The 100 Episode 4×09: DNR

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

Oh, DNR, you interesting mix of rage and feels. I spent half the episode sobbing, and the other half screaming at characters wondering what the actual fuck was their malfunction. I am beginning to think that the radiation is causing brain damage. ?

Do Not Resuscitate

Who wants to not be resuscitated? That would be… everyone, basically. Of course, we knew that this was coming, especially from Jasper’s end. But as the gang at Arkadia is leaving to head to the bunker (and taking their Jobi Tea maker Niylah with them), Death Party 2150 is still… well look, it isn’t raging on, it’s actually a pretty lame party. Let’s look at the guest list, shall we?

First up is the party host, Jasper. He may be the only moderately fun person in attendance. Then there’s Harper, who looks like someone just ran over her grandmother with the Rover and then Trikru speared her puppy. Seriously, Idk who cried more this episode, me or her. There’s Riley, who to me signifies the end of any party. Like, he’s that guy who shows up and then everyone else goes “oh shit, this party is lame, let’s head out”. And Bree, who clearly has the personality of tree bark, and just sits around with a creepy ass smile. And don’t forget the random redshirts who we have never seen before- and make no mistake, we never will see again, because they will die for story fodder.

No really Jasper, bitchin’ party you have going on here. ?

There’s some drama, because of course there is. Monty gets pissed at Harper, obviously. Then Jaha is like “nah, let’s blow the door and make these kids come”. Only Bellamy has some sense left in him (and I swear he is the only damn person who does) and explains to Jaha that since Jaha already tried to choose these kids’ fates once before, he doesn’t get to do it again. And Jaha shockingly concurs, much to Monty’s chagrin. But wait! We have another visitor at Death Party, only I don’t know what this one means:

No folks, your eyes do not decieve you, that is in fact the late Wells Jaha. I didn’t even notice it until Amber pointed it out and I rewatched it and YEP, there he is. But… WHY? What does this MEAN? It’s certainly no coincidence. 

Anyyyywho, the group leaves, but we’ll get to their goodbyes later. Because I have a section for goodbyes, aka, The Parts in Which Shannon Cried All the Tears.

New Ship Alert!

Miller + Jackson= Milkson. And I LOVE IT. ???

Now, sure, we can ask some questions here. Like “hey wait, what happened to Bryan?” or “couldn’t they have developed this more while they were in ALIE’s lab together instead of underutilizing both actors?” Sure! Let’s! Well to answer your first question, who even cares? Let’s pretend he got… attacked. By Ilian’s sheep, since Octavia is shit at sheep farming. So sad. To answer the second question… I CAN’T. Because WHYYYY writers!? I need more of them in my life. Please and thank you, let’s make this happen? Super. #TeamMilkson

Octavia Blake, Warrior Sheep Farmer

I…. want to just press a bunch of keys on my keyboard in frustration and walk away, but I am pretty sure you didn’t come here for that. But I am not making GIFs of O and Ilian shackin’ up. I won’t do it and you can’t make me. I will, however, show you what an awesome farmer she is.

I mean… she has a point.

Oy. I just… this whole situation pisses me off. She has not mourned Lincoln at all. At all. And mere weeks after his death, she is killing people, and on the rare chance she decides not to off someone, I guess that means she… goes to romance them on a farm? It just doesn’t make any sense. Luckily, some Trishanakru morons come to attack her, and she defends herself, and by defending herself, I mean she kills them all with her farm tools.

In her defense, they did say they were going to kill her so…

Bunker Battles

Oh, these idiots. These idiots. I don’t understand how the hell they managed to survive the past 98 years, because holy fuck do they all lack some common sense. All they want to do is fight over shit. They’re like little kids who all want to play with the same toy, even though there are enough toys for everyone.

Clarke and company roll into Polis, and right before Clarke departs the Rover, Abby tells her that they’re going to capture Roan. And kill Azgeda. Um…. what now!? WHY? And more importantly… how? Indra, last I checked, there were about 13 scraggly ass Trikru people left. And one of them was that dead old man on the side of the road. You literally stand no chance against Azgeda. And Kane… I think he is whipped by Indra at this point? Because why does he agree to any of this?

