The 100 Season 3 Wrap Up


Welcome, welcome! In case you missed the finale recap, here you go! 

 Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! This will include junk from ALL of Season 3! 

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking still photos from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show.

I make my own GIFs now. And I am going to start to edit them. I want to be one of those people who makes GIFs that make me cry. You know the people. Who can make a sequence of GIFs on Tumblr, and then like… they’re amazing, and you’re sobbing? Yeah. Also, when I redesign this bad boy (which I will- maybe over the summer!) I need to make sure I have a Tumblr button. Because right now I don’t, and since I didn’t make these buttons, I can even add one. Maybe. Unless I can. I digress.

Now, let’s do this! The 100 Season Three!

GUYS. How is the season over already!? Didn’t it just begin? My heart. Anyway.

General Thoughts

  • I am rewatching the first two seasons (well, I am on Season 2 currently) and it’s amazing to see everything from this side- the side that knows at least some of their fates. I freaking love it- even more than I did the first time around. I highly recommend, and I have pre-ordered Season 3, because of course I did.
  • I read The 100 (the first book). And there will be thoughts. I promise. Hopefully I can even make Holly join me.
  • I seriously miss this show and I think I need to form a support group. Anyone else need intervention?
  • Some people thought that this season wasn’t strong, but I disagree. I think the ending wasn’t as strong as it was in Season 2, but I also think the setup for Season 4 was much better. Plus, no more ALIE, guys!!

The Best and the Worst of Season Three

Best episode:

NKK0UjtX (1) 3×07: Thirteen (with 3×11: Nevermore a close runner up)

6c4Ne6lW (1)The 3rd, I think (Holly means 3×03: Ye Who Enter Here)? When Bellamy finds Clarke tied up by Roan and he literally cannot leave her behind. OR. the episode where literally all the shit from the past three seasons comes up, when Raven is possessed by Alie (by which Holly means 3×11: Nevermore). Both.

Most Boring:
NKK0UjtX (1) 3×12: Demons (The one with Emerson. YAWN. Until the end, then all the sobbing. But minute for minute, my least favorite.)

NO IDEA. 6c4Ne6lW (1)

Most Tears:

3×09: Stealing Fire (Lincoln’s death) but a close runner up was Lexa’s. (3×07: Thirteen)

Best use of music:


Runner up would be this:

(Holly’s answer? “I’m not sure?? I don’t pay as much attention to the music score”)

Best flashback:

 Pike’s survival class, seeing the delinquents just being… kids.

We both agreed on the Becca stuff.

Most Surprising Event

Ontari beheading children. Because they went there.

Holly: No one dying in the finale (I guess Pike means nothing to Holly.)

Best Fight

Lexa and Roan

Best Kiss

Linctavia. And now I am dead.

Holly says:  Who even kissed this season?? Lexa/Clarke, Monty/Harper, and?? Maybe O and Lincoln’s last kiss. ABBY AND KANE. THAT ONE.

Kabby at least doesn’t make me sob. So good work, Holly! 

 Season Superlatives and Awards!! 

recap5 (1)

Yes, Lexa owns the apocalypse but come on. Do we remember Kane’s Ark Look? Not good. This… gives me strange feelings.

recap11 (1)

All five minutes of it were simply darling. 

recap2 (1)

Hey guys, remember back when Jaha used to do decent stuff like sacrifice his life for the greater good, and conjure up babies in his head, and give chess pieces to kids with birth defects? Let’s get that guy back. Or float this one, I literally could not care less which.


Miller’s Boyfriend. Because MINTY. Did he come down with Farm Station? Literally no idea. But main(er) cast? I don’t know. I am scared.


Nothing says death like a double scoop and some Banana Republic… 

recap6 (1)

Shannon explains: Ontari and Hannah, but both with equal parts dread.recap10 (1)

Because it’s Jaha. Of course he nearly killed mankind. 

recap1 (1)

Ah Gina, we hardly knew ye. Literally. Where did you even come from?

recap4 (1)

GAH, it was a bad year for the Blake siblings. With about 300 unnecessary deaths between them (299 of Bellamy’s, and Pike) and the complete facturing of their relationship, the loss of both their partners (albeit O’s was far, far worse)… yeah man. Bad year indeed. recap3 (1)

I fully admit that I viewed Lexa’s redemption as like, a personal thing- hence the whole “swearing felty” to Clarke thing. 


