Hello, hello! Welcome back to another monthly edition of “Shannon Hates Hiatus”. Seriously, this is evil and I am not amused. Ah hem. Anyway, I was having trouble coming up with ideas, because this hiatus is like, 2,199 days long or something 😛  Thankfully, Greg @ Book Haven helped me come up with this topic of “Tough Choices of The 100”.  And of course, there are many. I mean, if we played a drinking game every time Clarke said “It was the only choice”… well, none of us would be coherent enough to type.

Of course, I always ask myself “what would I do in this situation?” when I watch the episodes. I don’t know for sure of course, but it’s fun to play that game! And what is more fun than me playing that game? Why, you playing with me of course! So, after every nightmarishly awful scenario, you can tell me what you think you would do in these circumstances! BONUS: You don’t even have to have watched the show to play!  Ready? Let’s do it! (OH! And at the end, I’ll share any news I have stalked stumbled upon in the last month!)

*There will be all the spoilers for the first 4 seasons!*

The Short Version: Episide 1×01 Pilot (Flashbacks in 1×06 His Sister’s Keeper) Shumway offers Bellamy a chance to join his sister Octavia on the dropship to Earth if he shoots Chancellor Jaha. Bellamy does, so that he can go protect his sister from what they assume to be a radiation soaked planet.

Would you have shot Jaha for a chance to get on the Ark with your sister?

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My Decision: I’m probably not going to shoot him, honestly. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked that Bellamy did (what would we have even done sans Bellamy, anyway?) but me? I don’t think I could murder someone just to maybe see a sibling.

The Short Version: Episode 1×05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming Everyone on the Ark is running out of air. No one knows if The 100 have survived. Abby has faith, but no actual proof. To extend their oxygen (and therefore, time left), Kane proposes a culling of the population in order to gain 6 months of oxygen.

Would you have culled 320 people from the Ark?

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My Decision: You know shit is messed up when we have goddamn numbered cullings. I digress. Look, if we don’t cull these people, every last person dies. These guys think they’re the last of the human race. So yeah, I do it. But Jake Griffin style, with choices and shit.

The Short Version: Episode 1×13 We Are Grounders Part 2 The adults on the Ark have exhausted all possibilities to get to Earth after Diana steals (and then crashes) the Exodus Ship. They’re all pretty sure they’re all dead, when Jaha comes up with the idea of taking the whole damn Ark to the ground. Sinclair says it’s possible, but it will result in explosions, and many deaths. So basically, damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Would you have tried to take the Ark to the ground, knowing some of you would die?

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My Decision: Hell yes I take it to the ground! Look, isn’t a chance of living better than nothing? And sure, 2/3 of them died in fiery crashes, but 3/3 of them would have suffocated sitting in space, so.

The Short Version: Episode 2×08 Spacewalker Finn is wanted by the Grounders for shooting 18 of their people for basically shits and giggles. He has turned himself in, and Lincoln has told Clarke how he’d be killed, and it isn’t pretty. Clarke tried to stop it, but it isn’t going great, so she mercy kills him so he isn’t tortured.

Would you have mercy-killed Finn?

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My Decision: Yeah, I’d do it. You don’t want to watch the poor bastard suffer for 12 hours, and there is literally no other way to give the Grounders what they want. Clarke was outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, outplanned. She did the most merciful thing.

The Short Version: Episode 2×15 Blood Must Have Blood Part 1 Dante approaches Lexa with a deal that will free her people, but in return she must turn her back on the alliance with Skaikru, leaving them army-less at Mount Weather with their people still stuck inside.

Would you have abandoned Skaikru, your ally, at Mount Weather?

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My Decision: Fuck no, and I won’t lie, I am still kind of mad at Lexa for this. Idk how Clarke ever trusted her again, but I assume it was only because she had no better options. Look, if you screw over your alliances, no one will trust your dumb ass again! Plus, the joke was on all those assholes because BYE Mount Weather.

The Short Version: Episode 2×16 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 After the Grounder army ditched them, and Cage started draining Skaikru for bone marrow, there was no way to rescue the Skaikru people while keeping all the innocent Mt Weatherians alive. Monty was able to isolate level 5, and Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty knew that if they pulled the lever, all the Mt Weather citizens would be irradiated.

Would you have pulled the lever dooming Mount Weather?

