**Spoilers, if you aren’t caught up with the end of Season 4!**

Lest ye feared that a whole month would go by without me shoving The 100 in your face... here’s my monthly The 100 post to help ease the pain of the hiatus. (And I do mean my pain, just so we’re clear.)  It’s been two months since Praimfaya, but it feels like we still have so long to go. Because we do. I also figured that at the end of my ridiculous posts, I would share any news that popped up during the past month about the show. Because why not?

Now, as any fan of the show knows, the powers that be are usually pretty good about not leaving a ton of loose ends around for us. But alas, some are bound to slip through the cracks. I always held out hope that I’d again see some of those characters whose fates lingered in the unknown, but since Praimfaya happened, I doubt they’ll be heard from again.

And sure, we could say that Praimfaya killed them all, but what fun would that be? Exactly none. So instead, I offer you my versions of what happened to these poor souls.

Kyle Wick

Affiliation: Skaikru, Station Unknown

Last Seen: Episode 2×16 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2

Last Known Whereabouts: Arkadia, apparently being scarred for life by an emotionally unavailable Raven. 

The “Real” Story: After returning from Mount Weather, Wick tried to nurse a broken, despondent Raven back to health, but she’d have none of it. He fought the good fight for about six weeks before he may or may not have made a racist comment on Twitter and got fired threw in the towel. Brokenhearted, he left Arkadia to write poetry in the wilderness. Alas, this is not where young Wick’s story ended.


Affiliation: Skaikru/Farm Station

Last Seen: Episode 4×02 Heavy Lies the Crown 

Last Known Whereabouts: Arkadia, post- Farm Station rescue; fighting with boyfriend Nathan Miller over the decision to rescue the captives. 

The “Real” Story: The actual real story is that the actor who plays Bryan got a lead on some other show, and no one wanted to kill him after the whole Clexa backlash. But Idk why not because Milkson is so much better anyway. I digress. Here’s a story. 


Affiliation: Skaikru/Factory Station

Last Seen: Episode 2×05 Human Trials

Last Known Whereabouts: Walking into Arcadia (then Camp Jaha) with Bellamy, Octavia and Monroe as the only survivor of the Factory Station landing

The “Real” Story: I refuse to believe that Sterling’s death, Monroe getting shot, and ultimately, Finn shooting an entire damn village was for a character who’d simply vanish. So she doesn’t, in my headcanon.

All the Reapers

Affiliation: Grounder, Multiple Clans

Last Seen: Episode 2×15, Blood Must Have Blood Part One

Last Known Whereabouts: The Reaper Tunnels; being used as fodder for an alliance between Clarke and Lexa that ended with Lexa’s betrayal and no further information about the fate of the Reapers

The “Real” Story: The reapers were a huge plot point for two full seasons,  and the reason that the alliance between Skaikru and the Grounders ever even happened. So… what happened when Lexa made that deal with Dante anyway?


Affiliation: Nomadic Grounder/Frikdreina

Last Seen: Episode 2×04 Many Happy Returns 

Last Known Whereabouts: The Dead Zone with his parents; Watching his new pal “Theelo” getting beaten upside the head by some random Grounders

The “Real” Story: No way does Zoran die. Because he was awesome and wanted to save Jaha even if it killed him, basically. And I think Jaha thought his mom was going to let Jaha be a member of the family, tbh.

Macallan, aka Shawn Mendes

Affiliation: Skaikru, Station Unknown

Last Seen: Episode 3×01 Wanheda Part 1

Last Known Whereabouts: Getting the crap kicked out of him by Jasper while playing the piano in Mount Weather

For your listening pleasure.

The “Real” Story: 


So, we hadn’t had much news lately, but then Comic Con happened! To be fair, we didn’t really get a ton of news, but I think it was just the right amount of information to tide us over and/or come up with theories as we impatiently wait until January/February for Season 5! First, you might want to take a gander at the Sizzle Reel, for it is epic.

Now, what did we learn, you ask? 

  • Eligius is from pre-Praimfaya. Pre-Praimfaya the first. Yeah, apparently these people are the actual prisoners- not descendants of them, but them. They’re basically… us, actually. Considering that the first Praimfaya was in 2052, they had to be in space before that, so… you do the math. They’re literally us. But criminals. Legit criminals too, apparently.
  • Speaking of, there will be three new “big” characters– assuming at least some from Eligius. I want to know the details.
  • Abby is alive! Yep, our girl made it, confirmed by Jason! Now, you have to wonder: Did ALIE-itis not have as dire an effect on her, or did Sinclair visit her hallucinations too? The world may never know..
  • There will be relationship shakeups. This isn’t really news, per-se, but it gives us lots of fun things to speculate about. #TeamMurven
  • Flashbacks will definitely happen. Thank goodness, I don’t want to miss all the 6 years!
  • Spacekru will be back on Earth early on in the season. Seriously, I could not have taken a drawn-out reunion.
  • There are NO Spacekru babies! But seriously, what are their contraception secrets? They should share them with the rest of the class.
  • Octavia will be much darker, and have to “reprimand” Bunkerkru in a creative way. Um, that is scary, because fuck, how much darker can she get!?!
  • The little patch of green that Clarke finds is an “Eden”… and there isn’t enough space for everyone to play nicely. So expect that to be a big old problem.
  • Bellamy’s relationship with Echo will  “dictate a lot of who he becomes as a person”. Look, Becho is happening whether we like it or not (and I know, we do not). But maybe if we accept it now, it will hurt less in the winter.
  •  Raven will learn to fight. That is badass and needs no further explanation.

Have you ever thought about what happens to these characters? Do my headcanons satisfy? How about the news from SDCC? Are you intrigued? Who do you think will get together/break up? Who’s dead? Let’s talk!

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  1. It’s here (yay)! Ah, so THAT’s where Wick went lol. Had no idea. Sadly I didn’t know about the Tweet thing. But wait Sienna can call Greg the gorilla? He’s found! I always KNEW he was out there- somewhere- waiting to be useful again. Die Wick! Nice story BTW- love it! Are you doing 100 fanfic? Maybe you should be ?!? And.. the wonder horse? Noooooo…

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious. I had almost no recollection of Caspian and denby, but nice write off for those three. Mutant bear yes!! “an entire second bear coming out of the left side” I almost lost it. And nicely done with Mel! That was touching, her and Millerdad. Of course fYODad got tased because of course. Did they really just “lose” her character??

    You know how I feel about the Reapers, so that was my favorite story . 🙂 You saved a Reaper! And Indra did it. How on earth did they just drop that storyline like a hot potato? Instead of wasting S3 on the CoL we coulda had something like that! Indra could have even opened a casino or gaming room in her Marriott and Murphy/ Emori could have ripped everyone off. You know Murph can play cards, and if he’s the “house”?

    So… S5. I really wanna know why “Eden” survived- what is about that area? And Eligius- can’t WAIT to see this angle. We need new blood (since the old ones keep dying lol). Octavia- one of my biggest questions. And Becho- I think ever since he freed her from that cage I suspected they would get together, and always hoped they wouldn’t because Bellarke obviously. Guess we’re gonna see…

    I want more stories!!!!

    • AW thank youuu 😊😊😊 We’re praying for Helios to make it, but it doesn’t look great. And yes, Sienna has a very special bond with Greg the Gorilla. As for the Wick tweeting debacle, there are two camps: One who says he IS a piece of crap (and there is a rumor that he said something shitty to Lindsey too, but I don’t think she ever publicly addressed it? At least, not that I could find) and another that says his Twitter was hacked (and there IS some evidence that it was, but also no one knows if that is the cause of the tweets? Idk). So… I needed two endings, of course 😉 If he doesn’t suck, I assume he starts a romantic relationship with Sienna (this is a special ending, that only you get to read about because I just made it up now). They emerge from the bunker, baby in tow, and a really pissed off teenage Zoran.

      It’s funny because I wrote these as I watched Season 2, so there’s probably a pretty strong bias toward those characters. Caspian was the one who led the anti-Jaha rebellion in the Dead Zone- and no one ever mentioned the group that went back to Arkadia with him again!

      YEP, they really just “lost” Mel, which made me mad. It was like she was just there to kill off Sterling and to make Finn less likable? That was NOT supposed to get so… dark. Originally, it was going to be like, a Jobi party. But then Miller’s Dad got in the mix and well… I told you I got carried away 😀 And I am still low key mad that we never got to see the pissed off people outside the damn bunker!

      And YES- one Reaper is still alive in the bunker! Seth’s fate is to be determined, I guess. He is SUPER strong- like, Lincoln levels, and also really smart, which is why his body and mind survived in tact. My hope is that he helps Indra rebuild the Marriott, since Polis has literally nowhere for people to stay. MAYBE the other two survived too- maybe Reaper blood is akin to nightblood! There’s a theory! Oh YES Murphy must be involved in ANYTHING Indra does- mostly because I want to see those two working together again more than just about anything else. And Kane and Jaha LOVE the lottery, so i can see gambling being a nice side business.

      I have never written fanfic- well, I guess until now, because that is basically what this is? I have never actually posted ANYTHING I have written fictionally, so I will admit that it was pretty nerve-wracking. They were all supposed to be a LOT shorter- but again, carried away, because it’s The 100.

      Season 5 GAH I need it NOW. DID YOU SEE that Episode 1 is called “Eden”!?!??! We have a TITLE. I am so excited. So I think that means we are going to get those answers SOON- why Eden survived, Eligius, etc. Well- I think Raven might know, anyway. And do you think the Gagarin intercepted Clarke’s messages to Bellamy? OR do you think Spacekru is with them?

      Octavia is going to be HUGE I think- sounds like she’s going to have changed the most, kind of? Because she was badass but broken last season, maybe this season, she’s badass and like… cold? I hope that she can regain a little bit of the girl with the butterflies and the hair bows, though. ME TOO, about Becho and the cage- it was kind of clear that they lingered on it TOO much- and then with her coming to “warn” him in Ye Who Enter Here, and betraying him, of course. I am so worried about Bellamy being more like Season 1 Bellamy. And I do not want. I hated when they made him an ass for awhile in S3, and I really don’t want a repeat.

      Okay I am going to answer both comments here, just because… well, then we won’t have to scroll down to the bottom of that other one anymore 😂😂

      Again, thanks so much! I feel so much better about posting it now. And yes, a lot of it was supposed to be kind of tongue-in-cheek, well, except for Mel, which got serious somehow hahah.

      Westmoreland… yeah, I just saw him, he looks *maybe* 65? Not. Buying. It. And yeah, they definitely could have done 6 or 7 with NO problem. Do you think Tatiana has had enough? It must be SO much work for her- especially since she produces and shit too. I do really like this season though, so that’s good. At least it will hopefully go out on a high note. Still, I don’t want the end to be here! 😭😭😭

      Mt Weather was… oddly luxurious! I find it funny, that dining room and such. It was so damn FANCY- they all dressed up for dinner and stuff. Look, if I am stuck in a damn bunker forever, I’m wearing shitty, comfy clothes until the end of time. I just watched where Pike and Farm Station are eating in that dining room and Octavia almost has a stroke. I don’t even blame her, she watched ALL those people die there and Pike has NO respect. I am sad they blew it up too- I feel like it could have had SO much more purpose? I almost wonder if they did it knowing where they wanted to go in Season 4- it would have been impossible for all the drama over Praimfaya if there was a perfectly legit bunker next door!

      OH I hope Jaha gets to meet Eligius, because they LOVE YouTube… since they are from OUR FREAKING TIME. They can teach Jaha alllll about early 2000s tech 😂 I wonder if Jaha and Gaia will team up again- it seems like she is able to translate a lot of the crap from Cadogan’s symbols, that could be fun, and maybe they can find a way out!

      • Ooh Eden- I like it! I wasn’t sure about Spacekru coming down w/ Eligius, but the more I think about it, it makes the most sense. How else are they gonna get down? And then you can immediately have the Clarke/ Bellamy reunion and at the same time set up the conflict over how to handle the Gagarin people. I mean I’m kinda living for that reunion, you know? They better not blow it! If they get the reunion out of the way and get to freeing the bunker, then they can take their time w/ the flashbacks, seems like, and it won’t be all fuck all rushed at the end. Do you know how many episodes we’re getting?

