One time, I told you about the shows I watched. And it was fun, so I am going to do it again! The 100 hiatus was long and I watched many shows. I actually didn’t even spend the whole time rewatching The 100, because wow, there were some good ones this time (and like, almost all of them would not have been so much as blips on my radar if not for Greg @ Book Haven, who should really get all the credit, because left to my own devices, I really would have just rewatched The 100, why lie?)

So, a list of the mostly good shows I’ve been watching since whenever the hell the last post posted was! 

2015- ♦ AMC/Hulu

Season 4 Airing Sundays on AMC

Man, when I first started this post, I was sure this was a show I’d be gushing over. And then Season 4 started. I feel like the new showrunners did me dirty, you know? Like what did I do to you, friends? But anyway, there are definitely lots of things I loved about it!

  • Alycia Debnam-Carey. Need a Lexa fix? Great, one is on a screen near you! Honestly one of the most fascinating things for me is how non-Lexa Alycia plays the role of Alicia Clark. Especially because they have similarities in general. But no, it’s pretty impressive. Honestly you should just watch for that reason alone.
  • It had such a huge focus on family. When the series starts, we’re basically following a few families through the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. And watching them deal with tragedy and adversity was so oddly refreshing. Somehow, the way family dynamics both change and stay the same during such an event is freaking fascinating. And, I really really cared about the characters, which made the stakes feel higher.
  • The BOAT. There’s a lot of time on a boat and look, you wouldn’t think a boat plus zombie apocalypse would equal awesome, but it does. It really does.
  • It had some really lighthearted moments in the midst of the terrible. Obviously this is not a “fun” show by definition, but some of the stuff actually had some dark humor to it. Which is another way the characters were endearing.

Notice that all of this is in past tense? Yeah, good luck with Season 4. I don’t even dislike the newer characters or anything, but the show just doesn’t feel the same, you know? There are weird flashback decisions and just… okay fine, crappy decisions all around. I mean, maybe it will get better again, but my expectations are basically… well, this:

–Me, watching the mid-season finale. 

2010– ♦ AMC/Netflix

Season 9 Filming

Oh, this freaking show. Of course I had to watch TWD after I watched (and loved) Fear. And I was warned (by several people actually) that it gets mighty shitty after awhile. So I knew what I was in for, but… I also didn’t. I really enjoyed it when I started- not as much as Fear but still quite a bit. The characters were fun, and of course I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

And for at least 4 or 5 seasons, I was really into it. But as promised, it started to decline. At first it was tolerable: a slow-moving storyline being dragged out unnecessarily, focus on a super minor character’s backstory. Nothing unforgivable, just not as good as the beginning.

It really isn’t Carl, but here we are.

Then things just got plain crappy. Between unnecessary deaths (and awful violence that is kind of bordering on TOO much),  the perma-villain (seriously, like 4 seasons and counting or something insane that I lost track of), random characters getting entire episodes of boringness, and the really weird crap like the king with a tiger, it became tough to watch.

I won’t lie, I kind of like the King? But I have no idea how or why he is in this story. ?‍♀️

The worst part? I still do care about some of the characters enough to force myself to watch this crap. Like okay, fine, I just want to see Carol and Daryl get together, and as long as that hope is still alive, I guess I’ll keep watching? Apparently I am a glutton for goddamn punishment.

2017- ♦ Netflix

Renewed for Season 2

Guys. If this show’s description even slightly interests you, give it a try. Because wow, it was fabulous. One of my favorites on this list, certainly!  It all starts off with a missing kid, a shit ton of secrets, and reminders of another kid who went missing 33 years prior. What is connected? Who is connected? There are so many amazing questions with equally epic answers, and I am not planning to spoil any of them frankly.

It is delightfully messed up, and as the title suggests, dark. And the best part is, I had (and in some cases, have) no idea where they are going with so much of it, so it’s addicting to watch!

