The 100 Episode 5×12: Damocles Part One

The finale is upon us! I seriously cannot understand how the season is almost over already. And it has been a hell of a season. It’s funny, because apparently it has so far taken place over the course of about less than 3 weeks (not including flashbacks). It’s hard to wrap one’s head around missing more than six years of these characters’ lives, and then being let in for mere days. My point is- I think it is incredible that this amount of turmoil has been done so well in such a short time.

And this episode? It somehow single-handedly made me change my mind about certain characters completely (#TeamEcho), have totally polarizing feelings for the same character in the course of one episode (Clarke), and start to actually really love certain storylines that I was a little on the fence about (the Flame). And it all made me scared for every last character on Earth. Literally.

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

McCreary’s Camp of Death and Destruction

Charmaine Diyoza is one hell of a smart woman. Marcus Kane is pretty wise in his own right. What made these two think that someone nicknamed “Graveyard” would be cool with them once they gave him all their usable information is beyond me. Of course McCreary isn’t going to keep around two people who were freaking defectors. One of whom he’s pretty sure has a thing for his baby mama. And the other who is said baby mama, meaning former lover and current adversary. So he tells Diyoza that the only reason she’s still alive is because she’s pregnant… and she won’t be forever, so.

Terrible way to start a co-parenting relationship, my dude.

Bafflingly, he lets Kane live and go see Abby. I honestly don’t know why, other than maybe he has a tiny modicum of a soul and Abby brings it out in him? Not that it matters, but we’ll get to that. The reunion is… tense, shall we say. I honestly don’t even know why they’re pissed anymore. Abby left Kane for pills, Kane left Abby for a badass pregnant lady, so aren’t they kind of even? But Kane, he’s so broken down. When the lady who just went through rapid detox and is being forced to prolong the life of serial killers can have a rosier outlook on life… it isn’t going great. And it is decidedly not for Kane.

I mean, fair? It kind of has been his entire life at this point.

Anyway, they’re totally going to continue their chat, just Abby has to do some Important Medical Task for a hot second. Not enough time for a creepy serial killer to come into play, no sir.

Just kidding, it’s the perfect amount of time! Because the aforementioned serial killer was creeping outside their window, as creepers do. So Vinson watches Abby take the shock button with her, and saunters in to make friends with Kane. No, kidding again,  he’s just going to eat him. After he taunts him for a hot second. Look, I think it’s clear that Vinson has some kind of feelings for Abby. Not love, because he is clearly incapable, but attraction certainly? Whatever the closest thing a psychopathic killer can feel to love? Whatever the case, Kane is in the way. And Vinson eats him, because I guess that is his “thing”?

So Abby has to kill Vinson. I’m glad it was relatively easy for her tbh, because she does not deserve that, she’s got enough to deal with. Kane basically absolves Abby for the sins she’s put on her own shoulders. And I swear Kane, you had better the hell not be giving “one last speech” because no one said you were allowed to die! FFS, there is so much Kiyoza dynamic to be explored! Plus, doesn’t Kabby deserve a damn HEA?!

Broken and Battered Wonkru

As Blodreina led the fiercest Wonkru warriors through what looked exactly like that place where Roan marched into during The Tinder Box but obviously wasn’t because geography (but has to be the same set, right?), we knew that McCreary had plans to make this very messy indeed. So when Ethan strolls up… well is anyone shocked that he didn’t make it?


The Jaha callback was cute though, and reminds me that he is dead which I have a habit of forgetting. Now maybe he, Ethan, and Wells can afterlive happily ever after. (As long as Five-Year-Old Dad is securely in hell, I guess, Idk.) Anyway, I guess Ethan was just there to show us that A) War is upon us, and B) McCreary has no qualms about killing kids, and C) Octavia has no qualms about throwing kids into battle, so the moral of this little story is that everyone is awful. I wonder if Kane realized now that he picked the wrong devil? ?

So, now that Wonkru’s warriors are basically decimated, and O and Bellamy have flown through the air with the greatest of ease, they need a plan. A plan that doesn’t end up with them shot. O’s still got that reckless, invincible Blodreina thing happening, so Bellamy has to physically hold her down. Then, while the remaining Wonkru survivors literally get blown to bits all around them, they have a nice sibling argument about whose fault it is. Guess you gotta kill time somehow?

