The 100 Episode 3×11: Nevermore


Welcome, welcome! In case you missed last week’s recap, here you go! 

 Now, if you recall, unlike in book reviews, we do not mind spoiling the hell out of the show, so turn back now if you don’t want to know any of the things! This has been your warning! 

OH and while it may be obvious that I don’t like, hang around taking still photos from the show’s set, these pictures aren’t mine, of course. They’re from, you know, the show. Or humans who know how to make GIFs, which incidentally, I still can’t figure out. 

Now, let’s do this! Episode 3×11: Nevermore

This episode was epic. It has been building since literally day one of this show, and I am not going to “recap” it. Because you need to watch it. But I can highlight some of the awesome, and give you a brief synopsis! 

What happened:

My fangirl heart shattered. My loves reunited in such an epic way- and to save one of their own. Raven was possessed by ALIE, which we knew from last week, but as you recall, Jasper got her the hell out of Arkadia (and almost ran over Clarke, but those are minor details). 

He and Clarke find the rest of the delinquents, and head to Niylah’s… store or whatever that even is. Do you remember Niylah? She’s Clarke’s hookup buddy from the beginning of the season. Only, oopsie, Bellamy killed her dad in the Grounder Massacre. That puts a kink in the plan, no? 

“Hey, mind if we fight off an evil AI while I point this gun at you? By the by, I slaughtered your dad for funsies. That’s not a problem, is it?”

Let’s just start…. somewhere, Idk. 

Raven as RALIE

Let’s start with the Possessed One, shall we? First, maybe a standing ovation for Lindsay Morgan? Holy shit she was amazing. First, for her to become ALIE (and she did) and actually embody not just ALIE the character, but every movement of Erica Cerra as like, a human. It’s basically epic.

Raven stays unconscious long enough to get her into Niylah’s place, but not for long. It takes literally every single person to tie her to the bed…. and well, even that doesn’t stop her.

She. BIT. Clarke.

So once they figure out how to (kind of) physically keep her in check, RALIE starts torturing the gang mentally. ALIE uses Raven’s memories as a weapon basically, hurling all kinds of emotional grenades at anyone and everyone. She makes Clarke and Jasper run away pretty quickly-


She’s even making Sinclair sad.

But Bellamy thinks he can handle it.And he does, for longer than anyone else really.

And then Niylah hears that Bellamy killed her dad, and happy fun time is over. Luckily, Octavia and Monty have gone to find the battery EMP thingy, and look, they’re back!

Octavia & Monty’s Epic Detour

These two crazy kids have gone to the dropship for the makings of a solid EMP. Of course, RALIE hears their plans, so they know they’re on borrowed time. Monty’s still got the sads because his mom ratted him out to Pike, and Octavia has the most awful broken heart I have ever seen- it’s physically painful to watch.

But Monty disagrees, of course.

And then… they are caught. And who is it? Monty’s Mom, of course! Because Hannah Green is freaking everywhere that Monty is. Even in an episode with no other adults, there she is. Oh, but she brought a friend.

Aw, crap. So yeah, Mrs. Monty is in The City of Light. Or whatever happens to these people, Idk. Anyway, HALIE tries to convince Monty to come back with her or whatever, and he does not think this is a good idea. So Octavia jumps out of the bushes or some shit (seriously, why was she not there anyway?) and fights HALIE, but then HALIE holds this big ass sword to her throat and Octavia can’t fight her off for much longer. So Monts has to make a decision: Octavia, or his mom as possessed by ALIE.

Ready for some irony? Last week, on Greg’s recap I said in the comment section “I’ll even take an accidental stray bullet getting Jaha OR Monty’s Mom.” Sorry, Monty. And I guess Monty’s Mom, but not really.

Everybody Hurts

The absolutely heartbreaking thing about this episode is that each one of these people have lost someone close to them at this point- someone very close. Monty’s loss made it complete. And even worse, they all in some way feel like they could have or should have done more to save their loved one, and in some ways, feel completely (or are completely) responsible. 

  • Jasper: Maya Jasper may never forgive Clarke for Mt Weather, which seems rather unfair since it wasn’t only her decision, and Maya was willing to die for the cause. But really, Jasper is angry at Jasper for not being able to save her- for not being able to come up with a way, for feeling helpless. And of course because he loved her, even though they knew each other for about four minutes.

