The 100 Episode 6×09: What You Take With You

This episode was freaking incredibleI mean where do I even start? Okay, we will start with why I loved it. Was it the guest star of my damn dreams? Was it the particular wrapping up of an arc that I literally begged for last week? Was it all the stabs to my feels? Nope. It was all of the above. What You Take With You is just… it’s close to flawless tbh. 

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

Josie & Bellamy’s Day Out

Oh, the fun these two have! Oddly enough, this was somehow the most lighthearted plotline of the episode. While on the run, just as Jo predicted, they’re immediately captured by some Children of Gabriel. The COGs are none too sympathetic to Bellamy’s story, so they chain up both of them, and actually do radio Xabriel. But Jo has virtually no hope that he’ll answer because she assumes he’s dead. Which of course is just her self-preservation mechanism, because she desperately doesn’t want him to be dead, but I digress. When he finds out he can talk to Clarke though…

So they have some downtime in the cave. Jo starts talking about all the reasons they won’t actually get out alive, and she actually opens up and shares a bit about her and Gabriel. They even enjoy a little dredging up of past relationship drama between Bellamy and Clarke, which is amusing to everyone, including Bellamy.

Once again, the psycho isn’t wrong.

But oh noes, Sanctum’s riders have come to retrieve their Prime! In the kerfuffle, Clarkephine starts to bleed, and they see that she’s a nightblood. So she’s gotta die, right? Wrong, because Jo just gives Clarke the reigns and lets her mow these COGs down like the badass that she is. Bellamy realizes that she’s back immediately, because he probably figures Jo wouldn’t want to ruin her nails with all the stabbing, and it’s glorious.

As much as she wants him to come with her to Xabriel’s place, she knows she has to move. So she leaves the keys with him, and gets out of the cave. A chase ensues, and she finally sees Jo outside her body. Which is bad, because it means that they are quickly losing their brain function. Jo wants control back, to which Clarke laughs and takes off, telling Xabriel (and O) that she’s on her way.

Class Is In Session

Octavia popped out of the Anomaly with a new hairdo, flawless makeup, and a newfound sense of trust toward random centuries-old men. I am going to have to chalk this up to “still reeling from Anomaly”, because who lets dudes they barely know inject them with unknown serum that will supposedly decipher their “life purpose”? I see we all have our hands firmly at our sides, yet this seemed reasonable to O. Xabriel wants to know what is shakin’ in the Anomaly, so, here we go!

She quickly is under the affects of the serum, and has a decision to make: Head toward the calm looking green box, or the chaotic red one. Obviously it’s not shocking that O goes for doom and anarchy of Box Color Red. And where does she find herself? The blood-reddest place of all, the fighting pits. And as if that isn’t hellish enough, who saunters up to pay a visit? None other than Charles Q. Pike. And like a good teacher, he’s here to guide her in what she needs to do to get out of this place once and for all.

And he’s funny, too! Damn, I missed Mike Beach! 

I love Pike’s presence here, and not just because I was tickled to death to see Mike Beach reprise his role. Pike and Octavia have a lot more in common than she’d care to admit- hell, probably more than he’d care to admit too. But he does. He was seeking redemption when he was struck down, and he’s not trying to see the same thing happen to her.

He really should look into teaching Sanctum Skills… 

We relive Octavia’s sins in a quest to get her to figure out what she’s looking for. Pike recounts the people she has let down, greatest of all being herself. I still don’t count the cannabalism among said sins (it wasn’t only her choice, and besides, they’d all have died had she not) but he did put a huge focus on how she became so enmeshed with her Blodreina persona that she lost sight of her original goal of keeping her people alive when she burned the farm and marched on the valley.

So she finally cracks. But Pike reminds her that she has to take action in order to find redemption. She can’t keep doing the same things and expecting a different outcome. And while she’s thinking that through, Blodreina joins the fray. Blodreina’s solution is obvious: Just kill Pike again! O has no plans to do this, so Blodreina takes the wheel. The scene is incredibly poignant, comparing this execution to that of Pike killing Lincoln. Which is gutting on every possible level.

What is all this water flowing from my face?!

But this time, O doesn’t let her grief overcome her. She’s not seeking revenge anymore. She’s tried that, for many years, and the only thing she has to show for it is even more heartache. She’s not going to kill Pike, because it isn’t her (or Bloodreina’s) job to dole out justice. She had to, for a time, and that was for a reason, but she’s no longer in that position. So maybe things can change.

