds pretty awesome. Both of mine were the quieter crochet and cookies type , for sure. My one grandma never even drove. Weird huh? But you guys went to Canada just for fun? That’s pretty great actually. 🙂

    Okay, they rob banks because… um, … oh yeah, uh, cause they do? Surfing is like their way to blend in with the beach crowd, since no one would suspect surfers right? Except Swayze’s character is this Zen “the sea is spiritual” dude but he also is an adrenaline junkie, so they surf and skydive and all this shit and… yeah. Well it’s the 90’s you know?? Best not to look too closely at the plot of this one *snort* seriously though as shit as it sounds, it has its moments. 🙂 And oh I’m sure this is one of THE GIF- able movies of the 90’s, and I’ve never looked. I have no idea how to make a GIF by the way. But yeah I would think it could be hilarious?!?

    • Oooh FUN I added it to my “watch later” list so I can watch it after I know the things. I was seriously impressed by how they managed to find people who looked so… eerily similar to Cole to play his dad and his kid-self. Though RIP, dad. And Aaron, is he gone for good? I REALLY hope so. I love how Cassie was moderately concerned for all of thirty seconds as the dude burned to death ? I also had the same level of apathy. How is Ramse so much older than Cole, too? They seem the same age, so that’s weird. I LOVE seeing Younger Katarina though! And I love how nonchalant she was to Cassie, a literal stranger, about having an abortion. Like “yeah, no biggie, heading to the clinic ASAP, person I’ve known for seven minutes”. She is too much hahha.

      I agree, Clarke is not really one to get that worked up? Especially since she KNEW it was ALIE. That was dumb. And the acoustics in the store must be a real bitch for Niylah to have heard that for sure. I liked the way Niylah reacted, it definitely seemed realistic- same with Bellamy, actually. You could SEE the guilt radiating off of him. Speaking of, I am on Thirteen- just saw Travis, wooo! He does look SO different though, without the “Travis sneer”! Lexa’s about to die. Sad. Though at least she and Clarke have their moment before she dies. Anyway- Bellamy’s guilt. So I noticed how skeptical he was of Pike at EVERY turn this time around. He didn’t want to kill the wounded Grounders, he didn’t want them interred, he REALLY didn’t want to take their land. And we know he finally cracks with the Kane/Lincoln/Sinclair execution. But like- it’s interesting to see how Pike practically bullies him into every decision by trying to imply that more people will be killed like Gina (and Monroe, later) if he doesn’t comply. What an ass.

      Oh yeah, Monty thinking he could save his mom was ROUGH. But… he couldn’t have, not really. They didn’t have any more wristbands, and she would have killed O- and if they’d taken her prisoner, she’d have told ALIE where they were. Someone should have probably rationally explained all this to Monty because he DID think he could have saved her. But alas, no.

      The marrow thing! Why were only TWO ASSHOLES treated at the time of the irradiation!? It makes no sense! Because with Dante, they seemed to just inject him with it, right? It didnt require a ton of medical expertise, as far as I could tell. Yet not ONE Sky Person figured that out in regards to Maya and the others? Again, I call shenanigans. And YES- he barely knew her! MAYBE a month, right? Like, I don’t doubt he’d be really upset but… to the point of suicide? And I guess it would have fit better if he’d had some sign of mental instability before, but he was always pretty damn keen on surviving until after Maya. You know what else always bugged me? He told Maya he loved her and she never said it back! AND they had what, two quick kisses while running from guards? This isn’t exactly some epic love story.

      Aw crap, I shall scour Instagram too! Usually people tweet the Instagram stuff, so I never have to look there haha. I find Instagram wholly unappealing lately- I only see posts from like, a month ago from the same two or three accounts, which is ridiculous. And half the time they’re just promo. Er, anyway, Instagram rant notwithstanding, I will look haha.

      I think you’re probably right about not having finalized the clans. Because even in S1, Trigedasleng wasn’t even a thing yet, there was no mention of ANY clans really, just generic Grounders. So I guess that is how that got overlooked- and then they must have realized that Luna couldn’t have been Trikru with her location. He DID tell O about Luna- Clarke and Finn too, I think, when he rescued them from Tristan and Anya. OOH yes Indra will definitely teach her little ones all kinds of life skills. She is probably fine with Skaikru babies as long as they basically act like Grounder babies hahah. Oh it is DEFINITELY good for Murphy’s health. My goodness, can you imagine how Indra’d react to him? Though- remember in S4 when Indra says she never okayed the use of guns and Murphy says “that’s because you’re not stupid”? LOVE that line ?? That may be their only known interaction, though.

      Both of my grandmas were awesome- in their own ways hah. Well, the Canada one is still alive, and she was like, younger than most grandmas because she had my mom and her siblings VERY young (she was pregnant at 14 which sounds like a real nightmare) so I think that’s why. And YEP we just went to Canada for literally shits and giggles. It was like, a 5 or 6 hour ride, and we had lunch, went to a liquor store, bought souvenirs, and came home! We’d go on day road trips a lot, sometimes with no destination, either- just started to drive, and then be like “oh hey, never been on that road before”, and before we knew it, we’d be in Connecticut laughing at ourselves. Good times for sure! My cookies-and-crochet grandma didn’t drive either! Not because she couldn’t (she had a license) but she literally NEVER drove after she got married. Which… why? I have no idea. My grandfather certainly didn’t seem controlling ever. But then when he died, she started driving- we all took turns re-teaching her when he was in the nursing home. And she couldn’t go far, but like, at least to get herself to the store and such.

      So I had a dream about your surfing criminals! Only they were joined by Mario Lopez (you know, Slater from Saved by the Bell?) and they were all trying to rescue a girl from Nazi Germany so… pretty interesting plot twist. I guess a lot of surfers probably have the zen/adrenaline mix? Because you have to be somewhat daring to surf, right? Though I don’t think you have to rob banks, but yeah. Is that how they paid for their surfboards? I am imagining this as some kind of Robin Hood-Blue Crush remix or something. (Don’t worry, I haven’t seen those movies either 😀 )

      • I love how serious she is lol. And yeah Aaron is toast (get it??) 🙂 Seriously though I think he’s gone, I don’t THINK he comes back. I’m behind on my rewatch… I thought Ramse and Cole were more or less the same age? Clearly I better get watching! Young Katarina I want to see more of?

        The Travis sneer- love it. I think his Continuum role might be my favorite (not that I’ve seen him in much else, other than Dark Matter) but I liked him as a villain? Or a conflicted villain? Lexa… man little did she know how little time she had, good thing her and Clarkie got busy when they did! And Bell- yeah tough to watch him go through those character permutations, good grief the writers put him through the ringer! Even more than Clarke? Almost as if they were determined to damage those two as much as possible?

        Exactly- Jasper and Maya was SO rushed. The problem with us scrutinizing these shows is we find all these little inconsistences ha ha! Did she love him? Probably, but then why all mum? Was she being all coy about it? Maya the little heartbreaker!!! I loved the scenes too with Clarke when Maya was like keep that crazy bitch away from me lol. But Maya might have been a little like slow down, hoss, we got time (er, no you don’t *snort*), don’t be all lurvvvee on me we just met, creeper ha ha but she didn’t have time to explain since, you know, survival. So she was just like not gonna be rushed into saying it, you know? Yeah, I know, just a Greg theory . Poor Jasper- wears his heart on his sleeve. 🙂

        I love how he considered Harper low hanging fruit but then fell for Maya. Um, no offense to Maya, but… she’s not Harper, just saying!! Smirk

        I have an Instagram account I never use? I like the idea, but like I have time for THAT? Book photography now? Yeah that’s happening. So maybe one of these days I’ll get active on there, but FFS I need to get with the program on Good reads first, let alone IG. I hope it pops back up though, cause I was like what is this????

        The Grounder evolution is kinda fascinating. From scary forest dwelling savages to- whatever they are now, I mean sometimes they’re still like that and then sometimes they’re not- I mean the artisans in Polis looked pretty civilized- it’s fun to see the progression. And yeah there have been glitches along the way, but for the most part I like what they’ve done? I hope Indra and Murph get thrown together at some point- do the writers realize the bonanza they have there??

        Your grandma sounds pretty awesome. And the no- driving thing must have been a thing for some back then. I don’t know. My grandma apparently never even learned. I always thought that was weird growing up. And they had like six kids. Can you imagine nowadays with six kids and not driving? Yeah right!!!

        I’ve never seen Saved by the Bell? And yeah wouldn’t someone get suspicious if like these surfer dudes with apparently no jobs have a big house and fancy surfboards? Hmm inquiring minds. But that’s part of their thing- Bodhi (as in Bodhissatva- yes) which is Swayze’s character is like anti- conformist, he takes pride that they don’t go to work every day stuck in rush hour traffic, you know, like everyone else? They live free (and, um, rob banks). Nice career choice there guys! Silly as you would expect. I’ve never seen Blue Crush either?

        • Good, I did not like Aaron. He brought it on himself, let’s be real. And I assumed they were the same age too, but they showed them at the foster care place or whatever and Ramse is like, twice as tall as Cole- and clearly older when he speaks, too. And yesss, catch up hahah. Young Katarina alone is worth it!

          I agree, Travis works better as a sort-of-villain. Obviously his role in The 100 wasn’t exactly nuanced, so it’s kind of hard to compare the two but… yeah. Seriously, had Lexa or Clarke been their usual selves that never would have happened. Maybe they both had that feeling that something bad was coming and wanted to like… do something about it hahah. I think they DO damage them on purpose- as a way to keep Bellarke apart. But they’re running out of options that don’t seem forced, so I’m very curious as to how they manage this.

          You’re right- I don’t know that I’d have noticed it as much if I hadn’t watched them so much? BUT I also love it so much that I’m probably more forgiving than I would be to other shows, so I guess it all works out in the end. I wonder that about Maya- DID she!? Because like… that would have been the time to say so! And there was TIME- she like, looked at him, and then even as she died, she never told him, just said “none of us is innocent” which… Idk. I mean, she probably WAS like “hi we just met two days ago”, but goodness, you’d think in that situation… I mean, I guess good for her for standing her ground though and not being forced into it! I ended up liking Maya after a few rewatches. And let’s be honest, she was kiiiind of right about Clarke when Clarke was acting like a lunatic haha.

          Jasper really did wear his heart on his sleeve. And I think he just… liked insta-love? I mean, he was pining after O from the first minute he saw her basically. And then Maya. I mean, I agree with you, Harper is definitely NOT low-hanging fruit in literally ANY circumstance. But I suppose Maya isn’t either- they ARE all famous actresses after all ? I guess Harper is more… conventionally attractive, or something. Either way, Jasper was stupid! I felt so bad for Harper during that whole scene, it was SO damn awkward! Especially because seriously, who the hell is Jasper turning HER down!?

          That is how I feel about Instagram too! I have one, and I use it *sometimes*, but ugh, it’s just annoying more often than not. Sometimes I’ll scroll through and “like” stuff, but eh. I used to use it a lot, but damn, it’s time consuming. Because taking the pictures of the books is the easy part- it’s the set up and the clean up that is crazy. So now I only really take pictures if I perceive I must hahah. And I mean, Goodreads has a lot of uses- though it is also probably a waste of time sometimes too!

          I think that the biggest Grounder development is that they have made us (and Skaikru of course) realize that no, all Grounders aren’t the same, just like all Skaikru or all ANY group isn’t the same. Like sure, there are Grounders who will slice you up for shits and giggles, but then there are also some that will… Idk, kill a raccoon and make you a hat or something. I love that they showed more of their culture, like the markets and the celebrations and everything. And YES- Indra and Murphy is an absolute snark gold mine. I will be very sad if it is not taken advantage of. Indra has never interacted with Emori either, has she? ?

          I think that probably the no driving thing stemmed from shitty conventional “women’s roles” and also the fact that no one could afford two cars? And I guess a lot of women didn’t work then either. But damn, six kids!? How do you ever even fit six kids INTO one car!? You’d think she’d have had to drive by default, just so they could go places! Like “let’s go to Thanksgiving dinner! But not you, Tommy and Sally, you don’t fit, and it’s your turn to stay home” It isn’t exactly like mini-vans were a thing ?

          You’ve never seen Saved by the Bell!? My goodness. This is a tragedy. I mean, not because it’s a great show, but because… Idk, it’s Saved by the Bell! It’s wonderfully cheesy and illogical. And unlike any high school EVER, but it still makes you kiiiiind of wish it was yours? And Zach and Kelly! They’re like, an institution. HA and right? Like, you have NO job, and yet somehow ALL the things? No. Bodhissatva?!?! WHY? That is a pretty insane name. Is it his real, given name, or did he bestow it upon himself? Guess I really am going to need to watch this because I have questions! I have no desire to see Blue Crush, I think it’s just about female surfers? But I had some friends who were a little obsessed with it back in the day.

  21. Hmm, it’s not letting me reply? Maybe we’ve overloaded it (150 comments lol)?!? So I’m starting a new comment. 🙂 Oh yeah that’s right- Ramse was older. They flashback in S4 I think too, and yeah he’s like teaching Cole how to be a scavenger and stuff. You know, scroungin around in the wasteland and shit. Good times I’m sure. I wonder if young Katarina is a chain smoker like she clearly is now??

    Agreed- there’s only so much they can do at this point. I mean after a while the manufactured separation gets ridiculous- either they’re Bellarke at SOME point or they’re not. Since it’s probably not going to have a TON more seasons (1 or 2 more maybe? Of course we can dream of more) then at some point they have to shit or get off the pot (I like that phrase. My aunt always says it and it cracks me up). So Jason hopefully is thinking along these lines and laying some fucking groundwork!!!

    I liked Maya too, she took a lot of chances for a guy she met yesterday you know? Not that she wouldn’t have maybe did the right thing anyway, but she went all in with Jasp. Until you’re right- that moment. Hmm… Now you got me thinking about this. DID Maya love Jasper? I’m gonna go with… no , only because it was so soon. Maybe she would have/was falling in love with him, and if she thought she was maybe she should have said it- but the fact that she didn’t IS telling. Interesting choice the writers made there. And you’re right about Jasper- he just seems like a guy who would fall hard and fall fast. Like seeing O and being all like ahh I’m in love (I know he didn’t say that, but you know what I mean). And… yes poor Harper! I wonder if Chelsey was like what am I, dog meat, when they wrote that scene lol? Pretty humiliating. I felt bad for her too. But they did develop her more and make her a player, so they did right w/ her eventually.

    Yeah nobody gives a shit about just the books, we all know what they look like ha ha, it’s the props I guess and the scenery that makes a good pics. Which I don’t mean to disparage, cause if you got the time to do it, awesome. I just don’t . although I admire some of the pics I see- all candles and flowing water and shooting stars! I mean some of those look amazing! I’m not sure what I’d use. 🙂 Oh and Goodreads- I love all the groups and bookish stuff, it’s almost like a second blog, with all the statuses and updates and comments- I really do want to use it more, but by the time I do blog stuff I just never do. At least not much.

    I don’t think Indra has interacted with Emori. I wonder if she would consider her just a useless outlaw, a thief? Do we know which clan Emori is? Was she Trikru? And yes- Polis was an eye- opener. They have markets, and a big bldg where they like meet and stuff. Who knew? That was all pretty awesome. And they could have easily gone with the superstitious Grounders afraid of the otherwordly Sky people- but nope, they’re like fuck that, we’re killing sky people! No intimidation there. Maybe cause it was all kids at first.

    “your turn to stay home” 🙂 I know! The oldest memory I have of them having a car was when we went to Florida- I was really young and Grandpa had a big ole Buick- but not THAT big. Course it was just the two of them and my mom and I going. How they carted all the kids around when Mom was a kid I have no idea. I think literally not everyone could go?!? Probably right. Yeah when people talk about the golden age of the 50’s or whatever, postwar boom and all that, I’m like yeah I suppose it was great if you weren’t a woman?? Or black? Or basically anything non- white male?? I mean they put Japanese- Americans in camps FFS. Trump hasn’t even done that yet.

    I never have. 🙂 I wasn’t really into sitcoms or TV much, which you’d never know right??, but I hated commercials and laugh tracks and all that stuff. I mean now of course I watch all the shows, but there are a ton of shows people talk about that I’ve never seen. Like people that rave about Seinfeld? Nope. No can do. Friends? Sorry, no go. And as for Bodhi- I don’t think we know his real name, I just realized. Like Bodhissatva is that Buddhist thing, I’m assuming he took that because Zen surfer dude, but yeah I’m trying to think now if we ever find out his name. Maybe they do, I dunno. Gee I’ll have to watch and find out maybe *smirks* It’s so ridiculously pretentious though- Bodhi *rolls eyes *

    • Well. That is just rude of my blog, frankly! Though I DO kind of wonder if I have ever had this many comments on one post before? I highly doubt it. It probably is confused hah. YES Young Katarina was a chain smoker! She smokes right inside Cassie’s house, and frankly, Cassie didn’t look tickled. AND she was pregnant. Though to be fair, she hadn’t planned on uhh continuing to be so, so I suppose she didn’t think it even mattered? I LOVE that Cassie and Katarina are in 2043 together now! With a very motley group of I don’t even understand who. And Ramse and Cole are backpacking through Europe? I seriously wish they had showed footage of those two getting on a damn plane across the Atlantic for the first time.

      I agree about Bellarke. I am so torn because like- of course I WANT Bellarke. But also… relationships don’t do well on this show? Like, as much as I loved Linctavia, they started boring me a little in S3? Until one of them died. (I also love that phrase, it is highly underused hahah- your aunt sounds fun 😀 ) As for the seasons, I agree. I think 2. If I had to guess, only because 1) Jason has said S5 isn’t the last (not that I trust him, but still) and 2) Why do a 6 year jump for only 13 episodes? But more than 2 more seems… unlikely. Though I HAVE heard rumors that Jason really wanted to make it to an even 100 episodes, which brings them to S7 so… who actually knows. MAX 7 I’d say. But I think (hope, really) that Jason HAS been preparing for the end. He kind of seems to have a grip on where he wants the show to go?

