Snark From the Ark: Episode 3.1 Wanheda (Part 1)


Welcome back, ten months later! In that ten months, Holly and I failed to even crack open a single one of the books, so there’s that. Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! 

This season, we’re joined by Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway, Amber @ YA Indulgences, and the erratic random commentary from non-watcher Val @ The Innocent Smiley.

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You’ll notice that Holly and I are all ready for the season. So is Alexander Hamilton over there. You’ll notice that this is not Amber. We don’t know what Amber looks like. But in 3 months, we either will have photographic evidence of her existence, or the best Catfish story since… well, the last Catfish story, but still. And Val, I took that picture from Twitter, pretend it isn’t creepy. I didn’t have any that would make a good square, okay?

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking still photos from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show.

Now, let’s do this! 

Storyline #1: The Murphy/Jaha/Alie/City of Lights Nonsense

In the land of The 100, only 86 days has passed. How do we know this? With help from Murphy! See, Murphy hasn’t been relaxing in the lap of luxury, keeping a little detailed planner or something, no, he has been trapped in the same damn bunker we saw him in at the end of last season. Remember that? He seemed chipper, no?


Welp, not so chipper after 86 freaking days in a bunker, nearly out of food and water, watching the same tape of the last dude in the bunker killing himself. I can imagine that no one is going to be in a great mindframe at that juncture.

The opposite of chipper?

This is his “farewell” video, as he contemplates recreating that last guy’s suicide. I mean, he’s out of food, and since he has been isolated in who even knows where for three months, he’s clearly out of hope. And it has to be said that Richard Harmon plays crazy so freaking well. Seriously, dude plays Murphy like… dayum. Anyway, he gets out of the bunker, so of course he ends up at AI Mansion. Because there is basically nothing else around, and he is about to die of dehydration. And now, all our BFFs are in one room!

We had some thoughts, of course!


And then literally no one cared about them anymore as they sailed away in a boat to what I still assume is Las Vegas.

Storyline #2: Arkadia

@the100That’s exactly how we started hanging out in Arkadia. Which has been renamed because no one wants to think about Jaha every morning when they wake up. Everyone is trying to put their lives back together. Or you know, not, in the case of some of them. But Bellamy and Lincoln are trying to move on, shirtlessly, as you do.


All the background cast is either drooling, jealous, or both.

Let’s check in on our ragtag bunch of space misfits, shall we? 

Bellamy: Has a girlfriend. Bellarke fans, grab your pitchforks! Look, I don’t even care at this point, because clearly if he and Clarke were to be together now, they wouldn’t be able to be endgame. So whatever. I just wish I knew who she was? Because I seriously do not. Otherwise, Bellamy has gone from Mr. Badass to Mr. Mom. I assume he’s still badass though when he doesn’t have to direct a bunch of assholes on how to not be assholes.

Raven: Since Wick is gone to a different TV show this season, Raven has a case of the sads. On the show she “pushed him away”, but it’s hard to be in a relationship when one of you is in a post-nuclear wasteland and one of you is on Two Broke Girls, things have a tendency to break down

Linctavia: I’m just going to go ahead and group them together for this one. They don’t do much except bicker like an old married couple. Lincoln wants to set down some roots and put up a white picket fence, and Octavia hasn’t sewn all her oats in the sword fighting arena yet soooo. Conflict.

Monty: Pretty sure there’s a set up with him and that dude I can’t remember whose dad is also there, but can’t locate his boyfriend. Because the boyfriend is probably dead. Monty to the rescue!

Abby: Whines a lot.

Jasper: Speaking of people being assholes…. Jasper tried to get himself killed by the Ice Nation. Don’t ask me who the hell the Ice Nation is, because I haven’t the foggiest. But seriously, he’s lost his damn mind. Exhibit A:

That dude is creepy as fuck, and I wouldn’t let him near me with cookies let alone a goddamn knife.

