Conageddon 3: May We Meet Again

I had zero plans to do a post about Conageddon, going in. Why, you ask? Because I didn’t have to. That’s it. But… you know how much I love to post about The 100, and I had too much stuff to share to fit in my August recap so… here we are!

Truly, I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. After many, many reschedules due to COVID, and the fact that the show has been over for two years… well, color me surprised that it went off without a hitch! Many kudos to the people behind the scenes for that, of course! 

Since this was a three day event, I figured I would break it down by day! I left on Thursday, but honestly the only thing that happened then was that Beth and I ate at the overpriced hotel restaurant and like, did you even need to know that? Unlikely.


I slept in on Friday, which was good because traveling is rough. The only Conageddon event scheduled for Friday was A) Picking up of one’s tickets, and B) The VIP Party. Look, I’ll level with you: I was nervous. I didn’t really know anyone, and like, I kind of adore all the cast so I didn’t want to feel dumb, right? But I definitely needn’t have worried! Lori found me, and she was pretty much my hero in doing so. Then I met the Amandas, and a few other VIPs (you can see pictures below in the slideshow of all these lovely humans), and I felt much better.

Here’s a great thing: the cast doesn’t come until an hour or so into the party. Which is great, because it gives the alcohol a chance to kick in, and I felt less worried that I was going to say something stupid! It was so great to see these people after literal years of waiting, and they seemed to be having a nice time, too! Here is a clip from when they first came in:

It was just such a great vibe, not overwhelming, and a beyond great experience. Honestly, I feel like the whole weekend would have been worth it for this party alone, but this was, after all, just the beginning!


This is the day that the Con Proper™ started, with panels, photos, autographs, etc. The day started with the VIP breakfast with Chelsey, who I obviously adore. She is just so down to earth and kind and funny, honestly you can’t make it five minutes with her without laughing. Fellow fan Sunshine came to the breakfast dressed as Pauna and brought us gifts, which was so nice and also pretty epic!  Then it was on to panels! I love a panel, frankly. Sitting around drinking coffee, listening to people chat about The 100? Yeah, I will always be here for that. I did, however, want to get all my photos (see below!) and autographs out of the way on the first day- mainly so I could just sit back and listen to the aforementioned chat, and not worry about my hair, and clothes, and all that nonsense. So I did!

Later on Saturday was the party for all the attendees. Apparently the cast often shows up, but I was so tired I seriously thought I was going to fall asleep. I went down for a bit, but didn’t feel great and went to bed. The cast did come, but it seemed super crowded and overwhelming, and let’s be real, I am too old for two parties in a row 😂


Just as I had planned, I spent Sunday in panels, listening to all my faves reminisce about their days on The 100. I don’t actually remember who talked about what on which day, so we’ll just throw all the panel talk here. Some highlights:

  • Chelsey had no idea that Bellamy died in the last season (it is fine, he didn’t) and was really appalled, which same. Then when she heard that Clarke was the one who shot him… well, she lost her shit (like the rest of us, honestly).
  • Speaking of, there was obviously a LOT of talk about the death, and how unrealistic it was for basically every character. Which, yep. I think it was cathartic to finally get it all out there, though.
  • Thomas was fascinated by Roan and Bellamy’s car chase. He had no idea what happened on the series after Finn’s death, and could not believe that cars ended up being part of the show.
  • Thomas also regaled us with tales of how he requisitioned show equipment to make artsy fruit films.
  • Christopher Larkin’s parents were there, and they were lovely. Beth and I had the pleasure of meeting his dad in the elevator, and wow, you can understand where Chris gets his kindness from. Just an amazing family, all around.
  • Someone asked Chris to do Monty’s line from 1×08, Day Trip, while Monty was high on Jobi nuts. Chris of course obliged, and it was too fun!

  • Bellarke was supposed to be canon, in 6×11, apparently. Like, the cast was legit confused when it was rewritten and the whole scene changed, so. It’s fine, because in my head, it is still canon.
  • Speaking of Bellarke, Bob and Eliza just seem so happy. And that is kind of the best thing, isn’t it? They chatted about their life together, their son, their dogs, and it’s just what they deserve, frankly.
  • Chelsey came to Eliza’s panel to ask her a fan question!