      TOTALLY agree about Maya. And I don’t think it was even JUST because of her feelings for Jasper- I mean, she literally killed her own man for Bellamy, and then helped him basically bring down her entire society. I really think she was just that good of a person. Which is funny because she annoyed me SO much when I first saw S2, but then she grew on me a lot, and I think I realized that I found Jasper annoying when he was WITH her. So, not her fault. I agree, I honestly don’t know if she did love him- what did she even really know about him? Their interactions were so limited, all fighting for their lives, a quick lesson about dead painters here and there. Like I think she definitely cared for him, and probably would have loved him. But to not say it, in the face of certain death? I agree, it’s completely telling. I almost wish that the writers had gone into that during his grieving process. I wonder if they’d planned on it but just didn’t have the time? Otherwise, why make that call? Uh yeah, if I was Chelsey I’d have been crazy offended! They did develop her really well in the end though, so I guess we can forgive them. PLUS, only Jasper had this thought of her- Monty sure didn’t agree. AWWW I bet that is the real beginning of their love!

      I saw this girl who did this thing with her books, she called it “deconstructed”, and she like, drew all over them, but in a super pretty way. That I could get on board with. I feel the same about it- like if you like it and CAN, then great! I mean, hobbies are always nice, right? I just can’t. Because while I don’t mind the actual picture taking (and have a DSLR and all that jazz) I just end up giving myself a giant mess to clean up. A lot of times I will take a pile of books to my parents’ house, they have a huge backyard and big pool and shit, so the scenery is always on point, and I can just throw books wherever hahah.I would literally never use Goodreads if my blog wasn’t connected to it. Like- it automatically posts ALL my reviews to Goodreads. Because before I had it? NEVER posted reviews. I really only use it for myself, just to mark my own progress and keep track of the thousands of books I must own but never read ?

      I’d say Emori was not Trikru because no one knew her? But Baylis was supposed to be Sangedakru, so maybe that? Plus, Sangedakru is the closest clan to the Dead Zone, so it makes sense. Honestly, I feel like Indra would like Emori? She’s pretty badass and will do anything to survive. And I really can’t see Indra as the type who’d want to cast someone out because of a deformity. Okay, now I NEED this interaction. I really loved what they did with Polis (RIP). I watched Thirteen last night (and yes, cried when Lexa died. I swear every time I watch it it makes me sadder) and they really were so NOT what they first seemed. Incidentally, showing Lexa’s vulnerable side right at the end was goddamn GENIUS of the writers. But yeah- I mean, there were only 100 kids, so it kind of made sense for the Grounders. I liked when Anya explained how all of it was perceived as an attack, too- because they didn’t just plan to kill them for shits and giggles, they legit thought they were a threat. I love that whole perception versus reality situation!

      You drove to Florida in an old Buick? That sounds like a nightmare, tbh. Hopefully Florida was at least fun! Yeah, seriously people would have to stay home, I legitimately can’t think of any other way it’d work? My dad was an only child, so it was easy I guess for my grandma to not drive? And she and my grandfather both worked in their little town, so I guess it wasn’t an issue. And yeah- there is no way in fucking hell I’d survive in the 50s. Nope nope nope. It was quite literally only a decent time for conservative, established white men. Because even if you were too… “out there” with ANY views, BAM, they dubbed you a damn communist! And yeah, I mean, give Trump a few days. He’ll have a camp full of women who want birth control, DACA kids, and… NFL players I guess? ??

      Ahhh yes 80s and 90s sitcoms were… a special beast. Laugh tracks really aren’t the best. I was watching this thing once where they took laugh tracks out of The Big Bang Theory and it was kind of creepy though, because nothing seemed funny? And awkward pauses. I DID love Friends- but after the first couple seasons, because I didn’t really “get” the first few. But omg Seinfeld was NOT. FUNNY. My parents watched it and I’d just roll my eyes and go find something else to do. Even now, I don’t get it. Most sitcoms I could live without, too. But Friends, Roseanne, Golden Girls, Scrubs, I love those hahah. OH and Full House, I was obsessed with that as a kid! It’s so cheesy and hokey but I guess when you’re little, cheesy and hokey are fine. I had NO IDEA about Bodhissatva! I guess I need to catch up on my Buddhist trivia 🙂 You know, it’s funny because the more I think about this movie, the less I see Swayze as a surfing bank robber? Like, was Matthew McConaughey too busy? (I’m trying to figure out if he was straight up too young to even be in this and not really, so missed opportunity.) It IS pretentious though! Especially since his real name was probably some basic American, non-surfer name like… Gary. Gary doesn’t sound like someone you’d surf and rob people with. I also don’t think they ever tell you if he’s really Bodhi or actually Gary because I ummm spent too long searching ?

      ALSO, here you go. The scene we’ve desperately been missing from The 100, obviously, is Lexa, Finn, and Wells chit chatting. Wells, incidentally, is having dreams of giving Luna a hug. THAT should go well, considering she has a goddamn scythe….

      • Well now I’m good with the reply, so we’re aces. And yeah we probably set a record w/ this one. But these shows need to be analyzed and debated, ha ha, who else is gonna talk this stuff with us? Seriously can you imagine of all of us book bloggers didn’t have the blogosphere? I mean very few people in my RL give a shit about these shows lol- or at least not to the degree that I do! And if not for this thread I probably wouldn’t be rewatching?? So there’s that! This rewatch has really jogged my memory and I feel so much more prepared for S5 now. Oh, but today… was tough. Sinclair. 🙁 And that frickin Emerson- although yay he died. The chip did a number on him, melting his eyes and stuff… but couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Good riddance jerk.

        “Best rat I’ve ever had” Murphy kills me. And I was like NO you two are NOT going to do that in the sacred chamber! Yup they did. And even though we talked about this already, I laughed again when Murph takes Emori there and they just walk right into like the sacredest (not a word, I know) place in all of Polis. SMH. No fucking locks, at least??? And Jaha just waltzes into Polis and all the way up to the audience chamber and no one stops him, because he’s hooded. Um, Heda’s personal security kinda sucks???

        What episode are you on? I just watched episode 8 where they went to Spearhead, after I watched The 100. So I’m falling behind you a bit, but I’ll catch up. And YES I love it when Cassie is in the future. She gets all ruthless and shit too. Is deacon around yet? You must be starting S2 or a little ways in? I think I remember the opening of S2- they’re in Prague or somewhere, on a bridge and have a run-in with Olivia? See I need these rewatches!!

        Yes relationships do not last on this show. At all. And Linctavia *nods* they had NO idea what to do with them once they were together- like Linc sat around wearing his new jacket and O didn’t like his new jacket so went to sleep in the woods, and… yeah. Stellar writing guys! And I think you’re spot on- 6-7 seasons makes sense. I imagine after that it’s gonna be so hard to hang onto people… plus some shows just lose steam. I don’t want to think about a world without The 100 though? Like what other show could fill that void? I may have to abuse alcohol at that point 🙂

        Maya does kinda rule! Uh, did rule. And yes she didn’t have TIME to know if she loved him! Jasper of course doesn’t need time, he was like bam I love her, fuck you Clarke forever, yada yada. Kind of a drama dude, it must be said. But Maya turned on her whole society- so true. And, since I like to bitch about the writers, I’ll throw a bone here- they laid the backstory for her being that way with her dad and dead mom being all “we don’t believe in killing others to save ourselves,” or whatever. Nice! And I kinda loved her helping Bell- she was tougher than she looked! Jasper might have smothered her, TBH. Oh and Harper- yeah I hadn’t thought of that, but Monty was like okay your loss dude lol. I think Jasper screwed up there! But I don’t ship them at all so it’s good. Monty works better, he’s more stable.

        I should set my blog up to do that, since I always forget to crosspost at GR. I don’t know if Blogger does that, I should look into. And yeah it’s nice if you have a place you can go with good scenery. I used to live by a woods but where I am now, in a subdivision, I don’t really have good nature points nearby? It’s just too much work!!!

        Good point about the perception/ reality- I guess if you’re a Grounder and these people come down from the sky and crash in the middle of your forest and start having bonfires and fighting and traipsing around, it would look pretty aggressive. And I’ll miss Polis, I think. Since the bunker is there it will be interesting to see just how devastated it is- like is it fucking GONE or are there ruins, maybe some bldgs still, you know?

        Yeah it was quite the trip. I was just a little kid, my first time there, and it wasn’t OLD old at the time, but looking back it seems like it. Like Grandpa’s car after that was a Chevy Caprice- if you’ve ever seen those they’re like a box on wheels. Big and roomy and like you could get lost in there? it was totally a grandpa car. And yes what is up with this NFL shit? I know I’ve ranted before about patriotism and fake outrage over flags and stuff, but good grief. And we’re so ass backwards right now. Like I heard something on the radio about China dealing with their coal problem- communist China realizes coal is a problem and Trump wants to go BACK to coal. Like you can’t just magically conjure back those jobs?? And the birth control thing… sigh. We are so backwards right now.

        That cracked me up about the laugh tracks! I have never liked em- I always felt like if I need to be prompted t laugh, is it really funny? I never got Seinfeld. At all. I do remember Roseanne though, she was funny. And… I think you’re right. I think he’s only Bodhi in the movie, which of course is ridiculous, but whatever. Oh and there’s like another gang of surfer assholes- fun trivia fact Anthony Kiedis of red Hot chili Peppers is one of them- but one of them is called Warchild. I kid you not. See what you’re missing???

        Damn Lexa is heavily armed there. And that’s an interesting matchup of characters? How did you split them up into houses? Or do they pick? Oh and Be careful, Wells. Maybe he should just stay back. Is SIMS Wells smarter than show Wells lol? Luna’s not exactly friendly…

        • Oh GOOD. Because frankly, I have no idea how to fix it if it continued to be rude ? And YES- it is absolutely vital! (Fine, maybe not, but fun regardless 😀 ) And YES- I am trying to remember what exactly I did before the blogosphere? I mean, probably annoyed people with my nonsense, let’s be real hahha. They really mess with us in S3, don’t they? Everyone dies. I am on the Lincoln one right now- I had to stop it before I went to bed last night because I knew I’d cry and not be able to fall asleep. So I get to watch it tonight, ugh. I hate that Sinclair died. Emerson was the worst. I feel like he was a hypocrite too, wasn’t he ALSO trying to kill kids?! Asshole.

          Bwhahah I love Murphy. His quips are the best comic relief! And right- how he somehow has full command of the chamber- and NO ONE interrupted them? Ontari was all over him, yet he had time to sneak in Emori? As for Jaha sneaking in, I guess, technically Skaikru could have gotten in, I don’t think Ontari had like, banned them, unless I forgot. But her security DID suck- I figured they were lax on purpose, hoping someone else would take her out so they’d be rid of her. Because you KNOW Lexa’s people would have been all over that shit. Maybe Roan would have if he hadn’t been frolicking through the forest looking for Clarke.

          I think I’m on episode 3 of Season 2. Cassie IS vicious- she just told Katarina that Cole has “abandoned the mission” just because he wasn’t down with random murder all over the damn world. Cassie wanted to kill Ramse, then Jennifer (though methinks Cassie may have been a bit jealous when Cole wouldn’t kill Jennifer, tbh). YEP they were on the bridge and Olivia was so smug, but they escaped, love it! They pulled a Clarke and Anya! I was so glad that Ramse did break down and tell Cole the plan at least. Now everyone is in 2044 because even though they destroyed the virus, they mostly just delayed the future, I guess?

          HA I am laughing so hard at the Linctavia thing because YES it was so stupid! Like… a jacket? It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland, there’s fighting everywhere, and these two badass warriors are fighting over outerwear!? I love O, but come on. I think she’s a little above worrying about shit like that. Um yeah, I will be joining you in the alcohol abuse because seriously, I don’t know what I will do! I mean, hiatus isn’t fun, but at least we know there’s more? I obviously don’t want it to get boring, and hope it goes out while it’s still good but… sad either way.

          Honestly, I think you’re right about Jasper. It WAS pretty drama. I mean, HOW many fucking times did Clarke save his life? Including THAT time!? And he’s not even just normal-person mad at her. Because he’s human, I get being upset and grieving and pissed even. But… he also has to know that she could NOT have even saved Maya? Like Maya was dead no matter who won, basically. If he’s mad at anyone, it should be Lexa- that was probs the only way Maya was going to make it out of there, if the Grounders killed Cage and she could live there until they treated her. How long were they even in Mt Weather anyway? Super curious as to how long this “relationship” even lasted. OMG okay you have to see this! They knew each other for… are you ready? No more than 22 days. http://the100.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline#Season 2 I am actively rolling my eyes at Jasper right now. Maya probably was skeeved out by his sudden declarations of love!

          I agree about the backstory though, it WAS well done. I liked that she had to kind of convince him, too- because let’s be real, most people wouldn’t have just signed up for it. She was definitely tougher than she first appeared. And you know, that is a really good point about Jasper smothering her- like had he stopped trying to protect her, and instead worked WITH her, maybe they’d have had more of a chance. Oh Monty and Harper are infinitely better than Jasper and Harper would have been! Yeah no I could not see them together AT ALL. I had kind of had Monty pegged as asexual for awhile and I STILL think they’re better than she and Jasper would have been. (It kind of creeps me out actually, and I don’t know why? Maybe just because he was an ass to her in S1, and we know she deserved better. ACTUALLY- he was an ass to her in S2, too- remember when he had her “watch the hall” and she was taken to the cages? What a jerk!)

          Yeah, unfortunately Blogger does not do it 🙁 It’s a special plugin that Ashley @ Nose Graze made as part of her Ultimate Book Blogger thingy for WordPress. It’s one of the reasons I moved to WP back in the day hahah. Everything is just so much EASIER. Like, book info, all I need is an ISBN and boom, it’s done. You set up formatting once, and you’re golden. Oh and yeah- it’s absolutely too much work. Even posting- I have a few pictures that I took and used on my blog for reviews, but just the thought of coming up with a caption and all the stupid hashtags… I just cannot be bothered.

          Yeah like- when they sent the flares, how could the Grounders NOT think it was an attack, you know? Because even if they had known what flares were, why would anyone be sending them? PLUS, we now know that Mt Weather had been launching missiles, so yeah, makes total sense. And of course Skaikru never put themselves in the Grounders shoes, and vice versa (though in fairness, the Delinquents were just kids and Lexa and company should have done better). I will definitely miss Polis- I mean, it was such a HUGE landmark for 2 seasons, and really where we learned the most about Grounder culture. I think it’s gone- actually, I think it’s a rubble heap blocking the bunker. I figure, if it destroyed the tower, it’s probably all ruins? Which is sad. And it’ll likely only get worse as they try to dig it out.

          I think that when a grandparent drives a car, the car just… becomes old. Even if it isn’t old in years, your mind associates it with “old person car”. I mean, big and roomy IS good if you’re driving all the way to Florida though, so there’s that! I just don’t understand why Trump is worried about the NFL when there are people straight up dying in Puerto Rico and shit? And like- did you see how Pence spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to the Colts game just so he could walk out when they knelt? Like, the hell? And I don’t think ANY of them even understand what these guys are protesting about even. Not that they’d care, because since when do they care about anyone. I feel like at this point, I’d be offended if someone DIDN’T take a knee. Like all they’re saying is “oh hi, we’re sick of cops killing black kids”, like somehow that’s not an okay thing to say? Bwhahah I think Trump wants to bring the original coal miners themselves back. You know, 90 year old white guys who probably, on the whole, were kind of racist. Maybe he figures if he starts shoving people down there, he can recreate the 1930s ? And the birth control, I can’t even. It’s so TWISTED. Like, they don;t want women to have kids who will be using government funds. They don’t want women to have abortions. And now, women can’t have birth control? Well, pal, you’re running out of options. I think he’s probably just salty that no woman would ever want to touch HIM.

          YES! That was the whole thing with the laugh tracks! The people who made the videos were trying to prove that the show was not funny, but that laugh tracks really did prompt people to laugh, and studies have found it to actually work. Which… is a little unsettling, that they can manipulate feelings so easily? HA I love Roseanne- I still watch it sometimes late at night on TV Land. It was so different than anything else on TV at the time. Oh my goodness! I can definitely see him as a surfer! That is good casting! I do need to watch it some day, I concur 😀

          So, here is how the house split works: Skaikru house is most of the Delinquents (and Bellamy and Raven). Bunkerkru is, of course, the Bunker residents. Miller and Jackson, Niylah, Kabby, Jaha, Indra, and Gaia. Then Deadkru is the one in the picture- it’s Lincoln, Sinclair, Lexa, Luna, Wells, Finn, Roan, and… Ilian maybe? And then Randomkru is the leftovers that I couldn’t fit anywhere else. Echo, Emori, Maya, Pike, Dante, ALIE, Riley (because of course, I made him a HUGE loser), and.. damn, I can’t think of the last person! Maybe it’ll come to me eventually, idk. And no, in the game, I made Luna fucking PSYCHO. So that should be extra fun. Wells just wants friends and love. And Luna wants to gut him ? I really want to play it right now, now that we’re talking about it! Blogging is kicking my ass right now though. This posting every day stuff is brutal, Idk how you do it, or how I USED to do it- and respond to all the comments! I’m so behind that I probably will just give up because HOW?