Some boring shit happens, and Roan agrees to talk to Indra because he has some semblance of rationality, but then Indra just pisses him off and yells at him so he’s like “welp, war it is then”. So Clarke is panicked, because the only thing they could all agree on is that they wouldn’t fight if Lexa was there. Which makes no sense because just… don’t fight without her there? But Clarke decides that she might as well just become the damn Heda since no one else has anything to offer.

She cuts herself a bunch of times, and Gaia is willing to do the ascension, but then Roan is like “NO stop, it was because of SCIENCE.” Which… I don’t know why that matters? So he brings in Abby, who rats Clarke out because literally everyone is dumb as fuck in this episode. So there is no Heda. But then these asshats come up with a bright idea of having…. the actual Hunger Games. Here’s how it went down in my head:

Dumbass Grounder #1: Hey y’all! Remember that book we found when we were cleaning out Lexa’s shit? The one about that plant girl and the bow and arrows and shit? She won a nice house by killing those kids!

Clarke: That really isn’t what happened exactly…..

Dumbass Grounder #2: Oh yeah! She did get to keep that nice house. Like how we all want this bunker!

Kane: Well, you can’t kill little kids, because we never see any on this show.

Dumbass Grounder #1: No, but we can totes kill each other!

Kane: Well that’s true, you do enjoy that pastime…

Clarke: What the actual fuck is wrong with you people!? The bunker has room for every human in Polis!

Dumbass Grounder #2: Yeah, but I don’t want to live with you. Or Dumbass #3, he and I have never liked each other that much. Hey, we need an arena! Should we do the cool one with the water and the jungle!?

Dumbass Grounder #3: Aw, thanks, I hate you too! Yeah, jungle arena!

Kane: Well wait. We are in the forest, I am not really sure how you’d replicate a jungle. I’ll get Monty on the radio.

Monty: But sir, you could just use the forest arena from the first book?

Kane: Right, right, good work son, you’ve saved us!

Clarke: I am going to steal the key to the bunker while you assholes are making these moronic plans. You kind of don’t deserve to live anymore.

Dumbass Grounder #1: It starts at midnight! May the odds be ever in your favor!


Becca Battles

The only people left, for now, at Becca’s lab are Raven, Murphy, and Emori. Emori is convinced that they’re going to just leave them behind, since Emori lied to them and Raven is basically an aneurysm waiting to happen. Murphy keeps reassuring her, but I kind of get her paranoia. Raven and Murphy have some fun banter in the beginning while they get supplies together, and I was digging it.

But then Raven… she starts hearing stuff. So she goes to see what it is. Or rather, who, I suppose. And it is visions of Becca Pramheda, telling Raven that she might as well basically commit suicide by spacewalking. Becca tells her that her brain is basically on the verge of shutting down, and that she’ll be a burden to her people and she won’t even be able to tie her shoes, let alone do mechanical and technical stuff. So she has a seizure, and then decides that Becca’s plan is super awesome, and gets to work. When Milkson come back to get the three of them, she tells Murphy she won’t be joining them. And holy crap. I sobbed. I don’t know what is going to come of this, but it killed me. Killed. Me. See next section, please.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Sing along now to It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men. Ahem. I needed something to get my mind off the feels, okay?

So as Milkson and Emori start to load up the Rover, Murphy goes to get Raven. And it is every heartbreaking thing ever. It is the conversation I always wanted them to have, and then the conversation I never wanted them to have.

MY FEELS. I am not okay, and I will never be okay if this ends up being the actual last time they see each other. 

Back at Arkadia, everyone is saying their goodbyes to Team Death Party, and Bellamy is the last to leave. He is broken up, you can tell, but he is also resigned to let them choose their own paths. He says goodbye to Harper, and she tells him to take care of Monty, who apparently didn’t stop to say goodbye. And then Bellamy turns to Jasper, which was so… bittersweet.

STAHP, you people are killing my emotions over here! 

Then, we find out that Monty did not leave without saying goodbye, because hello, Monty would never. He stayed not because he changed his mind, but just in case the others changed theirs. Which of course is code for “I am going to try like hell to get Jasper and Harper into that bunker if it is the last goddamn thing I do”. He tells Harper he loves her, which is sweet, and I just hope that these three make it out alive. Which, to be honest, I don’t have a ton of hope for.