        I don’t THINK they’re gonna go dark w/ Bellamy again? I hope not, too. Going to the well one too many times. Especially after six years of being separated from Clarke. They want to show he’s grown, developed, hopefully? And if Becho DOES happen, there should be some interesting sparks between Clarke and Echo! And what will 6 years of ruling with Indra as her #2 do to Octavia? You might be right about the coldness thing.

        I would seriously like to see more of your writing, 100 or otherwise. So share!! 🙂

        Okay Orphan Black. Yeah Westmorland sucks. I do think other than him they are going out on a high note. This last episode was killer. But Helena is AWOL. Predictions for how it will end? Helena killing Westmorland and having her babies lol? An HEA for Cophine (yes please)? Maybe Scott will find love and we’ll find out where Angie went! I’m not sure if Tatiana was getting tired of it, it’s gotta be exhausting, but I don’t really know? They better have another dance party is all I can say!

        • I like it too- especially since the more I think about the Battle for Eden, the more I like it. And I agree- it DOES seem to make the most sense, especially since Jason teased that we wouldn’t have to wait long for the reunions to happen. Though… it can’t be THAT easy, can it? I mean, I know a lot of people assume they’ll be prisoners on the Gagarin, but… again, seems too easy. And I agree- there is SO much that they need to get to this season, dragging out the reunion would NOT help with that. I don’t know how many episodes yet, sadly. I really want 16, but.. Idk, based on when they start filming, if I had to guess I’d guess 13.

          I REALLY hope they don’t have dark/unfeeling Bellamy. I agree, it IS going to the well too many times. We’ve been there, done that. I REALLY hope that he is the voice of compassion this season- it’s his time, tbh. Especially with both Clarke and Octavia not exactly being the most reasonable- and O being extra dark. I really hope that she starts to find her way this season though- she can’t be crazy-dark forever, it just isn’t who she is. I think Clarke will EXTRA hate Echo this season. I think that (and I hope I am wrong) seeing Bellamy with Echo, plus the 6 years of reflection, is going to make her realize how much she loves him. He was already there, obviously, but spent 6 years getting over her death. So I think that will have to play itself out. It’s part of why I am afraid of what he’ll become- because I worry that he will have closed himself off a bit after “losing” Clarke.

          And thank you, that is really sweet of you- I will have to, you know, write stuff first of course hahah. I have so many half finished things, it’s rough. I feel like I can never come up with a good enough plot, or at least, a good enough ending? It’s like my stakes are never high enough, and it frustrates me.

          I am so mad at freaking Donnie and Alison for making me kind of like them in Episode 3. But also, WHY did Aynsley and her husband come back? Does it mean anything for the plot? Because it felt REALLY out of place. Like, I need more clones, not those randos! I REALLY wanted Art to kill that bitch, too. Whatever her name is, his “partner”? And Cophine BETTER have an HEA. Also YES where is Angie!? I hope Scott finds love, too, I really like him! Oh, if there is not another HEA dance party, I will be pissed. We NEED one, where all the OTPs live happily ever after and dance in Felix’s weird apartment. So the 8th episode is on tonight, yes? I will definitely be caught up to watch it live next week!

          • That’s a really good point about Bellamy. I hope they don’t go with the old I still love her but I’ve been with Echo and it wouldn’t be fair to her to leave for Clarke. Oh fuck that Bell get over it, the whole fucking cosmos knows you’re supposed to get with Clarke. I’m afraid the writers will fuck this up. I mean 6 years is a LONG time to mourn someone, especially when you’re in close quarters? Oh and did you see that fan art on Twitter today with Bell looking down from space at Earth, and you could see the green Eden? Man that had the feels. Sometimes that fan stuff is better than the CW’s own promo.

            You know it’s hard to put yourself out there, but judging from your stories in this post I think you’d get better reception than you think you would? I know it sounds corny, but yeah… I mean you can kinda tell when people can’t write (and that sounds bad, but you know what I mean- you can tell) and I didn’t get that from yours at all. In fact I was like ooh that’s badass.

            I missed tonight’s Orphan Black I was at a venetian festival watching a bunch of boat people have an electric boat parade. It was fun though. 🙂 But now I gotta watch it. I saw some stuff on Twitter, it sounds like SOMETHING happens so I gotta watch ASAP. And it’s a Felix ep too, I think?? I don’t know why they felt the need to revisit the Harper Valley PTA thing with Donison, it’s like their giving each clone a dedicated episode to strut their stuff and it feels kinda disjointed, I wish they’d just throw em all together in one last ditch fight w/ Neolution, but having said that I do think the season is good. But they are definitely bringing EVERYONE back, seems like. I mean we didn’t really NEED Krystal back, strictly speaking… and Angie , if Art’s gonna have a bitch partner why not Angie??

            • I hope they don’t go that route either. But… remember Gina? (I mean, probably barely because she was also known as “Plot Device”. But still.) And Niylah, who Clarke seems to really only care about as a FWB? I am afraid too, honestly. Six freaking years. UNLESS he knows she is alive? We assume he doesn’t, but they’ve fooled us before hahah. And YES, I saw that fan art! Whoever does that is SO damn talented, it is really impressive. What would we even do without the super creative fans not only tiding us over, but playing into ALL the Bellarke feels? (And I agree about the fan art being better- The CW should straight up hire some of these people! They did do a poster contest, and some of the entries were incredible!)

              And that is seriously SO nice of you to say. It IS kind of scary- I often wonder how authors have the guts to do it at all, you know? Because for them, it isn’t just our community, it’s… everyone, everywhere. Writing makes me feel VERY bad about ever posting negative reviews hahah. And thank you!! Yes, I do know what you mean- I had this friend and she would ask me to read over her papers in college and I would just be like…. no, I have to rewrite this. And then I just felt like an asshole, but sometimes, it just isn’t going to happen.

              The Venetian festival sounds VERY fun- definitely worth missing Orphan Black for (especially since you can see that any old time hahah). I’m glad you had a nice time 🙂 I think something happened too, actually- I was on Twitter for a few minutes and I saw the hashtag trending, and I knew I needed to stay away hahah. Also, YES to Felix!! I am so excited to get to it now! He better be JUST. FINE.

              I agree, it seems like they wanted to give them each one last… Idk, character defining/growth episode? But some of these people could have stayed gone and I would have been perfectly okay with that. I wonder if the actress who played Angie just needed to leave, so they pulled a Bryan, and gave him someone new? It does feel like she is the Riley of this season tbh 😂😂

              • That’s…a good point. They’ve shown their not above playing fast and loose with relationships. I do remember Gina- er I mean Plot Device. 🙂 That’s partly why I frown on becho so much- it’s like, exactly HOW MANY significant others is Bellamy going to have before Bellarke, you know? I mean come on people. At some point it gets ridiculous, like she’s last resort just because they won’t acknowledge their feelings??? And yes Clarke does what she wants apparently when the need arises lol. Those two… they need to sit the fuck down and smell the roses. And… yes I hope Bellamy is like “my heart belongs to her until I get down there and see with my own eyes that she’s not here”. Just like how she’s talking to him every day. That would be pretty amazing…

                I still haven’t watched Orphan Black. Maybe tomorrow? I had Game of Thrones tonight and a recap to write so I’m kinda dying over here what happened on OB. I’m getting a little nervous because it seems like they have to kill someone fairly important to make it, you know, feel like they earned the victory (assuming they, um, are victorious???) . I mean I hope not, but there are an awful lot of clones…

                Agreed about angie. I know I saw her in something else at some point so she’s probably one of those actors who does different shows, and they had to write her out (or just ignore her like Bryan lol).

                • I just hope that you are right and they don’t use it as the SAME damn plot device- because yeah, at this point, it IS just an excuse to keep Bellarke apart. Like- if they are not “there” yet, FINE, I can live with that. But shoving all these other relationships at them seems a little lazy? The irony is- Becho actually *wouldn’t* have seemed lazy, considering their prior connection and the 6 years in space, if they hadn’t done the SAME THING with Gina. I would die of happiness if that is what Bellamy did in space. That’d be absolute perfection.

                  Honestly, now that I am thinking about it, the entire first half of Season 3 was such a complete clusterfuck. Like- Jason has even said that he screwed up with the way the Pike thing was handled. Gina came literally out of nowhere, they blew up Mt Weather for shits and giggles, and then turned Bellamy into a douchecanoe but only for like, 3 episodes total? It was so WEIRD. Season 3 actually feels like two separate seasons to me. The first half which was just bonkers, and then the second half that had a plot- even if I didn’t LOVE the ALIE plot, at least it was heading somewhere? In defense of the show though, I think they had their hands tied a TON by Alycia and Ricky’s departures.

                  And oh, I agree wholeheartedly about OB needing to kill someone kind of big. I am really scared about who it is! I worry it’ll be S, Idk why. It just better not be Cosima, she’s my fave. Or Felix, obviously. I just got to the part where he is going to Switzerland (but… WHY?) with Adele of all damn people. And Delphine is still supposedly in Sardinia? I feel like the actress’s schedule has GOT to be to blame for all of her random disappearances on the show. I just saw the… Idk, the dude in the woods that Mud brings supplies to. SO messed up. And also.. HOW the hell did Coady survive that explosion? NOT. BUYING. IT. I mean, if she survived, why the hell not Paul? Not cool, OB. Plus, I didn’t need Coady back in my life, you know?

                  Speaking of, that bit with the mental hospital was so unbelievable. I was just shaking my head, because come ON. Sarah looked like a convict, not a PhD student! HA Angie went the way of Bryan. I guess that means I will need to come up with an alternate ending for her, too. Maybe Donnie accidentally kills her, too. 😂😂😂

                  • Exactly. If not for Gina (here today, gone tomorrow lol) then Becho would have felt earned, totally agree.

                    I think you’re right, the departures probably took everything off the wheels, and it probably didn’t help that Jason and Ricky had… issues. Whatever they were. Early S3 was whacked. What is it with S3’s? Orphan Black got whacked in S3 too, at least for me. Speaking of, I watched last weeks episode finally tonight. Wow! All I can say. F’ed up shit goin down. But a Felix- centered episode and you’re gonna love it, because… Felix. He has his art opening. Great episode.

                    I know I didn’t need Coady either. And both helena and Delphine are two of the best parts of the show, they need to be used more. Unless, like you said, Evelyn Brochu’s schedule is screwed up. The island shit with freakazoid dude in the woods is super creepy. Mud is dumb. And Cosima MUST LIVE, Fee too. I actually really like Art too even though they don’t give him much to do.

                    Sarah looked like shit, no doubt. That would never have flown, that stunt. I thought the same thing. Dang you’re almost caught up! Yes you need to solve angie for us . She is missed kinda. Donnie should never have a gun. Although he sorted Leekie I guess lol? Episodes seven (the end) and eight- dang is all I’m saying. EPIC

                    • YEP that’s the thing, it just feels so inauthentic- like, why does Bellamy keep getting into these ridiculous quasi-relationships when we KNOW he loves Clarke? Of course, Gina was more about provocation for him to team with Pike than about Clarke, but I think it was twofold- because he had the sads about Clarke leaving after Mount Weather. (Which…. fair.)

                      I have a bit of a theory about Ricky. I love him, he is great, but I also think he played up the thing with Jason too much. Like, I think Jason was in the wrong, but I also think Ricky was- there’s no way Jason would just randomly act like a douche to ONE cast member- and the rest of the cast seems to like him well enough. I think Ricky knew that American Gods was in the works, and he did probably have issues with Jason, but… yeah.

                      And I agree about Season 3s! It wasn’t my favorite part of Orphan Black either! I should go look at all the shows I have liked and see if this is just some kind of curse hahah.

                      OH and episode two has a title! Lone Survivors. Which seems… ominous.

                      I am excited to get to the current episodes- though the wait for the last one will be pretty evil hahah. I got to the one where Cosima and Delphine have to dress in the old timey clothes. Delphine looked RIDICULOUS. I am glad that Cosima went the tuxedo route hahahha. I couldn’t believe that Delphine had to go away AGAIN. Now she is in Switzerland. Taking a damn European tour while everyone else is… well who even knows what they are doing.

