The 100 Episode 5×04: Pandora’s Box

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

HOW is this show so amazing? Have we ever had four freaking epic episodes like this in a row before? (Well- I did think the last 4 of Season 4 were pretty amazing too, so perhaps, but still.) Let’s get to it! 

 Wonkru Church of Death and Awfulness

What… what the hell has happened down there!? We knew that Kane was going to be fighting in the arena, but the details were unknown. I was super proud of myself that I guessed it’d be because of Abby’s addiction, but also sad that it was because of Abby’s addiction. Kane basically uses the same advice he and Bellamy gave to Octavia before the Conclave to win his first battle: Basically you just have to kill the last warrior. But look, killing (likely innocent) Grounders is exhausting. Physically sure, but also mentally and Kane is So. Done.

Honestly though, wouldn’t you be done too if you lived in this?

The crowd, and therefore cult leader Blodreina Octavia aren’t pleased that Kane has the feels over murdering his fellow Wonkru members. No really, they’re straight up pissed that he has a conscience.  So he’s not safe, he has to fight again. Only he’s completely out of fucks to give and also sort of out of reasons to live it seems. Sure he loves Abby, but is that justification to keep killing? Honestly the whole thing is so thought provoking in a “what would you do?” sort of way.

Can we now talk about how Indra is still in Kane’s corner? Even when her beloved protege has no compassion for the man who was once her mentor, Indra still has love for her friend. I think this is important for two reasons: One, it reminds us how awesome Indra is. Two, it shows us really how much of her humanity Octavia has really lost down there. So Indra takes him to Abby, who is relieved to see he’s still alive.

Indra explains the details to Abby, who immediately confesses. Indra, who wasn’t born yesterday, knew this and told Kane that locking her up was smart, ha. Anyway, Kabby has a “real talk” about his decision, and it’s as heartbreaking as you’d expect. I think the fact that Abby could really no longer fight to convince Kane to live speaks volumes about how bad her problem really is. She is coherent enough to understand what she is losing, but not strong enough to fight for it, and you can see it in her face. Paige positively kills this scene- actually, they all did. And sadly, we have to assume that Abby’s addiction plays some role in Kane resigning himself to death too. Part of him is probably exhausted from trying to spend six years fighting this losing battle with her, and the other part probably hopes that his death will be the thing that makes her stop the pills, even though we know it doesn’t work that way.

So back in the arena he goes, just in time for more creepy ass death chants and such. But when the time comes, he just stares at Octavia. Willing her, it seems, to take a hard look at what she’s doing. But she doesn’t see him, at least, not in the way he hopes. She sees him as simply an enemy of Wonkru, and she goes to tell him that. Even his opponent tries to convince him to fight, worried that they’ll both die if Kane doesn’t even try. What a commentary.

So, she’s just about to kill Kane, actually stab the dude who was basically a father figure to her, in cold blood, when a cross between Indiana Jones and a Rescue Ranger comes gliding down from the ground.

Let’s Make a Deal!

Good ol’ Bellamy “Using His Head” Blake has secured a bit of a deal with Colonel Murder. He’ll let the prisoners go and split Eden down the middle, and all Diyoza has to do is A) Not kill Clarke; and B) Dig out the bunker. Easy peasy, right? Honestly, yes, yes it is because these are miners with technology like whoa. So they agree, and Bellamy is pleased as punch. Obviously Charmaine is totally kidding about the deal, but our sweet summer child doesn’t know that yet. So off he goes to see Clarke.

And yay, who hadn’t been waiting a year for this happy moment!? Clarke is not even sure it’s real, she is in such shock, and it’s kind of the sweetest thing ever.

So fills her in on the plan, then radios Raven to fill her in on the plan. And you know, casually let them know that Clarke didn’t burn to death.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Finally, the band is back together! Okay fine, not everyone is physically in the same location, but at least they all know their buds are alive, right? Okay, first we need to rewind just a bit though, to the Bunker Reunion. This was… well, it was less happy than some of the other reunions so far. Because you remember that the bunker is actual hell where humanity and morality go to die? Yeah. So as Bellamy zips down to see his sister, he gets two things: A rare Octavia moment of normalcy, and the fucking shock of his life.

Clarke, on the other hand, didn’t have time for the warm fuzzies as she looks around this hellhole. She wants to see her mom of course, but she’s certainly taking notice of the horror around her. Bellamy, stepping back from his hug, starts to take it all in too. And as Diyoza and McCreary shimmy down… well they’re all kind of wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into.