2018- ♦ Netflix

Renewed for Season 2

Bunkers. ✔

Radiation Suits ✔

Basically Praimfaya I guess Idk. ✔

This is why I wanted to watch this show, let’s be real. It’s about people who have to go live in a bunker for years because of some environmental bullshit and fine, it reminded me of Praimfaya and so here we are. Look, this is no The 100, so we won’t pretend it is. There are plot holes abound, and some questionable decisions. But it is highly entertaining, easy to watch, and has a lot of really fun characters.

Namely, this band of misfits, among others. 

And it’s a pretty quick watch, sets up Season 2 pretty well, and I mean… have you really got anything better to do?

2016- ♦ NBC/Hulu

Season 2 Completed; Renewal Status Pending

Have they renewed this yet? I am not even asking if they cancelled it because I will sob, as Season 2 ended on a pretty epic cliffhanger. Sure, it has some flaws, but Timeless is just entertaining as hell. You get to go back in time (shocking, right?) to all kinds of fun historical events with some of the most genuinely awesome characters on TV.

Timless, more than anything, has a lot of heart. You can tell that the people behind the scenes are passionate about what they do because it translates to the screen. It’s emotional while still being fun. There’s romance and danger, and a fun history lesson attached to every episode.

Sorry, trying to keep it spoiler-free!

And so maybe they could just renew it so I can see what happens to my babies, and see who ends up with who, etc. And then I wouldn’t have to check in dread every day. Do the thing, NBC.

2018 ♦ Netflix

I think this is just a one season thing?

Oh, The Chalet. So I liked this- though I am pretty awesome and guessed most of the twist. Like, from very early on, and I don’t actually know if it was me being amazing or just easy to figure out? Anyway, there’s some wedding guests stuck in what is absolutely THE most gorgeous scenery in all of television, in this little French town. How are they stuck, you ask?

The only bridge in and out, folks. 

And it soon becomes clear that some sinister bullshit is going down. Because a lot of the people who are from this town are basically garbage. And there are secrets abound, as only a small town can manage. That’s all I will say about this, because… I don’t want you to guess any of the crap like I did! OH but the one thing this show is really missing? A damn epilogue. I need an epilogue!

2017– ♦ Netflix

Renewed for Season 2

This was surprisingly delightful! I mean- it was messed up and everyone sucked, but still, a good time. The gist is that a dead girl can be seen… but only by a small handful of other people. There are questions, namely why these particular people? And the whole series kind of works around that. Parts of it are heartbreaking, as you watch her family deal with her loss.

Mom wasn’t invited to the exclusive party, I’m afraid. 

And obviously, our girl wants to find out who killed her and why, because of course she does. And you know that there is shadiness at every corner, because I think shows like this would fall apart without the creepiest townspeople ever?

2017– ♦ Netflix

I don’t think this needs a season 2?

Ah, this show. It starts off kind of slow, honestly. And then introduces you to a veritable who’s who of human crap. But don’t be discouraged! For the human crap is the best part!! Who doesn’t like watching about hot messes, right? At times I was sure the main character herself was a damn villain.

It’s Dad, personal care worker who Mom is guilting into having sex with her, Mom, and a brother-in-law thrown in for shits and giggles. YEP you read all that right. 

Meanwhile, Mie, the MC, has a husband who I didn’t trust as far as I could throw him, some hardcore memory loss, a stint in an inpatient psychiatric facility, an investigator questioning her about a man’s disappearance, and the creepiest kid I have ever seen.

It alternates between several months prior, and the present. So we see Mie at home with her family, and then we see Mie in her facility with the doctors, fellow patients, and the good ol’ investigator. She doesn’t know if she could be responsible for the disappearance because she forgets everything, nor does she have any idea who could be trusted.

One of like, two characters who I didn’t completely loathe. 

I thought I guessed the twist- and I had, but it was only the first twist, I had no idea what the bigger twists would be and they kind of did blow my mind. The series wrapped up well, and I was glad that there was a good, solid ending.

