Oh hi, look who turns 5 today!? It’s meeee! Okay, it’s actually the blog, but whatever. So, in lieu of a more creative idea, I just decided to list a bunch of “fives” from my years of blogging! And a giveaway, yay!

Thanks to all you people who keep on reading! Love you guys! And extra love to THESE PEOPLE, who have been awesome friends!

Five Favorite Standalones

Five Favorite Series

Five Books I Black Sheeped On

Five Books I Always Seem to Recommend

(I mean, besides those I listed already ha!)

Five Favorite Posts

Show of hands, who’s shocked that The 100 and Ugly Covers are my favorites? Zero people? Thought so.

Five Favorite Reviews

As a “thanks for putting up with me for five long years”, I figured I’d give away a book of choice, internationally to anywhere TBD ships! Good luck, friends!

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Thanks for joining in the fun, friends! Tell me five things about you, if you want to help celebrate! 

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62 responses to “Happy 5th Birthday to It Starts at Midnight!

  1. Happy 5 years!!!!! Wooo hoo! I don’t know about 5 things, but thank you for MAKING me read The Hunger Games. That was a good call. 🙂

  2. Whoo hoo! Here’s to five years, and I love this post. So much fun! TSK is definitely an all time fave, and Denton was so interesting and surprising. Need to get to I’ll Meet You There and Rites of Passage as they are high on my list.

  3. John Smith

    “Tell me 5 things about YOU! Anything at all!” (1) I am older than I used to be. (2) I have always had good teeth (aesthetically speaking). (3) I enjoyed the “Perelandra” trilogy by C.S. Lewis, but I haven’t read it in years. (4) I like cats. (5) I would like to own a house and have a very private backyard with a small garden house.

  4. HAPPY BLOGANNIVERSARY! I love your blog so much!
    So here I go:
    1. I’m Greek
    2.I have publsihed my trilogy
    3.I ADORE Laini Taylor
    4.I want to travel to the US
    5.I want to have my own libray Belle style!

  5. techeditor

    Five things about me:

    1. I love books and animals.
    2. I enjoy attending author events and book signings.
    3. I’m a former technical writer and editor of manuals and reports for U.S. Army and Navy.
    4. I’m on the board of the Friends of the Library for the Romeo District Public Library.
    5. I write reviews of all books I read.

  6. AHHHHH HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, YOU AMAZING BLOGGER QUEEN! And forever one of my all time favourite blogs, just so you know. ???*showers you with sparkles and cake* I love your lists here and seeing THG on your 5 favourite series was totally shocking. Did NOT see that coming. ? (Also *total soft squee* at ATPN there.)

    Omg 5 things about meeeee…this is hard. One would think I would have 5 interesting things, but apparently when asked, my brain goes blank.?So let me try with: (1) my favourite series is The Raven Cycle [SURPRISE], (2) I barely eat cake compared to how much I talk about it online lmao, (3) I collect pretty mugs but somehow just seem to still use the same one over and over???? (4) I’m so bad at remembering names, I literally don’t say people’s names because I’m never sure what they are?, and (5) I’m really double-jointed. A fact brought to you by me twisting my thumbs around the opposite way while trying to think up facts.


  7. Betul

    Happy blogiversary!!
    Here are 5 things about me:
    1. I eat my french fries with yogurt
    2. I love horror movies
    3. My all time favorite book is The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons
    4. I am addicted to coffee
    5. I speak 3 languages: Dutch, Turkish and English.

  8. Happy Blog Birthday! 5 things about me…
    I live in South Africa and Indonesia
    I love scavenger hunts – my fave children’s book is The Game by Diana Wynne Jones because of the hunt
    Favourite series is Daughter of Smoke and Bone, still ranks at the top
    I am addicted to WWII books set in France – my all-time favourite is Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris
    I love painting and drawing when I am not holding a book.

    I love your blog – hope you have many more blog birthdays!

  9. Molly Mortensen

    Happy five years!! How has it been that long? Five things? Haha cute idea. Okay here goes…
    1. I’ve written 2 books but will probably never be happy with them.
    2. I have a weakness for all things vampire.
    3. And super heroes! This new trend where they’re popular is awesome!
    4. I enjoy birdwatching and collecting rocks. Hard to do at the same time though.
    5. I stink at blogging so I’m super impressed with you.

  10. Happy blogoversary! You are one of my favorites and it’s always a treat to read your posts – and I promise I am reading them, even though my comments have been sparse lately!
    I have not read so many books from your 5 favorites list. I need to get a hang of myself!

