The 100 Season 4 Wrap Up

Well, well. It’s been a full month since Season 4 concluded, and I have rewatched the series already. This should surprise zero people. I finally got around to making some questions up (to be fair, at least half of them are from last year’s recap anyway) and Holly and I finally got around to answering them. Then, we decided we’d talk about our answers at ALA but… we didn’t. Though I did reference The 100 so much that I think she and Sabrina were a wee bit frightened? So if I have comments, I will just put them underneath. And if Holly has comments, well, she can comment like everyone else 😉 

Obviously, all the spoilers. 

Best Episode

Shannon Says: Die All, Die Merrily; The Chosen; Praimfaya

Die All, Die Merrily was like my fandoms clashing, and it was everything (and more!) that I could have wanted. The Hunger Games meets The 100? Yes please.

The Chosen broke my feels. It was epic in its decisions, in its emotional fortitude. It presented gray morality better than this show ever has, and that is saying a lot, because The 100 is the best at gray morality every time.

Praimfaya was the Delinquent growth episode I never knew I needed but definitely did. While I might have thrown things at the cliffhanger, it was so amazingly executed and such a perfect way to show how far each Delinquent has come.

Holly Says: Die All, Die Merrily

The one where Octavia wins the conclave. Seriously one of my favorites *ever* on this show! It was badass, emotional, and brought out some of the best in these characters. From Roan and Ilian helping Octavia to Bellamy and Kane cheering for her on the sidelines, I was a mess. SO GOOD.

Worst Episode

Shannon Says: The Tinder Box.

Okay, none of them were bad, but this was definitely my least fave. Because this could have been actually good, had it not been Riley fucking things up. Had this been Bryan, we could have had some gut-wrenching Bryller scenes. Bellamy’s talk would have meant something. Instead we have Bellamy pretending to give a fuck about Riley, which has all the excitement of watching paint dry.

Badass Monty singlehandedly saved this episode from being a real shitshow. 

Holly Says: The Other Side

Arg, I don’t even know, because there were quite a few episodes in the middle there where I felt that the show had gone downhill. But I pick the episode right after the conclave ended and everyone found out Skaikru fucked them all over (again), and they fought over who got the bunker. That one was absolute shit, and I just did not get how it did anything for this season or its characters. Clarke and Bellamy barely even TALKED about her shooting at him, so I was really disappointed in it.

Shannon Says: I fully disagree with Holly; The Other Side would be in my Top 5. But alas.

Best New Ship

Shannon Says: MILKSON. (I know that people call it “Mackson”, but I like Milkson better because it’s funnier but also it uses more of each name.)

Miller and Jackson are both awesome characters who I want to see more of all the time. I adore this ship. And we somehow got rid of Bryan in the deal, so talk about a win-win!

So much adorableness! I hope they’re married by Season 5. 

Holly Says: Sea Mechanic

What ships even set sail this season? I’ve been trying to come up with one, but I’m drawing a blank. I was really into the idea of sea mechanic, does that count? :p

Shannon  Says: No, no it does not 😉

Ship that Needs to Die

Shannon Says: Does Becho count? 

You know this shit is being set up. I don’t even hate Hanty as much as I hate Becho. Because it doesn’t seem authentic, it seems like another plot device to keep Bellarke apart. It’s like, Gina 2.0.

Holly Says: Bellamy/Echo

LISTEN I AM NOT HERE FOR THIS. EVER. I would not mind at all if they end up becoming really good friends in space, but dear god no romance. I think there’s too much shit between them, and zero trust and chemistry, that forcing it would just make me mad. No ships for convenience sake, please! (I’m lookin’ at you too, Raven/Bellamy).

We both only approve of chucking Echo out of the Ark. 

Ship (Other than Bellarke) That You NEED

Shannon Says: MURVEN. And Octylah.

I had so many ships for Raven this season, but then they all died. And Murven was one of my crackships, you know, for the angry sex? But the more I think about it, the more I like it. Sorry, Emori?

Also, I could live with some Octylah, please and thank you. O needs some love, especially since 6 years has passed since Lincoln’s death. And Niylah is the calm, rational force that she needs. DO THE THING, writers.

Holly Says: Returns from the dead?

Oh man why Shannon. I’m still sad that both Roan and Luna are dead and I can’t have any ship with them in it anymore. I REALLY WANTED SEA MECHANIC TO BE A THING. *SOBS*

Best Moment

Shannon Says: THE. LIST.

There were so many amazing moments (Oxymorons and The Head and the Heart being a close second), but I had to go with the list. Because not only was it beautiful and perfect, but tragic as hell.

Holly Says: Bellarke, basically

Oh jesus I can’t even pick a favorite moment. As much as there were times I wanted to stab whoever wrote the episode, there were *so many* good and heartfelt moments between the characters. But definitely finding out Clarke called Bellamy every day for six years (leave me alone I don’t care that this is kind of a cheat). And literally just every single moment between them. Let’s not forget when Clarke made the list and Bellamy wrote her name down for her. Or when they said goodbye. Or when Clarke comforted Bellamy over Octavia’s anger. ALL OF IT. Take your pick.

Um, because you love him, but it’s only Season 4? 

Death You Cheered For

Shannon Says: Riley!

I have been cheering for his since at least A Lie Guarded. His character was so useless. The only decent thing he did was die.

Even in death Riley sucked, since he basically helped Jasper end Death Party. 

Holly Says: Riley

Riley died, didn’t he? At least, off screen. And thank god because I disliked him a lot.

Shannon Says: Holly, Riley died onscreen. See above. And maybe read my recaps from time to time? Just saying.

Saddest Death

Shannon Says: Jasper, my heart.

Also, Nyko’s, Roan’s, and Ilian’s were no fucking picnic either. But Jasper just destroyed me- it is probably the second or third worst death for me, after Lincoln (and maybe Lexa). He was just so damn broken. It hurts my heart.

Holly Says: Mr. Miller

Shit, I don’t even know. Jasper’s was heartbreaking. But Miller’s dad (I always forget his name) killed me. I I was incredibly sad, especially after Miller’s dad had given up his spot for his son in the lottery and Nathan wouldn’t stay without him, and then they left Nate on the floor and his dad was dragged away. *cries*

Gah, that was pretty sad, I agree with Holly.

The Jaha Award For Most Useless Character

Shannon Says: Echo

First, she almost kills Clarke like, 5 times just in Echoes. Then, bitch nearly kills Octavia and turns Roan against Skaikru even though she didn’t have all the info. She tries to cheat Azgeda’s way through the conclave, gets banished and nearly irradiated.  Then, she nearly makes Bellamy miss the damn launch because she’s busy killing herself in the name of Azgeda. Bitch, no one cares! NOW, we will all have to witness Becho. And that, my friends, is the epitome of “useless”.

Except… it actually was, so there’s that.

Holly Says: Echo

Honestly? Echo. Hear me out. She did nothing this season except try to make it harder for everyone to come together. She almost ruined her clan’s chances of surviving. She did nothing in that final episode. And like, I understood her grief and her desire to not go to space, but she still was quite useless for everything. (I really don’t hate her character, I promise; she’s an interesting antagonist).

Shannon Says: Great minds really do think alike- we did not see each other’s answers until I typed this up!

Season 4 Warrior Princess

Shannon Says: Octavia

O, of course! She singlehandedly created Wonkru. Need I say more?

Holly Says: Octavia

Obvs Octavia. I mean, did you see her in the conclave? I know she hid for awhile, but she fought. She kept the King safe, she came back from a fall to her death to warn everyone that war was imminent, and she saved the Sky people + all the Grounder clans at the end. WARRIOR PRINCESS OF MY HEART.

Season 4 MVP

Shannon Says: Raven & Clarke.

Straight up, one would not have succeeded without the other. They both saved everyone time and time again. If I am being completely honest, I’d put Bellamy and Monty in there too. And O. And like… everyone, okay? I love everyone, but since I made up the damn question I had to answer it.

Holly Says: Clarke and Raven

Clarke. She sacrificed her life (even though she’d had nightblood, she didn’t think it would work) to get the others to space. She has always sacrificed, without like anyone even realizing how much, which is bullshit, tbh. But also Raven and her gorgeous brain got them out of there, so I think the two should be tied for MVP.

Shannon Says: Starting to get low key creeped out by Holly and my eerily similar answers. 😳

Most Shocking Moment

Shannon Says: The second culling

I in no way saw that coming. At all, ever. Especially how it would be done, and how Jaha and Kane would end up doing it together. It was so sad, so epic, and I need to see flashbacks of the ramifications.

This is just the start of the heartbreaking. 

Holly Says: The Deaths of Roan and Luna 

WHEN ROAN AND LUNA BOTH DIED IN THE CONCLAVE. I kept trying to figure out how at least Roan would survive, but then the writers were like, lol no everyone is going to die except Octavia. Still hurts. I liked them both a lot.

Shannon Says: I agree, I did not see that shit coming.

Most Predictable Moment

Shannon Says: When Roan woke up right before Echo beheaded Clarke?

If I am being honest, a lot of Echoes was a wee bit convenient, but that one took the cake.

I didn’t make a GIF of that particular moment, so here, have Roan in a silly ass crown instead.

Holly Says: Clarke being left alone on Earth

Clarke staying behind. C’MON WRITERS, YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. Also, there was a lot that was predictable this season, because they kept being like, “this is our last chance” and the plan was always foiled, and then something new would be tried only to not work. Over and over again. It was pretty annoying. This show can do better.

Shannon Says: Also, over spoilers everywhere. Lock it up, The CW.

Moment that Made You the Stabbiest

Shannon Says: Time Jump

I mean, I said no to time jump, not “yes please, let’s make it even longer, actually”. I am scared that it won’t be the same show, the same characters. Plus, who even likes change anyway?

Holly Says: Bellarke Separation 



Best use of music

Shannon Says: Aurora- Through the Eyes of a Child in The Chosen; Tree Adams’ score in Praimfaya

Most Fabulous Guest Star

Shannon Says: Alessandro Juliani!

When I saw his name pop up, I was a happy person. I miss Sinclair and I miss Raven having someone to lean on. I hope that Bellamy becomes that for her next season- in a non-romantic way, of course.

Can he just keep popping back in? I want to keep him. 

Best Fight

Shannon Says: Literally everything about The Conclave

The conclave was so epic. These people love to fight, and the conclave showcased that. I also loved the idea of Gaia, as Fleimkepa, extinguishing flames. Also, The Hunger Games.

Holly Says: Roan & Luna

The one between Luna and Roan. Two of the most badass Grounders, the most skilled and deadly, going head to head. I was not surprised by Luna winning, but damn, that was an intense fight!

Least Likely to Survive Season 4 (but did anyway)

Shannon Says: Abby

I guessed she’d die at basically every single turn during season 4. And I was so, so wrong. I am glad I was, too. Because now I am really needing some Kabby babies.

Holly Says: Harper

I honestly had not expected her to last! I’m very, very happy that she’s still around, though I think her storyline this season was fucking ridiculous. The emotional stakes were not high enough because that person who died was just some rando, so I didn’t care about Harper’s issues over it.

Shannon Says: And also, she didn’t even do anything to Louis (the rando)! He was trying to rip her fucking clothes! How dare she not want to be trampled to death with him? 🙄

Least Likely to Survive Season 5

Shannon Says: Jaha, obvs. 

I would never have thought so, but it seems like Isaiah’s decision, so. We just better get a lot of flashbacks, and I am also hoping for a nice redemption death for our friend Thelonious. Pretty sure it is Octavia’s turn to float him to save her people.

Holly Says: Harper and/or Emori

Yikes. I GUESS saying Jaha would kind of be a cheat because he’s about done here. I think Emori’s in danger. However, she’s a survivor, so I don’t know. Harper is ALWAYS on my list, just because there isn’t much to her character sadly. (I was hoping season 4 would change that, but WELL).

Shannon Says: Good to know that Holly is above the easy way out, whereas I am clearly not 😉

Best New Character

Shannon Says: Ilian

I feel like my choices are either Ilian or Riley, basically? Or Gaia or Madi. But honestly, I haven’t seen enough of Gaia to make a decision, and same with Madi. I guess I could go with Five Year Old Dad? 🤔 In seriousness, Ilian grew on me, and I liked that even his more ridiculous decisions were really quite in line with his personality. And at the end? I adored him.

Holly Says: Ilian

I liked Ilian! We didn’t get to know him super well, but I appreciated his character, even when I wanted to stab him for destroying Arkadia. He brought some, I don’t know, light into this show in a really dark time. He was so angry and full of grief, but he was also really hopeful and courageous.

Best Friendship

Shannon Says: If you need me, I’ll be crying in a corner over Jonty.

Monty and Jasper’s friendship provided so much levity in an otherwise depressing as hell situation. Their love and camaraderie transcended the Ark, Earth, City of Light, and basically everywhere. They were family. They are family. And I think losing this friendship will hurt more than we know right now.

Holly Says: Bravenlarke & Murven

BRAVENLARKE. These three have been tied together for SO long and I love everything about their friendship. OT3. <3 Also Raven/Murphy. I know Shannon wants them to at least angry bang, but I’m pretty cool with them staying friends forever. They have, despite what happened in the past, become allies and Murphy kind of kept her grounded this season. I’m looking forward to seeing how relationships have grown and changed after 6 years.

Shannon Says: I really do need the angry sex, tbh.

Favorite Season 4 Quotes

Holly Says: I, uh, don’t pay enough attention to these. HAHAHA WHOOPS. I’m sure Shannon’s got plenty saved. 😉


Holly is right. Here, have 3874 quotes!

Becca: But with me in her brain, she’s da Vinci, Einstein, Mozart. 

Sinclair: And I choose Raven Reyes over those three hacks any day and twice on Sunday.

Raven: Here’s the takeaway: You have to be willing to die to really live. I am. 

Jasper: I guess they think it’s the end of the day, not…. you know, the End of Days.

Bellamy: Grounders in space. It’s an oxymoron. 

Clarke: Survival’s a team sport, especially up there. It was the only choice. Only choice. Also an oxymoron by the way. 

Bellamy: So is cold sweat. 

The Predictions For Season Five


I know nothing.  I have faith in basically zero of these. 

  • Becho will probably be a thing. How many space couples will still be together? I assume none?
  • Octavia will have killed Jaha in some kind of redemption death. I figure, he sacrifices himself since they’re going to have to cull more people since the bunker was only supposed to last 5 years.
  • Eligius will seem really bad at first. But they’re just confused because they came from space. (Sound familiar?)
  • At least a few episodes will be failed attempts at reuniting. They will make me stabby.
  • Some of the new Eligius people will become key characters.
  • Madi will start to piss me off.
  • Everyone will think that the groups that are not them are dead, which will result in some kind of shitty behavior on someone’s part.
  • Indra will have a really successful bunker store, and will be low key sad when she has to leave it.
  • Eligius will somehow help Clarke and Madi excavate the bunker.



Shannon Says: I wish I agreed with Holly. But nope. Not yet.

So, loves, let’s talk about Season 4! Answer me a few of these questions! Hell, answer all of them, you know I love this show!

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77 responses to “The 100 Season 4 Wrap Up

  1. I wast Jaha to DIE, Bellarke to survive and kick ass, Octavia to find a new true love, Kaby babies! And of course to see what six years underground did to all the clans and people!

    • RIGHT? I want all those things too! I mean- if I am being honest, I don’t *want* Jaha to die, but since he is going to, he might as well go out in a final bit of glory. PLUS, if he dies, hopefully in means one of our faves gets to survive longer, and I am here for that!

      And speaking of Kabby babies, they need to have had it already, because I think if it didn’t happen in the first few Bunker years.. well, she’s not exactly getting younger in there 😉

  2. I am ALL FOR Murphy and Raven. I’ve been thinking that for a while. It would be steamy! I was really, really, really sad when Roan died. I absolutely loved him. I’m not sure where his place would be if he did survive, but I’m still bitter about it. Honestly, I sort of just miss his voice. It was dreamy. I swear, if they pair Bellamy with someone during these missing years, I’m going to scream. It’s happening. I know it’s going to happen. I’m just not ready for it.

    • YESSSS! I am so glad someone else is with me! It would be SO steamy! Especially since Murphy isn’t a complete asshole anymore, I could see it having a bit of a future. And look- I like Emori and all, and she is pretty badass in her own right, but she’s no Raven Reyes 😉

      I miss Roan too! I honestly didn’t think I would as much as I did/do. And I get how unlikely it would have been to have him coexist with O in the bunker but… I think his character had SO much more to reveal, and that he could have been a really key player. But alas.

      Also, I feel you about Bellamy. I KNOW it is going to happen but UGH. It was like- we had Clexa, which at least seemed authentic. Becho just DOESN’T, and it feels like they’re just going to do it to push back Bellarke again. And in a sense, I DO understand why (would we still be as invested if they gave us what we want? Idk.) But still, we’re allowed to be salty about it hahah.

  3. Wow a month. Already. You know if not for Orphan Black I’d be screwed. I can obsess over one show a week apparently, thank God Orphan came along. I mean it’s not The 100, but still… Okay the second culling might be one of the most shocking moments on this show? Jaha and Kane deciding who lives and who dies. I think killing off Roan was huge- he could easily have been a regular on this show, and he fit right in. Good chemistry w/ Clarke. That was the death I hated the most. And drowned? That sucked- not how I would have had him go.

    And this was a tough season for ships. I liked Sea Mechanic (thanx Shannon for showing us that hug clip again- priceless). How can she fucking breathe with Luna all over her lol? Hanty I just ignore, and Octylah I am DOWN with. Becho is hideous and must never happen. Even tho ugh it will. I’d much rather have Bell and Raven- they’re sorta the two leaders and it would be WAY complicated when they re- encounter Clarke. I mean Bellarke is my end game but if they’re gonna mess with us anyway they might as well go that route?

    Echo does make an interesting antagonist, I have to agree. Bitch shooting people during the conclave,, I actually laughed- is there anything she WON’T do?? Raven and Clarke for MVP- yup. The second culling- it’s just so creepy seeing Kane and Jaha taking those masks off. The two guys who were float-happy on the Ark, doing it again. Making those decisions. Even though Kane at least is a different person now…such a twist.

    I hate the time jump. Too long… and yes will it be the same show? Clarke talking to Bellamy every day, hoping he’ll answer… kills me. Especially if he’s in a relationship with Raven or echo. Harper *sigh* I just don’t know. Season 5 and she’s still not a regular… doesn’t bode well. And they don’t really know what to do with her. But she’s lasted this long? Who woulda thought she’d outlive Jasper? So who knows? AS for predictions, I don’t have many but I think Eligius is gonna be a breath of fresh air- the first humans from space to show up since the Ark. They’re gonna scramble the equation. I think the writers have something weird planned for SpaceKru. Raven and Monty up there for 6 years?? Those two brainiacs will probably have it like a fucking Hilton up there- they’ll have Netflix and a cool lounge and it’ll be all cozy. I can see angry Murven happening in that environment!!!

    • I feel like if I watched another show I’d be able to survive too… but I also cannot actually seem to make myself watch anything else? Every night, I say to myself “okay, for real, I am going to start one of the 3974 shows on my list!” and then when prompted to choose… I click right on The 100. I even had a perfect out- I finished Season 4 again right before ALA. So you’d THINK I could come back and start anew, right? WRONG. You’d be wrong. I started the Pilot again last night. BUT The Challenge on MTV starts again in 2 weeks, and I kind of love that- such a guilty pleasure- so that’ll fill some time.

      The Second Culling was… damn. I still can’t get over it! I mean- at least with the First Culling (it is really strange to have to distinguish!) those people knew what was happening. This… can you even imagine how those people must have felt as they realized what was happening, and as they passed out? I can’t believe I am even saying this, but I see where FYO Dad is coming from! Kane KNEW he was safe! And while Kane and Jaha’s choice sucked, I would so much rather be either of them than any of the gassed people.

      Roan was an amazing character. There was SO much they could have done with him! I almost could have even seen him in space (because in my mind, he doesn’t coexist with the Bunker Buddies very well. Or at all.) And then the dynamics with Clarke when they came back, because you KNOW he, Bellamy, and Raven would have been amazing leaders, and Clarke… well, she”d be the odd one out. It IS sad- and I didn’t really like the way he died either- didn’t seem like the “warrior’s death” they all craved so damn much.