When McCreary thinks you’ve gone too far… you’ve gone too damn far. 

Most of these reunions are pretty bittersweet. Bellamy gives Miller a hug, but also a look of “what even is happening?” and it’s sad. Clarke and Abby’s reunion was filled with anxiety and tension, as no one was sure what to do about Kane, and Abby could barely even concentrate on Clarke. And when Prisonkru asks how many people to plan for?

Um. How?! How did almost 400 people die in there!? I know, the extra year certainly required some people to jump ship, and some certainly would have died in that time anyway, but… wow. Can you imagine how many fights there’d have to have been to get to that number? My head was spinning. And so was Bellamy’s. But Octavia? She seemed wholly unfazed by the whole thing.

Topside, things get chaotic fast. Indra helps sneak Kane out, but says she can’t protect him after that. Abby and Clarke get him into hiding, while Prisonkru decides it’s time to abandon their rouse of peace. They won’t be sharing Eden with anyone, demand the doctor, explain that there will be no deal, and then show everyone how big their weapons are 🙄

In the madness that ensues, Abby jumps out into the open and serves herself up to Prisonkru. She’ll be their doctor, come willingly even, as long as Kane can come too. This is such an ultimate survivor’s move. Murphy would be proud. Look, she knows that Prisonkru will take Kane on, what the hell is it to them if they get a doctor out of it? They also will probably have medicine and give zero fucks if Abby drugs herself silly, as long as she helps them.

Then some dumbass kills a Wonkru member (he was hoping to get O because she gave him a dirty look and he is a petty, insecure man) and now… war’s on, friends. War. Is. On. Incidentally, Diyoza wanted to kill every last person in Polis, because of course she did. The “malfunction” was the only thing that stopped her, though nothing stopped McCreary from executing the guy who started the war. The guy he was literally referring to as “brother” mere minutes before. He and Octavia should share stories…

Back at Space Murven Headquarters….

Have I mentioned how happy I am that these two are in space together? Only 100 times? Here’s another one then: I. Love. It. After some happiness that Clarke is alive, they start to discuss what is happening with the CryoKillers. Namely, Raven’s panic that they will be able to escape somehow. There’s also some interesting info about Eligius III, mostly that there is no info about Eligius III, which I am sure we’ll find out more on later.  They have a bit of a tiff, which makes Murphy stomp off to his room Kodiak’s cryo chamber, nearly scaring the hell out of Raven.

But then. They talk, like for real talk. And it is the sweetest. Murphy starts to explain to Raven that he doesn’t want her to have to kill the prisoners if it comes down to it. He’s there to do it for her. And my heart. My. Heart.

I’m with Murphy, it’s definitely easier to kill 283 people than to admit you have feelings for someone. 

He almost said something, he did, and if you don’t believe me, too bad. He wanted to say something, but he’s so damn protective of his heart, so he told her another version of the truth. And then they played Apocalypse Soccer and it is my new favorite sport.

But on the ground, Diyoza had different plans. She makes NotZeke (his name is supposed to be “Miles Ezekiel Shaw” but I have been calling him Zeke for like 8 months now and it’s too hard to stop, okay?) open the doors so that Raven and Murphy will die, but the CryoKillers will be safe. Smart. Only… it’s Raven, guys. She’s smarter than that. And since NotZeke has a bit of an infatuation with our girl, I don’t feel like he’s been trying too hard to kill her.

But Raven and Murphy are alive, yay! But bad news, now all the CryoKillers are waking up and wondering who the hell these two randos standing on their ship are. I would be scared silly.

They look fun. 

Random Thoughts:

  • Where the hell is Niylah? She wasn’t by her lover Octavia’s side and I am high key scared. Maybe she is the Cult Schoolmarm and she’s off teaching Ethan how to properly gut his neighbor… 🤔
  • Anthem Singer is alive, y’all! Guess having a good set of vocals earns a gal a bunker spot? Need someone to sing the cult hymn, right?
  • Even Diyoza ships Bellarke. Seriously, girl’s observant. She’d not say it if it wasn’t true. Fight me.
  • SO glad that the lobby of Indra’s Polis Marriott survived Praimfaya. She worked so hard on the decor.
  • NotZeke seems to be the only member of Prisonkru who sees the pitfalls of killing 90% of the population. Does Charmaine not realize that there are maybe two women of childbearing age in Prisonkru? And one of them is her? Anyway, I think Shaw (I am going to try but ugh) jammed the missiles purposely because he’s not dumb.

