The 100 Episode 6×05: The Gospel of Josephine

This episode can be best described for me as… relief, I suppose. I mean- my biggest fear with this storyline was that it was going to take eons to figure it out, but nope, thank goodness it isn’t. Our heroes are too smart for that anyway! It combined a solid storyline with amazing character development flawlessly, as always. Now how exactly can I go a whole week until the next episode!? Rude.

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

“That Woman Was a Monster”

From your mouth, Abby. Oy, I cannot wait until Josephine bids us adieu. But since she just got here, I suppose I’ll have to wait. For now, she’s called in her old pal Kaylee (or “Lee-Lee”, gross 🙄) in to chat. Apparently, her bud here was the one responsible for Josephine’s fall. Which I think merits someone giving Kaylee a trophy or plaque or some such award, but alas, all she gets for her effort is a fatal stab wound.

Clarke would never stab her friends. Unless she was saving them from Grounder torture, I suppose. 

Then after a little painting party, she has a talk with her parents. They want Clarkephine to go figure out how many nightbloods there are and wow are they going to be disappointed! She grudgingly agrees, and I think she really only cares because she doesn’t want to wear Clarke’s clothes? Mind, she has no actual concern for Earthkru’s lives or anything. Or lives in general, but at least she calls Russell out on his hypocrisy. Because make no mistake, he doesn’t care either, he just likes to make people think he does.


So off she goes to meet her “friends”, and I daresay Josephine overestimates her own acting ability. By a lot. Because by about three seconds into their conversation, everyone’s giving Clarkephine a hard side-eye.

Jordan is trying to convince everyone that Prililah just isn’t working for him, while Bellamy and Murphy are blowing it off as a “breakup”. Seriously Jordan, be suspicious, because this place is shady as fuck. Marper is proud. Then Clarkephine goes ahead and tells Madi she can go to school (because of course, she gives zero fucks about Madi), leaving Gaia dumbstruck and bringing out the Trigedasleng. Guess Jo should have grabbed a copy of Post-Apocalyptic Rosetta Stone, because that becomes her downfall in a real hurry.

When Clarkephine finds Abby, she and Jackson are arguing, because Abby isn’t taking care of herself. Because she’s trying (desperately and in vain) to find a cure for Kane. It… isn’t going well. Clarkephine dismisses Jackson, and has a little chat with Abby, who is honestly not tickled to see “Clarke”. Jo spots a book she’s authored and tries to give it to Abby- presumably because it is about Nightbloods, and she’s trying to suss out if Kane is one, but Abby tells Clarkephine that she’s read that one, and it’s messed up.

No no, I promise it’s the first thing. 

I don’t know why Jo finally helps Abby, I guess to distract her from the fact that Clarke is left-handed but writing right.  But help she does, giving Abby a book about some bug that basically… does dialysis? But Abby’s giddy and forgets all about the fact that her kid appears to have become ambidextrous overnight, and Clarkephine skips away.

The Crucible

When we pick up with Diyoza and Octavia, they’re chasing Xavier through the woods. Well, turns out he’s led them to a… pool of Orbeez? I genuinely don’t know but it looks kind of fun. Except for the fact that it’s akin to quicksand and might kill them, especially if they struggle.

I really like this dude. Can’t help it, just do.

He refers to it as “The Crucible”, and he says he’ll save them when they tell him how many nightbloods there are. O’s refusing and struggling, and is in neck-deep. Diyoza is chillin’, no more than up to her ankles, but she’s trying to have a little come to Jesus talk with O while they hang out. She guesses that O doesn’t want to die, and she’s not wrong, but before they can get their shit together, a temporal flare comes a knocking.

Look, I don’t know what this thing is or does, Xavier didn’t really have time to lay out the basics for us- he just throws them a rope and tells them to run. Diyoza and O both realize that O isn’t moving- she’s in too deep. So O tells her to save her baby and run. Diyoza promises she will return for O, and I believe her. I think she is starting to feel a real kinship with O. Anyway, O does the only thing left for her to do before the Flare is upon her- she goes Orbeez swimming.

Honestly the visuals here are just beyond gorgeous, despite the precariousness of the situation.

True to word, Diyoza comes back as soon as the threat has passed. But the place is just… gone. It looks like Praimfaya swooped through, except stonier. Diyoza is able to pull O out of the now-frozen Orbeez, and she appears to be okay- Diyoza even quips that it looks like O wants to live after all, which O agrees with. Until she sees her hand- it’s aging or calcifying, or I don’t even know but it’s bad and it is happening right before her eyes.