2018 ♦ Netflix

I have no idea. 

Is it awful that I don’t remember a ton about this? I remember some sheep, I think they died, and then some side characters who I really shipped. The atmosphere I remember being really on point too. So yeah, I didn’t dislike it at all, but nor was it super memorable?

The main character’s coat is my favorite part of this series. 

2014-  ♦ The CW/ Netflix

Season 5 Airs Tuesdays on The CW

And obviously, we need to talk about how Season 5 of The 100 is killing it and is the best show on TV forever and ever goodbye.

What are some of your current favorite shows? Anything I must watch? Have you seen any of these?

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  1. Wow. You are covering ALL the good stuff! Except for Requiem ha ha. Actually I think I liked Req a little more than you did, but yeah it was weird. and the sheep- they never caught that dude did they? I’m trying to remember- didn’t he come back to whats her name, or is he out there? Well if there’s a S2 I’m sure we’ll get more sheep murders. I agree w/ you so much about Alicia. FTWD is worth it totally just for her. And the BOAT. They never shoulda left the boat. Seriously I woulda just found a nice little cove, dropped anchor when they run outta gas, and chill. Shoot anything that tries to swim out. 🙂

    Oh and your Alicia and strand GIF’s are ON POINT.

    Dark is the absolute bomb, so true. I NEED S2. And The Rain *nods*

    Hotel Beau Sejour was really good. I thought the scenes where her mom couldn’t see her were pretty heartbreaking. And yes that kid on Tabula Rasa was a MESS. I cracked up every time she just randomly screamed lol.

    • HA right? Why do I remember so little of that show!? In fairness, it WAS the one I watched longest ago on this list. And it was the shortest I think too. SEE you don’t remember either hahahha. I feel like it does need another season- mostly because of Hank and Trudy- are those their names or did I make that up? And the sheep. Because I don’t think they did? Unless the people who were behind the whole thing were the sheep killers?

      FTWD IS just Alicia at this point ? Can we just maybe get a NEW-new spinoff with John Dorie and Althea? Because I don’t even have Madistrand anymore and what even IS this show without Madistrand? I hope they fire these assholes, and then since there were no bodies, the new showrunners can just pop our faves back in. And they should have stayed on the boat! Though it would have been quite boring for us. And we’d still be dealing with Travis’s stupid kid.

      I love Dark, and the more I think about it the more I love it. The Rain was just plain entertaining! I liked Hotel! I was a little unsure at first, but it really got good- I was so invested in all the shitty people in the town hahah. I wonder if Bee’s cousin will be in the next season? I want LOTS of info on Ines’s baby drama so she’d better be! And seriously, I think the reason I figured the bit about the kid out was BECAUSE she was so awful and no one seemed to care? And like… WHY didn’t they care, you know? That was one of my proudest moments haha.

      • Yeah it’s been a while since Req. I liked how eerie it was tho. I mean freaky AF. And yeah whats his dude was the sheep killer- he’s like all a werewolf now or something? Was Trudy the girl he fell for? Cause yeah I liked Trudy. And she did have a cool coat. And tripsy hair.

        Madistrand is such a missed opportunity. They could have built such a cool relationship there. The two of them plus Alicia coulda carried that show. Dorithea would have been the icing on the cake. Those showrunners should be fired, what bullshit. And yeah the boat might have gotten boring, but they would still have had to make supply runs on land, so you could still tell all kinds of stories and use the boat as base of operations. But yeah they’d have to drown Travis’ asshole kid clearly.

        Hotel WAS iffy at first! That town was the worst (well except for Chalet’s which was psycho city). And Inez’ baby is from whats her names dad right? Ewww. Poor Inez. You did call the kid tho. nicely done! I hadn’t even thought of that…

        • OOOOOH he killed the sheep!? Now I feel like I remember that. And yeah he is… different now, that is true. YEP Trudy was his girlfriend or whatever. But we didn’t see much closure with them did we? And nothing I look up will tell me if there are/were any plans to continue it, ugh!