      It WAS a tough season for ships! And you’re welcome- perhaps I should have remade it in slow-motion, it seems like that would have been fitting 😂😂 But seriously, who was even together? Kabby, sure, but they were already a thing last year- actually, everyone was! And YES- I think that even though we all assume Becho is going to happen, Bellamy and Raven would be actually less appalling? Though I do NOT want them to have to go down the love triangle route again- with Clarke getting the guy in the end like with Finn. Doesn’t seem fair to do that shit to Raven again. Hence, MURVEN. I am so here for Murven. Though who knows where that leaves Emori! And I do NOT see Hanty together after 6 years- though to be fair, I didn’t see them together after 6 weeks either.

      I feel like Echo won’t be a huge antagonist when they come back- she’ll be like Murphy. She’ll rub people the wrong way still sometimes, but she won’t be actively trying to kill them. And Eligius, I cannot wait to see what kind of nonsense they start up! Because yeah, they’re going to be the bad guys- until we realize they aren’t actually all bad guys. They’re just confused because SPACE. I am surprised that Jaha didn’t find some backdoor Netflix already, since he seemed to get YouTube up and running with no trouble 😂😂 But seriously, they had better flash back to all kinds of fun shit on the Ark, because if Raven can GET them to space, yeah, she and Monty should be able to do some interesting stuff up there. I also can’t imagine they have many resources, either. I also agree about Spacekru being… not just coming back down to Earth as they went up. I have no idea what, of course, but it will be crazy, I’m sure.

      And HOW is Harper not a regular!? This is sad and doesn’t make sense. It also doesn’t make sense that there are only 9 regulars. They’ve had no less than 11 every season. So… who are the other two? Think it will be two randos from Eligius? An Eligius leader and Madi? Sigh. I don’t think it’s fair to promote newbies while Sachin, Chelsey, and Jarod have been sitting around for four years, and have tons of fans. But then, no one asked me to be on the hiring committee, so there’s that. But I hope it doesn’t mean death for them either. I am pretty shocked that none of them died this season- but grateful too!

      And totally related to none of this, but I have BOOKS for you.

      • The PILOT?? Ha ha you’re killing me… and you know that makes me wonder why I’m not rewatching (feeling a little guilt here). Surely if I loved it I would rewatch?? But I almost never rewatch shows. I may have to make an exception though… the sad thing about the second culling is no one had time to say goodbye? I mean everything’s up in the air, then they’re gassed, and some wake up… outside. It’s gut- wrenching.

        Roan could have done so much. LMAO about slo-mo! Like did they intend it to go QUITE that way lol? How can you NOT think Sea Merchant after that ? Yeah Raven deserves better, good point. I don’t know about Emori, seriously I thought they would kill her? She doesn’t seem to bring much? And Hanty- I don’t see. Just can’t get on board with it. I like my earlier idea- Hecho. Speaking of Echo, you’re probably right. After six years, she’s probably in. Just another Kru member. I wonder if anyone will die up there? Do you think they’ll spend half the season up there before getting home? And Jaha- Mr. iPad/ Youtube/ whatever else he’s finagled. They never did explain that?

        I agree- promote Harper dammit. And yeah Mackson too. They’ve all earned it. I’m actually surprised they didn’t kill more people off- although I guess with Roan/ Luna/ Ilian the losses were all Grounders mostly. Well that and a few hundred Skaikru lol.

        Books? Seriously – thank you. That is SO nice. I hope I have something you want- I wouldn’t feel right without sending something back to??

        • Well, now you HAVE to rewatch it, since I am watching Orphan Black. I promise, it will be worth it- plus, you have almost 7 months, so lots of time. I really don’t rewatch shows either- except sometimes old sitcoms just in the background for mindlessness. At first I wondered if it would be worth it, since I know what happens? But it definitely is.

          Oh wow, SUCH a good point about the second culling! DAMN, I had not even thought of that! It moved so fast- I had wanted to see the aftermath for the people outside, but I totally neglected to think about the people who were separated, like Miller and his dad. I am sure they weren’t the only ones, either. GAH like FYO Dad and FYO Kid. (Actually, kind of glad they didn’t show us, because talk about emotional.)

          UGH Roan and Clarke would have been such fun co-leaders too! I loved their banter. And then Echo could be all moody again- though, I don’t think Echo would have had the same character development if Roan hadn’t died, so maybe that was the point of his death. And YES- you cannot have one woman grabbing another woman’s boobs in a… compassionate manner, and not have us think that the women WANT to be grabbing each other’s boobs! I mean, I’ve never consoled any of my friends like that? Maybe I’m doing it wrong bwhahah.

          I like Hecho too! The more I think about it, the more I can get on board with it. Especially assuming they became friends after all those years in space. And they probably both were sick to death of Monty hahha. I feel like both Emori and Harper can’t survive- it’s like one random extra girl too many, and if I had to choose, I pick Harper’s survival. I like Emori, but they just haven’t developed her enough I guess. Someone HAS to die from Spacekru. Maybe not IN space, but when they get back, or trying to GET back? It just seems silly that they’d all survive an old ass rocket ride onto a non-functioning space ring AND back with no fuel. I am definitely worried that they’ll spend half the season trying to get home- which will piss me off. Like 6 years wasn’t enough time? I can live with a couple episodes, but not more than that.

          I seriously do not understand half of the shit they do, like with Jaha’s YouTube channel- which I think we should see more of. Maybe he has a weekly Bunker show. He brings “special guests” and does it like, Oprah style. Next week is Indra, discussing with the “viewers” how to become a real estate mogul in an underground bunker. The week after is Kabby, talking about raising triplets in a place with no sunlight. Good times. But no, they never explained it at all! AND I really hope that someone starts sharing more backstory about Second Dawn- their connection to Becca can’t be coincidental!

          I thought more people would die too! I definitely thought Abby was dead- maybe even Raven (and I am so glad she’s not!) But I never expected ALL the Grounders to die, and only one (relevant) sky person. Although maybe they wanted us to be sad about Riley’s death hah.

          And my goodness, NO, you do not need to send me anything! I promise, I have TONS of books- too many, more than I will ever read in my lifetime basically. I just picked up a few things 🙂 That is the nice part about driving, it was no problem getting stuff back!

          • I’m so glad you’re watching Orphan Black, I hope you like it. I liked the first few seasons, it bogged down for me somewhere (season 3 maybe?) but the Neolution stuff is kinda creepy and cool. And wait til you get to dance party. 🙂

            I think… I am going to rewatch the 100. But… I might skip season three cause City of Light? Although once I get going the completist in me will probably just have to go straight thru. I’m kinda looking forward to seeing things I’ve missed? Plus some of the batshit crazy moments like drilling people’s marrow!!! and cannibals lol.

            Lol about Raven/ Luna. Glad it wasn’t just me. 🙂 I mean the enthusiasm there *snort* And is it awful that I can see Harper getting sick of Monty too? I mean I nodded in agreement when I read that. If I had to pick between Monty and Echo… or maybe she’s poly. You know, experiment. Maybe she’s w/ Monty sometimes and gets close to Echo and finds herself w/ Echo sometimes. The show could go there with an environment where they’re all in close quarters. I mean six years FFS… and exactly. Someone has to bite it, probably on the way back. It feels more true to the fact that, like you said, there’s supposed to be nothing left there, if they just spend all their time eating bon- bons and having it easy with no casualties, I’m not really buying that? Maybe Emori dies in a tragic accident and Raven consoles her new pal Murphy, and at some point she *really* consoles him lol.

            I NEED more Second Dawn backstory- there has to be more there. Becca had her hands in a lot of frickin pies- I mean the entire Grounder religion is based on her bullshit – I know they have to keep the story moving and with Eligius they’ll probably just move on, but man there are so many possibilities there! I like the idea of the Jaha show! He needs a role, it’s perfect for him since he likes to be center of attention. He’d be like the late night show of the bunkerkru. Indra would be a top guest, I agree. Her growling answers would get high ratings- what will she say this time?- and Niylah could share her herbal tea specialties. Kabby of course would be a hit with their younglings running around. At least these kids will have both parents present! Ouch- sorry FYO Kid. 🙁

            Again, that was very cool of you. Can’t wait to see what you got. 😉 Are you doing an ALA post??

            • I really do like it! Now you will have to discuss it with me, you do realize this, yes? 😀 I love that it answers questions, but then every episode so far has ended with a “wait, what the fuck is THAT?!” moment- which admittedly might be frustrating had I not been able to binge it. So it’s on the last season now, right? I didn’t want to look up *too* much info because I didn’t want to find spoilers, but I swore I saw something that said this was the fifth and last? And DANCE PARTY!? That sounds a bit like Death Party, and I am obviously game for that hah.

              So- here is how you will likely feel about Season 3 when the time comes: You will not WANT to watch it, but you WILL watch it because of the awesome moments sprinkled among the bad ones? Like, do you want to miss Clexa, or Kane, Sinclair, and Lincoln rallying against Pike? Raven becoming unchipped after insulting everyone? See, these are the things that will make you watch. PLUS- you need to tell me if you still hate Pike- or if you think it would have been way more fabulous for him to have lived. (Plus, I feel you with the completist thing- this is why I cannot DNF books, it is both a blessing and a curse hahah.) OH and you will definitely pick up things you missed! That is probably my favorite part. I have watched it at least 6 times (I know, I know!) and I STILL find little things that are like “oh SHIT I get why they did that now!”. And after watching Season 4… Season 1 is so….tame. But since you know what’s coming it’s almost extra entertaining and awful!

              I seriously wonder why they had ALL the boob grabbing and then their friendship/more than friendship never extended further than that episode- it had seemed to be setting up SOMETHING- at least a really strong platonic relationship if nothing else- so why fade it so fast? Sometimes this show confuses me. Also, poor Raven, all her friends are dead.

              I had a Harper epiphany! So, Echo is SERIOUSLY over Monty- she is sick of phrases like “Bob’s your uncle!” and old man sweaters, and when he tries to get them all to eat his new low-fat algae cake, she has fucking had ENOUGH. So she goes Azgeda behind closed doors with like, a Monty-shaped voodoo doll or some shit. Harper walks in. Echo feels awful, because it IS her boyfriend after all. And right as she starts to apologize, Harper gives her a wry smile and says “can I have a turn?” Then, they bond over the next few months over how sick they are of Old Monty in Space. Until one day, after a spectacular Unity Day party with Monty’s moonshine (he does have SOME benefits after all), they end up drunk and giggling in Echo’s room and then… not giggling anymore. There, I have spared us from both Hanty AND Becho.

              I LOVE the Raven/Murphy idea! Especially since she obviously would understand what he was going through- Finn was the only person she ever really loved, just like Emori was his. SO tragic. And then… so not tragic 😉 (Incidentally, I feel like we have made this into a legit Space Opera and I am not even sorry 😂)

              Oh there IS Second Dawn backstory. There has to be, right? No WAY we only see that guy once, have all these connections to Becca, have HIS bunker be their salvation… and then nothing more. You think the Grounders are decedents of this cult? At least, some of them? Maybe a clan or two? Maybe THAT is how they start to fight in the bunker- like, say Azgeda or someone was originally Second Dawn, they find this out, and then when the THIRD Culling has to happen, Azgeda (or whoever) thinks that they deserve more space in the bunker because Second Dawn Dave is their grandpa or whatever. (I know that isn’t his name but I forget it. So now it is, in my mind.) PLUS Eligius has a huge tie to Becca too- so I really doubt the Becca stuff is over.

              DYNG @ the unfortunateness of FYO Kid 😂😂 Especially since JAHA is his dad- and you know he’s going to be dead too. HEY I bet FYOK is going to be the guy who plays the music on Late Night with Jaha!

              And it was no problem! Unlike Val, who wanted a stuffed fish from ALA. What am I supposed to do with that!? I couldn’t even FIND the damn fish- I think she made it up, tbh. Seriously though, DM me or something with your address, and I will throw them in the mail! (Actually, no, I will hand them politely to the nice person at the post office- though I assume they will quite literally throw them at some point?)

              • I can talk Orphan Black all day, so no prob lol. And yes season 5 is the end. They have a lot to wrap up and I don’t know how they’ll do, but so far it’s off to a great start. Last week was a good episode with Alison and Donny and Felix, so yeah… 🙂 And Dance Party is awesome, it’s just this thing where they get together at felix’s. You’ll like it.

                That episode where Raven went apeshit at Niylah’s WAS amazing. You may be right, there may be some gems hidden in the mess of season three. Jaha and Murph on walkabout through the desert- that WAS pretty good. I remember thinking they were going to find some actual city lol. This show fucks with us so much! And I’ll get to see seamonster feeding session again, so there’s that.

                I feel like they dropped the ball with Raven/ Luna a bit. I mean Luna went all valkyrie at the conclave but before that she and Raven had something going? Even in that earlier episode with the flying droney things where they reached an understanding?? And Raven kinda HAS lost everyone??

                “can I have a turn?”. LOVE that. Perfect. I don’t know what it is about Echo but I can see her and Harper. It just kinda makes sense. And I can’t see Echo putting up with Monty AT ALL. I can totally see Harps being all vulnerable and Echo is so not… I will be very happy if that happens. It occurred to me that they might do Bellamy/ Harper if she breaks up with Monty- maybe as a fling, or maybe more? I hope not obviously, but … and I know, right? Here we have a post apoc wasteland and cullings and we’re talking… ships. lol

                Great point about the Becca/ Eligius link. I hope you are right- that would be awesome. I so want the clans to be somehow related to this Becca/ cult thing. If Azgeda were direct descendants of the cult that would be so cool. And FYO Kid- he’s the Ponyboy of Bunkerkru lol.

                Aw sorry to hear about the fish. Do they have like plushies and bookish props there, or is it mostly just ALA/ publisher book booths? Oh and I’ll DM you on Twitter. 🙂

                • Um, Helena is a REAL piece of work. She comes in, freaks out “Beth”‘s coworkers, eats Sarah’s muffin, and fucks with crime evidence, then invites Paul over!? And oh my GOD, I see what you mean about Alison and Felix- I am DYING at him trying to help her impersonate Sarah! Also, am I supposed to trust this Angela person? Because I do not. WHOA. How does KIRA know!? This is intense. Also, Donnie trying to touch Alison and her always slapping him away is making me chuckle hahah.

                  Nevermore has to be the best episode of Season 3- because of Apeshit Raven, yes, and also because Hannah was killed. And YES to the sea monster. One of the best parts of S3, tbh. And of course, there are emotional moments too. S3 does not lack for those. But still, the other seasons ARE so much better.

                  They DID drop the ball! Why even have them interact if it was all for nothing? Especially on such an intimate level. And then it almost seemed like Raven was fighting on Luna’s behalf in God Complex, which had me even more confused when it turned into nothing- or rather, Luna losing her shit and then dying. And good point about the drones too! They built up the relationship there again, and it led to nothing. Does Raven even know Luna died? And… when did Luna leave the island anyway? And how!? I feel like there are some holes there for sure.

                  I can’t see Bellamy with Harper- though I am not sure why? You know what I DO see with Bellamy though? A return to Season 1 Bellamy. Not fully, mind you, but a bit. Like, when Clarke told him to use his head more, I think that plus the loss of her is going to make him a bit colder- more like that asshole-y Bellamy. And to that end, I guess I COULD see him hooking up with Harper- and everyone else basically- in space. Because he was fairly promiscuous in S1! I hope that Monty and Murphy become Monty and Jasper 2.0 though. Monty NEEDS to have someone he can count on, even if it isn’t Harper. I DO hope they at least stay friends though. (Or it is going to be a LONG 6 years in space haha.)

                  Bwhahah FYO Kid. What the hell are we going to call him now, anyway? “Eleven Year Old Pre-Teen” doesn’t exactly have a great ring to it. I wonder if they’ll try to make him a bigger part of the story- or if he was just there to tug at heartstrings during the Second Culling? And for Eligius, yeah, they all have to be connected. And the fact that Second Dawn symbols are all OVER Polis has to mean something. I read a theory somewhere that Cadogan is the reason the Grounder language came to be- either because he or Becca wanted to keep their people from understanding the other. It’s a pretty solid theory. How Eligius plays into it, who knows- but she DID make them into nightbloods so it has to be somehow! We’re basically never getting rid of Becca.

                  I can’t wait to get more info on S5- the panel at SDCC has been announced, and it looks like every main cast person will be there! I’ve also seen SO much stuff for Unity Days, and I wish it wasn’t in Vancouver- because seriously, going to Vancouver in January? But also- I don’t know that I could ever actually go to something like that because I would feel like a complete starstruck fumbling mess 😉

                  And don’t be sorry about the fish, Val is a ridiculous person. Apparently someone could win the damn thing at the end of the conference? She told us to steal it from a child if we had to! 😂😂And I think she was at least half serious. Holly and I have a plan to fuck with her and make her think she won it, so hopefully it will work 😀 They do have a few bookish merchandise vendors, but it is mostly books- and the places that sell stuff are in a different part of the conference, so I never ventured there- though now that you mention it, it very well could have been in that part! OH and I am also sending two random books that I ended up getting duplicates of, not even on purpose, but they sounded good- and not Val or Rashika’s (I got stuff for them too!) taste, more sci-fi stuff. And if you don’t like them/don’t want to read them, feel free to do whatever you want with them 😀 But one sounds kind of like The 100 so, obviously.

                  • I can’t even remember all the crazy stuff Helena’s done. Some of the best moments are Felix/ Alison moments, because… Felix/ alison lol. Love her little craft room BTW.

                    Yeah when DID Luna leave the island? See you catch all that stuff. It’s like a 12 hour journey isn’t it? And Raven wouldn’t know- oh my gosh you’re right. She would have no clue??? Unless bell knows and tells her- I’m trying to think, yeah he knows right? He was there. Okay calm down Greg. Still… I agree with you about Bell and Harper, it doesn’t really work. Let’s hope they don’t go there. And you know Monty & Murph could be a pretty damn good team, as evidenced in the last episode, they had that little repartee going…

                    I am here for all the Cadogan/cult/Becca links to Polis etc. I know I said I was done with Becca, but I love the idea of the deep links, it just makes the backstory deeper. And you’re right, she’s not going anywhere anyway probably! I don’t usually glom on the SDCC panel stuff but you know I will be ALL OVER the news this year- I need hints! Wouldn’t it be cool to go to those? Too bad Vancouver is like 358247874 miles away- they need to come to the Midwest.

                    Steal it from a child lmao. Love it! You should have had someone take a pic of you tug-of-war’ing a stuffed fish with a kid at the con lol.

                    • I just got to some CRAZY Felix/Alison shit- where she hit Donnie in the head, tied him up, got drunk, and passed out hahahha. And Felix was their suburban bartender, and I am here for that. And I agree about the craft room! I loved how she like, deliberately picked from her scissors, of which she had EVERY color of. Who does that? I love it!

                      YEP it’s at LEAST a 10 hour trip to Polis- and she was back for the Conclave so she definitely had to get there somehow. And I didn’t see her in the Rover with Roan and Abby and Clarke so… she walk? Ridiculous. Bellamy does know, but he doesn’t know that it would mean anything to Raven. You know, that is my least favorite thing about the jump- I feel llike we’re not going to get ANY closure/processing on the deaths at all. Jasper’s will be old news by then- except *maybe* to the bunker people? Though they”ll have assumed he died in Praimfaya probs. Monty and Murphy NEED to become unlikely besties, because Monty lost his best friend/brother figure, his mom, and let;’s be real, probably his girlfriend. He needs a pal.

                      I could live without Becca as like, some kind of figment of someone’s imagination, but Becca in flashbacks would be great! I LOVE backstory, especially in this show- because there IS so much we don’t know, and when they unravel it, it’s usually pretty epic. I have never watched SDCC panels either- not even when The Hunger Games cast was on it! But this… I will be glued to it! Because yeah, I need hints too- because then we can speculate over what every little word means until January or whatever. I hope they give us a premiere date! Or at least a general one- and maybe an episode count? Vancouver IS far- or actually, maybe it’s just stupid- like Vancouver NOW sounds nice. But I’m going to probably take a hard pass at Canada in January? Why couldn’t they have it in like, Aruba?

                      We seriously tried to come up with a good plan to mess with her and the fish- but then we couldn’t FIND the stupid thing. We could have used Sabrina’s kid even, and done that! It would have been pretty epic hahah.

