The 100 Episode 6×11: Ashes to Ashes

How exactly is it the antepenultimate episode already!? It was a good one though, with a great setup for what the endgame will be- or, what our characters want the endgame to be, anyway 😉

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Making Plans (and Bombs I Guess)

Now that Clarke has returned, plans on how to save everyone else can commence. Problem is, Bellamy lost his literal bargaining chip with the true death of Josephine. He can’t give Russell an empty mind drive (though I kind of disagree, Russell would not be able to tell at first glance, and Bell would have had time to work with until Russ found out, but I digress) so they need a Plan B to get Earthkru the hell out of Sanctum before they all become Primes.

Only there’s a problem right off the bat when Gabriel’s pesky Children show up. Fun fact: Turns out they have no idea that Xavier is dead and that Gabriel has been in his body for a decade. And I love Gabriel and all, but I don’t see how he thought that lying about it for ten years would help make the situation better. Because it didn’t. One of the Kids is Xavier’s sister, Layla (who incidentally is played by the same girl who played Juel in Season 3, remember how easily she took the chip? I digress again.) They’re here for all the murdering, but Gabriel convinces them not to- because he’s gonna take out the Primes once and for all.

They still suspect shenanigans because they think Clarke is Josephine. And the best way for Gabe to prove he’s loyal? Why, kill Jo of course! Look, I get why these people don’t believe Gabriel or Clarke, but I am glad they accepted a bomb in place of this particular murder. They don’t want Gabe or Clarke to fetch the ingredients, so Blake Sibling Reunion Time it is!

As they stroll through the (freaking beautiful) cave for whatever mushroom juice they need, the Blakes have a chat. Octavia is trying so very hard, and Bellamy is trying to not have any of it. But he’s caving, you can see. And Octavia breaks through his icy veneer just a little. I see a lot of progress for these two, as she’s now finally willing to admit her mistakes, and he finally seems open to hearing her.

I feel like that’s fair? I don’t even think she wants to be, she’s a grownass woman anyway.

Miller Time

We find Miller, Murphy, and Gaia stuck in the holding cell after Jackson, Abby, Madi, and Raven have been escorted to the Nightblood Factory. Idk where Emori is but maybe she’s having a slumber party with Jordan. Anyway, Miller is desperately trying to find a way to break out, and Gaia is chanting to Hedas of yesteryear or something.

Or making snarky jokes? 🤔

But alas, Murphy gets the call that he’s wanted in the palace. It’s not for anything good; Russell has informed him that if he finds Josie, he lives. If he doesn’t, Emori dies, because I guess Russell thinks she’d make a fine daughter? 🤷‍♀️

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we truly don’t get enough Miller. I love him, and I extra loved him in this episode, battling his demons literally and figuratively. And his relationship with Gaia is a fascinating one, as they, more than anyone other than Octavia herself, were most complicit in everything that happened in the bunker. Now, Miller is trying to figure out who he wants to be on his own, without Octavia or Bellamy shouting the orders, and I am beyond here for it.

So when the guards come in to feed them, it’s not a total surprise to us that Miller refuses. Gaia is shooketh though- she doesn’t see what good him getting beat up is going to do. But he has a plan, because he’s Nathan Freaking Miller after all.

Now, thanks to Miller’s epic shoplifting skills, Miller and Gaia break out of their holding cell and off to the bike shop to get the Becca Bible to fix Madi. Only that is definitely not all they’re going to find in the bike shop.

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

More guest stars in the opening credits who fill my life with glee? Yes please! Seeing Brenda Strong reprise Queen Nia was such an unexpected gift. Honestly the guest stars this season are giving me life. The 100 has really outdone itself in the best possible way. Sorry, I’ll move along now.

