The 100 Episode 6×12: Adjustment Protocol

Are we really here? At the penultimate episode, prepping for the finale? This was one hell of a ride, friends. Penultimate episodes are tough, because you don’t get closure, and you know going in you aren’t going to. But this one? Kind of nailed everything. It’s so full of every possible emotion, and beyond action-packed. So, let’s dive in!

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

“I Will Kill You”

This is going to be hard, because in hindsight it’s all really Abby’s swan song. But I will say this: the moment Abby told Russell that she’d kill him, I knew there was trouble. The look in Russell’s face… it was clear he was up to some shenanigans. (Which, great acting and directing there folks!) I had hoped that this would lead to a showdown between Abby and Russell, and it did- just not in the way I wanted it to.

The episode opens on “Josie” getting her shiny new Mind Drive. Just kidding, it’s used, because it’s from the “friends” that the Lightbournes already killed. Madi is a bigger mess than ever. Sheidheda has basically taken over her consciousness, and he threatens to kill her. Tbh, I have no idea what that would accomplish, Slim Sheidy. I mean- then you’re out of Hedas to manipulate, so… what’s the endgame there? Just to show you can? We know, you’re extra stabby, calm down. Russell calls in the doctors to calm Madi down. Gosh, kids possessed by psychotic demons are such an inconvenience, right? But Abby is far more concerned about who is getting chipped while Jackson sedates Madi.

Oh, this was gutting. Abby is faced with the body of her daughter, and what she thinks is some manipulative bitch’s mind. It’s unimaginable, especially after she just lost Marcus. Raven and Jackson are there to lend support, which is kind of everything. Abby is completely done with Russell and his bullshit, and she lets him know it.

Russ wants more nightblood because he’s a selfish piece of garbage, but Abby is worried it will kill Madi. Russell, as always, gives zero fucks about human life, so he’s down. Abby’s not, so she turns herself into a nightblood so they can use her marrow instead. Sorry lady, that isn’t all Ol’ Russ is gonna use ?

Abby has a chat with Jackson, telling him how wrong she was for calling him a War Criminal, and how proud she is, essentially. It’s a lovely moment and one that I hope helps Jackson through this.

And after that bit of fabulousness? Guess who’s back, bitches?

Thank Heda, she came back!

Abby, Raven, and Jackson cannot believe it. I am so, so glad that Abby knew her daughter was alive before she died. She needed it, frankly. It’s a beautiful moment, and it’s the strength these three needed to keep going. Clarke tries to quickly fill them in before she has to lower the radiation shield. I daresay even Raven was glad to see Clarke, and my heart is so happy. Later, Raven and Abby finally have their make-up talk, and it’s everything I hoped for. Both women pouring their hearts out, Abby promising to do better, and Raven graciously accepting Abby’s heartfelt apology.

I suppose in hindsight, I should have seen how foreboding this was.

Naming Day

While Earthkru has all the emotions in the lab, preparations are being made all around Sanctum for the biggest naming day ceremony ever. Right, that’ll end well. Since most of the Primes are on ice, there are a lot of hosts to procure. Russell does a great job of grabbing every random asshole who ever showed him loyalty and rewarding them with… death. As you do. Remember back when we didn’t think Russell was the worst? What an innocent time!

Echo, Miller, and Gaia are being hidden by Jae and Blythe Ann (have I told you lately that I love them?) when in saunters Clarke in search of Prililah. She has one (1) Ryker consciousness, and she’s betting that Priya will take the shield down to save her son. I swear that Echo knows that it’s Clarke when she launches out from behind the bar to attack. When Clarke knocks out Priya, she knows for certain.

Look, Priya’s still going to help, concussion or otherwise. It was a good move. And now they have to lower the shield, pronto. Only, turns out that pronto isn’t soon enough for Gabriel.

The Impatience of Gabriel

While shenanigans are happening back in Sanctum, the cavalry is waiting in the woods outside of the radiation shield and out of sight. Gabriel’s patience is wearing thin as it is, and when he hears guards speaking of “namings” plural, he loses it for real.

Could have fooled me, my dude. 

As the only nightblood, only he can get into Sanctum without the shields lowered. The cavalry is forced to wait for Clarke to get the shield, while crossing their fingers that Gabriel can control himself until then. Spoiler: He does not.