  4. Aw that’s too bad- could have been epic. 🙂

    I think I actually watched a few minutes of the SDCC panel last year when I saw it on SYFY Wire or some website like that- it was like an hour long and they’re just gabbing so I clicked away- but yes give us a release date/ episode count/ anything/ full scripts/ complete plot synopsis- you know, something little to tide us over! And yeah who wants to go to Vancouver in frickin January? A nice Midwestern location would be so much more appropriate. 🙂

    See they screwed up then on Luna. And I agree- how can we have closure after 6 YEARS? I mean hopefully they do it, with flashbacks or something, but there has to be something. Jasper was too important and Luna apparently SHOULD have been to raven. I remember back to when they killed Finn- I didn’t think they were REALLY going to kill him, but they went there. And made Clarke do it. I was like this show is a bit ballsier than a lot of shows!

    I kinda like Alison/ Donnie’s house. Can I have one? And then there’s felix’s dump. Cracks me up he uses a screwdriver or something to lock his door. I’m so glad you’re liking that show!

    • Well, I ordered the damn thing from Amazon, and wrote a note- from “Macmillan”. THEN told her we had entered her into the “raffle”. So I think it will still be funny, because she will think she’s won. Hopefully she never feels like reading my old The 100 posts hahah. One day, we will tell her the truth, and it shall be a funny story.

      I don’t remember how much I watched of it last year. I think I watched some, but then mostly got updates on Twitter. But I feel like I am more obsessed this year (because let’s be real, Season 4 was SO much better than Season 3!) so I will likely watch it. I think they definitely should just give us the script- or like, send us on a scavenger hunt to find it maybe? It’d be like being rewarded for caring enough to watch the panel! I won’t lie, I don;t want to go to the midwest in January either. I am still holding out hope for Aruba, or something of the like.

      I feel like so much with Luna was missed opportunity. I wonder if they’d filmed a scene about how she got to Polis, how she decided to fight, and maybe had to cut it for time? The last we saw of her, I think anyway, was when she was unconscious after the bone marrow thing when Clarke decided to “bear it so they don’t have to” and became a nightblood? And then BAM, Luna’s in the Conclave. I need flashbacks. Definitely of Jasper, if nothing else. Also, O should probably be pretty bummed about his demise, no? She probably doesn’t know about that. There is so much that these people don’t know, I really hope that they go into this more. I agree, the fact that this show is willing to do some of these things is pretty damn incredible.

      Um, yes, I will also take one of Alison’s house if we’re giving them away? What the hell does Donnie DO that allows for this little lifestyle of luxury? She doesn’t work, right? Felix’s place is AWFUL. I feel like I’m going to get scabies just looking at it. And then Vic shows up and I swear everyone’s getting hepatitis on the spot. I really do like it! I love that it is both fun and serious/high stakes!

      • Ha ha she may be reading these even now and going yup I’ll play along missy but I KNOW bwahaha! Heh.

        Aruba *nods* although after reading Dangerous Girls I may reconsider? They were a mess in that book! I think the tropical awesomeness would outweigh my concern though about Dangerous Girls- style mayhem. And if the 100 people were there for a con- woot!! ArubaCon has a nice ring to it no?

        That’s RIGHT! How did she get to Polis? Ackk I’m calling foul. I, um, hadn’t thought it through that far lol. And yeah O and Jasper. That makes me sad. 🙁 They were kinda tight…

        I don’t even know if Donnie has a job! Although he and Alison get into some questionable activities to finance their lifestyle down the road. But still… that house! I want it. And Felix’s joint- wow. Oh my gosh I forgot about Vic! Ugh- the show has changed SO much since S1. I sometimes forget sarah was kind of a wench, stealing beth’s money and all that. She’s so sympathetic now but in S1 I wasn’t that crazy about her. Vic was horrible, I just wanted him to die.

        • Hopefully her impending trip to Iceland is more important than stalking my blog, but you never know haha.

          I think Dangerous Girls is what triggered my idea of Aruba actually. Though, since I don’t exactly plan on killing my friends while I’m there, I’d probably be okay? Though if you get The 100 anywhere near Aruba, all bets on the “not killing” are off I assume- especially if the Grounders are invited. Still, I’d go hahah.

          UGH plot holes. SAD. Though most people probably don’t read so much into it? UGH the O and Jasper stuff in Season 1 is SO much sadder through the filter of Jasper already being dead. And then when she comforts him after he loses Maya, and then he comforts HER after Lincoln… like, I didn’t LOVE the idea of Jasptavia, but it felt like they might go there? And if not, they were at least really good friends, and he loved her in some way certainly. Same with Raven and Jasper! I assume Raven knows at this point, but why did no one TALK about it?! Jasper straight up saved Raven in Season 3, and they were really close- even their stories in Season 4 paralleled each other until Raven chose life and Jasper chose death. So it had better come back around.

          Alison just did some VERY questionable things in the back of a mini-van. And then she got into a fight with Ainsley, which I kind of loved, because I wanted to punch Ainsley from the start. And I HATE Vic- because I don’t think he is even completely evil, just fucking STUPID and not able to ever change his shitty life choices? And now Cosima is being dumb. ANd Helena is crazier than ever- and I was going to go to bed last night, and then BAM, Kira gets hit by a car and I HAD to keep watching because how the hell could I sleep wondering if she’d be okay!? OH! OH! The dude getting his FUCKING TAIL cut off by Helena!? What even!? It was horrifying but… also I was really quite curious because who has a TAIL!? Is Paul’s little… turn to niceness sincere? I fear it isn’t. I still don’t trust Art’s new partner. Idk if I trust Art either, but I WANT to. I even like wench-y Sarah, honestly. I had a feeling it was mostly just a front she put up, and I feel like that is true, now that she gave Alison her money, and trusts Paul, and hugged Mrs S and like, was grateful to her.

          • I was waiting for you to get to TAILS! This show is crazy. I loved all that Neolution/ body modding stuff- that must have been fun to write. 🙂 I’m a little jealous you’re experiencing it all for the first time lol. Now with my 100 rewatch I may have to do an OB one as well.

            Ainsley lol. Just wait… and Mrs. S gets kinda badass too. Helena is the best.

            I hope so, that they address what Jasper meant to people. Especially those two. And Monty frankly. To have your friend choose that way would be tough, and Monty should struggle with that. They seriously need to spend some flashback time on rectifying these things. Stupid time jump!

            It’s funny, I’m more into The 100 news and stuff than I am Game of Thrones, a show I SHOULD be all over given my love of the books. But I just wait til it comes on and watch it, I don’t really obsess over the show prep and stuff. The 100 though (and Orphan Black to as lesser extent) for some reason make me more anxious. 🙂

            • Seriously, why would anyone WANT a tail!? How… how would one even SIT comfortably with a tail? Tbh, I didn’t want that dude to die just so I could get more info on tails. I want to punch Ainsley so hard. She just had the “intervention”. And Felix coaching Alison on it was FABULOUS. Sarah just found out that Helena is her twin AND her clone, so there’s that. I figured Mrs. S would be a badass- she seems to have it in her! It definitely had to be fun to write- though probably also VERY hard too, because some of the science is actual shit that CAN be done (just probably shouldn’t be? Ha.) Every time they say “clone”, I cannot help but think of that sad, jacked up sheep from the late 90s. Dolly. Poor Dolly, she didn’t even last very long. (They claim it wasn’t because she was a clone but… I don’t buy it.)

              YESSS. Monty better REALLY have to deal with this shit now that he is in space. His dad, his mom (who he had to off HIMSELF), and then his absolute best friend in the damn universe. Yeah, maybe he gets mopey, and that is why Harper turns to Echo. (Low key going to be sad now if this doesn’t happen!) You’re right- he should definitely have to struggle with HOW Jasper died too- because at the end, Jasper was basically saying what Harper had said- that Monty wasn’t worth living for. I am so MAD at the time jump!

              I have definitely never stressed over a show like The 100 either! I think part of it is because they DO tie things together in ways that make us want to like, “crack the code”? Also, it’s just a really good show hahah. Plus, with GoT, since you have read the books, it probably isn’t as shocking, even if it is really good! I also extra love the cast of The 100- I think having them be NOT super famous when the show had started was good, they seem so human.

              I watched Twilight’s Last Gleaming last night, and UGH- that is THE hardest episode. I think that is when I knew this show wasn’t fucking around. They’d cull every damn person if they had to. And then also, Lincoln comes into the picture! Bellamy is responsible for SO many deaths. I really hope he doesn’t fully revert back to Season 1 Bellamy, that would SUCK. Also, I had a random thought while watching it- there are no doctors on the ring now! And no way to contact any. Echo would just as soon kill everyone as save them, probably Murphy too haha. How the hell are they going to take care of themselves for 6 years with no supplies!? Do they have ANY supplies?! I really hope they at least have something for hygiene purposes, or it will be a LONG 6 years.

              • They got really out there with the whole body modding thing, I was kind of digging it actually but was like where the fuck are they going with this lol? I thought they were going all out science fiction-y at that point, but they dial it back a bit. OM gosh Ainsley! So obnoxious- that storyline goes some interesting places. Felix and Mrs. S- the show would be much poorer without those two.

                Monty seems to be really strong considering he’s probably lost as much or more as anyone, and he’s held it together. And he’s kind of an unassuming guy, who has stayed the same- Jasper changed due to grief, Bellamy was a jerk who got better, Murph obviously… but all along Monty has been a good guy. Glad they didn’t warp his character… and I hear ya on Hecho. I think I’ve talked myself int it, now if it doesn’t happen I’ll be all like *sputter WTF sputter*.

                I definitely agree about the cast, there’s something there. And yes Bellamy was HORRIBLE to Lincoln. I remember they were torturing him and I was like damn you guys, ease the fuck up. I was like bellamy he’s gonna jack you up when he gets out free lol. And then they had to coexist when O fell for him- what kinda twist was that?? Pure genius. But yeah there’s an awful lot of cullings on this show! Jaha and some of those people are lucky they didn’t get strung up, I think the first season delinquents might have taken them out if they had gotten a chance.

                I don’t know WHAT they’re gonna do on the ring. I thought the place was wasted, isn’t that why Jaha had to leave? But nowhalf a dozen people are gonna live there for 6 years?? I don’t know about that… I’m really curious how they’re gonna play this. Obviously Bell and Raven and Monty are gonna survive, and Murph- the other three, who knows? At least one or two might get the axe.

                • AH I see what you meant with Ainsley bwhahahha. I did NOT see that happening! Also, what an awful way to die! True story- when my parents moved into their current house, I was like, 11, and we had never had a garbage disposal before and I was SO SCARED of that EXACT THING happening. Not that I even wore scarves, but like, maybe my hair? Or shirt? Idk, it was unreasonable but then… guess not. I can’t believe Alison DID that. I agree with you about Felix and Mrs S, they’re my faves. She is so badass. I love her sitting there with her shotgun and her cute Irish accent. And then Felix is at a club in asslass chaps while Sarah is trying to find Kira- he adds such levity to everything! (I’m on Season 2 now, by the way! Now I like Delphine, still don’t trust the detective bitch, more convinced about my theory on Art being in love with Beth, back to thinking Paul is shady again, and still don’t know WHAT the hell to make of Helena, killing Birth Mom!)

                  Monty HAS been strong! And I especially love badass Monty! Like when he ran up and told Echo to stop RileywhoshouldhavebeenBryan, stays at Death Party but then is firm with saving himself, finds the goddamn key to the bunker, takes off his GLOVES in the radiation-soaked woods. Yeah. Badass Monty is my fave. Maybe THAT is what Harper likes about him! Hecho is our new official crackship. Though now that Minty is kind of off the table… I need someone for Monty, because he deserves someone. OH! GAIA. Gaia and Monty. That would make Indra nice and crazy 😂😂 A Skaikru member who is just as into tech as Gaia. I love it. She’d appreciate his old person-isms too. #TeamGanty

                  First season Bellamy is a trip to watch, but I REALLY hope they don’t go back there. Because O kept him human, and then Clarke did, even though I think it has been in him all along- I just feel like if Eligius has kept them prisoner or some shit, he’ll do exactly what he did when he was with Pike, you know? That shit with Lincoln was awful- but it was even worse when Raven electrocuted him! I’m on that episode now (Contents Under Pressure), which I LOVE because it is when Abby and Clarke realize the other is still alive- AND you realize that Lincoln loves O.

                  And here is another thought I had while rewatching: Remember the Art Supply store? You know, Finn’s bunker where he and Clarke… pissed off Raven? And then they found the transmitter and kept Charlotte? Well- that was radiation-proof. Why is no one IN that bunker? Maybe that is where Bryan, Wick, the remaining Reapers, hair-clip kid, Mel from Factory Station, and Nigel, the bitch who turned Abby in are hiding out.

                  And YES- I mean, Jaha had to leave definitely because he was out of air, which they did at least rectify. But yeah, he had told them not to ration supplies anymore and that they’d just share everything, and at the end it’s only him and the damn baton and the fake baby who was dressed nicer than anyone on the damn Ark ever had been, which should have been Jaha”s first clue. I need answers. SO many answers. They did know they’d mostly be eating algae for 5 years, but… still, people DO need more than food and water and oxygen to survive, right? Or maybe not? Idk, I never tried living on a ring in space with no provisions, who knows hah. BUT Bellamy and Raven both looked clean and well-dressed in that last clip of them, which seemed suspicious.

                  ALSO- the fish came. Val is confused. I think she moderately suspects us. And I am pretty much shit at lying, and Holly didn’t even try, so. Idk how long this will last hahahha.

                  • Ha Ainsley! I was like FUCK lol… and I know. Alison just stood there?1?? That’s actually when I think they kinda went crazy w/ Alison’s storyline, I mean that was a bit much, I’ll be interested to see what you think as they go forward. And that must have been scary as a kid… I think every house had somethnig to freak us poor kids out. For me it was the frickin basement… it was finished and pretty nice, and I loved it later obviously but as a kid I was freaked out if it was dark down there- there was like a back room and fuck that. 🙂

                    assless chaps lol. Felix KILLS me. I like delphine, I think Art loved Beth too, and Paul is a dink. But they yo-yo’d him so much you don’t know half the time! Oh and Helena is a machine. Like an angel of death. They have that sound effect whenever she’s on cause it usually means she’s neutralizing somebody lol. Her and Donnie hit it off surprisingly well, tho, which is just bonkers and I LOVE it!

                    GANTY! I like it… and you’re right, it’s easy to overlook but Monty kinda WAS badass this season. They fuck with everybody on this show but he stays true to who he is. Love it. And that’s really interesting to think about, if Bell and crew are w/ Eligius. I almost hope they are, so they’re not on the ring for 6 years but yeah I hope he doesn’t do shit he did w/ Pike. Ugh that would suck.

                    The lovenest bunker- yes! Somebody has to be there. So that’s where they’ve been hiding. . 🙂 There could be a ton of those? And there have to be Reapers somewhere. How awesome would it be if they somehow showed up again? Although I guess who have they been eating? o.O

                    I’m looking sideeye at the whole ring development from now til January. Jason and his crew had best provide satisfactory answers to these questions you know? This fly by night shit aint gonna cut it if they start cutting corners on the plausibility here. 🙂 I hope they get lots of questions about that at the panel.

                    The fish! The fish! Ha that’s awesome that she’s suspicious. Can’t wait to hear the end of THIS story lol.

                    • SO, Alison was just at Aynsley’s (ew who spells a NAME like that!?- I noticed it on her tombstone) funeral. I love how Donnie was the monitor all along- and how freaking AWFUL he is at it. That plan of Felix’s to trap him was so perfect! But holy SHIT, what happened with Mrs S!?!? I was thinking she might be shady (and maybe she is) but those bird watcher people, the HELL? When she stabbed that old woman’s hands to the table… well, gross. Then shoots them both! I liked that she let Sarah and Kira run though, but I wish she’d just be honest with Sarah?

                      And WHAT is the deal with these different groups of creepy church people? I can’t keep them straight! The belt buckle guys are… not the same as the first dude who kept Helena in a cage? And one of them is definitely going to try to impregnate her, and I hope she cuts off his junk. The creep factor in those people’s eyes is off the damn charts. And I didn’t fully get the whole lab stuff with Cosima, either. And YES they do yo-yo Paul a TON- even over the course of just one episode, I can never tell if he is a good guy or a bad guy- maybe that’s the point though, to make the viewer feel like Sarah must feel?

                      I like Ganty because I feel like it gives Gaia a storyline too- plus I can see it as endgame- you know, those two living out in the country with their super cute, insanely smart kids? Going to some weird Grounder church every Sunday, Gaia probably becomes some kind of minister. Monty works as an engineer, of course. Raven’s his boss. She’s still shackin’ up with Murphy; they never fully commit but they are clearly together. No kids, because god no. Down the street, Bellarke lives with their 82 kids, Kabby watches them while Bellarke saves the world. The Kabby baby from the bunker baby-sits when Kabby and Bellarke have double dates. FYO Kid is their godfather. (I got a bit carried away, admittedly, but I swear if they don’t show us an HEA for whoever the hell survives this show, I will be pissed.)

                      Erm, anyway. Eligius. I hope they’re with Eligius too. Because I am so over the lack of reunion. Even though it hasn’t actually happened yet. But I feel like if they’re with Eligius, it’d be the best of both worlds- Bellamy would know Clarke is alive, but they could still drag it out a little with Clarke having to scheme to get them back.

                      I agree, the lovenest bunker cannot be the ONLY random bunker! I really hope some people made it to one of those. It just sucks because most of the people who knew about its existence are in space or dead. And the Reapers would have to be cured Reapers at this point, so they can eat… pop tarts or whatever the hell is in the bunker.

                      And YES- after so long of being REALLY good at (mostly) tying up the loose ends and shit, they need to not let it fall apart now. Obviously, I know SOME things will not be discussed, because 6 years is a long time, but the important shit needs to not be buried under the time jump, basically. So I need to know how they survived, who died and how, what happened to the Culling Rejects, how Jaha is dying, who else got culled in the presumed Third Culling, who slept with who, who fought with who, and probably 39734 other questions that will arise between now and then.

                      I want Val to react more to the fish, but she is going to Iceland tonight, and that clearly is more important. I did not figure out a way to pack myself in her suitcase, so I guess I don’t get to go. 😡 I should sign her up for some kind of pout pout fish email list while she is gone! That might make it more believable!

  5. Okay so Mrs. S is like an enigma for the longest time, but by the time you get to S4 or the current S5 it’s pretty clear who she is. It’s like it took them a while to figure out if she was double agent or triple agent or quadruple agent lol. She may not even know who’s side she’s on! But it’s clear later. And yes that scene at the farm! Didn’t she blow whats-her-name away with a shotgun? Man she’s BADASS lol.

    The church people are creepy AF. I hated them. There’s a moment though where you’ll be like fuck yeah. All I’m saying. 🙂 That’s also the part where I kinda got annoyed at all the convoluted-ness. That and the Castor clones thing, when they introduce Coady. I just thought there was enough going on with Dyad/ Neolution that they didn’t need that too? And they may have agreed because once they do the Castor thing they kinda get back to Dyad/ Neolution and Castor takes a bad seat. Maybe you’ll like it more than I did…

    I kinda forgot about Gaia in all the post- finale hubbub, so good call! Her and Monty could work!! I like your HEA plan too- Bellarke and 82 kids lol. For some reason that made me think of Spy Kids- the one where Jessica Alba was pregnant but saving the world? I can see Clarke like that. Her and Bell jetting around while Kabby keeps the home fires burning. I’m down with that. And I have an image in my head of Eligius coming down and meeting Clarke, and Bell is with them. They see each other but do they get to hug, or do they gotta play it all cool after 6 YEARS?? I’d much rather see some abbreviated space flashbacks rather tha burning valuable episode time with all the drama of surviving up there yada yada. Because w/ bunker flashbacks too they’re gonna spend a lot of time looking back, which is good, but they only have so much to work with.

    I agree with ALL those things. We need answers. That’s the biggest thing I hate about the time jump- I partly think they did it to just get a clean slate of sorts and gloss over a lot of inconvenient stuff. Plus the thought if Clarke talking to Bell every day, hoping he’ll answer, still kills me.