Um guys, chill, I think it’s actually McCreary’s fault… 

But wait! Is that Indra and Gaia? Of course they’d be the only other two people alive in the gorge! Gaia’s not doing great though, as she’s been shot or blown up or some such nonsense. O and Bellamy want to leave of course, so that they can remain whole and intact, but obviously Indra isn’t leaving her daughter. You know, the one who literally shunned everything Indra stands for yet is somehow the least disappointing of Indra’s daughters.

Gaia’s ready to be done with this cruel planet, and who can even blame her? But Bellamy is having none of it. He gives her quite the delightful pep talk, and it’s kind of awesome that he and the Indra family have been able to come so far. This conversation does lead to a bigger question, though: Is Wonkru coming back?

Obviously we know the answer: A hard nope. They’re out of their resources, and pretty much the only person who wants to take on another round of bullets and bombs is Miller, for reasons I can’t even explain. He’s barely upright, yet he’s fighting with Brell, trying to get her to take her people back into the line of fire. Every single Wonkru member is looking at Miller as though he’s lost his damn mind, and they’re not wrong.

Poor Harper, where is she? She might have grunted at some point in the background?

And you know who else knows the answer to whether Wonkru is going to come pick up our fearsome foursome in the gorge? Everyone except Octavia. Gaia knew. Indra knew. Bellamy knew. And finally, finally, Octavia gets it too.

For her to finally take that information in, it is clearly costing her the last fractured pieces of her soul. You can tell, the moment she knows that she’s failed. She gave every bit of herself, but in the end, it wasn’t enough. She’s hated by everyone, and it didn’t even save her people. When she asks Bellamy if her death is what he wants, he fucking says yes. And she’s stung, but she accepts it and my heart is shattered in a million tiny pieces.

Is it raining on my face or something?

And now, after everything, she plans to use her last act to make some kind of amends- to use her life to save those she loves the most in this world, her family. Honestly, I think there’s a part of her that is relieved to be able to do something to save them, and also, for this to be over. Which is more heartbreaking than I thought it would be.

Adding in a Lincoln parallel to just to really throw my emotions over the edge, I guess?

The Spacekru Factor

I never ever thought I’d say that Echo was 100% right and everyone should listen to her, but here we are. She is and they should. I get now why she’s the leader, honestly. (More things I never thought I’d say, what is even happening!?) Everyone else kind of loses their shit when they find out that Diyoza and Kane betrayed them. It was like “WELP we’re all going to die, better freak out, hey remember when Bellamy was alive?” but Echo is not having it.

Nothing but respect for my president.

Bellamy’s missing? Then we find him. Kiyoza ruined our plans? We’ll fucking make new ones, fam! And everyone just… remembers to breathe and does what she instructs them to. That is a leader. Sorry I doubted you, Echo kom Spacekru. (I assume she legally changed her last name in space, but also that she made her middle name Roan, after she learned that middle names were a thing.)

Even Monty gets in on the action from the middle of goddamn nowhere. Honestly, thank goodness he has a radio, because there would have never been a rescue attempt if he hadn’t alerted them to the fact that half of Wonkru was lost in a gully. I know it’s a gorge, but can we call it a gully? Gully sounds more fun.

“But life should be about more than just surviving”

Clarke and Madi probably had some typical parent-kid fights during their 6 years together before all hell broke loose. You know, “you can’t take the Rover out after dark” or “stop playing with the radio, I need to call Bellamy”, stuff like that. Now it’s all about whose war cause is better than the other, and which terrible side is the less awful side, and who should and should not put flames in their head, and I daresay Clarke isn’t handling this stage of parenthood splendidly.

I mean, Madi’s not wrong.

Here she is subscribing to the Abby Griffin school of parenting, in which sending 100 kids to die sounds like a solid choice. Especially since most of them are dead, though Clarke is still alive so I guess technically her plan has worked so far. So stopping Madi from stealing the Rover and running to help Octavia isn’t good enough for Clarke, she decides to fit Madi with a shock collar for good measure.

Madi is pretty cranky now that she cannot leave Clarke’s sight, but who comes traipsing in to rescue her? Echo, Raven, and Shaw! It’s a cute meeting for Madi, who’s kind of stoked to meet some Spacekru heroes. And while Echo thinks she’ll have to convince Madi to come along with her plan, Madi’s like “girl, you can stop selling it, I already bought it”.