Sword wielding might be a distant memory… 


Instead of going to Rose’s funeral, the gang takes a Jordan-led detour into some weirdass crypt. You know the one, with all the Prime bodies? Yeah well, Earthkru did not know. Murphy wants to get the hell out of dodge, but Jordan, Gaia, and Bellamy need to know what’s up. Clarkephine spotted them going in, so she shows up to join the band.

This is how you know Jo’s taken the wheel.

What they find is… horrifying beyond their wildest imagination. We see Brooke, a young woman, being strapped against her will to a medical table. And then we see basically exactly what happened to Clarke. Only without the paralytic, and I honestly don’t know which is worse. But when Jo wakes up in Brooke’s body, she’s terrified. Gabriel has aged significantly, and the last memory she has of dear old dad is him slitting her throat. But then we see her true colors and can tell that she is super excited just as Russell is.

Dr. Santiago is significantly less enthused than Mr. Lightbourne. 

Gabriel, for his part, looks horrified. Not that it excuses him, he shouldn’t have gone down this road, but he at least seems to think it’s awful? I guess we’ll find that out later. Anyway, Earthkru is appalled. Like, beyond appalled. But Clarkephine sticks up for it, because of course she does. Which leads everyone else to gape at her, but still. Once she finds out that she was made a nightblood by Abby, she has a new plan.

But first, she wants to have a chat with Bellamy. Sure, nothing can go wrong there.  He asks for a minute alone in Trig, and Jo can figure it out enough to acquiesce. But when he confesses his sins to her in Trig, she’s overpowered, and confusion seeps in. I think she knew the jig was up, because she flat out asks him for etymology of certain words, and his face…. oh his face broke me.

How can it be so heartbreaking, and heart-affirming? 

Since he’s now in her way, Clarkephine paralyzes Bell and then introduces herself and leaves him helpless on the floor. Charming, this one. And when she walks in on Abby and Jackson in mid-fight (Abby calls him a war criminal, so it’s safe to say these two won’t be meeting for coffee tomorrow), she decides she needs an ally.

Put down the Kool-aid, Murphy. Now sloowwwllly back away…

And will he? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s a smart move on Jo’s part- I wonder if she just took his siding with her as a good start, or if she knows even more about his past? Either way, if anyone will help her, it’s going to be John “I’m going to hell” Murphy.

Song of the Week:

Oh this was another no-brainer! Alors on Danse by Stromae is one of the best things to ever happen to The 100. Outside of Charmaine Diyoza. And Clarkephine dancing around was made extra hard because I wanted Clarke to be dancing around, not this evil bitch! 

Random Thoughts:

  • The thing about Josephine that irritates me the most is her glibness and selfishness. Honestly, she is just the worst. She kills Kaylee so easily because death means nothing to her. And she doesn’t care in the slightest that she killed Clarke- nor did she seem perturbed when Brooke was killed. These people don’t come back, Josephine. She, and the rest of the Primes, really must think they’re somehow superior to the rest of the human race, for reasons I simply cannot comprehend, but I am going to need them all to be eradicated, please and thank you. 
  • How bad is Abby going to feel when she realizes she didn’t realize? Ohh, I am living for this mom guilt to come to fruition. She noticed, for a hot second, that her kid isn’t right-handed. But then she went right back to the Land of Kane, and that was that. She failed here, and she’s going to figure that out eventually. 
  • Is whatever jacked up O’s hand the thing that made “the old man”… old? 🤔
  • I know everyone thinks Murphy is bluffing, but… Look, I hope he is! But he was so adamant about not caring what was going on in the crypt, not wanting to be kicked out of Sanctum, not even wanting to worry about what happened with Prililah. Even after seeing the video. And after this whole “hell” thing, he’s genuinely scared of dying. So I’m really scared that he will end up betraying everyone.
  • These asshole Primes developed the paralytic for themselves, not their victims. They didn’t give a shit about Clarke or Brooke’s comfort- wouldn’t it be more awful to not even be able to fight back? No, they wanted the victims paralyzed because it was easier for them to deal with and wow they get more awful every time I see a new minute of them. 
  • Can I please riot about Indra now? It’s been half a season FFS. 

Episode 6×06: Memento Mori

Hiatuses are hard, guys. Thank goodness this one is just a week, could we even handle any longer? No, no we could not.