    So, um, some books arrived today. 🙂 Woot! I gave a little whoop when One Dark Throne came out of the package. Because I have it now- the precious ha ha- thanks to you! I’m immediately tempted to devour it or even read the end (ha ha- not really) because I have to know what happens. But seriously 5 books?? I LOVE the look of Satellite and Beyond the Salt Line- can’t wait to read all of them. And Map for wrecked Girls looks as good in person as I thought it would. Made my day. 🙂 Thanx again!!

    • I am SO confused about S- now she is banging some guy in the men’s room of some random bar!? The hell!? Speaking of, someone needs to talk to Sarah about her questionable decision making. She’s so badass, but then she keeps randomly sleeping with dudes and then deciding to trust them (inexplicably) with her and/or her daughter’s safety? And it isn’t like these are guys she even knows- it’s “guy whose dead girlfriend/monitee I impersonated” and “guy I robbed and maybe took some sperm from 8 years ago”. NO, girl! Is Cal even really Kira’s father? Or just the seemingly best choice from men she slept with around that time? Because tbh, I am NOT convinced. Cal was like “cool, a kid!” but is it his? Is he on the up and up?

      And while we are at it, did those bastards from the Church of Weirdos inseminate Helena like she was… CATTLE!? Because damn. I love that Art saw her and was like “yep, you just keep on running” 😂😂 I like Art. I hope I am justified in my liking of him. I still don’t trust the female detective (Angela? I keep forgetting probably because I hate her). ALSO- is it just my warped The 100-watching mind, or do they seem to not ever kill off important people? People who you SWEAR are dead just keep… popping back in! What the hell?

      I have never seen the Spy Kids movie, but I know the gist, and YES! Obviously, Bellarke offspring would just keep on saving the world. I hope Kabby get bifocals and start playing cards on the porch with their grandkids. (This may or may not remind me of my own grandparents, though I can assure you that my parents were not being badass humanity saviors- though they did do some good work with intellectually disabled people, so maybe they kind of were.) And YES- that is how my mind sees Eligius too! I feel like either way, Eligius WILL be key in saving either Spacekru or Bunkerkru. Idk which yet. But Clarke will have to make some kind of sketchy deal, I assume.

      And YES- flashbacks will work SO much better. Because the drama of “how do we make rocket fuel” is not interesting. But “who slept with who in space?” is 🙂 Or “who did Echo almost off in space?” So many fun things we need to know! Only 2 weeks til SDCC- I assume we will get at least an answer or two out of that, since they’ll be ready to start filming at that point. I do think the jump WAS so they could gloss over some shit, and I am okay with it, to an extent. I don’t want a complete clean slate though- not even close!

      And YAY!! I am glad they got there safely!! You are quite welcome, I am happy you like them! I started ODT last night- well, only the first three chapters, since I finished another book too. Let me know when you start reading it!!

      • Ooh I forgot about Cal, lol. You’re zooming along! I hope it’s not spoilery (well I guess it is) to say he’s not even around in S5- at least not yet. And I think he WAS her father? I might have to check the wiki- there are so many moving parts on that show. And S- I love her but it’s almost too unrealistic how she always has a connection that can get them out of a jam, although to be fair it doesn’t always work. I think she’s a character who changed several times in the writers room, you know? Evolved and all that. Because by S5 she’s pretty much Team Sarah along with Felix and the other clones. I forgot about her and the bar dude though- lol.

        And yes- like cattle! WTAF? That’s all I could say. Those people are horrible. They shouldn’t fuck with Helena though, you know how she is. And Art too- I laughed at that also. He’s so low- key but funny. Poor guy is in over his head. And you might be right- someone just showed up last week that I hadn’t seen since S3 maybe? So yeah maybe they need to be a bit more final in their killings. Another character comes to mind too now that you mention it…

        I like the idea of Bellarke as Spy Kids parents? Kabby seems like they’d be a good behind-the-scenes coordinator, talking them through missions on their headsets. With kids yammering in the background. Clarke’s like asking Abby if junior ate her cereal while Abby’s trying to talk her through defusing a bomb or something. Multi- tasking. Murphy could be their back up if things really go bad- or Octavia. Her and Indra would be like the fucking Marine corps coming in there.

        Yes the technical aspects of survival are unnecessary, we need the sleeping arrangement info ha ha. Echo could be a very entertaining wildcard! I’m really curious how her and Emori will play off each other, you know? Cause Murphy can talk smack with the best of them, and Echo is not… patient? The three of them could go around. And them Monty/ Harper are so low-key. I am SO curious about how that’s going to go!!!

        I need to start ODT soon! Especially if you’re already reading it lol. I was going to read last night but our power went out. We had storms Thursday night and a ton of people lost power, but not us. Then Friday evening around 7 it went out. The whole neighborhood. I think they took us down while trying to repair??? And then they said three days to restore. *sputter* I had just finished my Sunday Post earlier (thank God) but I was not happy. Trying to read by candlelight? Fuck that. It just came on a couple hours ago… you know the olden days would’ve sucked.

        • That is REALLY weird about Cal, especially since she trusts him enough to leave Kira with him- then he just disappears!? Though Sarah looked pretty miffed when Paul was being… well, almost raped by Rachel? That was REALLY unsettling. Cause it kind of seemed like she’d kill him if he didn’t do it, and that is NOT okay. Kind of reminded me of the whole business with Murphy and Ontari, except worse because you could tell that Paul was NOT into this at all. And Idk if I even like him as a character yet, but that is never okay regardless. I was hoping Helena would kill Rachel, tbh.

          And I seriously thought that about the Church of Weirdos- don’t fuck with Helena, people. Because she will be back to mess up your shit. And are they seriously going to impregnate that kid!? And WHAT is the deal with the older guy who is… seemingly hitting on her? Is he related to her? Because it is bad enough if he isn’t, but if he is… GAH. They all look like products of incest so it’s hard to tell 🤔 (I went to the Wiki to find answers, but it is woefully underdeveloped. Sad.) And yeah- like that dude (Daniel, maybe? Is that a person? Rachel’s lackey.) He was hit by a fucking TRUCK, on his side of the car, and he just walks away? That might be more asinine than O surviving Echo’s attack and a cliff fall- because at least you know O was in amazing shape and her body was at least trained to survive some shit.

          BWHAHAH yes, I love the idea of O and Indra being the defense system! They’d be like the National Guard- you know, mostly not on the job, but when need arises, they show up. When they aren’t, Indra babysits Monty and Gaia’s kids, and O helps Niylah run the General Store. She likes the calmness of store life when she isn’t kicking ass 🙂 And YES- Abby would definitely be on the walkie, like “Shhh, it’s okay Lexie, I need to explain to Mommy and Daddy how to best build that shrapnel bomb for maximum casualties!” and Lexie is like “but MOOOOOM, Finn and Wells ate the last algae tarts, and Gina used the last of the Nature by Niylah® Shampoo!” (It should be weird that all their kids are named after dead friends and lovers, but it ISN’T.)

          I think Echo and Emori’s dynamic could be REALLY entertaining, if they use it- because I loved how they interacted in Praimfaya- Emori was basically the one talking Echo down over and over. And Echo is SO out of her element- I mean, even Emori kind of understands the Skaikru ways a bit after spending so much time with Murphy, and having to adapt really quickly her whole life. Echo is just… Azgeda through and through, more so than even Roan- he was at least willing to be open minded. Murphy will also be… interesting. Because I can’t help but wonder… being alone on that damn ring, it might just turn them back into (at least somewhat) who they were BEFORE they got to Earth- and let’s be real, NO ONE wants to see pre-Earth Murphy ever again. (Also, I bet Monty was extra dull on the Ark hahah)

          YESSS start ODT! I am on page… 201 I think? Idk if I will finish tonight but I might? I won’t say much, of course, but they kind of jump right back into it, which I liked. And I HATE one of the queens right now. And kind of want the other two to get together and off her 😉 Also, I think Michigan needs to get its shit together in regards to utility services. That just doesn’t seem normal! I mean, it does happen here obviously, but REALLY rarely- and it only stays off for any length of time if it is an extra catastrophic storm. But like- I know I have talked to both Sabrina and Holly when their power was out too, so it isn’t like it is just where you live? I know when I was a kid, we lived at a lake and it was kind of far away from civilization and the power went out more frequently. I am glad that is not still the case. I seriously can’t survive without it! Because you can do NOTHING- no bingeing of shows, no reading, no wasting time online, no blogging. I think people lived shorter lives before electricity because they straight up died of boredom. I am glad it didn’t take 3 days though! That would have been AWFUL. What the hell do you even DO!? You wouldn’t have hot water, your food would all go bad… no air conditioning. Hopefully it is back for good now thougH!

          • Rachel is horrible and needs to die. I wish Helena would off her. And yes was that seriously fucked up or what??? The whole Castor/ Ira clones thing and the church of perverts- probably my least favorite storyline. They got a little off there (well okay drug dealing Donison is a bit out there too) but yeah… I just watched the new episode tonight and it was pretty good but not as good as the first four. They’re trying to wrap a lot of stuff up now and frankly I think it’s gonna be tough, because they’ve introduced SO much over the last four years. But something’s happening in Switzerland because now delphine is headed there too…

            Oh my gosh Lexie and Finn and Wells… lmao. That is superb. Gina *snort* And grandma Indra? Damn. They’d be afraid of her! Has she ever smiled on the show, like ever? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her smile. It might scare me??

            Algae tarts 🙂

            Ooh one of the queens has pissed you off? Now I’m SO curious. And man you’re almost done? I may start it tomorrow then. I cannot WAIT to discuss the new developments. Everything else can fucking wait. And sadly yes Michigan seems to have its head up its ass on power restoration. I mean the storm was bad, trees were down, but it wasn’t like a fucking tornado! And they were quoting 3 days or whatever, but how do they take us down when the storm didn’t??? I mean they took us down almost a day after! And I couldn’t do ANYTHING- it sucked ass. No lights, no internet… I went to bed early because there was nothing else. I have decided I could not live without my electronic necessities. The fridge just about thawed out. Luckily it came back today… but yeah I was pissed. And bored out of my mind. Backwards ass state.

            • I REALLY wanted her to die. Instead she was all weird with that woman doctor and then banished Leekie, only to have DONNIE accidentally kill him!? Donnie is such a mess. Donnie is why we can’t have nice things. I was kind of bummed that Vic was selling out Alison- I kind of wanted him not to suck for a minute. And Art and Felix working together is my new favorite thing. ALSO- how does everyone seem to be able to get ANYWHERE within like, 15 minutes? Sarah was in the middle of nowhere, and Felix tells her to come to rehab and BOOM, she’s there. Then S was back at her house after being all over fucking Canada! Seems like a plot hole to me.

              Grandma Indra is that scary kind of Grandma. Some of my friends had scary grandmas- you know, the ones who had zero percent warm fuzzies, and you weren’t totally sure she was even human, because who hates their grandkids? Only, Indra DOES love hers, but she’s a little salty that they’re half Skaikru, but she’s trying to adapt. She just is a badass and always will be.

              OH! And I had another The 100 thought while watching We Are Grounders 2. So- Sinclair says that SOME of the stations will explode, right? We see only one explode. And we know of 4 that made it to the ground- Alpha, Mecca, Farm, and Factory (since they didn’t blow up, they just… crashed badly). So did ALL of the others blow up in reentry? OR could there be another one out there? I mean, they could have survived Praimfaya the same way the Arkadians wanted to, using the Ark, right? Though we definitely don’t need another Farm Station situation…

              I got too tired to finish ODT last night, and by too tired I mean that I ended up wanting to watch OB and The 100 hahahha. Oops? But I still feel the same- one of them needs to go. It’s gotten pretty good now, I hated to stop, even. And yeah, three DAYS for a run of the mill storm seems ridiculous- especially since THEY caused your power to go out, not even the storm itself! They seem quite…. bad at their job hahha. And that is the WORST- being so bored that you just have to go to bed, because no one likes going to bed just because they have nothing else to do. I feel like I would be the most annoying person ever in like, the 1700s. Whine so much about my boredom they’d probably kill me just to put an end to it. SO glad the power is back on for you though, a whole weekend like that would have been a nightmare!

              • Donnie is an ass, frankly. I’m not a Donnie fan. He’s a whiner. Him killing Leekie was totally out of left field too for me. Wasn’t expecting that! But I think Leekie was a better villain than some of the newer people they’ve introduced, so I think it was kind of a mistake too? One thing I’ve noticed is they’ll introduce a big bad at Dyad, then they die and ANOTHER big bad shows up, but you’ve never seen them before and yet they’re all in the upper echelons. So yeah some sketchy writing there…

                I like that interpretation of grandma Indra. Yes some g’parents are like that! And the taint of Skaikru blood would be a problem for her- like she might be ten times tougher on ’em than if they were proper Grounder kids. “Momma why does Gramma Indy say always stab first? Whenever I ask her somethin she says WAR is usually the proper response. Why does Gramma like WAR? ”

                Hmmm… more stations? I like it. So we could have Skaikru out there – if somehow they escaped Praimfaya. That could go in some interesting directions…

                I WANTED to have a queen to back, so maybe I’ll be able to pick a favorite this time? I kinda hope so. I have to go back and look at my notes from the first one. Part of me is wondering if they really will kill each other or if they’ll team up to take down the assholes behind the scenes. Oh and some people STILL don’t have power- like 22,000 they said. Nice huh? And I know- I usually stay up pretty late so going to bed at like 10:00 or whatever it was felt very weird! And yes I wouldn’t have been a good pioneer. Working fields, eating some slop for dinner and then sleeping or sitting around the fire? I mean I like a good fire but you know, as a rustic thing once in a while, not every fucking night. If you think about it we have the best lives ever- all the people that lived before us had none of this internet stuff. And what would you do if you got a bad toothache? Nobody to fix it and no pain meds? I don’t know how people got through life. Can you imagine NO books?

                • GAH YES. I am so glad I am not the only one who hates Donnie! I was so confused, because he is such a freaking disaster, like- am I supposed to like him? But I feel zero sympathy toward him. I felt worse for Alison and she killed a bitch! I was really shocked that they killed off Leekie too. He did seem like a good villain- at the very least, he was a villain I could understand? Plus the guy was a good actor, he played creepy-yet-oddly-charming quite well.

                  So… the male clone. That I did not see coming. Also took me awhile to realize it WAS a male- just thought it was some girl named Tony, until I saw the “beard”. I feel like they could have done better- he just looks a lot like Sarah tbh. ALSO- why does everyone’s phones have that same mid-2000s ring tone? That is highly suspect.

                  Maybe those kids are lucky that they’re half Monty’s then! I mean, I would rather a softer Indra even if she liked me less. But she’s going to be doubly disappointed- half Fleimkepa, half Engineer. She’s going to be knocking down O’s door trying to get some “real” Grounder babies.

                  Idk if there IS any chance that there are more Skaikru groups out there but… I guess it is a possibility? I just find it weird that 8 of the stations would have exploded, and only four survived- but I suppose it is possible. If they DID find them someday, I’d hope it would be in some fun way, just anything to have it be NOT like Farm Station. But I think more likely is that Eligius will be the only new people we see for awhile. It’s weird though because Skaikru is so damn decimated. We’ll be left with less than 100 people I assume.

                  I have a favorite queen now! The book was pretty good, though the ending felt a little rushed. I still liked it though, and look forward to the next one. And WOW, still no power for some people!? The hell? That is like… what happens after some huge blizzard or something, NOT a summer storm. I can’t even imagine going to bed at 10! I would probably have done something really crazy like… cleaned, you know, something extra drastic hahha. I don’t mix with rustic very well. I mean, it’s fine if I can go inside to a nice cozy place with modern amenities. I don’t think I’d last a night outside! You are so right- we DO have it better than anyone who has ever lived. I used to think about it when I was a kid with glasses and contacts like- how the hell did people live without being able to SEE? Especially since stuff was dangerous! And now I am like “GAH how do people live having to deal with contacts or glasses when they can have surgery!” We whine if we don’t have internet, and our ancestors are like “hey, remember polio? The bubonic plague?” And we’re like “LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU, need to watch Netflix and take quizzes on Buzzfeed” 🙉🙉🙉 It’s like as life gets easier (technologically speaking, of course- we’re all going to die in the apocalypse obviously) the things we USED to be able to handle grow smaller and smaller. (This won’t serve us well in the aforementioned apocalypse, I’m afraid.) And NO I cannot imagine a time before books. I mean, that was the one decent thing that could be done pre-electricity! Before books even… I think you just milked goats until you were 12, had 38 children, three of whom survived, and then died at the ripe old age of 20.

                  • Yeah if you think about it Skaikru has not been… real successful at recolonizing Earth? I mean on the one hand they’ve done a great job of surviving some BAD shit, clearly, but then again there were 500+ who made it down (roughly?) and like you said, there’s probs less than 100 now? Not to mention most of the delinquents are gone I think by now? Course after Praimfaya I guess there’s not many Grounders left either…

                    Yeah Donnie pfft. The only thing about him is that he and Helena end up having a fun dynamic. Other than that he’s wasted screen time IMO. And Leekie would have made a good recurring villain. Him and Rachel… the male clones to me were a distraction that took away from the main story. Have you met the Ira clones yet? I’m not entirely sure when they show up… it’s been while.

                    “take quizzes on Buzzfeed” lol. No doubt. We live a life of relative ease, and dammit I like it!! I legit think electricity has to be one of the greatest discoveries, everything good flows from that, you know? Internet, lights, AC, internet, um let’s see internet… if the power had stayed out all weekend I was going to go batty. Or go to the movies and hang at the mall, because electricity. Seriously there was Fucking candlelight…

                    And yes to contacts. My eyes are shit so if I had lived before glasses my life would have sucked. It’s kinda scary to think about…

                    Okay I’m at the part where Katherine and Martel are having dinner. Mira and Arsinoe had their little throwdown. I’m wondering WTF is up with Katherine??? That scene in the temple… what is she up to? What exactly happened in Breccia? I’m totally sucked in. Gah you’re finished?? And you have a favorite queen? Yess, I want one too. So far Arsinoe seems the nicest, in that she doesn’t want to kill, Mira seems resigned to it and Katherine.. I dunno what her deal is. I’m expecting a BIG reveal or surprise from her? It’s like Game of Thrones with witches.

                    • BWHAHA right!? Skaikru came to the ground with… well hell, I don’t actually know! This requires a bit of research and/or math. But I think you are right with at LEAST 500. Since they had… 464 before Praimfaya, and most of the delinquents were dead at that point. And quite a few who’d landed died in the Mt Weather war, plus half of Farm Station was killed by Azgeda. So yeah, not doing great! And they seem to not reproduce either, which makes the whole “keeping my people alive” thing harder. 60 Delinquents have officially died, but I think it’s probably closer to 80-90. Especially when you consider that most didn’t make Clarke’s bunker list. (Fun fact: Harper is the only living member of Bellamy’s Militia.) Only two known Delinquents who aren’t on-screen were on Clarke’s list- Tim Bartlett and Kath Colonna. Whether they become actual characters one day, who knows. SO my count is… 8. Not including Raven or Bellamy of course. I would be VERY surprised if there were more than 10 alive. I hope they tell us this someday.

                      Donnie is just… he’s SAD. As in, pathetic. And not in a cute way, in a “GTF off my screen” way. I have always had a hard time with his and Alison’s relationship anyway, since from the start she seems to give zero fucks about him in general? I have not encountered these Ira clones! I hope they’re more believable than Tony. WAIT. Male CloneS, plural? No, no more! I really want to know what Kira’s deal is too- I know there is SOMETHING up with her, but Idk what.

                      Everything good really DID come from electricity! I mean- everything! You couldn’t cook your food quickly, or refrigerate said food. No lights, no easy hot water, no air conditioning. Certainly no phones and computers and such. Talk about a nightmarish dystopian. I feel like I want my life of ease, or a straight up apocalypse. Like, I don’t ever want to be screwed around with, waiting for the world to end.

                      My eyes were so bad too! I had to get contacts when I was 10 (and this was before disposable contacts were a “thing”) because I flat out could not see during swimming. And then once, I lost a contact and had to drive like, 2 hours. That was a good time. Laser eye surgery is such a win. (Though I will admit, I can feel them getting worse again, and it has only been about 8 years- and for that kind of money, I want more than 8 years!) Maybe in 20 years it will be SUPER easy and cheap to fix people’s eyes! Fingers crossed haha.