Roan, because of the possibilities. Does Luna count as “new”? Holly said yes, so I went with it.


Literally just going to be sobbing in the corner, mmmmkay? 😭


Shannon: Minty isn’t happening yet, is it? Harper and someone new, like a Grounder. (Because Lincoln, I cannot stop crying.)

Holly: Um. Anyone with Roan. (Because I need him to stay on this show)

Well, well, looks like Holly and I made a match!!!!


Shannon: Greg, who, as it turns out, is not a Gorilla, but something called a Puana which means “giant mutant gorilla” in Trigedasleng. So… crazy-ass gorilla indeed. And I miss him.

recap7 (1)

Clarke. Hear me out! She went through so. much. this season, and yet somehow, she just kept on going.


And then….


recap9 (1)

Raven for sure, with Monty as her apprentice!

Favorite Season Quotes:

“Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim.” (Get knocked down, get back up) —Lincoln

“Sounds like a terrible idea, I’m in.” —Jasper

Pike: “My job is to keep us safe, not to be liked.”
Kane: “Then keep up the good work.”

“Ai laik Heda. Non na throu daun gon ai.” (I am the Commander. No one fights for me.). —Lexa

“I beg you one last time, to see the world as it is, not as it was, not as you want it to be.” —Kane

Monty: “After all that we’ve been through, you don’t trust me?”
Harper: “Does your mom know you’re here, Monty?”

Raven: If I’m right, it will fry whatever ALIE put in there without damaging the tissue.
Jasper: What if you’re wrong?
Raven: If I was wrong, ALIE wouldn’t be looking at me right now like I just stole her favorite toy”.

“She’s a computer program. But I get that’s hard for you to grasp, considering you pray to garbage. No offense… obviously”. —Murphy

You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than just surviving.” –Lexa

“Places are not evil, brother. People are.” — Nyko to Lincoln

“Kom woda ‘so gyon op, gon woda ‘so kom daun. (From water we are born, to water we return.)”
– Luna

“Following the creepy music is a bad idea. Or we can follow the creepy music.”–Monty

ALIE: “Why Raven? With everything I can do for you? Why would you do this?”
Raven: “Because you stole my memories, you crazy bitch!”

“Just another day on the ground, right?” —Murphy

Bellamy: Clarke is in trouble.
Murphy: Clarke is always in trouble..”

Clarke: “I know how to stop ALIE. I have to take the chip. I have to go into the City of Light and find the kill switch.”
Murphy: “Yeah. That sounds like a great idea.”

Octavia: “Why is he still alive?”
Indra: “Because the dead can’t help us.”
Octavia: “He was my home.”
Indra: “Your home is here.”

“You don’t ease pain. You overcome it. And we will.” —Clarke

The Predictions For Season Four 



 The Wait

Literally. Cannot. I have been rewatching the show, and I even read the book. But more on that later. Because I am making Holly read it so we can do a discussion review! And I will unveil my NEW The 100 look, along with my NEW The 100 Tumblr. Because I am obsessed, you guys. 

What did you think of Season Three overall? Do you have thoughts/predictions for Season Four? No worries, we’re not finished yet! I have some fun stuff up my sleeve for when we’re all having withdrawal! 😉 

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22 responses to “The 100 Season 3 Wrap Up

  1. Confession: I closed my eyes while I scrolled down to the comment section…
    I haven’t seen any of season 2 because I was so annoyed by this Clexa thing. I know she died but then I heard about Bellamy being an ass and Lincoln and I guess I lost interest. I may watch this when it’s on Netflix later because I loved seasons one and two but I need to know one thing (this is where you come in)… did ANYTHING finally happen between Clarke and Bellamy?????????????

    • Okay SO. The Clexa thing… I know people are pissed. But the thing is, she was NEVER going to be a major character, and she’d ALWAYS intended on only being around for a season or so. Which is why the rage didn’t make sense to me. She had another full time job! Lincoln… ugh, that’s another story. I will NEVER BE OKAY with it. Granted, he ALSO got a lead on another show… but there’s been debate about him possibly wanting out, so idk.

