The 100 Episode 4×08: God Complex

Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! 

Please let me sob for a moment while I come to the realization that The 100 will not be on again until the last Wednesday of April. The wait for DNR is going to absolutely kill me. 

Onto the God Complex talk! I feel like I am going to be pretty gloaty this week. Greg @ Book Haven mentioned in his recap that we were in fact correct about Cultkru being involved. I was also spot on about Fake Baylis’s death, and the double meaning of the title of this episode. And Emori’s little trick coming back to bite her. And as someone who is generally totally off base on all things with this show… I am pretty damn proud of myself. 

God Complex

Speaking of Fake Baylis… he was a goner within the first few minutes of the show. Like I knew he would. Of course, that is a real bummer, because he was one of their 382 “only hope of survival” so far this season. Womp womp. He was a nightblood in the end, so when he basically blew up in the radiation chamber, the gang got the lucky job of cleaning out black radiated goo after his demise. This is what happens when you kill random stupid Grounder who just wanted a fucking Pop-Tart.

“But it was brown sugar cinnamon!”– Fake Baylis, probably

But it’s fine, because Abby just made your basic run of the mill life-or-death oopsie, something about polymers or polyester, I wasn’t really paying attention, so once she removes that, next victim test subject will be totally fine, pinkie swear! Only… who can they test? I mean, no way do they want to waste use one of their own people, and that darn black rain is making Grounder Hunting a bit tricky at the moment. Good thing Luna is up to date on her Random Grounder Clan Symbols enough to know that Fake Baylis was… well, fake.

But first, Luna needs to come on down for another round of bone marrow “donation”. Which isn’t totally painful and causes her to feel like shit or anything, I am sure. But Luna is done with this bullshit.

Luna is basically Angelica singing “I’m not hereee for you”. 

Look, I am going to be honest here. I don’t know what I would do. Part of me is thinking Luna is just inherently better than the rest of them but… here’s how I see it: If they don’t find a way to save everyone, Emori dies anyway. Plus, she lied pretty hard and literally killed an innocent man. This will haunt Abby forever. That kind of crime can’t be overlooked, especially since she was so manipulative. But we’ll look at this more later. Meanwhile, Roan doesn’t plan to let Luna leave the lab because apparently, he is Team Save-the-World.

Well, that looks rather familiar….. 

Well pretty much. Except… Mount Weather people just wanted to frolic in the sunshine or whatever, not actually keep people alive, so there’s that distinction. 

God, Complex

I spent most of this storyline in some sort of strange “let me see the damn bunker already!” anxiety. So much of what happened was kind of filler for me, even though it really wasn’t, in general. The opening of the story is… odd, because Jaha gets this whole idea of finding out more about Cultkru after Niylah says a Grounder prayer over the dead people pyre after the rain. It’s… a stretch, let’s be real. But, Jaha convinces Kane, mostly because Kane probably feels useless as fuck and there is no one left to “Dad” over at the moment. Then they grab Monty because they need “strong minds” or some other such reason for Monty to have something to do in this episode. Before he leaves, he and Harps have an interesting little… moment.

It should probably also be noted that Harper is moderately sloshed on moonshine at this juncture. But our girl is not doing well. 

Anyway, our little trio of haphazard heroes ventures off to Polis to find Indra, who will totally help Kane find her daughter who she has been hiding. Especially since, let’s face it, Kane has been a pretty shitty friend. Has he even checked in on Indra since she was missing for like, seven episodes? She could have been dead, since Azgeda was waging war on Trikru? Indra apparently feels the same as I do though, so it’s fine.

That’s Indra-speak for “we are no longer bros.”

Anyyyyway. We see that Polis has descended into anarchy and violence (more so than usual, I mean) and that our merry band of cult-seekers has to get through some kind of Azgeda tunnels to get to the place where the bunker may be. So says… Gaia’s tattoo, I think? It was all kind of weird, I won’t lie, and I was doing a wee bit of eye rolling at this point. But then Kane is like “nah, it’s cool, I have friendship bracelets with those guys” so they head off to the tunnel. Only… Indra doesn’t give a fuck about their new alliance and blows them to smithereens.

