Book blogging is an interesting little venture. In our tiny niche of the blogosphere, we have sort of a set of unwritten rules that we follow, more or less. There’s a finite number of post types, and there are some topics that we generally try to avoid. Most of us seem to do some combination of reviews, memes, recaps, discussions, and promo. And that’s all lovely and good, but sometimes I find myself thinking “hmm I really wish we’d talk more about                      “. And since last week I talked about all the things I see and love on blogs… here’s some things I want to see even more of!

What are those things? Well, that is what I am here to tell you about! And then you can tell me which of these things you’d like to read more of, or supply me with your own!

I know, this may seem a bit mean. But really, I feel like we shy away from talking too much about the books that really piss us off. And I kind of want to know which books made you stabby. Because let’s be real: A post full of books that disappointed is probably equally as helpful as a post full of books that we’ve flailed over. I know this is something I am guilty of too; I always want to look at the positive. No one wants to be “that guy” who complains all the time. But I am always low key excited when I see a prompt in a tag or something that asks me what book disappointed me, because YESSS, I need to share my rage with my friends.

Oh, the fun these could be! These do pop up from time to time, and I love it. I have done a few myself, though not as many as I’d have liked. Here’s a small example for you: About two weeks ago, I noticed that someone plagiarized a review from me and put it on Goodreads. It was pretty obvious, definitely not a stretch to see what had happened. I wanted to talk about it. Wanted to confront the person, wanted to post about it even. But did I? (Well, technically I just did, but shhh.) Nope, because I didn’t feel like stirring the pot.

Unlike this particular person, I suppose.

And sure, I have stirred a bit in the past. Like when I talked about ARCs, and how at some point, they kind of become memorabilia. (Please, try to tell me you’re turning down a Harry Potter ARC, I dare you.) But there are times when I don’t have the energy to face the potential backlash. And I assume that some of you feel that way too. But the thing I did notice on some of my more controversial posts is that for the most part, people in this community can discuss stuff without fighting. I also know, however, that the few can spoil it for the many, so I understand why people are leery.


Ah, being silly and/or ridiculous. I am also guilty of not doing this when I want to. Sometimes, I think I need to be “professional”. Sure, there are also times that I run out of fucks to give and rate books “Shrugpony”, but you get the idea. And, I also am aware that some people are more professional and reserved than others, and in that case, you do you! I am happy to read your posts regardless! But if you want to be more lighthearted and aren’t sure there’s an audience for it…  I promise, there is. 😉

Remember that time I decided to talk about The 100 whenever I wanted? That was a glorious moment for me, blogging-wise. Because I love talking about The 100, maybe even more than I love to talk about books. (Wait, is that wrong of me?) So I was thinking that I’d love to see everyone talk about the things that make them happy- bookish or otherwise! I am not saying we should all abandon the bookish ship and start posting random shit about surfing or cooking or bunnies every day, but if you want to post about bunnies sometimes, I’m here cheering you on. #TeamBunnies.

I actually give zero fucks about bunnies, but I’ll totally read it anyway to support you.

This probably goes hand-in-hand with the “Shitty Books” point, but man, I love chuckling at unfortunate book covers. I know, I know, it also isn’t positive, but I won’t like, making up my post about Unfortunate Hunger Games covers was So. Much. Fun. And sometimes, I will DM my friends with what I call “Crimes Against Netgalley”, because I can find some real winners on there.  If this your thing, I do love to check out A Reader of Fiction’s Cover Snark posts. They aren’t all unfortunate, but she does always include a few doozies. And I won’t lie, they make me smile.

Look, I don’t know about you, but I could use some damn money. And if I knew how to do that, perhaps I wouldn’t need to seek this information from others. But as it stands, I have made about $10 in 3.5+ years of blogging, so it stands to reason I am doing a shoddy job of it. Yes, this falls slightly into the wheelhouse of controversial, I suppose. But maybe if we all joined together, we’d figure out a way to make slightly more than $3 per year? A girl can dream, anyway.

So, how about you? Any topics you’re itching to see more of in the blogosphere? Do share!