Die All, Die Merrily

Damn, best episode title ever alert! But can we please talk about what the hell happened to Luna? Remember, the woman who talked about peace and never, ever killing again? Yeah… um… what now?! It also looks like this whole episode takes place in Polis- but I need to know what is happening to Raven, and what’s shakin’ over at Death Party 2150! Also. How are there only four episodes left and the only death we’ve had is Nyko? Also, I am still sad about Nyko. 

Oh! And THEORIES! I have those! A few, anyway. So, I don’t think Raven is going to spacewalk herself to death. I think Abby is going to go back to save her. And maybe die trying? Idk. And I think Indra may die in this arena situation. I mean, they have Gaia poised to take over, Indra has clearly lost her damn mind… I don’t know, it just seems like it could happen. I hope not. But no one asks me. I also feel like this Monty/Harper/Jasper thing could somehow end up with Harper’s death (nooooo ?) and Monty blaming Jasper. Like, a reverse Maya, if you will. But again, no one consults with me. Also, half the time (more than half the time) I am wrong, so let’s just hope this is one of those times!

What did you think of DNR? A mix of feels and WTF-ness? Or something else? Glad O is done with her career of farming? Who do you think is going to die in the Hunger Games Conclave?  Let’s talk! 

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  1. Death party sucked. I mean it looked MAYBE kinda happening in the previous episode, but by now it’s clearly on the wane. Why would Harper want to hang with those losers? Bellamy hung out one night and was like, I’m done. And yes with Riley and Bree and some bewildered looking redshirts… all I could think of was Harper girl, you can do better than this crowd. Even Niylah’s bailing. And taking the good stuff w/ her. 🙂

    Okay that Wells is creepy AF. I did NOT notice that and I’m like *shivers* Is that just Jaha thinking back to Wells or is he actually THERE? I have nothing. And Mackson!!! Or Milkson- maybe I like that better? See love flourishes in the end times lol. And… I think it works. I was NOT expecting Octavia to be like tilling earth. Or whatever she was doing. And like a day later (I guess?) she’s working on the same spot lol. All I could think of was Lincoln when they showed her and Ilian in bed. The way she was laying there she didn’t seem into it, at least, Ilian was all like toying with her hair or whatever, but maybe she just needed some release? I don’t see ’em as a couple AT ALL.

    YES where did the fully staffed Trikru come from? I thought the same thing- there were only a few survivors. All of a sudden Indra runs Polis? And Abby- I’m not sure why I blame her more than Kane- I was so pissed at her! Did she REALLY think Clarke would just abandon roan? No fucking way. And she should have kept her mouth shut about Clarke and the chip thingie would have burrowed its way into Clarke (creepy) and BAM- new Heda. Everybody shaddap and get in the bunker. But nooo… Hunger games instead. FFS.

    Okay *takes breath* Murph and raven. You said it all. One of the best scenes ever. Ditto for Bellamy and Jaspor. Well done guys. And next week Hunger Games (I just saw the preview for the first time reading this post). Sputter- Luna is fighting?!? Whazzat?? So are we talking Roan, Luna, Indra and Octavia in this thing? Oh Indra you can’t die! This is going to be bad… I may have to be drunk for next week. I think it’s going to be action city but Clarke sounds like maybe she has something up her sleeve? So maybe O and Roan can both make it out alive (sadly I do fear for Indra…) Oh my gosh this season…

    • RIGHT!? Why the hell is Harper there!? I mean, I get that she is really not doing well, which obviously makes sense (like, can you even imagine how freaking EXHAUSTING living their lives must be?) but like… is death by radiation really the answer? I am so glad that Niylah and Bellamy both bailed- and without giving it a second thought! I really thought Bellamy would be a little hesitant, I am so glad he wasn’t!

      And SERIOUSLY with Wells! I have NO IDEA, there have been like, no comments about it from the writers or producers, which usually means there will be more to the story. I think a lot of people missed it though, too- I would have if not for Amber, but if you watch he is DEFINITELY there, for several seconds. Weird. And I am in LOVE with Milkson. In. Love. I have been saying forever that Sachin is woefully underused. He’s always been JUST Abby’s sidekick and I lovveeee that he is getting (hopefully!) a romance. Because Jarod has also been woefully underused this season because of the Bryan/Riley nonsense.

