The 100 Episode 6×13: The Blood of Sanctum

I seriously cannot believe that Season 6 is over, and that we have a mere 16 episodes between us and the end of my favorite thing of ever. I think this finale was a bit different than most, as it left us with a lot of questions. But it still at least has most of our loves on the same moon, and frankly, I can live with that.

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Griffins Versus Lightbournes

Okay but the entire season kind of came down to this, didn’t it? Funny that, as Russell almost prophesied it when he insisted on dealing with Clarke and only Clarke. Then absconded with her entire family to turn into his family, as only Russell would. I mean, dude even tries to steal Madi. It’s rude, frankly.

We open where we left off- doors open, Indra’s Army (because if anyone should be the damn leader, it’s her) ready to shoot, only to be greeted by everyone they know and also Russell. Can you even imagine being greeted by that delightful sight? Abby and Clarke holding guns to their own people’s heads? With this rando in the middle? Indra’s legit considering opening fire, when Gaia gives her the “but Mom” look that makes Indra realize that Gaia knows more about what’s going on, and she trusts her. Good call, ladies.

Once aboard, Russell has a plan. He’s gonna wipe all the people in cryo, bring the awake people along to be their slaves, and jet off to Planet Beta! Because what’s a little mind-wiping between friends? Miranda Mason is even excited that she doesn’t have to know them before she takes over their bodies which… wow, talk about a new level of sociopathy, well done Miranda! But no one else’s opinon matters to Russ as much as “Josie’s”, of course.

He must be so… proud? 

While the Primes are making genocidal plans, Raven et al are trying to free Madi from Sheidheda. Luckily, Gaia grabbed Becca’s notebook amidst all the fighting, and Raven thinks she has a pretty good plan.

It was right across the street from the ice cream parlor. 

But Clarke just can’t let the Primes kill all the people left in cryo, no matter who it can help her save. Simone wants the mind-wiping potion, and Clarke knows she’s going to have to give up the rouse of Josie. In the moment she resists, Russell knows he’s lost Josephine. It’s actually really sad, even though he’s the worst. Clarke even feels bad, because she’s not evil incarnate, but she takes off with the drug.

Apparently, the mind drives can be tracked (so pleased that I called that one!) so Simone and the other Primes follow Clarke to the airlock, where she’s belted herself in. There’s a tense moment where the Primes hold their weapons to Clarke, but she threatens to float the fluid. Simone tries to pretend to be Abby to gain Clarke’s trust, which is beyond evil. You can see the hope in Clarke’s eyes for oh, about half a second. And then she tests “Abby” by asking for Jake’s name, to which Simone gives her the blankest look ever. Girl, you just should have guessed! Gone with “John” or “Mike”, take a chance! Alas, Clarke knew what she had to do.

Bye Primes. You shan’t be missed, though your portrayers will be ??

By this point, Russell has taken Madi prisoner because again, he is vile. I even get his anger at Clarke, but killing a twelve year old? Really? Anyway, it’s not even really Madi at this point, as Slim Sheidy has basically taken over consciousness. Of which he has no problem announcing, and telling Russell that they can rule the world together. Honestly, I don’t know what the hell Sheidheda would have offered, just seemed like a bluff to me, but it worked. Then in comes Clarke. She’s not about to lose her mom and her kid in the same day, so she tries desperate measures to bring Madi back to the surface. She puts a gun to her head. Look- I know this wasn’t about actual suicidal ideation, but I still don’t think it was the most responsible choice. Regardless, it was effective.

Russell is whisked away while they sprint Madi back up to med bay to get rid of the asshole commander once and for all. Only, he’s worked it out so that in order to delete Sheidheda, they have to destroy the whole Flame. One look at the sick kid makes the decision really clear, so… bye Hedas Past. It’s a bittersweet moment, honestly. While I was kind of over the Flame, it’s truly the end of the Grounder civilization. It was one of the last (and certainly the most important to them) wholly Grounder customs they clung to, and now… well, you know. But at least Madi is back and Sheidheda is just… infiltrating the whole damn ship? Well, that sounds like a problem for another season day.

