The 100 Episode 4×03: The Four Horsemen

This episode.. oh wow. Let’s not pretend that I didn’t cry. Several times. Let’s also talk about how many subtle revelations there were. Seriously, this season is Killing. It. 

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

The Four Horsemen

Leave it to Jaha to get giddy excited about another cult, right? But in seriousness, this isn’t a bad call. Of course a doomsday cult would have a bunker! I just don’t understand how Jaha has mobile data in the Rover, but I suppose that is a mystery for another time. Or how YouTube is still up? Look, I have a lot of questions, but I should probably just let Monty handle those and worry about the show.

I love how Jaha, straight out of the gate, schools the kiddies about how it’s clearly obvious to him that only about 100 people can fit in Alpha Station. They thought they were being all shady and Jaha is like “please”. Can I just say, Season 4 Jaha is killing it? Anyway, he finds Cultkru on ApocalypseTube, and decides to take the Rover for a little jaunt to see if they had a bunker.

Only, oopsie, he isn’t still Chancellor since he almost got everyone killed a half a dozen times, so Raven puts the kibosh on that. Only… what if there is a bunker? I am not understanding Raven’s thought process, isn’t it at least worth a look? I mean, desperate times and all that? Bellarke overrides her (which, tbh, probably explains some of her saltiness) and off they go, with Jaha and his 100 year old iPad explaining along the way. Then they get there and Bellamy… politely knocks on the door?

I won’t bore you with the details (because they involve some kind of weird Rover pulling that I didn’t even understand) but when they get to the bunker… womp womp, Cultkru Soup. Yes, these morons in their infinite wisdom failed to seal the bunker. So that is disgusting, but also useless for them. Though I do wonder what it would take to fortify said mess? I mean, has to be better that the literally nothing they can do on Alpha Station, right? I don’t know. Maybe we will see more of this bunker. A whole season cannot have these people’s logo for no reason… ?

Jaha and Bellamy have a “moment”, and I am in love.

Since Jaha ships Bellarke, he is automatically back in our good graces, yes?

Have I mentioned how much I love Bellamy in the past 30 seconds?

In seriousness though, I like that both Kane and Jaha have told Bellamy that he doesn’t need to atone anymore. I think it means more coming from Jaha even, since Bellamy did shoot him a few times. And they don’t have the mutual respect that he and Kane do. So more of this, please. Jaha, you are earning your way back into my heart faster than I thought you would.

“They call her Skairipa- Death from Above”

Roan lost the chip because Roan…. well, Roan kind of sucks at this, let’s be real. He had one job. One. Job. Anyway, since he is busy doing… you know what? I have literally no idea what this guy does all day. He is injured, so he isn’t exactly doing any heavy lifting. His guards won’t “let” him take care of his own messes. So… yeah, useless, I say. He counts on a teenager to fight all his battles. Sad, Roan. I miss Lexa.

So, he tells O that some little girl Flamekeeper took the chip. Since when do we have multiple fleimkepa? Like wasn’t Titus it? Hence why he was so important. Greg @ Book Haven had the most logical explanation IMO:

“And yes how many Flamekeepers do we have now lol? As many as Jason needs for plot armor?”

Literally better than anything I could come up with. And maybe to give Indra more of a role? (Which again, fits the above theory.) Because of course the young fleimkepa who stole from Roan was Gaia, who just so conveniently happened to be….

Yes, yes, Octavia, we were shocked too. Mildly. Since there were glances in Echoes and all. 

Bad day for O, she can’t behead this person. But it’s fine, because she can just behead some other dude and protect Gaia. Look, I get helping out Indra, but there were like, 22387 other ways to do this. Things like:

  • Just give Roan the flame, because who cares if Gaia keeps it.
  • Make another fake flame like Gaia’s fake flame.
  • Go find one of the endless chips that ALIE had lying around and use one of those.
  • Literally anything but cutting that random dude’s head off and telling Roan there is no flame.

I don’t get O. Maybe she is having a meltdown. But she and Roan are a hot mess. And where is Kane? Taking a cold shower? Because uh, your friends are failing hard, my friend.