Because that won’t come back to bite them all in the ass.

I have so many questions. Like…. what the hell happened to Indra? Since when does she touch guns? And also, why is she acting so… rash? I don’t know, but they get to this secret room where the tomb of Becca Pramheda is, along with, Jaha supposes, the non-soupy Cultkru bunker. There’s a lot of fumbling with keys and talking about old prayers and shit, and then Monty throws Jaha’s Cult Soup key into a fire pit, it turns pink, and then the door opens. And there, we have bunker. Non soupy bunker for one and all. I need more bunker.

Such a tease!

“Whatever the hell we want”

The fact that this phrase is back makes me so happy I could cry. Or did, I don’t know, don’t judge. So Jasper decided to go for a little jaunt outside of camp, sans chem tent, which Bellamy forbids, so he follows him. At first Bellamy is pissed because Jasper is just being his usual, dark-apocalypse-humored self, and Bellamy is kind of over it. I, however, am not, especially with lines like this:

But eventually, they start to talk, like, honest talk. They have a nice little heart to heart which… was kind of great. Jasper didn’t tell Bellamy that he was forgiven for his sins or anything, but he did tell him that basically only he had control of how he lived his days. Which is kind of true for us all.

“And really mean it this time”–Jasper

Nice callback. Thanks, Jasper, I needed that!

Anyway, the real reason for Jasper’s trip into the woods was for Jobi nuts, because I am pretty sure that Jasper has a substance abuse problem. So he and Bellamy (who is adamantly against the consumption of nuts, considering he halluctinated that everyone he inadvertently culled was trying to kill him in Day Trip) head back to the Ark. Because it’s….

Party in the A.R.K.

(You should all now be singing that kind of shitty yet very catchy Miley Cyrus song, thanks.)

WOoo Arkfest 2150 is underway, ladies and gentlemen! I mean, first they have to deal with the business of all their dead radiated friends, but after a good cult prayer and a pyre, Jasper grabbed some Jobi nuts for the festivities. Luckily, Niylah knows how to make a mean Jobi brownie tea for the gang to share, and there’s plenty of moonshine to go around until she brews that up.

And of course, your friendly neighborhood blonde delinquent that no one has seen since a romp with Bellamy in Season 1 is back, to well, have another go at him, apparently.


Can I just say I do not approve? I know, it is probably unfair of me, but you know what? I don’t care. Screw that rando. Actually no, please do not screw that rando, Bellamy. You love CLARKE, the other blonde girl from Season 1 who is currently willing to sacrifice her own damn life to save yours.

“I bear it so they don’t have to.”

So Luna’s bone marrow is drawn, and the time has come to take Emori out of her makeshift prison and into her tomb testing chamber. This… well, as you can imagine, it is a whole lot of hurt. Emori just wants Murphy to protect himself, which kind of redeems her a bit in my eyes. And Murphy of course says he will go down fighting to make sure they don’t hurt Emori. My heart broke for these two.

Even after Emori is taken to be prepped, Murphy pleads with Clarke, in a moment that was just… it was just fucking phenomenal is what it was. Richard Harmon absolutely kills this scene, and my feels.

Screw it, I changed my mind, this is a long shot anyway.

So as Abby readies Emori, her hands start to shake. Whether it is from her brain problem, or the fact that she simply can’t do it, or maybe both, I don’t know. But Clarke thinks she can. So she takes the syringe. And then…

I did not see this coming. Even when she said “I bear it so they don’t have to”, I figured she meant, you know, killing Emori. But NAH, she is quite literally going to bear it, eh?

But Abby had that ALIE-infused premonition about Clarke being radiated, and so before Clarke can get into the chamber, Abby loses her shit and beats the living hell out of the chamber, rendering it, and therefore any further testing, inoperative.

