A few times, I told you about the shows I watched. And it was fun, so I am going to do it again! This was another pretty good batch, but I have also been more willing to quit stuff I don’t luck. Also, I spend a significant portion of my time rewatching The 100, so. ?

So, a list of the shows I’ve been watching since whenever the hell the last post posted was! 

I’ve also watched/am watching some of the latest seasons of shows I’d talked about before! Shows like…

Manifest Season 3
Black Summer Season 2
The Walking Dead Season 10

I did have to abandon Black Summer because boredom. But I am high key into TWD, whether that is out of desperation or actual quality Idk. Also, #SaveManifest.

2021- ♦ Netflix

Renewal Status Unknown

I started to type my initial thoughts on my phone when I was first watching this. I will share them, since reading them amused me:

The main characters are this family, and idk their names so I made up my own. The dad is the leader of the tribe. Then there’s the daughter, Katniss Lite, and two sons. The older one looks like Mario Lopez, in full AC Slater mullet glory, so obviously he’s Slater. The younger one looks like he’s related to that curly haired kid from Stranger Things so I’m calling him ST. Ulrich from Dark pops in, and drives a van and has a 70s pornstar mustache while apocalypse road tripping with ST. There’s apparently a hovercraft, and mention of The Ark so I’m guessing they just decided to grab all of the dystopian series they could think of and threw them in a blender. ??‍♀️

If you say so, pal ?

They find themselves separated rather quickly, and most of the series follows their three different storylines. They all fall in with some other group, whether by choice, by force, or by lack of better options. Slater starts to look more like Ilian from The 100 (Chai Hansen) and Idk if it is because of that, but I start to like him and his storyline quite a bit. Katniss… remains very Katniss. I loved the apocalypse setting, of course, and while it wasn’t a total win, I did enjoy it. Also, it’s quick, at only six episodes.

Verdict: 👍

2021- ♦ Netflix

Renewal Status Unknown

This is a bizarre little show. You think it is about a volcano in an Icelandic town, but not so much. It’s more about time travelling clones I guess, and maybe some Icelandic mythology? But mostly the clone thing. The whole town is fairly depressing- the majority of town is shut down due to the volcano, and it’s bare bones. There are some scientists doing… sciency stuff, and a creepy detective, a random hotel, some farmers, and a doctor. Frankly, it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for the Icelandic tourism industry.

I suppose random naked women appearing from volacnoes would appeal to a certain subset of tourists, but I don’t think Iceland wants those.

Where did these people come from? Why are they there? Are they human, or something other? There are a few moments that didn’t sit well with me (big ol’ trigger warning here for suicide and pedicide, and some abusive behavior across the spectrum) but it’s very atmospheric and I was eager to find the answers to the mysteries, so it was more win than not.

Verdict: 👍

2021- ♦ Amazon Prime

Renewal Status Unknown 

I rather enjoyed the novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver (as I do any Lauren Oliver novel, really), but I was skeptical when Greg encouraged me to give this one a try. First, I didn’t remember a damn thing about the book (this actually turned out to be a blessing), and figured it’d be hokey. But sure, I figured I’d give it a try.

He is kind of everything tbh.

Then, I saw people fawning over Ray and shipping him with Heather! Blasphemy, I thought. For at the start, Ray is kind of The Worst™. Think “Pilot Bellamy Blake”, and you’ll understand. But then I fell in love with him just like everyone else, and now I get it, I really get it! I also was completely addicted to the show, basically unable to stop watching. Does it follow the book? I genuinely have no idea, but it’s some damn good TV either way.

Like Amazon renewing this gem, mayhaps? 

Verdict: 👍👍

2021- ♦ Netflix

Renewed for Season 2

I was on the fence about starting this one too, if I am being honest. Again, I liked the books, but again, I just wasn’t sure I cared enough to watch the show? Beth loved this one a lot, so I figured I’d see what all the fuss is about. And look, I won’t lie to you, I was pretty bored in the beginning. Like, at least halfway through? But I liked the Six of Crows characters, and it is only eight episodes, so I persevered.

Me, around episode 3.

So, I (yet again) don’t really remember a lot of the book details but… was I supposed to like the Darkling? I remember people shipping him and Alina back in the day, but hard yikes, that guy sucks. The only thing I ship him with is a swift kick in the face. And why did no one like Mal? I know I always did, and don’t recall why people did not, but in the show he is perfectly lovely. In truth though, I was mostly there for Kaz, Inej, and Jesper. Like at least 85%.

Here for these guys basically. 

Verdict: 👍

2021- ♦ Paramount +

Season 2 Currently Filming 

When I first heard about this revamp of The Challenge, I was stoked. Seeing a bunch of people who haven’t competed since I was in high school? Yes please! (Okay there was literally like one person who hadn’t competed since I was in high school, but shh.) These folks are old. The Challenge is old, frankly! And I loved seeing people my age, even older, throwing their hats back in the ring.