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My Decision: YEP. Doing it. I don’t WANT to do it, but neither did they. They tried every other option ever, and Cage wouldn’t budge an inch. So, in the end? Yeah, I’d save my people at the expense of theirs. Not like Skaikru started it.

The Short Version: Episode 3×16 Perverse Instantiation Part 2 As Clarke goes to pull ALIE’s kill switch, ALIE tells her that they have no more than 6 months of time on Earth before a second Praimfaya hits. ALIE claims that the only way to save the human race is if they stay in the City of Light. Clarke has mere seconds to decide whether to pull the kill switch, or let ALIE live.

What would you have done to ALIE?

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My Decision: Bye, bitch. I don’t even think I’d have trusted that ALIE was telling the truth, even though Clarke did. Either way, I wouldn’t doom humanity to live in a faux-life, brain controlled til the end of time. Apocalypse would be better than that, tbh.

The Short Version: Episode 4×08 God Complex Abby and Jackson need to test someone to see if Nightblood works against radiation. This person may quite well die. Emori tells Clarke a sad story about “Baylis”, the thief they caught, and Clarke presents this “abuser” to Abby and Jackson to test.

Could you have tested Fake Baylis, knowing it may kill him?

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My Decision: Yeah, I’d test him. Even though Emori was lying, this guy DID still try to kill her. Plus, to do nothing is death for everyone, including Fake Baylis. So yeah, it’s shitty, but so is Praimfaya.

The Short Version: Episode 4×10 Die All, Die Merrily In the midst of the Conclave, Clarke and Jaha decide not to leave their (and Skaikru’s) fate to chance, and steal the bunker while everyone else watches the fight.

Would you have stolen the bunker?

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My Decision: Ohh this is going to be unpopular! I’d steal the shit out of it. I know people were mad at Clarke and Jaha- and I do agree that they should have opened it after Octavia won- but with Luna trying to kill all of humanity, and the fact that Jaha found the damn bunker to begin with? Oh hell yes I am taking it.

The Short Version: Episode 4×10 Die All, Die Merrily Octavia wins the Conclave and must decide who will take the bunker. Everyone assumes she’ll choose Skaikru, but she opts instead to have 100 members of each clan share the bunker, as was Lincoln’s vision.

Who Gets the Bunker?

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My Decision: Yeah, #TeamOctavia on this one. Sharing is nice, especially at the end of the world. And honestly, I wouldn’t want to lose all the history and memories and traditions of any of the clans- it’s important for the restarting of the human race after Praimfaya.

The Short Version: Episode 4×09 DNR- Episode 4×11 The Other Side Jasper has made it clear that he was not vying for a spot in the bunker, didn’t care if he made “The List”. He didn’t want to live trapped in a bunker, or die burning to death. So, he and the others had one last, massive party, and in the end decided to drink enough Jobi Tea to peacefully end their lives rather than die in Praimfaya.

Would you have attended Death Party, or tried to gain a spot in the bunker?

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My Decision: Nopeity nope nope. I would need to fight until the end, hoping the whole time that I would somehow be saved. Especially since at the time of their deaths, these people thought that the bunker would be a viable solution for them. In hindsight, I am glad I didn’t have to watch Jasper being kicked out of the bunker though, talk about hellish.

The Short Version: Episode 4×12 The Chosen After Bellamy unlocks the bunker, and Octavia declares that each clan gets 100 people, Skaikru must decide how to reduce their numbers from 400+ to the 100 Octavia has given them. First they try a lottery, but the people rebel. Eventually, Kane and Jaha resort to knocking them out with gas, then removing the people who didn’t make Clarke’s list while they’re unconscious.

What would you have done during the Second Culling?

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My Decision: Fuck, this is a terrible decision. But yeah, I would do it. Because O was straight up willing to kill them all if she had to, and it’s better that 100 people live than no one. But it would probably be the worst decision of ever, so there’s that. It kills me to even watch it.