This… is probably for the best, considering how successful it had being up to this point… 

Elsewhere on a lonely, dying planet…

This is where I ask questions/have thoughts about stuff that we didn’t see, or maybe just didn’t see enough of. Or whatever the hell I want because it’s my post and also Jasper said so.

  • Where did Octavia and Ilian go? I doubt the sheep farm has much radiation cover. Have they been tuning into their local news? Do they know that Head Meteorologist Raven Reyes said they only have ten days to live? Also, can we just presume the sheep will be dead upon their return?
  • Who else noticed Riley at Arkfest ’50? Raise your hand if you think he is going to be a big old problem in DNR. ???
  • Does anyone else really want Jackson to have more of a say in the moral dilemmas? I mean, everyone seems to trust him enough to come up with them, but he never seems to actually factor into the decision making. Maybe that is by choice? Guess we’ll find out if Abby dies…  ?
  • Miller is up from his nap (and looking good, that several weeks of beauty rest has been kind to him) but still no signs of Bryan. They aren’t just going to Wick him out of the story, are they? That seems… cheap. Also, can we please discuss how much more awesome it would be to see Miller trying to get Bryan to come to the bunker rather than a bunch of people halfheartedly telling Riley he needs to live? I feel for Jarod Joseph, because man did he get screwed out of some potentially powerful and amazing scenes. Thanks a lot, guy who plays Bryan.


So. There is obviously going to be wayyyy more than meets the eye at Cultkru Bunker. Because look, there is literally NO WAY that we’ll spend the next five episodes watching Fun With Bunkers. No, some other catastrophe must befall our unlucky friends. Do you think anyone will actually end up dying because they want to stay at Arkfest ’50? Tbh, it doesn’t seem like a good enough party to die for, but maybe that’s just me?

Uh, hi, what is an obsessed person supposed to do for FOUR WEEKS?! I mean, let’s be real, I will be rewatching the series, of course. And hopefully getting Nerdkru together (this is your official war horn, friends!), but still… the long wait hurts. 

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  1. These 4 weeks are gonna SUCK! I mean, are they nuts? But yes to being gloaty- I’ll admit I felt a tad smug when they went all Cultkru hunting and found that bunker (in Polis no less!) So yeah… womp womp lol. That radiation chamber was a mess! And I know, Abby was all like oh yeah I’ll just take this shit out and it’ll be fine. Oopsies. And they were bitching about Mt. Weather lol.

    I’m liking Roan. He’s all like guess we know who’s next. Even though I didn’t really WANT Emori to be next (well maybe a little) I did laugh at how ho- hum he was. He’s ready to keep going! And that was some seriously good drama with Luna- a Grounder of all people- being the voice of conscience.

    Okay Monty’s a better man than me. Harps comes in ready to roll and he’s like sorry no, I got a mission. I’m just saying. And she said “if” you get back, at first. Ouch Harper!! And Polis- that place is a dump! I was shocked when Indra just opened fire! Did she just do that? But that whole finding the bunker scene was cool. Nice touch w/ the pink flames.

    I smiled when he said “whatever the hell we want.” And I like how it’s party central in the Ark lol. Niylah seems to be all in, and who’s this chica all over Bellamy? I totally would not have known she was from S1. You know he gets around, between Raven and whoever else. Anyway… Murphy killed it in this one. And Clarke I didn’t see coming either.

    I did NOT notice Riley in this one. I hate him. And Bryan… sigh. Awesome recap as always. I’m a little disappointed in Harper going along with the Jasper bullshit- I mean, come on. She always seemed more or less level headed. Plus she’s in a relationship w/ Monty… I’m just not buying it. The frickin Arker’s though- I mean they scrap and fight to survive and with a newly discovered bunker they’ve decided no, I just wanna die now. WTF? I’m telling you the average Arker does not impress me. I mean yeah party but when the time comes get your ass in the bunker, right? And… how much room does the bunker have? Not enough for Arkers and Grounders I’ll wager. Interesting that it’s in Anarchy capital of the world. I’m hoping they find some stuff in there that links Cultkru to Becca?