We catch up with Echo as she’s taken to the castle to receive her punishment for trying to kill Russell. Wow Ryker sucks. Like every time I see him, I hate him more and more. Anyway, Russell tells Echo that he can be “merciful”. He’s going to let her body become Simone VII! Wow, what a lucky lady 🙄 Does it freak anyone else out that Russell basically says “You are appealing, so instead of killing you like Tai, I am going to use your body to have sex with my wife in”? Because I am thoroughly grossed out.

Russell orders Ryker to take Echo back to the bike shop, because that’s where all the best surgical work happens. Just kidding, Russell totally suspects that Ryker isn’t completely loyal to the cause, so he’s testing him. And Ryker will do whatever Russell says, clearly. So he straps Echo in and turns her into a certified Natblida. Before he erases her though, she begs to tell a story she’s never told another soul before. He acquiesces, to assuage his own guilt I presume. The story goes like this:

 One day, Little Echo and her Little Pal Ash were hanging out and pretending to shoot Queen Nia with arrows in the woods of Azgeda. Nia rides in with a Sangedakru spy who Little Echo must kill to “prove her worth” before they send her into actual Sangedakru territory. Little Echo is scared, and misses the shot. Queen Nia does the deed for her, and says she can still prove herself- by killing Ash. Little Echo doesn’t want to, but since Nia threatens to kill them both… she picks up the knife and strikes. It looks like game over for Ash, and where we assume the story will end. Until..

Ash has killed Little Echo. She stares at Nia in shock, wondering what she’ll do now. The Azgeda warrior casually reminds Nia that Sangedakru is expecting a little girl named Echo, so…

Back in the present, Ryker tells Ash he’s sorry, but not that sorry cause he’s still going to kill her. And the terror in Echo’s face is awful. Until it isn’t anymore.

Someone else who isn’t sorry? Me, at all, about Ryker’s death.

For Monty

After the Blakes get back, plans start heating up for real. Gabriel is crafting a bomb, only it’s maybe not going to kill anyone. With her newfound need for peace, Clarke would rather they didn’t hurt any innocent folks, and asks if it’s possible.

Of course it is because Gabriel is the master of all things, so they get to work. Clarke tells Gabriel, then eventually O and Bellamy her plan to be Jo to get the bomb past the radiation fence. Bellamy hates it, but everyone else agrees that it has to be done. And just then… up pull the riders from Sanctum. Because of course they did.

Clarke puts on her best Jo face, and when Jade tries to kill Layla, “Jo” says she’s got this one, and tells Jade to make sure they can get away. Clarke fires into the ground, stunning Layla and no one else. She has to talk to Bellamy before she goes though because again, of course she does.

As Murphy, Jade, and “Josie” stroll on back to Sanctum Proper, they’re greeted by Russell. Russ informs Josie that while Simone VI is dead, they can now make nightblood so who even cares? When Clarke sees how they are making nightblood, via Madi, it takes every ounce of strength she has to let it continue.

And in a move that Clarke would never in a million years pull, “Jo” knocks Madi out with a shot and that’s that. No way can Russell doubt who he’s dealing with now.

Random Thoughts:

  • Murphy at least suspects that Clarke isn’t Jo, right? Idk, there was just something in his face during his reaction to “Jo” that makes me think he isn’t convinced. I can’t even fully describe it, and I could be wrong, but yeah. Also, Murphy knows a con when he sees one.
  • Whoever makes the titles really likes Echo, yeah? Both “Echoes” and “Ashes to Ashes” bearing her name is at the very least an impressive feat. What do we call her now, anyway? Echo? Ash? Asho? I like Asho, frankly. Must be hard to be called the name of the best friend you were forced to kill every day of your life though, wow. Poor Asho.
  • Is Sheidheda’s hairdo supposed to be some kind of clue?  I feel like they went to great lengths to make sure we noticed his hoodless look, though I am not sure why. But nor do I have any idea about anything involving Sheidheda, so.

