The 100 3×15 and 3×16: Perverse Instantiation Parts 1 and 2


Welcome, welcome! In case you missed last week’s recap, here you go! 

 Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! 

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking still photos from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show. But I make my own GIFs, so YAY!! (This was the whole season in the making, so color me excited!) 

Now, let’s do this! Episodes 3×15 & 3×16: Perverse Instantiation Parts 1 and 2

It’s finale time!  Look who’s making her own GIFs again! That’s right, lil ol’ me. I gave PhotoShop a try, but when you have a super old version… well, it didn’t work. Maybe next season. I just used programs like “free shit from the internet”. Which aren’t their real names, but I am okay with it.

Also, I might have watched Part 1 when I had gotten home from BEA. At 5:30 in the morning. While eating airport popcorn. So if I missed stuff… well, let’s just assume I missed stuff, mmmkay?

3×15: Perverse Instantiation Part One

This was basically a set-up for part two. Like.. not much happened that we didn’t kind of expect. Things like:

Jasper’s Chipped, Y’all!

Look, I knew this before I watched the episode. Because while drinking wine at BEA, I guessed it, and my cohort in drinking and 100-ing, Sabrina, told me I was right. And we find this out in like, minute two of the episode. Plus, please raise your hand if you were even mildly shocked that Jasper would be the asshat to take the chip just for funsies? No one? Didn’t think so.

So of course ALIE sends someone to the exact location to take down Clarke. And she gets saved, because this guy shows up:

Roan’s hanging out in the woods because… reasons.

Anyway, Bellamy shoots him to make sure he isn’t chipped. I am sure there would have been easier ways, but I am so sick of the ALIE story that if Bellamy wants to shoot everyone, fine. I don’t care anymore. So a plan is hatched to find Ontari in Polis. And I have to say, the dialogue is, again, quite stunted. They need to pick it up in Season 4. Anyway, no one likes the plan from the start, but shit isn’t going great so… limited options and such.

When Jasper’s like “hold up, this is stupid”, you know it’s stupid.

But alas, there isn’t a plan B, so off these  rascals go to Polis, with a fairly half-assed plan to chip the hell out of Ontari. But back at Arkadia, ALIE is making sure that Jasper puts the kibosh on Raven’s plans. Which of course, means stabbing your bestie. As you do.

Sorry, bro.

Polis Goes Awry

So the plan was basically for Roan to pretend he was holding Clarke prisoner, and then demand to see Ontari with the flame, figuring ALIE would try to get it from him or… something. Meanwhile the Blakes and the Millers (because I still don’t know Miller’s boyfriend’s name, let’s just pretend they’re the Millers) were going to be guarding from a tunnel. Because there’s nothing like setting yourself up as prey in a confined space. Well, that lasted about 2 seconds, because Jasper was there and knew the plan. So Jaha comes out and is all “Really guys? This is your grand scheme?”, and while I hate agreeing with Jaha…. yeah. So he gets ready to attack. But then Roan remembers that they have something ALIE needs!



So, Clarke gets hauled off, but not before the Blakes and Millers nearly meet their doom in the aforementioned tunnel. But lucky for them, the Three Musketeers show up just in time- much to everyone’s amazement.

And while there were some weak moments with the dialogue, Murphy’s was on point at every turn. Maybe it’s because whoever writes Murphy’s lines is awesome, maybe it is because Richard Harmon can do no wrong, or a combination. I digress. We needed lines like this:

Have truer words ever been spoken?

Anyway, I was pretty tired at this point, and all I really know about “The Plan” is that a pissed off Octavia gets to help Pike and Indra turn some weird wheel while Bellamy and Murphy scale the elevator to get to Clarke. Who, as it turns out, is not having Super Happy Fun Time in the uhh throne room? Does that place have a name? ::Shrugs::

Upstairs in Throne World…

Some chipped folks drag Clarke up to Ontari, I suppose in hopes of throwing the flame into her chipped head. But first, they need the password. Which only Clarke knows. So they try the good old fashioned “Mom stabs daughter” routine. When that doesn’t work, Abby figures she’ll just have them torture Bellamy. Only they realize that Bellamy escaped, so Abby has to resort to hanging herself. Yep. That happens. But there’s going to be enough gore, plus that is super triggering, so we’ll leave that out. Anyway. ALIE realizes that Murphamy will be upon them imminently. And she doesn’t approve. 