He runs into Sanctum, metaphorical guns blazing because Gabriel basically refuses to kill anyone, even Russell, even to save mankind, so that’s fun. He tosses some toxin in the pond, and allows himself to be captured. He and Russell have a bit of a showdown, as you do when you haven’t seen your pal-turned-enemy in seven decades, give or take.

He actually can’t, Gabriel. Or if he can, he does not care. 

The shield is finally taken down while Gabriel is catching up on the good ol’ days, much to everyone’s relief. Even though the toxin was too soon, the cavalry is going to be able to get into Sanctum before Naming Day starts. The Blakes share a look that says more than any words could, ready to save their friends together.

They devise a plan to share the whole truth about Sanctum to the people. Starring Bellamy and Priya, which is an admittedly fun duo. Clarke has to go Jo it up, so… go team?

“Your mother murdered her mother.”

This… was not the way I had expected/hoped that the neural mesh would come into play. After talking with La’Chia, I had so many theories about how they could manipulate Russell via the neural mesh. You know, let Echo become Simone after all, but then save her, so no one else died? Idk, but there were just so many possibilities. Including this one, of course.

After Raven and Abby’s perfect reunion, Russell comes along, ready to present the Primes. Only, he didn’t need the sixth vial of marrow. Because he needs Abby’s “help” with something. Russell, you don’t call stealing someone’s body “help”, okay? Abby realizes what is happening, and Jackson and Raven try to fight (Jackson even hits some people!) but it’s no use, there are too many guards.

It’s too much. My mind can’t formulate more words because it’s too busy sobbing. We literally see Abby’s whole life flash, and I am heartbroken. Sure, no death on this show is ever easy to take, but this was so selfish that it cuts a little deeper.

Russell now gets to introduce all the new bodies he stole Primes. He’s turned Jade into Jasmine, Sierra into Miranda, some other dude into some other Mason, and then lies to everyone that Murphy and Emori are Daniel and Kaylee Lee. This… was the lighthearted moment we needed.

“Nonbelievers Must Be Purified”

The fun does not last, I’m afraid. Russell goes out to make a speech about why he isn’t a monster, I assume, when he is interrupted by some interlopers. Bellamy spills all the tea, and Priya pours some out too. Just to save Ryker. Make no mistake, she isn’t doing this because she thinks she’s wrong, she just doesn’t want Bellamy to step on Ryker. The crowd… is as pissed as you’d expect.

But Russell being Russell, doesn’t seem to care what they think. They’re no damn good because after all, he’s a god .? And they have disappointed him, blah blah, so let’s kill more of them because wow Russell, people in glass houses, my dude.

Shit hits the fan, and the toxin flies everywhere, people start attacking. Priya is killed almost immediately. All of Earthkru takes a big swig of anti-toxin, but so many people want to kill them that they have to hide in some kind of storage container. Don’t knock it guys, people on Tiny House Hunters would be all over that.

While the remaining Earthkru and Gabe’s Kids hunker down, inside Russell tells Jo that it’s time to get ready to go. Where? Space, of course. But the voice who is telling her? Yeah.

Cuts like a fucking knife, guys.

How Clarke even almost holds it together here is beyond me. Gabriel gives her an easy out, which is kind of awesome of him, as she’s able to direct her anger toward him and his “betrayal” and not her dead mother. Simone threatens to kill Madi so that Raven will fly the Gagarin, so that’s… fitting. Earthkru is taken prisoner, and the Primes head out. Only two Primes aren’t coming.

That realization though! 

I think that this is going to be a really hard loss for Murphy. Abby was probably the only person on any planet who saw Murphy as more than a criminal, as more than a jerk. This is absolutely gutting. Murphy and Emori staying to save their friends? It’s perfect, and it’s absolutely what I expected from them. Look at how much my babies have grown!

So… we’re back on Eligius IV! And let’s just say that this is not the scene that Indra, Niylah, and the others expected to greet them. What. A. Mess.