And I don’t even give enough fucks about Ilian and his tech-phobia to get into it all. Short version: Ilian and newly beheaded guy try to attack Gaia for the chip. O plants a fake one, Ilian “kills” it. Then they leave. It was all… anticlimactic and kind of stupid. If this is all Ilian is around for… just have him hook up with Miller already so my crackship, Milian can happen.

Nightblood > Your Blood

Oh, dear Luna is back, and guess who brought her? NYKO, y’all! I love me some Nyko. Sadly, he is the literal bearer of bad news. He has with him all that remains of Flokru, including Luna, and they are all sick with ARS (Acute Radiation Sickness, apparently). They ate some fish… and then all the fish died. So things are bad. Worse than anyone thought. Raven estimates that they have two months left, at best. Perfect timing for 11 more episodes, right? Right.

So Abby asks Raven for the medication, and Raven is like “nah, hard pass”, because she wants to save it and she is in charge of rationing. But Murphy has just trotted on back, because Emori was all out of bugs to eat, so this is… good news, I guess?

So Murphy overhears this all, steals the medicine, and gives it to Abby. Which is kind of awesome. But… it doesn’t work, and Raven realizes it’s gone just as Adria dies. She storms in like a real asshole, but we’ll get to that.

Anyway, later, Clarke walks in after her Rover trip to Cultkru Swamp, to see Luna not only not dead, but basically just fine. I mean, she is depressed because she is the only living member of Flokru, and the world is about to end, but health-wise? She’s never been better!

Luna looks about as excited as someone heading off for a root canal. I don’t know what this will mean for anyone but I am certain it plays in.

Raven’s Medicine

This is a double entendre, for I mean it both figuratively as in, Raven has gotten a taste of her own medicine; and literally as in Raven controls all the fucking medicine and withholds it from young, dying kids. Raven was cold as ice when she tells Abby and Jackson to go fuck themselves, basically. But then it torments her later, as she watches Adria die, so I am hoping that she had some kind of revelation. (P.S.- is it just me or is this episode chock full o’ biblical references?)

But then, Holly had a theory that kind of blew my mind, and makes a ton of sense when you think about it:

I will spare you the awfulness of watching Adria die, of watching Luna break down, of watching Raven realize what kind of hell she is in charge of. I hope this changes Raven. And if Holly is right, I hope Raven is able to fight this.

“If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.”

Okay, Bellarke fans, this is legitimately everything. Actually, even if you don’t ship Bellarke (and seriously, what is your malfunction?) you have to at the very least admit that this was as incredibly powerful moment for these two, who have somehow gone from bitter adversaries, to co-leaders and friends. ::Whisper-yells:: and more than friends.

Clarke has to acquiesce to Raven and write the damn list, so she does, and it is tearing her apart. Bellamy is sleeping on the couch while she writes. And just… goodness, just look at it because I cannot word.

And then if you haven’t already exploded from feels… 

(In case you were wondering, this is called “extra lazy chat formatting. Technical term, obviously.)

“From the Ashes We Will Rise”

So now we know where this quote comes from: The people of Cult Soup. I like it. I mean, it is ironic since from the ashes they… melted into radioactive puddles of human waste, but shhh. Anyway, like I said before, I feel like this isn’t the last we have heard about them? Or at the very least, their slogan, since it is the slogan of all of Season 4.

Which is why, when I was approached about doing a fun custom t-shirt by Uber Prints, I decided to make THIS quote into my shirt! You can of course create anything you’d like- and it is a really nice shirt, too! And this is the perfect time to post it, yes? YES!

And just a P.S., I made an art print of it too, if anyone is interested 😉

A Lie Guarded

Is it supposed to be… ALIE? Because I always thought there was some connection with ALIE and “A Lie”. Just saying. Or, maybe the lie is the ridiculous middle school-esque “Bunker Buddies” list that Clarke made. Did anyone really think that wasn’t going to backfire? Seriously? Because they show Jasper being pissed, because you know he is not on that damn list.