Do we want to know what this could mean?

Nope. And this is the least awful I could make it seem. 

But alas, Murphamy come in, Bell takes out Jaha (not forever, sadly) and Murphy saves Abby, but alas, Ontari is brain dead. So that leaves us in a very tough spot for the finale, no?

3×16: Perverse Instantiation Part Two

Was this as emotionally high stakes as the Season 2 finale? Nope. Not even almost, really. But that’s okay! And I will explain why later.

An ALIE-less Polis Throne Room

Clarke de-chips Abby with a wristband or something, I don’t really know, my DVR missed the first couple seconds, so now it’s just just the Griffin girls and Murphamy trying to figure out how to (or even if they can) save everyone, or if it’s just game over. It’s nice having ALIE involved elsewhere for a change. I look forward to all the ALIE-less moments, don’t you?

So Clarke decides that the only way to activate the kill switch is by going into the CoL. But wait! What about the whole brain-turns-to-goo dilemma? Well, if she learned nothing else from Mount Weather, she learned how to steal all of someone’s blood. And since Ontari is brain dead but not dead-dead… she’s a candidate! Thanks, Old Man Weather 😉 But alas, not everyone is in love with this plan.

And Abby is over there like “oh hell no”. But one person does trust our dear Clarke.. 

Abby’s face looks like she wants to murder him, too. 

And then all the Bellarkians in the world swoon for days-


In the City of Light

So Clarke is in The CoL. It’s basically… New York. Or any city. And people are walking around in their weird little preppy outfits, doing all kinds of random shit.

Case in point: Jasper, sitting on a bench eating ice cream. 

At first, people can’t see Clarke, so that’s a bit of good news! Until it isn’t anymore, and ALIE’s minions are sent to destroy her. Or whatever. And just when she’s about to be sliced and diced by an angry, well-dressed, ice cream eating mob, who shows up to save the day?


So Lexa spends a few minutes kicking ass, and then Clarke starts to get weak and Lexa basically drags her around CoL for awhile while Abby and Murphamy try to figure out why Ontari’s blood isn’t going into Clarke fast enough. Apparently, that is causing the weakness and also they needed to fill a few minutes and make Alycia’s return worth her while. I get it. Anyway, they come up with… this. There are no damn words.

I am so glad that you can tell it’s plastic or I would have been sick for real.

So Clarke gets back on her feet, and while Jasper feebly tries to convince her to just join them for dessert and J. Crew in the CoL, Raven is busily trying to give Clarke clues to where to find the kill switch. And because she’s Raven, she nails it.

Good thing Clarke knows her birds?

Then Clarke has to go, to use the kill switch and such. Only.. what about Lexa? It’s so bittersweet, but I loved it anyway.

(No YOU messed up the GIF.)

So Lexa goes off to fend of the minions, and Clarke goes into the… well I don’t know, wherever she is, and finds Becca, glad she’s come to get the kill switch business taken care of. But wait! ALIE is not giving up that easily. ALIE tells Clarke some shenanigans about how the world is basically going to be all but decimated in six months’ time. And she and Becca go back and forth for awhile about what the “right” thing is. I love watching a machine and its creator fight ?

ALIE’s face here makes me chuckle every time.

Anyway, while these two bicker, and Clarke hesitates to push the damn button, things aren’t going great at Polis. The masses finally broke through, and are attacking- of course they want to disconnect Clarke from the Nightblood, and kill her so ALIE will be saved. So it’s getting ugly.

And the whole time, I am yelling at my TV “Damn it Clarke, pull the freaking lever already!”

So there’s only seconds left, which Becca so helpfully counts for us as Clarke bickers with ALIE.

WOOT. As if there was ever going to be another outcome. 

Of course, everyone at Polis gets thrown right out of the City of Light. And they’re horrified to recall what they have done. And now everyone has to deal with the aftermath. Some of these reunions give me the weepies. Like Memori, Kabby!