  11. Happy Blogoversary!!! 5 years is amazing! Congrats! I hope you have many more happy blogging years to come!

    Five things about me..
    1. I’m a huge Disney nerd
    2. I’m going to Disney World next week!
    3. I’m socially awkward unless around other bookish (or Disney) people
    4. I still love paranormal books and always will
    5. I’ve written my own novel but have yet to get something right about it to make an agent like it enough

  12. Happy blogoversary!!!!
    5 things…1) i haven’t read any of the book cited in this post^^;;
    2) i have a puppy but it’s hard for me to be alpha
    3) i love letter paper and writing letters to my friends
    4) i miss the RAK event (it made me discover some who became friends)
    5) i love to craft handmade gift for said friends for christmas time

  13. Happy 5th Birthday to your blog, Shannon! That’s such an amazing achievement and I’m so pleased your blog is still going strong. I think your blog was one of the first blogs I started reading regularly when I first started blogging and it’s still one of my favourites. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

    Five facts about me:
    1. When I was little I wanted to an actress, and even now I still have urges for the stage
    2. I’m trying to learn Italian
    3. I’ve broken four bones, but I’ve never dislocated anything
    4. I’ve signed up to do NaNoWriMo this year and I’m already nervous about it
    5. I’m trying to read more horror because I loved ghost stories when I was little, but horror is a genre I’ve struggled to break into thus far

  14. Reese

    Happy Blogoversary!! I love the 5 things idea to celebrate, it’s very interesting and it serves as a recap/introduction of sorts.
    Hmm, 5 things about me, let’s see:
    1. I’m very into politics, and follow the election processes in countries other than my own.
    2. I’ve never broken a bone, dislocated anything or (physically) had anything more serious than a bad flu.
    3. I can move my ears.
    4. I’m always obsessed with something.
    5. I’m still laughing at the 2007 NaNoWriMo typo (immortalized in a book along with many other jewells) ”illegal possesion of forearms’.

  15. Congrats to five years! I’ve loved reading your blog over the years.
    Five things about me:
    1. Used to be a hockey blogger
    2. I’m a vegetarian
    3. I rarely look at my stats! Ignorance is bliss!
    4. I don’t think I’m very good at this whole “book blogging” thing
    5. I have written two ya contemporary novels, but I think they both suck

  16. Happy 5th birthday!! That’s so exciting! Your ugly cover posts are so much fun. xD I get ridiculously excited whenever I see one in my feed.

    As for five things about myself . . .

    1. I’m extraordinarily clumsy. It’s a gift, really.
    2. Out of all six theatrical productions I’ve been in, so far, I’ve only been cast as a girl twice.
    3. My dog’s name is Scout, after To Kill a Mockingbird.
    4. I used to mismatch my socks because I was too lazy to match them up when I did laundry.
    5. My middle name is Isabel.

  17. Happy blogiversary! Five things about me? 1. It’s going to snow tonight, and I am not ready! 2. I also love The Serpent King. 3. Scythe and The Hunger Games are some of my favorite series. 4. I was a black sheep on Love Letters To The Dead, so we can sheep together. 5. Someday, I want to live in a log cabin in a creepy forest.

  18. AHHH CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years of blogging, what an incredible accomplishment <3 <3 <3 I love the way you did your post, too, such a great idea – and I love that I'll Meet You There is one of your favorites, I love this book so, very very much <3

  19. Kel

    Congratulations on 5 years, Shannon! That’s an amazing milestone! And we all knew The 100 would show up somewhere in here, and the unfortunate covers are too fun to be left out. 🙂 And I didn’t even realize I was on the Bookish Lovelies until now, but AWW! You’ve been an awesome friend too! And 5 things about me? Hmm…
    1. I love thunderstorms.
    2. I hate cleaning.
    3. My eyes burn out if I spend too much time staring at screens.
    4. I still need to work in a beach day.
    5. I’m so used to working holidays, it’s weird to have them off now! (But I’m technically still working today, so…)

    Congratulations again! All the celebratory cookies and cakes!

  20. Amanda

    My five favorite books I’ve read this year are: Circe, Dread Nation, The Belles, Turtles All the Way Down, and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

  21. Happy, happy, happy blogoversary! I’m so glad you are blogging books!

    Five things about me:
    1) I am unreasonably excited to see my blog on the same page as Paper Fury on your list of blogs you enjoy.
    2) I used to climb mountains. Mt. Hood twice, Mt. St. Helens once, South Sister three times, Middle Sister once. Now i get winded going upstairs….
    3) I played viola in high school and college.
    4) I used to speak Latvian pretty well.
    5) My favorite season is summer.

