Snark From the Ark: The 100 Episode 2.16 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two”


Welcome to this week’s Snark From the Ark! Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight are mildly obsessed with “The 100″, and need to flail and fangirl after every episode. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the fun! As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So either watch the episode, or use this to catch up! Did you miss last week’s chat? Find it here!

SERIOUSLY… ALL the Spoilers Ahead. THIS IS THE FINALE RECAP.  DO NOT READ THIS until you watch, or unless you’re cool with spoilers. You’ve been warned! 

Guys… we can’t this week, okay? There are too many feels. So we’re going to change things up a bit, for this finale special. Pictures, movies, and some of Holly’s live tweets will be part of the festivities, maybe a poll, and some special guests! I figure, we’ll break it down by sections. Last chance to avoid spoilers!

The Jaha Coalition (of Two)

Well, I hate to say I told you so but…. I really called this one. I knew it would be Jaha and Murphy stumbling ashore. What I did not guess is that Jaha would be the one feeding “his people” to Seazilla.

Seazilla eating that guy, for reference.
Seazilla eating that guy, for reference.

Though, I doubt that dude considers Jaha his leader at this point. If he considers anything at all, as Seazilla food.

And you know, Murphy is just supposed to believe he isn’t next? Sure, Jaha.

So Jaha pulls the boat ashore and ditches an ailing, Seazilla-bitten Murphy on the rocks. Because come on, that is what any good leader does, right? No? Oh. Screenshot (27)

Luckily, while Jaha is finding the non-City of Lights, Murphy finds himself a mighty fine apocalypse bunker. Fully stocked, with the stalest crackers in the history of food, with “Werewolves of London” blasting in the background (YouTube it, Holly. It’s a thing for those of us not under rocks and such.) tumblr_nl2wpjWqig1svsqpwo2_400Then Murphy turns on the TV and watches some kind of video of a dude offing himself. Presumably after starting up his iPod.

Jaha goes up the road a little and finds…. well, I don’t know what he finds, I guess we get to find out next season. He finds this fake person:

the 100 season 2 finale review
No, not being a bitch here, she is some sort of hologram. Goodness.


Oh, and also, she has some kind of nuclear warhead or something that I don’t really understand. It was a long episode, and this is how it ended.

Screenshot (20)
I concur, Holly. I concur.

The Mt. Weather Debacle

We all know by now that Clarke got ditched, and she got ditched hard. Bitch kissed her and then betrayed her. But Clarke doesn’t give up easily, Bellamy doesn’t give up easily, and Octavia sure as shit doesn’t give up ever, so we still have a fight on our hands, only this one is all Arkian vs. Weatherian.

I mean, this wasn’t going to be pretty. We knew that going in. At first, I don’t even know what was happening. The captured Arkians were being drained, Clarke and Bellamy went to find Old Man Weather for help, and Jasper was in charge of… something?Screenshot (26)

But that didn’t last too long, because Bellarke soon figured out that Old Man Weather was not on their side, so they drag his old wrinkly ass to the control room, where they watch, in horror, as their friends start to be drained of their bone marrow.

Screenshot (37)
Admittedly, some went easier than others.

Clarke gets on the horn and basically tells Cage that his dad is going to be Greg food if he doesn’t calm the fuck down and talk to her before draining these people. For one small moment, you think he might have a conscience: normal_the100216_0767

I mean, he was legitimately sad about his dad being shot for, oh, 2.6 seconds. But then he’s over it. So Clarke, like the parent of a toddler simply must, follows through on her threat, and rids us of Old Man Weather (who truth be told doesn’t look like he’d make it through many more seasons anyway). clarke2

Only… shit backfires and Cage brings in Abby to drain. I mean, Raven is relieved as she’s kicked off the table, but Clarke is none to happy about this. Then, on another camera, Bellamy sees Octavia being cornered by a shit ton of guns. So they do what any normal person would do: They poison every last one of these assholes to death. tumblr_nl86v8HBHw1sfx129o4_250

No, they had no choice. It was agonizing, trying to watch them decide. But, alas, indecision would have been a choice too, and they knew that the Weatherians would never stop, even after Kane tried to explain that they could donate marrow. It was a lost cause, because Cage was too engulfed in power. Watching those people die was so horrible. I sobbed, uncontrollably. I seriously was sure I’d be sick. I even cried while Holly watched it!

And then Jasper realized what this meant for Maya. It was really sad, even though I was never a huge fan of Jamaya (I don’t know what their ship name was, I didn’t like them!) because Maya helped the Arkians, and she died for their cause. Jasper screams, as she dies “She was innocent!”, to which Maya replies:

Screenshot (36)

Screenshot (24)

And then, the Arkians are free at last! Cage escapes, only to be caught very quickly by Lincoln, who Indra had told to make his choices (thanks Indra, you’re back on my good side- kind of). Of course, Cage is equipped with his Reaper whistle and some Reaper poison, so Lincoln starts to fall… until he somehow manages to cut off Cage’s hand and then inject him with his own poison. Well, that certainly was badass. Sorry, Cage and your severed hand.

Go get it, Greg!
Go get it, Greg!