 Episode 5×05: Shifting Sands

Well this doesn’t look terrifying at all. I cannot wait to know all the things. And I cannot wait to see what the heck is in dudes’ stomachs. And I cannot wait to see Octavia make terrible decisions out of bloodlust. And I cannot wait to see Kabby interacting with Prisonkru. And I cannot wait to see Murven interacting with CryoPrisonkru. 

Did you love all the reunions? Is Octavia scaring the crap out of you, too? Can you ever stop calling NotZeke “Zeke”? 

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14 responses to “The 100 Episode 5×04: Pandora’s Box

  1. Yeah of all the things I was expecting in the bunker it wasn’t quite THIS level on O’s part. I mean her about to kill Kane just before Bell showed up- that’s almost too far for me. But it WAS powerful. And Abby being addicted to the pills musta been a tough six years in there with killer O and a pill addiction…

    Colonel Murder. Man, does THAT fit. But yes the reunion of Bellarke was everything it should have been except for the KISS. That should have happened. Screw Echo, it’s been six YEARS and they’re clearly in love. I mean what more do they need?? Still it was awesome.

    Murven playing soccer might be one of the best things on the show ever. Those two??? 🙂 And Niylah as cult schoolmarm would be perfect. But I am a little worried about Niylah, because if her and O were close and O clearly went all batshit… did Niylah balk and get killed? Please no…

    Okay that promo. I hadn’t seen that but yeah what’s in their stomach? See Eligius III found some alien shit…

    • Exactly! Her being ruthless to randos? Sure, I can see it. Her turning on her own closest friends? Yikes. I agree that it is too far. The look in her eyes too, when he was trying so desperately to get her to listen to reason… she was like, vacant. There was absolutely no room for even considering that her way might not be the best. Oy. And seriously I don’t even blame Kane at that point, protecting Abby through all that must have been exhausting, no matter how much he loves her. And with no end in sight… yeah, it’s no wonder he gave up.

      Hahahah SERIOUSLY, there is no way that this is not romantic. NONE. If it was, why do they keep showing us how tightly they cling to each other, or lingering gazes, etc? A season 6 means there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell of Bellarke this season though, ugh. Kills me though!

      RIGHT!? it’s up there with the Rover Ride in Wanheda 1! I am SO worried about Niylah! Because they wouldn’t kill her offscreen, but for them to not show her AT all… and then you have The Dark Year which we still have yet to see, so… it could be ugly. ALSO, can someone please call Fear’s showrunners and explain that THIS is how you do multiple timelines??

      YEP I think whatever is in their stomachs is probably the thing that they need Abby to cure? I hope it is freaky, but with a believable explanation because I don’t want to roll my eyes haha. I seriously am not prepared for a week off after next week, didn’t it JUST start!?

      • Okay I was wrong about the alien stuff, I guess the stomach thing is on the ground so… yeah I blew that one! I guess the cryo warriors are just that- psycho army dudes, although there are probably still some other secrets to them. They’re clearly enhanced. And yeah the hiatus- already? Grr…

        You’re right about O’s eyes, she’s like… not all there. To threaten Bellamy like that? And even Indra seems troubled. I did NOT expect Gaia to be such a bad influence, but she seems to have really fostered this cult mentality that O has developed. and how ironic that they take refuge in a cult bunker and become… a cult. I’m gonna call em gladiatorkru because I think Wonkru is stupid. And I’m pissed that Miller apparently drank the Koolaid and is all w/ the cult. He always seems to accede to the authoritarian too fast.

        Oh my gosh right? Fear could learn SO much from this show. They should just pause their season, watch this one, take notes, and then re-do their show RIGHT. And Niylah… fuck. Worried…

        • I’m kinda bummed that it wasn’t some kind of space-bacteria or something! I mean, what eve is it, radioactive worms? Someone better have a non-bullshitty explanation for them ASAP. I think that the CryoMurderers are mostly just going to be expendable baddies, you know? The only ones with decent backstories will be Diyoza, Shaw, McCreary, and maybe Vinson.