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  1. Honestly I would love to post more “controversial” posts and foster discussion, but the Twitter backlash is so out of control these days. I don’t mind discussion and debate- that’s the point of a post like that- but I’ve seen people get completely ripped to pieces and dragged through the mud and it’s really disheartening *sigh*

  2. Love this. I would love to see more rants, er, thoughtful posts about disappointing books too. And hey it’s cathartic! We shouldn’t hold our book rage in! Cristina’s got a point though- you might get your ass handed to you on Twitter if we speak our mind too much lol. Although people shouldn’t have to live in fear of Twitter. I have to admit I love it when I watch someone on Youtube destroy this or that crappy movie or book. 20 minutes of basking in the rantiness.

    Sorry to hear about the plagiarism BTW. That’s crazy. And I know I’ve held back too at times for the same reason. And silliness- I need to do more silliness. *nods* Other passions are great too- I like it when people share their writing, or NaNo progress, or art or whatever. And we all need to learn how to make some money from this time consuming hobby, so true!!

    • Yes, I agree! I feel like I have sometimes raged, but then sometimes tried to… hold back? And I don’t want to do that anymore. And YES- sadly, Cristina is spot on about Twitter. Which is infuriating. Like, okay- here’s my theory: If you actually want people to change their thought processes or behaviors, do you A) yell and scream at them as if they are stupid and awful, or B) Engage in a polite discussion? Because I am NEVER going to listen to or engage with someone who is acting a fool on social media. So whatever they have to say, even if it IS a good point, will not be heard. I have actually contemplated doing a post about social media call out behavior, but… I feel like it may just lead to me being called out on social media? ?

      Ahhh the plagiarist. Thank you. Worst part is, I am FRIENDS with her on Goodreads- which is how I saw it, it popped up in my feed! I asked a few people if I was overreacting (because I mean, I am not above overreacting hah) but they assured me it was a legit grievance. Honestly, a year or two ago, I would have done something about it. But now, I just… I don’t know. The only thing that bothered me is that I don’t want this person doing it to others, you know?

      And YES! I agree about seeing other stuff! That is why I love when you do the flash fiction, and share the fun art things from around the internet, etc. I really love when book bloggers branch out a bit- and I think I finally convinced myself that it’s okay if I do it too 🙂

      • Aw thanks! The flash fiction is fun to write but it’s even better that someone is reading it lol. And yes you should branch out if you want to- it’s definitely okay!!!

        And yeah I get it- that plagiarism thing is tough to deal with – which ever way you go I guess just do what feels natural for you. And ha I know what you mean- sometimes calling out bad behavior attracts the idiots ha ha. Seriously where do all these trolls come from???

  3. I would definitely like to see more posts about books people didn’t like, and I’m definitely always interested when I see posts about why someone didn’t like a really popular book. Because let’s face it, sometimes you read those super hyped books and just can’t see what all the fuss was about!
    And I love reading posts on controversial topics too, although I’ve definitely shied away from writing anything too controversial! I’ve actually had a few snarky comments (and one huge ranty comment!) on posts about things that have been pretty uncontroversial, so I would be a bit worried about the level of backlash I’d get if I genuinely wrote something that a lot of people might not agree with! And yes, I’d like to see more posts on people’s other interests and monetising too! 🙂
    Great post! 🙂

    • Oh YES, such a good call- especially popular books! Because I always feel like I am the ONLY black sheep when it comes to not liking one, and sometimes it is just nice to know we aren’t alone!

      I agree about the backlash, and I KNOW it is why there have been so few “controversial” posts- even mildly controversial ones- lately. And it kind of makes me mad. Because as long as they aren’t straight up personal attacks… why can’t we discuss our opinions? But I get why people don’t, because it is why I shy away from them too! Thanks so much 😀

  4. Oh oh I wish people would talk about monetizing blogs more. I’D DO IT BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW. I haaate the stigmas around book blogging that we should do it “for free” because we get paid in books. I mean, we do and that’s great. But like if the book is worth like $17 and we spend 3 hours reading + 1 to do the post (minimum!!) then that’s really bad pay.? Buuut anyway. I mean I love book blogging, but I don’t like whoever gave us so many “rules”.!!

