The 100 Episode 4×02: Heavy Lies the Crown

So. This is one of my favorite episodes. Why, you ask? Well, a few reasons. There were funny moments. There was some Kabby sexy times. And there were moments that made me gasp, and moments that were just so damn full circle and I loved it. Loved. It. And no one I cared about died! WOOO! That doesn’t happen often, so I have to get excited about these things while I can.

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

Heavy Lies the Crown (It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating)

Ohh I had hoped for a day like this to come- one where the delinquents see that it isn’t always as easy to lead as they had assumed. One where all those impossible choices start to remind them of… other impossible choices, made by their predecessors. Made, in some cases, by their own parents. Yes, that moment has arrived. And to his credit, Jaha takes no pleasure in it. In fact, you can see the sadness, see how he had hoped that he made the most horrific choices so that the next generation didn’t have to. This is the Jaha we respected in Season 1. And okay, maybe Jaha being a secret engineer is a teeeeny bit deus ex machina, but I can live with it. It’s how he knows that he isn’t prepping for winter or Grounders or some such nonsense. How he knows Clarke is hiding something big.

And she does. You can see the resignation, the truth bombs hitting her. And so she does the very best, most humble thing she can: she asks him what to do. This is pivotal, IMO, because it shows that they both have a much greater understanding of what came before and what lies ahead. These two have something powerful in common: A love for their people, and a self-imposed duty to put their people above all else. If anyone on Earth understands Clarke Griffin, it’s Thelonious Jaha. And now, maybe the reverse can be said as well.

Thanks, Jaha, might as well have pulled the hair clip out while you were at it, make us sob a little more. ???

Azgeda Still Sucks

In case you let Roan fool you for a hot minute into thinking that Azgeda as a whole isn’t the actual worst, there’s a quick trip to Farm Station to remind us that just kidding, they’re the worst. Roan may not suck, but the rest of them? Well, let’s just say, I haven’t found an Azgeda leader I didn’t want to stab, so…

Now they have slaves. Because of course they do. These are the people who behead little kids, after all. And most of the slaves seem to be kids- and shocker, some of them are Farm Station kids. Including some dude named Riley who everyone (and I mean everyone) seems to know and love even though not a soul mentioned him before this very moment. Like I was wayyy more concerned about the little girl with the puppy dog eyes, but hey, I guess Riley was more important?

This is whoever the fuck Riley is. Bellamy at least cared about the little kids. ♥♥

Annnnyway. The bottom line is this: The delinquents (and Bryan) get to decide if they are going to use Sciency Machine Thing to save the slaves who are being held in Farm Station, or if they are going to take it back to Raven as planned so she can use it to fortify Alpha Station. It was this weird Mockingjay-esque vote where some of the people (Miller and Monty) were like “YEAH throw ’em in a new Hunger Games!” and some people (Harper and Bryan) were like “no, this doesn’t solve anything, let’s save the children!” and then they look to Katniss Bellamy to decide for them as usual. Anyway, he sides with Peeta and Annie  decides to save the slaves. Not everyone approves, but we’ll get to that later.

Also, Hanty does something cute, and I am low key annoyed because I am trying to hate them, but I think resistance is futile. :/

Long Live the King, Part 2: Skai Ripa

Kane and Octavia have been tasked with keeping Roan on his throne. Easier said than done, methinks. As such, of course the very first chance some village idiot gets, he wants to challenge Roan. Which, tbh, would be no biggie, except that Kane shot Roan in the chest. Oopsie? Yeah. So he isn’t exactly at the top of his game. O takes the chance to remind him that Lexa kicked his ass sans bullet wound, of course, because she is awesome

Anyway, Kane tries diplomacy with these fools, to no avail. Shocking, I know. So O pays this guy a visit. I don’t even remember his name, but don’t worry, you needn’t get attached.

Tbh, this guy is probably too stupid to live anyway. 

Aw, What’s-His-Name, we hardly knew ye. 

And O is BAD. ASS. This is one of my favorite moments in the history of ever.

All bow to the Skai Ripa. 