  • I am still really worried for Emori. Because Russell “I am a man of my word” Lightbourne doesn’t exactly instill faith. Though maybe I should be more worried for Natblida Asho. 
  • I feel like there is an AU somewhere where Blythe Ann and Jae the Cookie Man have adopted Jordan and they’re all having a very nice HEA. All the cookies and stories of Marper from space. Honestly I can think of no better outcome. 
  • How pissed are the people in cryo going to be when they realized they missed an entire season war? Also, I daresay some of them could have been useful, considering. Especially Brell, I miss Brell. But also where’d Indra go?

Song of the Week:

This week, I chose Meg Myers’s “Running Up That Hill”  mostly because the lyrics fit and the vibe is spot on. Also, I just really like it, so. 

Episode 6×12: Adjustment Protocol

Why does this look so completely amazing and simultaneously wholly terrifying? Oh right, cause it’s The 100. Penultimate episodes are tricky beasts that I usually have mixed feelings about upon first viewing, because I have to wait a week before the big conclusion. So yep, consider me scared as hell. 

  • Ally has a theory that someone is going to try to kill Clarke, thinking she’s Jo and wow that is a really likely theory! It isn’t one that I like, but it is one that makes a shitton of sense, considering how out for blood Earthkru is going to be if they think Clarke is dead.
  • Speaking of theories, Greg had a great one: What if the Cadogan Connection isn’t Sanctum/Russell at all, but Sheidheda!?  My mind was kind of blown because holy crap, that makes sense. Throwing us off with the Becca/Eligius III connection is a pretty The 100 thing to do, but also, Sheidheda seems to be anti-everything Becca stood for. Which apparently is Cadogan’s jam too. And he legitimately could be Cadogan’s heir, as the timelines would match up. The math on the Russell theory doesn’t work- at best they could have been brothers, or co-cultists, but Russell cannot be Cadogan’s son unless Cadogan started having kids when he was like 10. 
  • “Special naming day” is giving me actual stress. You know what? No thank you. I don’t wish to have any Primes back. Not Simone the Shittiest, nor Ryker the Cowardly. Yeet all their mind drives into the lake, immediately. And if they ruin one of our heroes… I’m going to grab Asho’s bow and kill ’em myself.
  • Gabriel mentioned that the “Adjustment Protocol” was Simone’s brainchild so that sounds messy af.  Like if that particular demon had a hand in it, it’s going to be interesting. Though I am absolutely here for them using Sanctum’s own weapons against them, so.  
  • Are they going to erase another Prime to free up a mind drive for “Josie”? I mean that has to be the only way to find one, right? Damn is Russell going to be royally pissed when he figures this out! 

What are your thoughts? Does anyone know Clarke isn’t Jo? Are the Blakes finally on the mend? Can someone get rid of Sheidheda like, yesterday? Let us chat! 

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12 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×11: Ashes to Ashes

  1. This episode was a little slower paced, I thought, even though lots happened. And yeah I thought it kinda weird that the Children didn’t know for ten YEARS that Gabriel had done that? That seemed iffy. Otherwise I pretty much liked this one. I mean, as much as I can with no Indra and no Diyoza.

    Good point about Miller- he got to shine a little in this one. And same about Ryker- thank goodness he got stabbed. Yay. Russell and Echo- ugh. Yeah his lusting after her was icky.

    Between the bike shop and Gabriel’s tech- tent-in-the-woods, does anyone really need fancy labs anymore? Clearly not.

    I was happy to see Echo finally get to kill this season. More please.

    • Yeah, right? I mean, I guess if he just pretended to be Xavier? Those Kids aren’t really the sharpest bunch, I guess hah. Seriously no Indra AND no Diyoza!? What even!? And where’s Brell, I miss Brell!