    I like reading controversial posts but I don’t like writing them.? I find people skim and COMPLETELY miss my point!! And then people will be arguing with me in the comments…but literally arguing the exact point I DID make. And it’s so frustrating! I spend half my replies going “yes…exactly what I said in the post” THAT YOU CLEARLY DID NOT READ. *sobs*

    Oh but I love writing silly posts.?I do it all the time!!

    (And I love all the things you blog about. I MEAN OF COURSE.)

    • DUDE, right? Like, hi, I am BROKE, and this shit is expensive! The rules ARE stupid, and frankly, I’m quite happy if bloggers make some bank. Like- I don’t think PUBLISHERS should be paying us, because yeah, that would be sketchy, but affiliate links, or… I don’t know, this is why we need to talk about it ?.

      I LOVE writing controversial stuff- but I don’t want to be the one who gets attacked, which is kind of hypocritical of me. I want to be a more… carefree person and write whatever. I mean- my thoughts are that as long as it isn’t a personal attack on someone, or something racist and awful, why CAN’T we have opinions? (The answer is: because people on the internet rarely behave like civilized humans in the face of conflict.) I actually wanted to do a post about the whole call-out culture, but I am SCARED.

      I LOVE YOU, Cait! ♥♥

  5. I did a post about book series I hated way back in March and it was so much fun! And one about the types of ugly covers! ? I’d also like to see more controversial topics talked about as well, and would like the courage to write about them, but I do think it’s gotten to a point in the book community where if you have an opposite opinion on certain topics or if you don’t share the EXACT SAME OPINION, it doesn’t matter anymore or people will get angry at you, which sucks! ?

    • GAH so sad, I had this huge reply and then my blog ate it. That isn’t nice. BUT it said something about wanting to do more of the ugly covers and hated books, because why not!? And that I totally agree about the controversial stuff. Why, as long as no one is spewing hateful opinions, can’t we all just agree to discuss stuff like humans!?

  6. I love posts about disliked books! I find there’s tons of that on YouTube, but not so much on blogs. It’s a bonding moment when someone hates a book you hate 😛

  7. Controversial posts about all topics are the best posts to read. I’m of the mindset that everyone can and should have their own opinions, even if I disagree with them. Everyone deserves respect at the end of the day. It seems most people these days are too fast to throw hate. On a side note: I consider most of the ARC’s I receive to be memorabilia. I didn’t know that was controversial/an unpopular opinion 😐

    • TOTALLY agree! I think that the only way we should be pissy at an opinion is if it straight up is hateful to a group of people or something. Otherwise? Have your opinions! You are SO right about respect too!

      And RIGHT? Look, The Hunger Games ARC didn’t hurt Suzanne Collins’s sales, I promise. I have 13 OTHER editions that I bought so I think she’s just fine ??

  8. I am definitely always here for critical reviews. I also wish there were more spaces for recaps. A running joke is that if I had more time I would do a recap blog that focused exclusively on recapping in detail the final books in various series.

    Also omg ARCs totally have a shelf life and become collectible at 5-10 years. Please.

  9. I decided when I started my new blog to not post negative snarky reviews… I promised myself I wouldn’t waste my time reviewing anything I rated less than 3* and would only mention them briefly – for completeness – in my monthly round up. I want(ed) my blog to be a happy, positive, place. But the problem with that is that I’m naturally quite snarky! I’m still trying to keep it happy but I have a feeling it’ll evolve eventually to include more of the snark and the things that make me stabby… And since I’m a self-confessed cover whore I could post a weekly rant on ugly ass covers that have offended my eyeballs but I don’t cause, you know, trying to be nice! ?
    Loved this post!

  10. Love this! It’s a bit of an encouragement for me too. I usually post whatever I want BUT restrict the amount of certain topics. Video games? I ALWAYS want to talk about those but no one ever reads those posts haha. I also like to read about books people don’t like. Lists and negative reviews are MY JAM. haha

  11. I’d like to see more posts about books that aren’t toured out-the-wazoo. While I love a good tour and giveaway, surely there are some great books that are obviously not with a big publishing group.