Kabby ♥♥

Ooooh raise your hand if you are giddy excited that Kabby finally had ALL the sex! Can we also please take a minute to appreciate how freaking amazing these two look, and that I want to look like them in my 50s? Or now? Whichever. But seriously, they are just #goals, no matter. I love that their dynamic went from hate-to-love, and how perfect they are for reach other.

Plus, we needed a bit of happiness up in here, right? AND, I am so glad they had some time in Polis, in one of those nice, cushy Clexa-like beds. Though hopefully not the same bed… for reasons. ? Anyway. And then Kane proves that he is the actual best and the type of guy that all future men shall henceforth be measured against when he tells Abby how totally fine it is to still wear her wedding ring. I love Marcus Kane more each minute.

I was sad when Abby had to leave Polis, but it’s probably for the best, because frankly, I don’t think Roan would last another day on the throne with these two having so many um… distractions 😉

Jasper Needs Mood Stabilizers

First, Jasper may have gone off the deep end. One minute he is seriously contemplating suicide, the next he is eerily happy, then he is arguing, then he is dancing… I hope when Abby gets back, she has some kind of serious meds in her bag. I am not joking, he needs help. Speaking of, why aren’t there any therapists on the damn Ark? We could have used 2 or 49.

But Jasper’s shower scene… well, it was glorious. He and Monty banter, there is singing, and then Jasper wants weed. I could make a dozen GIFs but… I think that’d be doing you a disservice, so here, watch the clip, it’s short:

But then the good naturedness vanishes, and Jasper is lecturing Clarke. I fear he will never forgive her for Maya’s death, which is really unfair. She isn’t the only one who pulled that lever, and she also was out of options and time. I digress.

Anyway, Clarke is busy trying to figure out a way to not die, and Jasper is having some sort of impromptu Burning Man in the backyard of Arkadia.

Bwhahah. But you have to admit, that’s funny.

But then he goes from snarky and fun-sarcastic to basically telling off Clarke, then starts singing and dancing again. He is clearly not doing well. But I do love his Clarke snark, even if she doesn’t really deserve it.

Lest Ye Judge

Like, okay, I get why Raven thinks that Clarke is being hypocritical by not really telling the whole truth to the people. But. Raven also doesn’t have to worry about the fallout. Also, real talk? These assholes in Arkadia probably shouldn’t have a ton of information, because frankly, their choices have been… questionable, of late. First, they elect Pike as the Chancellor. Great call, that wasn’t a huge mess. Then when that all goes to hell, most of them line right up to take the chip! No, these people should be kept as far out of the loop as humanly possible. #TeamClarke on this one. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even be trying that hard to save them. I’d probs yell “DARWIN” and run away or something. ::Shrugs::

I would have told her to go float herself, so Clarke’s calm impresses me. 

And of course, she and Bellamy have each other’s backs, even when they may have made different decisions. I heart Bellarke. So much, for so many reasons. This is just one of them.

The Four Horsemen

This shit sounds hella foreboding, yes? “Oh, the world is ending, so let’s name this episode The Four Horsemen, that oughta give them quite a heart attack!”–The Writers.

So, what did you all think of the episode!? Thoughts, theories, flails, freakouts? Let me know!

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11 responses to “The 100 Episode 4×02: Heavy Lies the Crown

  1. This might be one of my favorites too. Nicely said about Clarke and Jaha- I agree. As much as I hate the guy, that was a well done scene. And with him being such a f*ck last season I’m glad he’s playing a little humbler and wiser now. And lol about Riley. I was wondring did I miss something somewhere, like a mention? Glad to hear not. And that little girl- geez how they could leave her there?

    That was nice w/ Hanty. I still don’t ship ’em but it was a nice touch. I’m more Garper myself (you know, Greg & Harper lol) but was it awesome when she kicked that guy in the face? She was like eff this. So good to see her on the expedition. And she was like free the slaves- cause she knows what it’s like to be confined. Yesss.

    “Long live the king.” Oh my gosh she JACKED him up. Holy frick. And her reminding Roan that Lexa kicked his butt… I laughed!

    LOL about Kabby. Yes!! And all the furs. Because Grounder living. 🙂 I never thought I’d like Kane back in the day… man was I wrong. Those two… and yeah Jasper pissed me off, but at the end I got the feeling he MIGHT?? be onboard once Clarke (mostly) came clean. It would be nice to get him back w/ the program.

