Sometimes, I watch shows. Shockingly, every so often it’s something other than The 100. And I have actually had a pretty decent run of binges during The 100’s hiatus! Due to everyone telling me I should, plus my own desire to talk about them, I am going to share what I have been watching since June!

Fun fact: If left to my own devices, I probably would have just watched The 100 over and over until it came back, or until the actual apocalypse came (and at this rate, I don’t know which will be first, tbh). So I have pretty much turned my choice of shows over to others. Most of these were chosen by Greg @ Book Haven, whose opinion on shows I trust fully now, more than my own frankly. I feel like maybe there’s a missed career opportunity there… 🤔

Anyway. Let’s start where it all began: The summer, and Orphan Black.

2013-2017 ♦ BBC America/Amazon Prime

First thoughts: Well, I don’t know why this emo British lass is being shifty in a subway station. This… may not go great. Oh, but it did, it did. So here’s the gist: Sarah, the aforementioned emo girl, spots an eerily similar looking young woman jump to her demise on a subway platform. It’s awful. Anyway, this girl has the same face. So Sarah starts to investigate. Finds out she’s a clone. Shenanigans ensue.

Really, this show’s characters are its bread and butter, and somehow Tatiana Maslany portrays at least half of them. It’s incredible to watch her bring so many unique personalities to life, and that in itself would be enough to watch. But then you’ve got romance and family dynamics and mystery and creepy science. So how could you not love it basically? And the best part is, in the midst of going through some really serious crap, it somehow managed to have fun and heart.

If this doesn’t make you want to watch, then I don’t know, maybe you’re hopeless?

The final season has aired, and it really ended quite nicely, even if I’d have liked just a few more questions answered. But on the whole I fell in love with the characters, and was sad to part ways with them. Good news is, you can binge this now since it’s ended, woo!

2012-2015 ♦ Showcase (Canada)/Syfy/Netflix

Will I lie and tell you that Richard Harmon (among other The 100 cast members) isn’t the biggest reason that I wanted to watch this? No, no I won’t. To be honest, Richard Harmon is a fabulous reason to watch literally anything, and you’d do well to remember that. Who else from The 100 is in this time-travel nightmare with Murphy? Well, we’ve got Shumway, Zoran’s Mom Sienna, Sinclair, Maya’s Dad, Nyko, Gustus, Echo,  and that dude who was the Commander of Becca’s ill-fated Polaris crew.

But look, that’s not the point. It was good on it’s own! So good, in fact, that I now call Zoran’s mom Garza instead of “Zoran’s Mom” OR Sienna. It’s certainly a thought provoking, smart show with a shitton of morally gray questions, which I love. The time travel is complicated, but in a mostly good way- it does get a little twisted, but not so much that you can’t unravel it. Basically, a bunch of criminals end up sending themselves back in time to prevent the government from becoming… well, what it has become. But oopsie, this pretty lady cop was sent along with them. Or was it an oopsie? So many secrets to uncover!

The only downside? The series was canceled, and though they did get to film a final season, it was abbreviated. And basically, that left the ending a little… lacking, let’s say. I mean, it ended, and a lot of questions were answered, just not in a way that made me very happy? It wasn’t the worst ending ever, but it wasn’t the strongest either.

Me, to whoever decided certain things

2015-2018 ♦ Syfy/Hulu

Season 4 Premieres Spring 2018

Guys. This is my second-favorite show of ever, I think. Like obviously after The 100, but still, I feel like that’s saying a lot. 12 Monkeys is based off the 1995 movie of the same name. Here’s the main idea: A really awful global pandemic has basically eradicated the human population. A few survived, but the world is decimated. One scientist, determined to save her daughter, enlists the help of some ragtag scavengers, sends one of them back in time in an effort to stop the plague from starting.