I assume there are no GIFs because we’re all old? I personally am far too lazy to make any.

It’s inspiring, frankly! And a good message that life doesn’t end when you turn 40, or start a family, or gain a couple pounds, or have a bum knee or whatever. There was fun, and drama, but also a lot of kindness, which has been missing in the newer iterations. I really, really hope it comes back for more!

Verdict: 👍👍

2021- ♦ Netflix

Renewed for Season 2

Sweet Tooth is unlike anything I have seen. I expected it to be a bit cutesy, since we’re talking about deer-human baby hybrids. But no. If you have tuned in expecting a show that will be sunshine and kittens, you are watching the wrong show. Don’t misunderstand, it has moments that are heartwarming as hell. But you have to get through a lot of darkness to find the light.

Also it is funny. 

The plot is very relevant, considering a virus wiped out most of humanity. And, whoever the virus didn’t get, other humans did. It’s bad. And because the hybrids’ arrivals coincided with the virus (and humans are stupid), they basically hunt little kids because they’re afraid of them. This world is brutal, as are a lot of the people left in it. But there are some incredibly brave (and well developed) kind characters who will own your entire heart, just like they did mine.

Verdict: ?👍👍❤️(most loved!)

What are some of your current favorite shows? Anything I must watch? Have you seen any of these? I don’t really have many plans for “next up”, as TWD, Fear TWD, The Challenge, and Snowpiercer are all on the horizon. You know, after another The 100 rewatch, obviously.

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29 responses to “Sometimes I Watch Shows (Part 8)

  1. I LOVED Sweet Tooth too!

    I didn’t try Katla yet despite having it on my list. I don’t know if I’m ready for another things come back to life in a small, cold town again lol

    I didn’t love Shadow and Bone and Black Summer S2 was verrrrry slow to start. We set it aside for weeks before coming back to it on Greg’s recommendation. Then it get pretty wild lol I enjoyed the second half more but it was weaker than S1 for us.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • YES I am so happy it was renewed, it is wonderful! Katla is good, but you do have to be in the right mood for creepy small European town antics hahah.

      Shadow and Bone was so SLOW to start for me, frankly. And ditto Black Summer! Like- I also had no idea what was happening! Greg said that the end picked up, but I figured if I didn’t care about anyone (and he said it didn’t get much better in that area) that it wasn’t worth it. Maybe I will get bored enough one day, who knows?

      • Katla is weird AF. 🙂 And yes Black Summer was BORING for large stretches… although that last episode got batshit crazy.

      • I think the action and a few surprises make it sort of worth circling back to with Black Summer. Sort of – if you have nothing else to watch. Ringing endorsement lol But the 2nd have is better.

        Have you watched The Returned? The French not US version. That was good and there was another foreign one about something being buried in the ice and coming back. I can’t think of the name but it began with an f. That was pretty good too but Katla sounds similar so I might have to be in that mood.

        I’m so happy that Sweet Tooth got renewed. I didn’t know that.

        • Bwhahha well- at least the second half is better, if not great. I did like the first season, so maybe I will give it a go- when I am desperate ?

          Ohhh no I have not! I will have to check that out, add it to my list! And yesss, so glad about Sweet Tooth- especially considering so many shows are being cancelled these days!

  2. I need to watch Sweet Tooth now!

    I also watched Shadow and Bone recently and found it terribly slow. I haven’t read the books either so I was mostly confused for at least the first two episodes… I just started Loki and that’s off to a promising start!

    • Yesss Sweet Tooth is so good! I hope you love it! Glad you are liking Loki, but sorry that you were confused and bored with Shadow and Bone. I agree though, if you haven’t read the books, the first half of the season makes NO sense! AND it’s boring on top of it! I think the only reason I continued is because I knew the characters and general idea of the world (and it was only 8 episodes hah) but I did like the characters by the end. I’ll probably give S2 a shot, but I won’t rush to it.

  3. Kel

    Agreed, the Crows were the best part of Shadow and Bone. Ben Barnes notwithstanding, the pacing in all the other scenes seemed to really drag along… And I might have to try Panic. Watching the TV show/movie is not a bad option for books I know I’ll never get around to reading, lol.

    • Ugh yes, I did not like the pacing at all- like when I start paying bills and such during a show, you KNOW it is bad! Also I definitely liked Panic the show even better than the book, so yeah, go for it! I am so mad it was cancelled the other day, but the season does wrap up- it just also opened the door for a potential S2, which is RUDE.

  4. I saw previews for Sweet Tooth while scrolling through Netflix, but I didn’t actually watch it. Sounds like I should. I did watch Shadow & Bone. I DNFed the books, but the show was pretty good. I’d watch another season.