@the100d @the100e

So, you may be wondering about this iPod business. There’s an iPod with an intact battery apparently. We questioned this for quite some time. Also, how’d they get a car to work? Look, no one knows. I am going to go ahead and assume they got it all from Mount Weather, but literally no one cares because it made for the best scene in like, the history of the show. Guys- they were having fun. For like, five whole minutes! You ask for proof, my non-believers?



Storyline #3: Wanheda


Surprise! Kidding, no one is surprised. 

Clarke is in hiding. There are four things you need to know:

1. She kills a panther named Fluffy, who bites her because like, of course. 

2. She gets some action. 

3. People want to kill her, and call her “Wanheda” which means… whatever the hell it means. 

4. Number two ending leads to number three finding her.


See, should have continued doing this instead of being captured by scary dudes. Not even a close call. 

So, that brings us to the end of this, the FIRST part of “Wanheda”. Tonight Part 2 will premiere, and I am too tired to even begin to figure out what is going to happen next. I am usually wrong anyway- except that time I guessed that Mount Weather was in Virginia. But that’s just using common sense.

Also, going to skip awards this time because there wasn’t really enough of people doing stuff to single anyone out, plus I am sick of having to give Jaha and Jasper the Jaha Award every week. So, a single award:


So, did you watch the premiere!? What did you think? We must chat about it, obviously, I need to know your thoughts!! 

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16 responses to “Snark From the Ark: Episode 3.1 Wanheda (Part 1)

  1. My favorite part of the episode was when Bellamy and Lincoln were shirtless-fighting, because of course. The rest of the time I was just really confused about everything. Especially Shawn Mendes’ appearance? I don’t know if that was something that people already knew about before the episode aired. But my reaction was along the lines of: “What the heck is this kid doing here?” What did you all think about his role?

    • I did not have ANY idea who Shawn Mendes WAS. I just assumed he was some random kid from the ark! Then everyone was talking about it, and it made even less sense! Is he sticking around? What is the deal? He could leave, really. This is a show about nuclear fallout and war, not American Idol. I am with you!

  2. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this post! Okay, first of all, I totally agree with you and Holly about Jasper, currently I am so over him. And while I liked the weird scene with the iPod and them actually having fun…it was weird? I felt like it was weird. I just kept giving my brother these what the f*** looks throughout that whole part. I’m also confused with myself because I’m really starting to love Murphy and are we still supposed to hate him or what???
    I was kind of disappointed in the Linctavia parts, what is even going on with those two? Like, get your shit together. And what is with Bellamy’s girlfriend? Who the hell is she and why is she ruining my OTP?! Oh my god, I’m in love with your Monty theory (though I can’t remember that other dude’s name either). Anyway, overall I was…a tad disappointed in this episode? There was so much going on but then it felt like nothing really happened??? I don’t know, I assume more will be explained in part two and then all will be well. I’m not good with waiting for the payoff and I’m used to bingeing the show. I watched easons 1 and 2 in like under two weeks.

    • I mean… it was weird because HOW is there an iPod. I mean, they last like 10 minutes, now. And then like, a car? Where’d THAT come from? So… yeah. Unless you thought them have fun in itself was weird? I mean, they HAVE to have some light hearted moments. Otherwise the fandom will have heart attacks and no one will be able to watch 😉

      I. Love. Murphy. There, I said it. He used to skeeve me out SO BAD and now I am like… enjoying him! What even!?!

      Linctavia. Le sigh. Octavia was being pretty bratty, IMO. And I don’t know who Bellamy’s girlfriend is OR what her deal is, but she needs to be gone. And yes, I think Monty and…. friend will be together, because the dude will learn that his boyfriend is dead. Sorry, friend.

      I know what you mean about lack of action, but it still worked for me, somehow! I feel like we needed like, to catch up, you know? I am curious as to your thoughts on last week’s episode! I will be posting again on Thursday and we shall discuss 😀

  3. I just recently got addicted to The 100, thanks to everyone on the internet raving about it! I’m really excited to follow this third season now! Your comments were really interesting to read as well, I like this kind of episode recaps. I agree what most of what you said, especially about the weirdness going on with Jaha and Murphy. Also, who the hell is that girl hooking up with Bellamy? And most importantly: why is Clarke’s hair red in this? Is it blood? Ew.