Only… that never works, otherwise the show would have been like two episodes long. There’s so much more to this story than meets the eye, but damn it is dark. The characters are incredible, they all have personal horses in this race along with saving humanity. Of course, their personal interests and saving the world don’t always coexist nicely, and there is all kinds of stuff that befalls them. This world is gritty and awful and so well done and I wish the last season wasn’t coming up because this show is fucking phenomenal.

–My feelings on this being the last season 

2017- ♦ The CW/Netflix

Season 2 Resumes in January 2018

So, I think most people know about this one. It’s currently airing on The CW, and it’s based off of the Archie Comics, which I know nearly nothing about, save for an episode for Friends in which Chandler tries to write for them (The One That Could Have Been). It’s quite different from the shows on this post, because it’s kind of a garbage show, but I mean that in a loving way. Like, it’s not going to make you think, nor will it make you consider moral implications of major decisions. It’s just fun and sometimes we need that!

It’s like Dawson’s Creek for the new millennium- less stereotping, less unncessary angst. Yet more murder, lots more murder. I just like how the women aren’t automatically pitted against each other, how they aren’t these shrinking damsels fighting over two ridiculous dudes. I mean, there are two women being silly over two ridiculous dudes, don’t get me wrong. But in a more feminist way. But we still have all the elements of Dawson’s that your inner 90s girl still craves: Female teacher sexing up male students, rich NYC import, gay best friend, kid from “wrong side of the tracks”, philandering parents, oh yes. It’s all there. Just in a more entertaining and vaguely less offensive way.

2017- ♦ Hulu

Season 2 Premieres Spring 2018

This is the hardest damn show to watch, I don’t even have any words. It’s also the only one I actively chose myself. I don’t really know what this says about me, but nothing sane I assure you. Here’s the thing: When I can watch it, it’s totally worth it. This show is so high quality and incredibly well executed across the board. Thing is, if you’d asked me 13 months ago, I’d have said “very cool, a horrific dystopian cautionary nightmare, sign me up!” but today I’m thinking “oh wow, Margaret Atwood actually has prophetic powers” and it is scary.

This started alarmingly, with smaller injustices toward women. Birth control and abortion bans, anyone? I mean- you can literally see this same thing happening, and that makes the show both necessary and impossible to watch. But I will keep watching. Just… always have some old Friends episodes or something equally lighthearted on hand for after you’re done and find yourself wishing for the apocalypse as opposed to living in the society of The Handmaid’s Tale.

2014-  ♦ The CW/ Netflix

Season 5 Premieres Sometime in 2018 but The CW won’t tell us when because they’re evil.

And don’t worry- I still rewatch The 100 over and over and over again. I don’t even know how many times I have watched it, I just keep on going. And frankly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it in a show-related post? I feel like you’d be secretly disappointed in me too? Or maybe the word I am looking for is “relieved”, who can be sure? Seriously though, if you haven’t, you should! 😀

What are some of your current favorite shows? Anything I must watch?

(Kidding, heh.)

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46 responses to “Sometimes I Watch Shows

  1. Yay lots of shows for me to binge watch! I’m actually terrible with keeping up with TV series and when they’re not all released then I just forget about them. So I need to binge watch them all at once and then forget about it. The only ones I watch here are Riverdale and Orphan Black, although I haven’t seen the last season of that one!

    • I feel like I am actually the opposite! I can watch shows once a week, but bingeing is very new to me. I kind of like it, but then I get VERY spoiled and when shows ARE only on weekly, I get reallly salty. Do you get to watch Riverdale as it airs, or do you have to wait? I know all countries and shows have such different “rules”, it must be frustrating if you have to wait!

  2. I used to watch quite a bit of TV, but networks have been so axe-happy, I have developed serious trust issues. I am watching Riverdale, and I love it! There is always some fabulous gasp-worthy thing that happens every week and I look forward to it.

    • GAH I know what you mean! I hold my breath every year because I am afraid that The 100 will be canceled without a proper finale and I don’t know what I will do with my life. It DOES mess with your trust! I agree about Riverdale- and I like that it’s just EASY to watch, you know? Glad you’re enjoying it too!