      EXACTLY like don’t pretend you’re not like “look at this tasty little morsel that I can make into my wife”. Like ew you could be her great-great-great-great-grandfather Russ, put it away. I am SO happy about Ryker and all the knife wounds. Screw that guy. I mean- I kind of get why he did it, but he was such a HYPOCRITE. I mean Jo and Simone are fucking evil, but at least they own it! Ryker plays holier-than-thou… until it’s time to start the murdering of innocent young women 🙄

      Bwhahah NOPE you can perform brain surgery ANYWHERE as it turns out. Go ahead, head into your own bathroom, give yourself a lobotomy, whatever. It’s fiiiiine.

      I don’t blame Echo ONE BIT for stabbing the HELL out of Ryker. She had to, to save herself and her friends, and I don’t give a shit that she maybe took a wee bit of pleasure from it 😂

  2. I’m with you on Miller! He’s fantastic and I wish he was used more. I thought it had been way less than 10 years since Gabriel’s drive was put into Xavier’s body. Amazing how he kept up the ruse for that long. Then again, Gabriel seems to know how to talk his way out of trouble.

    The “special Naming Day” could turn out to be a bust. I’m now wondering if the bone marrow formula might end up being incompatible with the mind drives. They still have three blank drives so, theoretically, Russell is going to use one of those for “Josephine”. I think Echo might actually end up taking the Flame once they get it out of Madi. I’d be all for that ending to the Sheidheda/Madi storyline. I had thought that he might be related to Cadogan a while back. I didn’t realize the math wasn’t right on the Russell theory. In that case, the Cadogan/Sheidheda connection makes more sense.

    I would actually like to see Jordan build a relationship with Blythe Ann and Jae! Now that they know the truth, I could see them helping Earthkru. Ryker let me down but maybe Priya will come through…unless my theory is true and she tries to make Jordan Ryker X. For that one, I will be glad to be wrong.

    • I did too! You know- I have to wonder, where the heck to these people LIVE? I never see any huts or cabins or whatever. It’s so weird. Maybe they’re nomadic and that’s why they saw each other so sporadically? But you’re right, it is WEIRD to keep up the ruse!

      I think the bone marrow almost has to work, since that is how Clarke is a nightblood? And so- I was under the impression that there were no blank drives? They wiped the Lees, but then gave both Abby and Kane one, and then Murphy and Emori. I definitely thought that Echo might become Heda, and I am all for that too! Especially because I feel like Gaia would trust her to do it? I will be SO GLAD if the Madi/Sheidheda thing ends. In fact, I will take the chip myself if I can end it 😂

      I SO desperately want Blythe Ann and Jae to help, and then whatever happens next season, they can join the band! Priya almost seems too scared to make ANY decision, so I am very curious as to how she’s going to react to Ryker’s demise.

  3. Beth W

    Oh my gosh.
    OK, major creep factor with Russell telling Echo she’s going to be the next body for his wife to occupy. HUGE ICK. MUCH CREEP. Also, you know, total violation of her cultural beliefs about nitblida. And how does he even think his people will respond to this, given that most of them think being chosen “to become one with the Primes” is an honor? Ugh. This guy. You called it from the first moment- he really is a monster (wrapped in fluff, but still).

    In other news, Murphy is still my favorite Hail Mary Awesome Plan Maker. We haven’t gotten to see a lot of the bonding that he did with everyone on the space station over those long years- this might’ve been the first instance this season of it. But clearly, that trust between Murphy and Echo is there, and damn do I want to see them on a team again. And can we talk about Miller being a sly thief? working through his regret is heartbreaking to watch, but I straight-up cheered with that little trick he pulled.

    I can’t believe Ryker is so half-assed about this revolution. Boy’s moral compass needs to catch some common sense. Ugh. I’m relieved they didn’t hook him up with Raven like it seemed they were going to. (And I guess we were right, the whole motorcycle thing was a cheap string to tie together a plot hole). I cheered when Ashecho stabbed him. She’s another one whose self-knowledge and self-acceptance would be great for O.