          Yeah, I think O is past the point of no return. Bellamy has spent his whole life trying to save hers, and she’s just like “you’ll be an enemy of Wonkru”. If I were Bellamy, I’d have been like “okay bitch, have fun in the desert, I’ll be back at the Polis Marriott”. Gaia really has been a terrible influence! I think it kind of goes to show how much of a fanatic Gaia is about everything- think of how she was willing to die for the flame, and now here she is ready to die for the sword. And wow, good CALL on them becoming a cult IN a cult, that is so nuts to think about but SO true! Indra at least still has her head on her shoulders- and it seems like Jackson does too. Hopefully Niylah does, maybe that is why we aren’t seeing her, maybe O’s pissed that she isn’t all about Deathkru. OH ha I just saw gladiatorkru bwhahha love it- and Wonkru IS kind of stupid? Especially now that no one is being united, they;re just being assholes. AGREED about Miller, what is his malfunction? He HAS always been way too willing to fall behind whoever- except Pike I guess? It’s scary because his last relationship ended over a terrible leader, hope this one doesn’t too!

          UGH seriously, Fear should just ask for a do-over. Like “look, we screwed up, can we take it back?” and we’d all say SURE because no one wants to watch this bullshit anyway. Have you watched either of the newer ones?

          AH and I think Niylah’s okay- someone tweeted at Jason and he said she’s alive and will be in Exit Wounds. So that’s good, if you can trust him 😀

  2. I want to know how her addiction started…I never caught that in previous episodes. So disappointing.

    Do you get the feeling O might know, though? Or have some idea? Anyway, history is repeating itself in weird ways. Stealing medicine for someone else happened between Murphy and his father, and I know Kane didn’t steal it, but he’s claiming to. Also: Who fathers the Blakes? It was supposed to be Kane, but has since confirmed it’s not, but he shares odd connections with those two and has been a lot like a father figure to them. It’s weird, and I really want answers already. 👌

    When Octavia answered with the number of people, I first thought of her badassery, and then I was like, “Oh. Wow. O.” They do keep mentioning a Dark Year in the bunker, which makes me think something unspeakable happened. But remember the food shortages? They were on about half a meal a day, which isn’t enough for most people to survive on. Cannibalism theories are all about…I don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand, I feel it’s too dark for The CW; on the other, I remember The 100 kinda goes there and the Mikaelsons.

    You know…it just hit me, reading this, but…Emori and Raven are…a bit alike??

    Shaw definitely has a thing for Raven. Jason said NO LOVE TRIANGLES BUT HEY. Also, I get the feel Shaw might die at some point before this is all over. But Bellamy was to Raven like Murphy is to Raven, and Shaw is…who? I think she’ll admire him from, like, a respect point, but beyond that I don’t quite see much happening, honestly. I actually want them to maintain a platonic relationship.

    THANK YOU. YES. TO ME, it seems like Diyoza is not thinking clearly. She doesn’t seem the type to be interested bearing children for a) the whole prison fleet and b) the world, so why does she keep wanting to kill literally everyone? Especially the women? And everyone??

    • Also, re: Nylah. What if something happened to her during the Dark Year?

      I call him Shaw, just ’cause that’s him in the show and it’s easier for me in terms of memory. I’m bad at names and faces, so whatever they’re called in canon is easier for me personally to keep up with.

      And UGH I WANT MORE MADI?! I know she can’t be in a whole lot probably, because of filming minors and those protections, and so maybe they are gonna have a mega Madi episode (or more) later and filmed her scenes for those during the weeks they filmed these other episodes, but everyone’s all into Bellarke while I’m just like, “Okay, but now I want more of Clarke and Madi.” 😅

      Lastly, two specific things:

      1. Prisonkru mentioned “going home” at least twice. I don’t feel like they meant Eden for this. I feel like they were initially going to take Eden, because they didn’t have a doctor but have sick prisoners in cryo and were just gonna have to make do until they found a solution. But Abby’s a doctor, and that changed things. So…now…where is home? Did Eligius III perhaps find an inhabitable planet?
      2. I don’t know how I feel about the aliens theories surrounding it, but I definitely think Prisonkru has been infected with some kind of worm…or that it developed in the bunker. The promo says something about it coming “from below”, so it makes me curious. If it was from a prisoner, then it is because one died and it was let out? But ah, I don’t remember seeing that! It makes me curious for sure, though.

    • Ooooh in Red Queen, when she and Kane are tied to the radiator, she practically begs Jackson for her pills. And then Kane was upset because she was still taking them even though the pain should have been long gone. I DID think that Octavia knew, actually. No real way to prove it, but I am sure in such close quarters it doesn’t exactly take a doctor to figure out that Abby is not doing well. But that almost makes O worse because she wanted Kane to do what exactly? Let her kill Abby?