                      SO yes, I finished it last night! I have some mixed feelings. I almost feel like some of it was a little… filler? Or maybe setup for book 3 is the better term (especially with the Breccia stuff, and some stuff from the end)? I still really liked it, mostly. The end felt a bit rushed for me. But yeah, Katharine, Idk what her malfunction is. She is NOT my fave. Arsinoe is definitely my girl. I don’t dislike Mirabella, but she’s too… Idk, too afraid to rebel. And while it DOES make her more realistic, it still makes me love Arsinoe that much more hahah.

  6. This is such an awesome recap! I suck and picking best and worst episodes but I think The Chosen is my favourite because it was the one I remember had me so captivated, and The Tinder Box was the worst – mainly because I remember wanting to yawn through most of it. Also I agree that Riley was an irrelevant addition – I barely remembered who he was until I read this!

    I don’t actually ship much with this show? The only thing I ever particularly rooted for was Clexa and Kabby and I guess Bellarke but kind of in more of a friend-ship way? I really liked the Bellarke dynamic from the beginning but it kind of lost me when they stopped being around each other so much. Then Bellamy stood by Pike and took part in that massacre back in season 3 which I found really hard to forgive him for. And I detested Clarke more recently for shutting Octavia and Kane and everyone except Skykru out with Jaha. I hated them both for those actions, but I always forgive the characters in The 100 in time (I used to hate Murphy and now I love him). Also I still love Clarke and Bellamy as characters because they’re really complex, and I’d like to see their friendship redevelop. And if that ends in them together, I don’t think I’d mind either (depending on how it’s done and it doesn’t just drop out of nowhere because they did spend A LOT of time apart).

    But as for new ships – I’m so on board for Milkson. Two tiny smiles and I was like YES THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN! I also totally saw Sea Mechanic and wanted it to happen even though I knew it wouldn’t.

    I’m also really against Becho – and just Echo in general. I don’t hate her I just feel indifferent to her. Also Harper. She’s sweet but I don’t really care about her – and I’m surprised those two characters were ones the writers chose to keep around and stick up in space. I can’t see either of them lasting too long.

    Jasper’s death crushed me. “Say you love me or you’ll regret it, Monty” I mean why do this to me?! I actually ceased to care about Jasper a while ago but I really loved his friendship with Monty. I didn’t think his death would hurt me so much but seeing Monty having to forgive him in that moment was so torturous (and was it just me or did that unconventional declaration of love seem like it could’ve been a little more than friendship? Probably just me I just used to low key ship it). It was a really beautiful death.

    Again, awesome post!

    • AWW thank you so much!! 😀 YES The Chosen… my goodness. The emotions were just… UGH. So many of them! Between the Second Culling, and the unfortunate Rover ride… yeah. The decisions they had to make were all so awful. And RILEY, ugh. I had read that originally, in The Tinder Box, it was supposed to be Bryan (Miller’s boyfriend who randomly disappeared hah) which would have made SO much more sense for the show- then it would have been Miller and Miller’s dad trying to talk him down, and since he was ON Farm Station with Pike, it’d have made sense. But noooo, we get Riley haha.

      I do love Bellarke. Like, SO much. But I did like Clexa, in the moment- I just never saw it as endgame, I guess (and maybe that was partly because I knew Alycia wasn’t destined to stay on the show, but either way!) I do agree about Clarke and Bellamy being apart for so long- they can’t just pick right back up, I feel like their whole relationship (even just a platonic one) will need to be rekindled- especially since he thinks she’s dead! And yeah, I was so MAD at Bellamy with that Pike nonsense. I *kind of* was able to forgive Clarke easier because it felt like no one had wanted the job of making the tough calls, but then no one liked what Clarke did either, but I DO agree that shutting out O and Kane was a bad call- or maybe, not letting them back in? Because I do kind of see her point when she was afraid Luna would win- but after O won, she should have let Bellamy open the door earlier, I agree.

      I LOVE Milkson! I am so happy because I love both the characters and actors, and I hope this means more screen time for both! I was shocked that nothing more came of Sea Mechanic, because the setup seemed SO real. Ditto about Becho. I didn’t mind Echo in the last two episodes (that was kind of the first time I felt much of anything for her too!) but to have her be main cast now… Idk, that doesn’t sit well with me. I hope it means more screen time for Harper though- and a REAL storyline.

      JASPER. Jasper gutted me too. Especially rewatching episodes, seeing his spiral into depression, it is SO hard. I feel like Jasper and Monty were closer than most families, and it was SO hard to watch Monty go through that. And Jasper, honestly, because you know he had to be so miserable. I really hope they talk about it, at least a little, in Season 5.

  7. Wow I had no idea there were THAT few delinquents left! And nice factoid there about Harper! She’s made it this far lol! But then it’s always been a brutal show. And yes I hate Donnie. I just don’t see Ali with him, I mean we’ve established she likes drug dealers and old flames from high school, and Donnie’s not exactly… attractive? I mean I know that’s shallow but when they show him less than fully dressed I’m like oh don’t do that. Some things you can’t un-see FFS. So no Ira yet? Okay. That’s coming. And Kira- very mysterious. They are just now really delving into her in S5 as they try to wrap this all up, and frankly get back to the original premise- Sara/ Kira and how she could give birth when she’s supposed to be infertile.

    So true. I was laughing about it during the outage, thinking what would you do if it never came back on? Go hunt for your food? Obvs you wouldn’t be refrigerating anything, or microwaving or cooking anything except over a fire. Better stock up on pop tarts and chewy bars. And you’d have to fight off the fuckers who come for your stuff, and since America is like NRA nation they’ll probably be armed. Imagine the chaos in an average neighborhood, where you’d have to find a river (mostly polluted) for water- along w/ everyone else- and fight for food and shelter. Back to subsistence living. No thanks, I want my AC and lights and computer lol. But it’s amazing to think of so many prior generations who didn’t have any of this, they just had to roam around and kill animals to eat and like live in teepees. The high point of the week might be a tribal dance around the fire? Shit even Grounders have more going on than that!

    I’ve never had the surgery, and my friend who did thinks I’m nuts, but I was always afraid something would go wrong. Do they slowly go bad again? I didn’t know that! I’m afraid to do it… what if they fuck it up lol? Thank goodness for disposables though, because I would wear my contacts way too long because… irresponsible asshole I guess. 🙂 I was so stupid.

    Okay I am liking Arsinoe too. And I liked Mirabella back in book one and still do, I’m glad billy set her straight about Arsinoe, so at least now she knows Ars was holding back. Maybe they can team up? Katharine is getting these little urges lol when Nicolas talks about violence- I don’t know WHAT the fuck happened in Breccia (do we find out??) but she’s pretty harsh now. Or is it all an act? At first I thought so but now I’m not sure. She might be like death queen now. I remember at the time thinking Crowns was a little anti- climactic, I’m starting to wonder if this had been a duology if we could have just gotten a fucking resolution rather than having to wait for book three (and isn’t there a book four?). I hope she doesn’t drag this shit out TOO much! Anyway I’m at the part where everyone is coming to Wolf Springs for midsummer. I’m sure some asshattery will happen there!

    • Yeah I kind of couldn’t believe it either! Though most of them died in the Grounder conflict. I realized something pretty ridiculous while watching The 48 last night. So you know how the Grounders kept bitching about Clarke & company killing “300 of my people” when they launched the dropship? But like, literally 12 hours before, the Grounders bragged to anyone who would listen that they were going to “Slaughter” the Delinquents. Talk about a double standard. Like it is FINE for them to kill an entire group of kids, but when those kids kill them trying to defend themselves, suddenly they’re the bad guys? NO.

      Erm. Anyway, sorry hah. OMG yes- Donnie pantless was something I NEVER needed to see in my life. And I could get past the unattractiveness if he had ANY personality! I mean, obviously not everyone can be a supermodel, but… what the hell does Alison see in him!? Or, what DID she see in him that made her marry him? It isn’t like she couldn’t have had her pick of guys, let’s be real. Though, I DID enjoy badass Donnie threatening Vic and Angie with “Have a shitty day!” 😂😂

      ALSO. Is this the clone dance party you referred to!? The one at Felix’s apartment? I. DIED. I love that scene SO MUCH. (I may or may not be listening to the song right now because it makes me happy haha.) And then. THEN! I thought Cosima was DEAD. I started crying, because I seriously thought that was the end, and poor Kira was going to have found her. But DOCTOR MOREAU. 🤗🤗🤗 OH and I got to the Castor clones. THE HELL? So that one churchy-clone was creepy enough, now we have MORE of him!? What the hell did they do to him to get him to look so freaking creepy? Also, how old is Gracie supposed to be? Because I won’t lie, I am disturbed by her marrying Clone. (Idk his name, I just try to avoid looking at him.) Also, her dad impregnated her!? The fuck!? Things just got REAL twisted.

      I have read a few books like that- EMPs come and of course no one behaves civilly. In the one, this girl had been living in a pretty nice apartment in CA with her family, and then all hell broke loose. She holed up for a few days, which incidentally is absolutely what I’d have done. Until she ran out of water, basically. But what DO you do? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I am used to shopping for my food, not hunting it, and I guarantee I would be rubbish at killing anything. And if I did somehow dumb-luck my way into killing something, I’d probably cry and never be able to eat it anyway. I doubt I’d last long. THOUGH, being a sniveling mess would probably keep the assholes with guns at bay, since I wouldn’t look like a threat. And I mean, I’d be crying the whole time sure, but I still think I’d be stubborn enough to live. I now have my apocalypse plan in place- look like a coward, but hoard ALL the water. Technically, I suppose we all descended from decent survivalists, since otherwise the genes would have died off? Maybe we’d be better than we think. I still hope we never have to find out.

      I think the chances of them fucking up LASIK are so, so infinitesimal. It’s apparently a really safe procedure- and actual LASIK is really easy from what I understand. I, on the other hand, had too shitty of vision and “thin corneas”, whatever the hell THAT means, so I had to have this surgery called PRK- it is where (sorry, this is awful) they burn straight through the cornea instead of making a cut. And while it works just as well, the pain is… there is no explanation. And you can’t DO anything because you can’t see for TWO. WEEKS. I have had other surgeries in life, and they were so freaking easy compared to that shit. But, I will say, I would still do it again. And my brother had LASIK and was totally, 100% fine and drove himself to the doctor the next morning. (Sometimes I feel like an eye surgery ad? But OH, the feeling of falling asleep without worrying about contacts being stuck to your eyes? WORTH. IT. Not worrying about driving after losing or ripping a contact, etc. Yeah.) OH and as for the getting worse, yeah, they say it DOES happen, but it isn’t supposed to be so soon? Like- they told me that around like, 45, 50, my eyes would just start… naturally aging? Which seemed fine, because that was like, 25 years of eye happiness! The weird thing is, only ONE eye got worse. I should probably just go to the damn doctor hah.

      GAH I love Billy SO. MUCH. He was so awesome in this book. And I DO like Mirabella too- I think you’ll like her more as the book goes on, too. I am still Team Arsinoe, but I definitely don’t want anything to happen to Mirabella either! We do NOT find out fully about Breccia. Which irritated me a bit, but yeah. Nicolas bugged me too- like at least Katharine had REASONS for being deranged, what the hell is his malfunction!? There ARE going to be 4 books- and I think maybe a trilogy would have sufficed? I get that there may just be too many characters/storylines for a duology, but… 4 may be overkill? I found it entertaining either way though, so I guess that’s a plus!

      • Gah!! I finished ODT and… want more. Still sorting out my thoughts. Katharine WTF?? Okay she’s whacked. Although she’s clearly not herself??? Nicolas died in a nicely horrible way, and I didn’t like Pietyr in the first book and didn’t like him here either when he was all like we’ll just kill Arsinoe and Mirabella there at the end. Speaking of Ars and Mira, I LOVE them. I am so glad they teamed up, and they make a good team w/ Jules and Billy and the rest. And I loved the Bastian warriors, very cool that they came for Jules. She’s obviously going to be huge. And they left the island?? That surprised me.

        Billy is awesome, I totally agree. I liked him in book one too. And I love how we find out that Luca and Sara were conspiring all along with Natalia. All these bitches need to burn and I’m so glad Mira now knows that Luca fucked her. I hope her and Ars take the whole system down…

        Dance party 🙂 Felix dragging Alison into it KILLED me, and Helena “dancing”. The Ira clones are creepy and Gracie is… I think quite young. The Proletheans are a very disturbing development. I wanted them all killed. That I think is my least favorite part of the show, when they get to the base in the desert and all the Castor clone stuff. You kinda gotta get through it, and they the get back to Dyad. An ill- advised tangent I would say.

        I should have probably had LASIK. That PRK you had sounds awful, pain wise- I can only imagine. And two weeks! But it worked and you’re happy w/ it so that’s what matters, I applaud your guts! I chickened out and still wear the contacts. I’m sure by now it’s routine though…

        And yes cry me a river Grounders! You are so right- they’re all like “kill everyone” and then some of them get fried and they’re all pissy about it. Screw them. I actually loved that scene even though it’s horrific but I was worried about the delinquents, and the Grounders seemed so bloodthirsty, I was like fuck yeah when they blew em up. So I’m with you on that. 🙂

        • YAYY I am glad you’re done so I don’t have to worry about being spoilery 😉 So yeah, Katharine is NOT herself. And she even seems to know it, like in that scene with her and Pietyr? He is not my fave either, BUT I like him more than Nicolas (also, good riddance to him- I am SO glad he died, especially because I felt like it was SUPER clear that Kat didn’t want to sleep with him, and I felt like he pushed her into it, which, NOT cool bro.) OH. And what the hell was with Joseph dying!? Is he REALLY dead?! That seemed so… sudden. I had to reread it because I was confused. I am glad they left the island but… you know either they’ll be back, or Katharine will come to find them or some such nonsense. I REALLY hope Arsinoe and Mirabella basically burn the whole damn island down. Bunch of evil, power hungry assholes, the lot of them.

          The dance party was SO GREAT. I loved how the sisters all like.. really and genuinely LOVED each other in that moment. And Kira watching them, just beaming with happiness, it was PERFECT. And I love how Felix is basically an honorary sister at this point! 😀 I think I need to look up how old Gracie is supposed to be, because it is creeping me out. Crap, no definitive answer. Creepy, regardless. And those clones just raped some women in a hotel, kind of. There IS something legit wrong with them, right? I think their genes went… bad or something. Expired embryos, is that a thing? They creep me out, and I need them to go away NOW.

          I’m actually surprised at how few people seem to get LASIK. I mean, it isn’t cheap of course, but it’s moderately affordable, but I think a LOT of people hate the idea of something happening to their eyes, like you said- which is a totally legit fear! Eyes are kind of the most important thing, IMO. At least there ARE contacts, though! Glasses all the time would be dreadful, from a convenience perspective. I think more people would go for the surgery haha.

          YESSS! I was SO worried for the delinquents in the ring of fire, but I hoped ALL the Grounders burned. They make me SO mad. And then Tristan is trying to make Finn feel bad? Like, fuck you, dude. You weren’t planning on sparing FINN, were you? NOPE, ordered Anya to kill him and Clarke, as a matter of fact. Have you watched the show from when it first started? I feel like this is the only show I have ever watched from its actual live pilot hahha.

          • Exactly. that whole island is fucked up and these people (Natalia, the high priestess, apparently Sara) run everything and these “queens” are basically playthings being manipulated. I don’t know what all this Goddess stuff and Breccia stuff is but that island need to go down lol. Or at least the power structure. Do you think the girls will end up co- ruling at the end? Also what is the Breccia? Just a bunch of evil spirits?

            I was surprised Joseph died, and I felt bad, but I think someone needed to die to make it serious. If everyone would have survived it would have been too easy. And now Jules is pissed and motivated. I’d like her clean house, especially if Bastian rallies behind her? Overthrow those bitches! And even though I hate death Kat I feel sorry for the real Katharine, who is trapped in there or something? I liked her in book one and yes Nicolas was a dog! I took great satisfaction in his death.

            The Castor clones are definitely fucked up, they keep “glitching”. The rape scene in the hotel was disturbing. Again not the show high point. I’m glad when that all goes away. I love the dynamic of the sestras- like Alsion calls for help and Fee goes, no complaints- they’re all like family now. And Siobhan I grew to really like too …

            If I didn’t have contacts I would efinitely have the surgery lol since I HATE glasses.

            Yes I hated the Grounders then! They have really come a long way humanizing them, to the point where Skaikru are more often than not the assholes! But they do seem to have a rathr one- sided view of murder?? O.o And I binged The 100 sometime around the end of S2, I think. Not really sure. I know binged the first two and then watched S3 live. It was hard going to weekly after binging- and I binged the shit out of too, like I was cramming as many episodes in a day as I could! It hooked me pretty early on… 🙂

            • YES! That is exactly how it is- the queens are all just pawns in their ridiculous political games. But the irony is, the queens have the power, they just never used it because they’d been too busy killing each other off. Which, I bet is the reason they devised that whole “only one sister can live” bullshit anyway… 🤔I think Breccia is maybe the dead queens who are pissed off? But then, they should HELP Katharine overthrow this bullshit! And yes, I do think they’ll co-rule in the end- or at least, they’ll all help each other lead in some way. OHH OR- maybe Jules will rule, and they will be her… ambassadors for each place or something!

              I DO agree about Joseph’s death, though I hate it- mostly because I was hoping for more drama between Jules and Mira 😉 I feel bad for real Katharine too- it DOES seem like she is in there somewhere. But if one of them had to die, I’d still want it to be her hah.

              So the Castor clones have gotten even more messed up. Holy Castor just slept with Gracie, then told her he’d been lying to her forever, and THEN burned off his fucking tattoo. Then Rapey Castors tried to grab Kira, and then the less creepy one shot the more creepy one for… being creepy, I presume? That’s their glitch, they get extra special levels of rapey. And DAMN, Delphine got dark. Cosima is still so pissed. I low key hope she sleeps with Scott for revenge. I have no idea why, I just like it 😂 (Though I DO hope she ends up with Delphine when shit calms down). I like Siobhan, even though her judgment isn’t always great. It’s clear she comes from a place of love. And ART. I still love him, too. OH! And now I see what you mean about Drug Dealing Donnie. I feel like the whole school board storyline is… not necessary? But Alison being shifty is something I am always on board with hahha.

              Glasses… they’re the devil’s work. I have SO many childhood memories of me being pissed off about not being able to do stuff because I couldn’t see, and glasses weren’t allowed. They fog, they hurt your face, they make your nose oily, my hair would always get stuck in the damn screws, and you certainly can’t wear them while swimming. AND- okay, this might be just me, but do you think you can see BETTER with contacts? Like, I always felt like my vision with contacts was SO much clearer than with glasses, but maybe I am weird? (Well, definitely, but in regards to this 😂)

              I think I am actually glad that I watched from the start, because I probably would have lost my shit going from bingeing to weekly! It’s funny because they started promoting it right around the time I started blogging, and that is what made me tune in- and I almost quit because the first episode was… well, you know.

              And YES- the fact that the Grounders went from looking like straight up villains to… well, more often than not, MORE reasonable, is a real testament to the show. But they ARE still weird about the murder stuff! I mean, even at the end of the damn world, they wanted to kill each other first and ask questions later! I’m pretty excited that there’s only a week til SDCC- I need some new info, it’s been two months since we’ve had ANY news. Tasya was promoted like, 2 days after the finale, and it’s been silent ever since.

              • The thing is, the elementals are SO powerful, how do they not like always win? I mean just call down lightning and bam- game over. And they were talking about how all the elementals on that ship could just control ALL the weather- I mean that’s incredibly powerful, I just don’t see how the other factions can even compete. And if the temple is in EVERY city, plus the elementals power- I just don’t see how Natalia can overcome all that just because she’s crafty, you know?

                I know too there was a lot of hate for Joseph last time because of Mira, so I’m curious to see how people react to his death. I mean the first time it was mostly Mira, wasn’t it? “Warming him” lol. It was kinda nice how they could double date- Jules/ Joseph and Arsinoe/ Billy. Guess that’s out the window. And is it just me or did the bear seem awfully easy to control this time, whereas in the last book I thought he was hard to control because he wasn’t actually a familiar? Do I have that wrong?

