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If you didn’t think this was going to be about The 100, you were sorely mistaken. And if you didn’t think that Nerdkru would do this together… ALSO mistaken. Since we all did all of these posts, make sure to check out Holly @ The Fox’s Hideaway and Erica @ Diving Under the Cover for more Fandom Fun!

**Also, SPOILERS in some cases, friends, if you aren’t caught up!

In case you don’t know what a crackship is, I shall help you out (actually Urban Dictionary will, but shhh):

So these are ours! And I told a backstory, if any exists, who chose it, and the chances of it actually happening. Onto the ships!

Chosen by: Shannon

Reason: Niylah is chill, and she’s been a good friend to O. Plus, O needs to end up with a Grounder, let’s be real. BUT I do not want this to happen until Octavia can fully move forward- not while she is still so freshly grieving.

Likelihood: Not great, but not totally unlikely. Let’s give it a 3/10

Chosen by: Holly

Reason:  “I still LOVE the idea of Minty in the future. The guard and the engineer. The more rough and outgoing Miller with the quieter, give-all-he-has Monty. I think they make an ADORABLE couple, and I thank whoever brought this idea into the fandom because I want it to happen very much. Not that I don’t like Bryan. Well, I don’t really care for his character, no. But I WANT MINTY MORE!”

Likelihood: Slim. Although both of their partners seem short for this world (sorry, y’all) I don’t know that Monty is bisexual. I’ll give it a 2/10. Sorry Holly. I am a Minty fan too, so I feel you.

Chosen by: Erica

Reason: “I don’t remember what episode it was but there was a moment that Jaha looked at Abby and I knew it meant something more. I can tell he cares a lot about her and if it happened I wouldn’t be terribly mad.”

Likelihood: Initially, I’d say high- it was written into the script of the Pilot that Jaha loved Abby. But since they’ve gone by way of Kabby, and I don’t think Abby will make it through Season 4… low. 2/10.


Chosen by: Shannon

Reason: Because underneath all the hate and rage could be some really freaking amazing chemistry. Plus they have both changed SO much- Murphy even has the ability to love, guys!

Likelihood: Not at all while Emori is alive. If she bites it, I give angry sex a 5/10 chance, at least.

Chosen by: Holly, inspired by Shannon 😉

Reason:  “I blame Shannon’s recap for this. While I was looking on it for a certain gif, I started rewatching the scene between the two of them, and I deeeefinitely would not mind this crackship. Two badass leaders, with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Roan, to save Azgeda. Luna, to save EVERYONE. I think they could be like this power couple who rules with fear AND grace. Okay, now I really want it. Ugh.”

Likelihood: I actually don’t not see this. 4/10. And I also approve.

Chosen by: Erica, obvs.

Reason: “Okay Octavia and Kane ?? I would so support it if Kane wasn’t SO MUCH older.” (Too bad, you said it.)

Likelihood: Literally none. Well, I won’t say never, so 1/10.

Chosen by: Shannon

Reason: This has been my crackship since Bryan got a new show and Monty got a girlfriend. Plus, it would keep Ilian away from Octavia, and I think they would be good for each other- both attractive, strong, smart- and they could teach each other about Grounders and Skaikru and would understand the other more.

Likelihood: Not good, since Ilian sleeps only with Octavia and maybe sheep so far. 2/10.

Chosen by: Holly

Reason: “Raven/Octavia/Murphy/WHOEVER because at this point I’d be surprised if Raven gets any good romance – If the show seriously decides not to make sea mechanic (Raven and Luna) an actual Thing, then I will riot. And push for Raven to get her happy-for-now. I know she doesn’t NEED someone to make her whole, but what character deserves unfailing love and a bit of a good hot sex more than Raven? She’d had a bit of that with Wick, but that’s gone and over, and Raven could die, so GIVE HER SOME HAPPINESS, DAMN IT.”

Likelihood: Solidly good. Raven and SOMEONE is probably 9/10.

Chosen by: Erica

Reason: “Two bad ass characters. I think they’re so alike yet so different and I would have totally been behind it.”

Likelihood: LITERALLY zero because Lexa is dead. 0/10, unless they do this in the afterlife.

Chosen by: All of us!

Reason: Luna is the calm to Raven’s intensity, she is nurturing when Raven needs a soft place to land. Raven has the wits to entice Luna, and also, Luna seems to enjoy cuddles with Raven. They can sing sea lullabies together and Raven can enchant Luna with tales from space.

Likelihood: Not terrible!  A LOT of people seem to be clamoring for this one, so… I’d give it a maybe! 6/10

So, do you agree with any of our choices? Think it’s weird because you feel like Kane might actually be O’s dad? What topic did you choose this week? Let’s talk! 

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22 responses to “Most Wanted Crackships

  1. Octylah- I like it. I could totally get behind that. Niylah fits into this group well, I mean she’s already the Skaikru bartender for cryin out loud, and O DOES need a Grounder- and not of the Ilian variety. Runa is an intriguing possibility- I imagine them sharing a throne and each bringing their different strengths. I like it! And Sea Mechanic I’m all for. I like Luna and Raven together a LOT! Luna’s grown on me and yes Raven needs some happiness!

    Raphy has possibilities though if Luna falls through.

