So, good news for all of you who are giddy excited about The 100- the show is back from hiatus tonight with an all new episode! DNR looks as though it will be intense! 

But Holly, Erica, and I thought it would be fun to do something to celebrate the return! So we have some stuff! There are probably spoilers in places, so be careful! 😀 

The Tag!

Erica @ Diving Under the Cover made this up for us, so FUN! Feel free to do your own post, or post your answers in the comments!

This or That

The Book or The Show: THE SHOW. Not even a close call, tbh. (This is what I thought of the book, so…)
Skaikru or Trikru: That’s like making me choose between my children. 🙊
ALIE or Cage: ALIE. Because she couldn’t help how she was programmed. Cage had other options but was too proud and stubborn to see them.
Bellamy or Finn: Uh Bellamy, of course! Sorry, Spacewalker.
Raven or Octavia: Again, why you making me choose between my loveees?  I honestly can’t pick.
Sinclair or Kane: Sinclair is relaxing in a farm upstate with Nyko. They raise chickens and make jam. Also, I love Kane too.
Abby or Indra: Erica, you’re mean! I can’t!
Ontari or Echo: Echo, because she might have some modicum of humanity?
Nyko or Luna: I MISS NYKO, DAMN IT. 😭 I do like Luna though. I can’t choose, clearly
Emori or Niylah: Niylah, though I DO feel for Emori, I’m still salty about Fake Baylis.
Jasper or Monty: Monty like, as a human being, but Jasper for entertainment purposes 😂
Miller or Harper:Harper

Essay (but not really)

Which character do you think has the best character arc on the show so far? Bellamy probs. Kane’s has been pretty epic, and Octavia’s.
If you could re-write one scene which scene would it be? The one with Riley and Azgeda, because it should have been Bryan, and would have made infinitely more sense as such. 🙄
Which character did you want to die sooner than they did? Riley, why’s he still alive, anyway? 😡😡😡
Which character would you like to bring back to life? LINCOLN. 😭😭😭
If you could be one character, which character would you be? Clarke. Is that weird?
Who is your fictional crush on the show? Bellamy of course. 😉

Unpopular Opinion

A character everyone likes, but you don’t: But… I like everyone! Except Riley but no one likes him! 😝
A death that everyone cried about, but you rejoiced: I cry even when “baddies” die so…
One villainous character you like: Honestly, I don’t think there are any actual villains on the show. That’s the point- no one is ALL good OR all bad.
A ship no one likes, but you: Rasper


Character (female): Clarke  (unpopular opinion?)
Character (male): Bellamy
Episode: Blood Must Have Blood Part 2.
Season: I love them all in different ways.
Scene: “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.”


What do you think will happen in the finale of Season 4? I think… that I have no idea. If they end up in the bunker, what happens next season? Time jump? Maybe THAT’S how it’ll end? A look at them emerging? I have no idea.
Who do you think will die by the end of Season 4?

Do you see how scary this is? These are the deaths of at least recurring characters by season. We have ONE minor character death so far. That’s it. This doesn’t bode well for literally anyone. I’m so scared. 😱😱😱
Do you think any ships will sail by the end of Season 4? No new ones, tbh. Unless they give us Sea Mechanic. ♥
What kind of ‘lever’ do you think Clarke will be pulling this season? One that closes the bunker door.  Changing my initial prediction here!

The Quiz!

Because quizzes are fun! Test your knowledge of The 100!

Do you ship these ships?

It was decided that a swiper of ships was necessary. Because who doesn’t like to vote on junk?

 And that’s it for us! The 100 is BACK tonight, so be sure to leave any and all predictions and thoughts, and I’ll be here with recaps and gifs by Monday! Who else is terrified!?

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8 responses to “#The100 End of Hiatus Fun!

  1. These are tough choices! I’m gonna say Trikru at this point (going native) because Skaikru are so effed up half the time? Raven or Octavia? Dang that’s hard! I’m so glad though that Sinclair and Nyko found a place upstate. I’m totally buying their jam, especially now that Smuckers isn’t, you know, around any more. Better yet if Niylah sells it at her store!