  • People-eating-trees! Okay is it bad that I am so excited for this? Oh but I am. It reminds me of a really cool book series I read.
  • The title scares me. “Remember that you must die”?!?! NO ONE CAN DIE! And the fact that it sounds close to Emori isn’t helping me sleep any better. And then don’t forget that things are looking bad for Kane, and there really haven’t been any major deaths this season (I seriously nearly forgot about Shaw, oopsie). 
  • I swear John Freaking Murphy better not let us down. I mean come on, thought you didn’t want to go to hell? Chip implants don’t last forever, my dude. No matter what Clarkephine says. 
  • That Josephine bitch better not hurt precious cinnamon roll Bellamy Blake. I mean. Now that he knows, she can’t just let him frolic around Sanctum. I assume she’s gonna lock his ass up so he can’t tell anyone else. This is one of those times I wouldn’t mind Echo saving her man. You know, so he can go save his true love. #Sorrynotsorry

What are your thoughts? Hate Josephine as much as I do? Think Murphy will betray us all? So much to discuss! 

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15 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×05: The Gospel of Josephine

  1. Wow It's Been SO Long

    Wow, such beautiful recap. Also what happened, is this a different world now?

    Anyways, my thoughts are: 1) You talk about the 100 a lot. I guess it’s good to have hobbies. 2) I totally hate Josephine as much as you do (???) and 3) Murphy will absolutely betray everyone. I guarantee it.

    • Bwhahah thank you my darling Valerie, you are the actual best ever.

      It IS a different world. I think I told you this?

      1) I mean, it’s good to have hobbies, but what about clear obsessions?
      2) You hate her, I promise. I mean, not only is she wearing Clarke’s body, but she just sucks in general and thinks humans are disposable.
      3) Murphy will, and that is the worst part of all.

  2. I think it’s funny Josephine called Clarke a Ferrari. And Eliza must have had a blast playing that. I’m kinda liking evil Clarke! And yeah I’m glad too they didn’t drag the body snatcher reveal out all season- I mean, Bell and Murphy at least both know now, so the others can’t be too far behind.

    Murphy’s dismissiveness towards Jordan’s “break up” cracked me up too. Seriously this episode had lots of little fun moments like that. It’s nice sometimes just seeing them sitting around talking! That’s usually when the best dialogue happens. 🙂

    Oh and Clarke/ Josephine dancing in the beginning was awesome. Jo’s so happy to be back!!!

    • I mean, I WILL give you that Jo is funny. Snarky and amusing, but also very evil. I think the worst part about her is, she genuinely doesn’t understand HOW and WHY she is evil. Like where you have a McCreary who knows he’s an asshole… here we have someone with NO self-awareness. And yep- plus Jordan and Gaia know what’s up too, so even if Murphy won’t talk and Bell can’t… those two should be able to figure it out. Speaking of Gaia, I am enjoying her having more time- I was sure she’d be a goner because Tati has Sabrina. Actually… maybe that’s WHY we are seeing more of her, uh oh.

      I agree, the fun moments were HUGE- because had it all just been Dead Clarke Hour, it would have been unbearable. They really did an amazing job balancing the high emotion moments with lighter ones.

  3. Josephine is an arrogant spoiled brat and more evil than Russell. Russell has moral standards…or appears/pretends to have them. Still, they’re intriguing characters. I’m expecting epic downfalls for both of them! Josephine didn’t seem as callous at the beginning so I’m wondering how she got to where she is now. Murphy might have a plan but the more I think about it, the more I think he doesn’t. He’s very intrigued by the prospect of immortality and may be willing to do anything to get it. When Josephine asks him to do difficult things (like harm Emori), he’ll begin to question what he’s doing. At that point, he’ll try to come up with a plan to stop her.

    It would be a shame to lose Emori at this point. She needs more development! I’m thinking the title comes from the Children of Gabriel and how they believe death is life. They want to remind the Primes that they “must die” for life to be important. It looks like Clarkephine will be attempting to convince Abby to make nightbloods. Murphy probably fed her the “now we get our humanity back” line to help her sound more “Clarke-like”. We’ll see how well that works. Abby might consider relapsing when she finds out she missed the signs that Clarke was not Clarke.

    • I agree for sure! I don’t think Russell IS quite as evil? I assume we’re going to find out how Jo got to this point for sure. I mean- it must have been a LOT. Because you’re right, she didn’t seem evil- perhaps a bit vapid, but not evil. She seemed smart and hopeful.