Anarchy and Adjusters

After our heroes get into their new Tiny House storage container, they fairly quickly get evicted. By… Mt Weather gas? I have no idea but it seemed the same so let’s pretend. They’re dragged, while unconscious, into the tavern where some shenanigans are brewing. Basically, everyone inside is being forced to choose: their blood, or the Blood of Sanctum. And by “their blood”, they mean this rude woman will slit your throat if you don’t drink this nasty blood/toxin mixture and pray to the Primes. Or something. Xavier’s sister Layla is killed for refusing. Miller, after a nod from Bellamy, acquiesces and drinks the Kool-Aid. But just then, to their relieved eyes appear Daniel and Kaylee Prime. Murphy and Emori order Earthkru to be released to the palace, so they can personally decide what to do with them. And as they leave, “Daniel” gets a surprise blast from the past.

This is Zev. He is Murphy’s lover, apparently. 

Getting back to the palace is… an adventure. Honestly it’s just one giant mass of chaos from start to finish in the great Sanctum outdoors. Any rationality has long since fell by the wayside. Once back, they find Gabriel and Jordan. Jordan… has drunk all the Kool-Aid and is basically catatonic. Gabriel wants to save the friend they had to leave behind, and at first everyone resists, until Octavia doesn’t. And in this decision, her decision to do better, she gets everything she’s wanted.

I needed this so badly, and so did O. And it’s not why she chose to do better, but I am glad she was given this reward regardless. Murphy is still on the fence, but come on, this is Season 6 Murphy, so you know he’s gonna cave and help his friends! So they formulate a plan, and head on back to the Tavern, leaving Emori to basically hold down the invalid fort.

I don’t fully understand how this plan is supposed to work. Something about “Daniel Prime” taking Gabriel to be adjusted, only they have taken the anti-toxin so they’ll be fine. And I have no idea what O, Echo, and Bell were supposed to be doing, but I also imagine they didn’t think that adjuster lady was going to set the whole tavern (including, I think, her own damn son) aflame, so. Luckily, the Blakes and Echo (see what I did there?) aren’t afraid of a little firefight. They take out all the torches, and when Lady Flame becomes a human torch, O just tackles her, throwing her jacket-on-fire off.

Nicely done, team! Only… O has a new tattoo and whoopsie, looks like a souvenir from the Anomaly! Gabriel is interested, and let’s be clear, he’s interested in both the tattoo and Octavia’s bare skin, but I guess that’ll have to wait.

Sorry, you’ll have to canoodle next season.

“I Tried to Do Better”

Now for the aftermath. I feel like this is pretty standard at this point: the moment of downtime when our heroes actually have to face what they’ve had to do and who they’ve lost along the way. Bellamy first runs into Jordan, and I’ll get into him later, but wow dude’s a mess. He’s mad at Bellamy for basically destroying Sanctum, but look Jordan. Earthkru didn’t destroy Sanctum. Sanctum destroyed Sanctum, and at the very most, Earthkru just hastened their demise. The reign of the Primes would not continue forever uncontested. Eventually maybe Gabriel’s kids would have gotten their shit together, or some other group would have taken over, but using citizens’ bodies? That was never going to end well. Anyway, enough with Jordan, who’s really taking a page out of his namesake’s book. Look who’s back!

And while everyone else hugs and cries and unpacks the events of the past week and a half (yes, that’s all it was, good thing those guys had a nap before this), really only two people matter to the narrative at this moment.

I mean they’re not even pretending platonism anymore, are they?  

They have a chat about what it means to do better. If they have done better. It’s a lot for these two leaders, who always seem to bear the brunt, especially Clarke. And now, she’s lost her mother. But even though she’s still bearing it, it says a lot that she’s letting Bellamy bear it too. She’s not running, she’s letting him help her to stay.

The Anomaly Giveth; The Anomaly Taketh Away

Sadly, the reunion is short lived because Octavia knows she needs to go back to the Anomaly with Gabriel. Bellamy and Echo go along for the ride, and Gabriel unveils the thing he has been so giddy about since seeing O’s tattoo: The Anomaly Stone.

