The 100 Episode 6×08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

This episode was a bit of a mixed bag for me. There were parts that I absolutely adored and parts that… well frankly I could have lived without. Overall, it absolutely sets the stage for the remaining episodes, and gives us some great character development which I am all for. Also, can we all agree that Luisa d’Oliveira freaking owned this episode? So glad to see both her and Emori shining so brightly!

 Just a reminder, spoilers galore!! Like ALL the spoilers- proceed with caution! 

EMPing Stuff

Bellamy gathers the fam to tell them the good news about Clarke’s use of antiquated communication methods, and I was pleasantly surprised that they believed him immediately. I was sure they were going to drag this out because honestly, I could see people not believing him. “Guys I swear, she tapped it on her arm!” just doesn’t have a convincing ring to it. But they did, so here we are. Only they didn’t invite Uncle Murphy and Aunt Emori to the picnic, because Murphy is with the enemy and who knows where Emori’s loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, Murphy is proposing (both immortality and post-apocalypse marriage, I guess?) to Emori. Because you really should be on the same page as a person when deciding if you want to chip ’em forever.

Good call, John. DTR while you can. 

You can always count on Josephine to interrupt a perfect moment, so in she comes with a task! They must seek out Ryker, and get Clarke out of her own head. Only, neither Murphy nor Emori knew that Clarke was still alive. Hell, Ryker didn’t even know that Josephine was re-alive, and that was like four newsflashes ago.  But Jo gets her team in place, and they come up with a plan involving an Eligius shock collar and getting rid of Clarke once and for all.

When Emori seeks Bellamy out to find the shock collar, you know she’s going through some shit. She doesn’t want to kill Clarke of course, but she also doesn’t want to betray Murphy. I don’t think this was ever about immortality for her, I think she genuinely doesn’t want anything to happen to Murphy. But she also knows that she simply cannot live (forever) knowing how she got there, so she caves and tells Bellamy.

Knew she wouldn’t let Clarke die! 

So plans are hatched! I straight up cackled when, as Josephine starts reading everyone the riot act, Emori stealthily runs away, EMP in tow. It was fabulous, using Jo’s own narcissism against her. She takes off into the corn fields, but Murphy and Jo are on her heels- quite literally because they have a motorcycle and Emori has about a four second head start. There’s a showdown, and Jo holds a knife to Murphy’s throat, assuming (correctly, probably) that they’d not let her kill Murphy even though he was cool with killing Clarke.

Why is she always right though!?

Murphy reminds them that he’s not their enemy by telling them that Gabriel could help them with Clarke if Jackson can’t. Once Jo realizes the plan to EMP the radiation shield, she slashes Murphy’s leg and makes a break for it, only Bellamy isn’t letting that happen. Echo gets the job done while Emori tries to keep Murphy alive, and Bellamy begins his little journey through the woods with his half-hostage. And Earthkru has a new problem on their hands and sirens blare and guards come a-running.

But aw come on this is adorable at least! 

Xabriel and the Anomaly

 Big props to Ally who totally called Xavier being Gabriel thing! I hadn’t seen it coming at all, but then, do I ever? As our merry band of Anomaly-seekers reach the campsite that Xabriel (his new name, obviously) uses to… okay fine Idk what he actually does here? Pines after/has nightmares about Josephine? Sure, sounds good. Anyway, as they get there, Diyoza is none to happy to hear that she can’t walk armed near the Anomaly. For reasons. One of which is probably that this dude is Gabriel, and she has threatened to kill Gabriel all the times in all the ways, but still.

Idk either, my dude.

Octavia’s starting to lose her shit just as Diyoza’s figuring out how old the titular “Old Man” really is, and these two ladies share A Moment™.  Gosh I love their dynamic. They’re so similar, but Diyoza is here to use her centuries years of wisdom to help O while she can still mend some of her relationships, and I love it.

Best. Callback. Ever.

Time to take a stroll into the green storm cloud looking thing, that’s totally safe and definitely nothing bad will happen. Hahah just kidding, Diyoza sees her daughter, circa six years from now, and Hope needs Diyoza to climb on in with her! It’s always something with kids, amirite?

