P.S.- ALL the spoilers ahead!! 

To be honest, The 100 is usually pretty damn awesome about wrapping shit up, continuity, and solid plots. But no one is perfect, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Sometimes they’re things that don’t even fully matter to the story, but fans just want to know! I answered a few of these myself, mostly in regards to “missing” characters. But sometimes, we just want to know… what’s the story behind the mystery!? (Spoiler: We will never know.)

Why did no one give Maya some damn bone marrow?

They MacGyvered more things in that damn Level 5 than you can shake a stick at, and Bellamy could have easily scored a needle. Everyone was *so* worried about Maya and the radiation, and they knew that the marrow was working so… why did no one step up? Looking at you, Jasper. Monty could have helped. He’s handy.

“And also, why didn’t you just give me some marrow?”

When was Jasper chipped? (Related: How did ALIE know Sinclair was dead?)

This is a hard one, and I don’t *think* there has ever been a certain answer? The general consensus is that Jasper was chipped on the Rig, when ALIE was torturing Luna. But… how did she know Sinclair was dead? How did she know where the Rig even was? No one else in their party was chipped at any point, and yet ALIE knew about Sinclair and that Clarke, the Flame, and the only other Natblida were on the Rig. So… if it wasn’t Jasper, who was it?

That…. sounds like a lie.

Who the hell lights all the damn candles in all the Polis Tower bedrooms?

Look, this was a fire hazard, but beyond that, it must have been a time consuming hellscape for whoever had to light them all. Because there are no lighters, who knows how they had to do it? It makes for a lovely, atmospherically romantic scene, sure. But not for Dave, the poor Trikru guy who was tasked with lighting them. Who gets called back every time the wind blows one out.

Literally one part of one room. Poor Dave. 

Why did we only see one Pauna? And is the plural “Paunii”? Please be.

That particular Pauna did not survive for 97 years. Which leads me to believe that it spawned from other Paunii. And since Lexa and her people knew what it was/had seen it before, I am pretty sure this guy wasn’t the only one of his kind. So why have I seen exactly zero other large gorilla-types? That seems rude. Speaking of, I’d also like to see more mutant animals in general, especially after more radiation.

How did Luna know about the Conclave anyway?

I don’t even fully understand how Luna got back to Polis from ALIE Island, tbh, but let’s pretend she swam, because I like that story. Why did she even go to Polis to begin with? And who did she suddenly get friendly enough with to tell her that the Conclave was a “thing”? I mean- she now hates all of Skaikru (I don’t fully blame her, but that’s a topic for another time) and no one else has ever bothered with her on the Rig. Every other member of her clan is dead, so…

“I showed up here after swimming across the ocean. A carrier pigeon told me about this little festival.” –Luna, I guess?

Why was Aurora seemingly the only woman without a birth control implant?

There are so many reasons that this doesn’t make any sense, my head is spinning. First, why would a sexually active (and Aurora, it seems, was quite active) woman who knows that the penalty for pregnancy is death not just take preventative measures? Actually, speaking of, why the hell didn’t they just all have tubal ligations after their first/only children? Jackson makes it clear in Season 2 that the women of the Ark had birth control implants, so seriously Aurora, what’s the deal!? One of her many suitors would have hooked her up, no? And for that matter, who is Octavia’s father? Bellamy’s? We need to know, thanks.

Four women who didn’t have to hide babies under the floor. Just saying.

And don’t get me started on how the hell a six year old kept an infant from crying without food while its mother is passed out. And what about when they went to get food and shit- did they just leave a baby under the freaking floorboards!? How the Blakes aren’t more fucked up is anyone’s guess, really.

Did Bryller ever officially break up?

Bryller has fight in Heavy Lies the Crown. Murphy makes comment to Miller about Bryan in The Four Horsemen; Miller looks sad. Bryan is never seen again, and Miller and Jackson are a full-blown item. Which I am obviously giddy about because Mackson > Bryller, but this still doesn’t answer the great unknown question: Where did Bryan go?

::Cough:: Wrong answer, Miller ::Cough::

No seriously, where are the Reapers?!

These dudes are such a pivotal plot point in Season 2- they’re the entire reason that Lexa’s coalition and Skaikru were able to bury the hatchet! “Turning Reapers back into men” was Clarke’s entire bargaining chip with Lexa. Then, Lexa betrays Clarke at the Mountain, gets her non-Reapered folks back, and Clarke rescues Skaikru. But.. where did the Reapers go? Without Skaikru assistance, they couldn’t have been turned back. And had it happened off-camera, no one even mentioned it.