Latest News & Updates

  • Season 5 will be 13 episodes long. I… have mixed feelings. Look, on one hand, I want all the episodes. But on the other… damn did Season 4 work well. So it is what it is, and while I always want more, I can live with it. Which is good because I have to.
  • Madi (played by Imogen Tear in Praimfaya) has been recast. The role now belongs to Lola Flanery, who also voiced the Sizzle Reel at SDCC.
  • In more casting news, two people on the Gagarin have been cast! Jordan Bolger will play Zeke Shaw, and Ivana Milicevic will play Charmaine Diyoza!
  • The first three episodes have titles! Episode one is Eden, two is Red Queen, and three is Sleeping Giants.
  • Filming began, and lots of cast members are sporting new looks! Bring on the 6 year changes!

Let’s chat! What did you think of the choices? Any biggies that I forgot? How are you handling the hiatus?

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29 responses to “Tough Choices of The 100: What Would You Do?

  1. Oh this is awesome. Life or death choices plus voting. Oh my gosh I’m the only “no” vote on #1 so far! Ack. But Shumway/ Chen (lol) is bad news so if he wants it done, it’s probably bad. The Finn one is tough, because you don’t want him to suffer but KILLING him (even if it’s a mercy killing)- I just don’t know. And… I voted yes on abandoning Slaikru?!? I mean, I don’t REALLY know if I would, but from Lexa’s POV she would put Grounders first? At that point in time anyway. But it still sucks.

    Ooh pulling the lever is at 3-2 right now. And thanks for sharing the Bayliss spewing black gunk pic. Did you see Roan’s face in that one? He’s like damn that’s a mess- hilarious. Love your answer on stealing the bunker :):):)

    Interesting result for the second culling- all 4 votes so far are for the gas. Sayonara bitches! Dang #ruthlesskru

    • Aw thanks!! 😀 I am so glad that I wasn’t the only one to ditch Octavia hahhaha. Oops? Clearly Bellamy is a better sibling than me. I should ask my brother the next time I see him if he’d do it- but if I had to bet money, his answer is probably “hell no, good luck”. The Finn one IS tough. I want to know who voted to let Lexa torture him ? I thought it would be Holly (she HATED Finn) but she said she hadn’t voted yet hah. And DAMN, you’re abandoning Skaikru? Like- I just don’t even think it served her people very well. Skaikru was a more powerful ally than the Mountain anyway. So for me, even if she’d been being ruthless, it was STILL a shitty choice.

      The lever was tied with my vote! (I didn’t vote initially because I didn’t want to sway people- hence why I put the poll before my own decision. See how psychologically deep this polling business runs? 😉 ) Would you have pulled it? I would have. I mean, they TRIED not to, many times. So… sorry, Mt Weather. Should have stuck with Dante. Fatal mistake. BWHAHAH poor Fake Baylis, he really was a MESS. He probably thought “cool, I’m a nightblood” for all of 2 seconds before his blood boiled.

      I will be watching The Second Culling tonight- it KILLS ME. But seriously, what else were they going to do, I guess? STILL. Five year old kid and ALL the feels. Especially because we knew that Jaha was a goner too. Sadness.

      • Yeah Octavia *bye bye wave*. I should ask my sister too- or maybe not. She’d be like “nice knowin ya” lol. I wanna know too who is up for torturing Finn! I actually was the one who voted for “I save him and run”- not that I *ahem* love him you know but I’d have trouble killing him so I split the difference (in other words cheated). 🙂 But someone actually voted to throw him to the wolves- I can respect that lol.

        Skaikru… you know I see your point, I just think Lexa was all get her people out and that’s all that mattered. Even though I hated it too. I remember watching that and being SO pissed at her, I was like I hope you die next season Lexa. Oops? And Clarke was SO betrayed, it was hard to watch. I LOVE that the lever is tied now! Wow. Where are all the comments? Is everyone on vacation? I want to know everyone’s thouuughts on this stuff… and yes I would have pulled it. I mean they were drilling abby FFS- as horrible as pulling it was, they had to save Skaikru (and her own damn mom)!

        The second culling is brutal. Although there’s a part of me that is like it’s so poetic that it’s Jaha and Kane doing this- they were the original hard choices people so it’s full circle. Speaking of, I’m rewatching tonight!!!

        • BWHAHA seriously, our siblings would totally leave us to die, but in fairness, we did just choose to do the same to them, so. I would have had trouble killing Finn too, but I think knowing that either he dies or all my people (and me with them) would die… yeah. I mean, he WAS guilty. Not that I condone killing someone, but I mean, Clarke wasn’t going to stop Lexa ever, so she wasn’t left with many choices. Can’t hide in the dropship forever!