    • Yesss Sweet Tooth is awesome! I honestly almost didn’t myself, I thought it was going to be some kind of kid’s story, but it is not! Oh wow, see I feel like I liked the books better, BUT I also read them a long time ago and doubt I’d like them as much now, so who knows. I will probably watch the second season also, but I hope the pacing improves!

  5. Alright, *fine*, I’ll try Sweet Tooth. 😀 (I thought it was going to be sunshine and rainbows, so I’m relieved to hear it’s dark). And also Panic, which I didn’t realize was based on the book (which I, too, do not recall). I haven’t read the Grisha series at all, so I’m glad to hear the Crows are just as epic in the novels as they are in the series.

    I’ve watched Leverage: Redemption recently, to get a bit of silly heist funtimes. I’m supposed to start watching Deep Space 9, but I feel kind of ‘meh’ about TV right now, oddly enough. Aside, of course, from the Marvel TV shows (I finished Loki a few weeks ago) which consistently entertain me *and* make me feel things, which I love.

    • NOPE it is dark dark dark and I LOVE IT. Like there are hopeful moments, but it is a messed up show in general. Very The 100, you know? Where there ARE people who want to do better for real, but people as a whole suck.

      I found the Crows series to be a little slow at times, but I did love the characters SO much!

      Aww I am glad that you have shows like that, that you can reliably count on! That is one thing I miss most about The 100 being over tbh. And why I get so salty when every show I seem to like gets canceled!

  6. Greg definitely got me curious about watching Panic. I still need to. Glad you are enjoying it too. I’m curious about Sweet Tooth but good to know it has some darkness!


    • So Panic is awesome. And cancelled, ugh. BUT, it does end in a fairly satisfying way, with the door open for more, and then the door slammed in our faces. BUt I am okay with how it ended so I guess I can kind of live with it? And Sweet Tooth is awesome, yesss do it!

  7. I LOVE The Walking Dead. I’m behind. I’m on season 8, but there were a couple episodes that just made me need to take a break. I get way too emotional on that show. I’m starting again though!

    My daughter and I watched the first episode of Sweet Tooth, and we cried ?! Now she refuses to watch the rest with me. I may have to bribe her ?

    • Ooooh I feel you with taking a break- those middle seasons SUCK tbh. And then the whole Negan/Glenn/Abraham debacle… yikes. I know a lot of people jumped ship then. I was really about to quit after S8, BUT Angela Kang took the helm, and she has actually done a really good job with it. S10 is 22 episodes, I guess because of COVID somehow, but I was not bored for a second!

      Omg I can see why! I BAWLED watching Sweet TootH! When Pubba died?! I thought I was going to be sick! It is SO good though, I would bribe her for sure bwhahah

  8. I am one of those people that ship Darklina and hate Mal but when I watched the show, I switch my sides hahaha! The show did such a good job in showing how exploitative the Darkling was (maybe it’s because we’re seeing it as a third person? or maybe because I was ~older and wiser~ lmao) and how good Mal was. Like their childhood bestfriends to couple dynamics were explored really well and their characters arc just make sense! Let’s hope season 2 (adapted from Siege & Storm, I heard, where Mal became Annoying) keep this version of Mal ?

    • Bwhahha it could be both of those! I did think the show made him more of an obvious bad guy though- like even though I was a Mal fan, I still understood the appeal of the Darkling to an extent? But in the show, NOPE, I am just like “wow that guy sucks” haha. Ooooh that is interesting, I didn’t know that they were going to be following the books so closely (especially with this added twist of the Crows!) and I agree with you, Mal better stay Good Mal!

  9. Is TWD still on?? We had to drop around Season 5? It was good at the beginning but started to tire of it … and then went off the rails. either me or the show.

    • YES it is can you believe it!? It is on S11, which will be its final season (of course, there will be a Carol-Daryl spinoff, because they could never NOT kick the dead horse, right?) So I am a million percent with you, it got BAD between say, seasons 4-8. Like bad bad. I almost quit too. But boredom and morbid curiosity led me back, and S10 was actually good! And so far, 11 is too. (I also think it helps knowing it is almost over heh)

  10. I loved Panic, and I also love that you had the same reaction to Ray that I had at first and then fell for him just like I did!!! lol That is one of Lauren Oliver’s books I hadn’t read yet, so I had no idea what to expect, but I loved the show. I have been loving Cruel Summer this past month. I also adored Never Have I Ever and hope there will be a new season! I loved TWD until Rick disappeared. I tried the next season, but was so bored. And I even tried to go back and give it another chance while I was stuck home during the pandemic thinking I’d maybe get back into it. But I just was still bored.

    Lisa Loves Literature

    • Ooooh I will have to add those to my list too then! And yeah- TWD was bad from Seasons 4-8, and started picking up a bit during S9 (they got a new showrunner, and she’s kind of amazing) and S10 was like, actually GOOD. So far, so is 11! But it’s like, is it worth it to slog through the crappy seasons? Maybe if you get bored enough ?

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