Apparently, it’s thousands of years old, and is quite the mystery. But luckily, O has the key to unlock it, handily placed on her back. And it unleashes… a mega-Anomaly?

My thoughts exactly, girl. 

And just as I expected and hoped and prayed for the love of my life Charmaine Diyoza to bloop out and stagger into the tent… I get someone else. I am not going to pretend that this is not disappointing. I don’t want McCreary’s love spawn, I wan’t Diyoza. Anyway, turns out I’m only getting Love Spawn, and she’s going to stab O so already we’re off to a preeeeetty rocky start.

That’s not a great way to integrate yourself into the group, bud. 

She tells O that “he” still has Diyoza, and O says to “tell him that it’s done”, like those two phrases aren’t going to taunt us for the next nine months. Then, as Bellamy tries to tend to O, she… bloops out. Actually, she more disintegrates? Which is strange and new. And Bellamy is… well, he is exactly as you’d expect him to be.

I know my dude, it’s gonna be a long nine months! 

And I am sure that there is more to whatever just happened with Hope than “Hope stabs Octavia”. Even Octavia seemed moderately cool with it. But that isn’t what we’re going to see from everyone who loves Octavia and is pretty pissed that she turned into Anomaly Dust, so I think Hope is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Random Thoughts:

  • I’m going to go ahead and assume they’ve been conditioning Jordan with the blood in a sort of dosing situation, yeah? He is a mess. I am kind of bummed by where his story went this season if I’m being honest. Maybe if we’d seen him trying to resist? Also someone might have wanted to check the back of his head because we see Jordan holding one (1) mind drive. There should be two, Priya’s and Ryker’s. Frankly, I’ll stab someone Sheidy-style if Jordan Jasper Green, only son of Monty and Harper, becomes some crappy Prime guy. (Sidenote: upon further rewatching, he has a very high collar so we can’t tell and this is not okay.)
  • Who’s the “he” who has O and Diyoza in the Anomaly? Obviously this is a Season 7 question, but we can speculate! I’ve heard theories about it being Sheidheda but. I don’t see how that would work, considering radio signals can’t reach Sanctum from space?
  • Genuinely curious, are Becho still a thing? I mean, talk about platonic besties ?‍♀️
  • So it’s safe to say that “Love is Weakness” originated with Slim Sheidy, yeah? It’s these little details that mean the most tbh.
  • Gabriel and Murphy is my new favorite BFF team. Do you see this majestic duo? Fighting off Sanctumites, joking around, being awesome? They’re the friendship I never knew I needed. 
  • Everyone needs to spend a hot second taking out their mind drives. Like guys Russell can see you, get rid of them! 
  • Madi saying “Prime” in Trig as “Pram”, a la Bekka Pramheda gives me complete confidence in my theory that the “Pram” part of her name is connected to the Primes. It is not just some grammatical coincidence, nope, refuse to believe it.
  • Can we get a slow clap for Octavia’s newfound self awareness?  I mean, not only is she making amends out the wazoo, she’s like, teaching life lessons based on her own struggles and wow, this is an Octavia I can get behind! Pike would be so proud.

Song of the Week:

This isn’t even a choice. The show has killed it on every single piece of music this season, and I daresay they saved the best for last. Gaits’ “Other Side” is kind of everything, yeah? Also, you get to see the full Bellarke reunion, so you’re welcome! 

Season 7

You know how hiatuses usually crawl by? Yeah this one will fly because we don’t want it to. I am going to cherish the hell out of every announcement of every little thing. And there will probably be a lot of tears. (“Probably”, have I even met myself!? ?)

  • There had better be room in Season 7 for an Octavia-Indra Reunion Special.  I swear to Heda, if these two don’t get to have the epic hug and subsequent conversation they deserve, I am seriously suing. Like suing harder than when they didn’t bloop Diyoza out of the Anomaly.
  • Who’s the Big Bad this season? The epically homicidal duo of Sheidheda and Russell? Jordan and the Primes (which sounds like a band name tbh)? Whoever’s in The Anomaly making Hope stab her friends? Hope herself? Honestly at this point it could be anyone.  
  • Does the Anomaly take us to one of the other planets? Because if not, why did Russell mention them so specifically?
  • We’re going to get that damn Cadogan connection, right? Right?!?! Look, I didn’t wait three seasons to get zero payoff. Gimme some Cadogan. Throw Becca back in while you’re at it. I needs.
  • Bet Madi knows lots of Sheidheda secrets that can help out! I mean, they played chess for weeks, she has to have some intel, yeah?  
  • Hope seems to have a code on her face, too. So maybe that is how we can get back into the Anomaly and get our girls out?