      As for the fathers of the Blakes, they’re supposed to have two different fathers. In the books, Bellamy’s dad is Jaha, go figure hah but since we’re obviously not following THAT hot mess, it’s never been discussed on the show! I know a lot of people wanted Kane to be one of their fathers, but someone probably would have mentioned it by now. I think Kane definitely feels a very huge sense of responsibility for them, since he was a part of floating their mother? That’s how I see it anyway.

      SAME with the 814 answer! Like the way she said it was so badass but then when you realize what it means, SO chilling. The Dark Year… ohhh I cannot wait to see THAT little flashback. I assume it’ll be discussed in episode 12, which is called The Dark Year? But who knows! You make a good point about the food shortages. They’d have had to cut down a lot, and reduce population for sure. Especially since they didn’t KNOW that they’d be out after 6 years. I ummm kind of like the cannibalism theory? I know, I know, it’s messed up but… if anyone can do it well, it’d be The 100!

      You’re right- they both have disabilities, they both apparently are super smart STEM ladies, and they both apparently love Murphy? Hahhahaha. Love-hate, obviously 😀

      Well Jason LIED. Because even if they aren’t love triangles in practice, they are still love triangles. People may not be vocal about them, but they happen. I mean look at the Abby-Kane-Jaha one! SO subtle, but still there! I feel like Shaw (trying SO hard he will always be Zeke to me ha) WILL die because he’s the only solidly good dude? He’s like a Maya upgrade. I hope Raven and Shaw stay platonic too! I just don’t like the idea of her with someone new- I think she needs someone who really “gets” her, you know? That is why she and Wick didn’t work out, don’t throw Zeke into the mix!

      HAHHA exactly! Even though the actress was ironically pregnant during filming! But yes, like what is her endgame? Is she just going to save Prisonkru so humanity can just die off? Because that’s where it’s heading! I feel like we’ll find out a LOT more about her in the coming episodes!!

      That is my fear with Niylah. We know she was VERY involved pre-Jaha’s death, but then inexplicably not there in the extraction. And they kind of made a point to show at least a glimpse of everyone else- Kara, Jackson, Miller, Gaia, etc. So… It’s scary.

      Well see- he was known as Zeke when everyone first started talking about him- his character was announced wayyy back in August. So it’s so hard to change it in my head now!

      Ooooh good call on the child labor stuff and Madi, I hadn’t even thought of that but I bet you’re right! Is it awful that I am kiiiind of okay with her being sporadic? ::hides::

      DUDE. Good call on the “going home”, I didn’t even think of that! You are SO right, where IS home!? Like Shaw has to know he can’t just drive his motorcycle back to Michigan, so they don’t mean their home of origin… OOOOH I cannot wait to find out more about this, GOOD CATCH!!!

      Hmmmm yes, I am kind of confused by this worm thing! Because that would have killed a lot of people in the bunker, right? WHAT IF- what if it came from the planet or whatever they were mining? And that is the “below”? We definitely need ALL the answers!

  3. I’m so impressed with this season so far. It’s definitely one of the strongest yet. Also, I’m totally on board for a Raven and Murphy romance <3

    • I agree, I loooove this season so much! I am seriously nervous for 6 though- did you see how many writers are leaving!??! And we need the Murphy/Raven thing. Desperately. Someone feed us *something* if we cannot have Bellarke yet!

  4. IT MADE ME SO HAPPY THAT INDRA IS STILL KANE’S FRIEND AND BACKING HIM. Her letting him see Abby was like a big fuck you to Octavia too, if she would’ve found out about it. And god those scenes with Kabby were heartbreaking and intense, and ugh. Because it’s like you said, Kane dying to get her to stop wouldn’t work, and ABBY needs to be the one who realizes that, and I think she finally did a little bit.

    And oh, our sweet summer child, always wanting to see the best in people. He’s gonna get quite the shock when he sees just how far Octavia has fallen. Though I’m still not convinced O saying it’s Bell’s fault is a product of that. It doesn’t make sense to me when she ignores everything else that happened and zeroes in on him as the reason for it. Like, did she wanna stay down there forever? Was it his fault that they went back on their bargain and one of her people died? MORE of her people would’ve died if they’d been left in the ground. Octavia’s pissing me off, and I just know I’m tired of this same-old storyline with the two of them. But, I trust the writers to do things justice, and I’ll just see how it all plays out as the season keeps going.