    • FOUR WEEKS. My poor fangirl heart. Sigh. I was SO happy that they found the bunker- because we KNEW they would find the bunker, and the thing is, if they had waited until episode 13 to find it, I feel like we would have been kind of bored, knowing it was coming? This way… we have no freaking clue what comes next! YAY!

      I am liking Roan too! Like… he is level headed but he is also unapologetic for his decisions and I really like that. He’s all “bye Felicia” to Emori, but then he also does try to talk to Clarke and give her a nice little pep talk without negating his certainty. Good stuff. I agree about Luna too- I was actually surprised that she let them kill Fake Baylis, BUT I think the only reason she DID was because she felt so bad for what “he” had done to Emori. I also LOVED when Raven stuck up for Emori when Roan called her a “Frikdreina”! I should have put that in the recap but I got tired.

      Seriously, what is up with Monty’s self-control? I honestly wonder if it had less to do with the mission, and more to do with her drunkenness? Because he did ask her how drunk she was. I mean, if there were 10 days left to live and there was a gorgeous girl practically jumping on you… well, it would take more than JAHA for most people turn her down 😉 I wonder if Monty didn’t do it simply because he didn’t think she was in the right frame of mind. Monty is a good guy like that, after all.

      I LIKED the search for the bunker, but I just was so IMPATIENT hahha. Like come on, let me explore the bunker! Give me a torch, I’ll help Jaha! Polis was LITERALLY garbage fire. Like… that is the definition right there. What the hell happened!? And why did Indra care so much about the stupid tower? Who CARES, girl, the world is dying!? Fuck the tower, your ass needs a non-soupy bunker!

      I wouldn’t have known she was from Season 1 either, but the writers mentioned it on Twitter hah. Her name is Bree, apparently, and she can GO. AWAY. Honestly, if he needed some kind of stress-relief apocalypse sex or whatever, I would have preferred him to do it with a friend, Clarke-style. Not just some rando, who will think they’re in love until she dies two episodes later ::cough:: Gina. I actually thought he and Harper might get messed up and end up hooking up, and I won’t lie, the drama lover in me was kiiiind of looking forward to it ?

      Riley I noticed for like…. 2 seconds. And I probably wouldn’t have even then, had I not been making GIFs. I agree with you about Harper. Also- THIS could be how they try to make up for this not being Bryan/Miller arguing. Which SUCKS again, because you’re right, I don’t buy it, Harper wouldn’t do that- she’s a survivor. But seriously I agree with you- they were all willing to like, rebuild the Ark for a CHANCE to survive and now that they CAN survive, they’re all like “nah, we’ll pass and hang out at this moderately fun party until we burn to death, thanks anyway!”

      Good question about the bunker too! They did not show us enough of it. And they’ll have to live there for 5 years, right? I wonder if it is like, equipped for that? Because if not… that is a lot to do in 6 days. I hope we get a LOT of flashbacks in regards to Becca and/or Cultkru, because I think there’s definitely a story there!

  2. Exactly. Find the bunker. Because we’re obviously going to have the some-don’t want-to-be-saved drama now. As if they don’t have enough problems! I’m really hoping there is an extensive underground complex under there, I mean I know it’s probably not Mt Weather style extensive but still- did they say 5 years? There’s gotta be stuff there if that’s the case. Or are they going to do something to mitigate the aboveground radiation- ness? Season 5 underground doesn’t sound too good ha ha.

    I think you might be right about Monty- he did seem concerned she was drunk. I mean Jasper would have just got drunk too, but not Monty. So yeah he was being a gentleman there, I think.