What are your thoughts? Theories for Season 7? Hopes/fears/etc? Let us discuss! 

Also- anyone going to Unity Days or any of the other events? Oh, and I’ll be back with a Season 6 recap- eventually 😉 

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17 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×13: The Blood of Sanctum

  1. The Lightbournes really were trash. And I like how Russell’s biggest weakness, in some ways, was his devotion to/ reliance on Josie. And thank GOD Indra showed up. Didn’t get nearly enough Indra this season. Especially with next season being the final one, I want Indra in every episode.

    Lotsa people get floated on this show.

    Russell trusting Sheidheda and sparing Madi was pretty lame, I thought. I mean, like you said, what does Sheidheda really have to offer? IDK. Interesting too about the Flame. I’m kinda over it too, but it is a long running Grounder thing that’s sorta being closed off.

    I did like that Octavia moment too, when she talked about why she burned the farm. That was nicely done.

    • YEP you’re right- he had basically turned Josie into some kind of bad-decision-making scapegoat! Same with Simone- he made the women do the REALLY bad stuff, so he could sit around on his high horse feeling absolved. Wow that guy sucks! I feel like he’s going to become an Emerson-like character. I mean it’s the same damn story- “Clarke killed my whole people”. Yeah okay but you really don’t see YOUR role in this!? Clarke only killed your people to stop you from killing MORE of your people and also her people! FFS. Simone was kind of right about Wanheda at the end of the day, but. Oh well, shouldn’t have been body snatching maniacs. ?‍♀️

      You’re right, I truly never thought we’d see such a return to floating!

      You know though, Russell stupidly trusted a LOT of people during the season. I think he was so used to his own people thinking he was a god that he forgot that outside people wouldn’t be so easy to fool. I guess Sheidy had control of the Wonkru army, but. That was kind of a long shot, and like I said, I am pretty sure Sheidheda was just bluffing. Though NOW I think they’ll get into some real bullshit on EIV, since they have nothing better to do than be horrible. Maybe Russell will BECOME Sheidheda, now that’d be amusing!

      Yeah I LOVED O taking responsibility. Because for me, THAT was when she went off the rails. Not at the cannibalism (gotta do what you have to to survive) or even the fighting pits, but when she burned the damn farm. (Well and putting Bellamy and Indra and Gaia in the pit hah.) So for her to have that clarity means a LOT.

  2. Russell’s decision making has been compromised for a while. No way 6.03 Russell would have aligned with Sheidheda so easily. I think Simone would have though. Anyway, I don’t think that “alliance” is quite dead. Sheidheda could be in the transport ship’s systems and ready to take control of Russell’s mind drive at any time. Clarke’s too. She’s been through the wringer with losing her mom and nearly losing Madi. She might be vulnerable to the pull of Sheidheda.

    Octavia has grown so much this season. I’m actually proud of her! Clarke may be questioning whether doing better was worth it but it 100% was for Octavia. She did repair things with Bellamy but also, I think she feels a lot better about herself. Seeing her motivations for burning the farm in some of the believers is a huge step forward too. I hope she isn’t dead. She had just gotten to a good place and she could help the Sanctum common folk cope with the unraveling of their beliefs. It would also be a shame if she didn’t get to show Indra how much she had changed.

    I was thinking “he” could be alternate versions of Cadogan or Russell. I agree that they need to bring back that Cadogan/Becca connection.