Random Thoughts:

  • Russell literally stole the entire Griffin family and tried to make it his own. That’s it, that’s the whole statement.
  • The Mind Drives hanging out in Clarke, Murphy, and Emori won’t become a problem at all. Hahahha I am totally kidding, obviously it’s going to be a shitshow! Murphy isn’t going to want to let his immortality go that quickly. Or, what if Russell can somehow fuck with them through the mind drives? I’d put nothing past him at this point, but suffice it to say that it’s not for nothing that some of Earthkru now has them implanted.
  • Does this mean we’re never getting Jecho? Wow I am so bummed, I felt like Jade and Echo could have and should have been a thing. Rude, show.
  • I tried to take solace that Abby and Kane are together but… what about Jake? ? Tbh I have always wondered, if the alleged afterlife is so great, how the hell does that shit work? Sorry for bumming everyone out even more.
  • I get Gabriel not wanting to kill, but. Doesn’t there come a point when not killing someone who is killing so many others without culpability makes you an accessory? I mean. Had Gabriel just shot Russell and stomped on his mind drive, there would have been no Adjustment Protocol. Countless people would be alive. Where is the line between pacifism and cowardice? I am not sure I know that answer, but I feel like Gabriel is teetering.   
  • Who exactly is the “we” Sheidheda keeps talking about? I mean is he just one of those people who refers to himself that way? If so he just got way more unlikable. 
  • Where have they been hiding Jordan and what happens now?  They probably should have taken him prisoner, but I guess they don’t even care that much about the poor chap. Maybe he can escape and help Earthkru? Or maybe he rides the bench for the rest of the season, how am I to know?

Song of the Week:

This one, “Killer Inside of Me” by Willyecho, is extra fun. Because not only are killers figuratively in our characters, as many of them have killed, but there are a lot of people who literally end up with killers inside of them by the end of this episode. Also, for Abby, and for just the good of humankind, Earthkru needs to take the lyrics seriously. 

Episode 6×13: The Blood of Sanctum

How is it finale time already?! I do not approve! (Also, is it just me, or is this image perhaps a little *too* triggering for comfort? I mean- I can handle it but I imagine plenty of people can’t? Idk. Moving on.) I am so scared, guys. I mean- mostly for the cliffhanger potential? But also for my lovessss. 

  • If Diyoza doesn’t bloop back out of the Anomaly at minute 41, I am suing. Obviously it makes perfect sense that she’s back, and with some intel that will change everything we thought we knew and blow our minds, leading us to spend the next 9 months in tortured contemplation. But on the plus side, Charmaine Freaking Diyoza. 
  • I cannot lose anyone else, okay? Shaw. Kane. Abby. No more, yeah? I mean, feel free to kill Russell and those redshirt Primes, but that’s it. And if anyone dares touch Gabriel Santiago (or Chuku Modu, really), I am suing again. Also if you could kindly let whoever is inhabiting Bethany Brown this week live, I’d be extra appreciative. I worry I am asking for too much but come on, they just killed the entirety of Kabby in the span of like two episodes. I am allowed to beg. 
  • Anyone desperately want Murphy to basically save all of Sanctum? ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ I need it to happen. Memori saves the day, and everyone else has to eat crow. Here. For. It.
  • We’re going to have to watch “Abby” die again, aren’t we? I mean I know it’ll really be Shitty Simone but. It’s Paige, guys.  
  • But seriously, why is Clarke threatening to shoot herself? Because of Madi/Sheidheda? Obviously once Russell finds out what happened to Jo, he’s not going to want her alive. I guess I’ll find out! 

What are your thoughts? How are you handling the Season 7 news? (I won’t lie, not well guys.) How do you think the finale will shake out?   Let us chat! 

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17 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×12: Adjustment Protocol

  1. Too bad Abby didn’t get to kill Russell. *sigh* although there’s a teeny part of me that hopes she’s still in there and still gets a chance. But I know that’s probably not happening. And yes- they have done a great job this season making Russell the absolute worst!

    I did like that Echo/ Clarke hug! Jecho? Never thought of that one!

    I hope Diyoza and Indra get some time to shine!

    • Right? I am so MAD. And sadly, I don’t think there’s any chance she wasn’t wiped. Because of the EMP, she didn’t have the residual neural mesh. So. She’s a goner. I am not happy. It seems harsh to kill Kane and then Abby. Poor Clarke, too! I especially love that Russell didn’t start OUT being the worst- like he seemed moderate, compared to some of the others (especially Jo and Simone!) but how they slowwwwly let his true colors shine.

      The woman who plays Jade/Whoever Prime has been begging for Jecho too! And with all the scenes that they did with Jade and Echo, I kind of liked it too!