      And to answer your question…. no. Not… technically. Like, Clarke lost Lexa halfway through the season, so I think it would have been unauthentic to start a new relationship so soon. PLUS, you are right about Bellamy being an ass. They’re… getting there. And there are hugs and HAND HOLDING. Like… it is clear that they are each other’s people. And there are “moments”. I swear, if they don’t end up together, I will rage so hard. You have no idea.

      Season 3 will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 19. You can watch, and then we can discuss 😀

  2. I really liked Season 3! I loved that we got to be in grounder capital so much and that we even explored some more of the ground. I, um,… kind of thought Roan died? DIDN’T HE? I was, like, already grieving him, because I really liked his character (so much so that I don’t even remember his story line apparently). MY BRAIN IS SUCH A SIEVE. I agree, I did NOT think Miller’s bf would live. I mean they’ve been a happy couple for almost an entire season and this is The 100 – surely one of them must die? And Thirteen ugh. I mean it’s a good pick for best episode, but WHY MUST YOU REMIND ME SHANNON. I 110% agree with the best fight scene. That was so frickin’ badass. And Clexa definitely has the best apocalypse style, but I support Kane’s beard too, because I think we ALL noticed. Like, yeah, he became a much better character than before and I’m 98% certain it’s the beard’s influence. And who even was Gina? Her face seems vaguely familiar but that’s it. Was she Bellamy’s random hookup no one knew or cared about? I also thought the setup for next season was good. Should be fantastic!

    • Nah, Roan’s… well, he’s been shot. I thought he died too, BUT he did not. His status is listed as “undetermined”, but we all know that means he’s going to be just fine. It looks like when Kane shot him, he’d killed him, but we never see any of that aftermath. SO, guess he made it after all. We’ll know for sure when filming starts in a few weeks, but my money’s on alive.

      And yeah, can we please talk about why Miller’s douchey boyfriend gets to live and we lose LINCOLN!??! (I mean, fine, logically I know it is because Douchey BF isn’t starring in a new TV show BUT STILL. I am not okay.) He’s going to die, for two reasons: 1- Miller is being promoted to main cast, and as such, he needs a tragedy. 2- He’s an easy beginning of the season kill off, and he could mean some important ramifications without pissing off the fans *too* much. The thing I DO worry about is people get MAD when their LGBT characters get killed… even though EVERYONE on The 100 gets killed. Like, Finn, Lincoln, Wells, Monroe, Gina, Sinclair, Pike, Hannah, Anya… the list goes on and on of (assumingly) straight dead people! I mean- equality is equality, plus Lexa has another show to star in sooooo… yeah. They kill off ALL of Clarke’s lovers, come ON! Man, woman, it matters not. That blonde girl from Wanheda Part 1 and Nevermore…. Things aren’t looking good for her at all. If Clarke has sex with you, you’re basically dying. Niylah? Is that how you spell it? She’s Murphy’s sister IRL. Fun fact of the day. ANYWAY, I am afraid they’ll leave Miller’s BF alone for that reason, which irritates me, ESPECIALLY now that Minty doesn’t seem to be happening. I WANT MINTY, okay?

      Kane’s beard holds all his magical powers. Also, I don’t think I should find him as attractive with the beard as I do. It’s weird- like when I watched Fuller House and had strange feelings for John Stamos that you shouldn’t HAVE for Uncle Jesse, you know? I digress.

      Gina was Bellamy’s “girlfriend”, even though I have no freaking idea where she came from, how they got together, if they were like, “in love” or if they were just FWB… this is why she was a plot device. So that Bellamy could be all tantrum-y and say “WAAAHHH the Grounders killed some girl I was boning, I must go be mad with Pike”. DISLIKE.

      I need Season 4 NOW. Not in 6 months. NOW.

  3. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!! Yes to everything! The Clexa ship was so cut short, it’s not even funny. ;0 Ontari beheading the children and the bomb that killed lots of Skaikru along with the massacre of the grounders by Bellamy were the three most shocking parts of the season for me. Oh gosh, I have no idea what’s going to happen next season…N Great post!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    • Awww thanks!! And seriously, the Ontari thing upset me SO MUCH especially because we’d gotten to know Aden so well, and he was such a great kid, so loyal to Lexa AND Clarke. The massacre broke my heart, it was so damn unnecessary! I seriously don’t understand HOW we are going to wait for the next season!