    I didn’t notice Jordan’s high collar! My mind would be blown if it turned out he was already Ryker X! However, I’m not sure he is because it seemed like the Primes were the only ones who knew how to do the procedure. Also, unless Russell left the remaining serum behind and the Adjusters knew what to do with it, Jordan doesn’t have the blood. I do wonder if he’s actually holding Priya’s mind drive or if he’s holding Ryker’s. I doubt the Adjusters knew everything and took out Priya’s mind drive but I could be wrong. Still, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Priya and Ryker. Adjusted Jordan sounds like Jasper post-Mount Weather too. I really hope he can be saved!

    • NOPE agreed, Russell would have NEVER. I think losing Josie was the final straw tbh. Does he even know or care that Simone is gone too? Dude has snapped, no question. I wonder if Simone would have taken Sheidy’s side actually! I mean- she absolutely would have in the “they are both terrible, terrible beings” way, but I dont think she would have done it so unquestioningly. Oh I DEFINITELY think the “alliance” with Russell and Sheidheda is stronger than EVER. Russ has literally not a damn thing left to lose, and is probably willing to do whatever Sheidheda wants. He’s straight up Season 7’s Carl Emerson. Maybe he’ll even start to intro as “Mt Weather Security Detail”, who can tell ? But you are so right about the Clarke thing- hell, maybe he’ll be able to hack Memori too. I am pretty excited that I called that the mind drives will come into play but UGH I don’t want to spend the last season watching our faves be… well, NOT our faves!

      I am SO proud of O too! I agree completely, her arc was PHENOMENAL. And the cool thing is, it wasn’t like she blooped out of the Anomaly with a newfound sense of self- she probably had time (lots, even, if we go by Hope’s age!) to really figure out who she was, and become as wise as she has. I love it SO MUCH. I don’t think she’s dead. I don’t think they’d kill her basically offscreen, even in a flashback. And I NEED that Indra reunion!

      OOOH I like the Cadogan/Russell alternate time thing! I really feel like they’ve been holding it under their hats and if they don’t use the Becca/Cadogan connection, wow that was squandered. And frankly, The 100 doesn’t really squander too often, so here’s hoping!

      I paid extra close attention on my rewatch because the whole Jordan thing was NOT sitting right with me. Maybe they just wanted us to question it? Though you ARE right about the procedure. Interestingly, JORDAN knows the procedure… so he may be able to (or already has?) brought one of them back? Is he smart enough to pull it off? Perhaps. I absolutely agree that regardless of which theory (or some new one!) ends up being the correct one, we have 100% not seen the last of the Desai family. OR the Prime Worshipers in general. And EXACTLY, Jordan really is channeling Jasper wayyyy too much here. Even down to the “I can’t function without my lover that I’ve known for exactly 4 hours” ughhh.

      I am so excited and so sad for Season 7, GAH.

  3. Beth W

    It was interesting to have some loose thread threats wrapped up (Russell is defanged, essentially, and Sanctum is now..uhm…blood-spattered peasant land). But you’re right that there are many more threads now left flapping in the breeze.
    Where did Octavia go?
    Who is the “he” that has Diyoza?
    Is Hope now dead, too?
    What was it O said right before “tell him it’s done”?
    Did they really do better? Because….a lot of people are dead, guys. A lot.

    I’m guessing Jordan is going to be ground zero for the new prime movement (bringing back Priya won’t bring back Delilah, though, kitten), given the influence of creepy cult guy.
    I’m guessing Shadheida uploaded himself into a mind drive, given they (whoops!) have GPS and wifi built in now, apparently. And since it could rage from ship to planet, it seems likely he uploaded himself to the drive Jordan was holding…hrmmm…

    And three cheers for Murphy and the Kissing Priest! Those scenes were beautiful, and yet again Murphy and Emori shine as two favorites.

    The moment where Russell realizes he’s lost Josie (and didn’t get to say goodbye) is a bit heartbreaking, and so well acted. And something tells me the final visual Clarke will have of shoving her own mother (well, looks like her mom anyway) into space is going to make it on the long list of her traumas. Seriously, somebody in cryo better be a psychologist and they need to be woken up stat.