          I am SO salty about Madistrand. Those two are my FAVE. Were my fave. Their little buddy drinking and deep conversations. UGH whyyy? Seriously they should be fired. I have seen almost ZERO positive reviews of this season, whereas when I looked after I finished S3 people were gushing all over the place. DORITHEA, I love it. And yes, I think they could have VERY easily combined the two groups- I mean, that is what they’ve been doing from the start, right? HA “drown Travis’s asshole kid” ?? I mean, you’re not wrong! Didn’t they have Strand chatting with a cosmonaut? THAT was a questionable choice too, let’s be real.

          YESSS Ines’s baby is the product of her “fling” with Kato’s dad! Which…. ew. She genuinely seemed to care about him too which is even grosser. AND remember Kato’s stepbrother having a thing for Ines? Why does Ines attract all the weirdos!?? I REALLY hope she is back for S2 because if I want to see anyone’s story play out, it’s hers! You know, I bet the people of The Chalet were all inbreeding by that point, THAT would explain why they were such messes…

          • Yes he was all naked in the field, having supper (raw sheep naturally). That was quite intriguing, I thought! 🙂 And we got zip closure on that! They really need to revisit.

            Madistrand’s drinking party was the best. Remember the hotel? Pesky zombs had to interfere but they were bonding nicely. And the end of S3 was so powerful, with Madison next to the river there! How could they go from that to this mess? And oh my gosh I forgot about the cosmonaut- that was almost embarrassingly bad.

            Poor Ines. that fucking kid needs to die or something, too creepy. She’s attracting young kids and skeevy old guys?? Ughh. And that wouldn’t surprise me a bit about the Chalet- maybe explains all the missing people. Maybe they were, uh, “giving all” for the inbreeders? A real town of horrors, there.

            • They DO! I mean naked sheep eating is the best part of any show, right? How can they just gloss over such a thing!? Maybe he will be the MC in a new season! Or you know, not, since I have heard nothing about it.

              YESSS Madistrand at the hotel was the most fun! And seriously, I feel like there was SO much story left for all of them and then… BAM. Why why why? And who okayed this? Like- don’t they have to like, discuss these decisions with someone? It HAS to be a terrible financial decision, right? So who said “yeah sure kill off your series MC for funsies, what the hell new guys?”

              HA I know that kid WAS creepy but they never went anywhere with his creepiness! So I think that he needs to be developed next season too. As the sociopath that he clearly is. Again, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there either! Also- shouldn’t someone have been more worried about him? Sister’s dead, stepsister’s dead, dad offed ’em all, but nah, kid’s fine? And ewww definitely wouldn’t surprise me about The Chalet, those people were AWFUL. I mean I didn’t even mind that they were dead, I only minded that it made the kids no better than the townspeople, and that is a distinction that NO ONE wants.

              • I heard they were definitely going to explore his situation in a new season- if there is one. I mean when you think about it, he got the rawest (heh) deal? He’s just a friend, along for the ride, and now he’s like some crazy wendigo- ass thing? Sucks.

                I’m shocked, frankly, tha tthey killed Mads. She was the heart of that show. And we still don’t know what happened to whats his name right? The guy played by Ruben Blades? I mean it’s almost show malpractice- like if you were TRYING to kill a show you couldn’t do much worse???

                That kid was a FREAK. I mean they kept showing us what a weirdo he was, and then… nothing. Yeah he’s gonna be trouble. But if they switch characters we’ll never see? That’s alarming…

                • Weird that they still haven’t decided if there will BE a season. But they do need to explore his character. And maybe have a few more answers as to why the hell he was nakedly killing sheep anyway.