    I know right about Raven. Chill wench. Love her but man that was a low blow about Clarke’s dad. And I so agree about the Arkadians- I mean their track record. Pretty much shit.

    “We save who we can save tday”- with them standing there. On the same page. Team Bellarke. That’s what I’m talking about. This season is already kicking last seasons ass. 🙂

    • Yeah, I mean, I guess for ALL of Season 3, he was chipped. Which is kind of crazy to think about- he was probably chipped the WHOLE TIME that Murphy was in that bunker, too- so… yeah. Maybe Riley was there. Since you know, he is super popular and beloved…

      DYING @ “Garper”. I mean, if we get to live by those rules, screw Bellarke, I am team Shellamy. 😉 I still don’t like Hanty either- ESPECIALLY since it looks like Bryan and Miller are on the outs, we could use Minty now more than ever. OH! I didn’t mention this in the post, BUT my new crackship is Ilian and Miller. Because I seriously will freak the fuck out if Ilian is for ANY of the main girls. And Miller and Ilian can help each other see that Skaikru and Grounders aren’t so different after all. So yes, I am all for those two. Also, Bryan can die then, and people will be less mad.

      Seriously, my love for Kane knows no bounds. Maybe THAT should be my ship. I mean, he is *kind of* old, but not THAT old, so if it doesn’t work out with Bellamy…. ? Seriously though, he is SO different from Season 1, and it is probably the most shocking change- I was SURE he was set to be the villain of the show, back before I realized that this show has no villains OR good guys.

      Jasper needs serious mental help. I am SO sick of him ragging on Clarke non-stop. And he acts so high and mighty, even though he STABBED MONTY. And attacked Harper. And sold out ALL his friends to ALIE. Like, does he not see his OWN hypocrisy? Ugh. He is making me laugh though, so there’s that.

      And SAME with Raven. I love her too, but she has NO. IDEA what is happening outside of Arkadia. She has never even BEEN to Polis. And it isn’t her fault, but she has to understand that Clarke and Bellamy have a wayyy better idea of what is at stake. And the dad thing WAS a low blow- very un-Raven-like, actually. Seriously, this season is SOOOO good so far.

      • Milian has a nice ring to it! They certainly aren’t gonna try to pair Ilian with Octavia are they? I thought that for one split second when he asked O if she was going to kill him next, and she kind of coyly denied all? I was like would they… and then I was like nah!! I guess I’m kind of wondering how important Ilian is going to be. Is he a regular now?

        Bryan and Miller is a VERY interesting develoment. Miller being available makes a few different things possible… hmm.

        LOL about Kane! After Bellamy he may be my 2nd favorite guy on the show… and I NEVER thought I’d say that! And I think they’re going to the well w/ Jasper maybe once too many- I mean last time he was singing in the jeep and that was awesome, now he’s singing in the shower and kinda being an ass- but I think we’re all getting sick of that Jasper? A bit? Not that he can’t be funny, but just lighten up! Like you said- he just about killed Monty and Harps, so he needs to chill about that stuff.

        What I want to know is if Monty got the weed.

        • I am SO scared that they’re going to try to pair O with Ilian. And just NO. First of all, she is not in ANY WAY ready for a relationship- she is barely functional on her own. Or even worse, Clarke with Ilian. Or maybe not worse, but equally bad? Or Clarke with Roan, because she is supposed to be 18 and he is clearly 35. Just… I hope the writers are better than that. I think they are but.. I also don’t want to jinx it haha.

          TOTALLY agree about Kane. Bellamy will probably always be my favorite (saving little kids goes a LONG way to redeem him from the Pike debacle- as did turning in Pike, tbh). But I just hope Kane continues on this trajectory.

          And you are right about Jasper- not only did he sing in the shower, BUT he was singing in his weird lawn party, too. He is seriously getting annoying. Because don’t pretend to be all happy, and then be a complete ASS to your actual friends. That is so not okay.

          And Idk if Monty DID get the weed, but tbh, he really, REALLY should have made it a priority? Because a lot of these people could probably use to chill the fuck out for a second. ?