Awww! And then these Jonty feels:

But Clarke is still completely shell-shocked. Because she now knows what none of the rest of them do- they’re facing some dire straights. 

And then, because the season couldn’t just end with Bellamy getting that bombshell delivered… this happens:

I cried. While I understand that O is in pain and that Pike would have had to have been punished… he did just save Octavia multiple times all while helping to save the human race so… this was not how I would have wanted it to end. Plus, couldn’t she have stabbed Jaha instead?

Some final thoughts:

  • love the setup for next season. Actual real things that could happen to the earth? Yes please!!! And the thought of people actually joining together for the greater good is freaking epic.
  • I like that Clarke got more time with Lexa. I feel like everything was such a whirlwind in Polis, I am glad that she really got some “closure”- not that you can get closure from a loved one’s death, but perhaps “peace” is a better word? Anyway, I think it was fitting.
  • Also, when Lexa told Clarke “I told you my spirit would choose wisely”, I nearly started clapping.
  • I found Octavia’s actions out of character… but I also think that’s why it happened. She’s basically going to break, I think.
  • We all have probably suspected that the original ending was for Jasper to kill himself, and I am so, so glad that they didn’t take that route. While I think it would have been realistic (and in line with Jasper’s character, sadly), I want hope for him. I think everyone does.
  • Bellarke. Just… yes. 

So guys, what did you think of the finale?

Don’t worry, I shall be back (Holly swears she will play!) with a big old season recap, and some fun stuff!  Just give me a week… or two 😉 

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21 responses to “The 100 3×15 and 3×16: Perverse Instantiation Parts 1 and 2

  1. Yeah there were some problems with this season. 🙂 Bellamy shooting Roan but Roan is okay 2 minutes later. Oh good, glad to hear gunshots to the arm re really no big deal. And if you think about it the plan to go to Polis and chip Ontar- pretty ridiculous. I hope The 100 writers up their game in S4 (or get new writers!) And yes about Murphy! He rocked this season, and had the best lines. That line about Clarke is probably my favorite line of this season.

    Why was everyone dressed for business in the COL? I was like, these are Grounders and Ark’ers. Do they even know what business casual is lol? And I’m sorry- that heart scene. Squishing it to pump the blood! I laughed so hard did they really go there??? Crazy 🙂 I was also like pull the lever already Clarke, WTF??? I might have yelled at the screen too. Talk about dragging that shit out. And Octavia… I was kinda shocked she offed Pike. As bad as he was, I could see him being a good foil going forward- lots of possibilities if he’s still there. To kill him off… I was disappointed by that. And that O would just do that. And Jaha is still alive- so that’s a big problem for me.

    I kinda wanted Jasper to die- I’m so fed up w/ him. Is that bad? I’m just… the writers this season kinda ruined him for me, I don’t know. I am excited to see what next season brings- the whole radiation might be kinda fun. It makes sense there would be environmental stuff or plant breakdowns or whatever… it can’t be worse than the CoL!

    • Seriously! He limped for awhile… and then just didn’t anymore. And YES! It WAS ridiculous! Because what would happen if they chipped her? She was STILL ONTARI. Meaning she was still a complete bitch who beheads little kids. And yet… they act like she’d have saved the world? Best thing Jaha could have done was taken the ax to her head, frankly.

      AnD YESSSS! The clothing is RIDICULOUS. I commented on your recap too, but if it was me, it’d be time for jammies or like, sweatpants. None of this business casual bullshiT! And you’re so right- how would they even KNOW! I mean, if I was a Grounder and suddenly I am in 21st century New York wearing a sensible pair of loafers and a sweater vest (basically, channeling Chandler Bing), I would be horrified! Where are my spears and boots!?

      The heart scene… was gross. Until I realized that it looked like plastic (because it WAS, of course) and I felt a bit better. I guess it WAS the best way to get the blood out honestly. And I actually fast forwarded the DVR until Clarke finally pulled the damn thing! I was getting so ragey! I went back and watched, but I was just like COME ON. We know she’s GOING to pull it! Sidenote: WHY does everything operate with a lever around here? No buttons? Weird.