But UGH Clarke will just not give it up. She alerts McCreary to the intruders, and of course he grabs his tech team Raven and Shaw, and then instructs his pals to kill Echo. Only… Clarke actually isn’t totally the worst, and she’d prefer to not kill Echo, so she convinces McCreary that Echo may have information that could help them. Honestly, I think McCreary could be convinced of just about anything if someone used big enough words, but I digress.

Right, cause I’d want him in the PTA with me ?

Clarke gets all sappy when referring to Bellamy in the past tense and Echo is basically rolling her eyes like bitch, please, he’s still alive. And Clarke’s face when she finds out? It lights the fuck up. So I know the whole Lexa thing is a catalyst for her wake-up call, but don’t doubt for a minute that Bellamy is as well. And I know people don’t like that “the flame” changed Clarke’s mind, but it didn’t, at least not in my mind. Here’s what did: Clarke. See, Lexa didn’t give Clarke any information that Clarke didn’t have all along. Every lesson that Madi echoed from Lexa? Those were lessons that Clarke taught Lexa– not the other way around. Lexa was just helping her find her way again. And using her most beloved human Madi to do it just cemented it. Knowing Bellamy was alive to save didn’t hurt either. It was everyone, everything that makes up Clarke, that made her realize what was important.

Lessons by Clarke

So this plan gets back on track! Granted, they’re missing some of their crew, but Clarke is going to go fix the Pilot Mechanic issue. Meanwhile, Madi and Echo are going to go rescue their friends and stop this damn war. Madi finally shows that she is a young human child after all, and has a little breakdown about how she may never see Clarke again. I cannot imagine the fear she must feel. Clarke has the perfect response though:

And they’re off! Right before Octavia is blown away by McCreary’s weapons, Madi and the gang come racing to the rescue, guns blazing from the Rover. And while I don’t always love last-minute-savior scenes, this show doesn’t use them that often so I did love it.

Everyone getting into the Rover was epic. O clearly felt like she didn’t deserve their rescue. Echo was relieved as hell to have saved Bellamy. Indra was still worried about Gaia. Bellamy appeared… concerned overall. And Murphy and Emori? Best damn moment of the show.

Now someone go save Marper and Smol Algae, please and thank you.

Song of the Week:

This is called Stand By Me by Ki:Theory. Well, it’s a cover, of course, but you get the idea. Anyway, the darkness of it inspired me for this episode because let’s face it, this was a rough one. Plus, the theme of actually standing by those that you love is kind of great. Some of the characters did that, and some, frankly, could use the reminder. So here we are. Also I just really love it, so there’s that.

Random Thoughts:

  • Why did Jackson just leave his current patient when Miller came in? That sounds like terrible doctoring if you ask me.
  • Gosh, Shaw keeps making me like him more and more. Even though I don’t really ship him with Raven, I still like him a lot. Because he says shit like this:

  • If Harper lives through the finale, I am starting a petition for her to not be an actual background prop. Girl has been through way too much to be relegated to the back of any world. 
  • I feel like Vinson probably has rabies. Kane, if he lives, should probably be tested. 

 Episode 5×13: Damocles Part 2

I. CANNOT. Someone hold me. None of our babies are safe. None. I mean look at that trailer, does anyone seem safe to you? Is safety even a thing anymore? 

  • We finally get to meet Lucas! Played by Shannon Kook, we’ve been teased about Lucas for like, at least half a year now. Probably more because my math is shit. Popular theory is, he’s Eligius III. Though in my headcanon, there’s a few Flokru survivors who spent Praimfaya in the Art Supply store, but I really doubt that’s Lucas, since it’s a role I created for myself to play.
  • FFS, McCreary is why we can’t have nice things. The Sword of Damocles also looks like it just transformed into the Missile of Damocles, no? 
  • “Get in the ship”… Are they going into space again? Does Clarke get her lever back? I missed her lever-pulling shenanigans tbh. 

Okay. Who should we be most worried about now? Is there such a thing as “safe” in this world? Didn’t think so. Guesses on the identity of Lucas? 

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12 responses to “The 100 Episode 5×12: Damocles Part One

  1. Its only been three weeks? I stand corrected, maybe a show can surpass the awful timeline that Pretty Little Liars had.

    The pre-finale almost literally killed me. I missed the first ten minutes (still have yet to see…), but so many feels. I forgot who Ethan was but I just remembered and omg, I’m so sad.