    Now, for monetizing — I have posted a few ways to get cash bonus posts. They aren’t huge ($5 to $20 each) but better than $3 per year! The challenge would be to fit them in a natural post, which might be difficult unless you build the post around your links…..which might not work with your blog. If you want to chat about ideas, though, I’m happy to help you with it!

  12. These are great topics. I always want to talk about books I hate but since some are ones everyone seems to love I don’t want to get backlash for it! I completely agree about ARC. My blog’s not very popular, so I end up not getti g a lot of arc, which is fine with me, but other bloggers seem obsessed with getting arcs!

  13. I kind of love ranting about books I hate, but I’m usually afraid people won’t want to read about that. I guess I was wrong there. Maybe I will start ranting more often 🙂
    Huzzah for silliness! Wearing a distinguished frown all the time might make you feel more sophisticated, but being silly is SO MUCH MORE FUN. And relateable. Because honestly, who doesn’t have some kind of silliness?
    I would love to read more posts about what people think makes a good book, random writer thoughts that don’t have to have a point, and characters who eat muffins and toast.

  14. I agree with most of these, especially the controversial topics. But everyone gets offended so easily these days. For instance, I love it when people talk about popular books they don`t like. But some people get crazy and leave such hateful comments. Which really bothers me because if we all had the same opinions there`d be only one book blogger and that`s it. Also, I would love it if people talked about monetizing their blogs. It`s hard work that we put into it, so a little ($)appreciation would be nice. How else are we going to afford all the books on our TBR?:))

  15. Lys

    I agree with everything here especially the controversial posts. It’s interesting to see what other bloggers think about those kind of topics.

  16. I love controversial discussions. I actually have drafts of 2 rant/discussions, but I’m kinda afraid to post them. There are people on Twitter who will make you miserable if you offend them. I’m not sure if my opinions line up 100% with those people’s agenda. I don’t care if people disagree with me, but getting harassed online is no fun. If I do post the discussions, I’ll have to make sure they’re worded very carefully.

  17. I haven’t been in the blogging community long enough to realize that reviews on books you hate are a rarity! I think that critical reviews are just as helpful as fan-girling reviews. I’m also a fan of posts on controversial topics but I’ve been on the receiving end of Twitter hate so I understand why people tend to avoid that.

  18. This is such a great post, and I agree with everything on here- love your ideas! I’d love to learn more about monetizing our blogs as well but…it seems to me like there are just blog posts to tell you it’s impossible. Maybe no one made it yet and no one actually knows how to? Still, it’d be interesting to read about for sure! 😀 Also, yes with everything a bit controversial – it’s always interesting to read everyone’s point of view, but…like others said in the comments above, the community is just quite…turbulent at the moment, it makes anyone nervous to write anything controversial for sure :/

  19. Love this!! I love reading reviews for books people hated. My issue is I rarely HATE a book so I don’t have many to review like that. Ugly covers is a great one. I talk about TV a lot on my blog which is something else I love. I agree with others that twitter backlash is definitely a reason I bet we don’t see more controversial topics.That is sad too. Great post!

  20. Kel

    Actually, writing about books I hate can be really fun. Some of my 1-star reviews are still some of my favorite review posts! I rarely think of controversial topics I want to blog about. On the rare occasions when I do, it’s usually the kind where I would have to start from itty bitty basics to explain my point because people are on such different wavelengths, and then it’s just too long and too much work. But if you think of any controversial topics you want written about, let me know and I will happily post or guest-post about it. 🙂

    YES to more silliness! And ugly book covers sounds fun too. I might have to do that. I would also love to read more about monetizing a blog, especially on Blogger, since I know zero. Great post, Shannon!