  22. Happy blogoversary!!! I actually think it’s hard for me to come up with five things you don’t know about me because I feel like I’ve told you a lot of “the things” about me, but here are some random ones:
    1. I’ve also been blogging 5 years (6 in January, but still…)
    2. I’ve only read 5 of the books that you consider favorites or recommend (How is that possible?!?)
    3. I’ve owned 5 ferrets in my lifetime (they’re the cutest, except they kind of stink and they tend to scratch things like carpet up horribly, which are the only reasons I haven’t had any since just after college)
    4. I’ve also had 5 dogs in my lifetime (hey, I’m just now realizing how many things I can come up with using the number 5!)—I still have 2.
    5. (Oh, wow, I’m stuck. I thought I was going to say I’d worked at 5 companies in my life but then I remembered a sixth. And then I thought I’d say I’d had roughly 5 types jobs post-college, but it was really stretching the definition of “types.” Tried thinking of something interesting I was doing 5 years ago. Um, nothing. Or maybe something about my kids, but there are only three of them … and I started counting out their sports and activities or something … but it’s definitely not 5.) Let’s just say I’ve brainstormed 5 ideas for this last bullet point, and they were all flops. 🙂

  23. Kate Sarsfield

    Five things about Kate:

    1. My actual age and the age I feel I am are way off;
    2. I am a teacher of children & adults with intellectual disabilities although am currently looking after my Mum 24/7;
    3. I rely on reading, singing and getting my hands in the earth (gardening) to keep my sane;
    4. I cannot function without a cat (or several);
    5. I hope I never grow up!

  24. Danielle Hammelef

    Yay for 5 years! Congrats! Five things about me: 1) I love to bake; 2) I play first chair flute in my community’s concert band; 3) I have a hamster named Frodo; 4) Sushi is my favorite food; 5) I brew Starbucks Espresso roast every morning and drink at least 3 cups.


    In all seriousness, I’m forever grateful for book blogging bringing us together. I don’t know what I’d do without your friendship, support, and general awesomeness. You’ve had a hell of a year, but you’re still here posting and fangirling over The 100, and that makes me so happy. I can’t wait to see what Year 6 brings you! <3

    Also, I have read very few of these books. WHOOPS.

  26. Debra Branigan

    Happy 5th blogversary. Five things about me:
    1) Reader
    2) Genealogist
    3) Retired English teacher
    4) Still a YA novel fan
    5) Grandmother

  27. Oh, wow, congrats on 5 years! That’s fantastic! 🙂 Is there cake? You deserve cake, to make it a proper anniversary. xD

    Five things about me is hard. *whines*

    1. If I found a genie, I’d probably wish to write like Fredrik Backman, because he’s a genius and world peace is overrated.
    2. I may not always be fluent in English, but I’m darn fluent in sarcasm.
    3. I volunteer with animals, because I think we can all agree they’re better than people.
    4. I’m a writer, which I think explains my crazy a little … right? Maybe?
    5. Scythe is also one of my favorite series, as well as a book I will never not recommend, and I just feel that had to be said. Again. xD

  28. Happy Blig Anniversary! =D

    Five random facts about me:
    1. I was married on Halloween.
    2. I have four children.
    3. I’m 35 years old, but I still have a blue mohawk. =P
    4. My favorite music is metalcore, new core, and heavy metal.
    5. I am a huge comic book nerd!

  29. Happy 5th blogoversary! May you have many many more!
    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

    1. I’m fluent in Portuguese & English
    2. I live in Brazil
    3. I’ve never been to a bookish event
    4. I look forward to Halloween all year round
    5. Winter is my favorite season

  30. Summer

    Happy Blogoversary! Five things about me would be: 1. I watch way too much television. 2. I have a sweet tooth. 3. I don’t play any sports, yet I am way too invested in watching them, I’ve shed some tears when my favorite hockey team loses. 4. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice more times than any other book. 5. I love warm weather, the hotter the better.

  31. Beth W

    I’m not gonna enter the giveaway because I already won the most recent one, but I wanted to say CONGRATS on making it to 5, and doing so with consistent, hilarious posts. This blog never fails in making me chuckle, and adding books to my TBR pile. 🙂

  32. Happy blogoversary! I’ve really been enjoying your blog for the last few months, so I’m glad that I found it and I can come here often to see great posts. 🙂

    5 things about me.
    1) I can’t whistle.
    2) I don’t eat land or sky meat.
    3) I’m not a morning person.
    4) I hate running.
    5) Rice is one of my favorite foods.

  33. I’m a bit late with the commenting but HAPPY 5th BLOGOVERSARY, SHANNON and ISaM. May you have more fruitful blogging yrs to come!!! 🙂

    5 bookwormy/bloggy/random things about me:
    1. I’m a slow reader
    2. I am a disorganized blogger like I have no schedule whatsoever.
    3. I love the color green.
    4. I hate eating bananas but I love banana muffins.
    5. I adore Shannon and this blog.