  • Honestly so much more that I will probably remember over the next few days and be mad that I didn’t include- check the comments, I am sure Beth will mention some junk that I forgot!

tried to fly home on Sunday night- I was supposed to leave on Monday, but decided to try to get home a bit earlier. Joke was on me, because I ended up stranded in Newark for 14 hours. United was useless- they wanted me to wait 24 hours to get on another flight (which, incidentally, also ended up being cancelled! Good thing I declined), so I sat in baggage claim until my parents and the kids came to get me. Maybe I’ll drive if it happens again…


I truly hope this event happens again- I will undoubtedly return for a Conageddon 4. This was such a great experience, almost like a reunion of cast and fans, and I am so, so glad it happened!

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  1. Next time, I’ll drive us up there and skip the flying nonsense. 😀

    It was a blast, though a reminder to me that I have, in fact, lost all my social skills at parties and around strangers. Whoops! Not that the COVID helped with that, I’m sure. 🙁

    Uh….memories. Hrmm….
    Well, the group photo we got, watching everyone in the cast ham it up for every single photo, except Thomas who pulled an axe murderer face in each one. 😀 (for me, squeeing about longbows with Zach for 3 seconds was a highlight and I WISH I’d be on it enough to mention that I’m also an archer and to ask him to post progress on his IG and whatnot but alas).

    We had epically delicious margaritas in skull glasses at a hole-in-wall Mexican restaurant on Friday, too! And a Lyft driver who ignored his GPS to ask us, the visiting tourists, how to get to the hotel.

    Each panel was preceded by a fan-made music video featuring that actor and all of them were fantastic! Honestly, every single panel both Sat and Sun was great. I expected some repetition, but there really wasn’t any. There was a lovely tribute to a fan named Shannon (Shazza) who had passed away between 2020 and the con, and her friends were there representing. Both Eliza and Bob were asked to recite a few iconic lines in their character voices, and both of them admitted to being a bit rusty, but played along regardless, which was lovely. Luisa confirmed the tribe from which Emori originally hailed, according to the writers- and the cast all speculated which Grounder clan they’d be, if they could choose. I don’t remember who chose Floukru, though! I wish I did because *same*, famous person. 😀

    Not to sound like a creeper, but Luisa, Chelsea, and especially Tasya were just 100% gorgeous the entire time, and completely put together. Tasya was rocking some very high heeled boots on Saturday. And truly, I wasn’t at the breakfast and didn’t get signings so I talked to nobody on the cast, outside of the group photo moment, but Chelsea was so very real and vulnerable and authentic in her panel. I mean, they all are very authentic when they talk, and unguarded, which was lovely, but I miiiiiiiight have a slight crush on Chelsea since the con. And geez, yeah, Bob and Eliza just comfortably and casually chatting about their home life was one of the most love-affirming things I’ve ever witnessed.

    OH! And there were a handful of attendees with major health problems, who thanked the cast for being a light in the darkness. One of them asked Bob how he gets through the dark days (he struggles with mental illness and this fan with physical, but there’s crossover of course). His answer was perfect. He didn’t give a pat response, or anything trite or dismissive or even half-true. He answered honestly, with actionable advice that (in my experience) is true *and* very helpful to know. To struggle with depression and be consistently vulnerable and kind and giving the best of yourself to total strangers is just an incredible thing. I would absolutely follow Bob into a volcano at this point.

    I think that’s mostly it? Some people had great cosplays they’d made themselves or had professionally made (Emori, Blodreina, and Clarke, mostly). And the fans were all kind and similar levels of awkward nerd, which definitely helped the con feel like a big family reunion, more than a convention.

    I really, really hope Conageddon 4 happens (wouldn’t be the first time cons have extended past the lifetime of the show!), so I can make a better showing of it and hopefully be able to get autographs and chat with the actors. They’re just such good eggs!