      SERIOUSLY I need Diyoza. And Indra better be in ALL damn 16 episodes or I am going to cry. Hell, I am going to cry anyway, why kid ourselves?

  2. Ah, I would have loved to see that Trojan host theory play out! A Raven vs Simone or Echo vs Simone battle would have been awesome! Russell controlling Clarke, Murphy, and Emori through the mind drives would be trippy! I think he’s going to actually survive this finale somehow. I hope Gabriel survives too. He’s been a great character and a contrast to Earthkru. They’re used to doing whatever it takes to save people while Gabriel likes to talk. He definitely made things worse by not pulling that trigger! In a way, he’s just like Ryker except he’s confident in what side he’s on.

    RIP Abby. She sacrificed herself to save Madi in more ways than one. I believe she knew that she was risking becoming a candidate for Simone’s host. Russell is opportunistic after all and since Clarke is supposedly gone already, it’s perfect in his mind. Abby has made some questionable choices lately but ultimately, she was able to own her mistakes. I feel for Raven and Clarke and also Jackson. Abby meant a lot to all three of them so this is devastating.

    I really think Diyoza’s going to show up right at the end to tee up season 7’s Anomaly story. I want to see Russell get thrown into the Anomaly. I wonder if it would up being a version of hell for him since he’s likely irredeemable at this point. I totally see Murphy leading the people of Sanctum. He’s come so far this season.

    • RIGHT!?!? I was so excited for it! I kind of feel like it would be fitting if Russell survived since no other TRUE baddie has? Cage & Dante, ALIE, McCreary. So Russell surviving would feel a little shocking! Gabriel NEEDS to survive. I love him, I love Chuku Modu, and I need them both back next season! His storyline is SO thought provoking too! Like you said, it’s so different than everyone we’ve encountered prior!

      I think you’re right that Abby knew, she’s no fool. I figure she must have hoped that Russell just hated her enough to not want to see her face every day hahah but Russell has been doing this for too long to even have those kind of feelings left. I think it’s going to be extra hard for everyone because Abby was the only “adult” left. I know the delinquents are all grown up, but I also think that having the elders around had to have been a comfort, at least? A safety net? And now they’re ALL gone.

      That is my exact thought/hope for Diyoza. Probs with a kid in tow. OMG I love the idea of someone tossing Russell in there bwhahaha. It would have to eat him! The Anomaly is going to blow our minds, isnt it? I am SO EXCITED!

  3. Beth W

    OK, you’re right- every episode this entire season has been FILLED with amazing acting and heart-wrenching scenes. The caliber of acting in this episode…I can’t even. EVERYONE brought their A game. I am so, so impressed.

    I love that Bellamy called O out (and himself, and everyone else) on always assuming Echo is strong enough to handle everything, just because she’s physically a badass and was trained to manipulate as an assassin. Yes, she’s also allowed to be vulnerable. Yes, she’s also allowed to not have to always do all the saving (of herself and/or others)..even though she will later in the epi. Finally, some more autonomy to Echo!

    After Abby injected herself with nightblood in order to become Bone Marrow Donor #2, it occurred to me….all the Primes are nightbloods. Once they knew bone marrow works (because of whatever mysterious thing Abby does to extract it, unlike whatever they tried once that failed…hand wavey magic mystery here), Russell could’ve made a ton more Primes overnight by asking each Prime to volunteer one vial of bone marrow. Even one donation a month would keep them comfortably in immortal bodies for a long time. What a shortsighted monster he is.

    Also, Gabriel’s betrayal of the plan…totally understandable, but still, can *anyone* from Sanctum stick to a plan? Seriously.

    Also, Abby…..can a character be put through the ringer *more* than she has been this episode? Being confronted with her daughter being bodysnatched (so she thought), then self-sacrificing her blood to spare Madi, then being reunited with her daughter, standing up to Russell, owning her mistakes, that touching moment with Raven (“I might not be your mother, but you’re my family”), then Russell killing her (after letting her know the horror of what was about to happen, because he *is* that kind of asshole).