    But the SHOCK of everyone when they climb down the hole and see what happened was so *real* and equal parts happy and heartbreaking. I can’t wait to find out more about the Dark Year and WHERE THE FUCK IS NIYLAH. And it’s so stupid to me that all Octavia did was give him a fucking smirk and he shot at her. Also really want to know whether the person who saved her was someone I should’ve cared about or not (probably not, but you never know).

    MURPHAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEN. I am fucking terrified of those prisoners, I’m not gonna lie. They all look so mean and big and demons from hell. And SHANNON. I’m pretty sure you told me Zeke’s name, and now I find out it’s actually Miles? Ugh. Anyway, Miles definitely has an infatuation with the girl he doesn’t even know. I loved that she Raven’d him and is almost his equal match in intelligence. I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS GOESSSS.

    I probably won’t watch the preview because I want to go in knowing nothing ahead of time, but omg. So much to look forward to. How is the season this good already? SERIOUSLY. H O W.

    • Gah, yesss to alllll those things! I really wonder what would have happened if O had caught Indra… 🤔 Like would she have just killed her too? I feel like no one is safe in Blodreina’s world. I hope that Abby can come back from this- it’s not good. Because if/when she cures Prisonkru, she’s expendable, especially as a barely functional drug addict.

      I think that the reason O blames Bellamy is that he isn’t Wonkru. And she’s also so damn determined that everything has to be someone’s “fault”- I mean, look at how she rules her people. Someone has to be punished for literally everything, so here she is blaming someone again. I know we may never agree about this, but I really do see this as realistic. I mean- put yourself in that headspace of locked in that bunker for 6+ years. She probably had written off Bellamy at some point, just as a coping mechanism. And maybe, some part of her resents that he left her down there and didn’t have to deal with what she did. Not a rational part, but since when are human beings rational?

      I am seriously scared for Niylah. Another Niylah-less week, and they made points of showing Jackson, referencing Gaia, so we know they are alive. It’s too unlike this show to “forget” to put her in. So they either want us to THINK she’s dead for a future storyline… or she is. Also where is Ethan? I can’t wait for The Dark Year either, I bet it is AWFUL. Especially considering all the awful we’ve seen so far and we can’t even SPEAK of this new awful?! Damn. And no, that person was just listed as “person from Wonkru” so he’s not a concern!

      I am scared of the prisoners too! Holy shit Vinson, he is a MESS! Look, Jason told us Zeke’s name in freaking AUGUST so it is not my fault that it’s been in my brain for like 9 months! How am I supposed to change on a whim, huh? But while I really like ZekeMiles, I want MURVEN okay? None of this nonsense, Murphy and Raven are clearly meant to be. Grrr.

      Wowww you can actually avoid the previews?! I cannot. I can skip the sneak peeks, but not the previews. Those 30 seconds keep me going for the week 😀 And RIGHT? Sooooo good!

  5. I am TOTALLY onboard with Murven—Raven needs a little love, and they’re awesome together. Oh, and more Apocalypse Soccer would definitely be a plus. 🙂

    Octavia is way scarier than I expected—I think even Indra thinks she’s gone off the deep end a bit. Can’t wait to see where it all takes us!

  6. Beth W

    I live for the small moments in this show (and the lovely, lovely acting). The look Miller has when he and Bellamy hug speaks volumes- not defensive, but aware of how jarring the arena is and the gap now between them.

    Given O’s reaction to Kane mentioning the Dark Year, I’m guessing there was a plague of some sort that knocked the population down. Lack of sunlight for a prolonged time, insufficient nutrition….plenty of things can cripple an immune system. Although the fact that Kane freaked out to the point of literal overkill in the arena after he saw blood on his hands hints (to me, anyway) of a past trauma that I expect was associated with the Dark Year.

    Also, a question to add to your list:
    Where on the Eligius IV is the bad-prison-tattoo parlor?
    (ok, also, when did they have time to jaunt up to the main ship to grab Raven and Murphy and why didn’t they then shuttle most of the rest of the now-awake Billy Badass disposables down to Eden to protect it and be treated by their new doc?)

    • YES I agree with you so much- the attention to detail is marvelous! Ooooh just wait until you get to the Dark Year! I expected to be immune to its effects after a whole season of making jokes about it but NOPE.

      Okay I am cracking up about the tattoo parlor 😂😂😂
      They WILL take the Billy Badasses down, don’t worry! I think they were afraid to leave anyone alone for too long? That was my theory, anyway!

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