          • Oh my gosh I so agree- you can’t replace Lincoln so don’t even TRY. Just let her be her. And Clarke w/ Ilian. Ugh. I think anyone other than Bellamy and people would revolt. I know I would. Kane just needs to go on being cool. 🙂

            Jasper could be such a badass with his sense of humor if he just lightened up! I miss the old Jasper… and I know we have to have tension within the group for dramatic effect, but I’m just over that Maya stuff. I mean it’s not like Clarke and Bell LIKED doing that? Anyway maybe they’ll address all of this season and move on.


            • I agree- O NEEDS to be alone. As does Clarke right now. And Bellamy! Honestly, each of them has lost a significant other (fine, some were distinctly MORE significant than others, ::cough:: Gina ::cough::) and not a single one of them needs to be in a romance. Except please and thank you, LOTS of little signs of Bellarke to get us through 😉

              And YES- Jasper has a TON of potential! He IS smart, and he is quick witted and fun, and has a lot to offer, I really hope he realizes that this season. I mean, I know he did love Maya but… he also knew her for a grand total of like, three weeks, let’s be real. EVERYONE has lost a loved one. Like Monty killed his OWN MOTHER FFS- twice!- and Jasper doesn’t even CARE. He needs to get his shit together ASAP.

              It is on NOW, but since I am waiting til my DVR is done, I am heading off to read your thoughts!! ?

  2. Laura

    Season 4 is doing a good job of redeeming itself. I wasn’t thrilled with some of the story arcs in S3 so I’m happy with where things look to be headed in S4!

    Kabby!!! ??? I loved it. Kane wasn’t always my fav but since he started down the ambassador Kane path he rocks.

    Octavia is total badass – I’m guessing there’s going to be some fall out from that once she starts processing her feelings, but I’m loving it for now.

    I’m a Minty fan (thank you fanfiction for indulging all my ships) but I’m okay with Harper and Monty. And they’re cute together.

    Am I the only one that felt like the gang could have overpowered the Azgeda without blowing up the machine? It didn’t seem like there were that many in the hallway…

    And I feel for Raven. Everytime there’s a crisis Clarke just expects her to solve it. Fix the radio Raven, blow up the grounders Raven, hack into Alie Raven. I’m guessing she’s a bit frustrated with Clarke right now. She’s been responsible for a lot of the deaths without really being responsible for the decisions to do it…that’s gotta weigh.

    And of course…all the Bellarke feels. I’m glad they’re working together again. Hopefully it stays that way. But I’m not holding my breath.

    Thanks for fining me somewhere to flail! I’m so glad I’m back to enjoying the show

    • YAYY I am SO glad you are loving it again! I agree, so far, in just two episodes, it is blowing S3 out of the water. I LIKED S3 but… it was missing something, and I think whatever it is is back! I TOTALLY agree with you about Kane! Ambassador Kane is my FAVE- like I love him as much as I hated Councilman Kane 😉

      I agree with you completely- O WILL be facing something down the line, but we should definitely enjoy this while we can! And I am SUCH a Minty fan! I have wanted Minty for SO. LONG. But it seems they are not letting up with this Hanty stuff, SO I am hoping that Bryan and Miller break up and then… my new crackship of Miller and Ilian can begin! ??

      Also, YES, I think there probably WERE other options for dealing with Azgeda. Just like I also think there are probably better options in regards to the Sciency Machine. I think they built it up for drama, but… I am with you. They could have come back, they could have just pretended to leave and then turned back around and used their guns for goodness sake!

      I DO feel for Raven, I really do. But I also think she isn’t realizing that she has NO idea what is happening beyond Arkadia, whereas Clarke and Bell do? I know that is hard for Raven to handle too, because she would LOVE to be out there. I can imagine she is frustrated, and I am sure that it weighs on her a lot like you said. But Clarke really can’t spend too much time worrying about hurting Raven’s feelings either, all things considered.

      And YES I really hope that the Bellarke feels continue but… yeah, same as you, I am sure there WILL be some kind of conflict- or at least separation? GAH, I cannot wait until Wednesday!!

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