Speaking of, I did a list prediction with some of our faves! (I don’t actually know if Clarke included Grounders on the list, but hey, I did.) Holly helped. The only one we disagree on is Miller. She thinks Miller is out, and Mr. Miller is in. I say the opposite since Miller is young. But Bryan is totally out either way. Also, we had this debate:

We chat and then she DOESN’T EVEN READ THEM! ?

Anyway… my list! 

If you want to see some of the real list, someone with a lot of time and patience figured out bits of it here.

So, what did you all think of the episode!? Who do you think will make “the list”?  Thoughts, theories, flails, freakouts? Let me know!

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  1. Dude… I LOVE that shirt. This post is totally awesome. First of all you’re right about Jaha. Of course HE would have all the downlow on cults (frickin jerk lol). And yes how is he getting the data? Why didn’t I think of that? This show has me zombified. Cultkru soup… LOVE that. You’re being awful forgiving of Jaha though although I have to grudgingly concede that’s he’s *cough not so bad cough* this season. :):)

    Roan is no Lexa! He needs to get some balls Charles Vane style. I mean, THAT guy… fuck he be cleaning Grounders out left and right. And ha ha thanx for the mention! So true where the f have all these little flamekeepers been? And Gaia- as in named after like an earth goddess? Is that incredibly un- subtle foreshadowing?? Skairipa though- I LOVE that. And yes she just cuts the guy’s head off because, well, I need a head so… geez. And Ilian is so disappointing so far. Maybe he needs to stick with the mermaids.

    “out of bugs to eat” ROFL. Is Emori useless or what?? You know, I thought Raven was cold too, but Holly’s theory- damn! They did make a big deal out of her being “upgraded.” And yes that ending- one of the premier scenes of the whole show, all 4 seasons. One of the top moments, I think.

    I think you’re totally right about the bunker, there’s something there. Maybe farther down. And I never want to see ALIE again, if she shows up. aghhh!! Okay the list (you made a list!!!). I agree Harper is probably non- essential and doesn’t make the cut (sadly) and I think that will be an issue for Monty who will obvs make the cut. “Also weed.” The best 😛

    I actually agree w/ that list. well thought out. Niylah is interesting- again so.many.characters. But they do keep mentioning her… I want to see the names, do you think they’ll show us? That would be cool if they put it on the website…

    Awesome Shannon! Best wrap up ever!!

    • Aww thank youuu!! ???

      And yes, I KNOW I am letting Jaha off the hook too easily but… Idk, he is trying to be so damn helpful to all the characters I love! I mean- when Raven is an ass to him, he goes and picks scrap metal for her. He has heart to hearts with Bellamy- who shot him TWICE. He even gives Clarke advice after she tells him he is the worst ever- and he genuinely seems to care. Idk, I forgive too easily I guess ?

      Roan is disappointing. He is just… terrible at this. I mean, I hate to say it, but you can kiiiiind of see why his shitty mom traded him or whatever? I would trade him if he was on my team. And okay, here’s another question about these “flamekeepers”: How was it that Titus (and then Clarke) were the ONLY people who knew the ascende superius thing, wouldn’t this whole gaggle of flamekeepers know too? AND! Where the hell were they when ALIE was chipping people? Were they in the COL? How would they have escaped? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

      Ilian IS disappointing. Honestly, some of the dudes on the show this season…. they need to get their shit together. Between Roan hiding in his cloak, Jasper singing in the damn black rain, and Ilian off worried about “tech”… this is just SAD.

      Totally agree about the ending being one of the best of all time- I think it has to be one of my favorite episodes of all time- even with the silliness in Polis. And Holly’s theory totally blew my mind, because I bet it is right! I mean, there is no WAY we have heard the last of ALIE!

      Apparently, in that link at the end, you CAN see some of the names (scroll down toward the end of the article, it should be there)- but I have a feeling we are going to know ALL the names soon. Well- at least the ones we care about. I also bet that some of the names are like, crew member names, friends’ names, etc 😉 And YES- Niylah with all her food prep knowledge, she is DEFINITELY in, plus Clarke owes her about 72 favors so… I am looking forward to Monty and Clarke fighting tbh bwhaha. Because Monty gets so… ridiculous when he fights. He like, practically spits out his words and I love it!