  34. Happy Blog Birthday! Your blog is now a happy and busy “toddler!” Here are five things about me:

    1. I’m a book blogger, too, and have been blogging since 2012… so I understand both your joy… and your stress. How do we do it? Who knows? What motivates us? BOOKS! And MORE books!

    2. I do my best to always have a bag (or two) of chocolate almonds in my purse.

    3. I’m a dog-lover…but I’m allergic, so my family and I can’t own one. Instead, I collect dog plush toys to compensate and make friends with EVERYONE in my community who owns a dog. My favourite breeds are: Bulldog, Boston Terrier, and Shi-Poo!

    4. I feel naked when I don’t have a rings on my fingers.

    5. I’m a lipstick and mascara junkie. And as often as possible, I can’t leave the house without “putting on my eyebrows!”

  35. fhms97

    1. i love YA ?
    2. i have a major sweet tooth
    3. i love collecting books
    4. i hate pickles
    5. my fav colour is turquoise

  36. Happy Bogversary!!!! I love all your lists of 5 things. It helps give a recap of all the awesomeness you’ve blogged about these past 5 years.

    As for 5 things about me:
    1. I love purple and green (so much so that my bedroom is painted those colors)
    2. I despise the rain
    3. I love color coding things
    4. I love bright lipsticks
    5. I own 7 copies of Fangirl

  37. Oh man, five years is a lot 🙂 I can only hope I’ll still be blogging in three more years! (I’m hitting two in a..YIKES NEXT WEEK??)


    So that will be the five things. That it’s turned 2, that I’ve completely didn’t register that until now, that I’m an idiot xD and that I’m excited about your blog being five, and mine two xD

    Man, I can’t believe I totally forgot.

  38. Cali W.

    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy 5th birthday!! cheers to more years. 5 things about me are:
    1. I think mermaids are real
    2. The wolf is my favorite animal
    3. I love to read and write books
    4. banana ice cream is my favorite
    5. I don’t drink soda

  39. CONGRATULATIONS on the BIG FIVE. I don’t know any interesting facts about me so here are random ones: I don’t like popcorn. I love rain. I love hot chocalate. I hate too hot weather. I’m bad at saying no.

  40. Samantha D

    Congrats I love ur blog!
    About me 1 I have been living in China 2 I will be back home in December 3 I love coffee 4 I enjoy crocheting 5 Bad movies entertain me.

  41. Happy 5th blogoversary! Can’t believe I’m just now getting by to say it! Okay, 5 things about me?
    1. I blog at Lisa Loves Literature
    2. I am a high school librarian
    3. I have 3 tattoos – 2 book related and my new one is a dachshund
    4. Dr. Pepper with Vanilla from Sonic is my favorite drink
    5. I love your blog!

  42. Lily M.

    Happy Blogiversary!!!! I’ve been reading and subscribed to your blog for a couple of years now. Hope you have a good day and that you keep doing well :):)

    1) I like to watch The Walking Dead, that’s my show :):) there’s just something about zombies.
    2) I like to listen to Kpop.
    3) I have a cat, she just turned 11
    4) I like to eat Flaming Hot Cheetos, favorite snack.
    5) Don’t like onions.

  43. Megan S.

    Happy blogoversary! I’m so happy for you!!!! <3
    Things about me….. hmmmmmm…
    1) I love animals
    2) If I could icecream all day every day I would
    3) My fave genre is Fantasy
    4) I love the TV show FRIENDS
    5) My fave colour is purple 🙂

  44. Nancy

    I am an avid reader, a recent emptynester, creating my first blog, love entering giveaways & this is my first visit here. Since your birthday is in November…Happy Birthday! ???

  45. HAPPY 5 YEARS!!! So five things about me
    1) I like anime
    2) I’m horrible at taking bookstagram pictures
    3) I adore horror movies
    4) I live in Jamaica (the island)
    5) my otp is PYNCH

  46. Irma J

    Happy 5th Birthday <3
    I hate talking about myself, lol. I love running, I read like my life depends on it, I love dogs – love training them. I have a 10 year old daughter and I work as an accountant.

  47. KateS

    Happy 5th Blogoversary! I wish you many more successful years of blogging!

    5 things about me:
    1. I have 5 tattoos.
    2. I love crime books, anddd crime tv shows.
    3. But I also love romance books, CoHo is my faaaaave!
    4. I WORK FOR PIZZA, literally and figuratively. 😛
    5. I love traveling, I visited 6 different countries in 2018, hopefully I’ll visit one more before New Years.


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