  22. S3 was tough, no doubt. And yes Emerson that piece of shit- the delinquents were all kids and he was okay sucking their marrow out via drill, so he’s got nothing on Clarke! Good grief he was horrible. And Sinclair- man that was tough cause he keeps telling Raven to get back in the Rover, and she doesn’t, and then Emerson grabs her. Is that the last thing Sinclair sees? Ugh how awful. I kinda hate they did that. That death kinda hit me more than any of the others I think. I picked up on his mentor relationship with raven a lot more this time around – I think my first time watching I didn’t pay much attention to him.

    It’s such bullshit that Murphy is Flamekeeper lol. I mean come on. I think Ontari gets off way too easy with bringing a foreigner – Skaikru no less- into that sacred role. No one questions it? Plot convenience . But man they cover a lot of ground! I mean two Heda’s get killed this season, all the running around… they pack a lot in.

    That’s the problem with 12 Monkeys sometimes- characters get more ruthless than I sorta buy into? Like Cassie turning on Cole.Her all of a sudden willingness to annihilate anybody, just because she hung out with Deacon for a while or got jaded. And Deacon goes from psycho to ally and then back and forth, kind of? Like you never really know with him? I like him though, he’s kinda fun. He’s way more fun than Ramse. And speaking of… yeah his little “secret” missions where you wonder will he or won’t he? That gets old. I liked him less and less as the story goes on. Jennifer and Deacon though I like more.

    Yeah Jasper’s got issues. 22 days- and it’s not even like 22 days of like dating, there’s you know bone marrow extraction and raids on their dorm room, stabbings, all that fun stuff. How does he have TIME to fall in love? I’m not even sure he did- maybe he had an unhealthy fixation with Maya? And it makes a lot of sense now that she didn’t say oh Jasper I LOVE you and let’s have babies and talk about art and moon over each other 24/7. She was probably like, dude, chill- you’re nice and I like you but back the fuck up a bit.

    Oh yeah “watch the hall” lol- thanx Jasper! Yeah if he was still alive I don’t think they’d be best buddies. And Monty could definitely be asexual, although I guess um we’ve cleared that question up. Still can’t believe those two got together, but hey if it works? I also think Jasper compares unfavorably to Monty, in the sense that Monty had to SHOOT HIS MOM- kill her twice?- so yeah Maya dying sucks but FFS Jasper get with the program. Look at what Monty’s been through. I think sometimes Jasper kinda thought he had it worse than anyone else, and I’m like no. Raven, Monty… there’s been lots of shit to go around. Still, he was fun, and he had great lines… they just went a little too dark with him.

    I think you’re on to something- sometimes senior citizens sort of… personalize… their cars? Like Grandpa’s car had these little pillow things in it- I don’t know how to describe them- like in the space between the driver and passenger feet areas? Why? Who knows. I just got used to seeing them in there. It sounds weird but looked okay actually, you know? Whatever I guess. Little things like that. I mean they weren’t like SLEEP pillows, more like little throws, like you’d have on a couch? IDK, never mind lol. But yeah he just had his stuff you know? And Grandma too, she had stuff in there she thought she’s need? Kleenex boxes and little clips of things… *shakes head*

    I don’t get why people care about the players kneeling. I thought when we honor soldiers we are honoring that they gave their lives for our freedom- doesn’t that freedom mean we can kneel if we want? They might not like it, but that’s a difference of opinion. I mean it’s perfectly legitimate- cops are shooting black people too much, address THAT, not the protests! But there’s the America that feels that way (us) and the America that voted for Trump, and basically thinks cops do no wrong. And the Pence thing- such a stunt. I don’t get the birth control thing AT ALL. I know some Catholics are against birth control but usually Protestants don’t give a shit? You know it’s all about these evangelicals and these people that believe society should be how they think. I mean I have religious beliefs but I’m not for ANY of this crap. Planned Parenthood apparently is like the #1 (or only) provider of health services for some women and by cutting it just because they hate abortion they’re cutting off services. Same with wanting to get rid of Medicaid- people rely on it and all they care about is their precious “small government”. I don’t know how they can say they’re Christian but want to cut cut cut all the time.

    I’ve always been into the environment. Trump keeps gutting environmental laws and regulations, I guess the Clean Power is next. And climate change. Some evangelicals believe God would never let climate so we don’t need to worry. Um, not all of us believe that? You can’t just force that view down our throats with all the evidence to the contrary? It’s crazy. I always say that people vote on an issue- my aunt was pissed that her premiums went up under Obamacare- well we got Trump and Obamacare’s still there, but all the other stuff he’s doing, like dismantling the environmental stuff, not doing green energy, the stuff they never think about. They don’t even know.

    Anyway enough of that. 🙂 Yes laugh tracks always made me feel- manipulated, kinda? Like I don’t know for myself what’s funny? It just made me think of millions of us watching our TV screens and being prompted to laugh. Kinda creepy? I mean I’m exaggerating but you know. I just always thoufht it was weird. And your life will be so much more complete when you have watched Point break. Maybe.

    Ooh I love these updates. Randomkru sounds kinda radical- like ALIe’s in there, and Pike? What a mix! Awesome that Luna is psycho! Love that . Wells I guess is too nice in ANY world. Can they be killed? And yes I would be playing all the time! In fact I should get it. But Skaikru house clearly is going to have the best parties? Bunkerkru sounds kinda quiet- all the grown ups lol- but Deadkru- interesting mix there too. Do they all go to each others houses and stuff? I hear you on blogging – I think keeping up with all the blogs is my biggest time sink? Like my Sunday Posts obviously take some time, and TTT’s sometimes too- my Cover posts and Taglines are scheduled way out, and they’re quick, so I sorta have that cushion. But keeping up with everything *nods* sometimes I just let comments go, I mean I try to reply to most but I know I won’t get em all, and I’ve noticed some bloggers respond to every comment and some hardly ever do, but not in an asshole way, they just… don’t always reply, but they visit a lot so you know they care. I fall somewhere on that spectrum lol. 🙂 Ooh what do the Sims do when you’re NOT playing? Like is something always going on, when you sign in they’ve been “doing” stuff, or does it pause when you’re not on?

    • Holy shit. I hadn’t thought about that- that Sinclair died not knowing if Raven would live. NO NO NOT OKAY. Let’s pretend that he wasn’t just a weird figment of her imagination in S4 and actually knows that she is alive and well, great. I agree, I didn’t quite get his significance the first time around, but when you see it all play out, how he rooted for her at every step, it’s really awful. Especially knowing how much Raven has already lost. Sinclair was upset because Raven was all HE had left, but he was also really all SHE had left. (Incidentally, I think this is why they backed off of Rasper- I think they decided we’d all be PISSED if Raven found someone just for them to be taken from her again.) Emerson. Ugh. You know, I *almost* feel sorry for him in the beginning of S3 because he lost his whole family. I mean, literally everyone he has ever known is dead, and that is awful. But… he was so ruthless the whole time. Had he even, for just a second, stopped to think about his actions, I’d maybe have not found him a total villain.

      Bwhahah Murphy being a fake Fleimkepa is so STUPID ?? Honestly, Ontari’s entire “reign” as Heda was stupid. Like- she beheaded a bunch of kids, faked her ascension, and all for… what, exactly? To take the chip and let ALIE be in charge? After ALLLL the nonsense, at the first chance, she hands over the reins? I think not. I think with Murphy, everyone was kind of just desperate to believe that someone *could* make her Heda. Because with Titus gone and Gaia still but a twinkle in the writers’ eyes… Sometimes the Grounders believe whatever dumb shit they’re fed just because it’s easy. Hell, so did Skaikru. Maybe it’s a thing all people do, come to think of it.

      Yeahhhh I am a little unsure of Cassie’s foray into murderess too. The only way it kind of makes sense to me is if like, all the shit she’s already had to do, all the people she’d already watched die, maybe she was just desperate for that to not be in vain? Deacon I like a LOT more in S2, because you know he’s an asshole maybe? And so any allyship is a bonus hahha. OH! I almost DIED at the look on Katarina’s face when that other Doctor in New 2044 was like “oh by the by, we sleep together”. Like I laughed so hard at her reaction, she is the best! And Jennifer, girl is JEAL-OUS. I felt kind of bad for her though- she seems to be being manipulated by SO many people. Even Cole, a little, even though he’s obviously doing it for the good of mankind. OH and now they’re in 1944! WHAT the fuck though is up with the… whoever they are who traveled back and killed those people? And then got in the limo to go to the party? They straight up scared me, with their dead eyes and empty souls. No thank you. I AM looking forward to Cassie and Cole at the old timey party!

      RIGHT! Maya died on day 21. And Jasper was in quarantine for a few days. And then they had to meet. Maya helped Bellamy. Maya was radiation soaked and out for several days, then JASPER was out while he donated marrow. So straight up they had what, maybe 6 days of actual togetherness? Come ON Jasper. “oh Jasper I LOVE you and let’s have babies”– DEAD ?? Seriously though, he’s lucky she even kissed him, this is coming off as VERY creepy behavior. I wish we could have a behind-the-scenes look at Maya’s thought process as she saves Jasper’s damn life and he says “I love you” after 6 days. She’s probably thinking “oh shit, I just saved a stage 5 clinger”. Maybe she was cheering Monty and Clarke on at the end just to get the hell away from Jasper’s inevitable Day 8 marriage proposal.

      It really shows what a good guy Monty is for even still talking to Jasper. Because he was rude to Monty’s girlfriend. And then yeah, compares his 6 day love affair with Monty having to kill his mom- TWICE. I think you’re right, Jasper DID have it easier than most of the others. But maybe that was why they ended up having him kill himself- because if he lost his shit that hard after someone he barely knew died… what would happen when anyone else died? ALSO- his parents died and he didn’t ever mention it so maybe Jasper is a real psychopath, Idk. I agree, Monty and Harper is SO random. They should have written the stuff leading up to it a little better, because it was SO out of left field. And yeah, guess Monty is decidedly NOT asexual bwhahah.

      Aw that is really cute about your grandfather’s car throw pillows! Maybe for the older generations, car rides took longer so they needed more comforts of home? My grandparents always kept a crocheted afghan in the trunk- one my grandma made herself, of course! And YES, tissues. Which, I do keep in my own car, so maybe that is just… a thing people with allergies to haha. Though after my grandma couldn’t drive anymore, we DID find several rolls of toilet paper in the trunk, so… who knows.

      The thing is, so many members of the military, and veterans, have spoken out saying that they DO defend the players’ right to kneel. The thing that slays me is- here are these guys who are athletes, influential men, and they’re protesting in a very peaceful manner. All they are saying is “hey maybe you stop shooting us for no reason”. That’s it! Sounds pretty fucking basic to me. And instead of even addressing the concerns, these assholes get all bent out of shape because they… don’t want to die because while people are assholes? It boggles my mind. Like if YOU want to stand for the anthem, stand. You don’t get to tell other people what to do! Yeah, it’s funny- I had a priest in high school religion class (ironic, yes?) who got in trouble for being FOR birth control, and it was so funny. He’s like “sure, I’d like you to not have sex, but I’d like it even more if you weren’t all carrying babies to graduation”. It was fabulous. But yeah, my mom is Protestant and I grew up having to go there, and no one seemed to be bothered with what the hell was going on in people’s private lives. So it’s definitely just these far-right evangelical dudes. I want to ask all these men too- like, I can assume that they don’t all want 30 kids, right? So…. isn’t birth control in THEIR best interest too? That is the part that totally befuddles me. I saw this poll that said that 52% of men believed that birth control had never personally impacted their lives. And I thought… wow, 52% of men are reeaallllly fucking stupid. And then of course there’s the whole medical necessity too, but frankly, no woman should have to defend her right to use birth control, no matter WHAT the reason. And YEP- Planned Parenthood is SOOOOO much more than abortion services. That is such a small fraction of what they do. And I think it’s funny that they think that abortion will stop if it’s not legal. No, more people will just die. And religious beliefs.. I get that obviously a lot of people have personal beliefs that abortion isn’t great. I am not religious, but I also don’t think it’s something I could ever do, BUT I don’t think it is my business, or anyone else’s business to tell any other human being what to do with their body. Like, yeah, people who use abortion as casual birth control ARE out there, but they’re absolutely the minority. Plus, again, I don’t think some old guy in Washington should tell them what to do either. And the Medicaid thing… stabby, it makes me stabby. Like- don;t they get that taking away health care is just going to lead to a less productive society in general? Sammy has Medicaid because of his cleft and random genetic syndrome, and even though he has regular insurance, it’s such a lifesaver. Because his surgeries are like, tens of thousands for the outpatient ones- the inpatient can be in the hundreds of thousands and copays can suck. So like, a kid should suffer because some asshole Senator would rather go golfing?

      I admit, I am not as up on the environmental stuff as I’d like to be. When the election was happening, I tried to get more knowledgeable, but then I figured that Praimfaya was coming, so. But of course I have been paying attention, like with the Paris Agreement and such. Because it’s almost like Trump thinks that if he doesn’t actively kill us all, he’ll make sure that he sets us up to die in the future. And look- I would NEVER belittle anyone’s religious beliefs. BUT when science is telling you “No Karen, actually you’re all going to die because you, HUMANS, are ruining the planet”, then maybe it’s time to listen. I love how they claim that God will save them- well under that theory, God didn’t destroy the freaking planet, so he’s probably not going to fix it either. And the thing is, ALL of these boil down to religion/morality. And you are right- it IS being shoved down our throats. Because every one of these decisions comes from the most conservative Christianity. And spoiler: not everyone believes that. Luckily MOST religious people understand that their views and beliefs can coexist with science, but not the assholes in charge, I suppose. The biggest irony, of course, is that Trump is the antithesis of religious, so.

      I thnk you are SO right- so many people focused on ONE issue- and those issues are, in the grand scheme of things, so inconsequential. Like- so your aunt has to pay a few bucks more for health care, okay, but then the world maybe wouldn’t be on fire. But people didn’t- and still don’t- understand that these little things come at a cost. And I think that makes me the saddest because for people to willingly put other people at risk just to further their own agenda is so, so wrong.

      WELL THEN that got out of hand. Um, the visual I am also now having of all of America creepily laughing along with some sitcom as it airs live… yeah, no thanks, now I am going to be VERY wary of anything with a laugh track hahah. And it is kind of an exaggeration but… actually no? Like- that IS what would happen, at 8:00 on a Thursday, all of America would be sitting around laughing along with a machine. This actually sounds like the plot of some weird dystopian novel. And I mean, Idk if Point Break will complete my life, but it certainly wouldn’t deplete it? 😀 I wonder if it is on Netflix, I should check!

      I *think* they can be killed. I am not completely sure though. They can definitely die, I just don’t know if they can kill each other. Is it awful that I kind of hope they can? Well Bunkerkru IS probably going to be the most quiet, but they can go pick fights with the other groups. I need to get Indra a sword. And I don’t know what they do when I am not playing! I tried to set it so that they wouldn’t do too much when I wasn’t there, so fingers crossed that it’s working? But Luna and Roan had left the house by themselves before I even started playing so… it isn’t looking great.

      YEP same, I have such an awful time keeping up with them all. And I WANT to, of course. That’s the fun part, right? But I get so tired of constantly trying to keep up and then feeling bad when I don’t. Even though I try to tell myself that it’s fine hahah. I was doing much better when I only posted a few times a week but this event is kicking my ass. It doesn’t help that my heart isn’t really in it this year. I think it’s totally okay to let comments go. I often wonder if people even bother to look for a response? I figure at least half the people will never even notice if I don’t bother. Also, very jealous of your scheduled posts/cushion! I… have none. Like, I need someone’s post to be up in an hour, and who knows which one I’ll even pick! Such a mess ?

      • Yeah it kinda sucked that they did that- Emerson drags her off and then Sinclair dies. I’m like why do THAT to the poor guy? Man. And Rasper was gonna be a thing? I didn’t know they were that serious about it. Wow that would have been interesting! And Emerson you almost feel sorry for because he lost his kids- but he was SO ruthless and so uncaring of the delinquents that it’s just hard to. Like you’re sorry for his kids and all the innocents really, but him- fuck him lol. He was truly nasty. You know who I felt bad for? Remember when Bellamy/ Maya killed that guard and then Bellamy sees his kids getting on an elevator? Ouch!

        So I watched Kane get strung up tonight and Pike taught class. Boy they laid it on think with the crucifixion, no? Good grief walking through puddles of blood. And Pike was like “About what I expected”. Best line of the night! I actually liked him in this one. Ooh remember we were discussing Indra/ Murph? They were together in the jail cell! And and Indra decided to give Pike the death of 300 cuts. Yay! Except she stopped cause Murph said wake up idiots we need him. She was about to off him. Which in a horrible way I would have enjoyed? Watching her take him out. Is Indra badass mofo by the way or what? DAMN. Oh and we’re going to the rig!! The frogmen crew came and got em. I thought it was a SEAL team FFS. And we’re reminded that Jaha/ Kane/ Abby were float happy in the bad ole Ark days- they’re like the triad of doom. I saw Death Party chick! I think… the one who wanted Bell at DP. What’s her name again? And that ugly Farm Station guy that O just killed, and the girl who died and was dumped in the Reaper tunnels. Why am I drawing a blank on these names???

        Clarke and Bell on the beach- nice!! Big hug, Bell’s got his face like in her hair- would they have kissed? Oh probably not but if not for the frogkru… who knows? Nighttime, the beach… these things happen lol. Nice to see though seriously. Lincoln’s name obviously carries weight- another thing we talked about- now I want to know even MORE hoe just saying his name grants them passage to the rig. Hmm methinks there is more here to know. Maybe Lincoln was like a secret agent carrying on a back channel communication between Lexa and Luna? Yay it’s fanfic time!!

        Pretty rock piles too.

