Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is: Books I Disliked/Hated but Am Really Glad I Read (maybe just for bragging rights)

If you’re like me,  you might feel a little bad/bummed/evil for not only disliking a book, but mercilessly snarking about it in a review. But also if you are like me, writing said reviews is one of the most fun (and often cathartic!) experiences. And look, that doesn’t make us bad people! As long as we’re not being hateful or personally attacking an author, I think it’s okay to be a little acerbic from time to time. And this topic, well, it lets me trot out all my most favorite negative reviews!

So… Books I am glad I read because I was able to be snarky about them!

Book Cover (Links to Goodreads!)

A Quote I Found Amusing!

My Review!

 “Whatever, this is the Super Important Life Event™ she’s been training her whole life for. So when a dude gives her the feels… of course she risks it all. 🙄”

 “Now it’s some kind of strange, alternate, or future, or who actually knows in Hong Kong. Things have happened, it is 18 months later, and Quin is some kind of healer, while Shinobu is apparently a drug addict. Maybe it fits their personalities really well, but I have no idea what their personalities are.”


 “I don’t know what is more rage-inducing- the fact that the dad is that controlling, or the fact that Izzy thinks that a bellybutton piercing is ‘bettering’ herself.”


 “But I was so confused, and by this point, angry, that I just couldn’t bring myself to be too shocked with any revelation- mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was a twist, or just my own confusion being sorted out a little.”


 “You turned into a sappy, wholly unbelievable romance (complete with insta-love™ and a bit of a triangle to boot), and the worst part is, I can’t even fully talk about all the things that happen in it because it would be spoilers. It’s like you cheated on me, then swore me to secrecy, and I am not okay.”


 “A good chunk of the book ended up taking place in a sea of frozen garbage… or something. And a kid eating his jacket for sustenance, because that happened.”


 “What were the ‘Twisted Things’? Again, your guess is as good as mine. Some were bird-like. Some were not. So that encompasses all the things in existence.”


 “And if we had taken like, 1/100th of the time that Fowler spent ‘tasting’ Luna on a better ending… well I think it could have been much more believable and reasonable.”


 “Orion was kind of her ‘thing’. I… don’t know if she had any other ‘things’ except maybe hiding poverty and being surly?”


 “Ultimately, she sounded like she could be the author of my fifth grade journal, if I was writing it with a bottle of whiskey in hand and some Birkenstock-wearing degenerates hanging out in the corner.”


So, are there any books that you are pretty glad you read because you were able to appropriately snark about them? Do share!

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23 responses to “Snarkable Stories

  1. Hehe. I love that you’re glad you’ve read these books because you can be snarky about them. I felt the same way about Love Letters to The Dead. I could not get on with that book.

  2. The Last Girl On Earth- ha ha! Yeah that’s always great when one has life goals only to be derailed by lurve that suddenly appears and replaces EVERYTHINGl. *next* And I think I remember your review of Frozen! The garbage thing sounds very familiar… and I think that review cracked me up if I remember right??? Catharsis is good. 🙂

  3. I love your twist on the topic. I was feeling like if I did this topic, it would be filled with all the required reading books from HS. I only read two of the books on your list, one of which I really liked. It’s amazing seeing some much of your snark in one place though. XD

  4. “Maybe it fits their personalities really well, but I have no idea what their personalities are.”

    Hahaha, oh Shannon I do love your reviews – your negative reviews, in particular, are genuinely some of my favourite reviews to read because your sass levels are so high. I love reading negative reviews and I love writing them, too. You’re right! There is something very cathartic about talking over everything wrong with a book you felt like you wasted time on and, like you said, as long as you’re not personally attacking the author I don’t think it’s a bad thing to write a negative review.

  5. Omg you and your bird people.😂You are BIASED TO HATE THEM, SHANNON, I SEE YOU.😂 But really now, haha, I love salty reviews. I love reading them and I’m trying not to write them anymore (the author life –> sob sob) but they’re very cathartic?! And sometimes it’s just fun to let it all out after suffering through something entirely frustrating ha.

  6. I love snark – and especially like it in reviews and books. And I agree, just being snarky does not mean it has to be mean! Great topic. I was pretty snarky in my review of Gone Girl and Chalk Man. And to be honest, I was kind of snarky in today’s TTT.

  7. HAH! I love all the quotes you’ve shared here. Snarky is rather fun sometimes. I’ve only read Love Letters to the Dead from this one and I really liked it when I did read it. 🙂


  8. Again with the bird people… bahaha!!! I’ll never tire of that. 🙂 And your quote about Love Letters to the Dead has me trying not to guffaw out loud while at the office and then having to explain myself.

  9. I love this post! Being snarky about books is so worth reading a dud now and again sometimes. I’m definitely going to have read some of these reviews in full. “So when a dude gives her the feels… of course she risks it all” is such a sadly accurate statement for SO many books… and also made me crack up. Great post!

  10. Hi Shannon! I’m not good in writing snarky reviews but I love reading them. I love YOUR reviews!

    I haven’t read these books except Love Letters to the Dead, which I think I gave 4 stars mainly because of the feels. I’ve clicked on your review and I think all your points are valid. Now you are making me question my own rating, haha.

  11. Kel

    Hahaha, these are great! It’s true. Sometimes writing the snarky bad review is the best part of the process when a book tanks and you’ve somehow made it to the end. I’m much better at DNFing these days, but I still look back fondly on my 1-star reviews of Frankenstein (gif summary/review), Winterspell, and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. 😉

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