“We were only a plot device? Attack!”

Lexa was willing to make an alliance to get them back… and then literally no one ever spoke of them again. Even Lincoln, who was one.

And a few Unsolved Mysteries that still could be solved! 

Because Season Fiveeeee! 

Where is the 4% of Earth that can sustain life?

As ALIE told us in Perverse Instantiation 2, “96% of the Earth’s surface will be uninhabitable”. Okay Hoss, where’s the other 4%? This show doesn’t do one-offs, so I know it meant something. Right? Right? But also…. why did no one look into this before Praimfaya the Sequel?

What Happened to the Bunker Rejects?

Will we see this in flashbacks? Gosh, I do hope. It’s probably insanely morbid, and they probably won’t spend time on this considering we have six years worth of flashbacks to worry about but… I want to watch Five Year Old Dad rage, and I want to watch Mr Miller calm his ass down.

“But he made it inside the bunker?” –Every confused bunker reject

How did Gaia become Fleimkepa?

Wasn’t Titus the only fleimkepa? Hence why he slit his own throat so that Ontari couldn’t ascend? And then suddenly, of all people, Indra’s daughter (that no one knew existed, by the by) pops up as fleimkepa? Did she study with Titus? Was she one of the scouts? Why have I never heard of her before, basically? Also, who’s her dad? Gaia, I have some questions for you.

Definitely a better hugger than Titus was. And she probably won’t shoot her own Heda, so there’s that.

News! Info! Season 5!

Yes, yes, we have that stuff now!! WOOO. 

  • Season Five officially premieres on April 24. Yes, April. No, no one is happy. But I guess it could be worse, and it’s only three months away, sigh.
  • Season Six, while unconfirmed, is in talks, and is apparently “likely” and I guess I’ll take it, since I have no choice.
  • The trailer will probably land sometime in March, which is rude if you ask me. They’re done with it, let them feed us, The CW!

Are there any unknowns that you want answers to? Know any answers to these? Let’s talk! 

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17 responses to “Unsolved Mysteries of The 100

  1. Did you read the book, too? I haven’t read the books or watched the series! I feel so ashamed… 🙂 I rarely watch TV but my hubby loves loves loves this series. I really want to check out the books first.

  2. You know, regarding Maya, maybe that’s why Jasper felt so guilty. Subconsciously he knew he should have given her some marrow! You could have saved her, Jasper!!!! and hmmm. Good question about the Rig! I had not considered that. Plot hole!!! Oh but it’s ALIE, she can do anything. 🙂

    Pauna!!! There can be only one! Er, scratch that. You’re right, we need more Paunas. Or Paunii. VASTLY entertaining killer apes. Seriously though, that might be one of my favorite GIF’s ever. Pauna on the attack. And you know, on my rewatch I wondered the same thing- who lights all those damn candles???

    Luna *nods* clearly she forgot about the awesome Sea Mechanic possibilities or she might have been more reasonable. Especially with Raven being such a handful *smirk* And she certainly did a 180 on fighting in conclaves, huh? Oh and Octavia’s origin story is NOT one of the 100’s finer writing moments lol.

    Bryan… I think a Pauna got him. Cause they are out there. Waiting. And the Reapers *sigh* you know how I feel about them. Biggest fuck up, er, mystery of the series for me! I like to think that even though Mt. Weather blew up, some of it still remains underground, and the reapers took over. Found a hidden stash of red or something so they could live on in cannibalistic glory. For a while, anyway. *shrugs* I like it.

    I wonder if Eden will be part of the 4% Like maybe ALIE did the calculations and realized that the little patch of greenery would remain, along with wherever else is still alive. Probably Hawaii lol. They’re gonna need boats. But yeah that’s huge… it might be fun if the show kinda relocated? And that’d be their excuse for still having Paunii around. And two headed deer.