Bloop! Bye bye.

Octavia sashays back out looking like a candidate on America’s Next Top Model, while Diyoza is nowhere to be found. O collapses into the arms of her new beau Xabriel while they just kind of look on in shock: What happened to O’s mangled old-lady claw? Where’s Diyoza? She gonna give birth in the damn Anomaly? Talk about a story to pass down!

Sheidheda’s Plan

Oh, Madi and Sheidheda, what a pair. I mean, it’s a pair that makes my eyes roll, but a pair nonetheless. As much as I love the whole “Legacy of the Commanders” stuff, I just haven’t felt any connection to this storyline. But okay, upon hearing that Clarke was still alive, Madi’s plan was light on the science and planning, and heavy on the stabby murdering. Legit that is Sheidheda’s apparent answer to any problem: Stab it. So while everyone is trying their damnedest to not let Clarke get EMPed, Madi is… plotting on which Prime is easiest to kill. Sure, sounds great, no flaws in that plan.

She decides on Miranda Prime, and also her lover who just had the misfortune of sleeping with a multi-centenarian. I don’t know much about Miranda, which I guess is why she was so damn expendable to the story, yeah?

Miranda Whoever, we hardly knew ye.

And once havoc ensued, Madi/Sheid’s next target was none other than Prililah! Wow, I missed Prililah. I mean, a little, compared to say, Miranda. Anyway, guess who isn’t letting that shit go down? It’s Delilah’s boyfriend of exactly 2.4 minutes, Jordan Green!

The best laid plans, Mads.

That isn’t going to be a fun topic of conversation at the next family meeting, is it? As Jordan lays bleeding on the floor, an equally bloody Murphy and an appropriately pissed off Emori are dragged into the mix. Earthkru? Yeah, you’re all prisoners. Solid job, Sheidheda.?

Making More Kanes Nightbloods

Ohhh another story I wasn’t the fondest of! But I’ll get to that in the next section. Let’s talk about how we get to that point. Abby has gotten back to EIV, with Raven, Simone, and some rando named Gavin. Idk why Raven thought Gavin was aboard, but I guess it didn’t occur to her that he was to be NuKane™, because when she figured it out, she was utterly appalled. Like any normal person would be, let’s be real.

Hippocratic, Schmippocratic.  

Raven wants no parts in this, which again, speaks highly of Raven. Abby wants her to go into space to make Nightblood (though- didn’t they find a way around that in God Complex? Bone marrow or something?) and Raven’s not taking the bait. So Abby suits up for her very first spacewalk! Not before she tries unsuccessfully to guilt Raven into doing it.

Like no, lady, I would not!

Buuut… then she does. That Raven, she’s a big ol’ softy for middle-aged women making terrible life choices. And so we’re all ready to transfer the consciousness of Marcus Kane into this dude whose brain was wiped. Because that isn’t going to piss Kane off. HA just kidding, he’s so going to riot!

We tried to tell her you’d hate it.

Marcus Kane II

Okay, we have reached the part of the story that I don’t really have a lot of nice things to say about. My biggest problem? There’s no actual goodbye moment for Henry Ian Cusick, if this is really his end. And that seems wrong on a couple levels. Let’s dissect them:

  1. Abby would never have gone through with this (and I am surprised that we as the viewer did) without a heartfelt explanation to Kane’s unconscious form. This is the man she loves(d?) here, and you want me to buy that she’s not going to take one last look at his face? Please. Please. This also would have been an incredibly opportunity for us to understand Abby’s decision better, plus if anyone has the chops to pull it off, Paige does.
  2. Henry Ian Cusick is like… everything, okay? Sure, my bias is showing, but how do you let an actor of his caliber walk offset without a legit goodbye moment? It is a disservice to absolutely everyone involved. Plus why did no one issue a proper goodbye like they did with… Idk every other actor whose character died? I am just lost.