                      I was SO upset when Westmoreland shot… I forget his name.. Not a Bear. Like NaB was so SAD and scared, and then Cosima went to him to comfort him, and BAM, he’s dead. Westmoreland is creepy as fuck. And I still don’t understand why Mud is around. Or why her name is Mud. And seriously, WHY don’t they use Helena more? I get Evelyn’s schedule being an issue, but Tatiana’s clearly is not haha. I like Art too- I wish they’d give him a bigger part too. I think they kind of went overboard on characters for sure. And I hated Angie, but at least she made sense to the damn plot! This new lady… nope. I think I am starting 6 tonight, so I am almost there! This is the last episode I have to watch on my phone (which is oddly nice, though I could live without the ads) because I DVRed the rest!! Exciteddd!

  2. Clarke leaving after Mt. weather was the start of the bad. Why wouldn’t Bell go for Gina if Clarke, who he loves (and begged to stay, if I remember) leaves. she should have turned to Bell for support (and him to her) in dealing with their Mt. Weather guilt. I think she really hurt him when she decided to leave. And you know I wondered about Ricky, I remember at last year’s panel or whenever he was still on the show, and he just seemed… IDK, kinda off? Like I chalked it up to him having a quirky sense of humor, and maybe that’s all it is, but maybe him and Jason just didn’t click? You’re right, the rest of the cast doesn’t seem to have these issues.

    Lone Survivors huh? I like! I wonder if that’s referring to Clarke and Madi?

    Not A Bear lol- I like it. I keep thinking of him as Dr. Moreau dude. But yeah that was brutal, just shooting him. And Cosima really sold that, her reaction. Tatiana is amazing. I think Westmorland is lame and after watching the most recent episode it seems even less likely. Like the Neolution board are pretty ruthless and I just don’t see this old fuck on an island having the control, you know? The board and Ferdinand/ Rachel seem like way more plausible masterminds to me. And who named her Mud? Seriously, I know WTF? Helena is SO being wasted this season, I mean you know she’ll be big at the end but still… and oh man you’re gonna LOVE episode 8. Fucking killer.

    You’re watching on your phone? Oh my gosh I’ve never done that! Although some of the phones now probably play better than my TV lol. Seriously I watch on my computer a lot because my TV sucks. And oh yeah- that dinner with Cophine was ridiculous. I mean with Rachel there and susan and… sigh. Made NO sense why they don’t just restrain Cosima and do whatever they want to her. Like I said before just sweep up all the clones. They want Kira, grab Kira. They obviously don’t fear police. I know that would sorta be the show ha ha but I wish it was more realistic. I mean they’ve been trying to kill Sarah for how long or capture her and she just lives at S’s place going about her business!

    • SO. We are getting 13 episodes. I am not surprised… but kind of bummed. The good news, however, is that there is “no current talk” of S5 being the last season. So… I’ll take it.

      And YES- Bellamy DID beg Clarke to stay after Mt Weather. OH! I just remembered this! Okay. So you know when Clarke is leaving, and she says “I bear it so they don’t have to”? I think (and this is just a theory, but I feel like, 98% certain about it) she is talking directly TO Bellamy- like she will take the guilt of what they did so he doesn’t have to. Just… when you rewatch it (and you will 😉 ) keep it in mind and let me know. It just… hit me. The way she said it, the tone, the look she gave him, his response. GAH.

      Erm. Anyway. She DID really hurt him, which is why I think he took up with Gina to begin with- get his mind off of her altogether. You know, now that I think about it, maybe her “death” will lead him to go a different route? Like- with Gina, he was trying to say “screw Clarke, I don’t need her” because he was mad. But he’d never be mad at her sacrifice. That panel must have been SO awkward after Ricky’s departure! I feel like- he was feeling a little… “big” for the show. And again- not condoning Jason’s bullshit either, they are both grown ass men who should have been more professional but… You know, I read this “confessions” thing in Cosmo, and it had the “Celebrity Confession” section, and Ricky was in it. And he was… kind of gross? Like, he had spent the night with this girl, and they didn’t even know each other’s names, and when she left, she said something about him being some soccer player- she didn’t even know who he was- and Idk, the whole thing felt really icky. And then when he left The 100 but then ended up on American Gods like, the next month… it was shady. And tbh, I hated how he trashed the show, like it was “less than” American Gods in all the promo. Like, hey, your coworkers are really fucking proud of it? Hate Jason all you want, but come ON.

      Tatiana IS amazing- I kind of want to know what she is like in real life, because holy shit, these characters are all so damn different and complex! How does she do it? Krystal was back- she’s such a piece of work. I couldn’t BELIEVE that Mud did that to Susan, too! What the HELL, just because he told her she didn;t have to wear a bell around her neck!? REALLY? And as fucked up and twisted as Ira and Susan were… is it weird that my heart kind of broke for him, finding her like that? Ira was really starting to grow on me, tbh. He was not as… devoid of morals as the rest of Castor. And I even almost liked Susan? In a “least of the evils” sort of way, I suppose. I am sure I’ll find out for sure tonight when I watch episode 7 (HOW am I almost done?! SOBS.) but did Ira die too? I know he was glitching but then he started bleeding and gahhhh.

      I did- I had to watch all of S5 on my phone so far! I have never actually done that (and now I sound like my grandma bwhahah) because it seemed so little? But my laziness won out (as in, I would rather be in bed watching it than on my laptop at my desk- or, heaven forbid, move my laptop TO my bed, the horror), so I went for it- and it shockingly was not awful! You are right, the phone was much clearer than my shitty old TV! But… the ads are not my friend, so I am back to the TV. Really, I should just invest in a new TV. A smart TV perhaps!

      And seriously, some of this show requires a suspension of disbelief for sure. Obviously NONE of the baddies mind killing people. And the clones are like, a dime a dozen at this point and Cosima knows wayyyy too much. They all REALLY love Kira, too. You’d assume at some point, someone would have thrown the kid under the bus 😂😂

      • Ooh it’s official?? I wish we’d get more eps, but yeah if there’s no talk of a final season, I’ll take it! Do they ever talk about how many seasons they’d LIKE, ideally? Like I know some shows the producers have a 5 season plan or whatever- have they ever indicated anything like that? And I think she very well may have been referring to Bell when she left- it’s like that did something to her and instead of coping together w/ Bellamy, she had to tromp through the woods *cough plot device the writers wanted her to go be lone wolf Wanheda cough* . It would have made SO much more sense for them to cope w/ that together, growing closer, so that kissy time could happen… er, yeah. getting carried away. 🙂

        Ricky did seem full of himself, I definitely thought that when I saw him interacting w/ people at the panel. Like he was too cool for school you know? That is icky about the one nighter. I’m sure he thinks he’s hot shit- maybe he was toxic on the set?

        I think it’s kind of amazing how Tatiana keeps Sarah the same, more or less, as she was at the beginning. Okay she’s not sleeping in trash cans and ripping people off, but she’s still rough around the edges, and she turns around and plays Cosima to the hilt, or alison. Ira and susan were a mess, but Susan is definitely the lesser evil compared to Coady??? Who is just not right as a human being at all? I was actually pulling for Susan to off Westmorland, how cool would THAT have been? Of course they couldn’t give us that. I think you’re right about Ira. 🙁

        I need a smart TV. I watch practically everything on my computer now, it’s quite sad. And I hear you- I mean I love S, and I know she has some kind of “past” but apparently that past allows her to get help whenever she needs it, to the point where her and sarah live at her house even though Neolution has been trying for months to kill/ capture them. And they hide out and do genetic work under a comic store and Neo can’t “find” them. Delphine knows how to get there but no one, like, follows her. They can find them in Iceland but not across town, I guess. It’s all fucking ridiculous really!!!

        • YEP, it’s official. I agree, I can live with 13 if it means we get more seasons. And no, as far as I know, Jason’s kept the number of seasons pretty close to the vest. Every time I have heard him talk about it, he’s quite cryptic. I remember him saying that he didn’t have a backup plan in Season 4- had it been cancelled, that would have been it. Which would have filled me with rage? But he also said he was quite confident that it wasn’t, so I have a feeling he DOES know and isn’t saying.

          Clarke leaving was absolutely a plot device, but I guess it was okay in the end. But I remember being VERY pissed at the time. I think when the seasons are new, and we have to wait weeks, even months for resolution, it seems endless, but when I rewatch it’s like “eh, they saw each other a couple episodes later” haha. It WOULD have been great watching them deal with it together, but alas, we knew they’d never make Bellarke THAT easy 😂

          Ricky DOES kind of give off that vibe? And like- I don’t want it to be true, of course, because Lincoln is one of my absolute faves. I don’t think he is a complete ass, but I think you’re right about him thinking he’s hot shit. And the fact that random strangers have one night stands with him probably just exacerbates this hahah. And I think it was mostly icky because he didn’t even know her NAME. Like how the hell much of a connection did you have if you don’t even know each other’s names?! Maybe I am being judgmental but.. meh hahah.

          Tatiana IS amazing, I cannot even imagine! It must take a lot to get yourself into a character like that, and she does it with like, 3927 clones! SAD about Ira. When I saw his grave next to Susan’s I was definitely a wee bit teary. Poor bastard. Coady needs to GO. Is she… is she trying to make a Leda-Castor hybrid baby? Why the fuck else did she want Mark’s “sample” after giving Rachel what appeared to be a crazy invasive gynecological exam? Like when I start feeling bad for RACHEL, you know shit is messed up.

          Speaking of! I KNEW that Rachel was going to poke her own damn eye out as soon as she saw the tablet but… DAMN that was graphic. I kind of watched through my fingers when I knew it was coming because NO. I also figured that was what she was doing with Kira, but it didn’t make me love it any less. I am surprised she was so coherent after all the vodka though. I’d be on the floor. I really felt for Kira and Sarah too- Sarah was SO damn helpless, and poor Kira… GAH. I am so excited to watch episode 8 tonight but also really sad because… it’s episode 8 already!

          Smart TVs are not even that expensive anymore, I definitely need to get one. Right now I have a Fire TV stick, and it’s good because I can watch Netflix on it, and Amazon Prime of course, and pretty much any other app (except BBC America, go figure), but I could be MUCH lazier if I just had a smart TV 😂

          And SERIOUSLY- why can they track them all day every day, but then NOT kill them? Especially when they tried to find them and had a straight up SWAT team in there- but they couldn’t do that any OTHER day so far? Fishy, for sure, but still VERY entertaining.

          • I wish we could have like an alternate version where they make different choices, where Clarke didn’t go off but her Bellamy got together and ran everything. Might have been boring but with Raven and Murphy dating there would still be SOME excitement, as you know Murven would be a very tempestuous relationship! Ah to dream…

            Sounds like Jason up to this point has been pretty confident that he’ll get renewed. I know a lot of shows really agonize over that. I don’t really follow ratings so I don’t know how successful The 100 is considered to be, but I’m assuming it does pretty well? 12 Monkeys is another show I LOVE but I don’t know if anyone watches it lol, but it’s having a final 4th season next year, so between that and Orphan Black going away I need to find a new show! Do you have anything else you really like on netflix?

            I don’t know WHAT the fuck Coady is up to, she’s crazysauce. And yes the eye thing was AWFUL. Man I had to look away, there’s something about eyes I CANNOT just watch that and go ho hum. Brutal. Episode 8 is a trip and then… 2 left!! Gah I’m sad. It will be so weird not having any more Orphan Black, like EVER. I really want to know what the deal is w/ Kira- like are they going to explain why she can sense the sestras, does she have psychic abilities? If they just leave that unexplained I’m going to be irked. Will Sarah and Art be a thing (I doubt it, but maybe?). Do one of the big three die? Whatever happened to Mud and the rest of the islanders? They revolted, set shit on fire but what happened after? Seems like they would go up to the house and kill Westmorland- it’s not like they can leave the island (I haven’t seen any boats?) So many questions…

            What do you think if the Fire stick? I just have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sling TV oh and HBO Now but that’s only until Game of Thrones is done then bye bye cause their selection is crap!