  3. Riverdale is AMAZING, my new addiction. The 100 is so amazing but I never finished it! I need to get caught up. I also want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale, but the book has to come first.
    Finally, I watched the first half of ep 1 of Orphan Black at school with my best friend, and I was SHOOK with that start! I convinced my family to watch the full episode together yesterday night, and after SO MUCH battling because nobody wanted to listen to me, we did. THEY LOVED IT.
    It is such a bizarre show, though. And I also thought the same about the emo british girl the first time, lol. 🙂
    I’m obsessed with Stranger Things 2 and Friends, the classic! <3

    • OOOH definitely catch up on The 100! Since they’re being such jerks and delaying S5, you can catch up! S4 was SO good. I was going to try to read Handmaid’s Tale first but then curiosity got the best of me and I started watching it first, oops! Aw YAY I am glad you are enjoying Orphan Black and Riverdale, too! I tried to get into Stranger Things twice now, but I am having a terrible time with it, Idk why. And YEP, Friends is always a fallback for me!

  4. I usually don’t watch shows but I’m like in ENFORCED WRITING BREAK so I am. 😂😂 I only have Netflix though and Australia is a bit limited but whatever…we have STRANGER THINGS. *whispers* You must watch it. There are cute psycho children and it’s so perfect. I also have watched S1 of Riverdale and your description is so accurate.😂 It is absolute angst and drama and rubbish half the time, but entertaining! And I LOVE how feminist the girls are and also hahahhha Jughead is so moody and adorable so whatever. Also omg have you heard of The Good Place? It is ABSURD AND RIDICULOUS but surprisingly addictive and funny.😂 If you ever want a “I don’t feel like thinking” show, that is it. Plus the episodes are like 20mins which is the kind of life commitment I enjoy.

    • Dude. I have tried to watch Stranger Things twice now, and Idk why, but I cannot seem to get into it! My mind just wanders, and I realize I am not even watching it anymore. I will try again though, some day. And RIGHT? Riverdale is such a trip! OH I do want to watch The Good Place, I keep hearing great things about it- I also like the low level of commitment!

  5. I’m currently trying to get myself in the right mood to watch The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ll eventually get there, I hope…
    In the last few months, Scorpion and The Blacklist have been two of my favorite shows to watch. I recommend them to you if you like watching people with genius IQ’s solve impossible problems and while still learning how to interact with normal people (Scorpion) or if you like anything FBI related (The Blacklist) 🙂

  6. I’m terrible at keeping up with shows. Even if I’m loving them, more than likely I’ll abandon them at some point. Like, Riverdale. I still haven’t started season two (oops!). There is one show I’ve been keeping up with, though. And whenever I describe it to people, they look at me like I’m crazy lol. It’s called Lucifer. Basically, it’s you’re typical cop/detective show, BUT Lucifer Moringstar, the actual devil, teams up with the local crime department to solve homicides, although they don’t actually know he is the devil. It’s so much fun, and it’s not as cheesy as it sounds lol.

    • Oooh I like the idea of Lucifer, I must say! Does he like, try to mislead them? Cause that is FUN. And I figure, soon you’ll be able to binge Riverdale, so that isn’t too bad. I feel like some shows I have loved and abandoned, like Bones and Criminal Minds because they just got so overdone after like, 29 seasons haha.

      • No, he genuinely tries to help, but he is SUPER snarky and hilarious. There’s also a big paranormal aspect, aside from all the detective stuff :). And YES. I completely gave up on Bones. It was getting so repetitive.

  7. Orphan Black, Continuum and the 100 I watched at first but then gave up. I never could get into Riverdale. Did you like the 12 Monkeys movie? Cause I was just confused so I skipped the show. I’ve never watched Handmaid’s Tale either because I was afraid of the content. I really need a new show to watch. I’m currently watching Gossip Girl so that should tell you how desperate I am haha!