  4. Damn. After looking at your previous SFTA, I’m realizing it was actually 3×02 and not 03, that was one of the best episodes to me (mostly bc all of the Bellarke, tbh). also omg yessss the car singing scene. MY FAVORITE. I love that we have many in common. Clearly great minds and all. 😉

    • AW CRAP. I should have looked at that closer. I can change it! Not that it matters, I guess? The car thing, GAHH I loved it- legit the first time since Season 1 that anyone looked even remotely happy. SO sad. We also do clearly have great minds 😉

      And ummmm their ship name shall be… Rorper? Hoan?

  5. The thought of no 100 until 2017 (WTF) is not a good one. Here all these shows like Arrow and shit get like what 24 episodes or something and we only get 2/3 of those. Not fair to me. And now that it’s percolated a bit I still… don’t know how I feel about some of this stuff. I’ll miss Lexa, the whole Lincoln thing was BS. and I think one of my favorite moments was Pike trying to teach the smartass delinquents lol. I actually kinda liked Pike at the end! And Jaha should have died. Will they stop w/ him??

    I do love the Kane/ Indra friendship. It’s so unlikely that it works. And if Indra ever kills Jaha I would celebrate. I still don’t know who to pair Harper with- me? lol I guess if not then Roan might be interesting… “Clarke is always in trouble” is the best absolute line- only Murphy can deliver it like that.

    Can’t wait to see what you think of the book. As for predictions… no idea w/ this show. S3 is so different from what I thought it would be- and now we have the radioactive apocalypse thing coming. I love the idea of the surface getting all uninhabitable and stuff I hope it’s really bad. At this point Jaha should be put on latrine ditch duty if they don’t execute him outright. I mean he fucked a LOT of shit up this time. If they try to “rehab” him and Kane and Abby try to keep the kids down I’ll be so annoyed… the kids are the only ones that get stuff done. I like Kane but the rest of the adults… if I were Bellarke and the rest I would maybe go hang with the Grounders and say eff the Ark. If Clarke can’t have Bellamy that trading post chick is kinda hot…

    • RIGHT!? What even is that? Why only 16? (Or in the case of Season 1, 13.) I miss Lexa, but I still think her death meant something for the story. Lincoln’s… UGH it DID NOT.. Such BS. And I totally liked Pike at the end! I KNOW he knew what he did was wrong, and I so badly wanted to see him try to make amends. I guess on one hand, it made sense- because otherwise, they were just going to do to him what they wanted to do to Finn, only no one from Skaikru would have really cared, so that would have been dull. But I would have loved to see what he did while the Grounders got their shit together (and before they remembered they needed to kill him- because I don’t think Indra would have).

      Jaha… UGH. I am rewatching the seasons now, and he was SO DECENT in the beginning, I remember loving him- when he sacrificed himself in place of Kane, when he tried to save the (non-existent) baby, when he gave Wells’s Chess token to the little boy with the radiation defect… GAH that all hit me right in the feels. But now, I don’t even see a SHELL of that person. He needs to be redeemed, killed, or both.

      Bwhahah well- you have to create a Grounder character for yourself, then go audition, and you may be with Harper 😉 The weird thing is, Roan seems SO much older than Harper, but IRL, he is 34 and she is 29. So it isn’t actually weird, it just seems weird?

      DYING at the thought of Jaha working as the janitor 😂 I seriously think that the adults ARE the worst in general. Kane and Sinclair were the only ones I could stand, and now Sinclair is dead. Maybe Kane should just accept that he thinks like the kids. They’re all 18 by now, he can find a young wife and pop out a few Space Babies with her. (I am seriously disturbed by the lack of offspring around this place. And I think Abby is on the shady side of menopause soooo…. :/ )

      You know, speaking of Jaha… he IS the one who killed Ontari. Maybe the Grounders will kill him for executing their… fake commander? Did they ever know she wasn’t even ACTUALLY the commander? Is Clarke the commander? What happened to Luna? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

      And I cannot get past the fact that the trading post chick (Niylah? If I am spelling that right, idk) is Richard Harmon’s (Murphy) actual sister… so it’s like… Clarke hooking up with Murphy’s family? I need Bellarke. But we do need a new F/F couple I think. What is Indra’s deal? She needs some love. Maybe Clarke can introduce her to Niylah. With a shower and some fresh clothes, you know?