    Re: Gabriel and O…I’m a little squicked. Gabriel is several hundred years old. You could argue that O is incredibly mature for her age, given what she’s been through, but there’s still a significant difference there. And it feels like part of his fascination with her is his fascination with the anomaly, and her ties to it. It makes me nervous about O’s happiness. :/

    My theory: The mega-anomaly triggered O’s memory of her time in there. She seemed surprised to see Hope, but like she knew that Hope was going to stab her, and that she fully accepted it as some sort of price. So there’s a male something in the anomaly (or that you access through the portal of the anomaly) and he’s the big bad in charge, and time over there runs differently than time in Sanctum.

    Jordan is seen bleeding from cuts on his arm in the tavern, and that blood is red, not black, so I don’t think he (yet) has a mind drive installed. But I think the high collar, drugged-out sallow skin, and disconnect from his friends were all due to the psychological conditioning, and toxin, he’s been fed for weeks at this point under Priya’s “care”.

    So, uhm, how long do I have to wait for season 7?
    *checks watch*
    *checks watch again*

    • Ah, but Russell has his new ally, Sheidheda! And a shiny mind drive for Slim Sheidy to latch onto. It’s gonna be BANANAS.

      O and Diyoza are… who knows, exactly! HE has to be someone cool, right? Cadogan? Sheidheda? Idk! Hope is very much alive, and will stay in the current time/place, at least when S7 opens! O says to Hope “Be Brave” before “Tell him it’s done”. I don’t think O expected to vanish- I think she expected HOPE to vanish back into the Anomaly, perhaps to get Diyoza? And I think O *thought* she’d die. But I’d bet actual money that she did not.

      And I am CACKLING at “a lot of people are dead, guys” ??? Because RIGHT!? I think the point of this damn show is genuinely and truly that there are no GOOD guys, and very few actual BAD guys. It’s all gray, and it’s all largely based on how we perceive shit. Did Earthkru do better? Idk, but I’d skip asking Sanctum for a reference. That isn’t to say that they *didn’t* do better, but… like I said, depends on who’s deciding. From the perspective of my own personal moral compass? They did the right think because hijacking people’s bodies is fucking rude. But someone else could easily argue “well, but they were all cool with it”, so. This show is one big philosophic debate wrapped up in a mindfuck if you ask me ?‍♀️

      YEP Jason basically confirmed that to be Jordan’s role. Which honestly sucks, if you ask me. I am over the Primes and so should Jordan be. Like Hope looks like a nice, messed up semi-orphan too, go, befriend her! OOOOH I like your Sheidheda/Jordan connection theory! Like, a LOT. I figured Sheidy’d uploaded himself to the ship’s mainframe like ALIE did, and would transfer himself to Russell, with Russ’s compliance, but I like your idea MUCH better and hope it’s true!

      Murphy was PHENOMENAL as always. He and Emori really were beyond incredible- and I am SO glad that Emori has a role beyond “girlfriend”.

      YEP I legit felt bad for Russell even though he’s the worst! Gosh JR Bourne, way to make me actually care about the sociopath family! And YEP- Jason said that S7 will be Clarke “trying so hard to not lose anyone else she loves” so that sounds… ominous hah. You are so right- this whole group could keep a therapist occupied for the NEXT 236 years.

      Well to be fair, we aren;t sure how old O is anymore either. She could be significantly older than her 23 years- assuming that she’s probably around 43, mentally? Because let’s be real- she didn’t transform like that from the Anomaly- she transformed from YEARS of reflection, and I feel like Hope is kind of proof of that? Or that is my theory. To be fair, lots of people thought that Linctavia was messed up because she was like 16 and he was… Idk my age bwhahah. (As is Marie haha- He was supposed to be in his early 20s though, which made people angry.) Honestly, I’d agree with you, but… I feel like Gabriel is purposely trying to NOT see her in that way but kind of can’t help it? Tbh it’s probably because I love Chuku and I love Gabriel and screw it, hook ’em up! ?

      Yeah there are two theories, mainly- like yours, that the Anomaly triggered it and O remembered all the things that were supposed to happen… and the other, that she knew all along when it spat her out, but knew things had to happen in a certain way first. I kind of lean toward the latter? Like- that her being there was necessary to stop the Primes or something? But I am sure we’ll find out!