                  I am too! Part of me *still* thinks it’s a publicity stunt hah. But I think it’s bullshit for a lot of reasons- namely that they just fired this woman for no freaking reason. And why does the ONLY badass woman lead in the franchise get killed off while we get 8 seasons of bullshitty Carl and would have been forced to stomach Rick for time and all eternity had the actor not left on his own? OH so I think Daniel IS coming back, from everything I have heard. Because sure, kill MADISON, but leave Daniel, because we all gave so many fucks about him ? You’re right, it is seriously backfiring- I think they did it for shock value and all they did is piss people off.

                  YES whyyyy did they make him so weird if they didn’t plan on going anywhere with him? I know that it will obviously be a different main character, but will the secondary characters all be different too? That’d be sad.

  2. I thought there would have to be one show on your list that I have watched, but, nope. Not one. I am one of the last people on the earth, who has not seen an episode of The Walking Dead or GoT. At least I have heard of all of those shows, though.

  3. You mentioned a couple I hadn’t heard about (Dark and The Chalet), I’ll give them a try. And I saw a teaser for The Rain and wondered how good it’d be. I think I’ll check it out too.

    And the 100… whoa. I’ve watched it since the beginning and was so excited when the new season began. Did you read the books first or see the show?

    • Ohhh yay I hope you like them!!

      And YES SAME! I am a bit ummm obsessed with The 100, I do huge recaps every week hahah. Are you loving the new season? I think it is EPIC. And I saw the show first, but then I went back and read the books. How about you?

  4. Okay this just makes me feel SO out of the loop.?I mean I was never in the loop with TV shows??? But I don’t recognise any of these lmao … except for The 100 of course because I have been TRAINED and someday I’ll actually watch it!! I never get time to watch stuff though ugghh. Like I got really into watching Game of Thrones again (I paused for like 2 years looool I didn’t want to see my fav die) and then watched it like consistently for 2 weeks and now? Who knows. I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING. I also am 13% interested in watching Season 2 of Riverdale and I’ll drop EVERYTHING AND RUN when S3 of Stranger Things comes out.?But otherwise I try to watch shows but realise I have no attention span. haaalp.?

  5. I love Timeless! I was so sad when it was cancelled the first time. I hope they give it a third chance! And that’s the only show here that I watch haha. Sounds like I need to try a couple of these others though. Nice reviews!

  6. I have not watched any of these, but I’m not surprised because I don’t really watch a ton of TV. I really do need to pay attention to more shows on Netflix though. Dark sounds fantastic.


  7. My boyfriend just started watching The Walking Dead and I’ve caught a few episodes here and there (he just fills me in on what I missed when he watched without me haha). I don’t mind it but I don’t like it enough to tell him to pause the binge and let me watch too. I think it’s because I told myself from the beginning, based on what I know about it, to never get invested in the characters haha. So I definitely agree about boring parts and draaaagged out storylines.

    • Ugh seriously that makes sense though! I went in not really knowing a lot about the characters themselves so I DID get invested- and then saw a spoiler about one of my favorites early on which made me so mad. And now of course like, everyone is jumping ship. The show is kind of getting too dumb to handle hah.

  8. Krystianna

    I love the Walking Dead. I used to watch Fear the Walking Dead too, when it first came out. I think I’ve only seen season 1. Maybe I’ll have to catch up. I’ve heard it’s more enjoyable than the actual Walking Dead. I also love the 100. The TV show is soooo much better than the books.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    • Fear WAS more enjoyable. Now… well it’s a different story. Still a better show probably, but I am really disheartened to see how far downhill it went just this season.

      And YES The 100 is like, well it’s obviously SO different from the books, but it is also my most favorite show of all time! I am mildly obsessed 😀 Glad you enjoy it too!

  9. I haven’t finished S1 of “Timeless,” but what I saw, I adore! It’s such a good show; I love the cast/chemistry and the blend of contemporary and period drama. Rooting for NBC to renew it for that third season!! Come on, NBC!

  10. Kel

    I’ve seen a tiny bit of Timeless (and that one episode of The 100 ^^), but I’d be interested in watching more! Here’s hoping for a renewal announcement soon! And more time for TV watching in general, lol.