      What we really need is for Harper and Monty to never, ever touch again. That was so awkward, I felt like I was watching cousins hooking up. Also, I feel like Octavia and Jasper are going to be a “thing”. I don’t think I like it, but I think there is a TON of foreshadowing for it.

      At least they start filming in a few weeks, and we’ll know if Roan is alive!

      • Ooh Harper and Niylah! That’s it!! Maybe…? as soon as you said F/F couple I was like bingo. Those two. I don’t know. She needs a promotion though, her and Miller, to the “A” team. They can replace Jasper for all I care- I used to really like him but they ruined him for me this season. Maybe I’ll come around…

        Indra and Niylah though- that’s interesting too. I had no idea Niylah was Murph’s RL sister. seriously? How cool is that. I’m not really into O and Jasper either, I thought they were going to do that in S1 but then Lincoln (thank goodness) came along. Now… ??

        I think Kane, bell and Clarke should run things, Abby can be the doctor and shut up and Jaha can #$%^ himself because if not for Bell and Clarke and Raven etc they’d all be dead or mental slaves. The kids have earned the right to be in charge (I don’t know why I’m calling them kids). Some logical progression of roles here would be nice.

        And Jaha… I always hated him since he floated Clarke’s dad (I hated all of them actually) but you’re right, he did redeem himself with his sacrifices and gestures. then I hated him again because of that frickin COL storyline. If they can make me like him again it will be a testament to their writing ability lol. They redeemed Kane after all… anyway let’s hope Roan is back. They killed him off on Black Sails so he needs to be on some show…

        • I am like… kind of okay with Jasper. I know this is not a popular opinion (Holly will probably come here and yell at me too hah) but I just feel so bad for him, especially rewatching Season 2- he is SUCH a colossal screw up! He means well, but wow. He knows he basically helped seal Maya’s fate when he refused to help Clarke to begin with. And he has to get to the point where he REALLY acknowledges it. Then I think he’ll be less annoying.

          I agree with you- NOPE to O and Jasper but.. I do think it is inevitable. I hope I am wrong! I think Harper and Niylah could work- only because I also could kiiiind of see Harper and Murphy, in this weird, twisted way hahahahah. BUt I feel like Indra needs some love. And llike- Idk how old either character is supposed to be, but Adina is only 15 years older than Jessica. I think she (Adina) also needs to be main cast, no more of this side bullshit.

          You figure- Lincoln, Finn, and Lexa, all dead. That leaves space for all THREE to be main cast (even though Lexa technically was NOT MC, she basically was). So bump up Harper, Indra, and Miller… and then get rid of Miller’s boyfriend, make Minty happen, thereby relieving us of this Hanty debacle, and leaving Harper lots of time to find a mate with more chemistry.

          I call them “kids” too, even though some of them are older than ME 😂 but yeah, they need to run things. And Kane knows his ROLE- he would just basically be the “face” for the older people who don’t trust the “kids”. But Kane is smart, so he would help too- he just knows he isn’t in charge!

          UGH Jaha. I hated EVERYTHING about the COL. Including Jaha’s search for it. I am on those episodes of my rewatch, and even in hindsight it’s stupid! Basically, he had a case of the sads because Abby was Commander for a week and a half. So he took his toys and ran away. It was SO. DUMB. Like, ONE rando in the desert mentioned The COL, and Jaha just HAAAAAD to go find it. So stabby.

          Roan will be back. I just know it. The fact that they killed him off on Black Sails is actually REALLY good news for us, because he probably NEEDED to be killed off to be on The 100 full time, YAYY!! 😀

  6. oh this show is so amazing, but I so don’t like that Lincoln was killed he was one of my favorites of the show. But there is so much action, drama and romance that I have loved most of these moments. I am looking forward to the next season.

  7. I wanted to tell you I watched the season finale today. I didn’t like that Lincoln died. But I am glad that O got her revenge. I can’t believe that AI. She should have told everyone about the nuclear plants. I was worried that Clarke wouldn’t pull the kill switch. I am glad she did. My favorite character is Clarke because she is so strong.

    • Aw YAY I am glad you liked it- I am on the fence about O killing Pike. I feel like it is going to take her character down a VERY dark road. I still will NEVER be over Lincoln’s death. EVER. And I love Clarke for the same reason, she always has the heaviest burdens to lift, you know? Now, how exactly do we wait for next season!? 😭

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