    I honestly space out when it came to Dioyza and McCreary the past two eps so I have no idea whay they’re doing. I may need to rewatch the whole episode. If I can stand it.

    I thought Octavia was so a goner, I was screaming and close to sobbing. No killing her, please. ? She’ll get better. The scene with Kane saying it was O’s fault and Bell saying he wants her to die just killed me. Like Kane can shove off.

    I can(‘t) believe Clarke put a shock collar on Maddie, what the hell? I for one am also so angry about that crappy reunion Clarke had with Raven and Murphy. Like what the hell was that? I’m glad Maddi’s with them though and that end of the scene saving Octavia was amazing. I got teary at Clarke and Maddi’s goodbye.

    I also have no idea what’s going on with Echo but she’s not Clarke so I’m cool with it. I am a fan of hers, too bad she’ll probably die along with Murphy.

    We should also probably be worried about Octavia, I don’t know if they’d save her just to kill her off so fast but you never really know since it’s the finale.

    I’m still loving Shaw and I need Harper to do….more.

    I think I’ve benefitted greatly from not watching the previews for the show. And after reading your previews comment, I’m very glad. It’s all been a surprise. I’m a bit over the whole lever thing, especially when it causes more separation with the group.

    • YEP, 18 days, apparently, give or take! Love that McCreary was able to destroy all of Earth in such a short time span haha.

      OH watch it! I mean- it’s not as good as the last 10 minutes, but still. It’s free on The CW’s website! The more I think about Ethan, the more bummed I get- I mean, remember the powerful scene with him and Jaha in The Chosen, as they were dragging his dad out? GUTTED ME.

      Diyoza and McCreary are doing… nothing? Well- that isn’t true. She isn’t, because he locked her up in the first 2 minutes of the episode. But he is just being a big asshole, so… nothing new ?

      The Octavia thing killed me too- she has dodged death TWICE when it seemed like she was a goner! But it was SO powerful- it will be quite interesting to see how she and Bellamy bounce back after all of that. And I get what Kane was doing- trying to make Abby feel better- but it wasn’t Abby’s fault, and it wasn’t O’s fault, it just… had to be. They all need some therapy tbh.

      I was SO mad at Clarke too- but she did redeem herself by the end of the episode thank goodness. She needs to… take Abby’s advice basically never. Abby’s advice leads to eating your friends, so. Skip it, Clarke.

      GAH I hope NO ONE DIES. That is too much to ask obviously. But if Murphy dies I don’t think I could handle it? He’s been my favorite this season and I CANNOT. Especially because MURVEN. But ugh I don’t feel like anyone is safe! I am trying to stay FAR away from Twitter now because there have apparently been some leaks- so be careful! Cause I agree with you- it is wayyy better going in blind! HA I know what you mean about the lever but… it;s been 6 years, girl’s jonesing for a lever ?

      • 18 days? ? And then the previous seasons were less than a year, omg. Then we miss six years, this show….

        I’m dying to see this ‘flying’ scene. I’d been watching it on the app but knowing it was the pre-finale, I thought I’d finally watch live.

        I am so heartbroken over Ethan now, that scene between him and Jaha was so good.

        Okay, good to know I’m not missing much with McCreary and Dyoza. I can’t wait for his death. Hopefully.

        Assuming they both live, it will be fascinating at how they come back from this, if they can. As Bellamy told O, “there is no coming back from this”. I hope they’ll be okay though. It feels like another post-Lincoln death O hating B scene, but reversed.

        To be fair, I think it was time for someone other than Clarke and Bellamy being hated. I don’t really want anyone to dislike anyone though.

        I get Kane too, just ugh. Abby is just not a good advice giver, I mean, once you help send kids to earth, your advice is a bit questionable.

        Murphy can’t die, who will make us laugh? There no laughter without him. ? Has there been a finale without a death? Or a significant death? Actually, I don’t think there have been many. Maybe we’re okay on that front. You think after six years you would be over levers. It’s never gone well for her. I just hope they don’t go to space again, the yo-yoing back and forth is s little tiring. Unless we see more of it.

        • Seriously, no season has ever covered more than a couple months! I wonder if McCreary will die- I mean, it almost seems too easy at this point? But… I also don’t see how they can keep him around and not have him continue to try to kill everyone, so.