      I don’t see O and Ilian as a couple either. At all. They are just not…. compatible. All they have in common is a case of the sads. Do you think he’ll fight for Trishanakru now that O killed the other fighters? THAT would be interesting.

      I blame Abby more than Kane too! Because I think Kane has this alliance with Indra that he couldn’t see past- she will always come first to him, which in a sense, kind of shows his loyalty. So I didn;t blame him as much either. But Abby!? She had been working with Roan since the season premiere! Plus, she KNEW that Clarke had made the alliance and everything- hell, Roan was with them at the damn lab! AND Abby telling about Clarke’s natblida origins was 100% SELFISH. Because she was worried about what the chip would do to Clarke, which is DUMB, because Clarke had already used the chip under MUCH more precarious circumstances. So yeah, I am totally with you here.

      Raven and Murphy… I CAN’T. Now I ship them more than EVER. ANd I kind of want Emori to die so they can end up together hahah. And I LOVED Bellamy and Jasper. I honestly just really love who Bellamy has become. Like- it hurt him SO BAD to leave Jasper and Harper, you can see it in his face, but he is selfless, and lets them make their own choice. It’s such a departure from Season 1 Bellamy. His character arc has been freaking incredible. And Bob as an actor is just so on point.

      The Hunger Games… I don’t even know. I mean, luckily they found a tribute from District 13 in Octavia because they had no chance otherwise. But LUNA fighting!? I thought Luna NEVER fought!? What the HELL is happening? Like, there has to be more to THIS story. I think O and Roan WILL both make it out- probs Luna too. But yeah, I don’t like Indra’s chances. But hey, maybe we can finally get rid of Ilian 😉 And you know, I think you are right- I need to make sure I have a large, large bottle of wine chilling before watching this week. Good call, very good call!

      • Yes! Bellamy has come so far. He’s not just the pissed off guy he was, he has so much to live for now (2 things actually- Clarke and Octavia). Seems like Harper would look at it like that w/ Monty… as for the Wells thing, that seriously creeps me out. I mean, he’s dead right???? Psycho bitch girl cut his throat amirite??Just… weird. And you’re right, we’ve hardly seen Miller all season. I TOTALLY ship them. Do it writers!!!

        I had not thoguht of that- Ilian in the games? Interesting. You know the thing is whenever I see them she just seems too badass for him. Is that weird? I mean he’s no Lincoln. I know that’s probably shallow but I can’t help it. I don’t dislike him per se (well, maybe a bit) but when he’s with her, I’m just like… no.

        GREAT points about Abby! You’re right she’s been working w. Roan at the lab… that makes me even more irritated that she was just going to throw him under. Urgh she’s always been hit or miss for me though. I like Kabby as a couple more than I like her as an individual character, if that makes any sense. And I can live with Emori dying. I mean I like her face paint but that’s about it. Murph and Raven would be a helluva team. And going back to Bellamy because I agree with everything you said there. I think he’s had the BEST arc of the show, over time, and he sells those emotional moments with his facial expressions. Love the guy.

        OK Hunger Games. This is gonna be rad (except the Indra part if she croaks). I was thinking the same thing about Luna, then I remembered the rig. Didn’t Clarke have some harebrained idea to chip her and she like kicked Clarke’s ass eight ways to Sunday? So maybe she is a badass? Was that Luna or am I confused? I was at first horrified that she was fighting but as long as she makes it out I’m good. If Ilian goes down though I’m fine with that *grabs another snack from the bowl approvingly* I can’t WAIT too see it. Urban fighting in Polis. Who thought THAT shit up???

        • Yes, you are so right- and I think he also has started to realize that HE is worth saving too. Even if he has made a hell of a lot of mistakes, he has done a lot of things right, too. Agreed about Harper and Monty- I hope that she decides to leave. I think she will.

          And yes, Wells is definitely dead! They buried him- and he was still wearing the same clothes he came to the ground in in that picture! I am so confused by all of this!