      I agree about Murphy. I know everyone thinks he is playing her but… I honestly don’t. And I DO think you’re right- if Jo asks him to harm Emori or Raven, he’s out. That will snap him out of it- but I think it’s going to be all about the whole journey first. Because we’re not getting rid of Jo THAT easily!

      OH that is a good point about the Children of Gabriel- and it’s a really great connection for the title. I mean- that’s why Jo and Russell and the other Primes don’t care about ANY human life- to them, it’s lost any meaning. My friend who commented above you DMed me with a theory that Murphy and Jo may promise a cure for Kane to Abby in return for making nightbloods, even! UGH you are so right about the relapse- Abby is going to take this SO HARD.

  4. It seemed kind of crazy to me that nobody on this planet had thought of creating Nightbloods the way Abby did. I mean, they found a way to remove someone’s consciousness and replace it with another, so it seems like a blood transfusion wouldn’t have been such a huge leap? I don’t know—I was just pondering that shortly before Clarkephine discovered the secret. And, yes, I am totally with you that I was glad they didn’t drag out the whole Clarke switcheroo thing. It would have been aggravating if her friends had been fooled for long.

    • I think Jo wanted to create them, but in a…. different, more sinister way hahah. Though- they’d have then had to kill the person they turned into a nightblood, so maybe they didn’t want to go that route? I mean- Jo isn’t going to use Sanctum people to turn to nightbloods, she’s going to use red-blooded Earthkru. Because she is the WORST.

  5. Beth W

    Ahhhh I just finished this and HOLY SHEET. Josephine clearly feels her intelligence places her above others, and while coming back to life again and again may morally bankrupt all of them (except Taylee, I guess? Maybe?) or break them in some small ways, I’m guessing Josephine has always been….uhm…precocious. Taylee clearly saw Josephine as getting out of control, but her parents just *adore* her, so they let her be evil ad infinitum. Great parenting job, guys. As soon as she said “you should’ve let me control the breeding program” it was a) Ewwww eugenics and b) Scientifically impossible (which is why the eugenics movement of the early 1900s failed- aside from being unethically, you cannot selectively breed traits into humans the way you do with peas. But the whole “what if death meant nothing” concept…my guess is that plenty of the original founders have killed each other over tiny infractions. Why not, when you can be reborn? With the sanctity of life gone, and having years to deal with your guilt about murdering someone (a.k.a. excuse it as “because I’m a god, it’s OK”), of course they’re going to be fine with creating a cult where “lesser” humans are regularly killed. So I’m Team Gabriel, 100%.

    Speaking of, THANK YOU for explaining the whole O’s hand thing. I couldn’t understand why she was horrified at her hand. Maybe temporal flares speed up time wherever they hit, so her hand just aged 50 years past the rest of her? Ouch the arthritis.

    Jordan’s sweet puppy face about broke me during this episode, and his “did they just kill that girl?” Like, of course he isn’t desensitized to murder the way everyone around him is. The juxtaposition of someone who of course regards all life with sanctity in the den of murders is just awesome. And I hope he never, ever has to kill someone.

    Bellamy when he realized Clarke wasn’t Clarke…of man, that hurt my heart. Not a good time for Echo, Raven, et al to be gone. Also, I totally forgot about the fact that Abby made Clarke into a nightblood. I’m guessing Josephine will find a way to dangle healing Kane over her, until she consents to creating more nightblood hosts. And we know the old Abby would’ve stayed strong, but the new Abby has been broken and is definitely manipulatable. Also a bit salty (hey lady, you’re a war criminal, too, maybe stop throwing stones).

    I want to think Murphy is going to double-cross Josephine, because he’s very good at the double cross. But his fear of dying again is so big…I dunno. I do think he’ll be wavering about it, at least, when Emori finds out (especially if he can’t bargain Emori into also being turned into an immortal). Speaking of Emori….did her lobster claw hand get fixed? How come nobody in Sanctum has commented on that? They apparently have zero birth defects or handicaps of any kind, so I’d think it would strike them as an anomaly.

    You bet your ass Indra would’ve seen through Josephine in a hot second. And smacked O. But I do love that Diyoza has taken a shine to O (she clearly has a soft spot for self-destructive badasses with a huge guilt complex). I still really want to know what was so bad that Diyoza is in the history books as Eligiius missions’ Hitler.

    • Oh man where to start!? Okay, this is going to be so hard because I know the answers to pretty much all your questions hahah. Which, good news for you, most of this will be sorted out very soon!