    I liked the bunker search too, it had this ooh-what’s-hidden-under-the-temple vibe going, but I would have liked to see more exploring it. What’s in there? It looked fairly big. I mean they went down stairs didn’t they? I hope it has equipment and stuff stored down there- some tech wouldn’t hurt at this juncture. And I don’t know what’s going on with Indra- I thought she went off to warn Trikru and they were in a village or something, but instead she has some kinda war going on in Polis. I thought Trikru was mostly wiped out? I guess they just write whatever they think they need for each episode.

    Yes! Bellamy and Harper hooking up as a one- off makes way more sense to me, a) she’s not just coming out of left field like Bree, and b) there’s sort of a history of this kind of thing happening, between Bellamy/ Raven hooking up and Harper trying to get with Jasper (if I recall right?) in S1. Honestly I don’t remember Bree at all, but it is good to know. Will she turn out to be important? Otherwise why are they doing this? Hmm. And Gina lol- I forgot about her. Isn’t that sad??

    Only time will tell how it plays out but yeah, I just don’t see many going the no-thanks-I’ll-just-burn route. I just think people would WANT to be saved. And Harps went through Mt. Weather bone drilling for cryin out loud- she IS a survivor. So they’re just manufacturing some more silliness. But it might be fun silliness? I guess we’ll see in FOUR weeks gah!!!

    • YES we are and the thing is… how long can THAT drag out too? I HAVE heard speculation (and they are just rumors from what I can tell- but I also try to stay away from spoilers, so who knows!) that they’ll do a 5 year time jump which would be… super weird. OR maybe the death wave will never come and then they’ll all start killing each other! That sounds more like this show, right? ?

      Oooooh I llike the idea of having tech in the bunker! They really DO need it! Especially thanks to stupid Ilian. Still salty with him for blowing up Arkadia and then having sex with Octavia when she clearly wasn’t ready. What a scumbag. Monty wouldn’t have done that. 😉

      Yeah, Indra DID go to warn Trikru but then I have no idea what happened! I mean, it isn’t like they were all over the country, they live in the same damn village, should have been pretty easy. But for her to shoot a GUN!? What the hell happened there!?

      And YEP you remember correctly! It WOULD make sense- plus they both are feeling the SAME guilt from the black rain, and they’re all messed up on moonshine…. see, someone should just give us a job, we clearly know what to do in these situations 😀 As for Bree being important, I bet she lasts shorter time than Gina- which is saying a lot because Gina was in exactly 3 episodes ?

      I agree, Harper won’t just die in the end- if she dies it is because something kills her, not because she’s hanging out at Jasper’s suicide party. No way. Unless they wait too long to get to the bunker or something maybe? Idk, but I cannot stand this wait, it is MEAN and RUDE.

      • Yes it is mean and rude. How can they pull a stunt like this?? You know I’ve never frequented the spoiler sites or any of that but- a 5 yr jump? Wow. I had no idea. I’m… not sure how I feel, but initial reaction is- I hate that idea? lol I know they’re mostly young so maybe they can get away with pretending 5 years went by and everyone looks the same, but… ugh. I want to see them scratch out a society from the devastation! I hope hope hope they don’t skim over that. Urgh.

        Indra shooting a gun is bonkers. She must be ROYALLY pissed. Can’t her and Kane ever have anything nice? Sigh.

        Can you imagine if we wrote for this show? I’d be writing a lot more mutants in- seriously where are all the fucked up two headed things and crazy savage animals? I mean we’ve had batshit gorilla for fucks sake. But I guess the radiation wave is gonna kill all the animals? You know the more I think about it, that 5 yr gap makes sense, after all it’s not like they can just come out after the wave passes like it’s a thunderstorm. They’d have to wait a while… maybe that’s where this is going. This show is killing me.

        • Yeah I hate spoilers, but sometimes I see stuff on Twitter or whatever accidentally- but as far as I could tell it was only a theory, because people are trying to figure out how they’re going to navigate the whole in a bunker thing- because that WOULD be boring. I don’t need to watch like, Jaha and Jasper playing a game of Monopoly in a basement for 20 episodes or something.