            • But… S 😭😭😭😭😭 Nononono. I did not want to be right! I wanted S to be happy with her “chickens’ forever and ever. I was straight up sobbing- what the hell will they do without her!? Kira will be beyond devastated, S was basically her mother too. And freaking Gracie?! Did they have to shoot Gracie in the head?! Mark is going to kill Coady, I hope, in retaliation. FUCK, I had assumed they had a nice little HEA. At least we got a mini-dance party? Still, I may not recover from S dying. Also, now I have to wait like you do for the next episode!

              I cannot handle eye stuff either! Like, I am okay with any other shit that happens- I may not love it, but I can handle it- but never, ever eye stuff. I have so many questions too! I mean, Westmoreland and Coady could not have taken on all those people alone. No way. And you’re right, Cosima took the only boat. It BETTER not be left unexplained- same with Kira. Though maybe there just IS no explanation? Like maybe it’s just… not even something scientific, but something more… idk, “spiritual”? I seriously do not understand how this will end in two episodes, and I am NOT okay with it.

              I will be starting 12 Monkeys next, yes? Where do I find such a thing? I think I shall try the Syfy app. WAIT, I can’t watch it on the damn Syfy app? Why the hell do I pay for cable then!? I may have to actually pay for Hulu and I am not happy. But I also want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale so… As for shows I like… UGH. I just rewatch The 100 😉 I do watch Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix! I watch ummmm… This is Us! (It’s kind of weepy though hahha) Timeless is really good. I am terrible at shows.

              I like the Fire stick actually! It is cheap, and it has basically every streaming app you can think of- including all the ones you use. I mostly just use Netflix and Prime, but I know they have the rest. And I might do the Hulu thing, and they have that too. It’s such a cheap and easy way to watch all the shit on an actual TV, so I am a big fan, I recommend if you are looking for something like that!

              I want an Alternate The 100 too! I say, after the show is done, we kidnap Jason, and make him tell us ALL his secrets. And if he doesn’t know, he can make shit up. He won’t be a prisoner, we will treat him very well and such, and he’ll be free to go once ALL the questions are answered. Where are the Reapers? Where did Bryan, Wick, etc go? What REALLY happened with Ricky? Where is Hair Clip girl? Hair clip Dad had better not have died in vain, Jason. And then ALL the “what if?s”- What if Murphy hadn’t shot Raven? What would have happened to O if Ricky hadn’t left and Lincoln hadn’t died? What if Bellarke was canon from the start? What if Abby and Jaha had stayed a “thing”? What if Raven really HAD been Finn’s mom? What if you told us who Bell and O’s dad was? So. Many. Things.

              The 100… it’s moderately successful. Definitely for a CW show. But they did lose a LOT of viewership after Lexa. BUT they’re also hugely popular on Netflix, and they have a pretty rabid fanbase. And I think doing 13 episodes cuts the cost. It’s certainly doing better than a lot of CW shows, and I know that critics were raving about S4, so… fingers crossed! I need a Season 6, I think. I am not ready for it to end!

              • I know… S. Man that sucked, I’m glad she got Ferdinand though. And maybe she’s still alive? I mean I know it’s a long shot, but…? Helios, where are you? Take S to the hospital, stat. And I was pissed about gracie too. Give the poor girl a break! I’m seriously hoping Helena unwinds on whoever that evil chick is. We haven’t had any badass Helena vengeance yet this season? And yes Mark killing Coady would be so satisfying. I would cheer.

                Kira- I kinda like a mystical/ spiritual angle, since why would being clones give them an ability to “feel” each other? Maybe it’s best if it’s left unexplained… I just hope they talk about it some, and don’t just ignore it. And there a re a LOT of loose ends to clear up, I’ve been thinking all season that they’re moving awful slow, with all these plot threads in play. IDK… and I need to know what happened on the island.

                You’re gonna watch 12 Monkeys? YAY!!! There’ll be two of us! Ha ha seriously though I’ve heard certain fan sites say it’s the best SF show no one’s watching, so I think it just flies under the radar? I mean it starts out like a run of the mill SF time travel show, but at least for me the characters are awesome. Jennifer is AMAZING, and Olivia is a kickass villain. Plus there’s all kinds of shades of gray, which I love. The sad thing is it’s not on Netflix (like why, everything else is) but I do think it’s on Hulu. So if you end up getting Hulu… let me know what you think!!! Ha ha no pressure!!

                I used to watch Chelsea Handler but it’s been a while. She always cracked me up. And Timeless I don’t know about- will check it out. I just finished Shetland on Netflix- it’s slower paced but it’s a Scottish crime show, I love the accents and the scenery is amazing! Marcella was another Brit show I liked. I’ll have to look into the Fire stick but I need a new TV, mine is old and sucks and the sound is terrible. I need to get a flat screen.

                Those questions- YES. Spill Jason or we’ll give you the City of Light pill lol. Man thinking of Lincoln and O together, Bellarke being canon without all this bullshit, the Reapers naturally… 🙂 SO many awesome what if’s on this show. And I remember the backlash about Lexa, but I never really knew if they actually lost a ton of viewers. Yikes. And it’s probably the only CW show I watch, other than Riverdale. I used to watch Arrow and all that shit, but I just… can’t. I’m so over it.

                • Oh I was SO glad that she got Ferdinand too. He is fucking psychopath! I mean- bad enough how he killed MK, but to do that to RACHEL? We DO need Helios! But of course she’s dead, and Ilian is dead, and so… S is dead. 😭😭 I am not okay, nope nope. I hope Helena does take them out- but she is also SUPER pregnant at the moment so who knows? But GAH Gracie was just a kid basically! Poor Mark- even if he DOES kill Coady… he’ll be dead soon too as the last Castor with no cure. And what will he even have to live for? This is really depressing!

                  I am fine with them leaving the Kira thing as an unknown, like Cosima saying there is nothing in her genes to explain it, etc. But they NEED to tell us what happens to the island. Maybe the clones should all take over and make it one big dance party where everyone gets a nice HEA.

                  I actually read an article like that about 12 Monkeys! (and funnily enough, The 100 and Orphan Black were on the same list!) It IS only on Hulu, which is like… ugh. Because I pay for the damn Syfy channel so… why can’t they let me just watch it? Like, you have to watch new episodes there, right? Annoying. But I am going to do the free Hulu trial, and then probably just keep it because meh. I mean, unless I NEVER use it after the shows I want to watch haha.

                  I adore Chelsea! I liked her other show better, tbh- the one that was on E!, but she’s gotten very political which i kind of love- she has people come on a lot and explain some of the shit that is happening, and it’s great. It’s definitely a more… responsible show than her last one was! And you have a lot of time to catch up on Timeless, it isn’t coming back til 2018 either. And oh goodness, YES you need a flat screen! They’re so cheap now too so that’s good! (You’d probably need one if you wanted a Fire TV stick too, because the port that they use is mostly in newer TVs)

                  OH good call, we drug him! Tell him it’s the chip! And then explain that he must take it since he made us suffer through more than a whole season with the CoL bullshit storyline 😂😂

                  I think the loss of viewers was a combination of things- yes, the “kill your gays” backlash (which I STILL stand by that not being what they did AT ALL, but I also see why people were mad- the timing was… unfortunate, though they didn’t have much choice, it was the actor’s choice after all!) then Lincoln’s death and the backlash of the Ricky-Jason feud, PLUS the ratings for S3 were really not good compared to all the other seasons. Let’s be real, S3 just wasn’t the best. The only other CW show I watch is Jane the Virgin, which is fun. But other than that, I don’t think I have watched the CW since… well, since it was The WB and like, Dawson’s and Felicity were on 😂 I do want to watch Riverdale at some point too though.

                  Speaking of the show, I had this REALLY weird dream about Eligius. They’d intercepted Spacekru, but it wasn’t JUST Spacekru, Kane and Abby were there, and Clarke. And me. I was there. And Eligius was… strange. They made us break off into specialty groups, to do tasks we’d be good at? Idk, I was training to be an Eligius Lifeguard, apparently. It was weird. And Kabby wanted to start to revolt, but Bellamy was like, into being there. And then I woke up.

                  Almost time for Orphan Black! HOW is it almost over?! Didn’t I JUST fall in love with it? SOBS.

                  • It is depressing. MK’s death was brutal, like… damn man did they have to do it like THAT? And Gracie, that’s just not right. Yeesh. Ferdinand is horrible. Was horrible hopefully lol. And yes I think they should make the island Clone Island, where all clones are welcome, and every night is dance party night. Dance or go home.

                    Yeah I’ve been watching the new Monkeys episodes on SyFy through Sling, but the cool thing with season three was they released the whole season over one weekend, so you could binge it just like Netflix. Which I of course did! I hope they do that with season 4! But I agree- that’s annoying. They should let you watch older episodes, I don’t get that.

                    It sounds like I’d like Chelsea’s new show. And Timeless I looked up last night after reading your post- it sounds right up my alley. Time travel, changing the past… and it looks like they visit cool eras? I wil be streaming it to check it out. I apparently can’t get enough of time travel shows. I mean some of my favorite shows (besides The 100) are Monkeys of course, but also Continuum (which Richard Harmon was in) and Travelers. You’d think I’d get burned out since those premises are all fairly similar, nut nope. And now Timeless! But I’ll be watching it. 🙂 I just started Van Helsing too lol. I’m hopeless…

                    Riverdale is good. A bit cheesy and I never thought it lived up to its potential, but it’s snarky enough that it’s worth a binge. And I love Betty and Veronica, they’re awesome. And Jughead. And Cheryl- fuck she’s awesome!!! She is SUCH a bitch and I love it. She makes that show. They keep hinting they’re going to go in a supernatural direction, maybe in S2, but I’ve determined that the showrunner keeps hinting that but is afraid to actually do it, so it may not happen? But there are hints… and I wish they’d go there. And yeah that perfect storm of factors probably did result in viewer loss, makes sense. The kill your gays thing never made sense to me either though, because hello- Alycia was leaving either way, right?? Although after watching Fear the Walking Dead maybe she should have stayed w/ The 100!

                    “And me. I was there.” lol that cracked me up. See you want to live in that world??!? Although TBH at times I do too… cool dream though! Less than 5 minutes to go. I’m typing this bad boy all nervous for Orphsn Black to start. Is S alive????????

                    • So, did you watch the episode yet!? I am nervous to say anything in case you haven’t. I think I CAN say that the Helena backstory stuff was… unnecessary? Like ONE episode left and you’re doing flashbacks from the 90s!? Honestly, I am glad that they waited until the 3rd to last episode to kill off S (even though I wish they hadn’t at all) because the show is NOT the same without her. And I don’t know HOW they are going to tie everything up in like, 42 minutes. NO idea.

                      I seriously don’t get why I cannot watch them ANYWHERE except places where I have to pay for them, even though I already pay for the damn channel! This is confusing. And I was going to do the Hulu thing (and I probably still will, but I want to read Handmaid’s Tale first. Eh, maybe I should just be “that person” who watches the show without reading the book haha) but then… I can’t even watch Season 3! I can watch S3 literally NOWHERE.

                      Timeless is fun! I was on the fence for the first few episodes but then it got really good. When they cancelled it for a minute, I was sad. And then when the internet demanded its return and they actually listened… well, that was quite a moment haha. I do want to watch Continuum at some point, and I did watch the first like, 2 minutes of Travelers once but I was having a The 100 meltdown and needed to rewatch it 😉

                      I have been told by Val and Holly that I *must* watch Sense8, but I am waiting until their finale thing happens. And I started watching 3% on Netflix, but that was right before S4 of The 100 started so… you can imagine what happened there. It was really interesting, and I do want to continue it, but the subtitles did get a little annoying. (Is there a #SpoiledAmericanProblems yet? There should be.) And Riverdale! I feel like it is probably… like the old shows of The WB/CW, where they were almost guilty pleasures? I can live with that!

                      I have heard similar things about Fear the Walking Dead! I mean, I thought Alycia was incredible as Lexa- so it definitely isn’t a lack of acting prowess. Though I feel like they almost would have had to kill her eventually anyway? No way could everything last season have worked with her there! BUT her death is also the reason we got stuck with Riley and also why I had to make a two-bodied bear eat Bryan, so there’s that.