    • Aww thanks so much! I am glad you are into it now too, it has become HUGE- and I get why, it is so, so addicting! And RIGHT?! Who IS she!? They had better explain, and do it fast. Especially after this recent episode. Grrrr.

      I *think* it’s some kind of dye in her hair, probably berries of some sort? To hide her identity I suppose. Which did a bang up job 😉

  4. I TOTALLY (NOT) PAID ATTENTION WHEN YOU GUYS WERE ALL CHATTING. I guess this may have been my biggest regret, because I FELT SO LEFT OUT I KNEW NOTHING. But then I read my book and it was okay.

    I don’t wanna watch this thoughhhhhhhh wahh.

  5. First of all, I love Murphy (as opposed to hating him, which I used to do). And Jaha- yes kill him off. Ugh- hate that guy. Okay got that out of my system. Jasper was an ass this episode, they are SO overdoing his I-don’t-care- cause- my-girly-got-offed attitude. I liked him last season! Shitty direction to take him in, I think.

    Bellamy was more fun when he was free to be the man, rather than just a part of the group or whatever his job is now. Still, can’t do much about with the adult in charge. Who is that in the background of the pic with Bellamy, the first girl on the right? I think she was the one they were going to kill last season (the Mt. weather peopl) but she got away?Kinda like her…
    It was fun to see them having fun. And Violent Femmes!

    “Get yours, girl” LOL. Good choice Clarke- that storekeeper chick was kinda hot! And how awesome is it- I’ve said this before- that Capt. Vane is a frickin grounder this season and captured Clarkie? He even uses the same raspy voice.

    A nice premiere, I didn’t think a lot happened but it’s good to have it back! Nice to see Raven w/ a smile on her face during the Jeep scene.

    Glad you’re doing these. 🙂

    • YES same! I haaaaaaaated him. Like, so much! But now, I love him too- especially after this past episode, he was amazing! And Jasper is pissing me off too- it’s like, the second coming of Finn. And I am not sure who that girl is, she isn’t the girlfriend, right? And I am with you- Bellamy under Kane and Abby’s thumb is no fun at all.

      I LOVED that they had fun! And I liked Clarke’s new woman MUCH more than Bellamy’s! BWAHAHAH that is SO funny, because it is totally that guy! I wish we would see more of Raven smiling too- a shame Wick had to go do a different show 😉
      And thanks so much 😀

  6. Haha I totally love this. Yeah Jaha has to go, he’s delusional and just licking his wounds from losing control. The Bellamy girlfriend is clearly just a placeholder. And oh my gosh in the latest episode the look on Bellamy’s face when he sees HER is priceless. Like ahhh Bellarke ship in a look 😀 *heart eyes* Abby is sooo annoying, just go away and take Jasper with you. I feel like there’s much more attention on Monty this season. I feel bad for poor Raven, but yeah tough deal with Wick. There’s in totally separate worlds/times now, so I don’t think long-distance relationship will work there 😉 Oh Wanheda, she’s gotta back to her people and unite everyone together! Everything seems so dull without her there. Lol Lintavia totally does bicker like an old couple…

    • Yeah, Jaha needs to LEAVE my television. Bellamy’s girl is totally a placeholder, but goodness, could she at least have a modicum of personality so she doesn’t bore us to death? At least Clarke’s girl is badass! GAH Abby is such a paaaaain. I mean, I get it, your daughter’s missing, BUT it isn’t like they haven’t been in worse situations.

      Wanheda definitely needs to get back to her people, because I need to know what this season’s “thing” is- and it isn’t that dude and Clarke. There’s got to be more to it. Kiiind of hoping for some answers this week! !

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