    • I never saw the 12 Monkeys movie! I will probably watch it after the finale airs, but I didn’t want it to sway my opinion of the show. I honestly don’t know how they could have made the movie even half as good as the show, because there is just so MUCH good stuff to the show. So underrated. I am SO sad that you gave up on The 100, as you probably know, it is my fave 😉 The Handmaid’s Tale IS hard to watch- I am RARELY triggered by shit on shows, but man, that show does it. Gossip Girl, oh my, you must be desperate bwahah!

  8. I’m really bad about watching TV shows, I’ll watch half a season then forget about it and never watch it again. That’s why it took a year for me to watch Jessica Jones. I hope to start S4 of The 100 in January.

  9. Anna Lostbraincell

    Well now I have some binging to do. I started Orphan Black but got behind so I was waiting to just binge it all when it’s over and now it’s time! So yay. I need to watch Riverdale now that season 1 is on haven’t watched season 1 of Handmaiden’s Tale either yet but I have it in my list. I’ll get to it eventually. I know I saw some of Continuum but never finished it so I might need to go back to it. And shhh don’t be mad but I’ve never watched The 100 so I guess I should get on that ASAP.

    • YAY I hope you love Orphan Black! It’s so unique, and the characters are awesome! And definitely watch The 100- give it a couple episodes, the first 2 or 3 are a little shaky, but it gets SO good. And Handmaid’s Tale is tough to watch, but worth it if you can!

  10. Oh my gosh the Clone Club dance scene is the bestest thing ever! Fee and Cosima dancing- and Helena of course!!!! That makes me happy. 🙂 And the fact that they’re all the same actress=amazing. Thank you, BTW, for the shout-out. I’m glad you liked these, and Handmaid’s Tale- I think I’m going to try. You have me talked into that one.

    I’m so glad you liked 12 Monkeys, because I feel like it flies under the radar? And I love how dark it is.

    I love the scenes you selected too. Garza fighting in a stairwell always makes me smile. 🙂

    • It IS! Hands down the best moment of the show, honestly. I will NEVER understand how Tatiana Maslany played them all- she is a genius. HA Garza fighting in the stairwell was like, how you tried to sell the show to me, if I recall 😂 12 Monkeys is SO under the radar, and it seems unfair? It’s so GOOD. Like- I feel like it’s really well written, really well acted, etc. Except for the cheesy sepia in the past, they could have done without that.

  11. I just started watching Orphan Black not all that long ago. I didn’t realize it was over, so that’s good to know—I love that I can watch it start to finish! And I just watched the first few episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, and I agree that it’s HEAVY and a little hard to watch. But still amazing.

  12. One day I will get around to finishing up Orphan Black. That first season was my favorite. If I had Hulu I would watch Handmaid’s Tale but alas I do not. Riverdale is another I might binge at some point. I just recently binged Shameless and was obsessed!

  13. Uh yeah. Why are you just watching ALL THE SHOWS THAT GREG RECOMMENDS? And here I am just like, “WATCH STRANGER THINGS” or 13 Reasons Why, or…or….I don’t know that’s all I had haha. Jessica Jones? Did you even watch that? And yet all YOU DO is make me watch the 100 and I’m like I TRIED I TRIED ALREADY

    I really do wanna watch the Handmaid’s Tale, but I know it’ll make me super sad, so I might save that…for ….when I’m not sad. Or when I’m out of the country.

    • Because he recommends good shows, Val! Look- I TRIED Stranger Things TWICE. I will try again, because I know you all loved it. Which, to be fair, you didn’t even do with The 100! And I’ll watch 13 Reasons Why one of these days probably. I also tried to make you watch 12 Monkeys, if you recall!

      Handmaid’s Tale will make you sad. But more than sad. Like… hopeless. Like you’ll think “well, shit, this sounds like 2017, better just grab my ugly ass bonnet and call it a day”. So… yeah. But it’s also really good and so there’s that. And it’s obviously a good cautionary tale.