          But I agree- I don’t want it just to be like “5 years later….” and then they open the bunker door and go back to killing each other over stupid shit again. Maybe it won’t be 5 years though? Maybe the death wave is…. I don’t know. I have no theories here, but I hope it isn’t stupid. 3 more freaking weeks. Honestly, this shouldn’t be allowed.

          On a happier note, the writers started on Season 5 today!! 😀

    • I found Bree during my rewatch! She’s in the tent with Bellamy having some sort of… threesome, when Raven’s pod flies down in Twilight’s Last Gleaming! I checked to make sure I was right, and yep! Super proud of my fangirl self right now ? She’s barely onscreen at all though, it’s kind of weird to bring her back, she was completely random and forgettable- the other girl had all the lines even ?

      • Bellamy having a three?? Man he was all kinds of bad boy back in S1 wasn’t he lol? Between that and Raven… but yeah, if she was blink and you miss it, why would they bring her back like THREE years later? Hmm something’s not right here… *side eying those writers* All I can say is they better not go that route. I mean Bellamy has grown so much, endured so much- and he’s estranged from O- pls don’t have him do that and then Clarke get all jealous or whatever. Ugh. That would be a CW thing to do lol but I hope they don’t…

        I am so curious how this is going to end with the death wave! Are they going to cull the population WAY down? I like have no theories!?!

        • YES he was the worst. He had so many girls coming in and out of his tent… it was kind of gross, tbh. Especially since like… well you know, protection issues? I doubt Jaha sent them down with condoms, basically. So it skeeves me out. He might have all kinds of… space herpes. Clarke should probably be careful.

          I am SO scared that is where the writers are going. I hope they don’t too because it is such a lame trope at this point. Like every show since the beginning of time has done it, and frankly, The 100 is better than that. Fingers crossed.

          I have no theories either! Like- NONE. Some of the titles for the next episodes have leaked but I am not 100% sure how accurate they are. 4×10 is almost certainly Die All, Die Merrily. And 4×11 has been leaked to be The Other Side since… January I think, so that one seems firm. But then 4×12 and 4×13 were SUPPOSED to be Praimfaya 1 and 2, but then there were a few sites saying it was The Chosen. So… yeah. They all seem pretty damn bleak if you ask me ?

          Still 3 more weeks. ?

          • Space herpes LMAO. Bellamy’s a walking STD right now *snort* Yes be very careful Clarke. 🙂

            Those episode titles are… grim. Die All, Die Merrily??? WTAF is that all about? You know, they might just go there. They’ve done bone marrow drilling and genocide. The end could get very dark :O

            • SO all the episode titles have been confirmed. Ready? Okay: DNR 4X09, Die All, Die Merrily 4×10, The Other Side 4×11, The Chosen 4×12, Praimfaya 4×13. So… yeah VERY dark. I mean, THE CHOSEN right before PRAIMFAYA!? Holy shit.

              But… how are they going to have a season 5 if they just…. kill everyone!? I am kind of scared. It’s like… Nyko and Fake Baylis and a few redshirts have been THE only deaths (and they totally minimized Nyko’s which pisses me off but anyway) so do you think… do you think they did this so they can kill off everyone we love in the last few episodes? It’s going to be bad, isn”t it? ?

              • It… might be very bad. You’re right, no one of note (well Nyko was awesome but you know what I mean- the regulars) has died, and Praimfaya is coming, so… yeah. I think they might cull the cast a bit because they don’t have enough time for everyone now, and they’re probably feeling like they have to meet or exceed last year. But- at the same time there are a lot of Arker’s and Grounders, so if we only lose one or two regulars they can still have lots of collateral damage and make it a tragedy. I just don’t know… I’ve never really frequented the spoiler/ speculation sites but now I want to???