    SO true about Riley & Azgeda. Gah would they please kill Riley??? Damn. I’m kinda hoping Echo dies too.

    That… is a little disconcerting about the deaths. Man looking at this list- this show has been brutal. And I do actually hope they kill some people off (which is horrible I know) but radiation storms… I mean, they gotta do it. Although if they kill Harps I’m going to regret saying that. And I really don’t know about the ships anymore… although I’m onboard sea Mechanic and actually like it a lot.

    Awesome quiz! I surprised myself with some of my answers. Gahh!!!

    • I won’t lie, I almost chose Trikru too, except they’ve been making some really asinine decisions too. Their dumb arrow made Raven not have enough BOOM, Indra’s killing their damn allies with machine guns… so maybe neither 😂

      Niylah can sell the jam at her store, and then Murphy can use it to make PB&Js at Indra’s Subway franchise. It’s perfect! 🤗

      I’m so afraid of the deaths but I also kind of agree? Like… it’s just been *too* calm, especially given the circumstances. I am scared for basically everyone at this point.

      OH! So I think that at the end of Gimme Shelter, when Bellamy responds to Kane “you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved”, I swear Kane is… unsettled. And couple that with him giving into the party in God Complex… I seriously am thinking that he might refuse to go to the bunker, especially if he thinks O died in the black rain. I hope they wouldn’t actually kill him, but I feel like it may be an issue. Stupid Arkfest ’50 😡

      Also, I realized that I posted this with NO intro whatsoever. Such a mess 😂😂

      • Oh yeah the BOOM. Forgot about that. Idiot Trikru. I still think we need a new clan- very selective, only certain people from Skaikru and Trikru and maybe a few others… maybe they can hang at the rig. You know, after Praimfaya. Unless it’s underground living for 5 years or something… and that’s perfect about the jam. Everyone wins! Can you imagine being an employee though when Indra comes in to inspect?

        Don’t even say that about Bellamy! That would be awful. I honestly couldn’t with this show if him or Clarke bought it. I mean, I stil would, but you know. It wouldn’t be the same. they may headfake it though. And I’m very worried too, because they will go there on this show. Clarke, Bell, Harper and maybe Raven are my must- lives I think. Anyone else I can survive. Oh and Octavia. And Kane. Gak and I would be oddly hurt if Indra died?!?

        What is Arkfest 50? Ooh ooh did I miss something???

        • We DO need a new clan. Like… Commensensekru. They have to pass a test with just… logical questions. Like…
          1) If an AI tells you she can fix the whole planet, should you ingest a computer chip and go with it, or run like hell?
          2) If your kind-of-allies are letting you pass, do you A) Pass peacefully and say thanks, or B) Blow their heads off with Monty’s gun?
          3) If the crazy guy from question one actually does something good and finds a safe place to live, should you go try not to die from radiation, or throw a weird death party?

          See, this could help with a lot of future conflicts 😂 And OMG Indra would catch Murphy with his feet up on the counter, listening to music and like, eating fistfuls of bacon or something. And then, Season 4 Indra would shoot him, probs.

          And yes, I agree with you- I don’t think Bellamy WILL go through with such a thing, but I DO think they will try to make us think he will. I didn’t notice it until this past rewatch, and it just… clicked. I could be wrong though. I hope I am, since we kind of know that he’ll end up going to the damn bunker.

          I agree too about the people I couldn’t lose. I am with you on ALL of those. And honestly, I wouldn’t handle the loss of Monty and Jasper well either. I think because it would DESTROY the other one. Which is why I can see it happening. Sobs.

          Arkfest ’50 is just what I called the stupid party in my last recap. Because they are treating it like freaking Coachella or something. And it is ridiculous. And the year is 2150 so… yeah haha.