Finally, a beautiful version of “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” plays as the Arkians walk solemnly back to camp, so aware of what they’d done. Not jovial or celebratory, but mournful yet hopeful. And then, with a heavy heart, Clarke tells Bellamy she must go. He promises that he will help her bear the burden, but she insists. And every single heart of Bellarkians everywhere shatter into a trillion pieces.tumblr_nl6mswpc1b1tp7bfqo7_r1_400

And finally, I found this video on YouTube, and if you watched the show, this song and the clips it features will have you bawling. But in a good way.

If you did not cry during that, I doubt your humanity. Just saying.

Awards, one last time this season:


“My name is Thelonious Jaha. I feed people to Jaws. I abandon Murphy to go talk to holograms. I am as normal_the100216_1965uselessas the award I am named after, but bonus points, because this week, I have given big ol’ weapons to a new potential enemy!”



The original warrior princess, Octavia. Come Octaviaon, did you see herbadassery? She used some crazy moves on those Mount Weatherians! And her man basically gave a big “fuck you” to his people to come and fight with her. Not save her, fight WITH her. If that isn’t a warrior, what is?!

SFTA-MVPThere are some people who had tumblr_nl86v8HBHw1sfx129o1_250one hell of a decision to make. And say what you will, but if these three hadn’t worked together and made the tough choices, shit would have been very different. They saved themselves, their families, and their friends. They have to live with it, but they also had no choice.


Guys… does anyone have a suggestion for Holly or me as to HOW we are supposed to function until the fall? Did you freaking LOVE and hate the finale? Do share!

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8 responses to “Snark From the Ark: The 100 Episode 2.16 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two”

  1. omg that gif of Murphy in the lighthouse is so perfect. I can’t stop watching his silly little head dance. ALSO ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME SOB. YOU KNOW I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS BELLARKE SEPARATION. IT’S TOO MUCH.

    • Hahah thanks! And YES I am trying to make EVERYONE sob, as much as I did while watching the show, while talking to you while YOU watched the show, and then while writing this post. CRY, PUPPETS, CRY!

  2. I love that the awards went to the original people they’re named after this week… it makes everything seem so full circle. 😀 I didn’t cry during the song, but I LOVE this version and it fits the finale so PERFECTLY. I think the woman at the mansion was more than a hologram – from what we’ve seen and what I’ve read after the finale, it seems like she’s an actual AI, so I have a feeling a lot of season 3 is going to deal with the threat of artificial intelligence. I also think Clarke is somehow going to end up where Lexa is (either by chance or for revenge or because she doesn’t think she deserves better OR because she isn’t angry anymore because she thinks she’s done worseherself ). I find it interesting that the alliance between the grounders and the sky people is over now and the sky people are probably pretty pissed at the grounders, so I’m sure that will come up again soon. And you’re totally right – Lincoln never pulls any sexist crap on Octavia, he knows she can hold his own and she SO can. And can Bellamy please stop looking like a lost puppy when he looks at Clarke? At this point, I refuse to ship anyone with anyone, because I’ll just trust the writers to do what’s right for the show, but fuck’s sake Bellamy. 😀 I do think Clarke (and Bellamy and Monty) had a choice, but I love that the writers went there. I wonder whether Jasper would actually have dared to off Cage with his knife, because he sure was hesitating there. I just couldn’t care too much about Maya’s death – her actions should have made me like here, but she looked so WHINY all the time. I HAVE NO SUGGESTIONS FOR YOU, BECAUSE I ALREADY MISS THE SHOW SO MUCH.

    • I must admit, I don’t know the actual difference between AI and hologram so… I guess I have a lot to learn for next season! And it DOES feel like it came full circle! I do think you are right about Clarke, and the Grounders in general. I plan to do a season wrap up post, probably next week, where hopefully I can address some of this, mostly with wild speculation 😉

      And Bellamy…. UGH it is just so plain to see that he has feelings for her. I can’t. And yes, I suppose you’re right, they had a choice but…. if they didn’t do it, they’d have died. And everyone they know would have died. So really, was it a choice? A choice they could have NOT made?

      I didn’t care a TON about Maya’s death, but I did feel bad because she helped them so much, and then died. But… eh.

      Is it the fall yet!? UGH.

  3. As usual, Jaha wins his own award. Will he ever wisen up? His “mistakes” just keep getting bigger and bigger.

    Octavia was pretty badass this episode, but I think Raven or Lincoln should’ve won Warrior Princess — I mean, how amazing is Raven that she’ll bite someone’s neck to struggle to survive? I was in shock when she did that!

    I wasn’t all about Jamaya either, but I feel for Jasper — it isn’t fair! Maya’s line pretty much seals the deal for her sainthood, though.

    But eeeeeep the Bellarke ending! I feel for Clarke but really, where does she think she’s going to go? But their goodbye was perrrrrrfect. *sniff*

    And I definitely got teary-eyed during that video, it has such great editing and really highlights all the standout points of the episode (the amount of death and suffering is astounding).

    • Oh, Jaha. He makes me so MAD. It was a serious tossup between Raven and Octavia (we wanted it to be one of the badass women!) but in the end, Octavia leaving Indra, going back to fight, AND taking on those guys by herself… she just had to win 😉 Plus, we really like her hahah.

      I felt bad for Jasper too. I felt zero chemistry between them, but I still feel bad that she died, while trying to help them.

      And RIGHT!? That video… I think I will watch it until season 3 starts! Because the Bellarke ending… I can’t. It WAS perfect, and I am glad that nothing is happening with them yet, because when the ship sails, that’s when shows tend to jump the shark!

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