          I get that Lexa wanted to save her people, I do. BUT. They were so close to doing it! Why back out on Clarke at that point, when they had the whole damn army against like, 3 dudes who hadn’t seen sunlight in 9 decades? The lever, that is a tough call. But yeah, at the end of the day, when your mom is being drilled and about to die… it was either kill or be killed, basically. And while it does suck for the innocent people, ALL the Sky People were innocent people in this situation. So to let them die wouldn’t sit right with me.

          I LOVE seeing the results, but I agree, I wish I knew people’s reasons, too! It does seem like we are a pack of people who want to survive- all the votes so far are for taking the Ark to the ground, and NOT killing oneself in Death Party. Speaking of, I watched that last night, GAH. Gutted me. I think because of Monty, and how he thought he’d lost both Jasper AND Harper. I swear, the more I watch that episode, the more those two grow on me (Marper, that is).

          The Second Culling… GAH. That is what I am on now, will be watching in like, 2 minutes hah. That is probably the hardest episode, because let’s face it- the people on the first culling were redshirts, and while hair clip dad hurts, he wasn’t exactly essential. PLUS, he volunteered, they all did., The second one… so harsh. AND it isn’t like it would have been an easy death, like the falling asleep on the Ark. It’s freaking Praimfaya!

          Oh YAYY you are rewatching!? I am so excited!! Starting from the beginning? It’s so fun to see what a mess the Pilot was ?

          • Good point! lol sometimes there are NO good choices! And yeah weirdly enough the lever is actually one of the EASIER choices, compared to some of these? I mean not EASY easy, but… ya know. When they’re drilling your mother’s bone marrow FFS… still. the guilt of it led them to write her as Wanheda out in the wilderness, which TBH I wasn’t super crazy about. S3 was SO different from the second…

            I want to see people’s reasons too! It’s fun to tal about, you know, apocalyptic reasoning. 🙂 Intersting that the lever is tied!!! I’d love to know what side people are on! And all 5 votes are for the gas in Second Culling!!

            I am rewatching (finally)!! I’m 4 episodes in and loving it!! It’s so fun seeing bad Bellamy again and man was Murph a jerk or what lol? I laughed so hard when he urinated on that guy. Fucking seriously??? And Charlotte… damn. It always amazes me how much ground they cover on this show, every episode rocks and I’m never bored. Aren’t too many shows like that. So far I’m remembering just how awesome the first two seasons were, must be why I was so disappointed by S3. And we have mutant deer, river thing, unidentified skull, glowing butterflies, crazy panther, and death fog . They’ve gotten away from too much of that.

            • It IS weird that killing 350 men, women, and children was one of the “easy” choices. I am not sure what that says about any of us hahah. The damn Wanheda panther attack in the wilderness nonsense… UGH. Seriously, who let Season 3 happen in general? When you get to it in your rewatch… well, you’ll see. Not that it was ALL bad or anything, but it’s just… not as good, let’s be real.

              It took me a LOT of rewatches to realize that Murphy did, in fact, urinate on that guy. I don’t know what I *thought* he was doing, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention? And then when I did notice it… ew, Murphy. Especially because I don’t think you could get the smell out very easily. Not like they had some Tide to take down to the river. Charlotte was SO. CREEPY. Do you think she was a sociopath? I still don’t know what to make of her, but she skeeves me out. I hate watching Bad Bellamy and his unfortunate hair hahahha. You are so right, they have gotten too far away from the mutant animals and such. I guess they didn’t want to “waste” time on it, but how hard is it to make that two-bodied bear? I already gave them the idea! We better see some weird shit this season, since anything that survived has to be a MESS.

              • Exactly. I need more messed-up wildlife but they had to go and do Praimfaya which really blows because now they gotta start all over and I want my MUTANTS! Although maybe we’ll still get some. I do like too how Clarke and the others are sort of ACTING like teenagers in S1, which feels real. Like Clarke is way snarkier and just more… IDK, like a teen? And Jasper is so happy (you know, other than being speared) and Octavia too! Man I miss it.