    But he’ll continue to hate Clarke until he can realize that she isn’t the bad guy. And Clarke will continue to take it, because she still feels like she was the bad guy.
  • Clarke: Lexa/Finn/Wells/Her Dad/Mt. Weather Clarke, I don’t know how Clarke will ever heal really. How can she? Not only has she lost all these people (which RALIE so helpfully pointed out), but she feels responsible for every last one of them. And on some level, I suppose she was, though not really in the way she imagines.
  • Bellamy: Lincoln/His Mom/Gina/299 Grounders/Mt. Weather/The Culled Bellamy’s head count is quite possibly worse than Clarke’s since he teamed up with Pike. But while Clarke does blame herself, Bellamy takes it to a new level. I feel like he spent about 70% of his Pillamy time just beating himself up internally (the other 30% was spent being up Pike’s ass, of course). Every drop of blood on Bellamy’s hands hurts his soul, but I don’t know that he will ever get past what he did to Lincoln, and by extension, to Octavia.

  • Octavia: Lincoln/Her trust in Bellamy My soul hurts just typing this. Will she ever be okay? I mean, I know she will, because she is a badass warrior, but will her heart ever heal? Her soul? (Pretty sure mine won’t, if that’s any indication.) I think part of it is that she feels like Bellamy is lost to her too, and where does she belong in this world?

  • Monty: Monty’s Mom I mean, we may be happy, but obviously Monty isn’t. Especially when Clarke is able to save Raven, and Monty realized that his mom wasn’t lost to ALIE forever. But she was going to kill Octavia, so hopefully in time Monty can heal. But poor orphan Monty is not in a good way right now. He’d been able to stay away from a lot of the pain- at least in the up-close-and-personal sense. But to kill your mom? Even if she was possessed, that’s got to be the worst ever. 
  • Raven: Finn/Possession of her body/The use of her leg/Her place in the world Raven has been a mess for a long time. I mean, this is what ALIE used to get her, right? She’s in physical pain, and she’s in emotional pain. And I think she has always felt like she wasn’t part of the original group (because she wasn’t) and that weighs on her. She may never fully forgive Clarke for Finn’s death (or probably for sleeping with him, but that’s another story), and man, she just deserves a break.

RALIE Raven’s Back! 

Finallllly! So Raven’s wristband thing works- too well, actually- and she ends up basically comatose. So Clarke, remembering the removal of ALIE 2.0 from Lexa, grabs a dirty ass scalpel and just digs ALIE out of her neck. Easy peasy! Then they beg Raven to wake up because, shit, ALIE is coming!

And she does! It kind of puts things in a bit different of a perspective, at least for Octavia. She was ready to hightail it out of there as soon as they saved Raven, but we ended up seeing the first sign of life in her instead:

Then they take off to the cave to wait until they can make their next move. And excuse me, do I see signs of RASPER!?!

Incidentally, this made Holly mad. My shipping of Rasper in general, basically: @25


So, our fearless delinquents shall return to Arkadia next week! What kind of horrors await them? And can you even stand this badass picture?

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14 responses to “The 100 Episode 3×11: Nevermore

  1. Emma Rose

    As much as I hated Monty’s mom, I hated that he had to kill her and the later realization that they could have fried the AI and cut it out of her. That was really heart wrenching. Granted, it was too late by that time, it was still painful and I see Monty dealing with a lot of guilt.

    I’m also feeling really bad for Octavia. She’s just so lost at the moment with no clue where she fits in. I think even saying that she’s part of The 100 doesn’t help because the entire group that’s left is so fractured. She needs something good to happen to her.

    Also, #TeamRasper

    • GAH I know, that WAS hard. But I also feel like Monty is one of the only ones who hasn’t had like, a ton of loss and guilt, so maybe in a weird way, it will bring him closer to the group? I do feel bad though, I cannot even IMAGINE making that kind of choice, ugh.

      I totally agree about Octavia too! I mean, okay, she’s part of The 100…. but most of those guys are dead! And she hasn’t felt like part of Skaikru for so, so long. I really hope that something good happens to her. There’s been way too much pain.

      And YAY I am glad that someone else is shipping Rasper with me!! 😀

  2. This episode was totally epic and my favorite of the season so far! Seeing Bellamy and Clarke together was nice even though nothing crazy happened between them. Raven was amazing, well Lindsay Morgan. Her acting skills were utter perfection. Definite round of applause to her.

