Snark From the Ark: “The 100” Episode 2.4 “Many Happy Returns”

Ever since season two’s premiere, Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight  have been obsessing over The 100. Flailing and fangirling and ranting over Twitter. Some might say we’re addicted, but we’re okay with that. The 100 isn’t a show you can just forget about after you watch an episode. And it’s been known to cause some of the most passionate shipping in TV history. Whether you’re Team Finn or Team Bellamy or Team Lincoln, it doesn’t matter. The show is about more than romance; it’s about survival, the blurring lines between right and wrong, and hope and love in the face of disaster. And this is what has had us hooked since season one, among the craziness that is the twisted plot and the amazingly portrayed character relationships. And our obsessing over the show led to the greatest idea in the history of ever. Snark From the Ark, a feature in which we recap the episodes and get more people addicted to The 100.SFtA



Welcome to this week’s Snark From the Ark! Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight are mildly obsessed with “The 100”, and need to flail and fangirl after every episode. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the fun! As always, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. So either watch the episode, or use this to catch up!

title5First thought after finishing the episode?



square As always “what the hell just happened?!”




Mine was, “The Ark people are idiots.”
And also, ditto. I never know what the hell’s happening on this show.


squareWell yes. They have always been the… slowest bunch to catch on.
I don’t know if people are actually dead, OR what is going on with the Mount Whatever people!Basically, we need to know what is happening with the library. Stat.

Wait. What people?
Are you talking about the ones from the other part of the Ark?


Oh no, they’re goners for sure. I assume Jaha is going to be okay though right? RIGHT?



Who was that person? The one who took Jaha. I couldn’t catch what the sand people said.



Okay well basically, the sweet little boy’s parents sold out Jaha to Random Desert Person on Horse.
And then RDPoH hit him with a very large club.
Also, my DVR was being a jerk during the Anya/Clarke scene at the end, so I wasn’t 100% sure what was happening!  The Ark people are just nonsense. Who let that random blonde lady be in charge anyway?


title5POOR ANYA. Again, stupid Ark people. Stupid leader of the soldiers telling them to shoot first. What an idiot. They almost killed Clarke!
They were going to fight together! Her people and Clarke’s people against the Mountain/Weather Station/Blood Stealing people.


Yes, that is what I thought! Then all of a sudden, Anya is bleeding, my DVR is skipping, and I am more confused than usual!


Random blonde lady can go away anytime now. She’s going to kill them all.
Still, I’m happy Clarke is back with her people! But mostly, I’m happy that Bellamy is on his way and they’ll have a reunion. I was disappointed that the episode titled “Many Happy Returns” didn’t end with a Bellarke reunion.


YES. Me too. I mean, they kind of hadn’t even gotten to her return at all. They still want to shoot her!

I don’t know how I feel about this Mel person either. I mean, she is the cause of the demise of Random Kid #452!


I’m pretty sure this Mel is just a random person who is in no way going to become a major character.
Dude, my stomach was in knots that whole time Bellamy was scaling the cliff to save her. And I thought, for one second, that Murphy would let go on purpose. BUT HE DIDN’T! That scene gave me a mini heart attack. BELLAMY COULD HAVE DIED.


squareI hope so. She is credited in next week’s episode. That worries me.

And Murphy is psycho. The guy who plays him needs an Emmy or a psychiatric evaluation, not sure which.


Is she? What if she’s not actually from the Ark? I mean, really, out of everyone, only ONE person made it?
Of course, Murphy is still a psycho. He’s just a psycho with a conscience now. Or… that’s what we’re being led to believe.


Ohhh I like that theory!
And I know, I was wondering what Murphy would do. I was shocked he held on. Though, he also had to know he would go over a cliff himself if he didn’t. Finn won’t hesitate to take out anyone at this point!
Good news! Museum Maya is back next week, so more Mount Whatever hellishness.


Heck, with Finn being all, OUR MISSION IS TO SAVE CLARKE, NOT SAVE THIS RANDOM PERSON HANGING ON BY A TREE BRANCH, he and Murphy will get along swell.
Oh yeah. Maya. What’s her face’s name. And ugh, I hate the Mount Whatever people.


HA good point! Like let’s look for ONE girl who is quite possibly dead, and leave perfectly alive people laying all over the countryside. Great plan.


That’s why I think it’ll be interesting to see him team up with Murphy.


WHAAT!? OH Raven and Cute Engineer? I love them.



You read my mind!! The first few seconds when they met up again, I was like: I SHIP IT SO MUCH.
I think Raven deserves some more happiness in her life. And he made her a brace!!
OH. And I’m really happy that Octavia and Bellamy are back together again. I missed the sister/brother relationship.
It looks like Clarke and Bellamy will go back out to search for Murphy and Finn. Either that, or make a move on Mount Whatever.


Why can’t any of them sit down for five minutes and come up with some plans and strategies. Everyone just hauls off and starts running and shooting, and yelling. Calm. Down.