                Murphy was a jerk, man you forget just how nasty he was. And Charlotte- you know, that’s a good question. I honestly don’t know but I know she was messed up, both parents got floated, and then Bell screws her up more (not intentionally) and she sees Clarke kill a guy. I mean how old is the kid supposed to be? And seriously they sent her down there with teenaged delinquents and murderers? WTF were the adults thinking?? Oh yeah expendable. But see when she got to be a pain in the as she just walked off a cliff- problem solved. We probably won’t get that lucky w/ Madi lolololo

                • There have to be SOME animals, right? How else are Clarke and Madi even alive? Sure, some plants in Eden, but there have to be more than a few blades of grass to look as healthy as they did. I definitely agree about S1 and how they acted like kids- which is what they were supposed to be acting like! I think in hindsight, it’s a lot better than I thought when I first watched it?

                  The happy Jasper and O scenes are SO hard to take. Especially knowing how it all turns out. And Murphy! He was HORRIBLE. He had zero redeeming qualities in S1. You also have a great point with Charlotte, too. I wonder what her parents did. They don’t say, do they? Kind of strange for them both to get floated. And yes- she NEVER should have been there! That was so messed up! The adults were SO terrible at the start, too. And nope, I don’t see Madi helping us get rid of her either. AND you know that if Madi DOES die, Clarke will be all sorts of messed up, and go rogue or some shit. Which will cement Madi’s spot as a plot device even more. Maybe Madi’s parents can be alive and come pick her up.

                  • I am loving S1 all over again! It was so different, and fast- paced… I mean so much happens, and with a big cast that even more impressive. And who kills a major character 4 episodes in? I mean Wells felt like one of the top 5 chars and bam he’s history.

                    Murphy- you’re so right. Just an asshole. Although I can KINDA see his hate for Wells given that Jaha floated his dad. But he was ready to kill Charlotte too- he’s just borderline nuts. I like him more now but there was something kinda cool about how unpredictable he was…you felt like you were watching a psychopath and what would they do next??

                    I think Indra should take Madi to work at the store (once they get bunkerkru dug out) so Clarke can be her own woman. Madi will learn a skill and maybe meet a nice Skaikru boy. Bell should be all like hey Clarke, remember Charlotte? That didn’t go well lol.

                    • YESSS I am so happy that you are enjoying S1!! I am starting it again tonight- shockingly, I did not watch it last night. And YEP- Wells was definitely a top character and yet… bye. Especially because he remains a top character in the books, which probably threw book readers off even more!

                      Here’s the thing- Wells was NOT his dad. And I get that they’re a bunch of angry teens, but like, Wells’s OWN FATHER sent him to die. Some of the Delinquents, like Finn, seemed to get that. Wells was no better off than any of them- if anything, it was worse cause his own father betrayed him? And as for Murphy, yeah. If he wanted to have a beef with Bellamy for hanging him, FINE, I get that. But CHARLOTTE?! Hell, she actually SAVED his damn life! I definitely thought he was a psychopath- and I think that kind of plays into who he is now, even, because you never REALLY know if he is THAT guy from S1, or the guy we see now, because I don’t think he can be both?

                      YES! OMG. Indra takes Madi to the General Store, where she falls in love with… wait for it… FIVE YEAR OLD KID. (He’s 11 now and she’s apparently 12, so it’s fiiiiine.) And then Kabby adopts them both, since I am pretty sure they’ll have to adopt FYOK anyway, after Jaha bites it. Poor kid loses two dads in that bunker, yikes. He needs Madi.

  2. Very interesting choices. I chose a few unpopular answers, just cause lol but I do like how some of the situations in the series turned out. I sort of lost interest by season 3 though. Will try to catch up on netflix by the time season 5 starts.

  3. FYOK and Madi… I like it! And Kabby can raise Madi so she doesn’t become a warpainted Grounder like Indra. And I say that with all the love for Indra. 🙂 But Mom material? I dunno… although Gaia SEEMS okay? And Murphy I agree cannot be both, cause you don’t just stop being psycho, right? So is he mellowing to fit in and he’s still that murderous little fuck deep down, or are they reimagining him which is sorta… unrealistic?

    • I mean, I feel moderately unsettled shipping middle school kids? BUT if it gets Madi the hell away from Bellarke, I will take it. Do you kind of feel like Gaia is okay BECAUSE she ran from Indra though? (I am with you, I adore Indra, but… yeah, I don’t exactly see her as the nurturing, cuddly type?)