        I like Deacon a lot. Didn’t at first. And oh yeah Katarina’s lover ha ha I forgot about that! Good times. And yeah Jennifer went through a stretch where she was just like being used by everyone? She really comes more into her own in S3, thank goodness. And I LOVE all the old parties and shit they go to! I mean it’s not a funny show but it has its moments.

        Right?? She is like skeeved out by him, she likes him because he’s funny and nice and sorta cute I guess (can’t really say for myself but maybe Maya thinks so?) but the he drops that bomb on her? She’s like I’m dying and this manchild is professing his love for me? He’s lucky she didn’t roll her eyes before croaking. Geez if Bellarke operated on Jasper’s timetable they’d have kids and a cabin in the woods somewhere with a little herb garden and chickens rootin around…

        Jasper was lucky Monty forgave his bullshit, really. Even in S4 Jasper was still moaning about Maya and bitchin to Clarke while Monty’s like getting things done. And I wonder if Jasper ever wondered about Harper, like- I turned her down and insulted her, now Monty’s got her and they’re happy and I lost my week long love affair- maybe that got him down too? Hey I’m psychoanalyzing him now! I don’t know if Marper will ever REALLY work for me, but you know with S5 we may not have to worry about it ha ha because they might just scramble all the ships anyway!

        Afghans! What is it with afghans? MY grandma made the fuck out of those! Like multicolored ones- all over the house? And as gifts? And they’re like super cozy? Ours had all these big spaces in them so if you had one on , your toe or hand might peek through? Know what I mean? This must be like something that generation just did. And they had Reader’s Digest all over the house- ever see those? They were super old and were just on the table, you know, if you wanted to read one.

        I know! How can you be for freedom and then expect to be able to tell someone what they can’t do? It’d be funny if it wasn’t! And that priest clearly knew the drill. 🙂 A little realism goes a long way. I feel the same way about abortion. Like I don’t think I could have one if I were a woman, but as a guy I don’t really feel the need to tell a woman what to do about it? I mean it’s her business. It should be up to her and her doctor. Everybody else stay the fuck out of it. I mean if I have a medical issue I don’t want some rando saying I can’t have this or that treatment- what gives them the right?? So yeah. And surgery costs- oh my gosh this country is crazy. I read somewhere that if you have a heart attack or whatever, you’re over a 100k easy. Heck just going to an emergency room can be a couple grand, after tests. My dad had some health issue before he died and I think his bills were 80k, roughly. Insurance and Medicare or Medicaid (whichever one) took care of almost all of it, but it’s stupid. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about money when their kids need care. Another thing we’re backwards about.

        *nods* the Paris agreement was so frustrating because for years we were told the US can’t make big cuts because China and India are developing so fast, yada yada, and they want to be able to develop like we did. Having all the cars, power plants, etc. So… we finally have a treaty that China and India BUY INTO- everybody’s on board- and then Trump is elected and takes us out. STUPID. Now same thing with the Iran deal. Trump is gonna decertify or so the news says even though ALL his natl security advisors wanted him to not do that. But he thinks it was a bad deal. I’ll bet you he doesn’t even KNOW what it does, has never read it.

        YES laugh tracks are creepy! Aren’t they like from the 70’s or 50’s or something? It kills me that in 2017 we STILL have laugh tracks? Do we make no progress ha ha? It would be a good dystopian! We’re all controlled through our TV’s, Actually there was a (bad) movie like that- They Live- where aliens had taken over and you needed special sunglasses to see them. Seriously. so when this dude had the glasses on he could see all these subliminal messages that otherwise we weren’t conscious of, but subconsciously we were. Like submit to authority and shit like that. It’s awesome (stupid). Wait a sec… *rummages on youtube* here ya go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI8AMRbqY6w

        You are probably seriously doubting my taste in movies at this point. 🙂 But growing up with HBO you see a LOT of shit movies! And ooh Point Break if it were on Netflix that would be outstanding!

        I hope they can kill each other, don’t feel bad! It would be awesome. Indra w/ a sword sounds like trouble to me. The good kind of trouble! And Luna and roan- naturally. The loners. Maybe they’re having a tryst? ? Or just out doing stuff. Is there like a town, or where do they go?

        Aww I feel that- running an event like this would be time- consuming, I totally sympathize. Stressful too I imagine. For what it’s worth- the posts I’ve seen so far have been amazing. And I have debated the posting every day thing for while- like I do only because I have those two easy features, otherwise those days would totally be not posting days. If that cushion ever goes away I’ll be in trouble. And I firmly believe that bloggers don’t need to (and maybe even shouldn’t) post daily, unless you really want to, but I’ve just gotten in the habit. I did start posting my SP’s though late on Fridays so they sit there all weekend and I take a breather. 🙂

        • GAHHHH ALEC in 1944 is the best thing ever. EVER. I did not expect this and I got pretty giddy excited when I saw him. The sets that they had for the past were soooo cheesy though bwhaha. Not exactly a large budget I suppose. OH and are Deacon and Cassie like… together!? I was noticing some crazy vibes, and then all kinds of jealousy coming from everyone, and just… no, why would she!? I also loved the story she told about Cole’s “war accident”. He was so pissed ?? I adore the funny moments- it’s just enough to break up the bleakness of the situation, they handle it really well.

          I am on the Emerson episode now, I just can’t wait to be done with it. It’s my least favorite episode of the whole series, actually. It is such filler. They try to appease us with a Bellarke hug, but come on, if Emerson was coming to kill me, I’d hug just about anyone too! And YES- like I am sorry for Emerson’s kids that they died, but not sorry for Emerson losing them! OHHH Lovejoy’s kid GUTS me- because you know it makes Bellamy feel like such shit. And THEN you realize that the kid is ALSO dead and just… nope, not okay. OH and as for Rasper, I have no idea if it would have been a thing for sure, but I felt like they were thinking about it and then pulled back. So 100% conjecture 😀

          Ah, yes, Join or Die, that moment where The 100 Writers make you not hate Pike for a second and you”re like… but why did you do this to me? I loved when they walked into Polis! Pike’s line WAS funny, but you know that Kane is thinking “great, now this asshole thinks he is justified”. Poor Kane.And then Abby tries to maul him into giving up the delinquents! I love how he resisted- can’t imagine that was easy haha. So Bree is the DP girl, I didn’t realize she was in Join or Die, that’s fun! Fox is the one who was dumped into the reaper tunnels. I too am drawing a blank at the Farm Station guy though. I looooved that interaction with Murphy, Indra, and Pike! How the hell did we forget that!? They are so fun together- the literal most unlikely trio in The 100 history hahah. And freaking Murphy, the voice of reason!?

          Ooooh the beach scene is such a GOOD one! That was when they finally got their relationship back on track, loved it! And yesss the hug- I think it’s clear in this episode that he has feelings for her. The way he looked at her after they took the sleepy drink, and then the hug… yeah, I assume there is no hair nuzzling unless you like, actively care about someone hahah. I mean, the beach at night WOULD be the perfect time for them to get something started. If not for the Grounders, it would be quite romantic. Speaking of, yeah, how the hell DID those guys even get there? Puzzled me too. I assume Lincoln had to have been some source of info, I think you’re right. I guess it makes sense too- Luna didn’t want to fight, and Lincoln definitely was against all the fighting, so maybe they had hoped to find peace one day? I like this fanfic idea though!

          HA I wonder sometimes what the draw was for Maya. I mean, I guess he’s not a troll or anything? But he doesn’t do anything for me, so ? But he WAS endearing, so it does make sense, definitely funny and smart- plus quite brave leading The 47. So yeah, I can see it. I am dying at the thought of Maya’s deathbed eyeroll. Because she STILL doesn’t profess to have any feelings for him at that very last moment! This is actually kind of sad when you think about it- poor Jasper was so damn hung up on her, maybe she didn’t really have feelings for him at all? No, that is too depressing. HA seriously- maybe Jasper’s hastiness and Bellarke’s snail’s pace can meet somewhere in the middle and give us a damn kiss or something, my goodness.

          I feel like a part of Jasper was really salty that Monty found happiness. Especially since he still thinks Monty is at fault, maybe he thinks that Monty doesn’t deserve it? OH and at the end of S3/beginning of S4, Jasper is really… not very nice to Harper. Though at the end he ended up being her buddy, only because she wanted to off herself too, of course. Psychoanalyzing Jasper is a full-time job. He needed some real help, tbh. Why is there no mental health support on the Ark? That’s weird. Marper… sometimes I love it, sometimes I am creeped out by it. Like, part of me is so happy that they found each other, but then the other part just finds there to be no chemistry. You’re right though, S5 may just make that a moot point!

          YES YES the multicolored ones! She had literal garbage bags full of yarn in every color imaginable! Were they in like, almost a chevron pattern? Low key need to find one to take a picture of, I know I have one. And YES as gifts! But then for people who you didn’t care as much about (like our teachers and stuff) she’d make slippers, but the same idea! And towels, like hand towels that you could hang from the stove? (I won’t lie, the towels are crazy useful and I wish I had more of them.) YEP, the holes WERE big, and I wondered what the point was! This is so funny ? And yeah, I never saw Reader’s Digest anywhere else in the world. Maybe like, the dentist’s office, and homes of the elderly! I fully admit to reading them when I was bored though! Come to think of it- you’re right, they did leave them around like they KNEW you’d need something to read.

          Yeah that’s the thing- it’s almost laughably hypocritical. It’s like, they clamor for freedom, but only a very small subset of people get that freedom? No, not how it works, assholes. I agree about the patient/doctor thing- it’s a VERY slippery slope. One minute it’s “women can’t make a choice about their bodies”, and next thing you know, the government, or some corporation is making medical decisions for everyone. I definitely can see a heart attack costing $100k easy. I am sorry about your dad- both his medical issues and your loss. I’m glad that insurance did cover most of it. That’s the thing, it can so easily bankrupt someone. And it’s just the most basic thing, staying alive. We really ARE backward, I cannot imagine any other country basically penalizing citizens for trying to live and be healthy.

          Oh, you nailed it, he has no CLUE what he is talking about, has no idea what the significance of these deals are. None! Nor would he listen if anyone tried to explain. It’s just his ridiculous narcissism at play. Like, if the whole world declared that chocolate was awesome, Trump would ban chocolate. It doesn’t even MATTER what it is, he just wants to stir up trouble and be the center of attention. It’s frightening, really. I feel like we are Polaris, and the Ark is going to shoot us out of the sky. And who could blame them? He IS going to cross a line that there will be no turning back from.

          Apparently the laugh track was developed in 1946 and pretty much has always been a television staple (thanks Wikipedia!) because before radio shows, audiences always saw shows live, and laughed in tandem, and I suppose they frankly did not trust us to know enough to laugh on our own. Like “shit, no one near me is laughing, even though I’m alone, must not be funny”. Condescending, really. Okay I am DYING at this movie. The girl at the beach and then it says “marry and reproduce”?! ??? I can’t. I have so many questions. Like.. how anyone made these glasses? OMG the guy with the creepy-ass face!??! I can’t, this is too much. The money saying “this is your god” ohhhh this is a truly hidden gem. I think… I think I don’t doubt your taste in movies as much as I doubt the people who poured millions of dollars into making these? I seriously cannot stop laughing over They Live. Someone must have been on ALL the drugs when they came up with this one.

          OOHH I like Luna and Roan having a tryst! YESS. There is a town, so maybe they snuck off too… The Sims Seedy Hotel! I think you can eventually open businesses and shit, but I don’t think I’ll have time for that. I wish I knew if the swords could kill people or if they’re just accessories… ? I feel like Indra could use a great love affair too, if I can ever get her to put the sword down (which let’s be real, doesn’t sound promising).

          Aw thank you! I really appreciate that- especially because I know that people really pour their hearts into the guest posts 🙂 It is stressful, but I think mostly because I don’t want to let them down? The first year I was afraid it would fail, but now it’s more that I am afraid I am not doing enough. Though I have gotten my act together this week, so better late than never. That’s a good point too, it isn’t like you have to do a full-blown post of your own content every day, so that’s good. I sometimes see people who make themselves post every day and just… why? That sounds exhausting. Taking the weekend off is a good plan, too! I have been doing that, unless i need to post something on the weekends, I usually just use them to catch up!

          • Lovejoy! That was his name. Yeah they were pulling on the heart strings there, having Bell see JUST that kid after killing the dad. Oh and can I just say right at the outset- Clarke and Bell will do anything? Anything they think they need to do? I watched the rig episode tonight and Clarke is like I’m gonna MAKE Luna take the AI, and fucking Octavia of all people is like “even ALIE gives people a choice.” Ouch. And Clarke’s like well what else and Bell’s like with her, and they’re like fuck it. I mean I agree with them like 99% of the time, don’t get me wrong, but if I was around them I might be a BIT nervous. Anyway… yeah Alec ha ha. Surprise! I forgot about him showing up. Deacon and Cassie did get, um, close apparently? I’m not sure if they got THAT close, but one wonders. There is definitely a jealousy vibe going on later too with Cole and Deacon over it.

            Exactly- poor Kane! He musta been thinking what the frick happened- I left recently and now I come back and they’re crucifying people all over? And Abby lol- she was like we’re gonna FUCK and you’re gonna tell me what I want. I laughed so hard, she was like all over him and Kane was like damn girl. *snort* Ruthless Abby is a TRIP!! Ah yes- Bree and Fox. I think that’s Bree, but could be wrong? Was Bree blond? This chick is a brunette, so maybe I just remember her from other scenes? Gillmer is the Farm Station fugly I think. If it’s the same dude. I was drawing a total blank last night, ugh. Although… if he was one of the 100 then he couldn’t be with Pike’s farm station, so … I must be wrong. Sure looked like him.

            I love the idea of this little subset of grounders who were like pacifists, or wanted to change the old ways. Maybe Linc and Luna were part of the group, or acquianted with it. They don’t actually spell that out, but you almost get a subtext that there a little informal network of peaceniks. Maybe? Course in America nowadays we would call them communist treehuggers probably, because they’re not members of the NRA or something.

            I think Maya was interested, he’s funny and smart, and they did seem to have some chemistry. He just went too fast. But yeah what if she didn’t? O.o And there is definitely some resentment there with Monty, agree. I’m closing in on the end of S3 so I’ll be watching for Jasper dissing Harps. I feel like they have character beats that they just don’t have time to get to, and so some of this is unspoken but multiple viewings allows rabid fans to piece it together? Like Harper decided she wanted Monty tonight and when Raven walks in and they’re in bed, she says “finally.” Like we’ve all been waiting for it, but… no? Marper took me completely by surprise- did I miss clues?? Oh and Monty cracked me up when she was like come on- was it Monty’s first time I wonder? Not to pick on th guy, but he looks 14 lol and we know Chelsey’s like thirty right? Maybe that’s the problem for me, she seems a lot older? Which she probably actually not and it’s not a big deal anyway since clearly he’s NOT a teen, but they just… IDK, don’t look right to me. Some ships just look natural and they don’t, to me. *shrug*

            I love those afghans cause they’re so comfortable, and frankly I don’t know if anyone is making them now because maybe that was a grandma skill? And I would cover up my legs while on the couch and half my foot would stick out, because of the holes ha ha that always aggravated me even though I love em! Some things are just common experiences I think. 🙂 And they were totally gifts. I know nothing about making them but it must take time? But she had time I guess because they would watch TV at night and she would like make them while they sat there so, yeah? You know when I look back at old shows they’re pretty boring but they watched ALL those shows back then- I guess at the time they weren’t boring. And yeah Reader’s Digest *shakes head* they’d have like four stories in them or something?

            Thanks about my dad. 🙂 Yeah I know universal health care wouldn’t be perfect- nothing ever is- but it blows my mind that other countries don’t do this stuff- if you get sick you go get care, and they take care of it, and you’re not bankrupted. And people still make a living, yeah maybe the taxes are a little higher, but everyone’s gonna get sick at some point- it just seems to make more sense to me? Weird. We’ve got this weird fixation with “markets” in this country. Like “market forces” will take care of everything, and prices will go down because of competition. And in actual practice- um, my fucking internet bill is like $90 a month so apparently Comcast never got the memo. And you know these companies buy up their competitors until they have a monopoly, so, um, what happened to the market?

            Yeah the Iran deal is like Obamacare- they hate it so much because Obama did it, and they’ve been throwing red meat about it to their constituents for so long they feel like they have to gut it. And it’s weird (bizarre really) because the alternative is always worse. Scuttling the deal gives Iran freedom to resume it’s development and almost ensures that we’ll have to go to war over it at some point. So why? It boggles the mind. They keep saying they want to renegotiate it, but the Iranians and Europeans all say they won’t- and why would they? It’s like the Republican party doesn’t have a brain.

            Wow the laugh track goes way back! And I can see it being a product of its time, but you’d think they’d have retired it? Course I thought we’d have moon colonies by 2020 too. Obviously we have ALL the smartphone tech we want but the really cool stuff… not happening. Anytime soon. I like how Blade Runner is set in 2019- two years away- and the world is nothing like that yet. Back when it was made it must have seemed like everything would be so high tech now! Okay on to They Live lol. No doubt! Marry and reproduce… money is your God… obey authority. KILLS me. And yes who makes this trash? Although in this case it’s John Carpenter, the guy who did Halloween. So there’s your clue right there. His movies are all fucked up. His soundtracks are trippy too. One of my favorites is Escape from New York- it’s great late at night when the lights are low. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1JYDmo19to It’s like the Halloween movie theme song which he also did.