      Jo absolutely feels above everyone else because of her smarts and because of her name. She’s ridiculous. Like yeah okay you’re smart but what are you DOING with it!? You’ll learn more about why Kaylee killed Jo VII, and the lengths that Jo will go to in order to keep the Primes as “gods”. And I think you’re right about them killing each other willy-nilly, as pretty much everyone is on at LEAST a seventh body, and it’s only been a bit over 200 years. They should be on 3 or 4, max. But again, there’s a little more explanation into that too.

      Yeah the thing with O’s hand is weird- we don’t ever fully know what caused it tbh, just that the flare did… some junk. And it messed her up. Pretty severely. GAH Jordan is so going to have to kill someone and we are all going to be so freaking mad. Because it’s true, we want him protected and safe just like his mom begged us to do! Damn it! It just guts me that the literal ONLY human beings he has ever cared for are dead.

      Agreed, Bellamy’s face was devastating! But on the other hand, I was SO RELIEVED that he knows! And yeah you basically nailed the whole nightblood thing. But it of course gets all kinds of complicated. And we still don’t fully know how it’ll all go down, but yeah, Abby is such a mess right now. I love how she calls JACKSON a war criminal, like okay lady. At least Jackson was healing people while you were off eating randos in a drug-induced stupor, but cool, let’s blame everyone else 🙄

      Ugh MURPHY I have no idea with him ever! He’s been giving me whiplash this season! Is he going to do the right thing? Betray everyone he’s ever loved? WHO KNOWS!? They will also address Emori’s hand, too. And Emori, she OWNS episode 8. It’s awesome because I was really afraid she was going to be Harpered right into the background- especially since we keep seeing her on the outskirts of the Raven/Ryker nonsense. But NOPE she’s been really important! I have a feeling that I know why there are no handicaps/birth defects, but it’s spoilery, and you’ll see it in episode 7, and I didn’t even think of it until you mentioned Emori, but I think I probably know. Though I do wonder if they’ll get into it deeper.

      INDRA, seeing her last night gave me ACTUAL LIFE. You will be so excited, she is as amazing as we remember her! But yeah Diyoza is such a favorite this season- and her interactions with O only get better from here! OH and the one question I CAN answer! Diyoza! So they explained it briefly last season, though it was in the midst of a lot of chaos so it was easy to miss. So this is from the Wiki, because it was easier than trying to remember it all myself ha:

      Before the Nuclear Apocalypse, Diyoza reveals that she fought a fascist government when they tried to take her home, in which she finally wiped them out and killed them. A former US Navy SEAL who earned a bronze star and was decorated for valor three times before going AWOL after an IED explosion. She eventually resurfaced and became a terrorist, committing and ordering numerous bombing campaigns and assassinations for a terrorist group, known as the United Liberation Army. Her crimes eventually made her the most wanted criminal in the world at the time of her arrest. She was eventually imprisoned for life without parole for terrorist homicide, later sent on a prison ship to a remote mining station before the nuclear holocaust. Before her imprisonment, Diyoza’s father was helping her hide from the SEAL team sent to arrest her for terrorism. As a result, her father was shot in the head two times, and Diyoza attempted to commit suicide by slashing her own throat, but survived. She was arrested on December 5, 2043

      If I had to guess, I think Diyoza isn’t the baddie that everyone thinks she is- I assume she was taking out a corrupt regime tbh. Though that hasn’t been confirmed (or denied hah).

      • Beth W

        Ahhh I can’t wait! I want to get totally caught up by tomorrow night, so I’m only 2 episodes behind while I’m out of town. So stay tuned for more spazzing out. 😀

        THANK YOU for the reminder about Diyoza’s backstory! That all sounds familiar, but apparently my memory is (still) not that sound. I forgot she was a freedom fighter/terrorist, so if Eligius was a mission sent by that corrupt government, it makes sense they’d label her Public Enemy #1. Is it wrong that I love her that much more for her darkness? I imagine she’s going to be a hot mess when it comes to parenting, which is a hugely complex and difficult job (and who isn’t made soft by holding a baby? Babies are like balm for the soul). So I’m kind of looking forward to her (and auntie O) being at a loss when it comes to endless midnight crying and whatnot. 😀

        • I AM SO EXCITED! Episodes 7 and 9 are seriously some of the BEST of the series so far. 8… well, 9 makes 8 less infuriating hahha.

          Omg I would pay actual human money to watch a sitcom spinoff where O, Diyoza, and Xavier traipse through the woods with a baby in tow! Xavier can wear the Baby Bjorn while Diyoza barks orders at him and O keeps fucking up the diaper changes 😂😂😂

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