          ALSO. I have had this thought. So, remember when ALIE says that 96% of the world will not be survivable? Well… why didn’t anyone think to check out the 4% that WOULD BE? 🤔 I have questions. I am probably going to watch it soon, I am both scared and excited. As always 😉

          • OMG death party! You called it. I mean that is sorta what they’re doing. I might go to the party and THEN go to the bunker but I would probably feel guilty for getting wasted while the responsible ones are out like, looking for bunkers and getting shot in Polis and stuff. So I dunno. 🙂 Oh and I just totally though of Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo- why aren’t they playing THAT at the death party??? Maybe they are…

            Can you imagine walking into Subway and having Murph behind the counter? He’d be all like “yeah? Whadya want?” And then Indra walks in like you said and catches him dicking around… not good! Fistfuls of bacon lol. It’d be one of those Subways too where the music is WAY too loud…

            Monty and Jasper- I almost put them down too. As much as I bitch about Jasper, he and Monty have always sorta been the heart of the show, in a way. It would be a totally different show without them, and if only one left I’m not sure the other character would even work???

            Oh whew okay- I thought maybe I was missing some new 100 site or something. :):) Nicely done, I didn’t actually know the exact date. And 96%? Whoah. See that’s why they need people like us on their Kru. They don’t ask the right questions…

            • Honestly, if they are going to HAVE the death party, they need to be better at it. Niylah left with the Jobi Tea, so what now? Now they just have whatever is left of Monty’s moonshine and… regret, I assume? And the guest list is underwhelming at best. I mean, Harper is mopey, Jasper is… well fine, he is the only one I’d hang out with at this point of the party, Riley SUCKS, Bree has the personality of tree bark, and then there are some random redshirts who haven’t said a WORD. Cool party, guys. 🙄

              I am DYING at the thought of Murphy in a Subway because yes I CAN imagine- him being all ornery and shit. And then Indra, the boss, comes in while you’re ordering and they start fighting and you feel all awkward and like you just got this mangy kid fired 😂

              I don’t want to say too much about the Monty/Jasper thing in case you haven’t watched the show, but like, I agree- I am not sure HOW they would work apart. Also, after you watch, you are going to INSIST that we be in charge. Because no one else should. EVER. These people… legit I do not understand how they survived the FIRST apocalypse, because they are ten kinds of stupid.

              • Yeah that party kinda sucks. Even Bellamy was like I tied one on and I’m done. The rest of the losers are just hanging around being… losers. Riley being there would make me want to leave immediately. Bree just stood there and smirked. Did you catch the Niylah/ Harper moment when Niylah was leaving? Why did they do that, I am wondering?? :O

                The Indra I saw last night would just kill Murphy. Flat out. Damn.

                Last night?!? Gah WTF? They CLEARLY need new leadership. Okay we’re just going to “detain” Roan but he can go in the bunker… just him. Fuck his people. But we don’t know that Echo and her people are like 10 feet away when we try it. I mean FFS. And Harper… I just don’t buy her being “tired”. So she just gives up? Pffft. And Octavia & Ilian *sputter*

                I guess we’re going to have the Hunger games of Polis now?? Is O gonna have to fight Indra?? Or Roan? Who are these writers???

                • I am SO HAPPY that I was wrong about Bellamy. They did him a great service by allowing him to continue his character arc without that dumb party. And seriously- any party Riley is at, I am officially tagging out of 😂

                  I DID see the Niylah/Harper thing. I was kind of confused too. ALSO. Did you see Wells in the window!?! What was THAT shit!?

                  And you are so right, Harper is a fighter! I get her being tired and even depressed but to DIE? NOPE nope nope. And SERIOUSLY why are The Hunger Games happening!? From the preview, it looks like Roan, O, and Luna are definitely fighting. Which… LUNA!? Why!? I have a feeling she has something up her sleeve. I bet that they’ll kill off a bunch of random clans that we don’t care about, and then they’ll come to some kind of agreement. You know, like when Katniss and Peeta are going to take the nightlock and both die. Because this IS The Hunger Games after all 😉 I have so many random guesses and theories- I cannot WAIT to get my recap up!

                  But maybe at least this means that O will get the hell out of bed with Ilian. They just… NO. No no no no no. Did I mention no? 😂

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