    Monty, pooor, Monty. I hated his mom so much, but seeing him do it was just heart-breaking. Then seeing his reaction when he realized he could have saved her in the end just made it even worse.

    Now, I won’t throw things at you like Holly, but I don’t know how I feel about Rasper. I love Raven and she definitely deserves some love, but I am not happy with Jasper. I haven’t been for a while, but I am sloooooowly getting back into his character. I think after some time I may be for that ship though.

    Also, my poor Octavia. Just the look in her eyes brings me to tears. I miss Lincoln so damn much and she obviously misses him 10000x more. I just hate how she lost her brother and her “person” in the same day. I know that wasn’t even in this episode really, but it still just hurts because the pain with her is going to continue on for quite some time.

    UGH, I just can’t wait for tonight’s episode, yay!

    • I saw something on Tumblr about how Bellare is the only ship in the world where the shippers get excited over a handshake hahahha. And I totally agree, Lindsay is AMAAAAAZING.

      UGH, Monty. That was cruel. So cruel. I hated that he could have saved her. Bad enough that he had to kill her, but thinking that he DIDN’T have to is even worse. But the truth is, she would have killed O before he could have ever gotten the chip out. PLUS would it have worked without the wristband thing? I hope he can forgive himself.

      I haven’t been happy with Jasper either, BUT he has treated Raven well, and she needs that. And like, I think he is slowly coming back around. I think it should be a slowwwww burning ship for sure- neither of them is ready to jump into something!

      If I could bring back any character in the history of ANYTHING, it would be Lincoln. (And that is saying a LOT because, well, Finnick!) It makes me want to throw up, and like, they aren’t even real! It guts me every single time I see her. Even if she’s happy, because I know she’ll never be fully okay again. DAMN IT WRITERS!

  3. Raven killed it in this one. And Naila was back- yay. Hopefully we’ll see more of her. I LOVED how they could baely restrain Raven- she was like a force of nature. And when she pulled her own arm out of the socket- damn!

    I felt so bad for Monty (that scene was awful)- but I’m glad Monty’s mom bit it. Is that bad? I’m just sad Monty had to do it. And yeah you kinda called it (thanks for the mention, BTW). 🙂

    Some good observations- I never thought of it like that til you pointed out just how many kills Clarke and Bellamy feel responsible for. You’re right how do they come back? ESPECIALLY Bellamy with the whole massacre thing. I still can’t believe they did that. And poor Octavia- to have Bell involved in Lincoln’s death- they are twisting her up so much. Everyone on this show is an emotional, shell shocked basketcase now!

    And that last pic- there’s something badass about seeing Clarke, Bell, O and the rest going up against Arkadia. Feels like the band’s back together. Glad Clarke is (hopefully) done with that wandering bullshit. Her and Bell need to get it done.

    • Raven was AMAZING! Like, I couldn’t even believe it- Lindsay blew my mind! I feel like the actors on this show never get the credit they deserve. Remember how bad they were during the first few episodes? ANd now… they just kill it ALL the time. Because let’s face it, we wouldn’t feel so passionately about the show if they weren’t doing their jobs!

      And I KNOW- I feel the same way about Monty’s mom. Like, YAY, she’s gone! But poor Monty 🙁

      You are so right, they ARE all shellshocked. I kind of wonder what will happen if/when they get a minute of downtime. I feel like that could be just as shattering as all the fighting. They’ve had non-stop enemies since BEFORE they left the Ark, I can’t even imagine how crazy they’d go if they had a few minutes of peace to reflect on the horror!

      I TOTALLY agree, it does feel like the band’s back together and I LOVE IT! I hope Clarke is done wandering. Though I guess, not like she has Lexa to wander TO 🙁 Which, in a sense is why I was sad over Lexa’s death, but in the end, it really just made the most sense for the story. Clarke would never fully be in Arkadia or with the others if Lexa was still alive.

      • That’s a good point about Lexa and Clarke. And nods to the part about downtime- you’re right, who’d want to rflect on all that? Yikes. The other thing is the pacing- I watch some other shows now and at times I think if they would only pace their show like The 100. lol. Unlike some shows, I’m never bored with The 100. Every scene matters, there’s always something going on.

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