  21. Okay, I love this post so much.

    Since I started blogging, I have thought of various post ideas that I have set to the aside or abandoned completely for a few different reasons. For example, I haven’t talked about the books I dislike because there are a lot of “popular” books I don’t really like. And I don’t want someone to start reading my post, see that I dislike one of their favorite, and then click away in a huff. I just don’t want that to happen. But still! I want to share my opinions, gosh darn it. So I think it’s very likely I’ll do a post on my most disliked books soon.

    Also, I love what you said about your posts on “The 100.” I worry about posting things that aren’t really about books because I read some blogger write about how much it annoys her when anyone writes about anything other than books on their book blog. And it messed me up ever since. Except a few weeks ago, I decided to screw that lady and I posted a recipe for moon pies that I wanted to share.

    I think I’m getting braver about the topics I post, but I still worry every single time I click “Publish” that someone is going to be annoyed by it. But whatever.

    Anyway, loved this post!

  22. Yes, yes, yes! How is it you always manage to cut through everything and zero in on exactly the right thing to say and 9 times out of 10 I’m sitting here, nodding my head, and saying, “Yes! I’ve thought the same thing!” Why don’t we all post more about the books we hated? I love to read those ranty reviews. (Except when they’re about a book I loved because then I sit with a look of utter shock on my face and ask, “How could you not recognize the perfection that is this precious cupcake of a book?!) Controversial topics? Bring ’em on. Surely most of can manage to act like the grown-ups we supposedly are. (Er… right?) Silliness, other things we’re passionate about? I wanna see it! And now I truly to need to take this to heart and just act on it. *sigh* Awesome post, Shannon!

  23. Yes to all of these! Especially the silliness! Sometimes you just need some funny moments in-between those serious, serious book reviews 😛 It brings a little more personality to your blog! I’m guilty of not talking about books I hate often enough. Not because I won’t leave a negative review—I will and do—but a lot of the time, I DNF books that I don’t enjoy, because why waste time reading books you don’t like? I need to be better about talking about those books, though!

  24. Shrugpony 😀 I have to check that out. Well, I did give a book 5 *shining* stars in my review that comes out tomorrow 😀 and I was actually thinking of writing a post about those little f*ckers that keep following and unfollowing you on Twitter and Instagram. I might think about it a little more now that you’ve said it would be cool to read about topics like that 😀
    As for ugly ass covers! There’s this blog that did 5 posts on the most ridiculous covers of all time (featuring, yes – dinoporn. It’s a thing.) Want me to find the link? 😀 I laughed a lot.
    Hey, why don’t you do “Crimes against NetGalley” as a feature post? Dang, I would absolutely read those 😀 please say yes!
    And I really don’t know how you’d make more than those 10$, I haven’t even made those yet 😀 but hey! Think of all the money you get (read: save) in terms of books. Some ARCs I get later cost 20$. If you think in those terms… We’ve made hundreds 😀
    Also, I should really visit your blog MOOOOOAAAAARRR often.

  25. I love this post! There are a whole heap of things we need to talk about more. I don’t know why I don’t but I never really talk about books which I don’t like, especially those that have annoyed me. Like, a good rant about a book is always fun but I just don’t tend to do it. It’s weird. And complaining about ugly covers, I could write pages about how much it frustrates me, especially when it comes it books I love. Why do such good books get such ugly covers? Do people not want others to read them? Is it a conspiracy against them? And why do I get daunted about talking about stuff I love when it’s not book related? I am pretty good about talking about other interests, but not as often as I probably should.

  26. I definitely love a good rant and a controversial post! We read books to give us different perspectives and to open our minds to endless possibilities, so it surprises and disappoints me that fellow book lovers would attack someone with differing opinions. The book you love isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! If you don’t like a book that everyone else is raving about, then that’s okay too!

    When I started my blog, I knew I wanted to talk about more than just books even though I was starting a book blog because I do love books, but I also love so many other things! Plus, it’s my blog, and I’ll write about whatever I want!!! No one is going to put me in a box…LOL

    I am also definitely for monetizing blogs, even book blogs. Blogging takes a lot of time and work, and there is nothing wrong with getting paid for the time and effort you put into creating quality content.