I know, right?! This is how people die!! Like Anya. Or, when last season, they hung Murphy and almost let him die because they rushed into it..
I swear, sometimes these people have no common sense whatsoever. I want to blame it on them being “Skypeople” and living in space. Speaking of skypeople, what did you think of the sand people? (Really, we need to come up with better names for these people).


Yes! They were space idiots also, but the Grounders and Reapers and Mount Whateverians are no better.
Well. At first, I loved them. Because the mom saved the little boy with the facial defect. And you know, having a kid with a (obviously not nuclear war induced) facial defect, it made me tear up. A lot. Oh fine, I sobbed.
BUT, then she sold out Jaha, so what is she teaching her kid!? Now she and I are not getting along anymore.


Awww. Sounds like this episode hit a little close to home.
I LOVED Zoron? Zoran? Zorro? The sand kid, this is what I’m going with. He was so freaking adorable.


It kind of did. And yes, I loved that kid! He was so sweet, and then to hear Jaha talking about Wells to him.. oh, it was just too much!
But I bet that RDPoH is not so random. Like, maybe he is looking for Skypeople for the same reason the Mount Whateverians are, for their special blood. I have a feeling they are connected.


Could be, but I don’t think so. I think they’re completely separate things. (I kind of hope so, since it’ll make everything more interesting).
What if it’s something even creepier and messed up?!
AND HE GAVE HIM THE BLACK KNIGHT. That one hit me in the feels.


I hope you are right too, I just don’t know how they will be able to keep these storylines straight!
I know, he clutched onto that thing through freaking outer space, and then he gave it to the kid. If you didn’t cry, you may be Murphy.


 title5Have you ever watched Lost? People say this is basically Lost meets Battlestar Galactica.
And Lost was known for its crazy, ridiculous, and twisted story-lines. You know, I’m wondering how much of this show resembles the book. I want to read them and find out.
 ….I guess I’ll just change my name to Murphy then. And what is this City of Light the sand people kept talking about?!


Vegas? I just assumed. Especially with the desert stuff, and the lady did allude to them still being in the continental US.
 Random thought: Why does everyone have really common last names? Except for Jaha, every character is like “Smith” and “Jones”. No Moskewicz or Shlobowolski in the bunch. I have not seen either, though I have wanted to watch Lost. We need to read the books, even if just to compare!


Because Moskewicz or Shlobowolski would be really hard to pronounce. They have to keep it simple, Shannon!
I don’t even know the name of the kid who died.


But that’s not realistic! (Though neither is the whole show. Nevermind.)
Ummmm. Joe? Joe… Jonas?


Really? I thought it was Charlie.



Sterling. His name is (was) Sterling.



I thought that was his last name..
I juuuust watched this episode; how do I not know this?!
Huh, the things you learn.


I don’t think he had a first or last name, whichever Sterling was not. I had no idea either, I looked it up! I wanted to call him Joe!
You were way closer with Charlie. If you say Charlie and Sterling, but kind of mumble into a cavern like which he fell to his doom in, they sound a bit alike. I know, cause I just tried it.


Oh man, you are cracking me up tonight.
You know, I always thought he and that one girl were a couple. She didn’t seem too broken up about his death, though. I guess she didn’t really have time to grieve. I don’t even know her name, either. She looked like she was going to cry and then she didn’t..


Monroe, as it turns out. They give these characters ambiguous names so you have no idea if it is their first name, last name, or both.
Monroe is dying next. Guarantee. Basically, if you don’t know their name, consider them goners.


Well, if the Ark people had their way… Everyone would be dead.
Friend or foe. Because, really. I just can’t get over their stupidity sometimes.


True story. I mean, they are in Clarke-Killing Limbo as we speak. And she probably won the Miss Ark contest three years running but they’d just as soon shoot her.
I hope Abby shoots the blonde. She won’t, but a girl can dream.


 They just smacked her around like she was a Grounder. I mean, she did look like one. If I were Abby, I’d give them hell for it!
I’m just really excited about all of the reunions next week. Well, mostly for Bellarke. But others too.


Me too! I hope he kisses her or something! And then Finn gets all broody and runs away.


Oh, but you know it’s going to be all about saving Finn.. Finn can go live with Murphy and what’s her face on an island where no one cares.


I know. It is maddening. I liked him at first, but now he just bugs me. Also, I need him to get a haircut.
Not like they don’t have swords around there.


Wait. Do they even have islands? How the hell does Earth look after a nuclear war?
I realllllly want him to get a haircut. I still like Finn, but he’s just being crazy right now. I always liked that he was the cool and collected one, the human one who would have saved that woman with no hesitation. But now? UGH. He’s like Murphy, except psycho-less. Less psycho. I think that’s what I meant. 


Haha! Yes, he has a psycho in his possession, actually! He’s crazy but somehow dull at the same time. How is that even a thing?


Who, Finn? Or Murphy? I think Murphy’s interesting. Color me crazy. You know, Finn is a bit dull. I have no clue where the writers are going with his character. In the first season, he was just so… bold and daring and fun. Now he’s just crazy.


Yes, and it does not fit. Plus, they have enough ridiculous crazies to go around. They need a new spin.