      DUDE, YES! Pike could have REALLY been redeemed later. And I was actually starting to almost sort of (dare I say) like him? I mean, I hate what he did, of course! But he wanted to badly to help the delinquents, and then he kept saving Octavia over and over… and you could really tell that he felt awful in the end. I think he could have had a HUGE character redemption. I mean, he worked with Indra, and I really think he legitimately respected her, and that she changed his views on Grounders in general. Add to it that everyone loved Lincoln so much… it would have been SO much better to watch him sort out what he’d done that have him killed… and to have to have O live with doing it. I feel like she never would have, which I assume is why they did it? To give her this new… layer, this new demon. I don’t know. I still don’t like it.

      And nah, not bad that you wanted Jasper gone. I think a lot of people agree with you, tbh. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Jasper. Though I am beyond mad that he took the chip, and I hope he has to deal with the consequences of THAT. And he had better not be pissed at Clarke anymore. He betrayed everyone he knew, so how can he be mad at her?

      But I am SO excited about the new season! I worry about how they’re going to keep Bellamy and Clarke apart though. Because you know they will, for awhile. Because if they ever DO have them get together… well, they can’t, basically, until the end. (Actually, my biggest fear is that it will get randomly cancelled before it can properly end, in which case… well I’ll be crying forever I think?) And seriously- they could sit around watching paint dry and it’d be better than CoL! 😉

      • I know! And is Roan even dead? I’m not really sure at this point. And no shit! Where are my boots and my spear ROFL? So true… where were they all going? To frickin work???? That ain’t no paradise lol. It shoulda looked like Key West or somethin. Geez ALIE you dumb shit- get it together!

        And what is up with the levers? I didn’t even think of that! And I’m glad you said it, because I was kinda (whispers) liking Pike there at the end too. Taking him into S4 and the redemption thing- plus he;d still be a jerk frequently I’m sure- that would have added some nice tension to O’s story, having that constant push/ pull- do i kill him or don’t I? Especially if Indra could somehow forgive him- how cool would that have been? But they kill him and leave Jaha??

        I’m very curious what they do with Jaha now. If they just let him stay around and worm his way out of it I’ll be so pissed. He needs to be punished somehow, I don’t know. I hope he loses his plot armor soon. Maybe he’ll die slowly of radiation poisoning? I can hope. And I don’t know WHAT they’re going t odo with Bellarke- I’m kinda excited but nervous?

        • I have NO IDEA! Let me check the Wiki, sometimes they know stuff. I mean, he LOOKED dead. I assumed he was, but a lot of people are unsure, so I guess there is a chance he isn’t? It was so WEIRD that we don’t know. UGH, his status is still listed as “unknown”. I have a feeling we will know before the season airs though, because if he shows up on set, and stays there for the whole time, then he’s alive. I really think he IS alive. Otherwise they would have just said he was dead. And with Lexa AND Ontari gone, and Luna MIA, they need a Grounder-in-Charge. And that will be him, and Indra probably fighting him hhaha.

          I am so glad I am not the only one who kind of liked Pike at the end. You could see he so badly wanted to make amends but had no idea how, because how do you say “Hey, sorry for killing your soulmate. Can we be friends again?” I agree, I would have LOVED to see he and Indra become friends, and then O have to try to decide if she’s now mad at Indra, or if she can forgive. It was such a cop-out!

          And PLEASE make Jaha go away. Why is he still here!? He should have died in Season 1. Because now he will only be an annoying roadblock for anything that Bellarke, Kane, or Raven try to do to fix this mess (because you KNOW that is who is going to fix it), and we’ll have to watch Jaha try to wrench power away from them at every single turn until one of US decides to go Octavia and stab him through the stomach.

          I am definitely nervous-excited for Bellarke. This is the first time that the season has ended with them together (I mean, in the same physical location). So it’s weird that the whole first part of season four will NOT be “GUYS, we have to find CLARKE!!”. I seriously cannot wait!!