      Yeah that’s exactly it- Murphy is either psycho, or he isn’t. So either in Season 1, he was acting extra assholey because he was being a scared, self-centered douchecanoe, OR in the later seasons he is being EXTRA psychopathic by convincing everyone that he ISN’T a psychopath. My vote is for the first option, mostly because I want to like him.

      • I go with option 1, because yeah otherwise he’s WAY too sneaky and that would be really scary. And we’ll get him 6 years older so we can say that he’s grown out of some of that teenager stuff too? There, we fixed Murohy lololol

        Affirmative- Gaia going to the priesthood probably DID save her, have to agree. I can see her a baby crying because she’s hungry and instead of feeding her, Indra throws the bottle at her. Only the strong survive- drink if you wanna live.

  4. Oooh, this is a fun one. Okay, so here were my votes:
    1. I would NOT shoot Jaha (sorry O)
    2. Yes to the culling, but I agree that it should have been handled differently,
    3. Definite yes to taking the Ark to the ground (like you said, not much choice there)
    4. I voted yes for killing Finn because I really do think it was the best, most humane thing to do, but when I actually think about MYSELF doing it, I’m not so sure I’d have the guts.
    5. I’m STILL mad that Lexa abandoned Skaikru, and I agree that it’s hard to understand how Clarke forgave her.
    6. I voted yes about pulling the lever at Mt. Weather, but I’ll confess that I’m hazy on the circumstances surrounding that one. I don’t remember being outraged and I’m pretty sure Clarke didn’t really have a choice.
    7. I would have destroyed ALIE in a heartbeat. Ignore her, Clarke!
    8. I would have tested fake Bayliss since a (supposed) murderer popped up at just the right moment. I was way more disturbed by the fact that they were all willing to test Emori, who had done absolutely nothing wrong (that they knew of). How did they decide she was the expendable one? This episode actually really made me think about what I would have done in that situation, and I think I can honestly and confidently say that I would offer myself up for the test before forcing someone else into it (like Clarke finally did—took her long enough!) And then I wanted to stab Abby in the eye when she stopped Clarke from going in. That episode STILL makes me so mad because they could have saved so many people with that cure—in fact, I still think they should have rushed to inject as many people as possible with it because what was the harm? It ended up working on Clarke, and they were dumb for not at least trying on other people, even if they didn’t know for sure if it worked.
    5. I said No to stealing the bunker, but then I read the next one and realized we were making a distinction between stealing it in the first place and trying to keep it. I actually don’t blame Clarke all that much for stealing it initially, but refusing to give it up when Octavia one made me furious—she would have let so many more people die, and why?
    6. I pretty much just answered this one. I thought they should share the bunker. I was pretty confident that’s what Octavia was going to do and incredibly happy when she made that decision.
    7. No to the death party. Just no.
    8. I would have done the second culling. There was really no choice, and it made me mad that Jaha tried to stir up trouble in the first place. Why should Skaikru lives be more valuable than any others? They should get their 100 spots, just like Octavia insisted. The lottery would have been more fair, sure, but Jaha made that pretty much impossible, and it did make sense to take the most useful people.

    So, those were my votes. I’m looking forward to season 5!!

    • Ahhh this makes me so happy! Don’t you wonder, how you’d REALLY react in the situations? I mean, of course we know what we’d do sitting at home watching this, but like… I can’t help but wonder who ANY of us would turn into in the situation? Because I guarantee that SOMEONE would have chosen Death Party in real life.

      Yeah I HATED the idea of the lottery- you could end up with a bunch of the assholiest assholes around- no doctors, no engineers, etc. I agree with you that Clarke should NOT have fought Bellamy on opening the doors once she found out that O had won!

      As for the testing, remember that they DID know that Emori had lied about Fake Baylis, that she knew all along that he wasn’t the real murderer/rapist. So I get it, BUT I am glad that they stopped- rather, Clarke stopped it. Because if they’d tested Emori… it would have been VERY easy to keep testing, and talk about an awful situation!

      OH and at Mt Weather, Cage was killing ALL of Skaikru basically, draining every last one of them, including Kane and Abby and Raven, and all the Delinquents. Clarke and Kane both tried to reason with Cage about donation but he refused, so… she irradiated the whole place, killing all the Mt Weather people. Except Cage and Emerson, but Lincoln killed Cage, and then we all know what happened to Emerson, ugh.

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