      And thanks so much! It was actually my favorite one I have ever written, so YAY! 😀

      • You know Jaha IS eating a lot of humble pie… and you’re right, he’s keeping his head down and helping. The old Jaha might have announced to everyone that there’s only room for 100 and undermined Clarke/ Bellamy that way. Maybe I need to let go my hate… 🙂

        Roan could be such a badass and I know I mention Black Sails every 5 mins maybe I’m too fixated on THAT character, but still… he is kinda underwhelming here! And I thought Ilian was going to be a big deal, and maybe he still will… but so far, meh. The flamekeepers- sheesh I’m clueless. That’s a very good point about the CoL. Were they off in some hippie commune out in the woods and avoided all the strife, or ? Who knows?? Funny that Titus didn’t seem to say anything. How much you wanna bet we’ll just conveniently not find out? 🙂 Or maybe we will and it will be endgame. I’m thinking Gaia is gonna be a big deal- causing more angst for Indr. Having to sacrifice herself maybe, so others can have rebirth? Why is she named after like an earth goddess?

        Sadly I think you and Holly are right about ALIE. Will she pop up? Is she in *gulp* Raven? Noooooo…

        Monty & Clarke fighting over the list would be great. Yeah Monty is so GOOD that it’s like more impactful (?) when he dissents… like woah the nice guy who takes a lot of crap is like fuck this people, listen up. And then they all do lol . And Niylah I’m really curious if she’ll have a role. There are so many great characters and not enough show to service them all. We need a spinoff…

        Ooh the list! I will be going over forthwith to check that out. And the big question for me is are they going to take that step and kill a lot of cast this season? They almost have to to sell the high stakes? I mean they’re saying ALL the plats are melting down, not like just a small localized disaster. What do you think? Are we going to lose some big players??

        • Well, in fairness, Jaha has a LOT of time to make up for, so I am clearly being too lenient. He may be part of another cult for all we know! I mean, if there IS one out there, it’s safe to say Jaha’s probably trying to become their new leader.

          And see, I agree about Roan- I mean, sure I have never actually seen Black Sails, BUT, I get that vision of him, which is maybe unfair of me- but like he is this tough ass dude. But maybe… maybe he isn’t? Lexa DID defeat him. At the time, I was sure he half wanted her to (and maybe he did) but… then Echo beat him (and yeah, he was shot but STILL) so easily, and maybe we just flat out expect too much of him? Maybe this is a lesson! Like, don’t judge the large, muscle-y Grounder by his cover? ?

          Seriously, Ilian is the equivalent of a plot gnat- annoying, but not terribly worth our attention. Can I coin “plot gnat”? I think that needs to be a thing. I assume he WILL be a bigger deal, but they aren’t exactly doing much to warm us up to him as an audience.

          OMG your theory about Indra! DAMN, that could very well be a thing. It’s a good point about her name too- most of the Grounder names came from places they found- Lexa was from Alexandria, Lincoln of course from the memorial at his village, Emori and Otan’s names came from the Memorial Botanic Gardens near D.C, etc. So what is Gaia? (I copied and pasted that last bit, I didn’t know that off the top of my head like a complete crazy person bwahah.) Though interestingly, through some quick looking up, Indra is “warrior god of sky and rain”. So hm, now your theory makes even more sense! Can’t be a coincidence certainly.

          I REALLY hope she is not IN Raven. That would be SO messed up. OMG what if they had to decide if they needed to…eliminate Raven? NO. No no no.

          Niylah is definitely going to have a role! She is scheduled to be in the season, anyway. Bwhaha can you even imagine the spinoff? That’d be amazing. Like a bunch of Grounders doing…. Grounder shit. Maybe we’d get some answers to our questions.