                      I DO want to live in the world of The 100! I know that seems REALLY stupid but like- here, what do we really live for? Our lives have become… really uninspiring, mundane. For the most part, of course. And not that I am itching for Praimfaya but there’s a certain satisfaction to saving your people. ALSO, to basically know every single member of the human race is kind of cool. Walking around here with 7 billion people, and we’ll know what, a few hundred? Maybe a thousand? That’s weird.

                      OH speaking of The 100. Jason popped up with THIS little gem today, and I feel like we must analyze it: “In an interview at SDCC, Jason said that he’s aiming for a big left turn at the end of s5, that could create another 5 years of material”. Look, I love this show a LOT. Maybe too much. But… I don’t know how I feel about this particular statement. Does The 100 need 10 seasons? Probably not. Would the main characters even still be PART of it? What the hell is a “major left turn”?! I am not okay with this information and will now be paralyzed with fear until May of 2018. (Here is the full video, if you are so inclined https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVjNoJfEKNM )

  3. I don’t either, one episode and they have all this stuff out there. Helena about to give birth! Although I loved how she disposed of Coady. Slamming her head repeatedly into the utensil table was quite badass, I thought. I hope she’s dead. And I agree about the flashbacks… it did eat up valuable minutes. I would rather have had Mark go out with a bang than a whimper, that was disaapointing. He and gracie were shortchanged if you ask me. And S IS dead. Not a surprise, but I was hoping…

    Also I thought if Frontenac is so badass that he is taking out board members around the world, seems unrealistic that Art and felix can get the drop on him. Like he wouldn’t have badass assassin/ guard types around? It’s like sometimes Neolution is badass and then other times they’re easily dispensed with. And the fact that Westmorland has like 5 people left but is somehow having people killed all over the world… I’m calling bullshit. Seems to me the board would be doing the killing, with their presumed resources??

    Wow I’m kinda bitching about this aren’t I?? But I did like it!!!!

    I’ve always said these networks should make it EASY to watch their shows, not hard. Especially in this day and age?? A lot of shows I’ve just ended up buying per episode at amazon, which sucks. I had to do that with Black Sails it wasn’t on Netflix or Hulu and starz made it hard to watch. I mean fuck Starz I’m not getting a subscription to that for one show. Although by the time I paid $2 per episode I probably spent more? But I don’t care. 🙂

    I don’t get the 12 Monkeys S3 thing. Why do they make it so hard??? I’m gonna try Timeless. I watched 2 episodes of Van Helsing and I’m like eh. Not grabbing me. Continuum is one of my favorite shows mainly for the characters- i like how as the show progresses you can see why Liber8- the bad guys- are doing what they’re doing, and maybe they’re not bad guys- except they do bad things? Plus it’s fun to see Richard Harmon act just like Murphy lol. I think I watched one episode of Sense8, but I didn’t really give it a try, and people like it? So maybe I should try again. And I think guilty pleasure describes Riverdale quite well. 🙂

    Fear the Walking Dead is pretty much whatever, I watched through part of S2 I think? It’s been a while. Alycia does very little on that show, they don’t use her nearly as well as The 100 did. She’s so much less assertive, it’s weird. Bad writing. And there would be something cool about saving the world regularly, and having conclaves and high speed chases and batshit crazy gorillas would certainly be more exciting than going to work. So I can see that. What would be really cool is if they would invent like real virtual reality, where you could live in The 100 world for like days or weeks and it would be almost fucking real. Like the OASIS in Ready Player One. That’s what I want to do lol. Screw reality.

    OK so I watched that video and I’m like… noooo. Not another huge transition, isn’t the time jump enuff??? I don’t know WHAT he’s saying there, but hopefully it’s just him part;y talking out of his ass about 10 potential seasons and he’s not REALLY going to do something drastic. I don’t really see 10 seasons, the cast is pretty large to keep together, but if they can go 7 or 8 I would be happy!

    • I liked that she killed Coady too- talk about badass, killing a bitch while in labor with twins bwhahahha. Mark WAS a bummer. I hoped that something would at least come of his death- like he’d die while trying to rescue Helena or something. Lost opportunity, honestly. Like… Idk, it wasn’t a terrible episode, but I felt a little underwhelmed, especially considering it’s the penultimate episode of the whole series! I agree about Neolution- is it all powerful or is it easy to outwit? It really cannot be BOTH.

      See, the buying per episode thing is something I am flat out refusing to do. This is why I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones even though I know I will end up being spoiled and sad. It’s just… That is $20 per season, for the shortest season! So upwards of $30, and then multiply that by all the seasons and just… NO. Especially when I pay for a whole bunch of other shit anyway. Eventually it will be on one of the services I pay for, and I will watch it then. It makes me so MAD because it seems like a huge ripoff. The only show I pay to watch is The 100- I bought all the DVDs- because I KNOW I will watch them multiple times. But I am not going to pay a shitload of money for a show I may not even LIKE.

      I am salty about 12 Monkeys because I had planned to watch it next! I seriously might email the Syfy people and have them explain to me why I pay for their damn channel if I can’t watch the shows that are on it. Ahhh your experience with Sense8 is how I felt about Stranger Things! I watched 1.5 episodes and just… I don’t get it? Though I didn’t really give it a chance either, I suppose. I might try Continuum. Or maybe I will wait until after Orphan Black is totally over, because I am in mourning a little, tbh. I finally find another show that I really like, and BAM, it’s over.

      I have heard the exact same thing about FtWD! That Alycia is woefully underused, that it isn’t that great all around. Which makes me wonder why she chose it? Maybe she already had a contract with FtWD?

      I LOVE the idea of living in The 100 world (or any awful fictional place haha) for a finite time. But you know, I think the thing about those shitty worlds is that when the characters finally DO get to live peacefully, they (and we as the viewers/readers) appreciate it so, so much more. We take our peaceful mundanity for granted, really. But the allure mostly I think would be having a real impact on the world. Whereas in our world, so few people can really say they’ve done that.

      ALSO- 5×03 is called… Sleeping Giants!! That sounds pretty great, tbh! And yes- I really, REALLY hope that the video was just Jason bullshitting for the cameras. I have heard that a lot of people say they’ll stop at episode 100, which would be, Season 7 I think? I don’t want another drastic change. This damn time jump still may be a mess, so no, we don’t need anymore nonsense. They start filming in a WEEK though, so we should at least see a few pictures or something soon!!

      • Helena killing Coady was like the highlight, nothing else much happened? And does it seem like they’re trying to make Westmopland all nutty and vicious all of a sudden, like they realize their big bad is just some old guy lol? FFS Coady oozes more nastiness than he ever does. And Neolution felt so small and not threatening in this one? It definitely goes back and forth.

        I totally get that! Paying per episode sucks. Stranger Things is funny- it’s good but to hear people talk it’s like the greatest show ever. I didn’t think it was THAT great, I’d give it like a B+. I mean it’s good, but I like plenty of shows more. Continuum I’m just a fanboy for. I mean it’s not perfect, don’t get me wrong, but that show and I just clicked. But I really liked Kiera and some of the characters. I like Dark Matter too, some people do, some don’t. Orphan Black I am going to miss… FtWD is lame, at least up through the point I watched.

        Great point about the fictional worlds, I totally agree. I’ve often wondered, since I read for escapism, why am I trying to ESCAPE to a fucked up world o dark lords or apocalypses lol? Shouldn’t I be reading some cozy little book about sunshine and rainbows? But I think we do, some of us anyway, yearn for something more, something to do that means something. So we gotta live vicariously… 🙂

        Ooh a week? Yes! They are building out story soon ha ha. I wanna go! I can be a, um, story consultant or something, or maybe they need a janitor? And S;eeping Giants? What’s THAT all about? Any speculation? Think they’re talking bunker or someone/ something coming back to life, symbolically? Hmmm……

        • Gah YES, that seems to be exactly what they’re doing with Westmoreland and I don’t get it! Now he suddenly doesn’t have hair, and wants to kill everyone!? Like… I know he isn’t above killing obviously, but it almost doesn’t seem authentic. And I agree, Coady (well, the woman who plays- played, I guess is more accurate- her) was SO much better at being convincingly evil. This finale needs to be EPIC.

          Did you watch the whole season of Stranger Things? Does it get better, or if I didn’t like the first few, will I probably not like the rest? I also don’t get the people who are like “it is such a great 80s throwback”. Like what the hell were YOU doing in the 80s, because I was definitely NOT in the same place? I really want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale- I almost don’t want to even bother reading it first so I don’t know what to expect? That seems like cheating though 😂

          So, our REAL world is starting to sound more and more like Praimfaya. We may not have to worry about virtual reality. But I think more and more people DO seem to gravitate toward even more messed up worlds than our own? Which, to be fair, is getting increasingly harder to do. I swear, if Trump gets us killed before we get to see Bellarke… 😡

          YESSS one week! I am still waiting to hear that I am needed on set for my breakout acting role. So if they call, I will put in a good word with the writing and/or custodial staff 😂 I cannot wait to see the sets and such, at least! It’s going to be HARD not searching for spoilers though since I am so used to stalking the hashtag and all the websites for info.

          As for Sleeping Giants, yeah, a lot of people think it is about the bunker. And since that is the first episode that Isaiah is scheduled to be in, I’d say the bunker is a perfect guess. It’s weird though- does this mean we’ll see NONE of the bunker people until episode 3? Or will we get to see some of them? Will they just tell us that Jaha bit it, and we get the backstory in Ep 3? I DON’T KNOW and I want to know all the things! The good news is, within the next few weeks we should at least find out who the new cast members are, so that’s something!

          • Yeah Westmorland sucks. They’ve killed off all the good villains so whatever they do I hope it works. Did Enger just replace that one detective chick? Because we never found out where she went (pulled a Bryan lol).

            I did watch all of stranger things, and IDK if it gets BETTER? From my prspective, having watched it months ago, it kinda runs all together? I thought it started out kinda scary, with the missing kid and the whatever it is that’s on the loose, and as it goes they get into the mysterious company and all the interdimensional stuff. Winona Ryder’s character gets all spastic and somehow communicates w/ this other dimension through the walls of her house of the Christmas lights or something. I did like Eleven, the little girl who is weird. I guess I’d try one or two more and see what you think? I will say this- the stranger Things S2 trailer looks AWESOME, so if you watch it and agree then you might want to power through S1 just so you know what’s going on? Maybe. Oh and if the kids annoy you a bit, you’re not alone. Everyone raves about the kids but they’re dumb and got on my nerves lol.

            The world scares me. I’m reading Emma in the Night right now and it’s about narcissistic personality disorder and man if that doesn’t describe T to a tee! Which is kinda scary when you think about managing crises. What really scares me is someone like that could WIN. You’d think I’d be over it, but I just think why didn’t anyone stop him? I was reading an article the other day talking about how all the people saying “you can’t disenfranchise his voters” were wrong- you CAN if they’re voting in someone who’s unfit. The party apparatus should have stopped him, even if their voters got all pissed. I mean it’s not like we have pure democracy anyway, there’s gerrymandering and voting restrictions, they’re suppressing minorities, so fuck em if they wanna cry about rigging the results.

            Ooh the sets! I can’t wait to see. I fear that I will be amenable to spoilers at this juncture, because what if something happens to me before next year? Ha ha see I can rationalize it! I must live for today so yes spoilers. And I need to know all about the bunker. What is Jaha up to??

            Ah yes- the new cast members. I hadn’t thought of that. Can’t wait to see what these Eligius assholes are like.

            Wish me luck- I’m going to try Timeless tonight!

            • Oh Angie definitely pulled a Bryan, no doubt. I could have her eaten by a two-bodied bear too if need be?

              I suppose I will give it another episode or two- maybe I just was not in the mood for it? I love that you don’t like the kids- aren’t they like, the main focus of the show? 😂😂 I mean, I feel like I am missing out a bit by not watching, so I guess I can try again.

              I hope you liked Timeless! It gets better as the season goes on, too- takes the actors a few episodes to get their chemistry settled, but the premise was great from the start, I thought.

              I feel you, I am not over it either. I never WILL be over it, because no matter what happens next, we have to live with people who thought this was a good fucking idea. And now he is just… well I think Pike handled conflict better. You are SO right about the whole pure democracy thing- the electoral college assures that we don’t have one anyway! If it WAS a pure democracy, we wouldn’t be in this bullshit mess. And like- why am I feeling like I fucking AGREE with NK? We should NEVER agree with NK, but… I want to Kane-style tie Tr*mp up in a Rover and deliver him to NK, and be like “okay, truce?”