Could it be that he’s not dead? That was my initial thought/hope, based on the above. But Ian’s not even in the credits for the upcoming episodes so… who knows. I also considered that perhaps he was sort of… killed-off-lite™, with the chance to come back (perhaps via the Anomaly? Tree sap? Literally anything?) in case Ian was free. Which he is, because some assholes canceled The Passage. Look you can’t take away Marcus Kane and Dr. Jonas Lear from me. It’s just rude. Edit: As I was compiling this post, I saw this article about some show I don’t care about picking him up as a lead. I am tired and I have no idea what will happen. I’m going to try to reserve judgment until I see how it all goes down but… I needed to get some of that off my chest regardless.

Random Thoughts:

  • Does Sheidheda have an endgame, or is he just here for the stabs? Like really, what is his point? Just to be a real douchecanoe? ?‍♀️
  • Speaking of, why is no one baby-sitting Madi? You know bitch wants to go Grounder on these people, lock her up! She’s like 12 FFS!
  • Abby saying Kane “gets a chance to live” slays me. Dude is 174 years old on a show where the average life expectancy is around 15. Please explain to me how this years-long leader and eventual Chancellor needs more time but bright-eyed, bushy tailed Gavin is good to die? Terrible excuse, Abby. Just terrible.
  • Interesting how Priya still seems to care about Jordan, even though D is seemingly dead. I don’t think she’ll actually come back, but it’s certainly thought-provoking, as obviously there is some bit of her in there. Makes you wonder who else has been left to linger all these years.
  • Ryker’s “sins” seem awfully minor compared to everyone else in this cesspool, yeah? Like he let Gabriel go probably centuries ago, who cares? They’re legit tossing babies into the woods around here, and you’re that worried about a hundred year old transgression? Let it goooo Rykes.
  • Why does anyone still trust Jade with the Primes? She’s obviously terrible at this job, maybe they need to find a new Primesitter. 

Episode 6×09: What You Take With You

A hiatus, le sigh. But the last one of the season, if you can even believe it. Didn’t this just start!?!

  • Xabriel is definitely going to see what’s shakin’ in the Anomaly because my girl Diyoza isn’t going anywhere.  If I say it enough, it’ll be true, right? Also how pissed is she going to be to see NuKane™? So much for Kiyoza ?
  • Speaking of people who are going to loathe NuKane™, Indra won’t be tickled.  You know, if we ever get to see her again either. ?? 
  • Can’t wait to see the junk O conjures up from the Anomaly! I mean, talk about dark! 
  • Is Bellamy trying to reach Clarke in the recesses of her mind? Pshh I’m not crying, you’re crying! (Kidding I am totally crying too!)
  • Hey where did Gaia go? I mean girl set out a couple episodes ago, she get eaten by a tree or something?

Will Bellamy find someone to save Clarke in time? Will the Anomaly throw Diyoza into labor? Can Earthkru forgive Murphy? So much to discuss! 

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7 responses to “The 100 Episode 6×08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

  1. They packed this one to the gills! I really think this season needed to be one or two episodes longer. Emori was the MVP for this episode for sure! I loved seeing her get some focus and have a significant role in events for once. I love the name Xabriel! Works out so much better than Clarkephine. Anyway, I think the Anomaly is going to fast forward things for Diyoza and Hope will just be there. They’re definitely teeing up an Octavia/Bellamy reunion by having the Anomaly spit her right back out. I think she and Xabriel will help each other. Sheidheda is all about the war and the bloodshed. His ambition might be to take over the Flame but maybe it gets destroyed when Madi is strapped to that machine we saw in the first trailer. I hope so! The Flame has been nothing but trouble for Madi lately.

    Abby likely ruined her relationship with Kane by putting him in Gavin’s body. She essentially cursed him with having to look in the mirror and see the face of the person who was sacrificed so he could live. With Indra coming back next week, I think new Kane and Raven are going to get together with her to stop Simone from bringing the nightblood back to Sanctum. Kane won’t stand for more people sacrificing themselves so the Primes can live forever. I hope something like that happens because I am tired of watching Raven do nothing but vent her anger. Even Emori has contributed more to the storyline!

