The time has come, after seven (or six, depending on how salty you are after September) seasons of The 100, to take a look back at all the highlights of the series! I am going to highlight all kinds of things, from characters to music to deaths and more, so stay tuned!

Today’s topic is… Best Musical MomentsHonestly, this was hard to narrow down. The 100 did an excellent job with their use of music- both the score (Tree Adams over here nailing it every episode, tbh) and the choices of outside music. There were emotional moments, stressful moments, and yes, even lighthearted moments. These are my favorites!

Sidenote: I actually did a post similar to this many years ago, but there is so much new music and fabulousness to share! 

Didn’t think Christmas songs could be perfect for eerie post-apocalyptic underground garages? Wrong. You’re just wrong. Fun fact: this was placeholder music initially, but the vibe was so on point, they kept it. Other interesting situation is, no one seems to know what version of the song this is. ?‍♀️

Come to think of it, I wonder if they even celebrated holidays… ?

Look, this scene gave me goosebumps then, and it still does now. You just know everything is going to change after they leave the ruins of Tondc. War is coming, and Clarke will certainly never be the same.

Chills, I tell you.

This is another one that just fit so well with the scene unfurling. It’s a bit upbeat when O drops her knives and picks up Ilian, but then things get… weird when we arrive at The Quasi-Execution of Fake Baylis™. Then Emori starts dropping bombs and it’s just an all around great scene.

Also I just like the song tbh ?‍♀️

If we hadn’t been so pissed that it was actually Josephine, this probably would have been more fun. But because we now know the outcome, it still can be!

I mean she sure was fun to have around for a hot second. 

Hey y’all, it’s the Bellarke ending we deserve! Complete with Jordan being weird, and Clarke mourning her mom which we deserved less so. I think a lot of people view the show as being over here, but you know why I can’t, but I still think we could play the song in my ending.

Wait for me in fields of gold. 

Look, sometimes it’s okay to just have fun. I get that Clarke wasn’t down for Jasper’s shenanigans, but gotta cope with the end of the world somehow, right? Jasper feeling alive again was good enough for me, tbh.

Also, I use GIFs from Jasper’s speech constantly. Not sorry.

Gah, I love this. I also love when Sheids is singing it to himself in the Bardo prison, but that’s a story for another time. I loved this insight into the Grounder culture, and how they were not the savages that Skaikru thought they were, instead they were a whole society with customs of their own. And then Grounder Anthem Singer makes it through Praimfaya and becomes Wonkru Anthem Singer, so that’s fun.

The whole scene is fire, tbh.

Ah, Murphy at his best, singing 80s music on an unknown moon with an  iPod he stole from one of its residents. I loved this, as it was clearly the moment before the shit was going to hit the fan, like some kind of epic culmination. And was it ever! Between reading Josie’s book, Emori stabbing Murphy, and the Gagarin being stolen, it was a hell of a solo!

Spinoff where Murphy entertains everyone on Earth? Yes or yes?

As much as the last one was perfect Murphy, this one is perfect Diyoza. Who else could best that many trained soldiers and guards, only to rip their literal throat out and use their eye as an escape? She is my hero, frankly.

They thought they could keep Diyoza prisoner, so cute. 

Oh hi, President of the Dev Fan Club™ here! This scene had me sobbing my face off for a character we literally only see for less than 5 minutes. It is also where I fell completely in love with Hope Diyoza, because come on, how could we not? The fact that this song and montage created that much character development is impressive and lovely.

Crying just typing about it, tbh. 

Did I cry while making this clip? Sure did, and I do every time I see it. The song is so haunting, especially when you consider what’s happening. Extra especially when you see Jaha pick Ethan up after they’ve taken out his father, extra extra as we watch Miller left behind when his father is removed. Gah. It’s gutting, yet somehow lovely, as this show did best.

Even the thumbnail has me in tears ?‍♀️

Ah, those lighthearted moments we live for on The 100! It was nice seeing the gang have a few minutes of fun, even if they were going to get their throats slit at the end of the day (honestly Jasper, get it together). One of the most fun scenes of the series, tbh.

And Helios is in it! 

And then! Then, we get a fun and beautiful rendition from Shawn Mendes’s Macallan! Right before the aforementioned throat-slitee beats the crap out of him for using… Idk a piano that Maya once maybe listened to someone play?

Like Jasper unless you also play, leave the talent alone! 

I really didn’t think that any song could ever beat this one. And maybe one-on-one, it didn’t, as this one will always hold my heart. The aftermath of what our heroes have done lingers, even as they return home. It’s such a bittersweet moment, and the best part is, they all understand how bittersweet it is. Not only does it finish the season brilliantly, but it sets a tone for moving forward.

::Chef’s Kiss::

I know, this will be polarizing, I am sure! But look. The music for the finale was perfect, even if we have some complaints about other stuff.

The first selection features We’re Going Home by Vance Joy, and I have feelings just thinking about it. Memori is in their joint mindspace, completely prepared to die. Emori fights Murphy, at first, but then she understands. So they dance together, for what they think is one last time, while Miller and Jackson dance in real life while Memori’s bodies lie nearby. It was brutal, thinking this was the end for them both, and even lovelier knowing it wasn’t.

My heart, that is it. 

I really loved The One I Love by Scala & Kolacny Brothers in these scenes. It was such a haunting tone to set for what could have, seemed to be, the end of mankind. Watching our beloved characters race to save the entirety of humanity was haunting, and it fit like a glove.

Eerie and lovely and perfect.

This scene. Look, one thing could have, would have made it better. We know this. In our heads, it happened the way we like. Regardless, the song was perfect, hopeful and bittersweet at once, just like The 100 in general. And if you want to see a video that has all the things we loved about the finale, plus the thing we’re missing, here you are! 

May we meet again.

Because I am awesome, I have made lists for you to play! One of them is the actual songs that appeared in the show, and the other one is full of songs that I feel have a The 100 Vibe™ basically.


What are some of your favorite musical moments of the series? Agree with mine? Let’s chat about them!

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6 responses to “Superlatives of The 100: Best Musical Moments

  1. Fun post. You’re right, the 100 always killed it with the music.

    Josephine was fun to have around, no question. And I’ve always loved the Violent Femmes inclusion- that whole scene.

    Knocking on Heaven’s Door was such an inspired pick- really worked. Ah those early seasons… 🙂

    I do love seeing them all working together at the end… always nice. Especially once Bellamy is added back in lol.

    • Bwahahh exactly, it doesn’t work without Bellamy! ? But I just loved how much those songs in the finale amped up the emotion, you know? After I finish Shadow and Bone, I will probably go back for another rewatch- all this early season talk is making me need a fix ?

  2. Ohhhh spot on with these! I really loved Can’t Pretend by Tom Odell- not because of the scene but because it speaks to the vulnerability and need for community/love that defined almost every single character on this 100-episode-long show. I am also now listening to both your Spotify lists. 😀
    (didn’t you say Me & the Devil was a song on The 100, back when it played during The Wilds and I freaked out to you about how much I love it and how spot-on it was?)

    • Ah no, it was from Dark! But it IS on my The 100 vibes playlist heh. Ohhh I loved that one too! There are a few (that being one for SURE) that I wanted to add (Into the Black from Anaconda being another, Remains by Algiers in Terms and Conditions… I mean I could do many posts heh. I also am so excited that you are listening to my lists!! ?

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