              I… cannot do spoilers, even though I really, REALLY want to? Though with the damn world in peril, maybe I should hah. So. New info! First of all, you HAVE to read this: http://the100writers.tumblr.com/post/164003816802/from-script-to-screen-411-the-other-side You’re welcome.

              Next, Madi has apparently likely been recast? Which… weird. Usually they’d just kill a bitch. But alas. THIS is Madi now, at least most people think. She is definitely on the show, at any rate. And she also confirmed that her voice was the one in the sizzle reel, so. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7380180/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

              Isaiah is heading to Vancouver in a week, which means we are definitely going to get Jaha closure. I won’t lie, I am still really sad to see him die. I love getting all this info though, it’s like freaking Christmas!!

              • Ooh Orphan Black fanfic? Now THAT would rock. 🙂

                The kids ARE the main focus, but if I remember right they’re kinda stupid? Although Eleven is kinda kickass. Maybe the serious one is sometimes okay, I think he’s the one that befriended Eleven. I don’t know, it’s been months since I watched it so I’m a little fuzzy. I know Winona Ryder needs to chill, maybe a few more cigarettes or a vodka would help

                Yeah I’m sure the people on Guam are loving his big mouth at the moment. SMH I saw something on Buzzfeed News today about what the Europeans think of him, and the observations of some who’ve met him. It’s pretty sad. He literally doesn’t know anything.

                Oh my gosh are you serious? Another person she LOVES? That’s what I’m talking about. Is that for real? And *sputter* Madi’s been recast? Who’s this Lola Flanery chica? Well that was quick. I’m still not okay with all this Madi stuff… sigh.

                Jaha yes!! As much as I dislike the guy, I still want to see him go out well, you know?

                • Hhahah I have a feeling we are going to need a LOT of fanfic to sort out all the missing people when the show is over. What ever happened to the trans clone anyway? Angie, trans clone, I’m sure there are more missing people. And only one episode left, so…

                  I feel like Eleven was kind of decent but since I only watched the first (and a half) episode she was barely around, so. It was mostly just those kids doing weird shit and I was like… meh.

                  I saw the same thing about the Europeans! I feel like, guilty almost because we are dragging them down with us, and that seems really unfair. And now he is just escalating things even more. I seriously feel like he doesn’t even care what he is in the history books for- he’s such a narcissist that he’d be FINE with being the guy that caused the damn apocalypse because at least HE was the guy, you know? Because that is the only explanation- either that or he is legit brain dead.

                  YESSSS. It is 100% real, direct from The 100 Writers account! EEP. I am so happy. I mean, at least if we face Praimfaya, we know that Bellarke was canon 😀 And I am shocked that Madi was recast too! I guess she was on some ABC show and so they recast her with this Lola person. I guess it doesn’t matter but.. ugh, you know. I am SURE they are going to use Madi as an anti-Bellarke device after he and Echo break up and/or she dies. (Do you notice that people never seem to break up, just one of them dies?)

                  Jaha needs his redemption moment, no question! OH! And I had a thought about the whole “left turn that would enable more seasons” thing! WHAT IF…. it is the rest of the WORLD? I still feel like that Egypt scene wasn’t a throwaway- they really don’t DO throwaways- so… where the hell is everyone else?

                  • I thought I read somewhere that the trans clone died, but I’m not sure? Are there supposed to be more clones as yet undiscovered? I can’t remember. I sorta thought after MJ died it was just the ones we know were left, but… ?

                    Eleven gets better although she does spend a lot of time eating waffles. I think the show kinda spins its wheels a bit until it gets all batshit at the very end. Lot of build up and Winona Ryder having a fit about everything. It does have kind of a cool end though.

                    I think he is a narcissist and he’s one of those people that just bullshits his way through everything, but now he’s found something that actually matters and his bullshit is obvious to all. Except his idiot supporters apparently. I went through a phase where I couldn’t believe his supporters, then I tried to understand why 35% give or take of the population voted for him- surely it can’t be as simple as they’re idiots or misinformed- and now I’m swinging back towards- they’re just idiots. Because they gave us this. Them and the Republicans. The only silver lining to any of this is he can’t get anything done- so much for the dealmaker. So even as we fear he’ll get us into war, at least he’s too ineffective to get rid of Obamacare so far. I think it’s hilarious that the redneck assholes who voted for him have their party controlling the gov’t and they can’t pass anything.

                    Good point, relationships on The 100 (or the 12 or however many are left lol) end in death, not break up. So get together at your own risk delinquents! And you’re probably right- I can’t otherwise think of a real reason for Madi? I mean why exactly are they going the motherhood route? Other than to delay Bellarke. It’s so unnecessary. We should writer an alternate scenario where Bellarke HAPPENS and then we show how bitchin it could be with them together. Maybe Bellarke go off to found a new colony and leave Kabby or O in charge of the existing place, and we could have two teams out there. Then it’s back to the delinquents vs the world or whatever, I don’t know. But it could work!!! Squeeeee

                    You know that would be super cool. I always wondered about that Egypt shot too, like did they just think it was a cool image or were they hinting something with the pyramids in the background? If there are other places and survivors… that gives you a lot more to play with. Yes I like it!!! And clearly that writers Twitter feed is something to watch they’re crafty little tricksters aren’t they?

                    I watched the first Timeless. Not bad! And Leekie is in it!! Or was- not sure if he reappears? And the chick from Flash. Except she died. Still I’m kind of into it, I love that they changed time and now it’s all fucked up. That’s what Continuum did too- they just didn’t save everything all the time, instead it got all fucked up and they had to scramble. Looks like Timeless is going in that direction.

                    • How the hell did he die? Did I miss this? ::Googles Tony:: So, the Wiki lists his status as alive, but I have no idea if that is true. ALSO- what happened to CAL!?!? He’s Kira’s damn dad and he disappears!? But I still want Sarah and Art to get together. HOW is this going to work in one damn episode?

                      I mean… waffles are good, so who can really blame Eleven? 😂 Winona Ryder is just… not my fave in general, which is probably part of the reason I was not too hesitant to quit hah.

                      The 35% HAS to be idiots? I have tried to come up with other reasons but seriously cannot come up with any. Like, even the selfish assholes have to understand now that he is straight up going to kill us all? Did you hear that he is now threatening Venezuela? I just don’t understand how NO ONE is stopping him. Honestly, imagine if you’re in congress- how are you NOT stopping him? I’d do ANYTHING I could.

                      https://twitter.com/The100writers/status/896136499493720064 <---- Figured you'd enjoy that 😉 I am SO EXCITED that filming is happening! It is SO sad that there are only like 12 of them left. It's crazy. Someone posted this great Madi theory on Twitter though- about how Bellamy shouldn't be mad that Clarke puts Madi first because he understands because of Octavia, so, fingers crossed! I just need Bellarke to happen too, I feel you! Yeah, I feel like Egypt had a point- same with ALIE talking about the whole world in regards to Praimfaya. Especially because- imagine the bunkers in Europe especially! There has to be people there. And the "world" in the Eastern US is so limited after Praimfaya, so it kind of makes sense. That Twitter feed is FAB- they post scenes every week, and also if you follow Aaron Ginsburg (@DrLawyercop) he posts behind the scenes pics and such a lot! (And he;s just funny in general) I am glad that you didn't hate Timeless- it was my turn to be worried hahha 😀 And I did NOT notice Leekie- which shows how much I pay attention. I have to rewatch the episodes before the new season. Some of the episodes get really amazing, especially historically speaking. I am DEFINITELY watching Continuum now. I will start after Orphan Black ends, so we can chat about that too! Will you be watching OB when it is live tomorrow? Just so I don't spoil anything, of course! I am going to watch it after it DVRs probably- and Rashika is here (from Xpresso Reads) and we are going to have sushi because I have not had sushi in ages and also I love sushi. I may also be drinking some wine.

  4. omg Shannon, this is SO GREAT!! YOU ARE SO CREATIVE!! I’m sorry I’m a terrible and lazy friend and didn’t comment on/read it sooner.

    Sienna and Zoran’s story gave me unexpected FEELS, SHANNON, IT’S NOT NICE. I hope to fuck both of them found someway to survive. And eh, who cares about Wick anymore? jk, I don’t care if he survives too. Though, he’s a good last meal for Greg (because of course you’d put him in here somewhere, you are #predictable).

    I waited for Greg to show up again in Bryan’s story, but I’m proud of you for going the less predictable route. :p omg I guess it’s a fitting ending he dies saving people? It’s okay, though. We’ve got Milkson.

    OH HELLO AGAIN MEL I FORGOT ABOUT YOU, THE GIRL EVERYONE /HAD/ TO SAVE EVEN THOUGH SHE WASN’T AN IMPORTANT CHARACTER AT ALL AND THAT ONE KID WHOSE NAME I FORGOT DIED TRYING. And then I read your ending and started to tear up over Miller’s dad bc I’ll never get over it. I like that it was a hopeful, peaceful one! You should write for the show, tbh. 😉

    Polis Marriott LOLOLOLOLOL

    HOLY SHIT PLOT TWIST. I was not expecting that ending to Shawn’s story. Hahahaha omg Shannon. I love how they all laughed bc Murphy. I love Murphy.


    • AWWW thank you, love!! You are most certainly NOT a terrible or bad friend, shhhh. I am glad you read it at all 😉

      Zoran NEEDS to be alive. I am so pissed that they bring a sweet kid around and then he pulls a Bryan. No thank you please. Tbh, these were ALL supposed to be funny/lighthearted, but then I sat down and they got… sad. I don’t even know HOW Mr Miller got involved, I just… Idk, I feel like he deserved a bigger farewell than being dragged outside by Grounders? And yes, MEL! Why did we never see her again!? She was just “way to get rid of Sterling”. Also, poor Sterling. Maybe I should have done one for him- he could have survived that fall, Octavia did 😂

      The Polis Marriott is one of several Indra-run businesses. She also has a Subway, and Murphy is the head Sandwich Artist 😉

      And dude. No one is okay with Becho. But I’d bet serious money that Becho is happening.

  5. He’s alive??Ack- shows what I know. Check the damn wiki once in a while Greg *grumble grumble* And I sadly do not know about Cal, either. Too many loose ends. I can’t believe the finale is TONIGHT. In a few short hours. Nooooo… I’m getting all depressed.

    Yeah the Congress has proven they can’t regulate him, anyone who thinks at this point they can successfully govern is nuts. I love how he’s feuding with McConnell now! They’ve enabled him and he doesn’t hesitate to trash them. You know I read something a while back that said that in the old days the party system and the conventions were supposed to weed out nutcases like him, the smoky back rooms where deals were made. I don’t know if that was ever true, but it said the party elders should have come together and denied him the nom, even if it meant Hillary won. Put principle over party- which of course is the opposite of what they did.

    Oh my… Chelsey is looking… quite nice. Love the hair! Thank you BTW 🙂 A cute pic of those two. Clearly I need to get w/ the program and follow those Twitter feeds! And yes I think Bell would be okay with Clarke & Madi- he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would let that get in the way. In fact they’d make a good team if she HAS to be there *grumble grumble* lol. I hope hope hope they don’t do that “I can’t be in a relationship right now because Madi has to come first” ugh that would be SO tired and cliched. Just stop. Because of course she’ll still use Niylah when she needs some (assuming they dig Niylah out that is). And how cool would it be if people were hiding IN the pyramid? Okay that’s goofy maybe but hey you never know? Totally agree- I want more pockets of survivors. I’m sure Trump had bunkers made for him to hide in after he started World Wars III through V?