          I agree about O and Ilian. And it doesn’t even bug me that she is like, stronger than him, because most of the women on the show ARE, tbh- like Harper and Monty! And Lincoln… he was strong of course but also… peaceful, a gentle soul, which worked well for Octavia. But Ilian is just… there. Like he doesn’t have the passion that Lincoln had. Lincoln had passion for his people, for O, for peace, for so many things. And Ilian just looks like a puppy who O drags around on a leash. They just aren’t…. equal. Whereas I think all the other couples ARE equal. They all have strengths and weaknesses, but they are all very equal, even if their strengths are different (like Monty and Harper, Kane and Abby, etc)

          YES I agree about Kabby- and also, Raven and Abby. Like if Abby dies, I am probably only going to be sad on behalf of all the characters who will be hurt- Kane, Clarke, Raven, Jackson, etc. I mean, she is like a mom/mentor (momtor?) to both Raven and Jackson, so that’ll be hard but Abby as a character? I don’t see much more of a storyline for her since Kabby sailed, sadly.

          YES yes you are right about Luna! She told Clarke that she didn’t flee the conclave because she’d lose, but because she’d WIN. She killed her own brother, and then fled. And kicked Clarke’s ass pretty handily too hahha. I am actually kind of excited for it too- I mean, this season has been SO on point with the character arcs, but kiiiind of lacking in the actual action. So I am for it. And maybe it’ll weed out some of these idiots that we don’t care about/clans we won’t have to pretend to have an interest in and learn the names of ??

          • You know I’ve been thinking about Ilian. I don’t know what it is, I remember him from Mako Mermaids and he was fine in that, but I just feel like a show like The 100 is a step up, you know, because of that ensemble cast. I mean Washington, Cusick, Bob, Marie… you have some serious actors here and he just seems to be like JV to their varsity? Maybe that’s just me. He’s not baaad, he’s just… kinda there. it’s gotta be hard to break into that group though at this point, I’ll give him that. But yeah… he just doesn’t match up to O.

            I am counting the DAYS. I need urban warfare in Polis now. And Echo is going DOWN!!! (I hope) And if Luna kicks all kinds of ass I’m gonna be like YES! But it sounds like there’s going to be some treachery? :O

            • Yeah I think you’re right. And, combine it with a really lackluster storyline… and well, he is kind of boring. I mean, not as infuriatingly so as Riley, of course 😉 And I agree about it being tough to break into a group like that but… Zach did, Nadia did, etc. So like… it CAN happen. Though I must say that I find Gaia’s character a little bland too.

              And sERIOUSLY I am so excited. BUT it doesn’t look like Echo IS fighting, because it shows Roan fighting? And I think there’s only one tribute per district… er, clan ? So… I don’t know WHAT this means for Echo- but you know how Roan has said from the start that he’ll be like Lexa and won’t let anyone fight for him so… Idk. I am just freaking excited. And scared, of course, but mostly excited!

              • Gaia does nothing for me. I want to like her, but it’s just not there. And she’s Indra’s daughter?? Please. But yeah you have a good point… others have stepped up. Thank God Zach jumped into this show. And Nadia’s the bomb. For some reason I’m really liking Luna!

                Oh yeah you’re right about that. I’d be surprised if they kill Roan off, and O’s not going anywhere (gulp… right??) so I wonder how that will work out? Something must happen to get em out of this mess. And maybe I’m stuck with Echo for a bit longer lol. I was hoping to see O get her revenge, but yeah Roan will fight… if they team up and fight in groups like Hunger Games I will frickin cheer. And if it was Roan/ Octavia/ Indra fighting together… FFS is it Wed yet???

                • YES yes yes! I want to like her too, especially since she is Indra’s daughter but she lacks everything that makes Indra special? Like, she seems like a nice kid, but I don’t exactly want to hang out with her on the weekend 😉

                  Confession: I was nervous when Zach joined the cast, that he’d ruin the whole… cohesiveness that they’d achieved, but I was SO WRONG thankfully. He fits in perfectly! I am really liking Luna too- I wasn’t a huge fan last season, but this season I do like her!

                  I REALLY hope nothing is happening to O. There have been toooo many dumb “close calls”. I mean, Bellamy thought she was dead TWICE so far. So that would be really ridiculous to have her *actually* die after all that. And I don’t see them killing Roan either. Or Luna. So… I am seriously panicking. HOW can we make it through three whole stupid weekdays before the showwww?! ?

                  • Exactly! Go play now with your friends Gaia while the big people talk lol. And I’ll be honest, I was nervous about Zach too. I mean his pirate thing is a far cry from this, and I wondered if he would approach the character the same way. Would he use the same voice (obvs he does)? It’s funny to hear him in interviews… and Luna has totally grown on me even though she’s had few scenes this season, but that episode with Raven really impressed me.