So now the ultimate battle begins: Octavia versus Blodreina, in a battle that was always destined to be in one way or another. I won’t say that Octavia didn’t need to become Blodreina, or that she made some grave mistake in doing so. There were, as often happens on this show, no good choices. She did the best she could with the people and tools at her disposal. But now, Octavia needed to come back, and Blodreina needed to be put to rest for good.

She’s back, bitches!

And with the end of Blodreina, O’s back in Xabriel’s tent. He’s still got centuries’ worth of questions about the Anomaly, O still has zero answers,  but she wants to get out and save the world! Only… they hear Clarke’s message instead and Xabriel tells her to buckle up, because shit is about to go down. I for one cannot wait.

May We Meet Again

I’m going to get this out of the way: I must acquiesce that The 100 did literally every single thing I hoped for (and fine, was salty about) last week in regards to Henry Ian Cusick’s departure. Every. Last. Bit. That didn’t make it easy; in fact it made it a million times harder. But that is what we, as fans who have come to love these characters (and yes, the actors who portray them) need in a farewell. So let’s do this.

We are greeted by NuKane and Abby having a little chat. Kane is none too happy about Abby’s life choices, but then I guess they both decide it’s a terrible idea to let this fabulous new body go to waste, and they start kissing.

This. Is. Squicky.

Guess who else thinks it’s squicky as fuck? Kane, because he hasn’t lost his grip on reality even though Abby certainly may have. And I get it, she’s desperate for Gavin’s body to seem like Kane’s. But Kane sees the problems here- it isn’t his body, and no matter if his consciousness is in it, it had a life of its own before this. And the proof for him lies in Gavin’s wife.

And that’s that, folks. 

This is the moment that there’s no doubt left in his mind: He is not more important than Gavin was. Sure, to Abby and the people who loved him maybe, but wasn’t Gavin then more important to his wife? He sees what Abby can’t- that this cannot possibly end well. Raven is also pretty salty that this whole business is going down, and I am finally here for Raven’s sanctimoniousness. Because this is the time to use it! And Kane hops in with her.

Raven and Kane are obviously in cahoots to stop the transfer of Nightblood to Sanctum, but they’re going to need some muscle (and weapons and such) to get their plan off the ground. There’s really only one choice.


Obviously it takes her a hot second to be brought up to speed. And at first, Indra’s shooting off some real truth bombs: They have all done some terrible things. Is it so bad that Kane is alive? To which Kane and Raven are like “girl, you been asleep for too long, this is messed up!” and Indra is basically like “wow yeah woozy from the hundred year nap, soz” and that’s that. These people have to be stopped. Indra grabs the guns and Niylah, and they storm into the ship and steal the Nightblood. Simone is delightfully shocked, because how dare anyone not respect her Primey decisions?! The horror! It’s hilarious, frankly.

Raven tries to keep Abby in the ship while Indra takes the Nightblood to the airlock, and I think we all know why even before they tell us. Kane is going out with the Nightblood, and he doesn’t want Abby to stop him, or have to witness this again. It’s a real bite in the ass for Abby here tbh. But I also understand Kane’s decision. Raven, for her part, thinks Abby should have a chance to say goodbye and brings her to the airlock (while all the weapons are trained on Simone’s head, obviously).

As NuKane reverts back to Henry Ian Kane, Abby begs him to not leave her. Though I think she had to have known on some level that this was a definite choice he could make. She almost seemed a little… defeated, at that moment. Knowing that he did ultimately have to make this call, and because he is the man she knew he was, he would be putting a stop to this.

In effect, it’s the sacrifice he had been trying to make since Season 1. He wanted redemption then, and earned it tenfold over the years. But now faced with the fact that his mere existence in Gavin’s body is an accomplice to this utter failure of humanity… it’s clear to see why he can’t stay.

It hurts too much.

In the end, it was a very appropriate way for Kane to go. On his own terms, for the good of not only his own people, but all people. I am so glad that he got his goodbye with Abby, and his dear friend Indra. I am sad that he won’t make amends with Octavia, but I suppose it’s quite realistic. We don’t always get to make things right, to fix all the things. Kane fixed as much as he could, and in his last sacrifice, is giving them the opportunity to do better. Reshop, Marcus Kane.