    I did NOT hate Timeless. and when I saw Leekie (he was right in the beginning) I was like “Leekie!!” ha ha. I was looking at the episode synopses and it does look like they do some fun stuff in terms of eras they go to. I’ll be definitely watching, nice to get in on the ground floor and not be 3 seasons behind or something. And yes I will be watching OB live tonight, I’ll try not to squee spoilery bits all over Twitter. Cool that Rashika is there! Wine and sushi sound quite lovely. 🙂

    I am so geeked you’re gonna watch Continuum. It’s okay if you don’t like it though, I don’t really expect everyone to be as crazy about it as I am. But I think you’ll love Garza. She is so badass… oh my gosh I can’t even. I’m sure we’ll be talking garza. 🙂

    • In fairness, it IS weird that he vanished yet didn’t die, so it’s reasonable to have assumed so. I am going to watch OB now (live) too! And then I can throw random observations at you during the commercials 😀 But I am also so sad that it is over. Ooooh I think they are giving us a dance party at the end!!

      COADY IS ALIVE!?? That bitch will not die! YESSS ART! Hits Not-Angie and then “You’re a shitty partner” 😂😂 Art had better be okay. What the actual fuck is Westmoreland DOING? He has officially lost his shit, yes? He just killed that doctor for funsies? I still don’t understand why anyone listened to him to begin with tbh. I love Helena and Art as a team, although poor Art did NOT sign up for midwifery, I assume. YESSS my babies just took out Coady!! (Fingers crossed that it took this time.) DAMN Sarah. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanted her to kill him, of course! That was kind of fabulous. Also where is Felix? This is the last time I get any Felix, and I NEED IT. I am glad that there are some S flashbacks though, I miss her. The birthing scenes are kiiiiind of gutting me though, the parallels between S helping Sarah, then Sarah helping Helena… yep, crying. It’s pretty much perfect.

      Omgggg Helena lives in the Hendricks’ garage?! I am dead. Donnie and the babies is too cute! And Alison, my heart. Bwahaha there’s Tony! OMG. Oh. My God. It’s Helena’s dream shower!! Sarah is still SO broken though, it’s really sad. Oh I am DYING at Rachel- “this is Yousef, the Uber Driver” bwhahahha. Holy shit, 274 Ledas!? Helena named the babies Arthur and Donnie. Oh, that was amazing. But whyyyy didn’t Sarah and Art end up together? That is my only complaint really. I loved that they let them LIVE for a little, you know? At least we know Cophine is happy! SO what did you think!?

      Yes, I do believe that WAS the point of a two party system- to weed out maniacal dictators and such. Nice job, US. I am so disgusted I don’t even know. I mean, none of us should have to spend our days wondering if hate groups or nuclear war will be the top news of the day. This is fucking disgusting. And the “president” didn’t even bother to give any fucks about the damn white supremacists. Hell, he enables them. I feel like throughout history, in every conflict like this there has always been a hero, you know? Someone who finally stands up to the wrongness. But here…. I worry that everyone is too cowardly to be a hero. Perhaps we’ve come to the point where we can no longer save ourselves from… well, ourselves. Ugh.

      I agree, I like Chelsey’s hair! I think one of the first things we will actually end up knowing is what they all look like 6 years later, since they can’t exactly hide that! Though I wonder if Chris was hiding his on purpose in that picture? Either way, they won’t be able to hide it for long. And Marie’s hair is short now too- Idk how short Octavia’s will be (I know there was talk about it being REALLY short) but she could always doo wigs too. I REALLY hope they don’t use Madi for that purpose. Especially because unlike Plot Device (ermmm Gina) we won’t be rid of her in a few episodes, so that could be a long term Bellarke stopper. No thank you. And yeah, good point about Niylah- though I am really hoping that Niylah and O have gotten together in the 6 years in the bunker. Though it WILL be weird seeing O with anyone other than Lincoln. I am still never going to be over Lincoln’s death. Ever. I wonder if the pyramids could withstand Praimfaya, because if so, I like that idea! (And I seriously hope that Trump is narcissistic enough to think he doesn’t even need bunkers. Because then BYE.)

      I wonder if Timeless will have more than 2 seasons. I honestly doubt it, which is unfortunate. But… could happen, I suppose! I am still mad at myself for not recognizing Leekie though! And I definitely plan to watch Continuum! I need something new because I am sad about the end of Orphan Black!

      • Oh good we can discuss. 274 Ledas? Sheesh they were pumping the clones out FFS. And yes Westmorland was like crazysauce, but I thought it was kinda anti-climactic the way he was- what- strolling around outside the med thing and Sarah somehow shoots him blindly? IDK, but it was nice to see her bash his face in with the air tank. Sweet!! And Helena giving birth- gah!! Frickin Art lol WAS so in over his head!! I was surprised Coady was alive, frankly, but Helena sorted that nicely. And I feel more than ever that Westmorland was a dud as the big bad. He was more annoying than threatening. THose birthing scenes with the Sarah/ S flashbacks… yeah that well done.

        Helena living in the Hendrix’s garage is the absolute best. It looked cozy- kinda? Cophine are together- check. That was a biggie for me. Sarah WAS messed up but I lovewd how the last scene was her and Fee taking Kira to the beach. So she apparently kept the house?? I was afraid they would kill Helena off after she gave birth, so I’m glad she lived. On balance I guess I was a little disappointed, only because they final showdown seemed a bit rushed (plus all the good villains were already dead) and then they went right into Sarah’s funk, which was kind of a downer, but it was good character development for her, so maybe I’m wrong? lol

        It was nice to see them all hanging out. Can I have Alison’s house? And I like how they’re all so tight now, Art’s kid even and they’re all hanging out. I could watch a show based on their get- togethers and backyard BBQ’s I think. A little disappointed no Sara/ Art though, agree. I kinda wanted Rachel to come in and reconcile, which is probably dumb, but IDK I even wanted her to have a HEA, I must have been drunk. Oh, and I do NOT need to see Donnie shimmying down AT ALL EVER AGAIN. Just stop Orphan Black!!

        I’ll miss it though frickin big time.

        Can you believe that shit in VA? I saw that car video deliberately drove into the crowd. WTAF is happening in this country? These people love him, they even come out and say they’re doing it because of him. What more do people need to hear???

        Yup. I’m really wondering what the initial pitch for the Madi character was- did they want to thrust Clarke into motherhood situations, and for cripes sake why? Was it just to giver her a companion dependent on her or something else? And chris DID have his hood up *hmm pondering* methinks there are changes afoot. O and Niylah- I wholeheartedly approve. Sorry clarke- sometimes people gotta move on. Just, you know- not you and Bellamy lol.

        I should rewatch Continuum (ducks because hasn’t rewatched The 100 yet and Shannon is throwing garbage at me). Can’t wait to see what you think!

        • I do agree about Westmoreland. Like… he clearly lost his shit, and was coming unraveled but it WAS sudden. Tbh, I am GLAD they didn’t drag it out though? Here’s my thought- I think that if they’d had more time, it could have been longer. But since they were working with such a finite number of minutes, I am REALLY glad they didn’t spend the whole time chasing that old fool. Because I fully agree with you about him being more annoying than anything else. The birth scene gutted me. It was really well done. I loved Art’s reaction, and the flashbacks were so perfect. I won’t lie, I low key held out hope that S would somehow pop back up. But alas.

          I think the Sarah depression thing DID feel very authentic- especially since she really lost the most of anyone- and gained the least, really. I mean, Cosima got her cure and Delphine, Alison and Donnie got… well whatever that strip tease at the end was (in addition to it being wholly unnecessary, though I felt like it was almost a running gag at this point, so I guess I can live with it), Helena having her babies AND a stable home, and even Rachel probably getting some peace- and a new eye that wasn’t a camera hahha.

          You always want Alison’s house hahahha. Maybe now that they’re done with it, they will give you the set 😀 Is Art raising Charlotte now too? That was really cute. This was why he and Sarah needed to end up together, they could have raised all 3 girls together, it would have been so cute. In my mind, that is how it goes down. The beach scene was fabulous! I loved that Fee and Sarah were raising Kira, trying to maintain normalcy. And yeah, it looked like they were keeping the house, and I think Felix painted a mural? I approve. I DO wish there’d been more Felix overall in the episode. And more Cosima and more Scott. Especially since Scott was a main character by the end, and the poor dude got no closure! I also wanted a reconciliation with Rachel, but I guess that was pretty authentic, too. I am going to miss it a lot too- but I am still very glad that you got me hooked on it! 🙂

          The shit in VA is so awful, I want to throw up. Like… I am not surprised, which is honestly an even sadder commentary, but I am fucking disgusted. And then Trump doesn’t even condemn this complete bullshit, when even his own party is condemning it. Like we have spent the week worrying about legit nuclear war and then goddamn Nazis. How is this 2017? It is getting worse instead of better and I simply don’t understand. I will never understand what someone has to gain by actively hating someone else.

          I feel like the Madi thing is going to be complicated. Because she isn’t even really *that* young? It’s not like she is some helpless toddler, you know? She looked about 14, I assumed, but I am also terrible with that kind of thing so who actually knows. My point is, Clarke didn’t raise her. So I get that Clarke feels a love for her and a duty toward her but… OH. SHIT. I just realized something! Madi is the ONLY natural-born Natblida that we know about. Maybe THAT will be the angle! Like- Madi versus Octavia for who gets to be the rightful Heda? Maybe it will be less maternal and more… protective? And wanting Madi to like, earn her “rightful” place? THAT would certainly pit her against the Blakes. Yikes.

          Clarke and Bellamy are never allowed to move on, obviously. I am not even sure I am ready for Octavia to move on tbh. Lincoln’s death has been the hardest for me to get over. OH speaking of. I need a topic to post for my monthly “The 100” post. I have one in mind for September, but for August… I’ve got nothing. I could do deaths? Ranked by awfulness? I don’t know, I need some ideas, if you have any!

          And I will not throw garbage because it is only August. Now, if we have this same conversation in December, all bets are off and you should absolutely be ducking 😉 I think I will start Continuum tomorrow. And I will of course let you know my thoughts!!

          • Yeah the S thing… I REALLY wanted her to survive, but I guess someone big had to go. I always assumd one of the big three (Sarah, Alison or Cosima) and maybe Helena would die, but I’m not complaining- I’m glad they lived. The birth scene was very well done. Good point about Sarah- she was the closest to S (along w/ Felix) so she did lose the most. I guess if she WASN”T upset it wouldn’t have really taken S’s loss into account.

            I know- I love their house. Or their set ha ha. Art and sarah w/ their blended family would have been super. I could have used more Felix. And other than the one episode Alison didn’t really have a lot to do this season . Likewise about Scott, I liked that dude. It’s one of those shows where I could watch them paint the living room or go shopping and just listen to their repartee, I don’t even need evil companies cloning lol. It’s the characters, just like on The 100. And yay I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

            That… is alarming about Madi. And I do feel like they struggle sometimes with how to differentiate Clarke and O- they’re both strong, they’re both leaders now but you can only have one leader? That could be the catalyst to get them at odds again. Let’s hope not. I’m the same on O. Lincoln loomed so large over the first few seasons that it’s weird still that they’re not together! That’s why it’s hard to ship her now- no one feels right. I guess six years may change that though?

            Ooh topics. I like deaths ranked by awfulness, that’s classic. How about best or worst places to live? You know, like the Ark, Mt. Weather, ALIE’s place, Polis etc? Could be fun. Or best fights. I still love tha throwdown in Mt. Weather when the delinquents fought back and they had that all-out melee in their little dormitory or whatever it was. Toughest decisions? Lots to work with there.

            Ooh maybe times someone was WORSE than Murphy lol. Jaha throwing that guy overboard comes to mind. 🙂 I mean it’s not every day Murph-man is shocked . Okay I’ll stop- this is way too fun.

            Whew! I have a little time yet. 🙂 And you’re right, I must rewatch before the new year because, duh, new season and you know how it seems so far away but then like at some point it’s gonna be like days away and we are gonna be PSYCHED. Can’t wait (except for it being winter). Eff that. And yes spill about Continuum- the good, the bad, the ugly. :):)

            • Yeah, they really did have to kill someone off, sadly. I kept being afraid it would be Cosima (I guess cause she was my favorite) but I also feel like S spent her whole damn life protecting Sarah and Felix and then Kira, and she never got to have ANY peaceful family time and that seemed so damn unfair.

              And YES same! I definitely would have been FINE with more character stuff, which I guess is extra hard with a 10-episode season and like, 384 clones. Alison was kind of boring this season, especially that dumb episode with Aynsley, so I suppose I am glad that she was in the background.