            Luna and Roan… just don’t tell him that she kills him eventually. 🙂 Might kill the buzz. Or maybe he likes to live dangerously? I kinda hope they can kill, which sounds awful, but if someone actually DID do that, I’d be like dang. That would make things iffier. Okay so tonight I watched the rig episode and I forgot what a pacifist Luna was! So jarring after the S4 ending. Jasper makes another friend- Shay! Who dies. Ouch- Jasper has the shittiest luck. Harper wants action! Luna’s good with the kids- such a shame she had to be crazy at the end. And she loses Derrick… 🙁 A pretty damn good episode all the way around. Nice to see ALIE getting a little worried there. Indra picks up a gun! Luna takes like four guys in 2.2 seconds. She IS a badass. The rig- love those wide angle shots of it. I like the rig, dang it. I’m almost thru S3. The big two- parter coming up.

            No problem! 🙂 The event looks great, the posts are fabulous… don’t sweat it. And the finish line is in sight… I hope you plan on treating yourself to something after all that coordination. Order in your favorite food or something lol to celebrate!!

            • That was brutal with Lovejoy. Because you know Bellamy didn’t even want to kill HIM, let alone hurt the kid. And it’s extra sad during rewatches because after he sees the kid he tells Clarke that they have to protect them and then… well, you know. OH! My favorite scene from the rig! When O says “Even ALIE gives people a choice, Clarke” and then Bellamy says “We gave Luna a choice. She said no”. Like Bellamy, do you understand the meaning of “choice”? Because you’ve just descried its antithesis. I felt bad for Luna for a hot second, but really, she was being a real asshole by not helping them. So yeah, they ARE ruthless, but I think it goes back to the whole them actually knowing things and everyone else being too stupid to function.

              I love how they are going further back in time now too. SO Tall Man is the son of the girl who killed Alec in 1944? Quite the tangled web. I am kind of confused because I thought she was supposed to die in 1944, but if she was around in 2044, she’d have known about Tall Man? I’m sure it’ll all come back around hah. Cassie and Deacon is… weird. They just seem so unlikely, so opposite- and not in the good “opposites attract” kind of way, more in the “they have such different moral compasses they’ll fucking kill each other” way.

              Bwhahha I died at your analysis of Kane and Abby, because YEP. And I am so glad for Kane that he resisted because… well, I just realized that if Murphy and Emori were having sex… everyone in the CoL saw Murphy having sex. And that is disturbing. For Murphy. And would have been for Kane, too. Dodged a bullet there. Imagine the awkwardness! But man, Abby really did pounce. If ALIE was smarter, Abby would have been a wee bit more reserved- I mean, it took them freaking a year to even kiss! ALSO- when Murphy told Emori about Ontari, her reaction was SO chill, he should have noticed she was chipped! She flat out did not care. BUT after, in S4, you could tell how pissed off she was STILL at the thought of him being with Ontari. LOVE those little moments that you can only catch after like, 283 rewatches.

              I watched Join or Die, and I realize you meant Roma! Roma was in the threesome with Bell and Bree, but she died in S1. And I wonder if maybe it’s Dax that you were thinking looks like Shawn Gillmer? Cause Dax looked like he was about 38, so that makes sense ?

              You know, it’s funny- Grounders who didn’t want to kill were ostracized… much like people who want to ban mass casualty guns are now. ? I swear, every damn day this supposedly dramatic, unrealistic show hits closer and closer to home.

              Yeah I am sure she was interested- and she also probably thought she’d live like, 60 more years during which she’d be able to worry about it. He really did go wayyy too fast- though I suppose in the end, he was kind of right to rush it? I mean, no need to go Bellarke-level slow, but still. And yeah, the whole “finally” thing was really weird. I did NOT see it coming- I actually thought Harper was chipped when she first approached him! It’s funny because Chris is 30 now too- so they are actually really close in age, she’s only a couple months older. I agree though, they just never seemed to… fit. And I really can’t figure out why!

              So I *like* the afghans, especially because they are made with love 😀 But when I would be swimming, and my skin would be all… chlorine-y, it felt scratchy. I should really give them another go now, though. And yeah, they took a ton of time to make! My grandma made them at night while watching TV too! It must have been like, their generation’s Netflix ?? I think a lot of the shows WERE boring, that’s probs why all the old ladies ended up crocheting hahha. But… choices were much more limited. I remember my grandparents not even having cable for the longest time and I was so confused when I’d go there and none of my faves would be on. And my dad would get really salty if he had to miss a Penn State football game because they didn’t have ESPN. OH and as for people making them now, some people ARE taking up crocheting again! I had this friend who started making all kinds of shit- blankets and hats and such. She even made me the damn kitchen towels because I bitched about not having them anymore 😀

              The healthcare thing is so ridiculous. My favorite is the younger people, like right out of college, who bitch about it. Like “well, I’m healthy”. No shit, Sherlock. But one day you might not be. And oh also shit happens and you are not invincible. It’s so funny that you mention the markets, because it is so true- here, there is basically a duopoly in the health care market. There are two major companies, and they run literally EVERY single thing. You don’t go to ANY doctor whose practice isn’t owned by one or the other. So yeah, there is now shittier care and higher prices. And STILL not everyone has healthcare, so why not just make it universal? It’s probably going to be shitty regardless. Also… $90!?!? For JUST internet!??! I seriously do not compute. I think my internet is like, $40? Idk because it’s cable and internet and my DVR in one. Okay I just looked it up and it’s $34.99. Comcast is evil. I had them when I lived near Philly for school, and I hated them so much. The funny thing is, this company is the only cable company in the area, but I think they need to keep the prices low so people will actually *keep* the cable?

              That’s so true, he will literally gut anything Obama has tried to do- no matter how much it hurts us. Which is why it’s a bad fucking idea to elect psychopathic narcissists to the office of the president? The Republican party seemingly does NOT have a brain, really. And honestly, since their constituents are basically just glorified sheep anyway, they’d listen if the Republicans were like “yeah, after some analysis, it’s probably best to stick with this so we don’t have a war on our hands” and the people would eat it up, like they always do. Just spin in the right way, problem solved. I honestly can’t decide if they are legitimately that stupid, their egos are that big, or both. Probably both.

              Bwhahah SO true- we still have laugh tracks and no one is living on the damn Moon! I read this book when I was younger, I don’t remember what it was, but it showed this little colony on the Moon, and I wanted to live there, it looked so… calm. Everyone had a Rover, and cool suits. And of course, the book was like “next century”. WRONG, you’re wrong. We can’t even get health insurance straightened out, and our government thinks it’s 1948, so wayyyy off. ::Whispers:: I have not seen Blade Runner either. Seriously, I need an intervention, ASAP. Okay the Escape From New York IS trippy, that is the prefect word! It’s so brilliantly 80s! It reminds me of like… Law and Order’s theme song meets synthesizer ?

              HA good point about Luna and Roan, no one wants to accidentally bed their killer. I hope they can kill too! I should try to get one of the crazy ones like Luna REALLY pissed and see what happens. I did see this mod that lets you kill a lot- but I didn’t want it to get *too* murdery… though I might try to find it again… you know, just in case they don’t organically kill each other and i must intervene 😀 Luna WAS such a pacifist. But I still say it’s for selfish reasons. Though I do agree with you about the kids- I think they may have been the only people she genuinely cared about, which is probably what made her lose her shit so badly. OH and was Derrick like, her partner? I assumed by her reaction, but it wasn’t super clear. Jasper losing Shay was BIG- I think that’s what made him take the chip. We don’t know when exactly he does, do we? HA I kind of love Harper in that episode! Like, it was impressive, to just go for it! Tbh, who wouldn’t want some comfort/sexy times at the end of the world? Good call, Harper. I’m jealous that you’re almost done with ALIE hahah- but I am not too far behind, thankfully!

              And thank you! I need to schedule one last guest post, and then my own wrap-up. Which obviously I have not started 😀 I do like your idea of treating myself though! Val is coming on Wednesday, and I already told her that we must go find sushi and have wine (I feel like that is my go-to “friends are here” thing to do? It’s a boring place, I don’t know what to say ?)

              • You’re right, Bell did tell Clarke that ! And then they had to pull the lever. Man the guilt they must carry around (listen to me, like they’re real people)! And YES lol Bell did say that and it was awesome. He’s all like well bitch chose wrong! Those two HAVE to get together because who else would know them like each other does? You know, love born from adversity, mutual attraction, and… killing. Hard to beat! Although I do kinda feel for Luna- she clearly does NOT want to be commander, she’s made it her mission to take in the pacifist Grounders (which, frankly, it’s comforting to know there are some), she’s got the rig- it would actually suck for her to step back into that world. But then again, like you say, she doesn’t have much choice? As the last Nightblood?

                Yeah Cassie and Deac are kinda fascinating b/c of the opposites thing- she starts out not wanting to kill and he’s like killmaster J. So they play around with role like that on this show, like the role reversal of Cole and Cassie in S2, where all of a sudden she’s like the mission is all and he’s like hold on a minute. If anything they do it maybe TOO much? I watched the Spearhead episode tonight where Katarina kills everyone and takes the core, and we find out that whats-his-name DID cure the third mutation. So she’s VERY ruthless, and sometimes they play it down and she’s just this driven do-gooder, and other times we’re reminded she’ll sacrifice pretty much anyone to get her daughter back. Which I think is paramount for her over anything else. She’s not really a good guy? And I think you have that right- Tall Man is her son, if I recall. She shows up later and we find out more.

                Yes Kane showed great restraint! Ha ha she gave it away a little with her, um, enthusiasm. And I never thought of that- does the CoL see all that? Yikes! And ah Roma! Okay- I’m so bad at keeping the names straight, which is weird cause usually I’m pretty good at that stuff? And Dax- makes sense. He looked way too old lol. And doesn’t it just mirror our society to an alarming degree???

                He’s 30??? Wow- he looks so young! I had no idea.

                Those afghans are the best, no question. Just so cozy and colorful! Perfect for a night in watching TV. And I don’t think my grandparents ever had cable either. My grandma on my dad’s side would watch Jeopardy every night- and I remember as a kid going over there and they’d have all those lame- ass old shows on. They just never had the good stuff we do today 🙂

                Yeah my internet bill is seriously out of control. I have to call em because some promo I had expired and the bill shot up, so I don’t know what the deal is but they have seriously jacked their prices. and I don’t even have cable! I hate calling them but it has to be done, I’m getting bilked somewhere. Sigh. And yes- they are like sheep. They’ve even proven it! They did that study where Republicans had a dim view of Putin and Russia, but then when Trump came along and was pro- Putin their voter impressions of Putin shot way up. Higher than Obama! Tell me that’s not scary. But I keep reading these articles that say that it’s not issues that they vote on. They vote for party, no matter WHO the nominee is. They think of themselves as a Republican so they’ll vote for Trump, no matter what he does. So whenever I think why aren’t they voting in their interest, why don’t they care about x issue or y issue, I gotta remember- they really don’t give a shit about x or y. They’re going on personality and grievance, basically. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

                Blade Runner’s weird, so you’re not like, really, missing anything? I like the visual aesthetic of it- I love cyberpunk and the whole futuristic thing so visually it’s the bomb- but the story is weird at times and just whatever. You’ll see what I mean if you ever see it. You DO need an intervention though! Okay so- have you seen movies like Halloween? I saw a lot of those movies growing up but I won’t even watch that shit today. I like to be scared but not in a slasher way? Did you guys see movies like that growing up? And I would totally want a Rover.

                “must intervene” that’s awesome. 🙂 Yes if they’re not bloodthirsty enough step in there and ramp up the violence! Blood must have blood!! None of this hippy nonsense. And I thought Derrick was her partner, definitely. Sure seemed like they were a thing. And yeah- when DID Jasper take the chip? Hmm. And Harper- why not? It’s the end of the world, and she likes Monty- go for it, I say! Monty would never make the first move. He was shocked!

                It’s been a pretty awesome event, from what I’ve seen. And coool you’re having company, always fun! Sushi and wine sounds pretty good! I’ve never had sushi, can you believe it? I feel like I’ve grown up in barbarian lands…

  23. You’re right, Bell did tell Clarke that ! And then they had to pull the lever. Man the guilt they must carry around (listen to me, like they’re real people)! And YES lol Bell did say that and it was awesome. He’s all like well bitch chose wrong! Those two HAVE to get together because who else would know them like each other does? You know, love born from adversity, mutual attraction, and… killing. Hard to beat! Although I do kinda feel for Luna- she clearly does NOT want to be commander, she’s made it her mission to take in the pacifist Grounders (which, frankly, it’s comforting to know there are some), she’s got the rig- it would actually suck for her to step back into that world. But then again, like you say, she doesn’t have much choice? As the last Nightblood?

    Yeah Cassie and Deac are kinda fascinating b/c of the opposites thing- she starts out not wanting to kill and he’s like killmaster J. So they play around with role like that on this show, like the role reversal of Cole and Cassie in S2, where all of a sudden she’s like the mission is all and he’s like hold on a minute. If anything they do it maybe TOO much? I watched the Spearhead episode tonight where Katarina kills everyone and takes the core, and we find out that whats-his-name DID cure the third mutation. So she’s VERY ruthless, and sometimes they play it down and she’s just this driven do-gooder, and other times we’re reminded she’ll sacrifice pretty much anyone to get her daughter back. Which I think is paramount for her over anything else. She’s not really a good guy? And I think you have that right- Tall Man is her son, if I recall. She shows up later and we find out more.

    Yes Kane showed great restraint! Ha ha she gave it away a little with her, um, enthusiasm. And I never thought of that- does the CoL see all that? Yikes! And ah Roma! Okay- I’m so bad at keeping the names straight, which is weird cause usually I’m pretty good at that stuff? And Dax- makes sense. He looked way too old lol. And doesn’t it just mirror our society to an alarming degree???

    He’s 30??? Wow- he looks so young! I had no idea.

    Those afghans are the best, no question. Just so cozy and colorful! Perfect for a night in watching TV. And I don’t think my grandparents ever had cable either. My grandma on my dad’s side would watch Jeopardy every night- and I remember as a kid going over there and they’d have all those lame- ass old shows on. They just never had the good stuff we do today 🙂

    Yeah my internet bill is seriously out of control. I have to call em because some promo I had expired and the bill shot up, so I don’t know what the deal is but they have seriously jacked their prices. and I don’t even have cable! I hate calling them but it has to be done, I’m getting bilked somewhere. Sigh. And yes- they are like sheep. They’ve even proven it! They did that study where Republicans had a dim view of Putin and Russia, but then when Trump came along and was pro- Putin their voter impressions of Putin shot way up. Higher than Obama! Tell me that’s not scary. But I keep reading these articles that say that it’s not issues that they vote on. They vote for party, no matter WHO the nominee is. They think of themselves as a Republican so they’ll vote for Trump, no matter what he does. So whenever I think why aren’t they voting in their interest, why don’t they care about x issue or y issue, I gotta remember- they really don’t give a shit about x or y. They’re going on personality and grievance, basically. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

    Blade Runner’s weird, so you’re not like, really, missing anything? I like the visual aesthetic of it- I love cyberpunk and the whole futuristic thing so visually it’s the bomb- but the story is weird at times and just whatever. You’ll see what I mean if you ever see it. You DO need an intervention though! Okay so- have you seen movies like Halloween? I saw a lot of those movies growing up but I won’t even watch that shit today. I like to be scared but not in a slasher way? Did you guys see movies like that growing up? And I would totally want a Rover.

    “must intervene” that’s awesome. 🙂 Yes if they’re not bloodthirsty enough step in there and ramp up the violence! Blood must have blood!! None of this hippy nonsense. And I thought Derrick was her partner, definitely. Sure seemed like they were a thing. And yeah- when DID Jasper take the chip? Hmm. And Harper- why not? It’s the end of the world, and she likes Monty- go for it, I say! Monty would never make the first move. He was shocked!

    It’s been a pretty awesome event, from what I’ve seen. And coool you’re having company, always fun! Sushi and wine sounds pretty good! I’ve never had sushi, can you believe it? I feel like I’ve grown up in barbarian lands…

    • I do hope that my blog is not being rude again. But yes, I feel like Bellamy HAD to have that in the back of his mind, all those preschool kids, when he pulled the lever. And wait, they are NOT real?! The horror ? But I think that as actors they do have to draw on all that stuff, the past crap, to make their reactions real. You have such a good point about them getting together! I mean, can you even imagine either of them on like, a date with some rando? “Well, there was this one time that I did kiiiind of have to irradiate an entire society, but these things happen on the ground.” NO. They need each other. HA murder IS the hallmark to any healthy relationship, obviously.

      And yeah, I DO get the Luna thing- it would suck, obviously. But… think of all the things other people did that they really did not want to have to do, you know? You just deal with it to save all of the freaking human race. Plus, she could have vanquished ALIE and gone back- Clarke would have been down.

      OH yeah when Katarina did that and then destroyed the cure? SO ruthless. She really isn’t the good guy- in one of the S2 episodes she even says that she isn’t, but that at least her cause “aligns with saving billions of lives” or something- she was talking to Ramse about how his… well, you know, kills everyone. So she basically admits she’s in it for selfish reasons, but that it happens to also be for the greater good luckily. I like that she owns up to it. They do take Cassie a bit too far, I think. Maybe had they given us more scenes of whatever the hell happened with her and Deacon? Though he IS kind of growing on me, which is weird because he is such an asshole haha. Olivia is dead now! Does she stay dead? Is Aaron really the Witness, or are they just messing with Cassie? So many things happening!