  11. I am honestly impressed with the number of shows you have been able to watch. My TV watching strategy is usually to pick a long series with a ton of seasons already out to avoid the agony of waiting for another series (shows like Doctor Who, Supernatural, and The Office). My recent obsession has been Criminal Minds (and my recent I mean that I have been watching it for like a year because there are a million episodes). I am really into dark mysteries and I love the dash of psychology thrown in with Criminal Minds. Sadly, I am almost finished with the series, but at least I have a few recommendations to move on to next! Dark seems like a really interesting show and close to the vibe of Criminal Minds in a way, so I am excited to start there.

    Even though there aren’t any comedy shows on your list, I do have to recommend Jane the Virgin. I am only in the first season, but I love the whole idea that it parodies the Spanish telenovela. The drama is just so ridiculuous that I groan at least a dozen times an episode, yet its self-awareness stops it from being cheesy. If you are ever in the mood for a lighter show, then I definitely recommend it!

    • Oooh I used to LOVE Criminal Minds! But then… I don’t know, I stopped watching it? It was after I had my daughter and I just would get SO upset with crime-related stuff. I guess it was hormones hah, because I am fine with it now, I should finish it up someday! And YAY I really hope you enjoy Dark- it was really unique, which was fun!

      Ooooh I DO need to catch up on Jane the Virgin! I haven’t watched most of the most recent season, and I really do- it’s very fun! I agree that the self-awareness is key, because it isn’t cheesy because it knows it’s cheesy!

  12. Greg always has good recs! I watched the fist two seasons of The 100 and really enjoyed both. I don’t know why I haven’t watched any of the newer stuff. I should definitely do that soon… Husband and I used to watch TWD together, but once Lucille was introduced to a few of my faves… we haven’t watched it.

    However, I DO have a rec for you! Zoo. Animals decide they’ve had enough and work together to get rid of humans. It’s bizarrely awesome. If you do decide to watch it, please let me know what you think. <3

    L @ Do You Dog-ear?

    • OK sorry to jump in but I loved Zoo! The first season anyway… haven’t watched S2 (I heard it got bad- did you watch S2??)

    • Lucille… makes me stabby, so I feel you! It took a LOT to resume it after that episode- and I am not even sure it was a good decision because it has been pretty crappy since then too!

      OOOOH I think Zoo is actually on my watchlist, I will definitely bump it up- and let you know what I think! Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Ooh, I just started “The Walking Dead” a few days ago. I’m only 4 or 5 episodes in, but I like it a lot already! I’m a sucker for apocalypse stories in general, though. Darn you for giving me so many more shows to watch!

  14. Honestly, I’ve unofficially given up on The Walking Dead. I’m in the middle of the first season with the baseball bat guy and I’ve just gotten bored. I refuse to believe that people would be THAT awful in the event of a crisis like this. Maybe I’m more of an optimist than I realized?

  15. Wow! Lots of great shows you’ve been watching! I still need to watch the Walking Dead, as soon as I read the comics. I also watched one episode of Timeless so far and I’ve been hearing that it’s gotten cancelled or will be cancelled. Although, I’m not sure if they are really going through with it.

  16. I’ll confess that I’m so behind the world on TV that I haven’t even heard of most of these. I do watch The Walking Dead, and I can’t quite make myself stop, even though it’s gotten ridiculous. And here’s a secret … I totally LOVED when the tiger attacked in the final episode of whatever season that was (even though it was the most absolutely, positively ridiculous thing of ever). And I’m now watching FtWD while doing the elliptical and I’m liking it so far. Only on season 2, though.

  17. I have to admit I haven’t watched any of these although I’ve certainly heard of The 100 (from you and your posts :P) and also of The Walking Dead. Some were new to me! I have to admit I don’t watch series that often and when I do it’s always a comedy light-hearted one. Almost always.

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