          I agree, watching Bellamy and O try to come back from it would be bonkers. It does feel like a reverse Lincoln- speaking of whom, are they ever going to talk about him again!? And no- Abby should probably stay away from writing the Apocalypse Advice Column hahha.

          SO. There has actually been a finale without a death! TWO, really. In Perverse Instantiation 2, technically Jasper was supposed to be the “big death” but luckily they didn’t do that. If you count Pike though, that would be the biggest. And even though Ontari was brain dead in part 1, her body didn’t die til P2. But I don’t consider her a “big” death. Praimfaya is interesting because no one died. Onscreen. But everyone who was locked out of the bunker in The Chosen would have technically died? AND while there was a lot of blood shed in We Are Grounders 2, no one we care about died? I think we all thought Jaha was a goner in that one though, so there’s that. Actually- now that I am thinking about it, no major character has EVER died during a finale? Like- obviously ALL of Mt Weather died in Blood Must Have Blood 2, so it seems extra awful. So… I am scared- because there has not been ONE major death this season, unless you count Jaha, which I do not because we knew he was leaving in S4. GAH well, only two days to go! I miss having cable and watching it live!!

          • Wow. I’m hoping McCreary dies because I’m just so over him.

            I’m thinking O might mention Lincoln now that she’s come to her senses.

            Okay, wow then, I am just really bad at remembering finales. Maybe I should have said season…though no one died in the first season either really or the third. Just ignore that comment then. I didn’t know he was leaving! It was a surprise for me.

            We get the basic basic channels here so the CW’S included but the antenna we use is generally a mess so I’d been watching it online too.

            Two days, I am scared. May the odds be ever in our favor.

  2. You’re #TeamEcho now- about time! 🙂 Ha yeah I know- I hated her guts too. Couldn’t resist. And Kabby are done! I hope? I mean I’m shallow, I’ve totally fallen for Kiyoza, so Abby’s… out of luck? Although I’m probably wrong.

    Poor Ethan.

    I think O and Bell lying on the ground arguing was unintentionally kinda funny? I mean FFS. And I love Niylah but when SHE has more lines than Harper, you know something’s wrong. I thought O was a goner BTW… and yes they would be a MESS (well, MORE of a mess) w/o Commander Echo. She’s the bomb. I loved her holding them together…

    Poor Murphy never got to use his gun. But is he having fun this season or WHAT?

    Lucas! Bring it.

    I miss Clarke w/ levers. This Madi thing has made her character a total drag.

    • YES. I have finally come around! You were right about Echo, I was right about Diyoza, obviously we’re just awesome people. I feel like Kabby are done too but… maybe KANE is just done? Which woould really bum me out because KIYOZA. I still want to see a little McCrabby fling too ?

      I am kind of sad about the Ethan thing? Like- the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. Remember what a HUGE fucking deal they made out of it when Jaha picked him up as FYO Dad was dragged out in The Chosen? UGHH. Why did we even BOTHER with his storyline then!? (Maybe, in fairness, they didn’t know Jaha was going to leave and it was going to be a bigger thing?)

      Oh it was freaking HILARIOUS to watch them fight while they’re literally being blown up! I was PISSED about Harper. I almost feel like she WILL survive S5 just because… they haven’t done anything with her so it’d be rude to kill her? And there’s potential?

      Echo is the leader they needed. I can’t believe I am saying it. But YEP she earned her place in the “do not kill these precious characters” part of my heart hah. With MURPHY because I swear I will lose my shit if the worms eat Murphy or something. I CAN’T. Everyone seems really scared for Murphy and I am too now. He is THE. BEST. And the show would be 100% less fun without him.

      I think CLARKE has made Clarke a drag tbh. I don’t dislike Madi surprisingly? I feel like she’s more level-headed than Clarke at this point! Maybe a lever will really snap Clarke back to reality!

      • Yeah I did come around on Diyoza. Good call there! And I could deal with McCreary sticking around as a recurring villain into S6, maybe w/ Abby as his partner in crime? Okay that’s tinfoil crazy IK, but… I can dream.

        Agreed about Ethan. Kind of a waste. I guess there can be only one kid, and since we have Madi… bye ethan.

        Good point, Harper’s been invisible so at this point she would be an anti-climactic kill?

        I think Murph is safe, unless he WANTS to leave or something. I think they know he’s important. And Echo… has catapulted like into my top 5 characters, surprising even me? I mean I like her more than Raven! When did THAT happen?