      You’re probably right about Jordan tbh, just because I can’t see them killing Monty and Harper’s kid? And I HOPE you are right because wow would that piss me off. I also wonder if he, having knowledge of the procedure, had to make someone ELSE a Prime? I am still very hung up on the one-mind-drive thing, The 100 does not make that kind of mistake.

      I seriously don’t know how to wait for S7 but then I also want the hiatus to last forever? because dude. How will I survive without it?

      • Beth W

        Yes yes- exactly! The morality is always grey. That’s why I foresee Jordan being An Issue in S7. The boy grew up in space with only his parents for company (the most sheltered existence possible). He’s perceiving good and evil in absolutes, not shades of grey. For him, it must seem simple that Earthkru got involved and then a lot of people died (as opposed to the dozen or so per year by the Primes), therefore Earthkru didn’t do better and are the bad guys. He’s never had to make the hard call of standing by and watching others be oppressed and manipulated while you pretend your moral compass is intact, or step in and end the oppression even at the loss of lives. There’s definitely an arrogance to thinking “the right thing to do” is upend an entire culture (which they’ve done twice now- Grounders, and Sanctum) BUT the fact that we know the nightbloods were becoming scarce means we can see Sanctum would’ve gotten bloodier within a few years even if Earthkru wasn’t there. So as you said, no true good guys and no true bad guys, just people trying to do what they think is right.

        Thanks for the clarification on O’s words! You’re absolutely right, of course- if she tells Hope to pass on a message to “him”, she clearly thinks Hope is going back into the anomaly. Hope can’t pass on the message if she stays in our time/world/dimension, so….?? I agree that I don’t think O is dead, but I don’t think she’s in a happy place, either. And I’m really nervous for Diyoza, if she’s so compromised somewhere that she can’t escape.

        If they’re going to play with time or dimensions, I could see Shedheida being the “he”, but otherwise I can’t logic that. As you say, the anomaly stone blocks all radio waves, and although time runs different in the anomaly it’s clearly (if Hope is any indication) about 10 years in anomaly time to 1 week in Sanctum time. So someone who went into the anomaly 3+ weeks ago (Sanctum time) could be the warlord ruling that area/dimension/time, and that would explain why he’s got such a strong hold. But it doesn’t run backward (unless Diyoza’s “vision” of young Hope was actually Hope from the future…in which case time runs both backward and forward through the anomaly, depending on whatever chaos magic is going on there, and literally anything is possible). But given how clever they are with details, I wouldn’t be surprised if the S7 baddie is someone we’ve seen previously.

        And you make a good point about O and her time in the anomaly! Her growth was definitely from years of self-reflection, as her healed arm might have been, too. She may or may not be lying about not remembering her time in there, given that she carried the maturity out of that experience back into Sanctum. Hrmmm….

        It does crack me up that Emori is (very subtly) the moral compass of this show. Considering her survival drive and the things she’s done…I just love the supporting concept throughout this show that people are always in flux, and will surprise you.

        And yes, there is likely a super secret stealthy Prime hovering around there somewhere. Maybe Ryker, since they don’t seem to have done anything useful at the end. 😉

        ALSO I just realized the last of the adults from the Ark is now dead, so the kids are well and truly on their own. Not that they haven’t earned their spot, having been through SO MUCH, but it saddens me that the generation is at an end (I think the only adults left now are Grounders in cryo?).

        I didn’t realize S7 was going to be the final season! NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *weeps*

        • Jordan will 100% be a problem in S7. And I think you’re very right about his naivete being a big reason for it. I think, in addition to all of that, he is looking for a place where he feels like he belongs, and the Prime Worshipers are, for better or worse (worse, it’s obviously worse), giving him that place. And since he only knows the unconditional acceptance of his parents, he doesn’t see how they’re obviously using him. And of course, even though Monty and Harper undoubtedly explained all of their morally gray choices, it doesn’t even hold a candle to being IN that moment. In the same vein, while he logically knows how much his parents loved and trusted Earthkru, he doesn’t necessarily FEEL that same connection. So it would certainly be easier to dismiss them as “bad guys”, especially while being basically drugged into thinking they are.