      I watched that episode with Abby and Kane last night, and I cringed. Like there is just NO WAY that Abby would be like “oh I am so distraught over Clarke, which obviously leads to my randomly jumping on you”. Nope. She’d never do that. Kane knows her devotion to Clarke well enough to know THAT. I do love that the only thing that makes him take the chip is HER though. Clarke wouldn’t even take it to save Abby, but Kane did, and that’s all kinds of devotion. I mean… I assume that the CoL sees it, since they all saw where Jasper was, and where Raven was. But maybe only if they’re looking? Still… ew. I think it WAS Dax- I looked at his face a lot while I watched it, and he does resemble Gillmer for sure. And Roma and Bree are easy to mix up because of their antics hahah. And yep, Chris is 30! Which is funny because Monty is supposed to be one of the younger ones- in the script, he and Jasper are written as 15! Most of them are at least 30 actually, which is why the time jump might be the best option. How long were we to believe they were teenagers?

      HA my grandparents watched Jeopardy too! Came on right after Wheel of Fortune. I won’t lie, I enjoyed both of them 😀 . My grandmother watched the ABC soap operas every single day without fail, too. My grandpa and I would make fun of all the characters, and she’d get so salty- and she never got mad, but you just didn’t mess wither her “stories”. My favorite was how they’d watch the Polka show on PBS- and then dance in their living room. It was funny, but it was also such relationship goals!

      Damn, you do have to get that straightened out, that is bullshit. I hate when they do that nonsense with deals, and then they expire and somehow your rates end up like, 3 times what they should have been to begin with. WHOA. So all the people polled needed was some OTHER Republican to say “nah, Putin’s cool” and they were all in!?! That is downright terrifying! I absolutely think they only vote on party. Which in a sense, I have been guilty of too, I guess, because I can’t see any circumstance under which I’d vote for a Republican? But I also do try to keep up with the issues, and I just happen to be vehemently against what Republicans stand for. I mean- I’ll put it this way: If Trump decided to be a Democrat next week, I’d not vote for him. I woULD vote for the Republican candidate. I guess it’s where the big divide in the Republican party comes from, really. I have read pieces by people who are staunch Republicans but DID vote for Hillary because HELL NO to Trump. But so, so many of them did vote for Trump because of party name only. It’s mind boggling. How the hell do they justify that? Can you imagine? They sound like such idiots.

      Ha NOPE never saw Halloween either! Ironically, I would probably be MORE likely to watch them today? I was a real scaredy cat as a kid. And a rule follower. My mom would be fine with me watching like, an R rated movie and I’d be aghast, like “but I’m not 17!” ?

      I downloaded a mod, but didnt have time to play last night- but I promise i will tonight so I can hopefully have some fun shit to share. The mod also lets you revive people. So like, if someone kills Clarke, I can get a do-over. But if no one kills Riley, I can make it happen. I really can’t wait to play Riley, to see what a fucking mess he is as a person. I can’t figure out when he took it- must have been while Luna killed Derrick, maybe? Maybe even to protect the kid? I do wish they’d told us. And yeah, she was too upset for Derrick to just be a rando! And RIGHT with Harper? I need to learn a few things from this girl ? Monty would never have said anything in a million years, so it IS good that she went for it. I wonder if Raven’s “finally” was just in regards to Monty hooking up in general ?

      Yes, it should be fun! Val usually comes about once a year, and it’s so nice to see her! You’ve NEVER had sushi!? Okay. We need to have like… a double intervention. With ALL the sushi and ALL the movies. (But still wine because why not add wine?)

      • Nah it was me. 🙂 And I know- you can’t just date ANYBODY when you have history like that. I mean, come on. Shared experience? I mean one of our fave characters participated in a slaughter of 300 people- and we love the guy. Because reasons! And Clarke would be like that bitch wouldn’t take the chip so I was gonna MAKE her take it! The horrified date would be like gahh seriously? And Clarke would be like, yeah, why not? Just another day on the ground (love that, by the way). Horrified date would say but it would have only been temporary, right? Right?? And Clarke smirks as she says fuck no, that shit fuses to your brainstem baby and you got that shit for life. It has these little filaments, you know, that work their way into your nervous syst… hey where ya going? We just got started here? I’m nice, really!!!!! …………………Dating is tough……………….

        Yeah Luna wouldn’t have had to STAY commander, would she? That’s a possibility. Course it’s all moot now since death conclave and global firestorm.

        Katarina- yup. She does some stuff in S4 and I bitched about in my recaps, but now rewatching- and talking to you about it- I realize that I kinda forgot how ruthless she can be. Maybe it wasn’t so out of character? Interesting to see what you think when you get there. Olivia does not stay dead, her best moments are to come. They’ve hardly scratched the surface with her. Aaron I don’t want to say too much but he is NOT the big bad by any means. That’s a little more complicated, as to who the REAL ultimate mastermind is. And I like deacon too. In fact as I rewatch I realize how little Jennifer is in these. By later in the show she’s huge.

        Kane taking the chip is maybe the real beginning of Kabby? For realz? It was hard to watch but amazing too because they have come SO far. 15? Wow. Delinquents indeed lol. You know I’m a lot more interested in the CoL this time around, like I want to know more? Maybe spend more time there (although I know the finale does take us there with Clarke/ Lexa)- speaking of, I’m so pumped I’m almost done with S3! I’m finding S1 is giving S2 a run for its money as my favorite season, and I’m liking S3 more than I remembered, so this rewatch has been all kinds of fun. And useful for jogging my memory!

        I had a friend whose mom watched ALL the soap operas- taped em every day. And Wheel of Fortune- oh my gosh right? Those two shows! Without fail. And yeah Jeopardy is cool. My grandparents on my dad’s side watched re- runs of The Lawrence Welk show too. I thought it soooooo boring. But looking back they had their things, you know?

        I think it’s his personality and brashness. If Paul Ryan said Putin is great, they’d be like yeah whatever. But someone like Trump comes along and “says it like it is” – in other words, code for let’s go back to the 50’s- and all the blue collar disgrunted whites are like fuck yeah. MAGA, man. Putin ain’t so bad, at least he’s not a black commie who wasn’t born here. I think it’s the people who don’t really follow issues or care because they’re too “busy”. You know because the game is on and they got beer in the fridge. I mean I don’t mean to be snobbish but they don’t care about issues- they don’t have an opinion on, say, the Iran deal because Fox News will tell them what to think about it.

        You were a good kid. 🙂 That’s good though, I feel like we were too for the most part although we did take a few liberties with curfews and prowling around the neighborhood at night and stuff like that. I feel like Halloween’s a classic although I don’t really want to watch it again- I might be more of a baby NOW oddly enough. I love a good scare but bloody slasher stuff, not my thing. Course stuff is probably worse now- SAW and all that shit, I never go see those. No way lol.

        Ooh updates are coming! 🙂 Reviving is good, in case the wrong Sim gets offed. Riley though- yeah he’s a jerk. Maybe someone will use him for target practice. Lexa’s got that sword- maybe she’ll take him out. Dead man walking ha ha? Any surprising friendships cooking up? Harper- i like that she’s no wilting flower. If she likes a guy she just goes and tells ’em. Didn’t work for Jasper, did for Monty. *shrug* Girl owns it. And ooh yeah what IF that’s what Raven meant? Hoot I love it!!

        I never have. And I know, right? As much as I love trying Asian- style food, it’s weird I’ve never had it. It’s embarrassing really. I clearly need an intervention for this life failure! And even though I don’t know from experience, I’m assuming sushi and wine go well together? (Who am I kidding, wine is always good lol)

        • Bwhahah kind of makes the dating struggle of mere mortals seem… tame by comparison ? The real question is, would Clarke’s date take her side in the stealing of the bunker? That could possibly sway her, since we know Bellamy is not a fan of THAT particular decision. But I suppose she ends up looking pretty good, since she did basically sacrifice herself for her friends at the end.

          I assume they could have extracted the AI like they did with Clarke, right? It seemed easy enough! Plus, Luna could have ended the whole “Blood Must Have Blood” once and for all. But she didn’t. Because she was selfish. I stand by her being one of my least favorite characters on the show (which is funny, because I did like her during the start of S4- but now… no.)

          Oh shit, Katarina’s going to get worse!? Damn. That’s okay, I still like her anyway. She provides the snark, and I will love anyone who brings the snark. Oh YAY I am glad that Olivia will be back- though I was also kind of excited when she died because she was being a real bitch. But I do want to see more from her character, so I’ll take it. I am SO relieved that Aaron isn’t the big bad. I don’t think I could have believed him in that role, honestly. He’s too… annoying and unimportant. I’m glad there’s more Jennifer too, I like her. She’s such a unique and complicated character. I’m back to liking Ramse for the moment, but I have a feeling that won’t last, sad.

          I think it really is the beginning of full-fledged Kabby. Like- their kiss was so… quick, and they didn’t even know if they’d see each other again, so it was more of an uncertainty, but him taking the chip- and actually, ALIE knowing that it would make him take the chip was pretty interesting too- just like she knew Clarke would take it to save Bellamy 😀 I am glad you’re liking S3 more. I kind of am too? I don’t really mind it as much in rewatches, I think because it goes so quickly. I agree though, I do wish we got to see more of the inner workings of the CoL- like more scenes of Jasper wandering around Vancouver eating ice cream hahah.

          My mom used to tape the soaps too! When I was in high school, I taped All My Children- both of my grandmas and my mom watched it so I kind of got into it? And then on Sundays, the only day I didn’t have swimming, I would binge them hah. I stopped watching them in college, I just didn’t care enough anymore. EW the Lawrence Welk show ? That is not something I could handle. Every time I think about it, I think of the SNL skit with Kristin Wiig and the tiny hands haha. And Betty White was in it I think once. Jeopardy is fun because I want to answer all the questions and see how much useless trivia I know, of course 🙂

          You have a point about Trump’s personality. I do wonder if someone more… sane, let’s say sane, told them the same shit, if they’d listen? Like Ryan NOW wouldn’t have the impact, but what if he was president (I know, a nightmare scenario similar to this one, but for the sake of example)? Would they blindly follow him too? Granted, Trump DID rile them all up, so I think they’re certainly more feisty than they’d be otherwise. It’s sad, but I think you’re right. They don’t even WANT to look into the issues, and I bet that if they had to provide ANY knowledge on any of these things, gun to their heads they couldn’t. It’s almost MORE infuriating too. Because like- if someone believes in it, at least you can argue that they’re fighting for what they think is right. But here, it’s just…. blind followers, doing whatever someone tells them, because they have no desire to think for themselves. Gross, really.

          I WAS good in high school, but after I high school I started to… try to take liberties too hah. Nothing bad- I was still a complete goody-goody- but I did grow out of the being scared all the time thing. I think it was partially because I was so young in high school (started freshman year at 13, so yeah) and then when I was in college I was 17, and like, JUST started feeling like I could push the limits. The irony is though, my parents really didn’t care. I had a virtual liquor cabinet in my bedroom closet, but no one cared. I’d lie about where I was going, but my mom KNEW I was lying, and didn’t care (because I was literally just going to a different friend’s house- but it was far away and I didn’t want her to tell me no hah). One of my college roommates called it my “I Wanna Be Bad” phase (do you remember that song from the early 2000s? She used to sing it to me when I was trying to be a “rebel” ?) but everyone laughed because it was just stuff every normal person did.

          OH I saw Saw in the theater. That was… a fucking mistake. The thing with those movies is, there’s no real plot or anything, it’s just for gore and shock value, and I am not interested in that. Like I want to see some movies that are really creepy, and will Idk, mess me up psychologically. I hate the newer shit, I have no intentions of watching those ever again.

          UPDATES, I have them! I did zero blogging last night so I could play hah. Harper and Clarke are like, BFFs. Idk if it could blossom into romance? O and Murphy have been chatting a lot too. For awhile, she was talking to Jasper, but they weren’t feeling each other, sad. Monty and Raven have kissed! Echo and ALIE are buddying up, too which is… surprising. I am trying to figure out how the hell to share all the pictures I took hah. Okay- this link should work- https://imgur.com/a/KOuaM

          To be fair, Harper dodged a damn bullet with Jasper. So… she should be thanking her lucky stars that it didn’t work. With Monty, I loved that she was like, nervous too- seemed so realistic. Because who wouldn’t be terrified? If I was Harper I’d be basically shaking. Actually no, I’d have run away and pretended that the door really did need to be locked or whatever because I am a chicken, and then curse myself later for being gutless ? Especially because I wouldn’t have any kind of “nobody has tried to kill us for two days” line to start with. Though technically, no one HAS tried to kill me for two days… ? Frustrating that even in the apocalypse, that shit is never easy!

          Speaking of! I saw a video on Chelsey’s Instagram, and she and Chris did a live video (I didn’t see it live but it was so cute!) So now I have no idea if I ship Marper, but I definitely ship Chrisley and want it to be a thing 😀 She made him underwear (actually- she made them matching underwear!)for his birthday that said “The Full Monty” and have a big old picture of his face ?

          Ah, I think if you like Asian food you would like sushi. I didn’t try it until I was in my late 20s probably? It seemed scary and weird, but then when I did, I realized that I needed to make up for ALL the missed sushi in my life. So yes, you see why an intervention is necessary? And then you need to make up for lost sushi time 😀 And I actually never have had sushi and wine together, how weird is that? I always get a cocktail if I go out because I cannot make that for myself at home (well, I *could* but why bother when I can open a bottle of wine?) But yes, wine goes with literally everything, so sushi and wine is perfect! This should be an actual thing that happens, tbh.

          • Yeah at least there’d be no lack of interesting conversation! Debating such ethical minefields. #bunkergrab is a great topic- yea or nay. Clarke has so much to work with, really. 🙂 And Bellamy’s date would be like dude, I see through you in like 1.5 seconds. The way he talks about Clarke *smirk* she’d be like why are you even on this date? Ooh what would a dating profile look like for those two?? There’s a post idea for ya!

            Luna was pretty meh for me the first time around. This time I actually feel for her pacifistic tendencies and I can totally get her wanting to live away from Grounder society on the rig. However I also know she didn’t really want to help, and she goes batshit crazy at the end of S4, so by that point I’ll be like fuck her again. I just feel like she could have been more… that little flirtation they gave us re: her and Raven still has me wondering…

            I loved it when Olivia died because I didn’t really admire her character all that much and I think doesn’t Jennifer leave her to die or something? Or she breaks her legs? I’m fuzzy. But after Olivia kills it in S4 I’m like a fan now, and SO glad she came back. Katarina is Katarina- she stays pretty true to her character I think. I like her too. You’ll know what I mean when you hit S4- there’s just like a shift that threw me off, kinda like when Cassie became special agent badass in S2 rather… abruptly. I watched the episode last night where Ramse goes back in time because of his kid, the whole Tokyo thing, and I’m like really? He sits in jail for like 7 years and then becomes like Olivia’s pal? I’m just not buying that? Ramse has always been problematic for me on this show. It seems like they have enough going on without needing to always play that “we’re brothers but we’re constantly on opposite sides” angle – yawn.

            Jasper in the CoL- no doubt! Finally happy. Almost a shame to drag him out, really. And so much happens in S3 so fast, I have to agree. Even when this show is not at its best it’s better than most anything else I watch. I mean I never look at the run time or wonder when it’ll be over- there’s something about it that grabs me every time.

            Jeopardy *agrees* if they have a topic I actually know I feel all badass. Like I know this shit. Then they’ll ask a question in that topic and I… won’t get it. Fuckers. 🙂

            It is frustrating to have the know- nothings decide our fate, you know? Like the Iran thing- all his seasoned advisors and the military people said certify it, because Iran is living up to their side, but he hates the agreement even though he doesn’t REALLY know what’s in it. And Obama negotiated it. So his ego/ hatred for Obama leads him to fuck around with a deal that’s pretty important. On just about every issue they’re dismantling stuff that affects people, and Fox News isn’t going to say that so the people who voted for him may not even know what’s he’s doing. Or they might agree with it, which is even scarier lol.

            Ha I remember that song! And 13 is YOUNG to start high school. And you know this might sound weird but it’s nice to know there were kids out there who weren’t wasted every second or being assholes. I mean it seemed that way at my school? We were a middle class school, not a rough area by any means, but IDK everyone seemed like they were partying all the time? Except for a very few quiet kids/ smart kids, you know? Maybe it was just our school. Or I was probably only seeing part of the picture. So your liquor collection 🙂 did you drink a lot? I wasn’t a heavy drinker, just when we like went to parties or whatever. My dad had a whole liquor shelf downstairs with a little bar area, and we surprisingly didn’t raid it like at all. We did go out and buy beer though. There was this party store dump that was notorious for selling to minors. Dale’s market lol. You’d go in there and get your stuff and he’s just ring you up and off you went. He did get busted though and closed down eventually.

            I can’t do SAW and stuff like that. I mean I’m not squeamish particularly but I don’t SEEK out gore either, you know? Like why would I? So yeah… I like suspense though and a creepy mystery, just not the shock stuff.

            Oh my gosh is that Harper and Clarke in the top pic? That place looks awesome! Are they having a coffee klatch? If that turns into a romance, I would be down with that. O and Murphy? I like it. Monty and Raven???? Gah. Is that deathmask Echo in the second one- with the bigass sword? Damn. And Emori looks totally like on the show. Who is towel dude with the fucking bunny slippers? Get out!!! That is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

            Harper did dodge a bullet! Jasper just would have been no good for her. And yes it would be hard to throw yourself out there, especially after she got a little burned by Jasper. That was a good line though *need help locking the door* pleeeaaazzzee… I wonder if Raven knew right away? 🙂 And it WOULD be hard, apocalypse or not…

            And oh I saw a tweet about that but never made it to check it out. They must be enjoying their newfound shiphood? I love that they’re embracing it, but you know from what I’ve seen, they look like two really fun people. The whole crew does, really. I wonder though if this gives us a clue that Marper stays together? I’m probably reading too much into that, but ???