                    I was looking at reddit last night and someone said something about Octavia falling off a fucking cliff and still being Skaikru’s best warrior. That cracked me up. So she’s indestructible at this point lol.

                    TWO DAYS.

                    • YES, Gaia seems so… sheltered! And it is kind of ridiculous considering the world. PLUS- isn’t Clarke the fleimkepa? Titus did that whole ritual and shit, so how the hell did Gaia end up as it? I didn’t see any ceremony! Clarke SHOULD have said “bitches, I am the ACTUAL official fleimkepa, declared by Titus kom Whateverkru, and now I will fleimkep the damn chip into my own head and stop you assholes from killing us all before Praimfaya does.” See, we really do need to write for this show. They’re missing out, tbh 😉

                      And I haven’t heard Zach’s real voice yet! I must go find an interview or something! It always jars me a bit to hear Eliza and Bob talk- even though I ADORE their accents. (I should probably just move to Australia, tbh.) And it is SO. TRUE about O! I love how even Clarke and Bellamy are like “yeah, sorry, we can’t do shit without our guns”. ? Because AGAIN, the only 2 people in the actual world with any sense.

                      But… two days seems so far. 🙁

  2. We could kick ass as writers on this show. Yes Clarke is supposed to be the fleimkepa, what are these writers doing? We need to be their quality control I guess. Imagine the possibilities if Wanheda was running things. All the intrigue, Roan answering to HER lol… ah that’d be fun. But I think the Grounders do what they want. They give us that Titus/ Gaia shit when they need to but look at Lexa, and for the love of God Ontari, who killed kids and stuff… the ruthless ones just do whatever the fuck they want anyway lol.

    The first time I saw him speak in an interview I was surprised. He definitely husks it up for the shows! And hearing bob and Eliza too. I love an Australian accent. I could totally move there. Gold Coast for me lol. I’m watching Glitch right now on Netflix and it’s Australian- I’m really liking some of the Aussie shows.

    It wouldn’t let me reply so I had to leave a new comment 🙂

    • Right? She never like, gave the title back- especially since she gave the flame to Roan and he would DEFINITELY rather Clarke be the fleimkepa than Gaia. You have a VERY good point about them doing whatever the fuck they want. And hasn’t that been Skaikru’s real problem, if you think about it? They’re trying to play by some set of rules from the world before, rules that don’t exist. It seems even Clarke has an issue with that sometimes. But, at the same time, you’d think the Grounders would realize that their nonsense doesn’t exactly work either. They need to… find a happy medium, somehow.

      Okay, I just watched an interview he did, oh my goodness! I cannot believe it! Can you imagine how much his voice must hurt after all that husking? ? He also LOOKS younger in an interview too!

      I would love to live in Australia- or just go there even. It is on my bucket list, for sure. It would help if it wasn’t like, a 20 hour plane ride 😉 And adding Glitch to my Netflix watchlist for sure, I just looked it up, it sounds good! I like that Netflix has shows from other countries- I started watching 3% (which is from Brazil and in Portuguese, with subtitles) and I really liked it, but it’s hard to mindlessly watch or multitask, because you have to read it hahah.

      OH and the comment thing, it’s so dumb, it will only let comments go to 10- like, I can change it to a smaller number, but not a bigger one, which is extra dumb because they are MY comments and they should be however the hell long I want them to be 😉

      • Totally agree. Skaikru are trying to play by rules that the Grounders don’t give a shit about. As exemplified by Roan and Indra being all like, well there’s only 5 days left but- LET”S HAVE A WAR! Cause it’ll be fun and shit. I mean they’re idiots lol.

        I’ve always thought that Grounders were kinda savages. Roan even mentions that when he said “you think we’re savages that need saving” or something like that. And I was like, um, yeah. Cause they act like it! Although I did grow to like some, like Indra and Nyko and Lexa. Not that Skaikru ‘s much better with their Rileys and Pikes and even Jaha and Kane back on the Ark. I mean they sent KIDS down as expendable, they were such assholes! Everybody forgives everybody on this show but basically all the Ark adults have been or are absolute asses.

        Oh and I know. I saw a pic with him where he had short hair and I was like no way lol. He sounds WAY different in some interviews. Especially Black Sails ones where he rasps it out even more.