          • That sounds like Roan is alive then- excellent! I hope so, he’s got potential. And I totally agree about Pike- the more I think about it the more I think they should have used him in S4. That would have been awesome. Totally agree w/ everything you said there. What a shame they offed him and kept Jaha…

            I actually hope they keep Bellarke together (in the same place) and explore their relationship that way instead of artificially separating them. There’s no plot reason to do that now and the writers room should be able to figure out how to tell good stories w/ the together! And I think the radiation storyline might be so intense that they HAVE to be together… let’s hope. 🙂

            • I agree about Roan- if for no other reason than “everyone else is dead”. I mean, they need SOME legitimate Grounders outside of Indra. She’s amazing, but she can’t carry everyone.

              And I really don’t know why they kept Jaha over Pike, the only thing I can really think of is “Because he is Isaiah Washington”, which.. frankly, not a good enough reason. Honestly, I think Michael Beach did a better job this season. He made me both loathe Pike AND feel for him- no small feat!

              And yeah, they need to have Bellarke together in location, but maybe having like… separate tasks? But close enough that they DO have a chance to talk, and see each other semi-regularly. And work together, of COURSE.

  2. I LOVED all of your Gifs and have though about making some myself but #TIME and #AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT. Teehee! But I loved all of the actions sequence parts! Some parts DID remind me of Game of Thrones, strangely enough. teehee!

    • Awww thank you!! It is REALLY time consuming, but less so once you figure it out. Like once I got into a rhythm, it was okay haha. I have heard people say that some parts were like GoT!! I haven’t watched OR read it (yet- I plan on it!) but I can imagine how some of it would be, just knowing the premises of both!

    • Well if you WATCHED THE SHOW, ALIE defines it! I could have made a GIF, but that is CHEATING, Valerie. Now, you have 9 months for me to hold you down and make you watch it… errr I mean, watch it of your own free will.


    • A perverse instantiation is a form of malignant failure, i.e. a failure that results in human extinction. In this situation, an AI that “does what you ask, but what you ask turns out to be most satisfiable in unforeseen and destructive ways.” An example would be a program that attempts to solve overpopulation with a nuclear apocalypse or to eliminate pain and sorrow by erasing a person’s memories. (Thanks, EW!)


    I actually was not expecting Jasper to be chipped, but I really should’ve known. Also lolol the way you write about the plot, it seems so obvious and like, needing better writing/storylines. (Which really, season 3 could’ve done a whole hell of a lot better in both of those regards). omg Murphy’s sass. My favorite. (I also loved the Murphamy reunion a lot). LEXA’S ENTRANCE WAS SO FUCKING BADASS AND AWESOME, I LOVED IT! I never really shipped them, but I definitely liked their relationship a lot, and I’m glad Clarke got to say goodbye. I seriously was like 100% convinced Jasper was gonna kill himself, and I’M SO GLAD HE DIDN’T. My issues with his character aside, that would’ve been pretty awful to see and have on TV (like just with his PTSD and getting him to realize that CoL wasn’t real and that he needs to let it go and heal and be at peace), and I’m so happy the writers didn’t go there.

    I want all the Bellarke next season, please and thank you.

    • I feel like he is alive, only because if he were dead… he would just BE dead, right? Also, see my response to Greg above for my full theory.

      I knew but I did not tell you! See, I wasn’t *that* inebriated, I kept my spoilers to myself ? Murphamy was on point! I LOVED it. Everything Murphy says is freaking epic. (Whoever writes his lines can/must stay!!) I agree that Clexa was never my ship, and never would be, but it worked for me in that moment. And now I am glad it is over so Bellarke can happen someday 😉

      I am SO glad that Jasper didn’t. While I do see the realism in it, it would have just been too awful. I was cringing, just WAITING for him to do it. I could barely look at the screen. On one hand, I kind of wish they DID go into the mental health ramifications a bit more, but on the other… it would be incredibly difficult to do it justice, so maybe it’s better that they just skip it. I mean, there’s not exactly time for Lexapro and therapy when you’re fighting the apocalypse soooo…

      I wonder how much Bellarke we’ll get next season. I don’t think much. But more than this season, which was mostly Clexa driven.