                Art is awesome, he needs more to do. And DElphine- love her but you never seem to know who’s side she’s on. She’s sorta on the LEDA program I guess but thinks she’s working both sides- it’s not always convincing. I think ultimately she’s on clone team but they could write her more convincing I think? And yes I kinda love Alison’s interactions with school board moms so her and Donnie’s storylines are love/ hate for me.

                I can definitely see better w/ contacts, no question. I won’t wear ’em unless I have to. Glasses I mean. They are a total drag as a kid, I totally agree. I declare contacts the best invention ever, edging out electricity and pizza.

                SDCC- I feel like we’ll get some hints? I hope. And dude I’m gonna totally scope Reddit and shit- fuck it, I need spoilers. Isn’t that awful? I just found spoilers for Game of Thrones S7 last night, and gleefully read about the whole season. I don’t even give a shit. I mean I’m gonna recap it so I need a little head start, you know? Plus I always think in terms of the books so getting my head into show mode is weird. It feels wrong whenever they deviate lol. But seriously, I’m gonna be a total spoiler hound for The 100- I want the deets. Do they have spoilery Reddits for The 100? I need to find out. 🙂

                • I agree, the elementals DO seem to have quite the advantage. I mean, I guess in hand-to-hand combat perhaps not, but they control so much that it should never even GET to that point, right? Because a poisoned cupcake will never compare with “I can roast your ass with fire from far away”. And it seemed like there was more to the Mira/Joseph/Jules love triangle, yet it ended so abruptly! I felt like it would come back around, but then BOOM, he died. I think that confused me. And YES about the bear! I mean, he started randomly mauling people the last time, but in this book he was basically a glorified teddy bear? And yeah, using the… low magic or whatever it was called, that had apparently made him unpredictable in book 1? But I guess it gave him a case of the cuddles in book 2. So random.

                  It does seem like Delphine is working both sides, but I agree, it is unconvincing. Because everyone knows she loves Cosima, so…?? But I guess they hope she’s power hungry enough to put it aside? Maybe that’s the real key- all these people are so power trippy themselves that they can’t believe that Delphine wouldn’t be!

                  OH- so the Boy Clones are the Girl Clones’ BROTHERS? Seriously!? ANd THAT convinces Sarah to save Churchy Clone’s life while Crazy Church Lady shoots at them in a corn field!? “Oh, sure, you’re my brother now, only because of some weird ass science, but come to Thanksgiving”. I get the sisterly clone bond, because they worked together, but this was kind of unbelievable. (Also, Church Lady is the creepiest of ALL the church people, isn’t she? Low key scared of her.)

                  I want to say that electricity is better than contacts, but… you wouldn’t be able to SEE the electricity without contacts, so you may be right haha.

                  GAH, is it wrong that I am on board with the spoiler seeking? I mean… I am on the fence, I guess. Because I don’t want to know but… I NEED to know? I just need SOMETHING- any little bit of info to tide me over. But then I am afraid of getting *too* spoiled, like with Praimfaya. Decisions, decisions. So wait- you know ALL the things about GoT!?! I suppose it isn’t hard to do with such a short season. Will you be disappointed when the actual show airs and nothing is shocking? I have not looked up The 100 spoilers, because I am afraid I will never be able to stop looking 😂 But I assume they’re out there. The writers have been working since April, so there is probably SOMETHING to be uncovered. Probably once filming starts, the spoilers will roll in, that is kind of how it happened last year!

                  • Yes! I almost feel like Blake was hinting that Joseph was… in love w/ BOTH Jules amd Mira? Or thought he was? Or was just really confused lol? Then she KILLS him. Hmm. And the bear thing kept pulling me out of the story because I kept thinking no he’s gonna go berserk, but then he just… rolls over and wants his belly scratched. these are the things editors are suppose to catch?!?

                    I basically think Rachel would have had Delphine wiped out long ago. She has some kind of plot armor. Cosima girlfriend armor lol. I love her tho. And oh my gosh Churchy Lady is EVIL . And didn’t I say the Castor stuff gets out there? Luckily they dial it back eventually. It’s like the Cityof Light storyline- the writers trying something and it gets WAY outta hand!

                    I’ve always been more spoiler tolerant than most, but usually moreso with movies. But yes I think (because who knows how really accurate they are) I know all the major plot points of GoT S7. Isn’t that awesome? Ha ha it should be horrifying I know but I’m oddly pleased. It definitely helps me to look ahead and see the big picture of where they’re going, and also helps me begin my posts. And… one of the things that happens in the finale is fucking huge!!! I’m blown away by how awesome it is. But it’s already been spoiled by fan posters- I mean you google GoT S7 and look at images and you can see it, so it’s not like super surprising?

                    I will absolutely do the same thing w/ The 100 if I get the chance. It does take away the surprise factor I guess but I feel like I have to knowwwww… like I would never want to spoil my books ahead of time, but movies/ shows I seem to be okay with??? I don’t even know why. 🙂 But… I have to admit it was weird knowing everything that was going to happen in Praimfaya, my anticipation was definitely affected. So maybe I’m hurting myself… I don’t know. 🙂

                    • YES! I agree- he definitely was not ONLY in love with Jules- he even said as much when Jules tried to give him Arsinoe’s magic excuse, he admitted that it wasn’t *just* magic, he had felt something for her. And then bam, he’s dead. Or IS HE? I never trust that anyone is for real dead in a book with magic. I can’t figure out the bear either. Like, was it purposeful that Braddock changed, or like you said, just shitty continuity? I still am unsure. I prefer Fluffy Bear but it is still weird.

                      Rachel definitely would have removed Delphine, no question. It’s clear where Delphine’s loyalties will end up lying, so why? Especially for a character as twisted as Rachel, it isn’t like she gave a shit if ANYONE lived or died, why would she care if Delphine died? OH. So. Are Dude Clones giving… parting gifts to their sexual conquests now!? Gracie and Hotel Victim both have… Idk, Clone Herpes. As if these dudes weren’t horrible enough, now they’re spreading freaking STDs? I think I saw Sarah getting it in the preview, but Idk how the hell she ends up with it. And I LOVED Gracie “partying” with S and Fee! Does she stick around? I hope so! (Oh, and she did say she’s 18, so I feel a *bit* less disgusted about her and Mark. But only a little, because if he is the same age as the girl clones, he’s got to be more than 30, right? I thought their passports said they were born in 1984- Cosima and Alison and Beth, but Felix confirmed that Sarah was born “within months” of all of them, so that puts them all at around… 32-33 in Season 3? And Gracie is such a YOUNG 18, so sheltered and innocent.. blech.)

                      BWHAHA I cannot believe you know ALL the major plots! I am horrified on your behalf, even if you aren’t 😂 I feel like it’s almost hard to NOT be spoiled about GoT though, at this point. I mean, I have never read OR watched it, and I know half the shit that happens, which is kind of unfortunate for people who can’t watch it immediately. Like- there are some spoilers I know I can’t avoid, like say, Harry Potter hah. But people are WAY too free with the current spoilers. Like- even after we knew about the stuff with Praimfaya, there was no WAY I could have avoided the spoilers, because so many people on Twitter were talking about it. With movies… Idk, all the movies I see are book adaptations it seems, so I guess I already know all the spoilers!

                      So you do not like book spoilers ever? I do not like them- but again, they always seem to be around. I am probably less mad with TV spoilers too- but I still don’t love them? Like- I just wish they weren’t around, because I have a certain inner turmoil knowing that they’re easy for me to find. It’s like the angel and the devil, fighting hahah. I think with Praimfaya, I was almost… relieved in a sense, because I might have been *too* pissed had I not known? This way, I was at least like “well, okay, at least they’re all safe!”. Though that 6 years bit still threw me off! Damn Jason and his shenanigans. 😝

          • I had to have that surgery too, Shannon! It was still totally worth it, though. I already need glasses again (I think I had the surgery like six years ago or something), but I can definitely get away without them, even though I choose to pretty much wear them all the time. (It’s funny because my husband and my kids actually like me better with my glasses because they’re more used to them.) I used to be so incredibly blind that I couldn’t even see to shave my legs in the shower and such—a huge pain! Now I can get away without my glasses when I want to (I don’t even need them to drive) or I can wear them. Much better!

            • Oh WOW Nicole! I never met anyone else who had to have it before! Did you think it was extra awful too? And yeah, that is how I was too- I couldn’t even see colors, it would just become a big blur. I actually was only -.5 away in my right eye from not being able to have ANY corrective surgery, so I feel you there. I probably *should* have glasses again at this point, but since only one eye is bad, I am just dealing with it? (Though, I did google it and Web MD told me I was dying hahah, so maybe I should call a doctor 😉 )

  8. You can call me a miserably cynical person, but I was just ready for Jasper to die already when we got to that episode. Like, I was kind of done with him and even Monty’s love for him didn’t stir my heart. Actually, there were a few episodes in the middle of the season when I was done with everyone, even Clarke. The episode where they were all super conflicted over whether or not to put Emori in the radiation chamber, I was just sort of fed up with everybody. I kept thinking how they were all so sanctimonious about how they were doing the right thing to save humanity, yet not one person was willing to step up and say, “Yeah, this could save the world, I’ll do it voluntarily.” I mean, don’t get me wrong, I get that no one wants to die, but they’d all risked themselves for less in the past, so… And then finally (finally!) Clarke did do the right thing and Abby smashed the chamber. I pretty much wanted to stab her in the eye at that point.

    Um, so I just went off on a bit of a rant there, and I’m sorry. Anyway, I was super excited when we got to the conclave episodes because finally not every single character was being a douche—oh, wait, until Jaha and Clarke decided to take over the bunker. Then I was back to hating them. ARGH!!! Um, but I promise, as much as I’m complaining, I really do like the show. I just … get stabby sometimes because of it.

    Oh, and I totally agree that Bellamy and Echo are going to end up being a thing, which is just a darn shame. But I was actually really kind of excited at the ending because even though it sucks that six years went by, it means that things will get shaken up , big time. I hope we at least get some flashbacks of what happened during that time, though. We shall see!

    • Ah, Holly felt the same, so I can’t fault you *too* much 😉 I have always and will always have a soft spot for Jasper, and here’s why- it felt really, REALLY honest to me that someone couldn’t handle this world. I mean, so many of the characters are just… so damn tough, you know? To keep on keeping on after all they’ve been through? So Jasper not being able to, that just felt so real to me. You and Holly should seriously talk about this, because she said the EXACT same stuff in the middle of the season. I was the opposite- I sympathized with EVERYONE. Because I think survival instincts would have certainly kicked in, and so it made sense. But I DO agree with you that everyone wanted some perfect solution but no one wanted to work for it- which was why I was so Team Clarke. Because she was making all the decisions, and sure, some of them SUCKED, but she was the only one willing to try SOMETHING, while everyone else just stood around and bitched about it.

      I was SO mad at Clarke and Jaha for taking the bunker! Or at least, for KEEPING the bunker. I get why they took it- I might have too with Luna in the fight. But to KEEP it? Nope not okay. The Conclave itself was SO epic though!

      We should definitely get lots of flashbacks. I will be grossed out at Becho, but hopefully it doesn’t last too long? A girl can dream, right? 😉

  9. I know right? I’m SUCH a spoiler whore all of a sudden. But I feel like for me and GoT the books are the canon- I mean Martin has come out and said the books will be different, there’s a TON of characters still alive in the books that are dead on the show, etc- so I can go into the show knowing spoilers and still have that awesome feeling when the book finally comes out and surprises me. Obviously that’s a luxury unique to GoT since you have a show that has surpassed the books. So maybe I’m just more okay with spoilers for that reason? Although some shows like The 100 or 12 Monkeys I will definitely grab the spoiler if I see it.

    And why do I want spoilers for one series more than another? Like Orphan Black- I’m good for the ride, love it but I don’t seek spoilers out. GoT or 12 Monkeys I do- it’s weird. Whole different topic I guess lol. And yeah book spoilers are pretty different- I mean I won’t get PISSED if a book is spoiled for me on Goodreads or wherever, but if it does ruin a great twist I will be annoyed. Well maybe a little pissed.

    Fluffy Bear was kinda cute, I’ll grant you that. In fact I was afraid he was gonna get hurt, when Mira and Ars were gonna fight I was like nooooo don’t hurt the bear! And YES I’m so glad Ars fessed up about the magic thing- and he was all like yeah but that’s not why and I was like damn. Although honesty is best. And why am I liking a triangle? I HATE triangles, but I guess I was looking forward to that playing out???

    Gracie partying w/ Fee was awesome. And I think she’s around for a while? Although she’s not on the show now- but I think she has a more or less happy ending if I remember? And Mark- ugh. Someone shoot him. Have you gotten to the maggot bot yet? That was kinda cool. I watched tonight’s episode and it was the return of Krystal- she’s another clone (how many can Tatiana play?). She’s, um, into cosmetics.

    • I think it is different when you have an expectation about the books versus the adaptions- I fully admit to stalking The Hunger Games spoilers with zero regret! And the books being canon makes a huge difference too, now that you say it, because when I watched True Blood, I hated how the books ended so I wanted NO spoilers for the show (like GoT, it was SO different). And kind of the same with The 100, though neither the books OR the show can/will ever be technically canon since they basically happened at the same time? (For me, of course, the show is hahah.)

      Maybe you aren’t as invested in Orphan Black? OR maybe the spoilers would ruin more? Like, with The 100, at least if you know a plot point, you still don’t know EVERYTHING, where with OB, I think you kind of do? I get irrationally pissed at spoilers I think- well, spoilers on super public forums, anyway. I hate when people tweet HUGE spoilers, and before you can turn your head away, it’s too late, you’ve already read it. Or spoilers in say, line one of a Goodreads review. That kind of stuff makes me stabby.

      I liked the bear too- and I kind of feel sorry for it because it was like, magically created? And yes- I was SO happy when Arsinoe came clean! I liked her so much more because she did, honestly. I absolutely wanted to see the love triangle play out hahahha. I don’t always like love triangles, but sometimes they work well in a story, and I think this was one of those cases. And frankly, I loved the weird position it put Arsinoe in, too- her best friend and her sister, fighting over her OTHER friend. 😂

      Oooookay, so shit just got CRAZY on this damn show. PAUL. DIED. The hell!? I’m not going to lie, I cried a little. I mean, he told Sarah he loved her and then blew himself up! Plus, I kind of hoped he and Sarah were endgame- I give zero fucks about Cal, I don’t really care that he’s Kira’s dad, he just seems boring to me. Paul was at least a good character- and as we saw by his demise, his motives were good. SAD.

      But THEN. THEN I met Krystal. I didn’t even recognize her at first, as a clone- Delphine was questioning her about the Clone Herpes- and then I realized what that meant. She. Had. Sex. With. Her. BROTHERS. I think I threw up a little in my mouth. No, no, so much wrong. Also, speaking of feeling ill, can Donnie never again dance around in underpants? His children must be scarred for life. And maggot bot!? No! But it sounds AWFUL, and I am not looking forward to it. Is that how they cure Clone Herpes? OH, and I still don’t fully get why the Dude Clone mom/doctor person was trying to sterilize women? Does that come back into play? Because I am confused.

      • Yeah you got a point there. that just happened to me, I was reading a review on Goodreads- no spoiler warning- and there was the twist. I was like FUCK lol. So I guess I was pretty pissed actually. It’s even worse on Twitter, so true.

        Wait- the bear was magically created? I thought they just summoned him? Or… maybe I forgot? You know I was thinking as I read ODT that I was really fuzzy about some of the details, and that surprised me cause I thought I remembered TDC pretty good, but maybe not? But yes it’s a neat set up with Arsinoe and her friends, they’re all so tight, I love that little cozy arrangement they had in Wolf Spring lol (well, til Joseph bit the dust) and the idea of Jules vs Mira for Joseph- YES! THAT”S a love triangle I would have liked to see!

        Emotional moment with Paul. I was sorry to see him go and yeah him and Srah as endgame would work for me too. Alas… Krystal oh my gosh is a trip. And… I don’t remember exactly why Dr. Coady was trying to sterilize women but it’s all part of their plan to control human genetics. Coady really is the worst.

        Maggot bot is coming in S4 I think? It’s pretty trippy. I liked S4 more than S3, it was creepier I thought? And Neolution takes center stage again after all the Promethean/ Castor nonsense.

        Donnie just needs to stop. It’s fucking outrageous and I don’t want to see it anymore. Just.stop. For the love of God.

        • Yeah like- if you go LOOKING for spoilers, fine- at least they are often in places that you’d have to be actively searching for them, so that doesn’t bother me at all. But when people post them in places that you definitely don’t expect, that is not cool. Especially on Goodreads, because it is SO. EASY. to have spoiler tags! And then you can post all the spoilers you want! If people on Twitter spoil shit for me, I unfollow them- or at the very least, mute them permanently.

          Well shit, maybe I am wrong about the damn bear, I have no idea where he came from. You are probably right- I have a terrible memory with stuff like that, and I read it a year ago, so I cannot be trusted. I still don’t know if Joseph is for real dead. I mean, I hope he doesn’t miraculously come back (because then the whole story seems… too safe?) but you never know. It just seems weird- there will have to be another character- a male- introduced because there are only what, like 2 dudes left in the whole series?

          Paul’s death made me SO sad. I was almost hoping it wasn’t real, but then his name wasn’t in the credits, and I knew I had no hope. They moved on pretty quickly from his death, too. I had hoped for a bit more.. I don’t know, grieving? Someone needs to have a funeral. Krystal seems like she’ll be a piece of work hahah. OH! And I got to the part where Donnie and Helena are besties bwahahha. Did she kill ALL of those drug people!? Damn. I love how protective she is of “babies”. It was so cute that I didn’t even mind that she basically sliced them all up.

          I think Delphine might kill Shay, and I am here for it. I HATE her. Why is she involved? Just to be annoying? There is not even any chemistry with her and Cosima, Cosima is just sad. OHH so we will move past this whole storyline? YAY. I am kind of glad Neolution is back, I wondered what happened to them. I also like creepy! I think I am on episode 9 of Season 3 right now, so I will probably get to start Season 4 tomorrow, yay! I am actually going to be caught up sooN!

          And seriously with Donnie. Of ALL the people on that show who could be naked… why must it always be Donnie!?

          • You’re kinda right about the dudes… I had not thought of that. Billy and shit who else? Pietyr? You’re right , everyone else is supporting or not important (that bookseller guy, whoever). That is a problem. Or maybe the women will just run things! Which at this point might not be bad. I love how those suitors got killed- and then Nicola too (so that’s like three suitors that have died and no queens have died yet- remind me why the mainland would send their sons over there lol). I agree about Joseph though- I’d kinda like him back but kinda not- and the way he died, where he just sorta bled out and they (like idiots) didn’t get him any care- it’s like tragic and maybe avoidable and just one of those things, you know? I like that. Hard choices.

            Helena lol. “I got refund.”

            Yeah Paul got dropped like a hot potato didn’t he? People die on this show and they’re like, that sux, moves on. Geez… I didn’t like Paul at first because he seemed like a dick but he won me over and I liked him and Sarah together. I think the show works best when they stick to the original core, the death of Beth and Art and Paul and a tight Neo story. It’s when they start getting into pervert farms and Coady and her freak boys and all that stuff, it just gets too out there. Dyad’s fucking bad enough! I think they had a pretty good villain set in Leekie, Rachel and maybe even Eve, but they didn’t need Susan and Coady IMO.

            Shay’s another one of those things. Seasons three and even 4 a bit they just kept expanding, adding new characters, and now they realize they gotta wrap it all up in S5. This should have always been Neolution as a tighter focus. And I keep seeing that Shay actress in other things- she’s in TURN: Washington’s Spies and something else I watched recently. It’s funny how the more you binge some of the actors and actresses keep showing up- especially on the Brit or Vancouver shows! Continuum for example had Murphy (and he’s almost exactly the same!) and another guy from Continuum is on Dark matter. Kinda funny.

            Yay for S4! You’re almost caught up!! You’re flying through ’em. And you’re gonna know way more than me cause you’re all fresh and I haven’t seen those episodes in quite a while. You’re the new expert!

            • Yeah, they’re basically it! Maybe Jules and Mirabella will just fall in love, and that would eliminate any use we had for Joseph? But yeah, it DID seem weird that they let him die with relatively little fanfare- especially since they HAVE magic, especially Jules, you’d think they’d have at least tried a bit harder. I think that’s why I am not wholly convinced that he’s gone for good. It seemed wayyy too easy.