                I’m really wondering about Abby/ Kane/ Jaha. We might lose one (we’ve talked about Abby) but you don’t think they’ll kill one of the other two do you?

                • NOOOO don’t spoil yourself! Resist the temptation! It is hard, I know.

                  So. I didn’t *think* one of the others would die- just Abby, probs. But now… I am second guessing, especially since Isaiah has been tweeting a lot about his other show. But maybe if he died, Abby would survive? (This is wishful thinking because I feel like Abby is not making it.)

                  But here’s the thing- If you think about the other deaths- the BIG ones, I mean- they were pretty spread out, I think for like, maximum emotional impact? Like- if they kill EVERYONE we love in one episode, that’s almost too much, right? Like- had they offed Lincoln and Lexa in the same episode we would have been… too overwhelmed to process. So if they kill everyone at once, I don’t see that being effective, because how will everyone (the characters, too) mourn? They won’t, it’ll just be a mess.

                  So I figure they HAVE to start killing people off in DNR, if that is the plan. Or at the very least, Die All, Die Merrily (which is probably my favorite episode title EVER even though it reeks of heartbreak). Actually- that kind of makes sense. I bet they leave behind people who won’t come with them in DNR, and then… DA,DM will be… the aftermath. ? So… officially terrified.

                  • Is Isaiah doing that? Oh no. What other show is he in? I think you’re right though about Abby… and maybe Jasper’s faction can’t be reasoned with, so they are forced to leave them behind… then as the episodes progress maybe Harper or someone has second thoughts, or dissension breaks out… and some come to be rescued after all? Or maybe they’ll do it some other way. I really don’t see them killing Japer???

                    You’re right though, they need to space the deaths out or the impact won’t be there. Good point.

                    • He is going to be on… Bull, apparently? I have no idea what it is, but I DO think it explains his hair this season. Or lack thereof. Or whatever. Maybe he is just a guest star. FIngers crossed.

                      I really think that is what is going to happen- The Jasperians are going to be left behind but then they’re going to be like “fuck, that was stupid” and are going to hike to Polis to find Cultkru Bunker, but of course, the effects of the radiation are already happening so it will be a hot mess and people are going to dieeeee. And then maybe some of the non-morons will go try to save some of the Jasperians, because maybe they radioed for help or something, and then the non-morons die too because the Jasperians had to be rescued like the assholes they are.

                      Just my theory 😉

  3. I’m so sorry that there will be a mini The 100 hiatus. I hope you can survive through it 😛

    Pay attention to me in the meantime.

    • I CAN’T VAL. I can’t survive. ??? They took away my favorite show for 4 weeks for NO REASON. NO reason! They could at least have given me a story about why. But nooooo. And Val- no one has died yet. NO ONE. But someone will, of course. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS!?

  4. He just wanted a fucking Pop-Tart.

    I think Raven’s comment of “Welcome to Mount Weather” hit Clarke pretty hard, like a slap in the face to remind her of her own humanity, and of what it took to get them there. Here for more of that, because honestly when they do survive Primfaiya, they NEED to be okay with the choices they made to save themselves and their people. Otherwise, how are they going to live with themselves afterward?

    Gah, I can’t wait to see more of the REAL cult bunker. I just don’t know where they’re going to go from here. omg I finally watched that teaser trailer and OMG IT’S GONNA BE INTENSE. ALSO WHY IS HARPER SUDDENLY DECIDING SHE DOESN’T WANT TO LIVE???? I’M SO CONFUSED.

    • RIGHT? Instead he got to… BECOME a pop tart? ?

      I think it was a slap too- and kiiiiiind of an unfair one. Because like, YEAH they are doing Mt Weather-y things, BUT for a whole different reason. Frolicking in the meadows and straight up NOT dying are two verrrrry different animals.

      And RIGHT with Harper!? I have a theory, but look above because my fingers are too lazy to type it all again 😉

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