Random Thoughts:

  • Are Raven and Indra the new bestie duo? I think they are! Or at least, they’d better be. Raven could use a bud, and well, Indra is currently down one best friend, so… let’s get it done, yeah?
  • I think we really might need to send the search party out for Gaia. It’s been awhile now since her exile and I worry she’s been taken hostage by a sunflower or something.
  • Anyone else wonder what was in the Green Box? I mean, was there an option where she and Bellamy were playing board games on the Ark? A picnic with Lincoln? I just wanna know. 
  • We must give a shoutout to Greyston Holt for fully embodying Marcus Kane, which is no small task. Down to even little quirks of the mouth that made Kane Kane, Greyston Holt captured them flawlessly. It’s so impressive, and he made Kane’s decision so very believable.
  • What is going to become of Abby? I really don’t know what is next for our lone remaining elder statesman. I’m even torn on my hopes for her, because I always wanted her to have some years of peace with Kane at the end. Did they not deserve that? After all they’ve been through, the hellish choices, the sacrifices. Look, I know that no love story has a happy ending; by definition the end is unhappy, but I wanted them to have time. Time where no one was under threat of execution, when no one was eating their roommates, when no one was addicted to substances. I had a vision of Kane and Abby looking over a moderately peaceful homefront, watching the few remaining delinquents taking over, leading the way to a better tomorrow.  I know this is the wrong show for those hopes, but I had them nonetheless. With other relationships, I can see the remaining partner moving on. Octavia will eventually find another love, as will Raven, etc. But Abby? I don’t think anyone can really ask for a third man as kind and strong as either Jake or Kane was. And I don’t know that Abby would want one anyway. I worry because she was so lost, and she’s about to find out that she failed her daughter on top of pretty much failing Kane. Maybe she can work on rebuilding that relationship. Work on rebuilding her relationships with Raven, Jackson, even Madi. But… it’s going to be a really unpleasant road, I fear.

Song of the Week:

Oh this was such a hard choice! Because Marcus Freaking Kane, guys. But this fits not just for Kane. I think it’s fitting for every arc in this episode. There were a lot of saviors here. Undoubtedly, Kane is going to be the ultimate savior. Truthfully, he always was. And, it’s a little stronger, more powerful, more upbeat than other songs I’d considered, because I felt the tone of his exit more powerful than somber. It was everyone taking back their agency, not just him. Indra, Octavia, Raven, Clarke. And that is what God’s Whisper by Rarury represents to me.

Episode 6×10: Matryoshka

I am so scared but also so excited and also no one is allowed to hurt Clarke.

  • Can Diyoza bloop back out of the Anomaly now please and thanks? Look, she’s got to collect her new bestie Octavia, have a baby, and then save the day. This is what she does. And frankly, I would love to see the look on Sanctum’s faces when the “terrorist” overruns them.
  • I high key want to see Bellamy riding a motorcycle. Remember that time he crashed the Rover? He’d be such a mess on the bike and I am here for it. As long as he’s okay, obviously. 
  • What’s been going down on Sanctum? Murphy and Jordan still bleeding? Is Madi/Sheidheda thoroughly contained? Is Jae the Cookie Man still there? Has anyone else insulted Emori? How mad is Priya at Russell? Should be a mess!
  • I just want Clarke Griffin back, okay?  This was fun and now it’s over. Right? RIGHT?! I mean, I know it won’t exactly be easy-peasy, but. I need Clarke. We all do. 
  • Russell is keeping Earthkru alive to use as hosts, yeah? I mean, what else is the point of patching up a bunch of stabbing victims who you hate and will probably be trying to seek vengeance if not to erase them and use them for your own creepy mind-drives? How utterly pissed is Russ going to be when Simone arrives empty handed? How much is Earthkru going to cackle? 

What are your thoughts? Are you as devastated by Kane’s death as I am? What do you think is in store for Abby? Giddy excited to see Mike Beach return as Pike? Thrilled to see 2.5 seconds of Bellarke reunion? So much to discuss! 

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11 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×09: What You Take With You

  1. Not a fan of Kane’s death! Even though we saw it coming, I was hoping he would stay on the show. Pretty much over Abby at this point too, as I’ve stated before (I guess I’ve been over her for a while lol). The Clarke and Bellamy scenes were nice though, definitely. I’ll kinda miss Clarkephine… a bit, maybe? I keep thinking Eliza must be having fun playing her. 🙂

    I was kinda surprised post- Anomaly O was so passive towards Gabriel and his procedure too. Still, the Pike stuff was good.

    I totally forgot about Gaia. Oops. Oh well.