    And oh jeez Clarke, being an amazing actor, channeling Josephine in the face of a sick and raging Madi. Her poker face is obscenely good. I’m not sure Russell buys it, but maybe…her certainly seems more in love with the idea of his daughter than actually understanding her as a person, so maybe he’s happy with a facsimile. It’s hard to imagine not recognizing your own child, but….well, monsters.

    • YEP YEP could not agree more! And you make SUCH a good point- like his people will obviously know that Echo didn’t volunteer because she believed in “the sanctity of the Primes” or whatever! I think by this point, he was starting to lose his rational thought and desperation was taking over.

      YES I loved Echo fully trusting Murphy based on ONE WINK. I really wish we’d seen more of their bonding, too, but you’re right, there have been little things that really show how close they’ve gotten. Because no WAY would Echo have trusted ANYONE in S4! She barely trusted Roan! I cheered about Miller too! I think he’ll be okay eventually, and I think it’s super healthy that he’s able to talk about what they’ve had to do. Gah can you even imagine!?

      Ryker is THE WORST. Like- it almost seems worse in a sense because he KNOWS that Russell and the others are wrong, but he’s too scared and/or lazy to bother to stop them. I am soooo glad they didn’t stick him with Raven too. I mean maybe had he eventually done the right thing but… NOPE Raven doesn’t deserve some ambivalent, sniveling manchild.

      Honestly someone needs to give Eliza Taylor a damn Emmy. I don’t usually say that but this is just next-level acting. And she’s so GOOD! Russell does buy it, but I think you’re right about WHY. He’s so delusional he wouldn’t even think Clarke could pull off being Josie. And exactly- he’s not a normal parent who even notices that stuff. Plus, you figure Josie had been on ice for like, a long time, so I guess it’s easy to see what you want to see in that case!

  4. Beth W

    (also, I totally forgot about Cadogan and why we cared, but Greg’s theory does make a lot of sense! I don’t imagine Cadogan was a good father, and given his doomsday cult fanaticism, it makes sense he’d have a son who was a psychopath power monger…and an early nitblida).

    • YEP exactly! Plus upon doing the math, there’s no way anyone on EIII was the spawn of Cadogan. I REALLY hope we get answers and I do think we will next season. Because exactly, who else would be the son of the crazy cult murderer guy but freaking Sheidheda!?

  5. Alright, I’m honestly struggling to remember anything about Cadogan and why he’s important. Is he from a past season? I don’t know how you guys manage to remember everything that’s EVER happened on this show (including which actors were in random small parts years ago)—I am beyond impressed.

    I LOVED Echo’s backstory. That was the best part of the episode as far as I was concerned.The whole bomb thing had me a little confuzzled (and a little meh, honestly), but whatever … they’re working toward the final showdown. Guess that’s all I need to worry about at this point.

    • Okay SO Cadogan. He’s first introduced in 4×03 The Four Horsemen. Jaha finds info about him on that ancient iPad that still somehow gets post-apoc wifi, which leads them to the soupy bunker. Cadogan, reads Jaha, founded the Second Dawn group which is basically a cult. Then, when they finally find the REAL bunker (in 408 God Complex) , they talk about him again for a hot second. It’s clear that there is some connection to the Grounders, since the bunker is located in the same place as Becca’s crypt. THEN, in 5×10 (The Warriors Will) Madi (who has just been freshly Heda-ed) has visions, including visions of Cadogan burning Becca alive for reasons unknown. And of course, there’s the connection that Sanctum (and the other planets) had with Becca so. There has to be some reason!

      And Nicole, don’t be impressed, I have a REAL problem. I rewatch this show on an endless loop and I honestly don’t know how I am going to survive without it 😭

      I liked Echo’s (er, Ash’s) backstory too! I mean, talk about a mess! I was soooo thrilled to see Queen Nia back in action too! I feel you with the whole bomb plot. I guess it was to cause some kind of distraction? But only enough to set off the alarms to evacuate, not to actually do any damage/infect anyone? But the best laid plans, my friend. The best laid plans. Especially with this group at the helm 😂

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