            “make up” food YES when I first started eating Chinese food regularly (college probably?) I wanted it ALL the time. I totally get that. So are there like spicy varieties and mild? I know actually NOTHING about sushi. I feel like (which is weird since I haven’t had it) a mixed drink and sushi would go well together? But wine definitely would too. I need to make trying sushi a priority, clearly. And the scary part is, what if I love it? I like most of the Asian food I’ve tried, but I feel like sushi is different? I need to know now. 🙂

            • Now the real question is, will Clarke or Bellamy ever admit to being in the wrong about bunkergrab? (Let’s be real, Bellamy should NOT ever admit it, but he probably would before Clarke would haha.) HA you are so right- the girl would be like “why do you keep talking about this other girl? I’m out of here!” Um, dating profiles for these characters is basically the best idea EVER. I wonder how time consuming it would be, because I am seriously considering it. Maybe not this month, because time, but yes- it’s genius!!

              It’s so funny, we’re like, opposite when it comes to Luna! I liked her the first time around. Even when she was awful at the end, I kind of felt for her. But after watching it a couple times… nah, I am pissed at everything she does. Except maybe cuddling Raven. I mean, of course I DO understand her wanting to live on the rig. But if someone told you right now that you could save the world and actually it’d be pretty easy… you’d do it. So that part just… nope, selfish. I agree, I think it’s weird that they started the whole thing with her and Raven, and then just killed her. Guess they had to do SOMETHING with her before O offed her.

              Yeah Jennifer basically killed Olivia! She like, threw her over a railing maybe? Idk but yeah it was fantastic. I am looking forward to her return now, though! I just saw Sam get zapped to the red forest. That was good times. I kind of loved the scene with Katarina and Ramse- like they finally understood each other? It was sad, but brilliant. Also, SO sad that Kat’s boyfriend died! They were so freaking CUTE together. I agree about the Ramse/Tokyo thing. It was so…. strange. Like I get that he loves his son, but he also literally just met the kid. And Idk how that would work, but it just seems weird. I keep waiting for the moment that I will hate Ramse. I don’t want it to come!

              YES- that is an amazing point. Even my least favorite episode of The 100 is better than basically any other episode of any show. I know when I watch the new episodes, I get so confused because I feel like it’s been 10 minutes but the show is over! I think Jasper would have lived in the CoL forever. I don’t think he would have even cared if he lost his memories, which is really quite sad.

              YEP you’re so right. I think that is possibly the most infuriating part, that you realize that the actual dumbest people in our country are making decisions about the future right now. And it is extra awful because you know that the ramifications for every one of this bullshit decisions made just to taunt Obama or Dems or whoever are going to cause us trouble for decades to come. So because one melting orange piece of shit is on some narcissistic ego trip, we all get to deal with the aftermath. The only silver lining (and it’s a small one) is that they will absolutely all be the villains in our history. From Trump to Fox to the dumbasses with the MAGA hats.

              That’s so funny that your high school was like that! Because when I watch movies or read contemporary YA, I’m like… are most people’s schools actually like this!? It sounds like yours was for sure! Like- people partied I’m sure in my school, and I even knew people who did, but I just… didn’t. Nor did my friends. It helped that the other girls on my team were, for the most part, really serious about swimming. So we just ate a lot ? Like “going out” for us always meant spending ALL the money on food because swimming is a hungry sport. I don’t even think my brother’s school had a ton of parties? Like when he was a senior he went out sometimes, but really not that often, and he was definitely one of the popular kids.

              Ah yes, the liquor cabinet. Funnily, no, I didn’t even drink that much? Like- I started very late, and my problem was the other people I was drinking with had apparently been drinking since they were… Idk, 7 it seemed like. These people could drink in ways I cannot even fathom. So before I understood that their limits and my limits were very much NOT the same thing, I overdid it. Buut I didn’t drink often, because I always felt like shit afterward. So yeah, same, only at parties and such. And they weren’t even actual parties usually (I hated those- a bunch of randos in my personal space is never fun) but swim team parties (shocking, I know). Did your college to the whole Greek life thing? There was a swimmer frat at ours, and sometimes I’d end up having to go there, but escaping quickly to someone’s room so we didn’t have to be near the randos hah. In Pennsylvania, they literally just started selling beer and wine in grocery stores this summer. So anything you bought had to come from a state liquor store. There was zero chance of not being carded AND scanned. So your only hope was to find a friend who was over 21 basically. That’s actually how I ended up with so damn much liquor- every time my friend went, I had her pick up stuff “just in case” and then never drank it hahah. I still have a ton of shit I never drank- including a bottle of vodka from Russia that I am saving for a “special occasion”, whatever THAT will be 😀 And I think… I think I don’t feel sorry for Dale, he probably had it coming? But then I kind of DO because I think our drinking laws are archaic, and if we’d make alcohol less taboo, kids would be less likely to overdo it.

              Yeah, Saw was ALL for the disgustingness of it. There was no storyline, no character development, it was just all trying to make one thing more awful and gross than the next. So not only was it nasty, but it was boring! Suspense and creepy are good, I agree. I could live without vulgar and gross for no reason.

              YEP that is Clarke and Harper! I reallly have a feeling it will become a romance- they can’t seem to get enough of each other! I actually just moved them out of their house into a bigger house- I want to get them all the comforts of life they’ve been denied hahah. YEP that is Echo with the sword! And Jasper is in the towel with the bunny slippers because of COURSE he is hahah.

              Ugh, can you even imagine having to deal with Jasper all the time? She’d have been constantly saving his ass! Seriously, I imagine her confidence would have been… dented with the Jasper thing. Especially because it had really only been a couple months. Monty was clearly the better choice anyway, good move Harper. You’d think (hope, maybe?) that at the end of the world, you’d be too busy… Idk, “living life to the fullest” or some such nonsense to worry about the consequences of putting yourself out there? But no, apparently words are still impossible at the end of time, too. WHY? ?

              They do seem to be really loving their shiphood! And fans like it too, and I think they are into it- especially Chelsey. Chris is so quiet, but you can tell he wants to make the fans happy anyway. They actually had one of the crew members pop in, too. And every single person kept asking where Bob was, or if Chris and Chelsey shipped Bellarke. It was pretty amusing. I really hope that if Marper doesn’t stay together, they can at least become best friends or something. Monty needs someone.

              Oh my goodness, I did the same thing with Chinese! I didn’t used to eat it much, my parents almost never did take out, but my grandma and I started going for it sometimes on the weekends and then I could not stop! So yes, it is definitely a thing haha. There are spicy ones! Those are my favorite. And then some that are just basically fish and rice, and then some that have other shit in them (I won’t lie, I avoid the ones with random, unidentifiable shit)- I know some are avocado, some are cream cheese, but usually it will tell you what is in it. And if you DO love it, then it’s a problem because that stuff can get expensive. And then if you add the cocktails… hahha. Really though, you should wait until the next time I come to Michigan, for it would be awfully sad if I missed the sushi (and the cocktails, never forget those) 😀

              • I want that bunkergrab conversation! Specifically with Clarke admitting she was wrong lol. And yeah dating profiles would be the BEST! I can’t wait to see em.

                Ha Luna! Yeah she has problems, can’t really argue with the selfishness because yup she just decided I’m gonna kill everyone instead of save everyone. I get that she lost Derrick and that little girl but still… plus she killed Roan who I liked, so that’s a strike against her. And Raven. I mean, am I reading too much into that little clench they did? It seemed like way more affectionate than a standard hug or here lean on me I’ll support you kinda thing. More like a hmmm we need to get more acquianted kinda thing if you ask me. 🙂

                If you don’t hate Ramse yet, you might not? He irritated me pretty early on. You must be what about halfway through S2, or are you even farther? I was reading the wiki last night a little since it’s been a couple years since I’ve watched these older episodes. Fairly complicated. You can almost kinda see where they were going this way, then maybe they change their mind and went that way. And yeah Kat’s BF… sigh. Love’s a tough game.

                You know about Trump I was reading Andrew sullivan last night and he made a point that watching Trump in interviews, he seems less coherent and with it than even the usual incoherence. Which got me thinking- you know the guy’s 71 right? And he’s notorious for not sleeping a lot? Gets up early, tweets, stays up late. So how well do you think that’s gonna go with the most stressful job in the world? Making decisions about N Korea FFS. Someone else said that no one over there is very interested in giving him bad news either right now, like when people disagree with him, because he flips out and screams at people. I mean look how gray Obama got and he was like 45 or something.

                I do sometimes think it was my school. Like I’m sure there were others like it, but apparently not all? Or maybe I just got sucked into that lifestyle because from like 10th or 11th grade on we were ALWAYS drinking. Not necessarily drunk off our ass every time, but drinking you know? And there were always parties. Not like shit on TV though- nobody danced at parties! People just hung out, drank, laughed, you know it was just good times. But I don’t want my kids doing that shit right? Ha ha and I know my cousin who lived in a school district nearby didn’t do ANY of that stuff. So I guess it’s just who you hang out with and what you choose.

                I went to a fairly small local university, so no real Greekage there. I did hang out at Michigan State a bit though, and did see some of that lifestyle. I actually didn’t have a lot of experience with it, and when I moved to that area I worked with a dude who was in the frat. they actually ran naked down Grand River Ave one night around midnight, like IDK 30-40 guys? They were all going to meet at Kinko’s or somewhere and then disperse. Sean was like wanna go? I was like, no, I’m good lol. Leaving now *snort*

                Dale… we loved it even though deep down I was like dude some kids gonna get in an accident or something cause you sold him beer. We still bought though. Girls would occasionally hang out in the parking lot and ask guys to buy for them- and the guys would feel all important then. Ah high school… too funny.

                Jasper! He’s the bomb. Those bunny slippers killed me. And Clarke/ Harper- so interesting! Never would have thought. Nice that you’re taking such good care of them, given their former hardscrabble existence. I guess life on the ground has improved some! And I think it’s amazing you have deathmask Echo! Fucking awesome.

                And that reminds me of Monty and Harper up on the cliff in S4? I feel like Monty’d hold his own if he had to, where Harper wouldn’t have to save his ass every 5 mins? although Jasper did shoot up the guys in the trees back in S1- but I still don’t think he’s the kickass type, so yeah. And Jasper- man I love th guy but he would be SO high maintenance. I don’t think Harps would put up with that.

                With fans constanly clamoring about Bellarke, they must get a kick out of that. Unless they get sick of hearing about it? But I bet Jason keeps his cards close to the vest about what he plans for them eventually. Chelsey from what little I’ve seen does seem to enjoy the attention, which is nice. Did you see the pic on Twitter last week or something where some of the women were in a boat? Jessica Harmon was chilling in the back and they all just looked like they enjoy spending time together- I bet it’s an awesome crew!

                We never had Chinese growing up, or very rarely, and I don’t think my parents ever had sushi, so that’s probably why I never did. Once I started eating Chinese though… man I was hooked. Spicy food in general. I might like spicy sushi then. I need to educate myself on how sushi works lol. See if there’s a good place around here. And yes if you are in Michigan definitely! There has to be good sushi in Michigan? You’ll probably know better than me if your other friends in Michigan know all the places?? Although to be fair you have to watch some trashy movies (ooh ooh Point break. OK I’ll stop)!

                • I feel like Clarke will never admit to being wrong, she kind of seems like that type haha. Plus, I don’t think she thinks she was? I just finished S3 last night so I am excited to get to the newest episodes! As for Luna, of course losing her whole damn clan IS a big deal, and I definitely can see why it would make her act irrationally, but she was selfish and refused to help before ANY of them died. And I don’t know about her and Raven, it DID seem way more than just a friend hugging a friend, I agree. But they had to have known at that point that they were killing her off, right? Maybe it was just to throw US off, so we’d be thinking she was getting more of a storyline, when in fact she was getting a sword to the abdomen ?

                  I think I am on S2 Episode 8 maybe? I just watched Lullaby (I remember the name because of Katarina singing to Hannah in 2020!) and damn. That episode was SO good. I LOVED Jennifer in it- she was hilarious every time Cole came back to the holding cell. And them saving Hannah was genius and glorious. But I was so MAD at Cassie for pulling away from Cole at the end. Felt like some shitty thing Bellarke would do to postpone endgame and I was not amused.

                  Oh yeah, I think Trump’s age and general physical health (or lack thereof) HAS to be a factor. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he was in the early stages of dementia, based on his behavior. I mean, my great grandma started chasing squirrels around her neighborhood with knives and we knew she had to go to the home. This dude has the nuclear codes so maybe someone should intervene? In seriousness, his behavior IS disturbing- and not that of someone who has possession of all their faculties. I mean, it’s proven that aging people with cognitive disorders can lash out, be vicious, etc. And you’re right- look at what it did to Obama, a young healthy man. Trump is very much neither. I had to look up how old Pence was (you know, just in case hah) and he is only 58!? Damn, I assumed he was a lot older. Maybe it’s his beady eyes and the fact that he’s probably possessed by Satan, idk.

                  I think some of it definitely has to do with school- some schools in our area had reputations for being more… rowdy than others hah. And there didn’t even seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, it just… was? I also think it probably DID happen more than I was aware of, too. You know, it also seemed to vary a lot by class year? Like- the year ahead of me, those kids were always in trouble. And then a few years behind me, I would hear from friends about all the awful shit people were doing. So maybe it’s just luck of the draw? OH! And seriously, why are people always dancing in movies and TV? I always found that to be highly unrealistic!

                  I am DYING at that story! I love how he asked you as though it was a totally normal thing that people did on the regular ? I think my school was pretty small- I googled because I wasn’t sure, and it told me that there are around 3600 undergraduates. THEN it told me that 12% are involved in Greek life. That seems like a lot, doesn’t it? My college best friend was going to pledge a sorority and it was so awful. Her mom and I finally convinced her to stop, but it was so damn unhealthy. It was literally like the shit you’d see in movies- they’d have them strip down to their underwear and let the frat guys draw on the “flaws” with sharpie and shit. She cried for months. It was so disgusting. And the frats weren’t much better. They weren’t as mean to their pledges, but they made them do a lot of unhealthy stuff. Also, I hated my college. Did you like yours?

                  Seriously, Dale is probably lucky that no one died. Because let’s be real, they would have ratted him out in a second. I don’t really blame you, I’d have bought it too hahah. Not your fault that Dale made awful life choices!

                  If you like Jasper’s ensemble, wait until you see Riley. He sleeps on a bench in a clown costume. And yes, I like that they can experience some of the riches in life. I cheated, obviously, and entered the code where they get $50K immediately. Like, 10 times hahah. OH and Death Mask Echo was not easy to find! She actually only has the mask on half of her face, it was the best I could do, sadly. I still think her playing chess with ALIE is kind of amazing.

                  Oh YES good point about Monty! He DID really save the damn day in The Tinder Box when Riley was being an asshole. Because even though he isn’t like, super keen on fighting, he can use his mind, and that is more important anyway. And Jasper in S1, no one even knows if that was the right move, maybe he just fucked everything up hahhah. Harper would definitely not put up with his man-baby bullshit. Tbh, I don’t think Maya would have either. That was kind of the only time he really WAS a badass though- wonder if he would have continued down that path if she’d lived?

                  I think they’re under strict orders NOT to talk about ships. Apparently, back before I was wholly obsessed there was some kind of social media drama regarding who the cast members shipped so now they don’t talk about it. Per Jason’s orders, but I think he actually helped them there- they now have an excuse and everyone can just be salty with Jason. Chelsey does seem to really like it, which is good. I imagine that it’s hard for someone like Chris who loves his job, but doesn’t really want to be in the spotlight. I feel like I would be a total Chelsey, and just muck it up hah. I did see those pictures! It must be so, so fun. Can you imagine having a job where you get to do fun shit with your friends all day basically? They really DO seem to get along! Did you see the one at Canadian Thanksgiving? That was hilarious.

                  My parents have never had sushi either! And Chinese was very rare for us to have to- I think because where we lived when I was little was around literally nothing. The closest store was about 25 minutes away. There was one pizza place within about 30-40 minutes so the opportunity just wasn’t there. I like spicy stuff too- you’d probably like the spicy sushi. Like the plain stuff is good too but… spicier is always better hah. I think there MUST be decent sushi in Michigan- if there is decent sushi here, there has to be there. Holly won’t eat sushi, so she’ll be of no help. I tried to get her to try it every time we’ve gone to an event, but NOPE. And YES, I will definitely watch the trashy movies, it’s a deal. I mean, I daresay sushi, wine, AND a crappy surfer movie would be the perfect combination 😀

                  • Clarke is stubborn. Like I said the other day, I think she’s a good leader but if i was in her kru I’m not sure I would ever 100% trust her, you know? Ha ha I mean I’d watch my back. Because she will do whatever she feels she has to? Which is great unless you’re the one being sacrificed lol. And Luna/ Raven- I wonder if Twitter lit up about those two at the time, or were we the only ones to notice the grapple, er, whatever it was? Sometimes I think I read too much into that, but they did seem like they’d be interesting together???

                    Episode 8? Wow you’re flying! I need to get on my game. My problem is I’ve been trying to get ahead a bit on the blog, so I’ve watched less the last few days, plus I’ve got Dark Matter I’m trying to finish up. Although that’s less of a priority since it was canceled (damn them) so it doesn’t really matter now when I watch it. Plus I know it ends on a cliffhanger. And I never got to any episodes last night *sigh* I’m going to try and sneak 2 Monkeys episodes tonight yet, I’m almost done with S1. Jennifer is awesome, I feel like she really grew into that role, and Hannah is great too.

                    Lol about Pence. Check this out if you want- all about Pence. I find him creepy. He might be worse than trump?? https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/10/23/the-danger-of-president-pence

                    You might be right about certain grades. I know the class ahead of us were a bunch of yahoos. Well not ALL but you know… party central. Maybe that rubbed off on our class? And yes the dancing- sigh. Were these people ever at a high school party when they were young? I’ve never seen dancing. Even Riverdale did it and I thought they’d know better. Kills me.