              When Helena said “I got refund”, I laughed SO hard! And then Donnie finding Jesse for her!? SO. SWEET. It redeemed Donnie a bit. Paul won me over too! Though, now that I am thinking about it, perhaps this can make way for my very first ship, which was Sarah and Art, to be endgame. He’s more stable than Paul anyway, BUT I think Paul’s death deserved way more attention, considering that he sacrificed himself for Sarah and all the others. And yes- why not just keep Leekie and Rachel as the villains? Now Rachel is… what, being held hostage by her mom and a 10 year old? I am so damn lost!

              S’s mom is a freaking TRIP, too. OH and Delphine just saw a maggot, which was exactly as disgusting as I’d imaged. And then she was shot, but I know she didn’t die, so I wasn’t too worked up haha. I could still live without Shay. And I think you’re right- they expanded it to SO many characters and storylines, but there are only 50 episodes total, so what did they expect to happen?

              I feel like I can’t ever watch shows that have The 100 cast in them because they’ll always be their characters in my head. It’s like when I watch Jennifer Lawrence in a movie now, I’ll be like “why is Katniss dancing with a crazy Bradley Cooper?” Also in Continuum is the dude who played Shumway, so that’s a thing. Apparently they DO overlap a lot hahah.

              I know, I am kind of sad that I am almost done with them! I don’t want it to end!

              • You might be right! I mean someone suggested they get him some medical help, and I know they didn’t really have a lot of time, but by not getting it he just died from… blood loss? I guess? I mean they didn’t want to get caught, so maybe there WASN”T enough time, but I had a feeling he was gonna die when they just kept running. Weird…

                So for One Dark Throne are you holding your review til it comes out? I don’t do very many ARC reviews so maybe I don’t know the etiquette of it, but posting the review this early is kind of a no-no isn’t it? Or doesn’t it matter?

                I love Helena. They don’t use her nearly enough. Like she’s hardly been in S5 which is a CRIME. But maybe too little is better than too much? If I’m going into a bad situation I legit want Helena with me more than any of them lol. I should see if there’s a GIF of that. Sometimes I think they don’t know what to do with Art too, he could use more time. I think Cosima and Alison have sucked up a lot of screen and story time, and don’t get me wrong I love em but there’s only so much time for everyone. Too many clones!

                S’s mom lol. Yeah. Some crazy shit happens in S4 as I recall… 🙂

                And yes I remember that Shumway dude from Continuum! Jennifr LAwrence is Katniss to me too, even though I’ve only recently seen the last movie. Which I loved actually. I liked her more in those than anything else. Her as Mystique- ugh. Or in PAssengers- whatever. Although that was more a sucky movie than anything else. Vancouver though does seem to be a hub for a lot of these shows and a lot of these actors just cycle through! I’m surprised though that I haven’t seen very many of the 100 actors in other shows. Maybe I’m watching the wrong ones?

                • YES! Mundane blood loss is a kind of stupid way to die in a book with magical freaking powers! And yeah, I get the whole needing to get away thing but… it was still kind of weird.

                  Oh, and as for ARCs, here’s kind of my self-imposed rule: If the publisher didn’t give it to me, I review it whenever I please, or maybe (fine, most likely) never. If the publisher DID give it to me, I usually do it within a month of the release- so either a month before, or a month after. Basically, I don’t think there’s ever a BAD time to post a review- especially since the publisher has no expectations.

                  Helena, she is too much. I agree, if shit is going down, I want Helena on my side! She will fight to the death, no questions asked. I agree about everyone else and the screen time- there really are just too many characters for such a short show. I just watched the Beth flashback, and now there’s another freaking clone!? Does this MK person come back around? OH and the dead Neolution guy… and I saw them fitting the tail guy for pants or some such weirdness, and that tail is NOT. OKAY. How does he even SIT? You know, nevermind, I don’t actually want to ever know.

                  I have heard that Passengers was awful, which is sad because it sounded kind of decent in theory. OH and as for The 100 actors, I think so many of them were quite new when The 100 started, and since it takes up like, 6+ months of the year, they probably can’t do much else. But Eliza, Bob, and Dichen were all on some Aussie soap! OH and a whole slew of them- Luisa, Marie, Erica, Richard, Jarod- were in Percy Jackson (which I have never seen, but find amusing).

                  • I know! That’s what I thought too…and thanks!!! I wasn’t sure. I’ll just post it closer to pub date. I wasn’t sure because when I got the School for Unusual Girls #3 ARC from the author she wanted me to post my review right around publication day, which I did and was fine with- so I kinda wondered. I guess it’s different if the author or publisher is sending it to you directly.

                    Lolol about the tail! I may have shrieked with laughter when I saw that (may have- not admitting anything) because who in the fucking writers room said let’s give this dude a tail- AND THEY WENT WITH IT. But… I kinda liked the whole body modding/ weirdness angle of S1/S2 Neolution. Like why was there a Neolution nightclub FFS? Well because we wanna have some bar scenes and tail guy is gonna manage the fucker. Any more questions? Um, okay, no I’m good. Oh and MK is hardly in the show at all- she doesn’t appear much except a little bit in S4. She likes masks apparently.

                    Passengers was… okay, awful. That works. I have a review written up for it but just haven’t posted it yet, it’s been sitting. It is a good one to talk about tho because of what Chris Pratt’s character does. And really about Percy Jackson? Interesting! I think I saw that movie. But I would love to see Eliza and Bob and a few of the others in some other stuff- once The 100 is over I hope they get some great shows to be on. Not that I want the 100 to be over ever- sheesh. I shouldn’t even THINK that!

                    • Some authors/publishers are weird about it, but they’re the minority– most are just glad to be getting a review, tbh. And yeah, like- Harper sent me a copy directly (which is super unusual for them, and made me excited hah) so I will post mine closer to the release date, but they’re also really chill about that kind of stuff in general. I did get approved for a book once where they asked that I publish it within a week of publication- no sooner, no later. Which, IMO, is kind of asking a little too much, you know? What if you had several books for the same day?

                      I LOVE whoever came up with the tail! Because either it required a fabulous imagination, a lot of drugs, or both 😂😂 And the maggots are so disgusting. If I was Sarah, I’d have probably ended up killing myself in an attempt to remove the damn thing, because I straight up would not have been able to continue everyday life while it was in my damn face? But if she takes it out, it kills her, right? (You see why I’d be dead?) Also, I think Shay is gone, YAY!

                      MK is…. weird. The masks creep me out, maybe more than the tail? I’m kind of glad they don’t keep her around as another main sister. OH and what the hell happened to the trans clone? He was only there briefly, but I don’t remember why he left? I liked the Beth flashbacks though- I feel like it adds more to the story, especially Art’s story.

                      GAH never wish The 100 to be over!! Blasphemy! I am currently having a case of the sads because Reaper Lincoln is not available in stores. I do think it’s interesting that so many of them don’t do other stuff. I know a few of them have had side projects, but not many- and almost none of the main cast. I think it’s just one of those shows that takes up a ton of time. And is it bad that I kind of want to watch Passengers now just to see how awful it is? 🤔 If it is ever free, I will. I am not paying to hate watch something hahah.

  10. Maggots in the face- what is WRONG with these people? Neolution has serious problems. That shit would have to come out. But yeah I think it blows up or something… so she had no choice? Fuck.that. lol

    I loved the Beth backstory! MK is kinda weird, mainly she irritates me because she’s SO fucking skittish. It’s like no bitch we need your awesome hacking skillz quit running away ack WTF nope she’s gone. I did kinda like her creepy ass sheep mask tho? Although maybe she’s the smart one. After all, realistically, after like 4 seasons why didn’t Dyad just like send a team in, abduct all the fucking clones, put em somewhere and they can experiment on em all they want? Kill anyone like Donnie who opens their mouth and bam, game over. Although I guess that would be the show, so… yeah. Never mind. And yeah good riddance to Shay FFS.

    Passengers sucked but maybe that’s just me? The only thing about it is the ethical dilemma which I got a kick out of people debating- like would you or wouldn’t you? I was surprised that a lot of people said they would – I was like seriously? Am I naive and most people really would? I don’t know… but it seems SO asshole-ish. You probably know what I mean but I don’t want to spoil, even though I don’t think it’s a spoiler? Or maybe it is.

    I think the SDCC 100 panel is TOMORROW???? I saw something online… will we maybe have news? It’ll show up on youtube and unlike in the past I’m sure I’ll watch the whole thing. I’m so desperate lol. I feel like we’re gonna know more soon?

    • Yeah it does… something that kills the host? I am not completely sure what. But apparently it alters DNA? You know, I can’t tell if any of the shit on this show is even scientifically possible- like, clearly Cosima and Scott know more than I do about genetics, so who can tell? You know what I did NOT need though? The scene of Donnie at the fertility clinic. Did. Not. Want. MK IS weird. Like, I guess she is pretty smart, but who the hell would want to live like that!? Doesn’t even seem worth it, tbh. And you’re right about Dyad, I thought the same thing, but yeah, it WOULD be show over haha- also, if a bunch of “Missing Person” fliers of the same face went viral… they’d have a LOT of explaining to do.

      I have no idea what the ethical debate in Passengers is! Now I must now. ::Off to find spoilers:: Okay so I assume we are talking about waking Aurora up? I think it is shitty, but maybe not for the reasons everyone else does? Idk. If the dude technically DID have companionship with the AI, that is bullshit. BUT. Here is the thing that pisses me off the most: Did he ONLY wake her because she was young and attractive? Like- he could have woken ANYONE- maybe even someone who would have been more helpful to like, figure something out to save them or whatever? But noooo, he chooses the pretty girl, which makes it seem like he just wanted a DIFFERENT kind of “companionship”. (Also, the fact that I basically know the entire movie from a two-paragraph summary makes me think that it is not worth watching 😂😂)

      YESSS the panel is happening RIGHT. NOW. I thought it started at 4:00 our time, but apparently it started at 3:30 so I missed the first 1/2 hour, so I am now waiting until it is over and on YouTube or some shit. But I have Twitter stalked a little! So watch it, so we can talk about it!! 😀

      • Oh my gosh right? I TOTALLY forgot about that -Donnie having to, um, you know. Ick. shit I should have warned you lol. Ferdinand’s creepy too. I almost liked him at one point, then he did something and I was eff him. As far as the science… I don’t know. I’ve often wondered that- are they starting w/something real and then just gonig off in some bullshit direction? Although I did see this… the Mary Sue does Orphan Black science recaps. they’re kinda fun.

        And this one is fascinating.

        Passengers is… yeah not worth watching. Unless you’re rEALLY bored. But yes he picks the hot chick, not like the smartest scientist or whatever. He doesn’t even consider that option, in terms of getting help- he just wants a companion. The AI was a bartender so he wasn’t really much of a companion, but still, I can’t imagine doing that because you’re basically saying I need someone so she has to live with me on this ship and never get to wake up on the planet. Aurora even tells him he basically killed her, and I couldn’t really argue with that. And when I was reading reviews lots of commenters said oh if you were in that position you’d do it too, you just don’t think you would. And I was like, bullshit. I mean maybe someone would, but I don’t think I would. I mean I get loneliness, but you can’t make that decision for somebody???

        Oh and he waits a while to tell her. Nice huh? In fact he doesn’t tell her- the AI does. There I just spoiled a bunch of the movie- I’m sorry! *hides*

        Okay I couldn’t find the panel on Youtube (everyone else’s was!!) but I did see some stuff. First of all, Octavia has a special way to reprimand people? WTF is THAT? Is she laying the smackdown in there? What do you think that is?? And the whole Madi narrating the history in the sizzle reel makes me realize she is gonna be a big part of Clarkie’s life, and I don’t know how I feel about that. Like Clarke’s a mom and shit I guess and I’m like… ????????

        And Murphy/ Raven hints- are we gonna get Maven?? That would totally fucking rock. I saw that Rothenberg said some thing about people breaking up, getting bored, etc on the Ark. All that speculation we were doing- I can’t WAIT to see what happens up there. And a “battle for Eden?” Woot!!!!!

        Oh and the comment that Clarke has to make those calls to bellamy or she’s go nuts. Wow. I need to be in San Diego.

        • Donnie redeemed himself for me a bit by being a badass at Brightborn. And kind of hilarious- he cuddles the baby and then yells “shit” in its face 😂😂 OH. What the HELL is Brightborn doing with the babies!? That baby that Cosima helped deliver… what happened to it? PLEASE tell me they didn’t… kill it? Because I seriously don’t know if I can handle that. Feel free to lie so I can sleep at night 🙂

          Speaking of, I just read the recap of the episode I watched last night on The Mary Sue (thanks for that, it was really interesting!) and it does seem rather… legit, and that other article confirmed it! I am pretty impressed, honestly! That must have taken a LOT of work.

          Oh, and I did NOT see Susan Duncan and Ira coming. And I won’t lie, I’m pretty skeeved out. And not only because she could be his damn grandma, but because… didn’t she like, create them? I mean, I know Leda Clones were here “thing”, but STILL. And I was almost not hating Ferdinand, but it seemed like he is WAY too smarmy to be one of the good guys hah.

          I am enjoying the ethical debate about Passengers, so I am glad you spoiled it- and glad I never have to watch it haha. I don’t think I’d do it either, but I think my reasoning is kind of selfish? Like- I would WANT to, of course. But I would feel so guilty for doing it that I don’t think I could actually live with myself afterward? Though, another factor has to be that human beings do NOT deal well with isolation and solitude for long periods of time, so I suppose one could argue that he wasn’t really in his right mind when he did it? Though… he was aware enough to lie, AND to pick Katniss, so. But I agree with you- it is definitely wrong to literally sentence someone else to death because you’re lonely. I don’t think I could forgive that and live happily ever after writing my book. It would turn into some kind of murder manifesto. 😂

          OH here is the panel- – it’s broken up into thirds, but it worked for Holly. I watched it on some weird… I don’t even know? An app maybe, but I was on my laptop? But later, I found this! Anyway, the panel is quite amusing, if you feel like watching it!

          Yeah, they REALLY played up the “mom” angle. Did you hear where Bob said “I hope we’re better parents to her than we were to Charlotte”? Too funny. And oh- the scenes of the destruction in the sizzle reel! They were… damn. No wonder Bunkerkru is trapped! AND did you hear about how O is going to be “much darker” (like, how much darker can she GET?) and that she will have “a special way of dealing with offenses in the bunker”.

          AND YES! MURVEN. I am sooo excited! There were several hints to that- and he hinted that he and Emori would probably not survive space. What else did I see? Okay, bullet points!
          -Richard: “His relationship with Emori was forged out of the fire, so when you take that away, what’s left?”
          -Bob says that Bellamy’s relationship with Echo is “going to dictate a lot of who he becomes as a person” (so… gross.)
          -Marie: “Gaia is definitely jealous of the relationship Octavia has with Indra”. (Called. It.)
          – Raven will be learning to fight (yayy!)

          I love the fodder that they provided for us to speculate over- because they didn’t give us a TON, but enough to work with! I love that Jason confirms that there are changes in the space relationships too- even though Chris was REALLY hoping Monty and Harper were still together. He said he still hasn’t read the script for episode one because he was afraid he’d leak stuff. And I am unsure about what to think about the “Battle for Eden” idea. Because Jason said there would not be enough room for everyone, which is scary. OH and he said a firm NO on space babies hahah. (Which I am glad about, honestly.)

          OH! And! In the first few minutes of the panel, Jason talks about Eligius, and says they HAVE been in a cryosleep, and are from before the first Praimfaya! THE HELL? So they’re like… Becca’s age in years, but they are they ACTUAL prisoners she sent up there. So… that is going to be interesting. I had kind of hoped they were just… non-prisoners, 104+ years removed, just trying to live, same as everyone else, but NOPE, guess not. I want to be in San Diego too!

          • Lol I have no idea what they did with that baby! I don’t remember? I suck, I know. 🙂 This is why I need to rewatch things. Susan and Ira is creepy AF, they’re still around in 5 and every time they’re on I’m like fuck no. Stop. They ‘re killing off the wrong people! Kill Susan for crying out loud. Ferdinand and Rachel crack me up.

            Passengers- same. I mean sure the temptation would be there, one would WANT companionship, but I’m with you- I don’t think I could live with the guilt. And unless somehow the person didn’t care that they were just hijacked out of their future, how they could not hate the person who woke them?

            I did finally see the panel. Thanks! And it was worth watching, I just couldn’t believe how fun it was to se them just sitting there and interacting. I realized how much I miss the show. And Polis was fucked up! I’m a little worried about Octavia… I am totally down with Murven at this point, sorry Emori but you’re gonna have to deal. Interesting quote from Bob about Echo- I wonder if that means he doesn’t get with her because he’s waiting for Clarke. Would’t that be the bitchenest thing ever? And Gaia- yes! Good call. 🙂 I can’t wait to see Raven kick a little ass. If she has to fight, I wonder if that means something bad happens on the station, or more likely when they get home she must get involved in some of the action.

            I think Monty and Harper are done? I don’t know. Or maybe they’re the ones who get back together? And I’ve been ambivalent about Echo but after seeing her w/ the panel, I feel like she’s growing on me? The battle for Eden- I mean I kinda like the idea that it’s a small valley or whatever and Clarke feels the need to protect it from Eligius, but yeah it will depend how they handle that. And yes BEFORE the first Praimfaya- that’s interesting. I’m really curious now what they do with Elegius. It’s easy if they’re bad guys, but if they’re NOT and Bell/ Raven have to deal with Clarke being unreasonable- that could be drama- ish! Raven and Clarkie have such different ways of handling things…

            • I don’t think they tell us what happened to the baby! Also, I watched an episode last night that was SO filler- it was the one where Sarah was at the bar? OH and freaking Ira called Susan “Mother” and I almost was sick. NO. You do not call the person you are sleeping with “Mother” 🤢🤢🤢 And now, I am so confused (as usual!) because Kendall is dead. And only that one bitchy Brightborn lady has her DNA? I also REALLY need that “detective” to die. Like, yesterday. Also, why is Donnie so STUPID in prison? Like- he doesn’t seem like a straight up stupid guy in general, so why is he confessing shit to randos in prison?! I cannot.

              Yeah, I feel conflicted- is Aurora a better person than me for forgiving him? Or just a pushover? Because dude totally played god with her life, and now she suffers the consequences, I don’t think that is something you get past? Or even if you CAN somehow get past it, why do you then just choose to keep living in that hellish situation with the person who doomed you to it? SO many things wrong with that.

              I agree, the panel was SO fun! I spent all night last night watching random interviews, too- it was wholly unproductive, but quite fun 😀 I miss the show too- SO much. And it is hard because they still haven’t even started filming! We have SO long to go. Most of the shows that were there start up again in a couple months, and frankly, I am jealous.

              So, I found out a few more tidbits! Jason confirmed that Spacekru will be back very early in the season, so YAY for no waiting! He wouldn’t confirm ALL of the bunker residents’ fates, but he DID confirm that Abby is alive. And Richard said this, which… is saying a lot for this show: “The first two acts of the first episode are some of the most ballsy things I’ve seen a TV show try to do” So… DAMN.

              I agree that Memori won’t last. Even if Murven doesn’t last either, there’s just no way Murphy and Emori last in space for 6 years. AND Lindsay said she really hopes Raven gets “a romantic upgrade” this season, sooo who knows! But seriously, WHAT is going to happen to O!? She is totally going to do some awful shit in that bunker, obviously. Jason seemed almost giddy talking about the bunker storyline, so I have a feeling that at least at the start of the season, that is going to be the most… gruesome. And shocking, probably. I am excited about Raven fighting too! I wonder how her leg does in space? Maybe she starts to heal a bit after 6 years.

              I also think Bellamy is going to be MUCH colder- following Clarke’s advice of head over heart. I WISH that he turned Echo down but… I mean, he thinks Clarke is dead. AND I think we’re going to see some regression back to Pilot Bellamy who just has lots of casual sex- because I think losing Clarke makes him like, close himself off to people.

              I agree, Monty and Harper… Idk if they’ll last either. But Chris basically was BEGGING for them to have haha. He does have a point though, that she is ALL Monty has left, and it would be pretty cruel to take her away too. So even if they break up, I hope they are still really close friends. And I also agree about Echo- she’s been growing on me since Die All, Die Merrily- but NOT as a wedge between Bellarke. Like, throw her into ANY other storyline, but NOT that one.

