So, we all know what a hot mess Season 7 of The 100 was, yeah? Yeah. I mean- don’t misunderstand, it had some spectacular moments. And the problem is, when you mess up two of the main characters (both their independent arcs and their relationship arc), it makes everything else seem bittersweet at best.

From the moment the finale aired, I sought to correct the one looming, awful thing that destroyed the series for so many of us. Because it could have been done so easily, frankly. And so, I present you the version that is now canon in my head. Maybe one day we can get some technically savvy person to help us edit at least the first part into existence!

This picks up when Clarke sees her friends on the beach, and runs to them, hugging.

CLARKE, hugging Octavia, sees someone else standing off to the side, coming into view. It’s BELLAMY, and the shock is written all over her face. OCTAVIA, with a knowing smile, gestures with her head for the others to give them space.

But. How?

BELLAMY (with a half grin):
Please, you think they’d rescue Sheidheda and leave their favorite new disciple to die?

CLARKE, now crying:
And you… chose to stay? Even after everything?

Clarke, all I ever wanted was peace for us all. Cadogan’s plan offered that. (pause) But I think this does, too.

(Nods, then grabs Bellamy into a hug.) It does. It will.

PAN OUT TO VIEW OF BEACH, TO BLACK. We think it’s over, but THEN:


You turn the page. You turn the page and you don’t look back. You do better today than you did yesterday. You understand? Before you know it, we’ll deserve to survive.

Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim.

Life is about more than just surviving.

This is our world now, and I think we can do better than the first time around.

I don’t want us to survive. I want us to live.

I hope your lives there will be as happy as mine has been. Be the good guys.

As we ZOOM fully the beach, now with several modest structures, we now hear the sounds of chatter all around. A small area decorated with flowers, benches, a hut where NIYLAH serves a drink to MURPHY, while JAE and BLYTHE ANN work behind her. MURPHY walks over to a bench, where EMORI is sitting, hands the drink to her, sits next to her, watching two young dark haired children, looking to be around preschool age. They shriek and laugh as they run out of frame.

We pan over to a cabin mid-build. RAVEN hands a tool up to NIKKI who is on the roof. MILLER puts a beam on the roof. ECHO wipes sweat from her brow as she hops down to join RAVEN.

JACKSON walks by, calling:
No more broken bones!

The building team laughs and playfully jeers at him. We follow Jackson, as he waves to GAIA and INDRA exiting another cabin. INDRA gets a drink from NIYLAH, who is chatting with JORDAN and HOPE who are now sitting on barstools.

INDRA calls out to OCTAVIA, who we see walking back to the camp from the woods with a large animal, perhaps a panther. She waves to LEVITT, who is running to meet her with a baby in a carrier on his chest.

BELLAMY follows behind, also carrying an animal, a smile breaking out on his face. He heads straight to her. A visibly pregnant CLARKE, smiling back at him, sitting on the beach with MADI, braiding her hair.

We pan out, over the whole camp, to black. 


I decided, as I said in my finale post, that there is no way this group wouldn’t find a way to continue the human race. And the alien species didn’t really care enough to stop them, since so many humans had defected, which was unprecedented. Anyway, I hope this brings at least some of you some peace about the ending. It has been looping in my head since I wrote it, and couldn’t not share it. It’s what we deserved, anyway.

Thanks for joining me, and stay tuned for my Superlatives of The 100 series- first post is almost finished! 

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12 responses to “The “Real” The 100 Finale Ending

  1. Beth W

    Awwww I love that image! And the fact that the HEA includes not just the skykru kids, but Grounders and former cultists, too. One of the founding themes of the show has always been ‘found family’, and this would be a lovely way to touch on that and the unity they’ve worked SO hard for.

    You should be a writer! 😉

    • Aw Beth THANK YOU! I was really nervous about posting it but…. I had to hah. And yeah exactly! In my headcanon, everyone is there- Madi’s new friends, etc. Because they were all like “why the hell are we hanging out with this weird alien mindhive, this bites!” And exactly- this becomes a family for all of these folks (thinking of BA and Jae kind of “adopting” Niylah in this headcanon too!) but also, they have finally done better, building that community that Kane and Diyoza had in his vision of Shallow Valley.

  2. This would have been a beautiful ending! It’s more in line with what I was expecting with members of various factions coming together to create a new world. The voiceover quotes were perfection! Great tribute to themes brought up throughout the series and the characters who said the quotes.

    I’m all for Blythe Ann and Jae the Cookie Man running a bar with Niylah! Murphy and Emori looked to be heading towards parenthood so I like the payoff there. Levitt as an expectant father is interesting to think about because pregnancy and parenthood are entirely foreign to him. Where was Picasso, though? Did she die of old age?

    • Aw, thank you! That is what I had hoped for too- everyone coming together (initially of course to save humanity, but I was okay with how that went down, so). And YES wouldn’t they be perfect? He’d make desserts, BA would make the food, and Niylah would serve the Jobi tea and Monty’s Moonshine ?

      NO Picasso is definitely still there! Nesting under a tree or something hah. I think Levitt would be such a good dad! And YES I agree that it seemed like Emori was going to be a mom! I figure, they have some of the most brilliant minds on that beach, plus some of the most incredible tech on Sanctum, there;s no WAY they couldn’t have outsmarted some stupid aliens that they ALREADY outsmarted!

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