                    Yeah Sean was one of these guys with that dry weird sense of humor- he WAS so casual about it. I was like are you shitting me? He was fun though. That’s sad about the sorority, I feel for the women who get treated that way. Talk about body image issues- if someone had them (and I’m sure the guys were drunk/ cruel to some extent?- that would certainly make it worse. My college was okay, it was local so I didn’t go away to school? I lived at home for a couple years and commuted, and still had friends around so it’s like I went for classes and left? I didn’t really have that immersive living on campus thing, you know? Which I think makes a huge difference? But it can also be bad not to be more plugged in? I skipped an entire month of one class because I was young and stupid, so maybe it’s good I didn’t go away to an expensive school since I apparently had some growing up to do yet lol.

                    A clown costume?? Did he seriously go buy that all on his own? You have to wonder about the programmers/ designers of that game- all the stuff they coded in for them to do. I saw another blogger mention how the characters would just randomly do all kinds of crazy stuff or something like that? How would you even program all that randomness??

                    I think Maya would have made Jasper better, maybe? Like give him a reason to be more serious? But right would she have been able to put up with him? I guess in a relationship we’d see how he evolved. Monty is so much more stable, yeah. Plus he’s got his mind, like Raven. And Jasper shooting into the trees- heh yeah I think he panicked, although maybe he saved Clarke’s life? Who knows. 🙂

                    I did not see Canadian Thanksgiving, but it sounds fun already! And oh man that would be fun to see them shipping online! I’m sorry I missed that actually! Although I can see where Jason probably took a dim view of that.

                    That’s funny about sushi- I get the impression it’s maybe a love/ hate thing for a lot of people? Like not a lot of in- between? I honestly don’t know where I would fall, my gut tells me I’m skeptical ha ha but your enthusiasm for it has me wondering. Like I fell in love with Chinese food, so maybe that would happen? Do you ever eat Thai food? I’ve had it a few times and I like it, but what I’ve gotten could pass for Chinese food probably. I don’t really eat the curries so maybe I don’t really know if I like it?? the place I go is supposed to be authentic and all that, but how would I know? Everything seems to get Americanized…

                    • I do agree about Clarke- I don’t think I’d want to follow her either. I think I’d honestly want to challenge her for power, so Idk what that says about me hah. And YES Twitter was aglow with the hope of Sea Mechanic! A lot of people really thought it was going to be a thing, not just us! Some people are still pissed hah.

                      OKAY Greg, why did you not tell me that MAYA was in this!??! As a HYENA!!? She was so epically badass, and frankly, this shows her range as an actress, I am quite impressed. I mean, she tried to shoot Cole FFS! Other than that, Hyena was not my fave. Like, Ramse and Cassie going to couple’s counseling and the Tall Man being creepy…. meh. BUT we also get to see that Olivia is alive, plus Jennifer was awesome. So I guess it was a mixed bag hah. It sucks that you KNOW that Dark Matter ends on a cliffhanger. I honestly don’t want to start watching it just because of that. Like- I don’t know if it’s better to know, and to know you’ll be disappointed, or be angry in the moment. Probably better to know, I guess. Good call getting ahead on blog stuff though. I am so behind, I don’t even know. Like, I knew this would be a slow week because of the event being over, but I’ll be lucky if I post twice, which is sad. Where are you in The 100?

                      Pence is infinitely more frightening than Trump. Always has been. The only way I want Trump gone is if he takes Pence with him. And here’s why: Trump’s successor can easily plead to the entirety of the world that Trump didn’t represent America. He/she can show polls, and basically can use Trump’s insanity as a defense for the US at large. Pence, however, holds no such value. Where Trump is vitriolic and outlandish, Pence is deliberate, calculating. It won’t be 3am Twitter rants- it will be carefully plotted moves that will absolutely send us into spirals akin to episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale. And he’ll be sure to inform the whole world that he had full control of his faculties the entire time. There will be no defense, and I assume it won’t be easy to undo anything he does. I am reading the article and rolling my eyes so hard. I hate that guy. More than I hate Trump, I think? Is that possible? I mean- I hate them both of course, but… yeah Pence is so scary. Global warming is a “myth” to increase taxes?! He can’t actually believe that, right? He compared Obamacare to 9/11? How has no one kicked this guy’s ass yet? And the whole HIV outbreak thing, holy CRAP. Okay I need to stop reading for now before I throw my laptop. At his head.

                      It’s so true- the class above me had a TON of stoner kids- like more that just your average amount ha. And then we had this incident on our swim team which was led by that class. It was really fucking disgusting so I won’t go into detail but these girls wanted practice canceled. So instead of just quitting the damn team they… found ways to close the whole pool facility. And then this guy who lived across the street from me blew up a boy’s bathroom stall- and there was a KID inside and he got hurt. But our class literally was NEVER in trouble! OH and yeah, NO ONE danced. Do people do that EVER in life? Like outside of weddings and shit? I don’t think they do. And Riverdale SHOULD know better. Though I guess for TV/movie purposes, a bunch of kids just sitting around isn’t as aesthetically great? Idk.

                      That is so funny. Sean actually sounds like he’d be quite amusing hahah. As long as he was cool about it. Oh the dudes were cruel, but actually, the sorority sisters were even worse- the frats made their pledges do this, so these guys didn’t even WANT to, but when they weren’t “mean enough” they’d get yelled at by the sister and their brothers to be meaner. And my friend was really insecure in general, and I have no idea why she’d have wanted to go through that. I’m just glad we eventually talked her out of it. I was worried for her physical and emotional well being at that point.. Your college experience sounds like exactly what I wished mine was, oddly enough! I didn’t want to go away at all, but my parents made me, said it’d be good for me. I guess it was in some ways, but also REALLY not in others? You skipped a whole MONTH? That is kind of hilarious. I think I’d have probably gone MORE often if I was at home. But… well, I used to take classes based solely on time of day and how entertaining they seemed. Sounds like neither of us should have been spending tons of money on college ? For two semesters, I scheduled only T/TH classes so I could sleep 5/7 days a week. I told myself it was so I could focus on swimming- and it kind of WAS. But it was also because I did not care at all about classes. So you lived at home while in college? I um… actually escaped to home several times. Like hitched rides with friends and stuff. I was 17 though, and super homesick. I think there are pros and cons to living at home versus living in dorms- and it really comes down to which you’d prefer and/or what you can even afford because I think you are legally obligated to donate organs these days just to get in the door. (I think college is a scam, but that’s a topic for another time 😀 )

                      HA no I outfitted him that way. I think he swims in a space costume, and works out in like, some kind of dress. ALIE does everything in her red dress, too- swimming, sleeping, etc. But I think the game programmers do have a great sense of humor, I heard that there were some kind of killer cacti? I hope to play more this weekend so we can see what these losers do haha.

                      I think maybe this was always going to be Jasper’s endgame? Like- the death and sadness? Because he was supposed to die in the Pilot, and he made it to S4, but he was supposed to die a LOT along the way. So maybe it was just never meant to be. Monty is kind of more awesome on a lot of levels, but I will still miss Jasper. I love in Echoes where he’s about to die and then learns the world is ending and then is just like.. okay let’s watch the sunrise!

                      Okay I don’t know if you saw this yet but holy crap, it’s actual, literal canon Bellarke. From the hands of the writers. ??http://the100writers.tumblr.com/post/166547790198/script-to-screen-108-day-trip

                      I think sushi really is one of those things where you either love it or hate it. I’ve never really heard of anyone being just “meh” about it. I think if you like fish and rice and Asian foods in general, you’d like it. I’ve never had like, actual Thai food, just like, stuff labeled “Thai” in the international section of the grocery store hah. But it sounds good, and yeah, quite a bit like Chinese. Like, different sauces and spices and such, but the same core ingredients? That is definitely something I’d like to try though. I don’t think there are really any Thai places around here, sad. Do they have actual Thai places there? (Or well, like you said, Americanized ones?) I feel like if you have Thai places you will definitely have good sushi places!

  24. Oh good I’m glad Sea Mechanic had a following. Which let’s be honest is one of the better ship names ever? And yeah Clarke I think needs to be challenged from time to time, just to keep her from getting a little too… self righteous maybe?

    THAT Maya? *sputter* I didn’t know! Never noticed it. Must accelerate my viewing posthaste. And I watched one last night where Olivia was purring (I don’t know how else to describe it) to Aaron, who proceeded to betray Cassie (or Cole really). Yes I know I’m ridiculously behind but I’ll catch up. Olivia is the bomb. And Jennifer took over the Markridge board- one of her better moments. Dark Matter’s no big deal, I like the show but it’s not like upper echelon you know? Plus I’m a sucker for clones/ repressed memories/ all that stuff so it’s a natural fit. 🙂 Too bad they didn’t let them finish- fucking SyFy. The 100 I have the finale to go and then I’m on to S4!

    Yeah that Pence article. The thing that kills me is that he was DONE politically- as governor of Indiana he had fucked it up and they said he had a good chance of losing, and then Trump picks him. Ugh! I even heard about that mess before the election, because all the companies that were gonna boycott Indiana over that religious liberty bill. I used to go to GenCon every year and they even threatened to pull out of Indianapolis over it. Yeah the only good thing about trump is he ‘s his own worst enemy, so I agree.

    “found ways to close the pool facility” now THAT sounds like a story lol. And blew up a bathroom stall? Dang. What did he frickin use?? Today that would probably be terrorism. 🙂

    I’m not surprised the sisters were worse? Not to sound sexist, but guys can be douches, yeah, but women… to other women? Yikes. Glad you were able to talk her out of it . I did live at home, and it was nice? Although I wondered if I was missing anything by not going away? But I eventually did when I moved to Lansing, so I got to see both ways I guess. In hindsight I’m glad it worked out that way- I was in a relationship anyway and she went to the same college so it was all good. I wouldn’t have met her otherwise probably. But I loved discovering that Friday classes weren’t a thing? After high school that was like, fucking outrageously awesome?? College is totally a scam in some ways, because it’s so expensive, and like we’ve talked about before, half the time you don’t end up working in your degree field anyway. It’s like a life experience and good in that sense, but not at the price lol. Unless you know what you want and you get your degree and then are like doing something you love and/ or making a ton of money! Then maybe it’s all good… I like Bernie’s free college idea. Have you noticed in America everything is designed to put you in debt? Go to school, buy a house, a car- you gotta buy everything on credit unless you’re rich. Somebody’s making money lol. And I can see wanting to go home. I think you’re right, it’s for some people and not others. I think staying home was good for me, personally.

    Wow- Riley has problems. But then it’s Riley. 🙂 Still alive huh? Maybe he needs to find the killer cacti, by “accident.” I can only imagine what is all hidden in that game. If they licensed properties like The 100 or any of my fave shows or books I would THROW my money at them. As it is I should get it and play around- the screenshots look amaze.

    Jasper was supposed to die in the PILOT? From the spear? Wow he did hang on a long time. If he was never meant to be permanent then I can see more why they finally pulled the plug. Interesting.

    Wow, for real? I remember that scene. Bellamy wants her to run away with him. Very interesting!!! I like it.

    There are Thai places here, a fair amount. Not sure how good they are, but the place right around the corner from us is supposed to be REALLY good. Like reviews say the best in the city. And I’m like it’s good, but not like the best thing I’ve ever had. But then again I’m looking for the dishes that seem most like Chinese, so I’m not really TRYING it lol? I just don’t know if I’d like curries and all this coconut milk stuff… I need to be more adventurous and try some of those I guess. I often wonder how Americanized it is? Like if I went to China (or Thailand) and lived with a family, I imagine the food would be a lot different than down at First Wok you know?? I’m really curious because I could eat Chinese every day… well except for pizza breaks.

    • Sea Mechanic IS the best ship name. People also like Doctor Mechanic which… no. (Abby and Raven, but seriously NO.) And yeah Clarke really, really need someone to keep her in line. Like Bellamy hah.

      Yess THAT Maya! I swore I saw her in the opening scene, and then I saw her name in the guest credits! And she has a HUGE role in the episode- she’s like, Jennifer’s second. Oh DAMN, you are behind! I hated that one because it’s so clear that Aaron is going to be a douchecanoe. OH but I loved when Jennifer took over the board! She seemed so… sane for awhile and then just went NUTS and it was fabulous! I feel like the shit that Olivia made Cassie drink is what causes the primaries to be… not sane? Idk if I am right, but there’s my theory. OH and I just realized that Hulu doesn’t have S3! What the hell am I going to do!? I can’t stop NOW, so I guess I’ll just have to find…. shadier ways to catch up 😀 I’m glad that Dark Matter wasn’t like, your fave or anything, but it still sucks when you find a show that’s at least entertaining. How the hell did I get ahead of you on The 100?! I am on Heavy Lies the Crown.

      Yeah, the Pence thing made me wonder WHY the hell Trump picked him? Maybe because he knew that Pence would be both dependent and indebted? The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say that Trump has some kind of seedy shit on Pence. Because that would make my heart happy, tbh. Really, I don’t see any clear way to be rid of both of them- I feel like we’re so stuck until 2020. I find it ironic that Indiana couldn’t stand the dude but now America as a whole has to put up with his disgusting ass.

      Ugh. The pool thing. It was a HUGE scandal locally. One of the girls who did it was the principal’s daughter, and another was the daughter of the boy’s swim coach. And the least gross version is that they basically would go to the pool during lunch, and throw in… various bodily products. It was so disgusting, they were so messed up. Just quit the team, why go through all that!? And Idk what the kid used- apparently whatever it was didn’t work as well as he’d expected (thankfully!) but it was some homemade concoction. Why the hell do I know these people? ?

      Oh, I fully agree about the woman-woman hate thing. I don’t get it either- I mean, shouldn’t we be joining together like some kind of sisterhood against the patriarchy or something? But girls can be so damn viscous. I think the only thing you missed out on by living at home is… disgusting dorms? Seriously, I did not think it was all it was cracked up to be. I didn’t mind living off campus as much, at least I had my own room. Did you go into college in a relationship? I know soooo many people who did and then had the inevitable mid-year breakup- though I assume it was different if you were at the same school. I remember driving a friend across the damn state so that she could get some jewelry she left with her boyfriend who broke up with her on break. Seemed like really good times hah.

      I do agree about college as a life experience- in some ways I am glad for it, because if nothing else it taught me a lot about what I don’t want to do, and how I don’t want to be? But yeah, at the price point, perhaps not so much. And certainly some degrees ARE worth the money. Just not ours ? Free college makes sense, honestly. And YES- everything IS designed to put us in debt. Like- you can’t get a job without a car, so how do you buy the car? Or the clothes for the job? I mean, if you have parents that can help, great. If not…. get ready for tons of debt.

      I need to get Riley into some real shenanigans soon. It’s been too quiet. I have to decide whether I want to bother doing a blog post, or just screw it and play or something. I agree, it would be so much easier if they just sold me the damn expansion pack of my favorite show. I could have been playing all this time! Though, to be fair, my eventual post would be far less entertaining if it was easy for everyone to get. You should get it- but beware, it IS a huge time suck!

      YEP the scene was written for him to die immediately. But the writers and producers and Jason loved him so much that they moved the spear to the other side of his chest! Then of course the scene was written where he kills himself at the end of S3- they’d even shot it, he said his goodbyes, etc. And then Jason called up and was like “nah, nevermind, you’re in S4, it was too dark to end it that way”. So he survived twice when he shouldn’t have, a pretty good run! He did a video- I think it might have been on the S4 DVD, actually- where he talks about it.

      People on Twitter are now clamoring for the writers to release tapes of this Bellarke scene, though I am not convinced it exists. Not everything written gets filmed! There’s been some nonsense on Twitter about S5 being the last for The 100 too. Not sure that I believe it but I still do not wish to hear it!

      Damn, that is pretty nice that there are so many places there! Author signings, beaches, Thai food. Jealous. This is why I must come to Michigan agaiN! Last time I literally only saw the damn Meijer and Sabrina’s living room floor. (To be fair, at least the Meijer was a unique experience.) So… yeah. Hopefully you’ll be around when I come next time! Though since it won’t be for a bookish event, I can kind of make my plans for whenever the hell I feel like it. There was a Thai place kind of close here once but it didn’t last long- it was called… ready for it? Thai Thai. No joke. I heard it moved, but Idk if it is open still. I could Google if I cared enough, which I don’t, because I heard very “meh” things. I think Thai is very curry-heavy. Have you had them? I make Indian every so often (from like, seasoning packets, I am not actually fancy) and I like it- but I think it’s definitely something you either like or don’t. So as for the Chinese food, I have an actual half-Chinese person in my room (Val says hi). She says that basically it IS all very Americanized- some of the shit is straight up made-up stuff that you’d never find in China, like General Tso’s Chicken (which even sounds fake, let’s be real). But Val also likes neither American OR Chinese Chinese food, so who knows with her. I feel you, Chinese and pizza could be every meal. OHH but Mexican, I think I need Mexican some days too.

      • Dr. Mechanic? Ewww. No I agree. Sea Mechanic though… ah what could have been. *sigh* Jennifer’s second is Maya!!! I remember her little band of badasses now, can’t wait to see it again. Totally missed that she was Maya. I just watched the end of S1 and the beginning of S2 tonight- I forgot how much I kinda like Deacon and cassie kicking ass together. And Cassie and Jennifer! I laughed when Jennifer told her I hate you. And then something about shutting her face hole and Cassie slapped her. !!!!!!! Oh and Jones when the first Messenger gets fried and she starts laughing and says “Who’s next?”