    • Ugh I am so upset about Kane. It was a hard post to write! Especially having to watch the damn scene over and over! HA you really have been over Abby for a long time it seems. Idk, I feel bad for her. But then, I was sympathetic to Jaha too so. Maybe I am not the best one to ask!

      I actually think I will miss Jo too! But like, not enough to want her to stay hah. Eliza must’ve had the time of her LIFE, you’re right! Because Jo is just snarky and hilarious and evil, and even though she’s smart and tough like Clarke, that is ALL they have in common!

      Like I have to wonder if the Anomaly made her more chill? In the Pike/Blodreina stuff, she almost reverted back to floorboards and butterflies Octavia, didn’t you think? Interesting, that. OH what if the Anomaly reversed her age, biologically? Because she even LOOKED like Butterfly Octavia!

      BWHAH poor Gaia! Look, I’d say we don’t need her, but Indra CANNOT lose her best friend and her daughter in the same weekend. CANNOT.

    • HAH right?! Basically they’re conning people into stealing their bodies, though they do it under the guise of almost a religion? But yeah if you are not a fan of emotionally draining shows this is NOT for you- I cannot tell you how much I cried just writing this stupid post!

  2. Josephine still loves Gabriel and talks about it like it’s an inconvenience. She seems to see any kind of close relationship as a liability. She even thinks her dad acting out of love is a liability! The interactions between Josephine and Bellamy and Josephine and Clarke were fun to watch. I’m thinking Clarke will get to keep some of Josephine’s skills once the mind drive is removed. I will miss Josephine but at the same time, I’m excited to see how she’ll be defeated.

    Pike was absolutely the perfect person to bring back for this! I agree that he and Octavia are a lot alike. Both were driven by vengeance. Octavia’s descent really started when she killed PIke and that was the reference point for Blodreina’s brand of justice. By choosing differently in the mind space, Octavia took a step down a new path. I now have hope that she’ll earn her redemption. Gabriel seems to have this way of disarming people. Octavia resisted the injection for a hot second! Also, he managed to escape the barrel of Diyoza’s gun just by saying he was going to the Anomaly and walking away. Maybe Josephine was/is hooked by his disarming charm.

    I watched the episode twice and I felt Kane’s death both times. Fans had hoped for an impactful exit with a goodbye to Abby and we got it. Having Indra recite the Traveler’s Prayer and say “Your fight is over” added to the impact of the moment. Indra and Kane had such a great friendship. Indra and Raven would be an interesting friendship. They have working together and this tragic shared experience to build upon. I don’t know where Abby goes from here. I think, though, that there is a chance that she’ll actually want to go on and do better in honor of Kane.

    I’m hoping Ryker steps up and helps Earthkru. He’s clearly tired of this mess and now he has a real opportunity to do something about it. I totally buy the idea that Russell is keeping everyone alive to serve as hosts. There’s no nightblood so… Rothenberg tweeted a vague trigger warning about tonight’s episode. Maybe a beloved character is going to die.

    • YEP yep exactly! She hates that she has feelings! And you are so right about her seeing her own father’s love as a terrible quality! Wow this girl is messed UP and I really wish we could see more of why/how she became this way. Because “creepy dude suicide” is NOT the only reason. Not by a long shot.

      You’re also so right about Pike’s killing being the catalyst for Blodreina. Because when Lincoln died, she was just broken. But when she killed Pike, it was something altogether different. Just ALL the darkness and vengeance. And even though I vehemently disagreed with Pike, his actions were absolutely from a place of wanting to keep his people safe, just like O’s.

      I hadn’t thought of Gabriel’s charm, but wow, yes! He did disarm Diyoza awfully quickly. Is he putting something in the water? ?

      I agree wholeheartedly about Kane’s death. I also watched it twice (and then again in pieces when gif-making) and I think I cried harder the second time! Because I knew it was coming, I was able to really absorb all the little moments. Indra really gutted me- Adina is so freaking fabulous, you could just SEE the devastation all over Indra. I hope you’re right about Abby- I think there’s certainly a chance that she can/will! But it’s going to be HARD.

      I hope Ryker steps up too. Priya is going to be in shock, so I feel lke he can convince her to jump on his side too. And YES I saw that trigger warning thing and I am SO SCARED. I mean we just lost Kane, we cannot lose anyone else, especially now! You don’t think… Clarke won’t actually DIE will she!?

  3. Beth W

    Aaaaaaaand then I wept. A lot.