  27. Cam

    I want to expand my blog to include more anime and manga in my posts! The Ugly Covers topic made me cackle, that would be great to see!

  28. We really do need to talk more about books we cannot stand! My struggle with it is that while it might not be for me (a.k.a. It Sucked) I feel bad putting down someone else’s work when I know they were making a creative effort. I know I should probably just get over it but I don’t want to be too mean.

  29. Peach @ Rebelle Reads

    I’m TEMPTED To do the ugly ass covers now that you’ve mentioned it. I promise I’ll give you credit if I ever bahaha. When I do discussions, (oh my, it feels like yearssss), I always worry about offending people but I’ll go innnn. I always hate the covers that look like default wallpaper for laptops and ish.

  30. I’m with you on silliness and passions! I mean obviously reading is a passion, but most of us do have other interests, and it can round out a blog really nicely. And I’m always here for silliness. Usually the things I think are too out there are the ones that people comment on and like, so… more of it! I definitely find myself falling into the same old patterns sometimes, so it’s nice to break it up every once in a while. And if someone successfully monetized their blog without the ads and content becoming annoying do write about it haha. I never even do affiliate links, because I can’t be bothered to set it all up for 50p a year. 😀 I’m not blogging for money (although if someone wants to give it to me, I will happily take it), but it kind of sucks that I’m LOSING money on it (I’m a bit salty, because I just had to pay over a hundred bucks for hosting, and I know I don’t haaave to have a self-hosted blog, but I like it and I’m used to it now AND I WANT SHINY THINGS BUT I HATE PAYING FOR THEM OKAY). Also your cover hate posts always crack me up. 😀

  31. Please make your Crimes Against Netgalley a thing lol. It sounds hilarious. I can totally understand why people shy away from the controversial topics, but sometimes they are important. I loved your ugly covers edition too, lol.

  32. YES to more shitty books! Honestly though I feel terrible if I bash a book and rant about how much I hated it. But it’s really kind of fun and awesome and almost easier for me to write a crazy long post on a book I hate rather than a book I loved. I host a meme called 50/50 Friday with Carrie @The Butterfly Reader and it’s all about two sides of a topic. So each week you post you’re favorite romance and you’re least favorite romance, for instance. So often it falls into the whole I loved this book and I hated this book which I sometimes feel awkward about publishing! I know not everyone can love a book but I still feel bad about it which really has to change! Seriously, I vote we start something like Haters September or something where it’s a whole feature of books you hate and you could blog hop and see all of the mutally disliked books. Or maybe that’s too much negativity 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  33. You choose the best GIFs ever, Shannon, and you write the BEST topics ever. I find your blog to be a breath of fresh air. I just love it here. #blogginggoals. I’ll definitely try to be braver, and write more variety on my blog. You always push me to do fun things, and I cannot thank you enough. You’re a good buddy and I heart you. *Squish* I was just listening to the 100 cast’s panel at Comic Con, “Did you know Monty can make alcohol from scratch?” I died. Maybe I’ll survive Jasper’s passing after all. *Hides all the Jasper fanvids added to favorites* Also, you were right, the guy who plays Murphy is so sweet. I like him a lot, just based on what little I have gathered from the Interwebs so far.

  34. Oh yuck! That post of unfortunate book covers of favourite books was just cringe-worthy. Yikes! These are great ideas for blog posts! I’m just so lazy, too much other stuff going on in my life, I’m going to be lucky to squeeze in reading time and reviewing, let alone finding topics to discuss! But. Once I’m a bit more stable (again) I’ll want to do more of these kinds of posts to engage with other readers because it seems like so much fun! I know lots of other book bloggers out there who really smash them out, but sadly for now I am not one of them. :S

  35. I would love to see more about books people hate too! And yes, I’m all for other passions, even if they may not be as popular or may not get many comments or views 🙂

  36. I totally like the idea of discuss bad books on my blog and I think I will borrow your idea and post about books i really didn’t like.
    The thing is that I have a very small amount of traffic so far, so it’s a little difficult to discuss anything on my blog with my readers cause I don’t recieve that many comments usually 🙂

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