        Clarke is a victim of bad writing. At least for her character. Madi is a plot device that dictates certain actions on Clarke’s part, thanks to the writers. It all feels contrived- like we have to have a mama bear Clarke *sigh* I don’t want mama bear, I want badass “whatever it takes” Clarke.

        • Hahha I mean, it IS tinfoil crazy but also, it would be FABULOUS to watch! Talk about entertaining! And Abby is smart enough that they’d be unstoppable. Luckily Abby uses her powers for good and not evil!

          The whole Ethan thing WAS a waste! Also, kind of rude to kill off a little kid, yeah?

          YES! That is exactly it, I feel like it would be stupid to kill her off because other than Monty, no one has even noticed if she’s alive or dead to begin with!

          Ugh that IS a fear, that Richard could have chosen to leave? Let’s just hope not. I don’t know what we’d do without him, he’s precious while still being a “bad” guy and I love the whole dynamic. Um I seriously like her more than Raven this season too? Like- the first half of the season, Raven was cool. But this whole thing with Shaw is just.. eye rolling. I ummm might actually even agree about the Top 5 thing?? Or at least, VERY close.

          UGH SAME in regards to Clarke. I think they hoped the Mama Bear thing would work like the “whatever it takes” and just show a variation of it, but… it did not. Because even when Badass Clarke was making horrible choices, she was doing it for the right reasons. Or what she perceived to be right, anyway. Now it’s like- “okay, let’s just jump in with this mass murderer in hopes that maybe he won’t kill us, who cares about everyone else we’ve ever known and loved”. It doesn;t make SENSE.

  3. I totally thought a couple of major characters were actually going to die this episode. I mean, when Kane was being eaten by the V-man, I was pretty sure he was a goner. I’m honestly not sure about his whole, “It wasn’t your fault, it was all O” thing though. I mean, honestly, I think the cannibalism was necessary, but it was sort of Abby’s fault — she just couldn’t be the one to actually enact the plan because she had no power. O was stuck with it. (Not that I’m sympathetic enough to excuse any of O’s current actions). I think I’d be fine it Kabby just ended. I’d prefer Kiyoza at this point. And why won’t anybody just kill McCreary already?

    Then there was O. I kind of loved the moment where she asked Bellamy if he wanted her to die and he said yes. And then saying he wanted to get back to his family. Good for him! I totally thought she was a goner at the end, but I was happy for the rescue. We’ll see what happens next.

    I’ve liked Echo for a while now, and I also sort of loved her digs at Clarke about how she didn’t succeed in killing Bellamy with her first betrayal, but maybe with her second – oh, and if not, then this third one would definitely do him in. I just imagined Clarke thinking about each time he realized she’d thrown him to the wolves again. Yeah, you’re not going to be his favorite person if he survives. Clarke’s whole “kill everyone so Madi can live” thing got real old real fast. I actually loved that Madi talked her out of it with the flame. It’s interesting that we’re able to have this young character who has all this wisdom because it’s not her own.

    I can’t believe there’s only one more episode. This show is way more motivation to work out that Fear the Walking Dead. I’m sort of sad to have to go back to that one.

    • Okay YES on all things Kane. I was SURE he was dead. Especially since he is starring in some other show hahah. And yes- I personally don’t think it was ANYONE’S fault, not O’s, and not Abby’s, because they made sure everyone survived when otherwise, they would have all died. So “fault” isn’t even a thing, Marcus. And you are right- O would have never even known that it was the only choice had Abby not told her. I am kind of over Kabby too tbh. At least for now- let them do something (someone?) else for awhile. KIYOZAAAAA. And RIGHT!?!? There were like, 23973 moments in which they could have killed McCreary FFS

      The Blake siblings scenes killed me. Because it is really honest. Even if it hurts, and it does hurt hahah.

      I loved Echo SO MUCH in this episode, I cannot even believe it! And YEP she had every single right to throw shade at Clarke. I love that Madi did too- like “hey don’t be an asshole and use ME as your reason!” Madi and Echo and Raven working together was SO GREAT.

      I knowww I cannot wait until APRIL for more, ughhh. How far are you with Fear? Because Season 4 SUCKS, I am so very sad. I loved that show and now… I am SO BORED and also what is with all the sepia tones?

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