  14. Kel

    I’ve been meaning to try 12 Monkeys, but I currently have neither Syfy nor Hulu, so…hopefully someday. 🙂 I haven’t watched a lot of stuff this semester, but I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve seen of The Gifted.

    • Syfy is rude and even if you HAVE cable they will not let you watch 12 Monkeys. So I got Hulu, but they only had the first 2 seasons, so I had to BUY the 3rd on Amazon. If all the seasons end up on Hulu, it’s definitely worth getting the free trial for though! And I have been curious about The Gifted, I need to watch that, glad you’re liking it!

  15. Wait, you watch shows that aren’t The 100? So weird.

    I’m not sure about Riverdale. I can’t decide whether I can get over my dislike for a certain cast member. And I’m more into sci-fi/fantasy shows. I don’t knowwwww.

    • I am laughing so hard because RIGHT!? 😂😂😂

      OH I need to know which cast member! So like, the actual person themselves? Did he or she do something problematic? :: heads to Google:: I agree, I am definitely drawn to sci-fi/fantasy for sure, but it’s almost like a little break, watching Riverdale haha.

  16. Aaah I really like Orphan Black though we have only watched the first two seasons so far. I also really enjoyed Continuum but ugh that last season. Not cool. I hate when shows get cancelled and it shows in the last season. We watched the first season of 12 Monkeys and I am still unsure but I got the second season for my hubby for christmas so we will be giving it some more chance.

    So recs? I have no idea what you have watched but here we go. Stargate (Sg-1 and Atlantis), Defiance, Falling Skies, Haven, V, Fringe.

    • DUDE RIGHT!?!? The ending was just so NOT okay. Like… my ship didn’t sail?! HE DIED!? I mean, I know he was elderly at that point but NO, okay? And then the kid!? Come on. And yep- they were given a short season to wrap it up, but clearly they needed more. So rude.

      OH I hope you love 12 Monkeys! I was a little unsure at first too actually, but then I got SO into it- I love the grittiness, and it only gets darker as the series goes on!

      Those recs sound awesome! I know I have heard of a few of them, but I am off to look them all up now, thank you!! 😀

  17. How have I watched none of these shows? Thirteen Monkeys is on my to watch as (once I managed to get through the whole thing) I did really enjoy the film. And Orphan Black,why have I never watched past the first episode? I am going to take this list and make it the basis for my to watch list (except I might skip Riverdale) because I need good TV recs as all I ever do is rewatch old favourites (if I want to rewatch Biffy for the tenth time I’m allowed, right?) and I also have a habit of getting bored part way through TV shows for no logical reason.

    • I mean, you could skip Riverdale and be just fine, tbh 😉 I like it, but it’s just simple fun haha. YES you are allowed to rewatch shows over and over. I am on at LEAST my 10th time of The 100- I really wish I had kept count, tbh, so I definitely am team rewatch! Some shows I DO get bored of and call it quits, but I think these shows all have pretty short seasons, AND not a ton of seasons, so you might be okay!

  18. I haven’t seen any of these! I binge-watch with my husband or daughter, depending on the show. With daughter, we are watching Supernatural (on season 6). With husband, we’re watching Blacklist (3rd episode.) Other shows we’ve loved — Alias, Fringe, 24

  19. Orphan Black YES. I also binge Black Sails (it’s gruesome, most of the time, so definitely only when I’m in a gritty, dark mood), Doctor Who (because it’s usually silly), The Musketeers (so cheesy! So bad! So delightful!). I just got Thirtysomethings from the library, so we’ll see how that one goes. I keep tending toward dark, painful shows (like Broadchurch, which is amazing but hurts), so I think I’ll love Handmaid’s Tale when I clear space in my schedule to watch it. 🙂

  20. I haven’t watched any new shows this year, since I barely have time to keep up with my current faves, but I’ve heard great things about 12 Monkeys. I recently finished The Handmaid’s Tale, and it was a tough read. I’m definitely not ready to see it portrayed on the screen.

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