              As for the battle for Eden and Eligius, yeah, I hope they don’t just do a reverse Grounder/Skaikru thing. But this show isn’t usually about repetitive plots, so I don’t think they will. I think Eligius will be a mix of both- real “bad guy” criminals (like Dax, Murphy, etc) but then also probably some criminals like Octavia- there by shitty luck, not because they did anything wrong. Or like, dumb crimes that shouldn’t even be punished harshly like Monty and Jasper. But the fact that they’re over 100 years old is… weird, basically. I don’t know how to feel about that. Good news is, they can probably help Jaha set up his YouTube channel. I have a feeling that Clarke is going to be SUPER annoying with Madi, too. Sadly.

              • Well they’re clearly not above experimenting on babies so who knows how depraved these people are? Trump must run Dyad lol. And ah yes so that’s where you’re at in the show. Kendall just got offed? Oh and that detective- Duko or whatever- HATED him. wait’ll you see ha ha…

                They kinda do it where she DOES hate him but then something happens to the ship and they have to work together, and it’s one of those things where she realizes she loves him (I guess) when he almost dies. But I don’t really buy that, because how do you ever get past that initial crime? I don’t know if crime is the right word, but he wakes her up and she has NO choice. How could she love him?

                The panel was awesome! And a romantic upgrade for Raven? Yes! About time. Even if it’s not Murph, I’ll be happy as long as it’s not too out of left field. And the bunker… I wonder if Praimfaya damages it, or something happens, to the air supply where they have to have another culling. Or jaha rebels or … who knows? Jason obviously has some evil plans.

                You might be right about Bellamy, and that’s be a shame. Although the thing is, even though we love Bellarke, if he thinks she’s dead he might also have a nice connection with Echo. What if we- gasp- LIKE Becho??? I know that’s heresy, but I mean are they going that way? Gosh I hope not. I have to stay strong for Bellarke! But Echo is a character they obviously like- to go from that cage in S2 to a series regular now. I have no idea where they’re going with her. And same here about Harpy- Monty needs someone (and so does Harper frankly).

                Of all the things they could do with Clarke, having her adopt a little survivor kid and be her “mommy” is about the last i would have thought of. I’m kinda irked by it, but it is what it is. I can’t see them killing her off so we’re probably stuck with her. But I have to have faith- Bellarke will happen. Eventually. Right Jason? RIGHT???

                • GAH they killed a pregnant lady! What kind of monsters are they!? Well, nevermind. I LOVED the little scheme with Duko! He was the worst. I loved how at the end, he pleaded with Art, and Art’s just like “bye bitch” 😂😂 I also don’t know what to make of Felix’s sister. That whole thing is weird. Does it have a point?

                  See, I don’t think she even loves him, as much as it was “oh shit, the ONLY other human alive is going to die and now I’LL be the one alone”. I mean, this is obviously conjecture since I have not seen the movie, but just based on… Idk, a minor grasp of human behavior and/or thought processes? I agree with you that she kind of can’t love him- I mean, not in a real way. The situation is just so messed up, like, her mind probably tricked her into thinking she loves him because he is the only human left! I see now why you say it was awful 😂

                  I am SO EXCITED for Season 5. It’s so cruel that SDCC is in freaking July and we have to wait a solid 6 more months. I agree, Raven needs SOME kind of romance. I really hope it isn’t her and Bellamy though. That would make me stabby for so many reasons. I agree, I can handle just about anyone, as long as they treat her well!

                  So the bunker. Here’s my theory- we knew that the bunker could hold 1200 people for 5 years. Which means… it cannot hold 1200 people for SIX years. So when they realized that they were stuck (I assume, based on what we saw and what Clarke said to Madi that they were physically trapped by that big ass tower collapsing?) they knew that some people were going to have to jump ship, just like with the First Culling. Now, I assume that the Third Culling did not go as smoothly as either of its predecessors (which is saying a LOT, since we know what a shitshow the Second Culling was) and O had to decide who/why/how to cull. And I definitely think that Jaha is one of them, somehow.

                  DAMN IT GREG, WE DO NOT LIKE BECHO. Bite your tongue! Do I think it’s going to happen? Yes, I’d bet good money on it. Do I like it? HELL. NO. And here’s why- he trusted her over and over, and she betrayed him EVERY TIME. I know that they’re stuck in space, but sorry, doesn’t negate the shitty tricks she pulled. If they got caught up in a moment or something, fine. But a legit relationship? NOPE not here for that. (But I DO think it’s going to happen. UGH.) And yeah, Monty and Harper need people. I KNOW. Maybe they will like, break up, sow some oats, and then get back together! (Correction: Harper will sow oats, Monty will… knit a sweater or something)

                  I hope Bellarke will happen. I am convinced that they’ve downplayed it all along to throw us off. But maybe that is just wishful thinking? Idk, it just seems weird to have that relationship be SUCH a focal point only to have it lead nowhere. I am a little irked by Madi too- only because it will change Clarke sooo much- and I don’t like the idea of her suddenly betraying her friends, or even her mom.

                  • I don’t think Felix’s sister does have a point. she does show back up in 5. So she may play a role in the last few episodes here? They seem to be bringing everyone back- Coady, the sister, Krystal. It’s getting crowded. 🙂

                    Right? It’s kind of a mind- bender, like she would never have known him because he would have died long before they arrived, so by waking her up- there’s like no level playing field for her TO fall in love. Like you said, how does she really know she is, given the situation? It’s fucked up. 🙂

                    I like your theory. You’re right, that extra year might be the kicker. That would explain a lot. Poor O… having to make that call.

                    I know, I know! What am I thinking? I need to shut that shit down now! And I’m laughing at the idea of Monty… knitting. I’m curious about his personality in RL. On the panel, he seemed kinda reserved, but then would come up with something kinda out there? I wonder if he’s got a real dry sense of humor that shows up out of the blue at times??!? And I think you’re right- break ups? Who else is there to break up, other than Murph and Emori? Unless he’s talking about new couples that form and then break up. It’s gonna be like a frickin love shack up there!!!

                    Ditto on Clarke/ Madi. that’s my fear as well. I do think they’ll end with Bellarke- I think they almost have to or they people will howl- but yeah they’ll enjoy stringing us along as long as they can. Bastards. 🙂 I wish they would just go with it though and let us see them leading together- I mean how long can you go on with all the drama before acknowledging the obvious??

                    • DUDE. They KILLED THE BABY. I have very few trigger-y things, but damn, that nearly did me in. That poor woman with her baby trying to hide, GAH. And then freaking RACHEL, doing the right thing, BUT only for her own selfish bullshit-y reasons. NOPE not okay. I have like, 20 minutes left of Season 4, and then I either have to watch Season 5 on my laptop or phone, or pay for it. You know which I’ll be choosing 😉 I was so dumb, I should have started DVRing it earlier in the season, but alas, I only thought of it last week haha.

                      I think you are spot on about Chris’s personality- he seems very low key, chill, but with that snarky humor that pops up- like you know if he is saying something, it’s going to be good hahah. It IS going to be a love shack! They seriously have NOTHING else to do up there. Whereas the bunker is going to be like, infinitely more awful. But I think that’ll be good, they can balance each other out. When we can’t take the viciousness of the bunker, we can watch Space Opera. I wonder- if you figure that 1200 people can last for 5 years, they must find out BEFORE 5 years that they are trapped, right? Because otherwise… couldn’t NO ONE survive past that? So they must have had to start culling people fairly early on? I just want to know things now, please and thank you. Is it January yet? (February? I hope we don’t have to wait until February, or I might cry a little.)

                      I kind of… LIKE the stringing along? Like- if it means we’ll end up with Bellarke, I am FINE with it. Because everyone knows that once the “big” couple gets together in a show, the show loses a lot of its allure. So yeah, I am okay with it. As long as we don’t have to watch Becho hahaha. I DO hope we get at least one or two episodes of them together, though.

                      I’m currently trying to do the “where are they now” post but I ummm kind of got carried away with myself? I was planning on posting it in an hour but it is woefully unfinished. My poor blog has been neglected by its owner. Sad.

  11. That is… kinda fucked up. Guess I forgot about that *sheepish* It’s these long waits between seasons! Now I know why you rewatch The 100. You almost gotta rewatch these fuckers to keep it all straight. But YES you are almost to 5. You have to answer MY questions now lol because you’re all up on everything. The joys of binging. 🙂 And Sarah must be on the island now. The island of Dr. Moreau for fucks sake…

    I watched the most recent episode last night and LOVED it. Best one in ages. I’m not a Rachel fan but damn… last night. And that last scene- bloody as fuck. One of the yuckiest thing I’ve seen…this show might go out with a bang the way they’re headed. Only 3 left!!! And a Leekie flashback too.

    Lol I would never normally wish for winter, but I’m legit ready for January because I need to know! Of all my shows (and I watch a ton now) this one is the hardest to wait for? And yeah it could get pretty frickin dramatic with the lurve up there- sheesh. Birth control (assuming they have it) working overtime! That’s a very good point about the culling- if they’re still trapped a whole year longer than five, then they must not have been able to dig out, and you’re right- they may have realized oh oh we need to cullage. After all when Polis fucking fell on them they must have realized oops. You may be on to why Jaha is toast. Maybe he volunteers?

    Ooh can’t wait for that post.

    • YESSS this is a good lesson on why you NEED to rewatch The 100 before January. You don’t want to mess up any of those facts 😉 (Though, let’s be real, I will have them all memorized by then so I can help hahah.) SO I started Season 5 today! The island is CRAZY. I mean, it was weird enough when it was Rachel and Susan. Now you’re telling me there is a nearly two hundred year old man on it!? And a group of really weird fucking people who are also kind of Neolution? And okay- WHY is Art helping the crazy new “partner”? I assume there will be more to this, but still! I kind of love the whole desolate, off the grid thing- in part, yes, because it reminds me of The 100. And WHY Sardinia? Of all places? Those scenes with Cosima and Delphine, GAHH they were breaking my heart! They are so, so amazing together. And can one of the questions the show answers PLEASE be “why does Kira always look confused and/or brain damaged?” Seriously, the look in her eyes is always so… vacant, and I want there to be a reason for this other than her just creeping me out for the hell of it.

      That’s the thing- I don’t want it to actually be January in the whole “snow and freezing and misery” sense of it but… I NEED this show back. I watch a few others, but I straight up don’t care about their return. Like, sure, it’ll be nice I guess, but there is no urgency. Seriously- WHERE is the birth control? Because I know there was talk in Season 2 about “contraceptive implant removal” (assuming that the one baby rule was done when they landed?) but other than that, never a word. Even if they had some kind of IUD, that shit only lasts 5-10 years, and they’ve had them for at LEAST 7- plus Emori and Echo would certainly have no such device. So I need to know what kind of contraception they’re using, because clearly, it is on point. I mean, this should be advertised, with its 0% failure rate and apparent ease of use 😂😂😂 No lie, if I were to ever be fancy and be able to ask Jason questions, like at SDCC, I would ask that question.

      Here’s my question about the bunker though- Clarke and Madi tried to dig it up, but when? Did she plan to turn everyone into nightbloods immediately? AND, how/when did the bunker people realize they were trapped? Because- for ANYONE to survive, they’d have had to have known BEFORE the 5 years- otherwise, all their resources would have already been exhausted, right? When they sealed the doors, they were down… 3 people, as far as I can tell. So that isn’t enough to make up ANYTHING. Assuming O put a few down in the interim, maybe some died of natural causes, probably it’d be around 1100ish by 5 years in, right? Not enough for them to survive an additional year. Which means some REAL crazy shit must have gone on in the first 5 years. I have no other guesses! And YES- I think Jaha definitely volunteers! I hope so, anyway- I hope that his death is his choosing instead of “oh shit, Jaha started another rebellion”. And i am going to *try* to finish ths post now, but I am just not feeling very creative lately, which is sad. Sigh. We’ll see what happens haha.

      • Yesss! You’re on S5! So it’s early to ask but what do you think of Westmorland? At first I was like fine, this guy has achieved some longevity, THAT’S why they’re doing all this stuff. BUT… as S5 goes on, I’m less and less enchanted by the idea that this old fucking coot could be running the whole thing? I mean Rachel and some of them are pretty ruthless, wouldn’t someone have offed him? I shouldn’t say anything because I don’t want to spoil you, but… IDK, I’m not entirely convinced by him? Having said that, I love the idea of the island. Yes it is that off-the-grid vibe, and Sarah being all fucked up after fighting Rachel and having to stagger around the island- she’s a mess. I liked that. The only thing I can think of w/ Art is that he’s playing along with this new “partner”, kinda like delphine plays along but is really loyal to Cosima? But Art doesn’t really have any history with Neo so why would they even bother w/ him? Seems more likely they’d shoot him and hush it up, or something.

        Kira looks so different this season. Kid’s growing up, but I know exactly what you mean. She doesn’t look with it half the time. I think one area where they dropped the ball a bit was not delving into Kira’s weirdness sooner- like she can sense all the clones, so there’s something maybe paranormal there? They’ve never explored it enough. That should have been at the heart of the mystery. And Helena’s really been sidelined this season. But… two people came back in last weeks episode, I was a little surprised but shouldn’t have been. All in all S5 is pretty good, love the creepy island stuff but it feels a bit rushed, as they know they have to wrap everything up.

        I wonder if they just take some shot and bam! no babies. But you’re right though, there are no babies showing up so something is happening. Or not happening lol. I’d love to see that question asked and see if Jason deadpan has an answer or if he looks confused. And I know what you mean about the shows- other than The 100 I might have one or two that I get anxious about- maybe 12 Monkeys, and I might get kinda geeked when Riverdale comes back around, surprisingly- but otherwise, yeah. When it’s back it’s back. Even Game of thrones (which I just watch for the hype and to see where they go because NO books) doesn’t affect me like that. I have no problem waiting for GoT. Even though I recap it I don’t care THAT much, ya know? The 100 just has that somethinfg.

        That’s the big question. When did the bunker know? I’m assuming since Polis fell they knew pretty early on they might not be getting out… easily, so those discussions would have had t happen. I bet that’s what the flashbacks will be about… otherwise why all the hints about O having to “discipline” people or whatever? Seems like there wouldn’t be a lot more unrest if they were just settling in for their 5 years… or maybe there is because of resentments over who was culled. Who knows? This is why we need spoilers lol. But I agree, I definitely think it’s not all wine and roses in there… I’m kinda hoping there’s another way out, even if they don’t discover it until after the 5 years, but somebody stumbles on it… wouldn’t the cult want more than one way to get out?

        • So, right now, I am intrigued, mostly because I want to know HOW he is so old? But yeah, I had the same thoughts, like- WHY is everyone listening to someone who should have died a century ago? His mind can’t exactly be in tact at this point, it defies biology. And YES- I wasn’t convinced it was even HIM. It could easily be a relative- hell, even his OWN clone, tbh. And I am only on episode 2, but I still haven’t seen him, so until I see someone who looks wrinkled as fuck, I am a doubter.

          And YES to Art- why didn’t she just kill him? The Neos aren’t exactly above violence FFS! I mean, I am glad she didn’t, of course, but it’s weird. I think you’re probably right about him playing along. (Actually, I am sure you are, since you are 6 episodes ahead of me hahaha). Kira IS different! I thought as she got older, she’d be… less “off”? OR, like you said, they’d delve into it more, since now it seems like it definitely IS part of the story, and not “little girl actress being stiff”. They are rushing stuff a bit- I kind of wonder why they had to make Season 5 their last if they had so much to develop, you know? It’s a popular show, too- I feel like they wouldn’t have had a problem making it into a sixth season.

          You’d think they’d have mentioned the no babies shot? Plus, there is no WAY the Grounders have such technology. The Mountain seemed pretty fertile, tbh. I guess things got kind of boring trapped in there. It might be my new life goal to ask Jason this question. And probably how their 100 year old underwear still has elasticity. And seriously, this show is definitely addictive.

          That is a good point- they had to have felt the tower in Polis falling- that had to be scary. Maybe they could have even seen via the cameras.. That would have made sense- since Raven could see it at the lab, I assume they could too? And YES! I think you are right- and even Jason hinted at that- that they would behave differently knowing they were trapped indefinitely than they would have knowing that it was a finite five years. I definitely think some of it will stem from both- people just frustrated and anxious in general, and TONS of turmoil about who/how to cull. Because it is just like Skaikru, when they thought they were safe. All of these people think they’re just there for 5 years, then they will be able to live the rest of their lives, and then BAM, more people have to die. And yeah, I agree that there should be some kind of… emergency exit situation? But definitely only one that Cadogan knew of, which is why they couldn’t find it. Because HOW else are they going to get out? Unless Clarke recruits the Gagarin to help? Maybe in exchange for space in Eden… Either way this is all going to be so, SO messy and I LOVE IT.

          • Okay so I just commented on your Where Are They Now post and LOVED it! Awesome. Those stories- they are GOOd. Even though you’re being facetious, seriously they read well. Especially Mel/ Millerdad. Nicely done. Okay Westmorland- I think he’s a weak link. Not plausible to me that he’s telling the board and rachel/Leekie/whoever all this time their marching orders. But whatever. And it seems like I read that they’re voluntarily shutting it down with 5 seasons, although I dunno how they’re going to close everything off in 3 more episodes. But I guess all they gotta do is shut down Nelution somehow. I would have liked to see them go two more- I think they could have pulled that off easy peasy.

            I totally agree, it’s going to VERY messy? The writers have such an opportunity for this to be a kickass season, especially w/ the new people. Jaha found the bunker and maybe if there is an alternate way out he’ll discover that too? You know, with his iPad and stuff. 🙂 And that would be awful, to survive the gas culling and think you have to ride out five years, and then MORE people have to go? I think there would be riots, frankly. People can only really take so much. O and Indra might have to out the hammer down hard.

            The Mountain was pretty fertile! But imagine hanging there- I mean it’s easily the most luxurious (if somewhat evil ha ha) place we’ve seen on Earth- they had a nice dining room and music and I’m sure their quarters were somewhat comfortable. If their leaders weren’t such assholes that would have been a pretty chill place to live, considering… I was disappointed Skaikru didn’t just move in, shame theyhad to blow it up.

  12. I just get so angry at all these stupid ship names I can’t even figure out until I ponder them for a minute haha. I think you’re probably right about the prisoners helping to excavate the bunker and also some becoming main characters eventually! And O floating Jaha could totally happen. I don’t mind Echo tbh, but I don’t necessarily want her with Bellamy unless it’s a REALLY good storyline and not just randomly thrown at us like whatsherface. I kind of didn’t think Jasper would actually die because they’ve been leading up to it for so long, and I know he was really messed up but he was also starting to annoy me, which is possibly horrible, but I’m also not too sad I won’t have to see him drown in his self-hatred anymore. Harper’s storyline was just fucking stupid all season long and I totally agree with Holly that there’s not much to her character, which is sad. I was shocked when Ilian died, but OMG ROAN WTF. I loved Roan (when he wasn’t wearing his crown at least), I loved the relationship between him and Clarke, and his character was interesting and had potential. I hate that they killed him off! I did love Octavia’s development because she’s been annoying me a lot and now she’s just totally BAMF. Also I thought it was Onekru (as in they’re finally all one crew) and not wonkru?? oops.

    • HA the ship names are the best, shhhh. ALSO I think O is going to actually EAT Jaha, so that’s fun. (I really want some cannibalism, is that bad?) But yeah, she’s going to have to kill a LOT of people- I’d say at least 25%, mathematically, if they’re going to survive an extra year. I don’t hate Echo anymore either, but I think Becho is going to be REALLY annoying. Because we all know what the point of it is. To be Gina-esque.

      Awwww Jasperrrr. I am so sad about Jasper. But it was also tragically realistic, don’t you think? Because he was never getting into the bunker anyway, so… why die by burning alive? I get it, but it’s super sad. Harper… yeah, I hope she gets a WAY better storyline this season. And also hope she doesn’t die. But… never know hah. Ilian’s death bothered me so much more than I thought it would! I cried so hard! And Roan, ugh. I wish he’d gotten a better death, more like Ilian’s. I hate that he just basically was drowned in a fucking puddle.

      I think it IS one clan- Wonkru. Like- I think one=won in Trigedasleng? (Just looked up a Trig dictionary, and yep!) It confused me at first too!

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