A few times,I told you about the shows I watched. And it was fun, so I am going to do it again! This whole thing is an effort, at the moment, to get me excited to watch other shows, instead of rewatching The 100 again. I’m… not doing great.

So, a list of the shows I’ve been watching since whenever the hell the last post posted was! 

2019- ♦ Netflix

Renewed for Second Season (2020)

This show, on the surface, sounds like a crappier version of Gone. But it’s wholly addicting and entertaining and basically a gift from the Netflix Gods. The great thing about this show is that it realizes it’s ridiculous and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s fun while being dark and foreboding, and that is my favorite combination. I laughed, I cried, I can’t wait for Season 2.

Damn straight I will.  Also, you watch for Grizz, Grizz is everything. ??

Verdict: 👍👍

2019 ♦ Netflix 

Renewed for Season 2

I wish I remembered more about this show, but I don’t. I watched it almost a year ago so who can really know what I thought? Here’s what I do remember: It’s zombie-rific, the action packed goodness that you wish The Walking Dead was. I know I flew through watching it, caring both about the story and the characters. The world is bleak, which makes sense so I am fine with it, but it’s like, Handmaid’s-level depressing, so beware.

As it turns out, that’s a hard nope. 

Verdict: 👍

2019 ♦ Netflix


Okay, so I didn’t hate this with the vitriolic rage that most people seemed to. Look it up folks, the reviews are bad. And I won’t sit here and pretend this was a good show by any stretch of the imagination. I will say, it was so awful it was fun? Like- you knew it was absurd, and so it was almost a game, like “can they out-ridiculous themselves this episode?”, and the answer was usually a very strong affirmative. I want to know who wrote this, because if these people have jobs… so too should the rest of us. Very little of it made sense, it ends on a cliffhanger even though there’re no plans for future episodes (and never were), and basically I can’t even be mad because I had been warned beforehand. Thanks, internet!

I’m here for the views 🤷

Verdict: 🤷

2017- ♦ Netflix

Two seasons, no word on renewal

This is one of the niche “European woods shenanigans” shows that Greg finds. Idk how he does it, I think it’s a gift. Or a curse, depending on the show ? Anyway, this one turned out to be pretty good! The characters make some really dumb choices, but like… well one of the characters is named Teddy Bear and he is my favorite so all is forgiven. And another character looks like Mr. Bean and idk what his real name even is, I just called him Detective Bean the whole time and I’m not sorry. The tone is really dark which is fabulous, and the setting is creepy and gorgeous. Thing is, I have a lot more questions, and I need there to be another season but you know how Netflix is so I don’t have a ton of hope.

Me too, in fact. 

Verdict: 👍

2019- ♦ FOX

Season Two in Progress; Renewed for Season 3 (2020)

This show is something I’d have never watched on my own. A client’s family was watching it, and they decided I should watch too, and here we freaking are. I am obsessed. It isn’t just the celebs singing in costumes, or the sleuthing to decide whether Jeff Goldblum is dressed up as a marigold. It’s that it is a genuinely joyful and positive show, and shit, we need more of that in this world. The judges are always so kind, and it’s such a sweet and optimistic atmosphere. For one hour a week, I feel like there’s hope for mankind, and that is worth watching NBA players dressed up like puppets no question.


Verdict: 👍👍

1998- ♦ MTV

34 Seasons, Renewed for Season 35 (2020)

Okay loves, this is one of my all-time favorites. I have, in fact, watched all 34 seasons, without fail, while they aired. I am dedicated. I love a challenge, and watching people compete is just incredibly fun. The politics of the game, the physicality, sure. But also the spirit and will and heart it takes to win one of these things. You can be muscled as hell, but if you don’t have the determination and guts, you won’t make it. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to the drama! The drama is such fun! Friendships and romances and enemies, oh my!

Don’t worry Teej, I won’t spoil who won for everyone else, but I will say that I cheered, and I cheered hard. 

Verdict: 👍👍

What are some of your current favorite shows? Anything I must watch? Have you seen any of these? 

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17 responses to “Sometimes I Watch Shows (Part 5)

  1. Kimberly

    I’m assuming (??) that you’ve seen Elite on Neftlix…if not, watch it in Spanish with English subtitles. Do not watch it dubbed.
    It’s a deliciously ridiculous YA novel and we’re all obsessed.

  2. Society!!! Love that show. Where is season 2? I need it soon. Black Summer was SUCH a trip- I mean, zombs just running around (running!!) eating people, and people shooting their companions by mistake- oopsies! SO much more fast moving than TWD.

    Black Spot- yes yes yes. After THAT ending…

    Watch Impulse :):)

    • I think it should be back by the summer! When the heck did it come out anyway? Who knows. Let;s say summer. I liked Black Summer too- it was like, what a zombie show shoould be!

      I WILL watch Impulse! You have me convinced that I need to get to it sooner than later, no questioN! I just need like, a S1 refresher or something. Maybe if I saw that, I’d remember that I was excited about it ?

  3. Um, it is so RUDE and HURTFUL of you to make such a post and NOT have watched Veronica Mars which I keep TELLING YOU TO watch. ??

    It’s okay because I haven’t seen ANY of these shows. ? I’ve heard of The Society! And The Masked Singer really recently. I would watch Hand (what is that title) for the views too.

    You are dedicated with The Challenge!

    You need to watch V Mars and One Day At A Time and On My Block (Netflix). And Dickinson which I haven’t watched but the trailer is great and it has Hailee Steinfeld starring, whom I love.

    • SORRRRRY. If it helps, I haven’t watched ANYTHING (except The 100 obvs) since… well, since The 100 S6 finale. I mean- except a few episodes of The Challenge and TMS, which like, I have been watching the Challenge since you were in like, diapers. So that doesn’t even count. And I watched TMS at WORK so that wasn’t even my decisioN!

      I think you’d LOVE The Society tbh. It’s like- that whole teen drama but with good characters and high stakes.

      Okay you cannot implore me to watch stuff that you haven’t watched yet! ? But I do promise to get to some of the others, lke VM!

  4. I’m so glad you liked The Society! I really enjoyed it as well because I loved how it seemed like a twist on Michael Grant’s Gone series…unfortunately, though, most other Gone fans online (and Grant himself) have been very critical of the show. To each their own, I guess!

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