    But I do like his pretty laurel-leaves spray paint crown thing. Speaking of: Murphy getting a face paint version of Emori’s face tattoo….how freaking hot is that?! I love how they sashay in like the badasses they are…though I’m concerned whether Russell is letting them pose as two Primes he has no intention of bringing back (or can’t bring back because CoG has their heads), or if this is a setup and he’s going to knock them out and install those original Prime mind drives in them, effectively wiping them into death. He’s clearly too smart to trust people he’s coerced into cooperation. Thank goodness they did what they do best, and stood by their friends (as the last two Primes on the planet, they might have access to some of the tech we all need! Assuming they survive the bloodbath). That unspoken communication between them…these two are seriously #RelationshipGoals.

    I do wonder about the guards. They hear these private conversations between the Primes and other folk. They hear the evidence that the Primes are false gods. But they’re clearly incredibly loyal. I would think, if dissent started anywhere, it would start in their ranks. I wonder if being a loyal guard is considered a path to this godhood? The Primes don’t bother to act like their host is in there with them, so I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around what the rest of Sanctum thinks the “honor” is, exactly. Like, your kid/spouse/sibling now walks, talks, and acts totally different, and they don’t interact with you. How are they “one”? Hrm.

    And finally we get Indra again! A confused Indra, understandably, but hopefully strategic commander Indra.

    • Seriously this episode blew me AWAY. Everyone’s acting was just beyond incredible.

      I LOVED that Bellamy said that about Echo, because it’s TRUE. She’s been put in these awful situations, but she’s not bulletproof for goodness sake!

      You’re right about Russell and the nightblood. He literally took it from a CHILD to the point of DEATH instead of “suffering” a freaking needle himself. He truly his the most selfish asshole on ANY world.

      Gabriel… UGH. I understand too, but he needs to realize that running in half-cocked isn’t going to help *anyone*. Especially when his gorgeous ass can’t even pull the trigger when it comes down to it.

      Everything about Abby gutted me. I have a theory that I’ll share more in my S6 wrap-up post, but I don;t think Kane was supposed to die, canonically. I think Abby however WAS, as Jason has said that one of the themes of S7 was going to be Clarke grappling with being afraid to lose anyone else she loves. But I think we were supposed to see Kane try to navigate life without Abby. But Ian got a role on MacGyver so they’re like… eh guess we gotta kill him too ?‍♀️ I AM very glad that Abby got to make all her amends and such too though- AND know that Clarke was alive!

      I loved EVERYTHING about Russell, Murphy, Emori, and Abby-Simone’s looks. They were FABULOUS. Okay so Russ had Memori posing as the Lee family- Kaylee and Daniel, to be exact. They’re gone. Their mind drives are completely empty, as they are the ones that Simone and Josie deleted to give to Kabby and Memori. Kane’s is gone, Abby clearly never got hers after Kane floated the nightblood (and hers was subsequently given to Clarke-as-Jo). So there ARE no more mind drives left in stasis, save Priya and Ryker’s. Murph and Emori had the last two blank ones, those formerly of the Lees, implanted. There will be a bit more reference to them next episode- I don’t think we’re done with them yet tbh.

      DUDE good question about the guards! I hadn’t thought of that but you are SO RIGHT. Like Jade heard ALL of that nonsense, and yet she STILL was totally down to become Jasmine! Like THAT is what your loyalty earned you!? DEATH? Okay then. Fools, if you ask me.

      YESSS INDRA. She better be in every last episode from here on out. All 16, all Indra, all the time. Just rename it The Indra.

      • Beth W

        I would watch the hell out of The Indra. 😀
        I’m dragging my heels a little bit on watching the last episode of the season. I don’t want to have to wait a year for more!

  4. Okay, I’ll confess that I don’t always cry at these episodes the way you say you do, but when Abby saw (who she thought was) Jo in Clark’s body? Yes, there were tears. And then her death!! I couldn’t believe it—and yet I could. This is The 100 after all. I think you make a good guess when you wonder if Clarke threatens to kill herself to stop Madi—it totally makes sense. Of course, you know by now if you were right, but I’ll be finding out soon! (Probably tomorrow.)

    • Well, that is because I am wayyyy too invested in this stupid show and also I cry at like, sappy commercials, so ? But yeah, I find those scenes when Abby thinks Clarke is dead (here, in S1 which I have just rewatched hah) so hard to watch. Probably because we are moms, but also because Paige just nails the scenes! I have a theory that Abby was supposed to die, and that Kane wasn’t- but then when Ian wanted out, they had to kill him too. Who knows if I am right though!

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