          That is SUCH a good question. I have wondered that too- I think we will definitely lose SOME biggies. I am afraid of who, honestly. I am so afraid they’ll do something unthinkable and kill Bellamy. And NO. I could not handle it. I don’t *think* they’d kill Clarke since she is the main character. But I think pretty much every other person is at risk. My concern is that they’re bringing in others like Ilian and Gaia to… replace characters, and I REALLY hope that isn’t the case. I think they can kill off a few big characters while keeping the integrity of the show, but… not much more than that, because honestly, if they kill off everyone we care about, why would we care about the SHOW? Like- think about how hard the big deaths have been- and how damn MAD people got. And those were what, less than a handful of main cast? Lincoln and Finn only, really, since Lexa was always temporary. And Wells, technically, but after 3 episodes… yeah. And people lost their shit. So how can they kill off EVERYONE and have people still watch? They wouldn’t…end it that way, would they? Heartless bastards, they’d be.

          • “Plot gnat”! LOVE that. Fits Ilian to a tee at this point. Jaha I hope stays on a redemptive arc- I mean they’ve played him as ruthless, played him as the victim of ALIE, and they like him as an actor- so what is logically the next step for him? If he’s not gonna be the Chancellor and not gonna be a troublemaker, where do the writers take him? Hmm inquiring minds want to know… 🙂

            Maybe it’s good they didn’t just transplant Charles Vane over – I mean I wouldn’t want him to get typecast- and Vane is such a badass he would steamroll people so maybe they just need him to be more vulnerable here. That might actually be smart even though I kinda WANT that guy lol. Well I don’t WANT him- bad choice of words ha ha- but he was fun. 🙂

            I, um, didn’t know that’s where their names came from. Do I suck as a 100 fan? Does, like everyone know that??? *looks around furtively* yikes. But I do think Gaia has to mean something. It’s like Earth personified or something- I think she might have to sacrifice herself?

            You have a great point, they have to be careful who they kill off. I think monty and Jasper are safe because they work best as buds? Harper I’m really starting to worry about, 🙂 Same with Abby. The problem with thr adults is the torch has sorta been passed for leadership, so how many of the adults do they really need? Eep.

            • AGREE about Jaha. He is definitely going to have a role, because he is Isaiah freaking Washington. (The fact that he followed me on Twitter is still probably the most exciting moment of ever and still makes me giddy.) Maybe he is now just… super wise man who will be a sounding board and provide some fabulous GIF fodder? Nah, not on this show. I hope he doesn’t ACTUALLY end up sacrificing himself this time.

              BWHAH, word choice aside, I think I like the idea of a non-badass Roan. Like- it is kind of good that they didn’t just “go there” and make Roan the “baddie from Azgeda”. They could have, easily since Azgeda is a bunch of assholes. Him being more vulnerable works, I think- well, maybe not for HIM, since he has been almost killed, and would be dead if Lexa hadn’t hated his mom even more, and if O wasn’t his bodyguard… but for the show. He IS the first male leader we’ve seen on the Ground, really. There was that one dude that Lexa sent when Anya was killing Clarke, but he died rather quickly. Tristan I think? And he was vile. So I am glad they didn’t go that route again.

              And nah, I think I am just… maybe an unhealthy amount of obsessed? ?? Well, I assumed Lincoln’s did just because there is the Lincoln monument in his backyard. I stumbled upon the Lexa thing later, and then got curious and looked it up haha.

              Is it bad that i hope Gaia does have to sacrifice herself because I am bored of her otherwise? That is terrible. I would feel so bad for Indra though. BUT it might actually mean that O could live! Just don’t kill Indra, Jason, or we’re going to have problems.

              I think you are VERY right about the deaths- Abby is… not safe. My theory is, Clarke has lost someone VERY important to her every season- Wells, Finn, Lexa….??? Who’s next? Plus they have Jackson, Nyko, Clarke, all healers… and Kabby already sailed so… yeah. I worry for her too. And Harper, just because… what are they going to do with her? But will they only kill off females? Not likely. I think Bryan will be dying really soon though, so that could balance it out. ? But I think you have a really good point about Monty and Jasper- no one would like them as much apart. So that could really make them both safe. Especially because Jasper is a better story alive than dead. And Monty is too useful I think. Unless… that is where Harper’s story comes in? And then Jasper falls apart more? ? So many possibilities, I am scared!

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