              That’s the weird thing about Lincoln- and really, ALL the deaths. For us watching, it has only been a few months since say, Jasper, or Roan, or whoever died, but for the characters, it will have been more than 6 years. I hope they can find a good balance with handling it. I think it’s especially strange with Lincoln and O, because he was such a HUGE part of how she eventually became the Champion. Like- had Lincoln not died, she’d not have been Skairipa, which means she’d never have wanted so badly to fight, and without Lincoln, she wouldn’t have decided on Wonkru either. So even though it’s been 6 years, it feels inauthentic to remove him from the narrative. Same with Jasper, honestly. Especially since Monty has been existing (we presume) in basically a vacuum with the same 7 people who ALSO loved Jasper.

              Filming started!!! Bob has a beard so I guess that is a thing now. Episode 2 is officially called “Red Queen”. Which, I think is Octavia + The Blood of the Bunkerkru. It’s curious though because Red Queen is a book. Sleeping Giants is a book. And I assume if we looked, there’d be a book called Eden.

              I really like Best Fights and Toughest Decisions, thanks! i think I could make those work. I had been thinking of something along those lines- something like the worst things they’ve had to do to survive, so I think that would definitely work! Thank you! 😀 (The places to live would be fun too- I have to come up with a good spin on that, because I think they are ALL the worst places hahha.)

              Seriously, I do not like that in order to finally have The 100 back, we have to deal with snow. No one asked for that. But… you can rewatch it to take your mind off of the snow. Or, be like me and just never stop rewatching it. (Which, I won’t lie, is probably not the best life choice? But I am fine with it.)

              OH! Isaiah just tweeted! GAHHHH this sounds so much like what Richard said at SDCC and I am so excited and also scared. Isaiah: “Re-read Episode 501 – Eden and Episode 502 – Red Queen and all I can say is…y’all ain’t ready” (But I AM ready, I promise!)

              • I thought several times that Cosima would get the ax. I mean they had her disease as an excuse so I was geeked that she made it. I never expected Helena to survive either. And around mid-show I wasn’t even sure I liked S, she seemed kinda shady with all those covert connections she had, but by the end I loved her character. I almost thought too they were gonna write Art out when they stopped using him much, so again nice to be wrong!

                Hmm good point about books. I know there’s a new Charbonneau book out called Dividing Eden, so if that becomes a title we know something’s up lol. It would be quite interesting if they used YA book titles as episode names. 🙂 I like it though, O’s gonna get her hands bloody! Which I probably shouldn’t celebrate, but… we have to have drama right? And that tweet! Eden and Red Queen- so we have Clarke and maybe Spacekru in Eden and definitely Bunkerkru in Red Queen? these tweets are gonna kill us.

                Ooh can’t wait for the post! You’re right about places, do any of them not suck lol? Probably not. 🙂

                You know what we need? A Three Dark Crowns show. :):)

                • I was certain that Cosima was a goner! I am very, very glad I was proven wrong. I almost felt like Helena was safe though. Idk why, I just got this vibe that they weren’t going to kill her? I agree about Art too, I felt like he was going to die just to like, add guilt to Sarah basically. Glad we were wrong about them all, honestly! Except poor S hahha.

                  Ah, Dividing Eden is pretty good, they should have used that- especially since it sounds pretty relevant! OH speaking of, they cast a “flashback Madi” who is in episode 1! Also, kiiiind of weird that every Spacekru person has been all over Twitter… except Luisa. Think Emori’s dead?

                  I have decided to incorporate POLLS into my post, so I am getting excited. Now I just need to find time to do it. I have been such a blog fail lately. At this point though, the world is so damn unhinged that I am not even mad at myself for being a blog fail. Because who has time for blogging when you’re staring at the news in sheer disgust and bewilderment, also wondering if ever in history anything has been quite so flat out insane?

                  I would definitely watch a Three Dark Crowns show! OH! Speaking of, I watched the first episode of Continuum! I don’t think I fully understand what was happening in the future, but I liked the idea of her being thrown back in time. Also, here for Baby Richard. Shumway was a real piece of work too. (He will always be Shumway, I don’t even care what his character’s actual name is. Shumway is still an asshole hahha.) I liked the stuff with Alec too- how he is somehow still alive in working in 2077! OH but the way she was able to jump right onto the police force? NOT buying that for a second.

                  • Hmm, curiouser and curiouser about Emori… ya know it makes sense that something would go wrong up there and someone buys it. I mean , 6 years????? and no screw ups. Not likely. And “flashback Madi?” Why would they be going into HER past she’s so young already? Unless… guess we’re gonna see another kid lose their parents maybe lol?

                    Okay I’m looking forward to polls, absolutely. Because voting is fun (even if RL it doesn’t matter *smirk*) I hear you though, it’s depressing. I was reading about the chances of civil war today, that was charming.

                    Does Murphy look young or what??? I rewatched episode 1 lol. Just to be fresh you know. 🙂 You know how when you love a show and then you rewatch (not the 100 of course) and you see all the flaws? That was me last night. 🙂 I was like aww I miss this show but dang that’s kinda lame lol. It does get better though. the first few are always rough. So whos’s Shumway? *looks up Shumway* Fuck me that’s Chen????? Oh shit I NEVER realized. And Chen is badass in this show ha ha. Frickin sweet. See?? These actors are are in all the shows I guess!

                    I know that’s the weakest part of the show. And she ends up as his partner and it’s cute but ridiculous. That Asian woman who gave her the side eye has been in a ton of shows too. It’s going to be interesting to see if I like the show as much on my second go- around. But at least I’ll know what you’re talking about. And I get to see Garza again.

                    • AH I have an Emori update! Luisa tweeted today that she is back on set filming and that “Emori has made friends” bwhahah. Not that it even means she’s alive but… let’s hope so. Just for the sake of drama, and I like her character, even after the whole Fake Baylis thing. Oh and as for Flashback Madi, I think they plan on showing us how the hell Clarke actually made it out alive, and how she found Madi. I feel like I even remember someone mentioning them doing that, so I think that’s why.

                      Polls ARE fun. I feel you with the voting thing though. It’s like, I keep asking myself, what more could I have done? What can I do NOW? And I have zero answers. It sucks, a lot. It’s like, will the civil war take us out, or the nuclear one? Fun times. I honestly don’t even have the motivation to blog at the moment. My mind is so consumed with this bullshit that I have zero creativity to come up with ANY posts (as you can tell, since I could not come up with a The 100 one hahah).

                      Baby Richard made my LIFE. Even though there was only a quick scene of him. And I was so confused because Shumway’s REAL last name is Chen, so when you said Chen… and yeah, I looked it up and his show name is Chen too and now things make sense. I cannot BELIEVE you forgot Shumway! Nevermind, I am back to throwing garbage, rewatch ASAP 😂 If it helps, I promise that a rewatch of The 100 won’t let you down! And I am sorry that you saw the flaws, that sucks. (Oh but you will definitely see The 100’s flaws because… damn the Pilot was hokey.)

                      I figured they were headed into some kind of partner situation. But I still don’t buy it. WAIT. TIME OUT. Garza is SIENNA!??!?! Did you know this!? Because this kiiiiind of changes everything. I don’t know WHY, mostly because half of this damn post we are commenting on is about Sienna? Also I still hold out hope for Sienna? Now I cannot wait to get to this part!

  6. Oh good Emori’s still with us. Cause I like her a little bit? Yeah Bayliss wasn’t cool but she IS a scrounger and that’s all she knows? Girl from the wrong side of the tracks and whatnot.

    It’s depressing. I saw this video that VICE did on the alt-right people from Charlottesville and it’s disturbing. I think it’s at Vox. They are coming out of the WOODWORK- who knew there were so many? Scary times indeed. It’s a cultural civil war even if it never becomes a real civil war you know? Just two different worldviews. and Trump is basically revealed now as an alt-right supporter- as if that’s a surprise. seriously have the last two days been fucking bonkers or what? Impeach!! What does he gotta do you know? It’d be funny if it wasn’t.

    *ducks garbage* You know I have binged so many shows on Netflix I wonder who else I’ve missed? We get a little more richard coming up, he has a nice turn as a maybe villain? I like the shades of grey to him. And Sienna? I drew a total blank when I read that, and then I feverishly looked up Sienna (even though yes you talked about her above but I didn’t make the connection)- it is Garza!!! Woot! Kinda embarrassed I never put that together. Actually I may have at the time when that episode aired and thought ooh Garza but honestly I totally forgot. Wow. Man these shows do cross pollinate lol. Anyway Garza is pretty active on this show and she has her moments. So we have three at this point who’ve been on both shows…

    • I like Emori too, I mean, aside from the Baylis thing- I just rewatched A Lie Guarded (RIP Nyko, you beautiful Grounder, the last freaking connection to Lincoln that we had left) and you could see how much ALIE’s bullshit still hurt her- how “Frikdreina weren’t allowed past the line”. So.. yeah, I would love to see how she fares when she is around people who could not care less about her hand, and who care about who she is on the inside more than anything else.

      Ugh, I cannot watch the videos honestly, it is just… sickening. And I know that is probably cowardly of me, and it’s a privilege to be able to NOT look at them but.. yeah. The thing that I think is most concerning to me- which is saying a LOT in this particular climate- is that I am SO afraid for everyone to eventually slide back into “normalcy”. Because every time the asshole pulls shit like this, he sets the “things that will shock the American public” bar higher and higher, and it takes even MORE disgusting behavior for there to be outcry. I almost feel like it’s his plan? And YEP- how is he even getting AWAY with this!? I think that it is SO completely unprecedented and absurd that no one knows how to even handle it. I mean- if they tried to impeach him, would he even LEAVE? Or would he just refuse? It is THAT batshit crazy right now. And then Barcelona… goodness.

      OH I bet you have missed tons of them then! Especially some of the more minor characters. Like Sienna, who I cannot believe you did not remember! Though in fairness, I saw her picture from the show and she does look VERY different as a Grounder hahah. I think those are the only 3- because I looked the characters up 🙂

  7. Nyko still pisses me off, I liked him. So maybe they are all going to make it down… I guess that’s good. They must have stories they want to tell for each one…

    Barcelona now too WTF? But yeah… somehow he gets away with stuff. Like any of the other candidates if they would have spoken about women like that or mocked a disabled person or- you name it, any of the shit- and they’d be gone, drummed out of the race. Somehow he gets a pass?? IDK how that happened, I guess it’s like self- policing norms and he broke em, and it’s just expected he’d be “done” but he keeps going, and no one is empowered to stop him. Anyone else would have quit in disgrace. So someone has to push him out, and n one has the balls to do it. And that Pence with his goo-goo eyes is about the smarmiest looking dude I’ve ever seen. Supposedly so Christian and he goes along with it. Whatever.

    I also worry that this is going to be normalized. Like are all races in the future gonna be like this, because the lesson is no one really does anything? And you know with all this talk of slavery and monuments it got me thinking about the Electorial College- it’s like impossible to get rid of because red states would never go along, but between that (and we’ve been bitten by it twice now) and all this other Confederate/ racist/ whatever bullshit STILL going on in 2017- we’re prisoners of that fucked up system. I mean Republicans would have APESHIT if their guy won the popular but lost the EC, you know? Fucking riots in the streets. Hillary should be in there right now. So the fucking Founders weren’t exactly perfect, and that’s what the right fears- that we’ll look at things and not just from our 4th grade history textbook. They ARE afraid all the statues will come down, because it was all slavery back then.

    Wow that was a rant lol. Oh one other thing- I read this really cool article about the antifa and how they literally saved people’s asses in Charlottesville- here’s the link. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2017/08/what_the_alt_left_was_actually_doing_in_charlottesville.html

    She does look different as a Grounder, but still… man. I think I recognized her at the time, but totally forgot. Jennifer Spence is another one who I KNOW I’ve seen somewhere, but IDK. Looks so familiar!

    Totally unrelated but did you hear about the HBO thing where they released the next GoT episode early in like Spain and a few other places? OOps. I watched it lol. Fucking awesome from a show perspective, kinda ridiculous from a book perspective, and my recap is all written! And it comes out on Sunday. Nothing like working ahead! 🙂

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