        Australia is just the bomb. And Glitch is good but it gets… a little boring at times? I mostly liked it and the cast is great, but it could move a little quicker. It has a killer beginning though and I liked it, but it’s not super action packed so just a heads up. 🙂 And I hated like every character except Kate at one point or another, so if you watch it you HAVE to let me know what you think!!

        I love seeing shows from other countries! Marcella was pretty good too- I mean she wakes up in a bathtub covered in blood, what’s not to like?

        • OMG- this war is the Grounder version of Death Party, isn’t it? The Delinquents drink moonshine and dance, and the Grounders… kill everyone. Like, even O had that mindset when she told Ilian she’d rather die a warrior’s death than burn. Because she IS a Grounder, really.

          And they ARE kind of acting like savages! I agree! Because what else do you call killing off entire clans rather than trying to work something out with words? I think the adults from the Ark seem to think their savagery is less real because there was no bloodshed- yet they killed people all the same. And oftentimes for worse reasons than the Grounders- I mean, they killed Murphy’s dad for taking MEDICINE FFS. And Pike was worse than any Grounder ever, basically. He killed people in their sleep- he was basically Ontari, on a larger scale, so what does THAT say?

          I think.. I could live with less action actually- I mean, I have heart attacks at The 100 weekly, so maybe a little slower might be good haha. But I need to make a list of all the shows I need to watch next month when (sobs) The 100 is over. And now I am VERY curious about Marcella! Did someone steal her kidney? That would be rude. ?

          I seriously wonder who is going to die tomorrow. Someone has to, right? (I am starting to feel like they’re messing with us by not killing anyone!)

          • I’m actually getting fricking nervous, isn’t that ridiculous? Did you see this article (and video where Jason hints people ARE going to die?).


            I think Ilian is done. He has to be? I mean the other choices are Roan, Luna and… O right? Ack! I’m going to need a tranquilizer when that episode is over.

            Marcella is basically a Brit cop show where she’s investigating a murder but she’s afraid she may have done it lol. She wakes up all bloody but doesn’t know whose blood it is. Hate when that happens! That and Travelers are two shows I’ve liked recently on Netflix. What would I do w/o Netflix seriously?? All of my favorite shows are like Canadian/ Brit/ Aussie and I’ve seen em all on Netflix!

            And Pike was the absolute.worst. Ever. I mean that massacre… I still think the writers f’ed up having Bellamy participate in that. That just doesn’t seem him. I kept waiting for him to stop it… such a disservice to the character.

            It sounds like tomorrow is going to be an all out street war. Is this going to the best episode ever???

            • Um. HOLY. SHIT. I hadn’t read that article, and I am like… joining you in line for a tranquilizer ?

              I think… I don’t know what to even think anymore! Bellamy is going to play a role?! And someone is definitely dying. But… would they bring Ilian on just to kill him? And then for O to lose the only person she’s spoken to since Lincoln? I actually love that, because it left me with even more questions ? I think it’s either going to be the best ever, or a letdown that will piss us off ?

              I agree completely about Bellamy. That’s why the whole Pike thing pissed me off- it was SO out of character, especially since he barely knew Plot Device… I mean Gina.

              Also can’t really picture not knowing if I murdered someone but tbh, it makes me even MORE curious! And I must continue watching Travelers!

              Seriously not sure how we’re to be expected to act like reasonable human beings during the day tomorrow (today I suppose!) with the conclave looming. I… guess no one would accept “television apocalypse war” as a legit reason to not adult? ?

              • I know right? I was like who are you talking about? Who are we saying goodbye too? Nooo… and Bellamy playing a role??? You’re right though, they are pushing this HARD. What if it is a letdown? That is definitely a possibility. They have me completely discombobulated over this episode. It’s not even the finale! But there are only hours left… and frickin Twitter is gonna be a riot! :):)

                • I cannot say goodbye! To like, anyone at this point. They really are pushing this episode- and I can’t decide if I want it to be epic (and probably lose a character we like- or even worse, LOVE), or a letdown if it means everyone lives ?

                  I cannot stand the wait- less than an hour, which means of course avoiding social media like the plague until I watch it of course. I’m so scaredcited. (That should be a word if it isn’t ?)

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