Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader GirlThis week’s topic is: Best Books I Read In 2018

Gosh this is HARD. And there isn’t a real rhyme or reason to how I picked the top ones, it was just a combination of rating, and then how fondly I remembered it, and these are the 18 books that won! 

The Honorable Mentions:

(These link to reviews or Goodreads, depending on whether I reviewed stuff!)

The Top Ten

#10: Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett: First Jenn Bennett, definitely not the last! Survival + Swoons = Happy Shannon.

#9: Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn: Best graphic novel series I have read, also reminds me of Humans.

#8: Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon: So many feels, also so freaking honest I cannot.

#7: Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen: Time travel, gray morality, and oh so many feels.

#6: Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful by Arwen Elys Dayton: Super unique and thought-provoking, set in an all-too-plausible future where humans, as usual, take shit too far.

#5: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman: Honestly just as good as Scythe. So you know, awesome.

#4: Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre: Technically I read this in 2017, but look, my post was done without it and I can’t not mention it!

#3: The Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannen: Did not expect to fall in love as hard as I did. Still crying.

#2: Four Three Two One by Courtney Stevens: Also never expected to love this so much. But wow, these characters sucked me in and never let go.

#1: Fatal Throne by Candace Fleming et al: The only 2018 book that made it to my all-time favorites list, and one that shocked me the most. Like who’d have guessed how much I’d love fictional accounts of dead ladies? Not me, but here we are!

Did any of these make your list? What was your favorite 2018 read?

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  1. Bring Me Their Hearts I’m really curious about! I have it too, just haven’t cracked it open yet. Starry Eyes=need. Alex and ada *nods vigorously*!!

    Ha love how you described Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful. Sounds about right. 🙂

    Happy New Year!! 🙂

  2. Rissi JC

    I still haven’t read a Jenn Bennet novel, but given that I do own three of her books, I’m thinking in 2019, this should be a priority. Here’s to hoping, anyway. So glad to see one on your list. Also, I seem to remember reading something about “Honor Among Thieves” but don’t remember what it was. Guess I should take a second look at that one too. 🙂

    Happy reading, and New Year, Shannon!!

  3. None of those made my list, but I did like Here and Now and Then. I still have to read A Thousand Perfect Notes, but it’s in my TBR jar, so it has a chance for me to read it this month.

  4. I can’t believe I didn’t get to Starry Eyes in 2018. After Alex, Approximately I was determined to read more from Bennett but it just didn’t happen. Four Three Two One is another one that didn’t happen and kind of fell of my radar. Seeing it make your list reminds me that I neeeed to read it.

  5. A Thousand Perfect Notes was such a wonderful read. I really enjoyed it but it broke me at the same time. I hope you have some wonderful reading ahead in 2019. Happy New Year!

  6. I loved Scythe, but I still haven’t read Thunderhead, so I’ll have to get to that soon. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!
    Happy New Year! 🙂

  7. omg I’m so honoured to be mentioned here ajfdkslad thank you Shannon THANK YOU 💛💛💛 and also *flails for your top 10 list too* I admit I haven’t read a ton on there, but I want to read the Bird and the Blade and I have Our Year of Maybe so that will DEF be read soon!! And Thunderhead was a freaking masterpiece and also vERY unfair on the feels.

  8. The only thing on this list I have even heard of is the Stronger Faster More Beautiful one, which I have heard mixed reviews about. I am leaning toward give it a try though, esp with your reck. If your blog is going to do one thing, it’s gonna expose me to a different slice of the book world than the one I seem to be staring at most of the time. Three cheers for that!

  9. My favorites post was difficult, too! That’s why I ended up choosing 20 favorites. Oops. Thunderhead made my list. Hopefully I’m going to be reading Fatal Throne this year. I’m on a waitlist for it. Happy 2019!

  10. I was surprised I gave 5-stars to Our Year of Maybe, because you know I always want things to go a certain way, and they didn’t, but it was such a good story. Jenn Bennett is my queen. Nuff said. Courtney Stevens is an auto-read for me now. I just keep loving all her books, and Four Three Two One was excellent.

  11. sabina Edwards

    I ended up re-reading more of my books then anything in 2018…still re-reading but hope that soon I can do a big splurge

  12. Clearly I have some catching up to do, because out of all of the books you mentioned, I’ve only read A Thousand Perfect Notes (which I loved!). I’m in the middle of Not Even Bones but I needed to read some light fiction at the end of this year and that book wasn’t calling to me with how dark and depressing the beginning was.

  13. Your list is full of books that I haven’t heard a ton about and I love that! I’m definitely interested in a couple of these especially Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful.

  14. The only two I’ve read are Starry Eyes and Our Year of Maybe, both of which I LOVED. I think Jenn and Rachel are two fantastic contemporary authors, and I want all of their books. And I just got Fatal Throne, which I grabbed because of YOU! I hope to read it soon.

  15. Okay, I haven’t read enough of these. I did love Bring Me Their Hearts and Dread Nation—Bring Me Their Hearts just barely didn’t make my top ten. But I haven’t read a single one of your actual top ten. I am about to read Starry Eyes, though, because someone chose it as part of my Make Me Read It Giveaway (yay!). (And I know that I am a horrible human for not reading Thunderhead yet.)

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