    • She DOES fit well, doesn’t she? Jumped right in to fix people, and then get them all messed up again ? I didn’t know if I liked her in Wanheda P1, but then she realllly grew on me, especially when she let them bring Raven in even though Bellamy massacred her damn dad. And YES- the more I think about Runa, the more I like it. Because she would give him SUCH a run for his money, and it would be so epic to watch! But I also like Luna and Raven so.. it’s tough. Raven DEFINITELY needs a romance though. Actually we need a romance PERIOD– like, we get it, Hanty and Kabby are together. But that is IT. And we have known Kabby was coming for ages. SO we need a new relationship that is NOT O and Ilian. Anything but that! Oh and not Bellamy and Bree, or I may be sick ?

      • Yeah if Bellamy does the tango with Bree I’m gonna smack him through the TV! Because of COURSE Clarkie will hear of it, and just… no. No more manufactured drama. Bell knows he has feelings for Clarke, he just needs to rein that shit in when Bree gets all like “Bellamy, I neeeeed you” as she’s all drunk and shit.

        Luna and Raven ARE kinda awesome together. But then no Runa. Maybe… Roctavia? I mean, if Niylah’s not it the only other Grounder I could maybe see O with is our guy Roan? I’m not sure…

        I wish I had a good crackship for Harper…

        • YES you nailed it with manufactured drama. That IS what it will be. So Clarke can get jealous, realize she has feelings for him, blah blah blah. Step AWAY from the drunk blonde, Bellamy!

          I just… I almost feel like Roan is kind of too… similar to Lincoln in a way? Like- he is strong, reasonable, a leader, etc. I think O would do better with a WHOLE new direction. Hence Niylah 😉 Though- I have been rewatching Season 1 and man to they seem to want to make Jasptavia happen. Every time I watch it I cringe, thinking how much it could happen- think about it, he lost Maya, she lost Lincoln, he’s had a crush on her since minute one…. ugh.

          I knowww I can’t think of a good one for Harper. Mostly because (and again, I am very sorry and I hope I am wrong!) I think she’s going to die, but I also don’t hate her with Monty for now? I DID- a lot. But it’s kiiiind of growing on me. I love her banter with Miller, but he’s gay (unless he is bi? Then THAT would be my crackship- Milper.)

          • Yeah I thought about Miller a little bit… they do seem to get along. I wondered about him too- maybe? She could do worse. Although yeah I;m not as against Harpy (ha ha) as I was initially…

            Yeah Roan probably is too much like Linc in the ways you describe… I guess I’m clutching at straws. Although I DO like Niylah and could totally get behind that- she’s tough and they would make an awesome team. I like it. Now Jasper and O- right, I just do NOT see that. Even in S1 it didn’t seem like a good match, but with her being all ninja Grounder now, I just… no. 🙂

            • I just wish Bryan would die or leave or something so we could figure out what to DO with Miller (like it is our decision of course ?) I mean, he’s been attached to Bryan technically since the Pilot so… we have no idea!

              I do wish we’d see someone for Roan at some point. Or an inclination that he cares for someone maybe? Idk, I mean, I think he DOES care for Clarke but in a purely platonic way. Almost brotherly. And YESSS. I agree with you, Jasper and O would be a MESS. I mean, she is the consummate survivor, and he wants to drink Jobi tea and die in the death wave. The only thing they really have in common is pain, basically- but that is why it worries me that the writers will go there. But I hope they don’t because I find it kind of icky.

  2. Chrissi Reads, The 100 is a fantastic show. It is extremely violent, though. I’m not sure if that’s something you like watching or not, but I would recommend at least giving the first couple of episodes a try to see if the characters can pull you into the storyline. 🙂

    Here is my TTT

  3. I love these! Most of all I just want Raven to be happy, with anyone. Sure, she doesn’t need anyone, but I just need her to find some happiness. I could see her with Murphy, but that is indeed sooo not happening while Emori is around. Also, Runa! You’re right, I can’t NOT see it 🙂

    • Aw thanks! I TOTALLY agree with you. Raven has had the hardest time on this show by FAR. SHe does deserve some happiness! And I agree about Emori- I think Emori would cut her into pieces bwhaha. And Runa would be pretty epic- I feel like they HAVE to be setting us up for either Runa or Sea Mechanic, I am just not sure which… ?

  4. I’m so glad they went the route of Kabby, because Kane’s beard. And I thought those two had way better chemistry than Jabby.

    Here for angry Raphy sex, but not here for a romance between the two of them, tbh. I think Raven deserves a hell of a lot better. But I’m still so torn between Runa and sea mechanic. Can we just have them both????

    0/10 for Octavia/Kane. Nope never thank you and goodbye.

    • AGREED. I just… can’t see Jabby. Though you CAN see that that was the route they were going for the first few episodes! But there was zero chemistry there- whereas Kabby is OOZING with it. That hate-to-love trope that we all adore.

      And SERIOUSLY I like them both tooooo. I guesssss… if I HAD to pick, I pick Sea Mechanic just because Raven needs some happy. She was happy for like, 14 seconds when she got to Earth, and then everything went straight to hell! NOT okay.

      I also am NOT here for Kane and Octavia. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Thanks Erica, this is why we can’t have nice things ?

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