    • Dude I was thinking the same thing- next time we DRIVE, idk how damn close it is to the airport! 😂

      Bwhahah Thomas was like, the gift we didn’t know we needed, right? I love him! And seriously, they’re trying to take the picture, and Beth and Zach are comparing archery notes 😂

      I wanted to talk about that awesome Mexican place! But I didn’t want the post to get too long, so I am glad you did! Man, I like that place, gotta go back there! But honestly- what the heck was with the Uber guy having NO IDEA how to get anywhere and… expecting us to!?

      Oh I LOVED the video intros, good call! My life goal is to successfully make one of those videos- or like 20 of them, because I have a whole list in my The 100 notebook of songs/themes I want to make, but I haven’t a clue how, or- I guess I have a clue, but am intimidated by the amount of time it will take? Like making clips takes forever in itself, then to pare them down even more, make sure they line up perfectly with the music, add transitions and effects… so expect one sometime around June 2038.

      Oh they DID look flawless, Beth! I don’t understand HOW. Like- is it magic? And it isn’t like these particular women have like, assistants, they just look perfect on their own. Next time we must ask for tips, though I fear the answer is like “be younger, prettier, and richer”? 😂

      I adore Bob. He is so real and open, and it helps SO many people. Especially the fact that he is a man being so open and vulnerable, he is just the best.

      The cosplays were SO good! I wish I could d that too- every year for Halloween I look up all the shit to be Blodreina and then never do it (also I don’t want to scare kids with autism, so there;s that hah)

      It NEEDS to happen! I think even having it in like, 2024 would be great- every year probably isn’t realistic, but I could see it being a biennial event would be awesome! And I know the VIP is pricey but damn, it was worth it!

      • Thomas was truly a treasure. I imagine there must’ve been some awkwardness for him, given he was a pitch hitter and hadn’t been on the show for….13 years, prior to the con? A lot.

        OK, well, I used to make Farscape, BSG, and Firefly music videos and I think it used to take….maybe 5-6 hours total? You have to have the good quality clips and the good quality music, but these days I don’t know how you host it somewhere without copyright infringement getting the music removed from your vid. I put mine on YouTube forever ago, and YT muted every single one. But I bet the con organizers would know! I think you’d make some GREAT ones, though. You know the show well enough to know what clips you’d want, to pair with hits in the music or the general mood, which is a big part of it.

        Ahahahaha! Good point- none of them had stylists there with them, and yet they were still flawless. Maybe it’s just a skill you have to learn, as an actor?

        OK so Conageddon 4, if it happens, we cosplay. Both of us. I will if you do. I’ll need a year to figure out who I could conceivably cosplay *as*, but yes. Let’s do it. You need an excuse to dress as badass Blodreina. And I second the vote for it being in 2024. That’s far enough out, maybe travel won’t be as obscenely messed up, expensive, and dangerous by then. 😀 And yeah…I think I’d buy VIP next time, if I could afford it.

        • Yeah I mean- he was only on S1-2A, so that was probably done filming around 2014- and since it wasn’t big–big yet, he probably didn’t do a ton of cons and stuff. Maybe a bit of promo, but not even a ton, as the “adults” were doing a lot of promo back then too.

          Oh no, you can host them on YouTube! Or at least, The 100 lets it! I have straight up full clips, they can’t be monetized but I am not trying to do that anyway. Anything under 5 minutes is allowed! And I have several songs on there too, videos of The 100 episodes with full songs, etc. Omg I have like, the whole things laid out in my head hahahha so yes I agree 😂 Maybe they are…. calmer now? In fact: Conageddon shared a list of all the edits they used: I have all the HD videos from iTunes, so that isn’t a problem.

          I mean that IS probably part of it- and I bet the hair and makeup people give them tips. BUt sadly it is kind of part of their job, since they have to take all these pictures and such all day!

          OHHH YES! That is a great idea!! Even if just for one day or whatever, that would be SO fun! I would legit sell a kidney to do VIP again hah!

  2. So exciting! They were going to have a Supernatural convention here in KC this fall, but the tickets were so expensive I just didn’t think I could afford it. But I’ve always wanted to go to something like that, or one of The Walking Dead conventions. so happy you got to go and had a great time! I know what you’re saying about the parties though. At Book Bonanza they had parties both nights but I’m too old these days to do that. I need my sleep! Thanks for sharing!

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