    One thing I’d like to know- why are there so many bunkers around? Besides convenience, I mean. Clarke and Finn had their love bunker, Jaha finds the cult bunker, there just seem to be bunkers everywhere. In the forest. Not even in ruined cities, just out in the woods. Maybe this area was big with survivalist people. And we’ve talked about it before, but Lincoln went from just being an unusually compassionate Grounder to apparently being familiar with Luna and the rig hundreds of miles away. Many layers to that man. 🙂

    • Someone should have said that to Jasper- like maybe Clarke, while he was ragging on her nonstop. And the thing with the Rig is interesting, because NO ONE in the CIty of Light even knew it existed OR that there was an existing Natblida- not even Ontari. Now, Jasper was definitely chipped when they LEFT the rig, but whether he was chipped BEFORE, no one knows for sure. I am at that part now, so I am going to be watching verrryyy closely.

      HA yesss is that not THE best GIF I have ever made!? I will use it for basically any reason now, just so we can see it ALL the time. And those candles… sure they look pretty but come ON. Dave doesn’t have time for that!

      I snort-laughed at the Raven comment ? But yeah, just the whole using bone marrow to save humanity threw her over the edge? It seemed weird. I mean, I *guess* I can see her having a breaking point, and I still maintain that she was selfish as fuck the entire time, but still.

      Bryan definitely got eaten. In my story, it was a two-bodied bear. Basically a bear with a parasitic twin, who ate Bryan. Probs cause it had two stomachs. I like that Reaper story! But did they survive Praimfaya? Maybe they were indestructible by that point?

      Eden BETTER BE part of the 4%! This is such a thing I need to happen. And I want Raven to bring up a map of the rest of the 4% so I can feel validated. YEP I think it will be relocated a bit- they show a lot of Clarke in Shallow Valley, so I think it is. And YES more Paunii and other such mutants!

      As for the bunkers… yeah, I think that was a liiiiittle far fetched. I guess a survivalist type could have had the love bunker, that I could buy (though Finn finding it was… easy), but to have TWO huge other bunkers is a little shady. And the Lighthouse bunker. I wonder how many bunkers there really ARE in the country? Probably quite a few still standing from the Cold War days? And Lincoln… yeah, how DID he know Luna? They never really answered that one. Though maybe SHE even reached out, knowing he was looking for peace? I feel like she had scouts or something (this, incidentally, would be the only way to explain Jasper NOT being chipped on the Rig).

      • Yeah the whole Rig/ Jasper thing is skeevy, I mean come on. I feel like they’re playing fast and loose there for the shock value, and didn’t really think though how that would have actually worked. And yes Clarke should have ripped Jasper a new one!!! Absolutely.

        More Pauna!!!!!

  3. Oh my god, Maya! Gone from us way too soon. *shakes fist at bone marrow-deniers*

    For me one of the biggest mysteries is the Blake’s parentage, but you’re so right — what was Aurora thinking?! Not that it’s totally her fault, it takes two to tango after all, but dang. As the one who’d be bearing the consequences (ie. being FLOATED!!!) you’d think she’d be a bit more preoccupied with being safe. *deep sigh*

    • Right, like why did NO ONE suggest this!? She could be hanging out in a bunker somewhere right now!

      And yes! I mean, I get it that it shouldn’t have been ALL on her, but she knew that the guy would just deny it I’m sure, and she’d be the one floated, like you said, so why risk it!? And seriously, will we ever find out who their dads are!?

  4. What happened to Wick? I have been wanting to know since season 3. He’s another character who just disappeared. It was mentioned that he and Raven broke up. Like he was an engineer, wasn’t that important? Wouldn’t they bump into each other? Did he leave? Did he die?

  5. Actually, kind of like the Maya thing, I kept wondering why they didn’t give as many people as they possibly could the cure that they gave to Clarke before the “end.” I mean, there were all these people being drugged and dragged out to die. Surely they had some of that cure left—it’s not like they only had one dose. And even if they didn’t know for sure if it worked, why not try? Seems logical to give as many people a chance as possible, even if it was an outside chance. That kept bugging me the whole end of last season.

    • I think that the main problem with Luna’a marrow was that in order to test it, they’d have had to open the bunker door again? And- Luna was dead. I have NO idea how Becca’s lab worked, but Clarke could only have donated a VERY finite amount of marrow before it killed her. I think the problem was basically time- and not having enough to know if it would work, and if they opened the door and it hadn’t…. well, everyone would have died. I think they should have showed that more in depth though. I will be rewatching S4 soon, and I will try to do some calculations for you. But I *think* that when they finally figured out Clarke’s nightblood, there were only like, 3 or 4 days left til Praimfaya? I’ll let you know, because now I am curious too!

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