    I admit, I was “meh” on this episode, even though the back-and-forth between Josephine and Bellamy was fun (part of Jo’s awesomeness is that, even though she’s got some morality issues, she’s very observant, smart, and clear-headed…which of course makes her that much scarier). And it was another scene of the actress playing it beautifully- my brain still finds it difficult to see Clarke but….not Clarke. And then the Blodreina/O absolution thing….and I got misty-eyed at the Pike/Lincoln callback. OUCH MY HEART. I really hope this sticks, for O.

    And then they woke Indra. HUZZAH! I loved that her initial reaction was the antithesis to Raven’s sanctimoniousness. At first I thought maybe Indra was gonna be, like, “Hey, I’D like to live forever, let’s do this thing”, but then I realized she’s just doing that awesome thing she does where she levels the playing field with truth. Yep, they’re gods to their people. Yep, we’ve done as bad or worse. But also, yep, I’m going to stand against this body-snatching thing that could crumble my people. I’m an idiot and honestly didn’t realize that Kane would have to also spacewalk (suitless) to they couldn’t use his black blood to synthesize more. So I just thought they were gonna destroy the gallon of black blood, until Raven said “Kane asked me to keep you here.” Ruh-roh! And then it kind of all fell into place.
    I am so, so glad they let Henry Ian Cusack play his own final scene…..which was beautiful. And I cried through the entire thing. And then Indra says his own people’s farewell prayer to him….and I bawled so hard. That whole scene was just…..ow. Great, but ow. I’m glad Indra could be there, too- it feels like the kind of honor these friends deserve with each other. And the next person to fall pregnant better name their baby Marcus. And who’s gonna tell Diyoza that Kane is dead??

    I think this is all part of Abby’s redemption arc. I mean, not that this is penance, because this was Kane’s choice and not hers, but the only way she can honor him now is to live. With herself. For their humanity. And that’s going to suck, and she’s probably going to be very alone. But it also feels like The Right Thing. And she basically has two daughters (Clarke and Raven) now to look after. She might need to step in with Crazypants Madi, too. And O. They could have a Redemption Girls Night or something, where they spend time NOT making horrible decisions.

    • Agree so much about all of the things! Jo is definitely scarier BECAUSE she has some likability. If she was a straight up monster, no one would have thought twice about eliminating her over the years.

      I hope it sticks for O too. I think it will. Mostly because the literal whole world is no longer on her shoulders, I think she stands a chance to start fresh.

      I thought that about Indra too- like whoa what if she betrays them!? But she made some good points, I concur! I didn’t know that Kane would be spacewalking either. I still don’t think he *had* to, I think he chose to. Like- he couldn’t walk around Sanctum telling people to not do it when he was a walking hypocrisy. No matter that he didn’t chose it himself. I cried so hard too! It was ROUGH! I think the Indra moments hurt worse than Abby;s honestly! Because Abby has had all this time but Indra… ugh. It was BRUTAL. Also, They think DIYOZA is dead too remember. So that is NOT going to be pretty when she finds out. Kane and O are her only friends in the WORLD for goodness sake.

      I agree about Abby though it’ll be interesting to see how they go about it, because so far, she’s really not been at the forefront. Bwhahah I LOVE the idea of Redemption Girls Night! They NEED IT. I at least want Abby to find a friend. Maybe Indra, or Diyoza. Just someone to have her back. Abby has spent SO much of her life caring for others that she deserves someone in her life to look out for her in return.

  4. Okay, confession—it literally didn’t occur to me WHY Kane had to die until I read it in Beth’s comment above. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was touched by the moment and I understood why Kane didn’t want to live in this random body, but there was a little part of me that said, “The guy’s already dead and you’re … not. Why die for no reason?” But I didn’t think about the fact that they could have used his blood to make more. Duh! I actually feel a lot better about his death now. (Maybe they said that in the show and I missed it?) Overall, I really loved this episode, though. I need to catch up with the rest of the show now!

    • Holy shit how did I not see your comment until now!?!? IT’S OKAY I AM HERE NOW. (Because you were obviously on pins and needles ?)

      Yeah I think that is definitely a big part of it- he would have been used, no doubt. Plus the mind drive being gone helped too. And ultimately, I think it was just too hypocritical I think? Like HOW could he have shown up back in Sanctum, you know? While telling everyone else it wasn’t okay, but here he was, the living embodiment of it. So different than Gabriel even (even though they were both saved against their will, Gabriel had too much knowledge- but even HE hid for ages because of the hypocrisy!)

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