  4. I know I just spoiled mysefl by reading this but did Jaha came back as a normal human being? Or did he suffer a cruel death? Honestly I root for the second one.

    Great, great post!! 🙂

    • Bwhahahah we ALL rooted for that one… but alas, no, he came back as a normal human. SADNESS. I wanted him to die. I still hold out hope for next season, but I feel like they just aren’t going to kill Isaiah Washington like… ever? 🙁

      And thank you!! 😀

      • Nah they want him because he is SO GOOD on being bad? I don’t know; I did finish the episodes though and I wonder what Clarke and gang will think to save the planet!?

  5. I just finished the finale, so obviously I came here to talk about it, but it’s been a while, so I was like okay do I have to click the back button until I find it or…? Then I realized you have an entire section on your blog dedicated to The 100 hahaha I never noticed before. 😀 A+++

    Okay so. I did NOT understand that random splotch of color on the door was a raven. :’D I was like… but how does Clarke suddenly know it’s raven?? What the hell haha. I… think my brain doesn’t process images very well??? :’D I thought of ALIE and Becca as the angel and devil on Clarke’s shoulder, but creator arguing with machine is pretty epic. 😀 I also like the setup for next season – I hope it will mean more grounder/sky people collabs, but this is The 100 so it will probably just lead to more fighting (also the grounders seem to view all the science-y stuff more as religious symbols, so they’ll probably have different ideas of what to do?). I’m wondering if this means we’ll get to see more of the ground because the radioactive plants are all over the earth. There must be tons more grounders.

    I watched part II way after I watched part I, so I kind of forgot they shot Roan. I liked him. 🙁 I definitely wanted to see more of his character. I sort of liked that Lexa came back, but at the same time it was a little clichéd, but also I literally went NONONONONO MY FEELINGS CAN’T TAKE THIS when she appeared. 😀 I knew she’d appear, but STILL. I like that Jasper’s still around though not so much that he’s resorting to drinking again? If I have to endure more of Jaha’s bullshit next season, I’mma throw something against something (drastic measures, I know).

    To be honest, this entire episode I was just Murphy – along for the ride but making sarcastic comments like it was my job. I know he’s an opportunistic asshole, but he’s kind of also my favorite character… oops? To think I was rooting for having him killed the first few episodes… I have to admit I don’t really feel much about Bellamy either way anymore. He lost all my respect this season, but I don’t hate him either. I don’t particularly like Octavia. I didn’t feel like killing Pike was THAT out of character for her, but I was definitely hoping she’d choose to be a good person. Like, I realize she’s in pain, but what does killing Pike do to help? Just no. Then again, at least Pike’s gone from the show if we have to endure Jaha (though Pike seemed to have improved a tiiiiny little bit by the end?). I don’t understand how Abby lets Clarke do all that random dangerous shit she does if she loves her that much. Why didn’t SHE volunteer to have the blood transfusions if she was that afraid for Clarke? And can we just please forget about that heart scene because that was a little too much gore for me. Or for anyone, I’m assuming.

    I love how this season also ended with Clarke pulling a switch. By the end of next season, maybe she’ll be so used to it she won’t even hesitate anymore. 😀 By the way, when is next season because I need that ASAP.

    • Also, can your gifs be used? Because I literally bookmarked that Murphy great idea gif when I saw it. It feels like I could use that for most situations in life. 😀

    • Gah, next season isn’t until at least January, and my heart fucking cannot. CAN. NOT. I think that Abby tried to stop Clarke a LOT at first, but Clarke was like “bitch please, either help or get out of my way”, so now Abby helps however she can I guess. (I’m re-watching the series rn, so I have insight ?)

      Murphy is amazing, especially this season. I hated Season 1 Murphy sooo much. Jasper, well, I’m assuming he’s going to try to pull Octavia back from the edge. Just a theory. Bellamy… he’ll be okay again, as okay as any of them can be, anyway. I really felt like Pike could be redeemed. But also, had O not killed him, the Grounders were never going to let him live. So I see why they made the choice, but I don’t like it.

      I still am crying over Lincoln. P.S., I have a big old season recap coming up, yayyy! ?

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