    I think Priya and Ryker are more interested in keeping their hosts’ memories alive than the Lightbournes. They may embrace aspects of their hosts that are engrained deep in the part of the brain that is kept alive to allow for the transfer. Maybe that’s how Priya “knew” to tell Jordan that Delilah wanted him to know she is happy. I see them turning on Russell although Ryker might be quicker to do so given his inherent hatred of him. He might end up helping Echo escape the compound. Echo will probably fight Jade again. She won’t be so willing to free her from the Offering Grove now!

    • I totally agree! They really needed this to be a 16 episode season, I think. Not that it’s their fault! Hopefully next season now that they have one, it’ll warrant it!

      YES Emori is absolutely MVP and she deserved it! I was so afraid they were going to shove her to the background like they did with Harper, so I am extra glad they didn’t- Luisa was incredible and Emori needs ALL the stories! Bwhaha you’re right, Xabriel is SO much less clunky. And I like the way it sounds- almost like Saber?

      OH I like that thought- like there will be no BABY Hope per se, just like this 6 year old kid? That would be bananas but also kind of fun hah. I definitely think there’s something brewing with O and Xabriel, so I definitely agree that they may be helping each other soon. Maybe this is how she’ll get back in Bellamy’s good graces after all? I like it!

      YEP the flame could definitely die once and for all and I would be juuuust fine with it. I mean how many Grounders are even left? Two? And none are natblidas, not that anyone will trust THAT anymore ha. Abby absolutely wrecked everything with Kane, which is actually okay because I’d be high key creeped out if they were still together while he’s in that other dude’s body. It’s so squickY! YES with Raven oh my goodness. It is frustrating because it is not who she IS. I get her anger and exhaustion but… she’s just too amazing to have on the bench! I am SO HAPPY that Indra is back- I was legitimately squealing with glee when I saw those preview pictures! It is about time- no wonder everyone is a mess, they haven’t had Indra to set them straight!

      Ahhhh that is a really good theory about Priya and Ryker! And it makes sense, like you said with the whole Delilah/Jordan thing, and Ryker saving all those mementos and such. I think Ryker will absolutely turn on Russell (to save Raven, perhaps?) and I think ultimately, Priya will follow just because he’s her son. OH! WHAT IF. What if Jade DOESN’T suck at her job, and she is actually purposely sabotaging all the Primes and hosts!?! I would be SO here for that!

  2. Beth W

    Ok, SO you totally hit the nail on the head with the no-goodbye for Henry Ian Cusick. Like, even actors who leave in disgrace or get kicked off a show for bad behavior still get some sort of character closure. He’s been there since the very beginning, and was a favorite of mine (and I can think of one Grounder warrior who is going to lose her shit on Abby for this). I am 100% not OK with this being the end of Marcus Kane, and the end of Henry Ian Cusick in the show. NOT OK.

    Aside from the tender precious vulnerability of Murphy when he proposes to Emori, this episode felt really low and cobbled together….not a great one to leave a hiatus hanging on. You’re right- there seems to be a real forgetting of side characters this season. 🙁

    • Well, if it helps, the next episode will… well, it will do all the things I begged for here hahahha. This episode was kind of my least favorite of the season. The next one? It’s FABULOUS. And the one after is somehow even better? So you have something to look forward too. Indra, Miller, Gaia, Echo. Everyone’s getting some story in. Truly the next two are two of my favorites in the series, actually. I was blown away. And even 6×11 is really good- which is really hard to do for an antepenultimate episode, since it’s, by nature, a set-up episode. I am SO EXCITED for you to get to them- I promise, they redeem EVERYTHING we didn’t like about this one!

  3. I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to read this post. I feel like I’ve been away for a million years! Okay, so yeah, this episode definitely wasn’t the best. I was just plain aggravated with Abby the whole time, and you knew none of this was going to end well for her. Oh well, on to the next episode…

    • Well, if it helps, this was my least favorite episode of the season. And a few of the ones to come are my favorites of like, all time, so. This is the last “meh” one! I can’t WAIT to see what you think of the next one because I looooooved it!

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