And I just can’t get over how he wanted to leave that girl behind. In the first season, he NEVER would have done that. I mean, he was the one who wanted to make peace with the Grounders even after Lincoln stabbed him! I mean, Bellamy would have done the same, but I choose to believe it was because of Finn’s coercing.
About the girl, I mean. He was about to go with Finn when that Sterling kid started going down.
CLARKE would not have left that girl behind.


No, no she would not have. Though, the entire premise of the show seems to be that Clarke is a superior human to everyone else, no?
OH! We MUST discuss Anya biting out her own tracking device! Who does that!? I mean seriously.


I WANTED TO VOMIT.She just leaned over and bit out her tracking device? I MEAN JUST HOW.


Nope. Nope can’t do it. I tried this too. I didn’t expect it either, so I was extra shocked. Because seriously, that takes a special brand of lunacy.


Well, Anya is her own special brand of lunacy. Like Murphy. And apparently Finn.
Was* Forgot she was dead.


Ha, yeah, Finn should be called “Lunacy Lite: For your boring psychopathy needs”
I am sad about Anya’s demise. I loved her and Clarke together, their teaming up was kind of epic.


Me too! I was so sad. She was kind of badass and awesome and I was hoping for a Grounder/Ark tag team.
Way to fail, The 100 writers.


So, what do we think next week has in store? (P.S.- It may or may not be my birthday, so it had better be good!)


title5I just want a Bellarke reunion next week. That’s all I want. And maybe a kiss (I doubt that will happen, but a girl can dream, right?). I’m nervous about Lincoln, because I think he was the one the Mount Whatever people were experimenting on in the teaser trailer for next week’s episode. Gah, just what is going on in this show?! I have no clue, and I looove that. Keeps me on the edge of my seat. Or, in the case of Bellamy almost dying, gives me mini heart attacks.


I think you might get that kiss, but followed by a “oh, I am sorry, that was inappropriate” kind of thing. Lincoln is definitely being experimented on. But he’ll be okay. I think. But… where’s Jaha? Will we get to go to Las Vegas? (Pretty please?)


title5Don’t tease me like that, Shannon! Bellarke WILL happen, and when it does, it won’t be inappropriate or a mistake. (And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?)


Your turn: what do YOU think is going to happen in next week’s episode? And please, by all means, share your theories with us. Because Shannon and I have NO clue what is going on! -H

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12 responses to “Snark From the Ark: “The 100” Episode 2.4 “Many Happy Returns”

  1. I HAVEN’T EVEN HEARD OF THIS UNTIL NOW? What is even The 100? I am just so in the dark here but you guys make it sound so awesome and I guess it is!?

  2. I watch this show too! This season is better than last. I so hate those arc people! We have one expert surgeon so lets whip her and risk infection…

    I’m not sure who took Jaha, but they can’t kill him now!

    I hated that ending! Clark went through all that with Anya and finally convinced her and they kill her?! What was all that for then? I would’ve rather Clark killed her. That was bad writing there.

    lol @ random kid#425 I like the Murphy character, not sure why.

    It jumped around so much this episode it was like, okay which story am I on now?

    I was curious about the books too, but they haven’t gotten good reviews and I hear they’re very different. I also think Clark is with Bellamy.

    I so agree with you on Finn, he was good at first, but now I’m over him. (and my opinion has nothing to do with the psycho-ness, that I kind of like)

    Lincoln is going to become a mutant.

    • Oh yay, I am glad you watch it too, someone else to join in our excitement! I LOVE your Lincoln theory! Because seriously, there has to be some catch to the whole thing. Good call! And I agree 100%- Anya did NOT have to die. Maybe the woman who plays her got a better offer?

  3. I really enjoy the TV show The 100. I’ve been watching the cancellation/renew Bear and its not doing so great 🙁

    My overall thoughts,

    Ark people are stupid and the blonde lady in charge of the Army is an idiot. Who put her in charge of commander? And why is she not getting lashed at for bad mouthing? Ugh.

    I love love love Lincoln. He’s my favorite. I want whats-her-name and him together! If he dies I will be mad.

    I honestly cant stand anyone else in the show including Clarke but I consider myself addicted and enjoy the show very much. (I know its confusing).

    The am in love with the new opening scene too. It reminds me of The Maze Runner and I adored the movie. Dylan O’brien needed a haircut but he’s Hot nonetheless.

    • Nooooo! I am going to cry if it gets cancelled! I ADORE this show.

      And RIGHT with the blonde lady!? What the hell, Ark people? Lincoln is amazing! And I HATED Clarke for a long while, but lately she has been growing on me (especially with her defiance, I like that side of her!).I agree, the new opening is SO much better. AH it cannot be canceled, now you’re going to have me non-stop checking!

  4. OMG, just discovered this feature!! I absolutely LOVE the 100, and I’ve been searching for something like this feature! You guys talk about the show exactly how I would love to talk to someone about it (currently surrounded by non-viewers, haha!). Love your guys’ comments, keep it up! 😀

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