          Agree about O/Hope/Diyoza. Hope is NOT expecting to stay there obviously, and Bellamy and Gabriel are going to be PISSED. And like you said, O and Diyoza are definitely not off at some kind of spa retreat- things are definitely ugly wherever/whenever they are!

          So, Jason has said that whatever is happening in the Anomaly is, at least in theory, grounded in actual science. So it won’t be magic or anything, I guess there is a lot of talk about wormholes and junk, I have no idea hah. But he has said that time doesn’t behave the way it is supposed to. I agree that the S7 baddie is NOT going to be some rando, and I am very excited to find out who it may be! The interesting thing about the O/Anomaly situation is, she came back with a healed hand and longer hair but… she didn’t look as though she’d aged. So time HAD clearly passed but… how? When she came back looking both significantly different, but still her *age*? GAH so many questions to overthink between now and then ?

          Seriously, I love Emori! Like she was willing to kill that rando in S4 to stay alive, yes, but she also literally cried when they left Clarke behind and also refused to kill people for the sake of immortality so she’s a real hoot! I think that’s the best part about both her and Murphy- they used to be willing to do ANYTHING to live. Now they have lines they won’t cross, but only because they have found their place in the universe, you know? I kind of love it.

          Yeah there is absolutely a Prime left, if it isn’t Jordan. No way does a mind drive just vanish off-camera. There is a reason they showed ONE drive in Jordan’s hand, and Idk for sure what it is, but it means something no doubt.

          YEP Abby was the final elder. My theory is that only Abby was supposed to die this season. Not Kane. But when Ian wanted out, they’d already had this trajectory planned for Abby’s death and becoming Simone and Clarke having to function… and I think this was supposed to be part of Kane’s story too. How he could do it without her, because she had really made him open his eyes and helped him become the man he was, even when they were adversaries. And I think Kane’s story would have been him trying to figure out who he was- would he spend his time wisely? Would he get caught up in revenge? Etc. But then MacGyver happened and here we are ?‍♀️ You’re right though, I think the only adults left ARE Grounders. Indra and a bunch of sleeping Grounders hah. Well, unless you count Jackson I guess? He WAS Abby’s co-worker, though obviously significantly younger.

          Yeah, they announced it a week before the finale. I guess the CW wasn’t really sure, but Jason WAS sure, he wanted to end it. So. Here we are. I mean- I get it on a logical level. Better to go out on top, while the cast is all still (mostly) into it, etc. Not draaaaag it out like TWD hah. But I am still completely heartbroken too, of course. I am trying to decide whether I need to go to a con in 2020 while I still can, but I am scared to go alone hah. I did book a hotel room in Vancouver though so… ?

          • Beth W

            Wait, there’s a 100 convention? In Vancouver, Canada?! That’s only 3 hours from me! 😀
            When is this wonderfulness happening?

              • Beth W

                How awesome is this?! Look at the guest list they have. Wow. I might have to day-trip this. I’m not huge on autographs or photo ops, so I’m curious about the panels. I love that they’re doing so much with the guests, even if it’s not my cuppa. Are you flying into Vancouver, then? Or Seattle?

                • I am not huge on that stuff either in general but like, Idkkk it’s The 100! I keep going back and forth with it gah! I’d fly into Vancouver, I was actually really shocked at how reasonable it is! But it’s a LOT of money when everything is added up so. Idk, I am tortured haha. The panels do sound amazing! They’ve had writer panels, stunt coordinator panels, set design panels, it’d be incredible!

  4. I think Jordan was brainwashed with their strange bloodletting ceremonies, so we should cut him some slack. Also, totally agree with you about that moment with O talking about burning the farm. I never thought I could like her again, but this show has a way of pulling me back into these characters that I thought I was done with. I’m very intrigued by the setup for season 7. Can’t wait!!!

    • Bwhahah you’re cutting Jordan some slack while I am over here already deciding he’s become Ryker X ? Aren’t I supposed to be the one who thinks the best of ALL the characters here!? I am so excited for S7 but also really dreading it because ummm what am I going to do? I think I need a support group or something!

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